Hindraf views on the coming general election

helen%20ang.jpgReceived a write-up subsequent around e-mail from Hindraf. I'm reproducing it as is. However I'm adding bold emphasis to a little salient points which merit highlighting.

Just a single comment to supplement though:

Hindraf is observant which Pakatan does not even have a inhabitant Indian personality to showcase. Well my friends, that's your tragedy. 'Indian' is a banned word, nonetheless they can replace it with what's to them more acceptable, i.e. "hitam metalik".

And DAP Aduns would prefer to jot down their children'sketurunanto be 'Cina' despite a father carrying an Indian name.

Plus even if Pakatan (i.e. DAP or PKR) did have an ethnic Indian personality of inhabitant stature, he would never determine to your outline of himself being "a inhabitant [level]Indianleader". Rather he'd confess himself be a Malaysian First personality similarly for all Malaysians.

But if a claimant was Malay, identical to DAP Malay Great Hope Sakmongkol, DAP Malay "Opinion Leader" Hata Wahari or DAP Malay Young Talent Zairil Khir Johori, afterwards a DAP man's Malayness is sounded loudly to a clash of Chinese cymbals as good as gongs.

But no such drumroll for a Indian-ness of any candidate. In any case, you folks would already have good well known all this from Mano.

Behold, I managed to compile this print gallery:
YB Hannah Yeoh leads DAP in to a mosques

Got any wearing a pottu? Any taken in a Hindu setting? Sorry, I do not stop entrance opposite one. The Indian looktak lakulah untuk dijaja DAP. Helen

*** *** ***


By Hindraf

It has been rsther than viewable which PM Najib has in new months been seen to be perplexing to woo a Malaysian Indian race with multiform tall form open propinquity exercises! . He has been attending Indian eremite as good as informative festivals, often making celebrity-style entrances in to these functions to stir a Indians.

Joining Hindus during Thaipusam during Batu Caves as good as a inhabitant spin Ponggal jubilee orderly by MIC, PPP, MMSP, IPF as good as Indian NGOs in Klang recently, Najib has been you do his spin many appropriate to win over a Indian voters.

He has been promising to set up Tamil schools, increasing matriculation seats of Indian young kids from 559 to 1,500; regular photos have been looming in local mainstream dailies showing a little elderly Indians obtaining Malaysian citizenship's etc.

As PR leaders appear to be only concentrating upon a Malay as good as Chinese population, as good as increasingly not profitable any attention to a Indian woes,Najib is seen feverishly perplexing to win behind a BN's traditional constant supporters. Why is this so? Does Najib know something which a PR leaders have been undeveloped about?

In a final ubiquitous elections, PR was a main customer of a overwhelming seismic shift of a Indian electorate away from BN. From a 72.4% share of a Indian votes which went to BN in a 2004 ubiquitous elections, which num! ber had shrunk to a measly 8.3% in a 2008 ubiquitous elections. Meaning roughly 88% of a Indians voted for PR (the superfluous being spoilt votes).

Hindraf had been credited for a awakening of a Indians choosing by casting votes mindset to shift their loyalties to a opposition. However, ever given entrance to power, PR has been focusing primarily upon a Malays as good as Chinese race in particular, probably given they form a dual largest ethnic compositions in Malaysia.

The Indians were subtly pushed out of PR's radar of vision.

This materialisation did not bring any good to a Indian village as they had lost a meaningful representation in a Federal supervision in a for! m of MIC as good as worse still they did not lift out a bulletin of a PR either.

Hindraf was conveniently left out of a PR state governments as good as was not consulted even once per Indian issues even nonetheless it has been more than 4 years right away given roughly 100k Hindraf-inspired Malaysian Indians took to a streets to express their grouses.

No disbelief PR has countless Indian member to showcase nonetheless a really fact which hardcore, bread as good as butter issues which a Indian village have been pang from identical to statelessness, Tamil school neglect, land issues concerning squatters, Tamil schools, temples, cremation as good as funeral grounds as good as their poor mercantile gratification were not addressed was proof which PR did not have Indian representation.

At a many PR was dealing with these issues upon a waste basis, utterly identical to what MIC had been you do for umpteen years before. The "hamper/schoolbag giving print shoot" mentality still really many prevails. None of these issues were debated wi! th any g usto in parliament.

Convenient excuses identical to you have been not in Putrajaya yet, Indians have been a minority so do not ask for anything, do not be a racist, if you're not happy with us go behind to MIClahetc were flung during a slightest of preference to subdue a Indian woes as good as demands.

At a new PR inhabitant convention, it became really evident which PR did not even have a inhabitant Indian personality to project. Priority attention was reserved for a Malays as good as Chinese. 'Aminurlrasyid' as good as 'Teoh Beng Hock' were inhabitant issues as compared to 'Kugan'.

It is this opening which Najib is instinctively relocating in to to take value of, only as how Anwar Ibrahim capitalized upon a Indian votes which fell upon his lap with a Hindraf overthrow in a final ubiquitous elections.

The many im! portant question which a single should ask is why is Najib even worried during all to woo a Indian vote if it is in truth so insignificant?

For years now, a inhabitant census has been portraying a progressive decrease of a overall percentage of a Indians in this nation as compared with all a other races.

1911 - 10.23%

1921 - 15.10%

1931 - 15.12%

1947 - 10.81%

1957 - 11.09%

1970 - 9.04%

1980 - 8.39%

19 91 - 7.83%

2000 - 7.68%

2010 - 7.33%

This statistic has been used really ingeniously by politicians to continue to subdue any final from a Indian community.

However upon obtaining a 'Population Distribution as good as Basic Demographic Characteristics 2010' book from a Department of Statistics as good as starting through a numbers, a really interesting observation was made. If a census data of a race based upon age organisation from twenty as good as upon top of (as it would uncover a choosing by casting votes eligibility age of twenty-one as good as upon top of in year 2012) is used, a Indians is seen to contain 7.82% of a sum Malaysians.

If you were to remove a states of Kelantan, Pahang, Perlis, Sabah, Sarawak as good as Trengganu,Indians who have been age twenty-one as good as upon top of would contain 10.71% of a superfluous states. The breakdown of these states have been as follows:

Johor (stratum : Urban) 8.59%

Kedah (stratum: Urban) 10.89%

Negeri Sembilan (whole state) 15.55%

Negeri Sembilan (stratum: Urban) 18.03%

Perak (whole state) 12.69%

Perak (stratum: Urban) 15.07%

Penang (whole state) 10.45%

Penang (stratum: Urban) 11.! 13%

Selangor (whole state) 13.92%

Selangor (stratum: Urban) 14.07%

Kuala Lumpur 10.55%

Total series of Parliamentary seats in these states have been 126.

Total series of Adun seats in these states have been 311.

No disbelief these values do not represent a exact total of those who had registered to vote nonetheless it does however in truth give a reasonable clear overall picture of a potential stroke of a Indian vote. In fact it is during large good well known which Indians contain in in between 10-20% in 63 parliamentary as good as 130 Adun constituencies in Malaysia. Buntong has more than 40%, Kota Raja more than 30%, Kuala Selangor more than 23% etc.

The Indians have been additionally remarkable to be a village which can get easily excitable. This fad during elections fever can resonate throughout a west coast of a peninsula.

In a final ubiquitous elections, thousands of Indians wore immature bandanas, carried PAS flags as good as were upon a streets during elections day fluttering these flags in tall spirits. This in truth gave a really strong moral await to PAS/PR.The entrance ubiquitous elections will see no such arrangement as a Indians feel utterly left out of a PR agenda.

There is additionally a strong Indian stateless Diaspora within Malaysia which a little estimate series up to 450k. They do not tumble in to inhabitant census nonetheless they have tighten relatives which do. Their plight will lift a lot of weight in a outcome of a choosing by casting votes direction of a Indians.

Since autonomy a Malay votes have been shared roughly similarly in in between Umno as good as PAS! give or take a couple of percent. In a final ubiquitous elections a Malay popular vote which went to Umno was 35.5% as good as PAS/PKR 34.8%. That's how tighten it has been.

This time around a big po! rtion of a Chinese votes will be starting to PR however their stroke is starting to be neutralized by a astray tactics which BN will be contracting namely postal votes. There have been rumours which BN will be registering a Rela members as postal voters. There have been additionally countless accusations by a antithesis which foreigners have been being given citizenship in sequence to be registered as electorate to vacate PR areas.

Tainted electoral rolls, disposition Election Commission, astray mainstream media coverage, abuse of supervision machinery, choosing goodies, income politics have been a many complaints by PR of BN. Rest assured, a arriving ubiquitous elections will be a no binds barred as good as a little contend dirtiest ever. Some selected possibilities might even not spin up during all upon nomination day.

Sabah as good as Sarawak possibilities will only follow a victors of peninsular Malaysia.

No disbelief a Malays being a majority, PR cannot means to neglect them, however though, as was seen in a 1999 ubiquitous elections where Anwar's reformasi campaign only strong upon a Malays primarily as good as nonetheless was successful in a polls goes to uncover which no particular race in Malaysia can be afforded to be overlooked.

That positively would include a Indians too. If during all PR fails to do as good as they did in 2008 in a subsequent ubiquitous elections, afterwards in their post mortem analysis thereafter, they will know where they went wrong.

- pleasantness of Mi1
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Supreme Council to decide on Sabak Bernam MPs position


Lynas to fade as Fuziah's lost cause

She was asking others to be rationale now. Extract from The Mole report here.In the follow-up post, , blogger Apanama forked to Pas Hulu Langat MP Dr Che Rosli Che Mat's statement where the lerned nuclear scientist criticised the anti-Lynas organisation -- which includes PKR's Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh -- for disregarding expert opinions upon the matter.Fuziah, when contacted, had the opposite version to

Journalists demo at Penang police hq [photos]

demo by penang journos

demonstration by penang journalists

demo by penang journalists

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Piratized, privatized and re-nationalized, why is MAS still bleeding money - Guan Eng

Piratized, privatized as well as re-nationalized, because is MAS still bleeding income - Guan Eng
The shocking net detriment of RM2.52 billion for 2011 available by inhabitant conduit Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is the stark reminder of how mismanagement as well as the unsuccessful commercial operation indication has caused the crisis in the once-reputable as well as proud airli! ne with the income pot almost bled dry.In fact, MAS has been upon the downward spiral given the depart of right away Minister in the Prime Minister Department Dato' Seri Idris Jala in 2009, with the net distinction of RM490 million in 2009 to RM234 million in 2010 plunging tragically to the jot down violation staggering waste of RM2.52 billion in 2011.
These waste suffered are the distant cry from the couple of years ago when Dato' Seri Idris Jala was tasked to revitalise MAS as CEO. He was allocated in 2005 as well as was means to turn the association around to jot down the distinction of RM850 million in 2007 against the detriment of RM1.3 billion dual years before that. Why is it which Dato' Seri Idris was means to turn aroudn MAS as well as leave it in healthier conditions though all his hard work has been undone? Do you need Dato' Seri Idris Jala back during the MAS cockpit to save the doomed airline?
Cash pot halved
In further to the stark losses, MAS's income pot some-more than halved to RM1 billion during the finish of final year from RM2.1 billion during the finish of 2010 whilst net resources forsaken from RM3.5 billion to RM1.1 billion. In alternative words, MAS is no longer flying upon fuel though instead is right away flying upon fumes. This is the legacy of the! piratis ation deal sheltered as privatisation as well as successive re-nationalisation gone awry. Even 2001 bailout in which the Federal Government paid stand in the marketplace price during the time could not rescue MAS from the elemental problems. The Federal Government paid RM1.8 billion or RM8 per share to Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli instead of the marketplace worth of RM3.68 during the time.
MAS can not censure prevailing bad global mercantile conditions. In contrast Singapore Airlines managed to jot down profits final year. In fact, you need not even look which distant as even local budget conduit Air Middle East has been means to outdo MAS by miles. One need usually to look during Air Asia's current marketplace capitalization which stands during RM10.1 billion, compared to MAS during RM4.8 billion. Air Asia, notwithstanding being usually the decade old as well as distant not as big in operations, is worth some-more than stand in in marketplace capitalisation!
There must be something wrong when the budget airline which charges distant lesser fares can have some-more income than an airline which charges more. The viability of the inhabitant airline is in subject until as well as unless the elemental issues are resolved. Is it the subject of the unsuccessful commercial operation indication or supervision failure, or both?
New commercial operation model
Clearly, the usually way to prevent the inhabitant asset from plunging in to the fatal pile-up is to rivet the brand new commercial operation indication based upon the beliefs of Competency, Accountability as well as Transparency which has served the Penang State Government well. Not usually have you been means to stir as well as capture investors by being the tip manufacturing investment destination in Malaysia for dual consecutive years using in 2010 as well as 2011, Penang has also been means to jot down budget surpluses every year given 2008 as well as have shaved the state supervision debts b! y 95% fr om RM630 million to RM30 million.
The current commercial operation indication employed by MAS is clearly the unsuccessful one. If MAS continues to subscribe to the old centrally-planned indication as well as political division which breed corruption as well as inefficiency, the inhabitant conduit is doomed.
Finally, the subject which Malaysians direct to know is who will be hold accountable for such the loss? Surely RM2.52 billion waste by the inhabitant airline is unacceptable to everybody in the country, generally when the reason it was renationalised in the first place was to rescue it from the afflictions of mismanagement as well as the bad commercial operation model. The supervision must identify those responsible for such huge waste as well as take movement against them as the people design nothing less from the responsible government.
Lim Guan Eng is the DAP secretary-general as well as Penang Chief Minister
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A quiet force in DAP

Lobak state representative Anthony Loke has slowly risen up a domestic ranks as well as is set to be a force to reckon with. Stephanie Sta Maria, Free Malaysia TodayIt was mid-January 2007. While many were sobering up from a New Year revelries, DAPs Lobak state assemblyman, Anthony Loke, was recuperating from a domestic uppercut.Lim Fui Ming, a then Bahau assemblyman, vice-chief of a state DAP as well as a only other opposition rep in a Negri Sembilan State Legislative Assembly, had only hotfo ... Read More

Azizan masih perlu bertai chi

Menurut Utusan Malaysia semalam, Menteri Besar Kedah Dato Seri Azizan Abdul Razak belum lagi selamat, malahan masih dalam keadaan 'semakin terancam'. Usaha dari dalam PAS untuk menyingkirkan Azizan sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 masih berterusan lagi. Dua bekas exco, Phahrolrazi Zawawi dan Dr. Ismail Salleh, tidak puas hati dengan tindakan Azizan meneruskan pelantikan semula Exco kerajaan

Protest demo by Penang journos outside police hq

journo demo in penang

Photo via Susan Loone

About 100 reporters held the pacific proof outward military domicile in George Town yesterday demanding evident action for attacks upon dual reporters upon Sunday, as well as handing over the petition sealed by 249 reporters from assorted media.

Adam Chew as well as Lee Hong Chun of Kwong Wah Jit Poh, upon avocation during Speaker's Square upon Sunday, were beaten with motorcycle helmets when Perkasa as well as Umno members used assault to disrupt the open convene held in protest opposite the Lynas rare earth bureau in Kuantan, Pahang.

Yesterday, the reporters wore black to symbol their sorrow, as well as carried placards opposite assault upon journalists, such as:

  • No to assault to reporters upon duty
  • A reporter was harm during the proof upon 1 Jul 2011, it has been seven months, what happened?
  • Two reporters were harm during the anti-Lynas rally, where have been the police?

A orator for the journalists, Bryan Lai Thiem Wah of Nanyang Siang Pau, said the reporters decided to hold the proof (which they were careful to describe as the pacific gathering) since they felt they "had not done enough prior to when our friends have been injured".

He said: "We have usually been sending letters as well as memoranda. This time we have been gathering to demonstrate our feelings."

Special Branch officers mingled between the reporters during the 30-minute demonstration.

The petition, sealed by 249 journalists, was rebuilt by the Penang Press Club, Penang Chinese Media Journalist as well as Photographers Association, Journalist Union Of North Malaya, Penang Press Employee's Society Ltd. as well as Seberang Perai Press Association.

It was addressed to Penang CPO Ayub Yaacob. A representative perceived ! the peti tion, as Ayub was said to be divided upon avocation in Kuala Lumpur.

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Tubby used RM250 million soft loan to transform into socialist

A immature lady with a good vision as good as large plans, Izzana Salleh gets personal with Rubini Kamalakaran

It is a commencement of a prolonged day. Izzana Salleh arrives during a Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, fresh-faced, her heading Bohemian hairdo atypically slicked back, ready for her tighten up. Despite a busy week of shuttling to as good as fro in between Malaysia as good as Singapore, her lovely face shows no signs of it. She has flown to Singapore as good as back three times this week alone she reveals. These trips have been earnest to be a routine in her hold up indefinitely yet she's not a least vexed. It's sparkling times as good as her profession never fails to yield an adrenaline rush, she says. Just returning around midnight yesterday from her ultimate trip, she's up for an additional packed day, a large portion of it clinging to us for this photoshoot as good as afterwards a cooking rendezvous during a finish of it - duty calls. She has brought along herkebaya, her standard attire of preference for amicable functions. Tonight's is a Jovian Mandagie as good as once we're accomplished with her, she is all rebuilt to shoot off.
A staggering beauty even in a no-fuss ensemble, which would typically be jeans as good as shirts, not a stitch of make-up upon as good as during no less than 5 feet 9 inches, Izzana, a single could usually wish was captured in front of a camera some-more often, seen strutting a catwalk or even adorning a china screen. If her path was indeed headed for a arts, there's no disbelief in a minds which she would have simply been snapped up by a designer for a troubadour or be a director's dream of a starlet. But Izzana c! hose une quivocally early upon to stay out of a limelight. "I was a fat child actually," she reveals to a astonishment naturally, as you proceed to give this statuesque figure prior to us a once over, coming up with no snippet of her former chubby self. Although, when she arranges a chicken rice lunch for all of us, she herself consciously opts for a healthier Subway sandwich, shouting as she warns us, "If you stick upon you, my stomach is starting to show as good as I'm not starting to fit in to a clothes you've picked out for me."
The youngest as good as a usually daughter in a family, Izzana can be said, is doubly loved. She adores her comparison brothers whom she's discerning to defend even when she personally outs them for bullying her when flourishing up. "Oh, yet usually in a amatory way," she smiles, her dimples appearing. "They took good caring of me yet being brothers, they additionally bullied me. When you was about 3 or 4 years aged as good as a tubby toddler during that, my brothers would have me lie down as good as roll me from a single to a other. They had me assured t! hat you wa s a ball," she laughs, recalling as good as eventually credits them for many of her happiest as good as funniest moments flourishing up. Now in their prime, a occasional banter notwithstanding, a siblings have been a symbol of firm kinship. Usually, with possibly a single of her brothers by her side, Izzana can be speckled during amicable calls as good as there's additionally a actuality which they're operative together which keeps them in tighten quarters.
Born in to dual cultures, Izzana is essentially a combination of a soft-spoken steel magnolias of Kelantan armed with a energetic, intense suggestion of a 'Penang-ites'. Coming from what she refers to as a modern yet normal family, she defines her Kelantanese father as a strict disciplinarian in a family, restraini! ng it to his scientific background, as good as her Penang-born mother as a clever lady with greatjoie de vivre. "I'd like to consider I'm a bit of both. you consider a change in between them was good for us flourishing up." It's a key in life, Izzana believes, about balance, as good as progressing it has always been an aim in her life. Now as a immature adult as good as specifically as a immature lady perplexing to have it all - a career as good as a personal hold up - anticipating stability is necessary some-more than ever. As a ceo of a Real Food Company Sdn Bhd, an integrated association which comprises distributorship of uninformed Malaysian halal beef as good as beef products, as good as a meat shop cum grill called MeatWorks, her job, it appears, is distant from a typical 9 to 5 sort. When she squeezes in a little time i! n betwee n shoots to sign commercial operation papers, it becomes clear which work unequivocally never stops for Izzana. Surely it helps, though, you suppose, which she considers her pursuit as a hobby. Work is a means for her regular trips to Singapore. They have not prolonged ago celebrated a soft launch of MeatWorks Restaurant in Singapore, located during ION Orchard Mall as good as there have been dual some-more branches in a works. "To see a commercial operation expand in to a general locus is definitely a milestone as good as there's much to implement."
Coming from a scholarship background, an surreptitious influence from her aged male no doubt, Izzana who majored in biotechnology with a minor in chemistry as good as commercial operation from Cal Poly Pomona University explains a proof during a back of her preference of tertiary education: "I believe which a initial grade is consequential to set a tone in a minds, attitude as good as character since that's a many impressionable proviso in a immature adult's life. you wanted to develop ! a some-m ore structured as good as analytical mind, which is why you felt which a technical grade would be exactly what you needed." It was additionally a period in her life, which she considers to be a single of a biggest hurdles to illustrate far. "I had to fundamentally leave home, which was my comfort section for fifteen years to pursue a grade in a US. Strange land, new people, new culture as good as while you positively loved a excitement, embarking upon a new proviso in hold up during such a immature age compulsory a lot of mental strength." A strength which she's positively cultivated during those years which is innate! in her now. "One thing is for sure, you am a determined person." Strong women have been patently a purpose models which Izzana describe to, a single of them patently being her mother as good as her parents mother - a epitome of grace, class as good as intellect. She additionally admires Malaysian conform empress Dato' Farah Khan who Izzana describes as focused as good as has conquered a universe with good style. Coincidently, her prime movieUnder a Tuscan Sunrevolves around a clever character as well. "I love a thought of a leading lady (Diane Lane) anticipating strength from within to set up her hold up back together after losing everything, in a strange land as good as upon her own."
After graduating, she went upon to work during a Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which is a non-profit medical investigate organization which plays an critical purpose in advancing biomedical investigate in a us, where she focused upon colorectal cancer research. "I worked in a laboratory which studies a DNA repairs response as good as dna correct mechanisms in assorted tellurian swelling dungeon models. A majority of a work in this laboratory was focused upon a signalling of automatic dungeon death as good as dungeon cycle control by DNA damage."
Although a conflicting kind of scholarship than she's lerned for, Izzana says her past work knowledge is assisting a good understanding in her present work, "because I'm means to apply a theories, technicalities as good as knowledge in my business. There is a scholarship to food as good as cultivation business." Always! geared up for work, Izzana deems a conduct as good as heart component as significant factors in a preference of vocation. She reveals a thrill of a pursuit for her is unequivocally since it's organic. "It's about life, a contentment as good as livelihood." Adding, "Food as good as cultivation is a good attention with good potential here in Malaysia. It's critical as a republic to support local furnish for a sake of sustainability as good as a economy, generally since you have copiousness of good quality food products produced locally - for example, Gemas Gold Meat. It is unequivocally challenging yet it gives me good avenue to explore a vast operation of possibilities. Innovation, product development, health concerns have been all partial as good as parcel of this business."
Changing from a single outfit in to a next, her hair transformed to aged Hollywood, as good as afterwards slicked back, Izzana admits she hasn't unequivocally attempted a conflicting look. She's used to minimal make-up, her hairstyle kept elementary as good as Bohemian. Before she entered a corporate world, Izzana lets outing which she was all about a 'Bohemian rhapsody'. "My friends can attest to this, you was all prolonged Bohemian skirts as good as garlands of racial chains," she grins. These days however, Izzana can be found in a total opposite, primarily corporate gear consisting of shirts, pants andkebayasfor amicable calls. Her prime designers for her kebayas have been Rizalman for being classic as good as never out of style, as good as Jovian Mandagie for a amazing bone make up in his corsets. She adores kaftans as well, generally those from Tom Aba! ng Saufi , whom she respect for never failing with her pick-me-up colours, no zips as good as buttons. There's a single item which she's patently not reduced of too, judging from a bag of boots she wheeled in with her. "I get a lot of my boots from Yiu Lin," she reveals, referring to an additional dynamic Malaysian businessman who owns a successful shoe boutique, Shoes Shoes Shoes.
Always during ease in a sophisticated universe though being overly sophisticated herself, Izzana is, judging from a conflicting looks which she pulls off prior to a eyes, chameleon-like, bettering good whether in gumboots during a farm or in couture. In demeanour, she is likewise, saying, "I've learned which many importantly as a immature woman, there is a time as good as place for everything." Which reminds us of an arise not prolonged ago, during MeatWorks in Solaris Mont Kiara where she showed us a photo of herself, relishing a image of Buffalo wings, with both hands, grinning from ear to ear. "When you have been eating wings, that's a usually way to unequivocally enjoy it," you removed her saying. An admitted foodie, Izzana loves her meat, which is unequivocally convenient, being in a business. She declares her prime meal as "a juicy as good as inexhaustible portion of signature bone in fillet served middle singular with a side of fungus ragout as good as creamy Yukon crushed potatoes, perfecto!"
It's time for a rapid-fire question-and-answer session as good as you cha! llenge h er to reveal something you do not know about her as good as she lets upon only as quickly, grinning, "That you can karate clout utterly well. you essentially have been lerned for thirteen years in armed forces arts with a black belt."
As a day begi! ns to sp in dark, Izzana is putting upon her last outfit for a photoshoot, a Ferragamo. We wrap up after a few takes, thanking a lucky stars which she's so free in front of a camera so you can finish earlier than planned. But Izzana's thoughts is already operative - a normal for her you suspect - gauging how much time she's got prior to she has to be during a event. Just sufficient time to get dressed, have her face touched up as good as pack, it turns out. Her float waits outside of a hotel for her. Strangers around her have been you do stand in takes as she sweeps by them as good as loads a single of her bags in a automobile as a driver handles a other.A notation later, they have been off straight in to Friday night traffic. There was talk of an additional outing to Singapore in a integrate of days; it is starting to be a hectic schedule until a restaurants have been shipshape yet Izzana knows which you have been a total sum of a life's experiences, as good as she's usually in a early stages.
This is a lady which her mother's partner right away their counsel wanted to screw.
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Aspan Alias dah "test" kereta Mat Hasan? Bior betul ...

Biar betul, Jang!Kalau Aspan Alias dah naik kereta MB, itu bermakno dio monang kerusi ADUN di Nogori dan DAP kuasai kerusi2 Cino. BN tumpas! Gilo lah!Itu yang Paneh Miang kato MB baru di N9. Kadang-kadang cerito bawah ini lebih-lebihlah dari kenyataan. Tak boleh pesimis sangat. Tak semuo orang bangang nak biorkan masaalah berpanjangan.Bukan mudah untuk Aspan yang sudah lapsed nak monang. DAP


Dua hari lepas, blog Apanama telah mendedahkan ada kilang yang memproses Nadir Bumi di Selangor, iaitu kilang Shin Etsu, tapi macam biasa Pakatan yang kuat makan BABI ni, tetap berdegil dan masih nak bising pasal Lynas yang dimiliki oleh Bumiputera. Klik sini

Semalam PM telah hadir ke Sg Long untuk majlis Pecah Tanah, maka group-group Anti Lynas ni telah menyerang majlis PM, bila diterangkan dan difahamkan akan kaum bangsat ni supaya jangan buat kacau majlis orang , mereka terus mengadu kat portal pale hanjeng dalam negara kita iaitu Malaysiakini bahawa mereka telah dikasari,

Malah mereka telah menggunakan gambar diatas untuk menunjukkan bahawa DS Noh Omar telah cuba mengkasari mereka, padahal DS Noh Omar cuba menenangkan keadaan. Korang tengok la perangai anjing-anjing Pakatan ni, tak habis-habis nak bikin kacau.

Mereka dengan sengaja suka membuat huru-hara. Rakyat dah semakin muak dengan permainan mereka ni sebenarnya. Mereka ni siang malam mencari jalan untuk menabur fitnah terhadap pemimpin BN, tambah pulak PRU dah semakin dekat, mereka sudah semakin tertekan akibat dari perangai pemimpin mereka yang jahanam tu!

So mereka gunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk bikin 'havoc'. Dalam hal ini terbukti la DAP bangsat adalah pembohong besar. Mereka datang ceroboh majlis orang macam mafiosi pastu mereka kata mereka dikasari! Apa punya babi la perangai mafiosi belaan DAP ni?

Kalau ya pun nak hadir ke majlis orang, beradap la sikit DAP bangsat oi. Semakin lama aku tengok puak-puak DAP ni semakin kurang ajar adanya. Malaysiakini pu! lak ambi k berita macam ni dan turn habis-habisan untuk menyeronokkan majikan mereka iaitu Pakatan anak Haram.

Waspada lah dengan permainan yang sangat merbahaya dari kaum DAP ni. Aku percaya lepas ini mereka akan buat macam-macam hal lagi. Kesian aku tengok DS Noh Omar, dia nak kasi tenangkan keadaan, last-last dia pulak yang kena tuduh mengkasari barisan Gangster DAP ni.

Aku pelik apasal babi-bai dari DAP ni tak nak bising pasal kilang rare-earth kat Selangor? Tiba-tiba yang Selangor punya ok dan halal ya? Kenapa mereka tak buat demo depan pejabat Khalid Gagap? Owh, sama squad maa, mesti mau cover line kan?

Khhaaaiikk Ptuiiiihh!

The Felda FGV listing

The question you should ask all thought leaders of FELDA is this. Why should a detriment creation commercial operation entity, be allowed to do a reverse takeover of FELDA holdings?

FGV owns 49% of FELDA Holdings that has been creation income all a time. FGV hasn't got a lane jot down as well as has no standing during all to come out with this offer in a first place.

Can FELDA discuss it everyone, how many did FGV remove really? We were usually told of losses amounting to RM 500 million. One thing you do know is, FGV is consistent. It has CONSISTENTLY mislaid income for 5 consecutive years. Perhaps Dato Sabri Ahmad can divulge entirely as well as honestly, how many FGV mislaid during those 5 years. Maybe he has left to a PM as well as reported all is OK sir. Najib is pleased to listen to that kind of story.

If FGV mislaid income over 5 consecutive years that would strongly indicate that it is incompetent. Two, it would also suggest, usually as in many GLC's subsidiary companies, a little people got really rich while a companies they helmed suffers monetary hemorrhage. Before FGV comes along as well as wishes to take FELDA Holdings, it contingency come purify about itself.

What is a purpose of this listing? Is it an try to save a losing commercial operation regard (FGV) itself? Is it done to lift income for FELDA? though FELDA has a lot of money. It has a mother lode of monetary resource that is supposing by their palm oil plantations. Unless you are a super moron, all plantations have money.

Remember...MAS was creation income as well as you do fine, when suddenly a little intelligent alec referred to that it was great to privatize MAS. S! o Tajudd in Ramli in a name of service to a republic agreed to take 32% of MAS supposing he was given a pledge over his purchase of a share. Mahathir! gave hi m that since he considers Tajudin as a captain that can pilot a NEP objectives.

So, can you ask FELDA how many they paid Ethos to come out with a inventory proposal? It contingency be a vast amount, sufficiently vast to concede a heading member of Ethos to buy a RM 15 million penthouse unit in an upscale condominium.

So, you ask Dato Sabri(right,below), lets asked him 2 questions. (1) How many did FGV remove really as well as (2) How many did FELDA compensate Ethos?

Because a PM guarantees it says Chairman Isa(right). Coming from someone who has done a disaster of Negri Sembilan- right away that's something. Isa is a man of Mahathir's heart. The captain of a NEP.The supervision is focussed in seeing a listing.

Maslan said a inventory exercise will lift RM 21 billion.

How many will FELDA get? I was told that Dato Sabri told a PM, a bulk of a income lifted will be channeled to a PM's department.

The PM is elated during a prospects of removing RM thirteen billion or so. He can go behind to Pekan as well as reinstate all a decayed hoses of a rakyat in Pekan. His munificence will be ululated by a ladies as well as wanita UMNO Pekan for generations to come.

FELDA will substantially get RM 8 billion. That will meant PM dialect will get around RM thirteen billion to concede a PM to play Santa Claus for a long time like in a above example you gave.

What will FELDA do with a ! RM 8 bil lion? Since it has borrowed income from EPF, it contingency right away compensate EPF. The superb is about RM 3 billion. If FELDA pays RM 3 billion, it is left with 5 billion. From this 5 billion, it contingency compensate a asset to FELDA settlers- 112,000 of them. That will sub! stantial ly meant an additional RM 2 billion gone.

Yes, my FELDA brothers-It's not FGV or a supervision that will compensate a windfall. That income comes from FELDA itself out of a profit share it gets from a listing. The greatest customer is a PM's dialect that will get a little thirteen billion from a inventory exercise. That is because a PM supports a inventory of an differently detriment creation concern.

With RM 3 billion left, Felda can operate during a stream turn of on condition that benefits to a 112,000 settlers in a assorted FLEDA schemes for usually a single year. After that, it will be reduced to a beggar.

With a listing, what will a settlers lose? It will remove a bulk of revenue. How come? It will immediately remove a 350,000 hectares of oil palm plantations managed by FELDA Plantations. The 350,000 hectares of land will be leased to FGV for 99 years.

FELDA needs around RM 3 billion each year. From a camp business, it gets about RM 2 billion a year as well as a change it gets from a other investments. With a relinquishment of 350,000 hectares, FELDA is left with about RM 400 million a year.With a 400 million, how will FELDA yield gratification to a 112,000 FELDA settlers as well as to FELDA schemes?

What about a conditions of a lease? We have not seen a conditions of a 99 year lease. How will FELDA get paid? It's sai! d that F ELDA will get paid each quarter? Why each quarter when FGV creates monthly profits? Why is a franchise to FGV revisable usually during twenty year intervals?

Why is a franchise to FGV revisable usually during twenty year intervals? Sabri Ahmad as well as Isa Samad contingency come out with full avowal about a listing.-Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz.aka sakmongkol.blogspot.com

(Catatan di atas adalah sed! utan dar ipada artikal terbaru Datuk Mohd.Ariff Sabri yang dimuatkan dalam blognya.) Baca artikal penuhnya disini.

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How can they say that only 7 or 8 persons objected to Lynas?

Only 3%objected to Lynas as well as that was only 7 or 8 persons - this is so tough to believe noting that only in Kuantan protest, there were about 15,000...

One of a members of a open consultative committee, Prof Abu Hassan Abdullah (right) pronounced only 7 or 8 out of 334 feedback forms received stated that they did not wish a plan to continue, as well as that as well though any specific reason.
Was a time as well as place to see a papers as well as submit a criticism forms unequivocally finished public? I wonder who have been this 334 who came as well as pronounced 'Yes' to Lynas - did they give a reason. Something is really fishy...

In possibly event, this process in this ICT age should have additionally been finished online....

Given a volume of criticism with regard this Lynas project, a many appropriate thing to do will be to have a REFERENDUM - during a really slightest in a area covering might be 50Km from a plan site...

And did he contend this??

The anti-Lynas! groups additionally claimed that a half-life of a thorium rubbish is fourteen billion years as well as a generation of a trickery used to store it, cannot last as prolonged as thorium.

NONERaja Abdul Aziz (right) saidthat a rubbish will sojourn fast as well as won't evacuate any deviation before it reaches a half life, so there was no need to be concerned about it.

How can this man even contend such things? No deviation until after fourteen billion years! ....

Thorium-232 has a half-life of fourteen billion (14x109) years, as well as decays by alpha emission, with concomitant gamma radiation. Thorium-232 is a top of a prolonged spoil series that contains key radionuclides such as radium-228, a direct spoil product, as well as radon-220. Two alternative isotopes of thorium, that can be poignant in a environment, have been thorium-230 as well as thorium-228. Both go to alternative spoil series. They additionally spoil by alpha emission, with concomitant gamma radiation, as well as have half-lives of 75,400 years as well as 1.9 years, respectively.

What is thorium used for?

Thorium has coloring properties that has finished it useful in ceramic glazes. But, it has been many during large used in lighting device mantles for a brightness it imparts (though alternatives have been replacing it), as well as in fusing or melting rods, that burn better with small amounts of combined thorium. Thorium improves a properties of o! phthalmi c lenses, as well as is an alloying agent in sure metals used in a aerospace industry. More than thirty years ago, thorium oxides were used in hospitals to have sure kinds of evidence X-ray photographs. But, this use has been discontinued.

Exposure to Thorium

How does thorium get in to a environment?

Natural thorium is benefaction in really small quantities in probably all rock, soil, water, plants as well as animals. Where tall concentrations start in rock, thorium might be mined as well as refined, producing rubbish products such as mill tailings. If not properly controlled, breeze as well as H2O can deliver a tailings in to a wider environment. Commercial as well as sovereign comforts that have processed thorium might additionally have expelled thorium to a air, water, or soil. Man-made thorium isotopes have been rare, as well as almost never come in a e! nvironme nt.

How does thorium shift in a environment?

As thorium-232 undergoes hot decay, it emits an alpha particle, with concomitant gamma radiation, as well as forms radium-228. This process of releasing deviation as well as forming a new radionuclide continues until fast lead-208 is formed. The half-life of thorium-232 is about fourteen billion years. Two alternative isotopes of thorium, that can be poignant in a environment, have been thorium-230 as well as thorium-228. Both spoil by alpha emission, with concomitant gamma radiation, in 75,400 years as well as 1.9 years, respectively.

How have been people unprotected to thorium?

Since thorium is naturally benefaction in a environment, people have been unprotected to small amounts in air, food as well as water. The amounts have been customarily really small as well as pose small illness hazard. Thorium is additionally benefaction in many consumer products such as ceramic glazes, lighting device mantles, as well as fusing or melting rods.
People who live nearby a trickery that mines or mills thorium, or manufactures products with thorium, might embrace higher exposures. Also, people who work with thorium in assorted industries might embrace higher exposures.

How does thorium get in to a body?

People might inhale infested dust, or swallow thorium with food or water. Living nearby a thorium infested site, or working in an attention where thorium is used, increases your possibility of exposure to thorium.

What does thorium do once it gets in to a body?

If inha led as dust, a little thorium might sojourn in a lungs for prolonged durations of time, depending upon a chemical form. If ingested, thorium typically leaves a physique by feces as well as urine within several days. The small volume of thorium left in a physique will come in a bloodstream as well as be deposited in a skeleton where it might sojourn for many years. There is a little evidence that a physique might absorb thorium by a skin, though that would not expected be a first equates to of entry.

Health Effects of Thorium

How can thorium start people's health?

The principal regard from low to assuage level exposure to ionizing deviation is increasing risk of cancer. Studies have shown that inhaling thorium dust causes an increasing risk of building lung cancer, as well as cancer of a pancreas. Bone cancer risk is additionally increasing since thorium might be stored in bone.

Only 3% pronounced 'No' to Lynas during arrangement period

Lee Long Hui
5:36PM Mar 1, 2012
Only 3 percent of a feedback received by a Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) during a open arrangement of a Lynas Advanced Materials Plant's duplicate papers for a proxy operating looseness (TOL) against a project.

NONEOne of a members of a open consultative committee, Prof Abu Hassan Abdullah (right) pronounced only 7 or 8 out of 334 feedback forms received stated that they did not wish a plan ! to conti nue, as well as that as well though any specific reason.

"They only wrote like 'I do not wish Lynas' though but any reason given," he pronounced during a media briefing held by a AELB today.

Abu Hassan pronounced 97 percent of a people who submitted a feedback form "were okay" with a project, though many of them expressed low regard over a perm! anent di sposal trickery (PDF) for a hot wastes.

He pronounced that was because a cupboard had pressured a AELB to solve a PDF issue before issuing a TOL to Lynas.

Public display
The AELB had displayed a papers to a open from January 3-26 during four places - a AELB domicile in Dengkil, Selangor, a Pahang state secretariat, a AELB proxy office during a Lynas plan site as well as during a AELB easterly coast bend office in Kemaman, Terengganu.

However, a public, especially anti-Lynas groups, were unhappy, claiming that a authorities had placed restrictions upon time as well as people to check those documents.

According to a presentation by Abu Hassan, there were 334 people who legalised a papers though during a same time, there were 1,122 people who submitted feedback forms to a AELB.

He pronounced that many of a comments were unsubstantiated as well as repeated.

AELB director-general Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan, who additionally presented, forked out a outrageous difference in between a series of people who legalised a papers as well as those who gave comments.

"A really large series of people did not review a papers though gave comments, so we have to ask yourself; have been a comments formed upon what they read, or these comments only romantic or political in nature?" he questioned.
Worst case scenario
Meanwhile, Raja Abdul Aziz pronounced that a misfortune case unfolding for a LAMP was a blast of a pressurised boilers as well as leakages from a pipes supplying a acids.

He pro! nounced that a deviation could be easily detected if there were emissions.

"The slightest of my be concerned is radioactivity. It is a easiest thing to detect, so we can remove it as it is found," he said.

The anti-Lynas groups additionally claimed that a half-life of a thorium rubbish is fourteen billion years as well as a generation of a trickery used to store it, cannot last as prolonged as thorium.

NONERaja Abdul Aziz (right) pronounced that a rubbish will sojourn fast as well as won't evacuate any deviation before it reaches a half life, so there was no need to be concerned about it.

When asked about a cupboard preference to ask Lynas to boat a hot rubbish behind to Australia before any permit is given, he pronounced that won't start a preference taken by a board.

He pronounced that a AELB had already asked Lynas to provide an letter of endeavour to send a rubbish behind to Australia in sequence to obtain a TOL even before a cupboard finished a preference yesterday.

Speaking toMalay! siakini< /em>later, he pronounced that formed upon his understanding, a cupboard entirely endorsed a preference finished by a board - to ask Lynas to send a rubbish behind to Australia.

Leaking pipe

Raja Abdul Aziz additionally responded to a PKR allegations not long ago that a siren during Lamp was leaking.

He confirmed that which was loyal after conducting an investigation as well as combined that Lynas had already taken a necessary stairs to correct it.

He pronounced that a siren is part of a glow protection complement of a plant, as well as if Lynas unsuccessful to fix it, it would not get a relevant certificate regarding safety from a Malaysian Fire as well as Rescue Department.

Two weeks ago, PKR Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne suggested a leaked email purportedly from a Lynas ! contract or, that says that out of 19 'packages' of fibre-glass pipes, only five upheld muster. -Malaysiakini, 1/3/2011, Only 3% pronounced 'No' to Lynas during arrangement period

- Charles Hector
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More on Che Det: Looking Back on his Legacy

March 2, 2012


More upon Che Det: Looking back upon his Legacy

by Nawawi Mohamad as well as Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle (01-03-12)

Former premier Mahathir Mohamad has criticized each prime apportion of Malaysia from a late Tunku Abdul Rahman to a stream personality Najib Razak, sparing no a single except of course, himself. Mahathir has additionally criticized alternative world leaders together with UK's Tony Blair as well as of march George W Bush, a 43rd President of a United States.

So far zero of his local peers have swung back during him, which is not startling deliberation which multiform have been already passed as well as usually Najib as well as 5th prime apportion Abdullah Badawi have been alive. As for a international leaders, they have mostly ignored Mahathir's existence, which usually adds to his frustration, though there is zero he can do to them. However, he can have hold up miserable for his successors here, as well as this he is already doing.

When Mahathir late in 2003, after twenty-two years as Prime Minister, there was speak about his 'great' legacy as well as he was even called Bapa Pemodenan or Father of Modernization. Some 9 years after his retirement, a excesses as well as perfect ill-judgement of his economic, amicable as well as domestic decisions have come back to belt a republic with a backlash stronger than a ferocious tsunami of 2006 which ravaged much of South Asia.

At 86, Mahathir is right away reviled by most Malaysians, blamed for a large crime which might shortly bankrupt a nation if no remedial mercantile movement is taken, as well as for a apartheid-scale secular fissures amongst a various secular groups in a country.

New Eco nomic Policy (NEP)

Just collect a NEP, which was a brainchild of a policymakers of a 1960s though which he abused to a maximum. This abuse alone is sufficient to ensure which he will stay in a Malaysian Hall of Villains rsther than than in a Hall of Fame which he still thinks he belongs in.

His peers with improved memories together with former Finance apportion Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said final week which a NEP was never meant to emanate or to be used to breed a category of Malay capitalists, though to address misery as well as raise a turn of Malay appearance in a economy. It was never meant to be abused by a supervision of a day to handpick a name organisation of Malay entrepreneurs, bucket them with sharply-discounted supervision deals as well as afterwards expect them to prosper as well as emanate sufficient mercantile ripples to assistance lift a rest of a community.

This was Mahathir's first as well as vital mistake. But was it unequivocally a mistake? Doubters as well as critics indicate to a enormous wealth he accumulated for his cronies as well as proxies by a money-making schemes hatched underneath a guise of a NEP, as well as by privatizing supervision resources to adored Malay entrepreneurs, a single of whom is a ashamed former MAS authority Tajuddin Ramli. Not able to deal with a 'instant success' or a stress of large time business, most succumbed to debt during a 1998 Asian monetary crisis. Tajuddin as well as friends identical to Halim Saad fell from favourite to zero, losing enormous amounts of income as well as requiring large supervision bailouts.

Cronies though a masses get nothing

The second inapplicable designation Mahathir, in his foolhardiness, finished was to pool a vital partial of a nation's wealth in a hands of a few. This time h! e enclos ed non-Malays millionaires such as Vincent Tan, Robert Kuok as well as Ananda Krishnan. Tan has usually voiced his retirement, Kuok unfortunate with a removing worse secular complement in a nation has selected to stay Hong Kong, whilst Ananda is wanted by a Indian authorities for allegedly carrying corruptly wangled a telecoms licence to buy into Aircel.

This pooling of wealth in a hands of a couple of fundamentally left a ordinary Malays as well as Malaysians with usually a couple of crumbs to share amongst themselves, a slow-boil incident which has blown up to today's red-hot disputes about amicable as well as mercantile fairness. Not usually is there not sufficient income for scholarships, education, healthcare, practice as well as gratification for everyone, even a Malays who have been regularly told by Mahathir's UMNO celebration which they will get priority, have left in a lurch.

Malays right away form 96% of a lowest 40% lowest income earners in a country. As for a non-Malays, of course, they have felt a pinch more. Many have been forced to go overseas to work as well as to study. That's right, educational as well as practice opportunities have been wanting for a non-Malays in a country. Again, a usually organisation which benefited were a elite in a Umno party, their families as well as cronies. So Mahathir despite his self-praise was in fact rsther than shortsighted. Money was far some-more critical to him than he cared to admit.

Trusting a wrong people

The third inapplicable designation which Mahathir finished was selecting a wrong people for a wrong jobs. He additionally devoted a wrong people. All of a Malays tycoons which he picked had no real business savvy though were merely a devoted aides of former Finance apportion Daim Zainuddin. That is! because guys identical to Tajuddin, Halim, Rashid Hussein of RHB Bank, Mohd Noor Mutalib as well as Abdul Rahman Maidin of MRCB fared feeble in a end. Some have even been hauled to justice to solve debts.

Only Daim Zainuddin remains 'filthy' rich. His nominees ended up owning all a various banks as well as business enterprises meant to be eliminated into UMNO Baru. Somehow, as a UMNO fable goes, Daim managed to secure these for himself. This was patently a outrageous letdown for Mahathir. Instead of 'tricking' people over to his indicate of view, for once, he had been had!

Set Malaysia off upon a borrowing habit

Mahathir did not foresee which a National Debt could be as high as it is today, carrying ballooned to over RM450 billion. Despite multiform 'begging' trips to Singapore as well as Brunei, he was kindly rebuffed. In a end, he borrowed from overseas by issuing holds as well as 'stealing' each gangling sen from Petronas as well as a alternative Government-Linked-Companies to fund his mega projects. Throughout his 22-year rule, Mahathir never saved a sen for Malaysia for a stormy day. And this was his fourth mistake.

Weak grasp of mercantile principles

Mahathir is usually an ordinary doctor; a general practitioner as well as not a specialist. His bargain of economics is as easy as a average Malaysian. His idea of augmenting a equity of a Malays is so uncomplicated have use of a GLCs. Mahathir's vision of you do business is by profiteering by determining shares in as most companies as probable without deliberation a possibility of losing money. Sad to say, real hold up businesses involves losses, not usually profits.

Mahathir's mercantile policy was not formed upon any solid foundation as well as had never been tested in any nation before. It was formed upon his opinions as well as viewpoints. If these had been any good or worked, most countries would have already implemented identical ideas centuries ago. ! Even det ermined capitalist as well as comrade mercantile systems have come underneath glow as well as mercantile collapse is a normal these days, partial of a man-made boom as well as bust cycle. Several economists have even urged nations to return back to gold-based currencies, an really old as well as determined type of monetary system, so what have been Mahathir's child-like mercantile concepts by comparison? His fifth inapplicable designation is thus his lopsided bargain of a economy. It led to a controversial de-pegging of a ringgit from a US dollar as well as a overnight closure of a CLOB share market trading in 1998 dual events which investors have still not forgiven Malaysia as well as Mahathir for.

Dictator syndrome

Mahathir's ego as well as unconscious enterprise to be a tyrant is his sixth mistake. He amended a constitution to break a Agong as well as a Sultans as well as afterwards finished sure which a law as well as enforcement bodies obeyed him. He sacked a Chief Justice Tun Salleh Abbas as well as closed both eyes when judges were plainly paid for by those who had money. It would be difficult for Malaysians as well as their investors to entirely trust a judiciary complement again. This is because a UMNO-BN has lost its integrity as well as a people their faith in a coalition. Malaysians will always dread whatever UMNO-BN does even if it might be well-intentioned.

Racist policies

To prevent a disintegration of his policies as well as his misdeeds from being exposed, Mahathir had to review to his a a single preferred secular politics. He had to remonstrate a Malays which what he had finished was required as well as in their interests. He kept for himself a! good je wels as well as gave out a small chips so as to remonstrate a Malays which a fight opposite a alternative races was real. The non-Malays had to be kept back. Thus a bill allocations for places identical to BTN (Biro Tata Negara) or a National Civics Bureau where Malay graduates as well as polite servants were plainly taught to be suspicious of a alternative races.

But not all a Malays paid for it. Such teachings were opposite Islam as well as additionally opposite universal values. The Malays were left confused, whilst a non-Malays totally sidelined. So being racist is Mahathir's seventh mistake.


If Mahathir as well as UMNO have been successful in making sure Malaysia achieves grown nation standing by 2020, because does a jot down show so most critical faults to date. There have been usually 8 years to go though a manage to buy is still in a shambles with a inhabitant debt soaring, secular as well as religious harmony in disarray, as well as a domestic incident removing worse with UMNO-BN right away plainly resorting to earthy violence to stop a antithesis from land their rallies.

The preparation complement is additionally leading nowhere, healthcare is removing worse as well as some-more expensive, a much-touted as well as corrupt 1Care already rejected prior to it can even come on-stream, law as well as order is still questionable, mismanagement as well as graft some-more confirmed than prior to in a UMNO-BN government. Instant of all cylinders kicking in, as well as culminating into a realization of Vision 2020, Malaysia might go bankrupt instead. Not fighting corruption, though perpetuating it is Mahathir's eighth mistake.

Meddling with a using of a country

Th e infancy of a Malays have been poor as well as still need supervision assistance despite 55 years of UMNO "successes" (read failures). The non-Malays have been patient sufficient as well as have given UMNO sufficient chances. They have waited until a third era after a nation's autonomy in 1957 as well as they have been right away fed-up with UMNO-BN. The same as well is happening with a Malays. Those not in a approach line of a UMNO gravy train, as well as this would be a good majority, have been removing fed-up too. More have voted for a antithesis as well as will go on to do so.

When Mahathir realized which things were branch sour, he handed over a rod to Abdullah Badawi, thinking which he could still carry out a using of a supervision by 'remote control'. But when things were not carried out as he had wished, Mahathir forced an ouster as well as transposed Badawi with Najib. Granted, a disorganized Badawi was in no genius to lead Malaysia though Najib is usually as incapable too. All through, instead of giving a helping hand, Mahathir a single after another to happen with a using of a country. Interfering with a using of a nation as well as disallowing a stream leaders to put in solutions which fit a era is Mahathir's ninth mistake.

Causing difficulty in UMNO as well as pushing Mukhriz up a ladder

Yet Mahathir stubbornly refuses to accept or to confess to his mistakes. This is a single man who refuses to face up to reality. He is not unequivocally interested in a gratification of Malaysians during all, not even a Malays or UMNO. He usually wants to save his face as well as to have sure which his son Mukhriz will become prime apportion no make a difference what deals he has to govern with a stream collection of UMNO warlords to outcome this.

Ruthless as well as completely sel! fish, Ma hathir would think zero of formulating chaos usually to perform which ambition. After all, he could de-register UMNO usually to stay in power. Imagine what he won't brave to do to get Mukhriz in as UMNO president. But it is this incessant interfering as well as trouble-making in UMNO which will be his tenth as well as final mistake.

Mahathir will doom UMNO, as well as in imploding, UMNO will really likely take Mahathir down for a count.

Malaysia Chronicle

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KUALA LUMPUR, 29 February Kerajaan Rabu menyiarkan kepada umum tiga pucuk surat mantan Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada tiga Perdana Menteri Israel yang jelas menunjukkan ketegasan Malaysia terhadap kekejaman Israel.

Menteri Luar Datuk Seri Anifah Aman berkata ketiga-tiga surat itu ialah bagi menyangkal dakwaan sesetengah pihak bahawa kerajaan Malaysia tidak konsisten dalam pendirian dan dasarnya berhubung Palestin.

Dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, beliau berkata surat berkenaan ialah;

i) Surat daripada Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada Yitzhak Rabin, Perdana Menteri Israel, bertarikh twenty-one Disember 1993;

ii) Surat daripada Dr. Mahathir Mohamad kepada Benjamin Netanyahu, Perdana Menteri Israel, bertarikh fourteen Mac 1997; dan

iii) Surat daripada Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada Ehud Barak, Perdana Menteri Israel, bertarikh 8 June 1999.

Perdana Menteri Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak ketika melawat Melaka pada twenty-four Februari dan Sekinchan, Selangor pada 26 Februari telah menyatakan kesediaan Kerajaan Malaysia untuk menyiarkan kepada umum beberapa pucuk surat Mahathir kepada Perdana Menteri Israel.

Saya ingin menyatakan bahawa sebagai satu dasar, Malaysia selama ini telah secara konsisten memberi sokongan sepenuhnya terhadap perjuangan rakyat Palestin untuk mencapai satu penyelesaian yang adil dan komprehensif terhadap konflik Palestin-Israel dan penubuhan sebuah negara Palestin yang merdeka dan berdaulat.

Kandungan surat-surat tersebut jelas menunjukkan pendirian yang berprinsip dan ketegasan Malaysia terhadap tindakan haram dan kekejaman Israel yang telah menggugat pelaksanaan proses damai, dan gesaan beliau kepada Israel untuk memenuhi ob! ligasiny a dan melaksanakan semua perjanjian yang telah dimeterai di antara Palestin dan Israel, kata Anifah.

Beliau berkata ini termasuk Perjanjian Oslo yang ditandatangani oleh Allahyarham Yasser Arafat bagi pihak Pertubuhan Pembebasan Palestin (PLO) dan Shimon Peres dari Israel pada thirteen September 1993 berhubung Principles and Mutual Recognition (Prinsip dan Pengiktirafan Bersama) antara Israel dan PLO.

Anifah berkata sebagai Perdana Menteri pada masa itu, Dr Mahathir tidak pernah menyatakan sokongan beliau kepada Israel, mahupun terhadap keselamatan negara tersebut, dan surat-surat beliau, sama ada secara tersurat atau tersirat, tidak sesekali menunjukkan bahawa Malaysia mempunyai hubungan diplomatik dengan Israel.

Kesediaan Malaysia untuk mengadakan hubungan dengan Israel adalah tertakluk kepada pelaksanaan sepenuhnya oleh Israel (terhadap) semua resolusi-resolusi Majlis Keselamatan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) yang berkaitan, termasuk permohonan Palestin untuk menjadi ahli penuh PBB berdasarkan sempadan 4 June 1967, dengan Al-Quds Al-Sharif sebagai ibu negara Palestin. Ini merupakan pendirian Malaysia selama ini, katanya.

Anifah berkata surat-surat tersebut mencerminkan peranan dan usaha Mahathir dan Malaysia, sebagai seorang pemimpin yang bertanggungjawab dan dihormati oleh masyarakat antarabangsa dalam membantu mencari penyelesaian yang adil dan berkekalan terhadap konflik tersebut dalam mengembalikan martabat rakyat Palestin yang telah sekian lama ditindas -Bernama

Manakala di bawah ini surat palsu yang disebarkan pembangkang


Surat Dr Mahathir Kepada Ehud Barak

(Bernama) Berikut ialah surat yang ditulis bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada Perdana Menteri Israel Ehud Barak yang baru dipilih pada 1999, seperti yang dikeluarkan Kementerian Luar di sini.


8 June 1999

Tuan Yang Terutama

Encik Ehud Barak

Perdana Menteri Israel


Tuan Yang Terutama,

Saya ingin menyampaikan ucapan tahniah atas kemenangan tuan dalam pilihan raya baru-baru ini. Dengan mandat yang cukup meyakinkan, saya berharap tuan dan rakan gabungan tuan akan dapat memimpin masa depan rakyat Israel di ambang Abad baru.

Saya ingin mengambil peluang ini untuk mengulangi pendirian Malaysia yang sentiasa memperjuangkan keamanan dan penyelesaian masalah antara jiran menerusi rundingan. Oleh itu menjadi harapan kami untuk me! lihat pe laksanaan bersama perjanjian yang ditandatangani antara PLO dan Israel. Kami juga percaya jika proses perdamaian hendak diselamatkan, langkah-langkah berkesan mesti diambil untuk memenuhi komitmen.

Sebagai rakan penting dalam proses damai adalah mustahak bagi Israel lebih bersedia bertolak ansor. Rakyat Palestin telah membuat pengorbanan besar. Mereka tidak lagi menuntut penghapusan negara Israel. Mereka malah sedia berkongsi Baitulmaqdis dengan anda. Oleh itu kini masanya bagi Israel memberi respons positif demi mempertahankan harapan rakyat di Palestin dan Israel. Komitmen mulia yang dibuat oleh Kerajaan sebelumnyua mesti dihormati. Jika tidak saya bimbang, akan wujud suasana konflik dan ketidakstabilan serantau yang berkekalan menjangkau ke Abad akan datang. Ini adalah prospek yang mesti dielakkan.

Pokok masalah ialah bahawa tiada pihak yang harus kembali kepada cara lama merundingkan apa yang dimiliki pihak lain, di satu nada dan menghasut kebencian dan keganasan, pada nada lain. Malaysia tidak dapat membiarkan keganasan oleh mana-mana pihak, sama ada rakan atau musuh. Mana-mana negara yang merampas tanah dan harta orang lain, atau menghapus tempat tinggal orang lain untuk mendirikan penempatan mereka sendiri tidak boleh dianggap bersikap jujur mahukan perdamaian.

Malaysia yakin penuh bahawa keselamatan semua negara di Asia Barat dapat dijamin dengan kewujudan perdamaian yang adil, berkekalan, dan komprehensif di rantau berkenaan. Ini mestilah berdasarkan pada prinsip pertukaran tanah untuk perdamaian dan penubuhan sebuah negara Palestin merdeka dengan Baitulmaqdis Timur sebagai ibu negaranya.

Dunia berharap Israel di bawah kepimpinan tuan, mengetengahkan proses damai dengan iltizam yang tulen. Saya sesungguhnya berharap pencapaian penyelesaian komprehensif di rantau tersebut akan membolehkan Malaysia melihat dengan realistik langkah positif ke arah penubuhan hubungan biasa dengan Israel.

Yang Ikhlas

Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad

Surat Dr Mahathir Kep! ada Benj amin Netanyahu

(Bernama) Berikut adalah surat yang ditulis oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada Benjamin Netanyahu, Perdana Menteri Israel pada 1997, seperti yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Luar di sini.



14 Mac 1997

Tuan Yang Terutama

Tuan Benjamin Netanyahu

Perdana Menteri Israel


Surat tuan bertarikh 23 Januari hanya sampai kepada saya semalam. Saya amat menghargai susah payah tuan untuk memaklumkan kepada saya situasi di Palestin dan rantau berkenaan. Malangnya sebahagian besar daripada perkara yang tuan nyatakan itu telahpun berubah dengan begitu pantas.

Malaysia percaya kepada keamanan dan penyelesaian masalah antara negara berjiran menerusi rundingan. Sebagai jalan keluar terakhir, kami beralih kepada pihak ketiga. Dalam pertikaian berhubung wilayah antara Malaysia dan Singapura dan Malaysia dan Indonesia kami bersetuju menyerahkan kepada Mahkamah Dunia untuk memutuskannya. Pertikaian antara Malaysia dan Thailand berhubung wilayah perairan diselesaikan dengan persetujuan untuk berkongsi sumber bukan marin dengan saksama.

Di dalam negara, ketidaksamaan dalam pengagihan kekayaan antara penduduk pribumi dan kalangan yang asalnya pendatang diselesaikan menerusi tindakan afirmatif di mana golongan miskin akan memperoleh perkongsian yang lebih besar daripada kek ekonomi yang semakin berkembang tetapi tidak ada tindakan merampas dan mengagihkan semula apa yang telahpun menjadi kepunyaan keturunan kalangan pendatang. Setiap orang menikmati pembahagian yang agak adil sekarang dan setiap orang agak berpuas hati. Hubungan antara kaum yang berbeza di Malaysia adalah baik dan tidak porak-peranda.

Perkara penting yang ingin saya tekankan ialah untuk tidak mengambil apa yang telahpun menjadi kepunyaan orang lain sungguhpun daripada segi sejarah, ia mungkin kepunyaan tuan. Akhir-akhir ini ! Israel t elah merobohkan penempatan Arab dalam usaha mendirikan rumah bagi rakyat Israel. Seluruh dunia, termasuk sekutu tuan, Amerika Syarikat, mengutuk tindakan ini. Namun Israel tetap meneruskan juga.

Tuan mengutuk Syria kerana membuat ancaman. Bagaimanapun ancaman mereka adalah respons kepada tindakan tuan sendiri. Jika tuan secara paksa merampas tanah dan harta benda kepunyaan penduduk Palestin, satu-satunya respons sekiranya mereka tidak bertindak secara ganas terhadap tuan, adalah dengan mengancam untuk bertindak menentang tuan. Jika mereka tidak boleh bertinda balas dan mereka tidak boleh menyuarakan tindak balas yang dihasratkan itu, maka mereka terpaksa tunduk kepada semua tindakan tuan tidak kira bagaimana salah sekalipun. Apa yang tuan lakukan sekarang bertentangan dengan semangat dan surat proses perdamaian yang dipersetujui oleh pendahulu tuan. Bagaimanakah kami boleh mempercayai Israel jika sesuatu perubahan dalam kerajaan menyangkal jaminan yang diberi dengan rasminya oleh sebuah Kerajaan Israel. Tolong pertimbangkan semula keputusan tuan untuk membina penempatan baru Yahudi di tanah Arab.

Belia-belia Israel ada di sini. Hasrat kami ialah untuk menunjukkan kepada mereka bahawa umat Islam adalah manusia rasional biasa yang mahu hidup dalam keamanan dan kebebasan. Kami berharap mereka akan mempunyai tanggapan baru terhadap umat Islam dan Islam. Akan berlaku penyimpangan dalam kalangan umat Islam tetapi penyimpangan turut berlaku dalam kalangan Yahudi dan Kristian serta penganut setiap agama. Tiada agama yang seharusnya dihakimi berdasarkan penyimpangan ini. Kami berharap kalangan belia ini akan memahami umat Islam dengan lebih baik dan akan mahu berbaik-baik dengan mereka. Untuk mengecap keamanan tuan perlu melakukan pengorbanan. Penduduk Palestin tidak lagi mendesak penyingkiran Israel. Mereka malah bersedia untuk berkongsi Jerusalem dengan tuan. Mereka telah melakukan pengorbanan.

Kita harus ingat apabila Yahudi diperlakukan dengan kejam di Eropah, mereka seringkali menemui! perlind ungan dalam kalangan umat Islam di negara-negara Islam. Kami tidak menganggap rakyat Israel sebagai seteru abadi. Namun kami tidak boleh menahan rasa simpati terhadap penduduk Palestin kerana tanah air mereka dirampas daripada mereka sekarang. Ia mungkin menjadi kepunyaan Yahudi tiga ribu tahun yang lalu. Banyak tanah tradisional Melayu yang telah menjadi sebahagian daripada Thailand. Tetapi kami tidak menuntut Selatan Thailand untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada Malaysia. Jika kita pergi terlalu jauh ke masa lampau, kita tidak boleh hidup bersama jiran-jiran kita.

Kami bersedia untuk mengadakan kerjasama ekonomi dan teknologi dengan Israel tetapi kami masih belum boleh berbuat demikian kerana tuan belum memenuhi komitmen yang dibuat oleh Kerajaan Israel yang sah. Kami ingin memikirkan bahawa sebaik sahaja kami mewujudkan hubungan dengan tuan, ia akan hubungan yang menjadi tetap.


Surat Dr Mahathir Kepada Yitzhak Rabin

(Bernama) Berikut ialah surat yang ditulis bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada Perdana Menteri Israel Yitzhak Rabin pada 1993, seperti yang dikeluarkan Kementerian Luar di sini, Rabu.

PERDANA MENTERI MALAYSIA twenty-one Disember 1993

Tuan Yang Terutama

Tuan Yitzhak Rabin

Perdana Menteri Israel


Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih atas surat tuan bertarikh 17 Oktober memaklumkan saya mengenai Perjanjian Prinsip dan Pengiktirafan Bersama antara Israel dan PLO.

Kerajaan saya menyokong perkembangan positif ini dan menganggapnya sebagai satu langkah awal ke arah merealisasikan satu penyelesaian yang komprehensif kepada masalah Timur Tengah. Sebagai tanda sokongan Malaysia terhadap perkembangan ini, negara saya telah diwakili pada Persidangan Penderma bagi menyokong proses damai Timur Tengah yang diadakan di Washington dan seterusnya berjanji untuk memberi sumbangan kewangan yang sederh! ana kepa da rakyat Palestin bagi membantu dalam tugas-tugas baru mereka. Kerajaan saya juga menawarkan bantuan teknikal kepada rakyat Palestin di bawah Program Kerjasama Teknikal Malaysia.

Demi prinsip umum, Malaysia bersedia untuk membina hubungan dengan Israel pada masa yang sesuai. Sementara itu, saya ingin melihat kemajuan ketara dalam pelaksanaan perjanjian damai.

Masalah Timur Tengah terutamanya isu Palestin telah menjadi punca ketidakstabilan di rantau itu dan saya berharap perjanjian baru-baru ini antara Israel dan PLO akan menyumbang kepada keamanan yang berpanjangan di kawasan itu.

Saya berharap kepada hubungan yang biasa dengan Israel (ayat yang terakhir ini bertulis tangan)


Daim's predictions

He suggested a domestic strategy: Most issues would routinely be sedimented inside of fourteen days. In alternative words, Malaysians have reduced memories, as well as many issues that have been unfavourable to a supervision could usually work their influences inside of usually dual weeks, after that they will be obliterated from a people's minds as well as there is no need for a supervision to get excessively concerned.
Translated by DOMINIC LOH
Sin Chew Daily
If you want to know what is in store for a country's domestic future, you've got to ask Tun Daim Zainuddin.
Prior to a final ubiquitous election, Daim likely that a BN would remove 5 states. Almost no a single believed him, but he got it all correct.
Daim has given turn a soothsayer few can afford to overlook. Some call him a great fortune-teller, others say he is a domestic sorcerer.
One day, we went to his bureau with a colleague, as well as wanted him to uncover us a way upon a country's current domestic state of affairs, as well as how he would predict a result of a subsequent ubiquitous election.
A low-key, rather puzzling person, Daim always leaves much to be speculated, from his army as a country's finance apportion to a commercial operation empire he has built.
It took a lot of bid for us to get an appointment to meet him as well as control a face-to-face interview.
No matter how people look during him, all share a common sense of him, that he is an extremely shrewd man, as well as a great energy that he once had with him proves this point.
Well acquainted with a modus operandi of a government, he knows where a BN's weaknesses lie, as well as a many problems.
He has Umno during his finger tips. Thoughts that prevail in a party, a orga! nisation , as well as a purposes played by particular leaders in a celebration have been all inside of his grips.
The sundry info channels available to him as well as his extended commercial operation perspectives have allowed him to identify a blind spots in Umno as well as BN, as well as some-more objective facts.
As a result, he put it candidly that a 2008 domestic tsunami served BN as well as Umno usually right, as they were excessively conceited as well as conceited, thanks to a landslide victory cumulative in 2004. The same additionally done them disremember a changes that were subsequently receiving place in a country as well as a various signals as well as warnings.
The leaders unsuccessful to reply to a voices of a public, as well as a electorate motionless they had to learn a statute bloc an important lesson by a ballots in their hands.
The remarkable surge in a series of seats won by a antithesis was a good thing for a country's democratic development, according to Daim.
Indeed, a supervision needs to be supervised as well as therakyatnow have an option.
Daim felt Najib had tried hard to exercise a changes after he took over as a budding minister, but he conceded that a "cow-gate" situation had dealt a serious blow upon a government.
He suggested a domestic strategy: Most issues would routinely be sedimented inside of fourteen days. In alternative words, Malaysians have reduced memories, as well as many issues that have been unfavourable to a supervision could usually work their influences inside of usually dual weeks, after that they will be obliterated from a people's minds as well as there is no need for a supervision to get excessively concerned.
Nevertheless, if an emanate outlives a 14-day cooling-off period, something is starting to be not very right. With a NFC scandal holding upon for so prolonged as well as a supervision not receiving any proactive steps to tackle it, a same could work to ! a disadv antage of a statute coalition.
As for a alternative things similar to either BN is capable of recapturing a mislaid states, a standing of Najib after a election, a destiny of MCA, Pakatan's problems as well as a predestine of Anwar Ibrahim, they will all be addressed later in a disdainful interview.
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