Karpal, Kit Siang setuju Islam agama rasmi, Theresa tidak?

Menurut video di atas, Lim Kit Siang sendiri berkata "Awal-awal lagi DAP ada umumkan kita 100% sokong setuju Islam sebagai agama rasmi di Malaysia."

Sokongan untuk bagaikan jari kelinking bertaut, atau sokong tapi bakal diputarbelitkan, kerana dia tak kata setuju dan sokong Islam sebagai agama persekutuan. Pada dia hanya agama rasmi atau agama ceremony yang sesuai dengan semangat Malaysia

Enough with the big pledges, Rahman

KOTA BELUD: Local leaders here have been sleepy of hearing their MP boast as well as make promises as well as pledges which have come to nothing over the past five year.Abdul Rahman Dahalan, they claimed has done nought as well as is all talk as well as no substance.Rahman who retained his MP chair in theMay 5general election for the second tenure is right away the new Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing as well as Local Government as well as has affianced to bring robust development to his poorly developed constituency.But his meaningful constituent ... Read More

In Umno-BN's Parliament, where DOGS & OTHER ANIMALS hunt in a pack - Malaysia Chronicle

Malaysia Chronicle

In Umno-BN's Parliament, where DOGS & OTHER ANIMALS hunt in a pack
Malaysia Chronicle
I am appalled at how racist, right-wing & miss of substance a debate by Umno Backbenchers," was a criticism put out on Twitter by Sim Tze Tzin, a Bandar Baru MP. It might have been a initial day in Parliament for a thirty-something Sim but he is no...

Kevin Rudd dipilih semula sebagai perdana menteri Australia

Kevin Rudd sekali lagi akan menjadi perdana menteri selepas muncul pemenang dalam undian bagi memilih kepimpinan Parti Buruh Australia. Beliau mengalahkan Perdana Menteri Julia Gillard, yang berikrar untuk bersara daripada politik dalam pilihan raya akan datang, dengan memperoleh 57 undi berbanding 45 pada Rabu malam di Canberra. Rudd, yang fasih ... Read More

Undi tak, nak rungut pada BN? Pergi melalak kat DAP

Negeri Melaka di bawah kepimpinan Ketua Menteri,Datuk Idris Haron telah
mengambil keputusan untuk menutup pasar malam Jonker Walk yang terletak
di tengah-tengah bandar Melaka.

untuk menutup Jonker Walk diputuskan dalam mesyuarat exco Melaka twelve Jun
yang lepas kerana menghormati kehendak majoriti rakyat Melaka.

Perniagaan di Jonker Walk

Batu election: BN seeks Federal Court view on Constitution for polls petition

The BN is to seek a Federal Court's understand of Article 48(1)(e)of a Federal Constitution to facilitate its election petition to challenge a result for a Batu parliamentary subdivision in a last ubiquitous election. Counsel Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun, who represented a Batu BN claimant Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai, told reporters he ... Read More

Someone definitely cannot resist pricey food colouring

The a single as well as only aged cowboy gangster have an incredible proclamation in Parliament which a indelible ink was essentially food caricature which price RM7.1million for 216,000 bottles. What a aged cowboy gangster did not wish to exhibit was per bottle calm was only 50ml.I sell imported food class black caricature (Singapore) 30ml for only RM4 Wilton sells food class black caricature (USA though have in China) 30ml around RM10. The local food class black caricature during 30ml is RM2.80.So EC contingency insist h ... Read More

Mandela's Tribe 'Preparing For The End'

PRETORIA: Nelson Mandela's genealogical leaders have been told to prepare for a genocide of a former president, who remains in hospital upon hold up support.Read more... ... Read More

ABC, BCL, BBB bukan kempen main-main


Alkisahnya apabila Ketua Menteri Melaka yang baru iaitu Dato Idris Harun arahkan supaya Jonker Walk yang peniaganya adalah 100% Cina ditutup, korang BOLEH BACA KAT SINI.

Maka melalak la semua pencinta DAP ni, macam-macam statement dikeluarkan oleh mereka, yang pale aku tak tahan Menteri Pelncongan yang aku tak tau bangsa apa tu pun join dan pertahankan Jonker Walk, ini lagi satu hal ingatkan bila Ng Yen Yen dah takde boleh la Malaysia dipromosi sebagai negara Malaysia tapi nampaknya bila letak menteri bebal ni, tak kemana la.

Berbalik pada Jonker Walk, bertubi-tubi Ketua Menteri Melaka kena serang dari kaum yang suka DAP babi ni. Malay Mail juga tidak ketinggalan dengan kenyataan mereka bahawa mereka akan pertahankan Jonker Walk. Dasyat beb..

Kaum minoriti di negeri itu disokong oleh begitu ramai puak DAP ni, termasuk la melayu elitis yang dah lupa diri. Kenapa selalu jadi macam ni? Kenapa kita kena selalu tunduk pada permintaan kaum tak sedar diri ni? Why? Apa saja mereka mintak semua kerajaan dah bagi, akhirnya mereka sokong DAP, sekarang nak dengar lagi ke?

Aku dan sahabat-sahabat aku akan pertahankan keputusan Ketua Menteri Melaka ini. AKu harap Idris Haron jangan berganjak dengan keputusan dia. Kalau nak sokongan padu dari kami bloggers yang mendokong perjuangan BBC dan BCL ni, maka dia kena tegas dengan keputusan dia.

Persetankan Nazri Aziz yang telah membesarkan kepala Namewee dulu dan aku tak faham kenapa mamat ni masih boleh jadi Menteri lagi ek? Tah la, yang penting kita jangan tunduk pada desakan kaum minoriti ini.

Teruskan boikot wahai pembaca sekalian!

NFCorp sues Rafizi and Malaysiakini

National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) as well as its chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail have filed a defamation suit against Parti Keadilan Rakyat strategy executive Mohd Rafizi Ramli as well as Malaysiakini over a statement in propinquity to loans to purchase KL Eco City properties. Mohamad Salleh as well as NFCorp, as a second plantiff, had filed a suit on ... Read More

Memang patut dibelasah ... #Blackout 505 ni melampau

Polis tak boleh kasi chance langsung. Tengoklah tu ... apa yang amannya kalau dikatakan kebebasan bersuara atau demokrasi?

Kalau depa ni tak ppeduli nyawa, biaq pi lah jika nak cepat mampuih. Tapi janganlah sampai menyusahkan orang awam dan rakyat

Peguam negara joke patut ambil tindakan. Masaalahnya dia bukan nak kerjasama dengan polis tapi dok ingat dia lebih terer dan jadi trainer pada

To move on, PR must accept election results, says Najib

By Md Izwan
June 26, 2013

National settlement can usually be completed if Pakatan Rakyat accepts a outcome of a 13th ubiquitous election, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told Dewan Rakyat today.

Since a results of a May 5 polls were voiced PR had plainly declared a intentions not to accept a preference as well as accused a statute supervision of cheating as well as electoral fraud.

"If you go on this issue (gatherings), when will you be means to find inhabitant reconciliation... if you want it, accept a decision," Najib said, answering a subject from Gelang Patah MP (DAP) Lim Kit Siang.

Najib pronounced as shortly as a results had been announced, a brand new Barisan Nasional supervision began inhabitant settlement efforts as partial of measures to unite a people.

His initial greeting to a results, however, was frequency conciliatory.

He had witnessed BN winning by a smaller infancy than a 2008 ubiquitous choosing as well as later described it as a 'Chinese tsunami', which drew some-more criticism. Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia came out with an article titled "Apa lagi Cina mau?" in an attempt to execute a results of a polls as Malays opposite a Chinese.

There were also calls by Malay rights group to reason protest campaigns opposite Chinese-made products as well as former Court of Appeal judge Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah suggested which Chinese as well as Indian vernacular schools be abolished.

These inflammatory comments were during odds with a calls for inhabitant settlement efforts by Najib whose BN celebration shielded energy notwithstanding losing a renouned opinion to PR.

PR won 51 per cent of a renouned opinion whilst BN got 48 per cent.

Meanwhile, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim shielded his actions in opposing a results of a May 5 polls, accusing BN of winning by abuse of energy as well as fraud as well as also alleging which Election Commission had not conducted a polls routine fairly.

BN ! won 133 parliamentary seats compared to PRs 89, though it was lower than a 140 seats they had won in 2008.

PR has hold rallies, known as Black 505, in Selangor, Johor, Pahang, Perak, Malacca as well as Terengganu to protest a choosing results. - June 26, 2013.

Alhamdulillah ... doa dimakbulkan


Semua masjid dimohon lakukan solat sunat Istisqa'


KUALA LUMPUR 25 Jun - Semua masjid dan surau terutama di Wilayah
Persekutuan diseru melakukan solat sunat Istisqa' bermula hari ini.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom
berkata, solat sunat ini merupakan jalan memohon kepada Allah agar
diturunkan hujan

ADUN UMNO/BN Kuala Besut meninggal dunia...

Seorang anggota Exco kerajaan negeri Terengganu Dr A Rahman Mokhtar meninggal dunia hari ini, tujuh hari selepas dimasukkan ke unit rawatan rapi di Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah. Laporan Bernama menyebut, A Rahman, 55, meninggal dunia pada jan 10.18 pagi ini akibat kanser paru-paru di sanatorium berkenaan di Kuala Terengganu.Laporan itu memetik kenyataan Pengarah Kesihatan Terengganu Datuk Dr Anwa Sulaiman yang mengesahkan perkara itu."Pagi ini keadaannya semakin kritikal sehingga terpaksa me ... Read More

Usul tergempar bincang isu jerebu ditolak

Yang Dipertua Dewan Rakyat Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia (gambar) hari ini menolak usul tergempar untuk membincangkan isu jerebu yang sedang melanda negara ketika ini. Usul yang dikemukakan anggota Parlimen Barisan Nasional (BN) dan pembangkang itu ditolak Pandikar Amin di dalam kamar setelah menimbangkan bahawa ia boleh dibincang anggota Parlimen ... Read More