Ini artikel best yang ditulis oleh Dr Khir Toyo khas buat MB gagap paling bengap dalam sejarah Selangor!

1. Kali ini bukan saya yang kata Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim berbohong. Kali ini EXCO paling berpengaruh dalam negeri Selangor, Teresa Kok sendiri secara tidak langsung menyatakan kepada umum bahawab Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim bercakap bohong.

2. Lebih dua tahun Khalid Ibrahim berkokok seantero Malaysia bahawa kerajaan negeri semasa Barisan Nasional tidak berbuat apa-apa untuk mendapatkan kembali hutang Talam Corporation kepada beberapa syarikat berkaitan kerajaan negeri. Kononnya, BN Selangor memejam mata sahaja terhadap hutang-hutang Talam ini.

3. Dalam ucapan-ucapan di Dewan Undangan Negeri Selanhgor dan kempen politik, Khalid mendakwa beliaulah yang berusaha mengutip semula hutang Talam. Beliau jugalah yang begitu bijak dan pintar mencipta cara untuk melunaskan hutang Talam melalui pengambil alihan aset. Dalam satu sidang akhbar yang dicatatkan oleh Malaysiakini pada Nov 2009, Khalid dilaporkan berkata,


Ah, their mind games on Hudud

Karpal's Conviction: Over my dead body!

Blogger Bujai has a once-and-for-all solution to a DAP vs PAS heaven and ruin war/jihad over hudud: Nik Aziz, Hadi, Husam and all should travel out of Pakatan Rakyat.Because they have been not starting to get past Karpal Singh with this hudud idea. Ever. And if we can't even get your own small pact to determine on hudud, how do we sell a dream to an entire nation?

If PAS decides to stay put in PR, afterwards they should accept which they have been not starting anywhere with hudud. Don't mess up with our heads with statements like this.

So, I determine totally with Bujai:Either PAS drops it or leave PR!

MCA VP- DAP should have debate on PAS hudud law instead of running away

Press Statement by MCA Vice President Dato Seri Chor Chee HeungMCA VP- DAP should have debate upon PAS hudud law instead of using awayPAS devout confidant Dato Nik Abdul Aziz has finally responded, as well as it is no surprise which he has avowed his partys unflinching mount to exercise hudud law notwithstanding a feud by DAP. Thus, I strongly urge DAP to immediately classify a debate upon this make a difference so as to concede a public to decide upon either or not they should go on to await PAS an ... Read More

Overzealous JAWI: Drop your case against Nik Raina

July 26, 2012

Overzealous JAWI: Drop your box against Nik Raina

by Azrul Mohd

Here we go again. The holy month of Ramadan has usually proposed as good as instead of taking advantage of this event to concentration upon how to be better Muslims by doing good deeds for oneself as good as for others, we have been already having to fastener with overzealous eremite officials who have been some-more focused upon bringing down, degrading as good as persecuting other Muslims through the coercion of what they have dynamic to be the Islamic approach of reason up in this country.

The news which the Federal Territories Islamic Department (JAWI) was successful in the duplicate to bring brazen the box against Berjaya Books staff Nik Raina Nik Aziz over the placement as good as sale of Irshad Manji's argumentative book "Allah, Liberty as good as Love" was disappointing to say the least. The case, which was primarily scheduled to be referred to in the Syariah High Court upon Sep 19, will right away be upon August 7.

There will be many of us who will be there, in body, essence as good as spirit, in support of this brave woman whose box is apropos nonetheless another e.g. of the injustice, miss of fairness as good as tyranny which exists in the doing of syariah law in this country.

For those catching up, here have been the contribution of the case:

She was charged in the Kuala Lumpur Syariah High Court for distributing as good as offered the book upon May 23 under the Federal Territories Syariah Criminal Offences Act of 1997, which carries the RM3,000 fine or the limit dual years' prison or both.

The Home Ministry usually gazetted the ban upon the book as good as the translated versio! n "Allah , Kebebasan dan Cinta" upon May 29. The bulletin was usually published as good as publicly accessible upon June 14.

A chairman has been charged in probity for the purported offence of distributing as good as offered the book which, during the time of the so-called offence, was not nonetheless officially banned, as good as was not identified or announced to Berjaya Books to be banned. Oh, by the way, book banning is additionally under the purview of the Home Ministry not JAWI. Yet, JAWI, for some reason usually well known to it, is ruin bent upon starting after this young woman.

If we cannot assimilate since JAWI is starting forward with this case, neither can I. It usually doesn't make any sense.(I still do not assimilate since the book was criminialized in the first place. Nobody has been means to explain it to me. Must be the single of those books, which tengok aja, terus jadi lesbian.)

There is the saying: "There is zero some-more horrifying than ignorance in action." From multiform reports, formed upon their own admission, they had not read the book as good as had no idea as to the contents. What they were sure of was the author's support for lesbian, gay, bisexual as good as transsexual issues.

So they assumed which whoever published, distributed as good as sold the book contingency be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual themselves. "Are we the lesbian?" Yes, this was the single of the questions demanded to be answered by those who were interrogated by the JAWI goon squad. Not usually was this outrageous, humiliating as good as stupid, it was additionally the form of taste as good as institutional persecution.

The staff who was interrogated by JAWI was additionally denied access to legal counsel, the right upon trial under the Federal! Constit ution.

Examples similar to this bring shame upon how Islam is practised in this nation generally when we keep harping upon the mediation of eremite practice. It demonstrates the disaster of the Islamic eremite authorities to assimilate which they as well need to abide by the law.

JAWI's duplicate to the Syariah High Court to bring brazen their box with the excuse which it needs to answer to bloggers as good as the media would have been diverting (they never cared the scream about bloggers as good as the media before) if it hadn't been successful.

It is right away apropos clear which it appears which JAWI is trying to by-pass the conference of the stay duplicate filed by Berjaya Books which the civil High Court has fixed for July 30 as good as the judicial examination conference for Sep 5.

This box as good as the conduct of the eremite bodies bring into subject whether JAWI, or the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court for which matter, respects the civil courts or the separation of jurisdictions. In box anyone needs to brush up upon their Federal Constitution, the syariah probity is subordinate to the civil court.

We contingency subject as good as reason the eremite bodies as good as authorities to the same standard which we would similar to to reason the civil institutions. The audacity which JAWI has demonstrated implies which the mindset continues to endure amongst the eremite authorities which they do not break the law since they have been the law. That they have been not accountable to anyone as good as have been the law unto themselves.

JAWI's persistence as good as audacity in wanting to find someone to go after in the box of this book is perplexing to onlookers, as good as dismaying to us Muslims Even some-more so when it was obviously clear which JAWI was actually l! ooking f or the Malay Muslim to persecute.

Businesses in this nation have been watching this box really closely. Make no mistake; this box has extensive implications to the opposite industries which employ Muslim employees. This was not even the emporium offered eremite contraband (e.g. deviant books, pictures of haloed whiskered personalities, request beads, teapots) or offered substances which have been banned or haram to Muslims (e.g. cigarettes, alcohol). This is the bookshop.

If the bookshop can have the staff as good as the commercial operation tyrannised by eremite officials for presumably offered the criminialized book, how about other businesses? Whether we have been working in an transport as the flight attendant, during the back of the counter during 7-Eleven, mixing drinks during the restaurant, during the front table of the hotel, or upon the prolongation line of the factory, have been we all during risk of harm simply since we have been Muslims? Are we promulgation the summary to businesses which Muslim employees have been the liability?

In the Berjaya Books case, the eremite authorities couldn't go after the commercial operation (owned by non-Muslims) so they went after the next best thing, the manager of the bookshop outlet they raided. Whether we would similar to to confess it or not, such capricious actions, as demonstrated by this case, will outcome in depriving Muslims of the event to work as good as be employed.

There is the continuing naivet amongst the Muslim race in the nation which since these have been the eremite authorities, what they do contingency be right as good as just. That they can't do anything wrong. That is not always true. Injustice exists in many shapes as good as form. This box is the single of them.


This is part of an on-going conversation about how Islam is viewed to be practised in Malaysia, how we would want ourselves to be viewed as Muslims, as good as how Islam as the approach of reason up should be about fairness, justice, compassion as good as humanity. Islam is not the truncheon to shillelagh others into submission.

Such capricious duplicate of syariah laws not usually makes the hoax of the laws themselves though additionally reduces the credibility of the eremite bodies. JAWI, we give Islam as good as Muslims the bad name when we handle in such the manner.

We have the duty as Muslims as good as as stakeholders of this nation to mount up as good as put the stop to this nonsense. What does this say about us as Malaysians as good as Muslims if we allow such injustices to continue?

* The views expressed here have been the personal perspective of the columnist.

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Ahmad Maslan: Merdeka Day theme prerogative of incumbent

PULAU INDAH, Jul 25 The preference of the thesis for Independence Day celebrations is the prerogative of the ruling supervision formed on current needs but influence to any quarters.
Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Ahmad Maslan said the thesis '55 Tahun Merdeka Janji Ditepati' (55 Years of Independence, Promises Fulfilled) chosen for this year's Independence Day celebration should be seen in the context of the definition of the promise.
"Fulfilling the guarantee is the universal good value as well as when we contend promises fulfilled, it motivates the people to do their promises in all aspects of life, except when the definition is narrowed down to domestic point of view."
He said this after attending the violation quick event with Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency crew on board maritime ship KM Marlin here today.
Several antithesis leaders were reported to have questioned the theme, deeming it the domestic slogan. Bernama
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Stuff your 'Either Or'!

Scylla & Charybdis It's precisely a foolish "either or" extremism of a ABU debate that pisses me off. KTemoc KonsidersPoor Ah Jib Gor, contemptible lah, no good headlines for you. According to Malaysiakini's 'BN could lose more than half of Sabah seats', your fixed deposition plus accrued interests have been withdrawn. You have been in that position that a very old Greeks called Between Scylla as well as Charybdis, as well as that a Christianity-influenced Poms of course termedBetween a devil as well as a low blu ... Read More

CM LIM GUAN ENG BREAKING FAST WITH MALAYS - Pictures you will never see in TV3 and "Pakatan Rakyat" control medias!!!!!!

You won't find these pictures in TV3, as well as "Pakatan Rakyat" tranquil mainstream medias:

Lim Guan Eng violation quick with residents of Bagan..A unlikely sight that the Chinese will eat with Malays generally to break quick during Ramadhan month.....Koh Tsu Koon NEVER did it..

Dato Salleh Man [ Penang PAS Commissioner ] as well as State PAS cabinet with CM Lim Guan Eng violation quick during arestaurant.. It was NOT LGE who paid for the meal BUT was paid by PAS.. Previously Koh Tsu Koon never did it...eating with the elementary rakyat. Even if BN had finished it it would be taxpayers income NOT from their own pockets.

Dato Salleh Man , CM Lim Guan Eng dan Dato Mujahid Yusuf eating together. ..

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Kedah: Losers and Victors

The "Pakatan Rakyat" strategists in the fight room deserved to get Oscars for theircrowningclowning performance. We have been kept hilariously amused. A couple of years ago, it was the 1 finger in everything- 1malaysia, 1klinik, kedai 1malaysia, etc. earlier on, Malaysians puked during the alphabet soup- NKRA, ETP,PDP, GTP. Then it was the single million dreams, the single thousand hopes leading to,Janji ditepati.

A couple of days ago, you wrote, the PM doesn't have to fool around censor as well as find whether the reward for polite servants is expected. you pronounced it will definitely come. So it did, though when you listened the PM say-kita nak reward raya ketidak?salivating andexpecting the rapturous response like the cheerleader does- which shows he has no category during all.

But then, which is approaching of someone who solves problems by paying his approach through. Can you stomach his indulgent ways? After announcing the reward he says as expected- this is explanation of the government's sincerity. Then, serve the Selangor supervision proves the frankness by giving water giveaway up to the sure level, is some-more frank in refusing to let Syabas lay waste the people, frank in additionally giving Selangor polite servants bonuses. That is additionally serve explanation which if you manage the finances carefully, state governments can give bonuses. Let's see if any BN managed states can give the polite servants bonuses.

We can go on. The capability of the Penang state supervision in allocating RM62 million the year for Islam in which state contingency be explanation of the state government's sincerity. Correspondingly, the Negeri Sembilan's capabilit! y to yie ld only RM10 million the year proves the insincerity. The Kedah government's capability to increase income from the joist as well as forestry zone contingency be explanation of the efficiency as well as corruption giveaway governance. The Kelantan government's feat in repaying all federal debts contingency be explanation of the financial probity as against to "Pakatan Rakyat"'s profligacy.

After pulling all the stops, shock mongering as well as alternative shocking as well as meaningful stories what do they review to? Got to have the little egghead respectability to the now fast disintegrating legitimacy. It has called in the little academicians to accelerate the standing. On the single excellent day, the professors have been fabricated as well as directed to give great accreditations to "Pakatan Rakyat". What the pathetic move.

One join forces with highbrow says BN has the possibility to recapture Kedah as well as among 3 investigate subjects, Mukhriz son of Mahathir is the elite preference as Kedah MB. Who have been the investigate subjects? All 3 have been "Pakatan Rakyat" personalities- Mukhriz who can't even compete with the lamppost in conditions of personality, Ahmad Bashah whose top gift is which he is an aged crony of Najib as well as the single who doesn't even have MCE qualifications as well as the former MB of Kedah who forfeited much incomparable income from the state's joist industry when he led the state. Hello- you obstruct your preference among the 3 as well as ask respondents to identify whom they liked. Of march they will prefer Mukhriz who is young as well as excitable as they have been as well as probably as excitable as the join forces with highbrow from UUM.

We contingency honour BN for the unbounded optimism. How did they come to which spurious conclusion?

! It seems the "Pakatan Rakyat"punahsihatsandpunai2sihatheld the round list discussion or forum as well as to arrive during which conclusion, they called in tenured professors from open universities. Another professor, reported as the distinguished media practitioner( how come you never get to read professors write blogs so which may be you can spar with them?) constructed the conclusion which BN will recapture these dual states. He pronounced which BN has carried so many initiatives underneath the exemplar care of thebodek days have been overPM.

Before you go on, can Malaysians reason bodek days have been over? Najib can't sleep if he doesn't get adulations as well as ululations. He is an aristocrat for God sake- bodeking is his nectar of life.

Obviously, this highbrow has never been the member of any political organization as well as by the approach he came out with his prognosis has never indulged directly in the bearing as well as parry of real universe politics. So you can only insert the little academic curiosity as to his conclusions though no some-more than that.

Since Kedah was mentioned as the single of the 2 states BN is pronounced to be able to capture, let's amusement this great professor. Inadvertently, BN has resigned to the actuality which it can never constraint Penang as well as Kelantan. There goes the PM's exaggerate of creation it the 14-0 win.

When Dr Mahathir went to Kedah the couple of months back, the great alloy invited kedah "Pakatan Rakyat" chiefs to attend an arranged meeting. He asked the chiefs to await his son's bid to turn the next MB. Not all came as well as those who didn't come were furious perfectionist to know who is this man Mahathir perplexing to lift his weight around? That indicates the likelihood of internal strife which can only w! eaken "P akatan Rakyat". The PM's man in Kedah, his aged crony Dato Basah wasn't amused during being bypassed as well as so you can expect the usual backstabbing as well as betrayals from "Pakatan Rakyat" cliques in the state.

Where will Mukhriz stand as ADUN? It does not make the difference as he will have to vacate his parliamentary chair of Jerlun as well as the brand new person will stand as parliamentary candidate. Once he vacates his seat, "Pakatan Rakyat" will remove which seat.
Mukhriz won in 2008 because the father came along as well as the PAS people reason behind from unleashing everything they got out of apply oneself for the former PM. "Pakatan Rakyat"? They didn't apply oneself Mahathir as he was not able to even turn the nominee in his "Pakatan Rakyat" division. That's how the cookie crumbles in "Pakatan Rakyat".

If either Mahfuz or PKR's Saifudin stand in Pokok Sena, "Pakatan Rakyat" is doomed. In Kuala Kedah, "Pakatan Rakyat" is expected to suggest the affable Lat Shahriman as candidate. He has better watch out for the "Pakatan Rakyat" Brutuses in the division. "Pakatan Rakyat"'s reason in which chair is gossamer as well as the 5%vote pitch is all which is needed to ensure defeat for Lat Shahriman. "Pakatan Rakyat"'s only superfluous stronghold is Langkawi.




What was Kedah's opinion pitch to the opposition in 2008? It was around 12%.Let's accede to "Pakatan Rakyat" the regain of 5%. That still leaves Pakatan with the 7% credit. "Pakatan Rakyat" is left many probably with the single single parliamentary chair as well as may be that's in Langkawi.

Why should the great people of Kedah give the state to BN only to be faced with the prospects of battling the brand new supervision in Putrajaya? They have been some-more practical than the simpletons "Pakatan Rakyat" sees them as.

Posted by sakmongkol AK47
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CM LIM GUAN ENG BREAKING FAST WITH MALAYS - Pictures you will never see in TV3 and UMNO control medias!!!!!!

You won't find these cinema in TV3, and UMNO tranquil mainstream medias:

Lim Guan Eng breaking quick with residents of Bagan..A doubtful steer which a Chinese will eat with Malays generally to mangle quick during Ramadhan month.....Koh Tsu Koon NEVER did it..

Dato Salleh Man [ Penang PAS Commissioner ] and State PAS committee with CM Lim Guan Eng breaking quick during arestaurant.. It was NOT LGE who paid for a dish BUT was paid by PAS.. Previously Koh Tsu Koon never did it...eating with ! a simp le rakyat. Even if BN had finished it it would be taxpayers income NOT from their own pockets.

Dato Salleh Man , CM Lim Guan Eng dan Dato Mujahid Yusuf eating together. ..

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Kedah: Losers and Victors

strategists in a war room deserved to get Oscars for their crowning clowning
performance. We are kept hilariously amused. A few years ago, it was a 1 finger in
everything- 1malaysia, 1klinik, kedai 1malaysia, etc. earlier on, Malaysians puked during a alphabet soup-
NKRA, ETP,PDP, GTP. Then it was one million dreams, one thousand hopes leading
to, Janji ditepati.

A few days ago,

Tolong Husam, Bantu Husam .. Samun balak dengan segera!

Lebuhraya Kota Baru-Kuala Krai yang bakal menelan belanja RM1.8 billion telah dilancarkan oleh Dato' Menteri Besar Kelantan Nik Ab. Aziz buat pelancaran bina lebuhraya. Model buznesnya menarik iaitu dari meminta bantuan orang ramai. Mereka di minta hulurkan bantuan ke dalam Akaun Baldah Toyyibah (Prasarana) Kelantan Sdn Bhd. No Akaun BIMB: 03036010003031. Takpa kita kempenkan akaun itu. ... Tak


Utusan Malaysia has eventually admitted that Sabah as well as Sarawak have been no longer "fixed deposition for BN. This GE thirteen will see a difficult quarrel for UMNO/BN to keep Putrajaya.

Of late you can read that PM Najib as well as DPM Muhyiddin always starting to Sabah to assure a Sabahans that Sabah will only progress underneath UMNO/BN rule.

But one thing UMNO destroy to do to woo voter confidence - UMNO need to CHANGE.

Will UMNO/BN ever CHANGE!!!!!!!

source: pejuang rakyat
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Doubletalk champ Najib: No spending sprees or populist measures for BN

Doubletalk champ Najib: No spending sprees or populist measures for BN
KUALA LUMPUR -- The supervision would not be means to maintain tolerable mercantile expansion if it had used populist policies, pronounced Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
He pronounced a failure to provide mercantile expansion in a endeavour to gain public support as good as popularity would have it unfit for a supervision to channel all assistance continuously.
"It's easy to have promises, though what is more severe is to safeguard which a benefits given to a people do not affect a economy.
"On a contrary, it should safeguard which a manage to buy continues to grow whilst providing long-term benefits to a people. This is a administrative philosophy of a Barisan Nasional (BN) government," he said.
He was addressing a assembly at a violation of a quick with a people of Selangor at a Al-Mustaqim Mosque grounds, Taman Nirwana, here.
Also benefaction was a Prime Minister's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.
'Even a towering can be flattened'
Najib pronounced without practicing populist policies, a BN supervision could draw up programmes which promoted tolerable as good as full of health mercantile growth.
By creating resources as good as increasing inhabitant wealth, countless contributions could continue to be given to a people, together with a 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M).
"If you only give, how prolonged can you last? Certainly, it won't be long.
"If you outlay without thinking about a resources to enlarge revenue, even a towering can be flattened," ! he said.
Selangor water
With courtesy to a H2O emanate in Selangor, Najib criticised a state supervision for not being means to resolve a H2O problem in Selangor.
"Problems such as this one, a BN supervision can resolve. The time will come when a people of Selangor can select a supervision which can resolve a H2O emanate as good as a rubbish collection problem, as good as move prosperity to a state," he said.
Cheques worth RM3.45mil as good as RM100 cash aid
At a function, Najib handed a coupon worth RM2 million for a growth of a Al-Mustaqim Mosque to a authority of a mosque office building committee, Datuk Abdul Wahab Adam.
The Prime Minister additionally presented a coupon worth RM1.45 million for a mosques as good as suraus throughout Selangor to a state BN coordinator, Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed.
One hundred singular mothers as good as a disabled received a grant of RM100 each.
The Prime Minister as good as mother after assimilated a we estimate 3,500 people benefaction for a violation of a quick prior to performing Magrib request with a congregation at a Surau Al-Islamiyah, Taman Nirwana.
They after proceeded to a Surau Taman Seri Angsana Hilir, Pandan for Isyak as good as Tarawih prayers. - BERNAMA
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Borders seeks stay of all JAWI action

Berjaya Books, owner of a Borders chain is looking a stay of all movement by a Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department (JAWI) opposite a association as well as the employees, in propinquity to a banned book 'Allah, Love as well as Liberty'.
NONELawyer Ang Hean Leng pronounced an inter-parte duplicate was filed a week ago as well as a conference has been bound for next Monday in a Kuala Lumpur High Court prior to Justice Rohana Yusof.
"We are looking to maintain a standing quo so that no further movement is taken opposite a clients pending a ordering of thejudicial review," Ang told reporters today.
This includes a court box opposite book store physical education instructor Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz who was charged underneath Section 13(1) Federal Territory Syariah Offences Act for distributing a book at a Borders opening in a Gardens, Mid-Valley Mall, upon May 23.
She is probable to a RM3,000 excellent as well as two years' prison or both, upon conviction.The conference of a box in a Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court has beenbrought forwardfrom September 19 to Aug 7.
Berjaya Books, along with a Assistant General Manager (operations as well as merchandising) of Borders Stephen Fung Wye Keong as well as Nik Raina had filed a legal review upon Jun eighteen challenging a legality of a movement opposite them.
Named as respondents are JAWI, a Home Affairs Mini! ster as well as a Minister in a Prime Minister's Department in charge of Islamic Affairs.
According to a plaintiffs, JAWI does not have power to anathema a book as authority for such movement should be drawn from a Publications as well as Printing Presses Act 1984.
Furthermore, JAWI had carried out the raid as well as seized copies of a book by a Ugandan-born Canadian writer 6 days prior to a Home Affairs Ministry gazetted the ban.- Malaysiakini
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Ini tiris ke atau memang BOCOR??? haddoww... Natang sungguh bee Hen nih!!! ... Read More

Sinis subuh: Rakyat didepan dan belakangkan

Goals of Fasting

During this Ramadhan do not let the sweetness of our deeds vansh into the night, withdrawal usually emptiness. When one contemplates the texts on fasting, the knowledge as well as goals in Shariah, as well as looks at the being of the Muslim communities, one realizes the far-reaching opening between the being as well as our obligations. Remember that Ramadhan is the bounty that Allah blessed His servants with, to strengthen their faith, as well as increase their piety (Taqwa). Allah said: "O we who believe! Fasting is prescribed for yo ... Read More


Kata orang gambar menceritakan seribu satu cerita, maka wajib bagi kamu wahai umat Melayu di Malaysia supaya jangan lupa wajah yang telah mencetuskan tragedi 13 Mei ini!

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Kata orang gambar menceritakan seribu satu cerita, maka wajib bagi kamu wahai umat Melayu di Malaysia supaya jangan lupa wajah yang telah mencetuskan tragedi thirteen Mei ini!

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Lessons for BN from Bersih ruling

Jeswan Kaur The High Court outcome has brought smiles upon a faces of those who risked hold up as well as limb perfectionist that a Barisan Nasional-led supervision have a much-needed electoral reforms. First, a Najib Tun Razak administration done a fool of itself when it said no as well as then yes to a July 9, 2011 Walk for [...] Read More

Full support pledge for PM, CM from Umno Tuaran

TUARAN: Umno Tuaran yesterday affianced the full support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Chief [...]

George Kent, Gamuda, Loh & Loh to bid for Langat 2?

12:47PM Jul 25, 2012 (Mkini)

George Kent Bhd, a company inextricable in a Ampang LRT Line prolongation project, may well bid for a Langat 2 H2O diagnosis plant along with heading infrastructure groups Gamuda Bhd as well as Loh & Loh Corporation Bhd.

George Kent, according to Star Biz, has a lane jot down for a Pahang-Selangor proposal H2O send plan as well as it quotes an unknown source as observant which whilst Gamuda has indicated seductiveness in bidding for a project, it may not do so as it has landed a outrageous My Rapid Transit plan as well as is additionally targeting a MRT2 as well as MRT3 construction.

The source felt a Langat 2 diagnosis plant should be constructed concurrently with a ongoing Pahang-Selangor proposal H2O send infrastructure, so which H2O could be transferred from Pahang to Selangor once a structures were completed.

Star Biz additionally sees a availability of land to be a problem with Langat 2, since a Pakatan Rakyat supervision of Selangor can make use of land for a plant to reason behind a development order.

'Project will not flog off soon'

"I do not know what a conditions have been starting to be for a tendering routine though land issues would crop-up. If a land is not accessible for a plant construction, it would be tough even if a attorney-general is brought in to pull a make a difference forward," it quotes an researcher as saying.

A building a whole zone researcher quoted by Star Biz says it will be good if a supervision called for a proposal though he believes a plan will not flog off soon.

While a federal supervision as well as a state would have to come to some arrange of agreement, both wish to be careful in creation any pierce as a public may subject a clarity of a project, it said.

pahang selangor proposal H2O send plan 180209

Like this:

Be a initial to like this.

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Dzulkefly: Khairy, Nazri tidak layak beri penghukuman terhadap "Malaysia Corruption"

Oleh Mohd Farhan Darwis Jul 25, 2012 (TMI)

KUALA LUMPUR, twenty-five Julai Ahli Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad hari ini mempersoalkan kenyataan Khairy Jamaluddin dan Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz yang mengatakan Gabungan Pilihan Raya "Malaysia Corruption" dan Adil (Bersih) masih belum bebas sepenuhnya walaupun mahkamah semalam telah memutuskan kumpulan yang menuntut pilihan raya adil dan bersih itu bukanlah pertubuhan haram kerana mereka masih lagi melakukan kesalahan ekoran menjadi penganjur perhimpunan haram.

Jelas Dzukefly (gambar), kedua-dua pemimpin Barisan Nasional (BN) itu masing-masing "tidak berhak untuk mempertikaikan salah betulnya "Malaysia Corruption"" dalam perhimpunan pada twenty-eight Apr lalu kerana hanya Peguam Negara yang berhak menentukan siapa yang benar dan bersalah.

"Siapa mereka untuk meletakkan penghukuman terhadap "Malaysia Corruption"?" soal Ahli Parlimen Kuala Selangor itu.

"Mahkamah telah putuskan "Malaysia Corruption" bukan organisasi haram, dan ia sangat besar maknanya kerana Menteri Dalam Negeri (Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein) pada 1 Julai lalu telah isytiharkan "Malaysia Corruption" sebagai pertubuhan haram", katanya.

Beliau turut menambah, "keputusan mahkamah ini adalah menjadi sumber undang-undang selagi ia tidak disanggah oleh mana-mana akta."

Khairy yang merupakan Ketua Pemuda Umno ketika Program Berbuka Puasa malam tadi berkata, Pemuda Umno menghormati apa jua keputusan mahkamah tetapi itu bukan bermakna mereka menerima perbuatan yang dilakukan oleh penunjuk perasaan pada perhimpunan Duduk Bantah di Dataran Merdeka twenty-eight Apr lalu.

Sementara itu, Nazri selaku Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri dalam kenyataan kepada The Malaysian Insider berkata, "Malaysia Corruption" seharusnya tidak terlalu gembira dengan keputusan mahkamah semalam kerana mereka masi! h lagi m elakukan kesalahan sebelum ini.

Ahli Parlimen Padang Rengas itu turut menjelaskan, "Malaysia Corruption" telah melanggar peruntukan di bawah Seksyen 27 Akta Polis yang kini telah di mansuhkan kerana menganjurkan perhimpunan haram pada 9 Julai lalu, dan melanggar peruntukan Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2011 dengan perhimpunan twenty-eight Apr mereka.

Dzulkefly bagaimanapun menggesa kedua-dua pemimpin itu juga perlu melihat sebab mengapa pihak Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) masih lagi belum megeluarkan video ketika perhimpunan "Malaysia Corruption" pada twenty-eight Apr lalu.

"PDRM masih lagi tidak keluarkan video "Malaysia Corruption". Sebab apa?

"Adakah sebab takut untuk menerima penelitian umum kerana "Malaysia Corruption" itu dirakam pelbagai pihak?" soalnya lagi.

Beliau turut menegaskan, Putrajaya seharusnya tidak memaksa rayuan dibuat terhadap keputusan mahkamah itu kerana ia bakal membuktikan "campurtangan pihak eksekutif dalam sistem kehakiman negara."

"Ia seterusnya akan merosakkan imej law yang memperlihatkan penguasaan kerajaan.

"Paling tidak, berilah ruang mahkamah untuk buat keputusan sendiri," katanya dan menambah, "jika ia berlaku, kereputan sistem law tidak akan dibaiki."

Bersih semalam diisytiharkan sebagai pertubuhan yang sah oleh Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur.

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Now Selangor accuses Syabas of 'under-performing'

The Selangor H2O monitoring cabinet has detected which concessionaire Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) has "under-performed" in supplying water.

At a press conference today, Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim kept up a pressure on a company, indicating out which outlay during H2O treatment plants has exceeded Syabas' capability to distribute it.

"This proves which Syabas has failed to fulfill a shortcoming to supply sufficient treated with colour H2O to users as concluded in a Water Privatisation Agreement 2004," he said.

[More to follow]
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'BN could lose more than half of Sabah seats'

The BN stands to remove some-more than 60 percent of its parliamentary seats in Sabah in a subsequent ubiquitous election, pronounced a Sabah-based political scientist.

NONEUiTM Sabah techer Arnold Puyok pronounced that, formed upon his research, BN could remove up to 14 of a twenty-two seats right away hold by BN in a state.

Seats similar to Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan as well as Pensiangan being considered as "easy wins" for a opposition.

"I don't consider a 'fixed deposit' will remain," he said, referring to a renouned term for Sabah as well as Sarawak, which have been a traditional BN strongholds.

He was vocalization at a roundtable discussion upon a subsequent ubiquitous election, organized by a politics, security as well as international family cluster of a National Professors' Council.

[More to follow]
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Aakj malas nak ulas panjang..hehe puasa ni..cuma nak bagitahu pada puok yang taksub manusia kepada manusia lain..ILMU yang kita pelajari mungkin tak sehebat orang lain pelajari atau mungkin kita belum sampai ke bab itu..

Kita mungkin baru belajar 10 kitab..orang lain dah twenty kitab..kita belajar 1 kapal kitab..sedangkan ada 7 kapal lagi ILMU yang nak d gali...

Kita bukan ahli fatwa..kita tuju kearah taqwa..kalau setakat bertalaqi yang tak tahu siapa guru atau sekadar sebut saja 100 guru aku bertalaqi maka semua orang boleh sebut !! aakj pun boleh sebut..250 guru telah ku jumpai untuk belajar ilmu...hehe azhar sebut berapa dah guru dia bertalaqi ? lupa dohh ambo ni hahaha

Aakj juga hairan dengan sikap puok bengap ni..nama ada hadis menentang hadis yang lain..hadis berlawan dengan hadis yang lain..hadis menidakkan hadis yang lain..(tak sama dengan "pemansuhan" perintah Allah swt..seperti arak d haramkan selepas perintah solat..dulu mabuk pun boleh solat...bila perintah arak haram turun maka dengan sendirinya solat dalam keadaan mabuk tidak d benarkan..)...hehe tak niat nak ngajar ni..aakj bukan ustaz..baru nak start..

Lihat balik soalan yang d ajukan kepada azhar..azhar tak paham..Islam ini indah..bukan main jawab je..tengok situasi apa maka soalan itu d ajukan..Nabi saw pernah terjaga agak lewat d waktu solat Subuh..Nabi saw solat juga..Jadi azhar jangan dok pikir yang dia saja yang betul..

Malas nak ambik kira bila Nabi saw bagitau "masa" paling afdal sahur..bila ? nak aakj jawab juga ke..hihihi..kita tanya kita jawab..dulu mana ada jam..ada Nabi saw kira tengok bulu roma..ada Nabi saw kira tengok benang..itulah hebatnya ISLAM..guna benda yang praktikal dalam menentukan masa...

Ada Nabi saw gunakan jangkamasa den! gan kira an masa membaca surah..contohnya "masa itu lamanya seperti kita membaca surah yaasin..."

Banyak sudut bila kita nak keluarkan fatwa..bukan boleh kita simply jawab...kita belajar jurusan apa ? janganlah kita berlagak macam kita tahu semua..itu riak namanya..benda ni nampak kecil tapi impaknya besar bila Ulama sebenar lihat bahawa "ulama" ciptaan parti rendah ilmunya.

Teringat masa aakj bersembang dengan Ustaz Fathul Bari tentang bagaimana FATWA terhasil dalam pembentukan sesuatu HUKUM..perghhh banyak lagi yang azhar idrus kena belajar...mehh lihat video ni

HOUSE PK: Artikel ini aku sedut melalui Paperwaris yang telah dinukilan oleh AAKJ. AKu tak faham dengan manusia yang sukakan Azhar Idrus ni, apa yang most appropriate dia cakap ek? separuh dari dia cakap kita tak faham, dah la tu, ada banyak receptive to advice outcome dia pakai, ke' la, kan la, tah apa-apa lagi la. Hadis pun dia tak mau terima.

Wahai Rakyat Malaysia! jauhilah manusia bernama Azhar Idrus ni, sesungguhnya dia lebih anjing dari yang lain sebab dia suka menyesatkan anak-anak muda melayu Islam kita! Bertaubatlah Azhar Idrus.

'Mukhriz for MB' should BN win back Kedah

BN's Jerlun parliamentarian Mukhriz Mahathir would be a people's preference for Kedah menteri besar, should a coalition win behind a state in a next general election.

manek urai by choosing tuan aziz as well as mukhriz mahathir bn campaign 070709 06A recent consult by Universiti Utara Malaysia opposite a 36 state seats has determined which there is overwhelming support for Mukhriz(right), a son of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The poll saw 67 percent of Malays, 78 percent of Chinese as well as 71 percent of Indians backing Mukhriz.

The emissary apportion for general trade as well as industry emerged forward of senior Kedah leaders together with sovereign apportion Mohd Jamil Khir Baharom, state Umno relationship arch Ahmad Bashah as well as state Opposition Leader Mahdzir Khalid.

Three hundred respondents were picked during random from each polling district for a survey.

Of a 10,800 respondents, 76 percent have been Malays, 16 percent have been Chinese, 7 percent have been Indians as well as one percent of Thai origin.

The majority, or 47 percent, live in villages. Another 32 percent live in civic settlements, 20 percent in cities as well as 1 percent in estates.

Better possibility seen for BN

It was found which BN, in sold Umno, stands a improved possibility ! of winni ng a choosing now.

NONEThis is si! nce 52 p ercent of a respondents voiced restlessness with a state government's performance, while 59% pronounced most of a choosing promises remained unfulfilled.

While 54 percent do not wish to see a PAS-led government re-elected, 47 percent indicated their idea which Malays had fared improved underneath BN rule.

Kedah, once an Umno stronghold, fell to Pakatan in a 'political tsunami' of 2008.
However, issues have arisen underneath a leadership of Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak(left), who have been during odds with a Pakatan as well as PAS central leadership.
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Its not about your stand but which direction you are moving

Hence, as I said, this is not about your mount but that citation we have been moving. Followers will ask we about your stand. Leaders will ask we about that citation we have been moving. And a actuality that many ask me about what my mount is rather than in that citation I am relocating shows that many have been supporters as well as not leaders. And leaders have been too busy relocating to waste their time explaining to supporters a disproportion in between taking a mount as well as moving. NO HOLDS BARREDRaja Petra Kamarudin ... Read More


Aku nak tergelak joke ada tengok penipuan Lim Guan Eng pasal tanah untuk dibuat rumah kos rendah pastu dia tukar kepada Hospital swasta tu! Bukan apa bila MCA bubuh dia kaw-kaw, dia kata itu memang tanah untuk buat hospital swasta. Bangang punya Guan Eng, kau nak tipu sapa ni?

Semalam bila MCA melalui TV3 bongkar pasal isu ini dan blogger Pisau, klik sini. Aku joke cari-cari la info pasal benda ni, last-last aku dapat tahu yang Guan Eng nak bina Hotel dan Hospital kat tempat yang sama. Eh, itu kan tanah untuk rakyat yang susah, kenapa nak buat Hospital Swasta dan Hotel kat tanah tu?

Bukan ke cinabeng yang koneknya kecik ni selalu kata DAP buat kerja untuk rakyat? Ini apa cerita? Tanah yang sepatutnya menjadi hak rakyat yang susah Guan Eng kasi kat pemaju untuk buat Hotel dan Hospital. Tanah tu tak le besar mana pun, kalau dibuat flat ramai la orang susah dapat tinggal kat sana tapi Guan Eng mana peduli.

Dia tetap bagi pada sayarikat Swasta demi untuk buat keuntungan besar, Guan ENg kantoi paling besar sekali bilamana Kementerian Kesihatan sudah joke meluluskan leseb untuk Hospital Swasta tu dibuat di tanah tersebut!

Khabarnya Guan Eng dan DAP dapat RM9 juta untuk understanding hospital ni, cuma aku pelik, macamana Guan Eng nak buat Hospital dan Hotel ditanah yang sama? Adakah bawah Hospital dan atas Hotel? Wah, hebat kan? Idea luarbiasa yang menganiaya rakyat Pulau Pinang. Kali ini Guan eng extremist dah memang kantoi.

Wahai orang Pulau Pinang, korang bangga ke kena tipu dengan harami yang datang dari Johor ni? Sampai bila lu orang mau kena tipu?

Borders seeks stay of all JAWI action

July 25, 2012

Borders seeks stay of all JAWI action

by Aidila

Berjaya Books, owner of a Borders sequence is looking a stay of all movement by a Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department (JAWI) opposite a company as well as a employees, in propinquity to a criminialized book 'Allah, Love as well as Liberty'.

NONELawyer Ang Hean Leng said an inter-parte application was filed a week ago as well as a conference has been fixed for next Monday in a Kuala Lumpur High Court prior to Justice Rohana Yusof.

"We have been looking to maintain a status quo so which no serve movement is taken opposite our clients pending a disposal of a judicial review," Ang told reporters today.

This includes a court box opposite book store manager Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz who was charged under Section 13(1) Federal Territory Syariah Offences Act for distributing a book during a Borders opening in a Gardens, Mid-Valley Mall, upon May 23.

She is probable to a RM3,000 fine as well as two years' jail or both, upon conviction.The conference of a box in a Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court has been brought forward from September 19 to August 7.

Berjaya Books, along with a Assistant General Manager (operations as well as merchandising) of Borders Stephen Fung Wye Keong as well as Nik Raina had filed a legal review upon Jun eighteen severe a legality of a movement! opposit e them.

Named as respondents have been JAWI, a Home Affairs Minister as well as a Minister in a Prime Minister's Department in assign of Islamic Affairs.

According to a plaintiffs, JAWI does not have power to anathema a book as management for such movement should be drawn from a Publications as well as Printing Presses Act 1984.

Furthermore, JAWI had carried out a raid as well as seized copies of a book by a Ugandan-born Canadian writer six days prior to a Home Ministry gazetted a ban.

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Water wars central theme is money

Klang MP as well as Coalition Against Water Privatisation coordinator Charles Santiago speaks to FMT about a H2O squabble in in between a sovereign as well as Selangor state governments.
PETALING JAYA: Central to a "water war" in Selangor is an abundance of money, Umno cronies as well as a miss of correct information.
This was a outline according to DAP's Charles Santiago, who, in reserve from being a Klang MP, additionally has an activist background as well as has been during a forefront of a H2O emanate in a state for a little time.
The Coalition Against Water Privatisation (CAWP) coordinator spoke to FMT about because he insisted which a "water crisis" was a single which was "manufactured"; what he predicted would happen after this; as well as how he thinks it can be resolved.
The people of Selangor, he admitted, would suffer from this enlarged delay in in between a state as well as a sovereign governments, which Santiago described as a "water war".
He pronounced a most appropriate approach to finalise this would be to reason an eccentric review upon Syabas by a association from another country though any vested interests.
The supposed "water war" proposed when Syabas voiced final week which it was formulation to implement H2O rationing in a Klang Valley following a shortfall of treated with colour with colour water.
This prompted an immediate reply from a Selangor government, with Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim observant a state supervision intended to take over a supervision of Syabas in two weeks.
Pakatan Rakyat leaders as well as sure NGOs accused Syabas of indulging in poli! tics by "manufacturing" a predicament in order to hasten building a total of a RM3.6 billion Langat 2 diagnosis plant.
The Pakatan-run state supervision had denied which Selangor was regulating reduced of water, observant which all seven dams in Selangor had superfluous H2O levels. Several Pakatan leaders even visited a dams as well as diagnosis plants to "show" which there was no crisis.
The sovereign supervision additionally responded by announcing a setting up of a Cabinet committee, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, to hoop a dispute in in between a Selangor supervision as well as Syabas.
On Monday, a committee pronounced which a supervision had motionless to disallow a Selangor supervision from receiving over a operations of Syabas.
Muhyiddin pronounced which a sovereign supervision would go forward with building a Langat 2 H2O diagnosis plant though Selangor state's approval.
He additionally pronounced which there was no need to allotment H2O supply to Selangor as well as a surrounding areas in a Federal Territories.
The issue, according to Muhyiddin, had come to a "critical level" as there were several areas in a Klang Valley where "water is not forthcoming".
Below have been excerpts from a interview
FMT: What's your take upon a 'water crisis' issue? There seems to be a miss of plain report to debunk possibly side. Is there a approach to explain a confusion?
Santiago: The initial indicate to note here is which there is a corner of information, which is all controlled by a sovereign government, Water Association of Selan! gor, Kua la Lumpurand Putrajaya (SWAn) [headed by Sybas' Rozali Ismail]. All of them have been regulating Syabas' figures. So in terms of information, you have been during a forgiveness of Syabas. The report which they have been not giving us have been things like:
  • outflow of tender H2O from dams as well as pumping stations in to diagnosis plants from January 1 to Jul 15 this year;
  • metre readings of a outflow of treated with colour with colour H2O in to diagnosis plants for a same period;
  • metre readings of a outflow of treated with colour with colour H2O in to consumer distribution complement (via Syabas);
  • certified logbooks as well as calibrated metres;
  • electricity bills for a same period;
  • chemical use for a same period; and
  • Puncak Niaga/ Syabas payment bills for H2O sold for a same period.
Why have been you looking this information, especially in in between these specific dates of January 1 as well as Jul 15?
Because Syabas is telling us there is a trend of 3 months (of increased H2O demand), you wish to see if which is loyal during all. If this report is released, you can have the experts examine it. As distant as you have been concerned during a moment, a total "water crisis" is manufactured.
When you contend it is "manufactured", have been you referring to this supposed conspiracy made by BN-Umno as claimed by Pakatan?
you am not a conspiracy theorist though you am observant which this entire thing is all about money. The total H2O send plan from Pahang to Selangor is starting to price a little RM9 billion, so there is a lot of income involved. From what you assimilate from my attention sources, Umno boys have been removing a lot of a contracts. you am articulate about contracts for things similar to laying a pipes to others. Industry sources additionally tell m! e which Puncak Niaga is additionally removing a stipulate to operate as well as manage this.
But didn't a sovereign supervision contend which there would be a tender process for this?
That's a nice things which they have been saying. But you wish to ask them straight up, have you betrothed this plan to Puncak Niaga? Yes or no?
So, you're telling us which everything is "manufactured" for sure parties to get money?
Yes. Because a National Water Resources Study 2000-2050 (carried out by SMHB Sdn Bhd in cooperation with Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn Bhd as well as Jurutera Perunding Zaaba) showed which investments for H2O infrastructure growth costs around RM50 billion as well as right away you have been articulate about in in between RM80 billion as well as RM100 billion. Like you said, there is a lot of income to be made in this industry. And anyone with a connections will hasten to get a piece of it. One of them is Puncak Niaga.
What, in your opinion, would be a most appropriate approach to finalise this? You have referred to which an eccentric review is a usually way. How do you consider you should go about this?
The state as well as sovereign governments contingency come up with a third-party eccentric audit. It would be improved to have a state-run (foreign) review company; in this way, they would not have any interests, possibly with a Selangor state or a sovereign government. The approach you look during it, everyone in Malaysia has taken sides in this issue. On a single side you have Syabas, a sovereign government, as well as a mainstream media as well as upon a alternative side, you have us, a state. The law is not entrance out. What you have been conference is "their truth". They have vested seductiveness to overpower a state.
You credit a mainstream media of receiving sides as well as having "vested seductiveness to overpower a state", how do you clear that?!
The Star belongs to MCA, Syabas belongs to (Selangor) Umno treasurer (Rozali Ismail), a NST is additionally an Umno-linked company. Look during a time when a emanate of garbage collection pennyless out, it was played up in a mainstream media. But a actuality was Selangor saved about RM800 million. The quit rent forsaken by 25% as well as as you can see, a benefits have been distributed to help a people. Yes, there were teething problems when it was initial introduced though it is right away better. Look during 2011-2012, Selangor has saved about RM2 billion, it is unprecedented.
you consider a reason Muhyiddin says there is no more need for rationing is which his Special Branch studies show which people have been only pissed off over this issue. His reply is right away patently a political a single instead of something based upon facts.
Why is a Selangor supervision so adamant which Langat 2 should not proceed?
Firstly, you contingency ask: who is starting to compensate for a cost, a expenditure of RM9 billion for a project? Somebody has to bear a costs. The people of Selangor, Putrajaya, Klang Valley will be a ones who will be forced to compensate for it by increased tariffs. Secondly, they cannot clear because they need to build it. What is a basement for it? The National Water Resources Study 2000-2050 embellished a design which Selangor will have a H2O drought somewhere in 2012, 2013, or 2014. But a problem is which a study had used a aloft economic growth of 8% when a realistic figure is about 4% to 5%. The population growth they used was additionally aloft than a actual figures. So having these "over" projections compared to what is really function right now, does not clear having this H2O send plan similar to Langat 2.
Furthermore, because have been they focusing usually upon a large projects when you should be articulate about upgrading of existing plants, rebate of consumption, as well as conservation? We sh! ould be asking people to stop wasting so much: do not clean the cars with processed water, cut down usage, sleet H2O harvesting during houses, as well as diminution non-revenue H2O such as broken pipes. All these should be put in place though instead, nothing. Syabas has partial of a responsibility in doing all these.
You referred to which you need report from Syabas, as well as a disaster to provide this report will outcome in your NGO, Coalition Against Water Privatisation (CAWP), receiving alternative more extreme action, together with legal action. What next, will you go to a streets to protest?
There won't be a criticism yet, though this week, you will be handing over a memorandum to them to demand a report you asked for. Syabas has publicly betrothed which they would be happy to supply this information. We have been additionally looking during legal action, depending upon what happens. Let's see how it goes.
Looking during a approach things have been going, have been you presaging which a make a difference would end up in court?
All a tendencies show which it would. But you hope it won't come to that. Look during a case you brought in 2007 asking a justice to acknowledgement a review report as well as a 2004 benefaction agreement sealed in in between Syabas, a Selangor supervision as well as a sovereign government. But until today, it is still in a interest court. It has been 5 years. There is a need to giveaway information. Yes, you do not wish to contend people have been utilizing a information. But you have doubts about a report you have been given as well as you have been not removing answers from Syabas.
There has been a idea to reason a referendum to let a people of Selangor decide if they would accept (or reject) a Selangor supervision receiving over Syabas. What's your perspective of this?
you still consider which an eccentric third-party review is a most appropriat! e soluti on. It has to happen. you do not consider having a referendum would be an easy process.
What do you predict would happen after this? Would this, if you might call it "political game", draw towards upon as well as outcome in a suffering of a Selangor folk?
Looking during a approach a sovereign supervision is starting forward with a Langat 2, though correct justification, you see that, yes, you can contend which a ordinary folk will be a victims here. But interestingly, a Selangor supervision is caught up with this "water war". Because if BN is not adamant about Langat 2, which is basically helping Umno cronies, Selangor wouldn't be inciting these issues unncesssarily.
The H2O emanate in in between a Selangor as well as sovereign governments is not new, as well as in actuality has been brewing for a little time. You have been a single of a people during a forefront campaigning for giveaway H2O as well as a improved supervision of water. Could you share with us what alternative report people might have ignored in this entire emanate this time around?
Here, you have a house land a state supervision as well as open to ransom. you can see similarities with this as well as a liaison of a a right away defunct US appetite giant Enron. Both had made a predicament only to secure contracts. (In 2000, Enron had reportedly pushed for aloft tariffs as well as infrastructure following announcements which there was a vicious appetite predicament within California.)
A similar thing is function here, you have a privatised association supposedly entrusted to provide affordable H2O as well as when you ask for information, they can't even give us. This goes to show how much has left wrong (in the country).
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Stuff your 'Either Or'!

Poor Ah Jib Gor, contemptible lah, no great news for you. According to Malaysiakini's 'BN could remove some-more than half of Sabah seats', your fixed deposit as great as accrued interests have been withdrawn.

You are in which position which the really old Greeks calledBetween Scylla as great as Charybdis, as great as which the Christianity-influenced Poms naturally termedBetween the devil as great as the low blue sea. Today, for reasons unknown, the observant is 'Between the stone as great as the hard place', patently not as classical or biblical orientated as the former two.

Scylla & Charybdis

Alas, each f* thing UMNO as great as its MCA as great as Gerakan vassals have finished to discredit or have Pakatan without the friend have backfired. Syabas attempted wet-works,communist behind each pomelo treeand JI infiltration in to Buduland, the try to have Bersih bootleg or demon-ize Ambiga Sreenevasan, the f* list goes on, have all finished with UMNO worse off.

she's wakakaka-ing during UMNO

Do, kena, do not do, additionally susah.

Apart from bad fengshui, sur! ely ther e contingency be the dignified behind all these failures. If we haven't gotten it yet, well, might we offer some advice?

Force, lies as great as negativism aren't in vogue.

The first, regulating force to get your way, no longer works. Besides, the conflicting stay is no longer uni-ethnic similar to it was 43 years ago. Are we prepared to accept upsetting material damage?

The second, your lies, can be simply countered in today's multi-media newsdissemination.

And your negative debate is not unlike your 'lies'.

You could try great policy promotions, great governance demonstrations (anti corruption), as great as truly 1Malaysia (rein in your ill-disciplined warlords who have been sabotaging you).

Admittedly you're running! rapidly out of time. we suspect youcouldroll out the armoured column a la Tian An Men Square andtry Emergency Rule similar to your dad did.

Of march Pakatan has its own problems, customarily (a) Anwar Ibrahim - that's all I'm starting to say because I've been observant the same stuff continually given 2005 when we proposed blogging, (b) PAS' hudud, (c) PKR's internal war.

As the DAP supporter, we privately (I stress, personally, because most Pakatan supporters don't agree with me) feel the ABU debate is foolish as great as won't eliminate the crime the debate is ostensible to target. WhyshouldI opinion in someone in Pakatan who is equally or has the frightening potential to be even some-more hurtful or unworthy of the people's votes?

Brothers opposite LGBT

Forexample, would we ever opinion in PAS' Azizan Abdul Razak (current MB of Kedah)? Don't know? See my prior postAnother Hasan Ali. It's known he prefers to be cozy with UMNO saudaras rsther than than non-Malay Pakatan pollies.

In actuality we would be urging my friends in Kedah not to. Of march choosing by casting votes opposite Azizan doesn't meant choosing by casting votes opposite each PAS pollies. It's known we am really understanding of Nizar Jamaluddin.

He supportsthe BN legislated University as great as University Colleges Act 1971

It's precisely the foolish "either or" extremism of the ABU ! debate which pisses me off.

Another e.g. - would we ever opinion opposite my Gerakan buddy, Hsu Dar Ren (Darren Hsu)? Mind, I'm not sure either he is still in Gerakan, wakakaka, but if he is, mate, I'll opinion for this great man any time. we can usually goal he doesn't mount opposite the DAP people we support.

Darren Hsu

I am not in Pandan but I'll bepreparedto opinion in Ong Tee Keat, who has been the consistent voice, ever given he was the Deputy Minister, opposite BN crime as great as excesses. And which has been because we was endangered which Pakatan has sent Rafizi Ramli to mount opposite Ong in which federal subdivision - see my prior post The political assassination of Rafizi Ramli?

Ong Tee Keat - Hishamuddin's greatest foe wakakaka

If Azmin Ali is so damn f* clever, because doesn't he mount in Pandan as great as give Gombak to Rafizi?

Also, because doesn't he give Dr Wan Azizah the! state c hair of Bukit Antarabangsa as great as take upon Sementa, instead of slyly saying the Pakatan weed roots in Selangor (meaninghimself) will decide either the PKR party president can mount as an ADUN in Selangor? How f* scornful to the party president!

from Malaysiakini

The "either or" bullsh*t is mindless, foolish as great as meaningless, as great as insultingly, denies Pakatansupportersthe rightof intelligentchoice.

Supporting Pakatan shouldn't automaticallytranslateinto the vacant cheque ofblindsupport. If any Pakatan pollie has been, is deemed, or seen as an ar$ eh*le, he/she shouldn'treceive any ofour votes. Otherwise, we'll be only exchanging hurtful rubbish for hurtful rubbish.

As an example, choosing by casting votes opposite Najib in Pekan doesn't meant we contingency automatically opinion in all Pakatan undesirables.

Likewise, choosing by casting votes opposite Azmin in Gombak wakakaka doesn't meant we automatically opinion in all UMNO undesirables.


You have already been buggered kau kau for the final thirty years (The progressing years weren't which bad). So, do we still wish some-more buggeration wakakaka? If we do, afterwards continue your ABU. But upon the alternative hand, if we w! termite the go od government from Day 1, afterwards opinion wisely, not ABU-ishly.

And do not give me which bullsh*t about choosing by casting votes everyone in Pakatan in first, as great as afterwards arrange the disaster out later. That'll take another thirty years during least.
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"Abolish ISA Movement" 09

"Abolish ISA Movement" The military used water gunnery unit to disperse the throng who had progressing defied the anathema to reason the candlelight vigil

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Alhamdulillah! Hidup PM!

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NOT EMOTION BUT INDISCIPLINE: Cops 'manhandled' female journo, Suhakam told

NOT EMOTION BUT INDISCIPLINE: Cops 'manhandled' womanlike journo, Suhakam told
KUALA LUMPUR - The military were "emotional" as well as "manhandled" the womanlike publisher despite her being identified as the media crew during the Bersih 3.0 rally, the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) exploration row was told today.
Panel chairman Prof Datuk Dr Khaw Lake Tee pronounced it was "very visible" that Merdeka Review partner editor Chen Shaua Fui was the media personnel, when the latter testified that she had hold the camera as well as shown her media tab to the policeman.
"I identified myself as the journalist, (when) he (the police) pronounced don't take pictures. 'I am the reporter', you pronounced as well as showed him my media tag.
"But the law enforcemetn officer forked his finger during me, as well as pronounced that you should stop receiving pictures," pronounced Chen, who was doing real time reporting during Jalan Tun Perak around 7.30pm upon the day of the rally.
She pronounced she was receiving cinema of over 10 policemen impediment people as well as beating up the man, who was having his dish during the hawker case during the intersection of Jalan Hang Lekiu as well as Jalan Tun Perak upon April 28.
Chen pronounced that initially when she was intimidated by the police, she did put her camera divided as well as was about to leave.
However, she felt that she was "compelled" to stay as well as continue her "duty" when the policemen shouted for some-more crew to come as well as detain the people.
"I was afraid there was going to be some-more tellurian rights violations. So you the single after an! other re ceiving pictures," Chen said.
At the same location, she witnessed from across the road, the man, who was earlier beaten up by police, being dragged out of the stall.
"They were slapping as well as beating that man, whose back was facing the road. you was perplexing to take the picture of the incident, though the prophesy was blur," Chen said.
She pronounced military crew also instructed multiform men, wearing yellow t-shirts to "take off" the t-shirts.
Chen pronounced it was then that four policemen approached as well as manhandled her.
"One law enforcemetn officer hold my left wrist; the single hold my right wrist; another pulled my backpack, while another law enforcemetn officer stood in front of me seeking during my media tag, that was around my neck.
"He pulled off my tab as well as threw it away," she said.
Chen removed that when she asked if she was being arrested, nothing of them answered her.
"I cannot recollect everything he (the police) said, though you recollect him saying "one law enforcemetn officer has died"," she said.
Chen explained that the policemen looked "fierce" as well as were "emotional" when they mentioned that the law enforcemetn officer had died.
She pronounced she had someway managed to onslaught divided from the police, though was not certain if it was given they programmed to release her, given they did not follow after her.
"When you managed to onslaught divided from the police, you fast picked up my media tab as well as moved divided from that location," Chen said.
She combined that she was frustrated as well as aroused as she didn't know that direction to take, when the law enforcemetn officer warned her that he would detain her, if he saw her again.
When the row asked because she was aroused given she was carrying out her duty as the journalist, Chen said: "It was quite frightful given you sus! picion t he media tab would be my 'shield', though after that incident, you know that there is no 'shield' for media personnel."
Chen pronounced the incident shattered her idea though did not mangle her spirit.
"We the (media) regularly believed that you have been there to lift out our duty, not to provoke anyone. So because were you treated that way?
"If there was any crime, seeking aroused would have been it," she said, to that Khaw added: "If fear was the crime, you would have been the criminal."
The exploration continues tomorrow
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