Rakyat Kelantan hanya harap air bersih

Berita Utusan Malaysia berikut: Isu air Kelantan: MTRK buat laporan kepada SPRM20/03/2012 5:20pmPUTRAJAYA 20 Mac Majlis Tindakan Rakyat Kelantan (MTRK) hari ini membuat laporan kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) berhubung dakwaan berlaku penyelewengan dalam Syarikat Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd (AKSB) melibatkan peruntukan kerajaan pusat untuk module bekalan air bersih di negeri

PAC to summon government reps on NFCorp board

By Shannon Teoh
March 21, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Mar twenty-one The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will summon a 3 supervision part of upon a National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) board after a directors, embroiled in allegations of abusing a RM250 million sovereign loan, refused to face a panel yesterday.
The Malaysian Insiderhas learnt that a parliamentary panel has motionless to "call everyone involved" notwithstanding NFCorp lawyers insisting a PAC hearings were subjudice to criminal charges faced by a company's senior physical education instructor chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail.
Mohamad Salleh, who is additionally Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's husband, was charged upon Mar 12 with criminal crack of certitude as good as breaching a Companies Act in relation to abusing open funds value RM49 million.
"We have been calling a part of from a cultivation as good as financial ministries as good as a Negri Sembilan government. They have been from a supervision so they have no reason not to spin up," a PAC part of toldThe Malaysian Insider.
Wanita Umno arch Shahrizat as good as her family have been stubborn by allegations of misusing open funds to financial over RM60 million in land, property as good as expenses separate to a National Feedlot Centre (NFC) cattle-farming project.
The plan was awarded to Shahrizat's family in 2006 when she was partial of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Cabinet.
NFCorp, that is run by Mohamad Salleh as good as his 3 children, sent two lawyers as good as a company's administrative physical education instructor to a PAC hearing currently upon how a RM250 million sovereign loan meant for a cattle-farming scheme was spent.
"But they pronounced they were not ready to answer questions," PAC emissary arch Dr Tan Seng Giaw(picture)said.
NFCorp additionally pronounced in a make a difference yesterday a directors were suggested by their lawyers opposite attending this morning's PAC hearing as a make a difference under examine was still pending in court.
But a source toldThe Malaysian Insiderthe PAC wanted to ask a directors upon alternative claims that Mohamad Salleh is not facing criminal charges.
"But they pronounced a whole thing is formidable as good as intertwined. The lawyers additionally had no answer when we asked because a alternative directors who have not been charged could not appear," he said.
Kepong MP Dr Tan additionally pronounced a directors were still "invited" to face a cabinet but if they unsuccessful to respond, a PAC would use a powers to summon them.
Sections 16 as good as 17 of a Houses of Parliament Act give it powers to sequence witnesses or justification to be presented before Parliament or any of a committees.
"We threw a law during a lawyers who were 'dumbfounded' by a powers of Parliament," an additional PAC part of toldThe Malaysian Insider.
Mohamad Salleh was charged upon Mar 12 with criminal crack of certitude as good as violating a Companies Act after he allegedly used a cattle-rearing firm's sovereign loan for personal expenses.
This came a day after Shahrizat voiced she would step down as women, family as good as community growth minister when her senatorship ends upon April 8.
NFCorp hit a inhabitant headlines after it done it into a Auditor-General's Report final year for blank production targets.
The PAC pronounced upon Monday a NFCorp has nonetheless to pay off a RM250 million sovereign loan notwithstanding a repayment date being due two months ago.
But a organisation responded a same day saying it had created to a supervision upon October 27, 2009 to ask for a moratorium of loan repayments due to building a whole delays related to a NFC in Gemas, Negri Sembilan.
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Foregone conclusion, rather than independent finding

VOXPOP'With a PM having pronounced a PSC's task is to explain which Lynas is safe, it all becomes a purposeless exercise.'

Pakatan boycotts PSC upon Lynas

vox populi tiny thumbnailAnonymous:It was a no-go right from a beginning. The minister wants a parliamentary name cabinet (PSC) to explain to a people which it is safe rather than starting for an eccentric finding.

It is just a waste of time. I'm blissful a antithesis didn't tumble for it.

Armageddon:Lynas contingency have a local partner which is so absolute which even a Parliament does not have a courage to close down its operations.

Lim Chong Leong:Parliament is no longer a voice of a people though a broadside poster advertisement for Umno as well as Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. The House speaker is though a loudspeaker for Umno propaganda.

The PM has no apply oneself for a people's residence of legislature so most so which he can meet there to corrupt a course of justice as well as influence of a venerable courts. Vote wisely in GE13.

Anonymous_40f4:The Lynas project has been authorized by a Pahang supervision many years ago without conference with a rakyat.

The building has been completed as well as right away they have already been released with a assent to operate by Najib's government.

So what is a use of forming a PSC right away when a cows have left home. Maybe this is what happens when a rakyat gives their 'nambikei' (trust) to Umno-BN as well as Najib.

Blogsmith: "Where does it say in a offer I've tabled? Does it say a PSC is intended to refute a disfigured facts which have been presented?" asked Minister in a PM's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz.

There Nazri has unconsciously revealed his inner thoughts as even before a row gets to counsel upon a facts, he has already marked down it "twisted".

So folks, don't be fooled. This has reliable what had been revealed by Najib observant a final decision will not rest upon a panel. So why worry environment up a panel?

This is definitely a whitewash as well as a open relation exercise.

Soo Jin Hou:Good, do not determine to a PSC unless these conditions have been met:

1) Stop work sequence released to Lynas

2) Take behind a TOL (temporary operation licence), tentative formula from a PSC

3) Stop a import of singular earth ore

4) The PSC has a energy to confirm if Lynas is authorised to continue.

These have been very in accord with requests. If BN does not determine to these terms, it confirms which a whole PSC is asandiwara(show). - Malaysiakini
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Yes, Najib gives Utusan freedom to spew hatred

YOURSAY'More leisure does not next to a giveaway media. If a media is still subject to a scrutiny of a Home Ministry, we will never have a giveaway media.'

Najib: I gave media some-more freedom

your sayQuigonbond:I guess it's only Umno DNA to consider which leisure of countenance is something "given" by a federal supervision to a people; where Internet leisure is dubbed to next to access to mainstream media; as well as where headlines publishers as well as broadcasters have been shackled by oppressive legislation which can repel their handling licenc! es whene ver they don't behave.

Funny how, notwithstanding prior criticisms, this supervision will go on to review us with Thailand as well as Philippines instead of United Kingdom or United States. Do we have an effort to be glorious or only below average?

There may be leisure in Philippines, though corruption is still rife such which media exposes move mortal danger to a reporters there. Or maybe that's what Umno is essay for.

Simon Lee 3ed5: Yes, Prime Minister Najib Razak, in actuality we gave sum leisure to your mainstream media (MSM), especiallyUtusan Malaysiato spew loathing as well as stir racial conflict.

You also gave sum leisure to bigots similar to Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa as well as Jati chief Hasan Ali to do a same, stoking eremite hatred, especially opposite a Christians, with impunity.

And above all, we not only condoned though gave sum leisure to a hurtful to go on to plunder a nation's coffers where negotiated contracts in a billion! s have b een since to family members of Umno cronies.

Under your leadership, there is sum leisure for a hurtful politicians as well as supremacist zealots to go on to browbeat as well as destroy every establishment in our country.

Ksn:Dear Najib, instead of praising yourself which we gave some-more leisure to a media, because don't we annul a law requiring a annual chartering requirements for publications - a Printing Presses as well as Publications Act (PPPA) 1984?

If we do that, there is no need for we to regard yourself, people will know which we freed a media from senior manager control. Anyway, leisure of a press is a people's right.

SMC77:Nonsense. More leisure does not next to a giveaway media. If a media is still subject to a scrutiny of a Home Ministry as well as a PPPA, we ! will nev er have a giveaway media in Malaysia.

Yum:Yes, it is true which underneath Najib, there is some-more press freedom, if we call a bellicose rants by one Awang Selamat ofUtusanfreedom.
Anonymous:Najib, speak is cheap, action speaks much louder. We can't even find any of a reports on a 318women's assemblyby a BN-controlled mainstream English as well as Malay media; though a PM certain gives a lot of leisure to a Umno-controlledUtusanand alternative promotion machines to turn racial as well as eremite lies as well as venom.

Anonymous_40f4: Unlike alternative countries, Malaysia has got no genuine media since 1988 when Mahathir sodomised a mainstream media.

Now all we have is Umno-BN propaganda, daily newsletters as well as TV Umno-BN vomiting poor twisted promotion as well as speak shows with turncoats similar to Dr Chandra Muzzafar.

Plainly:! Najib, insist how just we 'allowed' for improved media freedom. I bet we can't. The 9 places alleviation in a rankings was merely because 9 alternative countries grew worse, that's all.

Please do not have claims which we did not truthfully earn. Aren't we ashamed of yourself?

Nik V:The truth is, for improved or worse, it was during former PM Abdullah Badawi's tenure which a press gained a little some-more freedom. Then we came along andUtusan'saudacity has gotten worse.

Dark ! Knight:< /strong>There is so much speak about press freedom, similar to giving lots of leeway toMalaysiakiniandThe Malaysian Insider,yet a mainstream media such as a vital dailies as well as radio have been beholden or underneath a carry out of a government.

Where is press leisure when a mainstream media is gagged as well as not open to a opposition, these only stating headlines which is favourable to a government?

Sure, cyberspace is beyond a carry out of tyrannical governments. Otherwise, we would not have a Arab Spring as well as alternative forms of dissent from oppressed citizens all over a world.

Despite a ills as well as abuses reported by a alternative media in Malaysia, nothing concrete has been done to address these.

Abuses, mismanagement as well as corruption go on unabated, with a regulatory bodies ! doing no thing to stop or investigate these to move a highly-connected culprits to book. That's a difference between a West as well as Malaysia.

Change:Najib must not only giveMalaysiakiniandMalaysian Insideras a examples of his 'press freedom'; a categorical media have been a ones already infested with Umno-linked editors as they know very well their licences could be cold any time ! when the y report/publish any headlines unfavourable to their BN masters.

Oscar Kilo:Please, only a online media is relatively free. The print media is still exceedingly castrated. TV as well as radio have been even worse. But it suits Umno's plan of keeping a infancy of a rural folks underneath a coconut bombard while allowing a minority civic folks to rant as well as rave.

L Joy:Who is Najib to give freedom? Freedom to what, slander alternative religions o! r a op position, scream racist insensitivities opposite non-Muslims as well as non-Malays, spread lies opposite a opposition, etc, while we remain quiet, so long as it benefits your agenda?

Fair&Just:Freedom of countenance is unilateral - a little newspapers can wantonly contend all sort of things without carrying to bear a consequences.

Lim Chong Leong:This man has to regard himself because nobody praises him. Yesterday, he said he did well by raising a living standards of a poor Indians by spending RM400 million, though we don't see any effects.

Today he says he gave us press leisure though any one readingUtusanwill be harm by its poisonous racism.The StarandSin Cheware no improved when they reported victory to MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek in his discuss wi! th Penan g CM Lim Guan Eng.

People know what we have been talking about Mr PM, as well as it is complete rubbish.

Retard:Najib, we give press freedom, your cousin takes it away.- Malaysiakini
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High Court to hear Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petras Defamation Suit

March 21, 2012

High Court to listen to Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra's Defamation Suit

The High Court here currently set two days from May 2 to listen to a RM50 million defamation suit filed by Kelantan Prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra opposite Malay Mail as well as three others.

Judge Datin Zabariah Mohd Yusof bound a date in chambers in a participation of counsel A S Dhaliwal who represented Tengku Muhammad Fakhry as well as counsel Mohd Zaharudeen Harun who represented a defendants.

Speaking to reporters later, Dhaliwal said Tengku Muhammad Fakhry would attest as a budding declare in a case, upon top of his counsel Datuk Mohd Haziq Pillay as well as his personal aide.

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry filed a command of summons upon November 11 last year, fixing Malay Mail Sdn Bhd as a first defendant as well as publisher The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, Chief Editor Yushaimi Maulud Yahya as well as contributor Marhalim Abbas as a second, third as well as fourth defendants.

In his matter of claim, a Prince alleged that a defendants were obliged for posting an article in a Malay Mail Online News Portal upon May 5, 2010, that jeopardised his reputation, in front of as well as career.

Apart from looking RM50 million in damages, a Prince is also looking a published apology, an injunction to forestall a exercise of a article, exemplary damages as well as alternative costs deemed fit by a court. BERNAMA

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Alleged Misconduct of Attorney-General and former Inspector General of Police must be investigated

March 21, 2012

Alleged Misconduct of Attorney-General as well as former Inspector General of Police must be investigated

by Hafiz Yatim (03-20-12) @www.malaysiakini.com

Allegations of bungle by Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail as well as former Police Chief Musa Hassan should be probed since these 'affect a integrity of agencies meting out justice'.

The slightest a supervision can do is form a parliamentary name committee to investigate the allegations, PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin told Malaysiakini. "We've seen a supervision being bold in charging (those) concerned in a National Feedlot Corporation as well as by forming a parliamentary name committee," pronounced Shamsul Iskandar (right), who is a lawyer.

"I call on (Premier) Najib (Abdul Razak) to compel a examine of agencies implementing justice, including a allegations that Abdul Gani, Musa as well as a Anti-Corruption Agency carrying been used to fix people up."

"How can a open certitude them if such allegations sojourn unanswered? The subject additionally stays whether Najib is committed to reform."

Shamsul Iskandar pronounced he is puzzled as to because a supervision has shot down a call for a judiciary to examine allegations by former Commercial Crime Investigation Department Director Ramli Yusuff as well as former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim opposite Abdul Gani as we! ll as Mu sa.

Ramli (left) as well as Mat Zain have pronounced they have been willing to testify before a judiciary opposite a duo, whilst serving police officers have been additionally peaceful to come forward.

Malaysiakini has twice tweeted Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein since Saturday for a response, though there has been no reply.

Text-messages to Abdul Gani as well as an email to a open relations bureau of a Attorney-General's Chambers have likewise left unanswered to date.

Last Monday, Hishammuddin had asked for evidence of a purported wrongdoing. When this was provided, he pronounced there was "no need" for uninformed review in to a matter.

Like this:

Be a initial to similar to this post.
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Nuruls men arrested for impersonation

'This is intimidation! It's ridiculous!' says the Lembah Pantai MP. (Free Malaysia Today) - Police currently arrested dual men working for Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar over claim which they were impersonating as Election Commission (EC) officers. The two, in their early 20s, were volunteers for Nurul assisting her conduct the door-to-door voter survey in her constituency over the weekend. However, they were hauled up this afternoon following the military report by the internal Umno leader claiming t ... Read More

Rakyat perlu tahu bakal PM Pakatan sebenar

Agak menarik untuk diperkatakan mengenai video Anwar Ibrahim bersama wanita Thailand sewaktu beliau berada disebuah hotel di Kota Bangkok. Video yang mana memperlihatkan Anwar Ibrahim ketua Pakatan PAS,DAP,PKR yang beraksi dengan dua orang pelacur kelas AAA Thailand.Ada yang kata mengapa perlu diaibkan Anwar Ibrahim dengan mengeluarkan video seks nya. Ada yang kata video tersebut tidak patut

Yes, Najib gives Utusan freedom to spew hatred - Malaysia Kini

Yes, Najib gives Utusan leisure to spew hatred
Malaysia Kini
Quigonbond: we theory it's just Umno DNA to consider which leisure of expression is something "given" by a federal supervision to a people; where Internet leisure is dubbed to next to access to mainstream media; as well as where news publishers as well as broadcasters ...

Anwar hadiri India Today Conclave yang disertai Salman Rushdie

KUALA LUMPUR nineteen Mac - Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hadir di persidangan India Today Conclave pada sixteen dan seventeen Mac lalu yang turut disertai penulis buku kontroversi, Salman Rushdie.Malah, pada persidangan itu, beliau turut menyampaikan ceramah bertajuk 'Dari Diktator ke Demokrasi: Kejayaan Rakyat' manakala Salman menyampaikan ceramah bertajuk 'Merdeka: Saya Adalah Saya dan Itulah Saya


Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) hari ini diminta menjelaskan perkembangan siasatannya berhubung satu laporan yang dibuat lebih dua tahun lalu mengenai harta Timbalan Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Azmin Ali dan isterinya.Bekas setiausaha sulit Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Anuar Shaari, berkata bahawa pada 17 Nov 2009 beliau membuat laporan polis berhubung perkara itu dan kes berkenaan kemudian dikendalikan oleh SPRM."Seminggu selepas saya membuat laporan polis, SPRM telah pangg ... Read More

What Najib doesnt want you to know about Malaysias press freedom ranking

Two reporters killed in Indonesia, 5 kidnapped, eighteen assaulted
Indonesia's ranking plunges twenty-nine places, three others drop
Malaysia gains from assault to alternative Asian journalists

The budding minister's outlandish try final night to explain credit for Malaysia's press leisure ranking is a shocking display of insensitivity to a deaths of during slightest dual Indonesian journalists, as good as a assault opposite others which caused a rankings of their countries to fall, as good as Malaysia's to rise.
Plainly ignoring a contribution contained in Reporters Sans Frontieres's 2011-12 report, Najib Tun Razak pronounced final night: "Since we become Prime Minister, Malaysia has changed up nine places in a Reporters Without Borders press leisure index"
His brazen effrontery is sickening. The real reason for Malaysia's better showing is plain: alternative countries' ranking fell, since of assault opposite reporters Indonesia's ranking plunged by twenty-nine places, as good as India as good as Bangladesh additionally dropped. This list shows it all.
20102011-2012 CountryScoreCountryScore 8New Zealand1,5013New Zealand-5,33 11Japan2,5022Japan-1,00 18Australia5,3830Australia4,00 34Hong-Kong10,7535Papua New Guinea9,00 42Papua New Guinea13,3344South Korea12,67 42South Korea13,3345Taiwan13,00 48Taiwan14,5054Hong-Kong17,00 52Maldives16,0054Mauritius17,00 64Bhutan17,7554Samoa17,00 65Mauritius18,0070Bhutan24,00 76Mongolia19,4273Maldives25,00 93Timor-Leste25,0086Timor-Leste30,00 111Samoa33,00100Mongolia35,75 117Indonesia35,83106Nepal38,75 119Nepal36,38117Cambodia55,00 122India38,75117Fiji55,00 126< b>Bangladesh42,50122Malaysia56,00 128Cambodia43,83125Brunei56,20 136Singapore47,50129Bangladesh57,00 141Malaysia50,75131India58,00 142Brunei51,00135Singapore61,00 149Fiji52,75137Thailand61,50 151Pakistan56,17140Philippines64,50 153Thailand56,83146Indonesia68,00 156Philippines60,00151Pakistan75,00 158Sri Lanka62,50163Sri Lanka87,50 165Vietnam75,75165Laos89,00 168Laos80,50169Burma100,00 171China84,67172Vietnam114,00 174Burma94,50174China136,00 177North Korea104,75178North Korea141,00
Asia-Pacific countries. Source: Reporters Sans Frontieres
No, budding minister, Malaysia did notrisein a RSF rankings. The othersfell since reporters were killed or knocked about up.
In Indonesia during slightest dual reporters died in an army crackdown in West Papua; 5 were kidnapped as good as eighteen reporters assaulted.
"That was a categorical reason for Indonesia's plunge," says Reporters Sans Frontieres in a inform to thepress leisure index
"A corrupt judiciary which is as good easily shabby by politicians as good as vigour groups as good as supervision attempts to carry out a media as good as Internet have prevented a growth of a freer press."
"In Bangladesh, antithesis groups as good as a statute Awami League took turns to attack as good as obstruct a press. In India! , report ers were exposed to assault in dual states as good as threats from mafia groups in a categorical cities; a supervision additionally attempted to tighten controls upon online media
Conditionsworsenedin Indonesia, India, Bangladesh as good as Singapore. Conditions didnot improvein Malaysia in 2011.
While a budding apportion sought to mock a United States as good as Britain, he in a centre neglected to see that10 tiny Asian countries rank superior to Malaysiain a RSF table.
Najib's boasts about his joining to press leisure contingency be weighed opposite a events in Malaysia in a past year, among which were:
  • Malaysiakini was again refused a journal licence
  • A radio cameraman died upon avocation in antagonistic conditions in a unnecessary as good as showy journey sponsored by a member of a budding minister's department
  • The home apportion as good as a information apportion went upon a merriment of their own to try to co-opt a national mass media in to apropos bone-fide supervision as good as Barisan Nasional stooges as good as propagandists
  • The information apportion went upon a spree arising libel writs opposite various tiny bloggers
  • The defence ministry co-opted for their own ends a notorious blogger who had, with impunity, gleefully published clips from a video purportedly of a man resembling a antithesis personality cavorting with a woman purportedly a prostitute from China
  • Nanyang Siang Pau as good as The Star were hounded by a home ministry for errors which impinged upon eremite sensitivities, while Utusan Malaysia whipped up racial as good as eremite tensions with abandon
  • The police hounded a young blogger who made flippant remarks about people in tall places, based upon reports already carried by alternative blogs as good as after he was fingered by pro-Umno bloggers
  • Media Prima took over a New Straits Times Press, as good as a budding minister's press secretary was allocated to! a compa rison paper in front of to supervise NSTP newspapers, serve concentrating press ownership as good as control.
Against all that, it is diverting which a budding apportion seeks to benefit personal excellence out of a selfish as good as grudging concession to repel annual chartering of newspapers still emptied after 6 months, as good as in a fourth year of his term.)
To add serve insult, Najib even claims credit for a life of Malaysiakini as good as a Malaysian Insider both of which were set up good prior to he became budding minister: Malaysiakini 10 years before, as good as a Insider in 2008, a year prior to Najib's supervision took office.
It is waggish to see which Najib said: "I'm not nave. we know which editors select vicious stories on top of certain ones. But there have been always dual sides to each story, as good as things have been frequency as elementary as they seem." Najib: we gave media some-more freedom
He contingency be truly naive if he cannot see which reporters write vicious reports since politicians verbalise with forked tongues, as good as since it is a journalist's avocation to give a complete as good as rounded report, as good as to call politicians to account.
Malaysian journalists, as good as a Malaysian public, have been not so naive as to take politicians during their word, even reduction so when a words of a politician as good as a contribution they in a centre disregard so mostly do not tally.
Quite plainly, despite his own words, Najib Tun Razak is no opposite from most alternative politicians in wanting to see only one side of a story, never thoughts a facts.
- uppercaise
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Foreigners joined Pengerang protest, claims Azalina

Pengerang BN part of of council Azalina Othman lambasted outsiders, whom she pronounced done much out zero via a criticism opposite a programmed oil refinery in her constituency.

azalina othman"I read an Internet portal's news report which there was a criticism in Pengerang.

"I found it weird, when I went down there I didn't see any criticism (by locals)," pronounced a former tourism apportion today.

Azalina (left), while debating a stately address in a Dewan Rakyat, pronounced which based upon her observation! s, she d etected cars used by demonstrators bore unfamiliar registration plates.

"The proof you saw, a cars were from a unfamiliar country.

"I don't wish to say it, but you know they have been from a beside country," pronounced Azalina.

She downplayed a protest, saying which "only200 attended" as well as it was not contemplative of a views of people in a constituency, which had more than 33,000 voters.

pengerang criticism demo 180312The demonstrators upon Sunday had protested opposite national oil company Petronas' skeleton to set up agas refineryin Pengerang.

The protesters were endangered which a RM20 billion Refinery as well as Petrochemical Integrated Development (Rapid) would infect a environment, as well as particularly affect sea fishing activities, which is a main source of inco! me for a locals.

"I take this opportunity to stress which a BN supervision is not a cruel government... a state supervision has since assurance which their income is protected when they have been moved to a new area," pronounced Azalina.

Pengerang residents in seven villages have been additionally worried which a first proviso Rapid project, involving 9,500 acres, competence see a little of them being evicted.

NONEThe second proviso is even bigger, at 22,500 acres.

The spokesperson for a protesters Kasran Abdullah pronounced locals have been not against to development, but they don't wish to be relocated.

"A four to five hactare oil palm plantation can bring about RM1,000 to RM2,000 monthly. If you move out, how have been you suppose to feed ourselves?" a former school headmaster said.

He added which 35 percent of a internal population have been fishermen who have been awaiting to face water pollution as a outcome of a refinery.
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Raja Idris's response to Malaysia Today

Dear Abang Petra,
Your essay upon a 2 units of apartments in Makkah was very timely, in a clarity which we am currently in Makkah performing myumrahwith my family (not paid by KDEB), as well as am right away staying in a apartments belonging to KDEB, to perspective firsthand a condition of a apartments as well as additionally to plead with a developer as well as other friends of mine in Saudi, for a dictated sale of a 2 units.
The ubiquitous condition of a units have been OK, except which there have been signs which a units have been used, as there have been a few cups as well as saucers as well as a H2O boiler. Also, there is anihramthat has been left behind. The beds have sheets as well as covers. There is additionally an ashtray with cigarette remains still inside it.
YAB Tan Sri Khalid has asked me to demeanour in to selling these units to recover KDEB's "investment".
we recollect when we was heading TDM Berhad, during a time PAS was statute Terengganu, TDM took a 5-year franchise in a 108 room road house in Makkah at a cost of usually RM 3.5 million per year, to assistrakyatTerengganu as well as Malaysians to have affordable accommodations in Makkah for theirumrahtrips.
The road house was called Darul Iman Palace (following Terengganu Darul Iman) as well as was officiated by a cousin, DYMM Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, a Sultan of Terengganu.
During a official opening rite a road house was packed full ofrakyatTerengganu, to not usually perform theirumrah, though additionally to honour their Sultan.
we suspect this is a disproportion between PAS in Terengganu as well as UMNO in Selangor.
PAS leased a road house for therakyat, ! UMNO lea sed a luxury apartments for personal use.
By a way, TDM just paid a initial year's franchise rental, thereafter, it was self-financing, with a profit of about RM1 million, upon tip of it.
Your brother
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Lynas Should Bring a "Good Product" Back to Australia

Lynas CEO Nick Curtis pronounced "rare earths have been not a bad product they have been a great product." They enable our lives to go forward they have been a product that enables cleaner multitude healthier society. They have been great products. They can be finished cleanly.

His assistant, Wee Tiat Eng, performed a live demonstration by reading a deviation levels of singular earth's excess as well as compared it to a banana.

MCA Chua Soi Lek upheld a explain by observant that a person undergoing an X-ray exposes himself to 500 times a deviation found in a residue.

It is so simple, Nick. If it is unequivocally so great you unequivocally do not mind you bring it back to Australia as well as share it to one side with your countrymen. Yes, you rsther than have banana trees than a singular earth plant. Is it so difficult to assimilate as well as accept?

Yes, a people of Kuantan as well as quite Gebeng have been suffering from mental trauma as well as highlight over a plant. It is a critical mental emanate that could start their health, well-being as well as social life. Families might need to move away from a area fearing H2O decay as well as long tenure bearing to a radiation, however low risk Lynas might claim.

Chua a alloy appears to be less supportive to a fright of usual people. How to review with X-ray exposure? Some of us only conduct body check-up once a year as well as have been unprotected to X-ray for less than 2 seconds. Can it be compared to a 24 x 7 bearing to singular earth's residue?

If it is so protected as claimed by Nick, Wee as well as Chua afterwards it makes no clarity for a Australian supervision not to allow singular earth prolongation in a country. It would be much some-more cost in effect for a company to run a prolongation on their turf than shipping them to be processed in Malaysia.

What is a point of forcing a plant on internal residents of Kuantan as well as Gebeng? Lynas is obviously not welcomed by a internal residents in a ar! ea.
< br>What is MCA stand on Lynas? Chua Soi Lek should only have it LOUD as well as CLEAR. We will VOTE out MCA candidates if it is a official stand! of a celebration to await a Lynas singular earth plant in Malaysia. This is a honourable reaction to a so-called 'People First' government.
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Review for a 5 Hindraf leaders.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar says a apprehension of a 5 Hindraf leaders underneath a Internal Security Act will be reviewed as there is sustenance for it.

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How much do you want to bet this will fail?

Landfill-based association to sell energy to TNBBy Lee Wei LianMarch 20, 2012The Pajam solar park near Nilai. Picture by Jack OoiNILAI, Mar twenty Renewable energy association Cypark pronounced today which it will start selling electricity from a solar plantation upon a site of a former landfill near here upon Mar 28.Cypark additionally plans to start an additional five renewable energy projects in Negeri Sembilan in further to a current plan in Pajam only outward Nilai.Daud Ahmad, CEO of Cypark, pronounced which TNB has a 21- ... Read More

Poll Position: And the New PM you've chosen is...

Technorati tags: Poll Position, Next PM Of Malaysia, General Elections Beware the Ides of March which is when the final check we ran closed. For Chua Soi Lek, during least, the check results are disappointing. Very disappointing. And the Ides of March wasnt during all kind to the man. As it turns out, after the few weeks of the check being up, NOBODY picked him. Not the singular single vote. By the 2% domain over her father (who came in second), we picked Nurul Izzah Anwar as your choice for th ... Read More


Aku nak mintak pihak mahkamah untuk tolong percepatkan saman Anwar terhadap Nalla, cara Nalla dedahkan pasal Anwar semalam memang dahsyat la, sampai Anwar dah tak tahan. So cepat-cepat dia saman supaya cerita ini boleh ditutup dan dia boleh bagitau orang yang dia tak bersalah sebab dia sah saman,

Acapkali inilah modus operandi pembangkang yang cuba mahu menutup mulut orang yang mendedahkan mereka, Nalla dah lama cabar untuk Anwar saman dia, megetahui pilihanraya dah dekat maka Anwar confident je suruh lawyer dia saman Nalla sebab perbicaraan akan makan masa. Kira Anwar saman ni untuk beli masa demi hadapi PRU la ni.

Jadi aku nak mintak pihak penghakiman supaya kes ini diberi layanan istimewa. Kita pun nak tahu berani ke Anwar nak hadapi Nalla dalam mahkamah. Saman semua boleh saman. Nak tengok dengan kadar segera apa lagi bukti yang ada pada Nalla yang boleh dizahirkan di mahkamah!

Tolonglah aku merayu kepada pihak yang berkenaan supaya percepatkan perbicaraan kes Anwar saman Nalla ni. Biar rakyat semua tahu siapa Anwar sebenarnya, kita jangan layan spesis yang kata 'KALAU ANWAR MELIWAT DEPAN MATA DIA PUN, DIA TETAP SOKONG ANWAR' tu.

Kalau dilambatkan kes saman Anwar ni, maka rugilah kami rakyat tak dapat tahu kebenaran apa yang ada pada Nalla, ini adalah kes penting. Perbicaraan ini adalah tentang seorang bakal PM. Penting tau untuk rakyat, maka ia mesti didahulukan demi rakyat! Kita mahu kebenaran.

Amacam Anwar berani ke kau nak hadapi kalau kes kau dipercepatkan? Jangan nanti kau bagi 1001 alasan macam kes Saiful tu pulak ya!

Lynas: MP BN Ajak Debat Luar Dewan

Kekecohan di dalam Dewan Rakyat berlarutan sehingga ke luar dewan apabila Ahli Parlimen Mambong (BN) James Dawos Mamit mengajak wakil rakyat Kuala Selangor (Pas) Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad berdebat di luar.Dzulkefly ketika ditemu bual wartawan di luar dewan, ditegur Mawit dengan nada beremosi mengajak berbincang secara bersemuka dengannya dan tidak hanya pandai memboikot tindakan kerajaan yang ingin penubuhan Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas Parlimen (PSC) untuk meneliti isu nadir bumi Lynas di Gebeng.Pelawaa ... Read More

Harussani bidas Hadi dan Zionisnya! Biarkan! Biarkan!

Yahudi dan Zionis hari ini sama.Malahan ada komentar dalam posting lalu berkata, hamir semua Yahudi menyokong Zionis dan hanya segelintir kumpulan Yahudi Ortodox menentang Zionis. Malahan kumnpulan ugama Yahudi rata-rata semua menyokong Zionis dan penubuhan Israel.Hujah Hadi sebenarnya tiada makna apa,Dengar video berikut Harussani membidas Hadi:

Anggota polis mati dilanggar penunggang motosikal

KUANTAN, twenty Mac Seorang anggota polis, Zahari Che Min, 45, maut manakala anak lelakinya Mohd Syazmi, 11, hanya cedera ringan dalam kemalangan di Km356 Jalan Raub-Bentong semalam. Di petik Bernama Online, Ketua Polis Daerah Raub Supt Wan Mohd Samsudin Wan Osman berkata dalam kejadian yang berlaku pada pukul 7.45 petang itu, mangsa dipercayai ... Read More

Lynas licence illegal without EIA, says lawyer in AELB suit

KUALA LUMPUR, Mar twenty The High Court here heard today that there is no need to interest against the chief regulator's capitulation of Lynas' subject to looseness as the preference was fundamentally illegal.

Lawyer K. Shanmuga, representing 10 Pahang residents who have challenged the Atomic Energy Licensing Board's (AELB) decision, pronounced this was because an environmental impact assessment (EIA) investigate had not been rebuilt before to the approval.

The need for the minute EIA before such an capitulation was since to the Australian miner's singular earths plant is obviously settled in the Environmental Quality Act 1974, the actuality confirmed by the Department of Environment (DoE) upon June 20, 2011, he said.

"There's no dispute Lynas does not have the minute EIA so you are saying the complete capitulation is bootleg as well as therefore you do not need to appeal.

"You can come for judicial interest as well as the justice must quash the approval," he told reporters after making his submission to decider Datuk Rohana Yusuf in chambers.

The Pahang residents filed the fit against the AELB as well as two others upon Feb 17 alleging that the deviation watchdog had issued Lynas Corp the proxy operating looseness (TOL) for the RM2.5 billion plant in return for the slice of the firm's revenue.

All 10 residents live inside of 3km to 18km of the controversial plant in Gebeng, near Kuantan, that has stoked fears of deviation pollution.

The fit seeks the justice sequence to cancel the AELB's capitulation of the TOL upon Jan 30.

Also declared were the DoE's director-general of environmental peculiarity as well as Lynas' internal subsidiary Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

The Attorney-General's Chambers had earlier raised the preliminary conflict upon the drift that the residents should initial exhaust alternative avenues of recourse,! includi ng delectable to the science, creation as well as technology minister.

The ministry, led by Datuk Seri Maximus Ongkili, overseas AELB's operations.

The decider fixed the subsequent open justice hearing for April 4.

She also destined AELB to file an confirmation explaining what Lynas will be allowed to do under the TOL as report upon the subject to looseness could usually be gleaned from press statements as well as the media at this point.

Earlier this month, Lynas pronounced it will fire up the refinery by the second quarter of the year.

The Sydney-based miner is looking to break China's 90 per cent chokehold upon the supply of singular earth metals indispensable to make high-tech products such as smartphones, energy-efficient light bulbs as well as hybrid cars.

Lynas expects to generate the little RM8 billion annually from the operations here.

The supervision final week voiced it would form the nine-man Parliamentary Select Committee to look into the Lynas issue, that would listen to "scientific views based upon fact" from all parties.

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Bangun 3 Sektor Perekonomian Pantai Jolosutro dan Gurah Pariwisata,Perikanan,dan Kelautan serta Pertanian...... Tuntutan AKSI JOLOSUTRO Kabupaten Blitar 1.Tutup tambang pasir Jolosutro ...!! 2.Bongkar Mafia Pertambangan. 3.Segera bangun 3 sektor ekonomi masyarakat jolosutro dan gurah :Pariwisata,Perikanan,dan kelautan serat pertanian 4.Segera bangun infrastruktur di pantai wisata jolosutro dan pantai gurah. 5.Cabut SK pengelolaan pariwisata yang telah disalah gunakan. 6.Laksanakan sertifikat tanah redist(bekas perkebunan)Gondang Tapen secara gratis. 7.Segera bangun sarana dan prasarana kesehatan dan pendidikan gr! atis unt uk rakyat. 8.Ciptakan tata kelola pemerintahan yang bersih,demokratis dan berwatak kerakyatan. 9.Laksanakan pasal 33 UUD 1945 sekarang juga.

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What YOU must Do!

There have been most of us in Malaysia which knows about a wrong doings of "Barisan Nasional" as well as Barisan Nasional. Some of us have profited from income politics as well as a hurtful practices of these politicians as well as those in power. These practices have been so drawn out as well as invasive which most family would have had a family partial of who have been engage in hurtful practices (giving or receiving a bribe) or during a least would have known about a hurtful use a same could be pronounced about police crime as well as meaningful a dato'. Too most dato's using around to not know during least a single of them as well as as well most policemen asking for bribes! we to have been partial as well as parcel of a routine of crime as well as shared in its earnings as well as of this we have written most times in my blog. Nothing to be unapproachable off or ashamed about it is a actuality of hold up in Malaysia. And it is since of a involvement of so most of us which crime has turn ingrained in to a approach of we do things as well as in to a culture.

UMNO expects to get away with their abuse of supervision since they goal which not most of we will come out with what we know about their abuse of executive power. They goal which since we were partial of a routine of crime as well as since we have profited from it we will keep still whether since we have been confuse for carrying taken partial in it or since we were paid sufficient to keep quiet.

For whatever reason which we were concerned in these hurtful practices as well as however much we embrace from a proceeds! of corr uption we want we to know which we do not care. What we caring about is which all these hurtful practices by these "Barisan Nasional" politicians have b! een disp lay since this is a usually approach which we can move down this "Barisan Nasional" led Barisan Nasional government!

Tell us your story as well as we will publish it. If we want your names to be published we will do so, if we do not, we will not do so. If we feel strongly enough, mount up as well as discuss it your story in chairman upon we tube upon a net by any available electronic media as well as we will spread your story by Malaysia as well as all over a world. Tell us when we took a money, how we took a income for what project or proposal how much, when as well as how a income was since to you.

No we will not regard we all as pariahs we will be a hero since it is since of your bravery to discuss it us about a hurtful practices of this "Barisan Nasional" led Barsian Nasional supervision which we can start a routine of creation a people assimilate why this supervision should no longer be allowed to govern us.

If there have been sufficient of we which has a bravery to do this afterwards we am sure which "Barisan Nasional" will no longer be able to defend itself from carrying unsuccessful us all in a demeanour they chose to govern us.

Those of we which have a bravery to do this will be obliged for bringing about a shift we need to save a country from this miserable, conceited as well as hurtful "Barisan Nasional".

This is a big ask though this will be a usually approach to make this "Barisan Nasional" supervision fall. And they must tumble before a turn desperate as well as incite racial riots as well as emanate havoc as well as mayhem amongst a people just so they can afterwards invoke puncture legislation as well as cancel a elections. Only we a people in numbers massive sufficient for a supervision to not ignore can ensure which this will not occur again. Beat a drums as well as call upon a masses to show their strengthfor a locals ! have bee n nervous tonight! And should "Barisan Nasional" think which they can take supervision in any alternative approach though a fair as well as free elections discuss it them "NO!". For now discuss it us what we know of a crime we have witness, a crime we have been partial of as well as a crime which has turn so much a partial of a Malaysian ways of we do things.tell us since we unequivocally want to know! Tell us since which is a usually approach which we can move down "Barisan Nasional"!
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Eco fines net Selangor RM1.1m

SHAH ALAM, Mar twenty Selangor pocketed RM1.12 million in fines from 194 prosecutions of environmental offences last year, state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong was reported as observant by Bernama Online today.

Wong, who holds the state tourism, consumer affairs as well as sourroundings portfolio, suggested which of the cases prosecuted, 118 were for air pollution, 28 pertained to water pollution, while open blazing as well as scheduled rubbish disposals contributed thirteen as well as seven incidents, respectively.

But she combined not all the cases were pursued to the end.

Several cases could not proceed due to miss of justification as well as deficient containing alkali analysis, Wong pronounced in todays event of the state assembly.

She additionally suggested which the series of cases had been summarily discharged by the Attorney-Generals Chambers, for which she pronounced no reasons were given.

In addition, there were additionally cases where the offences as well as offenders were transparent but it took 4 to five years to be brought to court, Wong said.

Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad had earlier asked Wong for the list of environmental cases in the state which were being prosecuted.

Evangelist or Charlatan of Democracy?

Terence Netto penned The couple between Anwar as well as Dickens for Malaysiakini, in that he draws parallel between Charles Dickens as well as Anwar Ibrahim. Netto claimed Dickens to be a autarchic artist of democracy as well as Anwar Ibrahim as a Pied Piper in a modern age of supervision by determine of a governed.

While you determine with Netto that Anwar is positively a Pied Piper, my sense of a Pied Piper is not a chronicle Netto has in mind. My Pied Piper is a strange a single in Hamelin, whom a Germans call Rattenfnger von Hameln.

The strange story of Rattenfnger von Hameln was a single of horror, though a tale was subsequently converted in to a single that had rats as well as whatnot. In a strange tale, a Pied Piper hypnotized as well as led many many children to their deaths. No, you do not suspect Netto had this sense of Anwar in thoughts wakakaka.

Au contraire, whenever Terence writes, you can be sure of dual things: detached from requiring a dictionary, he'd be promoting Anwar Ibrahim.

Nothing wrong in a latter as you all promote someone you similar to (like kaytee does for Karpal Singh wakakaka) or conflict someone you be vexed (like kaytee does upon Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka).

But Terence Netto exceeded a bounds of rational idea in a on top of referred to Malaysiakini article. This was what he pronounced of Anwar:

You usually have to give him a pedestal as well as this preacher for democracy will use it to espouse a themes of leisure as well as equality with an ardor that is allied to a ferocity Dickens displayed in attacking their miss in English institutions of a 19th century

Evangelist for democracy?

Apart from a wrong preference of word in 'evangelist' (which! those r eligious hounds might exploit to Anwar's disadvantage) you have usually three words, all starting with 'P', to repor! t Netto' s acclamation of Anwar Ibrahim as a manuscript of democracy, namely:

Poppycock, inconceivable & pordah.

Evangelist for democracy? Wakakaka!

And dear Terence, what democratic message did your Anwar Ibrahim send to us when he attempted to seize supervision with his shameless 916 tomfoolery?

But Netto has been correct in describing Anwar as a Pied Piper since a single of those mathematically challenged 'children' in 916 wakakaka was (to my good sadness as a DAP supporter) DAP Hannah Yeoh, such was/is Anwar's hypnotizing obscurity of malarkey.

Then what about his welcoming a revolving-door frog, Nasarudin Hashim, ADUN for Bota in Perak to PKR. The Great One claimed a Nasaruddin's desertion "... reflected a sentiments of his voters, namely a Malays in his constituency ... as a commencement of a brand brand new wave."

Would Anwar Ibrahim afterwards allow that a desertion of erstwhile PKR Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi as well as Osman Jailu additionally "... reflected a sentiments of their voters, namely a Malays in their constituencies ... as a commencement of a brand brand new wave"?

Would a PKR anwaristas agree? Of march not, those foolish foolish Myrmidon would censure Najib for his immorality machinations, as well as you would determine to that, though of march when it's that preacher of democracy interesting frogs a other way, it's usually an additional step forward in man-man-lai democracy wakakaka.

Netto is no improved in that he even supposing an forgive for his preacher of democracy for withdrawing from a conference in New Delhi since Salman Rushdie, a writer of The Satanic Verse (and thus fatwa-ed to death by Iranian ayatollahs) was there.

An preacher of democracy? Wakakaka, you still can't hold Netto would report Anwar as a single after a 916 attempted ! subversi upon of a list box, as well as you haven't even enclosed a Great One's duplicity in a 1994 Sabah choosing frogology as well as ! a parlou s state of affair in his own party choosing process.

Maybe I'll supplement an additional 'P' to a 3 on top of (Poppycock, inconceivable & pordah) to report Netto's graduation of Anwar pukish.

Now, you come to a Great One's cowardice in refusing to experience with RPK in a WikiLeaks forum while in a same breath demanding Najib fronts up. The standard comments from those foolish foolish Myrmidons would be: 'Who's RPK to demand a discuss with Anwar', 'RPK is a nobody, so because should Anwar discuss with him' etc, ...

... as well as today Netto has come up with an additional essay to titillate Anwar in Malaysiakini's
Anwar shouldn't discuss Najib by proxy, says PKR where he quoted PKR vice-president N Surendran accusing Najib of regulating RPK as a substitute to discuss Anwar.

I wish to make dual points really transparent to imbeciles [please exucse my irritability as I'm exasperated by perfect stupidity].

Firstly, it's not a debate. The subject is not, for example, 'Malaysia's mercantile future' or such likes that would afterwards be appropriate in a Najib-Anwar debate.

It's only a WikiLeaks forum where Julian Assange would talk participants. Surely, no a single is starting to argue that Julian Asaange will be debating with Anwar? So because is Anwar so shit frightened of RPK being present?

If a single doesn't have skeletons in his cupboard, a single wouldn't fright being in a forum with RPK?

Evangelist of democracy? Wakakaka, my toes are truly laughing.

Secondly, who in Malaysia has made WikiLeaks so straightforwardly available to news readers?

Anwar? Najib? Lim KS? Hadi Awan! g? Rais Yatim?

C'mon, do not be shy, you foolish foolish Myrmidons.

It has been RPK who publishes WikiLeaks articles regularly at Malaysia-Today.! It has additionally been RPK who publishes Malaysia's own chronicle of WikiLeaks, that when they unprotected UMNO's crime would be welcomed as well as praised by a same foolish foolish Myrmidons.

So, who in Malaysia is many competent as well as many deserving to be interviewed by Julian Assange?

The thing is Anwar is shit frightened of RPK!

Just review
this to know a UMNO-in-waiting, as well as probably a little of a reasons because Anwar is a chicken.

And those foolish foolish Myrmidons, a little while finally admitting a Great One might not so good after all, wish us, beg with us, titillate us to opinion a less immorality twin, implying PKR.

But you know (not only guessing) PKR will be no better, as well as in a little cases even worse.

How can you be so cocksure? Because you recollect a single UMNO man who was in various ministerial positions for sixteen years, whom you hold as a many distressing Machiavellian person you had a exasperation of witnessing, as an example, his draconian proselytizing educational policy, as well as isn't that precisely a proof of a pudding in a eating? Not really Dickensian you know wakakaka ...

... though for fright of RPK, man-man-lai has chickened out to turn mai-mai-lai, wakakaka.
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Anwar Ibrahim Saman Suratkabar Longkang

ULASAN: Berikut adalah kenyataan Anwar Ibrahim sebagai respon kepada laporan Utusan Malaysia muka depan yng memetik tuduhan Datuk S. Nalakaruppan menuduh Anwar sebagai Bisexual.Di dalam kenyataan ini Utusan Malaysia dirujuk sebagai mengamalkan "Gutter Journalism" yang secara mudahnya boleh diterjemah sebagai "SuratKabar Longkang".Tulang Besi bersetuju dengan analisa di bawah. Setelah Najib membuktikan kepada rakyat Malaysia bahawa beliau bachul dan tidak berani berdebat dengan Anwar, digunakan s ... Read More

Apologise to CM now, Shaik Hussein told

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's domestic secretary has asked a state Umno Youth to apologize for alleging which his boss has marginalised a Indians in a speech during theDAPfundraising dinner.
NONEZairil Khir Johari (left) pronounced formed upon a ask of state Umno Youth arch Shaik Hussein Mydin, a CM's office will post a video upon Lim's speech during a function final week, which was attended by about 3,000 people.

Zairil pronounced which in his speech, Lim had referred to which Pakatan Rakyat indispensable 90 percent await from non-Malays as good as 40 percent from a Malay village to retain its order in Penang.

"A twin of a speech which you have published obviously shows which Shaik Hussein was wrong in observant you did not mention a await of Indians," he pronounced during a press conference.
"In fact in his speech, which he spoke in Malay, Chinese as good as Hokkien, Lim had referred to a need for await from a Indian village as well," he added.

Zairil was responding to Shaik Hussein who had defended his statement, observant which an Indian crony who had attended a function related to him about Lim not looking await from a community.

NONEShaik Hussein (right) had then requested Zairil to post a video of Lim'sspeechinMalaysiakini, so which he can listen to for himself whether Zairil's concerns were true.

He offered to apologize over a make a difference if indeed Lim had referred to a await of a Indian commu! nity.

Meanwhile, Zairil pronounced given Shaik Hussein has pronounced he would apologize to a CM if a video of a speech was posted inMalaysiakini, he should be doing so soon.

He pronounced he would accept Shaik Hussein's apology, though if he does not comply then he would cruise a make a difference further.
"I goal he will apologise, given he had pronounced he would do it if you published a video," he told reporters.

"We will tell a video onYouTubeas good so which he can listen to it for himself, you will give him until tomorrow to apologise," he added.

When asked, Shaik Hussein pronounced he had noticed a clip though would prefer to see a full video script.

"It looks similar to a video has been doctored similar to Anwar Ibrahim's video as claimed by a DAP," he toldMalaysiakini.

"Before we contend sorry, we would similar to to ask a DAP to get debate acknowledgment which a video is not doctored," he added.

Shaik Hussein urged Zairil not to divert a public's courtesy from a main issue - a deficiency of DAP inhabitant chairperson Karpal Singh, assemblypersons RSN Rayer (Seri Delima) as good as A Tanasekharan (Bagan Dalam) from a dinner.

Speculation was abundant which a contingent boycotted a dinner as they were dissapoint over a decision of a party's disciplinary cabinet to transparent Deputy Chief Minister II as good as state DAP deputy arch P Ramasamy of misconduct.

VIDEO: 3:32
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Apa Salahnya Anwar Untuk Jadi PM?!

... Read More

Malaysian Siamese: BNs loss, Pakatans gain

The once constant Malaysian Siamese village is right away divided over a await for Barisan Nasional.
KANGAR: Support for statute Barisan Nasional from between Malaysians of Siamese skirmish is pronounced to be waning given a coalition's failure to understanding with issues facing a community.
In a entrance nail-biting 13th ubiquitous election, each opinion counts as good as a minority community's 60,000-strong members, who have been scattered around a five states bordering Thailand, might right away be a antithesis Pakatan Rakyat's saving grace.
It is learnt which a little sections of a village have been beginning to await DAP as good as PAS notwithstanding a recent declaration by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak which a village is officially accorded Bumiputera status.
The community's problems began final year when a Prime Minister's Department ignored a nominees submitted by a Malaysia-Thai Association for a senatorship.
The association is a only bona fide organisation representing Malaysians of Siamese descent. Similar to a Orang Asli community, they have been entitled to a single senator seat as per a quota in a country's diverse multi-ethnic set-up.
The present senator is Boon Som Inong, a Kuala Lumpur-based businessman, who originally hails from Kedah.
According to a little buliding inside of a association, Boon Som was allegedly not endorsed by them for a senatorship, though somehow, Najib elite him, which is a break with tradition.
According to a source, Najib's action has angered a little buliding in a association, which has 10,000 members, many of whom have been regis! tered as electorate in Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak as good as Kelantan.
Citizenship issues
Speaking to FMT, a association's former president Siw Chun Eam conceded which a BN no longer had a community's amount support, as good as a senatorship was not a primary issue.
"We right away listen to in Perlis which an association part of wants to form a DAP branch as good as a little have been attending Pakatan's rallies. Previously, a village was 100 % behind BN."
"What concerns a Malaysians of Siamese skirmish is which they share a same worries similar to others about a country's direction.
"Right now, a categorical concerns of a electorate between a BN as good as Pakatan, have been often only about issues about a Malays, Indians as good as Chinese, though not about a plight of a minorities," she said.
She added which her village was additionally concerned about a country's global competitiveness, corruption, healthcare, preparation as good as a simple idea of human rights, justice as good as equal stake in a manage to buy as good as religious freedom.
"Just given you have been quiet, does not meant you have been not similarly worried. Our members watch in horror to see a escalation in living costs," she said.
Siw Chun pronounced a village additionally has extended problems, such as issues of their citizenship documents given they have been cross-border inhabitants, claims to land tenure as good as their socio-economic needs.
As a village is seen to be a farming one, a share of a mercantile cake is pronounced to be between a lowest, Siw Chun said.
She hopes which both BN as good as Pakatan would be frank in traffic with their problems, as carrying political poke does not meant anything if a single village continues to in all suffer.
PAS to woo Malaysian-Siamese
Meanwhile, PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar pronounced his celebrat! ion cann ot overlook Malaysians of Siamese descent, as they have been active at border states together with in his Pokok Sena parliamentary subdivision in Kedah.
"I think BN has made a fumble in traffic with a minorities. In a subsequent election, each voter counts. Pakatan needs everyone's votes to wrest a country, whilst BN similarly needs a similar number of await to urge a political position."
Mahfuz pronounced PAS is entrance out with policies in Kedah as good as Kelantan where each village can good from, leaving nothing behind.
Social imbalances would continue to haunt any government's administration department if a latter ignores a plight of a rich, a bad as good as a disenfranchised groups, he stressed.
If BN falters upon meeting a needs of a Malaysian of Siamese group, afterwards Pakatan would naturally reap a benefits, Mahfuz said.
He added which a two-party complement can champion everybody together with a minorities as there would be an ample room for checks as good as balances.
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Begitulah kata-kata Naib Ketua AMK, Jonah atau nama sebenarnya Khairul Anuar Ahmad Zainuddin pada seorang kawan.

Kata-kata itu membayangkan sentimen yang rata-rata dalam sekelompok kepimpinan PKR dan PAS coterie Attartuk.

Suatu yang diketahui adalah kumpulan Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia SMM, ramai memperakui bahawa mereka percaya orang yang di dalam videotape China doll itu adalah Anwar.

Di atas, pihak kepimpinan PKR dan PAS menuduh UMNO menyebarkan CD video tapi siapa sebenarnya? Pemuda? Lohe ...

Puteri? Lagi lohe tak berani buat.

Wanita masa tu asyik dgn isu Shahrizat.

Sebenarnya video itu tersebar oleh orang PAS yang berkongsi sesama dia untuk buat penilaian. Mungkin puak pro ulamak atau Pemuda PAS.

Pastinya UMNO tak terlibat.

Sentimen antara parti komponen Pakatan Rakyat tahu Anwar melakukan macam-macam perkara tidak bermmoral dan pelbagai tuduhan yang dihadapi. DAP tahu dia meliwat kalau melihat dari Wikileak repot SB SIngapre.

PAS yakin Anwar adalah pelakun CD video CHina Doll dan tawar hati bila isu Israel timbul.

Kini dalam PKR dah mula percaya Anwar memang buat macam-macam. Tetapi mereka seperti Jonah sangguop kata demikian kerana mereka ingat mereka dah hampir dengan kuasa.

Bagi mereka untuk berhenti, agak lambat dah. Berapa tahun dah dikorbankan untuk perjuangan ANwar. Banyak dah dimodalkan termasuk pelajaran, wang ringgit, keluarga dll.

Kalau mereka lompat, mereka tahu mereka susah nak dapat peranan seperti yang ada sekarang.

House PK: Ini aku petik dari Unspiners. Korang tengok la sendiri, inilah yang berlaku sekarang ni, Mereka ni s! emua ada lah melayu Islam, tapi halal haram sudah takde. Mereka tuduh UMNO rasuah, tanpa bukti tapi mereka sendiri yang ada bukti depan mata joke masih nak angkat lahanat bernama Anwar Ibrahim ni.


Rafidah, Salut!

Ku Li, a while ago
I stick on Apanama [Rafidah a fine example. Who next?] in taking a hats off to Rafidah Aziz for carrying a great sense of giving way, voluntarily, to new faces to paint us during a subsequent general election. She's not a initial in Umno to heed to Najib Razak's call for a changing of guards; Idris Jusoh, a former Terengganu Menteri Besar, offering not to mount for re-election in Dec final year. Between then as well as now, each aged ensure has been quiet like a mouse.

Rafidah was simply a single of a best - if a not a best - ministers in Mahathir Mohamad's Cabinet. As Minister of International Trade as well as Industry, she wooed foreign investors with her famous charms as well as defended a interests with fury as well as no fear. She is currently still active as well as alert. Her preference has zero to do with being winnable or not. If Rafidah decides to contest in PRU13, she could still win. Easily. She's winnable. But this is about overstaying, about carrying a great sense to know which it's time to go as well as let a new/young red blood take over.

Nor Mohamed
I instruct which a a likes of Tengku Razaleigh,Nor Mohamad Yakcob, Syed Hamid Albar, Azmi Khalid, Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, Johari Baharom, Tengku Adnan as well as Mohamad Bin Aziz, to name a few, will take a evidence from Rafidah. Today or tomorrow, not subsequent month as well as don't wait for for someone to suggest we incentives. we hear Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, a former Prime Minister, has pronounced he will not be fortifying his seat even yet he'd win Kepala Batas, with eyes closed! Now which is most inspiring, if true!

Mohamad Aziz

Multiple-term Members of Parliament have been no longer something which Malaysians reason with awe. It's about giving way when we know which there is zero we can suggest which you've not already offering years as well as years ago. And which is true not just for Umno or BN politicians. There have been most in Pakatan Rakyat who should follow Rafidah's e.g. as well as give us voting Malaysians a break.