GDP target achievable, Najib assures economists

Najib (centre) being greeted by the waiting crowd in Ijok, Selangor October 8 2011. Picture by Choo Choy May

KUANG, Oct 8 Datuk Seri Najib Razak discharged economists' explain which his government's 2012 growth aim was as well high, insisting instead, one after another clever domestic direct and traffic restructuring will help achieve the 5-6 per cent forecast.

The budding apportion certified today, however, which the remarkable pointy tellurian downturn would affect his prediction.

"At this moment, you think you can still achieve the 5-6 per cent aim since of clever domestic direct and the fact which you have restructured the total trade.

"But of march there is one caveat if there is the pointy downturn, which is the different story... (for) the total world, without exception," he told the press discussion after the meet-and-greet event with over 2,000 residents at SJK (C) Kundang.

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The Men Who Wrap Fire in Paper

October 5, 2011 by shuzheng

The Rise & Rise of a Party Organ Named Malaysiakini

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Gan's Anglo Laundrymen

Tay Tian Yan's come-back to Josh Hong earned him a common raging harangue from Malaysiakini readers who Steven Gan, when pitching for American finance from Nieman in 2002, had bragged were typically over 40 years old, scarcely half a readership, "in tip supervision positions".

Over age 40 is a range of 31 years, anywhere from 41 to 72, a statistical mean age in which Malaysian women would be dead. It was a sleight of tongue, in which Steven could equivocate a explanation for his statistical claim. Neither did he contend what he equates to by 'top supervision positions'; many of them similar to Anwar Ibrahim position, 'economic adviser' to Selangor were probably aged men, retired, others passed by a time Nieman's income arrived from New York.

But website reader form is easily gleaned from a site, nonetheless a vast majority write anonymously, a trait which Malaysiakini's Josh Hong insinuates is villainous since Steven Gan lets in to Mkini generously, never thoughts a profanities as great as! name ca lling which came with a Anonymous (it's a spin of defame we never, never see in a many maligned MSM print).

Here, conflicting Sin Chew's Tay, is not an untypical response from a reader declared 'Foo':

Josh, I cannot determine with we some-more newly Tay TY articles have been 0 though attempts to apple polish PM Najib as great as to equate PM Najib to Mandela? Alamak, nak bodek joke janganlah keterlaluan during slightest we have been a deputy editor-in-chief of Sin Chew lah!

'Cannot determine more' is to determine with less? And this is usually a starting convolution by a reader 'in tip supervision position'.

In observant Mkini's readership comprises "working professionals", Steven was suggesting to Nieman he has with him financially sound, transparent headed, clever, independent-thinking subscribers worthy of a American money. Aside questions of factual veracity, tinge as great as a defame which give divided a domestic prejudices in to a Mkini readership, here's an additional working professional e.g. that's a homogeneous of Foo.

This a singular calls himself 'Ah Hoe'; he is a Jesus regular:

Ong describes him (sic) many appropriate as an 'extreme as great as crazy Chinese chauvinist', though in spite of his mental sickness, there have been 2 persons he both lusts as great as hates, (lust-hate relationship), Hannah Yeoh as great as Josh Hong, a former some-more so since she tied together a non-Chinese, a attractive Indian.

Therein is 'personal attacks' galore which Josh Hong had whined about over criticisms directed during a sincerity of his Mkini columns: extreme, psychotic, chauvinist, mental, sickness, lust, hate, lust-hate ('good-looking' is additionally an aspers! ion to R ama, Hannah's man.)

Here's nonetheless another, declared Anonymous-4031 (there have been so many Anonymous-es Helen Ang calls them Anonymice in Mkini's comments territory which Steven had eventually to resort to giving them numbers; a approach it was done to nameless Jews upon a reserve to be gassed):

When journalists fall flat prior to a naked emperor, nude of truth, afterwards broadcasting has gone to a dogs. they have been no some-more tellurian beings though robots, with no feelings during all, no grace during all. There is a singular above watching a functions of all people upon earth! The Day of Reckoning will come when all people will be judged. Man contingency live beyond bread as great as butter; ?

You could die celebration of a mass it.

That passage was heavily scissored (in this page) not usually since it fails to have sense emperor, dogs, robot, truth, earth, Day of Reckoning, bread, butter, upon as great as upon as great as upon though similar to Ah Hoe's ravings not a singular line, not one, had anything to do with Joshie's open crucifixion of Tay Tian Yan: What's your beef A-4031?

Plainly transparent instead is, A-4031 was regurgitating which which he had heard all Saturday nights as great as Sunday mornings in a churches which Josh Hong as great as Bob Teoh go to often to preach. So a infection passes from male to male to church to male settling in a pages of Mkini with eyeballs by a thousands, "in tip supervision positions".

Before A-4031, there is already a nearby complete Mkini reader form in a English territory to which Joshie writes for, as great as that's not by fluke since his hanzi proficiency is bad, really bad. It is a Mkini readership profile: often racial Chinese, DAP/PKR celebration hacks, vocalization pidgin English, Anglophile, no hanyu, ill-educated with tiny else to do with a remain! ing days of their lives. A-4031 is an additional quality in to a Mkini person, Christian evangelism.

Mkini comprising a utterly insane competence not be necessarily or unconditionally false. But it is definitely a basement of people bearing a expect conflicting qualities which Steven had insinuated when soliciting income from a Americans as great as from Nieman: steady job, financially as great as emotionally sound, clever, independent-minded, wide-reading, even a suburban egghead category to which Americans would associate to Berkeley (home of UC-B) as great as Cambridge (MIT).

(Here's offer confirmation in to who as great as what creates up Mkini. When Joshie laundered Sin Chew as a corrupt paper in Mkini's pages, with a shuzheng name dragged in to a process, his readers who were extraordinary about this site would google for it in 7 different spellings, names never prior to seen: shu zhneg, shuzhneg, shuzeng, shuzneng, shuzhengs, shuxheng, zhuzheng. And that's not counting weird word associations such as shu zheng bn. This Mkini mob: in reserve being nuts, they're a comedy.)

Is Joshie similar to Steven, therefore, nuts?

Regardless of a answer, a Mkini reader evil form supposing by such various names as A-4031, A-4032, A-400c, Ah Hoe, Ah Foo, Dan Dan, Stupid-Me, Jibby, Democrat, as great as upon as great as upon as great as upon indicate a glance not usually in to a incendiary, biased as great as contorted nature of their persons; those have been a given.

Rather, a form generally cast light in to as great as surprise about their reliable as great as ideological values pushing a every day escape of Mkini news, comments, opinionated columns news as great as views which matter and, in this example as well, Joshie's idealisation dispute upon Sin Chew (which isn't for a initial time, nor a second).

Stevie, PKR/DAP & a Yanks

Lodged in their thoughts as great as Anglophile culture, those val! ues find a perfect compare in a colonial west as great as in those held by Nieman as great as by their Mkini box officers, no exceptions.

(Side note: Mkini was passed to Nieman, proprietor in Harvard, by NED, a Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy which gave Steven a start-up income in 1999. This is scarcely similar to a CIA growth deputy bundled from box troops military officer to officer, nonetheless staying inside of a American orbit of influence as great as dictation. Nieman additionally funds Bersih today, NED previously; Suaram likewise, creation up a class which counts people such as Premesh Chandran, Elizabeth Wong, R. Sivarasa, Tian Chua, Wong Chin Huat and, predictably, no Malays in in between them.)

All this is additionally to say, Steven as great as Joshie sell to Americans usually which which a latter demeanour out for in which leisure (in all facets of speech, thought, as great as a press) is calibrated as great as benchmarked to a singular pattern of station up to a government.

Freedom equates to hostile a government, never thoughts which partial of it, institutions or ideology, because, in a dichotomous horse opera universe view, there exists usually a state as great as a sold 0 in in in between God as great as satan, great as great as evil, leisure as great as un-freedom.

Consequently, if not hostile a government, afterwards we contingency be conflicting freedom. Degrees of leisure means, in effect, a intensity of antithesis to a state so that, perversely, some-more prison time equates to a sign of some-more devotion to freedom. This explains since DAP's Lim Guan Eng as great as his organisation go to a citizens with a repeated song as great as dance about a former's prison 'sacrifices' for a Malay girl.

Jail, then, was not for politics; it was for a morality, a Nieman, American, Anglo kind of eremite morality.

All which is a same guiding element with which Bersih's Ambiga has gotten a French award never mind, again, a actuality w! hich a a uthoritarian PAS mullahs had supposing a bulk of a demonstrators to Bersih's events; a same mullahs who demarcate Melayus from operative in coffee shops upon Ramadhan, who has threatened prosecution of a Kai Chih school in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, for holding zhongqiue () as great as who, for no great reason, will not demur to stone Malays buried to a neck in dirt pits all since these women acted humanly as great as not in settle with boundless Arabian law.

This bizarre, contradictory defining facilities of horse opera leisure was additionally applied to Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese inhabitant who was since a Nobel prize with USD 1 million for scarcely subsequent to no work literally alternative than write memos as great as speeches to horse opera NGOs. How had he promoted peace, definitely as great as substantively, say, in in between Uighurs as great as Han Chinese? Answer, nothing. (Liu was instead jailed for agitating insurrection.) Draw up any list of assent or leisure activities, it would still furnish nothing; zero.

What Liu had achieved instead was extensive, inundating press coverage in a west. It was a uniformly, calculated coverage conflicting a multitude which a western, non-Chinese lettered reporters as great as editors as great as their internal underlings (Manjit Bhatia in Australia, Josh Hong in Malaysia) could not sense alternative than by sponging upon a singular another. The coverage existed typically as 'comments' or 'opinion' or 'columns' which would be out of a reach of scrutiny since those have been done underneath a protection of press freedom. And leisure done a coverage nonessential for verification as loyal or false. It done them unverifiable.

(This is similar to Joshie commenting upon Vladimir Putin nonetheless he is slightest qualified, understands no Russian he can'! t even c onduct hanzi great enough, or Malay as great as would have relied wholly upon a anti-Russian media in a west such as UK's Guardian. The ensuing Joshie 'column' becomes a localized Guardian rehash, importing, swelling as great as redistributing in Malaysia to surprise of a Briton's scorn of a country half a creation divided which Malaysians have subsequent to no comprehension as great as have never experienced for a singular moment in their lives. Freedom of a press knows how to widespread injustice.

It is in this approach Sin Chew has right away come to be regarded by a Mkini readers, many of whom understand no hanzi many reduction Chinese culture. Their views of a paper have been currently taken over, hijacked actually, by Josh Hong, who despises his own nativeness, had it thrown out as great as transposed by a set of Nieman, Anglophile, Christian reliable as great as ideological values. Sin Chew, similar to Putin, competence usually as great exist in an additional country, with a defame many Mkini readers do not speak, nor could they appreciate nor fathom. ; know what which means, Joshie?)

Like how Liu had been feted in a west, Mkini inundates a Malaysian consciousness conflicting authority, flooding it day in, day out. This escape of agitprop is called, in Steven's reckoning, as great as Nieman's as well, giveaway speech.

Free speech, therefore, has degrees; it is benchmarked to a ferocity of animosity towards a supervision of a day. Agreeing with a supervision is giveaway speech's flip side as great as invites, therefore, ridicule: he has 'turned over' is a favourite device of Tian Chua, Australian schooled, PKR celebration partner to Eli Wong, buddy of Mkini's CEO Prem Chandran.

(Although Mkini brands itself as news, their outcome is still propaganda: see e.g. next upon Mkini's spin of word in perplexing to excuse Lim Guan Eng for receiving his domestic campaigning, not to a Johore electorate, ! though t o Singaporean investors.)

Independence is not receiving no sides or both sides. Instead, Nieman's kind of autonomy requires for station obviously upon a singular side, though which Sin Chew is thus deliberate uncommitted to fierce, transparent opposition. And since it is conjunction upon a side of Joshie (for a DAP) nor Steven (for PKR), afterwards a paper contingency be "sucking up to a government" (Mkini's words). The criticism from 'Foo' (above) bears this evil quality.

This ideological convictions has a strong Christian calm as great as flavour: hold in Jesus Christ or you'll be punished in eternal glow damnation. There're no dual ways about it; a atheist will additionally go to hell.

The PKR-Mkini-DAP Trinity

From this vein of politically charged white Christian probity overflows a distinctive brand of racism, unique to Malaysian governing body as great as different from a rest of a world.

Pakatan injustice occasionally as great as usually in some instances plan a energy of superiority by a singular competition over another, which is a required definition. Rather, a injustice functions a conflicting direction, suggesting, indicating to, as great as repeatedly reporting a native, racial inferiority, Chinese in sold since disapproval a Malay gets jail, since Hindu Indians have been not worth a bother.

Joshie understands that. So, too, all in Mkini where Umno as great as a supervision have been done representative, a proxy, of a Malay identity. And they have been indeed Malay since MCA as great as a rest, says Pakatan, have been Umno stooges.

Chinese racial defame is deliberate in, articulated as great as supposing by a popular, derogatory term, 'chauvinism'. Which means, in effect, a Chinese, or Hindu, is unworthy of keeping (to be transposed as if by Anglo white culture). Hence, a MCA is Chine! se chauv inist, Perkasa as great as Utusan consecrate right wing prejudice (not chauvinism; it is reserved for a Chinese), as great as Hindraf is a Hindu Perkasa.

Once passed in to politics, racial chauvinism creates a own avowal which it is divisive: which is, usually a second-rate fights a singular an additional to be first. The Superior One, a Chosen One, stands above a minions.

Since this dispute reflects an underlying, inherent sold wickedness a indicate which a Malaysian First evidence suggests though observant so there ought to be some kind of fondness to furnish a vaguely declared super race, Bangsa or Anak which nobody could contend with pinpoint pointing what it is exactly. But DAP's Lim Kit Siang creates transparent what it isn't: Chinese isn't first, nor Malay; enlightenment or defame or idea is second as great as so on. A singular cadence of a aphorism wipes out an entire twenty-eight million competition of their internal Malaysian identities.

Herein lies a problem in DAP jingoism which contingency begin with a repudiation (somewhat similar to converting to Christianity): Mkini spitting during a Malays by proxy preaches to a choir, which is, a Anglophile readership, a Jesus Ah Hoes as great as a quasi Malay Petra Kamarudins continuous online to a UK or proprietor in suburban Damansara. Who is to denounce a Malays, as great as how, in in between a Chinese, celebration of a mass Chinese, not Mkini, as great as proprietor in Jelapang or Triang underneath a roasting tin roof?

Joshie calls which Sin Chew's mission.

Enters Joshiekini

But a answer in to 'how' solves a problem of a 'who'. Mkini shows a how, in which Umno's inferiority, Chinese chauvinism, state tyranny, Barisan disaster is consistently as great as though difference benchmarked to a singular standard: biblical morality, h! orse ope ra governance, European multi-racialism, American politics, white male beliefs as great as generally to Nieman concepts of leisure as great as liberty.

Bundle those concepts in Sin Chew to a Chinese readership, they have really limited sense (a) since of their inherent contradictory qualities as great as (b) which hanzi linguistic force as great as Chinese informative autonomy constantly resist. Take them instead to A-4031 or a Jesus Ah Hoes in Mkini, they extol in unison: 'excellent', they contend of Joshie.

Alluding to Sin Chew's task of wrecking a government, a Malays, usually as Mkini does it daily, Joshie calls it a 'mission'. Joshiekini could not dig Sin Chew so he uses Mkini as great as Steven, of course, lets him again, in a name of press freedom.

Mkini as great as Joshie existent as white Anglophile injustice command vast as great as as a champions find countenance in some-more ways than can be counted in a every day escape of articles. Recent examples:

  • The objection by Suaram (to which PKR's Eli Wong as great as Mkini's Prem Chandran have been associated) in a Malaysian repatriation of Uighur Chinese wanted in China for a mass murder of Han Chinese arises ostensibly upon 'human rights' concern as if passed Chinese have no rights. The objection appears concerned for a Uighur welfare, which is to indicate there would be no probity for a passed upon a streets. Han Chinese lives have been thus worth nothing, a same indicate done by PKR's Nathaniel Tan (Eli's ideological mate) when he screamed during China for a arrests of a Muslim Uighurs held for a massacre of multiform hundred of their Han countrymen.
  • Josh Hong would excuse a troops for imprisoning Li Junjie, which was carried out underneath fake pretences, not since they had genuinely erred or he has sympathies for them (he had been arrested before) though since Li Junjie is Chinese. Joshie done this racial indicate clear, nonetheless it was utterly irrational: he says, in effect, a Chinese were fool around acting conflicting a troops since they have been racists. He repeats a same charge conflicting Sin Chew, observant a editors have been playing 'victimhood' (against who, he doesn't say; perhaps since there was none).
  • Hannah Yeoh's jingoistic try to emanate a Malaysian super competition good known as Anak Malaysia is pivoted upon obliterating her child's partial internal racial descent. To do so, she gave a child a utterly foreign, un-Malaysian name Shay Adora. The entire DAP celebration joined in a carol of her Pakatan-style racism: Shay isn't Chinese, shouldn't be Chinese as great as mustn't be Chinese. Party trainer Lim Guan Eng says, in effect, a celebration has a better competition sequence for Shay as great as sees in her a destiny role model for a new bangsa or race. Astonishingly, it's a competition modelled not after Shay's partial Indian blood, though after a west Adora. This fascism in competition manipulation is rivalled usually by a Nazis; though Mkini would instead let Hannah spin a evidence upon a conduct to denounce a bieing born registration dialect racist as great as discriminatory.
  • Via Malaysian Insider, Lisa Ng, an English defame copywriter, scholastic in English as great as St Mary's, additionally encapsulates a customary Pakatan injustice form. But she was some-more solid vocalization when she wrote of a young Chinese child proprietor in Kepong, vocalization Chinese as great as no English, as great as who she plainly names. The child along with others taught in a vernacular schools, Lisa says, consecrate an 'illness' (her word) which manifests itself upon Malaysian society. Bred in these places, i.e. Chinese schools in Chinese ghettos, they would after spin out in to 'useless' (sic) adults who can't even give directions in English to her lawyer-friends if they were mislaid in Kepong as great as asked for it. Within days of Lisa's calumny as great as in a same online newspaper, a contributor Sheridan Mahavera reproduces a racist libel. And all of them would get divided with it. (If these things were pronounced of Malays, they would be in prison today.)

Take No Prisoners

Denouncing a Chinese (on whatever grounds) in sequence to plan an additional social, domestic as great as dignified worth complement which, not coincidentally, is western, white as great as Neiman obeys a dictum: when a male ceases to hold in anything, he doesn't hold in nothing.

Joshie's refutation of his inland Chinese values so as to welcome Anglo enlightenment has a take no restrained attitude: which is, whilst his own conversion is total others, who don't, will compensate as great as humour his vileness.

This take-no-prisoner perspective is inevitable. It arises from a strong Christian calm to repeat, hold in Jesus or humour ruin which finds countenance in his defame as great as his tinge with their evil qualities of blackmail, browbeating, danger as great as ridicule.

When in 2007 Sarawak's Taib Mahmud warned Mkini ! of a def ame fit over a swindle report, Steven responded in evil gung-ho combative language:

If by filing a law suit, Taib hopes to dominate us, he is passed wrong.

'Dead wrong'? That's cowboy defame from a Steve McQueen movies. Had Stevie learned it from his American financiers?

Rare for sold suits which have tiny to do with inhabitant politics, DAP's Lim Guan Eng issued a statement expressing oneness with Steven as great as offered await from a party's legal services. He pronounced those services was additionally for "Internet freedom", a same evidence Steven had presented to Nieman when asking for money.

A Christian, Guan Eng would have seen in Steven a same Anglo values he himself held. In citing Steven's 'dead wrong' reply, he praised it as "inspiring" as great as "defiant".

Four years after in October 2011 whilst held fibbing by a internal media as great as for slandering Johore to a organisation of Singaporean commercial operation people, Steven would return Guan Eng a favour.

Mkini had apologised for Guan Eng's Singapore debate as a faux pas, a word which suggests indiscretion, an unintended error. Even if it was truly a unfit debate as great as this is puzzled for a male who has no qualms receiving domestic governing body abroad, even to an investment seminar it would have come from a depths of Guan Eng's good-evil, dichotomous Anglo worth complement (which is additionally Anwar Ibrahim's).

On countless occasions, Guan Eng launches remarks upon a same probity platform, such as in his statement of await for Hannah Yeoh's Shay Adora Ram.

Then, to transparent away himself from his Johore slander, he would respond in identical Steven's antagonistic fa! shion, a dditionally in a English:

We would understanding with them a singular by one, starting with inhabitant headlines agency, Bernama.

Such kind of a debate would be distinctive of Penang Hokkein street thugs (think Ng Wei Aik or KTemoc) that, until a attainment of Pakatan in to mainstream politics, was uncharacteristic of Malaysian polity. That it is currently shared by Mkini readers, by Steven as great as by Joshie reveals something of their common Anglophile values which sink internal governing body in to deeper despair.

In conference Guan Eng, Malays, such as Umno Penang, have no alternative approach to appreciate him alternative than to contend he behaved a 'communist' as great as a 'dictator', a common euphemisms for Chinese-ness in reserve from chauvinism.

They charge Chinese-ness to Guan Eng although, similar to Joshie as great as Steven, he is Chinese in face only. (Also recall, they do not courtesy themselves as Chinese first.) In sentiments, thoughts, defame as great as worth systems, they have been wholly gweilo. Steven can't even write his mother's name in hanzi; Joshie's proficiency is juvenile; Guan Eng never went to a vernacular school which Malays competence consider has currently cultivated a loud-mouth, coarse commie, a chief apportion during that, instead of Lisa Ng's sick, useless Chinese.

Anglophile injustice do some-more repairs to Chinese-Malay family than 10 thousand Ridhuan Tee Malay imitations lined up Johor Baru to Bukit Kayu Hitam. (If usually a Malays understand this.) All which Ridhuan does, as great as can do, is to uncover to a Chinese a disaster of his own self, upbringing as well. To Malays he competence paint them as supposedly some-more 'righteous', though that's that. Hence, his arguments in Utusan, since of it's pristine illogic, do not infringe upon a space in in between a dual communities.

In their Anglophile representations, h! owever, Guan Eng, et al, do which which Ridhuan failed, as great as this is by projecting a Chinese as Umno Malay using dogs. This is a singular many important underlying idea in countless Joshie articles which Steven publishes, granting them in a name of freedom.

Agitation grows in lock-step to a supply of such perceptions; domestic fight spirals up in to revenge and, in a conflicting direction, receiving down inter-ethnic family with it.

If which presupposition is true, afterwards there is no box of racial harmony deteriorating for no reason. Nor was it a box of race, which is conventionally suspicion to be inherently divisive (says Haris Ibrahim), pushing down politics, turning it factious, unsettling as great as ugly. All along, which is, it has been a alternative approach around.

This conclusion equates to which Nieman as great as a Americans do not financial leisure (however defined). Rather, their money, coursing through a PKR/DAP leadership connections, as great as around Bersih as great as Mkini, emboldens a similar to of Guan Eng, Steven, et al, either acting singularly or together, either upon role or otherwise. Such income fuels a wrecking of a country's racial relations.

Why do they concede themselves to do that?

The answer isn't incredibly difficult to excavate for a veracity, excepting for this: goal has to be distinguished from purpose. Steven starting around a American continent with a vagrant income play in palm is for a role which meets Nieman's intent, a NED previously.

The American vigilant is plainly stated: leisure is a must-have apparatus to undermine a status quo of governments which fail to satisfy their notions of governing body as great as rule. Americans have repeatedly done this vigilant clear. It's many similar to what PAS mullahs revelation everybody outright: in conclusion they want Malaysia Islamic, if not currently afterwards tomorrow when energy has grown as great as accumulated sufficiently in their hands.

Americans do not have! to wait . That energy is there for make make make use of of of military, economic as great as financial as great as these have been in spin propped up by ideological muscle (democracy, tellurian rights, etc) originating from Europe.

Steven supplies a role a wholeness of 'free speech' to a American intent. That tells since Steven repeats a line to no end, to a open subscribers, to financiers, as great as in a roomful of Mkini anniversary diners.

But it isn't great sufficient since giveaway debate is not rain descending though bid from a sky after which a singular simply collects for consumption. It has to be acquired; American vigilant is Steven's as well. (This additionally illustrates since horse opera beliefs is so contorted, even upon a make a difference as simple as vocalization freely. Confucian China do which all a time.)

Immedately next is Steven, again, in 2002 admissing in to a idealisation role as great as vigilant in Mkini's business:

The supervision had a complete corner upon a distribution of report until a presentation of a Internet. But whilst this technology has enabled us to finally mangle through a government's barriers, we have been not nearby violation a corner upon power.

'Not nearby breaking?' But almost there, if since a tiny pull (Steven winks, winks). Then when a pull came, it said: How might we, a Yanks, help you?

Such have been a words violation corner energy which Americans would have longed to hear (in box you're have been wondering how we yourself competence get a cut). In reduced sequence a bank, upon Nieman's instructions, get to work, signals go out, routed through even some-more banks, as great as Steven returns home to find in his comment not an unpleasant surprise: Wow! Can I hold what I see? Is which dollars or rupiah? Speak of 'money laundering', illicit incom! e transf er, which is

Breaking a corner of energy is a expect homogeneous of aggregation a energy which has been set loose, or 'free' as a box might be.

PKR wants domestic energy to set giveaway Anwar. PAS wants energy for an Islamic Malaysia. Unless energy of influence is thick with for a own consequence giveaway debate in Mkini's box where competence Steven be streamer with which power?

Joshie's Beef: Kosher & Halal

Steven in a idealisation commercial operation of energy reads usually similar to Joshie's dispute upon Sin Chew: he'd say, 'those spineless Chinese editors do not make make make use of of of their powers of open influence. Instead they sell as great as forfeit it to Umno as great as Barisan; they should make make make use of of of it to work with, to serve, to await Lim Guan Eng as great as a DAP.

Like Lisa Ng had prior to asserted, Joshie would reaffirm for a Mkini Anglophile readers which a Chinese, if they have been not Malay using dogs, they have been 'useless'. This explains since Joshie finds such receptive ears inside Mkini, nothing of who would stop to ask (they do not have which egghead capacity): if what Joshie says is true, isn't he, conversely, operative as Lim Guan Eng's dispute dog?

Instead, however, Joshie's 'Hypocrisy of Sin Chew during a best' becomes a singular some-more gash out of countless in to a Chinese nicely whilst he simultaneously settles a grudge; not being hired.

A Chinese journal is organised really otherwise from, say, a New Straits Times. It counts in a paper menu reduced stories, alternative well read fictions, chronological topics, languages as great as translation, traditions of culture, open policies, all of which afterwards add up to, in any since week, hundreds of criss-crossing, inter-disciplinary issues. It is immensely diverse.

Joshie, however, would collect upon usually topic a Barisan supervision to which he afterwards concludes with a tenure! 'de generation' (sic; he essentially equates to deterioration) of paper standard. This would mean to include hanzi written quality, something he is slightest proficient to decider with his middle school customary (he doesn't write for Mkini's Chinese section, as great as this is telling).

Joshie's abuse of defame to fit a domestic agenda isn't done here for a initial time, as great as nonetheless readers, who know no Chinese or rarely reads Sin Chew, would praise his Orwellian newspeak character as 'excellent'.

If Sin Chew acted similar to Mkini, which is, insulting a Barisan upon a every day basis, afterwards Joshie would have 0 to write. In equally weird illogic, not receiving a side of a DAP or Pakatan equals a loss of paper independence.

Press autonomy underneath domestic patronage, generally underneath PKR/DAP, had prolonged ago mislaid a intrinsic idea, similar to leisure had mislaid a definition underneath Steven's superintendence as great as definition, as great as underneath American financing. Being free, being independent meant station up to a government, being anti-Barisan, a sort of western, Neiman customary they demeanour towards.

This personal, political, ideological motives in Joshie (Steven as well) which he presents to a universe wrapped in a horse opera agenda as great as defame of press leisure is, in Tay Tian Yan's metaphorical analogy, wrapping glow in paper.

The analogy additionally says since Mkini is such a rare creature: an ability, upon a a singular hand, to talk of customarily picking up horse opera awards for "quality reporting" while, upon a other, a reports read similar to indoctrination propaganda, served to an established customers of celebration hacks. Daily, a same readership of celebration hacks additionally supply a news.

Joshie's vindictive cruelty (Steven's as well), nailing down fellow, professional peers, is a tiny cost to Mkini in a incomparable scheme of ideological fight which wrecks a leisure it prop! oses to promote. They are, as Joshie says, 'nothing' even: what could a integrate of editors be worth when, after all, giveaway debate is higher to as great as worth some-more than inter-ethnic relations? Wrecking all of them would be 'nothing'.

This underlying authoritarian as great as mortal worth system, aided by deep-seated connivance with offshore interests as great as others inside of a country, is no accident of outcome from a failed Barisan government. Rather, it speaks of a common religious, horse opera ideological alliance, to which Steven's domestic association with a DAP/PKR is currently some-more than 'cozy' (the word Joshie used to report Barisan as great as Sin Chew). It has become their corner dignified crusade, driven, launched as great as funded from church rostrums as great as pews, from college halls, San Francisco stretching to Cambridge, as great as from a legislative halls in Washington DC. It is thus bigger, distant bigger than inter-ethnic Malaysian politics.


This post fulfills a promise (made here) to visitors, which is, a serious readers who endeavour to dig as great as uncover a domestic psychology that's during fight with itself afterwards inflamed as great as done worse, rsther than than being alleviated or mitigated, by politicians as great as statesman wannabes in particular, by reporters as great as editors, mullahs as great as bishops, lay preachers as great as priests, lawyers, doctors as great as their salesman clients, even a copy bard as great as a wife of an IT 'engineer'.

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Budget 2012: Too many goodies, not enough substance

Budget 2012: Too most goodies, not sufficient substance

After listening to Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak make his 2 hour bill proclamation upon TV1, it really appears that it is commercial operation as common for center Malaysia notwithstanding the goodies being poured out.

There have been the integrate of points that have been of interest. Firstly, what hits you immediately is the sheer distance the budget. RM232.8 billion is the lot of money, especially when you have been looking during the 9.4% rise in expenditure. However, the country's necessity will be reduced to 4.7% from 5.4% of GDP. How this is going to be completed is nonetheless to be seen. However, the actuality stays that in conditions of amount, it would be the biggest necessity in Malaysian history.

Gravity defying growth

Economic growth approaching during 5.0-5.5% for 2011 as well as growth of in between 5-6% for 2012 notwithstanding difficult mercantile conditions. Even if this is the case, there will be the fundamental theme as to either this would be sufficient to compensate for the bills as the result of this budget?

Goodies galore opposite the board, from patients above 60 being exempted from outpatient registration fees, RM15 million for 150 futsal courts, RM200 vouchers for school young kids as well as the abolishment of school fees. A proposal taken from the Pakatan Rakyat "Buku Jingga" was the RM500 service for family groups earning the household income of under RM3000. Apart from the futsal courts, these have been welcomed steps taken by the BN government.

One partial that I find particularly sparklin! g is the tax exemption for donations to mission schools as well as houses of ceremony that is the large step in with regard to the use of pick religions. However, in their sincerity, licenses for building places of ceremony should be forsaken as well.

Good headlines for foreign investors includes the liberalising of 17 services sub-sectors that would allow 100% foreign equity. This is not great headlines for internal investors who have been still theme to 40% bumi equity, that would have companies such as Genting as well as YTL receiving income out of the country. Why have been you giving incentives to foreigners during the responsibility of the own citizens?

Apart from the lifting of duties for hybrids until 2013, there is the complete deficiency in the discuss of Green Technology. After the Prime Minister's prophesy of Putrajaya as well as Cyberjaya as immature technolog! y centre s, RM1.5 billion in soothing loans for immature technology companies as well as the oath to reduce Malaysia's carbon footprint by 40% by 2025, because unexpected postpone it?

We just had the large Green Technology exhibition in September called IGEM hosted by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology as well as Water (KeTTHA). The minister Datuk Peter Chin was around for the entire duration of the eventuality over 4 days, though in the end, was it all lip service to the environment?

The losers

The pick losers have been the center income earners, as well as incentives for business. Although there have been substant! ial allo cations for entrepreneurs starting out brand new businesses, liberalising commercial operation by dropping taxes such as import taxes upon cars or eliminating the controversial APs would have been the very renouned move. No allocation for improving open ride as well as access would also defect the daily commuter.

What was intensely disappointing is the proclamation of som! e-more m ega projects such as the Coastal Highway JB-Nusa as well as the Taiping Heritage Tourism Project during the price of RM978 million. These would positively go in to price over-runs, be theme to sealed tenders as well as cronyism. No shift from the past.

The large winners have been the polite servants, who will be removing their half month bonuses, compensate rises from 7-13% per annum, as well as the time based compensate intrigue for polite servants to stand compensate grades faster. With 1.3 million polite servants, that is the large number of voters that would be influenced by this measure.

No reforms in the way economy is managed

With all these goodies, it is positively shaping up as an election budget. Our Prime Minister was clever to discuss that the RM33.2 billion subsidies package would not be removed as the gesture of putting the "people first", though most still theme because RON 95 is still RM1.90 notwithstanding oil prices falling.

There have been most quick fixes as well as incentives, though the fundamental infrastructure of the republic has been ignored. Handouts cannot eradicate hardcore poverty, nor combat taking flight costs. There have been no moves to make the economy some-more rival or additional incentives to bring the abroad talent home.

To the Prime Minister's credit, it is not the bad budget. But given the actuality that the income outlayed is merely aesthetic, as well as does not shift the divisive, hurtful as well as rough system it is built on, Pakatan Rakyat is looking increasingly capable of being an in effect government.

Given the actuality that the pick bill was well received, as well as with the promise of accountable as well as graft giveaway government, you may nonetheless uncover billions some-more that Barisan Nasional has been concealing from the Rakyat. Do your duty during GE-13 for your country!

Douglas Tan is the reader of Mal! aysia Ch ronicle as well as the part of of DAP

Malaysians Must Know the TRUTH

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Rok Search janjikan hadiah terbaik Konsert Fenomena 30 Tahun

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 Okt Selepas menggegarkan tanah air dalam siri duet dengan Wings dalam Konsert Double Trouble yang menjelajah ke segenap pelusuk negara, Search kini tampil dengan konsert solo terbaru mereka sebagai pelengkap usia tiga dekad mereka dalam industri muzik tanah air. Sebagai pembuka tirai, Konsert Fenomena thirty Tahun Search akan ... Read More

PAS Above All & Haris is Chopped Tongueless

The Chen Yimin Answer to Hudud
as DAP & Haris Ibrahim mollycoddle Syaria & a PAS Mullahs

Muslim! Give Us Back Our Child!

Above: Syaria kidnaps an infidel, kafir daughter Chen Yimin (or Tan Yi Min) from a Chinese as well as her father during a point of a gun (below).

If a constitution currently cannot even strengthen the Tan family in Penang from infringement by Syaria issued in an additional state, Selangor, afterwards a worse is to be expected for a Chinese (and Indians) once a federal, country-wide, Islamic regime of penal laws have been introduced pledge or no guarantee.

This Islamic tyranny is clear as day. But Petra Kamarudin, whose son would be blank a leg today, says let's 'debate'. Teresa Kok competence contend not to racialise a matter.

Bishop Paul Tan, DAP's preacher as well as church mouthpiece, has a most suitable answer to hudud. In open connivance with Anwar Ibrahim as well as PAS, he has a gall to speak of 'iron-clad' guarantees. Here's a single answer to a Paul Tan's guarantee: Please take behind your iron as well as force it down Anwar's arse where it belongs.


After Anwar Ibrahim's defining have a difference of await for PAS by PKR, as well as afterwards matched days later by Paul Tan from a Church, a hudud as well as Syaria laws for Malaysia have currently left over a have a difference as a PAS-only agenda. It's approach beyond.

Once hudud goes to referendum stage (Khalid Samad talks of it as well as so, too, a Dr Fly of PAS Kuala Selangor), starting with Kelantan, a inevitable outcome takes place given a kampung Melayu fearful of observant 'no' would contend 'yes' to it. (A Kelantan-only, Malay-only referendum is similar to telling a church church band boys this: "those who contend no to a Ten Commandments for inclusion in to a Charter of a Church of Fatima, mount up!")

Other Malays will know if they, for example, dedicate rape or incest (which by afterwards would be defined differently), a chances of being prosecuted, conviction most less, is upon a sliding scale falling in to their foster as well as opposite a womanlike victim, generally if a 14-year niece or neighbour.

After Kelantan, Terengganu next, Kedah, Perlis, as well as a rest of a country; a constitution is no barrier no have a difference what a Muslim academicians competence contend through The Star.

This some-more advanced course of hudud as well as Syaria from mere celebration ideology in to referendum afterwards law, state by state, suggests something poor in a constitution. But, this additionally says that, improved than a constitution, a Chinese (and Hindu Indian) presence in Malaysia stands in between a Melayus as well as a Gothic Arab law which no Melayu can challenge or brave to.

So far, a Chinese unstated response to it has been as candid as it is simply: do what we wish to your own and, please, by all means mill all your women as well as cut off all a legs generally those from a Mahathir Malay magpies as well as blog heads, see if we caring usually do not we brave hold a single of us.

In this attitude, however, there is an underlying problem: how to certitude PAS or Niz Aziz or Anwar or Paul Tan, with or though their iron promises?

But their promises have been worth nothing. There is no such a thing as an iron clad guarantee: Syar! ia was p ractical to Chen Yimin as well as father (plus large other cases, involving in sold Indian Hindu families) who, ill-advised, maybe deliberately, by an Anwar-PKR lawyer diverted a box from a supposedly inherent 'iron-clad' Syaria-not-for-Chinese emanate in to a family, control law dispute.

And a outcome of a dispute? The father Chen Zhaohong , most to his almighty regret, lose hands down to his ex-wife as well as Yimin's convert mom Fatimah Foong Abdullah.

Without a protection of a constitution as well as never to certitude untrustworthy judges as well as politicians (those Umno blog politican wannabes do not count), as well as tricked by a PKR as well as DAP, both seeking a other approach over Yimin, afterwards a Chinese contingency find an alternate response to hudud.

One approach out is to mount with as well as to a single side any Melayu who wants to contend No to hudud, No to guarantees, No to PAS, No to Anwar as well as No to Paul Tan. That means:

  • (a) no deal, no talk, nothing, regardless of how hudud is packaged. Anwar as well as PAS in a name of their Allah can do what they wish to a grandchildren of Mahathir as well as his shitty Shiites, it is no commercial operation of a others.
  • (b) Because Anwar says hudud should be respected it is democracy, he says afterwards each Malay, over age 18, contingency be constitutionally available to confirm if a authority is Muslim once hudud be forced upon a Melayu. Anwar contingency respect each Melayu either to be Muslim Malay. Freely determining is additionally democracy, mah. (Mahathir blog heads can stay Islam given they, so they say, own MALAYsia.)

This Chinese (and Indian) domestic in front of rest upon this platform: given sovereign powers succeed a state, as well as given sovereign matters strike upon a Chine! se, afte rwards a Chinese citizenry stairs in. The Chinese is entitled, constitutionally as well as legally, to have a contend not upon a hudud construction though either or not a association says OK to PAS doing whatever it wants to Kelantan.

This legal situation, starting backwards, upon reaching a Chinese produces a incident in which a Chinese have before them a Sino-Confucian avocation to a Melayu. This avocation is known as citizen-kin.

The avocation final a straight answer: what is a Chinese to do for their own consequence as well as for a consequence of their Melayu citizen-kin, either a Melayu is for or opposite hudud? (This kin avocation is ethically valid, possessing a force of patrimonial truth, unless of march those Mahathir barking as well as spinning blogheads have good their hazard cakap saja to evict each Chinese from this land they had sequestered as well as fictitiously marked down 'Tanah Melayu'.)

A ramification from this citizen-kin principle extrapolates, thus:

Hudud can come in Kelantan usually after each Melayu as well as Chinese as well as Hindu Indian in all Malaysia agrees to a PAS Muslim-only hudud referendum in a state. That is, PAS contingency get agreement from each Chinese, Melayu, as well as Indian in sequence to control a Kelantan-only, Malay-only referendum.

Nik Aziz, et al, cannot expect to slip hudud in to Kelantan by a backdoor though everybody, by a front door, initial similar to let them do it. Kelantan is a part of a sovereign state of Malaysia, not a separate eccentric entity i.e. PAS can do whatever it wants there either constitutionally or upon eremite grounds. Consequently, (i) Kelantan cannot usurp a legislative powers of a federation, as well as (ii) it belongs to a Chinese citizenry as most as it is to a PAS Malays.

This answers Khalid Samad of PAS Shah Alam as well as Dr Fly of Kuala Selangor.

Because hudud has right away left over PAS, nation-wide, widened as well as instigated by Anwar as well ! as Paul Tan, afterwards a charge is to take it head upon by as most people as may be found, all throwing in to its trail as most rocks as Gunung Tahan has upon its slopes.

Not for a single person, not for anybody, not one; hudud was never meant to see even a light of day. Yet, how has it come to this theatre in which PKR in Anwar as well as a Church in Paul Tan stick upon hands in its support, pledge or no guarantee?

Answer: a DAP as well as a Haris 'Christian Arise' Ibrahim.

Rock, Rocket, Rocking Haris

The stone class of Paul-James-David with a tokkish 'guru' in a background while Haris shouts from behind "Don't worry, be happy! Yea, Yea, we've a Rock of Gibraltar to urge us".

In 2003, James Ngeh Koo Ham:

DAP Perak entirely await a CEC decision requiring DAP Terengganu members to quit PAS appointed domestic posts. We contingency never accept a doing of an Islamic State in Malaysia usually given we have been accommodated in a Government.

In March 2010, a same James Jesus son of Ngeh 7 years later to Nut Graph:

The difference "secular state" as well as "Islamic state" connote opposite meanings to opposite people. I would cite to plead this from a mount point of a theocratic state versus a physical state.

After pussyfooting with a tenure that's as candid as 'Islamic', he side-steps a dichotomy as well as suggests instead an Islamic state co-existing with a "secular state" though not a "humanistic physical state". And a difference ! in betwe en a dual being: a former is a corner Islamic-Christian state which has 'God' in it, upper box 'g', definition Jehovah God as well as Allah, whereas a latter has heathen Sino humanism or Hindu kafir mill statutes. On those, says James, never, never, never.

Plainly he was perplexing to censor his mutiny opposite a constitution. Here's James obfuscating upon a proof of his try to beginner a hudud state:

A physical state contingency not additionally mean it is anti-religion or anti-God. Good values taught in [all] religions contingency be adopted by [people] in a physical state after they have been examined as well as scrutinised. Therefore, I await a physical state imbued with virtues, as well as not a humanistic physical state.

In in between those dual statements, 2003 as well as 2010 which is a sea change, a betrayal in fact, of DAP's commencement ideology, starting from physical to part-Christian, part-Islamic, any which approach it is still a eremite state come in Haris Ibrahim as well as David Nga Kor Ming.

Both go from town to town tilling a ground for a grand construction of PAS as well as to help it not usually to leave a country from Kelantan, Terengganu in to national, together with Sarawak, Sabah politics, though additionally in to inherent process making.

David Nga, first; a shave subsequent is self-explanatory in to herding a Chinese as well as Hindus in to a arms of PAS process ideology:

In 2009, before David Nga was proclaiming PAS righteousness, Haris would sing a praises of PAS For All.

Below is a PAS advance of Kuala Sepetang during a Bukit Gantang by-election which eventually brought a single some-more PAS authority in to Parliament, a male named Nizar. Pushing, needling as well as instigating from behind were Haris Ibrahim as well as his flock, a bangsa people with thei! r assort ed names, Zorro, Eyes Wide Open, Temenggong, Jaya, Fat-mah.

Haris during a time would contend with most hypothesis as well as in a pompous tinge of a Chinese of Kuala Sepetang:

They were no longer fearful of PAS similar to they once were.

Afraid? The Chinese fearful of PAS, hence of Islam? Kuala Sepetang told Haris Ibrahim they had been cowards hidden away in a corner of a peninsula? Afraid given when? And what's there to be fearful of? Isn't hudud for Muslims only, or has Haris a Muslim been lying?

PAS for all as well as Haris 'Christian Arise' Ibrahim for PAS.

In 2011, October, dual years as well as a half after observant a Chinese had stopped being fearful of PAS, they were told to be heedful instead. Haris (in this) speaks as if he has usually usually discovered what a PAS mullahs mount for as well as where they have been headed with their Islam politics, as well as so urges instead his flock to

go on, take a peek during Nik Aziz's hudud as well as see if we still wish to sojourn wordless upon this issue.

That shave he refers to is about three years old, definition during a time he was campaigning for PAS. Nik Aziz's speech during a 3:40 minute mark which Haris points to reads as follows

Dah dia buka aurat. Dirogol. Padanlah muka dirogol. Dia jual murah-murah. Dia dok jual mur! ah-murah . Betis dia, muka dia, peha dia. Rogol lah! Peduli apa?

(in translation during Jebat Must Die) She did not cover herself. She got raped. Serves her right. She done herself cheap. She sells herself cheap. Her calves, her face, her thighs. Rape her! Who cares?

For three years or more, Haris, similar to Umno before, has been mollycoddling PAS in sequence to simultaneously win from as well as for it an citizens constituency. Now Haris does a 180 degree spin opposite PAS For All PAS is not even for a Melayu pendatangs from Indonesia; it is PAS For Arabs.

The Haris refutation is strange, which wins him praise as well as it is bought even by a Umno people as well as sympathizers in a similar to of Jebat Must Die.

But can Haris be loyal or genuine given a diversion of votes from PAS ends up in a PKR as well as a DAP. Landing either in PKR or DAP, those votes spin up upon Anwar's side (the Prime Minister elect, who DAP's Lim Guan Eng has vowed to await in life or death). PAS For Hudud gets a ride under a new ensign Pakatan For All.

This would insist why Haris has currently a new slogan, anointing DAP as a 'Rock of Gibraltar'. Yet, this is a same piece of stone which boasts a double-dealing James Ngeh, a prevaricating David Nga as well as generally Bishop Paul Tan. The Church in sold is, after all, a bedrock upon which stands a a DAP devout rocket.

Paul Tan cited in Harakah:

I contend it's time to allow Muslims in Kelantan, if they so desire, to exercise shariah usually for them. It shows he is not dogmatic. I contend let him as well as all who hold with him have their way.

Haris's sloganeering as well as mistakes have been legendary, equaled usually by his deceitful ineptitude! starti ng with Save a constitution, Petition a King, PAS For All, Hartal, Bangsa/Anak Malaysia.

In all a cases, he leads his simpleton flock a EWOs, a Tem-Gongs as well as a Fat-Mahs from a single dim hole in to an additional darker hole. And in this course Haris's 'Anything But Umno' (ABU) gets PAS in by removing DAP in, Anwar in, behind doorway or front doorway doesn't matter.

Hudud inches its approach in to Parliament, with assisting hands by a dozens as well as from all directions: a bishop, Allah's gift, a MCLM Anointer of Saints, president of ABU, Teresa a Kok, Hannah 'Mother-of-Sham' Yeoh, Eli 'Sexuality' Wong, as well as afterwards which half-gweilo, half-Melayu authority in a UK starting round in cosmological circles, an aged male arguing with boys.

After hudud gets in to Parliament, maybe they could cut of which man's Quran-Bible citing tongue as suitable low mark for a prevaricating apostate. The people wishes to, as a good bishop has kindly suggested, mount to a single side as well as watch a open spectacle: Haris 'Christian Arise' Ibrahim chopped off his tongue.

Before we lose your tongue any last words, bro?

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Perak UMNO wants Chinese in state civil service to play to 25 ...

Human Rights Party. Malaysia. Focusing to put operative class Indians into the national mainstream development of Malaysia as well as to eliminate all forms of UMNO state sponsored racial as well as eremite supremacist policies ...

Budget 2012 proves BN puts people first, says MCA - The Malaysian Insider

By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, October 7 MCA boss Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek today welcomed a prime minister's Budget 2012, observant a stairs to pad a public's slot in view of rising living costs worldwide proved a statute Barisan Nasional was a "people first" government.

The former illness minister lauded a Najib administration's initiatives to help a open cut down upon spending unnecessarily, such as waiving school fees as well as taxation upon places of worship, whilst giving money directly to those who needed a extra cash a most.

"We praise a 'people first' beginning by a supervision to offer a one-off grant of RM500 to households with a monthly income of RM3,000," Dr Chua (picture) pronounced in a media statement tonight.

He listed giving students money to buy books, RM100 million any for vernacular as well as Islamic schools as well as RM3,000 any to a country's former confidence crew as between examples a supervision was showing it cared.

He additionally pronounced a MCA was happy a supervision will go on to outlay RM33.2 billion for all subsidies, incentives as well as assistance.

While he noted a world economy is not in a good figure due to a debt predicament as well as financial instability, he voiced confidence Malaysia may still achieve mercantile expansion of between five per cent as well as 5.5 per cent next year as well as reduce a national necessity from 5.4 per cent to 4.7 per cent, through a government's Economy Transformation Programme (ETP).

The only regard he had was ! over a n ational open smoothness system.

"We need to improve open smoothness complement so which a nation can be some-more competitive. Hence, changes in arrangement as well as recruitment including an exit process for low performers are needed," Dr Chua said.

He urged a supervision to inspire some-more in isolation as well as open investment (PPI), observant a BN's second-biggest party is optimistic a PPI will likely rise by 15.9 per cent in in isolation investment as well as 7 per cent in open investment which is upheld by unfamiliar investment, a ETP as well as a 10th Malaysia Plan.

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Pay hikes for an already bloated bureaucracy

vox populi small thumbnail'It is not about possibly a polite use deserves any compensate rise. The some-more critical emanate is because a singular in 10 operative chairman is in use in a polite service?'

Gov't economic adviser queries polite use compensate hike

Cala: National Economic Action Council (NEAC) member Dr Mahani Zainal Abidin is no ordinary economist. She warranted an MSc from London School of Economics, a PhD from a University of London, as well as was a former professor in Universiti Malaya.

Armed with this kind of credential underneath her belt, her arguments would usually entice attentive audience. Is she correct this time?

Let us do a cross-country comparison, as well as compare a distance of a supervision bureaucracy of Taiwan as well as Malaysia. you might be wrong, but you was told which Taiwan, being also a developmental state with a allied population as Malaysia, has usually 350,000 ci! vil serv ants.

Now compare this figure to Malaysia's 1,200,000, is there not something unequivocally wrong?

SMC77: The subject here is not about possibly a polite use deserves any compensate rise or not. The some-more critical emanate is because a singular in 10 operative chairman is in use in a polite service?

Why do you have 1.2 million of polite servants in Malaysia? Taking out a troops as well as army, a nation employs a singular million. This is a unequivocally high series compared to other beside countries.

We should examine possibly you can trim down a polite use as well as improve a productivity. Our polite use in truth needs a structural reform to shift a culture as well as mindset to offer a! nation better.

MfM: you await Pakatan Rakyat's thought of recognising housewives, but this should be in a form of a large taxation mangle as many housewives rest upon their husbands for financial maintenance.

Taxpayers see outrageous amounts deducted monthly underneath PCB scheme as well as a outrageous taxation mangle would good us greatly as well as reduce a dependance upon unfamiliar domestic assistance when women select to stay at home as well as lift their young kids instead of working.

I am by no equates to opposite women working, it usually which if possibly spouse chooses to stay at home for a sake of a young kids - a destiny generation of Malaysia - a supervision should assistance by giving a large taxation mangle to these people, generally given they have to rest upon a singular breadwinner.

This would start a polite use as well as disposable income would enlarge by giving a incomparable taxation break.

Onyourtoes: And don't forget, a large apportionment of open zone employees' income have been taxation exempted in a forms of fixed allowances.

PKR: Tear gas blitzkrieg an overkill

Anonymous_3f6d: Based upon PDRM's (Royal Malaysian Police) figure, RM2 million as well as 11,000 troops crew as well as 262 tear-gas munitions were used to carry out a '6,000 Bersih crowd' - which functions out to RM333 per person, a singular rip gas munition for each 23 persons, 1.8 troops crew to carry out a singular Bersih participant.

Jedi_Who: We have been a third world nation with unequivocally amateurish leaders. Our government, troops as well as troops have been elaborately spending income upon top-notch security, demonstration as well as troops equipment.

Being a peaceful country, they can't unequivocally find fact for these equipment, as well as instead have used it upon a own citizens as well as a domestic opposit! ion. It' s shameful cowardice.

Go as well as quarrel a real criminals as well as terrorists. Children similar to to play fight games with toy soldiers as well as guns too.

Nik V: What an irony. The taxpaying rakyat's income was used by a BN supervision opposite a rakyat, who have been ostensible to be a bosses of a BN government. This almost sounds similar to a form of institutionalised gangsterism.

262 rip gas munitions used upon July 9 protesters

Werewolves: So, there was no 'smoke bomb' which a Health Ministry claimed was dismissed in to a Chinese Maternity Hospital's compound.

In which case, this supposed 'smoke bomb' explain is a lie. Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, greatfully apologise again.

Clean&Clear: If Bersih had been authorised to reason their protest in Merdeka Stadium, then unequivocally a troops wouldn't have indispensable ! any rip -gas canisters as well as 10,000 troops officers - which would have saved us so much money.

Anonymous: Isn't which extreme force? All a troops indispensable to do was to wait usually a couple of some-more hours upon which day as well as a crowd would have quietly dispersed.

CiViC: Now if usually they could inform who dismissed them as well as where they were fired. Don't troops forces have a system where their officers need to write extensive reports upon bullets/ammunition fired?

Bender: Let a entire world know which RM22,000 worth of ammunition had been used by a Malaysian supervision to shoot at their own people for sportive their right to express opinions. This is Najib's code of democracy.

Me2011: And here you have been struggling to make a vital so you can put food upon a list for a family groups with salaries which have not risen in a past 10 years. And they go as well as waste RM2 million for nothi! ng. - Ma laysiakini

Malaysians Must Know a TRUTH

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Something is not right at all!

J. Ong

Prior to a display of a 2012 Budget by a PM in a Dewan Rakyat, Najib had a closed door meeting with his tip aides of a Finance Ministry as good as a participation of Bank Negara Governor as good as a Chief Secretary to a Government.

What we do not assimilate is what a f**k is a pseudo "First Lady" Rosmah between a attendees? She has no locus standi to be there, solely if she longed for first-hand believe of a Budget, that is supposed to be confidential until as good as unless it has been presented to a Parliament. She wants to have sure her own pet projects are safely there, as she does not certitude her husband's words!

Is she telling us that she rank pari pasu with a other tip cats, or even higher?

No prior Finance Minister had their mother around during such private previews prior to Budget is p! resented . Not even Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. This lady is definitely starting to cause a rain of Najib as good as nullify all a hard work of Najib on foot around between a Rakyat recently.

UMNO insiders will not endure such behavior by Rosmah, as good as prior to Mahathir blows his trumpet of disapproval, we am beating Dr Mahathir to a gun, this time.



PUTRAJAYA, Oct 6 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tonight monitored last preparations involving Finance Ministry''s staff forward of tomorrow''s tabling o! f a 2012 Budget.

Najib, who is Finance Minister, outlayed about a single hour during a ministry, during that he additionally chaired a closed-door meeting with comparison method officials.

Present were his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, Deputy Finance Ministers Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin as good as Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai.

Treasury Secretary-General Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah, Chief Secretary to a Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan as good as Bank Negara Governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz were additionally present.

Najib is scheduled to table Malaysia''s 2012 Budget during a Dewan Rakyat during 4pm.

In remarks made forward of a event, a budding apportion pronounced that it would be a transformational bill for all Malaysians in line with a judgment of 1Malaysia: People First, Performance Now.

Malaysians Must Know a TRUTH

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Unions happy their wishes have come true

Cuepacs president Omar Osman says a income increments additionally enlarge capability of a polite sector.

PETALING JAYA: Congress for Union of Employees in Public as well as Civil Service (Cuepacs) president Omar Osman is a happy man as a wishes of a polite servants were met in a 2012 Budget.

"It is extensive as well as meets a wishes of a polite servants.I would similar to to appreciate Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as well as a supervision of Malaysia for seeing a polite servants' wish list," said Omar.

Najib voiced a prolongation of retirement age for polite servants from 58 to 60 years old. He additionally voiced an annual increment of 7 to 13% for all polite servants .

Najib additionally voiced a reward of minimum RM500 reward for polite servants as well as supervision pensioners which would be paid in December. This released a RM500 which had already been paid in August.

Omar added which a bonuses, income increments as well as income adjustments would additionally enlarge capability of a polite sector.

"Previously there were dissenting voices. The polite service-focused budget is able to finalise dissenting voices as all a demands have been met.

Meanwhile, former Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) president Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud welcomed a income adjustment for a polite servants.

"However, a millions of in isolation zone employees have been additionally expecting something in their favour," he said.

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IGP salutes Budget allocations

Federal military arch Ismail Omar lauds a RM642 million grant for a military force. But HRP arch P Uthayakumar says what a force needs is a 'shake up'.

PETALING JAYA: Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar has lauded a grant for a force underneath Budget 2012.

This evening, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak voiced which RM200 million would be set aside for "modern policing" as good as RM442 million for infrastructure development.

"It is great which we're removing RM442 for a development, for a housing as good as military stations a RM200 million is great for a review wing in which you would build up a equpiment, forensics, you would additionally be upgrading a training," Ismail told FMT.

"The specifics have been already being programmed out. To get a budget is very great for us, it would allow us to pierce faster as good as better," he added.

In his Budget debate at a Dewan Rakyat, Najib stressed which a nation was in need of "policing in a complicated as good as open society".

"We want a integrity as good as credit of a military force to be held in high esteem. We need a well-trained military force with complicated technology, state-of-the-art apparatus as good as sophisticated as good as scientific review as good as evidence gathering capabilities," he said, adding which RM200 million would be allocated for this.

The other RM442 million would be for a growth of military housing quarters, squeeze of apparatus as good as upgrading of headquarters, stations as good as precision centres.

Shake up needed

Less confident was Human Rights Party (HRP) pro tem secretary-general P Uthayakumar who pronounced which a grant would count for nothing if ! a real s hake up up of a military force was not done.

The vocal military critic pronounced which a public generally still do not feel safe on a streets.

"The numbers does not correspond to a lowering of a crime rate. we wonder if these funds would be put to great use, otherwise such large allocations have been not justified," pronounced a lawyer-activist.

Uthayakumar referred to which a grant should have been channelled to independent bodies to aid a military such as an independent coroner's dialect as good as independent forensic department.

"If military examine their own crime of custodial deaths, they never get anywhere. In a US, a coroner's ambulan! ce would take divided a body as good as investigate; there would not be domestic interference, there won't be military cover-ups, a forensics won't abet a military as good as falsely take to court somebody," he said.

'Long overdue'

Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) vice-chairman Lee Lam Thye pronounced plans to ascent military buliding were "long overdue" as opening was directly related to a personnel's vital conditions.

"The vital conditions of a lot of these buliding have been essentially deplorable, we have seen most of these quarters, generally those outward of a city. The need to ascent their buliding to enable a policemen to live in improved conditions," he said.

Lee pronounced a upgrading of military stations, generally those in farming areas, were additionally essential.

However, he hoped which a supervision would go on to guard a opening of a military in conditions of ensuring which they would have a equates to as good as capabilities to be professional.

"The public's expectations have ris! en. The military have got to residence all these effectively," he added.

Last year, RM350 million was allocated for a military for crime eradication underneath a annual budget. In 2009, RM5.4 billion was allocated for a military to raise their capacity (RM4.8bi! llion fo r handling output as good as RM600 million for growth expenditure).

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Business circles in agreement with Najibs budget

Chambers of custom are all praises which a bill has given priority to a lower income group.

PETALING JAYA: Business circles are pleased which a woes of a lower income organisation is being addressed in a 2012 budget.

Kuala Lumpur Malay Chamber of Commerce boss Syed Amin Al-Jeffri pronounced this was commendable given a volatile mercantile conditions around a globe.

"Najib took in to consideration a tall price of living by coming up with policies which will assistance enlarge a people's spending power," pronounced Amin.

Among a policies he was tender with was a abolishing of fees in schools as well as allowing some-more teachers to ascent their skills by going for serve studies.

"We can see some-more grants being channeled in to education, research as well as growth as well as for commercial operation expansion," pronounced Amin.

He added which Najib was right in his focus to raise a nation's food confidence by allocating RM1.1 billion for agriculture development.

"And it's good which a supervision still maintains a subsidies for simple products such as rice, sugarine as well as flour," pronounced Amin.

On a tiny as well as medium enterprises (SME), Amin pronounced it would be most appropriate if a supervision found ways to assistance a SMEs to market their products rsther than than offering some-more money assistance.

"Based upon our experience, money benefit alone doesn't assistance a SMEs. What they need is improved entrance for them to market their product," he said.

Amin pronounced most SMEs could not rely upon supermarkets as well as hypermarkets to market their products as a latter were focused upon retailing alone.

"And marketing is not abo! ut offer ed alone. It involves branding, product development, packaging as well as others," pronounced Amin.

Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce as well as Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) inhabitant legislature member Leong Kai Hin duration said:

"It's good which a supervision will go on to finance simple essentials. It will assistance curb inflation.

On a increasing employers contribution for a Employers Provident Fund (EPF), Leong pronounced a preference would assistance employees to have some-more savings when they retire.

"It's a step towards turning a nation in to apropos a tall income economy," he said.

Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce as well as Industry (MAICCI) boss KK Easwaran pronounced a bill was meant for al Malaysians .

"All parliamentarians, including those from a opposition, will get improved allowances come January 2011. This proves which Najib is indeed an inclusive premier for all," he said.

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MIC thumbs up, NGO thumbs down

MIC leaders have been full of regard for a Budget 2012, but a NGO leader says a Indian village has gotten 'peanuts'.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Budget 2012 evoked churned reactions from MIC leaders as well as a NGO leader, with one lauding it as well as a other panning it.

Describing it as a "people's budget", MIC vice-president SK Devamany pronounced it valid which Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was endangered about a Indian community.

Under a Budget, a government allocated RM100 million for Tamil schools as well as another RM 100 million for Indian entrepreneurs underneath a Amanah Ikthiar Scheme.

"The allocation for Tamil schools obviously indicates which a premier is passionate about preparation as well as student development," Devamany told FMT.

The emissary apportion in a Prime Minister's Deparment combined which a macro credit would additionally empower a Indian village as well as benefit usher it in to a mercantile mainstream.

Apart from this, he pronounced a allocation for Karisma, which supposing benefit to a poor, senior citizens, children as well as disabled people as well as a abolishment of propagandize fees would additionally benefit a community.

"The bill is indeed formed upon a 1Malaysia judgment where all regardless of competition have been taken in to account," he said.

MIC cabinet member general S Murugesan additionally praised a Budget, denounced by Najib in a Dewan Rakyat this evening.

"With a budget, a republic will continue to enlarge in conditions of mercantile as well as amicable developments," he told FMT.

He combined which it was a proper budget, which came about in a timely manner due to a enlarge in vital cost.

'We have been since pean! uts'

However, Malaysian Indian Progressive Association (MIPAS) president A Rajaretnam was disappointed, claiming which Najib had since "peanuts" to a community.

"We representing over 200 Indian-based NGOs requested Najib to provide at least RM2 billion to cater for a needs of a Indian community," he said, adding which only 10% of this was allocated.

"What can a village do with RM200 million?" he asked.

Furthermore, he pointed out which MIC president G Palanivel himself had requested Najib to allot RM5billion.

"It seems like Najib has once again played out a community," he said.

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Its an all gain, no pain budget

MCA boss Dr Chua Soi Lek says a bill is a timely plans for a country's economy.

PETALING JAYA: MCA has lauded Budget 2012 as an "all gain, no pain" pierce whilst a DAP calls it Barisan Nasional's "final budget".

Welcoming a budget, themed "Welfare for a Rakyat, Well-Being of a Nation", MCA boss Dr Chua Soi Lek called it a "very timely as well as appropriate" plans in perspective of a taking flight costs of vital worldwide.

"We need to urge a open delivery complement so which a country can be some-more competitive. Hence, changes in remuneration as well as recruitment including an exit policy for low performers have been needed," he said.

While praising many of a budget's provisions, Chua pronounced a RM2 billion for syariah-compliant SME Financing Fund, as well as a RM100 million SME Revitalisation Fund charity loans up to a maximum of RM1 million for entrepreneurs were "grossly inadequate".

However, he pronounced it was a certain magnitude to keep a industry vibrant.

"Although a universe manage to buy is not in a great shape due to a debt predicament as well as financial instability, with a government's Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) in place, you have been confident which you may still grasp economic expansion of 5% to 5.5% subsequent year," pronounced Chua, a former health minister.

He pronounced t! hat MCA is convinced which a supervision can grasp its devise to revoke a necessity from 5.4% to 4.7% of a gross made at home product (GDP) subsequent year.

"To stimulate a economy, a supervision should encourage some-more in isolation as well as open investments (PPI) as well as you have been optimistic which a PPI can be increasing by 15.9% (private investment) as ! well as 7% (public investment) upheld by unfamiliar investment, a ETP as well as a 10th Malaysia Plan," pronounced Chua.

He added which MCA is happy which a allocation of RM33.2 billion for all subsidies, incentives as well as assistance will be continued as this would help fight inflation.

"We praise a 'People First' beginning by a supervision to suggest a one-off grant of RM500 to households with a monthly income of RM3,000," he said.

He additionally praised a stairs taken to relinquish propagandize fees for first as well as delegate propagandize education as well as a RM200 money voucher for tertiary students to buy books.

He pronounced MCA additionally supports a government's preference to raise a retirement age of polite servants from a current 58 to 60 years, adding which it was "long owing as a average life camber has increasing by 20 years since a country completed independence".

Every singular zone taken care

MCA vice-president as well as Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong called it an "all gain, no pain" bill which will progress a education sector.

"With a one-off assistance, it will considerably ease a burden of parents," he said.

"Besides, a students do not have to pay propagandize fees," he said.

! MCA Yout h leader Chua Tee Yong hit out at Pakatan Rakyat for claiming a supervision had copied its pick budget.

"If you're afraid then just list your bill after Oct 7. The bill now benefits everyone without delay as well as indirectly," pronounced Chua, who is Labis MP as well as Deputy Agriculture as well as Agro-Based Industry Minister.

Meanwhile, Federation of Chinese Assocation Malaysia (Huazhong) deputy secretary-general Dr Chin Yew Sin pronounced which Budget 2012 has really taken care of every singular zone as well as was really a "pre-election budget".

However, he pronounced RM100 million allocated for Chinese schools was unfair as there have been 1,292 Chinese schools, which have been some-! more tha n any other vernacular schools.

"The Chinese village is not as well happy about it. The allocation should not be a same as well as should be since according to a number of schools," he said.

On a increase of polite servant's retirement age to 58 to 60, Chin pronounced he hopes which a in isolation zone will follow suit.

Bukit Bendara MP as well as DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong said: "It is a bill to raise choosing funds for Umno. The inability to remodel makes me feels which this will likely be Barisan Nasional's final budget."

Liew additionally pronounced a bill would only give jobs to a "big boys" but not a typical people.

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Budget 2012: Signal of early polls

Many of a goodies in Budget 2012 have been targeted during BN's vote bank.


KUALA LUMPUR: Budget 2012 signals Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's preparation for early polls, with most of a handouts targeted during progressing Barisan Nasional's normal vote bank.

Many of a allocations have been targeted during key constituents such as a civil use as well as Bumiputera voters. These form BN's core power base. But a bill additionally contains supplies patently meant to widen await among a lower-income organisation as well as a country's youth.

The proclamation of a half-a-month's bonus payouts, raising a civil use early retirement age from 58 to 60 years as well as RM500 money handouts to public use pensioners were transparent indicators of a stress of civil use await in progressing a BN government.

As most as 600,000 supervision pensioners received an annual grant increment of 2% while civil servants will see their pay packets rise in between RM80 as well as RM320.

Another is a grant of RM300 million for Teraju, a Bumiputera account set up to assist a racial infancy with tiny businesses.

Teraju was set up amid fears of a potential Malay voter recoil following loud hissing from Malay rights organisation Perkasa, which demanded a ! maintena nce of await towards Malaysia's racial majority, be it in a form of stipulate awards or funds.

With Chinese await for BN dwindling, Umno, a ruling coalition's lynchpin, knows it must do all to urge its confirmed Malay votes.

Meanwhile, a one-off RM500 money handout to households with monthly incomes of less than RM3,000 as well as a RM100 money assist as well as RM200 book vouchers for students have been likely to win a little await from a lower! -income organisation as well as a young.

The infancy of those in a lower-income organisation have been Malays. This organisation additionally represents a infancy of voters, which is substantially because most of a bill supplies such as a abolition of propagandize fees have been aimed during charming them as well as not a center class.

Long-term mercantile concerns

Will BN lose a center category votes? UCSI-based domestic researcher Ong Kian Ming noted which a bill seemed to have left out a center class, but said this was not likely to change a voting pattern significantly.

"The center category is in all known not to await BN," he told FMT in a short interview.

But while Najib may be revelling in a awaiting of increased await as a result of a bill announcements, he has not finished most to allay fears of long-term hazards to a Malaysian economy.

"We have been expected to meet a necessity aim from increases in supervision revenues similar to in oil tax, for example," said Ong. "There is regard over a long-term mercantile situation."

Again, domestic profitableness has pushed to a backseat a promises to transform a manage to buy from a single driven by pump-priming in to a single flourishing upon innovation as well as private-sector productivity.

Apart from a proclamation to open up 17 sub-sectors to unfamiliar ownership in a bid to attract unfamiliar direct investments, there have been few initiatives to urge Malaysia's singular income sources.

The Budget 2012 again showed Putrajaya's reliance upon construction to speak up money in to a economy, a non-creative age-old solution which has failed to drive Malaysia out of financial messes.

There have been additionally concerns over either a tax holidays introduced in a bill will start Malaysia's income stream.

But as a budding minister who is yet to get an election mandate, Najib is substantially not too bothered with a economic impacts of a budget. ! What sub stantially matters most to him is to win which mandate, as well as Budget 2012 is presumably his best arms a! s electi upon looms.

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