Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Babies are from IKEA

Technorati tags: Humor, Book Banning, Where Did we Come From?, UMNO Youth, UMB-eciles when the dad lumber as well as the mommy lumber who adore each other (and are, of course, legally married), get bolted together Okay, screw that thought with an Allen Key. Just like how UMNO Youth screwed with the 30-year old book (via The Malaysian Insider) that teaches no-nonsense sex education. Walski reckons REAL porn is excellent by them, though not anything educational. No siree as everyone knows, babies ... Read More

thugs' over attack

thugs" for their conflict on Mr Anwar Ibrahim's car on Sunday. The incident happened during Sembrong, Johor, during about 11.30pm when Mr Anwar, 64, was scheduled to verbalise during a celebration ...

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Babies are from IKEA

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" when the dad lumber as well as the mommy lumber who love each alternative (and are, of course, legally married), get bolted together"

Okay, screw which thought with an Allen Key. Just similar to how UMNO Youth screwed with the 30-year old book (via The Malaysian Insider) which teaches no-nonsense sex education. Walski reckons REAL porn is fine by them, yet not anything educational.

No siree as everybody knows, babies come from IKEA. Some open as well as screwing necessary (additional collection might be required). The last thing we want is young Malaysians carrying the evil Western belief which babies are produced by passionate union.

Ministry emissary secretary-general in charge of security Datuk Abdul Rahim Mohd Radzi voiced the ban underneath th! e Printi ng Presses as well as Publications Act 1984, only the day after ordering the proxy halt to the book's sales to study if the calm could harm the nation's "moral."
(source: The Malaysian Insider)

The ban referred to is upon the book "Where Did we Come From?" by Peter Mayle, the highly regarded sex preparation book.

Maybe it's only Walski, yet we know what unequivocally destroys the morals? Being bombarded as well as mentally sodomized 24/7 with contemptible news of passionate bungle which everybody the government included seems to condone.

Oh, as well as REAL porn, similar to the supposed Anwar Ibrahim China Doll video which pro-UMNO UMB-ecile blogs have been openly spreading.
(porn is in the eye of the pee-pee holder, as well as more, in the full post)

But here's the unequivocally bizarre ! partial the book was initial published in 1984, as well as has probably been in the bookstores for the good partial of the last dual decades. So because the sudden abhorrence over the contents?

Well, to clear up this little mystery, we would unequivocally have to ask UMNO Youth, the organization which brought this whole thing up in the initial place, as well as wrenched it in to the open mindspace.

The following is from The Malaysian Insider (emphasis by myAsylum):

Umno Youth's Datuk Muhd Khairun Aseh cl! aimed to have received most complaints from the open about the book's striking outline of making love in between dual people. The book has illustrations of the exposed man as well as lady as well as teaches young kids proper anatomical names.

"The degree of trash inside the book was too much," he was quoted as observant by the English-language each day yesterday.

"This is the violation of Section 292 of the Penal Code, which deals with placement or sale of pornographic materials. We believe which the little 200 million copies of the book have been printed given it was published in 1997," said the head of the Umno Youth's village complaints bureau.

(source: The Malaysian Insider)

Funny, yet Walski doesn't recall Datuk Muhammad Khairun Aseh screaming full of blood porn when the Anwar tapes were making the rounds. Walski reckons which it's because no the singular in UMNO complained, eh?

Muhammad Khairun Aseh, according to sources Walski found upon the 'Net, is around 33 years of age give or take, depending upon how long it took his parents to assemble him which creates him only somewhat older than the book itself. And he's the father of dual children, as Walski understands.

Did they come from IKEA, too? Aisle 27, Shelves 14 by 17, as well as accessible in birch, brown-black, as well as only about any standard color solely for white, given Malaysians are obligated to disg! ust anyt hing "white". With the exception of skin whitening creams, naturally.

Well, interjection to UMNO Youth, we have the singular less resource to scrupulously teach kids about sex. So Walski reckons which it's behind to online porn to clarity about the reproductive process. Heck, that's how most kids these days clarity about the birds as well as the bees anyway. Granted, it's usually wildlife of the opposite kind (but that's simply some-more unnecessary item for us to get in to right now).

Seriously, though, is the book obscene by today's standards? And by that, Walski means intelligent standards, not the lowest usual denominator benchmarks shoveled as well as force-fed down the throats. Well, given the book has already been banned, it would be fatuous to run down to your nearest porn peddler bookstore to find out.

Fortunately for us usual Malaysian netizens, the good people during Loyarburok had the adroitness as well as cunning to post samples of this presumably licentious as well as society-damaging book online for the own consideration.

So what do we consider publishing or educational?

But we know what Walski unequivocally finds obscene? The super-duper quick kneejerk reaction from the Home Ministry to repel the book from dissemination (and subsequently banning it), only because UMNO asked them to. Within the singular full of blood day.

But then again, this is the same ministry during the forefront of upholding human rights, so maybe Walski shouldn't be all too surprised.

What's equally outrageous is the actuality which the singular sold shred of multitude in this case the Einsteins during UMNO Youth gets to confirm what's good for each singular Malaysian. Not only the tiny shred of society, yet Walski dares venture, the small-minded shred of multitude as well.

But maybe that's only symptomatic of the fascist country Malaysia has turn as well as he shouldn't protest too much. Oh, we're the democracy we say? Yeah, go upon your afternoon nap suckers, as well as dream on.

The actuality remains which the sovereign government we have today is the singular we ourselves voted in. Or during slightest which YOU voted in, because Walski certainly didn't. So ponder upon which little factoid the next time we vote.

So given we brought this idiocracy unto ourselves, if we're told which it's fine to have the heads screwed upon backwards then it must be supposed as the only correct way. Lest the UMNO-pand! ering Ho me Ministry deports your sorry ass.

Despite what the UMNO-kowtowing morons in power would have us believe, convention IKEA products even babies requires some-more than only the right-sized Allen Key. Most times, the little ability is required, as well as some-more mostly than not, the singular some-more tools.

But most of all, elementary usual clarity determines whether or not the IKEA baby's screwed in the right approach or not. Sadly, we find which some-more as well as more, as time goes by, which inalienable right for adults to have usual clarity i! s being taken away, the singular book during the time.

Service over, indicate to the nanny state

Walski's self-assembled statement of indemnity: Contrary to what we might presupposition from this blog post, Walski regards IKEA as his favorite provider of old-fashioned sounding (and infrequently formidable to pronounce) furniture as well as alternative in-home needs. Like most Klang Valley consumers, domicile purchasing decisions without the revisit to IKEA will feel the tad naked. Much similar to the "Where Did we Come From" kind of naked, pubes as well as all.

The funny IKEA-like instruction graphics Walski has used throughout this post originated from the feign joke-brochure combined by Aubrey Clayton, owner as well as editor of the humerous entertainment repository The Foghorn. It was featured in Boing Boing Gadgets the little years back,! as well as was of course the perfect source for illustrating this post. You can download the PDF duplicate of the entire "manual" here.

However, don't try seeking for the box of BB during your local IKEA outlet; not even upon aisle 27

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EDISI JUMAAT: Sokong Israel main serah-serah?

Terserah kepada Anwar terima pendirian Pas - Nik AzizKUALA LUMPUR 22 Feb. - Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata, terserah kepada Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim untuk menerima pendirian Pas berhubung isu Palestin.Beliau berkata, Pas sentiasa konsisten bahawa parti itu tidak akan mengiktiraf negara haram Israel, sebaliknya terus memberi sokongan kepada perjuangan

Malay NGO seeks return of judicial freedom

The Penang Malay Congress says ex-chief decider Dzaiddin was right, Mahathir was wrong.
GEORGE TOWN: A Malay pressure organisation has combined the voice to the carol job for the replacement of legal independence.
Responding to the new speech by former chief justice Mohd Dzaiddin Abdullah, the Penang Malay Congress (PMC) today urged the government to rectify Article 121 of the Federal Constitution to remove constraints to legal powers.
PMC secretary Mohd Noor Mohd Abdul Kader pronounced it was the responsibility of the stream Umno-helmed sovereign government to restore the public esteem enjoyed by the law before 1988.
Echoing others who have bemoaned what some have called the stream "incestuous relationship" in between the law as well as the executive arms of government, he laid the censure upon former budding apportion Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
He pronounced Mahathir compromised the "independence, firmness as well as dignity" of the law in order to safeguard his position as Umno president.
"It's Umno's avocation now to right the wrong," he added.
In his speech at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial upon Feb 10, Mohd Dzaiddin pronounced judges had become subservient to statute politicians since Article 121 was amended in 1988.
"Mohd Dzaiddin's statement was realistic even yet it! was 24 years late," Mohd Noor told FMT, shouting off the rejection by Dr Mahathir.
He pronounced consistent domestic division in to legal affairs had undermined the credibility, firmness as well as autonomy of judiciary, as well as eroded public confidence in it.
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Are The Cops Working For The People or Malaysia Politics?

This Sunday's simultaneous rallies across a country opposite a Lynas plant.

It is on which day it will be a latest turn which you shall see whether a police's really working for a people or for political interests. If protesters have been arrested though carrying no-weapons which can mistreat others, afterwards a country's heading to a wrong direction.

Remember Bersih 2? There have been tons of evidence of wrong control by bad apples of a military force. Maybe this video can remind everyone about it.

- A Little Taffer's Room
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Musuh dan Selimut

Husin membaca laporan blog AIDC di sini.Hilmi dakwa ada musuh dalam selimut, tetapi dia juga kata dia ambil gambar menggunakan handphone dan handphone dia hilang. Langsung tersebar gambar telanjang ADUN Bukit Lanjan.Mungkin handphone itu hilang pasal ada yang curi. Bagi orang nak curi handphone yang kini second palm tiada sangat harga, boleh jadi Hilmi dah tunjuk gambar pada kawan-kawan.Nampaknya, dalam selimut Eli Wong dah ada musuh.Tak tahulah ugama apa Eli Wong, pasti ugamanya dah larang bena ... Read More

Najib denies snubbing Pakatan MBs, CM

(The Malaysian Insider) - Datuk Seri Najib Razak has refuted allegations which he had snubbed Pakatan Rakyat (PR) by on purpose incompatible their member from the mentris besar as well as chief ministers meeting on Tuesday.The prime apportion told the press conference last night which the meeting was merely for the co-ordination between the federal as well as state governments as well as was not one enshrined under the Federal Constitution. Meetings that, according to the Constitution, engage all states, ... Read More

Najib says Sabah RCI still 'under consideration'

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has assumingly refuted claims that a stately commission of inquiry (RCI) upon a purported citizenship-for-votes fraud in Sabah had already been approved.

"We have been considering it," pronounced Najib in a curt reply to a subject upon whether a RCI would be established after chairing a Umno autarchic legislature assembly final night.

NONENajib's reply came as a warn as high-profile Sabah BN leaders have claimed that cabinet had authorized a investiture of a RCI upon February 8.

The Sabah BN leadershad speculatedthat Najib would strictly announce a RCI during his two-day revisit to a state final week.

However, heleft Sabahafter a two-day revisit without making any plead of a RCI.

United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) secretary-general Wilfred Madius Tangau toldMalaysiakiniyesterday that a RCI was already in a bag as well as usually itsterms of referencewere to be ironed out.

According to him, Upko had already submitted a proposals upon a conditions of anxiety to de facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.

No need to entice Pakatan MBs as well as CMs

Meanwhile, Najib also brushed in reserve claims that he had acted unprofessionally by failing to engage Pakatan Rakyat-administered states during his assembly with menteri besar as well as arch ministers.

Najib pronounced that a! assembl y was for coordination activities in between a federal government as well as a state governments, as well as stressed that a get-together was not a constitutional requirement.

However, he pronounced a federal government will entice Pakatan menteri besar as well as arch ministers for meetings that have been spelled out by a constitution, such as a National Land Council meetings.

"They have a lot of meetings as well as never entice us. We never complain. They will consort among themselves. No problem. We (on a alternative hand) have been you do coordination works," he said.

Najib was responding to Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim's explain ! he had a cted unprofessionally by withdrawal Pakatan administered states out of a 114th assembly of menteri besar as well as arch ministers in Putrajaya.

Asked if a National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) liaison was lifted during a autarchic legislature assembly final night, Najib replied: "We did not plead it."
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MPPP versus Jessie Ooi - 1 all

Wakakaka, when a caller to my blog asked me since we haven't posted anything upon Jessie Ooi, we replied cheekily: "Who's Jessie Ooi?"

For a start, a caller asked about Jessie Ooi in a post patrician
Malays some-more special than Arabs in Islam?, a subject all out of whack with a thread contention (what we hoped for). It's not distinct someone asking "Why haven't we posted anything upon a imam chucking his shoes during a judges" in a post upon "Dr Mahathir wrote to Ehud Barak".

Secondly, there are/have been so many issues which can be posted during any a single time so it has to be a blogger who chooses what, who as good as when to blog. Sometimes we can entertain requests, though many times we can't or won't.

Thirdly, a little people only do not know when a reply is cheeky or sarcastic wakakaka, as good as would go into syiok sendiri raves as good as rants, as in [taken unedited from a comments section]: "There title again during Malaysiakini blog upon Jessie Ooi. Why blog as good as have smart conclusions..when we do not review current issues? You may as good talk about a Sun...Moon as good as Stars. Your blog is getting some-more as good as some-more talking cock...favoring BN than anything else. Your determine to remonstrate tactics will not work KT. Be a man...stand obviously which side we have been supporting. 13th GE is near...make up your mind" wakakaka!

Sorry, can't help them.

Anyway, upon Jessie Ooi we review an engaging analysis upon her behaviour by Douglas Tan during Free Malaysia Today patrician
Jessie Ooi: Vindictive or a only victim?

I sugges! t we rev iew it if you're interested in Jessie Ooi wakakaka.

As for kaytee, we see her as only perplexing to have a name for herself, maybe to advance her station as a potential candidate in a next election, not distinct a little UMNO rednecks as good as a single Gerakan pest who's regularly perplexing to score points opposite Lim GE by nonsensical media releases.

But bad sweetie Jessie in attempting to hurl sand during Lim GE had a muck ricochet onto her own face since she either hadn't prepared herself good as good as to illustrate perplexed up her contribution (stupidly asking a CM of Penang to account for Selangor State's comment rates) or she was lashing out blinding as good as indiscriminately only to have noise similar to anwaristas wakakaka.

But what worries me some-more has been a hazard by Penang Island City Council (MPPP) to sue her, as reported in Malaysiakini's
Apologise or face action, councillors advise Jessie Ooi.

One of a fundamentals of a democracy is which open servants, right from a PM down to a small dialect bureau boy, cannot sue any member of a open for complaining and/or criticizing the! m, regar dless of either a censure is current or sheer bullshit, PROVIDED a censure is about a open use or a bad (or miss of) use a officers have provided, as good as not anything PERSONAL opposite an individual.

Example: One can rail as good as diatribe opposite a PM (or a Selangor Economic Advisor wakakaka) for not you do his job though a single cannot credit Najib (or you-know-who wakakaka) for hidden pencils from his bureau or pinching his PA's lovable lil' bun, wakakaka.

Th! us sweet ie Jessie is absolutely correct in declaring in Malaysiakini's headlines
My rights being oppressed, asserts Jessie Ooi in condemning a MPPP for threatening her with authorised movement over her (no disbelief furious as good as invalid) questions during a Chua SL vs Lim GE debate.

I await her in which open servants cannot use authorised equates to to overpower critics who subject their policies, plans, implementations of skeleton as good as actions (or non action).

I call upon Lim Guan Eng to immediately rein in those equally furious councillors. We cannot have skinny skinned legalistic bullies serving as open servants, no matter how improper or bitchy a criticisms of a little MCA wannabe MP/ADUNs had been wakakaka, unless of march she's stupid enough to credit any councillor of carrying small wee weenie willie wakakaka, when afterwards it becomes a personal insult opposite an particular ;-)

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Police roadblocks forward of gatherings upon ISA

Police have set up roadblocks forward of gatherings planned by dual groups, a single opposite as good as a other for a Internal Security Act (ISA), Friday.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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EDISI JUMAAT: Dr Mahathir nasihat ahli PAS sembah Allah

SHAH ALAM twenty-two Feb. Memberi komen selepas satu Majlis di UiTM, Dr Mahathir menasihati Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang sepatutnya meminta ahli parti itu berbaiah kepada Allah.Nasihat ini dibuat ekoran kenyataan Hadi memberitahu calun-calun PAS dikehendaki berbaiah dan sesiapa yang melanggar bai'ah itu akan 'celaka dunia dan akhirat.'Mahathir berkata, Sebagai seorang yang beragama Islam

Does Perkasa have MCAs support?

Rosmah's cooking with Perkasa another denote of BN's publicity of the extremist Malay group, says DAP.
PETALING JAYA: What is the MCA's relationship with the Malay supremacist organisation Perkasa?
This was the question posed by Kampung Tunku assemblyman (DAP) Lau Weng San after he attacked Rosmah Mansor's assemblage during the Perkasa cooking final week.
He claimed which the participation of the Prime Minister's wife during the eventuality showed which BN was personally supporting Perkasa as well as which the Najib administration department endorsed extremism as well as racism.
He asked MCA to insist why it was willing to associate itself with Perkasa, which he pronounced was "inflicting harm upon the Chinese community".
As an example of Perkasa's anti-Chinese stance, he cited the recent incident in which the Malay group's leader, Ibrahim Ali, gave out white ang pows to the organisation of aged Chinese invited to the Chinese New Year dinner. (The Chinese make use of white envelopes for ang pows usually during funerals.)
Low criticised MCA as well as the president, Dr Chua Soi Lek, for not censuring Ibrahim for the insult.
He indicted the party of having collaborated with Perkasa in assorted events aimed during bringing down the Selangor state government, citing the participation of MCA leaders in Perkasa-organised street demonstrations opposite the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor.
FMT reported final July which Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau chief Theng Book as well as his deputy Kelvin Chong had joined former Perkasa Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah in one of those protests.
Lau pronounced MCA leaders were also du! ring the Perkasa criticism in Dec 2010.
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BNM approval not needed to refund investors

Central bank says Bestino giveaway to lapse any supposed supports claimed to be in life to investors in bullion investment scheme.
KUALA LUMPUR: Gold investment intrigue user Bestino Golden House Sdn Bhd need not wait for for the immature light from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to lapse investors' money.
"Bestino is giveaway to lapse any supposed supports claimed to be in life to the investors. Approval from BNM is not required," the executive bank pronounced in the statement.
On Monday, investors urged BNM to clear the air over the make the difference by Bestino director Chong Yuk Ming which Bank Negara had yet to give the immature light to reinstate investors' money.
Chong pronounced Bestino was ready to lapse the income to investors upon April thirty this year since the association has US$ 146 million (RM438 million) in the HSBC Bank, Hong Kong.
The largest bullion invest intrigue in the nation, Bestino which is formed in Ipoh, stopped taking in investments after BNM raided the association for bootleg deposit-taking activities.
Four of its directors were charged in the Sessions Court in Ipoh upon February 23 final year for bootleg deposit-taking as well as money-laundering offences.
Since then, more than 6,700 investors have demanded which BNM as well as Bestino lapse their investments.
No reason to reason upon to the money
BNM additionally settled which the Bestino management has not responded to the request for the tripartite assembly with investors so which the association can insist its plan to re! instate investors.
Meanwhile, Bestino Action Committee urged the directors to rught away lapse investors' monies in light of BNM's make the difference which it has no conflict to the association refunding.
At the press discussion today, cabinet member M Sarasvathy pronounced which Bestino should reinstate monies as shortly as possible as they had affianced to do.
"There is no reason for them to reason upon to the money, amounting to RM411 million, right away which BNM had privileged the air upon the matter," she said. "We wish Bestino to solve the income now."
Sarasvathy who is additionally Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) inhabitant deputy chairman pronounced which they will go on with their signature debate until investors get back the money.
"We will encounter BNM administrator in shortly to seek the assembly in between BNM, Bestino directors as well as investors to get the full design upon the current scenario," she added.
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British mother, son jailed over dogs' deaths


LONDON: A British mom as well as her son have been locked up for starving two dogs after imprisoning them in an integument as well as nailing it shut.

A court heard how a dogs -- Rottweiler Axel as well as Staffordshire bull terrier Bully -- were starved, denied water as well as practice for weeks prior to they died in agony, svelte as well as dehydrated, a Daily Mail reported.

Jamie Taylor, 31, as well as his mom Julie, 50, were each locked up for 16 weeks as well as unfit from gripping animals for life after causing "horrendous suffering" to a pets.

The son as well as mom abandoned a dogs' barks for help. The jobless son, Jamie, refused to walk them because he was "embarrassed" that they were too skinny.

The Royal Society for a Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) officers attempted to rescue a animals though were denied access as well as when military finally broke into a house in Bradford, West Yorkshire, they found an 'overpowering stench' of decaying flesh as well as corpses of a dogs in a attic.

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If we carefully as good as dispassionately examine the lives, we will not fail to come to the end which by as good as large, we have been ourselves 99.99% of the time the primary architects of the own fate. So, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, RPK, of Malaysia Today, contingency increasingly find it all depressing which instead of basking in the comfortable adoration of legions of fans, he's essentially grieving in cold, wet as good as dull Manchester, as good as increasingly being some-more reviled, loathed as good as cursed than ever by unhappy Malaysians.

Wither Tai Chi as good as Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' whose tactics as good as strategies RPK claims to ratify wholly, much to the mystification of his readers? Sadly, this is what transpires when we watch as good most Hollywood as good as Honky Kung Fu movies as good as American TV. programs. In most years of travelling by Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore as good as Indonesia, we have never come across the singular aristocrat or top CEO who essentially practises any of Sun Tzu's strategies. It's called 'The Art of War' dummy, not 'The Real Art of Doing Real Business'. In Malaysia especially, we customarily need 'The Art of Angkat Bola' or "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' to turn fabulously rich.

As for Tai Chi, the customarily variety of it being practised anywhere outward of China appears to be the the single where the lot of OAP's accumulate in the gloom of early morning in the remaining open green spaces fast being reclaimed by greedy developers, as good as go by these 'slow mo' m! oves to improve red blood circulation, as good as afterwards conduct to the nearest coffee emporium for the beast cholesterol-oozing breakfast.

Surely, if RPK is any kind of the worthy exponent of Tai Chi as good as 'The Art of War,' he should have been equates to to travel true by the minefields of BUMNO/BN as good as Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib instead of carrying to run for cover to London as good as UK, should he not? Reminds me of all these clairvoyants who claimed to have likely 9/11 as good as JFK's assassination, though not the exact day, date as good as time of their own misfortunes or death!

Let me have some confidant assertions:
  • I'd still rather have RPK around blogging up the storm than not. On balance, we consider he's upon the side of Pakatan winning GE13 as good as BUMNO/BN being relegated to the minority celebration in Opposition.
  • I accept he should doexpos'sto exhibit shenanigans, whether by BUMNO/BN or Pakatan. But RPK contingency accept which we can't design perfection in politics, which, as much as it might be about the art of the deal, compromise or possible, is additionally about settling for the short-term upon the obtuse of dual evils.
  • He's got absolutely no loyalty to anyone though himself. Whistleblowers contingency be congenitally violent to confess their secrets to RPK; they can design no protection from RPK as the benefactor
  • He's nothing some-more than the blogger, though the good one. He's not the professional journalist or critical writer. He knows it, that's only what he wants as good as that's since his modus operandi is some-more same to which of the bull in the china emporium than which of say, the savvy, experienced, well-spoken PR expert as good as strategist.
  • He certain as ruin made some kind of the understanding with BUMNO/BN as good as Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib over which TV3 talk which drew courtesy to his (in)famous Statutory Declaration about allegations of Altantuya's murderers, which begins with "I have been reliably informed" No the single is which naive. It was meant to give relief to Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib. What was the carrot? Money, $ millions of it? Was it the understanding involving his son's release from remand upon framed up charges as good as subsequent no-questions-asked moody to London?
  • But for all that, he's mislaid the plot.

    But should we have expected anything some-more from the man, who by his own admission, has embraced causes trimming from the Iranian Islamic Revolution to the Iraq invasion, Talibanism as good as what else not? That RPK should benefaction these in his resume to remonstrate us which he's paid his impost to the nation, is, not customarily only laughable, though downright silly. It clearly shows the immature thoughts we have been traffic with. Or is it the kind of greeting we design from someone who says he's the critical blogger, invites people for their views as good as afterwards lashes out during criticism with "Who the fuck have been we to tell me what to do."

    You can have an uncontrollable quick rage when we have been in your twenties and, possibly, early thirties. Beyond that, such outbursts customarily result in mess during the personal level as evidenced by RPK's sudden departure from bureau in PKR. Any man who exhibits such large egotism as good as megalomania is the risk unto himself. we mean what kind of the fuck philosophy is "If everybody hates me, I'm we do my job." Listen man, if we have been we do your pursuit well, everybody (who matters) should adore as good as worship you. The flip side of whi! ch coin is? If they hate we as good as curse the belligerent we travel on, we have been we do shit fuck all! Think Ghandhi vs Stalin or Mao.

    I have been reliably informed (no SD) by dual leading lawyers in KL which the day RPK returns to Malaysia, he will be slapped with the dozen subpoenas for defamation suits, over as good as upon top of those which Shafee as good as alternative pro-BUMNO layers have already filed. Why? Because recently, he fired the salvo against Pakatan lawyer-MP's as good as Aduns for allegedly corruptly profiting as good as benefiting to the tune of $ millions from work finished for the Selangor State Government as good as the agencies. This all fake indictment famously as good as spectacularly blew up in RPK's face for which he did not have the decency or grace to apologise.

    He has again taken to sharpened from the hip in straining to remonstrate his readers which he has the offset proceed in his ooh, Tai Chi as good as 'Art of War' machinations. RPK has revived the ghost of crime in sandmining involving State-owned companies in Selangor. There is additionally this serve claim of 7 sandmining whistleblowers carrying been sacked from their jobs. Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim responded immediately with the Selcat open hearing. He's even invited Selangor BN Co-ordinator, Mohd. Zin Ahmad, to benefaction justification of crime in sandmining during the open hearings instead of sniping from the sidelines with bland, customary innuendos as good as melancholy statements similar to "I have been reliably informed"

    Would such the strong, positive response have come from an BUMNO/BN tranquil Selangor State Government, now, or formerly when they were in charge? Does it remotely look similar to MB Khalid Ibrahim condones crime in Selangor? Compare this with the rejection mode in which BUMNO/BN has been l! urching from the single monetary predicament as good as liaison to an additional vis--vis $ 250 million cowgate affair, $ 7 billion due Banting-Taiping Toll Highway, $ 2.2 billion Kidex involving an ex-CJ's wife as good as UMNO lawyer, $ 7.6 billion purchase of armoured vehicles.the list is endless!

    Which brings us to RPK's latest "John Soh reliably told me." expos.

    But first, let's draw up of Haris Ibrahim of 'The People's Parliament' blog. While still bleeding from RPK's backstabbing wounds ensuing in him (Haris) resigning as President of Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM), Haris rushes to give the modicum of respect to RPK's latest character gangland slaying attempt upon Anwar Ibrahim by perfectionist Anwar reply to RPK's all scuttle-butt blogpost, or else.

    Or else what, Haris? Will we never learn?

    Haris, similar to his coach RPK, seems to be all over the place; the jack of all movements with jackshit to show for it. You wish to have the say in which celebration nominates which claimant for GE 13, afterwards 'turum gelanggang.' Sign up with PAS or DAP or PKR or Parti Socialis, whatever as good as move it. ABU is not the domestic party, though the clever debate slogan.

    And Haris, what have been we unresolved upon to RPK's petticoat for? He's told we in refined classic Mancunian "FOOKIN 'ELL, FOOKIN 'ARIS IBRAHIM OF MALAYSIA, FOOK OFF!" as good as we still would give him the veneer of credence? You still don't get the message? Have we no shame or self-respect? You saved him in Bangkok as good as this is the prerogative as good as show of gratitude?

    Why ask Anwar to reply to RPK? Why should he? Are they equlas? Has RPK been we do Anw! ar any g ood favours recently?No, in actuality he's 90% "convinced" Anwar is the sodomist as good as which he's not morally fit to be Malaysia's Prime Minister, ever.Anwar's newly been by ruin as good as back. So, if he's bit remiss in communicating with RPK, does which aver RPK pouting as good as behaving similar to the testy kid as good as personification round with Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib as good as supervision tranquil MSM? With "impartial" friends similar to RPK, Anwar needs enemies?

    Why did we not direct John Soh pointer the Statutory Declaration confirming all which he's supposed to have sobbed out to Dear Aunty RPK?

    What seems to have transient these brilliant Tai Chi as good as 'Art of War' exponents is which they have all been had, set up. They have all been had as good as set up, bad! Why?
  • A aristocrat might be value $ billions upon paper, though how most have $ 300 million gangling money to bribe 30 politicians to burst ship, even as the bridging loan? John Soh? Even in his heydays, John Soh was not value $ 1/2 billion. we am reliably told (no SD) which even currently most ex-Omega Securities remisiers who mislaid all their deposits in the 1997 $ 400 million fleecing fraud during Omega Securities, have parangs in their table drawers available the return of one, Yeoh Lee Ho, CEO of Omega, who absconded to Australia.
  • Both Tony Tiah, afterwards major shareholder as good as CEO of TA Securities, as good as John Soh, were fined $ 6 million any as good as criminialized from land any directorships in open listed companies for five tears, when after lengthy plea bargaining, they pleaded guilty to dual charges of on condition which fake statements to the KLSE over the Omega debacle.Now, RPK as good as Haris ! design u s to hold the word of what this discredited John Soh issupposed to have confessed to RPK?
  • And had John Soh essentially coughed up $ 300 million from skinny air, BUMNO as good as 'Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua"Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajibwould have counter offering with $ 450 million ($ 15 million x 30 frogs)? And these frogs would have essentially been free to spend $ twenty-five million each? we consider it would be simpler to sell which alternative story to Malaysians - which Santa Claus essentially exists as good as lives in the North Pole.
  • Then again, if Anwar has all these $ billions stashed divided in Satan as good as Zion Lands, wtf would he wish to put himself in the clutches of the murky user as good as apparently, the manipulator, similar to John Soh, or anyone else? Sodomist, Bigamist, Morally Unfit, as good as right divided Masochist as good as Sadist as well, not to discuss Stupid?
  • Set up by who? we was reliably informed (no SD) by Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib when we last met, we forget when as good as where, which Raja Petra Kamaruddin's gullibility had to be seen to be believed. There is the propagandize of thought, as good as it's not as fantastic as it sounds, which it's BUMNO/BN andDr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib who have been keeping RPK financed in UK, where he can do some-more repairs to Pakatan (by the TV3 understanding struck) than if he were physically in Kuala Lumpur.

    If RPK is to be believed, people everywhere have been descending over themselves creation all sorts of confessions to him. Even Anwar:

    "I can hold this since this was only what Anwar told me when we met in London in 2010. In fact, Anwar was even some-more brief in his criticism of the Menteri B! esar. He said which Khalid was realistic as good as had the outrageous ego as good as would not 'listen to advice'. My repartee was: we combined the beast so since can't we only un-create what we created? (In fact, we wrote about this before) Azmin Ali is up in arms. He is grumbling which Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is bypassing the 'correct channels' in creation decisions..."

    And RPK is convincing because? He once hobnobbed with the good Maha Firaun? Does he not realise which in Today's Malaysia, that's the kiss of death?

    Well, as any day passes by, it's apropos painfully obvious which the understanding RPK signed with 'Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua" Dr. Imelda Birkin Rosemajib includes:
    • A blitz in Malaysia Today to try as good as change Malaysians not to vote for Anwar Ibrahim, along the lines of "even if we remove the single eye, Anwar should remove both".
    • Driving the crowd in between Khalid Ibrahim, as good as Anwar as good as Azmin. "Even if we remove GE 13, we (RPK) contingency help us (BUMNO/BN) get Selangor back".
    I consider RPK would be better off writing brilliant exposs similar to "The Reward For Giving Perak Back To BUMNO" than wasting time upon cindrella fairy tales as good as BUMNO/BN propaganda.

    RPK should additionally begin the 'Dear Aunty" hard-up as good as sob story blog. He's got the present for it.

    To slightly twist the obvious adage:

    There have been causes as good as there have been horses. There have been causes for horses, as good as horses for causes.

    So, if we have been the leader, be the leader. If we have been horse, afterwards know your place, though by all equates to climb as good as trot divided to glory. But when we try to be all things to all people, we customarily end up being universally distrusted as good as greatly disliked by all.

    I still review RPK's 'Malaysia Today' as good as Haris Ibrahim's 'The People's Parliament' daily. It certain beats paying $ 1.20 the day to sift by the rabble in the New State Parsely Sage Rosemary & Thighmes or the Daily WCW Jalan Alor Setar Hackrag.

    Again, we feel which we have been upon the same side. we sympathise with RPK's as good as his wifes' predicament. No Malaysian citizen should have to quarrel his battles from abroad by involuntary exile. In the perfect world, the laws, the laws of asses, which pushed RPK to the brink would be deemed ultra vires (Buntutsan, please note this equates to 'illegal as good as not 'insulting') the Federal Constitution by fearless judges. That day will arrive soon.

    And yetand yet? You too? You get which droll feeling which we have been all being had?

    And once again, who am I? Just the humble, nobody Malaysian first, center as good as last blogger who cares how as good as where we have been streamer as the nation.

    As for Tai Chi as good as the 'Art of War' we was reliably informed (no SD) by their Chinese founders which they have been branch so much in their graves, it's melancholy the 10.0 Richter Scale trembler flat tire in China.

    Donplaypuks with your loyalties as good as statutory declarations, man!
    Posted byDonpl aypuks
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    Malays can expel non-Malays: So, do I curse God for being born a non-Malay?

    ... Read More


    IPOH: Bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengakui bahawa kerajaan Malaysia semasa pentadbirannya menolak hubungan Malaysia dengan Israel dan jawapan itu diberikan melalui sepucuk surat kepada Perdana Menterinya Ehud Barak.

    Beliau menjelaskan surat daripada Israel pada ketika itu adalah mahu Malaysia menukar pendirian mengenai hubungan antarabangsa dengan Israel.

    "Saya menjawab balik mengatakan Malaysia tidak akan ada apa-apa hubungan dengan mereka (Israel) selagi mereka tidak mengiktiraf kedudukan rakyat Palestin," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri perasmian Jelajah Keamanan Wakaf Water4Gaza di sini, Khamis.

    Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditanya dakwaan pelbagai blog pembangkang pada masa sekarang mengenai sepucuk surat yang diutuskannya semasa menerajui pentadbiran Malaysia ketika itu, kepada Israel.

    Dr Mahathir yang juga Presiden Yayasan Keamanan Global Perdana (PGPF)berkata bagaimanapun kerajaan Malaysia tidak membenarkannya menyiarkan surat berkenaan walaupun beliau mahu berbuat demikian.

    Katanya beliau membalas semula surat berkenaan dengan mengatakan hubungan dengan Israel tidak mungkin terjalin sekiranya mereka masih berkelakuan sebagai pengganas.

    Dr Mahathir berkata tidak ada sebarang sebab Malaysia boleh menyokong Israel kerana tindakan rejim Yahudi adalah lebih ganas daripada pengganas.

    "Dia (Israel) bom Iraq sebelum ada perang, dia tidak peduli untuk langgar undang-undang dunia, dia tidak peduli sebab ada Amerika akan sokongKita mahu pertahankan orang yang diserang bukan orang yang menyerang," katanya.

    Beliau juga menjelaskan bahawa Malaysia tidak mengeksport atau mengimport barangan atau! produk dari Israel dan tidak menafikan sekiranya terdapat barangan atau produk Israel masuk ke negara ini, ia adalah kerana peranan orang ketiga.

    "Kita tidak boleh menentukan, sebelum ini kita tidak ada hubungan Afrika Selatan, tetapi pihak lain beli getah daripada kita dan jual kepada Afrika Selatan.

    "Demikian juga isu minyak kelapa sawit, minyak kita dibeli oleh pihak ketiga dan kemudian mereka jualsaya tahu yang masuk ke negara ini adalah buah pisang kaki. Ia tidak dilabel dari Israel tapi masuk melalui Singapura, orang Singapura bawa masuk ke Malaysia, tapi kita tidak ada hubungan diplomatik dengan Israel," katanya.

    Terdahulu ketika berucap, Dr Mahathir berkata tindakan berperang dan membunuh bagi menyelesaikan konflik antara dua pihak merupakan satu jenayah yang besar dan jika masyarakat dunia membenarkan perkara itu terjadi maka dunia tidak akan aman.

    "Tindakan berperang dan pembunuhan beramai-ramai bagi menentukan pihak mana yang menang adalah satu pendekatan primitifapakah ini menunjukkan manusia itu bertamadun. Manusia bertamadun tidak akan membunuh untuk selesaikan konflik," katanya.

    Tindakan berperang untuk menyelesaikan konflik antara dua pihak terjadi pada zaman primitif kerana manusia pada masa itu berfikiran cetek dan tidak tahu cara menyelesaikan masalah.

    Beliau berkata dalam dunia moden sekarang dengan terdapat lebih kurang 200 negara yang menganggap mereka sebagai bertamadun namun ada antaranya masih menerima peperangan sebagai penyelesaian konflik.

    Pada majlis berkenaan PGPF menerima lapan replika cek dengan jumlah keseluruhan RM282,158 untuk module Jelajah Keamanan Wakaf Water4Gaza daripada pelbagai badan sukan negeri, pertubuhan parti politik, jabatan dan agensi kerajaan serta kerajaan negeri Perak.

    Program Jelajah Keamanan Wakaf Water4Gaza diadakan bagi membantu menyalurkan sejumlah 1.5 juta botol air mineral kepada penduduk Palestin yang menderita kekurangan bekalan air bersih akibat sekatan dan pemusnahan sistem pembetungan serta loji penapisan ai! r di Gaz a oleh rejim Zionis.

    Sumber: Perak Today

    Don't pretend you were a 'blur blur' PM, Dr M told

    DAP parliamentary personality Lim Kit Siang urged former budding apportion Dr Mahathir Mohamad not to fake he was the really 'blur blur' budding apportion with courtesy to all the scandals during his rule, especially the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) fiasco.

    "Mahathir should not try to squirm out of his shortcoming to the nation to account for the MAS scandal," said the MP for Ipoh Timor in the statement today.

    Yesterday Mahathirdismissedformer law apportion Zaid Ibrahim's call which he should write the book to exhibit the law surrounding the MAS saga.

    "I'm not in charge of MAS... how can we write the book. we can have some comments, that's all," said the nonconformist politician.

    Mahathir additionally plea his detractors to board the censure upon thesettlem entreached in the justice cases in between former MAS chairperson Tajudin Ramli as well as government-linked corporations (GLCs) if they can infer crime in the deal.

    His response did not go well with Lim, who said Mahathir "is trying to re-write the history of his twenty-two years as budding apportion to have Malaysians hold which he was the really 'blur blur' budding apportion who did not know what was going upon in the assorted Ministries underneath him".

    Besides theMAS debacle, Mahathir additionally disclaimed shortcoming for the sacking of Lord President Salleh Abas as well as two supreme justice judges in 1988, the mass arrests using the Internal Security Act (ISA) underOperasi Lalang, as well as the array of monetary scandals underneath his watch, said Lim.

    'A ! master o f selective memory'

    "Mahathir has proven during the royal elect of exploration in to the VK Lingam videotape liaison which he is the master of selective memory, though this does not validate him to rewrite the history of his twenty-two years as budding minister, quite episodes causing inclusive bane to the healthy political, economic as well as social growth of the country.

    "What is Mahathir's credit when he can all disclaim shortcoming for the major scandals underneath his premiership, or is the MAS scandal, which has destroyed an internationally-acclaimed airline causing the country tens of billion of ringgit of losses, an additional iniquitous crime without criminals" similar to Mahathir's initial monetary liaison in 1983 - the RM2.5 billion Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF) scandal?" he queried.

    Earlier on, Tajudin claimed he paid for over determining stakes in MAS for RM1.8 billion upon the instructions of Mahathir as well as former financial apportion Daim Zainuddin in 1994. Mahathir, however, denied the allegations.

    In 2000, the supervision paid for behind the loss-making airline for RM8.00 per share, more than twice the market value, after Tajudin's loans became non-performing as well as were taken over by then-national asset management group Danaharta.
    Lim questioned either the purported 'secret deal' in between Tajudin as well as Mahathir was related to the new justice allotment in between Tajudin as well as the GLCs.

    "Is it because of this secret deal... which explains the lack of transparency in the new allotment in justice in between Tajudin as well as GLCs, cast of characters the dark shade upon the (Prime Minister) Najib (Abdul Razak)'s premiership upon accountability, good governance as well as integrity as well as sure to means the further plunge in the country's Transparency International Corruption Perception Index next year?"
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    UMNO 'behind' Anwar's Ceramah attack at Johor

    It was detected as well as reported by blogsites that UMNO had programmed as well as PAID for a disruption caused to Anwar Ibrahim's Ceramah at Johor. The above as well as next records shows a involvement of UMNO:

    Like what most people suspected, UMNO fears its "SAFE SEATS" in Johor is quick losing to a Opposition since of a hurtful as well as mismanagement administration.

    Let's wait for a military review to see if they are means to catch a culprits as well as charge them.

    - news as well as pictures pleasantness of MiLoSuam
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    Penulis sentiasa percaya bahawa hidup ini adalah berkenaan membuat pilihan. Malangnya, membuat pilihan bukanlah semudah itu. Ramai di antara kita membuat pilihan yang salah di sana sini atau sepanjang hidup kita mengikut perkiraan kita.Sementara kita cuba membuat pilihan yang terbaik, kita tak boleh menafikan soal qada dan qadar. Ada masanya kita mendapati bahawa pilihan salah yang kita buat beberapa tahun dahulu rupa-rupanya telah membawa kita ke arah yang benar. Di waktu itu, ki ... Read More

    BN's 'hidup gaya baru' will be the death of the rest of us all

    BN's 'hidup gaya baru' will be the death of the rest of us all
    The difference "hidup" this as well as "hidup" that; "gaya" this as well as "gaya" that; "baru" this as well as "baru" which have been the difference which is synonymous with BN's 50 years of lording over this little nation.
    And so, the nation so small in more aged to most others dotting this planet, Malaysia substantially has the most number of selling malls as well as entertainment outlets. The mania is to build, set up as well as set up more malls as well as selling arenas, as well as to marketplace these as "Hidup gaya baru" as can be seen from the mega billboards as well as not to discuss the long-lived advertisements which keep the categorical tide media alive these days.
    But BN, where have been the parks for the rakyat? Where is the open safe place for the young to exercise, socially integrate as well as indulge in healthy activities?
    BN, where have been the playgrounds in any taman? Oh, approbation there have been you may retort, but have your leaders as well as supporters taken notice of how pitiable these are? A miserable swing, the see-saw, the slip all rotting divided in the weather; overgrown lallang ora not asked half-field full of troublesome undergrowth; as well as which occasional cleaning up when the rakyat have noise.
    BN where is which exercise play ground for the elderly? We meant the ones which have been like in Hong Kong where you get two-court sized space each 4 to five blocks of high-rise apartments divided which is safe, well illuminated as well as clean 24/7.
    BN, do you know which when eve descends, our girl take to the streets on motorbikes as Mat Remp! its? BN, do you know which young kids have been practicing acrobatic stunts on bicycles right in to the diminutive hours of dawn not distant from your PWTC headquarters? They do so because which is the only space they have as well as it is giveaway from trade only in such diminutive hours.
    BN, do you know which with so most shop lots in each taman, in each municipality as well as in the cities, you have authorised internet cafes as well as snooker centers to sprawl. And the "Hidup gaya baru" is recruiting flourishing numbers of girl to connoisseur from all these entertainment outlets.
    Where have been your mobile libraries as well as open celebration of the mass facilities?
    BN, do you know which for the nation which is sanctified with sunshine as well as bell continue all year round, the need for indoor gyms is the waste? But this is the "Hidup gaya baru" which has been flourishing out of perfect desperation because outside exercising in those distant as well as in in between spots is the high-risk job generally when you have to do it outside of the crowded times.
    All the wrong priorities
    "Hidup gaya baru" is truly setting the adults backward which additionally explains the rise in diseases which were not there prior to nor in most countries elsewhere today. But again BN will explain itself as well as get scot-free by stating which people need to change their lifestyles, while quick food franchises have been aggressively marketed by BN-proxy as well as crony businesses.
    "Hidup gaya baru" is additionally about great launches with outspoken announcements of "stau lagi projeck oleh BN" as well as comprehensive zero maintenance after that. Just take the demeanour during the most ugly, filthy, outline dwellings all over the nation.
    "Hidup gaya baru" is additionally about spanking highways as well as overhead bridges never thoughts the actuality which the rakyat have to keep paying for these for as prolon! ged as t hey have to make use of them. After all did not the Tun Dr Mahathir disagree which BN can give you all these "hidup gaya baru" facilities for as prolonged as the tolls can work with the protection as well as permit under the cloak of the OSA.
    BN oh BN, do you comprehend where all these "hidup gaya baru" is driving the rakyat into? Rakyat can you greatfully educate the leaders as well as process makers as well as the guardians of the nation - BN, prior to you all plunge in to the backwater depth someday in the future?
    Malaysia Chronicle
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    Malays can expel non-Malays: So, do I curse God for being born a non-Malay?

    Maclean Patrick Life is diligent with uncertainties, as well as there are usually dual things you can be sure of. That a single is born as well as which a single will die. We have no carry out over a ethnicity, type of culture or multitude which you will be born into, nor can you ever know a date as well as time of [...] Read More

    MACC panel: Keep probing sand mining scandal

    The MACC operations review row wants a commission as well as AG to dig deeper in to a scandal. (Free Malaysia Today) - A high-powered Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) row recommended that a commission as well as a Attorney-Generals Chambers go on probing in to a alleged corruption as well as silt theft associate in Selangor.MACC Operations Review Panel (PPO) chairman Hadenan Abdul Jalil stressed currently that a box was never closed though not long ago re-emerged when controversial blogger ... Read More

    MAS Vs Tajuddin Ramli Trial to begin in March, 2012

    February 23, 2012


    MAS Vs Tajuddin Ramli Trial to begin in March, 2012

    by The Malaysian Insider

    Former Malaysia Airlines System Bhd (MAS) chief Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli unsuccessful currently in his bid to retard a inhabitant conduit as well as a dual subsidies from suing him for crack of fiduciary duty.

    High Court decider Rosilah Yop ordered a hearing to begin from Mar 12. The preference was done in chambers, state news agency Bernama reported. The decider also fixed next Monday to hear a government's application to cancel Tajuddin's RM500 million retaliation opposite MAS as well as a federal government.

    The 65-year-old had served as a airline's senior manager authority from 1994 to 2001 as well as was a poster child of former financial apportion Tun Daim Zainuddin's now-discredited process of nurturing a category of Malay corporate captains on supervision philanthropy during a Mahathir administration.

    The main suit filed in 2006 by MAS as well as a dual subsidiaries, MAS Golden Holidays Sdn Bhd dan MAS Hotels & Boutiques Sdn Bhd, charged that Tajudin as well as his 4 companies Naluri Corporation Bhd, Promet (Langkawi) Resorts Sdn Bhd, Kauthar Venture Capital Sdn Bhd as well as Pakatan Permai Sdn Bhd had purposely breached his obligations as well as certitude to win certain contracts that benefited him, using MAS.

    Tajuddin has denied a charge, saying a MAS suit contained unclothed allegations, with no facts or circumstances cited to ! behind t hem as well as was an abuse of a justice system.

    The Kedah-born office worker claimed that MAS had acted with malice as well as in bad faith in taking authorised action opposite him to embarrass as well as taint his reputation.He combined a airline's inform with a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) opposite him was defamatory.

    Tajuddin was represented by counsel Lim Kian Leong; SM Shanmugam stood for MAS as well as Lailawati Ali acted for Putrajaya.

    Earlier this month, Tajuddin settled out-of-court his debt due to Pengurusan Danaharta Bhd (Danaharta) as well as several other government-linked companies (GLCs) for an undisclosed sum of money, despite a High Court preference in December 2009 ordering a ex-MAS chief to compensate a state asset management manager RM589.14 million and dual per cent interest per year, backdated to Jan 1, 2006.

    Like this:

    Be a initial to similar to this post.
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    Jessie Ooi strikes while the iron is hot, plays the sympathy card: Leave my family alone!

    Jessie Ooi strikes whilst a iron is hot, plays a sympathy card: Leave my family alone!
    you acknowledge which you did indeed take partial in posing questions during a discuss in in between MCA President Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek as well as a DAP Secretary-General YAB Lim Guan Eng upon 18 February 2012. Due to time constraint, you could not clearly convey my message. you confess which you was romantic by then, causing confusion as well as misunderstanding to many quarters.
    you welcome all constructive criticisms as well as efforts to scold my remarks. However, you seductiveness to you not to use difference which have been humiliating, insulting, or difference which can be deemed as passionate harassment, or to post doctored photographs or edited video clips to launch personal attacks opposite me.
    Leave my family alone
    There have been a little quarters who have posted pictures of my family members as well as immature kids upon websites which have severely shop-worn a image of a members as well as immature kids of a family. As they have been all innocent, greatfully do not target those antagonistic remarks opposite them. Should you have any criticisms, greatfully approach them during me as well as do not mistreat my family members.
    Those antagonistic remarks including a content in Facebook which implicated: "If she wanted to be popular, you entirely upheld her. Let's have her renouned throughout a nation!" Those pictures displayed had additionally shown my family members as well as children. Such an action poses a serious threat opposite a reserve as well as has additionally badly shop-worn a reputation.
    Besides, i! n an acc ount declared "I'm Jessie Ooi. Please do not conflict me" has additionally dissipated a statements, words, pictures as well as video clips to threaten, harass as well as insult us. The contents have been all rapist in nature. At a same time, it has additionally urged a boycott opposite a family's company. To strengthen a reserve as well as repute of my family members as well as myself, you have lodged a inform upon twenty February 2012 during a Gombak Police Headquarters. We will certainly take a appropriate actions to strengthen ourselves.
    Will safeguard seductiveness of all Malaysians
    To safeguard a seductiveness of all Malaysians, you will take action opposite those antagonistic remarks. you respect a rights of critics to have criticisms though such rights should not be abused to defame as well as slander. If you continue to acquit these insulting remarks, there will be some-more victims in a future, as well as a internet will be full of such violent, insulting as well as scornful language.
    Pertaining to a suspension of my Facebook account, you would contend which after a pronounced debate, due to personal commitments, you was forced to postpone it as you was incompetent to understanding with a torrent of comments which had been posted. This was because someone had secretly posted my handphone series upon a website as well as you was unequivocally incompetent to entertain every tourist a single by one. But later, you reactivated my Facebook account because you am peaceful to face critique as well as listen to a people. you assimilate which you contingency insist a law instead of using away from it. This is a element of a approved society.
    Therefore, you instruct to explain sure points as follows:-
    As a topic of a pronounced discuss lonesome a performances of a Pakatan Rakyat in all a states underneath their administration, you was forced to pose questions upon how Pakatan had alleviated a burden of a rakyat as sp! oken by Lim Guan Eng. you instruct to explain to a questions acted as follows:-
    Assessment rates
    1. With courtesy to my question asked about a "Assessment charges", it was because which you mentioned which you was "half Penangite", people suspicion which you was referring to a comment charges in Penang. Due to time constraint, you was in actuality referring to Selangor when during a General Elections in 2008, Pakatan had betrothed to reduce a comment rate. However, they did not keep to this promise. Instead, a Pakatan-led Selangor state government reevaluated a land, which in spin increased a volume which ratepayers contingency pay, thereby nullifying intensity savings from a reduced comment rate. News reports stating which you was referring to Penang have been inaccurate.
    Vehicles being clamped
    2. As parking bays in Penang have been really limited, people who wish to use a facilities of a banks along a road during night were forced to park illegally outward a bank for security reasons. Some of these vehicles finished up being clamped by internal government enforcement officers as well as after towed away.
    Regarding to towing cars as has been raised by netizens, it was in actuality a situation which my husband as well as you had witnessed whereby after a motorist had alighted from his car, his vehicle was clamped. Clamping vehicles has already been at large reported in a newspapers. Coverage of vehicle clamping have been highlighted in Facebook accounts too as well as was additionally reported in Kwong Wah upon twenty-six Jul 2011.
    As to a scuffles in in between a internal legislature law enforcement officers, you was referring to a news inform upon a situation which occurred upon twenty-five October 2011 during 5.30p.m along Burmah Road.
    What you essentially meant
    you instruct to emphasize which you do not conflict any internal ! legislat ure enforcement officer behaving his duties. What you essentially meant was to urge a Chief Minister to ask his enforcement officers to concede a little coherence as well as refrain from hastily arising summonses to those motorists as a approach to reduce their financial burden. This is for a people to reduce their risk of being released summonses all a time.
    Although you did not ask pose question in a proper manner, it does not meant which such occurrences never happened. What you had pronounced have been all contribution as well as reality. But unfortunately, my remarks have all been misunderstood.
    As Malaysians, you all wish a next era to suffer a happy as well as a some-more approved approach of living here. This has been my judgment all along since receiving up my domestic career. As no a single is perfect, as well as additionally as a immature female in a domestic arena, you am peaceful to learn from my experience this time as well as hope which it will become a motivating force helping to push me ahead. you will always wish to serve a people.
    Jessie Ooi
    Barisan Nasional Coordinator for Selayang
    Selangor MCA Beliawanis Chairman
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    Sana-sini orang berBICARA tentang BAI'AH yang dilakukan oleh Lebai-Lebai PAS.. Menurut Tun Dr. Mahathir, PEMIMPIN PAS hanya manusia biasa, bukan NABI atau RAJA,jadi tidak perlu untuk berBAI'AH hanya untuk bertanding PRU..

    "Dia orang (pemimpin PAS) hanya manusia biasa. Bukan Nabi, bukan raja. Tak perlu bai'ah ini," ->KLIK<-

    Selain itu, MUFTI Perak pulak KECEWA dengan tindakan PAS mengikat calon-calon PARTI itu yang bertanding dalam PRU-13 dengan melakukan BAIAH.. Menurutnya,

    "Ini menakut-menakutkan saja, macam mana kita boleh menentukan mereka yang melanggar baiah akan celaka dunia akhirat kerana yang menentukan dunia akhirat itu kerja Allah. Jadi kalau kita bersumpah berjanji kita dapati benda itu tak betul tak kan kita tak boleh tarik balik. Pada saya dia boleh buat perjanjian tapi masalah di akhirat bukan masalah kita, ia adalah masalah Allah" ->KLIK<-

    Dalam KONTEKS ini, kita ingin berTANYA adakah KONSEP BAI'AH Lebai-Lebai PAS menepati kehendak ISLAM? Kalau mengikut SEJARAH, orang yang berBAI'AH ialah seolah-olah ia membuat JANJI setia untuk menyerahkan dirinya dan urusan kaum MUSLIMIN kepada KHALIFAH. Dia tidak akan meLANGGAR JANJI setianya terhadap KHALIFAH dalam URUSAN tersebut malah dia mestilah menTAATi apa yang dipertanggungjawabkan ke atasnya sama ada dia SUKA ataupun ia BENCI.. ->KLIK<-

    Dalam ! KONTEKS NEGARA kita, ternyata Lebai-Lebai PAS telah MENYELEWENGkan 100% asas KONSEP BAI'AH seperti yang diNYATAkan.. Ini kerana semua MAKLUM ketika ini 'KHALIFAH' atau 'KETUA' ketika ini ialah dari kalangan PEMIMPIN BN iaitu DS Najib.. Kalau Lebai PAS cuba berDALIH mengatakan YDP AGONG sebagai 'KHALIFAH' pun, maka BAI'AH Lebai-Lebai PAS ini jugak jelas MERAPU kerana ianya sudah hilang TUJUAN.. Untuk apa Lebai-Lebai PAS berBAI'AH dua KALI - Satu kepada 'KHALIFAH' untuk NEGARA ini (YDP AGONG) dan satu lagi kepada PEMIMPIN mereka? BODOH ke?

    Jadik? Apakah lagi DALIL untuk Lebai-Lebai PAS meWAJARkan BAI'AH mereka ini? Jelas sekali Lebai-Lebai PAS berBAI'AH untuk berPISAH daripada PEMERINTAHAN sedia ada.. Jika ini berlaku, Lebai-Lebai PAS WAJAR diPERANGi seperti mana Khalifah Abu Bakar As-SIDDIQ memerangi golongan MURTAD selepas keWAFATan Rasulullah SAW.. Itulah TAHAP BAI'AH Lebai-Lebai PAS sebenarnya.. TIDAK ada NILAI dan TIDAK lebih seperti perJANJIan dengan IBLIS macam orang nak BELA SAKA, Hantu RAYA atau BAJANG! Mungkin PIHAK Majlis FATWA Kebangsaan patut 'TAKE NOTE' terhadap PERAKA sedemikian..

    Yang lebih MERAPU lagi, Lebai-Lebai PAS lupa bahawa mereka hanyalah seBAHAGIAN atau 1/3 daripada Pakatan RAKYAT (PR).. Dengan KATA lain, PAS MENANG atau KALAH dalam PRU-13 sekali joke PAS tetap akan 'TerIKAT' dengan KEPUTUSAN puak-puak KAFIR dalam DAP La'anatullah atau SPESIS berOTAK PLURALISME dalam PKR.. Jadik apa MAKNAnya BAI'AH Lebai-Lebai PAS ini sedangkan BAI'AH di zaman Rasulullah SAW BAI'AH itu jelas untuk meLINDUNGi Rasulullah SAW sebagai 'KHALIFAH' yang membawa ajaran ISLAM? PAS berBAI'AH demi kePENTINGan DAP La'anatullah ke? Tak ke DUNGU namanya tuh? KAH!KAH!KAH!

    Sumber: Tukang Dok Peghati

    J/kuasa Disiplin DAP rasis, hanya untuk tutup salah

    Hanya untuk tutup kesalahan keluarga dan kroni?Suatu masa itu, Democratic Action Party (DAP) boleh hukum ADUN Kota Alam Shah, Manoharan kerana hina bendera Malaysia yang mahu nak ditukar dengan yang lain. Manoharan digantung keahliannya walaupun beliau meminta maaf.Akhirnya penggantungan keahliannya telah ditarikbalik oleh Jawatankuasa Disiplin yang diketuai oleh Tan Kok Wai. Rupanya disebalik

    UMNO 'behind' Anwar's Ceramah attack at Johor

    It was detected as well as reported by blogsites that "Pakatan Rakyat" had programmed as well as PAID for a intrusion caused to Anwar Ibrahim's Ceramah at Johor. The above as well as below annals shows a impasse of "Pakatan Rakyat":

    Like what most people suspected, "Pakatan Rakyat" fears its "SAFE SEATS" in Johor is fast losing to a Opposition since of a corrupt as well as mismanagement administration.

    Let's wait for a police review to see if they have been means to locate a culprits as well as assign them.

    - headlines as well as pictures courtesy of MiLoSuam
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    Nik Aziz Supports Anwar on Israeli Issue - Tun Mahathir


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    A baby girl for Sweden's crown princess


    Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to her first child early Thursday, a baby lady who will be groomed to one day become a country's queen. - Star
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    Ini pun nak dengki dengan Rosmah

    Orang nak kasi, apa yang Malaysiakini nak dengki. Sepatutnya anggap penghormatan begini satu penghormatan kepada negara.Curtin University bukan beri ijazah terhormat kepada Mahfudz Omar atau Chegu Bard atau Zuraidah atau Idris Ahmad atau Ronnie Liu tetapi seseorang yang memang terpelajar dan melibatkan diri dalam kegiatan kemasyarakatan.Tanya apa jasa empat ekor badigol ini walaupun antara mereka


    Dulu mamat ni dikenali sebagai Nizar Lilin kerana dia meratapi kematian TBH sambil pegang lilin dia berdoa. Sekarang dia sudah ascent sikit. Dia kini dikenali sebagai Nizar Gendang pulak! Kasi addik Nizar! Kasi hantam itu gendang sampai lu jadi gila! Yihhaaa..

    Kisah penuh baca sini

    Agaknya Nizar nak jadi Sharukh Khan kot!

    Idris Jala can explain why a lenient out of court settlement for Tajuddin Ramli

    February 23, 2012

    Idris Jala can explain because a kindly out of court allotment for Tajuddin Ramli

    by Aidila

    PKR's Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah believes former Malaysia Airlines System chairperson Tajuddin Ramli may have a hold upon "someone absolute in a government", given no rapist charges have been preferred opposite him as well as he performed a relatively kindly out-of-court settlement.

    Speaking during a press discussion in Tropicana, Sivarasa pronounced a same could be asked of a miss of rapist action taken opposite Tajuddin, notwithstanding a several Police reports as well as a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission inform opposite him by a comparison management of MASKargo in 2007.

    "Who is this person who is so absolute in a Malaysian government, in a cupboard probably, which Tajuddin is means to squeeze so tough which he can do all this?" he asked.

    "Two people who can start assisting us answer this question have been ministers in a Prime Minister's Department Idris Jala as well as Nazri Abdul Aziz, who has been in a news talking about a settlements," he said.

    Sivarasa pronounced Idris could strew some light as he took over as MAS CEO in 2007 as well as had, according to a MASKargo MACC report, briefed a then budding apportion Abdullah Ahmad Badawi upon a alleged wrongdoings by Tajuddin in a same year.

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