No tax on smokes will cost Najib votes

Big tobacco companies unhappy with a supervision for not augmenting cigarette prices.
PETALING JAYA: The deficiency of an enlarge taxes upon cigarettes in a 2013 Budget may means a apportionment of Barisan Nasional's votes to go up in smoke, according to Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control secretary-general, Shaari Ahmad Junid.
"He is not removing my vote. Rest assured, I will get as many of my friends to not opinion for him as well," Shaari told FMT.
For a second time since last year's budget, Najib has selected not to hold a supposed sin taxes of tobacco as good as alcohol, notwithstanding a dual being traditionally an item in past budgets.
And Najib's decision has riled up Shaari, whose organisation has been lobbying for an enlarge in taxes upon tobacco by at least 100%, as good as had recently sent a supervision a apply to upon a matter.
"I'm really disappointed. He didn't even mention it. He had a possibility to do it, though he didn't. What is Janji Ditepati (Promise fulfilled) if you sign a the WHO's Framework Convention upon Tobacco Control as good as do not follow it up?
"Najib talked about 'enhancing a good being of a rakyat', though how can you call it a bill about sejahtera (well being)?"
"He additionally mentioned about office building some-more 1Malaysia clinics, though he contingency know a observant 'prevention is improved than cure'.
"Rather than carrying some-more clinics, I'm not observant do not set up them, he contingency additionally think about interlude people from removing sick," he said.
He combined which a recent published investigate addition! ally ind icated how tobacco can empty a lot in a illness budget.
He additionally argued which augmenting taxes would not price a tobacco industry outrageous waste as their profit margin was high.
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Cash handouts in Budget 2013 UNLIKELY TO SWAY VOTERS

Cash handouts in Budget 2013 UNLIKELY TO SWAY VOTERS
Voters have grown more perceptive as well as have been doubtful to be swayed by money incentives as well as other one-off perks in to cast of characters their ballot for a Barisan Nasional (BN) supervision during inhabitant polls due soon, pundits pronounced in weighing in upon a impact of Budget 2013.
Political observers wholly concluded which a RM251.6 billion voiced yesterday, which betrothed a slew of money handouts as well as tax cuts widespread opposite a board, was trained to interest to pass demographic groups in a run-up to a 13th general election, though pronounced electorate had become increasingly shrewd as well as able of weighing a short-term personal gains against a long-term fiscal impact upon a inhabitant economy.
"There have been only dual difference to report it choosing budget," pronounced Monash University's made at home scholarship lecturer James Chin.
Goes for broke
He remarkable which Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has "pulled out all a stops as well as since a electorate their sentiments, to let them consider twice about choosing by casting votes for a opposition" in elections which contingency be hold by next Apr when BN's five-year charge won in March 2008 runs out.
"People will review a bill to Pakatan Rakyat's as well as will additionally see how a second turn of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) will fuel inflation," Chin added.
The fledging Pakatan Rakyat (PR) opposition pact, formed only 4 years ago in a movement of landmark wins in Election 2008, has betrothed to lift a disposable income of M! alaysian s in an alternative set of Budget proposals only dual days before a Najib administration department denounced its central proposals for spending as well as taxes.
Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had pronounced disposable income would climb through fiscal remodel measures such as slicing a three times import taxes upon foreign-made cars, abolishment of tolls as well as waiver of tyro loans, as PR sought to pre-empt Najib's Budget announcement.
Anwar pronounced a PR supervision would be able to compensate for a proposed measures not through raising taxes though by plugging leakages which movement as a outcome of inefficiencies as well as corruption.
Cash handouts might backfire
Arnold Puyok, a made at home scientist from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in Sabah, pronounced a something good to eat voiced for a young as well as singles "is an indication which a statute celebration is set to win a hearts as well as minds of first-time electorate in a arriving election".
He pronounced it was still as well early to discuss it if such sweeteners will tilt a hotly-contested elections in BN's favour.
"Young people have been not simply attracted to monetary incentives especially when they have been associated to electoral politics. They might consider a something good to eat as a form of supervision assistance. But either this is translated in to votes sojourn to be seen," Arnold said.
But another analyst, Faisal Hazis, believes electorate have smartened up since Election 2008.
"Voters currently have been smarter, not so easy for them to tumble for honeyed deals as before," pronounced a head of made at home scholarship as well as general family during Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas).
"Cash handouts identical to BR1M do not guarantee permanent await as shown in a Merdeka Center's earlier consult some months back where await for Najib rose multifo! rm commi ssion points after a first turn of BR1M, though dropped not long after it was handed out," Faisal said.
According to eccentric pollster Merdeka Center, a PM's personal approval score dipped 4 commission points in a final consult in May from 69 per cent to 65 per cent in February, following a repeat in Apr of final year's aroused clashes between police as well as polite multitude demonstrators lobbying for a electoral roll to be cleaned up.
Lack of controls & transparency
Herizal Hazri, deputy country deputy for Asia Foundation, a US-based NGO operative to urge governance, law as well as polite multitude issues through policy, pronounced a people-friendly bill geared towards low-income earners was a positive move to lift a disposable income as well as spur made at home growth, though highlighted a lack of controls to guard supervision spending.
"What's worrisome in this bill is which there is no discussion of methods to guard a doing of a Budget, either it will truly be carried out in a transparent manner or otherwise," he said.
Professor Jayum A. Jawan, who lectures upon governing body as well as supervision in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), shared a identical view with Kuching-based Faisal, describing a "one-off handouts" as a populist attempt to fish for votes among a reduction politically-aware groups who have been usually formed in rural areas, notably a interior of Malaysia's dual easternmost states opposite a South China Sea which have been still mostly forested.
"The grant for transport, open infrastructure, fishermen, farmers as well as those in Sabah as well as Sarawak have been really welcome. The one worrisome thing is how will all these be delivered? Will all a proposals reach a male in a interior there?" asked a deputy dean of post-graduate studies in UPM's Faculty of Human Ecology.
"The 'one-off' handouts have been only proxy as well as will have a singular i! mpact up on some people," he added.
Crazy not to call for GE now
Jayum pronounced he was endangered which a bill was as well heavily strong upon operational costs as well as cautioned which a supervision needed to safeguard increasing productivity levels among a polite use force to balance out a high handling costs.
Like Jayum, Monash University's Chin was additionally hesitant to contend which a people-friendly proposals to cut rocketing costs of living which Najib put brazen in Budget 2013 would outcome in electorate profitable back a favour to BN during a ballot box where it many matters.
"The idealisation test of a bill will be a stock market reaction upon Monday; it will certainly go up as well as will additionally affect a Astro initial open charity (IPO). It all fits in.
"If he (Najib) does not call for an choosing now, he's crazy," Chin said.
Malaysian Insider
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Bajet 2013: Ini Bajet Terbaeek sejak Nabi Adam AS!

Barisan MPs laud Budget 2013

Tidak mengapa , jika Syed Mokhtar punya kompeni hutang RM 34 billion.Dia kan Melayu? Apa salah nya orang Melayu kaya jugak. YTL kaya. Ananda Krishnan kaya. Quek Leng Chan kaya. Cina dan India kaya. Ok lah jika orang Melayu joke kaya.

Ye , tidak mengapa. Suatu hari nanti, bila orang masuk rumah kita, meniduri anak dan isteri kita tdak mengapa- sebab orang itu orang Melayu.Kalau demikian fikiran orang Melayu- tak dapek se nolong nya. Hidup Melayu.

Takpe, itu kita cerita lain kali.

Kali ini kita sebut pasal bajet 2013 dulu. Apabila kawan2 mengajak saya nonton TV tengok PM Najib bentang belanjawan, saya kata sori. Saya mahu dengar radio tanpa melihat wajah nya. Kalau kita nonton, saya khuatir kita tidak objektif. Yang taksub dengan Najib mulut merah akan memuji dan memuja nya. Inilah bajet yang terbaeek sejak zaman Nabi Adam AS( bukan Amerika Syarikat ye). Yang sedia tidak menyukai Najib akan mengecis nya.

Jadi lebih baik mendengar pembentangan tanpa wajah. Mungkin dengan cara yang demikian, kita boleh objektif. Saya talipon kawan saya di MOF- tuan sudah sediakan sapu tangan atau tissue ke untuk boss? Dia ketawa kerana tahu maksud saya kerana jika Najib bercakap terlalu lama, air liur akan meleleh. Kalau tak pakai tissue atau sapu tangan dia akan sapu dengan tangan dan kemudian akan salam orang lain. Kesianlah kat Muhyidin orang Muor tu.

Satu peringatan sebelum kita pergi jauh. Untuk makluman kedua pihak- PR dan BN. bajet bukan suatu anugerah atau present dari mereka kepada rakyat. Bajet ialah permohonan oleh kerajaan yang memerintah b! uat masa ini, dari rakyat untuk mengeluarkan sejumlah wang yang disatukan, untuk kegunaan mengurus dan mentadbir ekonomi. Its we who have been asking a income as well as telling us what as well as how we want to apply a income we asked from us.Ingat ya. So do mind your language. Ask us nicely. Bukan talk down upon us.

Bukan dia beri kita- bukan ehsan, bukan hadiah. Dia orang yang minta kepada kita. Duit rakyat punya dia mohon keluarkan untuk ditadbir dan diurus.

Jadi jangan nak ek dan sombong lah dengan penggayaan bahasa yang menjebik, mengejek dan penggunaan suatu yang diminta dari kami untuk dijadikan alasan untuk ejek2. Just do your bloody job- bentangkan bagaimana kamu mahu perlakukan duit kita. Ini bukan duit bapak awak punya yang di perlakukan kepada present kepada kita.

Najib thinks what he does is his present to us.

Untuk 2013, kerajaan BN meminta RM251.66 billion dari kita untuk melakukan beberapa perkara. Kita mulakan dengan bertanya, mengapa perbelanjaan mengurus 80% dari bajet 2013?Ini bukan jumlah yang sikit.Kerajaan BN sudah jadi suatu behemoth yang menyedut duit rakyat untuk menampung jentera mereka. Kamu mahu belanja RM201.9 billion untuk elaun tetap, untuk bayar gaji, untuk beli perbekalan, untuk beli harta dan lain2? Berapa harga printer tu? Berapa harga setin milo? Berapa harga kereta electron untuk jabatan X tu? Rakyat mahu tahu kepada belanja untuk perbekalan sebesar RM33.7 bilion?

Mak ai- ngapo banyak nyo jang?


Kalau lah bajet ini instrument untuk memberi a single off payments kepada pelbagai kelompok masyarakat, maka lebih baik tidak perlu bajet. Buat sahaja suatu extra bajet dan mintak secara khusus, ini sejumlah wang yang kami minta untuk beri kepada orang miskin, budak sekolah, pensioner, bekas tentera dan sebagai nya. For once, dont tell us a lies, we will stop telling a truth about you.

Penerima yang menerima pemberian a single offs ini tentu bergembira seperti yang sepatutnya. Kerana mereka tertekan oleh kos kehidupan yang kian meningkat akibat dari tidak cekap mengendali ekonomi seperti yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan Najib. Ingat itu. sekarang harga gula naik lagi.Walaupun monopoli gula di pegang oleh Syed Mokhtar. Harga beras naik lagi. Harga minyak masak naik. Harga daging sebab Shahrizat gagal dengan projek NFC- harga daging joke naik lagi.BN=Barang Naik!

Kita hendak tahu bagaimana kerajaan menggunakan duit yang mereka mohon itu untuk mengembangkan ekonomi. Nak tahu, bagaimana penggunaan wang yang mereka minta boleh meningkatkan kapasiti pengeluaran industry dan negara kita? Sebab apa? Sebab nya kalau ekonomi kita makmur, kerajaan boleh bayar hutang yang kini mencecah sudah tahap bahaya- hampir 55% dari GDP kita. 55% dari pendapatan negara kita.

! Ma cam mana kita hendak tahu, apa yang kerajaan lakukan untuk tujuan mengembangkan ekonomi kita? Kita tengok bahagian bajet yang disalurkan kepada belanja untuk pembangunan atau expenditure for development.Yakni belanja keatas faktor2 yang menggandakan pendapatan.



Sebanyak RM 30.6 billion untuk ekonomi- belanja buat jalan dan infratsruktur termasuklah agak nya, stream of hold up yang kontrak membina nya dimenangi oleh syarkat yang berkait dengan Hishamudin Hussein. Takpe- menteri kaya pun, mereka orang Melayu. Apa salah nya orang Melayu kaya.

Ini benar2 bajet tidak masuk akal. Kerajaan BN belanja lebih untuk menampung jentera berkerajaan yang semakin membesar dan belanja hanya 20% untuk membina kapasiti pengembangan ekonomi.

Sikit joke PM Najib tak sentuh mengenai ekonomi luar negara dan bagaimana apa yang dia rancang untuk negara kita berkait dengan apa yang berlaku diluar. Sebab itu bila saya dengar pembentangan bajet tanpa melihat muka PM najib yang hensem itu, saya tak faham apa sebenarnya perancangan Najib. Ye lah mungkin sebab sama seperti Dr Mahathir yang hanya ada weak propagandize certificate, saya jo! ke lulus copot2 bidang ekonomi dari university SA- Sekolah Atap.

Dan saya percaya dari MP yang ada dalam dewan kelmarin joke tak faham. Meraka hanya mahu sesi parlimen semalam tamat cepat supaya mereka boleh berlumba lumba berkata apabila di iinterview- ini bajet most appropriate given Nabi Adam.

Pasaran di luar negara semua dalam keadaan huru hara dan berasa cemas. Ekonomi dunia berada diambang resesi ekonomi dalam masa terdekat. Setakat ini belum kita lihat pembetulan atau koreksi jangka panjang. Maka Najib tidak hiraukan itu semua, dia buat macam apa orang luar negara buat- persetankan penyelesaian jangka masa panjang- kawan nak menang pilihanraya. Itu lagi penting.

Disini dia sibuk cakap besar mengenai penyenaraian baru atau IPO. Tengok FGV dia kata. Tengok IHCC. Tengok pula ASTRO nanti. ASTRO bukan awak punya lah wok. IPO2 ini semua akan menyedut wang rakyat dan akan modify simpanan rakyat kepada item kertas. Tidak ada faedah lansung dari perbuatan tersebut kecuali pembeli jual pada harga yang lebih tinggi dari harga semasa IPO. Banyak kaunter saham jatuh dan jatuh lagi jika ini gaya nya Najib mengurus ekonomi negara kita.

Maka bajet 2013 ini seperti yang Mukhriz Mahathir sebut bila Pak Lah buat ucapan Dasar pada suatu PAU- the aged wine in a new bottle. Takde yang baru. Bayar sana dan bayar sini. Beri a single off sana dan beri a single off sini. Saya rasa tidak ada orang akan bertemasya dengan membakar mercun dan bunga api. Di Bursa Saham sekarang, mungkin 65% hingga 70% syarikat yang tersenarai dalam keadaan tenat akibat pengurusan yang tidak cekap. SC mesti membersihkan Bursa dari syarikat2 yang menghisap darah rakyat.Sepatutnya bersihkan dulu Bursa Saham sebelum membenarkan kemasukan syarikat baru. Ada setengah saham syarikat di Bursa Saham KL tidak diperda! gangkan pun. Ini menandakan syarikat2 ini berisiko tinggi dan tidak selamat. Ramai pemain saham tinggal seluar dalam sahaja.

Dunia kat luar sana berkecamuk dan Najib ambil angka dari negeri antah berantah, kata Malaysia akan tumbuh pada kadar 5%? Yang menumbuhkan ekonomi kita ialah pengusaha yang menjual barang dan khidmat mereka.Mereka nak jual kepada ekonomi dunia yang kian menguncup? Bila ekonomi besar seperti china, india dan amerika menguncup, mereka akan jaga kebajikan rakyat mereka dahulu. Mereka akan kurangkan impot barangan seperti komoditi dari Malaysia. Malaysia akan kurang pendapatan. Bila kurang pendapatan, pengusaha akan scale down prolongation dan hasil untuk negera akan menguncup juga. Jadi dari bahagian otak mana Najib datang kadar pertumbuhan ini?

Asset waqaf mahu diconvert kepada item dalam bentuk share. Apa akan jadi? Jabatan yang jaga harta dan item waqaf akan modify item kepada saham. Urusetia yang jaga harta waqaf tidak lagi memiliki item fisikal tapi item kertas. Di perjudikan dalam pasaran saham. Naik atau turun ditentukan oleh sindiket.

Nampak nya tamak dan haloba orang "Pakatan Rakyat" dan pakar runding yang ingin buat duit dengan apa cara joke semakin melampau.

Posted by sakmongkol AK47
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UMNO TO BLAME for 'bad education policies' - disappointed parents

UMNO TO BLAME for 'bad preparation policies' - unhappy parents
Parents of today believe which their children's global competitiveness would be improved grown by an preparation outside of Malaysia, or a in isolation schools which will in a destiny pave for overseas' education.
And for this reason, relatives with equates to Malays, Chinese, Indians as good as Others have even done skeleton to quit before their young kids strech propagandize age. The flip-flop Malaysian preparation policies, unfortunately, have created dual groups of Malaysians a elite as good as a non-elite.
Parents with choice
Parents from a elite organisation this includes "Pakatan Rakyat" as good as Barisan politicians have been seeking an environment which could plea their children's thoughts intellectually. They still believe which it has to be preparation in English which can have their young kids achieve their aspiration.
These have been of course relatives with choice.
The less fortunate organisation of relatives a non-elite have to have do with what is provided by a supervision to them a inhabitant as good as vernacular schools.
When policy makers idle with policies as good as politicians stratagem preparation policies for domestic gains, relatives together with a politicians themselves will be thinking of how to get their young kids out of a system.
Unsurprisingly, those with equates to will send their young kids abroad or to in isolation schools for education, perhaps with a long-term devise to get them out of Malaysia.
"We have been confronting a array of preparation p! olicy fl ip-flops for a past 55 years which have been infuriating a people," pronounced a Malay healing alloy who has all his 3 young kids studying in Australia.
"The driving force here is a obscure as good as vanishing preparation complement which has depressed reduced of assembly parents' aspirations," he added.
The quality of Malaysian facile as good as aloft preparation has been unpredictable given a 1980s when Mahathir Muhamad took over as prime minister. Despite talking high upon feat he did not have a domestic will to have English a core language for education.
Unwise decision
"Parents will often feel perturbed when they consider of their children's future. They, as anyone would expect, spin disrespectful of a flip-flop preparation policies as good as feel undone when politicians do not belong to their requests," opined a father of dual children.
Most relatives feel which a abolishment of PPSMI (the Teaching of Maths as good as Science in English) has been a large mistake. And "Pakatan Rakyat" politicians contingency have done an foolish decision to pander to a voters' emotions, customarily a tiny organisation of so called "nationalists" - oddly, many of whom have their young kids educated overseas.
The supervision is right away not even deliberation giving a preference to sense Maths as good as Science in English in order to rein in a brain empty predicament a nation is facing.
The English medium schools were abolished in 1969 to permit to a final of a little "rebels" during a responsibility of students being allowed to master a language. Little do these politicians as good as supposed "nationalists" wish to recognize which many Malays as good as alternative races who could verbalise decent English today have been a product of which aged though in effect system.
Most relatives have been not preoccupied of a fact which being mono-lingual is not endurable for their yo! ung kids to survive in this rival world.
Abolishing a PPSMI would usually prompt wealthy relatives to send their young kids to in isolation schools as good as this will significantly pave a proceed for a solid brain empty as many of them will finish up starting abroad for their tertiary preparation as good as might confirm not to return.
The brain empty phenomenon
After all a trial-and-error proceed to a preparation policies by a "Pakatan Rakyat"-led supervision for a past many years, relatives as good as young Malaysians have mislaid conviction in a country's preparation method as good as their policies.
One reason to this is which governing body has "eaten" in to a preparation policies in Malaysia as good as both governing body as good as preparation have together joined to spoil a broth.
It has right away spin a daunting charge to remonstrate splendid students of all races to stay in a nation after they have graduated. The Malaysian preparation policies have been actually driving splendid students out of a country.
This brain empty phenomenon knows no racial dimension with a predisposition to quit or work abroad being high between all races Malays, Chinese, Indians as good as Others.
More than half of a Malaysian diaspora have been highly-skilled as good as tertiary-educated. This has been a good loss to a country. To spin a high-income nation, tellurian collateral is a many appropriate resource. The nation has however mislaid roughly 200, 000 gifted 'brains" inside of a past ten years. Many of these people have been right away contributing to a growth of alternative nations.
To lure them behind to a nation has not been fruitful notwithstanding all a "incentives" offered by a government.
These diaspora cite "children's education" as their categorical reason to spin down a offer. And a significant series of them have been in use in Singapore, Australia, Eu! rope, Ca nada as good as a US.
UMNO-led supervision has unhappy parents
Obviously all relatives have good regard for their children's education. This is an area where "Pakatan Rakyat"-led supervision has unhappy them most, generally those in a non-elite group. The debase is generally obvious in a initial 6 years of facile preparation in a inhabitant as good as vernacular schools.
And a non-elite organisation has no improved preference though to bear with a incoherent supervision preparation policies.
Opting for a bilingual or a trilingual preparation policy has seen a setback. It has unsuccessful to have students command a English language. Neither can they command their mother-tongue or Bahasa Malaysia pretty well. In many inhabitant as good as vernacular schools it's not English though Manglish or "no-English-at all" which students lend towards to collect up.
After 6 years of facile preparation they still finish up with poor speaking as good as writing skills in a languages particularly English. It's additionally clear which students have been lagging in numeracy skills which have been needed for aloft preparation in all a respective fields relating to a sciences as good as technologies.
What disheartens a relatives from a non-elite organisation many is when after 6 years of facile preparation their young kids come behind home though any simple education as good as numeracy skills.
Educationists have been aware which these dual skills have been a substructure to all alternative disciplines of believe as good as yet a preparation complement of a nation has unsuccessful to fulfil these needs. Majority of schoolchildren have unsuccessful to learn even a rudiments of all these skills after 6 years of education.
This irks roughly all parents.
Bad policies
The quandary faced by many teachers in inhabitant as good as ver! nacular schools is how to realise ideas in to movement a theory-praxis problem as good as to have schoolchildren learn these skills before they embark upon to aloft education, generally when there have been too many domestic interventions in a preparation process.
The basics required of young kids during a facile theatre have been to see to their acquisition of simple education as good as numeracy skills. Unfortunately, preparation has remained an episode of stagnancy in a lives of infancy schoolchildren all since of bad policies.
High-sounding jargons by politicians as good as "experts" written upon papers as good as presented during seminars as good as functions have been not starting to assistance bring these simple skills to a children. It's "back to basics" is a usually resolution to a predicament faced by relatives as good as schoolchildren in Malaysian schools both farming as good as urban.
These dual areas have been additionally seriously inspiring students in grown countries.
"But bringing in technological gadgets to schools will not necessarily urge students' education as good as numeral skills crucial during their facile level. Schools need efficient as good as dedicated teachers," commented a graduate teacher.
Studies have undoubtedly shown which young kids who have clever numeracy as good as education skills during a facile turn have been means to cope improved with studies during a aloft level.
"Just keep a domestic equations aside as good as safeguard which those recruited to spin teachers do have seductiveness in a contention as good as have been efficient as good as dedicated sufficient to teach," quipped a primogenitor who has 3 young kids in a inhabitant facile school.
The tellurian touch
Lost for novel or aged ideas, a little "Pakatan Rakyat" politicians as good as even educationists have been advocating a use of advance technology to learn these dua! l simple skills required of students during a facile stage.
"No doubt, a use of technology is helpful in precision as good as there can be a little good in having students entrance to a Internet to seek believe as good as do interactive guidance though studies have shown which this is more in effect during a aloft turn as good as not a facile level," remarked a propagandize teacher.
"At a facile turn it is still a tellurian hold which is crucial. The "entertainment" effects of technology can often sidetrack students from being focussed upon a subject matter," she added.
Studies have shown which a formative years of preparation is where a impressionistic minds of young kids work many as good as they have been many receptive to any kind of learning. And they lend towards to forget quick too. Thus they need creative, knowledgeable, efficient as good as efficient as good as studious teachers to guide them.
"Having efficient as good as efficient teachers to handle students is more formidable than having computer gadgets installed in schools," pronounced another comparison propagandize teacher.
"There was a time when Brinsford as good as Kirby lerned teachers taught us though much AV aids though students still achieved well. They were often teachers who usually had their aloft propagandize certificates prior to their training," he added.
These were generally well-qualified as good as lerned teachers who were dedicated as good as additionally proficient in a English language.
"Many were additionally lerned to learn arithmetic as good as science in internal precision colleges. They were equally good as those comparison for a precision were really qualified," pronounced a comparison arithmetic teacher.
Of course governing body had less influence in schools during a time. Race as good as quotas of teachers were never an issue during all. Those genuinely efficient were accepted to be lerned to spin teachers. Many! of our benefaction leaders in a nation in all sectors have been a product of which system.
"Students of those batches verbalise pretty decent English as good as those who have a numeracy skills have spin efficient workers in their respective fields, such as doctors as good as engineers," remarked a retired teacher.
Have to bear with what is slated
UMNO governing body has sinister a preparation policies of a country. These politicians belong to a elite organisation as good as together with a elite organisation of relatives they will find a inhabitant as good as vernacular schools not a preference for their children. The inhabitant as good as vernacular schools apparently have been meant for a non-elite organisation in a country.
And it looks like a infancy of a non-elite relatives have to bear with what is slated for them by a "Pakatan Rakyat"-led government.
Malaysia Chronicle
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Ini kisah yang pernah disiarkan oleh Perak Today tidak lama dulu pasal seorang budak yang ada masalah telinga. Klik sini

Alhamdulillah, bantuan rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin telah membuatkan anak kecil ini mendapat peluang untuk rawatan yang diperlukan. Marilah kita baca kisah yang sangat menyentuh hati ni dibawah:

Berkat sokongan dan bantuan masyarakat Malaysia yang prihatin, Adik Aleesya Analia Norhaid, selamat menjalani pembedahan implan koklear di Pusat Perubatan Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PPHUKM) pada 30 Ogos lalu, sekaligus memberi sinar harapan baru kepadanya untuk menjalani kehidupan normal seperti kanak-kanak lain.

Selepas kisahnya mendapat liputan meluas di dada akhbar dan elektronik termasuklah, bantuan kewangan datang mencurah dari seluruh negara, kata ibunya, Nor Aainy Kamal Bashah.

Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih tidak terhingga kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang begitu prihatin dengan masalah kewangan yang kami hadapi untuk menanggung kos pembedahan yang berjumlah RM77,000.

Namun, di atas keprihatian rakyat negara ini, pembedahan itu berjaya dilaksanakan melalui Tabung Bantuan PPHUKM yang menyumbang RM50,000, katanya kepada pemberita di Ipoh, hari ini.

Ditanya perkembangan terbaru Aleesya Analia selepas menjalani pembedahan itu, si ibu berkata, anaknya kini menjalani terapi pertuturan di Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun (HRPB) pada setiap minggu.

Dalam tempoh enam bulan akan datang, Aleesya Analia juga akan menjalani terapi audio di PPHUKM bagi memastikan pembedahan implan koklear yang dijalankan itu berjaya.

Selepas pembedahan itu, Aleesya Analia sudah mula memberi respon positif d! an saya berharap anak saya dapat mendengar dan bertutur sama seperti kanak-kanak normal lain pada masa akan datang, tegasnya lagi.

Baca seterusnya di Perak Today...

Fidgety PM delays polls, doles out cash

As a curtain falls upon a Budget 2013 speech, it is almost sure which Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has decided to call for polls next year, possibly around March.

Despite tabling yet an additional necessity budget, a Najib administration department additionally announced a slew of money handouts for BN's greatest intensity marketplace - a lower-income organisation - which will most expected be disbursed before job for polls.

NONEThe largest recipients of these handouts have been in a form of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia, dubbed BR1M 2.0, an viewable impertinent puncture during a Bersih 2.0 coalition.

Households with a combined income of RM3,000 as great as next would be authorised for a RM500 handout. Unmarried people 21 years as great as above earning RM2,000 as great as next would be authorised for a RM250 handout.

About 224,000 armed forces veterans who have served 21 years or more will additionally be authorised for a one-off RM1,000 money handout, whilst 55,000 fishermen will be authorised for a RM200 monthly allowance.

Parents will additionally be authorised to again claim RM100 for each schoolchildren, estimated during 5.4 million pupils, whilst an estimated 1.3 million pre-university as great as university students will be equates to to apply for a RM250 book voucher.

BR1M 2.0 will take time

But as shown during a initial proviso of BR1M early this year, this routine takes time. The! initial proviso of BR1M, together with appeals, took until March to complete.

Najib must call for polls by Apr twenty-eight or else Parliament w! ould be dissolved automatically, as great as thereafter a Election Commission will have a power to set an election date inside of 60 days.

NONEThis equates to which a most appropriate window for Najib to call for polls would be around March, when a vast number of a electorate have been still euphoric from claiming their handouts as great as should still be in a Chinese New Year mood.

Although a ethics of money handouts would be questioned, BR1M 2.0 will serve as an critical platform for BN since as shown during a initial phase, internal BN coordinators can abuse a application routine for campaigning.

Apart from a one-percent remission in income taxation for those with a taxable income of next RM50,000, it does not look like a bill is designed to please a 1.4 million taxpayers as great as urbanites with little shift to a taxation service as great as remission structure.

Urban bad problems
Najib's debate did include an endless explanation upon how a bill would help make housing affordable for first-time buyers in a Klang Valley - cynically dubbed a "new civic poor" by some.

NONEThe Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (PR1MA) scheme, announced during a last bill as great as which appears stillborn, is mentioned again this year, whilst a cap upon a feeble perceived My First Home Scheme is increased.

Real property gains taxation (RPGT) was additionally increasing though it will take time for a marketplace to find a brand brand new equilibrium as great as is doubtful to cool down a housing marketplace before polls need to be calle! d.
The 123,000 affordable housing units which a government intends to build, some as far as Seremban, will additionally take time to launch.

Other dire civic problems such as improving open travel have been not addressed in a budget, nonetheless there have been provisions for a 50-percent bonus for low-income groups as great as senior citizens roving a KTM Komuter.

Ignoring a civic opinion does not come as a warn as these voters in all opinion opposite a statute party.


Although a masses will expected hearten during Najib's slew of goodies, a discerning few would notice which a premier's opening as great as closing remarks give away his motives as great as even his weaknesses.

Najib's opening bragged about how BN had kept its promises for 55 years, combining twelve unbroken governments - a covenant of a public's capitulation of a statute coalition's performance.

NONEHe then capped off his two-hour debate by taking potshots during opposition personality Anwar Ibrahim, derisive him, as absurdly as it sounds, for unwell to exercise Pakatan Rakyat's policies when he was deputy premier.

For Najib, his bill debate was not so much aimed during a formidable task of reforming a nation's economy as great as charting a brand brand new path for a future, though a dangerous game of one-upmanship in a popularity stakes.

Over a past 4 years, BN's greatest worry is which Pakatan had shown which it can conduct 4 states reasonably great as great as providing a electorate a convincing alternative.

Unlike his prior bill speeches, Najib today did not appear to exude a same certainty seen when announcing showy projects such as the100-storey mega tower- wor ld's third tallest - nor a multi-billionMRT project.

Instead, Najib seemed to draw comfort in doling out something great to eat to seaside up his support, as great as not so much his vision. After all, what great is vision if he ends up sitting upon a opposition bench.

ANDREW ONG has been partial of a Malaysiakini headlines table for seven years.
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Black marks for a free press

SB black operation picks upon the black border the government's infamous Operation Lallang mass arrests of 100 or so people mostly antithesis politicians, but also including Christian convert, the priest, academicians as well as activists. The final-edition front page, as we recall, was the sheer print gallery, as many as could fit, of the many distinguished [...] Read More @ Source

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Bajet 2013: Ini Bajet Terbaeek sejak Nabi Adam AS!

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Dr Ms new preoccupation in lobbying for warship purchases

Koon Yew Yin

mahathir-warshipA inhabitant news every day had as the front page inform the story with the headline title "Keep him sealed up". I am certain that my Barisan Nasional friends have been commencement to think of this resolution in apply oneself of the former budding apportion as the flow of half-baked or meaningless suggestions as well as proposals from Dr Mahathir Mohamad continues unabated.

Far from being an asset, Dr. Mahathir is seen by most as the liability to Umno as well as the Barisan. Although some recent analysts have argued that Dr Mahathir might wish to contest the next elections as well as 'save' Umno, I am certain the election group advising Prime Minister Najib sees it unequivocally differently.

Short of locking him up, this group of strategists must be unfortunate for ideas upon how they can muzzle Dr Mahathir as he continues his one-man show around the nation reminding the nation upon how they badly need him back in power; as well as how common Najib Razak has been (compared to Dr Mahathir) in his stewardship of the country.

Not all of Dr Mahathir's rants concentration upon lambasting the Malays for their stupidity as well as ignorance. Not all of his verbal assaults have been destined during the Malaysian citizens for unwell to appreciate the certain aspects of Umno rule as well as his own purpose in Malaysian politics. Other open appearances as well as speeches by him have an opaque agenda that can price the nation dearly if careful courtesy is not paid to them as well as questions have been not publicly raised as to their ultimate hidden objective.

One of the most recent of such open appearances was in Perak in that he expressed his certainty that internal shipbuilde! rs have been able of office office building vast vessels, together with warships. The occasion of this remarkable exaggerate was during his revisit to during the shipyard owned by NGV Tech in Kampung Sijangkang in that he was accompanied NGV Tech executive chairman Zulkifli Shariff as well as Chief of Navy Abdul Aziz Jaafar.

According to the Bernama report, he is reported to have said: "I am confident NGV Tech is able of office office building vast vessels as well as warships as it is the worldly association entrusted with office office building dual Royal Malaysian Navy precision ships by the joint try with the South Korean company".

Local association boleh

Now everybody knows that although you might shout out the inhabitant cry of 'Malaysia Boleh', it is unequivocally the foreign joint try partners of internal companies that have been obliged for the costly hi-tech fight toys purchased by the Defence Ministry, be it airplanes, helicopters, submarines or warships.

Our purpose in all of these is simply as assemblers of the worldly hardware as well as software that have been made elsewhere. Some low technology components might be made in the nation though these comprise usually the little proportion of the total contract.

Let us additionally not dont think about that the early negotiations for the scandalous scandal surrounding the Scorpene purchase from the French took place during Dr Mahathir's time as budding minister, as well as that the earliest commission payments paid out to Malaysian middlemen were given out in 2000, 3 years before Dr Mahathir left his post.

Dr Mahathir additionally knows of the lack of genius in the counterclaim industry as well as the dependence upon the technologically advanced nations, together with South Korea. He is no fool. But there is the method to his apparent madness.

His expression of certainty in the country's! ability to set up the own warships, just as he had certainty in Proton's ability to manufacture the Malaysian car, is utterly simply to assistance run the Malaysian naval chief to commend that warships have been necessary to protect the nation's waters. It is additionally to reassure Malaysians that you already have the internal association that is ready, pacific as well as able to set up these warships.

Gracing the association occasions

It is important to note that this is not the initial time Dr Mahathir has appeared during an NGV occasion. In February 2011, he had appeared during the stipulate signing ceremony held to seal NGV Tech's collaboration with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co Ltd to erect the dual 75.9-metre precision vessels for the Royal Malaysian Navy, each costing some-more than RM140 million.

There could be other occasions in that he might have been benefaction during NGV functions that might not have been publicly disclosed.

Incidentally, NGV Tech's worldly work specifications crop up to be to coupling together the opposite parts of the vessel after they have been transported to Malaysia. Such is the hi-tech expertise.

One wonders why Dr Mahathir is putting so much time as well as bid in helping NGV Tech do the lobbying as well as marketing. Surely, the ex-prime apportion has improved things to do as well as some-more noble causes to assistance with his time than crop up to be the salesman upon behalf of NGV Tech.

Enemies have been within

Besides regard during this new growth in Dr Mahathir's career what most would see as functioning as the troops lobbyist that is unequivocally bad for his as well as the inhabitant picture (the South Korean company's leaders must be shouting behind the backs during the internal hi-tech capabilities), I am additionally disturbed that these costly troops warships that Dr Mahathir is touting for the naval chief to cruise buying will get into the counterc! laim buy ing priorities as well as become the reality.

In my view, there is no justification for the enormous counterclaim bill as well as further purchase of costly troops planes, ships, submarines as well as other instruments of fight that has already price us hundreds of billions of ringgit. Besides being situated in the pacific neighbourhood of Asean, you already have some-more than enough troops genius to understanding with whatever external threats there might be. In fact, the enemies have been not from outside though especially inside of the nation as can be seen from the rapidly sharpening crime as well as worldly white-collar crooks ripping off the Malaysian treasury.

Dr Mahathir likes to see himself as the peacenik compared to leaders such as Bush as well as Blair whom he has labelled as "war criminals". In advocating for the further militarization of the nation as well as acting as the super salesman for what most see as internal rent seeking companies, he is not usually further blemish his bequest though additionally strengthening the sense that he is the hypocrite.

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DPM: Its not an election budget

The deputy premier says which Budget 2013 is focused upon Malaysians' everyday needs.
KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has denied which a Budget 2013 is an election-geared one.
Despite a vast series of incentives, he pronounced a budget, which was presented by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in Parliament today, was some-more about Malaysians than it was about elections.
Speaking upon a second Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) handouts, he said: "We don't consider what a opposition says, since a bill is motionless by a government, generally a PM."
"The BR1M is being since upon a basis of our response to revoke a cost of living. That is a plea being faced by a vast series of people, generally those who earn reduction than RM3,000," he added.
Muhyiddin pronounced a money, once disbursed to Malaysians, would then re-enter a economy by their spending.
Trade, he said, would enlarge as well as as a result, a country's necessity would go down.
A BR1M cash benefit worth RM250 was voiced by a prime apportion today. It would be meant for households with a monthly income of reduction than RM3,000.
Its criteria was additionally lengthened to single, unwed people aged 21 as well as above, earning reduction than RM2,000 a month. Previously, a supervision handed out RM500 BR1M payments.
Other something good to eat additionally appeared in a budget, including a one-off RM200 smartphone rebate for youths, a drill benefit aid of RM100 for all first as well as delegate propagandize students as well as RM250 book vouchers for tertiary students.
On tip of that, a individual income taxatio! n rate w as voiced to be marked down by 1-percentage indicate for each grouped annual income taxation exceeding RM2,500 to RM50,000. Cooperative income taxation rates would additionally be marked down between 1 as well as 7-percentage points.
Civil servants additionally received a one-and-a-half-month bonus.
Muhyiddin additionally commended a bill as a whole, adding which no group whether they were fishermen or farmers was left out.
He was additionally confident which a budget's measures would pave a approach to shortening Malaysia's fiscal necessity to 3%; a 2015 target.
Muhyiddin, who is additionally education minister, thanked a prime apportion for a RM38.7 billion grant 21% of a Budget 2013s programmed output as well as a assorted focuses upon his portfolio.
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TERKINI!!! Dr Mansor di "thoron" dari belakang untuk beri jalan Kak Wan

Desas desus memberitahu bahawa kebocoran audio mesyuarat itu mesti dari orang dalam dan siapa lagi kalau tidak orang PKR yang biasa dalam hal-hal main belakang dan LGBT.

Kami memetik sumber blogGelagat Anwar di bawah untuk ketahui siapa mereka-mereka yang ada dalam mesyuarat:

Dr Mansor Othman PKR Vice President, PKR State Liaison Committee Chairman and Penang Deputy Chief Minister, Felix

Budget 2013: BN sings praises

Barisan MPs have been excited about the Budget 2013, stressing that it is the single that takes each facet of Malaysian hold up in to account.
KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional MPs have zero though tall regard for Budget 2013, as good as have thanked Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for taking care of the various ministries in the government.
Here have been their responses.
Umno-Temerloh MP as good as Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah:
It is the bill geared towards the healthy economy. It is both comprehensive in the fiscal calm as good as thorough of the people.
The fiscal process of the bill strengthens the in isolation zone as the growth engine by the enhancing of the rule-based as good as incentive-driven market, such as increasing budgets for made at home investment, small-medium enterprises as good as traders.
It's not usually about goodies. More importantly, it is strengthening the convention of equitable as good as socially efficient allocation.

MCA-Alor Star MP as good as Housing as good as Local Government Chor Chee Heung:
This bill is the most appropriate as far as you am concerned. It is all-encompassing. Every stratum of the village receives something great from this budget, either they have been late pensioners, youths as good as those who have been working.
In conditions of housing, I'm really satisfied since the supervision is really generous. They realised that affordable housing is important, that is since the lot of money has been given out for for my ministry to build houses for the rakyat.
MCA-Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim Siang Chai:
We have been seeking during assisting the manage to buy to safeguard that you can grasp our target of apropos the developed nation in 8 years.
We have been seeking during some-more companies being listed. Other than that, the Tun Razak Exchange is additionally offering some-more job oppoprtunites as good as goal to be the monetary centre in Southeast Aasia.
Other than that, you think you know that BR1M 2.0 will await those in the lower-income organisation as good as you have been additionally seeking in to assisting the youth, that is since you have incentives for them.
We goal that this bill can be accepted by the rakyat so that you can go upon to serve them so that you can pierce forward.
MIC-Cameron Highlands MP as good as Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department SK Devamany:
The polite service, ordinary people, women, comparison citizens, military, police, children, students as good as youths all get help. Just discuss it us what you need. The fight has begun.
Pakatan Rakyat's bill is all about attacking. They usually fight to get reactions to win the election, though they will not win.
The office building of the nation does not depend upon anger. you ask them to stick upon us in the fight to empower Malaysia, since our enemies have been not from within, though from without.

MCA-Raub MP as good as Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen:
Today, you have heard from the prime minister about this obliged budget. It is the single that takes in to comment all layers of Malaysian society.
As the Tourism Minister, you welcome the announcement of 2013 to be the Visit Malaysia Year. This will rise our tourism industry, as good as you welcome the tax incentives for tourism agencies.
Pakatan's budget, upon the alternative hand, is the populist budget, as it talks ab! out gene ral headings. It doesn't go in to the sum as good as the implementation.
Their bill talks the lot about the center class, the teachers, the PTPTN holders, though altogether it doesn't really cover everything. They don't have substantial details.
Ours is the obliged as good as careful budget. We take the deficit, growth rate as good as targeted subsidies in to consideration, that is really important.
International Trade as good as Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed:
The bill reflects the government's joining towards improving the investment sourroundings as good as await for made at home companies, together with Bumiputera SMEs. The RM1 billion Domestic Investment Strategic Fund, the RM 1 billion SME Development Fund, RM200 million Halal Industry Fund, RM50 million Young Entrepreneurs Fund have been all aimed during facilitating entrance to financing, inspire commercial operation expansion as good as diversification.
The Domestic Investment Strategic Fund is to accelerate the shift of Malaysian-owned companies in targeted industries to tall value-added, tall technology, knowledge-intensive as good as innovation-based industries.
The fund aims to harness as good as precedence upon outsourcing opportunities combined by MNCs handling in Malaysia; intensify record acquisition by Malaysian-owned companies; as good as capacitate Malaysian-owned companies to acquire general standards/certifications in vital industries as good combine in to incomparable entities.
The bill has additionally done accessible funds to inspire serve innovation. This is privately by the recognition of IPs as collateral to acquire financing. This fund is timely as good as significant as it creates the appropriate sourroundings for some-more innovative as good as creative SMEs.
Clearly this bill is thorough as good as reaffirms that this supervision is determined to fulfill the promises to the commercial operation community! . We wil l work with the in isolation zone to emanate the conducive, business-friendly environment, ancillary made at home investment.
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Great adaptations

SEPT twenty-nine Even though a Malaysian movie industry is probably usually 20 to thirty years younger than which of Hollywood (we longed for out upon creation wordless films, though a really first underline movie Laila Majnun was still done in a late 1930s), were further at the back of when it comes to industry trends as well as genres. In most cases, you not usually longed for a bandwagon ... Read More

More needed to improve transport system

The Association for a Improvement of Mass Transit is not tender by a budget proposals.
PETALING JAYA: Budget 2013 has little to offer in a approach of mending a open transport system, generally in a Klang Valley, according to a Association for a Improvement of Mass Transit (Transit).
Transit spokesman R Rajiv pronounced that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's announcements were disappointing, even though some people might initially be impressed, generally with a proposal to extend a 50% bonus upon KTM Komuter tickets to people earning RM3,000 as good as less.
"There's unequivocally zero much upon open transport; he should have done more," pronounced Rajiv.
"Instead of giving out BR1M 2.0, because not only give out train passes for a single year? That could be a radical solution.
"Instead of focusing upon a discount, you contingency focus upon fare integration."
However, he welcomed a proclamation about expanding a services of Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad to alternative cities besides Kuala Lumpur.
"Hopefully Rapid Kuantan as good as Rapid Ipoh will complement rsther than than compete as good as kill off any other," he said. "But you won't comment some-more upon that until you see some-more of a plans."
On a proposal to give school train operators a RM10,000 cash rebate as good as 2% seductiveness funding upon loans for brand new buses, Rajiv pronounced this should extend to all sorts of buses.
"Bus operators have been carrying a tough time, as good as newcomer numbers have been dropping. The monetary viability of train operators is unequivocally s! omething you desperately need to address.
"The Klang Valley is flourishing bigger as good as bigger, as good as there have been no brand new train routes. People would rsther than buy cars, as good as when that happens, nobody takes a buses anymore."
Rajiv, who is a Subang Jaya municipal councillor, pronounced Transit had always advocated a "complete network" of buses for a Klang Valley, which has 1,200 buses for a race of about 7 million.
He made a comparison with London, which is scarcely similar in race as good as geographical size. It has 7,500 buses.
"While you determine with Pakatan's shade budget that you should rught away get 1,000 some-more buses, this is still not enough. We need during least 5,000."
Rajiv pronounced a supervision should also encourage some-more motorists to play ground as good as ride, deploy some-more feeder buses to commuter stations, as good as have some-more walking walkways.
"More buses won't emanate some-more congestion. If only 10 people leave their cars during home, there will 10 cars fewer upon a road as good as only a single additional bus."
Rajiv pronounced a budget had also overlooked a need for some-more train drivers.
"Many work overtime as good as that's what causes crashes. Singapore has gotten all the most appropriate drivers."
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All signs point towards polls

The end of a budding minister's bill debate sounded some-more similar to an choosing campaign debate when he proposed attacking a opposition.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Budget 2013 voiced by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak currently has all a mixture to win a hearts as good as minds of a rakyat, signalling which a ruling Barisan Nasional is in a final stages of job for a subsequent ubiquitous election.
While it is a good known actuality which a bill would be a final prior to a subsequent ubiquitous election, as concurred by Najib in a all-important speech, he went a extra mile attacking a antithesis Pakatan Rakyat.
Apart from announcing goodies targeted during a younger voters, pensioners, fishermen, farmers, brand brand brand brand new housebuyers, among others, Najib spent during least a final 20 mins of his bill debate to hit out during a opposition.
A press matter from a Prime Minister's office termed a Budget 2013 as a "responsive as good as obliged Budget", which would be certainly countered by a opposition.
Although Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin denied which a bill was an choosing budget, others would desire to differ.
Clad in a pastel green baju Melayu, Najib began his bill debate portrayal a flushed design of a nation's economy, observant which it would grow between 4.5% as good as 5% in 2012.
He additionally predicted which subsequent year, a manage to buy would expand between 4.5% as good as 5.5%, whilst a country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would surpass a favoured RM1 trillion for a initial time in a nation's history.
The bill additionally supposing a forecast which ! Malaysia 's fiscal deficit would be marked down from 4.5% this year to 4% in 2013.
Progressive budget
"In a wide-ranging as good as progressive budget, a budding apportion voiced measures to safeguard a long-term prosperity of a country as good as enlarge a customary of vital for all Malaysians," pronounced a matter from Najib's office.
Najib had since priority to crime reduction, fighting corruption, as good as upon condition which benefit to senior citizens, children, disabled workers as good as those with chronic illnesses.
Other major sum contained in a bill have been a brand brand brand brand new Urban Transformation Programme, which will enlarge urban expansion as good as safeguard improved delivery of services in urban areas, improvements to farming infrastructure, together with 441km of brand brand brand brand new roads to benefit 220,000 people in farming communities, RM400 million to 1AZAM, a programme upon condition which opportunities as good as support for nearly 60,000 people upon low-income as good as RM738 million for youth as good as sports development.
Najib additionally set aside RM600 million for academic investigate in vital sectors such as nanotechnology as good as biotechnology, RM2 billion to support sustainable expansion by extending a Green Technology Financing Scheme, a establishment of 100 1Malaysia Internet centres to enlarge broadband access, a RM200 rebate for 1.5 million immature people to purchase smartphones as good as an renovate of subsidies to improved aim low-income groups as good as titillate health.
Budget 2013 has additionally allocated RM1.5 billion for cultivation projects such as oil palm, rubber, high-value spices as good as padi, as good as RM500 million for a River of Life plan for a painting of Klang River.
To encourage SMEs, a bill provides a account of RM1 billion under a SME Development Scheme. The bill additionally proposes a organisati! on word coverage scheme for hawkers as good as owners of small businesses registered with a Companies Commission.
It additionally proposed to cut particular income taxation rates, taking 170,000 taxpayers out of a income taxation system.
In addition, RM590 million will be allocated to fighting crime as good as ensuring which people feel safer in their communities. The brand brand brand brand new Urban Transformation Programme will develop urban areas, whilst a Rural Transformation Programme will be expanded. A sum of RM4.5 billion will be invested in mending farming infrastructure. It will additionally settle 70 brand brand brand brand new 1Malaysia clinics in 2013, where Malaysians can entrance healthcare for RM1.
Goodies for aim groups
While all this is approaching of a bill speech, a goodies splashed out for a aim organisation voters, especially a immature first-time voters, as good as farming citizens is obvious.
The most interesting part of a budget, which woke up most Members of Parliament from their two-hour slumber, was Najib's end of a speech.
"The brand brand brand brand new bill which I have tabled for 2013 is a final bill prior to a 13th ubiquitous election. This is among a series of budgets which will propel this dear nation towards achieving a national vision. With a permission of a Almighty, as good as a support of a rakyat, god willing, you will witness six some-more budgets to be tabled by a Barisan Nasional supervision prior to transforming Malaysia from center to a high income as good as developed country.
"As a party with a mandate, you titillate a rakyat to weigh critically as good as rationally each as good as each successful jot down of a Barisan Nasional. Over a final 55 years, a Barisan Nasional supervision as good as a progressing Perikatan supervision have combined a improved quality of life for a rakyat. We have been wakeful which there have been parties re! questing to be since a possibility to form a subsequent government. In a approved country, you understand which they too have their rights. It is a rakyat who in end decides who will be since a charge by a list box," Najib pronounced to a thumping of tables by associate MPs.
In a conclusion, which sounded some-more similar to he was upon choosing campaign trail, Najib told a rakyat which a time has arrived when each voter will soon have a preference in last their destiny as good as which of their children.
"An critical question to ask in creation which preference is whether life currently is improved than yesterday, as good as whether tomorrow gives hope which is full of possibilities as good as potential. If a answer is yes, please give a charge to a benefaction supervision to further titillate what you have today, but any hesitation.
"We recognize which a Barisan Nasional supervision is not but fault, but what differentiates us from others is which they do not have a bravery to accept mistakes. On a alternative hand, they have excuses as good as find fault in others," he said, obviously referring to Pakatan Rakyat.
Hitting out during a opposition
On a some-more personal tone, he hit out during Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim but mentioning name. Anwar had served as deputy budding apportion as good as monetary apportion during a 1997 Asian monetary crisis.
"If currently they have promises, a rakyat must ask why is this leadership, whilst in power, did not take any action. When they had a opportunity as good as did not implement what they promised, what guarantee is there which they will do promises when they have been in power? Wasn't it during a Asian monetary predicament which a country was roughly destroyed? And today, in a states which have been administered by them, their manifestos contain usually promises. Can they be devoted when in power?" Najib asked.
"There have been parties! who hav e been peaceful to scapegoat everything simply for a consequence of power. The Barisan Nasional supervision is guided by 'fastabiqul khairat' as written in a Al-Quran which is to do good.
"The parties upon a alternative side have been guided by a 'fastabiqul fasad', which is, they will not demur to do bad. The Barisan Nasional supervision fosters secular unity which is a basis for national stability. But alternative parties, however, who wish to be in energy have been sowing seeds of conflict as good as hate. This supervision has been accused of multiform wrongdoings according to their own whims as good as fancy.
"Thus, I titillate Malaysians to decider a Barisan Nasional supervision upon a merits," pronounced a budding minister.
While to most these lines would be interpreted as a political rhetoric, observant it during a bill presentation, beamed live via television as good as radio, to millions of courteous Malaysia is another signal which a polls is near.
Najib has left a door open to calls for an choosing for a subsequent six months as some of a goodies voiced would be delivered usually in Jan subsequent year.
This would stay fresh in a minds of Malaysian citizens by a time they cast they ballots. The goodies voiced currently would additionally be repeated again as good as again from now compartment a choosing to uncover which a ruling BN is here for a people.
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Budget 2013: It is an Election Budget

September 29, 2012

Budget 2013: It is an Election Budget

by Aidila Razak (09-28-2012)

BUDGET 2013: The array of something good to eat dished out in Budget 2013 is seen as a transparent move of a BN supervision in reaching out to a opinion banks in different sectors in a run-up to a 13th ubiquitous election.

However, analysts feel which a Najib administration department has, nonetheless again, left out a center class, despite a slight a single percent cut in a income tax, which is seen as tiny relief. Here have been a little of their observations:

Ibrahim Suffian, Director of Merdeka Centre:

It's an choosing budget, especially due to a perfect distance of dash payments to different sections of a population, including a concentration upon agriculture, where a BN has a await base.

NONEIt competence have a little people unhappy, especially a tax-paying center category who have been not removing most from a budget. The taxation rebate does not cover most people, who will go upon to compensate taxation though removing most relief.

However, a supervision did address key issues such as transportation in vital cities. But it's startling which Johor Baru was not mentioned for this, since a size. Maybe a BN feels it's a safe area (in terms of votes) or it is a strategy to have people opinion for them.

No disbelief a concentration upon crime rebate! as good as a enlargement of a home owner intrigue is a positive development, though it will take time for a process to have a domestic impact. It's additionally spotty, for there have been only a few places earmarked for this programme.

I am additionally not certain if upon condition which grants to residents' associations for crime prevention is a way to go. It is revelation which a crime rate is up as good as a Police have been not able to hoop it.

Dr (h.c) Ramon Navaratnam, Economist:

The projected expansion rate of 4.5 to 5 percent is too optimistic, since a universe mercantile situation, as good as so a projection of income is additionally optimistic. we am endangered which a target upon necessity as good as debt cannot be met.

In terms of revenue, there have been no new taxes, such as a GST, so there is zero to raise a taxation base. We have been additionally not slicing subsidies, solely for sugar, so it is almost like business as usual, with a larger spread of goodies.

If a universe economy slows down further, you will be carefree in removing a expansion projected. Our exports will be down, forex will be down as good as gain will go down.

We have to unequivocally guard a bill to have certain which it hits a estimates, or else you have to be rebuilt for a mini bill after a choosing to adjust for shortages.

Dr. Yeah Kim Leng, Chief Economist, Ratings Agency Malaysia:

We were initially endangered which a bill will be expansionary, since a imminent election, though a fears were allayed as a spending has been kept during about a same rate.

NONEHowever, there is uncertainty upon a mercantile necessity side since it will depend upon universe demand as good as oil prices, which will affect GDP growth.

Overall, it's a responsible, responsive as good as picturesque budget, though a center category has been left out, just as in a previous budgets.

The cash handouts have been targeted during consumers, though importantly, there is a need to safeguard business is good supported since this is (the government's) categorical source of revenue. The spending upon tiny as good as medium enterprises is good targeted.

Dr.Lim Teck Ghee, CEO, Centre for Policy Initiatives:

I am perturbed by a budget. The BN supervision is scraping a bottom of a barrel. It tries to use cash handouts to influence a voters, though we feel it competence backfire as people will realise which it was since quite for a elections as good as this might even have people some-more anti-establishment.

The supervision longed for an event to show a people which it is a prudent, responsible as good as reformist government. By my calculations, a supervision can cut handling output by twenty to twenty-five percent though harming efficiency.

There is no transparent process direction, solely which each method is wanting to spend as most as possible. It's a same old story, leaving tiny left for subsidies. Subsidies should not go though proper analyses.

There is additionally larger spending upon crime prevention, though what actually needs to occur is for a military to be better managed as good as concentration reduction upon domestic matters. They have been throwing money in a wrong direction.

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Budget 2013: Facts and figures in graphics


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Petronas, Sabah gov't sued on oil royalty deal

Six businessmen have filed a fit opposite a Sabah supervision as good as Petroleum Nasional Bhd (Petronas), citing a sovereign government's taking of all a oil extracted in a state as illegal as this goes opposite a Malaysia Agreement 1963 as good as a Federal Constitution.

The fit was filed in a High Court in Kota Kinabalu progressing this week by Zainnal Ajamin, Lahirul Latigu, Mohd Julpikar Ab Mijan, Joseph Wilfred, Duli @ Dullie Mari as good as Michael Peter Govind.

NONEThe group, job themselves 'R for Sabah' (or Royalty for Sabah) explain that a Petroleum Agreement sealed in 1976 by then Sabah chief apportion Harris Salleh as good as Petronas is additionally ultra vires (beyond a powers) of a Federal Constitution.

The fit was filed by Sabah-based law firm Marcel Jude Joseph & Co.

The plaintiffs explain that a present sovereign supervision as good as Pakatan Rakyat have no right to determine a quantum of Sabah's oil royalty remuneration as this for a state supervision to determine.

As far as petrol probity is concerned, a 6 argue, it is unenforceable as it contravenes Article 13 (2) of a Federal Constitution that states no law shall yield for mandatory merger or a use of skill without compensation.
'All a oil belongs to Sabahans'

They claimed a stipulation had failed to recognise that Sabah is entitled to 100 percent of a proceeds as good as income from a extraction of petroleum, offshore as good as onshore of Sabah waters

They wish a High Court to acknowledgement a Petroleum Agreement as good as a Petroleum Development Act sealed in bet! ween a S abah supervision as good as Petronas nothing as good as void as good as ultra vires a sovereign constitution.

They additionally wish a court to assess a damages, costs as good as statutory interests.

Zainnal Ajamin, who is heading a group, pronounced both sides of a political order have of late been earnest as good as assuring a people of Sabah that inorganic substance issues have been tall upon their agendas.

He pronounced Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman voiced recently that a state supervision programmed to renegotiate a Petroleum Agreement it sealed with Petronas in 1976, underneath that a state supervision is since five percent of a value of oil found onshore as good as offshore Sabah, with 95 percent starting to a sovereign government.

Several more suits to be filed nationwide

"At a same time antithesis parties, fundamentally PKR, have been earnest a Sabah people that if they form a supervision they will enlarge a amount to 20 percent of a value of oil found in Sabah.
"The internal antithesis parties have been reporting that they will accept a similar quantum."

Zainnal Ajamin as good as his organisation pronounced conjunction a state supervision nor a antithesis have any right to determine a quantum of oil due to Sabah.

"100 percent of a oil belongs to a people of Sabah. It should be since behind to them as good as let a impending state supervision confirm as to how much should be since to a sovereign government, yes or no it may be."

Zainnal Ajamin pronounced a authorised action opposite Petronas as good as its agents for denying oil-producing states from enjoying their God-given wealth could be expected to be carried out nationwide.

"Similar suits will be filed in Kelantan, Terengganu as good as Sarawak," he said.

Zainnal Ajamin as good as his organisation will additionally attend an oil rights organisation eventuality at Dataran Kemerdekaan in Shah Alam, Selangor, upon October 2, after that they will t! ake part in a procession to a Palace of Justice in Putrajaya.
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Cara Tweet paling sempoi bagi seorang artis untuk menunjukkan tanda terima kasihnya kepada peminat yang selama ini menyokongnya...Artis yang berasal dari Jepun ini, Mao Harada telah berjanji kepada peminatnya bahawa dia hanya akan memakai swim suit dan tweet gambar badannya yang dipenuhi dengan ucapan terima kasih sekiranya akaun twitternya mencecah 1000 pengikut...Projek yang dinamakan "Haratter" (Harada + Twitter) mandapat sambutan yang hangat selepas Harada mengumumkan projek di ini blog kepuny ... Read More

Anwar wants BN vs Pakatan budget debate with Najib

Anwar (centre) challenged Najib to discuss a Budget.Picture by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept twenty-eight Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today renewed his discuss challenge upon Datuk Seri Najib Razak, this time suggesting to take upon a country's series a single by pitting Barisan Nasional's (BN) Budget 2013 to Pakatan Rakyat's (PR) alternative.
The antithesis personality forked out to how Najib had laced his Budget discuss this evening with approach insults against PR as well as told a budding apportion which if he was rebuilt to attack a opposition, he should do so in a debate.
"Debate me. If you have been rebuilt to attack a antithesis as well as a antithesis leader, why can you not rivet in a debate?
"Confine it to mercantile policies... or a Budget. you am now reiterating my progressing offer which you discuss which you discuss Najib upon a inhabitant Budget... PR versus BN's Budget," he told reporters after Najib tabled a government's Budget 2013 in Parliament this evening.
Anwar had progressing described BN's Budget handouts as tiny "titbits" fed to a bad as well as center income earners, pointing out which a pierce would do zero to slight a country's income gap.
The budding apportion carefree pronounced a uninformed round of cash handouts in Budget 2013 to middle- as well as lower-income Malaysians was explanation which a supervision was merely endangered with its chances during a ballot boxes in a entrance months.
"The announcements of handouts to general Malaysians is only a tiny dose for a elections... but a basic structural problem of a country, where a rich cronies as well as their family members assemble millions of dollars of increa! se throu gh crude means which is left intact," Anwar said.
In his Budget 2013 speech, Najib took an surreptitious appropriate during Anwar when he forked out which among a leaders of a sovereign antithesis were "those who were devoted as leaders to conduct a nation's wealth."
Anwar was financial apportion under a Mahathir administration.
"We recognise which a BN supervision is not but fault, but what differentiates us from a alternative is which they do not have a bravery to accept mistakes. On a alternative hand, they make excuses as well as find error in others.
"Ultimately, parties which offer an pick must be evaluated upon their merit," Najib had pronounced in his speech.
"The rakyat know them well. Among them, there have been those who were devoted as leaders to conduct a nation's wealth.
"If today they make promises, a rakyat must ask why is this leadership, whilst in power, did not take any action.
"When they had a opportunity; as well as did not implement what they promises, what guarantee is there which they will fulfil promises when they have been in power?" he asked.
Najib forked out which it was during a Asian financial crisis in a late 1990s when a nation was "almost destroyed".
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Najib: Vote BN for more of what we have today

Najib (in green) gestures in a run of Parliament after tabling Budget 2013, September 28, 2012. Picture by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept twenty-eight Tabling Budget 2013, a final bill before a subsequent ubiquitous election, in a Dewan Rakyat today, Datuk Seri Najib Razak urged a people to retain a Barisan Nasional in energy in a 13th ubiquitous election "to serve urge what you have today".
He pronounced an important question to ask in making a preference during a ballot box was either life currently was improved than yesterday, as good as either tomorrow gave hope which was full of possibilities as good as potential.
"If a answer is yes, greatfully give a charge to a benefaction supervision to serve urge what you have today, but any hesitation," he pronounced when tabling Budget 2013, totalling RM251.6 billion, in a Dewan Rakyat.
In final his bill speech, Najib, who is additionally a financial minister, pronounced Budget 2013 was among a array of Budgets which would propel "this beloved nation" towards achieving a national vision.
"As a party with a mandate, you urge a rakyat to weigh critically as good as rationally each as good as every successful jot down of a Barisan Nasional. Over a final 55 years, a Barisan Nasional supervision as good as a earlier Perikatan (Alliance) supervision have created a improved peculiarity of life for a rakyat," he said.
Najib pronounced a actuality which a people had given a BN supervision a charge twelve uninterrupted times since 1959 meant which a right thing was done by a benefaction government.
"We have been aware which there have been parties requesting to be given a chance to form a subsequent government. In a approved country, you understand which they as good have their rights.
"It is a rakyat who in conclusion ! confirm who will be given a charge through a ballot box," he said, adding which a time had arrived when every rakyat would soon have a choice in determining a future as good as which of their children.
The benefaction charge of a supervision expires upon Apr twenty-eight subsequent year.
Najib, who is additionally BN chairman, pronounced a BN supervision was not but fault, "but what differentiates us from others is which they do not have a courage to accept mistakes".
"On a other hand, they have excuses as good as find error in others."
The budding minister pronounced that, ultimately, parties which offered an pick contingency additionally be evaluated upon their merit.
"The rakyat knows them well. Among them, there have been those who were devoted as leaders to manage a nation's wealth. Furthermore, in most states, they have been streamer a government," he said.
"If currently they have promises, a rakyat contingency ask because this leadership, while in power, did not take any action. When they had a opportunity, as good as did not implement what they promised, what guarantee is there which they will do promises when they have been in power?" he asked.
Najib pronounced further: "Wasn't it during a Asian financial crisis which a nation was roughly destroyed? And today, in a states which have been administered by them, their manifestos enclose only promises. Can they be devoted when in power?"
The budding minister pronounced this was contrary to a conduct of a BN government. Bernama
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