10 years later in a company called Maverick

Been traveling so many newly which this is a initial time I've had to refurbish this blog.

The posting below is from my association blog Talking Points which you wrote upon a fly to commemorate a 10th anniversary. you suppose it is a great pointer which all of us in Maverick have been so busy which we've hardly had time to commemorate a 10th anniversary, though there will be a time for merrymaking soon.

When Maverick initial set out upon a journey exactly 10 years ago this month, you had an audacious ambition: to be a many respected communications consultancy in Indonesia.

We weren't calm to be a Public Relations group as Public Relations often meant media relations; you additionally didn't wish to be an agency, you do a bidding of clients who might not indispensably know improved upon what's great for their brands.

So you set out to fool around in a field of communications as well as to be consultants initial as well as foremost, with group work as a await for a consultancy services.

A decade has passed. How have you done?

Let's demeanour during a desire to be "most respected" first. On a scale of 10 I'd say you have strike an 8 or even a 9. The client list you have is nothing to scoff during with a likes of Acer, Airbus, Airbus Military, Brand A, Coca-Cola, Nestle, HM Sampoerna as well as SMAX.

Then there is a Crisis as well as Issues Management practice which makes Maverick a go-to firm for many of a nation's largest as well as many determined law firms wanting litigation support, multinationals confronting work unrest or consumer food companies having problems with their products. The client list is similarly considerable though a nature of a work precludes us disclosing their names.

Where amicable media is concerned, you officially set up Raconteur, a digital storytelling division, a year ago as well as already it is creation a name for its! elf as a digital consultancy which delivers results, not hype. In a commencement of this year it won a huge comment in SMAX snacks. It has additionally rubbed a launch of a Google Chrome campaign, only introduced Evernote to a Indonesian online community as well as is operative to help a Taiwan Trade Office (TAITRA) foster a island-nation.

There is additionally Gauge, a media monitoring as well as research multiplication which continues to settle itself as a many extensive as well as high quality use of a kind in Indonesia, in annoy of newcomers to a industry. It's addition of amicable media monitoring as well as research as a use has additionally been a strike to a clients.

And final though not least, you have Brio a newest multiplication which leverages Maverick as well as Raconteur's practice as well as believe as practitioners to provide precision to corporations in need of communications as well as predicament management skills. It was set up this year as well as already it has strike all a monetary targets you have set for it.

Together these divisions add up to an charity greater than a total of themselves. This is great headlines for clients who might need as well as wish a full spectrum of communications recommendation as well as service.

All, this, however has been possible because of two things. The enlightenment as well as a people in Maverick.

We similar to to think which you have a enlightenment which is singular as well as un-replicable by alternative competitors. It is a enlightenment where individuals have been invariably challenged to produce their best, as well as then go a single step further. At a same time it is a nurturing enlightenment where any as well as each Maverick has a responsibility to await as well as encourage their co-workers to greater heights as well as successes.

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1. 2. BERSIH

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Mendidih sungguh darah aku bila membaca laporan KEDAHAN69ERS.COM tentang penduduk Kampung Sungai Kob yang menerima layanan SERUPA BABI daripada Kerajaan Negeri Kedah.

Daripada apa yang aku dapat tahu, tanah yang dipertikaikan itu adalah Tanah Rezab Melayu. Masa Kerajaan Barisan Nasional dulu, projek tanah perkuburan swasta ni diorang dah introduce tapi tak diluluskan. Bila PAS dan Pakatan menang di Kedah, projek yang tak diluluskan tu, serta-merta diluluskan.

Penduduk Sungai Kob dah berjaya dapatkan dua perintah mahkamah untuk menghalang projek daripada diteruskan. Tapi syarikat berkenaan, Prestavest yang difahamkan dilindungi oleh pemimpin Pakatan tertentu, telah membabikan segala perintah mahkamah dengan meneruskan kerja-kerja projek di Tanah Rezab Melayu Sungai Kob.

Pagi tadi, lebih kurang 100 orang penduduk kampung yang berkawal di jalan masuk ke tapak perkuburan swasta terbesar di Asia Tenggara itu, naik angin apabila kata dua diorang agar projek tidak diteruskan, dianggap sampah oleh pekerja-pekerja Prestavest.

Akhirnya, dua orang pekerja Prestavest cedera. Seorang pekerja India, koyak pipi manakala seorang lagi pekerja Cina lebam matanya.

Polis yang berada di tempat kejadian, telah berjaya mengawal keadaan dan menahan 52 orang penduduk kampung kerana merusuh.

Isu pokok di sini adalah tanah perkuburan Cina di tengah-tengah perkampungan Melayu dan di atas Tanah! Rezab M elayu pula. Yang ditangkap adalah Melayu... dan yang menangkap juga adalah Melayu... siapa yang bertepuk tangan dalam hal ini?

Korang fikir-fikirkan sendirilah...

Tapi yang paling best, masa kecoh pusat penyembelihan babi, PAS serta Malaysia turun memberikan sokongan kepada penyembelih-penyembelih dan pemilik pusat penyembelihan babi itu. Tetapi bila Melayu Sungai Kob meminta agar tanah perkuburan swasta itu dipindahkan dari kawasan mereka, mereka telah dibabi-babikan....

Maknanya, Melayu Sungai Kob taraf mereka lebih rendah dari BABI ler yek?


Fixed term election?

The other day, an aged lady studious of mine astounded me with a subject after a consultation is over.

She asked: Why is there no choosing yet?

This is a 70plus years aged lady who is a standard housewife, talking about her seizure as well as her family upon most of her visits , as well as we have not listened her talk governing body or criticism upon amicable problems all this while.

So we ventured to answered her: There are simply as well most problems out there for a governing celebration to feel safe/confident to call an election.

I am extraordinary to know how this organisation of over 70s feel, as well as so we followed up my answer with a subject of how she noticed a total situation. In a past, there were a little in this gorup who would opinion a incumbents for stability.

She pronounced which she would not support a statute celebration as there were so most things wrong. This was despite of all a something good to eat given. She pronounced she has taken a RM500 under BR1M, which was open income as well as it would be stupid for any one not to take it. But she pronounced which she would not be convinced by this income since this income did not belong to a government though came from a people originally.

I told her which an additional turn of RM500 would be coming, as well as she was incredulous. She was disturbed which a little of a people competence be convinced by a income as well as to illustrate continue to opinion for this 'bad' celebration (that was her difference used).

I told her about Bersih 3.0 as well as which most people in a cities would not be swayed.

I finally told her which Parliament will automatically be dissolved upon 28th Apr 2013, as well as inside of 60 days of dissolution, there contingency be an election, which means which a most expected GE will have to be hold inside of a next 12 months, similar to it or not.

She seemed relieved as well as referred to which this competence be a last time she is vot! ing as s he is aged . we have to reaasure which her health is alright, as well as which she has most years to go upon if she continues to lead a clever as well as active lifestyle.

Thus ended this review which has since me most food for thought.

The hottest subject since a last 2 years was a pending GE. But for 24 months, you have listened a sounds of a steps though have not seen any one entrance down a stairs, so to speak.

Because of a uncetainty, so most governing body were played, so most so-called elections budgets have been tabled, giving most handouts which do not indispensably assistance a economy.

Each turn when there were handouts or something good to eat being dispensed, there were rumours which choosing would be called.

This creates an uncertainty not usually in a commercial operation sector, though in a batch market, in a investment milieu, as well as a formulation of most of activities, as well as a list goes on.

The flexible choosing date is a underline of a Westminster system, as well as it gives a incumbents an advantage. a incumbents can call an choosing during a time most favourbale to them. Like batch markets, governing party's happening changes, as well as it cahnges rapidly depending upon a policies implemented, a economic factors, as well as a mood of a citizens which can be greatly shabby by peer pressure. The latter is a outcome of most factors, between which are a spin stories as well as a media influence.

I contingency contend which we determine with Minister Nazri in his proposal which there should be a bound 5 year term for Parliament.

It will capacitate proper planning, less politicking (once in 5 years distinct now, politicking starts 2 years from a lasy election), less wastage of income in a forms of choosing budgets. It would capacitate some-more governing, some-more fast business, batch market as well as investment milieu.

With a bound term, voters can also devise their activities. Just take me as an example. ! Few mont hs ago, when we got news which my daughter-in-law is expecting in May, we was wavering to buy a ticket to vosit my son in May-june period, as there were rumours which there would be an choosing in June. But after analysing all a accessible info, we decided which there was only as well most of superb issues for PM to call an choosing , so we went forward as well as requisitioned our tickets (My wife went over with me)in March. Even then, we wasn't 100% sure which choosing would not be called in a schools holidays in early June.. My opinion may not meant anything (since my area PJ Utara was won by Tony Phua by a outrageous domain as well as we design this domain to widen) though we only want to do my civil duty as a citizen.

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Lagi Perhimpunan HINDRAF Minta Uthayakumar Dibebaskan

Ditahan di Kemuting , ISA

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PAS Hypocritical for Suggesting Non-Muslims as Party Leaders, Says Umno MP

(Malaysian Digest) - Idris stressed which Umno has regularly been tolerant as well as regularly embracing a thought of diversity. My advice is PAS should follow Umno's footsteps in order to tarry a Malaysian democratic process," he added. Tangga Batu MP Datuk Idris Haron ( pic ) pronounced which PAS is hypocritical as well as desperate for suggesting which a celebration should allow non-Muslims in to their leadership. "PAS ...


SIPITANG: The inefficiency of "Pakatan Rakyat" administration department during kampong level is due to a trade-off between loyalty as well as quality.

For example, a appointment of Ketua Kampong is based upon controllable factors, meaning if he can be tranquil by a political leaders that would be protected to appoint him, yet everybody knows that a appointment is not based upon capability, pronounced Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP)
"Why Ketua Kampong could not fully participate in contention in a kampong is since he is expected not to question a wisdom of YB, in alternative words, he a Ketua Kampong has to be upon guard all a times.

The other, alarming pointer emerges is that people have been desperate to reception regular income, that also equates to a economic incident in kampong is equally as bad as anywhere.

"With this style of administration department surely will affect a peculiarity of decision-making. The decision has to fit YB's agenda, this why Ketua Kampong administration department is very inefficient, even outsider becomes Kadayan's ketua kampong," pronounced Hj Amde Sidik a Deputy President of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) when asked of his views, during a revisit to a encounter a people in Kampong Kawang Lama, Pantai about 7km from Sipitang Town.

"The worst of all is, YB even preferred Ketua Kampong who can't even write his own name, whilst, one or dual incidents you came across that a ketua kampong usually learnt how to pointer their names during a very moment of their appointments. How upon ea! rth coul d they understand what good governance is all about?" Amde said, who is also SAPP Southern Zone Chairman as well as CLC N28 Sindumin.

Attended during a function together with a kampong village were a Sapp's leaders among them were CLC N28 Sindumin, Deputy Chairman-Kamis Daming as well as it's Treasurer Sarudin Maidin. - Sabahkini
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THE THREE busy highway junctions along the fifteen KM of Jalan Lintas from Mile 5.5 Tuaran Road to the KKIA have been indeed indispensable the construction of tall turn flyovers to palliate the trade overload as well as jam. The three highway junctions urgently indispensable the flyovers have been during Mile 5.5 Tuaran, Jalan Kolam as well as the Jalan Penampang-Lido Junction.

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu brought up the matter in Parliament not long ago as well as asked the Minister of Works upon the coercion for the supervision to construct the flyovers, as well as upon when these can be carried out.
The Ministry replied which the due flyovers shall be built underneath the "Upgrading Project of Jalan Lintas, KK" in the supervision growth program. The devise is with an estimated overall sum of RM300 million which is underneath the Highway Network Development Plan (HNDP), phase 2, as well as to be executed underneath the 10th Malaysia Plan.

The scope of work includes the upgrading of 4 lanes 2 ways to turn 6 lanes 2 ways with JKR U5 Standard. There will be 4 junctions converted to tall turn channel regulating flyovers. At the moment, the Ministry of Work is discussing with the Economy Planning Unit (EPU) as well as the Prime Minister Department (JPM) to concede the devise to be carried out underneath the third rolling devise in the 10th Malaysia Plan (2013 - 2014).

KKMP Hiew said the reply from the Ministry of Works is just the reply without genuine commitment to solve the matter. At the meanwhile, the! people will have to go upon to humour from trade overload as well as every day jam.

It is not in accord with to contend which there is devise to set up the flyovers during the trade junctions of Jalan Lintas underneath the 10th Malaysia Plan but the Ministry is during the impulse discussing with the EPU as well as JPM to get the devise going underneath the third rolling devise for 2013 to 2014. That means the method is not ready to start the devise during all, as well as why only talk to EPU as well as JPM now.

All these should have been finished approach prior to the 10th Malaysia Plan was approved, as well as generally right away we have been more than half approach through with the plan. Furthermore, can the RM 300 million devise be executed as well as completed from 2013 to 2014,because the singular flyover in Tanjong Aru took them roughly 4 years to complete.

MP Hiew wants the Ministry of Work to be more considerate towards the problems arising in Sabah, generally in the state capital, Kota Kinabalu. He also subject upon the amount of RM 300 million estimated to be used for the fifteen KM of upgrading work. He suggested the Ministry of Works to investigate how other overseas countries have assembled their flyovers in the very fast as well as poor way. We want the complaint solved. - Sabahkini
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Umar Vadillo, Sheikh Sufi berkuasa ajaib berguna untuk Husam?

Lama sudah Husam hidup dibawah bayangan Nik Aziz. Sampai bila orang tua ini akan pencen, itu satu persoalan yang sentiasa berlegar dalam kepala Husam.Selama ini Husam tak boleh buat apa-apa selagi aura Nik Aziz tetap kuat. Selagi orang sanggup dengar cakap dia, Husam tak ada harapan untuk jadi pemimpin wahid di Kelantan. Dia perlu sesuatu untuk mengatasai Nik Aziz.Rupanya Husam sudah ketemui

Why force state governments to take up 11% of Felda IPO - Tony

Why force state governments to take up 11% of Felda IPO - Tony
The inventory of Felda Global Venture Holding is supposed to spin a made at home powerhouse in to a global player, but a move to 'force' BN state governments to take up 10.84 percent of FGVH's shares has not sat good with Petaling Jaya Utara part of of parliament Tony Pua.
Continuing his estimation of FGVH's prospectus, Pua pointed out which 5 BN-ruled states were supposing "irrevocable undertakings" to allow a IPO shares.
Pahang as good as Sabah were given 5 percent respectively, Perak 0.4 percent, Terengganu 0.16 percent as good as Negeri Sembilan 0.28 percent.
"If indeed a demand for FGVH shares is so prohibited as described by a Prime Minister, because is it which these Barisan Nasional states have been being asked or even forced to give 'irrevocable undertakings' to acquire such a substantial apportionment of a IPO shares upon offer?" he asked.
According to Pua, a shares amounted to RM1.8 billion or 18.1 percent of a sum fund FGVH planned to raised.
Pua, who heads DAP's national broadside bureau, had progressing questioned a supervision for vouchsafing off 60 percent interest in FGVH to unfamiliar hands by a listing.
"Felda which is a statutory body already holds in certitude a interest of all Malaysians as good as Malaysian states in FGVH, so because is there a need to ask for income from a Malaysian states which have been by far poorer than a federal government?" he added.
Pua pronounced a fund lifted by BN states' investment was not to fund FGVH's business activities as they were appropriation a shares without delay from Felda. < div> "which equates to which a RM1.8 billion lifted will go to a Federal Government, as good as not a company!"
The most pertinent question about a whole episode, pronounced Pua, was a urgency as good as desperation by a parties concerned to massively sell down its 60 percent interest in FGVH as good as cashing out from Malaysian states.
"Both a supervision as good as Felda have not responded to my progressing matter upon what is a intended make use of of a RM5.5 billion which it will lift for itself from a sale of its shares in FGVH.
"The perfect miss of transparency does not bode good for Felda or FGVH as surely, a people will be convinced which there is more than it meets a eye," he said.
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'Secrecy' in RM300,000 transfer to Tabung Haji CEO questioned

'Secrecy' in RM300,000 send to Tabung Haji CEO questioned
The government's overpower over a send of RM308,7000 from Hajj fund Tabung Haji to a personal bank comment belonging to a chief senior manager officer Ismee Ismail has raised guess of PAS's Mahfuz Omar.
The PAS clamp president pronounced he was undetermined why a supervision one after another to evade a subject on a make a difference which was raised in parliament.
"Yesterday, I raised a make a difference by giving details and today a answer is on my table. But, there is still no clear answer," pronounced Mahfuz.
Mahfuz urged minister in a Prime Minister's Department Jamil Khir Baharom to come brazen to residence a issue.
"Was a payment emolument, stipend or incentive?" he queried.
Earlier, Mahfuz questioned Tabung Haji's greeting over a issue, where a house blamed someone from Bank Islam of leaking a 'secret document' detailing a transaction.
Last April, Mahfuz suggested a request display a directive from a CEO's bureau to Tabung Haji's banker to send a sum to Ismee's personal account, but any reason stated.
"But a information is not from Bank Islam. What's a secret Tabung Haji perplexing to hide? Something fishy?" he chided.
Jamil shielded a transfer, merely saying it was in accordance with a terms and conditions of Ismee's practice contract.
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The Settler and his Felda will soon Part ( Part 2/2)

I goal a dutiful sons as well as daughters of settlers will insist to their parents, a fraud pursuit Isa et al with a blessings of Najib have been pulling upon them. Look during a placement of a 60% shares being offered:-

Table 1. percentage as well as series of shares offered.


Shares offering for sale

Percentage (%)

Number of shares( million)


Sale of existing shares


1,208.9 million


Sale of new shares







A sum of 2.1889 billion shares amounting to 60% of a sum have been offered. The buyers? A vast portion is taken up by cornerstone investors. Exotic name huh? They have been vast institutional buyers such as EPF, Tabung Haji, state governments. Did we see my home state Pahang in a list? Where will it get a money?

The FELDA community? Only a paltry 5.5% or 200. 6 million shares. The celebrated settlers? They get to buy 91 million shares. Najib knows you people don't have money. We don't give you, you don't have money. The FELDA settler- he who buys or doesn't buy is an unfortunate bastard. Haramjadah.

Let's say, out of this con pursuit exercise, FELDA gets RM 10 billion. Let's ask Najib as well as Muhyidin as well as a father to Bibi, how most does FELDA get? 40%? If 40%, FELDA gets about RM4 billion. RM 6 billion goes to ahem- a honest monster apportion who rules over FELDA- PM Najib. We of course know what Najib does with a money. He will go out to town as well as grease a palms. Not a palm trees. The palms of his voters. This FGV is Najib's a single some-more Pork Barrel politics pr! oject. B R1M afterwards equals- Beli Rakyat 1 Malaysia.

What will FELDA do with a RM 4 billion cash? we goal it pays behind EPF since that's a people's income in there. After profitable RM 3 billion, FELDA is left with RM 1 billion. How long does a RM 1 billion lasts when FELDA needs RM 3 billion/year to run a operations.

With less money, FELDA will cut behind upon a corporate amicable responsibility. Let me illustrate. In 2011, FELDA spent RM424 million for a settlers. In 2012, which volume will be marked down by almost RM100 million to RM326 million

Our FELDA settlers will see

Reduction in infrastructure spending by 57%. They can forget about repair roads, buildings suraus, village halls, mending water placement etc.

Development output upon 2nd as well as 3rd generation FELDA dwellers marked down by 27%.

Productivity incentives marked down by 22%.

Hari Raya Bonuses marked down by 25%.

Insurance plans for settlers marked down 25%.

That's a predecessor of things to come. Settlers beware.

Now let's ask a subsequent question. On a contingent fate of a superfluous 40% hold by FAHC, usually God knows. Maybe some people in FELDA get tingling fingers; they wish to prune down too. With Chairman Isa as well as other FELDA mandarins there, can we ever get a guarantee which a 40% will not be sole off? Will a 40% be safe?

Let all a people in FELDA beware, a superfluous 40% not sole off (yet) is hold by FELDA Asset Holdings Corporation. (FAHC). Isa Samad says or plans to offer 50% to settlers in sell for selling their souls in FELDA Holdings. Let me repeat- settlers get 50% in FAHC not FGV. KPF as well as FGV have been opposites. FGV is a capitalist vehicle. KPF or a Cooperative is a Communist desirous creation. Comrade Settler cannot co-exist with Bernie Madoff.

FAHC which binds a superfluous 40% will get returns depending upon a experts who have been handling FGV. FAHC will afterwards establish how most to give to settlers not FGV. The settlers better start asking can FAHC guarantee they can get a 15% which they have been right away accustomed to?

Don't confuse a complete Malay race by jumping up as well as down like monkeys when Najib gave you RM 15,000. Just demeanour during a numbers below:-


Type of purchaser

Percentage (%)

Number of shares( million)


Chosen by MITI




Cornerstone buyers



1 +2





The public




FELDA settlers




FELDA employees







Grand Total



So we hope, conscientious children of settlers will discuss it their parents, a RM1500 is a self-evident last dish for a condemned. After a listing, a 112,000 FELDA settlers get 810 units of share/household. The FELDA village (settler as well as employee) have been allocated usually 5.5% since they have been unfortunate poor bastards. 94.5% of a shares offering will be owned by non FELDA people, including those who have never set foot in ! a settle r's home.

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Teori video rakaman Rafizi?

Dalam fikiran penulis ada beberapa teori konspirasi yang boleh difikirkan.Pertama, mungkinkah perletakkan jawatan yang mengejutkan ini ada kaitan dengan berita yang baru tersebar mengenai video perlakuan homoseksual dua orang lelaki (salah seorang mirip Anwar) yang dikatakan sedang tersebar sekarang. Video tersebut khabarnya dirakam di Singapura satu masa yang lama dulu, ketika Lee Kuan Yew

Tan Sri Wan Azmi steps down from MAS, the aviation expert Dato Rohana of ASTRO hangs on

Datuk Rohana, a CEO of ASTRO. She is believed to be anaviation expert. She is still unresolved upon to his directorship in MAS.
Below were some of a points lifted during a AGM of MAS this morning.
1.Shareholders asked how were a Board members picked as well as either they indeed add value
2.Shareholders felt Remuneration of Directors especially EDs were excessive
3.AJ was regularly blaming a fuel cost though as shareholder forked out this affects each alternative airline though MAS is incompetent to handle this properly. Shareholders referred to to sack a fuel hedging group if they were incompetent as well as to get a new one.
4.Shareholders mentioned which a changing of a trademark color as well as a citation of a MAS to facing backward was a bad decision. One shareholder pronounced a chairman who referred to this needs to be shot.
5.Shareholder referred to those which came from Air Middle East should go back if they can though he suspects they were not which great that's because Air Middle East! let the m go to MAS.
6.MAS shareholders criticized a share barter as well as asked either a Board really suspicion it was a great deal as it has shown to have usually benefited Air Middle East as well as not MAS. MAS is really many worse off currently than during a time it entered into a CCF.
7.General sentiment shareholders are unfortunate with a management as well as Board opening as MAS share cost has gone down as well as investors have lost money.
8.Shareholders criticized a management for not looking into expanding into Middle East as especially Umrah flights even upon alternative aircrats are filled with Malaysians.
Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzahsteps down from MAS Board this morning. From unconfirmed source,Tan Sri Azman YahyaofSCOMIhas additionally stairs down. Will do an updates when it is confirmed.
Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng,the Deputy Chairman of IJM. He is believed to be anaviation expert.
Mr David Lau Nai Pek, a Executive Director ofAxiata Sdn Bhd. Thevery independentExecutive Director of MAS
TheAVIATION EXPERTS,Dato' Rohana binti Rozhan, a CEO of ASTRO,Tan Sri Tan Boon Sengwho is a Deputy Chairman ofIJMandMr David Lau Nai Pek who is a VERY INDEPENDENT senior manager executive of MAS, executive of Axieta Sdn Bhd, CELCOM AXIATA Sdn Bhd as well as Shell Refining Company Bhd,chose to hang upon to their directorship. The directorship in MAS must be really changed to them. Just wondering what they have contributed to MAS for a pastten monthsas directors of MAS.
Credits must be given to a on top of four Directors of MAS for endorsing a sponsorship of QPR football team, a appointment ofMr Shane Nollanof PlaneConsult,PlaneConsult,En Rozman OmarandEn Azhari Dahanboth from AirAsia, condoningTan Sri Azman Mokhtar's many devoted crony,En Mohamed Rashdan Yusofaka Danny for abused of poweras a MAS Deputy Group CEO, endorsing a prolongation ofMr Shane Nollanfor a greeing to a verylow fares to uplift AirA! sia X Sd n Bhd's 35,000 passengersand cutting of profitable routes, stop of Firefly's jet services as well as etc.
Could MAS staffs consider of some-more of their CONTRIBUTIONS?
From reliable sources, a shareholder privately askedDato' Rohana who is a CEO of ASTROat a AGM this morning:"You are so busy in ASTRO, do you have a time for MAS?"She PROUDLY answered with a smile! The alternative minority shareholders were soIMPRESSEDwith her really corporate behaviour!
Left: 2ndDato Rohana, 3rdTan Sri Tan Boon Seng& impassioned rightTan Sri Azman Mokhtar, a MD of Khazanah
On4-8-2008the Star has reported about a forum whereDato Rohana Rozhan,Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng,Tan Sri Azman Mokhtarand an additional were"Leading a Charge in Corporate Responsibility", inHERE. After reading a pronounced Star report, you all better be tender by their visions as well as thoughts!
With their leadership, MAS should be able to redeem by next year. Some contend which TEN months is too short, as it was usually a warming duration only. Yours indeed ! believes which a superfluous directors in MAS Board together with Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, they will no doubt work toward a termination of thelope sidedcatering stipulate in between MAS andLSG Sky Chef Brahim Sdn Bhd, of which a brother of our former PM,YB Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi(Tun Abdullah), has an interest.
Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar was, of course, fully aware of this trip sided catering stipulate as it was executed during a infamousBinaFikir Sdn Bhd's WAU Project. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar as well as his many devoted crony,Rashdan, were former commercial operation partners inBinaFikir.
By co-incident, inJune 2004Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar was allocated by Tun Abdullah, as a MD of Khazanah Bhd, as well as before to a MAS-AirAsia share barter Tun Abdullah was allocated a Adviser of MAS until now.
Yours indeed will refurbish as as well as when some-more report comes in regarding to a AGM.
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Kempen PRU Khalid Samad

Imej baru ...Parti baru ...

And what did I tell you?

Tan Kay Hock, authority of Johan Holdings Berhad as well as George Kent (M) Berhad, is Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's golf buddy. Tan is additionally a part of of a Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) as well as owns 49.59% of George Kent. Malayan United Industries Berhad, controlled by Khoo Kay Peng, owns a 9.3% interest in George Kent as well as a 7% interest in Johan Holdings.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
George Kent-led consortium sloping to win Ampang LRT job
(Business Times) - A consortium led by George Kent Bhd is now sloping to win a systems stipulate value RM960 million for a Ampang light rail movement (LRT) line prolongation project.
Sources with believe upon a make a difference pronounced a winning bidder for a job is approaching to be voiced by a supervision within a next couple of days.
Other members of a George Kent consortium embody China Railway Construction Corp as well as Tewet GmbH, a plan government consultant firm.
George Kent was determined in 1936 as well as is a leader in automatic as well as electrical engineering. For fiscal 2011, George Kent posted a pre-tax profit of RM26.2 million upon revenue of RM152.3 million.
Tenders for a systems stipulate for a Ampang line prolongation sealed upon Jun 16 2011. Eight groups had finished a bids.
Business Times first reported which George Kent might win a job in July final year.
It was speculated early this year which a Posco-Sojitz-Daewoo International-Thales organisation was additionally a single of front-runners to win a contract.
However, a Invensys-Balfour Beatty Rail-Ingress consortium later emerged as a odds-on favourite to win a s! ystems c ontract. The stipulate was supposed to be awarded final month.
But Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd released letters to a bidders, asking them to magnify a validity of their bid to July 27, to give it some-more time to evaluate a proposals.
The alternative bidders have been Colas-CMC Engineering-Thales, Samsung-LG-Thales, SNC Lavalin-WW Engineering-Bombardier, Siemens-Scomi Engineering as well as Ansaldo-Emrail-Leighton.
"After a notation investigate upon all a proposals, a decision has been finished upon a best candidate, pronounced a source with believe of a matter.
Prasarana, a wholly-owned supervision association determined by a Finance Ministry, had budgeted RM1.5 billion for a system works.
The budgeting was finished by UK consultant Halcrow/HSSI.
George Kent to stand in earnings each 3 years
(The Star) - George Kent (M) Bhd skeleton to stand in a increase each 3 years by ramping up contributions from a H2O meter commercial operation as well as by securing jobs underneath a Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).
"We have a plan to stand in (pre-tax) increase each 3 years. We achieved RM32 million in a final financial year (ended January 31, 2011) as well as did RM16 million 3 years before that," authority Tan Sri Tan Kay Hock told reporters after a association AGM yesterday.
He pronounced a company's H2O meter manufacturing plant here was running during full genius as well as it intended to stand in a genius in a next dual years.
Tan Sri Tan Kay Hock during a press discussion upon Thursday, 7 July 2011.
"Last year, you delivered 2 million units of H2O meter as well as (water meter) housing," pronounced Tan, adding which he approaching great dir! ect pros pects from countries which George Kent exported a products to, such as Vietnam.
The association has additionally commenced initial exports to Laos as well as has identified Cambodia, Indonesia as well as a Philippines as potential markets.
George Kent exports to about 20 countries presently as well as will be investing RM50 million to upgrade a plant.
Tan pronounced a association was optimistic about securing jobs underneath a ETP.
"We're excited about a 10th Malaysia plan as well as want to participate underneath a ETP. We have put in some rival bids. We're looking for opportunities to invest in some-more water-related facilities.
"Our chances (of securing tenders) have been very good. We've finished it before as well as we'll do it again. Of course, you can't win each one," he said.
Tan additionally confirmed earlier reports which a association was behest for a 17km prolongation of a Ampang light rail movement line, which is estimated to price RM1.5 billion.
"We're a single of a bidders. But you can't say anything. You have to wait."
George Kent has dual core businesses, namely meters, manufacturing as well as industrial products as well as infrastructure investments, H2O as well as construction.
Tan pronounced a association had a sum sequence book of between RM400 million as well as RM500 million. "We have sufficient work to final us dual as well as a half years."

And a Winner is.... Tan Sri Tan Kay Hock...!!!
(Malaysians contingency know a truth) - Wow, this is indeed an achievement for a PM Najib's golfing partner, a a single as well as usually Tan Sri Tan Kay Hock of George Kent (the H2O meter maker).
YM Raja ! Petra Ka marudin unprotected his tract inMalaysia Todaysometime in September, 2011 (READ HERE), but a great Tan Kay Hock kept smartly quiet, authorised time to lapse so which a reduced memory of Malaysian Rakyat would dont think about whilst he planned as well as schemed his way to CRBC (Chinese Road & Bridge Corporation) which like his previous equine CHEC (China Harbour Engineering Construction) is additionally within a Group of CCCC (China Communications Construction Co. Ltd).
You can gamble your final penny which Tan Kay Hock (perhaps in partnership with some alternative buddies as well as Daim) will not use any name of association connected to him or his family when operative with CRBC for fear which his direct of RM500 million will be unprotected again. Whatever car is used in this contract, you can be sure which Tan Kay Hock's secret palm is there, to grab a RM500 million (Rakyat's money); RM300 million for himself as well as his buddies, as well as RM200 mllion for Rosmah to buy which returned solid as well as some-more luxury handbags, etc. etc.
It contingency be finished well known to all Malaysians which neither CRBC nor CHEC has lane record of carrying constructed railroads, let alone electrified stand in tracking rail. Based upon a Google search, these Chinese companies have been great for ports, harbours, roads as well as bridges only. But YM Raja Petra Kamarudin in his article, has pronounced which Najib was focussed upon giving a stipulate to CHEC for his golfing partner Tan Kay Hock, come what may. Therefore, since CHEC's tract unprotected byMalaysia Today, as well as Tan Kay Hock could not get into a great books of CRCC (the forerunner) because they know his shameful approach, he contingency have got CRBC to agree to his scheme of things.
YM Raja Petra Kamarudin had said, "In China, both a giver! s as wel l as a receivers of bribes will be sentenced to genocide with a bullet in a conduct as well as a price of bullet charged to a family of a deceased." In this case, you have to prove there is temptation endangered first, as well as if proven, usually a Chinese givers will face a firing squad, whilst they cannot touch a receiver (or his nominees) in Malaysia. We thus cannot stop what a Najib wants to do for his buddy, as well as who cares if some Chinese givers get shot in a head? That's not a concern.
Behind each cloud however, there is regularly a china lining, as well as you a Malaysian Rakyat will have to urge hard for which china lining to crop up during a coming GE13. When as well as if which happens, you can examination a stipulate in details, checking each notation remuneration as well as commitment. The brand new Lords of Putrajaya will take all necessary actions to put these culprits at a back of bars, as well as terminate a stipulate (like what Pak Lah did to Mahathir's house pet project), as well as to reopen negotiations with a brand new President of China, Xi Jinping.
Malaysia's name stinks in a global market where Government or semi-government projects have been concerned. We have to stop this curse by promoting as well as aiding The March to Putrajaya.
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Dr M: Use your head, not hate, when voting

Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has again called upon the public to opinion BN, since the celebration had proven itself as well as are distinct peremptory regimes in the Arab region.

In his latest blog posting today, Mahathir spent about fourteen paragraphs describing how Malaysia had prospered underneath the BN regime prior to inferring that there was no need for this to change.

He pronounced that Malaysia has grown over expectations as well as the people have the great life since of BN, though yet the celebration is demonised by the "hate campaign".

Moreover, Malaysia has approved elections where it was possible for BN to suffer estimable losses, distinct the little Arab countries where the statute celebration wins 90 percent of the votes.

"Admittedly the same celebration has won all the twelve elections. This is frustrating for the antithesis parties.

"But as most as the people can reject the supervision party, the people also have the right to return the same celebration in any election.

"What is important is that support for the celebration is due to its success in developing the republic as well as meeting the needs of the people," pronounced Mahathir, who is widely credited for modernising Malaysia's economy during his twenty-two years as premier.
Change, sometimes, brings disaster
Mahathir explicitely states that shift is "not regularly for the good" as well as there have been instances where shift had brought mess to the country. He did not elaborate upon this.

While revelation that it was necessary to criticize the supervision to keep them "on the true path", Mahathir makes no discuss of the antithesis in this role

"I hope the people will not be convinced by the debate of hate though should have the correct comment of the qualities of the people as well as parties that will contest.

"Think of the d! evelopme nt as well as progress of this nation as well as choose wisely," he said.

Several days prior to the 2008 election, Mahathir toldMalaysiakiniduring in anexclusive interviewthat he believes in the need for an opposition, stressing that Malaysia is in for an mess if it doesn't have the viable opposition.
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Banks flouting the law

Evidence of foreign-controlled companies receiving over NPLs notwithstanding BNM denial

THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2012 15:26
by Terence Fernandez (The Malay Mail)

CERTAIN banks have been flouting promissory note as well as monetary regulations in a disposal of non-performing loans (NPL) right under Bank Negara's nose.

Despite a regulatory physique claiming which banks can only draw up of NPLs under strict guidelines, there is justification which some internal banks have been receiving Bank Negara as well as consumers for a ride.pg3June21

While Bank Negara says which promissory note institutions have been authorised to sell their NPLs to third parties, there is explanation which some of these disposals have been not finished in suitability with a Banking as well as Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA) 1989.

"Banks can only sell to locally incorporated companies, whereby a purchaser is majority owned by made at home shareholders, as a purchaser is theme to a unfamiliar equity top of 49 per cent," Bank Negara pronounced in a statement, yesterday.

Bank Negara was responding to The Malay Mail's front-page inform on Monday which promissory note institutions were selling NPLs to foreign-controlled companies in which a banks as well as sometimes their competitors have a interest in.

However, documents reproduced in The Malay Mail indicated which a debt pciking up agencies were not majority-owned Malaysian companies as compulsory by BAFIA.

Sinesniaga Sdn Bhd, for example, lists its shareholders as dual Malaysians holding 26 as well as 25 shares as well as Standard Bank London Holdings with a lion's share of 149.

All three directors of Resolution Alliance Sdn Bhd, prior to well known as Glorious Flame Sdn Bhd, have been ! foreigne rs. Its shareholding additionally illustrates a unfamiliar equity tenure of more than a 49 per cent compulsory by BAFIA Golden Maestro Sdn Bhd with 51 shares, Orix Leasing Malaysia Berhad (39) as well as Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (110).

Mystique Bay Sdn Bhd has dual internal directors as well as dual directors who have been United States nationals; zero wrong with that, but its shareholding raises questions Beukhen & Pokhrell (M) Sdn Bhd with 790,051 shares as well as CVI GVF (Luxembourg) Master S.A.R.L. with 9,122,268 shares.

Bank Negara additionally pronounced which these monetary institutions have been available to sell their NPLs to non-banking institutions supposing which a sale of NPLs is made in suitability with BAFIA.

It went on to contend which banks have been additionally compulsory to inform a borrower of a sale of a NPLs as well as which a sale of NPLs does not start any debt restructuring agreements.

It additionally refuted The Malay Mail inform which RM60 billion in NPLs have left out of a nation given 2005.

It pronounced which a volume reported "is grossly overstated" as well as less than RM3 billion.

A investigate of a Act additionally reveals which prior to approval from a Minister of Finance is needed for a disposal or send of a whole of any part of its business to another protected institution which contingency be locally incorporated, as well as a resident for tax purposes.

"There have been questions over either some of these debt pciking up agencies are, in fact, monetary institutions protected by Bank Negara," pronounced a counsel representing a customer who is suing his bank for auctioning his home.

The counsel combined which banks have been additionally not available to divulge information regarding to a customer as well as which a agree of Bank Negara contingency be obtained prior to such disclosures can be made.

Like this:

Be a initial to like this! .

< /div>
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Liong Sik's bid to recuse trial judge dismissed

The Kuala Lumpur High Court currently discharged Ling Liong Sik's duplicate to recuse a hearing decider in a Port Klang Free Zone intrigue case.

Justice Ahmadi Asnawi in his preference pronounced a applicant (Ling) had unsuccessful to uncover which there was disposition in his created judgment.

"I have scrutinised a submission from both parties as well as felt a comments done cannot be seen as an deceit as it was formed upon finding of contribution as well as upon testimony during a examination-in-chief as well as during cross-examination," he said.

"The comments do not start a running of a fair hearing of this case. It does not mean a counterclaim cannot plead a case. The duplicate has no merit as well as a box is dismissed," he said.

He afterwards ordered a hearing to resume upon July 13.

NONEEarlier, lawyers for a former transport apportion has submitted there was apparent disposition with regard to a presiding decider in ordering Ling (right) to ente! r his de blockade as a former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad had not been called.

In also angry about a "strong language" used in a 83-page judgment, Wong Kian Kheong, looming for Ling, pronounced a idea of apparent disposition was done with a judge's comments in a judgment.

Wong pronounced a comments done were as if there was comprehensive finality as well as there is no ambiguity in a decider arriving during his decision.

He also pronounced Mahathir should have been called by a prosecution to prepare a case.

"There is no justification which Mahathir was cheated by my customer (which is an constituent justification in a trial) as well as yet ! your lor dship (the judge) had concluded which my customer had cheated Mahathir.

"In alternative words, there was no justification prior to a probity from Mahathir who was purported to have been cheated by Ling, to testify which he was deceived," pronounced Wong.

'Real risk of bias'

Wong pronounced there was a genuine risk of disposition as a test, during which stage was prima fac! ie, though a denunciation used was strong as if it had already decided.

"There is a in accord with apprehension of disposition which my lord has already pre-decided my client's shame prior to a counterclaim justification was adduced," he said.

He pronounced his customer should be accorded a fair hearing as probity contingency be finished though contingency seen to be done.

azlanWong pronounced he was not doubt Justice Ahmadi's firmness though was endangered over a notice competence be since of a genuine risk of disposition to a open during large.

DPP Manoj Kurup, in praying for a duplicate to be dismissed, submitted which nothing in a paragraphs cited by Wong can be described as a genuine risk of bias.

He pronounced similarly a judge, in last to call Ling's defence, had done a consummate hearing of a witnesses including justification elicited during cross-examination.

Manoj pronounced there was no requirement for a decider to prepare such detailed grounds though he did provide! an 83-p age visualisation dealing with each points lifted in a charge.

He submitted which a field fall short in perplexing to establish a box for a judge's recusal.
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Pua calls for probe into Bafia breach of over RM60bil

The firmness of monetary institutions is at stake, says Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, raising alarm over internal banks breaching a Banking as well as Financial Institutions Act 1989 (Bafia) by disposing of non-performing loans (NPL) to foreign companies.

NONEPua (right)cited aMalay Maildaily inform which published justification of NLPs being bought from internal monetary institutions with reduction than 49 percent domestic equity, which is prohibited under Bafia.

In one case, a every day reported, a foreigner, a son-in-law of an unnamed renowned internal banker, was involved in a scandal, where a NPLs were sole to agencies with a infancy shareholders being foreigners.

The growth practice, ongoing given 2005, said a inform has resulted in over RM60 billion in foreign outflow.

"This raises a emanate of critical conflict of interest, criminal crack of trust, as well as even fraud, as well as must be investigated by a applicable authorities," he said.

The MP also criticised Bank Negara's tedious rejection of a report, saying which it was "inaccurate as well as misleading" notwithstanding a uncover of proof upon a breach.
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Rafizi quits his Selangor gov't post

PKR's senior manager of strategy Rafizi Ramli currently tendered his abdication from his Selangor supervision post, citing he needed to rest.

Announcing this upon micro-blogging site Twitter, Rafizi pronounced his decision to quit as arch senior manager military officer during a Selangor mercantile adviser's bureau "has no domestic dimension to it".

"All inquiries after this should be destined to a state or (Selangor mercantile adviser) Anwar Ibrahim...

"Resignations have been normal. we need some rest. It was fatiguing you do Selangor supervision work as well as celebration work. Ramadan is additionally near, (I wish to) focus upon worship," Rafizi said.

NONEHe combined which he had primarily planned to stay in a in front of for usually two years, as well as which it now is "time to pierce on".

However, a timing of Rafizi's departure has made tongues wag.

Already, those claiming to be PKR members who have been waging anopenwaragainst a Selangor menteri besar's domestic secretary Faekah Husin have been suggesting which it has something to do with therift.

The Twitter account@PecatFaekah, operated by those who have been aligned with Selangor PKR arch Azmin Ali, even referred to which a abdication could be due to a clash between Rafizi as well as Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

"Did Rafizi quit because he differed with Khalid upon mercantile matters?" asks a positing upon a account, which has been used to cuttingly criticize a Selangor MB's officers.
'Nothing to do with Faekah'

! Sources in a state supervision additionally claim which disagreement between Khalid as well as Rafizi has something to do with thefree education pilot project.

NONELaughing this off, Rafizi insisted which his abdication has "nothing to do with Faekah (right) or a state".

"I have wanted to pierce upon for a while already, as well as now which a choosing (has not been called), we can have my next career move," he toldMalaysiakini.
He combined which he had expressed his intention to pierce upon "for a while" though a state had wanted him to stay "until nearby a elections".

While reportedly disassociating himself from a anti-Faekah movement earlier this week, Azmin had irritated interest prior to this when he re-tweeted a call for a domestic secretary's sacking - pierce he pronounced was an "accident".

Azmin had additionally earlier suggested which a celebration had perceived most informal complaints opposite Faekah from celebration members as well as polite servants alike, as well as which he advised them to adduce evidence prior to action could be taken.

Faekah maintains which she has not perceived any show-cause letters from a state as well as which a MB, who has stranded by his domestic secretary, has instructed her to omit a debate to oust her.
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Borders files judicial review bid, citing constitutional issue

The movement taken by the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department (Jawi) opposite the Borders worker would be the exam box upon whether Section thirteen (1) of the Federal Territory Syariah Offences Act (FTSOA), is constitutional underneath Article 121 (1) (a) per the division of polite as good as syariah law.

This is since the FTSOA does not have any power to anathema the book as such power lies with the Publication as good as Printing Presses Act 1984 (PPPA).

azlanTo make counts worse for Jawi, they seized copies of Irshad Manji's controversial book 'Allah, Liberty as good as Love' during Borders upon May 23, 6 days prior to the Home Ministry gazetted the ban.

Despite this, Jawihauledstore manager Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz to justice upon Tuesday as good as charged her underneath Section thirteen (1) with distributing the book during Borders The Gardens, Mid-Valley between 8.41pm as good as 9.45pm upon which day. She faces the judgment of the RM3,000 fine as good as two years prison or both, upon conviction.

Such is the complex unfolding of the ultimate rarely charged justice box faced by Borders, owned by Vincent Tan's Berjaya Books Sdn Bhd, in the Syariah Court as good as additionally in the polite court.

Berjaya Books has filed the judicial examination severe the legality of Jawi's actions in hauling up Nik Raina as good as non-Muslim staff to be faced with such the predicament, since there had been no indication by Jawi or the authorities which the book will be banned.

Berjaya Books had additionally sent letters dated June 5 to both Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein as goo! d as Min ister in the Prime Minister's Department in charge of Islamic affairs Johari Bahrom. They claimed which both have reneged upon their avocation as good as pointed out this discrepancy, since such movement can usually be taken after the book is banned.

Malaysiakinihas gained steer of the judicial examination writings which were filed upon Monday, stating the constitutional plea opposite the powers-that-be.

Unfortunately this box would serve put Islam as good as Muslims in the bad light, following the overzealous movement by Jawi.

Berjaya Books, along with the assistant general manager (operations as good as merchandising) of Borders Stephen Fung Wye Keong as good as Nik Raina named J! awi, the home apportion as good as the apportion in the Prime Minister's Department in charge of Islamic affairs as respondents.

'Quash Jawi's actions'

In the application, they have been looking the certiorari (to quash) sequence opposite the Jawi officers' movement of raiding, searching as good as seizing copies of the books during the premises as good as inspecting the workers, including Fung as good as Nik Raina, as good as to compel them to produce records of their actions.

Besides this, they wish the stipulation which the FTSCO does not have supplies to forestall or anathema the publication as such supplies have been in the PPPA.

They additionally questioned why the home apportion as good as apportion in the Prime Minister's Department did not intervene in the May twenty-three incident when there was no anathema imposed as good as this, they claimed, showed the irresponsibility of the ministers in not dealing with the emanate which falls underneath their jurisdiction.

The 3 field have been additionally looking the stipulation to stifle the detain as good as down payment dated May thirty released upon Fung as good as Nik Raina. The field have been! additio nally looking the stipulation which usually Muslims have been firm underneath the FTSOA.

Fung, in his su! pporting affidavit, claimed which as the outcome of Jawi's actions, they have to find relief in the polite courts. He additionally pronounced which Jawi or other state religious authorities never sensitive Borders which receive of the book is opposite the law.

He claimed which Jawi additionally legalised non-Muslim staff including him. Syariah laws usually apply to Muslims. Hence there is the question of law whether FTSOA is applicable to non-Muslims as well. Borders had additionally dispatched letters to Jawi looking team-work upon the matter though was told during this theatre they do not understanding with any lawyers.

Fung as good as Nik Raina were then called to Jawi upon May thirty as good as claimed they were not treated good as they were denied legal representation. Being represented with the warn of your choice is protected underneath the sovereign constitution.

Fung pronounced he is the chairman responsible as good as with authority upon the books sole as good as displayed in Borders. He cannot face movement underneath FTSOA as the law does not apply to non-Muslims.

He claimed which Nik Raina was just the subordinate who does not have control or ownership in Borders, as good as which she was not authorised to name the books to be sole as good as does not have any knowledge over the books' contents. Fung additionally claimed which they sent the minute of illustration for consideration to Jawi's conduct of prosecution, though there had been no reply.

'Malicious prosecution'

On June 14, Fung received the call from Jawi's conduct of charge which they have been stability with the prosecution.

In his confirmation Fung claimed which there was antagonistic charge which saw the Muslim being wrongly prosecuted whilst there were attempts to! scare n on-Muslims. He claimed which the movement opposite Nik Raina were mala fide as Jawi could not take movement upon the company as good as him.

In justice documents, the field additionally claimed which such movement by Jawi resulted in non-Muslims being fearful of Muslims as they acted very severe as good as were not with regard to non-Muslims' human rights.

They claimed which Borders additionally occupy Malays as good as Muslims in the offered of their book sequence as good as such movement would outcome in Muslim workers being discriminated as movement is being taken upon them underneath FTSOA, which is applicable to Muslims though is not practical to non-Muslims.

Borders additionally released the press matter upon Tuesday nightdenouncingthe prosecution.

The box is bound for conference of leave duplicate upon Monday prior to Justice Rohana Yusof.
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Khalid names another 'MP-buying' agent

Pakatan Rakyat currently expelled an extra 30 seconds of a three-hour-long footage which assumingly featured an alleged attempt to buy over an antithesis MP, and named another alleged BN 'MP-buying' agent.

NONE"It is a same video, just a bit longer to uncover something more... And some-more footage to uncover themodus operandiof Zamil in using his old PKR contacts to approach those who he consider are disgruntled," said PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.

The one more footage includes a chairman who is allegedly former PKR member Zamil Ibrahim (right) listing out 31 PKR MPs which he intends to approach.

Zamil has been named in a previous press conference on a same matter last week.

He had denied which he is a BN man but certified which his mission is to see PKR destroyed.

Another person, additionally in a video, was! additionally na med by Khalid, a Pakatan point-man in this series of disclosures.

The chairman was additionally shown in a video mentioning a difference "then direct, approach PM", during a negotiations, which Khalid believed refers to Premier Najib Abdul Razak.

His identity is being funded byMalaysiakiniwhilst attempts are made to contact a person.
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Our Lady of Alice Bhatti, by Mohammed Hanif

We need to speak about Alice. Alice, with her black hair as well as big mouth. With her beautiful physique as well as bad incentive control. Alice, criminal as well as savior, a plant as well as heroine of "Our Lady of Alice Bhatti," a deft, immorality little novel of comic genius by Mohammed Hanif, writer of a prizewinning "Case of Exploding Mangoes."

Nirmra Bucha

Mohammed Hanif


By Mohammed Hanif

239 pp. Alfred A. Knopf. $ 25.95.

Fresh out of jail as well as despite challenging odds, Alice Bhatti, a Catholic nurse in present-day Pakistan, has wrangled a job during Karachi's Sacred Heart Hospital for All Ailments, a cesspit of gangrene as well as incompetence. The "delivery room is a gambling den," a head nurse says. "Everyone comes out a loser." The maternity sentinel itself goes by a grim sobriquet "baby slaughterhouse."

But there's something about Alice. She possesses unnerving gifts: puzzling recovering powers as well as a capability to envision how you will die. She works miracles, is beloved by a residents of a psychiatric ward, though nothing, not even her supernatural ability set, can stem a tide of a passed women:

"There was not a singular day not a singular day when she didn't see a woman shot or hacked, strangled or suffocated, poisoned or burnt, hanged or buried alive. Suspicious husband, hermit protecting his honor, father protecting his honor, son protecting his honor, jilted lover avenging his honor, feuding farmers settling their H2O disputes, moneylenders pciking up their interest: many of life's arguments, it seemed, got settled by you do various things to a woman's body."

"A Case of Exploding Mangoes," Hanif's initial! novel, drew auspicious comparisons to "Catch-22" both have been severe sendups of hold up in a air forces, though a similarities run deeper. Like Joseph Heller, Hanif specializes in a kind of horror as well as humor joined during a root. Stripped of a slapstick as well as sorcery realist special effects, "Alice Bhatti" is a blistering broadside upon a socially sanctioned gorcery of women as well as girls in Pakistan. It's an abecedary of how women have been hunted, how they're choked as well as chopped up as well as thrown away. It's an attempt to assimilate as well as render, with varying degrees of success, what hold up is similar to underneath encircle from a world's oldest, many deadly kind of terrorism. "Cutting up women is a sport comparison than cricket though only as popular as well as similarly full of obscure rituals as well as intricate rules," Hanif writes.

Alice's physique is a bridgehead underneath consistent assault by "lewd gestures, whispered suggestions, uninvited hands upon her bottom." In every scene though one, someone is ogling her, poking or prodding or spiteful her. And oddly enough, a writer joins a ranks of those who can't get sufficient of her substantial charms: "Alice's physique is a single of those miracles of malnourishment, that has resulted in a thin, brittle bone make up with disproportionate breasts," Hanif writes. Alice Bhatti's breasts, once conjured, have been ubiquitous, as well as they enthuse a little terrible, slavering similes. They have been "like Persian cantaloupes that only grow in a dried as well as die if it rains some-more than once every season." They have been observed as well as again, these have been breasts, mind you "cuddling themselves, similar to dual abandoned puppies confusing any other for their mother."

But hang on. Didn't I refer to this book as a work of "comic genius"? It is, these breast-related infelicities aside. Hanif is Andrea Dworkin-earnest upon a topic of violence opposite women, though all else is fair game. He's a puni! sher in a style of Yahweh, Flannery O'Connor as well as Muriel Spark; he's a moralist trussed up as torturer (or is it a other approach around?), with a taste for creation his creations twitch. No a single emerges unscathed. Eyes have been popped out of sockets, penises have been slashed, flies walk lightly into a open mouths of sleeping women. Wild dogs give chase; flower pots have been put to rarely unusual uses.

Parul Sehgal is an editor during a Book Review.

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Nazri supports Westminster election system

The apportion says which it is 'fairer' to have a bound five-year term for Parliament like a Westminster system. (FMT) - Minister in Prime Ministers Department Nazri Abdul Aziz currently pronounced which Malaysia should obey a Westminster complement and fix a five-year term for Parliament. As against to a stream bent to call for snap polls, I would like to be a catalyst to bring this element to Malaysia. It is fairer, he said. In a Westminster system, 5 years equates to 5 years, an ... Read More

I am an anarchist and proud of it

Do we know what people similar to me have been called? They would call me an anarchist. Anarchists have been against to all forms of government. Anarchists have been opposite all forms of mastery as well as control. All governments have been bad. All forms of mastery as well as carry out have been bad. So we am an radical as well as unapproachable of it.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
'You skip a point, RPK'.
'Don't spin this in to a secular issue, RPK'.
'You need to demeanour during a large picture, RPK'.
'We need to focus, RPK'.
'We first need to change a government, RPK'.
'The crime in BN is many worse, RPK'.
'BN is racist, RPK'.
'What preference do we have? We have been oppressed for some-more than 50 years, RPK'.
'We have been not opposite a Malays, usually opposite a Umno Malays, RPK'.
'What do we expect? The Chinese have faced taste for some-more than 50 years, RPK'.
'Compare things with a Chinese-run Singapore or Penang as well as we can see a large difference, RPK'.
'When we had a Chinese Finance Minister similar to Tan Siew Sin things were many better, RPK'.
'The Chinese got abounding by tough work, RPK'.
'The Malays wish a shortcut to wealth, RPK'.
'Criticising a antithesis is assisting Barisan Nasional to stay in power, RPK'.
'You have been treacherous a voters, RPK'.
'We should speak about all this usually after Pakatan Rakyat takes over, RPK'.
'After Pakatan Rakyat takes over we can purify out a debase in Pakatan Rakyat, RPK'.
'If we do not support Pakatan afterwards we contingency be a ! Barisan stooge, RPK'.

That as well as many some-more have been a arguments which many readers routinely put brazen to clear as well as urge their stand. This is called 'working backwards'. You take a mount as well as afterwards we urge which idea with an argument. Religionists have have use of of this same routine as well as deliberation which 80% or so of a universe believes in a sacrament means which this routine is really effective.
How do we infer which God exists? God exists given we have been here. The actuality which we have been here means a little aloft energy contingency have combined us. Hence which aloft energy has to be God. So, given we exist, afterwards God contingency additionally exist. If God did not exist afterwards we would not be here.
Does this have sense? It certainly does to those who hold in a religion.
So as well as so is a Prophet sent down by God. And a Prophet told us which he is a loyal Prophet as well as which his sacrament is a loyal religion. How do we know this? The Holy Book says so. Where did this Holy Book come from? It came from a Prophet as well as was written by a supporters of a Prophet some-more than 100 years after he died.
Does this have sense? It certainly does to those who hold in a religion.
So we see, any evidence is a good evidence if we already hold in something. Your idea is intact. It does not waver. It is usually which we need to clear as well as urge this belief. So a evidence is not to assistance we believe. You already believe. The evidence is to explain as well as clear your idea as well as have it sound sensible as well as credible.
You already hold in your religion. You already hold in your Prophet. You already hold which there is a God. Your arguments have been to have clarity of a idea which would not routinely have clarity unless we can disagree your belief. In which same spirit, we already have a domestic belief. And to have clarity of! this do mestic idea we additionally need to put brazen various arguments to urge this belief.
This is called arguing in circles. Arguing in circles would be as follows. My sacrament is correct given my Prophet says so. My Prophet is correct given a Holy Book says so. The Holy Book is correct given it came from God by my Prophet.
Okay, let's stop arguing in circles. Today we am starting to be brief as well as brutal. Today we am starting to call a scoop a spade. And if we do not similar to which afterwards we had improved stop celebration of a mass during this indicate as well as go to another Blog or website.Malaysia Todayis not for a faint-hearted.Malaysia Todayis not for those who similar to to read nice things as well as things which dovetail with their idea system.Malaysia Todayis not for those who live in denial syndrome.Malaysia Todayis no holds barred.
Politicians need businessmen to finance them. Businessmen need politicians to have money. This is so in America, in Japan, in Malaysia, as well as in many places in a world.
In Malaysia, however, commercial operation is a domain of a Chinese while politics is a domain of a Malays. There are, of course, Chinese politicians as there have been Malay businessmen. But a Chinese politicians need to obeisance to a Malay politicians usually similar to a Malay businessmen need to 'Ali Baba' with a Chinese businessmen.
Hence we need to see 'unholy alliances' between a Malays as well as Chinese. The Chinese have to assistance a Malays get in to energy as well as a Malays need to assistance a Chinese get commercial operation deals. The Chinese need to have have use of of their income to assistance a Malays get in to energy as well as a Malays need have have use of of their domestic energy to assistance a Chinese get commercial operation deals.
Money is a track to domestic energy as well as domestic energy is a track to making money. They both need eac! h other. One can't live without a other. This is so in America, in Japan, in Malaysia, as well as in many places in a world.
So it does not have a disproportion either it is Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, usually similar to it does not have a disproportion either it is Islam or Christianity. Both Islam as well as Christianity apply a same 'logic' of arguing in circles. And both Barisan Nasional as well as Pakatan Rakyat need a same politics-business alliance formula to have it. Business fuels domestic energy as well as domestic energy fuels business. Whether in a United States, Japan or Malaysia, it is all a same.
So, yes, we do wish to see a two-party complement in Malaysia. So, yes, we do wish to see a statute celebration without omnipotence in Parliament as well as a clever antithesis which can keep a statute celebration in check. But we need a third force. We need an 'auditor'. We need a 'police' system. And this purpose contingency be played by us, a people, therakyat, a voters.
What is religion? Religion is a complement of mastery as well as control. Now, please, we repeat, greatfully do not plead this in a context of theology. Let us plead it in a context of history. Theology does not have sense. History does. So we do not wish to plead theology though history.
What was Jesus Christ's mission? Did Jesus deliver a brand new religion? Did Jesus tell his disciples, "God sent me to we so which we can deliver a brand new sacrament to humankind called Christianity"?
Jesus Christ's mission was to break down a complement of priests as well as temples, a eremite hierarchy, which was a domestic system. Jesus longed for to finish a mastery as well as carry out which a complement had over a people. The eremite complement was combined to carry out a people. And Jesus longed for to finish this carry out as well as give energy behind to a people. Before which energy was in a hands of a system.
Hence Jesus Christ was merely ! a leader of a reform movement, a domestic transformation of which time. And which was because they turned on him. Jesus was a threat to a domestic complement of priests as well as temples.
Then, 325 years later, a complement took behind this energy as well as what by afterwards was identified as Christianity again dominated as well as tranquil a people by a origination of a doctrine. And those who resisted were put to death so which eventually usually those who embraced a didactic discourse remained.
Islam went by this same routine 425 years after in 750. First a Umayyads grabbed energy in 661, twenty-nine years after a death of Muhammad. Then, a Abbasids ousted a Umayyads as well as grabbed power. Hence Islam went by a same routine which Christianity went by 425 years earlier. And to clear things, doctrines (such as Hadiths) were combined as well as those who resisted were killed off, usually similar to what happened in Christendom earlier.
In a finish it was all about domestic energy as well as carry out over a people. But in those days it was domestic energy by eremite doctrine. That was what encouraged Emperor Constantine in 325 as well as additionally what encouraged a Umayyads in 661 as well as a Abbasids in 750 -- domestic power.
So, how opposite is it today? Today we have Barisan Nasional as well as Pakatan Rakyat. In those days we had a Umayyads as well as Abbasids and, earlier, a Western as well as Eastern Roman Empires. The Abbasids combined doctrines to clear a ousting of a Umayyads as well as a Eastern Roman Empire combined doctrines to clear a ousting of a Western Roman Empire.
And is not Pakatan Rakyat additionally formulating 'doctrines' to clear a ousting of Barisan Nasional?
Ultimately, it was all about carry out as well as domestic power. It still is. So we contingency have certain which neither Barisan Nasional nor Pakatan Rakyat controls us. Instead, we contingency carry out them. And to do which we contingen! cy rejec t their doctrine. We need to confirm which doctrine.
And which is because politicians have been scared of people who have been independent-minded, usually similar to religionists are. If we have been independent-minded they cannot carry out us. And politics, usually similar to religion, is about carry out as well as power. In fact, sacrament is power, energy over a minds of a people. And is not politics a same?
So, let us demeanour during your arguments again.

'You skip a point, RPK'.
'Don't spin this in to a secular issue, RPK'.
'You need to demeanour during a large picture, RPK'.
'We need to focus, RPK'.
'We first need to change a government, RPK'.
'The crime in BN is many worse, RPK'.
'BN is racist, RPK'.
'What preference do we have? We have been oppressed for some-more than 50 years, RPK'.
'We have been not opposite a Malays, usually opposite a Umno Malays, RPK'.
'What do we expect? The Chinese have faced taste for some-more than 50 years, RPK'.
'Compare things with a Chinese-run Singapore or Penang as well as we can see a large difference, RPK'.
'When we had a Chinese Finance Minister similar to Tan Siew Sin things were many better, RPK'.
'The Chinese got abounding by tough work, RPK'.
'The Malays wish a shortcut to wealth, RPK'.
'Criticising a antithesis is assisting Barisan Nasional to stay in power, RPK'.
'You have been treacherous a voters, RPK'.
'We should speak about all this usually after Pakatan Rakyat takes over, RPK'.
'After Pakatan Rakyat takes over we can purify out a debase in Pakatan Rakyat, RPK'.
'If we do not support Pakatan afterwards we contingency be a Barisan stooge, RPK'.

What indicate is which which we have missed? What large picture? Foc! us on wh at?
What preference do we have? You have a choice, a preference to determine your own destiny.
You faced oppression as well as taste for 50 years? Who voted for a same celebration for 50 years?
No lah, stop justifying as well as raising sore excuses. You have been a victim of your own creation. Nobody did anything to you. You did all this to yourself. For thousands of years, people have authorised themselves to be manipulated, controlled, dominated, oppressed, suppressed, etc. They even combined sacrament as well as doctrines to legitimise it. And afterwards they roar blue murder.
we can't see a large picture? Yes, we can. The large design is really clear to me. It is about not giving anyone power. It is about taking behind power. It is about energy contingency be in a hands of a people.
Do we know what people similar to me have been called? They would call me an anarchist. Anarchists have been against to all forms of government. Anarchists have been opposite all forms of mastery as well as control. All governments have been bad. All forms of mastery as well as carry out have been bad. So we am an radical as well as unapproachable of it.
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