The 97-98 Malaysian economic crisis: A mess of Mahathir's making

The 97-98 Malaysian economic crisis: A disaster of Mahathir's making
Mahathir Mohamed has been in a headlines not long ago denying that he took loans from a World Bank. He additionally offered to swear, unsolicited, on a Quran that he had finished no such thing.
Presented with documentary evidence that Malaysia had taken a multiple of loans from a World Bank, Mahathir responded that he had not personally asked for a loans. He did not however, say he was unaware of a loans.
As Prime Minister of Malaysia for 22 years, Mahathir would similar to to be accountable usually for those actions that he had 'personally' done. Clearly, Mahathir has a opposite understanding of a word 'Accountability' than a rest of a world. Although it competence really good insist a enlightenment of irresponsibility that so afflicts Malaysia's ruling Barisan Nasional today.
Mahathir is additionally a unchanging play in untrut! hs that he appears to goal constant repetition will transform in to 'truths'. He competence really good remonstrate a uninformed, yet usually them. Take for example this matter that was published in a Malaysian Insider on Dec 20 quoting him :
"It is good good known that Malaysia refused to seek IMF or World Bank assistance since a so-called assistance would worsen a monetary situation. Instead, in 1998 Malaysia imposed banking carry out that helped it to recover".
Both these sentences have been untrue. Mahathir, in fact, refused to seek a IMF's assistance since they would never determine to assisting to save a emasculate as good as ruined companies of his friends in a corp! declaim wo rld.
Nor did a banking controls assistance Malaysia to recover a! ny impro ved than a neighbours. Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea as good as a Phillipines accepted IMF supports as good as they recovered as well, if not better, than Malaysia.
But IMF did not allot au! sterity< /strong>
In a same article Mahathir appeared to credit a IMF of putting in service 'austerity' measures in countries that they assisted. This is plainly wrong as all a four countries mentioned were endeavour expansionary macroeconomic policies in 1998 under a citation of a IMF!
Mahathir, though, stable by banking controls, managed to bail out his friends as good as his son. The loss to Malaysia was that these companies were bailed out with taxpayer funds. It additionally authorised Mahathir to avoid genuine reform, for that lack, you have been paying with a lacklustre, uncompetitive manage to buy today, between other things.
The NST meanwhile, decided to assistance Mahathir out of his difficulty of being caught in a blatant lie by edition excerpts from his book, 'Doctor in a House'. The first part, published on a 23rd of December, exposes both Mahathir's ignorance as good as his follies. At a single point, he appears disappointed with Anwar for not prevalent on Michel Camdessus, a afterwards head of a IMF, to stop banking trading. Why Mahathir thought Camdessus had a energy to do any such thing is unclear.
The IMF was combined in Bretton Woods to yield loans to countries that had balance-of-payments difficulties. It could additionally safeguard that nations in necessity pursued contractionary policies by using a ability to magnify loans as a stick.
At no time was it envisaged that a IMF would, or could, action as some kind of international monetary policeman that would moment down on errant (in Mahathir's prejudiced view) banking traders. Other than being bewildered by Mahathir's confusing request, neither Chirac nor Blair could h! ave finished anything about it.
The Da im factor
This leads us to Mahathir's conspicuous matter in his book that "It seemed that notwithstanding a peace of mind of a manage to buy as good as finances, a ringgit competence still come under attack". Mahathir is not! usually ly ing here, yet he contingency really good know during this point, that he is lying. Neither a Malaysian manage to buy nor a finance management was receptive to advice when a banking predicament hit a nation in '97/'98.
Malaysia had several serious weaknesses during a time, together with dearth of unfamiliar reserves, performance decrease of a monetary sector, decrease of a genuine sell rate and, as an aside, a credit-funded batch as good as real-estate bubble.
Malaysia's unfamiliar pot stood during twenty-eight billion in 1997 as good as had been during about that number given 1993. This notwithstanding a actuality that mobile capital in a nation had increased from 6 billion to 50 billion from 1990 to 1997. In addition Mahathir was, in megalomaniacal fashion, encouraging, even directing, Malaysian companies to invest in projects in third-world countries, thus serve removal Malaysia's reserves.
For a clever reader who wishes to indicate out that Anwar Ibrahim was a Finance Minister during a time, you contingency note that Anwar (and Bank Negara) had given 1995, warned Mahathir of a dangers to a manage to buy of his policies, to no avail. Their in front of papers were ignored by Mahathir. He preferred a self-indulgent recommendation of his credit-hungry cronies.
Chief between them of march was Daim Zainuddin, a unwholesome homunculus of a man, whose flagship Renung was a single of a companies badly influenced by a crisis. Daim would after be indicted of being a pass chairman behind a farcical as good as fantastical plot that Mahathir would have make use of of to pouch Anwar.
Bad policies, low reserves
The actuality that Malay! sia's un familiar pot were low have been critical since that is a means with that countries defend their currencies. Buy ringgit as good as it will conclude opposite a dollar. It did not work since a pot were unsound as good as since a speculators could see a weaknesses in Malaysia's economy. Mahathir, fourteen years later, claims he still can't! When Malaysia's pot dropped to 15 billion, Bank Negara had to stop inserted in a banking markets.
The diseased state of Malaysia's monetary zone additionally contributed to a incident by effectively tying BNM's hands. Raising a made during home seductiveness rate would have helped a ringgit conclude opposite a dollar. However this couldn't be finished since Malaysian companies, as good as individuals, had high levels of made during home debt. It had risen from 85% in 1989 to 160% of GDP in 1997.
Raising a seductiveness rate would have caused serve bankruptcies as good as unemployment. Bank Negara's attempts to rein this credit growth in earlier were shut off by a powerful business circle around Mahathir who wanted a cheap credit to continue flowing; unmindful, as good as uncaring, of a risk to a country.
The genuine sell rate is a rate during that made during home products can be exchanged for unfamiliar products as good as in 1997 it indicated that Malaysia's ringgit was overvalued opposite a dollar. Unlike Mahathir, a banking traders had finished their analysi! s quite correctly.
Currencies of receptive to advice economies unaffected
Mahathir of course, refuses to admit his mistakes, even now, when it is plain to a many casual of examiners. He continues to censure everybody else as good as demonizes, to fit his politica! l needs, a IMF as good as a World Bank. It is many unfair, of course, as a IMF did a sterling job of assisting a economies of, between others, Hungary, Ukraine as good as Iceland during a subprime monetary predicament in 2008.
T! oday, a IMF is playing a pass purpose in Europe by functioning as a lender of final resort in substitute for a ECB that cannot legally do so. Not, a single supposes, that they have been endangered with Mahathir's wild views as good as as well often lunatic opinions.
George Soros, who ran a fund that engaged in banking trading, came in for particular conflict from Mahathir. Mahathir indicted Soros of forcing a bruise to be devalued in 1992. It was, as good as Soros was involved in it. But a bruise was not devalued since of banking speculators.
The bruise had to be devalued since a Bank of England did not wish to aspire to a contractionary process in a midst of high employment even yet that was what it indispensable to do to stay within a European Monetary System (EMS).
The Bundesbank duration was more interested in fighting inflation as good as refused to aspire to an inflationary process as it indispensable to. The cause of a complaint was a reunification of Germany as good as a outrageous price of rebuilding East Germany, not banking traders.
Contrary to Mahathir's row that 'rogue' banking speculators could amalgamate for distinction a currencies of receptive to advice economies; Singapore, Taiwan as good as Hong Kong valid immune to speculative conflict in 1997/'98. That, if it helps during all to educate Mahathir, is since their economies essentially were sound. Quite unlike a exposed disaster that Mahathir had incited a Malaysia manage to buy in to in 1997!
Malaysia Chronicle
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Jadikan Perjuangan "Pakatan Rakyat" Sebagai Azimat

Bekas Menteri Luar Bandar dan Wilayah, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin meminta anggota parti agar m! enjadika n dasar perjuangan "Pakatan Rakyat" sebagai azimat yang mesti sentiasa disematkan bagi memastikan parti tersebut terus hidup. Katanya, apa yang pale penting bagi ahli "Pakatan Rakyat" ialah mesti sedar bahawa pertubuhan ini tidak akan wujud sihat sekira ahli-ahlinya tidak mempunyai hala tuju yang sama. "Maksud hala tuju yang sama ini ialah kita mesti faham tentang dasar perjuangan kita dengan dipegang sebagai satu azimat untuk meneruskan kekebalan "Pakatan Rakyat" itu sebagai satu institusi yang banyak berjasa," katanya dalam satu wawancara eksklusif bersama "Pakatan Rakyat"-Online sempena menjelangnya Perhimpunan Agung "Pakatan Rakyat". Lagi Di Video Rating: 1 / 5

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On the 12th Day of Christmas ... 2011 Version

Elephant Santas hearten children in Thailand

Play Video

Elephants took partial in a legal holiday festivities in a very old city of Ayutthaya, Thailand. The hulk animals ready to go up as Santa Claus prior to streamer to a regions largest private childrens school.

Six elephants, trimming from 4 to twenty-three years old, came from a Elephant Palace as well as Royal Kraal, Ayutthaya greatest local attraction. Jingle Bells played upon a loud orator as a elephants danced, stood upon their rear legs, as well as achieved alternative acrobatic stunts.

This year hold special meaning, after harmful floods that took a fee upon a city earlier this year.
Janet Bailey, First Grade Teacher, said, "Yes, you need this right away to give a small Yuletide hearten since theyve mislaid so much as well as we can notice it in a kids that we teach. Theyre a small bit depressed so this is starting to hearten them up as well as make them feel better. And Im very happy they were means to come."

Elephants took partial in a legal holiday festivities in a very old city of Ayutthaya,
Thailand. The hulk animals ready to go up as Santa Claus prior to streamer to the
regions largest private childrens school.Stude nts as well as staff took turns feeding a elephants in lapse for their presents.
Sonying Boonjarean, 12-Year Old Student, said, "I'm very happy since Ive been here for 3 years as well as Ive never received a doll."
The elephant is Thailands national symbol. Wildlife reserves have been operative to protect their population, that has declined due to deforestation as well as poaching.

On a 12th Day of Yuletide ... 2011 Version


Ceramah Umi Hafilda pada 3 Jul 2011 di Lenggong Perak. Ceramah mendedahkan kelakuan buruk dan perbuatan Anwar menipu rakyat. Juga mendedahkan pembohongan, konspirasi, kroni, rasuah, perosak negara, bersubahatt dengan Yahudi, meliwat dan Zina oleh Anwar Ibrahim termasuk bersubahat oleh Azmin Ali dan Wan Azizah. Ceramah ini bertujuan bagi menyedarkan rakyat siapa sebenarnya Anwar Ibrahim dan kuncu-kuncunya yang menjadi sokongan pujaan pembangkang ini. Oleh itu sesiapa yang berhasrat untuk menyertai perhimpunan BERSIH pada 9 Julai dan module yang seumpamaynya oleh pembangkang di masa depan, fikir dulu siapakah sebenarnya "tiga A". Dibimbangi bahawa sebagai seorang Islam, akidah kita akan tersalah arah kerana memperjuangkan kepalsuan.
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Nothing - A Portrait of Insomnia - By Blake Butler - Book Review

It's hard to ignore the force of the sentences in Blake Butler's brand brand new book, "Nothing: the Portrait of Insomnia." Best well known for his fiction, Butler is obsessed with the possibilities of syntax, as well as the many viewable feature of "Nothing" is the verse as well as intellectual buffer overflow which results in long, often interestingly ungrammatical sentences, sometimes stretching over six pages. The many ornate of these is adorned with footnotes, the curtsy to David Foster Wallace, to whose memory the book is dedicated. As such the book draws attention to the own linguistic surfaces in ways which many memoirs never attempt.

Illustration by Ted McGrath


A Portrait of Insomnia

By Blake Butler

326 pp. Harper Perennial. Paper, $ 14.99.

Let's backtrack for the moment. "Nothing" might or might not be the memoir, though the uncertainty isn't in the place you expect: it's certainly not the dressed-up novel. Instead the heart is some-more interestingly split in between personal narration, the range of memoir, as well as meditation, the range of essay. Butler's heated personal story of sleeplessness offers the horizon for the book. Much of the initial half is clinging to narrating as well as re-enacting which history, interwoven with short discussions of night, light as well as sleeplessness. The dependence upon personal knowledge peaks midway by with Butler's absolute account of living with his father, who, saddled with severe dementia, loses some-more as well as some-more of his self every day. Then the book's letter heart starts to take over, heading us in to some-more abstract, loopy territory.

I make use of "loopy" here in the technical sense. "Nothing" is deeply concerned with looping as wel! l as cir cular thinking, both in subject (the writing of mechanism code, for instance) as well as in style. Most of Butler's sentences stretch over the hundred-word mark, kept aloft by repeating licks, linguistic tics, seperated by dashes as well as surprising, sometimes fantastic language. The outcome is the firework-studded poetry you knowledge during very tighten range.

The ambition is not just to represent though to enact for the reader the breathless, spinning cycle of Butler's own insomniac thoughts, to suggest us interiority: not the outline of knowledge though knowledge itself, or the best simulation. And most of which knowledge is the single of being caught in the loop or the noose, grinding by the pathways of Butler's brain: "Such kind of drifting mental spin all but answer is the kind so many nights which keeps me up prolonged after you lay down, stranded in unavoidable emplacement over nothing, pointless meditative the day again once come as well as left as well as zero brand brand new each day passed the way which days do."

The primary outcome of sentences similar to these is the absolute immersion. Reading them, you are running "Blake Butler" as the kind of executable software program in the hardware of the heads. This is the main appeal of first-person prose, whether novel or memoir: the clearly unmediated entrance to another's brain.

And Butler's brain is interesting, if frustrating. The book whirls, increasingly manic, tornadic, connecting as well as reconnecting discourse to imagining upon nap as well as sleeplessness, Derrida, David Foster Wallace, theories of extinction as well as the self, the dial-up bulletin-board enlightenment of the 1980s as well as early '90s, sex, pornography, mechanism programming as well as games, the sprawling digital sludge of the Internet's illusory everything, the (too slight) authority upon sleeplessness as well as the many remedies, self-loathing, self-destruction, self-consciousness as well as the end, sentences as well as their eventua! l ends, self as well as the unavoidable retraction in to sleep, stupidity or death.

The book's strength is the muchness as well as connection, the capability to hold many things as well as ideas aloft, caught in the inertia of the prose, the restless nighttime wander from subject to subject. After all, zero characterizes sleeplessness similar to which wander, the pattern all as well familiar to insomniacs.

Ander Monson's latest books are "The Available World: Poems" as well as "Vanishing Point: Not the Memoir."

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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim - 3 Jul 2011, London (2)

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Bukan saya jumpa pemimpin Umno tapi Mustafa Ali jawab Hasan

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Dis Datuk Dr Hasan Ali menafikan sekeras-kerasnya dakwaan dibuat Setiausaha Agung PAS Datuk Mustafa Ali bahawa beliau ada mengadakan pertemuan dengan beberapa pihak yang dikaitkan dengan Umno. Menurut Hasan, bekas pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor dakwaan yang dilemparkan terhadap dirinya merupakan fitnah dan palsu. Beliau juga ... Read More

FGV listing and the interests of settlers

Injunction filed to stop Felda's inventory

In this quarrelsome emanate of FGV listing, this subject has never been answered. Do FELDA settlers have any station whatsoever to dispute a inventory of businesses run by FELDA during all? FELDA Holdings is managed by FELDA employees. FELDA global is operated by FELDA professionals. So since should FELDA settlers as well as others siding with settlers be grievous busybodies?

So, you have to settle whether settlers have a station in the! initial p lace to even subject a listing. If they don't, they should shut up for as prolonged as they get giveaway benefits as well as have been taken caring of.

If you do indeed settle that settlers have station as well as deemed interests, then you pierce on to ask, is a FGV inventory a sellout to FELDA? So a second of a attention should be directed to a subject whether a inventory is a sellout.

Let's face it- a seductiveness of settlers is surreptitious here as well as is of little consequence. It should be a non-issue. As prolonged as they get whatever form of benefits- bonuses, end of year money handouts, futsal fields, indoor stadiums, hockey turfs, MRSM College, FELDA University- they should be thankful.Just on comment of being a settler- they get all these. Where else can they get this kind of preferential treatment of being cared for from cradle to grave?

FELDA can continue giving all these, if it makes money as a whole. If it has a pot from that they suitable as well as request as in a above examples you gave. And FELDA does indeed have a reserves. They ev! en sued those who accused FELDA of being bankrupt. At a height, a pot were RM 40 billion, then RM 4 billion as well as t! oday- you do not know how much.Maybe this inventory will tip up a exhausting reserves. We do not unequivocally know.

Hence a supervision that owns FELDA is greatly disturbed when people subject a proposed inventory of FELDA's businesses not without delay owned by settlers nor operated by them. Settlers tend their 10 acre lots- that have been all they do. It's FELDA- through FELDA Holdings as well as FGV that does business. Settlers have no commercial operation to interfere in these organizations run professionally.

Settlers derive direct benefits around ownership of a FELDA plots they have on that they worked on. They get benefits when they sell their FFB during FELDA owned mills during specific cost level. Their interests have been looked after better if they get great cost for FFB, if a descent rate of a oil is finished truthfully, if their planting operations costs have been good. Their interests have been better off, if a outlay per hectare is as great as estates operated by United Plantations, KLK, IOI as well as so forth.

Otherwise, a alternative benefits derived from being automatic members of FELDA Cooperative, or alternative extension organizations have been indirect. Settlers have been released from a management of these organizations. FELDA places professionals to run Koperasi Peermodalan FELDA for example, professional managers run FELDA Holdings as well as so forth. Settler! s benefi t by virtue of being settlers as well as have been recipient of gratuitous benefits outset from businesses run by FELDA employees. In alternative words, they get giveaway benefits, so since bother?

Do settlers even have a station even to subject a listing?

The answer is an emphatic yes. They do have station since they have been a genuine stakeholders in any of a businesses run by FELDA. Because they have been a genuine stakeholders- since a businesses that have been run by FELDA as well as a resources FELDA acquires, all open as well as have been derived from skill rights of FELDA settlers. They have been derived from a land owned by FELDA settlers or should have been owned by FELDA settlers. More important, since that was a reason since FELDA came into being in a initial place. States gave FELDA a management land- to be since to settlers. FELDA was only an management vested with specific duties. It has no commercial operation withholding a land with that they were entrusted to give out. If a land was supposed to be since out to settlers as well as FELDA did not, then it has always been under an implied duty to operate a land for a benefits of a settlers.

Posted by sakmongkol AK47
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Shoppers feel economys chill as year draws to a close

Shoppers during Petaling Jaya's 1Utama shopping mall.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec twenty-four City malls embellished out in glittering Christmasdecorations appeared to be bustling with people during a biggest shopping deteriorate of a year though most were walking around dull handed, enjoying a sights though not opening their wallets.

Many shoppers as well as shops alike contend which this has been a quieter gratifying deteriorate as companies begin tightening their belts in anticipation of slower global mercantile expansion subsequent year.

Tan, a renter of a renouned Penang Flavours cafeteria in 1Utama, arguably Petaling Jayas most successful mall, pronounced which sales have dropped this year as compared to 2010.

Last years peak duration was six weeks starting in November, though this year, it customarily proposed final week, she said.

She added which a mall itself additionally seemed quieter than during Yuletide final year.

A physical education instructor during a single of a malls most jewellery shops looked out wistfully during a milling crowds, not most of whom seemed prone to step in to spend extravagantly upon a year finish luxury gift.

A longview of a various stores in 1Utama well-lit up.

The manager, who wished to remain anonymous, pronounced which things proposed to delayed down after September.

Frankly speaking, sales have been not so good as compared to final year, he said. The purchasing power of consumers is just not there.

Zack, a student, pronounced which sales during his fathers association had fallen as well as which could be a sign which a economy is slowing.

Of march it will start shoppers, he pronounced whilst browsing a single of a gratifying deteriorate kiosks in a mall with a friend.

Over during Mid! Valley C ity, probably KLs most renouned mall, crowds were some-more general with most tourists as well as overseas Malaysians returning home for a holiday.

Jane, a wife of an expatriate, pronounced however which a gratifying mood appeared some-more subdued this year.

It does seem quieter, she remarkable as she headed to her car with her holiday purchases.

Lai, who works in a events as well as entertainment attention was enjoying a malls Yuletide decorations with his family.

He common which whilst he was customarily bustling during this duration as which was a time companies chuck a year finish celebration or go upon a association trip, such budgets have been cut by as most 20 per cent.

Kuala Lumpur's Mid Valley Megamall as well as a Yuletide trees.

Instead of starting overseas, they go to a local destination, he said.

Some categories such as gadgets however appeared to be less affected.

One physical education instructor of an electronic goods store pronounced which sales were still holding up nonetheless a opinion for subsequent year was uncertain.

Maybe a because there have been a lot of new gadgets which have been introduced as well as people like to buy gadgets, pronounced a physical education instructor who declined to be identified.

At a topmost level of a mall, where a girl oriented outlets have been clustered, some shoppers appeared some-more optimistic.

A young adult who customarily wanted to be well known as Anita pronounced which a crowds appeared to be a same as final year.

If we had some-more time to shop, we would spend even more, she pronounced laughing before heading off in a direction of a cinema with her group.

LGE "tai chi" failed parking project blame on others

The argumentative RM5 million automobile play ground plan in Penang Hill clearly brings out a person in Guan Eng, so most for a politician that professes a apa nama itu CAT CAT (Competency, Accountability as well as Transparency) motto. Certainly Guan Eng does not live up to what he professes. The compendium says leaders have been those who rules, guides as well as enthuse others. Very clear as well as precise isnt it?

The Book of Books: What Literature Owes the Bible

The Bible is the model for as well as subject of some-more art as well as thought than those of us who live inside of the influence, consciously or unconsciously, will ever know.

Literatures have been self-referential by nature, as well as even when references to Scripture in contemporary novella as well as poetry have been no some-more than elaborate or controversial indeed, even when they have been unintended they have been still the healthy consequence of the persistence of the powerful literary tradition. Biblical allusions can suggest the grade of seriousness or stress their context in the modern novella does not regularly support. This is no means for alarm. Every novella is the leap in the dark, as well as the failed grasp during seriousness is to be reputable for what it attempts. In any case, these references demonstrate which in the enlightenment there is the well of special definition to be drawn upon which can have an problematic death the martyrdom as well as the gesticulate of forgiveness an action of grace. Whatever the state of idea of the bard or reader, such resonances have definition which is some-more than ornamental, since they admit complexity of believe of the kind which is the substance of fiction.

Old Jonathan Edwards wrote, "It has all along been God's manner to open brand brand new scenes, as well as to bring forth to perspective things brand brand new as well as wonderful." These scenes have been the narrative process of the Bible, which assumes the solid impetus of history, the successive maturation of significant event, from the primordial argue of dual brothers in the field to repast with the foreigner during Emmaus. There is the vast irony in the deceive of nullity which obscures the brand brand new as well as wonderful. Moments of the top import pass between people who have been so marginal which conventional story would not have noticed them: aliens, the enslaved, people themselves definitely unaware which their lives would have conse! quence. The good assumption of literary realism is which typical lives have been invested with the kind of stress which justifies, or requires, the unconstrained iterations of the commonplace, including, of course, crimes as well as passions as well as defeats, however teenager these competence seem in the world's eyes. This assumption is by no means inevitable. Most cultures have written about demigods as well as kings as well as heroes. Whatever the deeper reasons for the realist fascination with the ordinary, it is generous even when it is cruel, simply in the actuality of looking as without delay as it can during people as they have been as well as insisting which insensitivity or cliché matters. The Old Testament prophets did this, too.

A number of the good functions of Western novel residence themselves really without delay to questions which movement inside of Christianity. They answer to the same impulse to put strength upon Scripture as well as doctrine, to test them by means of thespian imagination, which is manifest in the old paintings of the Annunciation or the road to Damascus. How is the violence as well as corruption of the beloved city to be accepted as partial of an almighty vast order? What would be the consequences for the story of the expulsion from Eden, if the fall were accepted as boundless providence? What if Job's plea to God's probity had not been overawed as well as silenced by the furious glory of creation? How would the multitude inside of (always) notional pope respond to the presence of the truly trusting as well as honest man? Dante combined his good image of boundless intent, probity as well as grace as the architecture of time as well as being. Milton explored the ancient, as well as Calvinist, training which the first sin was the felix culpa, the advantageous fall, as well as auspicious since it prepared the approach for the world's idealisation reconciliation to God. So his Satan is glorious, as well as the ruin prepared for his minions is strikingly tolerable! . What t o contend about Melville? He transferred the good poem during the finish of Job in to the universe of experience, as well as set opposite it the male who can usually maintain the honour of his amiability until this universe overwhelms him. His God, rejoicing in his catalogue of the splendidly extreme as well as untamable, competence ask, "Hast thou seen my menial Ahab?" And then there is Dostoyevsky's "idiot" Prince Myshkin, who disrupts as well as antagonizes by revelation the truth as well as definition no harm, the Christ who says, "Blessed is he who takes no offense during me."

Each of these functions reflects the profound believe of Scripture as well as convention upon the partial of the writer, the kind of believe found usually between those who take them severely sufficient to examine the deepest questions in their terms. These texts have been not allegories, since in any box the bard has acted the complaint inside of the universe of thought which is fully open to his questioning once the terms have been granted. Here the use of biblical reference is not symbolism or metaphor, which have been both controversial techniques for enriching the narrative whose first interest does not rest with the incomparable resonances of the Bible. In actuality these good texts resemble Socratic dialogues in which any venture presupposes which definition can in truth be addressed inside of the constraints of the form as well as in the language, whilst the definition to be detected by this evidence cannot be presupposed. Like paintings, they describe definition as beauty.

Marilynne Robinson is the author of 3 novels, together with the Pulitzer-winning "Gilead," as well as 3 books of nonfiction. Her letter pick up "When we Was the Child we Read Books" will be published in March.

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Baik Dan Buruk Demonstrasi Jalanan_Ulama Muda UMNO


Pas hari ini diselar kerana masih lagi berselimut di dalam kantung "penipuan" walaupun pakar dan bukti dengan jelas menyebut bahawa lelaki yang melakukan seks dengan seorang wanita dalam video yang heboh diperkatakan umum hari ini adalah serupa dengan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Ulama Muda UMNO, Ustaz Ahmad Tajuddin Idris Al-Manhaji berkata sikap dan tindak tanduk Pas yang masih berkiblatkan kepada Anwar dilihat mempunyai bulletin tersirat sehingga menutup mata demi mencapai cita-cita dan kepentingan politik mereka. Menurut beliau jika perkara itu berlaku kepada pihak lain khususnya UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) percayalah akan keluar pelbagai ayat al-Quran dan hadis bagi menunjukkan kepada umum bahawa mereka adalah pejuang kepada kebenaran dan penghalang kepada kebatilan.

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The Church Reaffirms a Christian Malaysia Agenda

December 24, 2011 by shuzheng

How Teresa Kok as well as a DAP lied

and a Bishop who unprotected it

The Yellow Mullah from White Rome: Agenda? Ours? Please turn to your bibles Matthew Chapter 28 Verse 19. 'Verily we say unto you.'


In trying to repudiate that a DAP has a Christian agenda for a Christian Malaysia, Teresa Kok's forgive rests predominantly upon a eremite connection of a celebration members, comparison as well as rank-and-file. Many have been not Christians, says Teresa.

But that's frequency a denial. Instead, it's a reaffirmation in to a Christian tract because Teresa infers that if there have been Christians in a celebration then, as well as usually then, there would be a Christian plot. Since there have been most Christians in a DAP occupying most of a tip as well as successful celebration positions as well as as legislators similar to herself afterwards a tract is there. It exists.

This reaffirmation is additionally supposing by her silence: she does not repudiate nor does she say:

  • (a) a Church has a Christian Malaysia agenda; and,
  • (b) she is in cahoots with a Church, as well as a DAP operates as a domestic front in an alliance.

Here is evidence in to a alliance:

Here is a celebration member's evidence in to a DAP joining to a Church: a two in cahoots.Hannah Yeoh Lives for God:

Now, through a bishop Paul Tan is restating a same thing, a Christian agenda from a standpoint of a Church acclimatisation of an infidel Malaysia in to a Christian 'nation':

Go therefore as well as have disciples of all nations, baptising them in a name of a Father as well as of a Son as well as of a Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19)

The Christian mullah Paul wasn't just reminding Teresa Kok or Hannah Yeoh their personal, biblical, political, moral as well as institutional obligations as Christians: "make disciples of ALL nations". The male is additionally saying they contingency convert a rest of Malaysia in to Christians as well as do not be quiet if we have do it. Law or no law, Allah or no Allah, ISA or no ISA, hudud or no hudud, Umno or no Umno. Better as well as easier nonetheless to have a Christian Malaysia is to begin with a Christian prime minister. Why do it? Answers Paul Tan:

It is a authority directly from Jesus Christ himself before he ascended in to Heaven.

The Christian acclimatisation agenda is a "command", "directly from ." That is, zero positively zero countermands it.

All that, as well as more, say Teresa Kok wasn't just being duplicitous in her denial. She, Teresa 'Hallelujah' Kok, was lying. She is a white man's deceit unless she now tells a universe she nor Hannah Yeoh have been Christians, they do not offer God, a Church is Evil Reincarnate, as well as Paul Tan is a pope's voodoo.

Here's your Statement of Repudiation, Teresa, offering giveaway (take it while stocks last):

Spit upon you, Jesus King of Jews. The Romans should have burnt we alive. Then we'll see if we will have even remains from that to resurrect. And give commands discuss it us what to do. Who do we consider you're? DAP Secretary-! General? (Or is it General Secretary?) Get thee behind me Satan Jesus! Ptui

CONGRATULATIONS Hannah! And acquire to a Club of Infidels. You're have been now a new Anti-Christ saint. It's a Subang Miracle!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Time flies.

It is Christmas again. brand new Year is only around a corner.

I like to take this opportunity to instruct my freinds as well as readers "Merry Christmas as well as A happy brand new year".

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Hindraf lawyers declare Bukit Gasing church 'open'

The Sivan Temple atop Bukit Gasing in Petaling Jaya is now open to a public. So spoken dual former leaders of a Hindu! Rights Action Force (Hindraf) who had once been detained under a Internal Security Act. The twin - DAP's Kota Alam Shah assemblyperson M Manoharan as well as Human Rights Party secretary-general P Uthayakumar - called upon all Hindu devotees as well as everyone to come back to a temple. "It is safe... a landslide more than dual years was not caused by a temple," Uthayakumar said at a church devalue yesterday.

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Shahrizat: Beritahu saya pemimpin UMNO mana yang tiada masalah? Disebalik tanda bahawa UMNO sedang berantakan disebabkan skandal rasuah dan pertelingkahan dalaman dikalangan pemimpin tingginya, Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah telah mengumumkan bahawa satu pasukan khas akan dibentuk untuk menyiasat dakwaan bahawa keluarga Menteri UMNO Shahrizat Jalil telah menyalahgunakan dana awam berjumlah RM250 juta yang diperuntukkan bagi projek ternakan lembu NFC untuk kegunaan peribadi dan juga ... Read More

FGV listing and the interests of settlers

<!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE <![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]>

Do you trust any of LGE's words?

I am not partial of the plot: Guan EngTuesday, 20 Dec 2011 (The Sun Daily) - DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng currently refuted suggestions which he was partial of the tract to topple inhabitant chairman Karpal Singh.He said such allegations were silly as well as which he would not criticism upon such matters."It is silly so we won't comment," he said after he was asked about the issue during the press

-Link Allegation Tomorrow

agenda leveled opposite him by party secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, tomorrow. "Let's wait, I'll insist tomorrow ...

Merry Xmas and a Happy 2012 : We say it with songs

December 24, 2011

Merry Xmas as well as a Happy 2012 : We contend it with songs

Dr Kamsiah as well as you wish a Christian friends as well as legal holiday makers around a world a Merry Yuletide as well as a great 2012. May there assent as well as goodwill between people of all nations in 2012.

We additionally send a sincere greetings to all fellow Malaysians.To those who have been returning to their hometowns, please drive carefully. Let us forget a differences, as well as be positive as well as upbeat about a Year of a Dragon.

2012 is an critical year for a country with General Elections No.13 looming. Political temperatures may rise as both sides of a political order try to win a votes. But let us recollect that for a stability as well as security, you contingency not let a emotions run riot. We contingency demeanour at issues lifted by those who find to paint us in a next Parliament in a offset as well as mature manner as well as then confirm what is best for a country.

Our governing body have been by nature adversarial, though that is what a democracyimperfect as it is is about. It is a battle of ideas, programmes, as well as personalities. We have been now a mature society as well as can confirm what is best in a common interest. May God Bless a country with assent as well as harmony. At a same time, while find God's Blessings, you contingency wor! k tough to safeguard that you remain joined as One People as well as One Nation.

Let a party begin. After all, it is a eve of Christmas. May a songs you play for you move behind fond memories as well as good hearten for this gratifying season.Dr. Kamsiah as well as Din Merican

Michael Buble

Mariah Carey

Joni James

Brenda Lee

Bobby Helms

Dean Martin

Nat Cole


Like this:

Be a initial to similar to this post.
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ANWAR IBRAHIM, KARPAL-jong jong inai lawak anwar ngan karpal berdendang rap

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Adam gives cops statement over threats

Police today took undergraduate Adam Adli Abdul Halim's make a difference over a latter's military inform upon purported harrassment as well as attempted attack he faced following a 'Najib flag' fracas.
He spent about 90 mins with a military this morning.
NONEAdam(left)claims that he as well as his family have been reception threats ever given he took down Najib Razak's flag during Umno's domicile in Putra World Trade Centre final weekend.
He alleges that upon Monday, he wasassaultedat a entrance to Bukit Aman domicile after his assembly with military officials upon a matter.
The 22-year-old Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) tyro got trapped in a debate afterloweringNajib Abdul Razak's flag during a Umno domicile during a Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, during a stude! nt demon stration for educational leisure final Saturday.
Adam has refused to apologise for his actions, steadfast in his perspective that it would better a purpose of his criticism action, that is dictated to hold up autonomy in higher learning institutions, between others.
Right after giving his make a difference today, a representative from UPSI met him outside a military station as well as served Adam a notice requesting his appearance during a disciplinary hearing.
The university claimed that Adam, a third-year student, had "damaged a good name of UPSI" as well as "endangered ethics as well as open order".
NONELawyer! Fadiah Nadwa Fikri (right) combined that Adam was additionally called in because he was "threatened by a patrolman named Roslan Mokhtar".

"Adam went to Bukit Aman to board a inform because he was not usually threatened, though was nearly punched in front of other cops," pronounced Fadiah.

"We will see what they (the police) will do... will they take action upon a a single named Mokhtar?" she pondered.
Alleged attack try during Bukit Aman
Fadiah combined that a "attempted assault" was obviously an act to dominate Adam as well as rest of a students who marched to PWTC final Saturday.

However, Fadiah pronounced no other tyro has been called in by a police.

NONEAdam, speaking to reporters outside a Dang Wangi district military headquarters, pronounced military had jotted down his chronicle of a purported attack try during Bukit Aman.

On a 'Najib flag' situation as well as a tyro movement, Adam said: "The UUCA (University as well as University Colleges Act) has been nice 4 times given it was introduced in a 1970s. It is high time for its repeal."

He additionally lambasted Kepala Batas Umno multiplication emissary head Reezal Merican's make a difference that a former had stepped upon a 'Najib flag' after obscure it.

"That make a difference was to emanate a negative perspective upon SMM (Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia). We never did such a thing."

Fadiah additionally shielded a students, saying that it is their right to criticism under Article 10 of a sovereign constitution.

"It was no crime, it is was just an act of civil disobedience that is excusable around a word," she opined.

She pointed out that a disciplinary proceeding was "another obvious abuse of energy by a authorities to greatfully their domestic masters".

Meanwhile, SMM boss Ahmad Syukri Abdul Razak, shielde! d Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, saying that a latter had been wrongly targeted by some pro-government students.

NONEAspirasi Undergraduate Leaders' Alumni Society (Aspirasi) had demanded for Saifuddin's resignation claiming a emissary minister was "too friendly" as well as a sympathiser of a pro-Mahasiswa factions (anti-establishment groups in universities).

"We welcome pro-Aspirasi's (pro-government) demonstration, that shows that they have accepted protests as an in effect way to voice opinions in a democratic system," pronounced Ahmad Syukri.

"But Saifuddin Abdullah ! should n ot resign as long as a UUCA emanate has not been resolved," he added.

Ahmad Syukri pronounced Saifuddin was a "victim of certain quarters in a government" who have been "taking cover during a back of a emissary minister's openness".

"We fully support Saifuddin. This is a voice of students, you do not have domestic motives," combined Adam.

Asked what a significance of obscure a flag was, Ahmad Syukri replied: "We longed for to send a clever message. Only by obscure a prime minister's flag, can this be a reality.

"We want a prime minister to take drastic measures to dissolution a laws. It is enough, you have been done reticent for 40 years."

SMM, that now has 11,000 members, collected during a Umno domicile during PWTC final Saturday, perfectionist a supervision annul a UUCA.
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Is Mahathir really the brave Malay hero who does not fear the US or the Jews?

By Ken
Truth is not what counts to Mahathir though perception, in particular what a Malays perceive him to be. This is because Mahathir is vehemently denying which he had asked for loans from a World Bank (an institution he had labelled, together with a IMF, as being "Zionist, American Imperialist, etc."), even though it is strong to all which Malaysia HAD RECEIVED loans from a World Bank AFTER Anwar's sacking in Sept. 1998.
If a majority of a Malays even consider which Mahathir had approached a World Bank for any help, which would destroy a picture which he had so craftily as well as cunningly built up over decades, as a brave as well as defiant "Malay" who dared to take upon even a many absolute republic in a world, a US.
Thereis ample evidence, however, to show which Mahathir,in realityis anything though anti-US.
The US was as well as is a single of a greatest investors as well as trading partners of Malaysia. Mahathir launched a billion dollar MSC upon a strength as well as support of major US companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Dell, AMD, DHL, etc.
Malaysia outlayed billions of dollars upon troops purchases from a US during Mahathir's reign as PM. Mahathir intent as well as consulted American mercantile advisors as well as writers such as Jeffrey Sachs as well as Naisbit.
Mahathir loves a Western life style - he stayed upon a "Precinct" (that's as American as we can get) in Putrajaya when he was PM as well as now lives in a "Swiss" palace in a Mines.
Mahathir secretlyallowed a US troops to conduct exercises upon Malaysian soil when he was PM (see Barry Wain's "Malaysian Maverick").
Openly, however, Mahathir has been a vitriolic censor of a US. But personally he has been not only a tighten fan though a servant of a US. That is because Mahathir is still around because he remains a servant of a US as well as is of have! use of to a US in tellurian Islamic counts as well as a super-power's interests in Malaysia as well as a region.
Just cruise this. Who is Mahathir compared to a MarcosandSuhartos as well as other important dictators of a universe in conditions of strength, carry out as well as influence? They fell, or rsther than a US authorised them to fall, when they were no longer of have use of to a US or their one after another dictatorships were no longer tenable.
It would have been kid's fool around for a US to destroy Mahathir, a PM of a country which has extrinsic change upon a universe stage in conditions of military, political, strategic or mercantile power. The US's lane jot down shows which they wouldhavemost certainly done so in reply to Mahathir's unchanging as well as mostly ridiculous out-bursts opposite a US, unless he served a larger role for a US as well as a open criticisms were merely distractions from a truth which he, Mahathir, was a US lackey.
In sequence to censor his tighten links with a US, Mahathir mostly diverted a people's courtesy by his harsh as well as mostly illogical tongue opposite a US as well as would subsequently have up with a US when a tongue goes beyond a limits e.g. Mahathir's million dollar remuneration to a Heritage Foundation to meet George Bush in 2002 to "normalize" relationships (
Furthermore, Mahathir, notwithstanding his open vitriol opposite a Jews, is in actuality also a tighten friend of a Jews.
Mahathir's reason for a open animosity for Jews is a same as which applicable to his diatribes of a US - a open animosity is a diversion so which Mahathir's tighten attribute with a Jews will not be apparent, as well as he can continue to deceive a Malays as well as a Islamic world.
Let us look during a facts. Mahat! hir was a tighten buddy of Soros (a Jew) in hedge-fund deals as well as banking manipulation, after blamed Soros for a monetary predicament of 1997/1998 as well as called him a "moron", as well as subsequently absolved Soros of any shortcoming for Malaysia's monetary predicament whenSoros visited him after his early retirement (
Was Mahathir a hypocrite, lambasting first then after embracing as well as absolving Soros? Mahathir had intent Saatchi & Saatchi, Goldman Sachs as well as other Jewish firms for various projects as well as tasks during his reign as PM. In fact, he engagedSalmon Smith Barney,a Jewish firm,to advise him upon how to manage a monetary predicament as well as exercise banking controls in 1998.
Mokhzani,Mahathir's son,worked for Lehman Brothers, a Jewish firm. Another of Mahathir's son, Mirzan, worked for Salomon Brothers, another Jewish firm. Prof Jeffrey Sachs from Harvard, a single of Mahathir's top mercantile advisors, is a Jew. Mahathir (ok, a little different person) engagedAbramoff, a Jew, to prepare a assembly in between Mahathir as well as George Bush referred to above.Could Mahathir have an rivalry of a Jews (who, according to Mahathir himself, carry out a world) as well as still survive, unless he had been granted leeway?
Mahathir's Oct 16, 2003 speech during a OIC assembly contained a little of a many outrageous statements any leader of a country has done publicly opposite a US as well as a Jews. Mahathir categorically marked down a US as well as Jews as a rivalry of Muslims as well as said which Muslims need "guns as well as rockets, bombs as well as warplanes, tanks as well as warships for a defense."
How is it which Mahathir is still alive as well as kicking as well as can even revisit a US after having severely offended a many absolute republic in a universe (the US) as! well as a many absolute people in a universe (the Jews), not once though repeatedly? Something to consider about. Something which contingency be obviously explained to a Malays so which they will know a genuine Mahathir.
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Fokus Perhimpunan Agung "Pakatan Rakyat" Ke Arah Pemantapan Parti Untuk Pilihan Raya

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Nov. -- Perhimpunan Agung "Pakatan Rakyat" 2011 yang akan berlangsung pada twenty-nine November ini perlu dijadikan landasan utama bagi memantapkan parti menjelangnya Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) yang barangkali akan dibuat dalam masa terdekat, kata Exco Pergerakan Puteri "Pakatan Rakyat" Malaysia, Jamilah Hanim Othman. Katanya, semua parti-parti politik termasuk orang luar memang menunggu-nunggu arah tuju "Pakatan Rakyat" sebagai sebuah parti politik terbesar menerusi Perhimpunan Agung "Pakatan Rakyat". "Gerak kerja kita adalah lebih fokus ke arah jentera pilihan raya iaitu tugas-tugas dan portfolio biro-biro masing-masing contohnya berdasarkan pengalaman lalu kita telah melalui banyak pilihan raya kecil justeru untuk pilihan raya akan datang kita telah bermula lebih awal dan dalam masa terdekat," katanya dalam wawancara khas bersama "Pakatan Rakyat"-Online. Jelasnya yang juga Ketua Biro Sukarelawan dan Bantuan Bencana Alam, banyak perbincangan dan juga percambahan minda dilakukan bagaimana nak tangani isu-isu semasa yang perlu dijadikan bahan untuk dikupas oleh para pembahas. "Saya nampak cabaran sangat besar dan perlu diterjemahkan misalnya untuk Gagasan 1Malaysia kita melihat bagaimana Puteri "Pakatan Rakyat" mahu membawa isu ini dan insya-Allah kita akan lancarkan sesuatu yang baru dan perwakilan kena tunggu. "Kami mengambil peluang untuk membantu kerajaan menterjemahkan 1Malaysia dan nampaknya respon daripada kawan-kawan kita d! i luar s ana termasuklah daripada bangsa kita sendiri amat positif." Katanya, isu-isu semasa hari ini amat ...

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6P fiasco: Agents cry foul over new ruling

Home Ministry decides to do away with a obligation from a Human Resources Ministry.
KUALA LUMPUR: Another debate has reared up over a government's 6P freedom programme to register all certified as well as bootleg unfamiliar workers in a country.
This time, it is over a Home Ministry's purported 'bypassing' of a Human Resources Ministry requirement for capitulation before a foreigners can be fully legalized underneath a second proviso of a 6P.
The emanate caused great difficulty this sunrise when 6P agents received news which there was no longer a need for a JobsMalaysia (formerly well known as Jobs Clearance System) obligation issued by a Human Resources Ministry. Previously usually with a obligation can a unfamiliar worker be "legalised" by a Home Ministry.
Those during a immigration offices in Putrajaya this sunrise were repelled to see notices stating "Sijil JobsMalaysia (JCS) bagi proses pemutihan dikecualikan" (the JobsMalaysia obligation for a freedom routine is no longer required).
"We're confused now as well as we're not getting any organisation answers from a applicable departments," pronounced a source from a single 6P government agency.
"Why did a Home Ministry all bypass an additional ministry? This is obviously an inter-conflict in between two ministries, by a Home Ministry superseeding a Human Resources Ministry's role.
"They have mislaid carry out as well as mislaid direction over this 6P programme. Is this abuse being finished only since someone wants to have money?" he asked.
The source pronounced which a brand new ruling would mean which a Human Resources Ministry, which is in charge of a country's work force, would not know ! how most unfamiliar workers have been there in a country.
"Yes, we earlier asked for a mandate as well as paperwork to be relaxed, but we can't all remove them, that's disastrous as well as all defeats a role of having 6P," he said.
Another 6P representative pronounced a remarkable dismissal of JobsMalaysia obligation requirement would not be fair to local workers, as a duty of JobsMalaysia obligation was to safeguard which tellurian resources, both local as well as foreign, have been utilised most optimally.
"Locals might be deprived of jobs since of this dismissal of a Human Resources Ministry approval. Who manages a work resources of a country? Home Ministry or Human Resources Ministry?" asked a agent, who declined to be named.
Home Ministry: Making a routine easier
However, National Smallholder Association Malaysia (Teluk Intan branch) authority Tan Tang Seong pronounced for a 1,000-plus vegetable farmers which he was registering, it was improved which a Human Resources Ministry's JobsMalaysia capitulation be abolished.
"A lot of them can't produce a certified documents, such as titles for their farms. That's because we referred to a dismissal of a JCS requirement.
"But a news about it being abolished today is very vague, we have been still very confused," pronounced Tan, who is additionally an certified 6P agent.
It is learnt which a Human Resource Ministry was not properly informed over today's brand new decision.
Labour Department director-general Sheikh Yahya Sheikh Mohammed told FMT he was in a dim about a matter.
"I do not know about this. This is a initial time I'm conference it. Ideally we s! hould be consulted before a preference is made about this. We need to know what is a reason a Home Ministry motionless to bypass us," he said.
Meanwhile, Home Ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam told FMT which it was untrue which a Human Resources Ministry capitulation was no longer needed.
"This was a Cabinet decision. But anyway, we still need a Human Resources Ministry approval. We have been simply creation a total routine easier by shortening a 7-day waiting to usually a single day. Now we get it within 24 hours," he said.
(The Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers as well as Illegal Immigrants is chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin).
Mahmood combined which there have been certain sectors, such as security, which comes directly underneath H! ome Mini stry as well as does not even need a Human Resources Ministry approval.
"So there should not be any problems. Why have been these agencies creation noise?" he asked.
Numerous complaints
The 6P programme is an beginning by a Home Ministry to register certified as well as bootleg immigrants in a country.
Under a programme, bootleg immigrants get to gain freedom by "6Ps", which stands for registering, legalising, pardoning, monitoring, enforcing as well as deporting bootleg immigrants.
6P is additionally being initiated to help check tellurian trafficking as well as trans-border crimes together with drug bootlegging as well as income laundering.
As of August 31, more than 2.3 million unfamiliar workers as well as illegals were purebred using a biometric complement underneath a initial proviso of a 6P freedom progamme. Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein pronounced a number comprised 1,016,908 certified workers as well as 1,303,126 illegals.
The 6P programme had not been giveaway from controversy. There were numerous complaints of a programme being exploited by multiform unscrupulous parties, together with bogus agents! , govern ment companies overcharging fees, as well as certified immigrants taking a opportunity to abscond from their employers.
PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin even claimed which bootleg immigrants purebred underneath programme have been made to swear an promise which they as well as their families will opinion for Barisan Nasional (BN) come polling day.
Under a second proviso of a 6P programme, "legalisation" has started since October.
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Kesilapan2 Najib

Komen ringkas tentang buku Kesilapan2 Najib karya ahli UMNO.

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Felcra short-changing padi farmers, says PKR

The party's male in Pasar Salak alleges which a supervision firm pays such a low cost which a planters have to live next a misery line
PASIR SALAK: PKR has urged Felcra authority Tajuddin Abdul Rahman to investigate complaints by padi farmers in Seberang Perak which a supervision owned company is buying their furnish at a cost distant next a marketplace rate.
Abdul Razak Ismail, a PKR coordinator for a Pasir Salak parliamentary constituency, pronounced a farmers reported which Felcra was profitable them RM1,050 per tonne of padi, which was RM200 to RM250 next a marketplace rate.
There are about 6,000 padi farmers in Seberang Perak. Abdul Razak reckons which any farmer was losing about RM2,800 every time they harvest. According to him, this translates to an income of less than RM700, which is next a official misery level.
"Felcra should not regard itself only with profit," he said. "It has a social requisite to assistance increase a income of farmers participating in a schemes."
Felcra Bhd, a former Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority, was corporatised in 1997. Tajuddin became a authority in 2008.
Abdul Razak acknowledged which a padi farmers could addition their income by working upon a oil palm land allotted to them. However, he said, a income from this source was swallowed up by a tall cost of fertilisers they had to buy and a tall rental of machinery.
Citing a building a whole of a RM1 billion office-and-residential formidable in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur, Abdul Razak pronounced Fe! lcra had strayed from a original objective of building a agricultural sector.
He urged Felda to make use of a little of a! "huge f unds" accessible to it to absorb a costs incurred by padi farmers.
Abdul Razak additionally asked Tajuddin to vigour a Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry to speed up a recover of supports underneath a supervision scheme to encourage higher rice production.
According to a Auditor-General's report released final October, a ministry still owed RM110.67 million to more than 70,000 farmers underneath a scheme.
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NFC: It was not a raid, MACC paid us a visit and we fully co-operated

NFC: It was not a raid, MACC paid us a revisit as well as we entirely co-operated
The National Feedlot Corporation has released a statement clarifying which it was not raided by a Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission on Friday as reported by a press.
"As part of a ongoing investigations,Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC)officers visited National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd today. The government as well as staff welcomed a revisit as well as lengthened their full cooperation," NFC's open relations expert Ghazali Abdullah pronounced in a statement faxed to a media.
"It is a view of a National Feedlot Corporation which this afternoon's revisit by a MACC was not a raid as reported. The association regrets which it is improper to comment any serve as investigations have been ongoing."
But revisit or raid, MACC officers carted divided a desktop computer's executive estimate unit (CPU) as well as 4 documents from a NFC office during Solaris Mont Kiara after doubt a staff for some 2 hours..
According to Supt Wan Abdul Rahman Wan Mohd Salleh, he as well as alternative officers from Putrajaya MACC left a offices of a scandal-h! it compa ny during Solaris Mont Kiara here during 4.50pm after doubt staff for dual hours.
NFC runs a National Feedlot Centre in Gemas, which detonate into inhabitant prominence after a Auditor-General highlighted a publicly saved cattle-raising project as being "a mess" in his report this year.
NFC is headed by Salleh Ismail, a husband of Umno minister Shahrizat Jalil. Their young kids have been also directors in a company. Opposition party PKR had lodged comp! laints w ith a MACC against alleged mismangement of funds.
"We had approaching an additional drama, so we have been not s! urprised . This afternoon's raid is only for show. They won't puncture as well low into Shahrizat's record as a Umno elite erformance as Najib Razak as well as ,"
Malaysia Chronicle
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MCA President Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Leks Christmas and New Year message

The MCA wishes to convey the Merry Yuletide to all Malaysians of the Christian conviction as well as the Happy New Year to all.To the non-Christians, it is additionally the day to glory with your fellow neighbours, friends as well as colleagues.Interact as well as share with them the abundance of goodwill as well as fellowship as well as shower them with the blessings in the loyal Yuletide suggestion of caring, sharing as well as merriment.Every legal holiday in Malaysia is the festivity for all as the nation is the heart for the variety of cultures, faiths as well as tra ... Read More


Disebalik perbicaraan bekas Menteri Besar Selangor DS Khir Toyo, Anwar serta seluruh pengikut Pakatan pembangkang di Malaysia harus belajar sesuatu darinya. Kematangan berpolitik DS Khir yang berani bersemuka dengan undang-undang wajar disanjung tinggi.

Tak seperti Anwar yang berpuluh kali mempermainkan Mahkamah, menangguhkan perbicaraan dan menimbulkan pelbagai perspektif buruk tentang institusi undang-undang negara, DS Khir harus dipuji kerana membiarkan undang-undang itu sendiri mengadilinya.

Walaupun ada kedengaran tentang desas desus mengatakan keputusan Mahkamah terhadap beliau dipengaruhi dengan perbicaraan Anwar, rakyat Malaysia menjadi saksi bahawa bekas Menteri Besar Selangor tersebut percaya dengan badan kehakiman serta proses undang-undang dalam negara.

Para penyokong setia DS Khir di Selangor juga amat matang dan beretika. Mereka bukan seperti penyokong Anwar yang seringkali membuat kecoh di perkarangan Mahkamah. Penyokong DS Khir juga tak pun sibuk mengugut untuk melakukan provokasi terhadap kerajaan jika pemimpin mereka didapati bersalah.

Inilah yang dinamakan berpolitik secara waras dan beradab. Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang percaya kepada kedaulatan undang-undang. Kita juga menghormati sistem perundangan didalam negara. Jadi, walaupun ada rasa tak puas hati, ia disalurkan mengikut saluran yang betul.

Berbanding dengan Anwar serta para penyokongnya, mereka lebih gemar menterjemahkan kekecewaan di jalanan. Emosi serta rasa marah diluahkan kepada umum untuk mencari perhatian. Padahal, apa yang mereka lakukan, hanya akan merugikan mereka dan kumpulan mereka sendiri.

Bukan mudah untuk seorang pemimpin utama seperti DS Khir menyerah diri kepada institusi kehakiman negara bagi diadili. ! Anwar se ndiri tak mampu melakukan seperti apa yang DS Khir tunjukkan kepada umum. Ini saja sudah membuktikan jiwa besar yang ada pada DS Khir.

Cuba bandingkan perjalanan perbicaraan DS Khir dengan perbicaraan Anwar Ibrahim. DS Khir mendapat sokongan rakyat bukan saja di Selangor, malah di seluruh negara. Tetapi Anwar.., beliau dibenci serta disumpah seranah oleh rakyat kerana asyik mengelak dari dibicarakan.

Ini jelas menunjukkan yang DS Khir mampu mengawal ego beliau dan menunjukkan tauladan yang baik kepada rakyat Malaysia dan Selangor khususnya. Anwar pula menghasut rakyat supaya membenci institusi kehakiman dan juga menolak undang-undang yang ada di negara ini.

Semua ini Anwar lakukan hanya kerana dia bimbang untuk kembali semula ke penjara sebagai hukuman diatas salahlaku yang ditimbulkan. Ego Anwar ternyata terlalu tebal untuk menerima hakikat bahawa yang salah pasti akan mendapat balasan setimpal.

Kepada DS Khir, rakyat Malaysia bukannya buta untuk menilai keadaan sebenar yang Tuan hadapi. Rakyat Malaysia tahu bahawa Tuan telah dijadikan kambing hitam untuk menunjukkan kepada pembangkang tentang betapa telusnya sistem keadilan di Malaysia.

InsyaAllah, keadilan itu tetap berpihak kepada mereka-mereka yang benar. Dan hanya mereka-mereka yang redha dengan ketentuannya saja yang mampu menghadapi semua ujian ini. Rakyat Malaysia khususnya di Selangor tetap akan berada dibelakang Tuan.

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House PK: Diharap DS ZKHir Toyo bersabar menghadapi dugaan ini...Anwar kau patut malu la dengan DS Khir Toyo ni, dia memang anak jantan dan sanggup terima segalanya, bukan macam kau, PONDAN!

After Kim Jong-il

December 23, 2011

After Kim Jong-il

by Ambassador Christopher Hill (12-20-11)

In one sense, the death of North Korean personality Kim Jong-il changes everything. It is by no means clear, for example, which Kim's coddled youngest son, Kim Jong-un now hailed as the "Great Successor," though singularly confused to lead will in conclusion succeed his father in anything though name.

Working in Kim Jong-un's preference is his striking resemblance to his grandfather, Kim Il-song, who, strangely, held the certain glamour for North Koreans. Looks aside, Kim III will need the lot of help; in the meantime, you can design serve consolidation by the Korean People's Army of the care of the country. Even some-more than in the past, you contingency design the astonishing in North Korea. Above all, the West contingency work closely with China. In which sense, zero has changed.

Any review with Chinese officials today leads to the same conclusion: China wants to restart the Six-Party Talks directed during persuading North Korea to abandon the nuclear-weapons program. The complaint is that, despite commitment to the talks from all 6 participants China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia, as well as even North Korea in new months (a favoured pledge which is unlikely to be altered as the result of Kim Jong-il's passing) the formula so far have been deficient to sustain the process.

Reenergizing the talks will need renewed focus upon receiving steps to grasp their ends. Unfortunately, China, the party with the biggest precedence over North Korea, seems slightest committed to you do what is required.

North Korea is China's neighbor, as well as made during home or social instability there is not taken lightly. It has often been said whi! ch China fears the possible refugee flow. But which is just the start.

China's perspective toward the belligerent, bankrupt nearby resident is actually very complex. While there have been the great many modern, business-oriented Chinese anxious to build the country's future, there have been also those who see in their heroic small nearby resident something not often admirable. Resisting unfamiliar "pressure" is the stability thesis in Chinese history, as well as who does it better than the North Koreans, who seem to be rebuilt to quarrel to their final very hungry child?

Chinese officials, who have been committed, upon top of all, to maintaining sequence during home, contingency remove nap asking themselves what an implosion of North Korea's Communist party-state would meant for them. This is not so many the foreign-policy emanate as it is an emanate concerning China's internal politics. The closer the nation is to China, the some-more China views it by the lens of made during home issues, particularly internal-security concerns. Would the curse divided of North Korea's party-state begin the discuss within China about the destiny of the own brand of communism? Many Chinese officials don't want to find out.

But perhaps the biggest difficulty worrying the Chinese stems from an underappreciated though informed thesis in general relations: "old think" the incapacity to comprehend, many less address, new realities.

North Korea is the frail state, even some-more so following Kim Jong-il's death. For starters, it is not a national homeland, the characteristic which keeps many unwell states from actually failing. The homeland is the Republic of Korea, located to the south, beyond the vistas of razor handle as well as well-tended minefields. North Korean propaganda has regularl! y tried to paint the nation as "the true" Korea, where culture, language, as well as all else is supposedly upon offer in the purest form. But which argument is as threadbare as the rest of the country.

The Chinese recognize which North Korea cannot survive in the current form, as well as have sought to inspire the leaders to welcome mercantile reform though made during home change. But, with moneyed South Korea so close, any relaxation of borders would meant no one would be left to rebuild the country. That is because the Chinese road to reform is not available to North Korea. Consider the determination of North Korean refugees, who suffer the many hazardous journeys to leisure in the world, though keep making them.

So because does China endure in the tortured novella which there is the little kind of destiny for the reformed North Korea? The answer seems to lie in the concern which North Korea's demise would amount to the victory for the US as well as the better for China. After all, the inheritor state upon the Korean peninsula would be South Korea, the treaty fan of the US.

The US should be rebuilt to make clear to the Chinese which any shift in made during home arrangements upon the Korean peninsula would not result in the vital detriment to China. For example, whilst the US should never discount with the Chinese over America's invulnerability obligations to South Korea, it could rivet the Chinese upon the little assurances which no US forces would ever be stationed upon top of the 38th parallel. Indeed, given the current mood in the US, it competence be difficult, in the context of Korean unification, to continue to hire any US troops upon the peninsula during all, let alone along the Yalu River.

Moreover, the US as well as South Korea have assorted skeleton for traffic with the charitable consequences of the North Korean collapse. So because not share them with the Chinese? Needless to say, such talks would be sensitive, though so would the North Korean fall which was not prece! ded by t he critical sell of views upon the subject.

Sooner or later, such the quiet though deeper discourse needs to start. Given the capricious destiny which it portends, Kim Jong-il's passing competence be the undiluted moment.

Christopher R. Hill, former US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, was US Ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Macedonia, as well as Poland, US special envoy for Kosovo, the adjudicator of the Dayton Peace Accords, as well as chief US adjudicator with North Korea from 2005-2009. He is now Dean of the Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver.

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2011

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