A wrong move

Many years ago, when we had just proposed out upon my own as good as non-stop my own practice ( in a 80s) we met a studious in his sixties. He was a unequivocally gentle person, spoke with a soft voice as good as he came for deceptive symptoms of aches , incapacity to nap well. we suspicion he was suffering from depression, as good as after a couple of visits, we motionless to delve deeper into his history as good as asked about his family. He finally admitted he was unequivocally vexed given he was staying with his son, as good as which his son worked compartment unequivocally late unequivocally day, as good as frequency had time to speak to him. The main problem was his daughter -in-law, who had regularly nagged him about his ways of we do things, as good as made his hold up unequivocally miserable.

One day he told me which he felt similar to finale his hold up as good as asked me whether we had any disinfectant which could assistance him. we told him which no a single had any right to finish a hold up of any a single together with one's own life, given hold up is so precious.

I asked for his son's bureau number. He gave to me though asked me not to speak to his son about his condition. He also did not want any mention to any psychiatrists who would be some-more competent to hoop such cases.

As all we know, doctors have been firm by confidentiality clause. Anything which patients discuss it us stays within a 4 walls. we have regularly practised this as good as had regularly respected a instruct of my patients not to surprise their families about sure things.

But in this case, knowing which a threat of suicide was real, as good as which he should maybe be seen by a some-more competent person, we motionless to call a son as good as let a son know about a father's feelings as good as his conditions.

This was a single arise which we competence have left opposite a person's instruct , for his own good. In a end, a son had a long talk with a wife, as good as a mothe! r assumi ngly realised how her difference had hurt a in-law as good as promised to mend her ways.

I had a revisit 2 months after from a studious as good as his son, as good as they expressed their gratitude about my assistance in elucidate a potentially hold up endangering situation. This was similar to a angel tale ending, as good as all finished well.

Rules as good as regulations, as good as laws, have been there to offer a interest of a people. There have been laws to safeguard in isolation interest, though in isolation interest should regularly be subjugated to a bigger open interest. There have been occasions which sure manners might need to be waived in sequence to offer a bigger good.

That is because sometimes, those who had committed crimes have been essentially let off if they have been peaceful to become climax witnesses opposite bigger criminals as good as culprits. Some have been even given protection as good as shift of identities, in cases involving large time criminals.

We all know how Malaysians feel about a Cowgate situation where hundreds of millions of supervision money were allegedly concerned in sure shameful dealings. Some of those concerned were right away charged in courts after most open pressure.

This assign of those concerned in Cowgate, despite after most check as good as open outcry, means which those allegations contained sure truth, otherwise there would be no justice cases opposite these people.

If which is a case, because detain as good as assign a alarm ventilator who is we do a service to a whole republic as good as a rakyat by digging all a 'dirt' .

I consider a supervision did something unequivocally wrong by charging alarm blowers.

However a single looks during it, a single cannot shun a conclusion which this has a lot to do with politics. Many view this as domestic harm opposite someone who is essentially we do a large favour by exposing a wrong doing. By prosecuting this alarm blower, a summary which is being s! ent out is which a supervision is perplexing to overpower people who might want to right sure wrongs; a summary which a supervision might be perplexing to protect some-more wrongs being exposed.

This assign might give rise to a notice which those in power have been not unequivocally interested to clean up, though rather have been some-more inclined to cover ups.

They might win a justice box as good as put a chairman concerned in jail, though in we do so, they have been essentially ding themselves a disfavour as good as risk losing even some-more await between a middle category as good as a polite society.

It is similar to in a diversion of GO (WeiQi, a chess diversion with white as good as black chess pieces play upon a board) where a player who is too spooky to win sure tiny battles upon a chess house though remove steer of a large picture, as good as in a end, loses a whole game.

Wei Qi

In this game, black might win a tiny battle by cornering a couple of whites, though remove steer of a whole war given they themselves have been being surrounded.

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Archive: Book Review Podcast

Each week, Sam Tanenhaus, a editor of a Book Review, talks to authors, editors as well as critics about brand brand new books, a literary scene as well as current best sellers. The downloadable audio files are in mp3 format; instructions for subscribing to a podcast are below.

If we make use of iTunes or My Yahoo, click upon a idol to take we directly to which podcasting service.

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July 29, 2012
This week, Nicholas Confessore talks about "The Candidate," by Samuel L. Popkin; Henry Alford discusses two brand brand new books about modern manhood; as ! well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

July 22, 2012
This week, Elizabeth Samet discusses Anthony Swofford's brand brand new memoir; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Joseph Berger talks about Theodore Roosevelt's time as New York's military commissioner; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

July 15, 2012
This week, David Sanger discusses Barack Obama's foreign policy; James Shapiro talks about A. N. Wilson's book "The Elizabethans"; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

July 8, 2012
This week, Larry Tye talks about his autobiography of Superman; Julie Bosman has records from a field; David Haglund discusses Sheila Heti's brand brand new novel; Bruce Handy shares a art of collecting lifeless books; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

July 1, 2012
This week, Geoffrey Ward talks about his brand brand new book, "A Disposition to Be Rich"; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Holland Cotter discusses a artist Thomas Hart Benton; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

June 24, 2012
This week, Linda Hirshman talks ab! out "Vic tory," her story of a gay rights movement; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Lawrence Downes discusses a android Philip K. Dick; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

June 17, 2012
This week, Rachel Swarns talks about Michelle Obama's family history; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Dexter Filkins discusses Syria; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

June 10, 2012
This week, Richard Ford discusses his brand brand new novel, "Canada"; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Mark Hyman talks about a rising price of girl sports; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

June 3, 2012
This week, Peter Keepnews talks about "Animal House"; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Robin Finn discusses Bob Dylan as well as Bruce Springsteen; Gregory Cowles has best-seller news; as well as Times staffers share their summer reading plans. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

May 27, 2012
This week, Michael Lind talks about his economic story of a United States, "Land of Promise"; John Leland discusses a autobiography of Richard Brautigan; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

May 20, 2012
This week, Joe Klein talks about Jonah Goldberg's "The Tyranny of Clichs"; Jeff Shesol discusses Eric Alterman's story of liberalism from a New Deal to a present; Julie Bosman has records from a field; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

May 13, 2012
This week, Judith Newman discusses Anne Enright's memoir "Making Babies"; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Pamela Paul talks about children's books; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

May 6, 2012
This week, Robert Caro discusses a brand brand new volume in his series about Lyndon Johnson; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Charlotte Rogan discusses her entrance novel, "The Lifeboat"; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

April 29, 2012
This week, Nell Freudenberger discusses "The Newlyweds," her brand brand new novel; Julie Bosman has records from a field; T. M. Luhrmann talks about how evangelical Christians describe to God; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

April 22, 2012
This week, Frank Langella discusses his brand brand new memoir; Julie Bosman has records from a field; Kevin Young talks about his book "The Grey Album"; Andrew Delbanco upon a essays of Marilynne Robinson; as well as Gregory Cowles has best-seller n! ews. Sam Tanenhaus is a host.

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Prosecution withdraws appeal against Rosli Dahlan

Five years ago counsel Rosli Dahlan was flustered when he was arrested as well as handcuffed by a Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) during his law organisation as well as after charged upon Hari Raya's night before with allegedly not complying with a agency's procedures to acknowledgement his assets.

Today, a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) decided to withdraw its interest over his Sessions Court exculpation during a Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Deputy open prosecutor Ahmad Sazali Mohamad sensitive a make a difference to Justice Mohd Azman Hussin today.

Following this, Justice Azman available a withdrawal of a appeal.

This is a last box involving former Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) executive Ramli Yusuff over what is right away described as theCopgateaffair involving police investigations upon a then-inspector-general of police Musa Hassan over his purported impasse with kingpin Goh Cheng Poh or Tengku Goh.

NONERosli (right in photo), meanwhile, had helped draw up a affidavits of former deputy home minister Johari Baharom, Ramli as well as multiform of his group when a Attorney-General's Chambers had allegedly fell short in its duties after Tengku Goh, who was arrested as well as placed under limited residence, filed a habeas corpus application.

Rosli, when met, pronounced he had always confirmed his ignorance from day a single as well as should not have been charged.
"I questioned a charge over why they sensitive me late about their preference to withdraw. If not, we would not have had to file an affidavit to challenge a appeal," he said.

"Even my counsel had rebuilt submissions for a interest as well as right away we have to pay him," he pronounced jokingly.

Today, he said, is a birthday of sorts for him.

Rosli was represented by counsel K Kumaraendran.

[More to follow]
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Extract from swindling article upon Satria Neo WWW1 accident? - Blog Malaysia In Crisis

Even after a Tengku Mahkota Johor had denied which WWW1 automobile had met with an accident, internet users are still circulating which a automobile concerned in an collision at Yong Peng, Johor over a last weekend is a vehicle Proton Satria Neo temperament number plate WWW1 belonging to a Johor Royalty.

The rakyat is still confused by this brand new allegation.

source of news : Kelab Greenboc
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PP vs Rosli Dahlan : Good will prevail over evil !

by Din Merican

August 02, 2012


Last Sunday, we wrote a square about a Prosecutorial Misconductsof AG GaniPatailin a box of RosliDahlan. we told readers about Rosli's difficulty in confronting an interest by a MACCagainst his acquittal whereas DatoRamliYusuff, a principal chairman who was charged, had already been clear as well as AG GaniPatailhad already withdrawn all appeals opposite DatoRamli. The supervision is additionally acknowledging a injustices committed opposite DatoRamliby profitable his gratuities.

Kudos to PM Najib for that. It is a bit late, though better late than never.

I told readers about how a MACCtried to force Roslito withdraw his civil suits as well as for which reason kept pursuing a interest opposite Rosli. we saluted Rosli for not caving in as well as asked all Malaysians to pray for him. In this holy month of Ramadan, a merciful Lord has answered a prayers!

This morning, we was in court to observe KLHCCriminal Appeal No. 42-188-10 in PP v RosliDahlan, prior to Judge DatoAzmanHussain. Rosliwas accompanied by his flattering daughter, NuryAmirah, who had only graduated from her law studies. we was gay to meet DatoRamliYusuff. Both of us witnessed Rosli' s warn DatoK Kumaraendranand Mr ChetanJethwanifacing off MACCDPP Ahmad SazileeAbdul Khairi. Rosli's warn had come armed with fierce lookinglegal submissions as well as box authorities. But there was no hotly contested authorised arguments. The MACC DPP had come to discuss it a Judge which a Public Prosecutor is withdrawing a appeal. What?!

Yes, MACCwithdrew a interest with a whimper; a travel over; no contest. They have been throwing a towel after 5 years of dragging Rosli's box by a sand as well as a courts corridors. The impression created was which a MACC was being advanced in a month of Ramadan. The DPP was listened saying it proposed in Ramadan as well as now nicely ends in Ramadan? That! simple?

I overheard Roslitalking to a DPP Ahmad Sazileevery respectfully-"Tuan, since final minute? Tak kesiankat saya ke humour anxiety? Kan elokkalaubagitahuawal-awallagi?". we listened them vocalization with a little affection. Apparently a DPP is eight years Rosli's youth in IIU as well as yet Rosli was really deferential to him.

I additionally overheard Roslisaying - "What a waste! we only filed dual affidavits yesterday. Those dual affidavits would not have been filed if we had known we were starting to withdraw. Now, DatoRazakakantersinggungwhereas we had to do what we had to do only as your people regularly say they did what we had to do." we remarkable Rosli had a little low regard about a dual affidavits. we wasn't certain what which was about.

Later, as we walked out of a court office building with DatoRamli, we asked if he knew what which was about. DatoRamlisaid which he suspected a MACCwithdrew a interest after both he as well as Roslifiled dual affidavits yesterday. Apparently, a essence of a dual affidavits have been quite explosive. we asked if DatoRamlican show me a affidavits, though DatoRamlisaid he dare not do which as Rosliis really rhythmical about a contents. However, DatoRamliindicated it had something to do with an suggest by a MACCto withdraw a interest if Rosli withdraws his civil suits.

No wonder Rosliwas upset. This contingency be a same thing which Roslihad secretly mentioned to me as well as asked me to keep confidential. But, we still wrote about it since it was a make a difference of public importance; of antagonistic prosecution as well as prosecutorial misconductsthat a public should know is being committed by AG GaniPatailand those goons in a MACC.

The same thing might still be function even as we write this piece. This is evident when PKR's Rafizi Ramliwas handcuffed as well as charged in court yesterday. It makes a hoax of a slogans about protection of whistle blowers to forestall abuse of energy as well as corruption. So, a Police a! s well a s a MACCcakaptak serupabikin. That would be another subject as well as we will write on which with deeper research shortly.

For now, we was less concerned about a technicalities of a law. we am more meddlesome which a MACC's box opposite Roslihas come to an end. we am elated which eventually after 5 prolonged years, 5 unhappy Ramadan for Rosli, God a Merciful has shown in this holy month of Ramadan which Good will eventually delight over evil!

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Indonesian gospel music inspired Malaysias latest N-Day song?

Combo picture of this year's National Day trademark (bottom, which has given been scrapped after being heavily criticised) versus a logos of prior National Days.
KUALA LUMPUR, August 2 The "Janji Ditepati" (Promises Fulfilled) tune picked for National Day celebration this year is heating up a airwaves though for a wrong reasons, with a little online users noting a distinguished resemblance to a 2008 gospel strain by Jakarta-based Christian band True Worshippers, featuring Indonesian songstress Ruth Sahanaya.
The ultimate controversy, entrance just days after a open outcry forced Putrajaya to axe a badly-designed 55th National Day trademark in foster of a 1 Malaysia logo, could see some-more red cheeks for supervision officials as well as could further strain tactful ties with a Southeast Asian giant.
Malaysia's chattering category has been vicious over a "Janji Ditepati" lyrics, penned by Information, Communications as well as Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim though 4 days ago, they strong their attacks upon renouned video-sharing site YouTube, as well as alternative amicable networking sites similar to Facebook after a blogger who avowed to be a Christian forked out which a song's tune was strikingly identical to an Indonesian gospel strain titled "Serukan Namanya" (Call out His name).
"Lagu tema KEMERDEKAAN MALAYSIA ke 55 kedengaran seperti LAGU Pujian di GEREJA (Malaysia's 55th National Day thesis strain sounds similar to a church praise song)," pronounced a unknown blogger's Jul thirty entry.
"Hal ini lagi mengejutkan sekiranya lagu tema kebangsaan di ambil dari lagu rohani org Kristen Mungkin kementerian tidak tau tapi seharusnya pencipta lagu ni tdk berbuat demikian (menciplak) sebab did ditugaskan untk membuat lagu tema kemerdekaan. [This make a difference is all a some-more intolerable if a inhabitant thesis stra! in is ta ken from a Christians' spiritual strain Perhaps a method is unknowingly though a songwriter should not do so (plagiarise) given he was tasked with creating a inhabitant theme]," a blogger said.
The unnamed blogger urged a method to direct a refund from a songwriter as well as to reinstate a song, which has been panned for a lyrics, with another.
Copies of a posting as well as video links to both "Janji Ditepati" as well as a some-more aged to "Serukan Namanya" have given left viral as well as were steady upon multiform blogs as well as online community fora such as Miricommunity.net, an Internet bulletin board popularly visited by Malaysians who accost from Sarawak.
"Amen, Yesuslah Raja!! Tapi contemptible ya, Rais Yatim dengan lagu 'Janji Ditepati'nya sama character dengan lagu ni (Amen Jesus is King!! But sorry, Rais Yatim with his 'Janji Ditepati' has a same character as this song)," pronounced a YouTube commentor under a moniker amoker27 in one of a video clips featuring a Indonesian songherethat has seen over 100,000 views given being uploaded upon September 5, 2008.
The song, by Christian band True Worshippers led by Sidney Mohede as well as whose members embody a regionally renouned artist Ruth Sahanaya, was expelled in their 2008 album "All Things New".
"Now i really hatred a method given transcribe this strain as well as make it domestic in malaysia. really contrition of my own country given of a idiot minister. contemptible indonesia!!" pronounced another YouTube commenter under a name vandridel.
The reparation to Indonesia was in anxiety to dissapoint Indonesians who pounded Malaysia's missions in a archipelago, hurling eggs, stones as well as pieces of wood injuring personnel as well as deleterious property as not long ago as June, claiming informative burglary after Rais had voiced a move to supplement North Sumatra's Tortor dance as well as a Gordang Sambilan dru! ms to a a birthright list.
The dual beside countries have been well known to have a story of political, economic, as well as informative friction.
But "Janji Ditepati's" tune was purportedly created by a organisation of people customarily identified as Aye, Jasnie, Arman E six.
A YouTube posting of a video clipherehas drawn over 255,000 views given it was uploaded upon Jul twenty-seven with over 30,600 dislikes compared to customarily 415 likes as of this morning.
Rais had additionally concurred a brickbats when he took to Twitter dual days ago as well as invited a open to share their views upon a strain he wrote.
"Apa pandangan sdr tntg lagu janji d tepati? Di utube dah cecah 140k lebih. Tapi yg 'ibu jari k bawah' ada juga (What have been your views upon a Janji Ditepati song? On YouTube, there have been some-more than 140,000 views. But there have been those who have additionally given it a 'thumbs-down'," a apportion pronounced upon his account @DrRaisYatim.
Sev eral singers, songwriters as well as composers contacted byThe Malaysian Insiderhave additionally remarkable a distinguished similarities in in between a "Janji Ditepati" tune as well as a gospel strain though stopped short of labelling it plagiarism.
"Similarities in tune customarily would bring up a emanate of plagiarism," pronounced strain educator Tay Cher Siang, who is additionally strain director for The Venue, a live strain space during renouned city mall Pavilion.
He concluded which there were most similarities in in between a dual melodies though pronounced which a strain scale is limited as it contains customarily 12 notes. He combined which most cocktail strain compositions frequently feature 7 notes.
"No make a difference how most I hated a total 'Janji Ditepati' fiasco, to be fair, I have an unit of disbelief for this emanate of plagiarism," he said.
He was loathe to code it! an outr ight low-pitched theft, observant he had no believe if a composers of "Janji Ditepati" were aware of a similarities w! ith "S erukan Namanya" as well as had been shabby by a strain as well as sought accede to use a tune or had upon purpose reproduced it without attributing a inspiration.
Folk thespian as well as songwriter Meor Yusof Aziddin, 45, echoed Tay's view, observant a emanate of plagiarising low-pitched melodies was very subjective. He forked out which cocktail melodies have regulating a same regulation given a Beatles' epoch in a 1960s as well as 1970s.
He remarkable which a inhabitant anthem, "Negaraku", has a same tune as an Indonesian song, "Terang Boelan", as well as which can be traced behind to an 18th-century song, "La Rosalie", by French composer Pierre-Jean de Beranger.
Another independent singer-songwriter-composer, who declined to be named, however, was intrigued by a similarities in in between a choice National Day tune as well as gospel music.
"That there is substantive likeness in in between an Indonesian Christian gospel strain as well as a brand new Malaysian Merdeka day strain is interesting, do not you think?" he asked.
The statute Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition had chosen "Janji Ditepati as a thesis for this year's National Day celebrations, a move which has drawn heated criticism from a antithesis as well as Malaysians.
The antithesis Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders have indicted a BN supervision of hijacking National Day celebrations for a own domestic campaign.
They additionally indicted BN of regulating a thesis to abuse supervision machinery for domestic campaigning purposes.
Last Friday, Rais had defended upon Twitter a National Day celebrations theme, indicating out which "everything can look bad if a mind is closed".
"Malaysia has indeed arrived as an achieving nation after 55 years of independence. Why can't we contend janji ditepati?" he pronounced in response to g! rowing c riticisms against a thesis for mirroring BN's domestic campaign thesis ahead of a subsequent ubiquitous election expected soon.
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This is serious, man!

Police 'brutality' during Bersih convene upon Apr 28... it could be true.

At a initial stage of a inquiry, unnamed 'witnesses' were done to stand for statements as well as testimonies before Suhakam. Many doubt their credibility as most of them were pointing during a military for starting a fracas during Dataran Merdeka.

However, when a photo-journalist from The Star, a pro-BN mainstream English paper told a row about his 'bad encounter with a group of military personnel', you have a lot to contemplate now.

"I saw them (the police) kick up protesters, you was frightened they might mistreat me," said photographer P Puspanathan to a Suhakam exploration upon alleged tellurian rights abuses during a Bersih 3.0 pro-electoral reform convene yesterday.

He associated how when upon avocation in a Masjid Jamek area during a Jul 28 rally, he saw a little officers beating up protesters.

Puspanathan said he feared for his reserve when a group ofpolice surrounded himand forced him to delete cinema of officers beating Bersih protesters stored upon his mental recall card.

"When a couple of of them surrounded me, bad things might happen. you was scared... They asked for my camera, you did not give it to them. They asked for my mental recall card, you did not give it to them..."

As a journalist, you do not think he lied. He was assigned for a task upon that sold day.

However, you still need to puncture more into his statements since you must find out what forced a military to action in such a manner. Were a military annoyed as well as threatened?

To Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussin, you have been also watchful for a video footage of a 'ugly' rally...

Posted by
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Not all Joy in Johor

I have
deliberately left out analyzing my home state Pahang for a moment. Lets
leave a best to last. we wish to do a Johor analysis.

Now Johor
has regularly been touted as a bastion of UMNO. The Johor Malays seem to have a peculiar
obsessive trait with UMNO. Since UMNO was said to be innate on a stairs of the
Johor Istana, Johor is considered as a healthy home for UMNO. Its nearly

Kes Rafizi dan Perbatuan Politik

A Kadir Jasin [SILA ambil perhatian, kalau mahu komen saudara dan saudari disiarkan, sila guna Google Account, OpenID atau Name/URL untuk mengulas. Terima kasih.] MASA beredar tetapi keadaan tidak semestinya berubah. Kalau berubah pun hanyalah cara. Ketika Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) berkuatkuasa, penahanan di bawah akta itu dianggap sebagai seal of approval atau tanda pengiktirafan bahawa seseorang itu pejuang tulen. Malah, dalam DAP pada satu ketika pemimpinnya yang tidak d ... Read More

Palanivel for Cameron Highlands? - Free Malaysia Today

Free Malaysia Today

Palanivel for Cameron Highlands?
Free Malaysia Today
Several raging internal MIC and Umno members told FMT that a deeply eremite party boss had played an endless role in attempts to mattock obligatory SK Devamany from his Cameron Highlands' seat. Devamany is now a deputy minister in a Prime ...


Sudah semakin sah, Lim Guan Eng, DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat menghalang Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari mengambilalih Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang kerana bangsa dan agama Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari. Untuk menyedapkan cerita, Guan Eng dalam kenyataannya berkata, usaha pembidaan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang untuk mendapatkan Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang dipandang sepi oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Antara alasan-alasan yang dilihat sangat kelakar datangnya daripada Lim Guan Eng ialah, enggan membenarkan 'orang luar' mengambilalih Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang. Katanya lagi, Pulau Pinang tidak ketandusan 'anak negeri' yang boleh menyaingi Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari.

Menariknya, Lim Guan Eng tidak sedar, dia sendiri bukannya anak negeri yang telah dilantik sebagai Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang. Malahan perlantikannya selaku Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang juga dibuat berdasarkan tipu helah sehingga menimbulkan konflik dalaman DAP Pulau Pinang. Hanya kerana dia anak Lim Kit Siang dan Setiausaha Agung Kebangsaan DAP, maka pemimpin-pemimpin DAP Pulau Pinang terpaksa tutup mulut dan melakukan tentangan dari dalam.

Lebih menarik lagi, Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang adalah milik Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia. Syed Mokhtar dan Seaport telah membuat bidaan untuk mengambilalih pelabuhan berkenaan dan bidaan berkenaan telah dipersetujui oleh Kementerian Kewangan.... SAMBUNG BACAAN DI SINI

Bekalan air untuk 11 kawasan

Syabas tidak dapat membekalkan air terawat yang mencukupi kepada penduduk di kawasan-kawasan berkenaan. Fazy Sahir, FMT Exco negeri Selangor Ronnie Liu berkata Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) di negeri itu akan menghantar bekalan air menggunakan lori tangki ke eleven kawasan yang mengalami masalah air. Kawasan-kawasan terlibat adalah di bawah pentadbiran Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj) dan Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ). Dua kawasan di Seri Kembangan di bawah pentadbiran MPSJ manakala sem ... Read More

Sinis subuh: Rebut kerusi

Lucunya ada puak kata parti dia adalah yang dominan. Baca di Perak Today sini

Rais shoots down alternative Merdeka theme

Information, Communications as well as Culture Minister Rais Yatim today brushed off Pakatan Rakyat's pick thesis for Merdeka Day, propelling a coalition to action in a suggestion of a portentous celebration.

"There is no necessity to reinstate (the theme). The supervision has motionless to make use of 'Janji Ditepati' this year as well as if there have been no drawbacks, you can cruise a (opposition's) thesis for make use of with alternative programmes later.

NONE"I am not upset over whether they accept (the theme) or not.

"Do what is appropriate as an antithesis though you ask which you be together on which day as well as give importance to our love for Malaysia," he said, according toBernama.

After poring by 250 proposals,Pakatan has mooted"Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa" (One Nation, One Country, One Soul) as a Merdeka Day thesis because "Janji Ditepati" is BN's debate theme.

Rais pronounced a supervision was open to criticism over a thesis as well as logo, which his method designed, as well as he urged Pakatan to apply oneself Merdeka Day as well as not cause a split.

"For anyone who is in a antithesis in a country, a antithesis will not be current if he or she ignores Merdeka Day," he said.
'No apart jubilee please'

Rais pronounced should Pakatan reason apart Merdeka Day celebration, it would be a first.

He also suggested which 8 some-more graphics in conjunction with Merdeka Day will be published in a newspa! pers eve ry week until August 31.

NONEOn allegations which a Merdeka Day thesis song resembled an Indonesian song, he asked such critics to uncover proof.

Criticshave claimed which a thesis song's lyrics - penned by Rais himself, as well as includes a rap sequence - unsuccessful to compute in between a concept of nationhood as well as supervision policy.

Others called it an overt pro-BN promotion song.

Rais was also forced towithdraw a logofor a Merdeka Day jubilee after it was severely criticised by pattern experts as well as netizens.

He pronounced which only a 1Malaysia trademark would be used.
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Be grateful for peace in country, says PM Najib

The PM additionally said Malaysia does not have an stagnation problem, usually which "some people are selective about jobs as well as choose not to work". file pic
RAUB, August 1 Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said in as well as with the holy month of Ramadan, the people should demonstrate their thankfulness to God for the assent enjoyed in this country.
He said the enjoyment of assent as well as wealth were the outcome of the sacrifices of the nation's warriors as well as the capability of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government's care all this while.
"We paid the price in blood; it is all for the people, as well as in ensuring harmony, we understanding in the most appropriate possible way with the nation which is complex due to its diversity.
"We had to face many hurdles though we've brought about assent as well as calm. I cannot guarantee which the antithesis can safeguard that, as they cannot even agree between themselves on inherent matters.
"This has given rise to the big subject of whether they can safeguard one after another harmony in the country," Najib said in his speech during the breaking-of-fast with about 10,000 local residents during the Kampung Gali Tengah open field, here, today.
Also benefaction were Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen as well as Raub Umno multiplication chief Datuk Shaharuddin Ab Moin.
We've brought about assent as well as calm. I cannot guarantee which the antithesis can safeguard which Najib Razak
The budding minister said the BN supervision not usually succeeded in creating assent as well as prosperity, though this wealth had additionally drawn people from alternative countries to seek the vital in Malaysia.
"While in the li! ttle alt ernative countries including in Europe, their stagnation rates have risen by 25 to 45 per cent, like in Spain for instance, Malaysia does not have which complaint though it's just which the little people are selective about jobs as well as choose not to work," he said.
Najib said Malaysia's wealth was being enjoyed by the little dual million purebred foreign workers.
At the function, he additionally announced the approval for the building of the Universiti Teknologi Mara bend campus in Raub shortly during the price of RM230 million.
The budding minister afterwards achieved Maghrib, Isyak as well as Tarawih prayers with residents. Bernama
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Rafizis arrest a blow to BNs moral credentials

Rafizi Ramli's arrest 'fortifies a doubts' of Malaysians about a BN government's finalise to plunge into corruption, says a Sarawak assemblyman.
KUCHING: The arrest as well as charges opposite PKR director of plan Rafizi Ramli as well as former Public Bank clerk Johari Mohamad underneath Banking as well as Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA) have made a mockery of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 (WPA).
An angry Sarawak PKR pronounced a decision to charge Rafizi as well as Johari were a "blow to a moral credentials of Barisan Nasional".
Said PKR vice-president See Chee How: "It fortifies a doubts of Malaysians as to a finalise of a BN supervision to plunge into corruption, by a enactment of a WPA, which has come into effect given December 15, 2010."
"The charges brought opposite Rafizi as well as Johari have been associated to their expos of a National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal involving a RM250-million supervision loan, implicating a husband as well as family members of former sovereign apportion Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.
"Shahrizat's husband, Mohamad Salleh, has given been charged with dual counts of criminal crack of certitude as well as dual alleged offences underneath a Companies Act 1965 involving a sum of RM49.7 million, associated to a purchase of dual luxury common ownership units," pronounced See who is Batu Lintang assemblyman.
In passing a WPA in early December 2010, Najib had spoken it as an initiative underneath a government's Economic Transformation Programme to aggressively plunge into crime across a board.
"Unfortunately, a WPA is nonetheless another e.g. of p! resumabl y great laws failing when a interests of certain politically continuous people have been affected.
"But it comes as no surprise when WPA fails to strengthen whistleblowers like Rafizi as well as Johari since WPA does not settle insurance to those who inform to a police or alternative supervision coercion agencies underneath conditions of secrecy.
"With a arrest of Rafizi as well as Johari, whatever promises made by a prime apportion which a WPA will not be used to take to court genuine whistleblowers for exposing crime have been hollow as well as meaningless," pronounced See.
'Need to rectify WPA'
He pronounced a arrest showed which a sovereign supervision had no political will as well as finalise to weed out corruption.
"What we need is to rectify a WPA to follow a Public Interest Disclosure Act of Australia or a UK, whereby a whistleblower will be protected if he brings a matter to a courtesy of a Member of Parliament or a media, or there is no restriction during all as long as a avowal was done in great conviction as well as adjudged to have been reasonable in a circumstances.
"Malaysians will be furious with a arrest of Rafizi as well as Johari despite their great efforts in exposing corrupt practices."
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LATEST Ceramah!!!! Lajim Ukin Joins PR (video)

Dicatat oleh
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Anew facebook site named "Kami Bersama Rafizi" ("Justice4Rafizi") was launched this afternoon by supporters of PKR Strategic Director Rafizi Ramli.

At this moment the LIKES is 1,518 people. The await shown for Rafizi for exposing abuses of powers by particular is getting clever await from the public.

You can perspective the facebook site here.

The supervision will have to reconsider its STAND.

source of news: Kelab Greenboc
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Selangor mulls building water treatment plants

SHAH ALAM, Aug 1 The Selangor supervision is considering building brand new plants tighten to existent plants, especially those operating on top of their capacities, to boost production of treated water.
Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim pronounced internal authorities were additionally asked to correct H2O pumps at a influence ponds in Balakong, which were reported to be either shop-worn or missing, to strike H2O supply problems in a area.
He pronounced an investigation by a state internal government, studies as well as investigate committee chairman Ronnie Liu found pumps at a influence ponds in Balakong under a supervision of Syarikat Bekalan Air Sdn Bhd (Syabas) to be either shop-worn or faulty.
"So, we can correct or replace a pumps by internal authorities as well as check Syabas," he told reporters after chairing a state exco assembly here today.
Meanwhile, Liu pronounced 11 areas in a vicinity of Balakong which experienced H2O supply woes enclosed Taman Bukit Belimbing, Taman Seri Belimbing, Taman Harmoni Indah as well as Taman Balakong Jaya.
He pronounced a Kajang Municipal Council had additionally been directed to send H2O to a affected areas daily, from 8pm to 10pm, for as prolonged as it is required. Bernama
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Japanese firm vies for Langat 2

members were "getting lots of contracts" from ...

Goodbye, Gore! What a colorful, intense, brilliant and vibrant life yours was...

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The police had handcuffed NFC "whistleblower" Rafizi Ramli this morning whilst he was brought to Court.

But when NFC Executive Chairman Mohamad Salleh Ismail, who is Shahrizat's husband, was brought to Court to be charged, he was NOT handcuffed when he was alleged to have dissipated taxpayers monies of RM250 Million..

A transparent box of DOUBLE STANDARDS practised by the police force.

source of news : Tun_Telanai
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ANOTHER FIASCO: Petronas orchestra sackings spark worldwide audition boycott

ANOTHER FIASCO:  Petronas rope sackings spark worldwide try-out boycott
KUALA LUMPUR An international musicians union is job for a worldwide boycott of a Malaysian Philharmonic (MPO) after a rope owned by Petronas allegedly sacked 9 of a members but cause, with a debate threatening a country's repute as a budding humanities hub.
In a case which is set to embarrass a inhabitant oil association despite a efforts to emanate a single of a world's premier venues as well as many appropriate orchestras at a Dewan Filharmonik here, a union has called for musicians to boycott MPO's try-out in New York in Oct which was arranged to fill a vacancies created by a sackings.
The call by The International Federation of Music (IFM) has been highlighted by various international song as well as humanities journals as well as Norman Lebrecht, a single of a many at large read song as well as informative affairs commentators in a world, upon his blog Slipped Disc.
The IFM statement, which a British Lebrecht reproduced upon his blog called upon musicians worldwide to ditch a MPO's Oct 12 try-out in New York to criticism a allegedly unfair dismissal of 9 symphonists, some of whom have been with a rope for fourteen years as well as have families with young children to support.
The strongly-worded statement criticised a MPO's brand brand brand brand new chief executive Nor Raina Yong Abdullah for sending "non-renewal" notices to a 9 symphonists in a rope "apparently for NO REASON whatsoever as well as destroying their livelihoods".
"This CEO, with positively no song background, has never oral face to face with any of a 'dismissed' musicians," IFM pr! onounced in a statement.
"The MD, Claus Peter Flor, has remained virtually silent upon a action, but has insisted which a decisions were over his control. His denials have been met with questioning by a musicians," it added.
Among those dismissed from their positions as concertmaster, co-concertmaster, tutti initial violin, tutti viola, section percussionist, principal timpanist as well as principal trombonist were additionally founding musicians with a MPO.
The statement remarkable which seven of a 9 sacked have filed legal movement with a Industrial Relations Court as well as a court papers have been sent to a human resources minister for review.
The pierce has sparked conjecture which a state oil association intends to scale down a involvement in a arts.
"Further, a superfluous 70 musicians as well as their families will simply become 'corporate targets' for further 'cost-cutting' strategies," it said.
The IFM additionally pronounced warned potential musicians formulation to try-out which a MPO would be scaling down their contracts, charity brand brand brand brand new members between 20 to 25 per cent reduction pay than existing members to reinstate a 9 vacancies as well as twenty-three other stick positions onboard.
"This, in itself, is an affront to a song profession, as well as harmony rope standards. The judgment of FIRING long-term musicians, only to try their luck at hiring slightly cheaper ones, is disgraceful as well as over many decent people's moral comprehension," it said.
The IFM additionally urged musicians worldwide to rope together as well as write to Nor Raina as well as a MPO's brand brand brand brand new ubiquitous physical education instructor Timothy Tsukamoto to opening their displeasure.
"The Board of Directors must realise which a brand brand brand brand new CEO is destroying a repute of a once good orchestra, as well as is harming a repute of Malaysia at a same ! time," i t said.
Nor Raina could not be immediately contacted for comment as she was in a meeting, her partner Hanis Halim told The Malaysian Insider today.
The MPO, housed in a Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) at a foot of a landmark Petronas Twin Towers, styles itself as a region's premier venue for classical music.
It is now in a 14th season, according to a DFP's website.
The unison gymnasium was officially opened upon Aug 17, 1998 by afterwards budding minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as well as his wife as well as MPO patron Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali.
-The Malaysian Insider
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Expert: Ratizi Ramli is NOT a whistleblower

The article successive was sent to me by a source who was really close to a parties which authored Malaysia's Whistleblower Protection Act 2010. The sender has requested anonymity ...

The Rafizi Ramli expos of a National Feedlot Centre (NFCorp) Scandal: The Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 [Act 711] Point of View

The National Feedlot Centre(NFCorp)is afirm which runs a Federal Government's cattle farming project, which was awarded to a organisation in 2006
Linked toformer Minister Datuk SeriShahrizat Jalil's family.
Probe into monetary mismanagement of NFCorp beganlate final year, as a outcome of a Auditor-General's 2010 report which NFCorp usually achieved 41% of its target of 8000 cattle in 2010.
Since a liaison pennyless in October 2010, PKR has been demanding Datuk Seri Shahrizat for explanation upon a purported monetary mismanagement as great as corruption, in addition to phenomenon further allegations of monetary misappropriation by NFCorp.

The Charge
Mr.Rafizi Ramli, a plan director of PKR, who additionally happens to be a Petaling Jaya Utara MPwas charged under subsection 97(1) of BAFIA for disclosing 4 patron form papers regarding to a balance summary of NFCorp, National Meat as great as Livestock Sdn. Bhd., Agroscience Industries Sdn. Bhd. as great as Datuk SeriMohama d Salleh Ismail(Datuk Seri Shahrizat's husband) totwo individuals, namely
A media consultant namedYusuf Abdul Alim; and
A journalist namedErle Martin Carvalho,

At a PKR domicile in Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1 upon 7 Mar 2011.
Conviction will outcome in a fineup to RM3milliom as great as jail up to 3 years.
A conviction will additionally severely jeapordize Mr. Rafizi's possibility of standing as a candidate in a successive ubiquitous electionsand fortifying his seat.
Mr. Rafizi's detain as great as successive chargeis being touted by certain quarters as victimization of a whistleblower as great as would usually serve to deter "future whistleblowers", as great as would deal a serious blow to a public's notice upon a government's earnest in combating corruption.

Mr. Rafizi'splightfrom Act 711's point of view
Careful celebration of a mass of Act 711 obviously shows thatMr. Rafizi does not fall within a ambit of a whistleblowerenvisaged by a Act, for several reasons
The disclosure was not made to any enforcement agencybreachof territory 6of WBPA
The report disclosed was made publicbreachof territory 8of WBPA
His temperament is known to all as great as sundrybreachof terr itory 8 of WBPA
He had suggested report which isprohibitedbyBAFIA from being made open subsection 97(1) of BAFIA as great as territory 6 of WBPA. Even under territory 8 of a WBPA a disclosure of improper control cannot be disclosed or ordered to be disclosed in any court of law
Looking during a players concerned in this play it is clear which a actions of Mr. Rafizi as great as a people coming to his counterclaim have been clearexamples of strategy of a letters of a law to fit one's domestic agenda.
The Opposition willnever stop politicking each pierce of a Government, even to a border of utilizing a tenets of a law as great as supplies of legislations to fit their agenda.
Their lax interpretation of a tenure "whistleblower" is obviously used as a apparatus to attack as great as ridicule a bid as great as great goal of a Government in introducing Act 711 in a first place.
The reasons a whistleblower should remain unknown have been
1.Protection of a report contained in a disclosure
2.For his insurance as great as safety, as great as a safety of a persons associated to him;
3.Protection of a person accused of a wrongdoing, should review exhibit him to be trusting after all; and
4.Protection of any person declared in a report disclosed, who may be harmed if a report is made publ! ic.< /div>
Mr. Rafizi's control is a pure case of impression gangland slaying as he would bob to despicable means to acquire report in order to contaminate a reputation as great as great name of certain individualsorhis domestic rivals.
The action of a people coming to his counterclaim in claiming which he is a whistleblower who isbeing victimized for being a member of a Opposition, despite knowing which he did not come with purify handsis additionally aclearcase of utilizing as great as distorting a supplies of a law to upset andinfluence a public, or rather, pretending to be undeveloped of a letters a law or just solid irrationality upon their part.
The control as great as perspective of a Opposition is shameful, insane as great as contemptuous towards a spirit of a Act, as great as it would be a contrition for them to find insurance under this Act when it is appallingly clear which goodwill as great as raise of a republic was a final thing they had in thoughts when makingsuch claims.Instead, all which they have to offeris criticism ofthe government's bid in combatingcorruption as great as claimingtheir brute acts as a category actin phenomenon corruptpracticesandknowing which such report is taboo by law from open disclosure, yet unashamedlyclaiming to a total universe which theydeserve theprotection under a really Act which they havebeen criticizing.

- rocky's bru
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Who really is Lajims tuan?

Has Sabah MP Lajim Ukin unequivocally defected or is this all only another shadow play engineered by both Najib Tun Razak as good as Anwar Ibrahim?
KOTA KINABALU: Whatever a diversion Umno arch Najib Tun Razak as good as PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim have been personification in Sabah, it is going to be burning as good as those who will feel a feverishness during a ballot boxes have been a locals whose minds have been being toyed with, intoxicating beverage tested as good as loyalties horse-traded.
The reverberations from Barisan Nasional MPs Lajim Ukin as good as Wilfred Bumburing's defections if in truth they have been defections have been attack tough during a walls of Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman as good as his reflection in Sarawak Taib Mahmud.
Cut from a same cloth as good as soaked in Mahathir-mentored politics, neither Najib nor Anwar seems to unequivocally caring about Sabahans or Sarawakians.
For them a priority is securing Putrajaya during whatever cost. At interest is Sabah's 25 as good as Sarawak's 31 parliamentary seats.
While Sarawak is for now reduction of a threat to Najib, Sabah, on a other end, is literally land a Najib as good as BN-run sovereign supervision policies to ransom. It is no some-more a bound deposit notwithstanding a state BN's postulations.
Sabah is a poorest state in Malaysia as good as a masses have been writhing underneath sovereign supervision policies which have made basic necessities a luxury.
Since Sunday, when Lajim as good as Bumburing officially made good known their perspective of BN, denials of problems inside of Sabah Umno ranks as good as declarati! ons of a "consolidated" state BN have come fast as good as furious.
Not surprisingly, Lajim was yesterday nude of his post as emissary minister.
But what will be engaging to watch is if Umno sacks him for insubordination as good as a strategy Lajim will invoke.
Lajim is an aged hand during politics, carrying wheeled as good as dealed his approach through state governing body given a 1970s.
He is in a know of Sabah Umno's deepest darkest secrets, together with a alleged RM100 million which Musa claimed belonged to Umno.
Let's not dont think about which Lajim was once Sabah's emissary arch apportion as good as privy to insider information. He was allocated to a post after he won a Klias state chair in a 1999 polls underneath Umno ticket.
Lajim knows Anwar good too. Anwar was a emissary prime apportion when in 1994 he brought Lajim into Umno as good as after engineered a downfall of Joseph Pairin Kitingan's Parti Sabah Bersatu (PBS) government, a Christian administration, which afterwards prime apportion Dr Mahathir Mohamad could not accept. PBS defeated Berjaya in a 1985 polls.
Even afterwards Anwar had betrothed Lajim a arch minister's post though which never happened.
Thus Lajim knows a domestic meditative of Anwar. He knows Najib as good as Najib knows him.
'No faithfulness from Lajim'
With Lajim it is not a question of loyalty. Both leaders have been peaceful to play round in a riot battle for leverage in a 13th general election.
Lajim has resigned from all his posts in Umno though has remained an Umno member while plainly expressing await for Anwar's agenda.
He has zero opposite Umno; in fact, he is closely aligned to Umno leaders Shafie Apdal as good as Muhyiddin Yassin.
His only genuine row has been which Najib must keep his guarantee as good as inform Musa.
But can Najib be seen you d! o this t o a arch apportion who's been good to Putrajaya as good as allegedly to him personally?
Musa, Lajim claimed, had no await as good as most of a Sabah Umno MPs as good as assemblymen had no certainty in a Musa leadership.
As if on cue yesterday, Sabah Legislative Assembly Speaker Salleh Keruak vehemently denied which Lajim's abdication from Umno as good as BN had anything to do with a inner problems in Sabah Umno.
"All his reasons for withdrawal Umno, which he helped [form a government] by toppling a PBS supervision in 1994, have been merely excuses for his mission to stay afloat politically," Salleh told FMT.
The pass difference here would be to "stay afloat politically". As an obligatory in Beaufort, Lajim wants to urge his chair as good as maybe try for a parliamentary constituency.
Ask any local domestic pundits as good as they'll put their income on Lajim winning in his subdivision he is a "winnable" candidate, they say.
If BN wins, Lajim sees himself being allocated as a full minister. If Pakatan wins, afterwards Anwar has betrothed him a arch ministership.
Perak defection revisited?
But Musa is allegedly opposite Lajim defending his chair as good as stability to lord over west-coast Sabah.
He is looking to replace Lajim with his own man as good as maybe even connect his brother Anifah Aman's sway in a state. Anifah, who is Foreign Minister, is additionally Kimanis MP.
There is a organisation here who hold which Anifah should take over from Musa as arch minister.
They explain he has reduction "political luggage" as good as is not as "soaked" in Umno's ways.
They additionally explain which Anifah, carrying spent his early days studying in England, is some-more exposed, articulate, has refinement as good as was you do a fine job as Foreign Minister.
This a Lajim organisation is passed against.! Lajim's faithfulness is to Shafie who wants to be Sabah arch minister.
One wonders afterwards if Lajim is as loyal to his struggle as he might be to his genuine bosses.
There's a phrase in a KL circles which goes like this: "jaga tuan jaga tuhan" which literally means "take caring of your trainer as good as look after God".
In Lajim's case, who is unequivocally his boss? Consider a fact which he has not quit Umno.
In which case, would we consider him a Trojan horse?
It's not unprecedented unequivocally since in 2009 it was an Umno defector who eventually triggered a reverse takeover by BN of a Pakatan supervision in Perak.
Bota constituency's Umno deputy Nasaruddin Hashim defected to PKR on January 25, 2009, saying which his voters were supportive as good as he received no financial award to defect.
Soon after, Najib took over a reigns of Umno Perak as good as BN afterwards "engineered a re-crossover of Nasaruddin as good as 3 other Perak assemblymen from Pakatan Rakyat" as good as effectively ended a democratically voted government.
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Waythamoorthy back in Malaysia

There was the red rapt during the Johor Baru immigration checkpoint, though he was authorised in after half an hour.
JOHOR BARU: Hindraf Makkal Sakti supremo P Waythamoorthy eventually returned home to Malaysia during 12.20pm currently after living in self-imposed exile in England for 56 months.
He stopped during the Johor Baru immigration checkpoint during noon in the grey Toyota Estima, as well as there was the slight scare which he might be arrested when his pass was held for about thirty minutes.
He had crossed the causeway after checking out from the Singapore limit checkpoint during 11.45am.
There was the red rapt upon the mechanism screen of the Malaysian immigration opposite when he submitted his pass for clearance. The officer during the opposite told him the rapt meant which he had to see her superior.
Another central afterwards collected his pass as well as those belonging to the members of the entourage escorting him, who numbered about twenty as well as enclosed his wife, K Nageswari, as well as 10-year-old daughter, Vwaishhnavi.
The fright of arrest dissipated when immigration officials returned the passports.
A relieved Waythamoorthy was driven true away by Hindraf activists to the local resort.
He is approaching to perform prayers during 5pm during the Hindu temple in Ulu Tiram.
During the! hiccup during the immigration checkpoint, Waytha pronounced he as well as the rest of the Hindraf care were prepared to hoop any situation, together with arrest.
Hindraf advisor N Ganesan pronounced Waythamoorthy's lapse had non-stop the brand new section in the movement's onslaught to defend the civil rights of Malaysian Indians.
"Previously, you fought to settle which there are problems," Ganesan said. "Now our onslaught will be focused upon anticipating in effect as well as decisive solutions to finalise the issues of marginalisation of Indians."
He pronounced it was time for those in energy during both state as well as federal levels to stop their "political games" as well as address those issues.
Waythamoorthy left Malaysia three days after the historic Hindraf rally of Nov 25, 2007, which resulted in the detention of multiform activists under the Internal Security Act. The arrests took place upon December thirteen of which year.
In the following October, the supervision decided to anathema Hindraf.
Earlier, in Mar 2008, the Malaysian supervision had revoked Waythamoorthy's passport. Following this, he practical for as well as was granted political haven by the British government.
About the month ago, he filed the category action fit opposite the British supervision for alleged wrongs committed opposite Malaysian Indians during the colonial era.
It was after filing the fit during the London High Court which he voiced his intention to lapse with or but the passport. However, the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore released him the pass final Monday.
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MIC to set record straight on AIMST Uni cafetaria

PKR personality S Gobi Krishnan could select to board a inform with a authorities if he is payable with a response, says MIC CWC part of S Vell Paari.
PETALING JAYA: MIC, through its education arm Maju Institute of Educational Development (MIED), would reply to a claim of monetary irregularities involving a cafetaria commercial operation at a party-run AIMST University soon.
MIC executive operative committee part of S Vell Paari pronounced this in a make a difference today.
"I've additionally suggested MIC youth treasurer J Dhinagaran to reply to a claim as it involves a commercial operation entity owned by him," he said.
Yesterday, PKR national strategy as well as policy bureau cabinet member S Gobikrishnan alleged which two audit reports upon AIMST University had found irregularities, together with alleged fake claims as well as "preferential treatment" accorded to Jaya Cafe Holdings Sdn Bhd.
Dhinagaran is a single of a directors of Jaya Cafe, together with MIC youth arch T Mohan.
Among a allegations, Gobi pronounced which Jaya Cafe submitted a fake claim of RM90,000 upon a food served during AIMST Universtity's new campus launch upon August 17, 2008.
"During a launch, food was supplied by another company, Eden Catering, through a eventuality management company, Scoop Events Sdn Bhd," claimed Gobi.
He additionally indicted Jaya Cafe of foul utilising accommodation, kitchen apparatus as well as cleaning services of AIMST University.
"Cleaning services in a areas being utilised by Jaya Cafe Holdings were ostensible to be undertaken by Jaya Cafe, though in reality,! they we re being done by Sunway Cleaners.
"Sunway Cleaners was paid by MIED Capital to a balance of RM192,000 for 2008 as well as 2009," alleged a PKR leader.
Vell Paari, who is additionally a party's communication as well as publicity chief, pronounced which Dhinagaran would prepare a detailed inform upon a make a difference for Gobi's convenience.
"I would additionally similar to to invite DAP MP Tony Pua to accompany Gobi to study as well as insist a inform to to a latter," he said.
Upon study a report, Vell Paari pronounced Gobi could select to apologise to Dhinagaran if there have been no irregularities in a cafeteria commercial operation to equivocate any authorised action from a MIC leader.
"If Gobi is not satisfied with a report, he can always board a inform with a applicable authorities to get to a bottom of a matter," he said.
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Ampang LRT: George Kent gets letter of acceptance

The association is additionally awarded an additional stipulate worth RM128 million.
KUALA LUMPUR: The George Kent-Lion Pacific Consortium received a minute of acceptance from Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd upon Monday for a Ampang LRT line extension plan costing RM955.840 million.
Prasarana has allocated a consortium as a executive for complement functions of a project.
George Kent pronounced a consortium has been further awarded a supply of Train Borne Equipment together with functions in respect of that Prasarana has options that it can exercise together for a sum of RM128.618 million.
The stipulate entails engineering, procurement, construction, testing as well as commissioning of a signalling system, communications, trackwork as well as third rail, foundation of a rail complement as well as other compared functions for a Ampang LRT line to be extended by an additional 17.7km to connect a current Sri Petaling Station to Putra Heights, it pronounced in a statement today.
George Kent has been in existence for over 76 years as well as has a proven track jot down in Malaysia in a building a whole industry.
The association has over a last 30 years built a track jot down of many infrastructure building a whole projects that it has finished or have been ongoing, it said.
The stipulate is approaching to commence immediately as well as a completion period is 44 months from a date of a minute of acceptance.
The stipulate will not have any significant effect upon a group's earnings for a financial year finale January 31, 2013 though is approaching to contribute positively to a group's destiny earnings. < div> -Bernama
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Nak dedah salahlaku pun jangan langgar undang-undang

Akhirnya, malam tadi Ogos 1hb, 2012, tiga pegawai penyiasat dari Unit Penyiasatan Khas Bank Negara Malaysia yang diketuai oleh Nur Shareena Rosli telah melakukan tangkapan ke atas Rafizi Ramli di rumah beliau beralamat A-4-05, Kyoto Garden Condominium, Bukit Antarabangsa.

Difahamkan tangkapan dibuat bagi tujuan pendakwaan berkaitan kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 97 (1) Akta Bank dan Institusi

No more NST for Aliran!

No more NST for Aliran!
As of today, Aliran has stopped subscribing to a New Straits Times.
It is a preference that was deferred several times since you felt you had to guard a mainstream media's coverage. But a one-sided stating as well as a biased coverage have been tough to stomach; indeed it has upset thinking as well as caring Malaysians.
It does not meant you have been now starting to subscribe to The Star. We discontinued The Star as well as Utusan many years ago for a same reason. The Star's stating has been even worse than a NST. (But some competence dispute this!) We shan't even speak about Utusan
Of late, both The Star's as well as a NST's coverage of a political situation has been nauseating. There is a commonality in blatantly dubious a public. Malaysians have been misinformed, told to keep their eyes only on a single side of a silver as well as kept in a dim about a other side.
The Opposition is deliberately denied space in their coverage. The Opposition is misquoted as well as disproportion have been added when they were not even uttered. Repeated as well as eager attempts by a Opposition to rebut dubious stating have been all ignored, foul as well as unjustly.
Journalistic ethics as well as adherence to law have been no longer sacrosanct. They have gone with a wind. Spinning stories as well as inventing lies to distort a law have been no longer antithetical to respectable journalism.
Utusan says it's OK
According to a deputy chief editor of Utusan Malaysia, Mohd Zaini Hassan, such wanton infamous control is excellent as long as a Opposition is targeted!! He call s it spinning as well as not lying. It looks similar to it is a declared policy to await passageway for liquid journalism!
This reported acknowledgment of reprobate broadcasting is sickening as well as reprehensible. Mohd Zaini made this acknowledgement during a forum on social media organized by Biro Tata Negara as well as a 1Malaysia Social Media Convention secretariat.
Genuine mass media practitioners rehearse their craft to get as tighten to a law as possible. They should never be partisan politicians, though mass media practitioners certainly never propagandists.
Appealing to a good sense of editors to defend goodness as well as morality is not starting to have any difference. They will remain indifferent as well as go on to be collection of a Barisan Nasional, dishing out filth as well as dirt.
Hit them where it hurts most
The subject is, have been you starting to concede this flippant perspective to go on during our expense? It is only a people who can bring about change. It is only you who can bring behind ethical broadcasting in a media, chuck out passageway for liquid stating once as well as for all, as well as stop this nationally unpropitious exercise.
If you stop reading a mainstream media, their dissemination will suffer. Once a advertisers know about a dump in circulation, they will stop promotion in these newspapers. Then, a owners will be strike tough where it hurts; a bottom-line will spin red due to a dump in revenue.
Editors will come to their senses. In a last analysis, it is a ringgit as well as sen that is dear to a owners as well as their editors not a values or virtues of true journalism.
When this monetary flow is cut off, they will have to sit up as well as handle as they ought to, by paying homage to law as well as justice, as well as give us a respect you deserve as readers as well as advertisers.
Aliran has taken that f! irst ste p to repudiate them a increase they never deserve as propagandists. Are you as readers as well as advertisers ready to follow suit? (Some readers may already have done so a long time ago.) Together, you can have a disproportion as well as spin this nation of ours in to a guide for law as well as justice.
P Ramakrishnan, a evident past president of Aliran, currently serves on a Aliran executive committee
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Expert: Ratizi Ramli is NOT a whistleblower

The essay below was sent to me by the source who was really tighten to the parties which authored Malaysia's Whistleblower Protection Act 2010. The sender has requested anonymity ...

The Rafizi Ramli expos of the National Feedlot Centre (NFCorp) Scandal: The Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 [Act 711] Point of View

The National Feedlot Centre(NFCorp)is afirm which runs the Federal Governments cattle tillage project, which was awarded to the organisation in 2006
Linked toformer Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalils family.
Probe in to monetary mismanagement of NFCorp beganlate final year, as the outcome of the Auditor-Generals 2010 inform which NFCorp usually achieved 41% of its aim of 8000 cattle in 2010.
Since the liaison pennyless in Oct 2010, PKR has been demanding Datuk Seri Shahrizat for explanation upon the alleged monetary mismanagement as well as corruption, in addition to phenomenon offer allegations of monetary misappropriation by NFCorp.

The Charge
Mr. Rafizi Ramli, the plan executive of PKR, who also happens to be the Petaling Jaya Utara MPwas charged underneath subsection 97(1) of BAFIA for disclosing four customer form papers pertaining to the change summary of NFCorp, National Meat as well as Livestock Sdn. Bhd., Agroscience Industries Sdn. Bhd. as well as Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail (Datuk Seri Shahrizats husband) totwo individuals, namely
A media expert named Yusuf Abdul Alim; and
A publisher declared Erle Martin Carvalho,

At the PKR domicile in Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1 upon 7 Mar 2011.
Conviction will outcome in the fineup to RM3milliom as well as prison up to 3 years.
A self-assurance will also seriously jeapordize Mr. Rafizis chance of standing as the candidate in the subsequent ubiquitous electionsand defending his seat.
Mr. Rafizis arrest as well as subsequent chargeis being touted by certain buliding as victimization of the whistleblower as well as would usually offer to deter future whistleblowers, as well as would understanding the serious blow to the publics perception upon the governments earnest in combating corruption.

Mr. Rafizisplightfrom Act 711s point of view
Careful reading of Act 711 obviously shows which Mr. Rafizi does not fall within the ambit of the whistleblower envisaged by the Act, for multiform reasons
The avowal was not made to any enforcement agency breach of territory 6of WBPA
The report disclosed was made public breach of territory 8of WBPA
His identity is well known to all as well as sundry breach of territory 8 of WBPA
He had suggested report which is prohibited byBAFIA from being made open subsection 97(1) of BAFIA as well as territory 6 of WBPA . Even underneath territory 8 of the WBPA the avowal of crude control cannot be disclosed or systematic to be disclosed in any justice of law
Looking during the players concerned in this drama it is transparent which the actions of Mr. Rafizi as well as the people coming to his counterclaim have been clearexamples of manipulation of the letters of the law to fit ones domestic agenda.
The Opposition willnever stop politicking every move of the Government, even to the border of manipulating the tenets of the law as well as supplies of legislations to fit their agenda.
Their lax understand of the term whistleblower is obviously used as the tool to conflict as well as gibe the bid as well as good goal of the Government in introducing Act 711 in the first place.
The reasons the whistleblower should remain anonymous have been
1. Protection of the report contained in the disclosure
2. For his protection as well as safety, as well as the reserve of the persons related to him;
3. Protection of the chairman indicted of the wrongdoing, should review reveal him to be innocent after all; and
4. Protection of any chairman declared in the report disclosed, who may be spoiled if the report is made public.
Mr. Rafizis control is the pristine case of character gangland slaying as he would stoop to despicable equates to to obtain report in order to taint the reputation as well as good name of certain individualsorhis domestic rivals.
The action of the people coming to his counterclaim in claiming which he is the whistleblower who isbei! ng victi mized for being the partial of of the Opposition, despite knowing which he did not come with clean handsis also aclearcase of manipulating as well as distorting the supplies of the law to upset andinfluence the public, or rather, sanctimonious to be ignorant of the letters the law or only solid stupidity upon their part.
The control as well as attitude of the Opposition is shameful, insane as well as contemptuous towards the spirit of the Act, as well as it would be the shame for them to seek protection underneath this Act when it is appallingly transparent which organization to help the poor as well as betterment of the republic was the final thing they had in mind when makingsuch claims.Instead, all which they have to offeris critique ofthe governments bid in combatingcorruption as well as claimingtheir brute acts as the category actin phenomenon corruptpracticesandknowing which such report is taboo by law from open disclosure, yet unashamedlyclaiming to the whole universe which theydeserve theprotection underneath the really Act which they havebeen criticizing.