PMs banker brothers fate a bellwether if PR wins GE13, says ST

March 25, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, Mar twenty-five What happens to Datuk Seri Nazir Razak should a antithesis pact take Putrajaya in Election 2013 could additionally spell a destiny of Malaysia Inc under Pakatan Rakyat (PR), Singapores Straits Times reported today.

The conduct of Malaysias second-largest bank has helped turn CIMB into a regional promissory note powerhouse over a past few years, which most hold is due to his kinship with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, as has been a box with most of a countrys tycoons who have benefited from their tighten ties with a statute Barisan Nasional (BN) for a past 5 decades since Independence, a newspapers comparison correspondent, Anita Gabriel wrote in several methodical pieces.

The PM with his brother, Nazir Razak. record picNazir has a good understanding of credit in a promissory note sector both domestically as well as abroad. A forced change involving him would send a wrong signal, an anonymous promissory note analyst was quoted saying.

An antithesis victory would be instinctively traumatic upon markets, as it would be traumatic for a corporate sector, another unnamed tip landowner was quoted saying.

Nazir told Bloomberg TV recently which his hermit has a very transparent trail forward in conditions of transforming a Malaysian economy.

If theres a change there, it would disappoint investors as well as they would have to relook at their perspective of Malaysia, he told Bloombergs Susan Li in Hong Kong.

Gabriel wrote which a massive reorganization of a countrys corporate scene, widely known as Malaysia Inc, could see a large-scale extreme change should PR win in a ubiquitous elections only weeks away as well as which a series of a wealthy chosen were apropos different hook as they sniffed a domestic change in a wind.

Malaysi! as riche st men a Kuok Groups Tan Sri Robert Kuok, telecoms tycoon T. Ananda Krishnan, gaming as well as properties mogul Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Hong Leongs Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan as well as YTLs Tan Sri Francis Yeoh have been systematically taking their investments abroad since 2008, when a BN initial lost a parliamentary supermajority.

She noted as well which a tycoons have additionally been hedging bets upon a domestic front, pointing to Malaysias 10th richest man, Tan Sri Vincent Tans acquisition of budding freehold land in PR-run Penang, through a magnates flagship Berjaya Group, as an example.

When a complement changes as well as a rules of a game change, players who have sunk in so most in investments have to adapt, domestic analyst Khoo Kay Peng was quoted saying.

CIMB as well has appeared to bat for a DAP, having organized a roadshow for a broadside arch Tony Pua to meet unfamiliar investors as well as detail a antithesis partys skeleton for commercial operation in Malaysia if it comes to power, Gabriel wrote, adding which a promissory note giant was criticised in a little inner circles for which move.

The journal correspondent pronounced a CIMB pierce was testament to Nazirs professionalism as well as domestic neutrality even though only last week a latter was seen to have done a representation for his brothers domestic bid to stay in power.

If theres a change there, it would disappoint investors as well as they would have to relook at their perspective of Malaysia, a landowner told Bloomberg TVs Susan Li in an talk in Hong Kong upon Mar 21.

Citing attention observers, Gabriel wrote which a brand new regime would likely pull up brand new rules to conducting commercial operation in Southeast Asias third largest economy.

Definitely, there will be a major shift, PKRs plan director Rafizi Ramli was quoted saying, of a distinctive difference in approach in between BN as well as PR.

He was reported to have commented upon a restructuring of government-linked com! panies ( GLCs) to concentration upon key strategic areas such as utility or major mercantile activities but stifling competition or apropos an impediment to entrepreneurs.

But Gabriel wrote which implementation of PR process changes would be gradual rather than overnight as a brand new statute chosen would not instruct to dissapoint or send any unlucky signal to domestic as well as unfamiliar investors.

Everything is not going to change simply since a government has changed, pronounced a corporate player.

The lane record of Malaysias antithesis parties in a four states they now carry out Selangor, Penang, Kedah as well as Kelantan additionally prove a gradual change should PR take sovereign power, Gabriel forked out.

PANAS!!! Tian Chua,Sivarasa pembawa duit untuk MNLF!!!

Mereka Ke Manila Membawa Wang pada 7.2.20132 Hari Sebelum Pendaratan Pertama Pengganas Kiram

Manila PhilippineMilitaryIntelligence mengesahkan kehadiran Sivarasa dan Tian Chua ke Manila, Filipina pada 7 Februari 2013, yakni dua hari sebelum pendaratan Pengganas Kiram ke Lahad Datu pada 9 Februari 2013.

antrabangsa seperti Reuters,Inquirer Manila Times, The


Hari ini, Hari Polis ke 206. Aku difahamkan ianya akan dirasmikan oleh PM Najib and perincian ESSCOM akan diperbutirkan pada sidang media kelak. Sambutan Hari Polis kali ini lain dari yang lain kerana ada anugerah Posthumous akan diberikan kepada balu-balu pahlawan yg gugur semasa Ops Daulat.

Aku juga diberitahu bahawa Vat69 akan turun khas dari Lahad Datu untuk bersama-sama PM selepas tayangan video khas kepada mereka. Di kesempatan ini, House PK ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua anggota polis yang telah mengorbankan segalanya demi mempertahankan negara kita yang tercinta ini.

Mudah-mudahan dengan penubuhan ESSCOM, keselamatan Sabah akan lebih terjamin. Kerajaan serius menangani masalah di Sabah dengan penubuhan ESSCOM. Semoga Allah lindungi negara kita ini dari manusia durjana seperti Anwar Ibrahim!

Ada baiknya sempena hari polis ni, kamu rakyat Malaysia semua membaca tentang polis dalam artikel dibawah ini:

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Anwar can smile forever but ...

Now can he smile?


Tak perlu la aku nak explain, korang tengok dan nilaikan sendiri! HE HE HE

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Mr Question Mark

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The untold story of the Lahat Datu incident

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Rafizi no Goebbel but a Tompel

Man identified as Papa Gomo disputes claim.Read more.

Not so
smart Rafizi. If we have been crafty enough we would have deemed it
was the case of dual group temperament the same name. That's why there were dual
different I/C numbers and dual opposite addresses. If we have only used
the little usual sense we wouldn't have put yourself in such
embarrassing position.

Not the first


Azhar Idrus menjadi renouned kerana ceramah agamanya ala loyar buruk dan lawok jenaka. Sekarang beliau sudah masuk ke satu tahap baru politik dan memfitnah ahli politik lain. Anda nilaikan sendiri beliau pendakwah atau pendakyah!

House PK: Ini aku petik dari MyKMU! Azhar Idrus ni, PAS joke dah naik takut sebab dia dah mula backfire pada PAS akibat dari dia keluarkan fatwa sendiri yang SESAT! So tengok la video ni dan nilaikan siapa dia ni sebenarnya.

Satu benda aku peratikan, orang kita ni kalau ada sesiapa yang ada sikit janggut, baca habdis sikit, cakap arab sikit terus kasi title ustaz walaupun orang tu hanya seorang penjual ubat di chokit! Dulu puak ni naikkan Mawi sebab ingat dia alim! Last-last dia kahwin Ekin, senyap puak ni..kih kih kih

Video Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy Mahasiswa 19 Tahun Part 2 Sudah Keluar!

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Pakatan promises BN already delivered

A tighten examination of PK's election Manifesto will reveal which 80 per cent of the promises have already been fulfilled--by the BN Government. The superfluous 20 per cent have been non--deliverables. We shall shortly see why.Let's look during PK's promises a single by one.1. To emanate a single million jobs in the agricultural, building a whole as well as service sectors...
There have been now 1.58 million unfamiliar workers in

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Sandiwara Anwar sama Misuari, Estrada dan Kiram

Berikut (atas) adalah gambar Armando, paling kanan
ketika menjadi dijemput menjadi pemantau BERSIH oleh parti pembangkang.
Siapa Armando? Apa kena mengena Armando dalam bulletin besar Anwar Ibrahim

lagi dalang Anwar Ibrahim di Filipina didedahkan. Namanya adalah
Armando Valdez. Juga merupakan kroni kepada Joseph Estrada. Siapa tidak
kenal dengan Estrada yang sudah sekian

The Oracle of Syed Putera Speaks Again!

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'Involvement of individuals nothing to do with Umno' - Daily Express

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'Involvement of people zero to do with Umno'
Daily Express
Kota Kinabalu: Umno Information Chief Datuk Ahmad Haji Maslan said a impasse of a party's branch leaders in a Lahad Datu situation was their own personal bulletin as well as zero to do with a party. He told reporters this after he officiated at ...
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EXPOSE MyMassa: Papa Homo cabut ke San Francisco, USA


Nurul marahkan dan kata SB dok ikut bapak dia atas sebab politik dan bukan utamakan keselematan. Belum SB cerita apa-apa tapi MyMassa sendiri ekor saja dah tau apa Pak dia buat dengan Misuari.

Baca apa yang didedah MyMassa tentang Anwar ....

16.7.2012 - Anwar