Oil palm, Genting Highlands and highrise buildings are good for the environment

High climb buildings. Greenies hatred tall climb buildings, skyscrapers, etc. Many people have this idea which low rise, singular bungalows with large green gardens have been presumably sourroundings friendly. I, upon a alternative hand, think which tall climb buildings have been crucial if we have been serious in protecting a forests as well as timberland areas. Before we respond to this, we need to assimilate which a race is growing rapidly. Every year 500,000 people have been added to a population. These half million people need to fed, sheltered, educated, etc, etc. What is a most appropriate choice to yield housing for a augmenting series of people? Do we transparent some-more forests to set up townships? On 1 hectare of land, we can either set up 10 bungalows to residence 40 people or building a twenty storey tower which accommodates 320 people. The emanate is not usually space. High climb buildings have been a lot some-more fit in conditions of per passenger appetite use. Of course, tall climb buildings have been usually in effect is there is good public transportation.
The blueprint next illustrates what we am trying to say, despite in a uncomplicated way.
[the subject to ask IS how do we yield ! housing to a augmenting population? Should we transparent some-more forests?]
Urbanisation. we am a firm proponent which some-more people need to live in a cities. Greenies have been often astounded when we contend this. A lot of them have this idea of countryside living being environment-friendly. Urban renter have make make use of of of a lot reduction space per person compared to farming dwellers. [note : do we know which all a towns as well as cities usually occupy reduction than 4% of a land area?]. Urban dwellers have some-more income than farming dwellers. Even a civic bad have been improved off than a farming bad (that's why there is rural-to-urban emigration all over a universe as well as not a alternative approach round). Cities yield a lot some-more opportunities for people to urge their livelihood. Of course, a few people destroy though a infancy will do improved when they pierce to a cities. Urbanization in Malaysia has increased from 51% in 1990 to 62% in 2000 to about 71% right divided as well as will go upon taking flight [note : it was usually 27% in 1970]. The chart next which shows a attribute in between urbanization as well as per capita GDP for a states in Malaysia illustrates my point.

[the subject to ask IS what is a most appropriate approach to residence a taking flight population?]
Services. We contingency foster services. Tourism, banking, health services, preparation services, insurance, retail, selling malls, etc, etc as a main engine of a economy. The services zone generates a lot some-more income as well as a lot reduction environmental indemnification compared to a industrial zone or a first zone (agriculture, mining, forestry, etc). The republic contingency pierce divided from relying as well most upon a first sector. Singapore has roughly a entire manage to buy reliant upon a services sector. So do most grown nations. To really protect a forests as well as timberland areas, a republic contingency have a services zone a prime expansion engine. The cultivation zone is not productive as well as there have been as well most people working in it. We have to, for example, revoke a series of people in a cultivation zone as well as increase a numbers in a services sector.
[the subject to ask IS what is a most appropriate approach to grow a economy?]
Genting Highlands. we love Genting Highlands we think it is a most environment-friendly place in a country. Many greenies have been offended when we contend this. All they can see is upland montane timberland transposed by a petrify jungle. we similar to it because it is efficient. Such a tiny place (less than 2000 hectares) attracts over fifteen million visitors a years as well as contributes billions to a nation. If all alternative industries have been as fit as this place, we can save so most of a forests. It would probably take 100,000 hectares of paddy or rubber land to generate as most taxes for a country. In environmental conservation, potenc! y is rea lly important. Efficient commercial operation i.e. businesses which have make make use of of of a slightest land, resources, water, energy, etc have been a friendliest to a environment. [I know it has a footprint bigger than a land area - though then, which attention doesn't].
[the subject to ask IS do we know of any alternative place in a republic which pays so most taxes from such a tiny land area?]
I have made easy my points to keep a essay short. May be if we have a time, we will blow up upon any of a on top of points one of these days. Untill then, a crux of what we am trying to contend is this :
1. The pass to protecting a sourroundings is mending a potency of a industries as well as manage to buy (agriculture, manufacturing, etc). We have to aim to get a limit from a since piece of land.
2. Population is augmenting as well as a demand for housing is growing fast. The most appropriate approach to residence people is in tall climb buildings as well as in civic areas. This is fit in conditions of a have make make use of of of of a land. Urbanisation contingency of march be upheld by fit public transportation. The idea of low rise, low density housing as being environment-friendly is completely flawed.
3. Oil palm is a really fit crop. Some planters as well as millers have been assholes. We need to support a attention by eradicating these assholes as well as urge a practices. Sabotaging or badmouthing a attention will not assist! ance a s ourroundings or a people, design maybe a soya growers in North as well as South America.
4. We cannot simply blabber about protecting a sourroundings but severely deliberation a fact thatour race is augmenting fast. About 500,000 brand new people have been added every year (read my previous essay here). We need to feed, shelter, educate, yield jobs, etc, etc for these people.
Once again, apologies for not elaborating in depth. Perhaps, if we buy me a teh tarik, we will explain a issues fully.

p.. Before we forget, we similar to a GMO things too. But that's a story for an additional day. Similarly, this no-plastic bag thingy is over-rated. It is good though a stroke is really small. Also a story for an additional day.
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BERSIH 3.0 - Pesta Sembur Water Cannon (Masjid Jamek)

Selamba jek FRU sembur H2O gunnery unit pada pendemonstrator aman. 284 a date bro

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Unfair to slam us on polls observer plan, says EC chief

The Election Commission (EC) has been unfairly criticised for a move to designate 5 choosing observers for a 13th ubiquitous election, says a chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.

"The observers which we have been considering to designate have been operative with us to form a guideline. It is not finalised yet.

NONE"It is not fair for us to be criticised right away as those (potential) observers have been nonetheless to be accredited," Aziz (left) pronounced in a text message toMalaysiakiniyesterday.

The EC has been facing serious criticism since itnamed 5 NGOsit intends to accredit as choosing observers for a subsequent ubiquitous election.

They have been think-tanks Institute for Democracy as well as Economic Affairs (Ideas) as well as Asian Strategy as well as Le! adership Institute (Asli), swindle watchdog Transparency International-Malaysia, tellurian rights body Promotion of Human Rights (Proham) as well as eccentric pollster Merdeka Centre.

None of a NGOs comparison have much experience in electoral monitoring, while groups which specialise in a charge were ignored.

An apparition of transparency

Polls watchdog Malaysians for Free as well as Fair Elections (Mafrel) chairperson Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, in expressing his disappointment, lamented which these NGOs were selected over observers with long-time groundwork experience.

Syed Ibrahim (right) additionally accused a EC of attempting to create afalse perceptionthat a commission was being transparent.

Aziz! in an i nterview withNew Straits Timesrecently pronounced Mafrel was not comparison because it "is biased as well as pro-opposition".

Electoral reform transformation Bersih has alsoslammedthe EC's electoral observers devise as a small open family exercise.

Aside from a certification of a 5 NGOs a EC selected, Bersih additionally complained which there were as well most manners constraining a observers from functioning effectively.

According to Bersih, among a constraints have been which a choosing observers allocated cannot rivet with a media, their commentary must go through a EC prior to being published as well as they cannot able take photographs of fraud but a presiding officer's permission.
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BNs Indian support at risk after Hang Ambiga calls

With elections just round a corner, BN leaders have been perplexing to recover a await of a country's 1.8 million-strong Indian community. record pic
KUALA LUMPUR, July 3 The statute Barisan Nasional (BN) risks losing Indian support, seen consequential to winning a subsequent ubiquitous elections, after a recent spate of attacks opposite Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan reached hot indicate final week when Umno MP Datuk Mohamad Aziz referred to she be hanged for treason, MIC leaders toldThe Malaysian Insider.
The country's Tamil newspapers splashed a headlines as good as analysis of a Sri Gading MP's coming out in parliament, reflecting a popularity of a electoral transformation Bersih's leader, most to a fear of BN leaders who have been perplexing to recover a await of a country's 1.8 million-strong Indian community, who form 7 per cent of a race as well as electorate.
MIC forked out which celebration boss Datuk G. Palanivel had to pierce immediately in to repairs carry out mode a impulse a emanate hit media headlines by assuring a village which BN's heading Indian celebration does not endorse a Sri Gading MP's stand.
Party boss Datuk G. Palanivel has changed to assure a Indian village which MIC does not endorse Umno MP Datuk Mohamad Aziz's stand. record pic
"Such remarks will start Indian voters, who have been turning towards a BN now," Palanivel had warned final Wednesday, even as a community's newspapers went to town with a news.
In a exhilarated impulse during debates in a Dewan Rakyat final Tuesday, Mohamad had referred to which Ambiga be hanged for fraud over her role in a Bersih 3.0 rally, which saw disharmony reign a city's! streets upon Apr 28.
The Umno leader's remarks warranted him front-page approval in most local Tamil dailies as well as essay upon essay was filled with hard-hitting responses from village leaders, identical to a months prior to Election 2008 when opinion leaders from a Indian village amassed a throng of over 30,000 to impetus opposite a allegedly astray policies of a BN government.
The Indian village has long been seen as a "fixed deposit" opinion bank for BN though a march, organised by a right away outlawed Hindraf movement, was believed to be what blew a lid upon a group's simmering frustration over being left out of development for decades.
The tumultuous event, together with Bersih's first impetus for free as well as satisfactory elections in late 2007, have been credited for a staggering waste suffered by a statute bloc during a Mar 8, 2008, ubiquitous election.
Following a Bersih rally, anti-Bersih proponents hold numerous protests in front of Ambiga's home. During one protest, traders set up burger stalls just over a vegetarian Hindu's main gate whilst in another incident, veteran soldiers performed "butt exercises".
Most MIC leaders interviewed pronounced which Ambiga was being made a "scapegoat" for a disharmony upon Apr 28. record pic
"We have been concerned... because a PM has been you do a lot as well as you have been operative really hard too. And sometimes, when statements similar to these have been uttered, of march it would touch a sensitivities of a Indian voters," MIC secretary-general Datuk S. Murugesan toldThe Malaysian Insider.
"I do not consider which a Indian village was in await of a Bersih rally... though because (Mohamad's) a conflict was personal, a community's magnetism for Ambiga only grew," he said.
But MIC, BN's ! Indian-b ased component party, believes which a Najib administration department has additionally finished good to woo a village behind in to a statute coalition's fold.
"The Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Razak), by all his policies, has come brazen as well as dealt directly with a Indian community, either by NGOs, groups or a temples.
"So a Indians have been coming back. But these kind of statements... released by no less than a BN male during that, can do most repairs to Najib's good work," MIC personality Senator Datuk Daljit Singh toldThe Malaysian Insider.
"The sentences he (Mohamad) used were not logical during all. At least he could have used difference similar to 'fine her (Ambiga)' or 'punish her'... after all, DBKL (KL City Hall) is already claiming indemnification from Bersih," he said.
He forked out which notwithstanding a drawn out anger opposite Bersih as well as Ambiga, most in a Indian village view a former Bar Council authority as a "brave person".
MIC personality Senator Datuk Daljit Singh pronounced most in a Indian village view Ambiga as a "brave person". record pic
"She is not fighting for anything out of a way; she is not asking for compensation from a supervision or anything she is asking for free as well as satisfactory elections, something which even BN as well as a Election Commission (EC) have been fighting for," Daljit said.
He echoed a sentiments of associate celebration members which Ambiga, notwithstanding being a co-chairman of Bersih 2.0, a bloc which organised a Bersih rally, was not a only authority to blame for a disharmony upon Apr 28.
"Why did he (Mohamad) not aim (Opposition Leader Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) instead? He was there too.
"Ambiga has gone by enough," he said.
Palanivel, in his ! matter f inal week, had additionally urged Najib as well as BN leaders to call for an finish to a drawn out attacks opposite Ambiga as well as similar to Daljit, had additionally forked out which a personality was not a solitary organiser of a Bersih rally.
"Why is Ambiga made a scapegoat?" he had asked. "Why didn't these people denote or put up burger stalls in front of other Bersih leaders' (homes)?"
MIC central operative committee (CWC) part of S. Vell Paari had even pronounced it was Mohamad who should be hanged for his miss of ubiquitous knowledge.
The son of MIC's longest portion boss Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu was quoted as observant in Tamil Nesan final Thursday that, "I theory which when he (Mohamad) was young, someone contingency have forsaken him in such a way which he hit his head."
MIC leaders pronounced final week's developments have only served to repairs a PM's efforts during courting a Indian village ahead of elections. record pic
The following day, a same daily quoted Malaysian Hindu Sangam boss R.S. Mohan Shan as demanding which Mohamad emanate a open apology for his remarks, observant it could means secular tension.
"Did Datuk Ambiga commit a crime of murder which she should be hanged? This is a matter which deserves critical censure," Pahang MIC communication head R. Gunasekaran was quoted as saying.
Other media reports quoted National Indian Rights Action Team (Niat) authority Datuk Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim as challenging Mohamad to repeat his remarks outward a Dewan Rakyat, where a latter would no longer enjoy parliamentary immunity.
"If he doesn't repeat his remarks outside, it will show which he was only abusing his privileges to abuse respected NGO leaders who champion polite rights issues," he was quoted as observant upon headlines portal Free M! alaysia Today.
The embattled Mohamad has since retracted his matter after he was censured by Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, though it is believed which a incident may have reopened old wounds within a Indian village which a Najib administration department has been struggling to heal.
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PAS Kedah sebenarnya berhadapan dengan masalah yang sangat besar dalam usaha mereka untuk mempertahankan kekuasaan mereka di Kedah. Dari isu KUIN sehinggalah ke isu tanah perkuburan swasta Sungai Kob dan keengganan Kerajaan Negeri Kedah membina rumah murah, PAS Kedah sebenarnya berada dalam keadaan yang sangat daif.

Nak menghentam UMNO dan Barisan Nasional, tak banyak isu yang boleh dibangkitkan. Jadi mahu tidak mahu terpaksalah diwujudkan satu isu baru yang diharapkan mampu menggolakkan keadaan UMNO Kedah.

Individu yang menjadi mangsa serangan PAS yang mungkin bertokgurukan Anwar Ibrahim dalam pengurusan isu ini, sudah tentulah Ahmad Bashah dan Mukhriz Mahathir, Pengerusi dan Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Negeri. Dengan mengharapkan perebutan jawatan seperti dalam PKR yang bukan sahaja bertumbuk dan kerusi terbang malah sehingga keluar parti.

Jawatan merupakan objektif utama kewujudan PKR di negara ini. Kerana laparkan jawatan Perdana Menteri, Anwar Ibrahim menjadi seperti orang meroyan gila talak. Dek kerana beranggapan jawatan yang boleh memecahbelahkan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional, maka ditimbulkan isu kononnya, pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO Kedah seperti Ahmad Bashah dan Mukhriz Mahathir sedang berebut untuk menjadi Menteri Besar.

Dalam keadaan sekarang, UMNO Kedah dan para pemimpinnya tidak akan bertindak sebodoh itu iaitu berebut jawatan. Dengan tumpuan untuk menang diberikan lebih 100 peratus, bagaimana mungkin cerita tentang perebutan jawatan Menteri Besar antara Mukhriz Mahathir dan Ahmad Bashah boleh wujud?

Atau sebenarnya PAS yang sudah ketandusan thought bagaimana hendak mengatasi pelbagai masalah yang sedang melanda mereka sekarang, khususnya di Kedah sehingga memerlukan ci! ptaan is u yang akhirnya membuatkan PAS sendiri ditertawakan?

Kemelut KUIN masih tidak habis-habis. Kegagalan pengurusan KUIN membayar gaji tetapi pada masa yang sama, terus memotong gaji kakitangannya konon untuk membuat caruman dalam pelbagai sektor, menimbulkan kemarahan kakitangan terbabit.... BACA SAMBUNGAN DI KEDAHAN69ERS.COM

Can you vote for monkeys and expect them to take care of the ripening bananas!

Can we opinion for monkeys as well as design them to take caring of a ripening bananas!
Malaysia is a land most positively blessed by a gods from time immemorial. Only Malaysians appear to fail to see this truth. It is possibly since they take a blessings of a gods upon this republic for granted or they have been only or couldn't caring less as long as they have been able to get upon with a business of living.
It is this failure, a incapacity to appreciate as well as value as well as savor a plural blessings upon a country which should infer to be a undoing of a people of Malaysia.
Instead of focusing upon ensuring a equitable distribution of a resources of a republic as well as shape metal ahead to better themselves in a globalized environment, Malaysia's governing leaders appear some-more bent upon abusing as well as misusing a nation's multiple resources.
Facing up to a facts
Let's face up to a facts of reality. The resources of any nation, together with Malaysia, have been not infinite. If not delicately managed as well as utilized, these resources will exhaust quickly leaving us as well as a destiny generations of Malaysians with zero most to savor.
It is thus incumbent upon a Malaysian supervision to uncover a approach as well as to action in a obliged as well as trustworthy manner in ensuring which all of a nation's resources have been managed with zero wastage as well as be giveaway of disagreeable manipulation.
Nevertheless, Malaysians have been right away awakening to a painful as well as harsh being which there not usually has been a gross rubbish of a nation's reso! urces bu t abuses as well as misuses of resources have been reportedly drawn out as well as these may perhaps only be a tip of a iceberg.
If people in positions of authority can be singled out by a media as well as be accused of hurtful practices, it is anyone's guess what a rest of those below a pecking sequence have been up to as their bosses have been blatantly engaged in abuses in this epoch of a governing body of plenty.
If accusations of corruption can be hurled during a tip brass of a Najib Administration, it is tough to believe which a rest of a administration department have been accountable as well as giveaway from corruption. A fish always rots from a head.
Difficult to quantify abuses of power
While over a final three decades it is difficult to quantify a border of abuses which have taken place in a epoch of a governing body of plenty, what is evident, but any doubt whatsoever, is which there has been as well as presently is, a drawn out evil which has spawned alternative evils to movement such as deteriorating race relations, a opening between a abounding as well as poor widening, an inefficient law as well as a military force which has powers over which which is necessary, which itself is a form of obvious abuse leading to Malaysia being described even by Mahathir Mohammad himself which it is a "police state."
These have been merely a little of a abuses which have come about owing to a powers-that-be enchanting in a governing body of copiousness rather than focusing upon ensuring meritocracy, law as well as sequence as well as great governance have been in place.
Instead of strengthening a institutions of government, a abuses occurring in a routine of a epoch of a governing body of copiousness has downplayed true democracy as well as unsuccessful to emanate social cohesion as witnessed in countries where a economic growth has benefitted enormously most of a peoples of these nations.
The entrance 13thGeneral Elections
In this respect, with all due caring to a current as well as past domestic leaders, it is best which a so called swell done in a final thirty years be deliberate as a real farce, as well as for electorate in a entrance 13thGeneral Election to do a tough work of meditative as well as screening a possibilities up for election prior to casting their votes.
In a past, owing to money governing body as well as alternative forms of electoral abuses, electorate have been convinced as well as shabby by a promises of a governing body of copiousness to expel their votes in preference of a candidate.
It is high time for a Malaysian voter to rise to a occasion to arrangement maturity as well as wisdom in opting to opinion for their possibilities as well as to throw out those which do not live up to expectations.
Selfish, egotistic individuals should be obviously taken note of by electorate as well as be shown a exit door notwithstanding their ability to guarantee sky to voters.
Votes should usually be expel for possibilities who have been peaceful to serve as well as have a proven lane record of carrying served a people in safeguarding as well as compelling their interests.
Is, for instance, a total of RM500 or some-more being paid to buy votes a worthwhile offer to take up to further fuel abuses as well as corruption which should finish up destroying a nation? Are Malaysians starting to still be myopic in their meditative or see by these domestic ploys?
Please don't opinion for monkeys as well as design them to take caring of a ripening bananas!
Malaysia Chronicle
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Is Tenaga Nasional Berhad charging done at home consumers a brand brand brand new electrical price tag which came in to outcome last year by delaying metre reading?

A Harakahdaily reader has alerted which this could be a box when a inhabitant energy organisation recently started billing consumers each dual months instead of monthly.

The brand brand brand new electricity price tag which is an enlarge of about 7 per cent took outcome upon June 1, 2011. It was afterwards explained which due to a brand brand brand new price tag ca! lculatio n being formed upon use split in to price tag blocks, 75% of consumers national who use 300kWh per month as well as next will not knowledge price tag increase.

However, Fazli argues which when TNB calculates for a total duration of dual months, a use increases as well as as such a consumer can be subjected to a brand brand brand new price tag rates split in to use blocks, as follows:

Usage per monthRate
1 -200 kWh21.8 sen/kWh
Next 100 kWh (201 300 kWh)33.4 sen/kWh
Next 100 kWh (301 400 kWh)40.0 sen/kWh
Next 100kWh (401-500 kWh)40.2 sen/kWh

To take an example, a done at home user who consistently clocks a monthly use of 200 kWh (RM43.60) pays a total RM87.20 in dual mo! nths. Bu t when dual months' use (400 kWh) is total in to a single bill, a volume is RM117.00, an enlarge of about RM30.00.

On an additional note, a prior inform by Tan Sri Ani Arope claims Francis Yeoh of YTL Corp sells energy to TNB at hiked up price. For all his eremite publicity, has he come out clean if this inform from a horse's mouth binds water?

Read about it in this link:

http! ://berit asemasa.com/punca-tan-sri-ani-arope-letak-jawatan-ketua-pegawai-eksekutif-tnb

Vote to change a UMNO/BN led government. Good group similar to Ani Arope done which preference to have nothing to do with thieves who prey upon a Rakyat. For better governance, opinion Pakatan Rakyat.

Posted by
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Lagi sebab Jalil Hamid patut dipecat dari NST/BH!!!

Tuntutan letak jawatan kami semalam terhadap Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan NST/BH, Encik Jalil Abdul Hamid serius. Ia bukan sebarangan dan hanya teguran saja seperti di lembutkan Rocky Bru sini. Antara sebab lama adalah sama seperti bekas Ketua Kumpulan Pengarang Dato Zainul Ariffin masih mengekalkan orang-orang Kalimullah dan seolah-olah mengekalkan pemikiran Neo-Liberal atau Melayu Liberal dalam NST

MAS' turning point and a case for a new Malaysian low-cost airline

AirAsia CEO Aireen Omar's teasing difference about the probability of the low-cost conduit NOT moving to KLIA2 subsequent March [Air Asia has LCCT back-up plan- Business Times, Jul 2] should not be taken lightly. In fact, the authorities should begin thinking unequivocally hard about which actually happening, generally so after Tony Fernandes' astonishing pierce out of Malaysia to make Jakarta his regional heart which, according to Business Times, meanslesser purpose for the KL headquarters.

What's our Plan B if Aireen as well as Tony actually confirm to turn their backs upon KLIA2? Part of the brand new airport was recognised with AirAsia in mind, after all. Who will fill the vacuum? Can which blank be occupied?

The answer is obvious: air trade will grow with or but Air Asia, with or but Tony Fernandes. If Aireen decides to pierce to KK or Kuching, welll as well as good; if she thinks only "virtual heart Changi" is great enough for her, well, great luck. Malaysia as well as Malaysians have done so most to assistance Air Asia grow as well as be where it is today, the Malaysian-born conduit which went from being bullied to being the bully (or so the little says) as well as upon their part AirAsia as well as Tony Fernandes have enabled most Malaysians to fly by making flying some-more affordable.

But let's be realistic: we need to fill up KLIA2. In fact, whether or not AirAsia moves to KLIA2, the country should be looking at giving birth to another low-cost conduit to cater to demand. Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, the former Malaysia Airlines boss, made the suggestion not as well long ago, prior to Tony Fernandes voiced the pierce to Jakarta. Read the forum MAS should venture into low price airlines like SIA (Tiger) as well as Qantas (Jetstar).

Actually, it doesn't have to be MAS. Anyone can begin the low price airline.

Syed Mokhtar, for example, can do which easily. He already has an airport in Senai ...

(Should be continued ...)


SHADOW.....Former bellhop is frightened of his own shadow.

MENTION Lajim Ukin as well as he takes you back to 1994. That was the year when he defected from the antithesis Parti Bersatu Sabah which won the Sabah election by the razor-thin two-seat domain though was denied the government. His movement opened the floodgate of defections from PBS to the nationally ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

After eighteen years, which has remained Lajim's best achievement in politics. But the ghost of 1994 has never forlorn him. Now as he chases shadows, the sovereign lawmaker of Beaufort is afraid of his own.
Perhaps the 57-year-old Lajim has seen the essay upon the wall. So he has done the few pre-emptive moves: he quits as the conduct of the Kerambai Kebatu bend of the United Malays National Organisation (Umno) as well as announces which he would not be defending his Beaufort division arch post as well as says which he might not even defend his parliamentary seat. He fears which the BN care might not concede him to do so.

But is Lajim over-reacting? Chief Minister Musa Aman, who heads Umno as well as the BN in Sabah, has never pronounced or dropped hints which Lajim would be sidelined. Neither has Najib Razak, the Prime Minister who heads the 13-member coalition. He makes the last decision.

In picking the quarrel with his boss in public, Lajim has shown his debility as well as the disposition to megalomania. He wants the budding apportion to meddle in Sabah's affairs as well as he makes himself ! next to to former Malaysian budding ministers: Mahathir Mohamad as well as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Lajim says he would be an typical part of of Umno just like them as well as brushes off talks which he would join Anwar Ibrahim's antithesis Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

But who is Lajim Ukin? He was the bellhop at Winner Hotel, the two-star hotel in Kota Kinabalu owned by the late Yong Yun, father of Yong Teck Lee who heads the antithesis Sabah Progressive Party.

Other than being Sabah's famous party hopper as well as parliamentarian, Lajim is the emissary sovereign apportion of housing as well as local government, the youth post. Abdullah done him the emissary transport apportion after he won the Beaufort parliamentary chair upon his first tour in 2008. And Najib switched Lajim's posts when he succeeded Abdullah as budding apportion the following year. They never done him the full minister.

People close to Lajim contend he wants to become Sabah's arch minister, the post promised him by Anwar, who was sovereign financial apportion as well as emissary budding apportion in 1994. It was Anwar who engineered the defections which led to the fall of the PBS government. Lajim never got it though became the emissary arch apportion after maintaining his Klias state chair in 1999 upon an Umno ticket. (Insight Sabah)
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Petanda Penang akan tenggelam akibat PAS sokong kafir harbi LGE

Komen House PK berikut:Ini adalah gambar-gambar dari Jalan Logan berhampiran KDU dan Jalan Anson Georgetown. Korang tengok la betapa hebatnya Guan Eng yang anaknya si peraba budak sekolah tu tadbir Penang ni? Aku percaya puak-puak anjing dari PAS akan kata ini bukan salah Guan Eng tapi salah UMNO punya, PAS memang sial, sebab PAS la DAP besar kepala.Ini semua bala Allah kepada Pakatan kerana

British left behind in Malaya an enfeebled minority of their creation


Written by N. Ganesan Tuesday, 03 July 2012 07:57


letterYesterday Hindraf filed a polite movement upon seductiveness of a marginalized Indian village in Malaysia opposite a UK supervision in a High Court of Wales as good as England job in to comment a British supervision for their purpose in a qualifications leading up to a serious marginalization of a Indian bad in Malaysia today.

The pass questions which Hindraf seeks answers for in this polite movement are:

1) If a British have been usually obliged for a participation of many of a Indian bad in Malaysia today, do they also not share shortcoming for what is function to a Indian bad in Malaysia today? After all, a Indians were brought in to a republic by them underneath their watch for over 150 years. It is now usually over 50 years given they left.

2) Knowing a British deftness as good as skills in using their Empire, can you accept which they did not commend this probable turn of events to an enfeeb! led vill age upon their departure? Or was it also a part of their post-colonial majestic pattern to leave these people in this enfeebled as good as exploited state to say ongoing groups in a colony?

3) Is what happened in 1957 so remote from what is function in 2012 to render Hindraf's box academic? Namibia is currently job in to comment a violent death of multiform hundred thousands of their people by a German colonialists what happened in a early 1900s. Armenia is still job in to comment a Turks for a Turkish violent death of some-more than a million of their people again in a early 1900s. The Jews have been still job in to comment all those obliged for a Holocaust of a 1930s as good as 1940s.

In this box a aggrieved Malaysian Indians have been job in to comment a harmful goods upon multiform generations of Indians which has left them without systemic insurance as an enfeebled minority.

4) The UK was instrumental in establishing a Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1949 during a United Nations. Are you to take it which such a declaration, which is not even a legally binding a single upon nations, can be some-more wary in their make a difference of Human Rights than a single which defines a whole brand brand brand brand new nation? What they left Malaya with, was an confirmed two-tiered citizenship in perpetuity, defying aptitude to a many elemental of these tellurian rights beliefs in a UN document.

In a routine they combined a politico-legal basement which has led to a expansion of an institutionalized extremist complement of administration department here in a country.

These have been usually a pass issues as good as questions which will be raised. There have been alternative issues as good as questions which Hindraf seeks answer for as good as good as those will come out in a march of a case. Armed with documentary evidence collated from repository around a world, it is now origination a claim in a British courts for declarations by a British courts about a reneged purpose as good as ! shortcom ing of a colonial British supervision to a Indian marginalized bad in a republic which they, as good as usually they, were obliged for formulating in Malaysia.

When story came a-calling as good as a British had to container up as good as leave Malaya, in 1957 how did they leave, after carrying reaped huge increase upon a backs of a people of this country? Did they commend their full chronological obligations to all a peoples of a country? A poignant apportionment of a Malayan race their creation, had been uprooted from India as good as brought here to an visitor land. Did they commend any obligations to these people?

Did they not anticipate or consider about what would occur to this enfeebled village after they left? As prolonged as they were around, a Indian coolie was still an asset to a Empire. The dynamics would certainly shift after they left were they not savvy sufficient to commend this?

Yet even as a British colonialists left in 1957, they usually cared about their strategic as good as confidence interests in a region, so which their wealth in Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak as good as Brunei would be protected.

They had usually mislaid India, Burma as good as Sri Lanka. To achieve this slight end of safeguarding their assets, they did what they always knew many appropriate to do, which is, collude with a internal chosen of a day. They left a politico-legal complement which took usually a convergence of interests of a vacating British as good as a brand brand brand brand new chosen to whom they would palm over energy in to consideration. They saw no reason to see any more.

They justified everything they did to achieve this with their standard majestic manipulations. But a processes of story cannot be replaced by these fraudulent manipulations. Surely you see a outcome currently of which manipulation, a usually deteriorated institutionalized extremist complement a subtle, pervasive as good as increasingly assertive extremist system.

This complement is a single whic! h curren tly denies next to opportunities to a vast territory of a Malaysian people as good as in a worst manifestation, denies basic life opportunities to those during a tail-end of a whip a marginalized as good as bad Indians.

Securing British wealth post-Independence

british-malayaHindraf is job in to subject a purpose of a British Colonial supervision in formulating a politico-legal complement in Malaya upon their departure, when they knew full good they had all a domestic as good as troops flesh they needed, to do most otherwise. The British obsession of a day was however usually narrowly circumscribed around securing of their wealth after their departure.

They chose to fool around a ethnicity variable to this value combined two-tiered citizenry in their usual ambiguous majestic style to greatfully an chosen as good as to protect their interests post-1957. If you look during a depart of a British throughout their former dominions, it is striven with a results of this kind of majestic manipulations vast ethnic, sectarian, religious as good as linguistic groups persist in this so-called British Commonwealth.

Three vital chronological processes as good as factors have to be obviously accepted in sequence which a shortcoming of a British/Malaysian Indian complaint of currently can be fully grasped. This is required to understand why Hindraf is in a initial place pursuing a make a difference in a British courts so distant divided as good as upon a make a difference which took place a prolonged time ago. Without knowing these truths it will be easy to pass off Hindraf's beginning as mere domestic theatre.

I. Growth of capitalism

The initial as good as a many poignant factor was a expansion of capitalism in Great as good as Greater Britain, fuelled by a Industrial series in a 18th as good as 19th Centuries. Significant accumulation ! of capit al as good as enlargement of direct as good as expenditure occurred in this duration even after a loss of their American British colonies in a late 18th century.

The Industrial Revolution constructed many poignant innovations which took off these developments. Great Britain constructed a largest ships of a time, constructed a many fatal of guns, combined increasingly absolute machine for industry, wired a British Empire with telegraphic connectivity as good as constructed a financial attention which both grew upon as good as fed these innovations while formulating brand brand brand brand new enabling opportunities for these developments. These together combined a conditions required for a acquisition of a vast sovereignty by a geographically small nation.

The direct for a tender produces of distant eastern colonies of tin, coffee, sugar, tea, pepper, artificial flavouring as good as rubber increasing substantially with increase skyrocketing in this trade. The traffic in these line was creatively carried out by a East India Company a corner corner batch association determined in a 1600s which effectively governed slices of a globe upon seductiveness of a British Crown.

Only after a Indian Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 was a energy rigourously transferred to a Crown without delay to Queen Victoria as good as her deputy Governor-General as a head of a British security in India. With a passing of a corner of a East India Company, traffic began to accelerate in in between a colonies as good as Great Britain. India afterwards became a centrepiece for a expansion of a British Empire post Americana. This is a second of a factors which contingency be understood.

II. Role of India in Empire

India served as a bulwark for a sovereignty in upon condition which a multifaceted second bottom for a carry out as good as expansion of a empire. India was a second administrative centre, a second troops base; a secon! d bottom for work after Africa was mislaid upon a abolishment of slavery, a second huge marketplace for a expanding production during home. India, upon top of upon condition which a steady feed of revenues to Great Britain, effectively paid for all these services to a burgeoning sovereignty all by herself whata deal!

The majestic need for increase found synergistic opportunities in a factors prevailing in a colonies land, climate, work as good as domestic control. The British supervision combined brand brand brand brand new policies in a colonies facilitating British investments a single of pass ones of which was a work policy. The extermination of work combined a necessity of work in a colonies. The internal work force in many of a colonies resisted relocating out from their normal vocations in vast sufficient numbers to offer a growing British appetite.

Britain motionless to leave a republic a really vast amount of labourers from their second bottom in India initially to a sugar producing colonies Mauritius, Fiji Island, Caribbean islands of Jamaica, British Guiana, as good as Trinidad, Grenada, St. Lucia, Natal in South Africa, Ceylon, Burma as good as Malaya many of these colonies carrying conjunction clever internal domestic as good as administrative organizations nor an economic bottom beyond their rivers, coasts as good as fields as good as herds. And really conveniently, British India successfully confident a needs of a starved British ardour for work in a camp enterprises as good as for a infrastructure functions indispensable to facilitate a exploitation of a colonial opportunities.

The Indian 'coolies' (indentured labourers) sent in to Mauritius from 1834 came to be regarded as a many critical early immigrants of this type. In 1844, emigration was increasing to embody Jamaica, British Guiana, as good as Trinidad. Emigration was ratified to Grenada in 1856 as good as St. Lucia in 1858. In Natal, a single of a early South African republics, a complement of indentured work be! gan in 1 860.

Indentured work emigration to Malaya essentially began in a 1830s but usually took off after 1874, when a British stretched their carry out to a Federated Malay States of Perak, Selangor, as good as Negri Sembilan. It was after a in effect takeover which you saw an exponential climb in investments from a UK as good as a emigration of Indian coolies in to Malaya. This is a third factor to be accepted a creeping colonial carry out of Malaya.

III. British plantations need Indian coolies

By 1913 British capital investments in Malaysia amounted to 40 million Straits dollars as good as by 1923 it had risen to some-more than a 100 million. The area underneath rubber civilised world grew fast from 20,200 hectares in 1900 to 219,000 in 1919 as good as 1,320,000 hectares in 1938.

Correspondingly a race of Indian coolies brought in by a British Colonial administration department as good as staid in Malaya rose from 268,269 in 1911 as good as 470,180 in 1921 as good as 612,487 in 1931. By 1918, exports of rubber from Malaya amounted to about 50 per cent of a world's sum rubber consumption.

What better explains a participation of a vast impoverished race of Indians in a republic than this association in in between a needs of a camp enterprises in Malaya as good as a expansion of a Indian coolie workforce?

However it contingency be pronounced which there were two streams of migrants which came in from India. One was a indentured tide or assisted emigration which brought a workers in as 'coolies' which accounted for a largest portion.

The alternative was a unassisted tide which came in, both driven by a opportunities afforded by a participation of a vast pool of Indian labourers already in a republic as good as by a need a British had in a alternative sectors as good as services in a country. India again provided a bottom for such work to run a colonies. The Britishers used to exaggerate which they ran their colonies with usually a few thousand of their own k! ind.

Therefore what happened in Malaya was a Malayan fool around of a imperative of a British Empire for profits.All entirely as good as usually for a profit of British enterprises.All alternative explanations proffered have been usually to obscure this a single elemental chronological actuality to pardon a Empire of any ongoing responsibility. This was without any doubt a British design.

Rethinking a amicable values

In summary, Hindraf is really alluding to a basement of a republic through this case. These have been vast issues of general significance, of general law, of chronological threads, of dignified as good as chronological obligations as good as it certainly takes a sweeping breadth of a mind to even conceptualize this, let alone to take it to a courts. Only a weak mind will pass this off as trivial. Hindraf is really doing a great use to a nation.

Do you wish a republic formed upon extremist beliefs or do you all wish a republic which is indeed free as good as indeed democratic? One which treats all a citizens justly in any case of colour of skin or a customs practised during home?

It is a opinion which there is not sufficient domestic will across a domestic spectrum currently to address this subject within a country. Change cannot thus be expected to occur from within any time soon. The emanate has to come to a fore; Malaysia has to be seen to be what it is becoming, in a general fora, as a extremist state, if usually for a larger seductiveness of Malaysia as good as Malaysians.

This shift is sorely indispensable today, since institutionalized injustice is a socially sanctioned value in Malaysia. Only if there is a shift in this amicable value across a complete Malaysian polity, where injustice will be seen as a scourge rather than as a protecting resource opposite a other, will there arise a indeed modern Malaysia.

The alternative unfolding is a delay of a standing quo. We have been cursed to see a further deterioration of a opening as a republic if stand! ing quo prevails for most longer. But a subjective conditions have to align with this objective need. The amicable values have to initial change.

The accent of a issues during a box will bring these building tendencies out in full perspective as good as you have been carefree which this will provide procedure you all require to free a discourse for a some-more robust basement for a republic upon a bolder, some-more futuristic as good as a substantially inclusive platform. We goal these openings which Hindraf provides will catalyze this change.

This is Hindraf's box in a hint if you caring to understand it in a depth as good as with an open mind. We have been tellurian rights defenders of a opposite sequence as good as you use a small resources you have a many appropriate you can, for a seductiveness of all Malaysia as good as all Malaysians. Myopia which is so abundant usually does not help this understanding.

This box opposite a UK supervision is for real. Win or remove in a courts, a Malaysian people will win with this box usually coming to a fore.

The bard is Hindraf inhabitant advisor

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Anwar didakwa meraba tetek atau 'petting'?

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Matriculation studies: One-off offer for 557 Indians

The Education Ministry is to make a one-off suggest to 557 authorised Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Indian students to take up places for matriculation courses for a 2012/2013 academic year.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin pronounced a suggest was made to a students under a third money coming in to fill places in 13 government matriculation colleges.

The authorised students will embrace their suggest letters by Jul eleven and they would have to register upon Jul 18, he pronounced in a matter today.

Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, pronounced a sum of 1,539 Indian students had been offering places to attend matriculation courses during a ministry's matriculation colleges in a 2012/2013 academic event which began upon June 4.

Of a total, Muhyiddin said, 943 students had purebred during government matriculation colleges.

On February 27, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak voiced that a share for a Indian village to attend courses during government matriculation colleges would be increased by 1,000 places for a 2012/2013 session.

Following a announcement, Muhyiddi! n said, a ministry offering 1,000 places to students from a Indian village for entrance in to matriculation colleges in a first money coming in upon April 25.

Another 539 places were offering in a second money coming in upon June 7, he said.

At final year's MIC general assembly, celebration president G Palanivel requested a government to provide 1,000 one more places for Indian students to attend a matriculation programme.

- Bernama
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Muslims are 500 years too late

The Chinese as good as Indians hold in these Muslim shrines as well. But they revisit these shrines to ask 'empat nombor ekor', as do some Malays too. Surprisingly, either fluke or what, some of these numbers do strike, as good as this strengthens a idea in these shrines when so-and-so is reported to have won a vast total of income from a series they got from a 'keramat' or 'datok'.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Mali Islamists fall short some-more holy Timbuktu sites
(Reuters) - BAMAKO: Al Qaeda-linked Mali Islamists armed with guns as good as pick-axes continued to fall short ancient mausoleums in a famous city of Timbuktu yesterday, a second day of attacks upon a UNESCO birthright sites, witnesses said.
The Salafist Ansar Dine organisation backs strict sharia, Islamic law, as good as considers a shrines of a local Sufi version of Islam to be idolatrous. Sufi shrines have additionally been pounded by tough Salafists in Egypt as good as Libya in a past year.
Residents contend a organisation has in jeopardy to fall short all of a 16 main monolith sites in Timbuktu notwithstanding a general cheer against a attacks. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has called for an evident hindrance to a attacks.
"We have been theme to sacrament as good as not to general opinion. Building upon graves is contrary to Islam. We have been destroying a mausoleums since it is consecrated by a religion," Oumar Ould Hamaha, a spokesman for Ansar Dine, told Reuters by telephone from a northern city upon Sunday.
Armed with Kalashnikovs as good as pick-axes, about 30 militants upon Sunday destroyed 3 centuries-old mausoleums of saints, local publisher Yaya Tandina told Reuters.
"They had armed group guarding a door. Just similar to yesterday, a race did not react. They (population) pronounced we need to let them (the Islamists) do what they want, hoping which someday we will rebuild a tombs," Tandina said.
Timbuktu resident Hamed Mohamed pronounced a Islamists destroyed a tombs of Sidi Elmety, Mahamane Elmety as good as Cheick Sidi Amar, all in a west of a city.
Ansar Dine is finished up of Islamist fighters of assorted nationalities together with Malians, Algerians as good as Nigerians.
"What shocks me a many is a participation of foreigners among them who do it with mockery whilst shouting Allah Akbar," Mohamed said. "For me it is a declaration of fight as good as a crime against a informative heritage. It is time which a general village helped us."
Tandina as good as alternative witnesses pronounced Ansar Dine had upon Saturday destroyed a mausoleums of 3 local saints Sidi Mahmoud, Sidi El Mokhtar as good as Alfa Moya as good as during least 7 tombs.
The attack came days after UNESCO placed Timbuktu upon a list of birthright sites in danger as good as will stop a 2001 dynamiting by a Taliban of dual 6th-century statues of Buddha forged into a precipice in Bamiyan in executive Afghanistan.
The pass word in a news object above isSalafi.The Muslims who embarked upon this 'cleansing' exercise have been Salafis.
The Salafis have a opposite understand of a Shariah compared to, say, a Sunnis or Shiahs. In Saudi Arabia, which is Salafi, when we die, even for Kings, your body is just dumped in a dried with no tombstones to mark your grave. Within just months, since of a changeable dried sands, no one will know where we were buried. Hence we will soon be forgotten, as there is no grave to revisit as good as no tabernacle to prove we ever existed.
Many Sunnis as good as Shiahs, however, ! hold in shrines as good as saints. And they revisit these shrines of eminent eremite people (or saints) to pray as good as ask favours. There have been many such shrines in South East Asia, Singapore included. And Muslims revisit these shrines upon a arrange of event as good as hold which we can ask things from these upheld people as good as your ask would be granted.
The Chinese as good as Indians hold in these Muslim shrines as well. But they revisit these shrines to ask 'empat nombor ekor', as do some Malays too. Surprisingly, either fluke or what, some of these numbers do strike, as good as this strengthens a idea in these shrines when so-and-so is reported to have won a vast total of income from a series they got from a 'keramat' or 'datok'.
England used to have this same problem hundreds of years ago. But around a early 1500s, King Henry VIII systematic all these shrines to be demolished as good as a churches which housed these shrines to be burnt down. They additionally upheld a law to make praying during shrines bootleg as good as punishable by torture or even death. Priests who persisted in a 'old ways' were additionally hanged or burnt alive during a stake. So now England is giveaway of a problem, which usually now a Muslims crop up to be addressing.
Anyway, whilst upon a theme of England, do we know which Adolf Hitler as good as a Nazis were not a initial to persecute a Jews? Actually, it was a Muslims as good as a English who started this trend. Hitler usually copied what had already been finished many earlier.
In 534, a Justinian Code of Christendom degraded Jews to second-class citizens. In 807, Harun al-Rashid, a many 'liberal' Caliph who is touted as a male responsible for a 'Golden Age of Islam', systematic all Jews to wear yellow badges.
Persecution of England's Jews increasing with massacres during London as good as York during a time of a 11th century Crusades. In 1215, a Fourth Lateran Council, presided over by Pope Innoce! nt III, finished a barbarous decree. Canon 68 declared: Jews as good as Saracens [Muslims] of both sexes in each Christian province as good as during all times shall be noted off in a eyes of a open from alternative peoples by a character of their dress. In 1217, King Henry III of England systematic Jews to wear upon a front of their top mantle a dual tables of a Ten Commandments finished of white linen or parchment.
In 1269, King Louis IX of France intended which Jewish group as good as women were to wear yellow badges upon their outer garment, both front as good as back. In 1290, during a reign of King Edward I of England, all Jews were expelled from England as good as any Jew still found upon English dirt was put to death.
Have we unequivocally altered many these last 2,000 years? Same shit opposite days, that's all.
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STEALING FROM THE RAKYATIs Tenaga Nasional Berhad charging domestic consumers a brand new electrical tariff which came into effect final year by delaying metre reading?A Harakahdaily reader has alerted which this could be a box when a national energy firm not long ago proposed billing consumers every two months instead of monthly.This, according to reader Mohd Fazli Hasan from Klang, would meant which even consumers who use 300kWh as well as below per month would not be exempted from a tariff increase.The brand new ... Read More

Two new policies for employment in public sector

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Not quite the Right Directors

July 2, 2012

Not quite a Right Directors

Posted upon 1 Jul 2012 06:20pm
Last updated upon 1 Jul 2012 06:26pm

by R. Nadeswaran@www.thesundaily.my

LAST Tuesday, a chairman of a Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Dato' Seri Azmi Khalid done a ban indictment upon supervision officials allocated to a play of companies. To be satisfactory to him, it was only related to counts connected to a argumentative National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp).

The PAC outlined a series of weaknesses in a customary handling procedures (SOP) applied by a Finance Ministry as well as a Agriculture as well as Agro-Based Industry Ministry whose member lay upon a NFCorp house to "protect" a government's interests.

For a record, let it be pronounced that theSun to a single side pennyless a story upon inadequacies of supervision member upon a NFCorp board.

On February 23, you reported that NFCorp bought luxury condominiums without a approval of a house of directors. Three supervision member who lay upon a house were not consulted or told about a purchase. The 3 have been Alias Mohd Yassin who represented a Agriculture Ministry, Manaf Hussein a Finance Ministry as well as Datuk Mat Ali Hassan who was allocated by trait of being a Negri Sembilan state secretary.

Azmi's statement was interspersed with well-mannered words since politicians infrequently design us to examination in between a lines or contend "read my lips". Azmi was not wearing his domestic hat when vocalization as well as many might wish to perspective his research as "advice". Whichever way a single looks at it, it is transparent clear a systems as we! ll as pr ocedures that have been in place have been often disregarded for profitableness domestic or otherwise.

Azmi's views cannot be disputed. you do not mean to look down upon any profession, though when you appoint someone who is more apt at driving a forklift or a clergyman whose competency is in a area of teaching embankment than knowing about ports as well as operations involving millions of ringgit, naturally, a single can design disaster. In many cases, such posts have been linked to domestic association as well as patronage not competency or ability. An e.g. is a Chairman of a Port Klang Authority as well as a directors.

Dissecting as well as deciphering Azmi's straightforward yet courteous remarks was not a back-breaking task. It is not a initial time that government-appointed directors were "sleeping upon a job" as well as it won't be a final until as well as unless a supervision insists upon being open as well as under obligation to a people. Here's what Azmi had to contend (in bold) followed by an interpretation:

"Among a weaknesses in SOP of a financial as well as agriculture as well as agro-based attention ministries embody in giving instructions, as well as member as well as officers from a ministries not carrying a know-how when it came to their responsibilities as house members of NFCorp."

Both a ministries allocated people who were not wakeful of their responsibilities together with their fiduciary duties. The member were not told of their roles as well as responsibilities. In short, they had no knowledge.

"They (the ministries) allocated their own officers to lay upon a NFCorp house as well as you do not know if they (officers) were since proper instructions though whatever you came across it sounds similar to a SOPs (were not) scrupulously spelt out."

The member were told that they were allocated to a house upon an ad-hoc basement without taking into account their education as well as knowledge. Standard handling procedures have been there though such practices have been vague, fuzzy as well as indistinct.

"The officers representing a ministries did not have a know-how to be upon a house of directors. Maybe they knew their responsibilities though actions to ensure a proper procedures were followed were lacking."

The ministries allocated people who were not skilled or did not have a imagination to be upon a board. They might have been glorious career officers in a supervision use as well as might have been wakeful of their responsibilities though had no believe in creation decisions as members of a board.

So, where do you go from here? Do you ever sense from mistakes? Do you practice calming measures? Is there a examination of supervision appointees vis--vis their believe as well as competency upon boards? No, you cannot design changes overnight, you have been often told. They take time as well as yes, it infrequently takes years or decades many of a time it never happens.

Let's not look far. There were as many as 7 supervision servants upon a house of a Port Klang Authority as well as their movement as well as inaction over a years have led to a organisation to a verge of insolvency. Has any movement been taken against them? Zilch!

Last year, when some newly-appointed PKA directors wanted to take polite movement against their predecessors for failing to lift out their fiduciary duties, a pierce was opposed by polite servants upon a board. It's called "solidarity among polite servants". So, you have been behind to square one.


Bil lions have left down a empty since they unsuccessful to practice their duties as "ordinary men of business". So, now, you have a NFCorp staring in our faces. Azmi has forked out a shortcomings that state that a directors had unsuccessful in their duties.

What does he wish to do with them? If he suggests that movement be taken against them, they will come down upon him similar to a tonne of bricks. Of course, they will continue their pen-pushing days as well as retire with a handsome pension. Do you design anything to change?

R. Nadeswaran says a only halt to ensure there is no repeat of such indiscretions is wielding a large stick. He is editor (special as well as investigative reporting) at theSun. Comments: citizen-nades@thesundaily.com

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Kejadian berlaku petang tadi di Bangi..

Bertempat di Panggung Seni, UKM petang tadi, sekumpulan Mat Rempit bertindak mengepung Isteri YAB PM.. Lihat gambar di bawah..

Tindakan kumpulan Mat Rempit ini 'mengepung' Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor adalah sebagai 'membalas dendam' kerana telah mengubah kehidupan mereka yang tidak tentu hala sebelum menjadi insan yang berguna kepada diri sendiri, keluarga dan masyarakat..

Ramai yang tidak mempedulikan mereka dan menganggap golongan Mat Rempit sebagai tidak mempunyai masa depan dan sampah masyarakat.. tetapi bagi DS Rosmah mereka juga insan biasa dan mampu menjadi insan berguna andai diberi peluang kedua dan dibentuk sebaiknya.. ini bukan omong kosong.. mereka yang hadir di majlis penutup Kem Perkasa Remaja petang tadi pasti memahami apa yang ZZ katakan..

bayangkan karektor Mat Rempit yang brutal dan ganas kini boleh menyanyi Boria dan Menari Zapin...saya bukan jahat cuma nakal sikit.. itulah luahan bekas Mat Rempit kepada DS RosmahBangga dapat bergambar dengan Bonda...
Baca Selanjutnya disini

Juga KL Pos ada membuat liputan mengenai majlis ini. KLIK SINI

Polls delay or not, Najib is 'in a mess'

Polls check or not, Najib is 'in a mess'
PAS Murshidul Am Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has described a check in general election as a morale booster for Pakatan Rakyat.
Saying he was not sure a reason behind a continued reluctance by budding minister Najib Razak (left) to dissolve a parliament, Nik Aziz said a UMNO boss was "in a mess".
"One thing you have been sure is which Najib is in a mess," he said, adding which Najib's fear could be due to growing antithesis strength in UMNO citadel Johor as was seen during PAS's Green Rally to Putrajaya in a state final Friday.
"In Johor, you have never witnessed prior to so many people. This proves awareness between people there as well as a life of a wave of change," added a Kelantan Menteri Besar.
PAS clamp boss Mahfuz Omar duration reminded Najib which a five-year mandate since to Barisan Nasional during a Federal turn was underneath his prototype Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
As such, Mahfuz said it was wrong to suggest which Najib was 'honouring' a mandate from a people by going for a full term.
Najib had earlier argued which land snap elections was "shortening a duration since by a people" to BN.
"For us, what is important is to show our ability to continue to reason up a people," Najib said.
In an about-turn, former budding minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who had advised Najib to reason polls after a fasting month, has agreed to a delay.
Prior to this, Najib had hinted which a elections could be called during a Hajj season, when some 30,000 Malaysians on their event to Makkah could not vote.
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Bleak future ahead for Felda settlers Sakmongkol AK47

(FMT) JULY 2 What is a many disturbing feature about this whole FGV inventory exercise? To my mind, a many unsettling feature about a inventory is it's unconscionable as well as so unjust.

The Felda settler, a romanticized vanguard of Najib's mutation plan, gets 810 units of share. They responded by singing Najib's praises. I am fearful that's premature as well as undeserving.

The reward a settler gets during a tighten of a inventory day was 75 sen. That gives him a RM607 profit. Deduct RM200 for a loan estimate fee as well as which gives him a net distinction of RM400. Add which few volume to a modernized bribe of RM15, 000, he gets RM15, 400.

Now compare which to a selected Bumiputeras who get anything from a single to 5 million units of share. These people have been removing anything from RM 750,000 to RM3.75 million.

What can u call this kind of disparity? It's usurious. And it's finished during a insistence of Umno by a plant in a form of Isa Samad.

This skulduggery is carried out by a celebration which has right away turn a peddler of racy VCDs as well as installer of dark cameras in toilets. So all Malaysians improved beware when entering toilets have sure there have been no dark cameras or else Umno will politicize a size of your penises!

Felda settlers have been increasingly indignant as they right away know which a FGV inventory is yet another section in a pillaging as well as sacking of a country. Worse, Felda settlers have been used as pawns in a "con-porate" chess game.

We hope some-more will assimilate of a treacherous devise to pillage a country's economic resources. Our manage to buy is being manipulated by politicians as well as their associate commercial operation friends profiteering from a batch market.

Its time people turn aware, they cannot trust this supervision any longer. It all stems ! from a d uplicity of Umno led government. The personality of a supervision says pompously which he intends to implement a open proposal system.

The ink hasn't dusty when he was accused of interfering in a tendering of a LRT Project servicing Ampang.

Yet, this is a really person who piously speaks about transforming a country. Unfortunately he has proven to be long in form as well as really short in substance. He has repeatedly contradicted himself so many times, which people find him to be a imitation actually.

Where have been a agents of transforming and, indeed, a transforming resource when you have been reluctant to cut yourself giveaway from a umbilical cords of regressive forces? You want to usher in a brand brand new environment though you put in place persons associated with a very old regime?

For example, a man who should be pensioned off is instead finished a chairman of Petronas.

An Umno retirement has been finished chairman of Bank Rakyat.

The brand brand new Chief Secretary, you shall remember to terminate his practice as shortly as Pakatan takes over, displayed his unflinching faithfulness as well as thankfulness to people who finished him a top supervision servant.

He does not appear means to act professionally to recognize which he owes allegiance to a King as well as country, not to Umno.

Right from a commencement I have been essay which this FGV inventory isn't right. If a `true north' of a government's design has always been a welfare of a settlers, then because compromise a income generating equates to by diluting a ownership of a means?

Why wasn't a alternative way round done? Allow Felda Holdings to buy out FGV. Because as you were to find out later, a earth-shattering idea to create combined value turns out to be a severe as well as assertive intensification of a same thing Felda Holdings has been you do all this while.

Which is, planting some-more palm oil trees by augmenting acreage! Hence expanding cultivated ! land are as in places such as Africa as well as Indonesia. So. you ask, what's so magical about you do something that's already finished improved by Felda Holdings than FGV? FGV is replicating what has been finished improved by Felda upon a own.

If you were to do that, then a benefits of improved commercial operation supervision accrues wholly to a Felda family. Better supervision as well as improved quality people can't be completed if not finished by listing? Better commercial operation operations cannot be done, unless inventory is carried out? Felda can't get credit upon a own based upon a merits? Felda has borrowed RM 6 billion from EPF.

This inventory exercise yielded how much? RM 10-11 billion which is not impossible to achieve by normal borrowing. Productivity can't be completed unless inventory is carried out?

Why can't a things cited by a sponsors of this inventory be completed even if Felda remains unlisted? The same things cited can be applied similarly effective if Felda Holdings as well as FGV sojourn in isolation provided they have been carried out rigorously.

The answer is, if inventory is not carried out, then a rentier category cannot divert a cow.

So you ask because a settler gets RM600 gross when those not during all associated to Felda have been means to get thousands as well as millions of ringgit? Those with RM 1 million worth get RM750,000. Others paid for a FGV batch with bank borrowings too.

If a same facilities were extended to Felda settlers, they have been additionally means to get some-more money. The borrowings would be wholly cumulative anyway.

The Felda settler could have gotten 50,000 units per household agreeable them a gross distinction of RM35,000. FGV's payout to them would only volume to 3.9 billion. That would be around thirty per cent of a total earnings lifted from this inventory of around RM eleven billion.

The supervision has cheated a settlers by creation it out which they have been seeking out for settler! s' inter est. The interests which it fights for have been a interests of a rentier class.

These have been a people entertainment around during a KLSE's scoreboard propelling a FGV batch to go up. It was similar to a Bingo game which day with suited people gesturing similar to lollipop licking children upon something they were happy about.

Indeed they were a lot happier lot compared to a Felda folks who exclaimed excitedly when they received a allege bribe of RM15,000 per family.

These people have been jumping with joy removing RM750, 000 to RM1, 000,000 upon a FGV batch they paid for regulating a same bank loans. sakmongkol.blogspot.com

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Hanya 100 hadir depan rumah Ambiga

KUALA LUMPUR: Hampir 100 orang cuba berkumpul di depan rumah Ambiga di Bukit Damansara di sini dengan sebahagiannya terdiri daripada sekumpulan pemuda bermotosikal. Mereka adalah dari kumpulan anti UMNO yang diketuai Pengerusi Majlis Bertindak Peniaga Kuala Lumpur (MBPKL) Datuk Jamal Yunus yang sebelum ini turut mengumumkan akan membuka gerai di hadapan rumah Ambiga. Sekumpulan thirty orang lain yang menggelarkan diri mereka "HALAU 1.0" cuba menyerahkan risalah mengandungi 10 sebab Ambiga perlu 'dihalau' dari Malaysia kepada Ambiga sendiri.

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