Is Pakatan Rakyat to blame for an enactment passed in 1988?

Technorati tags: Islamic Legislation, Selangor, Politics, Religion It doesn't take the space station scientist to figure out who was in assign in Selangor in 1988. Yes, there have been already laws on the books permitting the eremite authorities to action on non-Muslims, as JAIS did when it raided the DUMC earlier this week. That said, there must clearly have been an "offence" committed before they can act, and evidence thus distant points to the actuality which nothing could conclusively proven to have been comm ... Read More

Practical Portals Blog Archive Is war brewing in central Umno?

By Daniel John Jambun We know that a state Umno care is not at the many harmonious. There is factionalism as confirmed recently by pointy critique by a single organisation opposite an additional group. Even government policies have ...


Dasyat kan tajuk yang aku letakkan ni? Namun inilah dianya mainan terbaru dari pihak-pihak tertentu yang ingin memecah-belahkan UMNO. Aku rasa aku dapat hidu pihak mana yang bertanggungjawab ni cuma aku tak nak la cakap sekarang ni, biarlah kita tunggu masa yang sesuai nanti.

Sementara itu, korang mesti kena baca apa yang telah Tun M tulis dalam blog beliau yang kini dah semakin cantik sekarang

Beranikah PAS pecat Hasan Ali yang pertahan akidah?

KUALA LUMPUR 6 Ogos - Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tetap Hal Ehwal Islam, Adat Istiadat Melayu dan Kemudahan Awam Selangor, Datuk Dr. Hasan Mohd. Ali, yang tidak disenangi oleh anggota Exco yang lain atas ketegasannya mengenai soal Islam, menegaskan beliau sanggup dipecat demi kepentingan akidah ummah.Katanya: "Saya sanggup melakukan apa sahaja termasuk menerima kenyataan jika saya diminta

A morning session with The Oracle of Syed Putera-Part 2

I am repeatedly asked about a temperament of a Oracle. we shall have to decrease a request to exhibit his identity. The temperament of a oracle is not important. It should sojourn anonymous as prolonged as it can be. Then we will be means to share report which is spoken candidly as well as in full candor. we had a good giggle when someone suggested which a Oracle is Sanusi Junid. That someone commented we was

PAS relakan murtad demi politik

Pendedahan yang dibuat:Beberapa individu beragama Islam yang menyertai aktiviti keagamaan di sebuah gereja di Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya, ketika pegawai Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais) membuat pemeriksaan malam kelmarin, hanya sebahagian kecil yang berjaya dikesan, manakala sebahagian besar golongan itu dipercayai menyertainya secara sembunyi atau 'bawah tanah'Kebanyakan mereka terdiri


Dasyat betul PAS ni kan? Dari pembuangan negara Islam hingga la ke isu Khalid Gereja vs Hassan Ali ni telah membuktikan satu perkara la, iaitu PAS hanyalah parti politik semata-mata, ini title Islam ni semua wayang je, mari kita baca berita apa yang bakal berlaku hari ini terhadap Hassan Ali dibawah:

Jawatankuasa Kerja PAS Pusat akan bermesyuarat jam 10.00 pagi esok bagi menyatakan pendirian

100 ibu tunggal terlibat dalam program gereja: Mana pihak berkuasa Islam?

Blog Badar Suci. mendedahkan berikut: Seorang pengikut beragama Islam di Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama (Di serbu Jais) yg enggan dikenali, mendakwa dia menghadiri Majlis Gereja itu lebih setahun lalu selepas dibebani pelbagai masalah kewangan.Pelbagai bantuan saya terima, syaratnya,saya harus menyertai setiap program termasuk minum sejenis air.Sehingga semalam,sudah tiga kali saya

The Apes Franchise Reboot!

This is actually a single movie that Walski is quite seeking forward to watch. You see, when he was flourishing up, The Planet of a Apes, as well as a subsequent movie franchise, was rather of a favorite.It will be kind of engaging to see how Tim Burton's Planet of a Apes (1981) gets tied in to how a brand new franchise is expected to progress. The movie was expelled yesterday, as well as is expected to run in Malaysia sometime soon (although doesn't have a expect recover date yet).Amplifyd from m ... Read More


Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as well has been out on the safari sharpened during all sorts of targets in Umno as if he is no longer in Umno. Clearly, he has been vocalization out of sheer conscience, but any fright or favour. ...

2 full moons appear in Busby, Australia?

by ewoon

Man, this is out of this world! Can someone greatfully explain what is happening?!

Earths Second Moon Appears!

Weekly World News, Friday, Aug 5th, 2011
By Frank Lake

BUSBY Residents of this tiny Australian town were shocked to see dual full moons in sky!

Tonight, theres a full moon in Busby, Australia. Many residents were admiring it when during 1:20 a.m., internal time, a second moon rose in a night sky. Residents couldnt hold what they were seeing!

Astronomers opposite a universe were alerted to this sighting as well as have reliable a life of a second earth moon. We have never seen anything similar to this before, pronounced researcher Rich Montano during a University of California, Los Angeles. There had been some rumors which a second moon was seen over Hong Son, Thailand in 1967, though it was usually seen for a few hours as well as usually in which one location, though right away everyone opposite Australia can see a second moon. Its awe-inspiring.

Residents of Los Angeles, as well as a rest of a world, will be able to see a second moon with a naked eye as night falls. Busby residents have been out in a streets staring up in consternation during a second moon. Its exciting, though additionally frightening, pronounced Carol McNulty of Busby. Its so beautiful, though what does it mean? Why did a second moon crop up tonight? Why?


Report of same materialisation by Donny Gillson & The Message

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Muhyiddin: Saya sendiri tak mampu jawab sebab pelajar gagal kuasai BI

SEGAMAT, 6 Ogos Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin mahukan pembelajaran Bahasa Inggeris di sekolah dikaji semula bagi memastikan pelajar benar-benar dapat menguasai bahasa penting itu sebagai bahasa kedua. Muhyiddin yang juga Menteri Pelajaran berkata, beliau telah mengarahkan Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran melaksanakan kajian ... Read More


WONDER.. KK MP Hiew, Edward Ewol Mujie, Taufik Ruschi as well as a PR members at a Beaufort bar house.


MANY people together with bar members from Beaufort has approached Taufik Ruschi of PKR upon a emanate because a important Beaufort Club with a long history given a British time has not long ago became a conduct office of UMNO in Beaufort.

The people pronounced they wish to know a reason because a bar residence is taken over by a UMNO without a agree as well as agreement of a bar members. Who had motionless to allow UMNO to make use of a building? The skill is belonging to a club, as well as a bar members shall confirm upon all matters.

Besides, a people additionally asked because a big square of land subsequent to a bar residence has a supermarket erected there. What has happened to it? Is it sold, rented or leased out?

Taufik pronounced given this is a box concerning a people as well as a bar members in Beaufort, a Chairman as well as his cabinet of a bar should have well known of any agreement made. They have a right to know because a skill of a bar is not a private property, though belongs to every bar members. There should not be any abuses as well as unapproved exchange at a behind of a behind of a members.

The bar residence is used to be a prestigious place where a bar members as well as a community gathe! red as w ell as relax during leisure hours. With a UMNO moving in to a c! lub hous e as well as converting it in to a conduct quarters, a people now have no place to go to now.

Taufik pronounced it is better to retreat a bar residence behind for a make use of by a bar member, as well as turn a place in to a popular gathering place for a members. Further improvement can be commissioned to upgrade a facilities of a club, as well as he would like a bar members to come brazen to work together to bring a bar behind in to live. The Beaufort people should be unapproachable of a historical bar as well as removing it revived.

- Sabahkini

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Brain drain: The story behind the dwindling Chinese in Malaysia

Brain drain: The story behind the shrinking Chinese in Malaysia

Chinese have been told to go back to China by extremists as well as yes, Chinese have been leaving not customarily by the dozens, though in tens of thousands, not to China though to Singapore, Australia, England, USA, Canada as well as many of the grown countries in the world seeking greener pastures as well as the place they can work as well as live though prejudice. This of course caused the decrease in the race of the Chinese in Malaysia as well as misfortune for the nation, the brain drain.

Minister in the Prime Minister department, Nor MohamedYakcop had voiced recently which the race of Chinese compared to eleven years ago had dropped by 2%. He had pronounced it did not meant which there were fewer births as well as it was quite arithmetic. He went upon to add which in the final race census conducted in 2000, the Chinese made up of 26% of the countrys afterwards 23.27 million population.

People leave customarily when there is no option

In Sarawak the 2000 race census showed which there were 25.9% Chinese, Dayak 52.5%, Malay 22.3%, Indian 0.3% as well as Others 0.4%. Chinese landed upon Malaysian soil way back in the early 1900s where the early Chinese settlers toiled the land with alternative races in the country, contributing to the development of this nation.

The infancy of the Chinese today were innate in Malaysia as well as have no inkling of what hold up in China is like. To them, China as well as the cities have been traveller destinations or the faraway strange place where the little kin still live. Other than that, Malaysian Chinese demeanour at Malaysia as their country, their ! homeland . This republic is as much theirs as any Malaysian's. So, since have been they losing faith in their own land, since have been t! hey feel ing so isolated?

When there is no option left in the republic due to unfair pursuit opportunities, prevalent racism, the miss of professionalism in roughly every turn of society as well as industry, unfairness in education, miss of leisure to rehearse religion, as well as an unlistening as well as hurtful government, the Chinese will customarily take the tough way out as well as seek greener pastures elsewhere. Starting afresh in the foreign land is not easy. Not when we have customarily hard-earned thousands to get proposed upon as well as not hurtful millions to pillow you.

The lift cause from the host countries have been always aloft income opportunity, better education system, domestic stability, pursuit event due to merits rsther than than skin colour, event to grow as well as leisure to rehearse one's own religious beliefs.

Those who leave have been mostly the thickk cream of the republic as well as from among professional groups such as engineers, doctors, nurses, IT experts, pharmacists or consultants.

Policing sacrament as well as culture

Yii, married to an Australian 20 years ago returned in March to help her married brother, Martin changed to Australia. It is more to give the hold up for my two nieces. My hermit is in his 50s as well as is sacrificing his bank manager's pursuit for the consequence of his childrens future. He has an easy hold up here though the destiny is capricious at the rate things have been going, she said.

For the past couple of months, Martin has been pounding the streets in Perth seeking for the pursuit though success. Fortunately, his mother managed to secure the job. But for Yii, she pronounced Martin is many happy knowing which his young kids have been in the better situation than in Malaysia. The family comes from the staunch Catholic Church as well as to them, whe! n the su pervision proposed nosiness as well as finding error with the Church, which was the final straw for them to migrate.

Redmond, 55, is the final of the vast family who had motionless to stay put in Sarawak. A bachelor, Redmond did not wish to pierce anywhere. His 9 siblings have long given changed to Australia, Singapor! e, Unite d States as well as Canada.

All of them have been professionals, doctors, teachers as well as one, the Vet. They proposed moving divided given the 70s. The final the single to pierce final year was the sister who assimilated the hermit in Australia for the consequence of her childrens education. Me, we am excellent here. Nothing to be worried about upon the low class education, tall cost of vital or this problematic government. Its customarily those with young kids who fear for their future. If things get as well unpleasant, we can usually container my bag as well as join any the single of my siblings, he said.

Dissatisfaction not arithmetic

Not surprised by the mass emigration of Chinese, Redmond pronounced in his own neighbourhood consisting of 16 families, fourteen of them have young kids overseas, the infancy in Singapore. "One of my neighbours whose young kids were not educated ended up in Singapore as cooks. They had even paid for the house there, through perfect tough work, gangling vital as well as saving every gangling cent," he told Malaysia Chronicle.

It looks line Nor Mohamaed Yakcop was wrong. The shrinking Chinese in Malaysia is not quite arithmetic as he claimed. It is due to restlessness with supervision policies which have taken root after 50 years, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Malaysia will end up the big loser if such emigration is not checked. Those who have been lustful of calling the Chinese, pendatang or observant that, if we have so many complaints, go back from where we come from, will customarily feel it in the destiny when this land becomes little more than the end for! uneduca ted as well as unskilled foreign labour, whose contribution to the republic as well as the manage to buy was their eagerness to vote for the BN in exchange for citizenships.

With bootleg immigrants given citizenships set to invade, whilst the thickk cream of the republic leaves, what arrange of destiny would this republic face? Those who have been means to get out will do it by all means. And those who have been not means to, will humour the consequences of the not-so-bright republic where the bad get poorer a! nd the r ich, richer.

The dummies as well as the smarties

Migration has always been the partial of the history, generally in the republic similar to Malaysia, where many of the forefathers were migrants seeking for the promised land. They worked their fingers to the bone making their fortunes distant divided from their places of birth, mostly with little help as well as lots of hardship.

There is additionally the rural-urban migration, where the main lift cause is the seeking of better education as well as better pursuit opportunities compared to those available in the farming sectors. But the worse kind of emigration is what is happening in grown countries today - the emigration of entirely qualified, tough operative professionals to alternative countries, not since they cannot find jobs, though since they have been unfortunate with the domestic system practised by the state.

A brain empty is the single of the misfortune things which can occur to the country; which is the reason since states similar to Singapore have been doing their best to retain not customarily their own people, though foreigners who investigate in their internal institutions of aloft learning. These brand new graduates have been dangled not customarily with scholarships as well as the fast career after graduation, though additionally offering the security of the citizenship.

And it was Malaysia who gave these splendid sparks eleven years of giveaway education! ; Singap ore merely complemented it with the couple of years of university as well as afterwards got to keep them. Now, who have been the greatest losers? Who have been real big dummies?

- Malaysia Chronicle

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FUYOH DR ZAMBRY! Keputusan kecualikan lesen bazar Ramadan disambut baik

Bazar Ramadhan pale aku suka sekali ialah Bazar Ramadhan Medan Gopeng. Setiap tahun aku pasti akan ke Bazar yang tersangat la popularnya di Ipoh ni. Kat sini macam-macam makanan ada, memang terbaik la Bazar ni!

Kali ini lagi special sebab ada satu artis yang berniaga disini, kalau korang nak tahu pasal Bazar Ramadhan Medan Gopeng dan artis yang berniaga disini. KLIK SINI

Acara buka puasa, tapi mula dengan nyanyian dan tarian

Berikut adalah kenyataan rasmi dari Dato Dr Hasan Ali, Exco Hal Ehwal Islam:Bahagian Penguatkuasaan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) dan sepasukan anggota Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) telah membuat pemeriksaan ke atas sebuah gereja di Damansara Utama berdasarkan hasil maklumat yang diterima. Maklumat tersebut menyatakan terdapatnya kehadiran orang Islam di dalam majlis berbuka puasa yang


Sejumlah peniaga di Petaling Street atau disebut juga sebagai Chinatown sekalipun tidak rasmi, mengamuk sakan bila kawasan perniagaan mereka terlibat dalam perancangan pembinaan MRT Mereka telah menerima surat pengosongan premis daripada pihak berkuasa bagi membolehkan projek MRT dijalankan.


Kita tengok nanti, siapa yang pale kuat melompat. Sebelum ini, Tony Pua awal-awal lagi dah

Wan Azizah pun punya kod 71

Wan Azizah Wan IsmailPresiden PKR yang diimport dari KoreaDalam satu sidang media Umi Hafilda yang diadakan di USJ beberapa bulan lepas beliau pernah mendedahkan asal-usul Wan Azizah.Katanya beliau mendapat tahu perkara berkenaan setelah diceritakan oleh Azmin Ali kepada keluarga mereka sewaktu Anwar masih lagi TPM.Azmin memberitahu keluarga mereka bahawa Wan Azizah adalah anak orang Korea.

Dear Cousin

This equates to Malaysians have been simply fooled as well as would swallow hook, line as well as sinker any crap thrown in their direction. And this is a single reason a supervision cant concede Christians to speak to Malays. Malays have been as well foolish to break down in to parts which sacrament is improved -- Islam or Christianity -- as well as they would simply be duped in to withdrawal Islam to turn Christians.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Dear Cousin,

I suspicion I should write to we as well as explain a stream debate raging in Malaysia regarding a new church raid by a Selangor Religious Department. This follows closely behind a claim which a meeting was hold in Penang not prolonged ago to plot turning Malaysia in to a Christian state.

For someone who has once lived as well as worked in Malaysia I am certain we have been utterly disturbed by this spin of events since we had delightfully found Malaysians to be a peaceful as well as accessible community. And we in sold found a Malays, Indonesians as well as Filipinos a unequivocally tractable people. Therefore, this hysteria about a Christian conspiracy is a distant depart from what we assimilate a Malays to be.

I suppose, similar to me, we have a unequivocally opposite tolerance level towards alternative religions. Well, when we have Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists as well as Agnostics in a family, we lend towards to be more liberal as well as passive when it comes to religion. But then, we have been in a minority as well as a infancy of Muslims would substantially view us as deviants.

Religion has never been tolerant. In England, I know, we do not have a complaint of religious conflicts. But then, Cousin, we have been seeking at a England of today. Was a England of a few hundred years ago any reducti! on extre me? Remember a time when Jews had to wear The Star of David upon their chest as well as were forced to live in ghettos? Not sufficient with that, a Jew! s were l ater diminished from England as well as for a prolonged time were criminialized from English soil.

Then we had a time when Catholics were arrested as well as burnt alive as well as later, when a Catholic succeeded a throne of England, Protestants were arrested as well as burnt alive. Even Queens suffered this fate. And this is Christian killing Christian, mind you, people who hold in a same God though did so differently (no opposite from a Sunni-Shiah incident in Islam today).

Maybe which was 400 years ago, we might say. Well, 400 years ago is not unequivocally which as well prolonged ago. And Islam was founded 600 years after Christianity so we can design Islam to be 600 years behind Christianity in some of a attitudes towards alternative sacrament -- usually similar to how Christianity was behind in a 1400s as well as 1500s.

Nevertheless, Muslims do not catch as well as bake alive those considered deviant Muslims or apostates. Countries similar to Malaysia usually catch them though hearing as well as send them for religious rehabilitation, similar to what happened to me behind in Sep 2008.

You contingency understand, Cousin, Islam is a central sacrament of Malaysia. And, according to a Federal Constitution, Malays have been automatically Muslims. Furthermore, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., have been by law not authorised to evangelise to Muslims. That would be a crime in Malaysia. And if we give a Muslim a copy of a Bible to read, especially if a Bible is in a Malay language, which would be a critical offense.

Muslims have been not authorised to leave Islam as well as modify to alternative religions. Those which do, do so secretly. Invariably, they turn broom closet Christians, Hindus or Buddhists. They will not even brave discuss it their own family which they have been no longer Muslims. Many quit t! o altern ative countries rsther than than stay in Malaysia as ex-Muslims.

Actually, a Malaysian supervision will not wish to plainly admit this, though utterly a number of Malays have left Islam. Some have left Islam to turn Christians (not so most turn Hindus or Buddhists). But we do not know a genuine figures because! unequivocally fe w would plainly acknowledgement their dissenting view for fear of arrest.

Then we have most Malays who have been Muslims in name usually though have been not practising Muslims. They arrange of masquerade as Muslims though do not unequivocally hold in Islam. But they have to pretend they have been still Muslims or else they will get ostracised by society as well as disowned by their families.

So we see, Cousin, a Malaysian supervision needs to protect a Malays. If a Malays have been exposed to a teachings of alternative religions most might actually leave Islam. The supervision is scared which a Malays have been foolish as well as have been simply duped in to turning their backs upon Islam.

In Malaysia, we have an organisation whose job is to spread Islam as well as get non-Muslims to turn Muslims. It is saved by a supervision as well as paid for by a taxpayers. Mosques as well as alternative religious activities have been also government-taxpayers funded. So it is ideally legitimate.

That, I suppose, is a bone of row to most non-Muslims. The supervision propagates Islam as well as a taxpayers pay for this effort. But a non-Muslims might not propagate their sacrament to a Muslims even if they pay for this effort from their own pocket.

I know, to someone similar to you, this might sound intensely unfair as well as one-sided. The supervision propagates Islam as well as persuades non-Muslims to modify to Islam though a non-Muslims have been not authorised to do a same as well as if they do they would get arrested.

But which is how things have been done in Malaysia as well as for 54 years given Independence or Merdeka, a non-Malays have nev! er compl ained. For twelve ubiquitous elections, a non-Muslims have voted in a same government. In fact, a supervision depends upon a votes of a non-Muslims. If usually formed upon Muslim votes, a present supervision would have been kicked out a long, prolonged time ago.

So since have an emanate of this usually now? This state of affairs was acceptable for roughly 54 years. Now, suddenly, it has turn an issue. Why have an emanate out of it now when for 53 years a non-Muslims could live with t! his situ ation?

This is since most Malays have turn upset. They have been of a opinion which a non-Muslims have been commencement to bekurang ajar (insolent). When we suspicion we had no goal of gaining political power, we upheld a celebration in energy as well as tolerated a taste as well as harm as well as did not complete a single word of complaint. Now which we think a celebration in energy is at a end of a rule as well as might soon get kicked out, we start cheering as well as screaming about religious taste as well as persecution.

I suspect England managed to shift this sorry incident when they distant a church from a state. In Malaysia, however, church as well as state is still unequivocally much a single as well as a same. And which is since what we see in Malaysia currently is what we saw in England 500 years ago (minus a burning at a interest of course though replaced with detention though trial).

We contingency assimilate a single thing, Cousin, as well as this is a unequivocally critical indicate we contingency note. Malays might have been sent to propagandize for an preparation though this does not meant we have been intelligent usually since we have left to propagandize as well as have received an education.

You see, Cousin, Malaysias preparation complement does not learn us how to think. They usually learn us how to pass a exams. This is a basis of Malaysias preparation system. So we might have left all a approach up to university level though which does not meant we ha! ve been a thinker or which we have analytical skills (unless we had a advantage of a unfamiliar preparation from young).

This equates to Malaysians have been simply fooled as well as would swallow hook, line as well as sinker any crap thrown in their direction. And this is a single reason a supervision cant concede Christians to speak to Malays. Malays have been as well foolish to break down in to parts which sacrament is improved -- Islam or Christianity -- as well as they would simply be duped in to withdrawal Islam to turn Christians.

But since would this be so? If a Malays have been great Muslims as well as if Islam is a great religion, afterwards surely they would not be simply duped in to withdrawal Islam to turn Christians.


Ah, b ut which is usually a problem. Most Malays have been not great Muslims. In fact, most Malays do not even assimilate Islam properly. Like robots, they usually blindly follow a rituals they have been taught though unequivocally bargain a substance as well as a foundation of a religion. Even dogs can be taught to do tricks as well as parrots taught how to speak. This does not meant dogs as well as parrots assimilate what they have been you do as well as can break down in to parts their actions.

This is a Malay, or rsther than a Malay-Muslim, dilemma. And since of that, a supervision needs to insulate as well as isolate Malays from a teachings of a alternative religions. If a supervision allows a Christians to evangelise Christianity to a Malays, there would be unequivocally critical risk which most Malays would turn Christians.

That is a gist to a whole matter.

Courtesy of Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz

Christian groups demand proof of converting Muslims using aid

By Boo Su-Lyn
August 06, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, August 6 Christian groups have been calling for justification during a back of dual Malay dailies allegations which they have been perplexing to modify Muslims by gratification aid.

Berita Harian and Harian Metro reported currently which sure Christian organisations were stealing during a back of a guise of gratification assist by charity monthly money allowances of during least RM1,000 to hard-hit Muslims as well as their family groups in an try to turn them in to Christians.

The pro-Barisan Nasional newspapers allegations came after a Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) as well as a military raided a multiracial cooking during a Damansara Utama Methodist Church in Petaling Jaya last Wednesday night, formed upon a inform which a Christian-majority throng was allegedly proselytising to Muslim guests.

If youre observant which Christians give RM5,000, right away we convert, uncover a proof, Council of Churches of Malaysia ubiquitous secretary Rev Dr Hermen Shastri (picture) told The Malaysian Insider today.

By making this statement, theyre perplexing to disrupt a good relations between a eremite communities in a country by reception upon a Christians, he said.

Umno-owned newspaper Utusan Malaysia recently accused Christians of plotting to take over a government as well as claimed which a Jul 9 Bersih convene was funded by Christian organisations.

The controversial Jais raid has increased eremite tragedy in a country, where churches were fire-bombed last year as well as Christians were barred from referring to their God as Allah.

Shastri forked out which Muslims also did gratification work.

As a result, some have been being converted to Islam since they see a good work of a Muslims, he! said.

If a person gives RM10,000 as well as we convert, thats wrong. But if person is mostly in a home, then! leaves a home, is tender by Catholic sisters as well as becomes Catholic, whats wrong with that? asked a pastor.

National Evangelical Christian Fellowship authority Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng stressed which Christians gave assist in any case of race or religion.

We will assistance anybody as well as everybody as well as we dont design anything in return. Just since we assistance we doesnt mean we want we to convert, he said.

The priest forked out which he has yet to see someone converting to Christianity after reception gratification assist from Christian organisations.

Berita Harian quoted a lady who was detained during a Jais raid as observant which Muslim participants were banned to hold in Prophet Muhammad, but were asked to follow Jesus teachings by talks as well as songs during a dinner.

The church has got weddings, funerals. You mean, in my funeral songs, since a Muslim comes to pay respects to his friend who died, we contingency stop singing hymns? You come to my place of worship, which is what we do lah, pronounced Eu in response.

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Kit Siang dares Soi Lek over Beng Hocks death

KUALA LUMPUR, August 6 DAP confidant Lim Kit Siang challenged Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek as well as MCA ministers currently to hold a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) responsible for Teoh Beng Hocks (TBH) death.

The time has come for MCA boss Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek as well as a 4 MCA ministers to end being dumb as well as deaf, pronounced Lim in a statement.

What have been a MCA boss as well as a 4 MCA ministers doing in a Cabinet as well as a Barisan Nasional autarchic council to pill a failings of a TBH RCI (royal elect of inquiry) to ensure which Beng Hock did not die in vain? asked Lim (picture), who is additionally Ipoh Timur MP.

The Bar Council had reportedly called for 5 MACC officers to be investigated for failing in avocation homicide over a DAP political aides genocide during a Selangor MACC office in 2009.

The recommendation was done in a Bar Councils acquiescence to a RCI doubt Teohs genocide which resolved he was driven to suicide after relentless doubt by MACC officers.

The Bar Council had declared former Selangor MACC emissary arch Hishammuddin Hashim, Selangor MACC review arch Hairul Ilham Hamzah, doubt military military officer Mohd Anuar Ismail, inquire military military officer Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus as well as Klang MACC partner coercion military military officer Zulkefly Aziz to be investigated for causing Teohs genocide by negligence.

The Bar Council had additionally urged a authorities to examine 10 graftbusters, including a 5 mentioned, for criminal conspiracy, abetment in Teohs genocide or a cover-up of a incident, as well as giving false evidence.

Lim pronounced a RCI, which was chaired by Federal Court decider Tan Sri James Foong, had unsuccessful to convey to law coercion agencies which they have a avocation of care to those underneath their custody, which they contingency explain cu! stodial deaths, which abuse of energy will not be tolerated, which human grace of suspects or witnesses contingency be preserved, as well as which perjury will be exceedingly punished.

Former Court of Appeal decider Datuk N.H. Chan has called a 3 judges upon a five-man panel 3 blind mice for concluding which Teoh committed suicide notwithstanding not in consultant opinion.

Teoh, 30, was found dead upon Jul 16, 2009 upon a fifth-floor mezzanine of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam after he was questioned overnight by MACC officers during their then-Selangor domicile upon a 14th floor.

The MACC has dangling 3 graftbusters who were pronounced to have pressured Teoh into killing himself based upon a RCI report.

Umno Divisions Brainstorm On Kelantan Development - Bernama

Umno Divisions Brainstorm On Kelantan Development
BACHOK, August 6 (Bernama) -- About 1000 Umno members from thirteen divisions in Kelantan is currently brainstorming for solutions upon the state development. Kelantan Umno Liaison Committee emissary chairman Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin said the contention was being ...


Mungkin tidak ada modal untuk menyerang Kerajaan dan musuh utama Papanya, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Nurul Izzah bertindak melulu tanpa usul periksa apabila menuduh kononnya Perdana Menteri hilang kawalan terhadap institusi pilihanraya, SPR. Izzah fikir, dakwaan Malaysiakini, Topeng Perak dan Penarik Beca itu betul?

Patutnya, Izzah perlu siasat terlebih dahulu sebelum menembak membuta tuli.

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