Anwar di Batu Pahat Johor & UMNO warns Deepak to shut up...

Bekas Pengerusi konglomerat media negara, MRCB, Datuk Abdul Rahman Maidin mengumumkan pernyertaannya ke dalam PAS malam tadi.

Beliau yang juga bekas Presiden Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia (DPMM) mengumumkan penyertaan itu bersama tiga lagi bekas pegawai kanan kerajaan dalam Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat Negeri Johor malam tadi.

Turut serta adalah bekas Pengarah Eksekutif Felda Plantation Haji Mohd Sais Joned.

(Haji Mohd Sais menyerahkan borang kepada Ustaz Hadi dengan diperhatikan Pesuruhjaya PAS Johor, Datuk Dr Mahfodz)

Dua lagi adalah masing-masing bekas Pengarah Pelajaran Johor Hj Ramlan Sariman dan Timbalan Pengarah institur Perguruan Batu Pahat Haji Nasir Abdullah.

Kesemua mereka menyerahkan borang meyertai PAS kepada presiden parti itu Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang dan disaksikan hampir 30,000 hadirin.

(Haji Ramlan serahkan borang)

Penyertaan mereka ini yang semuanya pegawai-pegawai tinggi kerajaan, dilihat satu lagi tamparan hebat kepada Umno yang baru sahaja selesai bersidang hari ini! .

Tekanan juga pastinya dirasai Felda yang diterajui Tan Sri Isa Samad, yang kini sedang terpalit dengan pelbagai masalah khususnya isu penyenaraian Felda Global Venture Holding Bhd (FGVH).

Presiden Persatuan Anak-anak Peneroka Kebangsaan (Anak) Mazlan Aliman ketika mengulas kemasukan Mohd Sais ke dalam PAS berkata, ianya satu kek! uatan ba ru kepada NGO itu untuk terus mendedahkan segala kepincangan yang sedang berlaku dalam Felda ketika ini.

"Penyertaan bekas pegawai kanan Felda ini akan lebih menguatkan perjuangan kita untuk terus membetulkan kepincangan dan salah urus Felda pada waktu ini," katanya.

(Gambar: Haji Nasir)

Turut hadir dalam himpunan di Dataran Rakyat, Parit Haji Salleh Ros, Parit Raja, di sini malam ini termasuk Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim serta Timbalan Pengerusi DAP, Dr. Tan Seng Giaw.

Selain mereka, turut hadir Timbalan Presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu, Naib Presiden PAS Salahudin Ayub, Pesuruhjaya PAS Johor Datuk Dr. Mahfodz Mohamed dan pemimpin PKR, DAP di peringkat negeri.- harakahdaily

Rahsia besar UMNO yang disembunyikan dari pengetahuan rakyat..

Deepak: we will not be silenced...

Deepak Jaikishan claimed which there was an try by a tall ranking Umno male to 'silence' him following a assorted a interviews a runner merchant has given in a past couple of days.

However, a runner merchant says he concluded to "sit still" for a last day of a Umno AGM after a assembly with a high-ranking Umno autarchic legislature member.

Late Friday night, Deepak pronounced he received a call by a "senior Umno autarchic legislature member" asking him to encounter during a Grand Dorsett Hotel in Subang. The man, who he refused to name, seemed aggressive, Deepak claimed.

Deepak pronounced which he subsequently concluded to encounter a person, though brought along some additional protection for his safety.

The assembly was additionally attended by a couple of pro-government bloggers, as well as Deepak pronounced he was told not to make any some-more noise, during slightest until a end of a Umno AGM which was yesterday.

"They told me which we am under surveillanceI was given a counsel since yesterday was their closing ceremony. They practically warned me not to have a press conference until they finish their convention," he told FMT.

"I told them you cannot stop me from carrying press conferences even if we have to go to a Istana Negara, we would do it. If they unequivocally force me we would go in front of a palace as well as petition a King lah," ! he said.

However, Deepak pronounced he concluded to "give due respect" as well as cancelled all his media interviews he had lined up for Saturday.

He added which he creatively thought he would be in risk though when he met a Umno man, "they were very civil".

When asked to exhibit a names of a individuals he met, Deepak said:"Oh, afterwards I'll be in serious trouble.

Then it would be messy." But he added:"I'm not afraid. If we am fearful we wouldn't have come this far. I'm not under any domestic umbrella or anything."

Asked if he was offering anything for his cooperation, Deepak said:" They offering me nothing. This is not something we would negotiate."

He pronounced which he would be giving some-more press conferences to insist things in full soon.

! Fall-out with Najib's family

In a past week, Deepak has resurfaced after a period of silence, giving multiform media interviews in which he claimed he regretted getting private questioner P Balasubramaniam to retract his initial orthodox stipulation (SD) connected with murdered Mongolian inhabitant Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Balasubramaniam's initial SD had related Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to a murder, whilst a second SD claimed otherwise. Balasubramaniam subsequently went missing.

In a interviews, Deepak pronounced which he got involved as a favour to a "female friend".

Deepak additionally spoke about a land dispute case, involving him, a Selangor Umno leader as well as a Defence Ministry, which Najib had afterwards helmed.

Deepak has accused Najib of reception "contributions" from him for a former's intervention in a land understanding though was dissapoint which a premier right away refused to assist him in resolving a dispute.

He additionally talked about a fall-out with Najib's family after his involvement in a Altantuya matter.

Subsequently, Deepak additionally claimed to have been forced out of 26 companies which he was a executive in. He pronounced which he was additionally tormented by supervision agencies as well as had multiform government-linked contracts cancelled.

Yesterday, Deepak cryptically alluded to a BN defeat in a next general election, suggesting which Najib's mother Rosmah Mansor was a diseased link.

Deepak had previously referred to Rosmah as an "older sister".- FMT.

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God, comedy and the Umno general assembly - Malaysia Kini

God, humerous entertainment as well as the Umno ubiquitous assembly
Malaysia Kini
COMMENT The Umno ubiquitous assembly has mostly come opposite as being comedy. Its 'performers' unwittingly amuse us with their unintentionally comic turns. This year, they didn't disappoint. Wanita arch Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, whose family is embroiled in ...
Shahrizat: Women get equal diagnosis under BN The Star Online
Police inform lodged opposite Shahrizat Free Malaysia Today

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BEWARE PAS, don't be caught still stuck in the same old mould like Umno!

BEWARE PAS, don't be held still stuck in a same old mould like Umno!
The adversary in Malaysian governing body will really mostly take a impassioned course, banking upon a sensitive secular as well as eremite issues. The stream Umno ubiquitous public is not approaching to be any different.
Meanwhile, to appease a emotions of a supporters, PAS is staid to accentuate a eremite hues.
Coincidentally, in a PAS ubiquitous public earlier this month, a little representatives strike out during a celebration care for a malleable as well as wavering mount upon a hudud issue, unaware a fact shawl a hudud law forms a core principle of a party. MPKB enforcers slapped summonses to Chinese hair reception room operators in Kota Bharu during a raids carried out last Tuesday as well as Friday.
As what you understand, Friday is a gazetted holiday in a state of Kelantan. However, upon a rare occasion, a MPKB officers went upon plainclothes last Friday to raid a NICE as well as E-Life hair salons inside KB Mall, accusing a hair salons of operating but a valid permit as well as a womanlike worker serving a masculine customer in crack of state regulations.
The operation carried out irrespective of race upon a eve of a Umno ubiquitous public should assistance abate a firepower of Umno targeted during PAS.
Although Islamic measures have been in force in Kelantan all these years, a state authorities hardly take upon hair reception room operators. The ultimate episode, therefore, appears a little eccentric.
If a above speculations have been inaccurate, it is necessary for a Kelantan state supervision or PAS to clarify..Unfortunately, state! exco Ta kiyuddin Hassan was resolved to defend a movement of a enforcers even after DAP National Chairman Karpal Singh had strike out during a incident.
Meanwhile, menteri besar Nik Aziz said a state ulama council would speak about this emanate as well as might bring a make a difference to a state legislative public if warranted. This raises a question either a ulama council or a state supervision would have a last say upon administrative matters.
Tsunami fears in Kelantan?
Similar to Umno, PAS needs to take care of a elemental await base. PAS is concerned which Umno's extremist card could possibly erode a await as well as would therefore resort to flashing a Islamic policies every right away as well as afterwards to connect a hold, generally in Kelantan which Umno is pouncing on.and which Muhyiddin has expected a domestic tsunami.
Enforcing Islamic decrees upon non-Muslims is but contrary to a party's pledge not to levy such regulations upon non-Muslims in a state whilst contradicting a party's direction of diluting a eremite hues in a bid to win over non-Malay voters.
Perhaps PAS feels Chinese electorate would still lean upon a opposition agreement with a anti-Lynas, Chinese education, corruption as well as other issues right away ludicrous their attention, providing an opportune timing for a celebration to manifest a Islamic laws whilst not adversely inspiring a await of Chinese voters.
The celebration has patently ignored a fact which MCA will never let go of this opportunity to strike out during PAS. If this make a difference is in a future brought to a court, it will means for a little time as well as will really likely rise in to a heated electoral emanate which will have a negative temperament upon a opposition pact.
It cannot be denied which a Kelantan state supervision has been satisfactory as well as unprejudiced in a governance but their thinking is but out-of-date. Take a f! ilm thea tres for example. How do you design a audience to enjoy a film if a lights inside a theatre have to be left on? How most would pay to see a film which conforms completely to a teachings of Islam? Little consternation which no new cinemas have opened for business in a last ten years.
There is an obligatory need tor PAS to renovate itself, or risk losing a opportunity to squeeze a helm in Putrajaya.
PAS must make an undeniable preference in between sticking upon to a elemental await bottom as well as swelling a domestic reach.
-Sin Chew Daily
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To MCA, nothing is more important to Non-Muslims than UNISEX HAIR SALONS

To MCA, zero is more critical to Non-Muslims than UNISEX HAIR SALONS
While it has remained silent upon most issues affecting non-Muslim civil rights as good as concerns over their eremite freedom, Chinese-only celebration MCA right away appears to indicate that zero is more tighten to non-Muslims' hearts than unisex hair salons.
Since final week, a BN member celebration has incited in to a bureau to plate out statements condemning a internal council order by a Kota Bharu Municipal Council that came in to force in 1991, prohibiting unisex services during hair salons.
The order was introduced between complaints from a open that hair salons in a state as good were being abused to appeal for passionate services, as is a box in alternative states, where most a raid by coercion agencies had led to discovery of bootleg brothels masquerading as unisex hair as good as beauty salons.
A report that a beautician was slapped a fine by MPKB not long ago for flouting a order has since a Chinese celebration a cause clbre, during a time domestic pundits warn that a celebration could good forget about entrance out of a domestic hybernation during a entrance polls following a disastrous opening in 2008
Sacred struggle?
Yet again today, celebration leaders took turns churning out their respective statements of 'outrage', to a extent that a person unfamiliar to Malaysian governing body celebration of a mass them will be forgiven for meditative that a matter of unisex salons assumes a hallowness to Malaysian non-Muslims as good as is considered something sacred.
Within a final twenty-four hours, multifor! m MCA pe rsonalities have sexually argued in counterclaim of a predicament of a 'oppressed' hairdressers, arising statements containing clichd puns, arguably a lowest form of quick mind in journalism.
Within a final twenty-four hours, multiform MCA personalities have sexually argued in counterclaim of a predicament of a 'oppressed' hairdressers, arising statements containing clichd puns, arguably a lowest form of quick mind in journalism.
Wong Chun Wai, a party's master propagandist, was in a common anti-PAS component when he attempted to spirit that women in most reputable professions have been unprotected to vice.
"Will we see PAS banning women doctors from treating male patients?" asked a group arch editor of MCA-owned every day The Star.
The charge since for MCA's organising cabinet member Tee Siew Kiong, meanwhile, is to aim DAP over a domestic alliance with PAS.
Tee even suggested that DAP's Socialist Youth arch Anthony Loke Siew Fook "must lift some responsibility" for a hair salons rule, as good as went a step further by linking this to a hudud enactment in a state.
"Immediately after a issue of a anathema upon hair salons, Anthony Loke should have spoken up opposite this regulation that have caused dissatisfaction between a people of Kelantan as good as creating difficulties for them," declared Tee.
Not to be outdone, MCA Youth's cabinet member general Chai Kim Sen chipped in, describing a MPKB order as a single that in jeopardy "freedoms as good as livelihoods of non-Muslims".
The celebration whose current president Chua Soi Lek was caught upon camera in 2008 with a prostitute, also expressed fear that MPKB has a order disallowing cubicles in hair salons, a normal order enforced by most alternative metropolitan councils national upon alternative businesses together with reflexology centres.
"From a regulations above, it is very viewable that a Kelantan state government encroaches! in to a freedoms as good as livelihoods of non-Muslims as their commercial operation operations have been greatly hindered," Chai added.
No word upon Lynas, Dong Zong
Meantime, a celebration has yet to give a take upon dual vital demonstrations during a weekend: a criticism in Petaling Jaya organized by a United Chinese School Committees Association (Dong Zong) opposite a National Education Blueprint 2013-2025, as good as a anti-Lynas walk that ended in Dataran Merdeka.
One cannot assistance seeing that a bulk of participants in those dual gatherings were Chinese, nonetheless they were joined in oneness by alternative races.
The subject either MCA thinks a right to live but radioactive poison is delegate to a right to get unisex services, is right away answered by a party's outpouring of grief over MPKB's rule.
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Lu Orang Pasti Kenal Mamat Nii..Bikin Panass Beb...

Inilah namanya Double Stanndard atau lebih teruk lagi Double trouble..Kalau Untuk "Pakatan Rakyat" mengapa boleh, Mengapa kalau hadir program PR Tak Boleh?Sampai ada cikgu yang dibuang kerja.. Ditekan dan ditukarkan..Apakah Pas atau PKR parti Komunis??Ini Parti yang berdaftar dan sah disisi undang-undangbeb..Di mana hak rakyat untuk memilih..??Kezaliman inilah yang sewajibnya ditentang dengan alihkan undi anda kepada PR.

Dan Untuk itu.....Jangan Lupa Wahai Mahasiswa Pro-PR Untuk Hadir Ke Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat Nanti... Kat Sini Kita Ada "Point" Dah...YDP UPSI Siap Pakai Baju Merah Lengkap lagi (Terserlah KeUMNOannya)
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Setelah bertahun-tahun menipu rakyat dalam isu pemberian air percuma, hari ini kerajaan Selangor sekali lagi cuba mengaburi mata rakyat dengan mengatakan bahawa peserta yang menyertai demonstrasi menuntut apa yang dijanjikan parti itu telah diperdaya oleh Barisan Nasional.

Menerusi Sidang Dun Selangor Ke-12 Penggal Kelima, kebangkitan rakyat negeri itu dalam menuntut hak mereka untuk mendapatkan air percuma dibangkitkan.

Salah seorang Exco Kerajaan Selangor yang menjawab persoalan itu kemudiannya dengan yakin menegaskan bahawa kesemua rakyat yang turut serta dalam siri demonstrasi menuntut air percuma di negeri terbabit telah ditipu oleh sesetengah pihak yang dipercayai dikalangan penyokong BN.

Beliau mendakwa tuntutan tunggakan air percuma itu sebenarnya bukan bermula daripada penghuni di kawasan tertentu sebaliknya pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat itu mendakwa sebahagian daripada peserta tidak dimaklumkan tujuan sebenar bantahan itu.

Nampaknya, rakyat Selangor mengalami masalah besar kerana mempunyai pemimpin iaitu daripada Adun-Adun biasa sehinggalah ke barisan Exco dan Menteri Besar hampir kesemuanya masih cuba berdolak dalik dalam menunaikan janji.

Kalau sudah berjanji pada Pilihanraya Umum lalu, maka tidak ada alasan untuk mereka menunaikan segala tuntutan yang dibuat oleh rakyat.

Namun lain pula yang terjadi di Selangor, dimana apabila rakyat menuntut haknya, mereka pula dituduh telah diperdaya oleh pihak lain.

Begitu sukar untuk pemimpin Selangor ini mengakui kesalahan diri sebaliknya masih menggunakan cara lama iaitu dengan meletakkan kesalahan itu di atas bahu pihak lain.

Kononnya, kerajaan Selangor sedang merancang untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian dengan mencadangkan Kerajaan Negeri melangsa! ikan tun ggakan bil air ialah secara ansuran berjadual.

Persoalannya, mengapa baru sekarang kepimpinan Selangor baru tergerak untuk melaksanakan usaha bagi tangani masalah ini. Itu setelah rakyat membuat demonstrasi tuntutan yang kemudiannya dituduh telah dihasut oleh kroni BN.


Ketua Bahagian UMno Buntingkan Mahasiswa

Siangtadi semasa menghadiri majlis kenduri di Bukit Puteri di Rawang Selangor saya dibisikan sesuatu berita yang tidak berapa menyeronokkan. Berita ini kontras dengan apa yang sedang berlaku di dewan merdeka PWTC di mana di situ ahli Umno sedang membincangkan dan mencari makenisme macam mana hendak mengekalkan kuasa parti berkenaan sebagai kerajaan.
Sebaliknya berita yang dibisikan kepada saya itu sungguh memeranjuatkan, iaini berhubung perbuatan maksiat seorang ketua Umno bahagian di Kelantan yang didakwa telah membuntingkan seorang mahasiswa tahun dua yang menuntut di IPTA di Ibu Kota.
Katanya gadis itu telah dibuntingkan empat bulan. Ibu bapa gadis mahasiswa berkenaan katanya telah membuat laporan polis berhubung kejadian itu. Keluarga gadis berkenaan katanya marah dan malu dengan kejadian itu dan telah mendesak ketua Umno bahagian itu mengahwini gadis tersebut.
Kerana desakan itu ketua bahagian berkenaan sanggup mengahwini gadis berkenaan. Laporan polis yang dibuat kemudian ditarik setelah ketua bahagian Umno itu sanggup menikahinya.
Menurut kawan yang membisikan berita itu, kejadian ini terbongkar apabila seorang kakitangan di Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah secara tidak sengaja menceritakan kejadian berkenaan kepada seseorang dan terlatas ke telinganya.
Kejadian ini sungguh mengaibkan Umno dan katanya menjadi liabiliti kepada Umno bahagian berkenaan khasnya. Ekoran kejadian ini sudah sudah orang ketua bahagian Umno yang bermukah dengan sehingga bunting. Sebelum ini dilaporkan seorang ketua bahagian telah bermukah dengan seorang ahli puteri dan mengandung. Bagaimana joke puteri berkenaan mengakui telah mengugurkan kandungannya.
Dalam pada! itu seo rang ahli Umno Kelantan memberi tahu dia ada mendengar kejadian itu tetapi tidak ada apa-apa tindakan di kalangan Umno bahagian. Beliau secara peribadi mengharap Pengerusi Perhubungan Umno Kelantan, Mustapa Mohamed supaya menimbang sebaik mungkin sebelum ketua baahagian itu atau mana-mana ketua bahagia melakukan maksiat dari dipilih untuk menjadi calon dalam pilihan raya akan datang sekiranya Umno mahu menang.
Kedua-dua ketua bahagian itu disebut-sebut akan diletakkan bertanding dikerusi parlimen. Berita lanjut akan menyusur. -MSO Merah Tinta
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Goalkeeper Rosmah will cause BN downfall

The controversial runner merchant Deepak Jaikishan has made the extraordinary prediction about the result of the 13th ubiquitous election.
KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial runner merchant Deepak Jaikishan currently made the extraordinary prediction: Barisan Nasional will humour the big detriment in the arriving ubiquitous election, all since of the goalkeeper called "Rosmah".
In the mysterious SMS sent to the media, the well-connected businessman used the football embellishment as well as declared "Rosmah" as the sole Umno goalkeeper who would fail to stop Pakatan Rakyat from scoring big.
Deepak said he was referring to the debate given by Umno Kelantan delegate Md Alwi Che Ahmad who drew the result of Umno being similar to the "red warriors", the committed as well as overworked football players of the state.
The Kelantan antithesis personality was quoted as observant which "Umno players" have been winnable possibilities as well as have been able to measure goals.
"The party's president want the best players to measure goals winnable candidates" he reportedly said.
Deepak, however, laughed off the suggestion, observant which he found it comical as the Kelantan players essentially belong to PAS.
"I refer to the Umno Kelantan debate & his anology of kelantan's champion footballer's 'red warriors' as d criteria for 'winnable candidates'," he wrote.
"Najib is in truth an excellant striker & the winnable claimant in Pekan though unfortunately Umno's only goalkeeper currently is Rosmah & she has her hands full throwing the billions e! ntrance her approach which she won't have the time to stop PKR from scoring goals in parlimentary seats."
The man, who has previously certified to being tighten similar to the sibling to Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, afterwards made the extraordinary prediction in his text.
"GE13 will be PKR 123, chair Rosmah RM26 BILLION, BN 99 seats. A prophercy which will happen."
'Goalkeeper not meddlesome in throwing balls'
Asked about the meaning behind his SMS, Deepak said: "You have the winnable claimant who can win his seat, though this is not the presidential election. If he wins as well as the others lose, there is no point.
"I fully determine which we should have winnable candidates. I'm observant that, yes, Najib can win in Pekan, though we have so many players as well as we only have the single goalkeeper; this goalkeeper is not meddlesome in throwing the ball, though in throwing billions," he told FMT.
"You can win which the single Pekan seat. But we have been starting to remove 120 other seats since your goalkeeper is not perplexing to locate the round the antithesis is perplexing to score."
The past week, Deepak has resurfaced after the little duration of silence, giving several media interviews in which he claimed he regretted removing private investigator P Balasubramaniam to redress his initial orthodox stipulation (SD) connected with murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.
Balasubramaniam's initial SD had related Najib to the murder, whilst the second the single topsy-turvy it the day later. Balasubramaniam subsequently went missing.
In the interviews, Deepak said which he got involved as the foster to the "female friend".
Deepak additionally spoke about the land dispute case, involving him, the Selangor Umno personality as well as the Defence Ministry, which Najib had afterwards helmed.
Deepak has indicted Najib of receiving "contributions" from him for the former's involvement in the land understanding though is dissapoint which the premier right away refuses to aid him in resolving the dispute.
He additionally talked about the fall-out with Najib's family after his involvement in the Altantuya matter.
Subsequently, Deepak has additionally claimed to have been forced out of 26 companies which he was the executive in. He said which he was additionally harassed by supervision agencies as well as had several government-linked contracts cancelled.
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Bypassing bank loans thro' lateral thinking

Time for an additional of kaytee's uncle-story, wakakaka.

And the inspiration or if we like, matter for this story isinformationprovided by RPK in his Malaysia-Today's essay titledThe tour in hold up is never the loyal line (PART 6)which tells us (just the extract applicable to my uncle-story):

Actually, we blame the banks for all this. Back in the 1980s, around 10 years after starting my business, bank managers were coming to see me to invite me to lunch. They would practically desire me to 'give them the little business'. Over lunch they would confirm RM2 million or RM3 million without even asking me what we would do with the money.

You see, bend managers had the share to fill as well as they were perplexing to have use of me to fill their quota. So they would suggest me comforts in the millions even yet we did not need the income as well as would not have well well known what to do with it an! yway.

Once we was even invited for lunch in the executive suite of HSBC in Kuala Lumpur. The Kwailo afterwards asked either his bank 'could be off assistance' to me. He afterwards offering me RM3 million as well as instructed his Chinese military military military officer to follow up upon this 'application'.

The Chinese milita! ry milit ary military officer followed me behind to my bureau as well as sat down with me to work out the details. But we had the single problem. We could not justify the facilities. In other words, we could not uncover which we needed the money. After enormous the heads for an hour, we told the military military military officer to only forget it. Actually we don't need the money.

The info which struck me as possibly 'connected' to my Uncle-story, or giving Unc's story someplausibility, are:

"...You see, bend managers had the share to fill as well as they were perplexing to have use of me to fill their share ..." and

"...then asked either his bank 'could be off assistance' to me. He afterwards offering me RM3 million as well as instructed his Chinese military military military officer to follow up upon this 'application' ...".

I'll come behind to them later. But only the wee tng k'ooi (ch'ong hei or digressive meandering) before we commence my Uncle-story.

RPK's title to his engaging array upon his life'sjourney, it being 'never the loyal line', appeals to my Chinese sense, because the Chinese judgment or perception of things is likewise so,
that they have been 'circular' rsther than than linear in nature, thus indirectly consigning linear projections to the alien Western perception/concepts which they are.

Incidentally, the judgment of 'circularity' of the Universe, or Nature as well as the march is many substantially Taoist in the origin, oralternatively,that Laozi, the founder of Taoism, discovered the round nature of Universe as well as articulated which 'truth' as Taoism - admittedly the kaytee's really simplified explanation, wakakaka.

Take for e.g. the Universe. Our galaxy, some-more commonly well well known as The Milky Way (or in Indonesian, Bimasakti) is the organisation of the little 200 to 400 billion stars or suns, similar to the really own Sol, present around in the spin arrangement during approximately 600 km per second. It takes the own Sun around 200 million years to have the single spin in the round hoop done galaxy.

Milky Way
Our planet in spin completes an orbit of the Sun o! nce every! year, while rotating upon the own pivot (24 hours long in each rotation), as well as PAS' dear Selene travels around Earth in the month (27.3 days).

Then, navigators have discovered which the shortest distance between dual points upon the Earth is along the Great Circl! e, which lies alongthediameter of the craft flitting thoughthecentre point of the tellurian sphere, such astheEquator or alongitude. However,a latitude (with the exception of the Equator) is not the Great Circle.

A good wushu (or Chinese armed forces art) punch travels along the round trail yet it competence appear similar to the linear strike. The strike is essentially along the encircle (thus circular) path. Baquazhang, the highly in effect (and substantially many mysterious) fighting form of the 'internal school' of Chinese armed forces arts, the single closely compared with Taoism, has really round movements, where the adherents train in 'walking the circle'.

baquazhang (pakua)
Not surprising, the symbolofTaoism istheTaijitu, embracingtheyang as well as yinelementsin agreeable balance in the undiluted round - I'll insist this the little other day, though sufficient to say the Chinese realizessince really old days the round nature of all things in this Universe.

Hmmm, may be upon top of gunpowder, paper andtheuse ofthelodestone(compass) the Chinese additionally invented 'political spinning', wakakaka, though okay, kau liao lah (enough) of Chinese judgment of all in effect movements being round - let's get upon to my unc-story.

Apparently around which time which RPK mentioned, there was the little kind of order which the bank could issue the loan to the Chinese (or Indian) though ONLY if there had been the single issued to the Malay. The complaint for the Chinese was which really couple of Malays (except for The Chosen Ones) wanted the bank loan.

Why? Maybe the Malays (those who didn't wish the bank loans), distinct Chinese, in ubiquitous owned land, as well as were happy with their tillage as well as even high society lifestyle? Maybe their cultural-religious upbringing didn't inspire the materialistic office of hold up which Chinese were some-more informed with?

But the consequence of their half hearted sequence for bank loans were screwing up those Chinese inspired for bank loans, where some-more than the couple of Chinese genuine estate developers had really outrageous appetites.

Now, Edward de Bono competence have been described as the man who introduced the judgment of parallel meditative though in truth, since time commemorative humankind (or if we like, humankind) had already practised parallel thinking.

For example, in really simplified explanation, King Henry VIII of England was facing excommunication by the Pope for his action of divorcing Catherine of Aragon (lots of European power governing body here where Catherine's nephew was both King of Spain as well as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as well as had the Pope upon the leash). Being excommunicated by the Pope me! ant star ting to hell.

But good olde Henry exercised the bit of parallel meditative as well as substantially suspicion "That monk can't excommunicate me if we am not Catholic, wakakaka", as well as so he gave dual fingers to the Pope by enacting the Act of Supremacy in 1534which severed the Church of England from Rome's control as well as done Henry the conduct of the all things in England including the Church as well as the bishops.

King Henry VIII
Anyway, the little Chinese businessmen decided which if the bank couldn't provide them with loans because of the share not being met due to really couple of Malays applying for them, they decided to form their own source for financial 'loans'.

Sothestory went which the outrageous supermarket came up in Penang which sold stuff during dirt poor price, roughly during price price.

What happened was which the bloke using the intrigue a la lateral-thinking obtained products from wholesalers with the 6 months credit line,meaninghe obtained those products withouttheneed to pay for them for half the year. He them sold those products off during probably price price plus the small overhead-recovery fee.

Needless to say, the consumers went furious as well as the supermarket sales soared into outer space.

Now, only howthef* was he starting to have the decent profit for himself? What kind of foolish business was that,notmaking any profit?

W! ell, he wasn't interested in making profits during all from the supermarket sales per se, though rsther than in the money upsurge the sales were upon condition which him to finance his genuine estate development, the genuine money cow. And he had the 6 month credit line (with no seductiveness required, distinct bank loans) which would be satisfactorily met when penetrating house buyers paid him the deposits as well as the usual incremental payments as the estates were developed as well as houses constructed.

It was awin-win-winsituationfor the supermarket customers,wholesalersand himself, wakakaka, as well as f* the bank loans.

Now, the story went which subsequently the authorities attempted to close down the supermarket upon the little city legislature by-laws, though the supermarket management abandoned the sequence as well as went upon merrily trading.

The authorities threatenedthemanager with imprisonment if he defie! dthec! ourt order. He ignoredthatas well (not certain either he pronounced "come as well as get me, nah nah nah") as well as of march went defiantly to jail. I'm certain there was the BIG ang powsomewhere.

Certainly financial parallel meditative during the best, as well as (if true) promissory note loan order during the worst!

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Police Report Lodged Against Shahrizat

PETALING JAYA: An Indian-based NGO coalition which felt in jeopardy by Wanita Umno arch Shahrizat Abdul Jalils (pic) matter upon May thirteen has lodged a police report against a former minister.Read more... ... Read More

Nik Aziz dan isteri sebat tanah orang Asli Gua Musang?

Pendedahan oleh Timbalan Ketua Bahagian UMNO Ketereh, YB Md Alwi Che Ahmad berhubung pemilikan lot-lot tanah atas nama Menteri Besar Kelantan, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat dan isterinya di Selatan Kelantan yang terlibat dengan projek Ladang Rakyat sememangnya cukup mengemparkan ramai rakyat Kelantan.

Tambah mengejutkan mereka apabila persoalan yang dibangkitkan oleh YB Mat Alwi dalam sidang dewan

Fathul Bari Dedahkan Rupanya Nik Aziz Bijak Kafirkan Orang..

... Read More

Musa Hassans motives Lim Sue Goan

DEC 2 The process speech by a Umno president during a annual ubiquitous assembly is often a kind of domestic uncover a complete republic closely watches. Unfortunately, this years uncover has been hijacked by former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan. Even as Najib Razak strike out tough during Pakatan Rakyat as well as tabulated a accomplishments of a Barisan Nasional ... Read More

Govt must investigate Musa Hassan

PETALING JAYA: The government should initiate investigation against former IGP Musa Hassan over claims of his purported triad links, his purported role in undermining several senior military officers as well as purported abuses of power during his reign as a military chief.Making this call today, former MACC advisory panelist Robert Phang, pronounced usually such an investigation, or even perhaps a royal commission, would exhibit a truth about Musa.Musa has no clarity of faithfulness to a organization which has ... Read More

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2012.

Najib Razak posted a photo:

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2012.

Kuala Lumpur, 01/12/2012 - Saya menggulung ucapan saya dalam Perhimpunan agung UMNO 2012 sebentar tadi.

Saya mengetuai bacaan ikrar dengan genggaman tangan kanan di dada sebelah kiri setiap perwakilan yang berjanji akan mempertahankan parti demi kesucian Islam dan nasib bangsa Melayu.

Katakan pada hati dan jiwa kita demi Islam, demi Melayu, demi Malaysia, demi bumi bertuah ini, demi anak cucu kita, kita mesti setia pada perjuangan UMNO demi kedaulatan dan kesucian agama Islam kerana Umnolah pertahankan Islam.

Kita mesti taat pada pemimpin UMNO, demi kemenangan parti kerana UMNO pembela rakyat, katakan tuan-tuan, kita mesti bersatu sesama ahli Umno, jangan bersengketa kerana perpaduan ialah tiang seri kepada perjuangan kita.

Yakin dan percayalah hanya UMNO yang mampu mempertahankan kesucian agama Islam, hanya UMNO yang mampu bela untung nasib bangsa Melayu dan kaum-kaum lain, katakan pada jiwa kita hidup dan matiku hanyalah untuk Islam, pertahankan Umno kerana UMNOlah pertahankan Islam," katanya dengan penuh bersemangat.

Saya sebak dengan rayuan wakil Kelab Umno Luar Negara, Ariff Yasir Zulkafli semalam yang mahu anggota UMNO melupakan segala sengketa dan memberi gambaran tentang masa depan anak Melayu jika UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) hilang kuasa.

Saya tersentuh hati bila wakil Kelab UMNO Luar Negara dengan suara yang sayu merayu 'tolonglah ayahanda, tolonglah bonda' untuk UMNO terus bersuara, berkuasa untuk meneruskan perjuangan demi kepentingan bangsa dan akidah.

Di akhir ucapan penggulungan saya turut mengajak seluruh perwakilan dan semua anggota Umno supaya menadah tangan memohon! pertolo ngan Allah S.W.T agar Umno terus kuat dan Islam terus terpelihara.

Marilah kita bersama-sama bersumpah dan berikrar dengan nama Allah selagi darah masih mengalir, selagi hayat dikandung badan, agama suci Islam pasti kita daulatkan, bangsa Melayu pasti kita perjuangkan, rakyat Malaysia pasti kita makmurkan, negara tercinta pasti kita pertahankan.

Saya melaungkan 'hidup UMNO, hidup Barisan, hidup Malaysia'.


Sebagai jeneral atau pengarah pilihanraya, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin pastinya cukup masak helah musuh selepas 17 kali ke gelanggang pilihanraya kecil dalam tempoh tiga tahun.

Malah, ketika ucapan penggulungan pada Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2012, di PWTC, petang Sabtu, Timbalan Presiden UMNO memberi arahan macam seorang jeneral bagi memastikan angota parti mencapai kejayaan dalam PRU 13.

Kukuhkan infantri...bergerak sederap dan patuhi tujuh rukun itu intipati pesanan Muhyiddin kerapa pilihanraya akan datang lebih besar cabarannya..

"Semua infantri kita iaitu Wanita, Pemuda dan Puteri pimpinan di peringkat bahagian dan negeri perlu bergerak secara sederap dalam setiap langkah yang kita ambil untuk menentukan jangan ada perbalahan," tegasnya.

Menurut Timbalan Perdana Menteri, tujuh rukun itu akan di sebarkan supaya dapat diteliti di semua peringkat pemimpin dan anggota parti di seluruh negara untuk menentukan kejayaan.

"Kita mahu menentukan kubu-kubu kuat kita dipertahankan agar kawasan yang kalah dapat kita tebus kembali," katanya.

Tujuh rukun yang digariskan beliau adalah patuh kepada pemimpin, mengatur strategi tepat, fahami peranan serta tanggungjawab, kenali musuh, kejapkan perpaduan, siapsiaga dan berjuang habis-habisan.

Muhyiddin berkata, Umno perlu mengatur strategi yang tepat untuk mempertahan kekuatan yang ada dengan menentukan kawasan dan negeri yang telah menang dalam pilihan raya lalu terus kekal di tangan BN.
Selain itu, BN kena merampas semula kawasan dan negeri yang kalah, supaya memperoleh kejayaan yang lebih besar pada PRU-13.

"Oleh itu adalah amat mustahak pimpinan negeri, bahagian dan cawangan, apa ! sahaja p erkara yang diputuskan di peringkat pusat dan negeri diterjemah dan dilaksanakan dengan berkesan untuk meraih sokongan yangbesar daripada rakyat," katanya.

Beliau berkata, anggota parti perlu memahami peranan dan tanggungjawab yang perlu dilaksana dengan lebih bersungguh-sungguh untuk berhadapan dengan cabaran daripada parti pembangkang.

Menurut Muhyiddin, selain mengenali 'musuh' parti iaitu PAS, DAP dan PKR, anggota UMNO perlu mengetahui gerakan yang dilakukan pembangkang di peringkat nasional, bahagian dan cawangan.

Disamping itu katanya, setiap saat itu penting dan anggota parti perlu memastikan persediaan fizikal, mental dan rohani untuk menghadapi cabaran 'peperangan' yang amat hebat.

Beliau mengarahkan bilik gerakan yang dibentuk di peringkat negeri dan bahagian serta pihak yang dipertanggungjawabkan digerak sepenuhnya mulai hari ini sampai waktu hari pilihan raya diumumkan oleh presiden parti.

"Kita kena berjuang habis-habisan. Jangan panji-panji UMNO dan BN tersungkur," tegasnya.

Katanya, patah sayap, bertongkap paruh, patah paruh bertongkat siku, patah siku bertongkat dagu, patah dagu bertongkat kuku...biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata.

Perkara lain menarik dalam ucapannya, beliau meminta anggota UMNO bekerja kuat mencontohi Presiden parti yang kerap 'turun padang'.

Presiden telah membakar semangat kita untuk bekerja lebih gigih agar matlamat perjuangan kita untuk rakyat dan negara tercapai," katanya. -1/12/2012


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Video: Penggulungan Oleh Presiden Parti - Dato' Seri Najib #PAU2012 #UMB

Ucapan Penggulungan Oleh Presiden Parti Datuk Seri Najib Razak di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2012. ... Read More


Rakyat kini sedar warna politik yang dipakai oleh Pas, sebuah parti yang mendabik dada memperjuangkan Islam dan penubuhan Negara Islam sebagai objektif utamanya.

Tetapi adakah ini sebenar parti itu atau adakah Pas mempunyai bulletin terselindung yang lain?

Bolehkah rakyat mempercayai pengakuan Pas sebagai sebuah parti yang memakai nama Islam atau perlulah rakyat menilai parti itu melalui tindak tanduknya samada ia selari dengan hasrat dan cita-cita yang dilaungkan?

Persoalan ini rasanya perlu ditanya setiap rakyat sebelum mereka yang layak mengundi pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke thirteen nanti, tergerak untuk memangkah parti itu pada kertasnya.

Implikasinya besar kepada rakyat malah kepada negara jika tersilap undi parti yang ingin diamanahkan mengangkat martabat serta menjaga urusan pentadbiran negara.

Takut-takut nanti apabila dipilih parti tertentu umpamanya Pas, lebih khabar daripada rupa pula.

Jadi amat perlu dinilai perjuangan Pas kebelakangan ini samada ia berlandaskan apa yang tertera di dalam perlembagaan parti itu sejak penubuhan pada tahun 1951 atau ia telah berubah menjadi satu organisasi siyasah yang amat berbeza sekali dengan yang asli.

Berbeza dengan UMNO yang sebagai sebuah parti Melayu terbesar sejak terasas pada tahun 1946.

Perjuangannya amat jelas - Melayu dan Islam - bulletin memartabatkan Melayu ingin diperjuangkan manakala syiar Islam diperkukuh dan dilindungi sejajar dengan peruntukan Perlembagaan Negara yang meletakkan Islam sebagai agama persekutuan.

Hasil perjuangan UMNO daripada dua matlamat utama itu juga jelas dan bukan samar-samar seperti Parti Al Islam Semalaysia atau Pas.

Sejak merdeka, bangsa Melayu di bela dan kebajikan mereka dijaga.

Menyingkap sekelumit sahaja hasil perjuangan UMNO akan menyedarkan rakyat apa yang telah dilakukan oleh parti itu untuk memperkasa bulletin Melayu.

Dalam bidang pendidikan umpamanya, tanyalah mana-mana ibu bapa Melayu atau saudara mara yang berkait dengan mereka, anak Melayu mana yang tidak pernah mendapat sentuhan perju! angan su ci serta jihad UMNO?

Lihat sahaja statstik akan mengejutkan orang Melayu di mana berpuluh puluh ribu anak Melayu berjaya melanjutkan pendidikan di peringkat ijazah di pusat-pusat pengajian tinggi di dalam dan luar negara.

Sementelahan itu berpuluh puluh ribu pula anak bangsa terutamanya dari kawasan luar bandar, kampung dan desa diberi peluang mendapat pendidikan di berpuluh puluh Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Sekolah Menengah Sains, Sekolah Sukan dan lain-lain.

Bagi anak-anak Melayu yang tercicir daripada sistem pendidikan pengajian tinggi pula, kerajaan yang ditunjangi UMNO masih membuka peluang dan diberi harapan kepada golongan ini dengan membina pusat-pusat Giat Mara, Institut Kemahiran MARA, Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara, serta Kolej Komuniti yang berselerak di seluruh negara.

Dalam aspek Islam pula, rakyat boleh lihat dengan mata kepala mereka sendiri bagaimana UMNO menjaga memuliaan Islam sejak merdeka.

Jika diconggok, berbilion ringgit telah dicurahkan untuk memartabatkan Islam dan umat Islam oleh kerajaan berteraskan UMNO sejak dari zaman Perikatan kepada Barisan Negara kini.

Daripada pembinaan masjid, madrasah dan surau hinggalah kepada mewujudkan Bank Islam, universiti dan kolej Islam, sekolah agama berasama penuh, mahkamah syariah, sistem pajak gadai Islam, Baitul Mal, Perkim, antara lainnya.

Tidak sedikit pula anak-anak Melayu dihantar ke universiti-universiti teragung Islam di luar negara seperti Al-Azhar untuk menceduk ilmu agama serta mengembangkan syiar Islam.

Jika dibuat perbandingan ringkas ini di mana letaknya kedudukan UMNO sebagai sebuah parti Melayu-Islam dan Pas yang mendakwa seolah-olah mempunyai matlamat yang sama?

Bukti dan hasil UMNO sudah terbukti dan tidak perlu dipertikaikan lagi, bagaimana pula dengan Pas yang melaung siang dan malam bahawa ia parti Islam tersohor?

UMNO tidak secara spesifik menyatakan untuk menubuhkan Negara Islam berlandaskan syariah namun segala apa yang telah dan sedang dilakukan untuk Islam menjurus kepada pentadbiran yang sarat deng! an nilai -nilai dan prinsip Islam.

Pas pula sudah 61 tahun wujud setelah berpisah daripada induk UMNO sebagai parti serpihan tetapi apakah bukti kejayaan yang boleh dikemukakan olehnya?

Ada satu masjid atau universiti atau bank yang telah berjaya diasaskan atau dibina oleh Pas.

Rakyat telah memberi peluang mebih twenty tahun kepada Pas untuk memerintah negeri Kelantan tetapi sehingga sekarang tanyalah penduduk luar bandar mahupun bandar negeri itu samada mereka mendapat bekalan air bersih yang berterusan.

Jika dibuka paip air di Kelantan, hanya air berwarna tanah liat akan keluar dan mungkin inilah sebenarnya menjadi kebanggaan Pas yang berjaya menyediakan air keladak dan selut kepada rakyatnya.

Kebanggaan Pas hanya berlandaskan kepada ciri-ciri julukan nama negeri Serambi Mekah di Kelantan, aphorism Membangun Bersama Islam, jihad fisabilillah, bertakbir, kalimat Islam pada nama parti dan oh ya terbaru, Negara Berkebajikan!

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Muhyiddin outlines seven principles to ensure GE victory - New Straits Times

The Malaysian Insider

Muhyiddin outlines 7 beliefs to ensure GE victory
New Straits Times
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno emissary boss Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin currently summarized 7 beliefs to be complied with to ensure victory for Umno and a Barisan Nasional (BN) in a 13th ubiquitous election. The 7 beliefs are to conform a leader; draw ...
UMNO: Turkey's AK Party Leaders Call On Muhyiddin Bernama
Muhyiddin wants to see change of attitude reflected during ubiquitous election The Star Online

all 7 headlines articles

Umno Has Recovered, Spirit Soaring High

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 (Bernama) -- The 'Red Wave" of Umno members and supporters in attendance a 2012 Umno General Assembly during Putra World Trade Centre here obviously indicates which a country's largest celebration has recovered from a domestic tsunami in a 2008 ubiquitous election.

Save your crocodile tears, Umno delegates

YOURSAY'It's a swan strain prior to a celebration is finally put to rest. Playing a competition label to a knob as well as hoping for a magnetism of a Malaysians.'

Delegates strew tears over strain decrying predestine of Malays

your sayOnyourtoes:This is a celebration which talked about being supportive to alternative races prior to a Umno public began.

But only demeanour during what they rant about day as well as night - melancholy others with May 13, shedding tears for being marginalised in their own country, wailing which a land they mount upon right away belongs to someone else, anguish about their land as well as resources lost to outsiders, et cetera.

When pull comes to shove, this is all what Umno stands for - a corrupted celebration which has no qualms to use whatever means, together with resorting to extreme jingoism, to benefit support.

It is time cordial Malay leaders insist a genuine issues during hand to a people. This nation deserves better than this organisation of depraved, hurtful as well as bankrupt leaders.

LittleGiant:The Umno care should be abashed of these dramatics to get their members to wallow in self-pity.

Although a Malays have progressed tremendously in a final 5 decades, it is a vivid uneven placement of resources in a Malay community which creates them feel uncertain as well as sidelined. It has zero to do with a non-Malays.

If a! Malays feel sidelined as well as attacked of their wealth, it is Umno which they should hold responsible for their miseries. It is Umno which should be hold responsible to a income governing body it played, miss of transparency in a endowment of government projects as well as a massive corruption scandals, which have all led to a outrageous disparity in resources placement not only in a Malay community though in alternative communities as well.

Emotional outbursts as well as a shedding tears will not compromise a problems of a Malays. They should have a bravery to question a Umno care as well as direct honest answers to all a mismanagement as well as abuse of energy over a final 50 peculiar years.

Nambeke! i 7:This is what will happen when we think we can fool a people all a time. Don't cry for me, Malaysia...

Visu:Yes, Dr Mahathir Mohamad's father from India alsopijakthe sametanah. Dr Mohd Khir Toyo's father as well did a same as well as so did so most 'Malays', like a ancestors of Syed Hamid Albar, Zainuddin Maidin, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as well as so on.

These were not a "nenek-moyang" which a strain refers to. There's something very wrong with a Umno Malays.

Please demeanour during a genuine Malays, they have been a good people with a good mind, as well as right away these genuine 'Malays' have been asking a usurping Malays from Umno to step down.

Apapunboleh:Save your crocodile tears. You will need genuine tears after a general election.

Vgeorgemy:This is a good send-off poem as well as a mood in a general public was apt. It's a final action of a Umn! oputras b! efore they have been ousted from a power.

As distant as a Malays have been concerned, there is zero to be alarmed about as they have good leaders to led them in Pakatan Rakyat.

RA 1:Pakatan must ease this sold genuine fright between a Malays to get their votes. It is no use making fun of such issues.

The local population all over a world has regularly lost out to a newcomer people. It is a spectacle which a Malays have managed to cling upon to during least domestic power.

Milosevic:The constitutional Malay usurps energy from all, together with a Orang Asli as well as long-settled Malays, as well as embarks upon a trail of resources predation. That's very intelligent of them, though patently they need to camouflage their appropriation in a wider means of Malay rights.

Just demeanour during their faces, as well as ask yourself how 'Malay' they really are. As most have said, most of a Chinese as well as Indians have been in Malaysia even longer than these extremist predators. And as everyone knows, their greatest hazard is not a Chinese as well as Indian though a reawakening of a Malays to this exploding set-up, which is happening.

Thus a be scared right away within Umno, as well as no amount of plagiarised songs can assistance their cause.

Tancc:To all Umno members with a little intelligence. Umno has ruled Malaysia for 55 years. If we still feel so saddened as well as despair of your situation, who else to censure if not yourself for supporting these self-serving Umno leaders all these years?

Anak JB:It's a swan strain prior to a celebration is finally put to rest. Playing a competition label to a knob as well as hoping for a magnetism of a Malaysians.

After 55 years, this is a state of a Malays as well as it is tall time for Umno to step in reserve as well as let others to conduct Malaysia for a betterment of all of us.

Hang Babeuf:For days they wallow there during PWTC in tricky tongue about a need to "menjaga maruah bangsa Me! layu" as well as to "memartabatkan masyarakat Melayu".

Then they turn upon this embarrassing as well as revolting display, as they thrust their sum miss of egoism as well as of due regard for their own dignity in everybody's faces.

More, by we do so they want to have people feel guilty about what this sickening opening suggests.

It is simply an exercise in manipulation as well as bad faith. A arrangement that's worse than which of a beggars who confront we in a travel with their afflictions as well as contemptible situation.

And this sleazy little "guilt-opera" is a prolongation of a major domestic celebration which claims to hold Malay dignity as well as egoism on top of all else.

Only domestic idiots could imagine destroying their own credibility in this way - as well as thinking which it was a intelligent move.

Chuath:One should cry for a Penans who have been losing their land, a poor who, in any case of race, especially in Sabah as well as Sarawak, cannot get to hospitals or schools, etc. What in a world have been those guys crying about?

They had a money, though their boss wasted them. Even when their bosses become millionaires prior to their eyes notwithstanding being mere public servants, these guys cry loyalty. Where do they get a flock of people like these? It's sufficient to have me cry.

Pemerhati:! ! In a nation where all a citizens have been treated sincerely as well as equally, no sold organisation should be singing such a sad song.

In Malaysia, if there is any one who should be singing such a song, it is a people who have been a victims of a discriminatory system put in place by Umno so as to get a Malay vote as well as remain in energy as well as pillage a nation to a tune of RM50 billion annually.

The greatest victims of a extremist system have been a vast infanc! y of Mal aysians, together with a infancy of Malays who have been not in a middle circle of Umno.

If so much of a country's resources was not siphoned off by a hurtful BN by unnecessary exorbitantly priced military hardware as well as overpriced infrastructure projects, Malaysians would not be burdened with tolled roads as well as tall electricity tariffs.

Highly talented minorities troubled with a discrimination have left overseas, while a rich Umnoputras, a royalty as well as their family groups go abroad to seek their costly healing as well as tutorial services.

Sad Malaysian:Nenek moyang kaya-raya? we was around The Mall during lunchtime today, as well as a Wanita Umno were there with their L! ouis Vuit! ton handbags... And they dare to say theirnenek moyangwere richer than them now. - Malaysiakini
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Diakhir perhimpinan agung, Najib merayu agar Umno terima konsep calon boleh menang

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 Dis Datuk Seri Najib Razak dalam ucapan penggulungannya menegaskan kepada ahli-ahli Umno tentang konsep calon boleh menang yang bakal diperkenalkannya dalam pilihan raya umum (PRU) ke thirteen akan datang. Langkah tersebut dilihat sebagai usaha terakhir Presiden Umno itu untuk meyakinkan ahli-ahli partinya agar tidak melakukan ... Read More

DAPs partisan politics will backfire

People in Penang wish to see a celebration in helpful rendezvous with a opponents, says Gerakan.
GEORGE TOWN: The DAP's tendency to put up with in partisan politics will backfire in a prolonged term, says a state Gerakan leader.
Penang Gerakan vice-chairman Wong Mun Hoe pronounced a people in a state right away would prefer to see a celebration engaged constructively with a opponents rsther than than to run them down endlessly.
Since 2008, DAP has been engaged in partisan politics, criticising a rivals at each spin as well as corner, he said.
"For a DAP, it is either you have been with me or against me. This had been a adage for a really prolonged time. Now which a celebration is in government, this arrange of perspective is non-stop for all to see," he pronounced in an interview.
The public does not similar to what it is seeing, Wong added.
Hence, a flourishing list of deractors have emerged in Penang, amid accusations which Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has spin a cocky as well as conceited person, he said.
"The critics have been not necessarily from a Barisan Nasional. Everyone in Penang from a hawkers to a trishaw peddlers hold strong opinions [about a state government]. Can Lim accept criticism?"
For example, Wong pronounced a DAP-led Penang supervision was right away inextricable in an purported disagreement with a PAS-led state supervision in Kedah over a understanding to supply tender H2O from a Muda River.
Lim has denied a life of such a understanding though Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak had reportedly told a new State Legislative Assembly sitting which is neighbour (Penang)! has agr eed to squeeze H2O from Kedah.
When Penang BN authority Teng Chang Yeow spoke about a conflicting statements from both, a DAP incited around as well as asked him (Teng) to resign, Wong said.
"Almost each DAP statement is about asking a opponents to step down."
When a rivals forked out which DAP's has own "skeletons in a closet," a celebration leaders became paranoid as well as issued gag orders upon their own members, Wong said.
'Behave similar to a government'
He pronounced DAP should be easy as well as be some-more statesman-like in traffic with issues of nation-building.
The celebration is right away in a government, so it contingency behave similar to one, he said.
It should be focusing upon governing as well as not upon a past mistakes of a previous government, he added.
If DAP wants to point out a errors of a opponents, it contingency also be willing to confess a own mistakes.
"But because of partisan politics, a little DAP leaders do not wish to confess their mistakes. They only wish to twist as well as turn. When they have been no longer able to twist, they keep mum."
He pronounced electorate today wish a helpful form of politics.
"The people wish a politicians to argue over who has a improved policies as well as who has a improved results. We have been living in a result-oriented society. We should concentration upon what a people want, not upon what we, politicians, crave."
DAP has spin a celebration which likes to dictate things to a people in Penang as well as cannot stomach criticism, judging from a present control of a little of a leaders, he said.
"Eventually, a electorate would confirm a future of each inaugurated politician. We can speak all you want, though it is a people who would decide."
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Pahang MB: Look, I didn't mean it literally

Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob currently simplified which he did not meant cut off his ears literaly if Barisan Nasional lost in Bentong.

Instead, he explained which it was a incongruous debate dictated for his critics to learn English.

"Do you know incongruous speech? In English language, you have incongruous speech. We have simile, you have metaphor, hyberbole...

"So when you contend cut my ears, which means they (DAP) can never win. That shows a level of confidence. This is not which is you (BN lose) they (opposition) take a knife and cut off my ears literally.

"No, this is incongruous debate - incongruous denunciation to let these people investigate English," he told reporters along a sidelines on a last day of a Umno ubiquitous assembly today.

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Umno runs down LGBT, pluralism, liberalism as assembly ends

Zurairi AR, The Malaysian Insider Umno currently wrapped up a final assembly before a polls with delegates calling for movement against advocates of anti-Islam elements such as homosexuality as well as those who generate pluralism as well as liberalism in especially Muslim Malaysia. While debating a emanate of preparation as well as religion, a single delegate even referred to a rehabilitation centre for a maligned lesbian, gay, bisexual as well as transsexual (LGBT) community. We wish to transform them from zaman kejahilan (d ... Read More

PAS challenged to include hudud in Buku Jingga

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS has been challenged to embody a controversial hudud law in a Buku Jingga if it was critical about implementing a law if a Opposition took over Putrajaya. Umno Kelantan delegate Mohd Afandi Yusoff on Saturday urged a Islamist celebration to rught away implement a Islamic law in Pakatan-ruled states prior to articulate about taking it to a national-level. PAS talks about implementing hudud law but a partner DAP clearly opposes it. If it is frank about fighting for Isla ... Read More