Sabah papers intentional attempt to incite KDM

Other than thePerkara 20or 18 in Sarawak, a single popular domestic myth in Sabah which have been authorised to linger upon as well prolonged as well as left not countered or explained effectively had been a bootleg newcomer issue. The explain was which bootleg immigrants were since IC to vote for Barisan Nasional as well as helped to topple a afterwards antithesis supervision led by Datuk Pairin Kitingan's PBS.

To settle this bootleg newcomer emanate explain once as well as for all, a Royal Commission upon Inquiry for a bootleg immigrants emanate proposed yesterday. However, couple of Sabah newspapers as well as a customarily disfigured antithesis portals similar to The Malaysian Insiders, Malaysiakini etc reported a disfigured inform of a initial day of RCI yesterday.

One of a witness was reported to have pronounced which a little 73,000 immigrants were since blue IC. There have been along being pronounced yet these media chose to subtly "hig! hlighted" a fact which vital charactertistic of these naturalised Malaysians have been Muslims.

This has a clear motive to stimulate a Kadazan Dazan Murut (KDM) village which have prolonged been tainted to hold which it was dictated to dilute a series of a largest secular segment in Sabah, which have been primarily Muslims.

The Sabah paper is below:

The usual devil's growth portal can be readHERE,HERE, as well as a simpleton a single HERE

In a primarily rural race of Sabah, these kind of uncomplicated as well as sweeping indictment have a tendency to spread as well as believed upon easily.

The truth to a make a difference is simple.

For a short denial, such uncomplicated generatlisation is not true. It is not usually Muslims which received blue IC yet additionally alternative races together with Chinese.

The prolonged answer for any of a thinking readers is to assimilate a informal domestic condition of a times. The southermn partial of Phillines, particularly in a island of Mindanao as well as a most southern islands have been in a state of war.

The Marcos regime were diluting a Muslim race of Mindanao by transfering Christian Phillipines from elsewhere. This has lead to a onslaught for independence by domestic groups in a south for autonomy.

There was a short reprise for usually a couple of years in which Nur Misuari became Governor. But it was usually resolved not prolonged ago as well as usually afterwards did Mindanao practically gained autonomy. To give enrich where it is due, it happened during Najib.

Basically, a area had been in a consistent flux.

Historically, these supposed bootleg immigrant! s have b een inland or"pribumi"of Sabah as well as near areas. They have been relocating in as well as out between a Phillipines as well as Sabah.

A close anthropomorphic investigate will uncover which there most usual people similar to a Bajau, Bisaya, etc can be found in Phillipines, Sabah as well as even down to Sarawak. These have been partial of rarely mobile nautical segment of Nusantara or Malay archipelago.

That is since as Javanese or Bugis or Bajar is as most a Pribumi in Malaya or Sumatra or Borneo. The mechanism to be supposed by a sure area lies with a Malay proverb,"Masuk kandang kambing mengembak, masuk kandang lembu menguak."Nusantara has a hisory as well as convention ofberkelana.

Naturally, when fight broke out as well as lasted for decades as well as perhaps some-more than half a century, a little of a race will pierce away for reserve to others areas within their healthy abode, similar to Sabah.

These people have been there for ages as well as have a healthy rights underneath aJus Sanguineprinciple to be citiens. This point is rased to plead it those Chinese DAPs or SAPPs to close up as well as not interfere.

Chinese in Malaya were since citizenship just prior to to Merdeka underneath aJus Soliarrangement. Chinese or Indian have been not indigenoeous people or strange popullants of Malaya yet have been since citizenship by a rulers as well as leaders.
Despite drawn out insurgency as well as pockets of such sentiment can still be found between a comparison Malays, a forefathers did it opposite popular opinions since you longed for to set up a nation.
< span>These supposed bootleg immigrants have some-more healthy rights than immigrants from a lost land with alien culture, religion as well as lifestyle. There is no try to plead it Chinese or Indians which they should not be citizens yet revelation story plainly.

Itu joke sekarang ramai dah besar kepala dan mahu ketepikan warisan dan tuntutan adat, ugama dan pentadbiran orang asal.

Back to a Muslim status of immigrants in a RCI, a single will of course find which a categorical c! haracteri! stic of immigrants have been Muslims since they have been being prosecuted as well as widely separated by Marcos. There is no reasons for a Christians to run as well as live a hold up of domestic refugees.

After being here for so prolonged as well as for most generations, these people do not have any some-more roots in Mindanao. No some-more property or immediate family.

For which matter, they have adopted Malaysia as well as would have cheered for a afterwards most feared Malaysian contingent strikers of Mokhar Dahari, Shukor Salleh as well as James Wong in a domestic misunderstanding during a epoch of a a contingent of CMs, Tun Mustapha-Harris Salleh-Pairin Kitingan in any match opposite any country, together with Phillipines.

This try by a newspapers is nothing some-more than an insidious try to stimulate a KDM village to despise a Barisan Nasional supervision as well as lean a votes for Pakatan rakyat or STAR or SNAP.

KDM had prolonged been hoodwinked to idea which a Federal Government had interfered in to Sabah! event to bring down a Kadazan-led supervision of PBS. Where do such allegations lies when BN as well as UMNO have regularly left ! Sabah go verning body to Sabahans.

Sabahan have been a single of a nicest people upon earth yet frankly, no a single can assimilate a Sabahan domestic psyche. Their practise would have been seen as reprobate by a shrewdest of any governing body elsewhere.

One which matter, a single should ask Anwar Ibrahim who orchestrated a buy-out of Lajim, Bumburiang, as well as whole list ofkatakto burst out of PBS as well as saw a PBS-USNO bloc fall apart after just winning a state election.

Don't forget to ask additionally Anwar as well as Dr Jeffrey Kitingan of their devise of treason as well as helped by CIA to get Sabah cessation from Malaysia. That will explain since a 20%! oil roya! lty guarantee for Sabah as well as Sarawak by Anwar.

If a subject is since 73,000, take account which this people have been inland of this area as well as is as most a Pribumi as Jeffrey Kitingan or Lajim or Musa Aman.

Professor Ramlah Adam testified at a RCI as well as voiced out similar view. Ironically, it is Sabah Times which reported it, below:
Filipino immigrants here since of genealogical links Historian
Sabah Times

by Nancy Lai.
Posted upon January 15, 2013, Tuesday

KOTA KINABALU: Historian Professor Datuk Ramlah Adam pronounced a emanate of a presence of bootleg immigrants in Sabah should not be politicised.

"We contingency avoid politicising a emanate especially during choosing time since this is not sincere in solution! a issue ," she said, when giving justification to a Royal Commission of Inquiry upon a presence of bootleg immigrants in Sabah here yesterday.

Ramlah was a single of a three witnesses called to give justification upon a initial day of a Commission's hearing yesterday prior to it was abruptly halted since of a explosve anything forged about 2.40 pm.

Ramlah as well as Professor Ranjit Singh were asked upon a story as well as demography of Sabah whilst a third witness was former head of a Settlement Unit underneath a Chief Minister's Department, Abd Jaafar Alip.

"We contingency demeanour at this as a inhabitant issue, not a domestic one. We contingency be professional in solution it," she said.

She pronounced which in her perspective a people from a Southern Philippines came to Sabah since of a genealogical links between a state as well as a Republic.

To conducting officer Manoj Kurup's subject as to what have been these links, Ramlah pronounced these have been unwritten ties together with religion, family as well as a nautical boundaries which were passed down from generations to generations in a Southern Philippines.

And since this area was governed by a Sulu Sultanate in a past, a little of those in a Southern Philippines feel which Sabah is still a partial of a Sulu Sultanate which is since they come to Sabah, she said.
Even yet a Sulu Sultanate is not in existence any more, a little people in a Southern Philippines still go on to practise a sultanate complement which they hereditary from their ancestors, she said, adding which her studies showed which it was formidable to place a domestic boundary in those days as a Sultan's management was based upon a couple of factors, together with a loyalty of a people.

"From what you read, this is still happening now. From a historical aspect, they might not feel which they have been entering Sabah illegally yet since there have been immigration laws in this country, they become bootleg immigrant! s.
To a subject as to what steps can be taken to resolve a problem, Ramlah suggested which since of their historical links to Sabah, these people should be since a little domestic approval as well as a little programs initiated to get closer to them as well as to assist them.

"The liquid of bootleg immigrants in to a nation as well as Sabah is worrying since carrying laws opposite bootleg entry have been not deterring them. We repatriate them as well as they return, besides, repatriating them costs a lot of money," she stressed.

"So you contingency demeanour at this as a inhabitant problem as well as not a domestic one. We contingency sit down as well as plead professionally to find a solution to this problem. There contingency be affirmative action to resolve a emanate in a professional manner," she stressed.

Ramlah was additionally of a perspective which a little of a islanders in Southern Philippines might not commend a Philippines supervision as well as this could be a single of a reasons since they still come to Sabah.

The alternative reason was which they have been fleeing from a domestic disturbance in their homeland so which they can find a better hold up elsewhere, she said.

"Even as fishermen here, it is a better hold up for them away from a disturbance in their home country," she said.

If which is over their capability to understand, a single can regularly asked back how about a 1,000,000 in Malaya?

One can regularly asked back what basis is to give citizenship to 30,000 Chinese which did not validate for Jus Sli citizenship yet could not be repatriated since Chairman Mao Tse Tong refused to acknowledge as well as accept them when it was lifted by Tun Abdul Razak in his outing to Beijing in early 70s?

- Another Brick in a Wall Read More! @ Sourc e

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Immunity for Deepak: PKR promises justice

Pakatan cannot pledge insurance for Deepak Jaikishan, though it can promise which he will be dealt with justly.
PETALING JAYA: PKR has assured office worker Deepak Jaikishan which should Pakatan Rakyat come in to power, a resource will be set up to pledge probity for him as good as others who risk persecution to display a truth.
"We will yield sufficient procedure as good as insurance for all citizens who have been entitled for it as good as which applies to everybody, either it is Deepak or (former inspector-general of police) Musa Hassan or (prime minister) Najib (Tun Razak)," PKR vice-president Tian Chua told FMT.
"So it is not necessary for Deepak to try as good as strike a discount with Pakatan since you will ensure probity prevails regardless," he added.
The Batu MP pronounced this when asked to criticism upon Deepak's ask which Pakatan pledge him insurance as a state declare should a antithesis agreement win a next general election.
In return, Deepak pronounced he would display a purported wrongdoings of Najib as good as wife Rosmah Mansor during a huge People's Uprising Rally, which was held upon Saturday.
However, Pakatan remained silent upon a issue throughout a assembly, as good as Deepak merely showed up during a convene as a participant.
Tian Chua clarified which it was not up to Pakatan leaders to pledge Deepak either shield or insurance under a Whistleblowers Act.
Instead, he stressed, it was up to a "independent mechanism" which a antithesis agreement put in to place to confirm either Deepak was entitled to it.
"I believe which if Deepak's cause i! s genuin e as good as if he needs insurance in sequence to display his wrongdoings, then he would certainly be entitled to protection.
"But which would be for a resource to decide, not us politician," he added.
No blanket agreement now
Asked what kind of resource Pakatan would put in to place, Tian Chua pronounced it would be similar to which of a truth as good as reconciliation elect or an anti-corruption agency.
"So you cannot give a blanket agreement now [on Deepak's immunity]. Because let's say you designate [Bersih chairperson S] Ambiga to head a commission, as good as she manners which it is legally shabby to strengthen Deepak since it is a box which involves murder.
"In which case, it would be invalid for Pakatan to have promised him immunity," he pointed out.
However, he urged Deepak as good as a open to go on you do what was "morally right" since a "fair judge would be able to distinguish between what is right as good as wrong".
"When Pakatan puts up a satisfactory as good as transparent mechanism, everyone who deserves protection, including Deepak, would be protected," reiterated Tian Chua.
Deepak had previously purported which he had bribed Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's family in sequence to become a celebration to a inhabitant defence education centre (Pupahanas) understanding with Selangor Umno Wanita arch Raja Ropiaah Abdullah.
But a understanding turned sour, which led Deepak to turn to a press with claims which Rosmah had asked him to meddle in a statutory declaration linking a premier's family to a 2006 murder of Mongolian translator Alta! ntuyaa s haariibuu.
Last week, Deepak affianced to hold a array of nine press conferences which would display each detail in a saga, after which he would crawl out of a limelight for good.
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SHAH ALAM - Umum mengetahui bahawa pemimpin Pas dan pakatan haram memang bijak bermain silap mata di hadapan rakyat.

Kehadiran mereka ke ceramah-ceramah dengan menaiki kenderaan biasa berjaya mengaburi mata rakyat yang menyangka mereka adalah orang yang biasa-biasa sahaja.

Lebih celaka, dalam ceramah, mereka pula tuduh orang lain hidup mewah kerana amalan rasuah dan pelbagai. Jadi itu antara modal yang digunakan untuk mengutip wang rakyat melalui derma politik di dalam ceramah pakatan haram.

Sedangkan, di belakang rakyat mereka juga sebenarnya hidup senang lenang dengan kemewahan yang menakjubkan. Ada yang memiliki kenderaan mewah lebih dari sebuah.

Ini tidak termasuk kapal layar peribadi, rumah penginapan di luar negara dan macam-macam lagi yang rakyat tidak tahu.

Walaupun hakikatnya, mereka ini tidak punya pekerjaan melainkan menghambakan diri kepada parti politiknya dan siang-malam asyik maki hamun di dalam ceramah sahaja.

Jadi, mana datangnya sumber kekayaan itu?

Lain ceritanya pula, gambar di atas menunjukkan kediaman milik bakal calon Pas bagi parlimen Larut pada pilihan raya umum akan datang (PRU-13).

Kediaman adalah milik bekas Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Bukit Aman, Dato' Mohd Fauzi bin Shaari yang terletak di No 7 Jalan 15/10, Seksyen 10, 40000 Shah Alam.

Pembinaan banglo mewah ini pernah mendapat bantahan penduduk di situ kerana dibina di kawasan riadah.

Namun ketika itu, penduduk tidak tah! u banglo mewah itu milik siapa. Rupa-rupanya milik salah seorang pemimpin Pas.

Mana datangnya duit untuk membina sebuah mahligai mewah yang dikatakan punya kemudahan lif ini? Adakah kekayaan ini dikumpul ketika berkhidmat di dalam kerajaan dahulu?

Ataupun benar dakwaan kononnya beliau menerima RM15,000 setiap kali berceramah?

HOUSE PK: Ini aku petik dari Shah Alam Rebels. Wah! Patut la dia seronok nak masuk PAS? Tapi dari satu lagi cerita yang aku dengar, dia ni masa dalam polis lagi dah kaya, khabarnya dia ada ptrol station beberapa biji. Nampaknya kena siasat lagi la pasal Fauzi ni, masa dalam perkhidmatan lain, dah keluar jadi lain..donia..donia

Immunity for Deepak: PKR promises justice

PETALING JAYA: PKR has positive office worker Deepak Jaikishan which should Pakatan Rakyat come in to power, a resource will be set up to pledge probity for him as well as others who risk persecution to display a truth.We will provide enough procession as well as insurance for all citizens who have been entitled for it as well as which applies to everybody, whether it is Deepak or (former inspector-general of police) Musa Hassan or (prime minister) Najib (Tun Razak), PKR vice-president Tian Chua told FMT.So it is not ... Read More

Dr Chua: Farmers land problems will be looked into

Happy moment: Dr Chua (sixth from left), flanked by Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (on Dr Chuas right) and Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha, with other MCA leaders launching a 64th Perak MCA Anniversary celebration.GOOD headlines for a little 2,000 farmers in Perak, whose long-standing land problems have been still unresolved.MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, additionally Perak MCA chairman, has pledged to help them, even after a ubiquitous election.Sprightly: Lion dance performers upon stilts during a event. He pronounced MC ... Read More

we have come a long way

The big mammoth entertainment during Merdeka Stadium upon twelve January 2013 affirms sure things:

1. That people who upheld assorted causes, such as AntiLynas, Bersih for clean choosing etc have been assent loving people as good as can accumulate harmoniously as good as peacefully. This also reflected really bad upon a handling of a little of a prior rallies, such as Bersih 3.0, in which extreme force were used to break up (some called it to punish) a rally, ensuing in most people together with journalists suffering assorted forms of injuries. After this pacific rally, it would be hard for a authority in destiny to repudiate a land of rallies or to use force to crackdown . Malaysia has positively come a long approach given Merdeka.

2. That there is still large await for a antithesis notwithstanding a handling out of goodies. For everyone who is there, there will be most times some-more who prefer to stay behind during home or who for one reason or an additional could not attend. This blogger, for example, was incompetent to attend given I was down with Gastroenteritis with scour as good as heat , ensuing me from receiving leave from my clinic, as good as a fright of incompetent to control my guts forced me to make a unpleasant decision to stay away from this rally. Despite a handouts, which might have some-more effects in 'buying' await from rural folks, most urbanites would only take a handouts as good as still vote a viewed improved side, though being sway by a goodies.

3. That a coming choosing is still touch as good as go. even a tip bureau bearer of an Government related bank has indicated according to his calculation, a antithesis has a slight chance of winning. Even a little of a BN politicians privately concur which if 2008 was tough, this is even tougher. That might be one of a reasons why after so most wolf cries, choosing has still not be held.

I have personally settled most times which I think notwithstanding a great await for a opposition, it should not ta! ke thing s for postulated as good as during this theatre some-more than an additional other time, it should try to avoid publicly saying anything which might appear divisive to a bloc . It should also not try to be complacent as good as act as if a conflict has been won. Well, even though most battles have been won, a fight itself has not.

At this stage, a antithesis should combine upon winning as good as do what they have down so well: combine attacking a wrong doings of a incumbents, combine upon issues which have won them await (like antiLynas, corruption, wastage or abuse of power) as good as display any wrong doings.

Of course, BN would also be starting all out to display any wrong doings of PR. This is actually great for a people. This is what a 2 party complement should be: check as good as change which will in conclusion lead to improved governance. At a same time, it should, even during this eleventh hour, try to clean itself of hurtful candidates as good as officials in order to try to win behind a little of a support. Merely giving handouts might not work as good as they expect. It is policy changes as good as genuine mutation to a cleanser as good as fairer government which will benefit behind support.

Malaysia has come a long way. We have been starting to dismantle most of a barriers to loyal democracy. While you journey on, there have been still most bumps as good as holes in our path, though you should all endure to strike all a difficulties.

The light during a finish of a hovel is now brighter!

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We Change Government by Democratic Means.

Dr Mahathir says the HKR112 was written to disintegrate the elected government. Of march it was but not in the manner which Dr Mahathir meant. The the single he is meditative of contingency be formed from the inextinguishable animosity he has with Anwar. Can anyone even begin to conclude the loathing Mahathir has for Anwar? The hate contingency be eating in to his 86 year-old physique.

This HKR112 is not about Anwar- you have been contemptible to defect Mahathir. We will not fool around his game. We will have to just omit attempts to couple this HKR112 with Anwar. Maybe Mahathir is envious since Anwar got to contend Merdeka 7 times?

This entertainment during stadium Negara isn't about positioning Anwar as PM but unifying all the forces carrying the unaccompanied target of replacing BN government. The most important indicate for all UMNO supporters to take note, whoever becomes the next PM is the Malay. Does UMNO have any objections to the Malay apropos PM?

I have written about Anwar prior to in not so nominal conditions but you have also said, which if more people believed in him, there is zero anyone can do about it. Not Mahathir, you or anyone.

Well, you don't know whether you wish to laugh during his matter or otherwise. But you know Dr Mahathir can be the comic in the passionless way. So everyone together now- ho oho ho. We contingency not defect the punters.

Of march the HKR was meant to combine all the forces which have usually the single aim. To reinstate the benefaction corrupt supervision managing the nation with its incompetence. But you wish to do it by approved means. That is because you have been collected during stadium Negara. Not there to demonstrate the undying adore to Dr Mahathir, most less to Najib as well as the missus. But to fortify the finalise as well as to! get str ength by being together.

We wish to reinstate the supervision which has ruled this nation which made 8.7 million Malays lived as beggars in their own country. We collected to discuss it Felda settlers which they owned the land which they tilled carrying paid the debt which the supervision advances. We collected to discuss it Felda settlers which their resources have been all right away turned in to paper resources which have been gambled in the batch market. Which means your destiny have been in the hands of the few plutocrats!

The HKR112 represents the people who earned an income of RM1500 per month. We wish to reinstate this supervision which is leading the economy to fiscal hurt caught up with open debt of up to RM503 billion. Of march you wish to shift the supervision which has allowed all those selected individuals, approbation the titled ones who have sold RM52billion value of equity allocated by the NEP.

It is no tip which is the whole objective of the HKR. To fortify the finalise of the infancy of Malaysians to evict the proxy reside during Putarjaya. But you have been going to do it by the electoral process. We opinion the supervision out.

That was the purpose of Bersih previously. Among alternative things, to request open pressure on SPR to purify the electoral roles. To purify the electoral purposes from non-citizens admitted by the supervision as voters for the entrance elections. The people direct the electoral purposes be spotless up so which the choosing by casting votes routine is essentially as well as legitimately the a single male the single vote. This is the elementary bona fide request which the independent SPR which is answerable to the Agong contingency accede to. Unless of march the SPR behaves in the narrow-minded party serving as follower child for the benefaction government. If they do that, there will be consequences.

The HKR112 cannot be the congregation of people expressing await as well as adulation for Najib as well as his supervision can it? So you contingency accept which Dr Mahathir contingency be hallucinating during the idea of equating the peaceful public of people during Stadium Merdeka on 12th Jan as something of the entertainment like the a single which took place during Cairo's Taharir Square.

But maybe more important as well as applicable to Dr Mahathir, HKR112 was an countenance of the collective will of the people wanting zero to do with Dr Mahathir any longer. 22 years of Mahathir as well as 55 years of UMNO have been enough.

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The Star apologises to Lawyer Rosli Dahlan

Janaury 15, 2013

The STAR apologises to Lawyer Rosli Dahlan

rdIN October 2007 you had published dual headlines articles about a arrest as well as prosecution of Lawyer Rosli Dahlan with a titles "ACA arrests Singapore lawyer" as well as "Lawyer charged with stealing report upon his assets" respectively.

We admit which a words used in a articles refer to Lawyer Rosli as well as they were wrong as well as should be clarified as follows:

  • That he is not a Singapore counsel as well as is in actuality a Malaysian lawyer;
  • That he does not reason a PR Status as well as in law is a Malaysian citizen;
  • That he is not as well as has never been a hopeful for a Senior Police Officer underneath investigation nor for which matter any alternative military officer;
  • That he had not failed to file a stipulation compulsory by a Anti-Corruption Agency as well as in law as well as in actuality had filed a orthodox stipulation antiquated 20.09.2007, within a duration stipulated by a notice served upon him, underneath territory 32(l) (c) of a Anti-Corruption Act 1997 declaring which he does not reason any resources for any Police officer;
  • That he was never issued with any sequence to declare his spouse's resources nor was his associate asked to make any stipulation of her assets; and
  • That he is not connected to, nor did he hide any assets, nor was he charged for stealing any resources of a senior military military officer who was then underneath investigation by a ACA.

Our said headlines articles have conveyed a definition which Rosli was a foreign counsel who had acted in demeanour discordant t! o a prop er behaviour as well as ethics of an advocate as well as solicitor.

We wish to clarify which you did not intend to cast any such disastrous indictment opposite theThe Star character or reputation of Rosli as well as any such indictment is severely regretted.

If such indictment was conveyed in a article, we hereby unreservedly as well as unconditionally apologise to Rosli for any trouble or annoyance which he might have suffered as a outcome of a publication.

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Gambar dan video ni aku petik dari Minaq Jinggo, korang kena tengok bagaimana Imam Selipar ni dengan mulut cabul dai dan dia buat dia macam....tengok la sendiri

Banting murders: Ex-lawyer gave order to finish driver, says co-accused

SHAH ALAM, Jan fourteen The fourth indicted in a murders of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya as well as three others told a High Court here currently that he was systematic by N. Pathmanaban to curb a cosmetic millionaires driver after a latter longed for to strike a former lawyer. R. Kathavarayan, 32, said a onslaught ensued between him as well as Sosilawatis driver as well as ... Read More

January 2013 Biggest Joke

... Read More

Nik Aziz macam lalang berubah-ubah, Hadi dah kena kencing

Sebaik saja Mesyuarat Majlis Syura PAS secara rasmi membuat keputusan rasmi bahawa kalimah Allah tidak boleh digunakan, Nik Aziz pun menurkar pendirian mengatakan tidak boleh diguna oleh ugama lain.

Baca Kenyataan rasmi Majlis Syura berikut:

Ada sesuatu pelik menganai kenyataan rasmi tersebut apabila menyebut tak boleh digunakan dan tak boleh terjemah. Perkara ini tak dapat

Anwar allowed to amend claim in case against Chandra Muzaffar

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 The High Court here has authorised opposition personality Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahims application to amend his matter of explain in a RM10 million defamation suit he filed against Just World Movement president, Dr Chandra Muzaffar.

High Court decider Datuk Nik Hasmat Nik Mohamad made a preference in chambers today, after meeting Anwars lawyers S. Surendran as well as Latheefa Koya as well as Datuk Firoz Hussein Ahmad Jamaluddin who represented Chandra.

Met outward a court, Surendran pronounced a justice additionally systematic his client to pay RM1,000 in costs as well as fixed a conference for dual days starting Apr 3.

On Apr 19, both parties did not agree to a courts idea to settle a box out of justice through mediation.

In his writ of summons as well as matter of explain filed upon Mar 6, 2008, Anwar (picture) purported which Chandra had spoken insulting comments against him during a forum organised by Star Publication Bhd, during Menara Star, Petaling Jaya, upon Mar 3 2008.

Anwar claimed a comments were published in The Star every day article titled Disaster If Anwar Is PM upon Mar 5 2008.

Chandra denied a comments were false, insulting or ill intentioned as well as pronounced it was published with qualified privilege. Bernama


Baca kat sini pasal PROVOKASI TAK MENJADI

Post Himpunan 121: AnwarOppa Gangnam DAP stail


Inilah berita yang aku terima baru ni bahawa Adun Pulau Tikus, Koay Teng Hai telah buang semua trademark DAp di pusat khidmat beliau dan sekaligus dia umum dirinya sebagai calon bebas dalam PC tadi. Info ni aku dapat dari Agendanews.


Malaysian voters in Doha given enough time, says embassy

The Malaysian Embassy claims to have since Malaysian residents in Doha four days to register as postal voters.
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Embassy in Doha has denied which a reduced notice was released to Malaysians there to register as postal voters.
According to a embassy officials, a notice was e-mailed to all Malaysians purebred with a embassy upon Dec 31, 2012. A identical fotice was also placed upon a embassy's Facebook page as well as a Malaysian Association in Qatar's (MAQ) website.
The embassy was commenting upon a complaint by a distraught Malaysian residing in Doha which it had sent out an e-mail to 38 Malaysians giving them usually 30 minutes to register as postal voters.
The embassy currently claims which it has perceived as well as supposed photocopies of a passport or MyKad of Malaysians in Doha nonetheless it did not specify a numbers who have registered.
Malaysians have been required to submit these papers by Jan 4.
According to a embassy officials, there have been 3,319 Malaysians purebred with a embassy including spouses as well as children of those working there.
However, they estimated which there have been 4,500 to 5,000 Malaysians in Qatar. Many have not updated their hit details with a embassy, as well as this is probably because a little Malaysians complained they were since reduced notice.
The embassy also said its commercial operation hours have been from 8am to 4pm (Sunday to Thursday), refuting claims which it closes at 1pm upon Thursdays, as well as hence not giving sufficient time for Malaysians to register as voters.
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