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Bersih 3.0 a HUGE success: Writing on the wall for Najib despite 'killjoy' police attack

Bersih 3.0 a HUGE success: Writing upon a wall for Najib notwithstanding 'killjoy' military attack
There seems to be a brand brand new trick to conceal pro-Opposition websites such asMalaysia Chronicle.Readers might be means to access as well as even put their comments upon a ultimate Bersih 3.0 coverage BUT a portal is not means to publish brand brand new articles until many after - in our case usually usually after 8am Sunday morning.
Obviously this means ONLY a views as well as headlines of a investiture - Prime Minister Najib Razak's supervision - gets out, influencing as well as bending public perceptions to their advantage.

ForMalaysia Chronicle,after checking with multiform IT experts, you think harm as it was some-more than thirteen hours since you were unexpected 'disabled' as well as no solution could be found. It was in truth amazing!
Pre-planned as well as ruthless military as well as media attack
It is transparent which a military movement against a protesters was undue as well as unnecessarily harsh. This was confirmed by all who reported upon a belligerent for us. Nearly 400 people were arrested, scores injured.
There were additionally signs of manipulation, a have make use of of of representative provocateurs as well as bad conviction by a Umno-controlled media. Some of these portals repor! ted sum throng distance of usually 50,000, even giving breakdowns of how many participants during each location. One website went so distant as to inform that'tak sampai 4,000 yang berdemo' (less than 4,000 people came to a demo).
Another dangerous strategy was a headlines inform which Bersih committee member Wong Chin Huat had admitted Bersih lost carry out of a crowd.Malaysia Chronicledid some checks as well as found this to be untrue. Bersih will be arising a full statement shortly.
Such despicable actions cannot be condoned, although underhanded strategy can be approaching since Umno-BN's past record of regulating a media to color a people's notice to its advantage. In a entrance months, brand brand new as well as even some-more devious methods of promotion will be used to allegation Bersih as well as of march a Pakatan Rakyat Opposition.
Largest ever people's assembly
Later upon Sunday, Bersih will reason a press conference together with a 6 ubiquitous observers who came to asses a Election Commission's processes as well as who were additionally present during a April 28 mammoth rally.
Indeed, a throng distance of 250,000 to 300,000 creates Bersih 3.0 a largest ever people's public in Malaysian history.
To an extent, a Najib administration department department can be counted upon to reason its palm until a observers have been safely out of a country. What happens after which is hard to predict, though upon a cards have been prosecution underneath a brand brand new confidence laws for both Bersih as well as Pakatan leaders.
Najib contingency take responsibility
Malaysians, who attended Bersih 3.0, contingency direct answers for what happened upon Saturday - why did something joyous unexpected spin so nasty? From all a videos which have come out upon You Tube, it was transparent everyone was carrying a great time ! until it was marred during 3pm when a military fired rip gas in to a throng WITHOUT warning.
There was usually a single hour left to go before a convene was due to finish during 4pm. Which Bersih protester would be funny enough to challenge discipline during such a time when a mood was so happy as well as harmonious?
The answer - usually those who wanted to disprove a 250,000 to 300,000-strong arrangement of await for Bersih! And theory who which would be!
Najib Razak, a country's 6th budding minister, has been stealing his palm though can a military react in such a demeanour though his OK?
If it was usually a sporadic crack of discipline during a single or multiform scattered spots, why a continued hounding of protesters until approach past 7pm?
Why a drawn out have make use of of of rip gas as well as water canons?
Throwing a censure upon Pakatan
PAS MP for Shah Alam Khalid Samad has been reported as assuring such military savagery would not be tolerated if Pakatan came to power. If which is so, Malaysian contingency ensure they opinion for Pakatan to guarantee their own lives.
This might receptive to advice partisan, though until Najib final an reason from a military as well as sacks a Inspector General of Police for a unwarranted violence, a people have each right to impute conspiracy as well as bad faith.
"Police who have been professional would never movement this approach though instead try to carry out a situation, guarantee a public including a demonstrators since a military have weapons though a people do not," said Khalid.
But would Najib pouch Ismail Omar? After all, did he pouch Shahrizat Jalil?
The reply from Umno Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was a investigate in pointy contrariety to Khalid's. It was transparent Hisham was laying a belligerent for a Najib administration's subsequent march of moveme! nt - to censure a Pakatan as well as Bersih for a rally.
Azmin Ali, a PKR emissary chief, can brace to be pinpointed for allegedly asking demonstrators whether they wished to sit upon a Dataran padang. Azmin's criticism which a Dataran did not belong to DBKL was not usually reported by a Star though highlighted multiform times upon Twitter by Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin upon Saturday.
GE-13 won't be in June
It is very expected which Najib as well as Umno will watch inhabitant as well as universe greeting very closely before taking their subsequent step. As distant as possible, they will try to spin a tables upon Bersih as well as censure Pakatan for a military brutality, in particular Anwar Ibrahim as well as Azmin Ali.
One thing for sure, a 13th ubiquitous election won't be in June anymore. It will be behind though which does not meant Najib will concede to a cleanup of a electoral roll. For which to happen, a people will have to keep demanding. Bersih 4.0 might have to be called.
Malaysians contingency not concede a military crackdown upon Saturday to shock them from retracting their final for giveaway as well as satisfactory polls. Does it even have sense to do so? Instead, they contingency bounce behind even harder as well as direct which if Najib does not put in electoral reforms before GE-13 as well as if he once again allows a military to handle in which barbarous approach again, they will march to Putrajaya instead of Dataran to chuck him as well as his Cabinet out.
Let us not forget, there was no reason for a City Hall's anathema upon a usage of a Dataran Merdeka nor for a 11th hour probity order. If anyone had planned as well as is to censure for a military violence, Najib has to take responsibility.
"On reviewing what happened as well as how it took place, a attack was pre-planned. Police used impassioned assault to incite public retaliation. The aim was to have Bersih! look ba d," PKR MP for Batu Tian Chua, who was usually expelled from detention during around 5am Sunday morning, toldMalaysia Chronicle.
But Bersih thirty was actually a HUGE SUCCESS
Bersih 3.0 is not a initial as well as will not be a last of Malaysia's countless domestic conspiracies.
Certainly, this will be a misfortune time for Malaysians to lose faith. By gagging a antithesis media, Umno-BN will be means to enforce their own promotion upon an gullible public. Those portals which have so distant been fairly neutral can be counted upon to unexpected 'activate' as well as churn out on purpose false reports to disprove Bersih as well as Pakatan. Much similar to 'sleepers' or representative 'moles' or Trojan horses activating themselves in a enemy camp when a vigilance is given.
Lastly, lest you dont think about a great moments of Bersih 3.0 - it was certainly a magnificent feat for a people. We should applaud a people's entrance of age, while fighting for probity for those who were badly knocked about up during a same time.
We should additionally follow a Najib administration department department as well as direct to settle a score for his movement of trying to repudiate a people of their happiness as well as success by pulling a military crackdown as well as City Hall stunt. Not usually does Dataran Merdeka not belong to City Hall, Malaysia does not belong to Najib or Umno.
No longer afraid
Bersih 3.0 showed which Malaysians have been no longer fearful of a establishment.
This is a major initial step. The subsequent step is to not be fearful to direct which ANY supervision of a day has a ability to rein a military as well as a agencies. If a Najib administration department department cannot, then it contingency go. The people contingency continue to uncover which they have been a trainer as well as Malaysia belongs to ! them.

In a meantime, await Bersih as well as Pakatan in a fight for probity for those injured, while not forgetful a war for giveaway as well as satisfactory polls. More than ever, Malaysians contingency uncover they will not behind down to such crass bullying.
Most of all, Malaysians contingency NEVER bow to a supervision as well as budding apportion so callous they have no compunction in sacrificing a reserve as well as well-being of their adults usually to cling to power.
To steal from a single of a many popular chants during a Bersih convene - HIDUP RAKYAT!
Malaysia Chroncle
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PKR: Najib to blame for attacks on media at Bersih

PKR has slammed the budding apportion for "unprecedented" attacks as well as arrests of journalists covering the Bersih 3.0 convene yesterday.

" It is clear that the press were systematically as well as on purpose targeted by the military force.

NONE"Such coordinated as well as sustained attacks could not have been carried out without orders from the military care as well as the Home Ministry," pronounced PKR vice-president N Surendran (left) in the matter today.

"Prime Minister Najib as well as his government must take full responsibilty for the criminal acts opposite the press," he added.

YesterdayMalaysiakinijournalist Koh June Lin wasarrestedalong with multiform other members of the press while covering the convene at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.
Koh's memory label containg photographs of the convene were confiscated, while another photographer pronounced military destroyed his memory label after he refused to delete photographs of the melee.
[More to follow]
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Malaysia Rally Turns Ugly

Police incited upon tens of thousands of protesters demonstrating for electoral remodel in Malaysia upon Saturday. It competence not help the government's image ahead of elections.
Tens of thousands of yellow as good as green-clad protestors gathered in Kuala Lumpur were incited upon by military firing H2O gunnery unit as good as rip gas Saturday asprotests looking reforms of Malaysia's electoral systemturned ugly.
The demonstrators, partial of the latest Bersih (clean) rally, were driven behind from Independence Square after they pushed by barricades sealing off the plaza. Almost 400 demonstrators were subsequently arrested by police, together with the little seen being dragged divided land bloodied faces as good as bruised limbs.
Moments after Malaysian antithesis personality Anwar Ibrahim addressed the throng during the frontline, multiform protestors during the barricades suddenly announced "back, back," before pus! hing by the military lines around the Dataran Merdeka, or Independence Square, the iconic downtown location where the protestors sought to reason their lay down demonstration looking changes to how Malaysia binds elections.
Bersih is the grouping of NGOs as good as activists who contend that Malaysia's choosing system is lopsided in favor of the stream government, the coalition that has governed Malaysia given autonomy from Britain in 1957. Recent electoral reforms due by the supervision do not go distant enough, contend the criticism leaders, who have been criticized in the little quarters locally for being too tighten to Malaysia's parliamentary opposition. Bersih says that any the single is giveaway to support their electoral remodel cause, together with the stream government.
Bersih pronounced Friday that they expected 100,000 people to take to Kuala Lumpur's streets, as good as yet the eventual audience was unclear, estimates have ranged anywhere from 30,000 to 250,000 as protestors lived up to their oath to march from multiform locations in the city to Independence Square, where the organizers hoped for "goodwill from the government." The protestors pronounced that they had the right to gather during the square, though the supervision ruled otherwise, observant it offering the organizers four pick venues, the move that Bersih in turn pronounced came too late to be logistically feasible.
Bersih personality Ambiga Sreenevasan told media after the convene that the throng of 250,000 was upon the streets, final that "in that sense it (the rally) was the success." But underneath the searing southeast Asian object glinting off the high-rise skyline backdrop, Malaysia's greatest city once some-more incited into the battleground,repeating the events of the Jul 9, 2011, Bersih rally, when the electoral remodel organisation as good as the supporters final took to the streets.
! This tim e around, though, the censure diversion could go both ways, with the little protestors seen pushing by barricades, followed by military firing H2O gunnery unit laced with chemicals as good as rip gas, promulgation the throng using behind toward the circuitously mosque as good as train station.
In the matter released early Saturday evening, Malaysian Home Affairs Minister Hishamuddin Hussein praised military as good as put the censure squarely upon protestors. "A organisation of protesters tried to incite the aroused fight with the police," he said.
"I'm not astounded they released the gas," pronounced Bert Chen, the single of the thousands of protestors, vocalization after withdrawal the criticism area. Raising his right arm to show the grazed elbow, he said: "I fell, as good as mislaid my shoesThere was so much confusion, as good as people were using in multiform directions."
Nodding toward the coils of razor handle using along the corner of the Independence Square, objector Norariani Harris pronounced "people have the right to lay there peacefully," referring to the square. "But this handle is similar to something inhuman."
Last July, some-more than 1,600 people were arrested, together with antithesis leaders. That crackdown stirred the decrease in the government's popularity, yet Prime Minister Najib Razak not long ago recovered the little mislaid ground in perspective polls, partly upon the behind of cash handouts to households receiving home reduction than RM3,000 the month.
Last year's loss of face additionally clearly stirred the remodel expostulate starting in September 2011, with changes due to Malaysia's print media regime, to draconian-sounding laws permitting detention without trial, as good as by brand brand new laws permitting pacific protests.

Most of the brand brand new laws have been criticized, however, as not starting distant enough. Speaking tighten to military lines earlier Saturda! y, objec tor Fuzeani Fauzi said: "the usually pure thing about this supervision is their miss of sincerity as good as transparency."
The reforms have been suspicion to be partial of the pre-election expostulate by the Barisan Nasional (National Front) government, that yet it won the 2008 election, suffered the misfortune ever result. A resurgent antithesis led by Anwar who in Jan was clear in the controversial as good as most contend politicized case in that he was accused of sodomizing the male help hopes to have further inroads into the BN corner upon power, if not winning the choosing outright.
The Malaysian antithesis feels that this outcome is impossible underneath the stream electoral system, which, between alternative allegations, is pronounced to include tens of thousands of false names upon the electoral roll,including someone who if vital would be some-more than 150 years-old. The choosing commission is regarded as tainted by the opposition, as good as upon Friday, Malaysia's online media revealed that the commission conduct unsuccessful to disclose past membership of the United National Malays Organization (UMNO), the main celebration in the BN government. Bersih conduct Ambiga Sreenevasan told the Friday press discussion that "to be quite honest, we was shocked over idea upon conference that they competence have been "Pakatan Rakyat" members."
Though not compulsory underneath law until April 2013, an choosing could come as soon as June 5, with the supervision thankful to give usually the week's notice underneath stream laws, another complaint registered by Bersih.
Today's clampdown could mean the behind election, if it means the repeat drop in recognition for the government, that is due to launch the brand brand new smallest salary next week.
But if the supervision can censure protestors for pushing by military barriers currently ! assumin gly contravening pledges made by the Bersih leaders then it competence good work opposite the antithesis come choosing time.
"It appears as if the antithesis is perplexing to leap-frog over Bersih," pronounced Choong Pui Yee, researcher during Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, who was benefaction during the convene upon Saturday, though she added that "the vast majority of the thousands of protestors were pacific as good as the military over-reacted."
Simon Roughneen is the Southeast Asia-based writer. The DIPLOMAT

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Bersih 3.0 in pictures

Here are a little highlights of the BERSIH 3.0 rally in pictures.
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ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Police violence at Bersih planned and co-ordinated?

ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Police assault during Bersih planned as good as co-ordinated?
we had never thought that during a last hour (3-4pm) of a sit-in a incident would turn ugly. we was during a Masjid Jamek area as good as often a ambience was carnival in nature with people from all walks of society, generally a younger ones, singing a national anthem as good as alternative tunes as good chanting Bersih most of a time. There were balloons as good as placards to lend colour to a gathering.
Truth be told, a participants were a disciplined lot, thousands as good as thousands of them. Even, we thought, a PDRM was a restrained lot. But it was not to be! News widespread quickly from a frontliners that a military had partly opened up a barricades to Dataran Merdeka during about 3.07 pm as good as when a people began to move into them, a military had though any warning begun to open glow of rip gas as good as gunnery unit H2O during a people.
Then serve attacks came from alternative directions. The people ran aimless as good as most were chased along Tuanku Abdul Rahman into shops. One of my friends who was a victim called to inform he was huddled inisde a emporium with most others. He serve pronounced a policemen kicked really tough during a doorway of a emporium as good as challenge a victims to come out to face them! Such arrogance! He serve listened a lot of disturbance outside a emporium as yet some people were fighting with a police.
Of course, there were most people harm by a damning goods of rip gas as good as H2O cannons, vomiting, fainting as good as so on. Many rushed away from a stage as good as began to leave, together with myself. The latest headlines from frie! nds who stayed at a back of was during about 4.30pm there were most protesters still resisting a military over their uncalled-for overbearing actions.
Political agenda
But a main subject remaining is that why did a military adopt such dishonourable actions late (just 1 hour) before a criticism is ostensible to end? If it is true by witnesses comment that a military did purposely opened up a barricades there under instructions to concede people to move in during that late hour as good as immediately flog up a uncalled-for fuss thereafter, there contingency be someone higher up there during a dark corner at a back of such a cruel action upon a people to grasp his political agenda!
There were thousands of Malaysians who stayed overnight as good as until 3.00 pm currently (April 28) with most fasten in for a eminent Bersih cause though zero else happened, only friendship as good as a clarity of camaradie prevailing. Why then contingency such an unfortunate incident arise during a eleventh hour if they have been no dirty souls at a back of a fracas?
Could a military arch in assign during a stage be investigated thoroughly to find out who or that politician at a back of has caused a temperature of a participants to climb as good as respond unnecessarily as good as humour a a way they did?
Damn it!
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Bersih 3.0: An awakening

Cee Kay The Malaysian Insider April 29, 2012 APRIL twenty-nine After watching Bersih 2.0 from the comfort of my home, we betrothed myself that if ever an additional Bersih were to be organised, we would be there as well as so there we was yesterday afternoon during 1.30pm after ingress from the LRT during the Pasar [...] ... Read More

Better for Jeffrey to ignore Anwar - Free Malaysia Today

Better for Jeffrey to ignore Anwar
Free Malaysia Today
It's tall time which State Reform Party (STAR) chief and Borneo strongman, Jeffrey Kitingan, addressed the dual other big domestic problems besides Umno in Sabah and Sarawak: Anwar Ibrahim and his Peninsular Malaysia-based PKR.

Bersih 3.0 Sabah (Kota Kinabalu) 28.04.2012 - VIDEO

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Bersih 3.0 Breaking the barricade

pleasantness of FMT
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Spin maut 250,000 orang kah kah kah ...

250,000 saja?Ingatkan 500,000 akan kumpul di Dataran Merdeka?Bersih pertama yang berarak ke Istana dipercayai ada dalam 40,000. Usah percaya ada 100,000 dulu. Nak kira betul-betul, naik helicopter dan kira pakai se inch.Mata pukimak ini yang hanya boleh lihat 100 metra tak boleh agak. Bila nampak padat, ingat puloh ribu. Kadang-kadang cuma seribu dua.Masa Black Monday di KSS, penganjur kata


Video on top of shows how brutal a Police force were opposite a pacific protesters of BERSIH 3.0.

Its time to have a POLICE under obligation for their ACTION?

source of news : Amin Iskandar
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388 arrested, police 'forced' to act

A sum of 388 people have been arrested over their involvement with the Bersih 3.0 as of 8.00pm today.
The number was expelled by the military by theirFacebookpage.
In the associated development, Kuala Lumpur military arch Mohmad Salleh pronounced in the statement late this dusk which the rally was underneath carry out until 2.55pm.
He pronounced which during 2.50pm, multiform antithesis as well as NGO leaders addressed the crowd.
Following this, he claimed which the military thong around Dataran Merdeka near the Jalan Tun Perak-Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman intersection was breached.
In order to enforce the justice order to anathema entrance to Dataran Merdeka, underneath Section 98 of the Criminal Procedure Code, Mohmad pronounced his men were forced to take action.
"They threw all sorts of intent during the military as well as breached (the cordon) in the direction of Dataran Merdeka.
"The military was forced to use water cannons to repel the group," he said.
He pronounced which this measure was fatuous as well as the military fired rip gas to carry out the situation.
Mahmod was referring to Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan's speech, where she declared the rally as well as success as well as urged the protestors to sunder peacefully.
Some of the protestors appeared reluctant to disperse, just an hour after the rally was scheduled to begin, as well as chanted "Dataran! Dataran!".
Minutes later, the thong was breached as well as mass confusion broke.Following this, the cat-and-mouse follow lasted for about 4 hours.
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Press pixmen nabbed over assault pictures

Several newspaper photographers have been arrested whilst photographing scenes of purported military brutality.

It is unclear how many photographers are arrested. Among them isMalaysiakiniphotojournalistKoh Jun Lin.

"My camera as well as mental recall label have been confiscated," Koh said. "They pronounced they wanted it as evidence."
At 7.50pm, Koh was expelled unconditonally during a Police Training Centre (Pulapol) where alternative detainees were being processed.
He was taken to a military officer who ordered for his release but any support process.
"The mental recall label is not here. It is still with a military officer which arrested me," he said, adding which he was in possession of a camera.
The military were engaged in a cat-and-mouse diversion for about three hours with protesters after Bersih 3.0 organisers urged participants to disperse during 3pm.

Violence involving both a military as well as protesters escalated as a mins went.

One photographer toldMalaysiakinithat after he refused to undo photographs of a melee, a military crew removed his mental recall label as well as broken it.

It was confirmed byGuang Ming Dailythat a single of their photographers was arrested whilst taking photographs of a process of an detain as well as purported military assault.
AChannel News Asiavideo cameraman has vowed to board a military inform after he was punched.
"Furthermore, they took a tripod," pronounced a cameraman Kenny Lew.
Meanwhile, aMerdeka Reviewphotographer pronounced claimed she was assaulted by four military crew who attempted to seize her camera as well as mobile phone.
"They pulled my media accreditation label as well ! as kicke d it to a side. They then demanded which I leave or face arrest," she said.
Al Jazeera: Heavy handed violence
In a live crossover interview,Al Jazeerajournalist Harry Fawcett reported which he as well as his cameraman were faced with purported military assault as well.
"I'm entrance to you around Skype from an iPad since a Malaysian military has only busted a camera," pronounced Fawcett.
"In a series of instances, you saw a policeman grabbing a objector whilst a alternative would punch, knee or slap a protestor.

"We went to try to film which ourselves, as well as found ourselves theme to not which harsh treatment but not dissimilar.

"We were shoved as well as held, a camera pushed to a ground. Perhaps they were underneath direction to prevent a media from filming this kind of thing," he added.
Fawcett puts a blame upon a protestors for breaching a cordon, triggering a "heavy handed" assault from a police.
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Bersih admits lost crowd control after police action

Protestors breaking a barriers surrounding Dataran Merdeka. Picture by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, Apr twenty-eight Bersih admitted it lost control of a tens of thousands upon a streets of a capital currently when protesters unsuccessful to belong to despotic instructions not to crack a military block surrounding Dataran Merdeka.
Steering committee part of Wong Chin Huat toldThe Malaysian Insiderthat Bersih authority Datuk Ambiga Sreenavasan had ordered a throng to sunder a little time after 2pm though this summary did not strech a throng of thousands collected outward a square.
People surrounded a military automobile that was overturned by protestors.
"The exclusion was announced though they could not hear. Ambiga could have been during one end as well as they could not listen to it," he said, adding that a Bersih co-chair had marched from her meeting point during Central Market as well as reached Jalan Tun Perak near Dataran Merdeka when she told a throng to disperse.
When a rally continued, pronounced Wong, Bersih leaders as well as confidence crew from PAS's Unit Amal unsuccessful to hold back protesters from pierce to crack a barricade, that a election watchdog organisation had earlier promised it would not do today.
Following a breach, a Federal Reserve Unit as well as hundreds of demonstration military sprung in to action, raining down chemical-laced H2O as well as rip gas canisters upon protesters who were running in droves towards a square.
The bloc of 84 polite societies also called for investigations in to a assault that took place, pledging to give full co-operation to a police.
Ambiga ! told a p ress conference that a a little 250,000 to 300,000 protesters who turned up were "extremely respectful as well as excellent," until "someone" pushed by a barriers in front of Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) heading to Dataran Merdeka.
"The audience itself was a success as you received so much support. Everything was going excellent until someone pennyless by a barriers that you do not await during all as well as to illustrate provoked a rip gas.
"We wish a military to fully investigate all who intent in violence. This was not what you wanted during all," a former Bar Council boss said.
Police had dismissed H2O cannons as well as rip gas upon demonstrators who pushed by a block in front of DBKL, ensuing in chaos upon a streets.
Some of a 15,000-strong throng pennyless down a barriers as well as changed towards a ancestral square, heading to military firing chemical-laced H2O as well as rip gas canisters.
PKR deputy boss Azmin Ali attempted to come to terms with police, who told a Gombak MP to ease a organisation down though they still pennyless by a barricades.
Police dismissed as distant as a DBKL premises, that have been across Jalan Parlimen, as well as a pierce pennyless up a throng during Dataran who fled helter-skelter.
Angry protestors later attacked a military automobile that afterwards crashed in to during slightest dual people while trying to flee.
The indignant throng afterwards surrounded a policemen though volunteers from PKR's Jingga 13 shaped a human defense around a officers, observant "don't censure them, it's not their fault."
After an ambulance took divided a harmed policemens, a protestors flipped a automobile over upon its side though afterwards fled after rip gas was fired.
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Bersih rally shows Malaysian government authoritarian, says Aussie senator

Police firing rip gas canisters during protestors during Bersih 3.0. Reuters pic
KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 The government's doing of a Bersih sit-in criticism during Kuala Lumpur shows a 'authoritarian' nature, according to an Australian Senator who is here as an election observer.
Nicholas Xenophon, who was during a rally, pronounced which a military had dismissed teargas as well as chemical-laced H2O in what had been a largely peaceful rally.
"It raises serious questions over how peremptory it is. The military have only let off bin after bin of teargas," he was quoted as saying by a Australian Associated Press (AAP).
Xenophon pronounced this lifted questions over Canberra's persistence in posterior a argumentative refugee barter understanding with Malaysia which has sunk a approval ratings of Australia's Labor supervision over a past year.
Xenophon is partial of a seven-member general "pre-election assessment" group asked to come up with recommendations to urge a Malaysian electoral system.
Despite being invited by a Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a group insists they have been independent, claiming which their expenses for a fact-finding goal have been being borne by themselves or their respective governments.
However, after a criticism ended, a little protestors misbehaved as well as taunted a police.
Angry protestors had pounded a military car, causing it to rush as well as crash in to during least dual people.
A male objector had leapt upon a military car's carp whilst surrounding protestors threw stones as well as H2O bottles during a vehicle, causing a windscreen to shatter.
After an ambulance took away a injured policemen, a protestors incited a automobile over upon a side but then fled after ! rip gas was fired.
Police additionally claimed upon a micro-blogging site Twitter which one of a protestors stole a military firearm.
However, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein pronounced upon Twitter a weapon was recovered as well as a dual policemen in a automobile have been reception treatment in hospital.
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PKR MP: Cops fired without warning

According to Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, a military unleashed their water cannons though giving any warning.
KUALA LUMPUR: PKR personality Fuziah Salleh has recounted what transpired this afternoon prior to a military firing tear gas as well as water cannons during a Bersih 3.0 protesters.
According to a Kuantan MP, who has been during a forefront of a anti-Lynas campaign, she was travelling in a Toyota Hilux with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim as well as Bersih chairperson S Ambiga along Jalan Tun Perak where a duo addressed a crowd.
"Ambiga wanted to get down from a lorry though a throng was as well tight.
"We asked a throng to sunder though spirits were as well high so you decided to expostulate forward so it would be easier to sunder them," she added.
Following this, Fuziah pronounced they had stopped during a junction as well as wanted to spin into Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.
"Anwar as well as (DAP supremo Lim) Kit Siang were about to give a debate when you suddenly saw them (the police) spraying containing alkali water. (There was) No notice whatsoever.
"My life guard pulled me to a DBKL (building) as well as you rested in an ambulance. People were coughing blood as well as (tear gas) canisters were flying everywhere.
"People couldn't travel since they couldn't see or breathe! . Police didn't allow people to be immobile so they chased them off," she added.
Fuziah pronounced if a authorities had authorised a organisers to make use of Dataran Merdeka, "there would have been space for everyone."
She forked out that a anti-Lynas Himpunan Hijau 2 rally in Kuantan proceeded peacefully since a organisers were since a field.
The military escorted us as well as done sure you were safe, she added.
Protesters chase 'SB'
In an additional development, protesters during Masjid Jamek vented their annoy upon those whom they suspected of being clandestine policemen.
Just minutes ago, a Malay male in his 40s was hounded by a throng of 500, shouting,"SB (Special Branch), SB!"
The male fast produced a Bersih headband, that simmered a throng down. Nevertheless, a little PAS Unit Amal crew members fast led a male to safety.
The PAS members afterwards tried to get a crowd, numbering tighten to 1,000, to disperse.
Just then, multiform military trucks gathering past, prompting a little in a throng to pelt a vehicles with bottles as well as stones.
The military procession stopped for a moment, causing a throng to scatter, before relocating on.
Crowd uncontrollable
Meanwhile, nearby a Masjid Jamek LRT station, a PAS Unit Amal member was heckled as well as assaulted by a little 2,000 protesters when they were told to sunder as well as return home.
"Please do not continue. I'm asking you, greatfully do not go upon these protests. Please disperse," a proffer told them, gesturing during a FRU military team di! stant du ring a back of him.
But a angry protesters would have nothing of it. They told him to get lost, as well as slapped his helmet, as well as a motorcycle he was on.
"Go home! We're not going anywhere, we're staying here!," opposite people in a throng shouted during him.
Shaking his head, he incited his motorcycle around as a throng jeered during him.
With a PAS male gone, a throng incited their courtesy to a police, as well as one after another with their insults.
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300,000 at Bersih 3.0, Ambiga claims success

Electoral reforms pressure group Bersih 2.0 says its convene today was the great success, claiming which 300,000 Malaysians had joined the Bersih 3.0 convene to call for an renovate to the electoral system.

"In which clarity it was the success," pronounced the coalition for clean as good as satisfactory elections co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan during the press conference during the KL Sentral after the rally.

NONE"The atmosphere was wonderful as good as the numbers which were there - it was tremendous."
"We feel which it was the success since there was so most await for the means as good as all was excellent (so most so) which we gave the sequence to sunder really quickly, by 2.30pm, since as we got to Dataran (Merdeka) it was really formidable for the people to lay down," Ambiga said.

"Now, as far as the throng is concerned, they were so good behaved for such the large number.

" Apart from the a single situation which appear to set out things which had happened - of which I've just got headlines - as good as that's why we feel really bad as good as sad," pronounced Ambiga, referring to situation during Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman where the military vehicle was overturned.

NONEShe also expressed bewail over the chaos which took place after partial of the barriers cordoning Dataran Merdeka from tamper were brought down, observant which it was "very sad".

She was particularly endangered over the headlines which supporters as good as military personnel upon duty were injured in the melee, as good as stressed which the steering committee would entirely cooperate with military in t! heir inv estigation.

However, as there were no accurate facts during hand, Ambiga said, Bersih would call the pres! s confer ence next week upon the details.

"But the throng which we saw prior to us, which we led, are not the kind of throng which commits acts of violence similar to this. Having pronounced that, whoever perpetrated this action will have to face the law. We will never await acts of violence, must be investigated," she stressed.

NONEAsked if there had been politically-minted speeches by politicians during the meeting points for the march, Ambiga said: "We privately pronounced which no anti-party or pro-party slogans are allowed, we released discipline which no the single can foster party politics.

"But when people do that, there isn't most which we can do. we can discuss it we which if we had listened it we would have put the stop to it."

Ambiga combined which it was definite which the military were "Not really restrained", since there had been "excessive use of tear gas".
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Bersih 3.0 A Success ...

Inline picture 2
A handful of protestors led by unruly members of the antithesis managed to incite the military to react. The picture above obviously shows the red-shirted Unit Amal of PAS charging as well as daring the Police to stop them.
Lydiawati Osman
For once, you have to disagree with my mentor, Datuk S. Ambiga. She says Bersih 3.0 was the success since many people attended. The Malaysian Insider puts the crowd during 30,000 whilst Malaysiakini puts it during 100,000. For me, for my friends who were marching, there is the single reason as well as the single reason usually to proclaim Bersih 3.0 the 'success' as well as which is since the handful of protestors led by unruly members of the antithesis managed to incite the military to react. The picture above obviously shows the red-shirted Unit Amal of PAS charging as well as daring the Police to stop them. Because the military reacted with H2O as well as gas, the quantum of news mins which Bersih 3.0 will get online as well as around the world will greaten by some-more than 10 times.
To be fair to Datuk S. Ambiga, she did obviously urge the crowd to sunder before the H2O gas as well as H2O cannons were fired since she felt which objectives of the convene were achieved. But the single organisation who were there for alternative reasons obviously did not listen. The rascal segment of the crowd instead listened to Anwar Ibrahim as well as Azmin Ali who pushed them tough to break down the barriers the military had constructed. For the police, notwithstanding not having roadblocks in to KL the night before like they did during Bersih 2.0, notwithstanding allowing us to walk through KL in the r! ight sug gestion which was almost fair like, Azmin violation down barriers which the Court Judge had effectively systematic the military to make were only as well many for them to let go. Anwar knew this, which is because he systematic Azmin to safeguard which adequate provocation was carried out.
If there was any serve explanation which any rational Malaysian needed to know which the Opposition had unfairly hijacked Bersih 3.0, this provocative movement was it. It was in effect the last nail in the coffin for the independence as well as civil-society orientation of Bersih 3.0. you feel deceived to have marched for Bersih as well as for Ambiga. Instead, my small partial which you longed for to fool around for my country's future, my sacrifice to face any corporeal mistreat was instead low purchased for the propagation of the Opposition.
you will never impetus again if Anwar as well as his troublemakers have been authorised to take over what belonged to civil society. We combined the awareness of this, you sweated as well as struggled for this, you were arrested as well as inconvenienced for this yet it is Anwar as well as his henchmen who will gain the many from Bersih 3.0. It is Anwar as well as Pakatan Rakyat not democracy which gains from this. The irony is which all which Bersih as well as Datuk Ambiga were fighting for have been the same practices which Anwar openly practiced as "Pakatan Rakyat" leader, Barisan MP as well as many not long ago as Keadilan Supremo when he fraudulent the entire Parti Keadilan Rakyat elections as well as good leaders like Zaid Ibrahim were forced to exit the party.
Without Anwar as well as Opposition politicians, the situation was many better, especially in the morning. The picture next of my friend engaging the military is explanation of this. When actual independent supporters of Bersih were the ones marching, you approached the military in peace, you did not enterprise the fight with the military but only longed for the make our indic! ate list ened loud as well as clear. If the convene had one after another in this spirit, Bersih 3.0 would have the been the genuine as well as loyal success for the people as well as Government of Malaysia. Instead it is genuine 'success' for Anwar Ibrahim as well as Pakatan Rakyat as BN will be skewered as well as vilified by the tellurian media, with CNN etc. smiling with joviality during the volume of entertaining footage which Azmin Ali as well as his band of hoodies has freely provided.
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Pressmen harassed, some arrested

The military allegedly manhandled media personnel whilst they were attempting to jot down incidents of purported brutality.
KUALA LUMPUR: Police have been accused of disorderly play as well as assaulting media personnel during the Bersih 3.0 convene today, with multiform reports of mainly videographers as well as photographers being arrested whilst attempting to jot down incidents of purported brutality.
Among those arrested is Malaysiakini photojournalist Koh Jun Lin. "My camera as well as memory label have been confiscated. They said they longed for them as evidence," the newsportal had quoted Koh as saying.
Malaysiakini additionally reported which the single photographer was ordered to undo photographs of the melee, but when he refused, the law enforcemetn officer private his memory label as well as destroyed it.
FMT learnt which the single Nanyang photographer was pushed but managed not to tumble over, whilst the Guang Ming Daily photographer was nabbed whilst receiving photographs of an purported military assault.
It was additionally reported which the Channel News Middle East video cameraman Kenny Lew was punched.
A Merdeka Review photographer additionally claimed she was assaulted by four military personnel who attempted to seize her camera as well as mobile phone.
"They pulled my media accreditation label as well as kicked it to the side. They afterwards demanded which we leave or face arrest," reported Malaysiakini.
Al Jazeera journalist Harry Fawcett was additionally allegedly pounded by police, as well as the news agency's camera was additionally allegedly damaged.
Meanwhile, this! contrib utor was additionally warned numerous times by military today to stop receiving photographs. Many policemen said: "Tak boleh ambik gambar" (cannot take pictures), but explaining why.
In the single incident, this contributor was shoved in reserve whilst perplexing to take the video of the law enforcemetn officer who was kicking as well as attack the protester.
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STATE Reform Party (Star) Deputy Chairman, Daniel John Jambun wants a Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) to insist what 'topping Barisan Nasional' equates to if a celebration is sincere in a opposition, as claimed, as well as has no plans to lapse to a statute coalition.
"SAPP Deputy President Eric Majimbun has asked a rhetorical question upon because they (Sapp) should lose all their privileges by leaving a BN," pronounced a nonplussed Daniel. "At a same time, a celebration claims in a contradiction in terms, which a lapse to a BN is a fetish of my imagination."
The Star deputy arch was commenting upon a matter released by Eric in a internal media upon Sat.
If we accept Sapp's matter during face value, added Daniel, "we can give them a good of a disbelief for being in a antithesis though not prior to they insist what toppling BN equates to in their language".
"We have been not after complement of administration shift though complement change," affianced Daniel. "Sapp should definitely discuss it a public either they stand for complement of administration shift or complement change."

Under complement of administration change, explained a Star deputy chief, Sabah will substantially be starting from a frying pan (BN) in to a glow (Pakatan Rakyat) or, during best, from a glow (BN) in to a frying pan (PR).
"Sabah as well as Sarawak have been held in between a demon (now) as well as a deep blue sea (future)," Daniel cautioned Sapp. "The 2008 General Elections has opened up a chronological window of opportunity for Sabah as well as Sarawak to get a better deal in Malaysia."

Daniel reminded Sapp which "toppling BN" in Sabah as well as Sarawak won't be which easy as claimed by a national antithesis as most people in a two states have been sealed in a mind-set which a well known demon (BN) is better than a unknown angel (PR).

"We have been receiving a position which receiving a demon vs angel approach is no permanent solution to a myriad problems of Sabah as well as Sarawak accumulated since 1963," pronounced Daniel. "This is because we need a 3rd Force in a Malaysian Parliament to secure as well as ensure a rights of Sabah as well as Sarawak."

Sapp, stressed Daniel, has a lot of explaining to do upon a "sincerity in a opposition" after starting behind Star's behind not long ago as well as sowing up a seat-sharing pact in cahoots with de facto Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) arch Anwar Ibrahim.

He pronounced which he looked forward to receiving an central reply to a minute which Star sent Sapp President Yong Teck Lee recently, looking clarification upon assorted issues.

"I was advised by a chairman, Jeffrey Kitingan, to prepare, pointer as well as send a minute to Sapp after we took an central position," pronounced Daniel. "It's purposeless thus for Eric to separate hairs upon a minute as well as wonder either it reflects Jeffrey's position as well."

The letter, reiterated Daniel, is a central position of a celebration formed upon a prophesy as well as mission as well as not any a single person's view. - Sabahkini
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Injured BERSIH supporter list, up to 8.30pm tonight. [EL]
1.Mohd izul Hanif fainted kena rip gas
2.miss Law, student right feet cut by bulbwyre, some-more than 10 stiches
3.Haji Mohd Zulkifri feet shot by teargas bullet
4.Tarmizi Anuwar hit by rock believed to be trown by police
5.Norafizal hit by police car
6.Haznyiani Mahazan head hit by rip gas
7.Hii tiong huat, beaten by police during chest as well as eye

Another 10 to twenty harmed chairman were sent to KL general hospital.

They need your await interms of legal recommendation as well as moral support. For them as well as for us, 428 doesnt finished yet!!! [EL]

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PICTURES of Police brutality at Bersih 3.0

cinema courtesy of Curi-curi

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In an strong try to get rid of evidence, the'Thugs in Uniform', The Royal Malaysian Police has harassed, assaulted as good as confisticated or shop-worn cameras belonging to local as good as international journalists covering a fracas during a Bersih 3.0 eventuality in Kuala Lumpur. According toAl Jazeera, their journalists were roughed up by a military as good as their camera was shop-worn by a police.Al Jazeerareported which scores of with bare hands Bersih 3.0 participants were brutally assaulted by a military even though they were with bare hands as good as showed no signs of aggression. In a live crossover interview,Al JazeerajournalistHarry Fawcettreported which he as good as his cameraman were faced with purported military violence as well. "I'm coming to you around Skype from an iPad because a Malaysian military has just destitute a camera," said Fawcett."In a number of instances, you saw a policeman grabbing a protester whilst a other would punch, knee or slap a protester. "We went to try to movie which ourselves, as good as found ourselves subject to not which oppressive treatment though not dissimilar. "We were shoved as good as held, a camera pushed to a ground. Perhaps they were under direction to prevent a media from filming this kind of thing," he added.

One photographer toldMalaysiakinithat after he refused to undo photographs of a melee, a military crew private his mental recall card as good as destroyed it. It was confirmed byGuang Ming Dail! ythat one of their photographers was arrested whilst taking photographs of a process of an detain as good as purported military assa! ult. A Channel News Asiavideo cameraman has vowed to board a military inform after he was punched. "Furthermore, they took a tripod," said a cameraman Kenny Lew. Meanwhile, aMerdeka Reviewphotographer said claimed she was assaulted by four military crew who attempted to seize her camera as good as mobile phone. "They pulled my media accreditation card as good as kicked it to a side. They then demanded which you leave or face arrest," she said.

The Scribehas received reports which elements of BN/Umno linkedTIGA LINEthugs might be a representative provocateurs which breached a military block as good as charged at a military at Merdeka Square. They were also a ones who 'staged' a overturning of a military car. Bersih says it is shocked by allegations which a little of a supporters had acted vigourously during a Bersih 3.0 convene today. Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan described allegations of violence committed by a movement's supporters as "highly unusual". This explains why a military stood as good as watched when a thugs overturned a military car as good as no arrests were made. Batu MP Tian Chua as good as former International Islamic University (UIA) law professor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari have been arrested. "Now I'm arrested, military strike us as you were dragged thru rows of unruly officers - many got beaten up after being arrested," reads Chua's tweet.

In an try to cover up what is branch out to be a commencement of BN/Umno's downfall, theBN/MIC MP for Hulu Selangor Pariah Kamlanathandefended a military actions upon Al Jazeera as good as blamed every thing upon a opposition.

Posted by MarGeeMar
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PM Najib, Where's the Mineral Water and Food? Why Only Tear Gas and Water Canon?

In Sarawak today, PM Najib pronounced a supervision is pacific to yield vegetable H2O as well as food to those who participated in a Bersih 3.0. He pronounced those who participated should not means any ruckus as well as discomfort to a public.

Honestly, we did not means any repairs or ruckus. It was a peaceful, fair similar to as well as tame affair until a military started to act unruly. Instead of charity us vegetable H2O as well as food, we ended up being exceedingly affected by rip gas as well as H2O criterion fired upon some-more than tens of thousands of throng packaged along Masjid Jamek.

As an inaugurated government, a make use of of rip gas, which is vicious as well as terrible, should not even be considered as an option. Malaysian voters should not be treated similar to criminals. Ironically, this supervision is treating unfamiliar migrants better than its own citizens. It was purported which thousands of unfamiliar migrants, especially those from Indonesia as well as Philippines, have been given present citizenship so which they could vote for a regime.

There is no emanate where a pacific proof should be held. The focal indicate is not a venue but a right to classify a giveaway as well as pacific assembly. The supervision must travel its talk to guarantee a pacific assembly as well as not doing all it can to perplex as well as curtail it.

As a voter as well as a participant of Bersih 3.0, we find it extremely offending which rip gas, H2O criterion as well as brute force have been used opposite us.

If a KL mayor cannot handle as well as house a pacific proof in KL, he should concede others who have been some-more stretchable to sit upon his chair. Peaceful demonstrations have been really usual in all top cities. When we was in Amsterdam, a authorities had cooperated as well as helped to co! ordinate a huge proof led by a Muslims to bring open attention to their issues as well as amicable status.

The apprehension of several newspaper photographers who have photographed purported military savagery is another e.g. of abuse of power as well as an uncalled-for intimidation by a military opposite giveaway pres! s in Mal aysia.

PM Najib, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, KL Mayor Ahmad Fuad as well as IGP should be hold jointly obliged for a chaos, repairs as well as injuries inflicted upon Bersih participants.

Barisan Nasional should view a clarion call for genuine electoral reforms as something progressive as well as good for a country's democracy. "Pakatan Rakyat" might need these reforms a single day. A political celebration cannot continue to ruleindefinitely. They might need a giveaway as well as fair electoral complement when Umno becomes an antithesis celebration in a future. The celebration should think of its future.
Posted by
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BERSIH 3.0: Unbiased Report By Al Jazeera. Malaysian police fire tear gas at protesters

Malaysian demonstration policehave dismissed rip gas andused watercannon upon a crowdof demonstrators perfectionist an renovate in electoral policies in a centre of a capital, Kuala Lumpur.

At least 25,000 demonstrators have swamped Malaysia's largest city upon Saturday in a single of a Southeast Asian nation's biggest street rallies in a past decade.

They massed nearthe city's historicMerdeka (Independence)Squarethat military had sealed off with barbed handle as well as barricades.

Authorities sayBersih, or Coalition for Free as well as Fair Elections -the opposition-backed pressure group that organised a convene -has no right to make use of a square.

Some of a demonstrators apparently breached a barriers as well as military began banishment rip gas during them.

Al Jazeera'sHarry Fawcett, stating from Kuala Lumpur, said: "The criticism organisers pronounced that they would simply lay down during a barrier's edge. But an hour after a categorical partial of a protest, they pennyless by as well as this fight happened."

The convene reflects concerns thatPrime Minister Najib Razak'slong-ruling bloc will have an unfair top hand in elections that could be called as early as June.

Activists have purported a Election Commission is ! inequitable a nd claimed that voter registration lists are sinister with fraudulent voters.

March to a barricades

"We w! ill marc h to a barrier," Ambiga Sreenivasan, Bersih's chairwoman, said.

Our match added: "As distant as a protesters are concerned, a supervision haven't met their demands. They want a array of improvements to a electoral system. They are job for better electoral role. They additionally want a electoral commission, that runs elections this country, to be entirely reformed.

Lawyer Malik Sarwar tells Al Jazeera demonstrators should have been authorised to criticism peacefully
"The criticism was not what both sides [government as well as protesters] were articulate about. They were articulate about pacific protests. Ideally, a protesters wanted to criticism inside Independence Square."

Saturday's entertainment follows a single dejected by military final July, when 1,600 peoplewere arrested.

Thatrally for clean elections stirred a policecrackdown with rip gas as well as water cannon.

A ensuing backlash stirred Najib,Malaysia's budding minister,to set up a parliamentary row whoseeventual inform suggested a operation of changes to a electoral system.

But Bersih as well as a opposition are perfectionist a complete renovate of a voter hurl deliberate fraudulent as well as remodel of an ElectionCommission they say is inequitable in foster ofthe governing coalition.

Najibhas launched a debate to dissolution peremptory laws in a bid to emanate what he called "the biggest democracy".

His statute bloc has governed Malaysia for more than 5 decades butmade a gloomy showing opposite a opposition in 2008, as well as Najib is under pressure to urge upon that.

Source:Al Jazeera
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Korang tengok polis kena pukul tanpa belas kasihan!Mula tadi penyokong BABI KUNING kata, kerets polis tu yang langgar peserta demo sampai mati la kononnya, sekarang aku nak tunjuk video sebenar, apa yang telah berlaku sebelum polis tak berdosa itu dipukul: Tengok video bawah ni:

Korang tengok la macamana perangai lahanat BABI-BABI KUNING ni? Mereka yang serang polis pastu mereka kata polis yang serang mereka, nasib baik ada video ni, kalau tak. Macam-macam cerita yang direka mereka.

Inilah iblis-iblis yang berbaju kuning! Bangsat betul mereka ni.

Haijan who is a Lawyer was arrested and BEATEN by our Police...

Haijan who is a Lawyer was arrested as well as BEATEN by a Police... -w.i.w.c
Our collection of BERSIH 3.0 supporters Around a World as well as opposite Malaysia for everyone!
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Bersih rally shows Malaysian government authoritarian, says Aussie senator

KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 The governments doing of a Bersih sit-in protest during Kuala Lumpur shows a authoritarian nature, according to an Australian Senator who is here as an election observer. Nicholas Xenophon, who was during a rally, pronounced which a military had fired teargas and chemical-laced water in what had been a mostly pacific ... Read More

Amburit menipu lagi!

Pukul 5:30 tadi Ambiga bersama adalah dalam 20 orang Bersih membuat sidang akhbar di KFC KL Central.Perkara yang menarik perhatian ialah beliau menyatakan matlamat perhimpunan Bersih tidak mahu melibatkan campurtangan politik. Amburit laaa ...Kononnya beliau akan menyiasat laporan yang menyatakan terdapat laungan menghentam BN dan kerajaan. Lembu sundal ni kata beliau mahukan satu perhimpunan

Bersih! Merdeka! Merdeka Bersih! Clive Kessler

APRIL twenty-eight I verbalise today, here in Australia, as an Australian citizen. I verbalise about citizenship, Australian citizenship and also Malaysian citizenship. Australia and Malaysia have been not two entirely different worlds. Far from it. Both countries have been inherent monarchies Malaysia because of the inherent role of the Agong, who is chosen ... Read More

Large turn-out at Bersih gatherings in Sabah, Sarawak

Sabah as good as Sarawak, unused to such gatherings, saw an singular series of people fasten the Bersih 3.0 convene for purify as good as satisfactory elections.
KOTA KINABALU: About 1,500 people from all walks of reason up converged during the historic Padang Merdeka in the city today, usually to be incited away by hundreds of policemen barricading the field.
They, however, managed to conduct their Bersih 3.0 sit-in for giveaway as good as satisfactory elections around the margin which upon normal days is open to the open possibly for sport or recreation.
Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) officers were discerning to frustrate Sabah Bersih 3.0 plans to reason the peaceful sit-in criticism opposite electoral rascal which the state has seen some-more than the satisfactory share of given the 1990s when the Unmo-led Barisan Nasional coalition came to power.
However, DBKK's fast organised anti-crime programme was feeble attended with roughly all the stalls set up upon the margin empty.
Only scores of DBKK staff were benefaction in the stalls. Nevertheless, they used their loud orator system to disrupt the speeches of the little Bersih leaders who were using the hailer.
Among those benefaction were Bersih 3.0 Sabah chairman, singer Atama, whose genuine name is Andrew Ambrose, State Reform Party (STAR) Sabah chairman, Jeffrey Kitingan, state DAP chairman, Jimmy Wong as good as PKR leaders.
Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Yong Teck Lee, who sent 200 members from the party's girl wing, additionally appeared briefly.
Police put the series of Bersih demonstrators during about 800 to 1,000.
However, opposition leaders claimed there could be simply some-more than 2,000 who incited up.
There were no unfavourable incidents, no arrests were made as good as the throng started to disperse.

Sudden cleanup during monument
Meanwhile, the tiny organisation of 20 activists who collected during the right away important Peter Mojuntin Monument in Donggongon, Penampang, the little 12km from here, were prevented from land their sit-in criticism during the site.
But unperturbed, they went upon to stage their sit-in during the cafeteria subsequent to the monument.
In the bit of the comedic operation, workers of the Penampang District Council as good as the little policemen carried out the clean-up during the relic from 11am till 4pm though stopping, the initial time the management has done so in years, according to locals.
They were seen scrubbing the building areas as good as the lower partial of the bronze statue of the worshiped personality of the Kadazandusuns.
The workers additionally made certain the area was wet during all times so which it was unsuited for the sit-in protest.
Among the activists benefaction there were management of CigMa or Common Interest Group Malaysia, Daniel John Jambun, deputy of Mafrel as good as Transparency International, Jerry Ombou, Penampang deputy Bernard Solibun as good as lawyer Peter Marajin.
Himpunan Bersih
Meanwhile, in the easterly cloak locale of Tawau, scores of residents came out in the uncover of oneness for Bersih 3.0 as good as to criticism the capitulation for an Australian company to routine singular earth in the country.
About 100 immature as good as elderly folk collected during the Union Tea House here between 1pm as good as 3pm as good as chatted over cups of tea as good as coffee prior to posing for the organisation photo.
They were j! oined by Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Tawau MP Chua Soon Bui, DAP lady management Cristina Yeo as good as MCA Tawau Youth management Marco Yap .
Plainclothes police personnel kept the organisation underneath watch though did not interfere.
Yap, the usually BN part of there, pronounced he perceived await when he posted upon his Facebook which he will come to the entertainment to behind Himpunan Hijau.
"Tawau politicians showed maturity, pulling aside governing body when fighting for the good cause," he said.
Chua pronounced the criticism had zero to do with politics, though rsther than was the bid to uncover which people have been not happy with the Election Commission as good as the government's indecisiveness over the Lynas singular earth plant project.
"With the gatherings in Malaysia as good as around the world, it is the people's hope which the summary will get across to the supervision which clarity as good as burden contingency be taken seriously."
New knowledge in Sarawak
PAS additionally hold the own entertainment though it was some-more like the picnic by the seaside, with multiform members wearing the Bersih's yellow T-shirts.
In SARAWAK, the Bersih sit-in went upon though any major incidents. It was apparently the initial such knowledge for Sarawakians who have usually read, watched as good as heard of travel protests.
Organisers in Kuching as good as Miri pronounced they were happy with the await shown by Sarawakians for Bersih's nationwide sit-down perfectionist purify as good as giveaway polls.
In Kuching, the little 1,500 people collected during the Old Courthouse area nearby the Kuching Waterfront. The Waterfront was spotless by Kuching City Hall, making it untimely for any "sit-down" activity.
Nonetheless, the throng proceeded to the Old Courthouse as good as fasten them were DAP inaugurated representatives Chong! Chieng Jen (Kota Sentosa), Violet Yong (Pending), Chiew Chu Sing (Kidurung) as good as PKR assemblymen Baru Bian as good as See Chee How. Also benefaction were multiform NGOs championing internal as good as environmental issues.
Meanwhile, Miri saw the 1,400-strong throng gather in front of the Resident's Office while in Sibu the little 600 supporters made the direct route to the Central Market.
According to Sibu Bersih's Dominic Sii, the sit-down criticism was the "new" knowledge for Sibu residents.
He pronounced the entertainment saw the vast turnout from the internal Iban as good as Malay communities.
"We have never protested like this. It is the new knowledge for us. We were surprised as good as encouraged to see the appearance of the vast organisation of Ibans as good as Malays.
"Everyone was cooperative. We sat down until 4pm as good as then dispersed," he told FMT.
Also benefaction were DAP's dual assemblymen David Wong (Palawan) as good as Yap Hoy Leong (Tutong).
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Najib vs. Anwar The Difference in Leadership

In a lead-up to GE13, it is utterly engaging to observe a Government as well as Opposition as well as compare their differing focuses, objectives as well as achievements.
For a Opposition there has flattering much usually been a single emanate they caring about lately: Bersih 3.0.
The transformation has incited into a farce given a actuality which a Election Commission as well as Parliamentary Select Committee have met many of a choosing by casting votes reforms demanded by Bersih.
What used to be a convene for clean as well as fair elections has descended into a free-for-all anti-government demonstration, from Indian gratification campaigners to environmentalists as well as more.
And whilede factoOpposition personality Anwar Ibrahim is entirely engaged in rallying his remaining constant troops for Bersih, where he will find a receptive audience to his usual alarmist rhetoric, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is roaming a country, fostering a concept of ethnic as well as religious harmony, launching gratification initiatives for a poor, reiterating a Government's commitment to vernacular schools as well as elucidating upon a Government's accomplishments.
While Anwar is demonstrating, Najib is creating opportunities for a underprivileged.
While Anwar is scaremongering, Najib promotes his moderate as well as inclusive 1Malaysia policy.
While Anwar is complaining, Najib highlights successful Government initiatives, from infrastructure projects to innovations in agriculture.
And while Anwar has zero to uncover for all of his rhetoric, conjunction a declaration nor a shade cupboard (nor awake policy, nor.! ..), Naj ib has ushered in rare reforms as well as can look back upon a period of seismic change for Malaysia, advancing liberalisation as well as transparency.
No wonder afterwards which Najib took a opportunity to stress his certification as well as remind people of Anwar's empty promises during a outing to Sibu.
"We have delivered," Najib said, citing a execution of a initial proviso of a flood slackening plan for a city, a development of brand new carriageway, a major overpass opposite Rajang River as well as a enlargement of Sibu airport.
"The Opposition has still not sorted themselves out," he reminded his audience. "If they cannot form a shade cabinet, how can we certitude them to conduct a country?"
Anwar, meanwhile, haughtily talks about his certainty of taking over Putrajaya, even expressing his concerns about a peaceful energy transition from Barisan Nasional to Pakatan Rakyat.
Is he unequivocally so sure of victory or is this a desperate, ultimate act of brag in an effort to mobilise his increasingly sceptical as well as timorous bottom of supporters?
Berish 3.0 is expected Anwar's last-ditch hurrah, a declining opportunity to preach his empty gospel as well as proclaim his hollow platforms to his deteriorating like-minded fan base.
But piggybacking Bersih could be a single of Anwar's last exploits. Even those who might have been carried divided by Anwar's eloquence during his ceramah will eventually see by him as well as decider him by his loyal worth.
"The Opposition has not shown it has a credibility to conduct this country," said Najib in Sibu.
Thus, its personality should not deserve to run it. - a Choice
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Naib Presiden PKR, Tian Chua, Ketua PKR Rembau, Badrul Hisham Shaharim dan bekas pensyarah Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) Dr Abdul Aziz Bari ditahan dalam perhimpunan Bersih 3.0.Mereka dibawa ke Pusat Latihan Polis (Pulapol) Jalan Semarak di Kuala Lumpur.Kumpulan peguam Bersih juga sudah berada di sana. Mereka bertiga dinaikkan dalam satu trak ke Pulapol.Bagaimanapun, Badrul Hisham atau lebih dikenali dengan panggian CheguBard difahamkan naik angin sambil bertengkar dengan polis kerana bel ... Read More