Murtad: Tiada Siapa Yang Menyiasat Operasi Zakat?

KLIK IMEJHairan Tulang Besi. Setelah laporan berkaitan serbuan JAIS ke Gereja DUMC, pencapaian Pusat Zakat Selangor masih tiada siapa sebut.Hasan Ali sendiri, dalam kenyataan terbaru, berkata keluarga2 yang dikaunseling adalah mereka yang "berlatarbelakang miskin dan bermasaalah".(rujuk keratan akhbar di bawah)Yang jelasnya, keluarga2 ini juga hampir kesemunya pernah ditolak permintaan bantuan dari Pusat Zakat Selangor.Ertinya perjalanan Pusat Zakat Selangor terlepas dari penyiasatan ataupun pem ... Read More

Gempar! Anwar Akui Ramai Adun PKR Tidak Suka Khalid Gagap

11 Oktober 2011, Anwar Ibrahim akhirnya menyerlahkan melalui pengakuan bahawa beliau memang tidak menyukai Khalid Ibrahim. Anwar kata demokratik kalau ada ahli bantah MB dan Ketua Umum.Cakap demokratik, tetapi kenapa bila ada satu pasukan lain hendak bertanding menentang Azmin, maka seluruh pasukan tersebut telah dikeluarkan dari PKR. Dibersihkan terus kerana melawan Azmin. Inikah yang

Nail in coffin for Gillards Malaysia Solution

Gillard had sought to pull ahead with a interloper barter despite stiff antithesis in her country. Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct thirteen After putting up a difficult fight to pull through a argumentative interloper barter understanding with Malaysia, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will finally face improved as her Cabinet is set to right away abandon a proposal.

Australia's The Age reported progressing currently a Australian government is approaching to pull a due law which would allow it to send haven seekers to Malaysia, after crossbencher West Australian Nationals MP Tony Crook confirmed his opposition.

Crook was reported as observant which he would await Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's legislative addition to exclude countries which are not signatories with a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, such as Malaysia.

Without Crook's vote, Gillard was a single short of a total needed to pass a bill.

The legislation is due to be debated currently but a Australian Cabinet made a decision during a assembly progressing this morning.

Gillard previously gave steady assurances to Putrajaya of her commitment towards a interloper barter deal, despite waves of antithesis in her own country.

The argumentative interloper barter understanding with Malaysia faced a initial improved upon August 31, when a High Court spoken it invalid as Canberra could not safeguard insurance for haven seekers sent to Malaysia, which is not a signatory to a UN interloper convention.

Determined to press on, Gillard mooted amendments to Australia's Migration Act, which is scheduled to be voted upon today, but Abbott's spoken warding off to await a understanding forced a premier's skeleton to go awry again.

The Age additionally pointed out which a approaching improved would have been a initial time an Australian government unsuc! cessful during pulling a piece legislation through a lower House given 1929.

"The government had a choice of a improved upon a building of a House or not proceeding with a check as well as being indicted by a Opposition of running away from Parliament," a paper reported.

Australia effectively has no haven seeker policy. By default, a process is onshore processing since it will not send people to Nauru.

The United Nations Refugee Agency was reported by a journal upon Tuesday as observant haven seekers would get improved insurance in Malaysia under a so-called "Malaysia Solution" than if hold in indefinite imperative apprehension in Australia.

Under Gillard's strange deal, informally called a "Malaysia Solution", Australia skeleton to send 800 haven seekers to Malaysia where their interloper claims would be assessed in return for usurpation 4,000 refugees from Malaysia.

The Malaysian Insider :: Malaysia

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Putrajaya gives no guarantee to KL landowners in MRT row

Ahmad pronounced buildings in Chinatown will not be torn down to have approach for a MRT. File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, October 13 Putrajaya betrothed currently buildings upon Jalan Sultan will not be demolished to have approach for a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project, though stopped short of guaranteeing which prime land in a capital will stay in a hands of current landowners.

Deputy Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Datuk Ahmad Maslan told Parliament currently a supervision will protect a buildings in a ancestral Chinatown area even though they "are not gazetted as birthright sites."

But a Pontian MP refused to guarantee which land upon Jalan Sultan and Bukit Bintang will be returned to landowners after tunnelling for a multibillion megaproject is complete.

He pronounced plan owners "MRT Co is in negotiations with in isolation landowners" to come to a resolution where "they usually vacate a buildings during tunnelling and embrace remuneration so lapse of land does not arise."

Ahmad also denied accusations led by former MCA boss Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat which MRT Co officials gave "not a single chance" to Jalan Sultan traders to benefaction their pick routes, which would see their properties saved.

He pronounced which a alignment proposed by landowners did not allow for integration with a existing Pasar Seni LRT station, and which curves upon a referred to track were too sharp.

"There was no alternative," he said.


The Malaysian Insider :: Malaysia
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The Nothing Chinese Life in Manila, Thailand, Malaysiakini

October 13, 2011 by shuzheng

a sanctification of Chinese hold up is not under arrest by law enforcement. Beyond a strech of Chinese police, assorted forces in this segment appear to think they can provoke China with impunity. in interpretation , 2011 Oct 11.


There was no reason for a Philippines to be interested in a 'truth' which would expose a complete nation as copycat white, Christian racist.


At a equivalent 1,500 ringgit, which excludes all critical as well as boarding expenses though these have been provided anyway, a salary to a Filipino maid in Hong Kong is 3 times a Malaysian Indian estate family wage. In a Philippines, 1,500 ringgit translates in to a city mid-level manager. Against a statistical average of a household size, a 100,000 jobs for Filipinos in Hong Kong effectively sustain a lives of 400,000 adults as well as children in a Philippines.

No gratitude is approaching nor since although they have been millions upon millions some-more poorer Chinese in mainland China as well as which during a cheaper price who would have been thankful for a jobs.

One Aug day final year, a sacked Filipino ex-policemen got onto a train of Hong Kong tourists sightseeing Manila. The government's attitude was openly off-handed, a city critical dined with a military chiefs, whilst their indicate man during a warrant train shillyshally upon terms, pretended talking, lied, arrested a ex-policeman's brother right in his face, as well as then a military used hammers to mangle reinforced potion windows to get in. While a banging seemed to take hours, a ex-policemen sprayed M-16 bullets not towards his fellow Filipino policemen gathered outward a bu! s, thoug h inside it. Eight Chinese died, whilst a rest of a harmed were shot to pieces in a face, hands as well as legs. The complaint heading to a massacre? Outstanding grant income zero to do with Chinese or tourists.

If this seems incredulously tragic, a genocide of a Chinese was no collision of a failed deal. The result would have been very opposite if those upon house were white Americans. But it was a prolonged time coming, since a wanton disregard of warrant lives, by both a supervision as well as gunman, as well as available for all to see upon TV, was obviously apparent since a victims were Chinese as well as a usually Filipino upon board, a driver, had been liberated by a gunman. Anti-Chinese racism ran in Christian veins of Filipinos, government, policemen as well as criminal alike. Even a press was not contemptible Chinese visitors to their nation were murdered for no reason; they were usually contemptible a ex-policemen killed to have his indicate known.

From a government, there were no apologies, no judicial inquiry, no charges for negligence, no remuneration for losses. Nothing, as well as a episode retreated in to obscurity.

In Malaysia, internal authorities a MACC, police, immigration seldom hold a internal Chinese though even a groundless cause though will have miserable a lives of people like Li Junjie as well as dozens of alternative Chinese nationals, students as well as tourists. They have been thrown in to a little lockup as low mark for being a ethnic family of internal Chinese. This equates to law enforcement, like in Manila, is turned in to a venue for anti-Chinese racist expression.

Malaysia, in some-more aged to Filipinos, is of march far some-more civilised as well as no thanks to horse opera laws (Philippines has everything American) or Christianity or Islam. If not these, then a source of a humaneness contingency come from elsewhere as well as a single finds it in nothing alternative than in a combined influence of a Chinese humanist culture, in reti! cent Hin duism, as well as in reserved Melayu adat though Arabian Islam.

But, in between a cracks of these cultures, something else seeps in to a distinctive nature of a Malaysian space.

Once Chinese have been promoted as well as instigated as an intent of derision, disregard as well as gibe which is, as an intent of loathing a Chinese hold up has no sanctity, in a word of Malaysiakini's Josh Hong, such a chairman is "nothing" as well as so is fair game for hell treatment. This is because, though sanctity, it makes for imprisoning, maiming, killing Chinese easy as well as justifiable. The justification in Malaysia is a Hindu Indian, who is regarded lower than a Chinese.

For frequency, surreptitiousness, conceit, as well as secrecy beating Utusan as well as Perkasa combined anti-Chinese loathing best find countenance as well as is most visceral in Steven Gan's Malaysiakini, American-financed, portion Americans who in spin have their reasons ('national interest' is a single of these) for cast of characters aspersions upon a complete Chinese race. Paradoxically as well as in conceit, Mkini's heading instigators Joshie as well as Manjit Bhatia (he once asked for a Beijing Olympic track to be "torched") regularly employs a horse opera language of as well as claim as champions of 'human rights' as well as 'justice'. This is just so most like Anwar Ibrahim. Or Lim Kit Siang. Or Petra Kamarudin whose Malaysia Today openly promotes a Chinese as a sub-specie: pigs, prostitutes, cheats as well as usurious income lenders.

This graduation of loathing does not finish up nowhere.

Earlier this month, which Manila thing again happened.

From Beijing's translated English edition, 2011 Oct 11, full text, editorial:

Thirteen Chinese people were killed after their cargo ships were hijacked as well as attacked upon a Mekong River upon Oct 5. Although most sum of a situation sojourn unclear, a single certain thing is which a Thailand mi! litary d id not track as well as determine a situation of a hijacked Chinese as well as did not negotiate with a criminals to rescue a victims, though blindly proposed a shoot-out, taking a hijackers for drug dealers.

Most of a bodies of a thirteen Chinese sailors appeared in a Mekong River upon Oct 7 as well as 8, blindfolded as well as with their hands tied behind their backs.

Relevant governments, generally which of Thailand, made no efforts to rescue a sailors, as well as they revealed a situation to media multiform days after a fact. For them, this seems to have been usually a normal event for which no low mark or responsibility contingency be meted out.

There have been a large number of Chinese traders as well as sailors operating upon a Mekong River, they cannot protect themselves effectively as well as it is difficult for China to do so since a formidable regional situation. China's categorical equates to of safeguarding a people abroad is regulating internal laws as well as auxiliary with internal governments. Under special situations such as war, China will send battleships to rescue a people.

A nation's diplomatic picture as well as inhabitant strength have been critical to a insurance of a people abroad. As China doesn't meddle in a domestic issues of alternative countries, it maintains a comparatively great picture in most areas of conflict or unrest. The kidnap-murder cases of abroad Chinese occasionally happen, though these have been not domestic events aimed during China. China's approach of handling such cases is to yield stronger insurance for a adults such as enhancing confidence over a investments in flighty regions.

However, a recklessness as well as cruelty of a hijackers as well as a simple approach a Thai military rubbed this ultimate situation is startling as well as reminds us of a Hong Kong tourists which were kidnapped in a Philippines as well as died during a botched rescue attempt upon Aug twenty-three of final year.

In a Golden Triangle regi! on, a sa nctification of Chinese hold up is not under arrest by law enforcement. Beyond a strech of Chinese police, assorted forces in this segment appear to think they can provoke China with impunity.

Since you have most traders as well as workers in a area, a situation cannot be left unsettled. China should take full part in a investigation, as well as titillate applicable countries to launch a absolute strike upon those responsible. Besides, a obliged people should be punished as well as a full apology issued.

Chinese tact has taken people-oriented as a principle. To fulfill this commitment, it is possible which China will face diplomatic frictions with certain countries as well as might resort to force.

China is a nation of all Chinese. The some-more severely you protect a people, a some-more cohesive a nation is as well as a some-more respect it will gain from a world.

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Absurd? Lim Mun Fah

OCT 13 Let me tell the fun which you might have heard of.

There was the year when the world was strike by famine. When the Emperor Hui of Jin, who enjoyed his life in the residence as well as neglected open affairs, was told which the vast number of people had starved to death, he was unexcited as well as asked: "Why don't they eat meat?"

The absurd fun has been spread for over 2,000 years because until today, some officials still do not understand the suffering of the public. They usually sit in an air-conditioned room as well as rise the set of self-righteous plans as well as policies to proxy compromise problems.

They have no idea that, usually like the silly question asked by the Emperor of Jin, the so-called complaint elucidate measures do not actually assistance much.

For an example, increasing the limit of residence prices underneath the My First Home Scheme from the maximum of RM220,000 to RM400,000 seems to be means to compromise the difficulties of civic people to buy houses underneath RM220,000. However, for most low-income earners, the more pressing complaint is their low incomes instead of loan problems.

Head of the Chinese multiplication of the National House Buyers Association (HBA) Tan Chong Leng forked out the blind spot: How could the person earning RM3,000 per month means the RM400,000 house?

A crony operative in the banking zone told me which the repayment duration for the housing loan amounts to RM400,000 is 30 years. With 4.3 per cent of annual interest, the residence buyer would have to pay RM1,979 of loan each month.

After deducting the housing loan of RM1,979 as well as RM330 for compulsory EPF saving, usually RM691 is left. How is he or she going to await the family in the large city?

Moreover, the loan would not be authorized for applicants earning reduction than RM6,000 per month.

Therefore, it is almost unfit for people earning RM3,000 the month to buy their initial homes in the large city like Kuala Lum! pur.

The situation is clear as well as simple. The complaint does not distortion usually on housing prices as well as loan issues, though as well their singular incomes.

Let me tell you another joke.

Two brothers asked their father when they saw no dish, though usually rice on the dining table: "Father, how should you eat though dishes?"

Their father forked to the dusty salted fish hung on the wall as well as replied: "Take the demeanour during the fish prior to you feed yourselves with the dip of rice."

The brothers had no preference though to obediently follow the instruction. Suddenly, the father cruelly strike the conduct of the elder brother as well as scolded: "I told you to take the demeanour for the dip of rice, though you took the few looks for the single scoop? What the waste!"

The jokes appear silly though aren't they function everyday in reality?

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not validate the perspective unless specified.

The Malaysian Insider :: Side Views

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Please sir, may I have some more?

OCT 13 In a disturbing corridor, a garland of 17-year-olds milled about. We were watchful for a job interviews to join a Shangri-La party service. we had all my certificates with me, as well as was worried about a competition.

The interviewers were not meddlesome in any of my certificates; they only wanted to see if we could hear right as well as speak intelligibly. An tangible judgment was particularly optional. And they took in most of us. It does knock we down a brace or dual over what we think your education was worth.

The next three months were only a array of paltry though labouring days, with compensate day every fortnight. Living for a adrenaline upon compensate day, we was not sure if it came from being paid for physical labour, or only having money.

There were hours, brisk as well as demanding. And in a impolite way, we was expecting a work to be as such. In my mind, these people were profitable RM3 an hour, as well as they deserved all they can pattern from us.

It was gratitude for a money, though a sense of what a employer gets from a worker. No category in school lonesome a examination of work as well as only pay.

Today, as Malaysia is preoccupied with unemployment, practice as well as gainful employment, a question of remuneration for work is flourishing ever louder.

Irrespective of how emanate is discussed, what people absolutely need to get by, what people believe they merit for a "work" they produce, what management is convinced employees merit as well as pay-models an manage to buy a size deserves at a finish what prevails is a reality.

I'll start by defining work so which compensate becomes objective to estimate.

Work, stripped

In a past, when economies were dominated by physical goods, things rather were easier. Take a rarely labour-intensive rubber industry.

The rubber tapper pre! sents a apportion of rubber milk, which is then factored to prevailing unprocessed rubber prices as well as a remuneration rate is noted. There have been a supervisors, a small office operations, a transportation vendor as well as price of planting as well as caring for a rubber trees.

The owner, a chairman generating a capital for a estate, takes a remaining cube as profit, after profitable his bruise of strength to a supervision of a day in taxes.

Compare which today.

The trinity of globalisation, report series as well as use attention outstripping a physical products has incontrovertibly changed all industries, thus forcing a rethink of a value of each chairman in a work chain.

The rubber tappers have been operative half-weeks in Sepang, since most of their estates have possibly turn a administrative capital or code new development. Malaysia is a net importer of rubber, whilst remaining a vital rubber manufacturer (10 per cent of a global condoms, no less).

Issues similar to managing tender element supply, cross-border relationships, inventory, automating processes, peculiarity control as well as others dominate.

At slightest these managements can rather lane contribution in a product chain.

It becomes exponentially difficult for code new industries similar to Internet set-ups. What is a tangible value of design to a website?

Work as well as its definition will be a continuing conversation, which needs to be had periodically. In Malaysia, which review is serve clouded by a flourishing elitism.

Some of us have been close out of a conversation.

The dual ominous towers

These have been excitable times for a blue-collared workers of Malaysia.

The imminent Employment Act followed by singular open antithesis from a national work union, coupled with a emanate of too-low salary for a reduce line employees in banking only underline a obvious: Workers have been not getting a satisfactory shake up in Malaysia.

As w! e pronou nced above, they have been being close out of a discussions to rationalize a value of work in all kinds of Malaysian industries, to not fight progress, though to fight for their own place in which progress.

The aged growth indication which generated jobs as well as prosperity for all by keeping salary rates tolerable for production firms has long evaporated.

Today, everyone has to deflect for themselves. And for big business, it is Yuletide daily.

Banks have expectedly, similar to most organisations, been outsourcing their non-core functions to alternative organisations. Local councils do not employ which most cleaners as well as rubbish collectors; they contract out a work.

Why is work engaged out?

Outsourcing companies, similar to rubbish pick up services as well as supplying production labour, assistance bigger companies or organisations reduce their operation price by reducing their salary burden. It is all a tricky, sleazy slope.

Before outsourcing, large companies hire, devise work, yield healthcare as well as alternative benefits, as well as prove incentives, all of which price income as well as have been challenges.

Passing a concern to outsourcing companies relieves them. Plus companies have been then giveaway of unionism, which is a domain of a blue-collar worker.

However, these largely fly-by-night firms which do not have a good corporate citizen manual have been not perplexing to set up a code name. They only wish to maximize profits. The work marketplace is squeezed as most as possible.

I am not arguing for a finish of outsourcing, or forcing structures to businesses. They have been entitled to do what they wish within a law. Outsourcing is not a only equates to to cutting corners for a complicated company.

More a reason because workers have a right to collectively aspire to their usual goals, should these be opposed to their employers', a commercial operation climate, a laws or a supervision of a day.

They should b! e able t o have their arguments consistently, broadly as well as loudly so which they have been in a room when decisions have been made.

Nature of work as well as capitalism is changeable daily, which is something all of us have signed up for as members of a globalised world. However, which does not mean only a little parties have illustration in a restructuring of work and, by healthy extension, pay.

Right now, workers have been at a forgiveness of supervision policy.

The second snag to workers gaining some-more estimable compensate in a Malaysian workplace is a flourishing elitism.

In a authority manage to buy which is Malaysia, most economic activity is dynamic by government. The large firms upon Bursa have been possibly related to a supervision or have benefitted from active policies, similar to power producers, developers, construction companies, etc.

The MRT project is a on foot example.

The argument, then, is an unstated equation. These companies will sinecure aplenty, either they need a numbers or not. In exchange, a Malaysian supervision is happy to note reduce unemployment. The firms wished they were trimmer, so, to mitigate a situation, they constantly keep salary rates low for a blue-collar workers.

Their summary is, they have been employing so most though having to, as well as these people do not decide if a firm profits. Business is decided by a small village of businessmen, politicians as well as technocrats. Relationships not technical knowledge, capital or learned work bring code new business.

That means, it is these people who should be paid most, as well as if those at a bottom of pyramid have been paid less, should they not be glad they have jobs?

So those have been a dual towers, a Khyber Pass exclusive dictated salary rates from rising for a reduce classes in Malaysia.

Businesses have been given carte blanche to protect their interests, as well as workers have been encouraged to let a unlimited giveaway marketplace get t! hem a be tter compensate as well as benefits. It is getting some-more as well as some-more pear-shaped for a blue-collar workman in Malaysia.

Then a stand in whammy. The value of companies is not being dynamic by workers; they have been homogenous factors simply replaceable. It is all about a bosses as well as who they know. Therefore, they have a top bucks.

At this rate, in a foreseeable future, a finish emasculation of a operative category in Malaysia will happen. A unable operative village is historically a low-earning community. And in which future, a satisfactory series of Malaysian will have to live upon hope, not effort.

* The views expressed here have been a personal perspective of a columnist.

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Lagi Pendedahan Sel13.Com Tentang Penyelewengan Kerajaan Selangor!

Pada thirteen Mei 2011, Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Selangor (UPENS) telah meluluskan peruntukan sebanyak RM100 juta untuk projek pembangunan luar bandar yang dikenali sebagai MEKANISME PELABURAN PROJEK INFRASTRUKTUR: HASIL UNTUK RAKYAT. Bunyinya macam bagus dan bunyinya macamlah hebat sangat. Apa yang menarik ialah, peruntukan tersebut diambil dari bajet Maklumat Rekod Jalan Raya (MARRIS)

Stemming the Malaysian exodus

Douglas Tan
The Malaysian Insider
Oct 12, 2011

OCT 12 Recently, YB Teresa Kok asked me, "Why have been Malaysians so keen to leave this country? Life abroad is not indispensably easier!" I determine which life abroad is not indispensably so. In fact, my cousins vital in Hong Kong, Singapore as well as London discuss it me continually which they skip a food as well as which everything is much cheaper during home (except cars). They complain about a weather, tall cost of vital as well as their long working hours. Despite this, when a probability of entrance behind home is raised, they give me a grin as well as a shake up of their head.

Is vital in Malaysia unequivocally so bad? What is it which other countries have which you don't? YB Lim Kit Siang posted upon his blog in Dec 2009 which some-more than 630 Malaysians quit abroad everyday, as well as which number is increasing year upon year.

This is a worrying statistic as well as a brain empty issue is a single which a stream supervision acknowledges is a problem. However, a best they can come up with to make Malaysians come behind have been taxation breaks, as well as tax-free vehicles. From day one, it has turn apparent these 'perks' would simply not work.

This supervision has a robe of tackling problems by on condition which discerning fixes. The 2012 Budget should unequivocally be called a 'quick-fix' budget as RM232 billion is mindlessly spent, with unrealistic mercantile growth forecasts to behind it up.

Yes, 60 per cent of households would receive a RM500 relief as well as you appreciate a supervision for it. What then? RM500 does not fight rising costs, or inflation. How far can RM500 bring us nowadays? Not very far. In no time during all, which RM500 has turn a distant memory as well as you have been behind to square one.

The Kedai 1 M! alaysia initiative was put in place by a supervision to sell poor products subsidised by a government, as well as some-more have been to be opened opposite a nation. Shop owners have been right away screaming in exasperation as they cannot presumably compete. If a supervision is vigilant upon handing out subsidies, finance a shops which have been already operating! Another feeble planned discerning fix which provides no long-term solution.

Where is a long-term mercantile plan? Where is a investment in a children's future? Fixing propagandize buildings is an glorious initiative, but a real complaint lies in a fabric of a preparation system.

Our young kids have been taught to be robots, to heave material as well as not to subject their teachers. Many sneer during a obscure of standards in a ongoing PMR exams, as well as an Additional Mathematics SPM paper was allegedly leaked to fee centres. Is all this in a name of grades, just to make a Education Ministry demeanour good? How can this system goal for a young kids to be competent, in effect members of society? The greatest losers in all of this have been a nation's children.

A crony over dinner told me earnestly which he was preparing to leave a republic for a sake of his children. As disheartening as it was to hear, he proceeded to discuss it me why.

His prophesy for his young kids was for them to grow up in a multitude in which they would not be discriminated against. Although injustice is additionally prevalent in other countries, in Malaysia, injustice is institutionalised as well as authorised by a Barisan Nasional government.

Furthermore, corruption is rampant throughout all levels of government. The remuneration of corruption money in cases of obtaining building or commercial operation licenses is so prevalent, which most businesses have included such a remuneration in their responsibility budgets. How can this go on be a case?

These issues have been all correlated, as well as opportunities go on to be stifled. Tale! nted peo ple leave since Malaysia appears to have no appreciation for their abilities. Nepotism as well as favouritism have been practised upon a basement of a "Lu tolong gua, Gua tolong lu" principle rather than removing a best chairman for a job.

Our English standards have been lowered in sequence to record some-more exam passes, but peculiarity is sacrificed as a result. If even masters grade holders from local universities have been unable to speak proper English, how can you then turn a globally competitive nation?

After this Budget, some-more as well as some-more people have been convinced which this BN supervision cares only about staying in energy as well as not for a long-term development of a nation. The exodus of gifted individuals will go on unless necessary reforms have been put in place.

On a new trip to a United States, upon a stopover in Hong Kong, a fellow newcomer remarked which they could eventually talk about issues of Malaysia as they dared not voice out their displeasures during home. Recalling so most land up their fingers to their lips to shush their friends from bringing up inhabitant issues, it is obvious which most feel you have been vital under oppression.

Finally, a single of my old schoolmates residing in Australia told me which he longed for to come home to take caring of his parents. "But a greatest thing stopping me from entrance home right away is a government". A change in supervision may not automatically bring Malaysians home, but what it would do is provide goal for a destiny of a nation, as well as goal for a destiny generations.

Change is needed, as well as change has to happen now.

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Lim Kit Siang

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Missing: The Auditor-Generals report

Missing: The Auditor-General's report

Something has been missing prior to the debate of the 2012 Budget in council yesterday, as pointed out by Opposition Leader who is additionally the former Finance minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

"Unfortunately, we have been debating the budget today, but the Auditor-General's report has not been presented," Anwar told Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

He questioned either the check was deliberate to prevent members of council from deliberating the Auditor-General's contents.

In his reply to the budget tabled by budding apportion Najib Razak last Friday, Anwar indicted Najib of repackaging past unsuccessful programmes as well as unfulfilled promises under new names requiring vast amounts of money.

The Permatang Pauh MP additionally lashed out during Najib's growth projection of 5 to 6 percent for 2012, observant which the number was way too tall based upon various research as well as research.

Anwar additionally pronounced the 4.7 percent necessity prediction was but basis, observant such the projection contingency be based upon economic ! growth i n 2011 as well as the projected growth sum national income for 2012, as well as combined the country creation impractical growth as well as revenue projection would humour the repercussion.

"First, it will wear the country's deficit. Secondly it will additionally sideline the vicious need to adhere to earthy discipline as well as advantageous spending of open funds," pronounced Anwar, who additionally echoes an progressing matter by PAS information arch Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man which BN would list the extra budget check by midst of 2012.

As such, Anwar pronounced if the foresee GDP could not be achieved,! Par! l iament should convene the special sitting to take Najib to task.

- Harakahdaily

Malaysians Must Know the TRUTH

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A Sad Day for Lawyer Rosli Dahlan when the Justice was blind

October 12, 2011

A Sad Day for Lawyer Rosli Dahlan when a Justice was blind

by Din Merican

I had a lunch appointment with my young friend, Lawyer Rosli Dahlan yesterday. There was a lot which you longed for to locate up with him. you have not seen him for a while to a point which you was beginning to reason what most people were saying which he was avoiding me. So, you was really happy when he agreed to encounter up for lunch.

Then, during twelve noon, Rosli texted me to contend he was in probity as well as would try to see me after he finished. you waited until past lunch time as well as afterwards finished my dish alone, though he still did not spin up. you texted him multiform times though he did not reply. you felt a bit annoyed as well as rsther than disturbed which my young crony had stood me up.

I called a little friends as well as was told which Rosli was in court, not to control a box for his clients, though to attend to his own case. you was told which this was his RM 50 million fit opposite multiform officers of a MACC, a A-G Chambers, a Government as well as a media who had conspired to repair him up in 2007. you was perplexed since he did not discuss it me about this box as you would have attended probity with him.

Back to 2007

My readers would remember which in 2007, Rosli Dahlan acted for Dato Ramli Yusuff as well as a Commercial Crimes Investigations Dept (CCID) when AG Gani Patail abdicated his constitutional duties by refusing to movement for a CCID in a box opposite an underworld operator, Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh. Apparently, this rapist had explicitly declared former IGP Musa Hassan in assorted probity writings as well as affidavits. Eventually a rapist got scot free as ! well as 6 junior policemen, Rosli as well as Dato Ramli got charged.

The Non-Existent RM 27 Million Cop

To disprove Rosli who prepared assorted probity writings for Dato Ramli as well as a CCID, Rosli was bound up in a most thespian conform which befits a suspense thriller movie. For months, a MACC leaked to a press which Dato Ramli was a "RM 27 Million Cop" as well as which it was dark in a comment of a lawyer. Then, in a holy month of Ramadan of 2007, a MACC agents stormed Rosli's office, flustered as well as announced during Rosli in front of all his employees, afterwards brutally handcuffed him so firmly until his wrists swelled as well as separate his skin which he bled. The MACC afterwards threw Rosli into a MACC subterraneous cell, refused him bail as well as deliberately reason him overnight usually to learn him a lesson.

In a month of Ramadan of 2007, a MACC stormed Rosli's office, flustered as well as announced during him in front of all his employees, afterwards brutally handcuffed him so firmly until his wrists swelled as well as separate his skin which he bled

The next day, usually a single day prior to Aidil Fitri, a MACC paraded Rosli along a probity corridors like a playground weird as well as charged him in a most sensational conform to leave a permanent impression which this was a warn who hid RM 27 Million. That story fizzled out immediately when it was shown there never was which income as well as neither Rosli nor Dato Ramli was ever charged for any illegal asset! .

I have been writing about this box so which a open would know of this heartless arrangement of power. you longed for a open to be unwavering which nobody is safe if all these can occur to a comparison Muslim warn with an ideal track record during his duration of fasting. And all which happened to Rosli usually since he acted for former CCID Director, Dato Ramli Yusuff who, during which time, was a aim for career elimination by Musa Hassan, A-G Gani Patail as well as a MACC. The rest is history.

The Infamous Conspirators

Since then, a 6 junior Policemen, Rosli as well as Dato Ramli have all been acquitted. The assorted courts have additionally pronounced damning judgments opposite those who bound Dato Ramli as well as Rosli generally former IGP Musa Hassan as well as DPP Kevin Morais. On a day, he was acquitted, you wrote which Rosli referred to those who did all these cruel things to him as "the Rogues in Government" as well as vowed to reason them under obligation so which no a single else would humour a things which he had suffered.

When Rosli filed his Statement of Claim, he gave pithy outline of a assorted parts of a swindling together with a part involving a Bank Negara military military military officer who had colluded with a A-G as well as a MACC to control illegal monetary searches upon him. Rosli usually knew a tip things they did when a banks proposed withdrawing his banking facilities, cancelled his credit cards as well as refused to do commercial operation with him. To a professional as well as those in a commercial operation world, this can be devastating. This was a death call which can finish a professional's commercial operation as well as livelihood.

That was wha! t happen ed to Rosli as well as so he sued all of them, together with a Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) military military military officer who caused a illegal search. Since BNM denied being concerned in a conspiracy, Rosli offering to repel his fit opposite which BNM military military military officer if BNM would send a letter to a banks to clarify which Rosli was never underneath investigations by BNM. This seemed reasonable enough, though BNM refused to do which implying they had something to hide.

It was transparent to me which all Rosli longed for was accountability as well as to get to a bottom of a swindling in sequence to put a stop to all these shenanigans by these rogues in a corridors of power. On Apr 15, 2008, a absolute Utusan Malaysia even admitted to their wrongdoings as well as published an utter open reparation in a following words:


In October 2007, while a Muslim community were preparing to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, you had published a headlines essay about a arrest as well as charge of warn Rosli Dahlan with a title "Police Lawyer failed to acknowledgement item charged in probity today".

In which essay you finished multiform allegations which were untrue opposite Lawyer Rosli Dahlan as follows:

1.That he is a Singapore citizen who carries out authorised use in Malaysia, since he is truly as well as in truth a Malaysian citizen;

2.That he has breached a laws of a nation by refusing to have an item declaration, since he had in truth finished a pronounced declaration;

3.That he had dark a item of a comparison police military military military officer who was underneath investigation by a ACA, since he never did that;

4.That he is of malevolent impression as well as had acted deceptively in his exchange to perplex a ACA investigations, since he had regularly entirely co-operated with a ACA as well as his actions were regularly inside of a mandate of a law.

Our pronounced essay has given a all wrong depiction of warn Rosli Dahlan as a foreign warn who had acted in a demeanour discordant to a proper behaviour as well as ethics of an advocate as well as solicitor.We hereby completely apologize to warn Rosli Dahlan for a pronounced untruthful article. We regret a control as well as realize a repairs which you have finished to him.

We admit which a pronounced essay was created as well as published in a sensational demeanour to beget publicity which exceeded a parameters of ethical journalism surrounding a investigation of YDH Dato' Pahlawan Haji Ramli Haji Yusuff who during which time reason a post of Director of a Commercial Crime Investigation Department of Police DiRaja Malaysia.

Utusan Malaysia right away understands which warn Rosli Dahlan has commenced movement opposite a Government of Malaysia, a Attorney General as well as a ACA specifically to set in reserve a notice opposite a pronounced warn which has been issued in contravention of a provisions of a law. Lawyer Rosli Dahlan is additionally looking damages for a detriment as well as damage suffered by him."

Rosli wants to transparent his name

Some contend Rosli need not file a civil fit since he had already been vindicated when he was acquitted by a rapist courts. But you can assimilate since he indispensable to pursue this formidable authorised movement opposite these really absolute institutions he longed for to transparent his name as well as to reason those whom he regards as rogues ! in these institutions entirely accountable. After all what preference did Rosli have? A-G Gani Patail is already bent upon starting after him as clear from a interest filed opposite his acquittal.

Loss of Legitimate Business

This situation had broken his great name as well as career. From friends in a circle, you attend to which he had lost his GLCs clientele. Only final month, Minister Nazri Aziz educated MAS to sack Rosli as well as his organisation as well as to pass a Tajudin Ramli series of cases to an UMNO law firm. Private zone clients have been fearful to rivet him as they have been fearful which their commercial operation would suffer. What preference did he have?

So, Rosli played according to a rule as well as sued those whom he considered to be rogues in these institutions. Instead of carrying a bravery to face a trial, regulating their powers in these institutions, they avoid starting to trial as well as attempt to skip it. Thus, BNM sought to set upon out Rosli's fit so which he could not discuss it a full story of a dirty things they did to him.

What happened to The Judge?

As an spectator of justice, all these have been really transparent to me. Thus, you was perplexed when you discovered late final dusk which a Honorable Justice Dato' John Louis O'Hara had authorised BNM to set upon out Rosli's suit. you am not certain since a great Judge did that. The story as well as a swindling have been plain as well as clear, so, how come a schooled Judge was not able to see that?

I am told which a distinguished out is a really serious outline process as well as is frequency authorised generally when a contribution have been so contentious. So since did this happen? It became patently transparent to me which Rosli is confronting multiple attacks from those whom he called a rogues in a MACC, a A-G Chambers, BNM as well as a mainstream media to perplex him as well as financially hurt ! him by m aking all kinds of technical objections so which Rosli's box will never see a light of day in court. Is which how Rosli's box opposite those who abused him will finish?

It seems bizarre to me which when Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim raised assorted breaches by a charge in his Sodomy II trial, a Court of Appeal rebuked which as a tactical ploy to skip a trial. This was what a Court of Appeal said:

"It seems which a appellant here is perplexing his turn best to skip his sodomy trial for reasons best known to him, much to a discomfit of a charge as well as a annoyance of a members of a open during large."

Yet, here it is BNM you do to Rosli exactly what a Court of Appeal had pronounced should not be done.

After most calls, you eventually managed to verbalise to Rosli final night. you was astounded when told which he had gone to bed during 10pm. That was really unusual of him. you wasn't certain if he was again avoiding me. He sounded really reluctant generally when responding my questions upon a little of a contribution which you had already knew in sequence to write this piece.

I knew something was coming when he pronounced which he appreciated all which you had finished to prominence his case. Then he forsaken a bomb. He pronounced which he had been suggested by his close friends together with a former comparison DPP which all these stories upon him have gained him zero though usually finished hold up some-more formidable for his career as well as have incited most parties opposite him. He kindly asked which you should stop.

There were most things you longed for to answer to Rosli, though you kept my counsel. you could feel he contingency be tired, he contingency be emotionally as well as financially drained carrying fought all these authorised battles alone. He contingency be feeling down saying his career in shambles as well as there appear to be no finish to a things they keep you do to him.

I longed for to discuss it him not to attend! to his former comparison DPP crony who might not be his crony after all. All a frightening things which happened to Rosli were real. These were not figments of imagination. These were not fiction. These were harmful as well as a effects have been still felt. But he contingency not be disheartened as well as demoralised.

Speak Up opposite prevalent abuses of a Justice System

I longed for to discuss it Rosli which you chose to write about him since what happened to him could occur to any a single of us. It is no longer about him though about a abuses in a system when innocent people have been victimized. you longed for to discuss it him which you cannot keep quiet if you want such prevalent abuses to stop.

I am certain Rosli will assimilate since you have to display this. you am certain he will snap out of this before long as well as will determine with my actions as you share a ideals of saying probity as well as fairness. For now, it is in truth a unhappy day for Rosli when a Justice was blind.

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Umno realigns media units with eye towards polls

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct thirteen Datuk Seri Najib Razaks media strategist, Abdul Jalil Hamid, is approaching to conduct newspaper publisher New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad (NSTP) from Monday as Umno realigns its media units forward of the subsequent general choosing approaching by early 2012.

The Wise Man of Semabok, Part 2

THE Wise Man of Semabok, Part 2


AAAARRRRRRRGH!" he one day screamed,
... When a pressures of schoolwork sank into him.
"Can't studying be easier than this?" Johan kept
upon asking,
"Isn't there a secret regulation for guidance as well as memorizing?"

And that day Johan buried his face in a mountain
of books,
Like a bad small kitten drowning in a brook,
And he yelled as well as screamed during a thought of failing,
Until late during night he kept upon wailing.

That night Johan slept amongst his books,
Indeed that night he dreamed he was standing
by a brook,
And he was staring during a rushing waters,
"Will I leave this subject unanswered?" he wondered.

And Johan kept upon wondering as well as wondering,
When a answer will be arriving.
Not to mention because he was there standing,
Looking during a water fast running.
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Anti-apostasy rally group pumped by sultan's decree

A organisation of Muslim NGOs which have coalesced under a banner of 'Himpun' for a programmed anti-apostasy convene pronounced today which it was encouraged by a Selangor sultan's new statement.

"The matter by a palace has made us, a leaders of Muslim NGOs as well as our members, more assured in our bid to defend as well as save a conviction of Muslims in this country," pronounced Himpun cabinet member Aminuddin Yahaya in a matter released today.

The bloc is planning an anti-apostasy convene dubbed 'Himpunan Sejuta Umat Selamatkan Akidah' (Gathering of a million to save faith).

"We are assured which hundreds of thousands of people will inundate a stadium to express antithesis opposite any threats opposite their conviction as well as it will simulate a solidarity as well as consolidation of Muslims though deliberation descent, socio-economic status or political ideology," pronounced Aminuddin.

In a matter upon Monday, a Selangor sultan had justified a raid by a Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) upon an event during a Damansara Utama Methodist Church.

However, he pronounced no movement would be taken opposite any celebration notwithstanding indications of attempted proselytisation of Muslims.

The sultan additionally voiced exasperation over such attempts as well as called upon a state Islamic authorities to ensure which there would be no such recurrence.

"The Selangor palace as well as a people can trust us to bear a complicated responsibility of ensuring which a sultan's wishes as well as joining of not wanting a conviction of Muslims to be compromised will be upheld," pronounced Aminuddin.

NONEIt is unclear who leads a bloc though Senator Mohd Ezam Nor (left) had been afierce critic when a Jais raid controversy first pennyless out as well as had sniped during non-Muslim exco members in a Selangor government.

In a new posting upon micro-blogging site Twitter, Ezam voiced which he would be conducting a roadshow opposite apostasy.

"Starting this week, we with (Kulim Bandar Baru MP) Zulkifli Nordin (will conduct) roadshows opposite a dissenting view agenda. (We) additionally stand with NGOs as well as parties in a entertainment of a million people," he wrote.

According to a Himpun rally's Facebook page, this appears to be a approach reaction to religious controversies over a past years, with a many new being a Jais raid.

"Recently, a Christianisation movement as well as a little non-Muslims groups have dared to threaten a conviction of Muslims. They have dared to have demands upon issues such as apostasy, Malay-language Bible, a use of a word Allah as well as Jais..." a outline reads.

The convene is expected to take place upon October twenty-two during a Shah Alam Stadium.

Malaysians Must Know a TRUTH

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Sodomy II: Defence won't call Musa, Rodwan

Following a Kuala Lumpur High Court's preference to set upon out Anwar Ibrahim's subpoenae on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as well as his mother Rosmah Mansor as a declare in a sodomy trial, a defence today said it has decided not to call an additional two witnesses.

NONEThe two witnesses who were scheduled to be called are former-inspector general of police Musa Hassan as well as former Malacca police arch Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof (right).

This surprise move was confirmed today by Anwar's counsel Sankara Nair.

"We have informed a alternative party (prosecution) over a decision."

"There is no point job those two, given a justice disallowed a job of premier Najib Abdul Razak as well as mother Rosmah Mansor," he said when contacted.

The hearing is scheduled to resume Monday.

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Guan Eng: Najib's budget is from borrowed loans

Running down Budget 2012, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says that it relies on necessity spending to buy votes.

Unlike Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's 'election' budget, Lim said, a Pakatan Rakyat governments fund cash aid to a bad from over-abundance budgets.

NONEWhile providing cash aid to thw bad as well as Malaysians was welcome, he said, questions have been lifted as to where a sovereign supervision was going to find a money.

He remarkable that Petronas was expected to minister usually RM28 billion subsequent year, or RM2 billion reduction in dividends as compared with this year.

"The numbers just do not supplement up, though a sovereign supervision still expects revenue to increase from RM183 billion this year to RM186 billion subsequent year, notwithstanding a reduce division payments from Petronas," pronounced Lim.

He remarkable that most economists have warned that a sovereign bill risked committing a republic to a path of unsustainable spending.

This should not come during a time when a global economic outlook appeared to be in recession, he stressed.

"Najib' s bill relies on borrowed loans to give income to a people, that still has to be repaid by a people," a DAP secretary-general pronounced in a statement, describing it as an election bill "clearly written to please voters".

He pronounced a DAP does not find any measure to fight crime or plug leakages in a bill so that some-more resources could be expelled for public benefit.

Household debts very worrying

For this reason, he said, a sovereign government's target of shortening a bill necessity from RM45.5 billion this year to RM43 billion subsequent year was "unlikely to be reached".

Revenue pick up was overly optimis! tic as w ell as competence result in aloft sovereign supervision debts to fund a necessity spending.

More worrying, he added, was Bank Negara's 2010 Annual Report, that suggested that Malaysia's domicile debt during a finish of final year was RM581 billion - or 76 percent of a GDP.

This puts a republic during a second-highest turn for domicile debt in Asia, after South Korea.

The Malaysian domicile debt service ratio was 47.8 percent in 2010, definition that roughly half of a income of a average domicile went in to debt repayment.

"Clearly, Malaysians have been becoming an indebted nation, with a supervision leading a approach by giving a people income from borrowings," he said.

The one necessary disproportion in between a BN as well as Pakatan state governments, Lim said, was that Pakatan did not make use of borrowed supports to give income to a people, given ultimately, a people still had to pay for borrowings by a state.

"Pakatan state governments give income from bill surpluses, that a people or their children have been not required to repay," he added.

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Residents surround 200 over 'foreign' voters claim

Residents from Desa Seri Putra in Putrajaya have surrounded a organisation of about 200 people they suspect are foreigners over rumours that these people are slated to embrace Malaysian identity cards (IC) and since voting rights.

NONEAccording to PAS Youth exco Mohd Adram Musa (right in pix), a residents have surrounded a organisation during a review nearby a executive capital.

Mohd Adram, who is additionally a deputy chaiperson of his wing's approved reconstruction and people's mobilisation bureau, toldMalaysiakini that his fellow celebration activists and Desa Seri Putra residents received information about a make a difference from celebration workers.

Starting during 7.30 this morning, they followed 6 buses carrying a suspected foreigners until their attainment during a said resort.

[More to follow]
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Malaysias Old Economic Model

The supervision still offers handouts instead of reforms to woo voters.

Wall Street Journal
12th Oct 2011

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has unveiled the bill full of
freebies written to win over electorate in the subsequent general election,
expected in the subsequent 6 months. In the process, he is dashing
expectations of economic reforms needed to promote growth.

This contrasts with the made at home reforms Mr. Najib announced last
month. A promised renovate of the country's colonial-era authorised code
would guarantee made at home as good as civil freedoms prolonged denied to

Mr. Najib seems to have thought of the handout for scarcely everyone in
2012. The country's 1.3 million civil servants will see salaries and
pensions rise, in most cases by as most as 30%; households earning
less than 3,000 ringgit ($ 960) the month will embrace one-off payments
of 500 ringgit; relatives will find most propagandize fees abolished or
reduced. Then there have been the taxi drivers who get fat taxation exemptions.

Worse, the supervision has not taken the required stairs to wean
Malaysia off food as good as fuel subsidies. Mr. Najib progressing pledged to
phase them out, given they have skewed consumption patterns and
strained public finance management for most years. He even likened subsidies to
"opium" as good as made small though noteworthy cuts final year. He could have
continued which rehab this year by incrementally raising regulated
prices to move them closer to marketplace levels.

This multiple of proxy handouts as good as taxation breaks upon the single hand and
welfare spending upon the other doesn't assistance Malaysia's competitiveness.
The export-dependent manage to buy is already hurting fro! m weak m arkets
abroad as good as the rising cost of living at homeGDP expansion fell next 5% in
year-on-year conditions for the final dual quartersand needs long-term
incentives to deposit as good as set up the stronger made at home consumer market.

Yet Mr. Najib offered no permanent changes to the taxation make up as good as no
guide to shortening regulation as good as spending. The 2012 bill proposes a
9.4% hike in output from the 2011 budget. And deliberation the
government outlayed thirteen billion ringgit ($ 4.16 billion) some-more than it
budgeted in the past year, it could good infer some-more profligate.

To its credit, the single small of area of reform the supervision has kept
pushing is liberalization of foreign investment in services. In 2009,
Mr. Najib dismantled the long-time restriction which benefited "sons of
the soil." Foreigners were progressing forced to mutually try with
Malays, the country's ethnic majority, though they can right away own 100%
stakes in businesses in 27 sub-sectors. Friday's bill extends that
reform to 17 some-more sub-sectors such as healing as good as education services.

However, these have been small industries which don't sinecure most Malays. The
government needs to tackle bigger reforms in industries like
manufacturing, where regulations still give Malays dominance. In the
same vein, the work marketplace suffers from entrenched affirmative-action
policies. Mr. Najib has oral of enacting in advance changes when he
presented the "New Economic Model" final year, though he keeps disappointing
voters by unwell to follow through.

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Lim Kit Siang

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Jais-DUMC row: Sultan not properly informed

Ng Kam Weng, The Micah Mandate

The Christian village has waited with anticipation for DYMM Sultan of Selangor to come out with a have a difference which will assistance finalise a inter-religious crisis sparked off by a Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) raid upon Damansara Utama Methodist Church upon Aug 3, 2011.

We acquire a Sultan's instruct which religious peace should continue in a state as good as his direct which there be no prosecution opposite any of a parties involved.

However, a Sultan's have a difference does raise a couple of issues of critical courtesy for a non-Muslim village as there have been views voiced therein which suggest which a Sultan might not have been scrupulously sensitive by his advisers.

First, a have a difference suggests which "the actions of Jais were correct as good as did not breach any laws enforceable in Selangor," as they "are in line with a office supposing underneath Syariah Criminal Procedure (State of Selangor) Enactment (2003), Syariah Criminal (State of Selangor) Enactment, 1995 as good as a Selangor Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment of 1988" (herein referred to as a "Selangor Enactment")

With all due respect, I beg to talk about from this understand of a state enactments. In a initial place, a office postulated by Article 11(4) of a Federal Constitution was to permit a state to control or shorten a propagation of sacrament between people professing to be Muslims. This contingency be review in a context of a Article itself which fundamentally provides for each chairman a freedom to profess, use as good as generate his religion.

Such energy to control or shorten propagation cannot be understood as absolutely prohibiting any control or wake up upon a forgive of a little vague censure which they have been for a purposes of prop! agation of religion. Such energy cannot be taken as looseness for officials to land or tamper in to a function conducted inside of a premises of what is obviously a non-Muslim religious establishment (in a benefaction box a Christian institution) but certified authority

There is no certified sustenance underneath a Propagation Enactment which allows Jais officials to land in to a premises of DUMC, much less lift out a raid. From my reading of a Selangor Enactment (1988), a closest possible justification which can be offering by Jais have been Sections twelve as good as 13, which mention which "an certified military military officer might investigate a commission of any corruption underneath this Enactment as good as might detain but aver any chairman suspected of having committed any such offence."

He might additionally request for warrants of detain from a Magist! rate to need a attendance of witnesses. There is, however, simply no unilateral energy to lift out an entrance as good as poke underneath a Propagation Enactment or for which have a difference even to request for a poke warrant.

If a military military officer responsible for a raid intends to control an entrance as good as search, he contingency bottom his energy from a little certified source. Jais officers appear to have acted underneath Syariah Enactment which does NOT apply, however, to non-Muslims as good as cannot be imported in to a Propagation Enactment.

While superficially this sustenance seems to grant disturbing energy to this "authorised officer", a enforcement contingency be unchanging with a more elemental supplies underneath Part II of a Federal Constitution relating to elemental liberties as good as a supplies of a Criminal Procedure Code (Act 593) relating to poke as good as detain which presumes which a poke aver should have been sought as a have a difference of course, as good as which a aver is postulated usually upon reasonable guess which a seizable corruption has been committed during a DUMC premises. T! he requi rement of a poke aver is a elemental recognition of a right to remoteness inside of one's own domain as good as space.

More importantly, given a sensitivity of inter-religious family as good as a sanctification of religious places of worship, such a aver should be postulated usually by a court or decider from a Civil Court as good as usually upon firm as good as clear grounds.

The fact remains which Jais carried out a raid with negligence for established supplies as good as procession of law a personality of a Jais party failed to benefaction applicable identity documents to confirm he was in truth "an certified officer", mention a offence(s) or suspected offence(s) relating to propagation underneath a Selangor Enactment which was purported to have been committed as good as which he had performed a poke aver from a Magistrate or a High Court, especially when a church was a aim of a raid. For these reasons, it might be argued contrary to a Sultan's statement, which prima facie, Jais had not acted rightly inside of a bounds of law when it raided DUMC.

Second, it should be remarkable which a have a difference claims "there were attempts to mishandle a conviction as good as idea of Muslims but which a justification performed would be insuffici! ent for further certified actions to be taken."

The plural word "attempts" suggests Christians during DUMC were guilty of subverting Islam not usually upon Aug 3, 2011, but which they were repeatedly committing a purported offence. This is a many unfair as good as dubious accusation which imputes shame to DUMC but gift any justification which could be accurate or refuted.

It might be remarkable which a English version of a Sultan's have a difference uses stronger difference than a central Bahasa version it translates a word "memesongkan (distort, deviate) fahaman dan kepercayaan fahaman orang Islam" with a word "subvert a conviction as good as idea of Muslims"

The have a difference unwittingly exposes a feeble foundations of its! accusat ions when it concedes which there was insufficient justification performed for further certified action. In elementary terms, this contingency means which Jais had FAILED to have a prima facie box opposite DUMC.

I might add which despite a attempt to hide during a back of a certified tenure of "insufficient evidence", a reality is which there was simply NO justification of overthrow of a Islamic faith. Beating a hasty retreat from a threat of prosecuting DUMC was a most appropriate choice left for Jais.

Third, it is alarming which a have a difference describes a activities of DUMC as overthrow of a Islamic faith. This assign is injurious to a integrity of Christians with courtesy to their profession as good as use of faith.

Regarding integrity of profession of a Christian faith: Christians during DUMC have never pretended to be training any sacrament alternative than Christianity. DUMC is, after all, a church. Christians have each right to uphold their ideology as good as use their conviction as good as whilst doing so, should not be judged as subverting or deviating /"memesongkan fahaman" Islamic ideology upon comment of a devout differences between a two religions. Following a logic of Jais, Christians could e! qually h ave charged Muslims for subverting a Christian conviction when Muslims evangelise a conviction different from Christians.

Regarding use of faith: Christians have been good good known for their social work which flows from their idea in a adore of God for a bad as good as needy. As a Bible says, "Religion which is pure as good as unpolluted before God a Father, is this: to revisit orphans as good as widows in their distress as good as to keep oneself unstained from a world" (James 1:27). Hence, a press have a difference from DUMC says, "DUMC conducts all its activities to offer a village as good as for a gratification of all Malaysians in any box of creed, race or religion."

It is thus alarming when Jais casts aspersions opposite a gift work finished by Chr! istians as good as claims which Christians have been subverting Islamic ideology upon comment of their great works. It might good be a box which a little needy Muslims have availed themselves to a great services offering by DUMC, as good as DUMC obviously cannot spin them divided simply because they occur to be Muslims.

DUMC might good be charged for compelling religious noise if it makes sacrament a cause before anyone can embrace welfare. On a alternative hand, Christians might good be advised to stop their work which might incline a Muslim to perspective a Christian conviction agreeably given this would incur a wrath of Jais officials. At best, a Sultan's have a difference can be tampered with by mischievous parties as good as exploited to falsify a charitable intention of Christians; during worst, it maligns a gratification work of Christians.

Therefore, you acquire a proclamation made by a mentri besar of Selangor, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, which a Selangor supervision will set up a special cabinet to fine-tune a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) followed by a Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) in doing attempts to proselytize Muslims.

We hope a cabinet will come up with recommendations which will 1) safeguard Jais entirely understands as good as observes a bounds of its authority, which is, which it has no office over non-Muslims, as good as 2) any review of non-Muslims heading to intervention by a Islamic authorities should follow a proper procession as good as law, including obtaining a poke aver postulated by senior legal officials from! a relig iously neutral establishment such as a Magistrate or a High Court judge.

Otherwise, a supervision ends up surreptitiously investing deceptive as good as excessive management to Islamic officials over non-Muslims. The consequences will be abuse of power, as good as unresponsive as good as provocative actions opposite non-Muslim believers as seen in a box of a Jais raid of DUMC.

We do good to attend respectfully as good as sy! mpatheti cally to a appeal from a plant of religious abuse, in this box DUMC, when it says in its media statement, "We sincerely ask which all religious communities as good as places of ceremony be treated with pinnacle request oneself as good as not be intruded upon."

Dr Ng Kam Weng is research executive during a Kairos Research Centre

Malaysians Must Know a TRUTH

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Projek MRT dijangka mula pertengahan 2012

PUTRAJAYA, 12 Okt Projek MY Rapid Transit (MRT) Lembah Klang dijangka mula dilaksanakan pada suku kedua atau ketiga tahun depan, kata ketua pegawai eksekutif MRT Co Datuk Azhar Abdul Hamid hari ini. Laporan media sebelum ini menyebut ia akan dimulakan akhir tahun ini dengan majlis pecah tanah dan siap dalam lima tahun. Laluan MRT sepanjang 51 ... Read More

As expected, they are now going to try and scuttle the plan to

As expected, they have been now starting to try as well as scuttle a plan to take Felda as well as 112,000 settler families higher through a listing of a camp giant, as announced by Najib Razak in his Budget 12 last Friday. If a . If Najib Razak succeeds, which embody giving settlers direct appearance in moulding Felda's future,

Songlap Yayasan Selangor - Khalid Gagapi dan Semua Exco Letak Jawatan!

Hari ini Bahagian Audit Dalaman, Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Selangor telah mengeluarkan laporan review ke atas Yayasan Selangor.CTS amat kecewa dengan penyelewengan-penyelewengan yang dilakukan oleh pihak pengurusan Yayasan Selangor di bawah naungan Menteri Besar Selangor, Khalid Gagap.CTS akan cuba mengulas penyelewengan-penyelewengan yang dilakukan dengan menumpukan kepada majlis-majlis


Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah amat tersinggung dengan usaha pihak tertentu yang cuba melemahkan kepercayaan dan akidah orang Islam di Selangor.

Titah baginda, cubaan memesongkan akidah umat Islam itu berjaya dibuktikan dalam hasil siasatan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) terhadap Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama (DUMC) pada 3 Ogos lalu.

Bagaimanapun, titah baginda,

Lynas flogs investment benefits in wake of latest protest

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 Lynas Corp has touted its committed investments in Malaysia following fresh protests opposite the Australian mining giants singular earth plant in Gebeng, Kuantan. Lynas pronounced currently direct investment in the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) totalled RM618 million as of Sep 31 as well as affianced to pour in an additional RM700 million ... Read More

296 Summoned for Smoking at Designated No Smoking Areas

PUTRAJAYA, 12 OCTOBER, 2011: Two hundred ninety 6 people who ignored no smoking signs during directed towards no smoking areas in government offices were issued court order during the three-day coercion operation carried out by the Health Ministry upon Sept 27. ... Read More

Putri UMNO Baca Quran Dengan Berpakaian Terdedah

KLIK IMEJDi atas adalah gambaran sebenar pegangan Islam UMNO. Dalam membaca Al Quran, boleh berpakaian terdedah aurat.Dengan kata lain, sambil buat perkara yang sunat, lakukan juga perkara yang haram.Haram dan halal boleh dicampur aduk atas kehendak nafsu sendiri. Itulah asas kepada pegangan Islam UMNO.Dengan kata lain, falsafah pegangan Islam UMNO adalah: Ambil bahagian Islam yang suka.Buang bahagian Islam yang tidak suka.Perkara yang serupa dilakukan oleh UMNO di dalam:1.0 Menolak hukum Qazaf ... Read More

Sarawak : No one shows up for DAP seminar

KUCHING: It was the rude awakening for the Democratic Action Partys (DAP) dreams of penetrating farming areas in the state when not the singular person incited up to attend the Dayak Consultative Council (DCC) convention yesterday. IT'S EMPTY: No the single though the organisers as well as grill staff can be seen during the convention venue.The DCC convention was scheduled to be hold in the internal grill during Siburan (Mile 17,

DAP MP wants Parliament debate on Taibs wealth

KUALA LUMPUR, October 12 A DAP lawmaker currently sought to raise some-more vigour upon Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud by job for an emergency suit to plead ongoing corruption probes in to his wealth. Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen, who is also DAP vice-chairman, told reporters currently he skeleton to list a suit to extend parliament for ... Read More

Indian Malaysian swing to BN elusive

MIC boss G Palanivel claims which there is a noted increase in a await shown by a Indian Malaysian village to Barisan Nasional. This is a clear understatement. While they might be confident of recapturing mislaid seats, we severely doubt if a MIC is capable of behaving better in a next ubiquitous election.

I strongly hold which there will be an rare turnout in a coming ubiquitous election. The critical question is has a BN altered as well as have been they capable of displaying a brand brand brand new style of governance with clarity as well as accountability?

indian throng malaysia 291107The Malaysian domestic meridian has rather altered for a better after a last ubiquitous choosing as well as there has been a conspicuous alleviation in our domestic politics, where a public in ubiquitous has turn more vocal as well as responsive.

While a nation holds huge intensity for a future, will gifted Indian Malaysians gain an opportunity? What pragmatic measures have been there in place presently to accelerate a success of a Indian Malaysian community?

Prime Ministe! r Najib Abdul Razak, on a alternative hand, says which BN parties should completely equivocate internal conflicts, functionalism as well as sabotage. But this problems have been unavoidable for existent BN leaders have been refusing to vacate and/or pave a way for newcomers.

Moreover, a little leaders of BN have been as well restored as well as have turn redundant in politics though go on to hold power as well as refuse to adopt changes. They have in actuality turn a liability to BN.

It is positively clear which a MIC under a present volatile domestic meridian will not be able to conduct commercial operation as usual unless there is a brand brand brand new prescri! ption.
The MIC contingency find solutions to rising newer problems faced by a Indian Malaysian community. Some of these problems have been very serious in nature as well as stream leaders have been either shelving or in a centre ignoring them:

  • How will they hope for a Indian Malaysian village to face a borderless future?;
  • How will they hope for a village to acquire as well as retain a competitive edge?;
  • Is a Indian Malaysian village capable sufficient to change policy or decision-making?

Need for innovative measures

They cannot occupy a old approach or strategy though instead contingency be ready to emanate brand brand brand new opportunities so as to capacitate a village to strech brand brand brand new heights. There is a need for innovative measures privately tailored to fit a peculiar needs of a community. The party contingency be dynamic to do things otherwise as well as contingency be rebuilt to take risks.

Of late, a government has been charity a little conciliatory gestures which have been purely momentous policy decisions though a important question is, is which sufficient to t! ransform a community?

After decades of marginalisation as well as segregation, many would be cautious about a government's true intentions to transform. Only time will denote if this proposed transformation changes have been for real or a mere fallacy.

R KENGADHARAN is a former ISA detainee.

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