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Hahahaha...Bila mai spice PAS semua yang haram automatik akan bertukar menjadi halal..Belanja sarapan pagi dengan mengharapkan undi bukan satu bentuk rasuah ke?? Walaupun nilainya kecil..(sarapan je..itupun bagi makan orang..bukannya bagi duit pun) tetapi ianya sudah boleh dikira rasuah kerana pemberian itu mengharapkan balasan...Kalau benda ni memang dibuat sejak dari dulu lagi..sebelum kempen pilihanraya bermula..lain cerita...Ini nizar belanja sarapan masa nak pilihan raya saja..KENAPA BARU SE ... Read More

BN Manifesto Highlights

KUALA LUMPUR: Following have been a highlights of a Barisan Nasional (BN) manifesto launched by Prime Minister and BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak at a Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil tonight.The manifesto, themed 'A Promise of Hope', contains a coalition's pledges written to lift a country to new heights if given a fresh charge in a upcoming 13th general election:Read more... ... Read More

For politicians, social media both boon and bane

April 07, 2013

There have been scarcely 14 million Malaysians upon Facebook, roughly half the countrys complete population. Reuters picKUALA LUMPUR, Apr 7 Politicians continue to grapple with amicable media make use of with Election 2013 only weeks away, hoping to tap the audience the unfiltered medium provides while avoiding the many in attendance pitfalls.

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi demonstrated the dangers of such the misstep upon amicable media earlier this week, after he sent out an offending post upon Twitter, according to Singapores The Sunday Times.

We shall move to the fight section to kill all adverse domestic intruders. Zahid posted upon the renouned microblogging service following the dissolution of Parliament upon Wednesday.

The politicians welfare of difference did not go down well with all parties.

What standard of the apportion is this? Nathaniel Tan, the domestic writer, tweeted in response.

Electoral watchdog Bersih has additionally listed Zahid in its brand new name as well as shame campaign, accusing him of condoning the domestic violence which is increasingly reported.

But notwithstanding the perils which come from politicians granting approach entrance to their thoughts, amicable media as well as the Internet have been mediums which few hoping to do well in the entrance ubiquitous election can means to ignore.

Caretaker prime apportion Datuk Seri Najib Razak has dubbed Election 2013 the amicable media election, as well as is heading by example in embracing the accumulation of platforms from Twitter to Facebook and, many recently, Instagram.

Najib additionally maintains the personal blog at 1Malaysia!

There have been right away about 13.6 million Facebook users in Malaysia out of the 28.3 million-strong population, which is the 48 per cent invasion of the population, according to monitoring website

Over dual million Malaysians right away make use of Twitter, up from 3,000 in 2008.

Najibs unrestrained for the energy of the Internet is understandable; it was variously credited for the gains done by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) during Election 2008 when the antithesis agreement seized five states as well as denied Barisan Nasional its customary Parliamentary supermajority.

In between central missives, Najibs various Internet facades suggest glimpses in to the Umno presidents personal life. And nonetheless he has the organisation of handlers to manage the numerous accounts, Najib insists he privately posts most of the content.

But it appears which Najibs colleagues could additionally benefit from the assist of the supporting team.

Some of the younger as well as some-more savvy BN politicians make use of amicable media sincerely well, Edwin Yapp, senior editor of Digital News Asia, told The Sunday Times. But by as well as large, many of them have been still not savvy, the little downright unhandy at amicable media.

But even for as gifted the practitioner as Najib, the Internet can prove to be the wildcard over which none has control.

A recent Chinese New Year open residence hosted by BN saw the viral widespread of the video clip which clearly showed attendees repeatedly shouting No! in response to Najib asking if Penang residents were ready for BN.

Beyond tackling the value which PR holds in cyberspace, BN politicians have been additionally keen to strech the 2.3 million first-time electorate who have been authorised to cast their ballots in Election 2013.

According to Professor Shaharuddin Badaruddin, the domestic scientist at Universiti Teknologi Mara, 90 per cent of immature electorate make use of the Internet as their categorical sou! rce of d omestic news, with just fifteen per cent sourcing this report from television.

BN has openly courted this organisation as well as sought to enable their online presence, giving out netbooks in farming areas as well as rebates for smartphone purchases in the current Budget.

On the other side, PR parties continue to arrangement their familiarity as well as welfare for the Internet as the medium of welfare to strech supporters.

PKR has opted to impugn the governments suggest of 10 minutes airtime upon state broadcaster RTM, selecting instead to concentrate outreach efforts upon Facebook. DAP as well as PAS additionally deserted the offer.

[PKR] is taking the step to take process contention approach to voters, by the prolongation of these eight short videos about the Peoples Manifesto, Rafizi Ramli, the partys plan director, previously said.

Facebook is our greatest weapon. Its still the categorical battleground, Medaline Chang, communications officer for DAP, told The Sunday Times. Its the most appropriate place to put up statistics as well as notes as well as because you question the sold supervision policy.

Aside from Facebook, DAP has launched online radio site Ubah.TV as partial of its categorical online bearing ahead of Election 2013.

Najib announced the dissolution of Parliament upon Wednesday, paving the approach for the ubiquitous election. The Election Commission is scheduled to encounter upon Apr 10 to set the dates for nomination as well as polling.

As election nears, Nizar woos Umno voters with breakfast - The Malaysian Insider

The Malaysian Insider

As choosing nears, Nizar woos Umno voters with breakfast
The Malaysian Insider
Nizar pronounced the weekly sessions concede him to address some Malay voters' concerns about him and the PR pact. file pic IPOH, April 7 Borrowing from the idea which the way to the man's heart is through his stomach, Perak's former mentri besar Datuk ...

Ciri-ciri utama Manifesto BN


BN janji 150 komitmen baru jika diberi mandat tadbir negara selepas PRU13.

112 daripada komitmen ini telah joke dilaksanakan, selebihnya menambah kekuatan janji-janji demi memenuhi keperluan rakyat.

Manifesto ini perlu dilihat sebagai relocating aim & janji-janji dinamik yang akan dilaksanakan sepanjang 2013-2018.

Apa yang dibentangkan adalah sangat

People- Its a Choice between Bad and Good Government!

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Eight hurt in Johor drive-by shooting

JOHOR BARU, April 7 Eight patrons of a grill in Jalan Dedap, Johor Jaya, here, were injured in a random shooting involving three masked group early yesterday morning. Seri Alam Police Chief Superitendant Roslan Zainudin said a victims were sitting at a table when a group fired shots from a car in a 1.30am incident. Everything happened ... Read More

Menjelang PRU13, Najib gunakan populariti raih undi untuk BN

BUKIT JALIL, 6 April Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak malam tadi ketika pelancaran manifesto Barisan Nasional (BN) dilihat menggunakan popularitinya sebagai Pengerusi gabungan pemerintah berkenaan untuk meraih undi menjelang Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU13). Najib dalam ucapannya bertanya kepada 40,000 penyokong BN di Stadium Putra Bukit ... Read More

Manifesto: PR 10 minit, BN siaran langsung...

Demokrasi ala Malaysia...Ketika Pakatan Rakyat (PR) bertungkus lumus menjelajah ke seluruh negara bagi membentangkan manifesto pilihan raya kepada rakyat, Umno BN mendapat laluan mudah apabila manifestonya disiarkan secara langsung oleh media milik kerajaan dan media arus perdana.Agak lucu apabila dia (Umno BN) tawarkan 10 minit kepada Pakatan Rakyat untuk bentangkan manifesto (secara rakaman), kata Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat PKR, Datuk Johari Abdul kepada TV Selangor hari ini berhubung ... Read More

Taib Family Company Loaned RM1.9 BILLION By Development Bank!

Sarawak Report Sparkling profits daughter Jamilah Taib (left) and sister Raziah Mahmud are two of the family shareholders in Kumpulan Parabena, parent company of KP Mukah Development A loss-making Taib family company with share collateral of only half a million ringgit was postulated almost RM2billion in loans last December by the Malaysia Development Bank [...] Read More

BN pledges better prospects of promotions for civil servants

KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 Civil servants, a fortitude of a countrys economic development, will have more opportunities for graduation as well as bent growth if Barisan Nasional (BN) is since a mandate to lead a nation for an additional five years. This is a single of a peldges made by BN in the declaration launched by the chairman Datuk Seri Najib ... Read More


Apa punya hamlau la puak-puak Pakatan Rakyat ni!

Memang betullah macam yang duk habaq selama ni. Pakatan Rakyat kalau janji, kalau buat kerja, kalau berlakon macam bertanggungjawab, depalah yang paling hebat.

Ni ada satu cerita menarik yang tidak mungkin akan disiarkan oleh media-media pro-Pakatan Rakyat, khususnya PAS.

Pada 2 April lepas, satu upacara penyerahan cek kepada PIBG sekolah-sekolah aliran Tamil telah diadakan di Seri Mentalon, kediaman rasmi Menteri Besar Kedah. Yang memberikan cek adalah Menteri Besar bersama-sama Exco Tamilnya, Manikumar.

Setiap sekolah mendapat peruntukan berdasarkan kategori-kategori yang telah ditetapkan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Kedah.

Punyalah nak berlakon tetapi akhirnya terkantoi.

Bayangkanlah cek yang diberikan kepada PIBG SRJK (T) Ladang Harvard bernilai RM2000 bertarikh twelve Disember 2012. Apabila Pengerusi PIBG sekolah berkenaan ke Bank Islam untuk menunaikan cek berkenaan, ternyata cek tersebut sudah luput tarikh dan cek tersebut hanya sah untuk 3 bulan sahaja.

Pihak PIBG telah menghubungi Manikumar dan memaklumkan perkara tersebut. Bagaimanapun yang menjawab dan mengendalikan kes tersebut adalah seorang kerani. Setelah puas bertekak, akhirnya kerani tersebut memberitahu, itu adalah kesilapan teknikal. Pun begitu, dia tidak boleh memberikan sebarang kata putus, sebaliknya perlu mendapatkan arahan daripada Manikumar terlebih dahulu.

Manikumar tidak bercakap dengan pihak PIBG tetapi tidak lama kemudian kerani berkenaan menghubungi pengerusi PIBG itu dan memberitahu bahawa itu adalah kesilapan teknikal. Janji yang diberikan ialah, cek tersebut akan ditukar dan tarikh yang tertera pada cek asal, juga akan ditukar.

Punyalah kalut nak mendapatkan u! ndi dari pada masyarakat India, sampaikan tarikh pada cek pun tak sempat nak diperhatikan!!!

Memang lawak Pakatan Rakyat nih!
Sumber: MyKMU

Manifesto BN adalah Akujanji

Aku janji bukan hanya janji tapi aku janji yang menyeluruh. Muat turun di Manifesto BN


PM dah naik theatre sambil memberi saam PM sempat perli gang-gang bersih! He he he. PM kata kali ini dia tak nak lagi panggil manifesto, dia nak tukar kepada AKUJANJI `katanya. Yalah kan ke Khalid gagap kata Manifesto bukan janji..hehehe

Baiklah mari kita tengok apa yang akan dibentangkan oleh PM dalam akujanjinya. Sebelum nak dibentang PM kata baru-baru ini dia telah membentangkan 'report card' atau daam bahasa mudahnya apa yang telah beliaau lakukan dalam 4 tahun.

Memang benar apa kata PM, tak pernah sebelum ini sesiapa joke membentangkan sebegini, malah PM kata 4 negeri Pakatan joke tak bentangkan inform card mereka. Oleh itu kata PM kata branding Janji Ditepati adalah sesuatu yang realisitik.

Kata PM, BN janji 150 komitmen baru jika diberi mandat tadbir negara selepas PRU13.
112 daripada komitmen ini telah joke dilaksanakan, selebihnya menambah kekuatan janji-janji demi memenuhi keperluan rakyat.

Manifesto atau akujanji ini perlu dilihat sebagai moving aim & janji-janji dinamik yang akan dilaksanakan sepanjang 2013-2018. Tambah PM lagi. Apa yang dibentangkan adalah sangat realistik, berlandaskan kalkulasi ekonomi yang berhati-hati dan tidak semberono.

Pendekatan declaration yang sangat bertanggungjawab dan memberi kesan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia. Merangkumi keperluan rakyat termasuk di Sabah, Sarawak dan kawasan pedalaman di Malaysia. Akujanji ini adalah akujanji `rakyat didahulukan`.

  • Penambahan BR1M untuk segmen masyarakat yang memerlukan pembelaan. Kejayaan BR1M 1.0, 2.0 diteruskan menggunakan falsafah perkongsian kemakmuran bersama rakyat.
  • BR1M dinaikkan RM1200 untuk satu keluarga, RM600 untuk orang bujang. Baucer Buku 1 Malaysia dinaik! kan RM30 0, Bantuan Persekolah dinaikkan RM150.
  • Pengurangan harga kereta antara 20-30% secara gradual.
  • Dasar 1Negara 1Harga untuk barangan keperluan asas.
  • Kementerian baharu dalam menangani isu-isu dalam bandar.
  • 1,000,000 juta rumah mampu milik termasuk 500,000 perumahan PR1MA.
  • Mengambil alih penyelenggaraan semua perumahan awam.
  • Sistem nasional untuk penjagaan kesihatan rakyat.
  • Membina Lebuh raya Pan Borneo.
  • Sasaran 3.3 juta peluang pekerjaan; 2 juta daripadanya berpendapatan tinggi.
  • Sekolah satu sesi diperluaskan.
  • Bantuan khas RM100,000 kepada sekolah yang mempunyai kelas pendidikan khas.
  • Transformasi sekolah vokasional.
  • 4,000 anggota Polis setiap tahun.
  • Penggunaan SafeCam.
  • Pengecualian cukai sumbangan kepada pembangunan rumah ibadat.

Be wise when choosing govt to enable Gelang Patah development, says DPM

April 06, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 Gelang Patah voters need to wisely weigh as well as have a right choice by choosing Barisan Nasional (BN) as a BN supervision has grown a area in to a centre of economic growth in southern Malaysia.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin pronounced voters should be aware of how a BN supervision grown an area from nothing, in to a many fast growing area in a country.

Muhyiddin was commenting on a DAP strategy to kill MCA in Johor, by putting its advisor, Lim Kit Siang, as a candidate in a Gelang Patah parliamentary chair in that a Johor executive centre, Nusajaya, is located.

He pronounced a Gelang Patah parliamentary chair would be shielded as it is a centre of a state supervision administration department in Nusajaya.

"From an underdeveloped area, Nusajaya today has been grown by a BN supervision in to a development centre with various infrastructural facilities," he said. Bernama

GE13: Anwar not confident of contesting any seat, says Liow

BUKIT TINGGI:Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahims preference to competition Permatang Pauh in a 13th general election shows he is not confident of contesting any seat, pronounced MCA deputy president.Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai criticised a Opposition personality for flip-flopping between seats.That alone exposes his debility that he is playing a lot ofsandiwara. People must know a real faces of Anwar, pronounced Liow after rising a Smart Partnership Programme 2013: Enhancing Mandarin Communication Skills Thr ... Read More

Husam bertambah juling disaman Tok Pa

Husam ni tak ada lain kerjanya melainkan menipu rakyat. BAca Flying Kick SINI

Apabila didedah salahlakunya, Husam jadi gila saman blogger. Akhirnya dia takut nak teruskan saman Papagomo kerana dikhuatiri akan terdedah kisah sebenar dia dan wanita China yang tersebar di blog.

Lebih elok Husam bersihkan imejnya yang dah dikenali sebagai MUKA PECAH TANAH.

Mata joke juling dari

BN confident of winning back Lembah Pantai, says Muhyiddin

KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 Barisan Nasional (BN) is confident of convalescent the Lembah Pantai parliamentary subdivision formed upon the local communitys feedback over the past 4 years, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. He said the peoples response towards the governments mutation programme proved that they devoted ... Read More