Betul Ahmad Maslan kata Bersih hanya cuci nama Anwar

Memang tepat dikatakan Dato Ahmad Maslan dari awal bahawa Bersih adalah taktik untuk bersihkan nama Anwar yang sudah busuk dari pendedahan salahlaku seks dengan pelacur China doll dan salahlaku sodomi yang dia perlu bela diri.ABITW mendedahkan bahawa agenda hentikan politik kotor diselitkan pada minit terakhir dalam lapan tuntutan Bersih setelah seventeen tuntutan dipotong menjadi 5.Agenda ini seiring

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This Week: "The Emperor's Children", at the back of the scenes, best sellers, and the novel that never was
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SelangorKu, Pasti Khalid akan ngaku

Pic : The StarBaru 3 tahun jadi ADUN Ijok dan MB Selangor, dah terbentang expressway merentas Ijok ke Templer Park.Kerja Khalidkah?The Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor Expressway, or better known as Latar Expressway, that links Templers Park in Gombak with the Ijok township in Kuala Selangor has entered the final stage of development. [The Star]Akar UmbiSAYANGI BN!

SelangorKu, Mana air free aku?

Meskipun sudah tiga tahun pakatan memerintah negeri ini, masih ada penduduk tidak mendapat bekalan air percuma bagi 20 scale padu seperti dijanjikan menerusi manifesto Pilihan Raya Umum pada 2008.Penghuni sebuah pangsapuri di Pandamaran (kawasan Ronnie Liew) di sini, yang kebanyakannya berpendapatan rendah, misalnya masih belum menikmati kemudahan itu ketika sebahagian besar penduduk termasuk

The Amanah Agenda- part 1

Last Friday, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah launched a environment up of an additional NGO. It is called Amanah. Its full name is Angkatan Amanah Merdeka. The name suggests that, autonomy as well as a wider definition term, freedom, is a shortcoming entrusted upon a shoulders.

It seems a categorical mixture of an eccentric republic have been being eroded as well as disregarded with irresponsible impunity. Our economy is slowly starting to be run by powerful mercantile plutocracy. An chosen organisation has taken over a planning as well as running of a country. We have been simultaneously preoccupied as well as goaded into believing which a economy can get better miraculously by in vogue presentation regulating Microsoft PowerPoint authored by expensively paid consulting companies. Those people in Balakong, Sungai Besi as well as Jalan kelang Lama did not need power indicate presentations authored by McKinsey consultants. They didn't have to pay Idris Jala for leveraging on McKinsey people either!

The mercantile chosen have been working palm in palm with a domestic chosen of this nation so which from democracy, you have been moving toward Plutarchy. Plutarchy is a combination of plutocracy- a order of a wealthy as well as oligarchy- a order of a few. These people have been no longer articulate about growth costs of millions- they have been right away articulate about billions- a billion Ringgit MRT, a billion Ringgit River of Life Project, no billion- no talk. How is a country's finance management managed? Can you certitude them?

Our founding fathers gave us a Westminster's sort of democracy as well as you supposed it. We accept wholeheartedly which a approach to form a supervision is by peaceful equates to as well as which ! is by sa tisfactory as well as purify general elections. It contingency additionally mean which combatants as well as contestant have been accorded a same comforts ! as well as trea tment en route to forming a government.

We supposed additionally a inherent monarchy whereby a Malay rulers accept unreservedly which this nation belongs to a people. By that, a rulers accept which they have been additionally subjected to a powers of a constitution, whereby, rulers have been additionally governed by a order of law as well as do not have uncontrollable as well as comprehensive optional powers.

What has happened then? The tipping indicate came in a late 80s when a single chairman hijacked a approved birthright as well as preoccupied a republic with a shine of fast-tracked element advancements. Since then, this nation has traveled only on a single option- divisiveness. Our heralded as well as self-congratulatory growth is in all paid by a wearing away of a approved mixture which you spoke of above. We praised as well as patted ourselves by calling a leaders, fathers of this as well as that. These conditions have been alas, dull phrases aimed essentially during according ourselves a feel good feeling.

The target of Bersih for example, was directed during a single of these- which is, fundamental in a democracy is a approach you choose a government. It contingency be done in a satisfactory as well as purify manner. We have chosen a giveaway market economy though nowadays, what is free, is a freedom by certain cliques in a nation to plunder as well as cackle up a economy. Hence you no longer verbalise of millions as well as even 100 of millions though billions. The trade overload which is a scandal of people in a Kelang hollow can simply be solved cheaper by construction of elevated highways. But powerful mercantile oligarchs due to set up an MRT whose final costs cannot be dynamic as yet.

I am not starting to re! peat a a genda, mission statement etc. these can be found in a obvious booklets which were handed out on which day.

Let me cut to a deride or cut to a follow what Amanah essentially stands for. we attended a inaugural launch a alternative day. we had a chance to listen t! o a ra ther prolonged welcoming speech by Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

Now, Kadir has never struck me as a courteous as well as meditative person. He was a quintessential bon vivant with a crawl tie. He would, we consider be some-more during home dining during Lafite during Shangri-La rather than with a thrust as well as parry of raw politics. On which day however, he was articulate sense. Perhaps a articulation was a product of a surpassing high regard of a contemptible state of affairs which has overtaken a country.

But that, my readers, will in an additional installment.

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"SelangorKu" ganti kegagalan "merakyatkan ekonomi Selangor"

"Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor" adalah satu aphorism bodoh yang ternyata gagal sepanjang tempoh PKR memerintah Selangor.Kegagalan merakyatkan ekonomi adalah kerana yang di rakyatkan hanyalah ekonomi kroni-kroni PKR dan ADUN-ADUN PKR di semua cabang-cabang di Selangor.Nak tengok betul ke tidak PKR hanya merakyatkan ekonomi kroni-kroni mereka, ada seorang ADUN PKR Selangor mampu membeli sebuah

The Amanah Agenda- part 1

Last Friday, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah launched a environment up of an additional NGO. It is called Amanah. Its full name is Angkatan Amanah Merdeka. The name suggests that, independence as well as a wider meaning term, freedom, is a responsibility entrusted on our shoulders.

It seems a main ingredients of an independent republic are being eroded as well as violated with insane impunity. Our manage to buy is

Opinion Poll: Are you satisfied with the Teoh Beng Hock RCI outcome?

Technorati tags: Opinion Poll, Teoh Beng Hock, Royal Commission Of Inquiry, RCI Report Earlier this week upon Thursday, a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) in to a genocide of domestic aide Teoh Beng Hock expelled a report. In box you havent done it yet, a full inform (courtesy of YB Lim Kit Siang) can be found in a full post. The crux of a report: which Teoh was driven to self-murder by a heated inquire by a MACC. Another key indicate revealed by a inform is which a investigati ... Read More

Is everything OK in Malaysia?

  • I travel regularly to Jakarta for work since 2008. we was there this week as well as got behind late final night. Over a final 3 years certain things caught my attention. Among others is a cleanliness of a city which has softened by leaps as well as bounds. The travel time from a airfield to my unchanging highway house used to be a single hour as well as during my recent outing it is down to thirty minutes. Traffic is some-more orderly. My only disappointment is which a immigration counter for foreigners seems to be longer every time. More foreigners have been flying in lately. The Indonesian supervision contingency be you do something right.

  • The improvement in traffic upsurge is not associated to construction of brand new highway. They have been receiving measures to improve a movement of people by using stream infrastructure. According to Yudi, an officer with a Jakarta Governor office whom we met during a highway house pronounced which a brand new supervision is looking during mending upsurge so which economy can improve. The focus is on mending highway conditions as well as formulating dedicated bus lanes as well as upgrade on foot path. Taxis have been accessible as well as cleanser as ever. It is cheap as well as this encourages people to take cabs rather than driving.

  • At a airfield yesterday, we was shocked to see a major headlines in all journal there. Airasia, a Malaysian borne airline has decided to immigrate its regional HQ to Jakarta. Tony Fernandez pronounced between others it is since he likes Jakarta. I was mislaid for words. An airline which proposed in Malaysia is now relocating! divided from its bieing born place. There contingency be something right in Jakarta.

  • The alternative big headlines in Jakarta is about co! rruption . They seem to show larger joining to exterminate it. Over a final couple of days a bribery story involving Muhammad Nazaruddin, a treasurer of a governing Democratic celebration (Susilo Bambang is a president) is additionally a major new. Susilo fired him from a party. The anticorruption group there seems to be working overtime to catch this man who seems to be running from a single nation after another.

  • President SBY should be respected for his self-assurance in mending a mercantile unfolding as well as stealing crime in Indonesia. The Indonesian seems to be you do many right things of late as well as we could sense which economy is really positive there. Unlike Malaysia, a supervision is saying all is good when a tangible feeling on a belligerent is a opposite.

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    Malaysian Spring inevitable if BN refuses to come out of time warp

    Malaysian Spring inevitable if BN refuses to come out of time warp

    In a aftermath of a Bersih convene Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai attempted to move divided reports which a military had dismissed tear gas as well as water cannons in to a Tung Shin hospital by unclothed faced denials backed up by a cowed hospital house member despite a resources of video, photos as well as eyewitness accounts. He shortly suffered heated open as well as domestic attacks until he was forced to recant his progressing statements as well as ordered an enquiry. He even had to beg a open for sympathy with his piteous claim which a little quarters were perplexing to lift him down.

    Liow Tiong Lais brazen try to move divided a untimely law may have worked in a 1970s when a mainstream media monopolized a upsurge of report though it does not work now. Back afterwards a mainstream media could make or mangle any emanate though technology as well as a internet have overtaken their dominance. The open have pick sources of report right away as well as anybody with a mobile phone as well as a PC can be a photographer, videographer, reporter or commentator.

    Why afterwards did a hapless Liow attempted something so foolhardy? He was neither a maverick nor a fool though a living sign of BNs incapacity to understanding with a open during large. Instead of relocating with a times to understanding with a grown as well as well informed open BNs meditative seems fossilized in a past, stranded in a time warp of a 1970s whilst technology as well as socio-economic conditions have developed far ahead.

    Disconnect with report technology

    In conjunction with a increased accessibility to report a peoples m! indset h ave developed to be some-more grown , vicious as well as demanding. There! have been hig her expectations for a cleaner, some-more approved as well as some-more accountable government. No longer have been you willing to accept whatever a supervision tells us during face worth as if a supervision knows best.

    BN has unsuccessful to recognize which disinformation no longer work since they have been superceded by technology. Beside pick sources of news as well as opinion people have been some-more firmly networked than ever prior to as well as share report well through amicable media. This equates to which a state controlled media has effectively mislaid a capability to mould as well as shape open opinion to a will of a regime.

    Yet an additional eloquent example of how a authorities have mislaid a tract is a mainstream medias heated try to demonize a Bersih convene which fell flat when tens of thousands took to a streets in defiance of military warnings. The open have been not impressed with uncanny fantasies used to demonize a convene for giveaway as well as satisfactory elections as if they do not know better.

    The brand brand new censorship of The Economist article upon a Bersih convene using black pen pen has been heaped with gibe over a stone-age process used to control report which has no disbelief increased readership of a article online.

    Insulting a intelligence

    We have witness time as well as again a roughly bizarre statements of a Home Minsters from Syed Hamid Albars ISA to strengthen a journalist to Hishamuddins strange counterclaim of a cow conduct protestors. Uneven application of mutiny laws as well as stand in standards in law coercion emanate offend instead of admiration for law coercion When Umno Youth or Perkasa demonstrate they have been sportive their rights though woe betide others who consider they will be accorded a same treatment.

    We additionally have an ungainly sodomy case hold together by string as well as glue sha! fted dow n a disbelieving throat of a public. We have been told which a supervision cannot afford subsidies to a people though a even bigger subsidy to a IPPs cannot be touched.

    The comprehension o! f a pu blic is being angry upon a daily basis though to Umno they have been not articulate to prepared well-informed Malaysians. In their minds they have been still addressing half-illiterate elementary minded kampong folks who will believe anything a supervision tells them. One wonders who a real simpletons have been here.

    Turning every emanate in to competition as well as sacrament issue

    Turning an emanate in to a competition as well as sacrament emanate is Umnos speciality as well as they have towering it to a fine art. There is no emanate which Umno or their rightwing Perkasa cannot spin in to a secular or religious issue.

    Utusan as well as Berita Harian attempted to spin a cheer over Teoh Beng Hocks genocide in to a secular emanate by depicting a conflict upon MACC as an conflict upon a Malay institution. The Bersih leaders have been demonized as anti-Islam, anti-Malay, funded by Christians as well as Umnos lackey Ibrahim Ali attempted to frighten Chinese to stay during home as well as batch up upon food. Even a anti-Lynas criticism over health as well as reserve concerns was twisted in to a secular emanate by a little hired thugs

    The antithesis hazard to BNs domestic energy is decorated as Malays in danger of losing energy as if there have been no Malays in PKR as well as PAS. Meanwhile a incessant secular as well as religious attacks upon a Penang state supervision have been too countless to detail. The outcry over a banning of a make use of of Allah for non-Muslims was decorated as an conflict upon Islam.

    This use of using competition as well as sacrament as a defensive magnitude is a reversion to a days of British order as well as order which Umno adopted as well as expanded. The Malaysian open is frankly revolted with such abhorrent posturing! in a mu lti-racial society. Its time they learn which Utusan Malaysias extremist outpourings have no outcome upon a infancy of Malaysians as well as usually serve to fall short BNs multi-racial credentials.

    Peddling aged fears

    Old fears die hard though they can be put to rest. For too prolonged has BN used a ghost of May thirteen to subtly bluster a minorities to vote for BN though c! ontinuin g to run out this aged bogeyman is removing stale. Yet you still see oblique references to May thirteen from a likes of Mahathir, Perkasa as well as even MCA leaders, usually in a vein of you do not wish an additional May 13. All a outcome they have is puke inducing offend rather than fear.

    What about Chinese fright of an Islamic state? MCA President Chua Soi Lek demonstrates how fossilized his genius is by perplexing to revive this aged fright in by-elections. In an age when Chinese have been comfortably choosing by casting votes for PAS he still keeps flogging this dead horse. Someone should tell him how foolish he sounds when he rants upon as well as upon similar to a broken record.

    Imprisoning people though trial has no place in a complicated democracy as well as usually earns a wrath of right meditative people. The ISA was meant to be a weapon of apprehension though frequent abuse has marked down a fright status. It is an old-fashioned apparatus which turns a victims in to heroes instead. Its victims know they cannot be hold prolonged since a length of their incarceration is in direct suit to BNs domestic damage.

    The final time a ISA was used upon a Hindraf 5 it turned them in to heroes as well as caused BN to suffer during a polls. But a authorities have not schooled their doctrine nonetheless as well as have steady their energy abuse with a unjust apprehension of a PSM 6.

    Practicing Gutter Politics

    The brand brand new governing body which developed after a final general choosing is a gove! rning bo dy of engagement, opening as well as accountability. Malaysians design some-more grown governing body in between a statute celebration as well as a antithesis though have been dished out a passageway for liquid governing body of sex as well as sodomy with state hardship thrown in.

    Is it so critical to pursue Anwar Ibrahim with all a might of a state over a purported in isolation defilement of an people arse, given consensually if a assign is to be believed? Spreading pornographic pollution over a indeterminate sex video involving Anwar usually serves to explode upon a perpetrators than allegation a victim.

    S! elangor state authority Elizabeth Wong was additionally a plant of such passageway for liquid politics. Opposition elected member have additionally been victims of spurious charges similar to satirical a policeman, interference a policeman, mutiny or bootleg assembly. The general principle is which if you havent been charged with something you arent somebody in a antithesis yet.

    Malaysians design a statute celebration to rivet with a antithesis rather than put up with in such passageway for liquid politics. It is time BN treats a antithesis as an essential part of a approved complement instead of pests as well as enemies to be oppressed. How many times has a Speaker in council shot down antithesis motions for discuss upon critical inhabitant issues? The answer is all a time.

    How would Americans feel if President Obama told them to urge Washington D.C. during all price opposite a Republican enemies even with dejected bodies as well as mislaid lives? They would positively consider him mad though this is what Najib design Malaysians to swallow with his urge Putrajaya during all price line.

    A supervision out of sync with a public

    Hence you see which instead of enchanting a open in a grown as well as smart manner BN is still clinging to dishonourable aged practises which no longer work whilst multitude has changed! ahead. They have been a celebration stranded in a time warp, incompetent to understanding with enlightened as well as prepared Malaysians in a complicated world.

    The reason for BNs low mindset is twofold. One is a arrogance of energy after statute some-more than 50 years in a one celebration complement with fright of losing power. The second is which Umnos domestic culture is as low as a aged guard who hold a reins of power.

    Recently you have some-more to insult a comprehension with a military inordinate fright of yellow T-shirts, a fallacious demonization of a coalition for giveaway as well as satisfactory elections, a unimaginable suicide outcome of a Teoh Beng Hock RCI, a unjust apprehension of a PSM-6 as well as a hapless genocide of Ahmad Sarbaini whom the! MACC cl aimed mistook a 3rd building window as an exit door.

    Civil multitude is undone as well as murderous with being treated similar to idiots. The antics as well as shenanigans of BN leaders, a unending corruption, a military hardship as well as a constant make use of of competition as well as sacrament to order as well as order have caused a open to remove faith in open institutions as well as certainty in a leaders.

    A grown Malaysian polite multitude is agitating for reforms though a reality undo in between a BN supervision as well as a multitude will usually grow wider. Bersih is a awakening of a brand brand new Malaysian consciousness which you do not have to take all this lying down.

    Faced with abating recognition BN will have to rely some-more as well as some-more upon a slanted personification field as well as cheating to win elections. But if approved methods fail, multitude will correct itself with harsher methods. If BN is impossible to remove during a polls, it risks being private by a Malaysian Spring in a manner of a Arab Spring sweeping a Middle East.

    - Malaysia Chronicle

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    Whatever were they thinking?

    Lawyer deported for violating visa

    For starters, it reeks of guilt as well as fright from a government. If there is no truth in what a lawyer is doing, because a impassioned pierce to deport a lawyer? If there was any disbelief in my regarding a review of a Scorpene deal, rest positive that it has all been put to rest.

    I consternation who is advising a Malaysian PM in traffic with this issue? This action has usually reduce your credit to an even lower turn (as if it was probable since that it has probably reached an all time low). you can usually consider of 2 reasons for your advisors to remonstrate you to take such an intensely stupid person actions:-

    1. If it is a PR company, no consternation they have been charging such tall cost for their services.They have been assisting you deleterious yourselves further so that they can step in for 'damage control' as well as remonstrate you that you need their imagination if you wished to keep a people's await in a coming elections. See? They have been you do double jobs! Malaysian Government, you have been duped! or..

    2. Your advisors has a intelligence of a 3 year aged (which is essentially insulting to a 3 year olds) as well as finnesse of a bull in a china shop. May i indicate that you remove them immediately to protect your good image (Gasp! Assuming there is any left!) as well as cut down unnecessary expenditures upon such unproductive advisors that usually adds to your injury. For all you know, it might save Malaysians billions of ringgit in wastage upon these advisors that coincidentally might probably be put in to improved make use of such as:-
    a) shopping new peculiarity submarine that can essentially avocation as it is meant to ! for legi timate purposes due by our Ministry of Defense
    b) repair a council roof, a stadium roof, a newly renovated Puduraya bus station roof tiles tiles (by a way, might i know who is a strange contractor? The peculiarity of their work is abominable as well as they should have their licenses revoked, a supervision charged to court for endangering lives, blacklisted from all destiny supervision contracts bids (including companies that has a same registered Directors, supervision teams, workers...i'm sure you know what i mean) as well as a supervision should request for refund for those works)
    c) proper courses for our poor Royal Malaysian CSI teams who seems to have lost a SOP in conducting their work. It is flattering disgracing you know, carrying their own ex-Head of CSI pointing out their messy work in a courtroom as well as reported by your MSM (Times as well as Meloya) for all as well as sundry. Utterly shameful! Whatever would a world think?! (Oh yeah, i forgot. They have been all duped by Jewish efforts to disintegrate you! Their views doesn't make a difference as prolonged as a people reads usually internal news as well as believes usually in you!)
    d) proper equipments for our poor Chemistry Department. Last heard, it seems they have been unable to identify a weapons used to fire bullet in to a victim's conduct (reported both by Times as well as Meloya) that undetermined your ex-Head of CSI. Maybe a department is due for some upgrading?

    Oh yes, a preference maker in this total event should really be fired. Correct me if i'm wrong. The advisors' pursuit is to blueprint a scenario as well as probable solutions. Isn't it a preference maker's avocation to consider it over prior to making any decision? Such catastrophic preference makers will really save Malaysia a lot of trouble, grief as well as income as shortly as yo! u replac e them.
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    Bishop says Najib's remarks on Christians puzzling

    Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing today expressed astonishment that Prime Minister Najib Razak could, after a outing to see a Pope Benedict in Rome progressing this week, still verbalise similar to as if a frankness of Malaysian Christians in their enterprise to discourse with Muslims is theme to proof.

    I do not wish to sound carping as well as pugnacious especially after a announcement of tactful ties in between Malaysia as well as a Vatican though a budding minister's latest remarks, to my mind, have been nothing if not puzzling, pronounced a suggested conduct of Roman Catholics in a Melaka-Johor diocese.

    NONEBishop Paul, who is parallel president of a Catholics' Bishops Conference of Malaysia, was referring to a Najib's remarks in Sepang yesterday that were directed at Christians.

    We wish to tell a friends, a Malaysian Christians that if they apply oneself us, you will also apply oneself them, a PM was reported by Malaysian Insider to have said.

    This is obscure - painful even - coming from a personality who has just been to see a Pope as well as has announced a investiture of tactful ties in between a Vatican as well as Malaysia, pronounced Bishop Paul Tan.

    It is as if a faithfulness of Christians to a constitution of a nation that states that Islam is a official region of a federation is in disbelief as well as a frankness of Christians in their enterprise to discourse with Muslims is theme to proof, he asserted.

    Begging a bu! dding mi nister's pardon, you feel counts have been a other way round. ! It is hi s government's fealty to a freedom of religion guarantees in a constitution that is in doubt, not Christians' apply oneself for Islam, argued Bishop Paul Tan.

    Our subscription to a constitution ipso facto is apply oneself for Islam as a official religion of a country. The Roman Catholics Church is a founding partial of of a Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism as well as Taoism (MCCBCHST).

    The initiative to form a legislature in 1984 was a reflection of a enterprise of Christians to discourse with other religions, he reminded.

    Meeting with Pope a window dressing

    Bishop Paul Tan pronounced Muslims do not wish to be partial of a MCCBCHST for reasons better well known to them as well as that you do not wish to comment.

    Yet, after a oft-repeated faithfulness to a constitution as well as a efforts at compelling inter-religious dialogue, it is a frankness that is theme to proof, judging from a budding minister's remarks, pronounced Bishop Paul Tan.

    I take no penchant in saying this though say it you must: this invidious double standards in judgment of a frankness of Christians has left so prolonged that if unchallenged it would turn a required wisdom, he asserted.

    NONEThe budding minister's outing to a Vatican, as you had feared, was so much window sauce - his latest remarks have been a confirmation, he said.

    Bishop Paul Tan said: At this point, superfluous as it! may see m, you wish to reaffirm a faithfulness of Malaysian Christians, quite of Roman Catholics, to a constitution that ! upholds Islam as a official religion of a federation.

    Also, you wish to reiterate a invariable enterprise to discourse with Muslims whom you acquire as brothers in a usual humanity. May you not be wise on top of magnitude as well as sobriety though you must cultivate truth in charity. - Malaysiakini

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    Are the winners always right?

    Sim Kwang Yang Niccolo Machiavelli was one of a biggest philosophers of governing body in a past few centuries. His biggest achievement was to state a obvious, that is: You are regularly right, if you win, in a affairs of mankind. Let a prince then concern himself with a acquisition or a maintenance of a state; [...] Read More


    Idris Jala pushing Malays to hell..!!!Baru-baru ini saya terbaca keluhan NGO-NGO dan analisis dalam tempoh 6 bulan pencapaian Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera (Teraju), disini. Sebagaimana kita tahu, objektif penubuhan Teraju adalah untuk menjadi pemangkin utama bagi meningkatkan taraf ekonomi Melayu dan Bumiputera.Memandangkan "kek ekonomi" Malaysia masih lagi belum seimbang, di mana kaum Cina masih

    Resign Or Snap Election For Najib, Herere The Reasons

    As many as we would similar to to stop writing about PM Najib administration, a tract usually got engaging as good as we consider he might usually hit a bulls eye as far as my prediction that his downfall might be faster than his predecessor, Abdullah Badawi, is concerned. Compared with Najib, Badawi right away seems similar to a cute adorable small kitten, who merely likes to nap (on a job). Malaysians lend towards to be some-more inclined to forgive upon lazy budding apportion though not a budding apportion who lies, cheats, brutal, dirty (allegation upon Mongolian Altantuyas murder), hypocrite though upon top of all ridiculous nonetheless arrogant.

    One cannot help though fell off a chair shouting after review that Najib pronounced he cancels a family eighth month since he wants to spend some-more time with Malaysians. This was perhaps the many appropriate fun ever by premier Najib since he took over from Abdullah Badawi. This fun essentially value a thousand Like upon his facebook page. Forget about Bersih 2.0 since this man might give up underneath vigour not from antithesis parties or Bersih 2.0 though from his inner UMNO party. Boy, if it was loyal that a US$24 million controversial solid ring in truth belongs to his wife Rosmah Mansor, that ring is cursed.

    Anyone notice the deadly overpower from Mahathir after a Bersih 2.0 convene that right away wash out Najibs recognition in to a toilet bowl? Ive wrote progressing that Najib administrations impassioned stupidity in tackling a simple issue of Bersih 2.0 finished a total episode smells rat. Najib cant be that ridiculous (or was he?) as good as even if he was in truth stupid, his wife would have save a day, unless of march a devise to replace him has been brought forward by his own circles. Mahathir doesnt similar to Najib for dual main reasons - his wife as good as his close tie with S! ingapore Government.

    It seems Najib might have to give up soon, substantially before his tenure expires in 2013. And if Najib skeleton to stay until subsequent ! year to enjoy some-more giveaway abroad holidays regulating taxpayers money underneath his genius as a budding minister, his dream is right away short-lived formed upon his emergency return to take carry out of Putrajaya. How upon earth could everything turns inverted before his selling outing to United Kingdom as good as Italy ends? It appears he has no other option though to call an early election, possibly before 11-11-2011 in order to neutralize his rivalry from inside of UMNO, if hes able to do that.

    1) Perkasa Ibrahim Ali

    Ibrahim Ali, a man whom we love as good as loathing has successfully achieved his duty, if in truth it was loyal that he was essentially a mole, in any box either he was planted by Anwar or Mahathir. His pursuit was to create disharmony as good as secular disharmony. Both Anwar or Mahathir knew a Malay votes as good as to a certain extent a Indian votes have return to UMNO underneath Najibs leadership. If a Chinese electorate were to go behind in droves to UMNO- led National Front coalition, afterwards a antithesis is toast as good as Najib would turn really powerful, so many so that he can ask Mahathir to fly kite.

    Ibrahim Ali PerkasaOne has to remember Mahathir is a master in a diversion of divide-and-rule. As prolonged as Ibrahim Ali can invariably feed a secular loathing cookies to both ethnic-Malay as good as ethnic-Chinese, Najibs strength is being checked. And wasnt Ibrahim Ali a director in Vincent Tans Berjaya Group, a single of a closest cronies during Mahathi! r admini stration? Well, if Najib truly believed that Ibrahim Ali was God-sent Angel to help fish runaway Malay votes for his administration, afterwards he deserves what hes removing now.

    2) Deputy PM Muhyiddin

    One needs to see a bigger design upon how a deput! y PM see ms to be pouring kerosene everytime his boss, PM Najib Razak, starts a brand brand new project in his bid to benefit electorate support. When Najib was shouting compartment froth during mouth his 1Malaysia concept, Muhyiddin spoken he was Malay initial as good as Malaysian second. And of march Mahathir roughly swear he doesnt essentially understand a judgment of 1Malaysia. Muhyiddin is in truth a crafty emissary as he was a single of a warlords who enjoys belligerent support.

    Muhyiddin YassinNajib doesnt similar to a crafty emissary since it would have him looks weak, that is loyal since his domestic receiving moody star was quite formed upon his fathers name, a second budding apportion Tun Razak. In short, Najib was innate with silver platter hence he has never been known to be a risk-taker. The actuality that Muhyiddin together with Mahathir were intensely still post-Bersih 2.0 convene verbalise volume about how both were similarly pleased with a open as good as ubiquitous critique upon Najib administration department department department department department department in doing a pacific demonstration. Muhyiddin can roughly smell a aroma of a premiership.

    3) Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein

    Given a option, Muhyiddin would similar to to turn a Prime Minister yesterday though theres another opportunist who similar to to climb a ladder as good as hes nothing other than Najibs own cousin Hishammuddin Hussein. In ! Malaysia , it seems usually a elite groups have a priviledge to turn a budding minister. Just similar to how Najib leveraged upon his daddys priviledge name, Hishammuddin was drooling about apropos a subsequent budding minister since his father was a countrys third budding minister.

    Hishammudin HusseinNeedless to say, Mahathir was additionally architecting a devise to build his own dynasty. Time is a luxury Mahathir doesnt have considering his stream age. Going by his plan, he would similar to to see his own son takes over a throne whilst hes still alive after Muhyiddin warmed a seat. But with Hishammuddin controlling a military force, this small obstacle needs to be neutralized as good as what better approach than to promise a emissary budding minister-ship to Hishammuddin after Mahathirs son gets to lay upon a throne? Hishammudin contingency be a dope to hold such a promise though afterwards he is not a really crafty associate nonetheless.

    Hes an opportunist who would not consider twice about jumping ships, cousin or not. Judging by how he spoken a Bersih 2.0 an illegal organization, finished wild though laughable allegations that PSM-6 were waging war opposite a King as good as linked them to communism though after indicted them of being concerned as movers as good as activists to Berish 2.0, arresting people for wearing yellow T-shirts as good as whatnot goes to uncover how he attempted to have Najib administration department department department department department department looks really foolish. As quick as he plucked accusations upon PSM-6 from a sky, he disappeared with subsequent to speed after Bersih 2.0; withdrawal a military to take care of their own! mess. < strong>Has Najib ever consternation that his own cousin has jumped boat to Mahathir-Muhyiddin tag-team?

    4) Bersih 2.0 as good as Marina Mahathir

    Many people praise Mahathirs daughter, Marina, for receiving part in a Bersih 2.0 nonetheless not often she didnt experience in Bersih 1.0 (or did she?). Of march that was after she blogged about it as good as fortunately she didnt get tear-gassed by a police. Silly me, of march she didnt get to taste a H2O gunnery unit or tear-gas since she didnt lead a marchers. It would be fun to see if a military would still! spray h er meaningful shes a daughter of former absolute tyrant Mahathir Mohamad.

    Marina MahathirCoincidently Mahathir was deadly silent whilst a daughter suddenly turn super outspoken in condemning Najib administration. She cant possibly verbalise upon her daddys interest in pouring fuel in to a fire in a devise to replace Najib, can she? But how could any a single consider Marinas eminent goal in supporting a Bersih 2.0. For goodness sake, she wouldnt kill an ant so how can she has ill-intention towards Bersih 2.0. Compared to her beast daddy, Marina is such a desirable angel so lets give her a benefit of a doubt.

    Marina Mahathir Bersih 2At most, Marina might have consulted his dad as good as his dad encouraged her to verbalise as she sees fit (*grin*). Maybe Ma! rina sho uld verbalise about a savagery in Teoh Beng Hock, Ahmad Sarbani or Kugans death in a palm of MACC as good as military as well, no?

    5) Utusan Malaysia

    The usually role of Utusan, a journal owned by UMNO, was to publish secular articles a some-more a merrier. The fact of doing so was to drum a await of Malay voters. The rural ignoramus Malay electorate will always await UMNO whilst a civic prepared Malay electorate have been with a antithesis parties. The fence-sitters will swing to whichever side depending upon a respective partys campaign. But assuming a Utusan is still underneath Najibs control, wouldnt it be over-k ill to not usually fans a secular hatred, Christianity would take over from Islam as a countrys official sacrament as good as antithesis trying to revive communism though additionally in receiving a slingshot during Jews?

    Utusan Malaysia Racist NewspaperUtusans latest loose gunnery unit was aiming during Jews by alleging that a Bersih 2.0 convene could open a door to Jews as good as Israel to infiltrate Malaysia. Bnai Brith International, a Jewish charitable organisation, called a claim inconceivable as good as descent as good as that usually serves to perpetuate an anti-Semitic attitude. Heck, if theres a single thing we do not instruct to disturb, a in toying with anti-Semitic game. Mahathir had learnt his unpleasant doctrine in adhering a nest of anti-Semitic as good as certainly a doormat Najib wouldnt dare to even consider about such idea.

    The actuality that Utusan was happily sowing anti-Semitic loathing whilst Najib administration department department department department department department was busy doing damage-co! ntrol by explaining to a ubiquitous media as good as unfamiliar supervision about military repression as good as danger upon pacific protestors goes to uncover that Najib was not in carry out of Utusan. If Utusan was not inside of Najibs control, afterwards Utusan is stating to someone many some-more absolute than a budding minister.

    6) Matthias Chiang

    Mahathirs revolutionary fan as good as adviser, Matthias Chiang had slammed Najib administration department department department department department department about a doing of a nation conduct to buy as good as many didnt put any goal that Najib could strike a tellurian monetary crisis. To be fair, Matthias Chiang was additionally super critical about Abdullah Badawi as good as his son-in-law administration. Heck, this man would even criticise Abraham Lincoln as good as Queen Elizabeth since his usually idol was his former ! boss, Ma hathir Mohamad, simply since Mahathir can do no worng as a former premier was a usually visionary ever innate in this world, literally.

    Matthias Chiang Mahathir AdviserBefore a Bersih 2.0 rally, Matthias wrote that Najib should usually let a convene ensue as good as not have a big fuss out of it, something that we wrote progressing as well. But meaningful Najibs arrogance, such advise would not strech his ears. Maybe Matthias was giving Najib final opportunity, after conference from Mahathir, to stop, consider as good as action rationally rather than emotionally (or rather stupidly). The H2O is underneath a overpass right away as good as Najib has to face a consequences of his unwillingness as good as arrogance.

    7) Angkatan Amanah Rakyat (Amanah)

    Dont we smell rats (whats wrong with my nose?) that UMNO maestro Tengku Razalei! gh Hamza h chose to launch his brand brand new group, Angkatan Amanah Rakyat (Amanah), during this hour? Suddenly this Kelantan king called upon a silent majority to voice their discontent opposite rife corruption, cronyism as good as secular predicament notwithstanding his many decades portion UMNO as if he has usually incite from hibernation. The actuality that hes still not peaceful to give up UMNO as good as concentration in this so-called third force raised many questions as good as doubts.

    Tengku RazaleighIts not formidable to interpretation that his brand brand new Amanah is some-more of a domestic transformation set up to take value of a stream disharmony inside of UMNO as good as a huge await Bersih 2.0 is enjoying. The actuality that a organisation consists of political veter! ans (or rather rejected) such as former tourism apportion Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, former Sabah Chief Osu Sukam, former MCA boss Ong Tee Keat as good as others triggered suspicious about a real intention. If we hold these people have Bersih (Clean) themselves, afterwards we additionally hold Paris Hilton is still a virgin.

    Wasnt Kadir Sheikh Fadzir a chairman who attempted to parachute a proton car in to South Pole to stir his boss Mahathir usually to find out a oil used couldnt handle a low temperature? And wasnt Osu Sukam a man whom gambling debts snowballed to RM7.1 million that dual unfamiliar casinos, London-based Ritz Hotel Casino Ltd as good as RHC Ltd, had to seek High Court help to recover a debts, notwithstanding a actuality that as a Muslim Osu Sukam should not had gambled? Sure, they have repented as good as turn a good guys as good as have been right away upon a mission to save a world (! *grin*).

    Anwar Ibrahim as good as Tengku RazaleighAnyway, is Razaleigh trying to hijack a incident in an try to lock-in discontent votes especially from Bersih 2.0s 709 Facebook series as good as UMNO deserted warlords or small Napoleans who have been about to be dumped by Najib in a subsequent ubiquitous election? As many as Razaleigh tries to lead a third force, he couldnt even insist a real role of his brand brand new pet project, let alone in assuring people that his transformation is in truth neutral as good as not another power attorney opportunist. Maybe Razaleigh sensed this will be a golden opportunity for him to turn a subsequent budding minister after all.

    In a scenario where antithesis leader Anwar Ibrahim is sent to jail as good as both antithesis as good as Najib bloc sealed in a stand-off in a subsequent ubiquitous election, PM-wannabe Razaleigh would dope around the role of a kingmak! er, if his Amanah managed to capture a little vital seats. Hey, he didnt contend his Amanah organisation is quite a NGO as good as not a intensity domestic party, did he? Mahathir is some-more than peaceful to suggest a budding ministership to Razaleigh than to remove it to antithesis whilst a antithesis would see Razaleigh as a good fit in box of a vacuum left by Anwar Ibrahim.

    Tengku Razaleigh as good as Mahathir MohamadRazaleigh is aged a many he can travel a corridors of powers is one-term so it seems everybody would favours him, in box of a stalemate. Whe! ther Ama nah is a brainchild of Razaleigh or was indirectly sponsored by Mahathir is immaterial. The design was to unseat Najib Razak as he carries as good many container so many so that he might move UMNO down to a level that is over repair. When that happens all a corrupt UMNO warlords would need to take a initial moody out of a country so we dont need to be a space station scientist to decide either a worthwhile to keep Najib Razak. Gosh, a tract thickens as good as turn super interesting.

    8 ) Bourdon-French-Scorpene Connection

    French human rights counsel William Bourdon was already in a nation since progressing this week as good as a supervision had full believe about a role of his outing as good as nonetheless a Immigration Department did not refuse him entrance in to Malaysia, until PM Najib Razak rushed back from his unprepared selling trip. Surely it cant be that a Immigration Department was sleeping upon a job. Obviously a little really comparison as good as successful leaders (more absolute than PM Najib) were pulling a string in permitting a French lawyers in to a nation to do limit repairs by embarrasing Najib Razak.

    William Bourdon French ScorpeneBourdon French Scorpene
    The moment Najib rushed home, a French counsel was deported. Bourdon was arrested after Immigration officials boarded his plane that landed in KLIA from Penang. As expected, a forgive since for a deportation was that a French counsel disregarded a conditio! ns of hi s revisit to Malaysia. But if even my cat can discuss it that it was a governments RM7.3 billion purchase of submarines from French shipbuilder DCNS that got Bourdon deported, who is Najib administration department department department department department department to bluff?

    9) Mahathir Mohamad

    Therere dual main things that Mahathir doesnt similar to about Najib administration department department department department department department his wife as good as his close relationship with Singapore, not to mention a tyrant usually satisfied Najib is another Abdullah Badawi counterpart aphorism king though substance. Its ideally alright to corrupt though a countrys conduct to buy gravy sight has to invariably churning out moolah. The pace of corruption as good as mercantile progress have to work palm in glove. If we instruct to take 100 bucks we have to have certain a mercantile sight can beget during least 200 bucks. But a approach a countrys mercantile is moving, it seems it was in retreat order - as good many hands in a cookie jar.

    During Mahathirs era, a corruption was finished in a one after another way, you let a crow lay a golden egg before we take it as good as not a stream approach of slaughtering a crow anticipating to get all a golden eggs. When t! herere n ot sufficient eggs to be distributed, disharmony erupts as everybody would get anxious, be scared as good as miserly to illustrate triggering a process of massive corruption. This is bad for subsequent UMNO leaders (such as Mahathirs own son or dynasty) as there would be nothing some-more left. Suddenly it appears bringing Najib down is many some-more simpler than Abdullah Badawi.

    Mahathir Blame NajibHowever, theres a risk that Mahathirs devise might explode if a antithesis conduct to capture Putrajaya in a subsequent ubiquitous election. And that was because Razaleighs Amanah is in a design now. Razaleighs Amanah would be able to split a votes that would otherwise finished up in a oppositions bag as good as to action as negotiate chip should Najib needs them to stay in power. Razaleigh is eminent sufficient to action as a airbag to absord stroke in box of a sudden car crash. Razaleigh doesnt dope around dirty politics as he put priority upon his dignity as a Kelantan prince. Time will discuss it if hes still a dope to be played out, again, by Mahathir. But after some-more than 20-years since his defeat, might be Razaleigh is mature as good as smart sufficient this time aorund as good as might open a little surprises for Mahathir.

    Now, Najibs choices reduced to dual to renounce honourably, that is rarely unlikely, or to call a snap choosing this year, progressing than his budding lucky series 11-11-2011. PM Najib essentially doesnt have many choice as good as he has usually himself to blame. If usually he would listen to a voice of bloggers, a Bersih 2.0 convene would ensue as good as a total problem would be non-existent. Negotiate as good as comply with substantially half of a Bersih 2.0s final as good as he can still win handsomely as Sabah as good as Sarawak have been still a bound deposit. Ambiga is not a politicia! n as good as su rely she would be some-more than happy if Najib can promise half a demands, buy a little time until a subsequent description exercise takes outcome (another turn of gerrymandering) as good as Najib can still stays as a budding minister.

    Of course, he can still gamble his final chip by calling a snap choosing this year, before Mahathir pull his string from behind removing UMNO Supreme Council warlords demanding Najibs resignation. Either way, a quite formidable for Najib to win two-third majority when his own people have been heightening knifes for his head. Its diversion over for Najib Razak. He already finished his moolah as good as can retire young retire rich, during Port Dickson. And Abdullah Badawi might call him from his iPhone poking fun because Najib resigns earlier than his (Badawi) term.

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    Courtesy of Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz

    SelangorKu, Sukahati Osman pasal kontrak Telemarketing PKNS

    Semenjak PKR mengambil alih pemerintahan negeri Selangor beberapa agensi yang selama ini mempunyai wang yang banyak tidak pernah sunyi dari masalah. Semua masalah melibatkan penyelewengan dan salah guna kuasa. Antaranya ialah Yayasan Selangor dan PKNS.Bagi PKR inilah masanya untuk mereka mengangkut keluar wang-wang dan harta yang ada pada agensi-agensi berkenaan untuk mereka dan kroni-kroni

    Opinion Poll: Are you satisfied with the Teoh Beng Hock RCI outcome?

    Technorati tags: , , ,

    Earlier this week upon Thursday, a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) in to a genocide of political help Teoh Beng Hock released its report.

    In case we havent finished it yet, a full inform (courtesy of YB Lim Kit Siang) can be found in a full post.

    Taken from Screenshots, picture hosting by Photobucket The gist of a report: which Teoh was driven to self-murder by a heated interrogation by a MACC. Another pass prove revealed by a inform is which a review in to purported corruption by Teohs boss, Seri Kembangan representative Ean Yong, was launched by a comparison Selangor MACC military officer merely on an informants mere idea as well as without supporting facts (via The Malaysian Insider).

    The question, as well as theme of our latest poll, which Walski wants to ask you: are we satisfied with a outcome of a RCI?

    The check is located during its usual place upon this blog (top of a sidebar upon a right). Walski launched it yesterday, as well as it will remain open until midnight subsequent Friday, Jul 29. !
    (the RCI report, a! nd more, in a full post)

    Walski suspicion it would be a great idea to have we read a inform for yourself, as well as therefore has presented it below, in both English as well as Bahasa Malaysia.

    The commission's findings, although obviously stating which a MACC is indeed accountable for Teoh's demise, points to a conclusion which Teoh did indeed commit suicide. Understandably, this is something which his family simply cannot accept. What movement a late Teohs family will take is left to be seen. Reports prove which a family will await a recommendation of their legal warn prior to proceeding any further.

    As distant as our check goes, all a usual facilities apply we can take a check here, or during a hosting site. You can additionally horde a check upon your own blog or website if we have a Blogger-based blog, simply click a Add to Blogger button subsequent a poll, as well as make use of a shortcode [polldaddy poll="5255827"], if yours is a Wordpress formed one. Alternatively, if we need a tender HTML formula for a poll, leave a commen! t as wel l as Walski will e-mail it to you.

    So, what do we consider fully satisfi! ed, full y dissatisfied, or somewhere in between?

    Walski will post a results of a check once it closes subsequent Friday, as well as then he will exhibit what he personally thinks.

    Courtesy of Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz

    Najib takut?

    Happy birthday, Najib! What would we like for the birthday present? Someone upon my twitter said: what about an air sheet to france to attend the submarine court case? we thought that was the great idea!

    Yesterday, Malaysia was upon the world map again. See here, here, as great as here. As usual, for all the wrong reasons.

    An affair that could have remained really low key as great as local, is right away worldwide glare since Malaysia has deported French counsel William Bourdon.Bourdon is not only any lawyer. He has 30 years as great as 50 monitoring missions behind him, probing, unraveling as great as exposing corrupt practises of despotic r! egimes, from africa to asia. Now he as great as the or! ganisati upon he set up in 2005 Sherpa has set their eyes upon Malaysia. This is made probable by the polite suit filed by Suaram in Paris against shipyard builder DCNS.

    Arms traffic as great as expenditure in the country is not usually formidable yet intriguing. And French examine has unearth millions of ringgit in elect paid to top Malaysian officials by DCNS. Such acts have been bootleg as great as punishable by French law.
    Fighting corruption inside of ones the single country should be considered noble, even patriotic. An open as great as pure supervision should welcome this gesture.

    So when Bourdon was detained in the aircraft only as it touchdown in KLIA upon Friday, as great as later that night deported back to France, the single can usually conclude that the supervision underneath Najib Razak has alot to hide in this respect! This happens to be the universal perception.

    Najib should know what notice is. Ask him What is 1Malaysia?

    Bourdon was indicted of violating his amicable revisit visa! But this is the sore excuse! The event in that he spoke was the close-door as great as thousands of commercial operation as great as NGO people have done only that all the time. We never heard of any one else being DEPORTED!

    The universal law is: by deporting Bourdon, the supervision has turned the spotlight upon Malaysias many argumentative arms understanding the purchase of dual submarines costing the whopping rm7.3 billion!

    Sometimes, we lend towards to believe there have been elements, yet hidden, inside of the goverment who have been silently facilitating change from within. If these forces do exist, we must contend! thank w e as great as instruct them well.

    As for Najib, how can we possibly have the smashing birthday when so most blood is in thy hands?

    Eo6 arrests, Bersih 2.0 police crackdown, Teoh Beng Hock forc! ed suici de, Sarbanis XXX suicide, as great as yesterday the panic over Bourdons revisit here. Is this your gift to the rakyat? we suspect we should devise the large birthday whack for you. Because it doesnt do we great to go upon bashing others like this! - Susan Loone's blog

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    Siapa Sebenarnya Abd Najid Razak ? Pemilik Tandatangan Borang K2 Cincin RM24Juta !!

    NOTA EDITOR: Terima kasih Edyes. Secara mudahnya, pencacai/blogger UMNO telah mengeluarkan satu borang lain. Borang tersebut kononnya nak tunjukkan cincin RM24.4 juta telah dibawa keluar beberapa hari selepas ia masuk atas nama Rosmah Mansur.Ia untuk membuktikan Rosmah Mansur tidak membeli cincin tersebut.Namun, Edyes telah menginspeksi borang K2 yang dikeluarkan oleh blogger2 UMNO tersebut. Pegawai yang menandatangani borang K2 tersebut bernama Abdul Najid Razak.Yang dipersoalkan adalah bagaima ... Read More

    SelangorKu, Sukahati Osman nak kroni asing sebagai Konsultan

    Yayasan Selangor kini telah hampir bangkrap akibat kerakusan Pengurus Besarnya mengangkut keluar wang sebanyak RM 67 juta untuk kepentingan dirinya dan PKR. Daripada wang yang ada sebanyak RM 67 juta, kini YS berhutang pula RM 7 juta.YS sudah hampir bangkrap, bakal mengikut jejak YS pula adalah PKNS. Semakin hari wang PKNS semakin kempis. Jika tidak ada aral melintang, setahun dua lagi PKNS akan

    Ku Lis Amanah a key to national revival?

    We know that because of half a century of abuses, strategy as well as instituionalising of corrupt practices in to apropos a culture, a really try during repair these indemnification through such reforms will be a gargantuan task, though you contingency have a initial few stairs towards repair a indemnification as well as putting a republic upon a trail of revival.


    I feel it is really sparkling that a rarely reputable veteran leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, popularly well known as Ku Li, has already launched his brand new outfit Angkatan Amanah Merdeka (Amanah) towards nurturing togetherness as espoused by a countrys initial fathers.

    In a midst of a pointy secular groups during a moment, Amanah pronounced in a matter not long ago that a group wants to reaffirm, introduce as well as re-ignite a clarity of togetherness as well as loyal family spirit that prevailed among all Malaysians during a time of a common onslaught for inhabitant independence. It also pronounced it wants to rekindle a legacy, guarantee as well as ideals of Bapa Malaysia as well as a initial fathers so that all Malaysians might live together as members of a truly just, fair, progressive, united as well as happy republic community. Its alternative objectives are:

    (1) To sincerely acknowledge, attest as well as apply oneself a supervision of a basic states of a Malaysian Federation, consistent with a beliefs of federalism, approved beliefs as well as in a loyal spirit of a Federal Constitution;

    (2) To safeguard that a inhabitant institutions apply oneself as well as uphold a rule of law, approved principles, rights as well as universal values;

    (3) To await a supervision as well as administration department department that is pure as well as accountable, truly competent, efficient, free of ! corrupti on as well as cronyism, purify as well as honest, satisfactory as well as trustworthy, as well as that will be entirely able to serve a functions as well as encounter a responsibili! ties, fr eely as well as fairly; an administration department department that will always be mindful of a rights as well as interests of a people in whose name as well as cause it is allocated to serve;

    (4) To promote a socio-economic contentment of a people, so that all Malaysians might enjoy truly advanced, progressive, satisfactory as well as estimable lives away upholding filial piety as well as alternative eminent values as well as collectively assimilated together in sincere family kinship as members of a inhabitant village as well as as stakeholders in a common inhabitant destiny;

    (5) To await an economic process that will help grasp as well as means a tall customary of living for a people, formed upon a principle of justice, integrity as well as balance, consistent with a constitution as well as underneath a fast monetary condition.

    In two several writings presented locally as well as abroad (Shattered hopes as well as broken dreams andDisenfranchisement of bona-fide Sabahans) you had overwhelmed upon a sweet promises done by no less than a Father of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, who positive us that no colonialisation of any arrange will be imposed upon Sabah. At a outset of a arrangement of this federation, you had dreams of a brand new age of swell in that you Sabahans as well as Sarawakians will be enjoying a kind of development that will propel us strongly in to a 20th as well as a 21st centuries, underneath a supervision that would be just, with no prejudice opposite any Malaysian regardless of skin colour as well as belief. Sabah as well as Sarawak would be part of a federation, not a nation, as a outcome maintaining their particular nationalities upon equal status with Malaya. We were positive of most rights in perpetuity. But they were not to be. ! Successi ve governments as well as leaders were sweet-talked in to surrendering those rights until you have been only tools as well as stooges to sovereign powers. Through domestic manipulations as well as stratagems in a governing body of federalism you fell in to a traps as well as ended being what you have been today only one of a thirteen states in Malaysia, as well as a lowest of a lot during that!

    In t! he secon d paper mentioned upon top of you had listed a disenfranchisements due to so most losses as well as victimisations:

    (1) Loss of right as a inhabitant entity,

    (2) Loss of rights upon trial in a 20 Points,

    (3) We have been victims of demographic re-engineering,

    (4) We have been victims of Kuala Lumpurs divide-and-rule manipulation,

    (5) We have lost a loyal approved system,

    (6) We have been victims of gerrymandering as well as a strategy of a electoral rolls,

    (7) We have been re-colonised,

    (8) Our confidence has been almost compromised,

    (9) We have been losing a land rights,

    (10) We have been a lowest state!

    (11) We have been victims of Malay supremacy,

    (12) Loss of harmonious as well as peaceful co-existence. you afterwards followed up with a list of final of things that have been should have been righteously ours.

    What Ku Lis Amanah can do have been many, though what comes immediately to thoughts is a re-institution of real probity (in all counts together with a satisfactory redistribution of resources as well as opportunities), liberty, transparency, loyal democracy, meritocracy, as well as leisure of a press. But amanah itself had done an excellent outline of all that need to be done by stating them in a comprehensive list of objectives. If you were to break down into parts everything mentioned in those objectives it would take a total thick book. you have tall hopes when reading design ! No. 3, t hat aims for a supervision as well as administration department department that is pure as well as accountable, truly competent, efficient, free of corruption as well as cronyism, purify as well as honest, satisfactory as well as trustworthy, as well as that will be entirely able to serve a functions as well as encounter a responsibilities, openly as well as fairly. We know that because of half a century of abuses, strategy as well as instituionalising of corrupt practices in to apropos a culture, a really try during repair these indemnification through such reforms will be! a garga ntuan task, though you contingency have a initial few stairs towards repair a indemnification as well as putting a republic upon a trail of revival.

    The greatest repairs has been in a area of race relations. We have been right away living in an era of interracial as well as interreligious suspicions as well as paranoia. We have been so far in to interracial distrust that you have been essentially impending a indicate when an additional interracial demonstration might take place as well as bring a total republic down to a knees no thanks to most bigots as well as hate mongers identical to Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. The second greatest damage, you believe, is in a area of economic confidence of a people as a outcome of prevalent as well as uncontrollable corruption. With these two combined, a effect upon a economy has been devastating, ensuing in increased poverty as well as a frightening brain drain. And all these have been dragging us deeper as well as deeper in to a abyss. Without any extreme change, even with a supposed transformasi of a Prime Minister, a republic will go on to penetrate deeper as well as deeper in to trouble.

    We need some-more NGOs identical to Amanah, UBF, MCLM, CigMa, Bersih as well as others with identical aims to work opposite a BN-sponsored tranformasi as well as 1Malaysia movements that have a single agenda of keeping BN in power as well as perpetuatin! g a abus es. With enough pressure, a BN will be brought to heel. The only acceptable shift is to beat BN as well as shift a government. And with a hulk identical to Ku Li making a move even whilst he is still in Umno, a BN is pang a stand in injury. One repairs is a gash in a behind of BN by Ku Li, as well as a alternative is a good repairs upon a BN when Ku Li exhibit all a unwashed inside stories.

    It is really sparkling to read of his debate during a rising of Amanah last Friday during that he said, you hold during a end of a highway that you have been receiving in these early steps, you will be called upon to have several important decisions for a destiny of a republic choices that you contingency take regardless of a problems, hurdles as well as barrier that you face. This! sunrise could be an additional normal social event or it could be a commencement of a journey towards something that has never taken place before, that might shift a current of a countrys future. Agreed, totally. And truth will prevail. Ku Li will be a major force, with a strong potential to turn a leader of a Third Force, as well as to turn a pass to a good shift you have been dreaming of. Can you dare to predict him apropos a subsequent PM? After all, governing body is a art of a possible, isnt it?

    Courtesy of Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz

    The Malaysian Bar Press Release: The search for justice and truth must continue

    There are a number of key points upon which a Malaysian Bar agrees with a inform of a Royal Commission of Inquiry in to a Death of Teoh Beng Hock (RCI).

    We grant with a following findings of a RCI:

    (1) That a RCI was unable to accept which a alleged self-murder note had been created by Teoh Beng Hock, as well as which a unjustified check by a authorities in tendering a alleged self-murder note during a initial accessible event could not be taken as small carelessness or neglect, as well as therefore a flawlessness of a note could not be trusted;

    (2) That Teoh Beng Hock was, during all element times until his black death, in a care, carry out as well as carry out of a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers;

    (3) That Teoh Beng Hock was not expelled from a care, carry out as well as carry out of a MACC officers after his matter had been recorded during you estimate 3:30 am, as well as this disaster amounted to cruel conduct as well as punishment inflicted upon purpose;

    (4) That Teoh Beng Hock was subjected to aggressive, relentless, rough as well as unscrupulous inquire as well as which a recording of his matter was unlawful;

    (5) That a infancy of a MACC officers exhibited a total miss of consideration for human sensitivities, as well as which a recruitment routine of MACC officers should embody a psychological analysis to consider their suitability for inquisitive work;

    (6) That most of a MACC officers who were concerned in a operations upon fifteen as well as sixteen Jul 2009, as well as who gave justification as witnesses, were conjunction ! truthful nor credible, as they had a inevitable habit of lying;!

    (7) That massive operations launched by MACC Selangor which were headed by then-Selangor MACC emissary director Hishamuddin Hashim against a Pakatan Rakyat members of a Selangor state public were grounded upon small belief of report purportedly perceived over a telephone, as well as but correct belligerent work or verification;

    (8) That Hishamuddin Hashim was arrogant, since to falsehoods, untruthful as well as uncompromising, as well as which he was just too stubborn [such trait was additionally displayed when he gave justification prior to us] to retreat from his inapplicable designation in mounting such a massive operation;

    (9) That not only was Hishamuddin Hashim concerned but he additionally unleashed his officers to do his bidding in order to get results inside of which night as well as sunrise come ruin or high-water, as well as which Hishamuddin Hashim should be reason obliged for a actions taken by him as well as his officers which led to Teoh Beng Hocks death; and

    (10) That a Selangor MACC had shown an impassioned miss of team-work with a police in a latter's attempts to investigate complaints of assault as well as alternative offences formerly made against a officers.

    The Malaysian Bar, however, does not grant with a anticipating by a RCI which Teoh Beng Hock had committed suicide. Such a finding, in our view, is unsupported by a facts as well as a evidence.

    Contrary to a matter made by Minister in a Prime Ministers Department Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, debate psychiatrist Professor Paul Mullen did not testify which Teoh Beng Hock had a diseased impression which had led to him taking his own life. Professor Mullen additionally did not interpretation which Teoh Beng Hock had committed suicide; rather, his sworn matter settled which in [his] opinion, what you learned of Teoh Beng Hocks celebrity as well as poise do not suggest any increasing risk of! suicide . He serve opined which a context of a events which had taken place was not one which, in [his] experience, leads to self-murder in custody, as he had not been made awar! e of any thing to explain be scared as well as trouble enough to expostulate [Teoh Beng Hock] to interpretation his respect had been irreparably tarnished.

    This is in stark contrast to what a Minister reportedly settled during a recover of a RCIs report, namely which Teoh Beng Hock had indeed committed self-murder formed upon his impression which had altered from a low-risk group to a high-risk group for self-murder after undergoing a continuous as well as assertive doubt session. Professor Mullens sworn matter does not provide a basement for a RCIs anticipating of suicide, such as which described in a territory titled conclusion upon debate psychiatric aspects in a RCIs report.

    It is remarkable which a RCI found a following:

    (1) That a time of genocide had been in between 7:15 am as well as 11:15 am upon sixteen Jul 2009;

    (2) That Teoh Beng Hock had not been expelled during 3:30 am as well as been left alone sitting upon a lounge after his matter had been recorded, as Hishamuddin Hashim had released a created circular a previous month which witnesses as well as visitors in a Selangor MACC bureau should be accompanied during all times;

    (3) That Teoh Beng Hock had been subjected to a fourth inquire event after 3:30 am by Hishamuddin Hashim as well as his officers, which was assertive as well as relentless. In addition, a RCI deserted a justification of MACC officer Raymond Nion which he had seen Teoh Beng Hock lying down left alone upon a lounge during you estimate 6:00 am;

    (4) That a fourth inquire event was substantially in between 3:30 am as well as 7:00 am; and

    (5) That a window from which Teoh Beng Hock is pronounced to have depressed out was located conspicuously.

    In view of a above, as well as which there was no justification whatsoever constructed during ! a RCI he aring of Teoh Beng Hocks whereabouts or movements after 6:15 am, as well as a staff of a Selangor MACC bureau would have started arriving by 8:00 am, to presupposition which Teoh Beng Hock had committed self-murder in between 7:15 am as well as 11:15 am requires a leap in proof as well as an arrogance of facts not in evidenc! e.
    < br>The Malaysian Bar additionally notes which a corner consultant psychiatric inform of Dr Badiah Yahya as well as Dr Nor Hayati Ali a experts engaged by MACC who were present during most of a court record as well as had interviewed Teoh Beng Hocks family members, housemate as well as work colleagues stated:

    We did not have any justification upon how a review was conducted as there were no created questions posted to [Teoh Beng Hock] or audio recording as to discern a volume of vigour which he experienced. It is not well known whether he had experienced in his thoughts a effects of being presumably prosecuted upon a allegations, whether it would have been devastating for him and/or his organisation. This should need some-more report upon what was pronounced as well as done in a period taken [sic] in to carry out until he was found dead.

    It is very transparent to a Malaysian Bar which full responsibility for Teoh Beng Hocks genocide lies squarely as well as only upon a MACC, as well as which immediate movement must be taken to reason a failing in duty officers accountable for their behaviour. In this regard, you acquire a reported matter by Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, which suitable movement would be taken against a officers by a routine of law but delay. The authorities should investigate a relevant MACC officers for probable offences underneath sections 304 as well as 304A of a Penal Code, namely for failing in duty carnage not amounting to murder as well as for causing a genocide of TBH by negligence, respectively.

    The Malaysian Bar additionally calls upon a Government of Malaysia as well as MACC to consider:!

    * offering an utter created apology to Teoh Beng Hocks family, as well as to a adults of Malaysia, for his death; and

    * making reasonable recompense to Teoh Beng Hocks family in respect of his death. The Malaysian Bar extends a intense sympathy once again to Teoh Beng Hocks family as well as desired ones.

    Lim Chee Wee
    Malaysian Bar

    23 Jul 2011

    Courtesy of Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz

    The Case of an Overzealous and Aggressve MACC Official

    Los Angeles, California

    July 22, 2o11

    The Case of An Overzealous as well as Aggressive MACC Official

    Kuek Ser Kuang

    Although a afterwards Selangor MACC emissary executive Hishamuddin Hashim had disclaimed active impasse in a graft busting operation that led to a genocide of Teoh Beng Hock, a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI), however, found that he had played an instrumental role in a tragedy.

    NONEAccording to a report, contrary to his testimony, Hishamuddin (left) was found to have been in full carry out as well as actively concerned in a complete operation from a very start.

    The Commission discovered that during a duration of a operation, a officers concerned would keep him updated twice in a day when he would give them specific directions.

    Even when a officers were upon a ground, they would call him upon their mobile phones for directions should they confront any problem in a operation, or he would call them to give directions, a inform said.

    He not usually was concerned but he additionally unleashed his officers to do his bidding in order to get formula within that night (of Jul 15) as well as sunrise (of Jul 16) come ruin or tall water.

    He was obviously under obligation for what transpired during a Selangor MACC during a duration in question, as well as a acquiescence of counsel for a MACC falls flat in a face of these facts, review a RCI report.

    It forked out that Teoh was driven to commit self-murder by a aggressive, relentless, oppressive as well as unethical interrogations by MACC officers behaving upon Hishamuddins orders.

    The commission declared Hishamuddin, togeth! er with dual of his officers Mohd Anuar Ism! ail as well as Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus, as a contingent who questioned Teoh in a postulated fourth interrogation that was described as a last straw that broke a camels back.

    Deadly mania with achieving aim

    Therefore, a RCI inform stressed that nonetheless there was no approach evidence to prove that Hishamuddin had a palm in a genocide of Teoh, he should be hold obliged for a actions taken by him as well as his officers, that propelled Teoh to take his own life.

    The senior officer, who has been with a MACC for twenty-one years, was described by a inform as an arrogant personality who would have no qualms in fibbing as long as his ends were achieved, regardless of a equates to employed.

    We found him to be arrogant, given to falsehoods, untruthful as well as formidable in his stand.
    However, he had been promoted after a incident as well as right away binds a senior position as Negeri Sembilan MACC director.

    The Commission pronounced Hishamuddin had launched a full-scale operation, mobilising a total Selangor MACC whilst seeking manpower support from alternative MACC offices upon a small idea in a adviser as well as but supporting facts.

    Hishamuddin should have exercised every counsel as a complaint was critical in nature as well as concerned a state supervision of Selangor, review a report.

    The Commission pronounced Hishamuddin was simply too realistic to shelter from his inapplicable designation in ascent such a massive operation against Selangor inaugurated representatives, particularly when it had perceived far-reaching as well as extensive press coverage.

    Disappointed during a disastrous result performed from witnesses, a Commission believed that Hishamuddin must have resorted to a personal as well as some-more assertive interrogation of Teoh since a latter hold a vital link in between Ean Yong as well as a suppliers or contractors.

    And if anything were to be ! done to hang upon Ean Yong, it would have to be by Teoh, a inform added.

    Iron hold a vital hindrance! < /p>

    Hishamudins parsimonious hold upon his officers additionally hindered a RCI from detection a truth from alternative MACC officers.

    Hishamuddin was described by MACC military military officer Azian as a workaholic. As a boss, he additionally instilled fright in his officers. Opportunities for graduation complacent especially in his hands.

    The total operation of interview-interrogation techniques would have been in use by his officers as well as himself to satisfy his desire to obtain formula in a shortest probable time.

    Thus, it was not during all startling that many of his officers, save dual clever souls (Azeen as well as Azian) who forked out a truth, had a unavoidable habit of lying, review a RCI report.

    Azeen Hafees Jamaluddin as well as Azian Umar were a dual MACC officers who unprotected Hishamuddins falsehoods during a inquiry.

    They suggested that Hishamuddin had called all a Selangor MACC officers concerned in a case for a meeting upon Jul 16 evening, to bar himself from a responsibility as well as shift it all to Anuar.

    The Commission noted that Hishammudin appeared to have comprehensive authority to probe anyone whom he suspected to be concerned in any corrupt use in a state but even informing or obtaining a consent of his superiors during a Putrajaya domicile of a MACC headquarters.

    But a Commission was later told by a current MACC emissary arch government official that this shortcoming had been rectified as well as that sure cases in any state right away need capitulation as well as consent from HQ prior to investigations can commence.

    The inform additionally overwhelmed upon a unknown minute dated Aug 5, 2009 purportedly written by MACC officers that alleged a corrupt practices, bungle as well as abuse of power committed by Hishamuddin in tie with a cases involving Teoh as well as former ! Selangor menteri besar Mohamad Khir Toyo.

    It forked out that nonetheless a minute had perceived a attention of a then-MACC arch commissioner, a anti-graft body did not carry out a formal review upon a matter, given that a anti-! graft bo dy has very far-reaching powers to set a investigative machine in motion.

    According to section 29 of a MACC Act, a inform might be done orally or in writing, as well as in a present make a difference prior to this RCI, a information that set a review machine of a MACC in motion had purportedly been conveyed to Hishamuddin merely over a telephone, a inform added.

    Courtesy of Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz