Have you gone senile Karpal? APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY TO JUI MENG!

Have you left senile Karpal? APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY TO JUI MENG!
It looks similar to DAP chairman Karpal Singh has crossed a line again - this time by siding with his celebration youth Boo Cheng Hau in attacking PKR Johor arch Chua Jui Meng - upon purpose in a media as good as contrary to bloc fortify as good as spirit.
To expel doubt upon Jui Meng's faithfulness because of his MCA roots is pomposity of a biggest degree generally when a DAP is still a object of jokes each time which Tunku Abdul Aziz, a former emissary chairman as good as right away Umno champion, chooses to chuck a stalk during ex-colleagues, Lim Guan Eng as good as Lim Kit Siang, who rolled out a red runner for him.
Seats gangsterism
In a latest fight-for-seats gangsterism displayed by a DAP, although it is Karpal who has released a statement, it is rarely doubtful he would not have a blessings of celebration supremos Lim Guan Eng as good as Lim Kit Siang. This is a samemodus operandithat DAP uses opposite PAS when it comes to sticky issues such as Islamic state orKalimah Allah. When Guan Eng as good as Kit Siang 'hide' during a back of Karpal in these matters, they cruise it 'savvy'. Actually, it is usually cowardly as good as cunning. And they have been trying to do a same number right away upon PKR.
It is obvious DAP has not been equates to to shake off a Chinese-dominated background. Perhaps, it fears foe from a some-more multiracial as good as thorough party. Young Malay as good as even Chinese professionals do look during PKR seriously these days. The ! celebrat ion has been equates to to mount up to huge pressure, it is set to climb as good as grow even most faster.
In Johor, a stakes have been tall though one contingency not desert fair fool around in a office of energy as good as credit as good as slander though proof. "Black hands" have been clever difference indeed. So far, a harm which you see have come from a DAP, in a form of a numerous shots fired by Boo during Jui Meng in a Chinese dailies. If which is not clear-cut undermining as good as back-stabbing, what is?
Then, who can forget how in 2011, Wong Ho Leng in his thirst for excellence had used a media to leverage for seats in a Sarawak state election. Is this what Karpal as good as DAP cruise to be honor as good as a right approach to quarrel for seats? If so, they contingency be gangster-masters, capable of ousting any of a best threesome chiefs from Hong Kong, Shanghai or China!
Is DAP so desperate, because gang up upon Jui Meng?
If there should be any investigation, Boo should be one to be probed. Karpal should also be put upon a stand. Loose cannons similar to these two contingency learn to understand what fortify means. Otherwise, they should be sacked immediately - both Boo as good as Karpal.
Finding proof of Boo's harm is easy. Just accumulate a journal clippings. As for Karpal, he should not delude himself which he is so beloved. Isn't it true, Karpal has always basically been usually a 'hired bigmouth' for a DAP, you do a dirty work for a Lims, though most genuine political capital or astuteness of his own?
Boo should do good to note which Bakri - which is a hot chair won by a DAP by usually a narrow 722-vote domain in 2008 - would be distant safer if contested by Jui Meng. Bakri is Jui Meng's stronghold, a chair he hold for 5 terms.
Yet, in a great suggestion of 'generosity', Guan Eng refused to b! arter it back - again rudely as good as by a press in a deliberate snub to Jui Meng. Who is working similar to a Chinese Emperor now?
So if DAP wants to risk Pakatan's chances by contesting Bakri, because should Jui Meng or any of his PKR colleagues not direct upon Gelang Patah?
After all, Gelang Patah (104,496 registered voters, 33.9% Malays, 52.9% Chinese, 12.4% Indians 0.8% others) is a chair traditionally contested by PKR in 2004 as good as 2008. Who is being greedy as good as arrogant now? Not to discuss greedy ad grasping too.
Not a usually celebration in PR to have Chinese talent
DAP would do good to recollect it is not a usually celebration with Chinese talent in a Pakatan Rakyat coalition. They should not direct all a seats with Chinese majority.
What happened to a Malaysian Malaysia? Are you starting to see a same MO used in a 2011 Sarawak chair allocations where Wong & Co. insisted upon swiping a Chinese seats, as good as afterwards had a abominable artfulness to turn around as good as laugh during PKR's Baru Bian for taking upon a interior seats which have been mostly controlled by Taib Mahmud & his billions, though contingency nevertheless still be contested by a Opposition as a make a difference of element as good as accountability to a Sarawakian people.
It certain looks similar to boorishness, calculative-ness as good as selfishness have been starting to take prevalence in a DAP, a celebration which has been indicted of attracting what a Chinese themselves call the'Ah Bengs'or rough diamonds.
That Boo would live true to his name as good as go great similar to a baby to his celebration chiefs is to be expected. He is not well-respected, disdained in private by most of his own team-mates who credit him of mood swings as good as bad temper.
For Karpal to emanate a! press m ake a difference practically accusing Jui Meng of being a BN Trojan, observant Jui Meng's faithfulness is suspect, shows which this supposed vital legend is himself no longer honourable of a title. Unless Karpal has left senile similar to Dr Mahathir Mohamad, afterwards really, he is not most of a man to respect any more.
Firstly, being a tip PR leader, Karpal should know a ropes as good as procedures. They have been elementary as good as unless he is solid stupid with a capital 'S', he should know to impute any complaints to a care council. Why didn't he? Why did Karpal - a PR elder - gang up with Boo to make use of a press to tarnish Jui Meng? Is a DAP so desperate?
Why not stop a pomposity as good as usually admit it. Some people have been greedy for seats as good as willing to bully their approach by usually to get these, even if it equates to rocking a bloc as good as giving a value to BN! Is this not a tallness of political selfishness? No wonder, couple of Malays wish to stick on a party. They would be eaten alive by such wily operators, as good as this selfishness is transparent when representatives recently refused to elect any Malays to a executive council.
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim contingency action quickly as good as decisively in this matter. Karpal contingency apologize. Such function is not funny. Not usually when GE13 is so tighten by though during any time, such political gangsterism is unacceptable.
Finally, before a ever-boastful Guan Eng, his dad as good as Karpal think of themselves as being a essence of a Pakatan Rakyat, a usually ones who have been incorruptible as good as start accusing others who disagree with them of harboring intention to forsake or assistance a BN, they themselves should transparent up a buzz in a market which they have had talks with Umno!
Malaysia Chronicle
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Anwar's methodology in lying to Indians


If Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya, you will annul tolls, you will annul PTPTN, you will annul excise avocation to make foreign cars cheaper, you will move down a price of petrol, free preparation for all right up to university, you will do this, you will do that..
These are a important promises done by Anwar Ibrahim in his bid to become PM. He

Najib at DJZ's: How sincere is the PM towards the Chinese community?

"...Its difficult to suppose how a Chinese village could satisfactory any improved underneath a suppositious pick Malay ethno-nationalist regime, or an Islamist regime."
I feel prone currently to assure my associate Malaysians which not all foreigners are similar to Nick Xenaphon. There are most who have worked as well as lived in this pleasing country as well as who will discuss it us how propitious you are to belong here. These foreigners don't have any hidden agenda as well as they won't benefit from a "spring" in Malaysia. And infrequently they see things some-more affecting us clearly than you do. Take Nile Bowie, a Russian Today match in KL, for example. While Najib Razak's presence during a Dong Jiao Zong's CNY open residence was politicized by a pro-Pakatan amicable media - with most doubt his sincerity towards a Chinese village - this outsider seems to have no doubts whatsoever:

Najib's foreign as well as traffic process with China:
"Under Najibs administration, Malaysias relationship with China has expanded tenfold as well as cooperation has never been improved ...China has been Malaysia's largest traffic partner, with traffic figures reaching US$90 billion in 2011; Malaysia is Chinas largest trading partner among ASEAN nations."

Najib's 1Malaysia (national unity) vis-a-vis a Chinese Community:
"...under a statute party, a Chinese village have been able to use their enlightenment as well as sacrament but hindrance, as well as aspire to their business interests with minimum involvement! from a state. Despite a displeasure voiced by amicable media users, its difficult to suppose how a Chinese village could satisfactory any improved underneath a suppositious pick Malay ethno-nationalist regime, or an Islamist regime."

Najib's commitment to mending Chinese preparation in a Malay-majority Malaysia (or was his visit to DJZ's open residence a ploy to fish for Chinese votes?):
"The children of both Prime Minister Najib Razak as well as Foreign Minister Anifah Aman are Mandarin-educated, reflecting a significance which Malaysia has placed upon Chinese-education as well as toward China as an rising universe power."

Go to Nile Bowie's blog to review more.

Video lelaki dibelasah polis guna tukul tersebar

KUALA LUMPUR : Sebuah rakaman video menunjukkan sekumpulan individu membelasah seorang lelaki hingga berlumuran darah, tersebar di internet.
Video tersebut merakam sekurang-kurangnya 10 lelaki, mengerumuni kereta dinaiki mangsa sebelum menariknya keluar dan memukulnya tanpa belas kasihan.
samseng 2
Keadilan Daily tidak dapat mengesahkan sama ada beberapa lelaki dalam video itu adalah anggota polis berpakaian preman ataupun orang awam. Manakala lokasi dan tarikh kejadian juga tidak dapat dipastikan.
Bagaimanapun rakaman itu jelas menunjukkan anggota polis beruniform di tempat kejadian tidak bertindak menghalang perbuatan itu, malah ada antaranya ikut sama memukul mangsa.
Dalam rakaman selama lima minit itu, seorang lelaki berbaju belang dilihat naik ke atas kereta dinaiki mangsa dan menghayun penukul besi ke arahnya.
Mangsa yang dipercayai suspek penjenayah kemudian diheret keluar daripada keretanya sebelum beberapa individu lain memukul bertubi-tubi dan menendang beliau.
Salah seorang lelaki berbaju batik pula dilihat cuba menghempas batu ke kepala lelaki tersebut, tetapi dihalang. Mangsa yang cedera, kemudian diheret ke arah kereta peronda polis berhampiran tempat kejadian.
Sementara itu, maklumat di Facebook menyatakan lelaki yang menggunakan penukul besi dalam video itu bukan anggota polis, sebaliknya anggota Skim Rondaan Sukarela (SRS).
Bagaimanapun, timbul persoalan mengapa beberapa anggota polis yang berada di tempat kejadian tidak menghalang perbuatan itu.
Rakaman ini sekali lagi mencemar reputasi polis yang semakin buruk, ekoran salah laku anggotanya seperti memukul suspek penjenayah, kes tembakan rambang terhadap orang awam dan! kematia n dalam tahanan.
Terbaru, melibatkan seorang pengawal keselamatan, C Sugumar yang mati dalam satu kejadian di Hulu Langat twenty-three Januari lalu.
Antara kes lain termasuk kematian Chang Ching Te awal tahun ini, kematian A Kugan yang dipukul dalam balai polis pada 2009 dan kes remaja fourteen tahun, Aminul Rasyid Amzah yang ditembak dalam satu kejadian di Shah Alam pada 2010.
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Treachery in Johor?

Yesterday my hero Bhai Karpal pronounced what I've been observant all along about Chua Jui Meng (CJM) - see The Malaysian Insider's Karpal says Jui Meng's intentions 'suspect' in Johor DAP-PKR spat.

CJM left a MCA celebration for PKRONLY AFTER he was catastrophic in his attempt for a emissary presidential post.

He knew with Chua Soi Lek as well as Liow Tiong LIE controllingtheparty delegates he would have diddly hunker possibility of ever removing intothe MCA tip two posts. So he left for what he hoped would be greener pastures in Pakatan's taxi sapu, PKR.

But in withdrawal MCA for PKR he forgot to surprise most of his MCA supporters, abandoning them to gasp for air when! they listened of his shock departure from MCA. we know a single of these supporters who had been so faithful to him - bloke expressed his utter frustration with such a 'leader'.

Politicians cast of characters off or abandoning supporters (after regulating them) reminded me of a Chinese kungfu film wherethewarlords were playing f* with their respective supporters who fought valiantly for them. Themovie had a two hostile warring warlords having a accessible get-together, indulging in an orgy of women, wine as well as take a break whilst gambling upon fighting crickets - a bet was for a crook to withdraw from an concluded zone ! their gr oup were afterwards fighting over. Of march a film book called for theloser ofthecricket diversion to vacate his zone which most of his soldiers had only won after dying fighting for.

Such could be a callousness as well as miss of considerations of some 'leaders'. Hmmm, we consternation either Gobalakrishnan is celebration of a mass my post, wakakaka.

In apreviouspostMalaysia's Papal 'Indulgences'I had created about a Gothic Catholic Church selling 'indulgences' which were eremite 'pardons' for sins extended by a Church to those whocouldpay for them.

I settled thata pope 'indulgence' released a sinner from bearing ! a spiri! tual weight of all his or her disobedient thoughts as well as misdeeds. The some-more income a single paid, a some-more sins were pardoned, until there was a idea which sinners could buy their approach in to becoming a saint as well as to illustrate authorised automatic entrance in to sky ...

... which afterwards led totheGreat Reformation in Europe, as well as a subsequent similar* problems, generally in America.

* identical in most ways to Gothic pope 'indulgences', wakakaka

In Malaysia we have such 'sanctified indulgences' as well yet of a political kind. But either a single needs to compensate as well as in what formwoulddepend onthepolitical party.

For example, PAS' Pak Haji Nik Aziz had in anearlierelection (2004) promised those who voted for PAS would virtually get aticketto heaven.

Chinese as well as Indian towkays additionally had enjoyed, are enjoying as well as no disbelief will suffer 'indulgences' fr! om UMNO as well as friends, where their 'heaven' is presided bytheGod of Wealth, wakakaka.

During PKR's courtship of MIC wannabe defectors*, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek had expressed astonishment as to how a supposed sinners (MIC wannabe defectors) who leave BN to stick upon PKR could become overnight saints.

* courtship MIC wannabe defectors is essential as there has been a high turnoverofIndians in PKR - don't hold me? ask Nallakaruppan, Gobalakrishnan, wakakaka.

Overnight saints? Mucho 'indulgences' then, wakakaka.

I additionally recall RPK had once created a square which raised this same subject about CJM, formerly a single of MCA tip leaders as well as right away a PKR Vice President. In fact, CJM is PKR's tip bloke in Johor.

RPK has not customarily pointed out CJM's 'record' as BN Health Minister yet additionally posted this.

But let's omit RPK lah since most of we who previously adored him right away rebuff him, wakakaka.

On a basement which CJM has been entrusted by none alternative than a Great One to spearhead PKR's debate in Johor, a state identified by Pakatan (not only PKR) as a vital election battle ground in GE-13, we have to accept which CJM, notwithstanding his not unsubstantial MCA credentials as well as what RPK has created about him, has no disbelief been beatified as well as afterwards canonized, as well as is right away a saint, all interjection to a Great One who has already granted an ! 'indulge nce' for lucky CJM! , wakakak! a.

Alas, we right away have Karpal complaining about St Chua JM. Is Bhai Karpalplaying Dr Mahathir's role, namely, thatoftheDevil, wakakaka?

No, it's only which CJM misread Anwar'sappointmentof him ashead of PKR's debate in Johor. He thought he washead of Pakatan's debate in Johor, wakakaka!

Don't we consider he as well as Azmin Ali share such identical mistaken beliefs, wakakaka - howling applause please, wakakaka again.

In an additional postFixed deposits? What interests?I wrote of CJM as follows:

I am reminded he was once in MCA, as well as whilst we shouldn't hold which opposite him as we shouldn't hold an UMNO past opposite Anwar, there are conditions for excusing his MCA background, equally as there would be for Anwar Ibrahim's UMNO lamentable track record.

Chua Jui Meng (CJM)

For CJM, his pierce to Pakatan would have been some-more credible (like Zaid Ibrahim's) if he had left when he was still in power, such as in a celebration or/and ministerial position, to illustrate indicating his preparedness to sacrifice his power, in front of as well as privilege since of his repentance in being a part of an ineffectual MCA leadership or noticing a BN's general bad opening in governance, clarity as well as accountability.

He customarily assimilated PKR afte! r he mis laid his bid to be a emissary president of MCA, really most similar to an additional green grape, Anwar Ibrahim, who crooned reformasi customarily after he was kicked out of UMNO yet not whilst he was in which celebration for 16 years, ...

... distinct Zaid Ibrahim who voluntarily quiescent from his ministerial post underneath a AAB supervision to leave UMNO so as to come over to Pakatan.

What is this good rinsing celebration afterwards (or Party Kan Rinse, wakakaka)?

The law is which PKR (if we leave out a PRM component) has been KeADILan has been UMNO. It certainly possesses UMNO genes as well as characteristics yet it claims to be multi-racial, a claim rsther than discredited by Anwar Ibrahim's bad diagnosis ! of most o! f a earlier Indian members who left in droves, hence a necessary recruiting expostulate from MIC, wakakaka - yet then, if they hadn't, would Azmin Ali have a possibility of becoming celebration emissary president as well as a single day no disbelief a celebration president?

So whilst a ex-UMNO members paint a core of PKR (the 'inner coterie') as well as dominate a celebration policies as well as preference making, as well as precisely since of all these, a nons wish so desperately to demonstrate their aptitude in a party.

Guess what, there's a PKR Chinese faction, with a tacit coterie leadership reputed to have been creatively insincere by Tian Chua, yet we right away consternation what with CJM in a party, what hazard would he poise to a leadership of Tian Chua?

Anyway, prolonged before all these, Tian Chua had been well wakeful which his Heavenly Snake* coterie might not have a purpose during all in PKR alternative than as a multiracial window dressing for a party, if Anwar Ibrahim were to see as well as accept DAP as a Pakatan member to be since responsibility for constituencies with poignant Chinese as well as Indian numbers.

*HS being a joke upon his name of TC, wakakaka

Yes, Tian Chua had realised which whilst a Malay (ex UMNO) bloc of PKR would electorally competition opposite UMNO, his Chinese territory would confront difficulty in staking out 'green pastures' as a DAP had already been extending upon those plots for eons.

Thus, in sequence to prevent such a terrifying Pakatan status quo from environment in to a waste of a Heavenly Snake faction, itwasn'tstrange which Tian Chua targeted a DAP rsther than than a MCA (or Gerakan), generally in a earlier days when Anwar Ibrahim as well as Lim Kit Siang were articulate about PKR as well as DAP (and PAS) combining a lax pact to defeat a BN.

He and/or his cohorts had a treacherous robe of creation pre-emptive strikes opposite DAP upon issues of seats allocation, by creation uneven media announcements of seat allocations for Pakatan (not PKR) which strangely, if we hold in coincidences wakakaka, customarily lucky PKR.

Azmin Ali has been a single who additionally indulges in pre-emptive strikes upon seats grant opposite PKR's Pakatan allies, wakakaka.

Of march those 'unilateral' announcements meant which DAP leaders would, after celebration of a mass a morning news, invariably exclaim 'WTF!' wakakaka.

I get a u! ncomfy fe! eling which CJM has taken over this purpose of treating DAP as a enemy from my fave wannabe-martyr Tian Chua, wakakaka.

Let me only uncover youthe DNA of PKR's Chinese coterie from a single of my earlier posts in Jan 2008 only before totheMarch elections,Two tigers upon a single Opposition mountain(just a short extract):

Isn't it a bit rich of a PKR with 0 participation in Perak to make such bully boy demands? Well, because stop there? Why not omit a Lim-Anwar concluded formula as well as ask a DAP to obey all a traditionally contested seats?

Then to add insult to avarice, a PKR has actually demanded Ipoh Timor, which so happens to be Lim Kit Siang's own constituency. Lim Kit Siang was so troubled with a PKR claim to his own seat which he remarked:

"If Perak PKR leaders are so insistent in wanting to competition in Ipoh Timur, let there be an agreement where a three-cornered quarrel is authorised for Ipoh Timur involving DAP as well as PKR, provided full agreement upon a one-to-one quarrel opposite a Barisan Nasional for all alternative parliamentary as well as state assembly seats is immediately reached for Perak."

Such was a trick of PKR, to even direct a subdivision of Lim Kit Siang!

When I remem! ber a a! lleged disgusting function of PKR towards PRM which we posted in Is renaissance reformasi PKR scared of little little PRM? we hope a DAP will not give in an inch.

Leaving Islamic PAS aside, customarily a single tiger may stay u! pon Moun t Opposition.

Today DAP again faces trick from PKR in Johor.
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Israeli Soldier's Sniper Pic Aimed At Palestinian Boy Sparks Outrage

AN Israel soldier has posted an Instagram photo of what appears to be the Palestinian child in the crosshairs of the sniper's rifle, sparking outrage.Read more... ... Read More

Lagi kisah komunis DAP sabotaj majlis tahun baru

Malam tadi di pekan
Banting, isteri Perdana Menteri kita, Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor
telah menghadiri Majlis Pesta Ang Pau sempena Tahun Baru Cina 2013.

Tiba tiba muncul seekor
babi upahan mahu bikin kecoh...! Memakai baju t shirt perhimpunan haram
jadah, sudah pasti mahu bertujuan merosakkan majlis yang dianjurkan
untuk seorang isteri Perdana Menteri.

Kehadiran sipengacau


Utusan akhbar fitnah nombor wahid tak perlu risau. Perkasa akan tolong carikan duit dan sediakan peguam untuk membantunya. Ini kerana Utusan adalah akhbar yang perjuangannya tiada bulletin politik! Sebab ia akhbar yang paksinya Perlembangaan!

Ini bukan berita tipu. Ini berita Utusan Online bertarikh 14 Februari 2013.

Tak caya baca apa kata Ibrahim Ali tentang Utusan:

Kata Ibrahim Ali, baca utusan adalah wajib! Wow! Ini fatwa Mazhab "Pakatan Rakyat" baru ke? Mufti dan majlis fatwa tolong jelaskan. Wajibkah kita baca akhbar yang paling banyak kena saman fitnah ni?

Kenyataan ini disokong oleh Aziz Ishak, bos Utusan, yang menafikan Utusan ajen "Pakatan Rakyat"! Alahai...Baca ini:


Kalau Utusan berpaksikan perlembagaan tapi asyik dok kalah, adakah ini bermakna, hakim-hakim yang tidak berpaksikan perlembagaan?

Tak tahu pulak k! alau Utu san ada perlembagaan yang yang tak sama dengan rakyat Malaysia yang kini menyokong Pakatan Rakyat.


Senarai ini tak termasuk saman/bakal saman yang dikemukakan oleh Nurul Izzah, Mat Sabu, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz dan Abby Abadi. Siapa lagi nak saman Utusan?

Dulu masa Anwar Ibrahim didapati bersalah oleh hakim "not relevent" bukan categorical lagi pencacai percaya dan sokong keputusan hakim. Tapi bila hakim memutuskan bahawatuduhan terhadap Anwar Ibrahim menyokong pergerakan lesbian, gay, biseksual dan transeksual (LGCT) itu satu FITNAH, gerombolan tak percaya pulak. Kononnya demer kalah sebab takde peguam? Ekeleh!!!

Dulu ameno yang pulas tangan raja. Sekarang demer fitnah Nizar sebab komen tentang WWW1. Padan muka kalah! Wakakak!

Marahkan Karpal dan Lim Gun Eng kununnya anti Islam. Soi Lek, yang mengaku buat video porno itu bukan anti Islam ke?

Marahkan Khalid Samad dan pemimpin Pakatan rakyat. Tapi siapa sebenarnya yang menghina Islam?

Takpe. Kita sambut je seruan Raja katak. Bacale! Utusan. Kalau tak baca tak tahu pulok demer nak kelentong apa atau dah kena fitnah. Tapi tak payah beli. Cari sumber yang percuma jer...Kalau kena fitnah, saman! Kah! Kah! Kah!


Posted by
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GEMPAR!! Gambar2 & Video: Kejadian Banjir Kilat Yang Melanda Puchong, Ribuan Kenderaan Terperangkap.. Jom Terjah!!

PUCHONG Hujan lebat sejak jam 4 petang tadi menyebabkan banjir kilat di sekitar Puchong mengakibatkan kenderaan terperangkap di Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong berhadapan pusat membeli belah, IOI Mall.

Menurut peniaga di pusat membeli-belah terbabit, hujan lebat menyebabkan paras air naik hingga memasuki bahagian bawah IOI Mall.

"Air naik sekitar satu inci didalam Mall, tetapi keadaan kini semakin pulih dan pekerja sedang membersihkan lantai," katanya ketika dihubungi ABN news.

Foto yang dirakam beberapa pengunjung di pusat membeli-belah terbabit turut menunjukkan air naik di kawasan parkir menyebabkan beberapa kenderaan tenggelam.

Selain itu, beberapa kenderaan turut dirakam tenggelam di LDP.

Banjir kilat menyebabkan kesesakan lalulintas di kedua-dua arah iaitu ke Sunway serta Subang Jaya dan Puchong Perdana.

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Banjir di Puchong salah Khalid atau Theresa lepaskan air rumah2 urut Puchong?

yang melanda IOI puchong pada petang ini adalah sudah dijangkakan.
Banjir yang sama pernah menyerang Klang beberapa kali dalam tahun lalu.
Banjir yang sama juga pernah melanda Kajang tahun lalu.

orang tahu, punca banjir-banjir kilat adalah kerana saliran longkang,
parit dan sungai tidak diselengara dengan baik oleh pentadbiran Dap, Pkr
dan Pas.

Walaupun kerajaan pusat

The Chinese owe BN nothing

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, a businessman of half-baked spin, was during it again a couple of days ago when he pronounced a Chinese owed their success to a BN.

At a 1Malaysia open house, he pronounced BN formulated great policies as good as ensured there was peace in a nation as good as an sourroundings which "allowed a Chinese to make a great living".

Najib had a cheek to contend this.

dong zong cny open doorway 170213 05He of course wants a Chinese to be grateful to BN as good as thus vote for a bloc in a entrance ubiquitous election. But his half-baked turn utterly ignores a other side of a story.

For instance, a Chinese also owe it to BN which they became second-class citizens in their own nation since of BN's discriminatory policies - and, let's not forget, practices.

As a result, a Chinese have to work harder to succeed. To get places in Malaysian public universities. To have their young kids magnitude a top series of As as good as still not get supposed to do, say, Medicine, in these institutions. And thus be forced to send them abroad during a most aloft cost.

The Chinese owe it to BN which they were constrained to leave Malaysia to find fairer opportunities overseas, a little never to return, as good as thereby contributing to a outrageous brain drain for which Malaysia is right divided profitable a price.

Many who have been right divided staid abroad competence in truth be thank! ful which they left, though I'm sure Najib is not looking to them for gratitude. Some of them won't be authorised for voting, anyway, carrying taken citizenship in their countri! es of ad option.

The Chinese also owe it to BN which to take upon business projects of sizable proportions, they have to pay kickbacks - a little to BN bigwigs themselves, a little to their cronies.

Impossible to rise to top echelons

The Chinese owe it to BN which they find it probably impossible to rise to a top echelons of public service - in a judiciary, a military, a police, a universities, a polite service. Not since they do not have a consequence to fill these positions; in fact, they do, which thus creates it even some-more unfair as good as painful.

Can Najib name a single Chinese vice-chancellor in a Malaysian public university? Can a Chinese person turn inspector-general of military or admiral of a swift or arch justice?
Najib should note which despite a barriers, a Chinese supposed their lot. And most Chinese - for whatever mangled or bewildering proof - actually supported BN via a times they were marginalised!

br1m 2.0 launch by najib razak janji ditepatiNajib should watch what he says in a run-up to a ubiquitous election, especially if he is anticipating to win Chinese support for BN.

As it is, most analysts believe which about 70 to 80 percent of a Chinese have been not in favour of a statute party. If he wants to win during least a little over, he needs to contend a right things. More than that, he needs to do a right things. Although even then, one wonders if it competence not be as good late.

Many Chinese still remember what he reportedly pronounced in 1987, upon a night before of Operasi Lalang during a Umno Youth rally in a TPCA Stadium. As a Umno Youth arch then, he displayed ethnocentric propensity in unsheathing his keris as good as announcing which it would taste Chinese blood.

It compe! tence ha ve been an act of ridiculous bravado, though it still resonates between a little Chinese today. Considered together with a video which is creation a rounds again of his address to a Umno as good as Malay NGOs audience during Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) a couple of days after Bersih 2.0, in which he said, with most tribal sound as good as fury, "We will uncover them whose nation this is!" Many wondered if a leopard had altered a spots.

For all his speak of 1Malaysia, Najib is still an ethnocentrist during heart.

He has pronounced he will encounter a Chinese educationist group Dong Zong to discuss a demands in regard to Chinese education. In all likelihood, he will agree to encounter some, if not all of them, as a last-ditch magnitude to win Chinese votes. He competence good acknowledgement a government's approval - eventually - of a United Examination Certificate (UEC), a mental condition a Chinese educationists have been pursuing for a longest time.

Be heedful of Najib's honeyed talk

If this hence prompts Dong Zong to endorse Najib as good as BN for a entrance ubiquitous election, it could sway a great series of Chinese votes in a citation of BN. Then, similar to they did in 1999 when they saved Dr Mahathir Mohamad's bacon by strongly supporting his bloc when a Malays were overhanging divided from him, they could hand BN a victory... and, who knows, may be even a two-thirds majority, which is what Najib desperately covets.

azlanHowever, this is starting to be a consequential ubiquitous election. It is a one time when genuine shift for a nation can come about with a shift of government.

The Chinese need to consider carefully about giving their vote to BN. They need to consider a long-term effects of an additional BN victory. They nee! d to imp ort a probability of genuine reform in a event of BN being booted out as good as a brand new bloc receiving over which could move certain change.

They need to be heedful of Najib's sweet! speak and! his gifts. If he gives them supervision approval of a UEC, some-more eccentric Chinese schools, whatever, they competence want to usually accept these politely, contend thank you as good as consider of choosing by casting votes according to what they consider is right.
Dong Zong, upon a part, should remain neutral as good as not take a stand by endorsing BN. For if it does as good as Pakatan Rakyat wins a ubiquitous election, it would find itself in an awkward position.

The Chinese have a big role to fool around right divided in this entrance ubiquitous election. Najib can contend anything compartment he is blue in a face, though they have to import a truth or miss of it in what he says.

Above all, they contingency not dont consider about about a crime which has been rampant underneath BN rule for decades. And a rent-seeking. And a slow growth of our GDP since 1980 in comparison with South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. These affect a whole country, not usually a Chinese, as good as have been thus all a some-more important.

When it comes to a crunch, a Chinese contingency vote for usually one thing - a better Malaysia.

KEE THUAN CHYE is a writer of a bestselling book 'No More Bullshit, Please, We're All Malaysians', as good as a latest volume, 'Ask for No Bullshit, Get Some More!'
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Mahathir enters fray as Malaysia braces for poll

Lindsay Murdoch Lured into politics South Korean thespian Psy performs at an eventuality in Penang organised by Malaysias ruling party.Photo: AFP KUALA LUMPUR: As Malaysia approaches its tightest choosing in half a century, a antithesis romantic Ambiga Sreenevasan has shrugged off calls for her to be nude of her Malaysian citizenship. This will be [...] Read More

Karpal says Jui Mengs intentions suspect in Johor DAP-PKR spat

Clara Chooi, The Malaysian Insider Karpal Singh urged today for intervention from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as well as an exploration into Johor DAP arch Dr Boo Cheng Haus claims that ex-MCA personality Datuk Chua Jui Meng (Picture) has been organising an subterraneous campaign opposite the DAP in the southern state. The DAP authority appeared, however, to back his fellow party personality in the crossfire, job Dr Boo the real McCoy as well as in contrast, saying Chuas credit as Johors PKR arch was susp ... Read More

Xenophon foolish and cynically self-promoting

NICK Xenophon's actions per Malaysia have been possibly foolish or
cynically self-promoting in the year in which he faces re-election, wrote
Greg Sheridan in The Australian.
Mind you, this is in an Australian news portal. Obviously not run by UMNO or the Malaysian government.

most may courtesy Senator Xenophon as the arrange of warrior for democracy,
others courtesy him as the troublemaking

The two faces of Malaysia

by Mariam Mokhtar
Feb 18, 2013
Like the coin, Malaysia has dual sides; the traveller experiences the tropical idyll, the selling bliss as well as gastronomic delights, but the male in the travel sees the obverse.
azlanIn the markets, housewives blubber about the increasing prices of everyday food items, but during any Malaysian Airlines check-in counter in London, New York, Dubai or Sydney, the single can see Malaysian officials as well as their spouses deposition box after box of shopping. It is alleged which they occasionally compensate additional container charges.
To contend which Malaysia is the republic in disharmony is an understatement. Minister after apportion shows levels of incompetency which any half-decent association would never permit. Who runs the country? Who is in charge? Is Malaysia similar to an air plane cruising upon auto-pilot until it crashes when it runs out of fuel?
While ministers have been busy personification politics, the republic is going to ruin. In Sabah, former budding apportion Dr Mahathir Mohamad's 'Project M', made bootleg immigrants instant adults of Malaysia. Last week, more than 100 armed foreigners breezed in as well as assigned the village, without any resistance.
Elsewhere in Malaysia, people of distinction, whose only weapons have been truth as well as the tenets of justice as well as democracy, have been tormented as well as disheartened from entering Malaysia, or have been deported. These people include the French counsel behaving upon interest of Suaram, the British counsel behaving upon interest of Hindraf, Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand as well as Australian Senator Nick Xenophon.
Armed forces held u! nawares< /strong>
The Malaysian navy boasts an considerable as well as expensive array of weaponry, together with submarines as well as fast naval boats. Despite this, the armed forces were held unawares by the militants. The Star reported which in the press conference, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said, "These group have been not terrorists." Most Malaysians consider which when 100 armed rebels invade, they have been terrorists, not accessible visitors.
NONEForeign Minister Anifah Aman, who bungled the new argumentative outing to Gaza by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, has confirmed the low profile. With armed foreigners upon their doorsteps, Malaysians, in all Sabahans, competence be reassured by an central matter from Wisma Putra regarding this impasse.
Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein pronounced you should leave the confidence forces to understanding with the situation, "Let the authorities with the imagination as well as responsibility finalise it without bloodshed. If anyone is killed, afterwards the government as well as authorities will stand accused."
Hishammuddin's words sound hollow. If only he practical the same standards to his own military force when they attacked Bersih demonstrators, caused hundreds of deaths in military custody, indiscriminately fire during people, together with teenagers as well as women, or allegedly beat confidence guard C Sugumar to death.
NONEAmong Najib's list of skills is his prowess as the drummer in the Chinese lion dance. More notable is his economy with words, in all in critical situations. Has he turn the Benedictine priest as well as taken the vouch of silence? It is most shocking which he has pronounced zero about the rebel threat.
Is he still licking his wounds, after the humiliations which he suffered in Penang during the Psy concert?
In Sabah final November, dual group the manager of an oil palm estate as well as his assistant were kidnapped by armed gro! up as we ll as taken to southern Philippines. As the outcome of this, marine patrols were increased, in all as there were rumours which armed militia from the Philippines were scheming to land in Lahad Datu.
Days after this abduction, group armed with M16 rifles raided the fishing height off Tawau as well as took divided the 40kg bag of ikan bilis value an estimated RM350. Were these group contrast the capacity of the confidence defences in the area? They were not challenged, so it is possible which multiform more group have slipped in to the republic in between November 2012 as well as Feb 2013.
Could there be an additional more simple reason for the Sabah incursion?
Sabah intrusion not seen as the threat
The armed forces as well as military see no hazard in the 100 armed rebels as well as yet an Australian senator is viewed to be an "enemy of the state". A casual, roughly complacent, "tidak apa" attitude has been adopted by the leaders.
NONEWe have been aware which BN is trying to obstruct the attention from the damaging revelations which have been unearthed by the Sabah Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI). It is in all loyal which reports from the intelligence services have been good. How is it which they were held confused in Sabah?
Could the genuine reason be an additional distraction? It is without disbelief which BN will do its pinnacle to lie in the entrance general election.
The good-for-nothing attitude of the ministers as well as authorities suggests which BN is trying to execute Najib as the "hero" who saves the republic from an armed invasion. Is it an try to have Sabahans gratified to BN as well as so opinion them in?
Perhaps, Najib is going to make use of the armed rebels as an excuse to station multiform armed forces units in Sabah as well as afterwards lie regulating the armed forces votes as well as postal votes.
In the worst case scenario, will Najib make ! use of t he rebels as the ploy to acknowledgement emergency rule to delay the choosing as well as instil fear in Malaysians?
Najib appears clueless as well as is silent about the invasion. This competence be the plot to confuse him as well as uncover him as an inept leader, hatched by none other than Mahathir as well as those who have been plotting to overpower Najib.
Do you unequivocally want to be ruled by the party which expends its energy upon internecine wars rsther than than ruling the country? We must opinion for the party which will lead us, the republic as well as all Malaysians, to assent as well as prosperity, as well as ban the enemies but not the friends.
MARIAM MOKHTAR is the non-conformist traditionalist from Perak, the bucket chemist as well as an armchair eco-warrior. In 'real-speak', this translates in to which she comes from Ipoh, values change but respects culture, is the inorganic substance chemist as well as also an environmental pollution-control scientist.
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Ministries, agencies told to beef up cyber security

One of a messages posted upon a Information Department website was a purported notice of Najib's abdication as prime minister. File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, February 18 Chief Secretary to a Government Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa has destined all dialect as well as ministries to lift a turn of confidence of their websites to forestall hacking.
The directive was a follow-up to a hacking of a Information Department's website.
"All ministries will take confidence measures, not only a Ministry of Information, Communications as well as Culture," he told reporters after a public briefing during a Defence Ministry, here, today.
He said, to date, a turn of confidence during all a ministries' websites was under control as well as they were asked to be alert of a hacking threat during all times.
The e-Akhbar as well as e-Press websites belonging to a dialect was suspected to have been hacked with a posting of two statements 'Memo upon a Request of a People of Malaysia' as well as 'Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib) Officially Resigns', which a dialect detected early today.
In this regard, he said, a supervision was perplexing to identify a people involved as well as they would be severely dealt with.
Meanwhile, Information, Communications as well as Culture Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Kamaruddin Siaraf pronounced a suspected hacking of a Information Department's websites had been reported to a Malaysian Communications as well as Multimedia Commission (MCMC) as well as police.
"The system was hacked, it is not probable for e-Press to emanate such a statement," he pronounced after handing over a National Arts, Culture as well as Heritage Academy glorious students award, here, yesterday.
The Information Department in a statement currently denied issuing any state! ment upo n a abdication of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak as quoted as well as disseminated in several social media sites this morning.
Information director-general Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, in a statement, additionally pronounced which a Department had acted fast to mislay a false statements from a sites.
He believed a hacking was finished to create a meridian of uncertainty in a nation as well as to tarnish a picture of a department.
"We do not rule out a possibility of a third celebration involvement as well as in all a Internet Protocol (IP) address recording abroad users had been identified.
"We are still questioning a possibility a IP is only a red herring. Nobody will escape, even insiders," he pronounced after camp a inform during a Putrajaya military headquarters, today. Bernama
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Gambar Terbaik Ceramah Anjuran Umno.. Saksikanlah!!

Oleh kerana ceramah UMNO banyak kerusi dari orang menyebabkan UMNO semakin terdesak untuk membuktikan kepada rakyat Malaysia bahawa UMNO/BN masih dipercayai dan disokong ramai rakyat, ini telah menjadikan macai-macai UMNO semakin kreatif.

Jika dulu hadiah cabutan bertuah biasanya diadakan di majlis makan malam tetapi kini untuk meramaikan hadirin UMNO terpaksa mengadakan cabutan bertuah dalam ceramah anjurannya.

Cuba anda lihat gambar yang ditunjukkan ini,Berbagai hadiah disediakan dalam ceramah isu semasa yang menampilkan Zulkifli Noordin.

Agaknya orang yang hadir itu sudah pasti bukan untuk dengar ceramah tetapi menunggu hadiah cabutan....persoalan nya duit sape yang yang digunakan untuk membeli semua hadiah itu???

Apa komen anda???

~FB Mazlan Aliman
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PKR decries Riduan Tee's 'racist' article

PKR has lambasted an essay by Universiti Pertahanan Nasional lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, that was published in a local every day today, labeling it as "racist" for questioning a Thaipusam festival.

NONEThe party's tellurian rights as well as legal bureau deputy chief S Jayathas (right) said Ridhuan's criticism of a legal holiday contravened Article 11 of a sovereign constitution ensuring eremite leisure of all Malaysians.

"The matter portrays a deep racist inference as well as can emanate unrest as well as disharmony among followers of a pacific religion," Jayathas said in a statement.

"We never subject when there is trade (jam) during Friday (Muslim) prayers, because you apply oneself a rights of religion."

In a column,Kesabaran umat Islam ada had(There is limit to Muslim patience), that appeared inSinar Harian, Ridhuan commented upon overload in a areas surrounding Batu Caves before as well as during a Hindu festival.

"Have you ever complained during Thaipusam celebration? A week before a festival, a complete area surrounding Batu Caves is congested. Vehicles have been parked wherever a owners please.

"A sea of people of a singular colour gathers, as though there have been no other colours in this country," a con! troversial columnist wrote.

'Islam bulletin sacrificed for votes'

NONERidhuan (left) additionally claimed that due to sovereign as well as state allocations perceived after a 2008 ubiquitous election, "temples as well as idols" that were once grim-looking have been right away bigger, taller as well as some-more colourful.

"From what I see, you (Malay Muslims) have since up all to hoard magnetism as well as votes. This nation has no temperament anymore.

"The Islam as well as Malay bulletin have since gone. I am confident that even if BN were to win in a 13th ubiquitous election, a present situation will not change.
"We will continue to take care of others rather than ourselves."

The author said all this when condemning BN component celebration MIC's counterclaim of a international Tamil filmVishwapooram, said to contain several elements deemed offensive to Muslims though that have since been edited out.

He went upon to explain that Muslims in a nation were being taken value of, whereas action have been regularly taken opposite those who angry a sensitivities of other religions in a country, citing a charge of those involved in thecow-headandchurch-burningincidents as examples of this.

As for a coming election, he serve referred to that if an Indian candidate is needed to contest in a Malay-majority seat, then an Indian Muslim candidate should be fielded there.
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'PM wants May 13 film shown to Felda settlers'

Some 3,000 Felda settlers were since an disdainful preview of a argumentative filmTanda Puteraat a entertainment today aimed at bolstering support for a BN.

The screening, which was not upon a report for a Felda gathering, was slotted in after lunch at a request of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Deputy Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Ahmad Maslan said.

NONE"This movie is not in a cinemas, but this chronological movie is very important, you have been informed by a prime minister. The prime apportion asked which it be screened (for a Felda settlers).

"So, when else can you gather so many people similar to this? If you wait for compartment tomorrow it'll already be a ubiquitous election," Ahmad told a audience at a Putra World Trade Complex in Kuala Lumpur.

The movie chronicles a attribute of former prime apportion Abdul Razak Hussein and his deputy, Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, amid a backdrop of a May 13, 1969, racial riots.

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Roots of Lahad Datu siege traced to Philippine peace deal

Policemen male a road retard on a travel leading to Kampung Tanduo, in Felda Sahabat outside Lahad Datu February 18, 2013. Reuters pic
LAHAD DATU, February eighteen A assent deal in in between a Philippines as well as Muslim rebels has alienated normal rulers as well as their supporters about 100 of whom have assigned a encampment in nearby Malaysia, a member of a aged ruling family pronounced today.
The stand-off with police in Malaysia's eastern state of Sabah has in jeopardy to hint tension in in between a Philippines as well as Malaysia, whose ties have been periodically tattered by security as well as migration problems along their sea border.
Security analysts had warned which a ancestral assent deal sealed by a Philippine supervision as well as Muslim rebels final October to finish 40 years of conflict in a Philippine south risked stirring instability by alienating absolute house leaders.
Jamalul Kiram III, 74, a former Sultan of a Sulu region of a southern Philippines as well as brother of a male Philippine provincial authorities courtesy as sultan, pronounced a assent deal had handed carry out of much of Sulu to Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels, ignoring a sultanate.
He pronounced a organisation of sultan loyalists had left to Malaysia as a criticism movement in reply to what they saw as a astray assent deal, as well as they would not behind down.
"Those people have been peaceful to die for a cause," Jamalul told Reuters in a Philippines.
The organisation of 100 armed group has refused to pierce from a encampment they have assigned for nearly a week, notwithstanding pleas from both a Malaysian as well as Philippine governments to lapse to a Sulu archipelago on a Philippine side of a sea border.
Malaysian police armed with machine guns have surro! unded a encampment in a palm-oil camp area.
Malaysian officials pronounced over a weekend which a group's final would not be met as well as which a group would be deported soon, but specifying how.
Jamalul pronounced a Sulu royal family had asked to take partial in a assent negotiations since a aged sultanate's territories would be partial of a brand new autonomous Muslim area, but they were rebuffed by a Philippine government.
Jamalul complained which he was never "acknowledged" when Philippine President Benigno Aquino witnessed a signing of a deal in Manila final October.
"We were not consulted. When we schooled which a supervision as well as a MILF will pointer an agreement, we met on October eleven as well as decided to take movement to reclaim a lands," he said.
Those lands to be claimed, include Sabah, he said.
In an arrangement which stretches behind to British colonial times, Malaysia pays a token amount to a Sulu sultanate each year for a "rental" of Sabah.
Jamalul pronounced his supporters were demanding recognition from Malaysia as a rightful owners of Sabah as well as renegotiation of a original terms of a lease with a British trade company. A minute will be sent to a Malaysian supervision tomorrow to start negotiations to finish a stand-off, he said. Reuters
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4 gambar sekali...  kita perlukan projek Langat II .. aka RM8 billion ?    {projek pilihanraya}

BN nak buat terowong dari Temerloh sampai ke Ulu Langat .. aka Projek langat II, untuk membekalkan air ke Selangor [RM8 billion ]... Hurmmm kat Selangor ada banyak air, sampai buang buang kat main road .. kat Puchong.. Gambar nie kat IOI Mall..
BN nak buat terowong dari Temerloh sampai ke Ulu Langat .. aka Projek langat II, untuk membekalkan air ke Selangor [RM8 billion ]... Hurmmm kat Selangor ada banyak air, sampai buang buang kat main road .. kat Puchong..  Gambar nie kat IOI Mall..
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A few days ago, you was contacted by X, a crony of a crony from London. you was reliably sensitive by X which his revelations will have a shockingly outrageous as good as vital stroke upon a both a monetary as good as domestic affairs of a country, in a entrance months.

In 2011, frustrated with UN as good as horse opera lack of support as good as inaction, former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as good as his Perdana Foundation launched their own War Crimes Tribunal, Crime Against Humanity as good as Genocide Inquiry opposite Bush as good as Blair, in Kuala Lumpur. In a macabre turn of events, X said it would crop up which a organisation of Malaysians will assemble a in isolation exploration in London soon, to reason a likes of Mahathir as good as stream Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib, accountable, for, in between alternative things, purported sum corruption, abuse of energy as good as economic pillage in Malaysia.
X revealed which a organisation of Malaysian adults who reason Permanent Residency or Work Permit status in UK as good as Australia, has motionless to beginner a in isolation exploration saved by themselves, to identify individuals, groups as good as corporations as good as their owners responsible for large-scale economic plundering, looting, fraud, crime as good as abuse of energy over a final thirty years in Malaysia. Part of this exploration will focus upon income laundered out of Malaysia, estimated during a smallest of $ 250 billion, in transgression of Bank Negara Malaysia's rules.
This group, job itself theLondon Private Commission of Inquiry in to Corruption in Malaysia (LPCICM), assumingly includes a little really wealthy senior, experienced as good as retired nationalistic Malaysian judges, lawyers, accountants, auditors, monetary investigators, special bend as good as income taxation officers as good as professionals.

LPCICM is keen to reduce suspicion as good as accus! ations w hich it is embarking upon a witch-hunt.It is sworn to continuing a work to execution in any case of a result of a General Election to be hold in 2013.
LPCICM patently holds a perspective which a Government under a control of a stream statute celebration in Malaysia willNEVERhold a Royal Commission of Inquiry in to a issues it has identified, principally because, it as good as a bureau holders have been themselves allegedly parties to a little of a many shamefully large cover ups by any Government in living memory, if not, story itself!As X put it, "E.S. Shankar's 2012 fiction/satire/literary novel, 'Tiger Isle-A Government of Thieves' seems so surreally good in describing this system of administration to a T!"(CLICK HERE).
LPCICM assumingly began a task of gathering evidence some-more than a year ago. X reported which through a rarely secretive, in isolation as good as confidential network of informants as good as whistle blowers, LPCICM has secured copies of ALL vital Government Privatisation (known in Malaysia as Piratisation) as good as Procurement contracts as good as documents/memos/email exchanges as good as correspondence, unconstitutionally, as good as therefore, illegally, personal in between 1980-2013 under a Official Secrets Act. LPCICM has also been utterly successful during tracing illegal outflow of supports from contractors as good as agents to failing in duty Malaysians land unwashed income in tip bank accounts in off-shore taxation havens similar to Zurich in Switzerland, a Channel Islands, Luxembourg, Seychelles, Maldives as good as a like, as good as Singapore, Australia as good as a UK.
X listed LPCICM's goal as to investigate:
1.Corruption in any shape, form or name.
2.Abuse of power, especially for monetary or domestic gain.
3.Failure of a Minister of Law, Attorney General as good as a Judiciary to investi! gate as good as prosecute in suitability with a law as good as general norms, especially in attempted murder cases, as good as in cases involving those connected with a statute celebration or media organisations owned and/or controlled by a Government. A Malaysian citizen has plainly accused PM Najib as good as his mother of involvement in murder, crime as good as abuse of power. What have been a Inspector General of Police as good as MACC conduct doing about it?
4.Failure of a Government to urge a autonomy as good as integrity of a Judiciary
5.Failure by a applicable authorities to reason proper inquiries in to hundreds of cases of deaths in military as good as alternative official custody.

LPCICM has set a sights upon a dealings, unexplained as good as unaccounted-for wealth of multiform former as good as current:
1.Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Senators, Chief Ministers as good as their aides, as good as their evident family members, parents, siblings as good as relatives.
2.CEO's of multiform Public Listed Companies as good as Banks identified as crony-owned, as good as those of Government Linked Companies as good as Funds, such as Khazanah, PNB, Prasarna, Iskandar etc.
3.Top Civil Servants, Army/Navy/Air Force Generals/Admirals, Police as good as Anti-Corruption Officials.
4.Top officials during BNM, KLSE as good as a SC.

Expert investigators of general experience as good as standing, informants, whistleblowers as good as any alternative volunteers have been slated to proposal their commentary during a LPCICM hearing, during a venue as good as date to be voiced in due course. LPCICM will tell a full program, time-table as good as a full scope as good as conditions of reference of a inquiry, as soon as a investigations have been completed. Any depressed parties! compete nce be allowed(at LPCICM's comprehensive discretion, in person only, as good as in a absence of their authorised representatives)to rebut any testimony, but only if reasonably allege before application is submitted to LPCICM.

LPCICM will tell a uncensored minute commentary upon a Internet, as good as submit hard as good as soothing copies of it to:

1.The United Nations.
2.The Governments of a UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany, China, Japan as good as India.
3.The International Monetary Fund (IMF).
4.World Bank .
5.Organisation Of Islamic Countries (OIC).

It would crop up which LPCICM has already started a process of furnishing explanation to a little Swiss banks to solidify a clandestinely operated USD bank accounts of a little Malaysians purported to have laundered hundred of millions of dollars, accumulated through a device of kickbacks as good as arrogant contracts. LPCICM hopes to in a destiny have all these moneys repatriated to Malaysia, upon conditions which it be invested in sovereign funds, managed transparently by a unimpeachably spotless veteran nominees, for a benefit of all Malaysians!


X had a lot some-more to contend which you have revealed above. But dare you goal which LPCICM will become a reality? Dare you goal which a Government of thieves will be hold under obligation as good as done to compensate for their cowardly misdeeds?Now it looks like, in a spooky way, Najib a pupil, competence good drag his erstwhile master, Mahathir, along with all their cronies, to serve indignity as good as possibly, a prolonged term behind bars! Let a wives of former arch justices, prosecutors as good as owners of open listed companies who so straightforwardly welcome but chec! k negoti ated sweetheart land acquisition, toll highway, construction as good as MRT stipulate deals, CEO's of open saved investment supports who suspiciously take dying IPP companies during fanciful premiums, let them all, a looters as good as plunderers, quake as good as shake in fear which their day of reckoning competence not far off, which in fact it competence be imminent! Can they handle a truth!

Perhaps, a LPCICM exploration competence demeanour in to resolving, in between countless others, niggling questions like:

1. Why Petronas acquired 100% of KLCC (for a little $ 4 billion?), when it is common knowledge which board as good as government control could have been secured with 30% equity holdings?
2. Why MAHB embarked upon construction of a LCCT2 Terminal during KLIA, now rumoured to surpass a $ 4 billion cost they swore would not be breached, when Air Asia had planned, as good as has now implemented, a process of moving a Regional HQ to Jakarta?
3. Why a former conduct of a SC, a distinguished banker as good as a well-known Government Trust Company CEO were not prosecuted notwithstanding carrying provided sworn SD's for directorships/shareholdings in a aborted listing of a food association which had submitted misleading information to a KLSE?
4. Why a heading Telco was let off a offshoot by a SC when inside of a month after receiving itsef private, it sold a material stake during a outrageous premium (several hundred million ringgit) to foreign investors, when their attempt to ! do so likewise in Indonesia attracted official intervention?
5. Why a conduct of a vital BN domestic celebration was allowed to renounce chairmanship of a Plc concerned in a greatest accounting rascal ($ 500 million) in Malaysian history, but being charged for a singular offence by a KLSE/SC e.g. negligence, breach of fiduciary, sleeping upon a job etc.?
6. Why insider trade prosecution has not been instituted opposite a father of a former SC head, notwithstanding open notice corroborated by! reliabl e opinion from heading analysts here as good as in Singapore, which there was a clear breach of a law?
7. Why in a $ 250 million Cowgate Bangsar Condo monetary fraud, no a single has been charged with dispensing $ 2 million in bribes, while a receiver is being prosecuted? How could a PhD land Managing Director have been deceived in to signing cheques for bribes?
As sensitive by X, a background opposite which a founding members of LPCICM in Australia as good as London were compelled to act, out of adore for Malaysia as good as to secure a destiny upon a some-more solid foundation, structure as good as leadership, is as follows:

According to X, based upon tip surveys conducted by him as good as his cohorts, as most as 2/3 of a race of twenty-seven million in Malaysia have been convinced which a element of Separation of Powers as envisaged by a founding fathers as good as enshrined in a 1957 Constitution, no longer exists. It would crop up which multiform top ex- as good as stream members of a Judiciary, Police, MACC, Civil Service as good as alternative inquisitive as good as statute agencies, institutions as good as bodies (such as a EC, KLSE, SC as good as BNM) have either been threatened, silenced, hopelessly compromised or bought over by brute elements inside of a Executive arm of a Government over a final thirty years, preventing them from scrupulously investigating or receiving authorised action opposite large monetary as good as economic looting, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty as good as abuse of energy by sure members of a statute celebration as good as their fraudtrepreneur as good as alternative cronies.
The conflict upon a Constitutional rights as good as protection was deliberate. The straw which pennyless a camel's behind following a heinous Oct 1987 Ops Lallang (CLICK HERE) attack upon human rights systematic by Mahathir, was a sacking (CLICK HERE) in 1988 of Tun Salleh Abbas, Chief Justice of Malaysia, orchestrated once again by none alternative than Mahathir. Both of these incidents occurred during a time when Mahathir's as good as UMNO's grip upon energy was becoming intensely tenuous. There was grave doubt during which time which Mahathir would be able to cling upon to power, given a large discontent which was brewing inside of his own party, UMNO.
In a event, Mahathir did a Houdini, as good as went upon to stay in bureau compartment 2003, after replacing a aged UMNO with UMNO Baru (new) which remained his agreeable tool. How 100% of a resources amounting to presumably multiform billions of ringgit as good as belonging to a members of a domestic Party, can be transferred to a newly incorporated domestic Party comprising a code new set of members, must sojourn a mystery. Yet a can-do Malaysian decider created a first in universe authorised history.
Mahathir finally, voluntarily stepped down as Prime Minister, after 22 years in office. But a 1987 as good as 1988 whips which Mahathir burst were enough to terrorise many from mounting any genuine antithesis to many of his ill-thought out billion ringgit monetary policies. The being as well though is which a grounds for laying down a form of Government as good as governance which Mahathir practised as good as bequeathed his successors - benevolent dictatorship, autocratic, top-down, fiat-driven, call it what you will - had their roots in multiform most earlier multi-billion ringgit monetary scandals glossed over by a Government as good as Mahathir.
Measured purely in ringgit terms, a $ 4 billion Bank Bumiputra rascal (CLICK HERE), a $ 6 billion Bank Neg! ara Mala ysia (BNM) US$ forex trade waste liaison (CLICK HERE), a $ 10 billion Perwaja Steel waste (CLICK HERE), as good as a $ 2 billion Maminco Tin fiasco(CLICK HERE) alone add up to a staggering$ 22 billion. But cause in disclosures in recent years which a BNM forex waste were essentially in a order of $ thirty billion, subsequently masked as good as reduced to $ 6 billion by beautiful accounting. Factor in as well which a man sacked for a BNM $ thirty billion waste is currently heading a Government's Economic Plundering Unit. Factor in some-more which a Malaysian auditor investigating a 1983 Bank Bumiputra rascal was murdered by a Triad in Hong Kong, as good as which no a single in Malaysia has been charged to date with any crime. Then you proceed to have an opinion in to a economic looting as good as Mafiaism which has roughly become a approach of hold up for a little in Malaysia.
If which was all to it, you competence just about inhale a sigh of relief. However, mismanagement as good as purported rascal (based upon tangible military reports by management) during Malaysia Airlines System (MAS), PSC Naval Dockyard (costing $ 4.4 billion), arrogant cost of Government as good as Army/Navy/Air Force/Police administration as good as counterclaim procurement contracts have all added many some-more billions, by a little estimates $ 250 billion, to a income which has fled a country. Then you can consider a indeed gagging as ! good as breathtaking scale of a repairs done to Malaysia.
When Najib was commissioned Prime Minister in 2009, he vowed which "Open Tenders" would be a minute of a law for Government procurement contracts, a pronouncement, as Shakespeare put it, "more celebrated in a breach than in a observance!" The spate of multi-billion toll main road as good as alternative dubious contracts voiced as good as awarded by direct negotiations as good as with indecent haste by Najib over a final year appear to obviously suggest, as has been observed by Opposition MP's similar to Tony Pua, which a genuine reason for a check in announcing a date for a 2013 General elections, has all to do with PM Najib personification out his code of pork-barrel (oops, can you contend which 'p' word here) politics as good as crony-favored agenda.
Under Najib too, a sitting decider was, upon a eve of an important verdict, scurrilously accused by a blogger whose article was reproduced during Perkasa's website, of being biased as good as homosexual. And a response from a PM, Minister for Law, Attorney General as good as Chief Justice? Stunning silence!
Najib surely knows which he is starting to lose GE 2013 to a Opposition. He does not appear to realise which he will go down in story as a man who lost UMNO a Government as good as that's due his unsuitable as good as still mostly unexplained link to a genocide of Altantuya, a perception, if not a tangible reality, of a staggering increase in crime during his tenure as Prime Minister, a disaster to rein in his wife, as good as a woefully gloomy show in receiving curt action opposite Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa as good as Utusan for their excesses.
DonplaypukswithLondon Private Commissions of Inquiry, man!
Posted byDonplaypuks
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Flash Flood At IOI Mall

PUCHONG: Thousands of motorists were stranded in a massive traffic jam along a Damansara-Puchong Highway when peep floods affected a highway in front of IOI Mall this evening.Read more... ... Read More

Relook Bumi quota, low-cost housing policies, Putrajaya told

Cho likened the sweeping bonus to the bad subsidising the rich. File pic
PETALING JAYA, Feb eighteen Housing developers want the supervision to examination housing quotas as well as discounts allocated to Bumiputeras as well as the poor, after angry currently of their abuse.
This follows the build-up of unreleased Bumiputera units, which they pronounced was as tall as 56 per cent of unsold homes costing above RM500,000 in budding areas of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor as well as Penang.
"Our ask to the administration department is for an auto-release mechanism," pronounced Datuk Seri Micheal KC Yam, president of the Real Estate as well as Housing Developers' Association (REHDA) here.
"The process needs the examination ... It doesn't unequivocally matter which supervision wins (the ubiquitous election)."
The association serve referred to which lots indifferent for Bumiputeras be done accessible to the ubiquitous public if there is no demand after the period of time.
His perspective was echoed by REHDA deputy secretary-general Datuk Anthony Adam Cho, who pronounced the Bumiputera bonus favoured those buying some-more costly properties, rather than those who have been less affluent.
"The some-more costly the unit, the some-more bonus is given ... Why have been the bad subsidising the rich?" Cho asked reporters.
Following the implementation of the New Economic Policy (NEP), Bumiputeras have been automatically entitled to the seven per cent bonus upon houses or property, regardless of their monetary standing.
Cho, who is the developer in Malacca, complained of the bolt of low-cost housing in the state due to the quota imposed by authorities, which he pronounced caused developers to move away to other essential areas.
"We're carrying the dialogue with ! the gove rnment; because don't we convert the low-cost order to low-medium cost requirement?' Cho suggested.
The developers additionally complained of the application connection costs, saying they had to bear the cost of carrying their property supplied with water, physical phenomenon as well as telephone lines.
"Why have been we still profitable contributions to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) who is making much some-more profit than the public-listed companies?" asked Cho.
The Malaysian Insider understands which upon tip of that, developers have been additionally now compulsory to incur in between RM4,000 as well as 6,000 per section to implement tall speed broadband infrastructure in their projects, or risk their development application being deserted by the Malaysia Communications as well as Multimedia Commission (MCMC).
In the Property Industry Survey ran by REHDA for the second half of 2012, 47 per cent of respondents claimed which they have unreleased Bumiputera units, an enlarge from 39 per cent in the first half of 2012.
Thirty-two per cent of those have unreleased units with the marketplace cost in between RM500,000 as well as RM1 million, while twenty-four per cent have units above RM1 million.
Another 87 per cent of those surveyed reported which their unsold units had some impact upon their money flow.
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Two company directors ordered jailed, caned over RM1.5m fraud

SHAH ALAM, February 18 The Sessions Court here currently condemned dual directors of a association to six years jail as well as four strokes of a shaft each after finding them guilty on dual counts of intrigue a handling executive of an additional association of RM1.5 million three years ago. Judge M. Bakri Abdul Majid handed down a judgment on Mohd Rozian Md Yunus, 50, as well as ... Read More

Eat, Pray, Get Discriminated?

Unspun's dubious about religion, though cares about taste in any form. So when the makers of this film wrote to help them proclaim their efforts, Unspun exuberantly agreed.

The subject matter is intriguing: What did the early Christians in Hindu-steeped Bali knowledge in propagating their faith? From the title of the plan it seems which they gifted discrimination, though in what form as well as of what severity?

Regardless of your eremite warning Unspun thinks which this is the plan worth profitable the little courtesy to so here's what here's the single of the filmmakers MakraiBalazs wrote to Unspun. Enjoy.

DiscrimiNation Project expands the horizon of the exemplary documentary style as well as the way you consider about social discrimination.

The initial part explores the struggle as well as rise of Christianity in Bali.

To have this singular plan reality you NEED YOUR HELP! Please donate the few dollars upon the throng funding site:http://igg.me/p/318488/x/2183743

The plan is shutting to its finish line: you have got only 1 WEEK LEFT!
For serve information greatfully visit the website as well as check the trailer video:

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Adam Adli - Amaran Rakyat !!! Jangan Main- Main Dgn Kuasa Rakyat.

Dalam 55 Tahun PRU13 adalah paling penting dalam sejarah dlm menentukan hala tuju negara kita.. Muktakhir ini, melihat Tsunami rakyat bangkit menolak Umno, PR begitu yakin untuk menawan Putrajaya sekaligus menumbangkan rejim Umno yg korups... Namun dengan hanya kenyakinan yg di tunjukkan oleh rakyat bersama PR masih tidak cukup untuk menumbangkan Rejim Umno jika Pilihanraya kali ini tidak dibersihkan dr penyelewengan... Kerana sebelum ini pilihanraya dijadikan alat sbg untuk menangkan kelangsungan kuasa Bangsat Umno- Bee End 12 Jan 2012 - Himpunan kebangkitan rakyat ini bukan himpunan bertujuan untuk menumbangkan kerajaan semata- mata dgn cara di jalan raya... Rakyat masih menghormati demokrasi sbg wadah perjuangan dlm menentukan kerajaan... Tetapi Himpunan sejuta rakyat bangkit ini memberi vigilance yg jelas bahawa rakyat memberi amaran supaya piliharaya mesti diperbaiki dan dijalankan secara bersih. Take Note !!! : Pejuang muda hari ini adalah anak muda yg tiada perasaan takut dlm diri sendirinya lagi.. Anak muda hari ini adalah anak muda yg berani dan akan sentiasa berada di barisan hadapan sekali dlm himpunan kebangkitan rakyat nanti.... Jumpa anda semua di sana nanti... Hancur Umno Tumbang Bee- End Bee End KO, KO Bee End... [ Realisasikan Tuntutan "Pakatan Rakyat" Hala Tuju Negara Demokrasi ] ... ALLAHU AKBAR !!!

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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