Puak Haram Akan Buat Demo Di Dataran Merdeka Malam Ini !

Tak habis-habis puak haram ni nak buat kacau, kecoh turut menganggu ketenteraman awam... Kehadiran orang bersama keluarga ke Dataran Merdeka Malam ini ialah untuk bergembira menyambut tahun baru 2012.. Yang puak haram ni nak buat kacau apa hal? Agak-agak lah kalau nak berpolitik... Ini Malaysia bukan negara barat... so... tak payah la nak tiru budaya barat untuk mengugut kerajaan!Penganjur flashmob 'V for Merdeka', akan hadir di Dataran Merdeka pada jam eleven malam 31 Disember 2011."Kami meminta se ... Read More

Clarity of purpose and vision: ABU!

UMNO is full of failed leaders. More of their initial tier leaders have, during a single time or another, left UMNO than have stayed. Tunku, Hussein Onn, Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh, Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim as well as maybe Mahathir again if he does not have his approach in a run up to a 13thgeneral elections. Some have finished so out of spite, some out of a sense of moral shortcoming whilst some chose to do politics outward UMNO. you demeanour during Najib today as well as see a male out of his depth in a pursuit he is sick equipped to handle.

He is obviously not a personality means to put dual separate pieces of information together in his head what some-more routine a countless inputs coming in from all angles as well as sources as well as ready them prior to creation a necessary decisions which would start his party, his people as well as his country.

It is tragic for us as well as a nation which this amateurish personality is suggested by people whose vested seductiveness overwhelms all other considera! tions. U MNO is obsessed with a single thing as well as a single thing usually how to hang upon to power. There is no efficient plan of what to do with a malaise which has right away overtaken a nation since of this mania for energy over these last 50 years. No efficient plan of how to move upon after a 13thgeneral election. These UMNO goons have no plans beyond receiving at a back of energy in a 13thgeneral election. It would appear which should energy be theirs again after a 13thgeneral choosing it would be at a back of to a orgy of plundering as well as pillaging of a nation resources as well as resources!

Who advises Najib? Mahathir? The same Mahathir which wants his so called 'legacy' wreck asunder by Pak Lah to right away be 'protected' by Najib? What legacy? Abuses as well as insufficiency would some-more reasonably describe a twenty over years of Mahathir's rule. This same Mahathir has already quick tracked his son in to Cabinet! Now he stands poised to 'negotiate' with Najib his await for Najib in a coming 13thgeneral choosing in lapse for what? The crooked bridge in Johore? A minister ship for his son?The protection of his associate commercial operation seductiveness since though a OSA he would be exposed as having betrayed a certitude put upon him by a people to guarantee a seductiveness of a nation rsther than afterwards to abuse it by giving remunerative IPP as well as other projects as well as contracts to his cronies? What arrange of suggest would Mahathir give to Najib? Surely no suggest which would good a nations seductiveness as well as a people!

He is suggested by UMNO leaders? Take Isa Samad as well as Thamby Chik w! hat sugg est would they give Najib which would good a farming Malays which have been underneath their purview? These have been dual UMNO rejects which has to be recycled since UMNO has need for Isa's inclination in income politics as well as Thamby Chik imagination for gutter politics. It sickens me to a core to have these still titled dregs of tellurian society in position of such responsibilities!

What suggested has Najib been given to understanding with a antithesis Pakatan Rakyat? His initial foray in to antithesis domain was infamously successful with a receiving of Perak from Pakatan Rakyat not through a electoral routine though through a baiting of antithesis MP's to cross over to Barisan Nasional. you will leave it to your imagination to figure out what attract was used. Suffice to say which apart from which bait, a Sultan as well as a Judiciary were co-opted to come onto Barisan Nasional side. What a cost was for a capitulation of a Sultan as well as a Judiciary is still to be tabulated though you have a fair idea what a last costs will be!

After Perak Najib embarked upon a relentless fight against a opposition. At times even death, as in Teoh Beng Hock's, did not dimmed a unrestrained of a offending mechanism used to harass a opposition. As if a single genocide was not enough, it took an additional genocide prior to MACC began to get a action together hopefully it will not regression to what it was prior to a using dog for UMNO's domestic agenda.
And right away it would appear which usually a jailing of a antithesis personality would satisfy Najib. What have you regressed to? Somalia, Chad, Zimbabwe or a Democratic Repblic of Congo? In these places detain warrants as well as a law have been weapons of preference f! or a sup ervision to neutralize any opposition!

Dealing with a antithesis was never a primary concern of UMNO - not until a 12thgeneral election. And they dealt with a antithesis a same approach they dealt with problems inside of UMNO, inside of Barsian Nasional as well as inside of a supervision they had MONEY!

Even as they use income to understanding with their problems UMNO itself was not beyond being distracted by a event of creation even some-more income for themselves even as they use income to buy themselves out of trouble. Nothing demonstrated this some-more afterwards a PKFZ debacle. UMNO was prepared to give this 'business opportunity' to MCA so which MCA will not 'interfere' with UMNO's 'business opportunity' for a own people though PKFZ merely became an additional complaint to UMNO rsther than afterwards being means to keep MCA leaders 'happy'.

For what it is worth what care Najib has over UMNO is care tolerated by UMNO in as prolonged as he is means to allow UMNO to go on with their happy income creation - as it has finished for half a century!

Let us in a antithesis learn from Najib's disaster as a leader.

What you right away have in a nation is a flourishing belligerent swell of a vicious mass of people which wants to see shift in a approach their leaders govern. They wish their leaders to be accountable as well as responsible to a people in what they do in government. This grassroots faith has been fueled as well as enabled by record as well as amicable media. This vicious mass is serious in a concentration as well as committed in a goals. They ha! ve a sam e intensity as a Arab Spring, which spread in cold blood across sixteen Middle East as well as North African countries. And they have been concentration upon a single emanate as well as a single emanate only: CHANGE! They have been serious sufficient to dauntless being harmed by rod wielding armed PDRM goons. They have been dauntless sufficient to risk arrests.

And they have a leader: PAKATAN RAKYAT as well as who leads Pakatan Rakyat leads them. For right away which galvanizing force is DSAI. you only wish Pakatan Rakyat to assimilate which no uprising, no series or great shift happens as well as succeed though in effect leadership. The plea for DSAI as well as Pakatan Rakyat is to means this leadership! And you completed it through mutual respect as well as humbleness in between which personality as well as a people which he leads.

Now a vicious mass is not people who have been protesting for a consequence of protesting. Ask any a single of them as well as they will tell you what shift they want. Get UMNO out. Ask them whom they wish to reinstate UMNO with. They will say Pakatan Rakyat! And after feat during a 13thgeneral choosing what else do they want? A responsible as well as accountable government. And good governance. And then? Prosecute those leaders who had abuse a certitude place upon them by a people.

These vicious mass have their distractions. No need to go at a back of to distant only a new ones would do: Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, Adam Adil, NFC, Berahim Beruk, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, Tan Sri Ambrin Buang.. as well as all these distractions do is to tie a knot around Najib as well as Barsian Nasional neck!

But this vicio! us mass for ABU has role as well as distinctness in a vision whilst UMNO as well as Barisan Nasional does not! Let us right away goal which a leaders inside of Pakatan Rakyat will not destroy us!

As a leader, you have regularly endeavored to attend to what each as well as each chairman in a contention had to say prior to venturing my own opinion. Oftentimes, my own perspective will simply paint a con-sensus of what you heard in a discussion. you regularly recollect a axiom: a personality is similar to a shepherd. He stays at a back of a flock, vouchsafing a many nimble go out ahead, whereupon a others follow, not realizing which all along they have been being directed from behind. Nelson Mandela

For right away you go onwards in to 2012 as well as afterwards onto PUTRAJAYA. Destiny awaits. You have been one. With me you have been two. Who else will join us!

Posted byHussein abdul Hamid
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Jamuan Raya PDM seventeen Barat Shah Alam

Puasat Dearah Mengundi seventeen barat hari ini mengadakan jamuan raya yang begitu meriah dan berjaya menarik kehadiran 2500 tetamu dimajlis tersebut,syabas dan taniah diatas usaha untuk menjayakan perogram raya mesra pemimpin bersama rakyat Turut Hadir pada majlis yang gilang gemilang ini , Dato` Ahmad Nawawi M.Zin Ketua UMNO Bahagian Shah Alam,Timbalan Ketua UMNO Bahagian YBg Hj Zulkurnain Md Roslan,Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Azhari Dato` Saari dan dua tetamu dari Johor juga Sabah,YB Dato` Hj Abd Hamid Hj Abd Rahman ADUN Machap Joho! r dan YB Tuan Sakli Abd Rahman ADUN dari Sabah

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CINTA TERLARANG?Memang sial la suratkhabar Cina ni, kalau part BN punya hal kecoh habis semua suratkhabar mereka tapi kalau bab DAP mereka semua senyap je kecuali ada satu dua yang akan pick-up la. Hal ni jelas kita boleh tengok bilamana isu Nga Kor Ming yang terang-terangan melakukan SALAH GUNA KUASA mereka senyapkan saja.

Memang bangsat la suratkhabar Cina ni. KLIK SINI

Kenapa mereka begitu memilih bulu? Selalunya pemimpin Pakatan anak Haram ni akan kata suratkhabar Utusan, TV3 dan lain-lain semua berat sebelah, padahal mereka punya lidah rasmi lagi babi beb. Ni belum lagi aku cerita pasal MALAYSIAKINI dan MALAYSIAN INSIDER milik Kalimullah dan KJ lagi.

Kenapa isu RASUAH DAN SALAH GUNA KUASA NGA KOR MING tak dihebahkan? Padahal sudah ada bukti dalam bentuk dokumen dan perkara ini telah pun dilaporkan pada pihak SPRM! Mana Nga Kor Ming yang hina DS ZAMBRY dan Negeri Perak tu? Senyap je nampak!

Apa telor sudah masuk ke dalam ka Nga Kor Ming racist oi?

The year the government repeatedly changed its mind

KUALA LUMPUR, December 31 A flourishing open direct for accountability forced a supervision this year to have most about-faces as good as policy U-turns, characterising what critics would say was a diseased administration department department though supporters might call manageable management. And voters will get to in a future decide if they want to punish or prerogative Barisan Nasional (BN) when Datuk Seri Najib Razak calls elections.

The Malaysian Insider reviews some of a year's important changes in in front of as good as direction.

Bersih 2.0 rally

Bersih protesters creation their approach through Jalan Sultan in a collateral city upon July 9

The first Bersih convene in 2007 was credited with shrinking a statute coalitions voter await in Election 2008 which led to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawis early exit from supervision as good as his successor, Najib, appeared penetrating to avoid a repeat.

The Najib administration department department initially changed to nip a complaint in a blossom by detaining multiform individuals campaigning for a July 9 convene upon suspicion of confidence risks to King as good as country as good as banning T-shirts bearing a images of communists as good as yellow-coloured clothes.

But days prior to a travel march in a collateral city, a Yang di-Pertua Agong stepped in to calm a rising storm as good as a seventh budding minister softened a government's position opposite Bersih 2.0, led by lawyer-activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, as good as offered a 62-member bloc a make use of of a stadium of choice for a convene perfectionist a cleaner as good as more transparent electoral system.

When a electoral remodel movement demanded Stadium Merdeka, Najib pronounced he meant a Shah Alam stadium in Pakatan ! Rakyat-c ontrolled Selangor, heading to nonetheless another stalemate.

The 72 hours heading to a convene became hairy as misinformation reigned.

City military issued a lockdown upon a collateral as good as got a justice order exclusive entry to 92 individuals, together with a movements leaders.

However, videos of rough military movement opposite a pacific protestors went viral online as good as through amicable media channels such as Facebook as good as Twitter.

Faced with tellurian criticism, a supervision conceded it may have mishandled a incident.

PSC electoral reform

Datuk Maximus Ongkili, in charge of a Parliamentary Select Committee upon Electoral Reform.

On Aug 15, 5 weeks after a July 9 rally, Najib voiced a set up of a bipartisan Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) upon electoral reform, addressing Bersih 2.0s eight demands.

But a really subsequent day, Najibs emissary Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin pronounced a PSC would usually fine-tune as good as not remodel a electoral processes. It was not a first time Muhyiddin had voiced a different perspective from his boss, raising questions of togetherness inside of a Najib Cabinet.

The PSC kicked off a open hearings for feedback upon November 11, as good as multiform recommendations have been done since. The Election Commission has permitted recommendations like indelible ink for a subsequent ubiquitous election.

Bumiputera quota

Najib vocalization during a Umno General Assembly, a organisation he needs to convince whichever approach he takes Bumiputera quotas.

Pro-Bumiputera quotas sojourn as partial of a governments mercantile policies.

On Sep 27, Najib said, We want to do divided from (with) quotas though you must await them (Bumiputera entreprene! urs) in a approach which would concede them to grow in a bid to calm flourishing melancholy with a certain movement plan which lucky one community.

After suggestions which a PM had motionless to abolish quotas, Najib simplified three days later: I did not say you want to abolish quotas, though I pronounced you cannot be too reliant upon them.

National Feedlot Corp scandal

It proposed off with Najib being firmly with Women, Family as good as Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil, after story broke which her family members had been really liberal with a make use of of a RM250 million soft loan to a National Feedlot Corporation.

The association was set up to revoke Malaysias dependency upon unfamiliar beef. However a pasture for a association lengthened as distant as Bangsar condominiums as good as alternative baffling purchases.

As a attacks grew upon Shahrizats CEO husband, Umnos finalise to urge a Wanita Umno chief weakened, as did a reluctance of a authorities to investigate a case.

Police as good as a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency in a future proposed investigations after saying drawn out open dissatisfaction.

Peaceful Assembly Act/Bill 2011

On a eve of Malaysia Day upon Sep 16 Najib went upon live radio as good as promised a end of rough laws such as a Internal Security Act, Banishment Act as good as a slew of laws used to suppress political dissent.

There was a collective sigh of relief, though inside of days his cousin Hishammuddin voiced which there would be new laws to fill a void.

On November 24, as a uncover of progress given Bersih 2.0, a Peaceful Assembly Bill was tabled.

It was pilloried now by legislators, as good as citizens were not distant behind.

Critics pronounced a new law, despite a name, would emanate more restrictions upon a right of a open to arrange than a laws it would be replacing.

The supervision was forced to modify partial of a law though most amicabl! e activi sts as good as antithesis politicians sojourn unfortunate with a legal body which was in a future upheld by Parliament.

Opposition rapped for rejecting Act

(The Star) - The Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) has chided the Opposition for rejecting the due Race Relations Bill due to their failure to understand the prerequisite for it. BNBBC vice-chairman Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan pronounced the Opposition had unsuccessful to understand the vigilant at the back of the due Act as well as have tampered with it because of the name. The due law is some-more than only controlling race family as the goal is to prevent taste based on race. The law is d ... Read More

Mana janji PAS Kedah nak hapuskan cukai pintu?

Dulu masa dok berkempen PRU ke 12. Puak-puak Pas ni ceramah kata, bila Pas perintah, cukai pintu, takdak.Itu dulu masa belum perintah Kedah. Bila masa mai jadi kerajaan negeri. Satu Kedah depa dok letak ensign dan poster kata nak sita sesiapa yang tak bayar cukai pintu.Kat situ joke kita dah boleh nampak betapa pembohongnya puak Pas ni. Jenis munafik ni memang susah nak percaya. Janji biar


Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dijadual menyertai acara pengiraan detik menjelang Tahun Baru 2012 malam ini sempena Karnival Sayangi Selangor di i-City di sini.

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Penganjur Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed berkata Muhyiddin dijangka tiba pada 10.45 malam untuk beramah mesra dengan pengunjung, peniaga dan petugas pameran sebelum mewakili Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak melakukan acara pengiraan detik Tahun Baru.

Orang ramai dijemput membawa keluarga masing-masing menyertai pelbagai acara menarik yang disediakan di Karnival Sayangi Selangor termasuk sambutan Tahun Baru 2012 mulai 9 pagi ini.

Pelbagai acara menarik untuk semua peringkat umur disediakan dan tiada bayaran masuk dikenakan, katanya di sini hari ini.

Karnival empat hari itu itu dianjurkan oleh Barisan Nasional (BN) Selangor dengan tujuan menterjemahkan sokongan rakyat negeri itu kepada BN.

Mohd Zin berkata karnival itu juga boleh dianggap sebagai sambutan ambang tahun baru terbesar pernah diadakan di Selangor mahupun di peringkat nasional.

Katanya antara acara yang disediakan sepanjang karnival itu ialah pertunjukan bunga api, belon udara panas, bola sepak jalanan, pertandingan gendang, karakter kartun Sponge Bob bertemu peminat, permainan kanak-kanak Soppa Doopa, muzik belia serta persembahan artis renouned Akademi Fantasia dan Malaysian Idol seperti Adam, Yazir, Suki dan Daniel.

Beliau berkata orang ramai juga boleh menyaksikan tarikan terbaru di i-City seperti Ferris Wheel gergasi yang pertama kali ditempatkan di taman tema itu selain produk lain seperti Snowhouse, Spacewalk, Superswing, 2-tier Carousel, Circus, Bumper Car dan Kapal Lanun.

Orang ramai dinasihatkan mengguna! kan peng angkutan awam atau berkongsi kenderaan untuk ke tapak karnival, katanya.

Sumber: Sahabat Gunung


Aku tak sangka Pemuda MCA Penang akan khianati parti MCA dengan begitu teruk sekali. Dalam keadaan Penang yang tak berapa stabil bawah pemerintahan TUAN LIM GUAN ENG sekarang ni, tetiba Pemuda MCA sabotaj parti tu. Kenapa?

Siapa di belakangnya? Nak tahu? KLIK SINI

Welcome Year of the Water Dragon

December 31, 2011

Welcome Year of a Water Dragon 2012

Happy New Year to All Malaysians as well as a Friends around a World. May we be blessed with Good Health, Prosperity as well as Happiness in a Year 2012. 2011 will incline in to story as well as it will be up to a historians to decide its stress for a future generation.

Time Magazine done 2011 a Year of a Protestor, dedicated to a men as well as women upon Arab Street as well as elsewhere including a Bersih2.0 July 9, 2011 rally. DatoAmbiga, a friendly face of a Bersihmovement, was voted a Person of a Year by a renouned web-paper FreeMalaysiaToday.

In honoring her, lest we forget, we contingency pay tribute to a hardworking people of Malaysia who continue to cope with a hurdles of making a living amidst rising prices of simple necessities as well as rampant corruption.

We like to think which 2012 will be a year of goal for a country. Let us remain joined notwithstanding efforts of extreme elements between to emanate religious as well as racial tensions. If we give in to these elements within a ranks, we will fall short all we struggled hard to build over a couple of generations.

To all a politicians, those in Government as well as a Opposition, we wish to say which we will reason we high standards of open accountability for your policies, programmes, as well as actions. Serve a rakyat, as well as not yourself. Most of us have sufficient of crime as well as abuse of power as well as would like to we shift your ways or face rejecting in a next elections.

Let us right away rela! x as wel l as welcome 2012 with a little sharp-witted music from really sparkling entertainers. Here is a Latin beat for you.Dr. Kamsiahand Din Merican

SadeSmooth Operator (in Jazz)





Luis Miguel

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Ceramah Perdana Komplek PAS Perlis 11062011 Anwar Ibrahim Part 3

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Salvage The Bones - By Jesmyn Ward - Book Review

Job has nothing upon 15-year-old Esch. She's poor as well as pregnant as well as plain unlucky. Mama's dead, Daddy's a dipsomaniac as well as cooking is Top Ramen each night. Sex is a usually thing which has ever come easily to her. When a boys used to take her down in a mud or in a back seats of nude cars in her front yard, she could escape briefly, fake to be Psyche, Eurydice, Daphne, her a a single preferred nymphs as well as goddesses from a Greek myths. But Manny, a child who put a baby inside her, won't look during her anymore. Esch can't lie down in a mud as well as fake to be someone else or anywhere else. She's stuck in unfair Bois Sauvage, a predominantly black Mississippi lagoon town in a direct trail of a hurricane they're calling Katrina.

"Salvage a Bones," a 2011 National Book Award leader for fiction, is a taut, machiavellian novel, smartly plotted as well as voluptuously written. It feels fresh as well as urgent, though it's an ancient, classic tale. Think of Noah or Gilgamesh or any slimy group of humans as well as dogs huddled together, watchful out an baleful act of God or weather. It's an aged story of family honor, revenge, disaster as well as it's a great one. As Arnold Schoenberg said, "There is still much great song which can be written in C major." And Jesmyn Ward creates pleasing music, plays skilfully with her reader's expectations: where you expect violence, she gives us sweetness. When you prop for beauty, she gives us blood.

Best of all, she gives us a unaccompanied brave lady who breaks a distinctive nature of a standard teenage womanlike protagonist. Esch isn't heroic or tomboyish. She's squat, sullen as well as sexual. But she is dear her brothers Randall, Skeetah as well as Junior have been fine as well as strong; they brawl as well as sacrifice as well as steal for her as well as any other. And Esch is in bloom. Her adore for Manny as well as her adore for novel have charcterised a world; everything is suddenly distended as well as ! signific ant. "He creates my heart beat similar to that, I want to say, as well as point during a squirrel failing in red spurts." The headiness of a denunciation is a book's vital strength as well as flaw. Ward can get carried away. She never uses a single metaphor when she can make use of three, as well as too most sentences grow waterlogged as well as buckle.

Set in a twelve days heading up to as well as just after Hurricane Katrina, a novel presents any day as a graphic vignette with a punch of a story. The book opens with China, Skeetah's array bull, bursting open in a shed, birthing her initial spawn whilst a family watches as well as Skeetah massages her hips. And each ensuing stage riffs upon these themes: a adore of men, a blessings which have been brothers, a nearness of death. As a through-line, Ward weaves in a classics. Esch's adore of a Greek misconceptions has inoculated her not from abhorrence though from surprise. When Manny spurns her, she is ready: "In each a single of a Greeks' mythology tales, there is this: a male chasing a woman, or a lady chasing a man. There is never a meeting in a middle. There is usually a body in a ditch, as well as a single person walking toward or divided from it." She already knows which nature is variable as well as mischievous, which a gods tumble to earth to chase mortal women, girls can turn in to trees, a hurricane can laugh, as well as a creek will rise out of its bed as well as wend its way in to her house "to eat as well as play."

For all its fantastical underpinnings, "Salvage a Bones" is never wrong when it comes to suffering. Sorrow as well as suffering aren't presented as especially ennobling. They exist to be endured until a next Katrina arrives to "cut us to a bone." And similar to each great myth, during its heart, a book is salvific; it wants to teach you how to wait for out a storm as well as swim to safety.

Parul Sehgal is books editor during NPR.org.

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Madrasah belum roboh, Azizan dah terima bala'?

9ari ini baru nak buat sembahyang hajat di madrasah Salsiliah dan besuk ada demonstrasi tapi McTheory dah khabarkan Azizan masuk hospital. Gambar lama.. Mc dapat berita mengatakan Ustaz Azizan masuk Wad Kecemasan di KMC (Kedah Medical Center) dan beliau masih dalam keadaan yang kronik dan mengalami kecacatan pada kedua-dua matanya.Apakah ini doa dari orang yang teraniaya?Hanya Allah yang maha

More lies from Najib and BN: UK's Race Relations Act not a suitable model

More lies from Najib as well as BN: UK's Race Relations Act not the befitting indication
The replacement to the Internal Security Act (ISA) which was repealed during the Malaysia Day radio programme by Najib Razak, is as limiting as well as contracting as the ISA itself.
The Race Relations Bill (RRB) slated to be tabled in Mar 2012 is zero reduced of the means to curtail citizens, not merely formed upon affiliation; identical to the Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011, though also formed upon ethnicity.
The wording to the RRB is ostensible to foster as well as await the BN's supervision 1Malaysia initiative. It is the law which Najib says affirms his administration's joining to multi-culturalism as well as tolerance. To infer it, it will be modelled after existing law from Britain itself, the Najib administration department department claims.
Whoops! At this point, the notice signals should be blaring out shrill as well as clear for all Malaysians. Will Najib's RRB be as identical to the UK's as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission be to the Hong Kong's ICAC, which was what the BN supervision also promised? Can any the single repudiate the huge difference in standards in in between the MACC as well as the ICAC as well as not worry which the BN is out to spin the brand new lie?
Harmony is the healthy state
Unfortunately, peace as well as toleration cannot be enforced by law. A nation thrives as well as matures underneath opposite circumstances. In fact, it is not law though leisure which promotes unity, peace as well as tolerance. It is leisure to discuss, express, try as well as to reason intellectual se! rmon whi ch promotes bargain in in between peoples of opposite background.
If the law can foster peace as well as toleration within the society, then by right you would have most other countries implementing their own version of the Race Relations Bill. But this is not the case.
And if Britain is used the box study since the RRB will be modelled after the United Kingdom's Race Relations Act, the resources for enactment of these laws have been different. The UK Parliament put in place the Race Relations Act for distant opposite reasons than the ones since by Malaysia. Furthermore, the UK's Race Relation Act 1965, 1968, 1976, Amendment Act 2000 have been replaced by the Racial as well as Religious Hatred Act 2006. Thus, the really indication which Najib claims he wishes to follow might not be befitting during all for Malaysia.
The UK example
The United Kingdom's Race Relations Act was first incorporated in 1965. The Act finished it the civil offence (rather than the rapist offence) to refuse to offer the person, an unreasonable check in serving someone, or overcharging, upon the grounds of colour, race, or secular or inhabitant origins. The Act did not magnify to Northern Ireland, as well as privately released shops as well as in isolation boarding houses. It was "a weak square of legislation" as well as failed to end secular taste in the UK.
The Act was strengthened with the Race Relations Act 1968, which extended the legislation's remit to cover practice as well as housing. It was repealed by the Race Relations Act 1976, which saw the origination of the Commission for Racial Equality. Items which have been covered embody taste upon the grounds of race, colour, nationality, secular as well as inhabitant start in the fields of employment, the provision of goods as well as services, preparation as well as public functions.
The 1976 Act was later amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, particularly includ! ing the statutory avocation upon public bodies to foster competition equality, as well as to denote which procedures to prevent competition taste have been effective. In 2006 the single more legislation, the Racial as well as Religious Hatred Act 2006, included the a single more offence of inciting eremite hatred.
The core reason for the United Kingdom's Race Relations Act was since the UK saw an liquid of economic migrants after World War II, most from the Commonwealth countries. The Museum of London states which "casual 'colour prejudice' was part of daily life" for many. In 1958, London saw the Notting Hill riots, as well as in 1963 the Bristol Bus Boycott occurred. Legislation was indispensable to address secular discrimination, as well as the Acts provided the little measure of insurance to migrants who were unjustly treated with colour by virtue of their skin tone or secular background.
Twisting the facts as well as floating his own fake trumpet
This is the credentials for the United Kingdom's need for law to govern Race Relations. Is this the same unfolding as in Malaysia? Or is Najib Razak once again twisting the facts, floating his own wail to facade really sinister as well as even evil intentions?
In celebration of the mass the letter of the United Kingdom's Racial as well as Religious Hatred Act 2006, the single cannot though notice which it makes specific discuss to acts which can be deemed discriminating as well as emphasizes upon equal treatment to all. It is really most tailored to the conditions in the UK itself, which has become the melting pot of races as well as cultures with high-risk of outbreak of tensions due to high as well as still ongoing migration.
So the idea which the Malaysian Act modelled after the UK's version to foster peace as well as toleration in multi-cultural Malaysia seems misplaced. Unneeded even.
If such the law is meant to govern what is pronounced or finished with regar! ds to se cular issues in Malaysia, you already have enough legislation in place. The Sedition Act is the single which comes to mind. If 'intelligent' groups identical to Perkasa can ask for people who grant opinions concerning the Federal Constitution be charged underneath the Sedition Act, because not those who air blower secular issues?
Najib needs to travel his talk, not clouded cover the issue with brand new laws
As such, there is clearly no need for the Race Relations Act in Malaysia. What is needed, is for the Najib administration department department to clamp down upon immoderate elements which have been already stirring, distorting as well as skewing the secular peace already in place in Malaysia. Such elements have been manifest in the public space. All Najib has to do is discuss it them to shut up or lock them up if they persist.
Given Najib's unreliable lane record, because should Malaysians risk the brand new law which is expected to enclose clauses which further tighten their personal rights as well as freedoms, so as to allow him to lengthen his stay in power.
Malaysia Chronicle
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Parapampi umno mon4e si uj...

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Little trust for Hasan despite apology

. He will aspect to fight an additional day when he is not cornered.'

Of Christmas, Courage and the Common Good

Of Christmas, Courage as well as a Common Good
Rampant commercialisation as well as a "Walt Disneyfication" of Yuletide has marked down Christian spirituality to small sentimentality. Christ has been hijacked by "Christ-less" carols, cakes, cool cards as well as friendly nativity scenes as well as portrayed as a single entering in to a universe o! f comfor list devout sentiment.
In Malaysia, a Government binds a inhabitant "Christ-less" Yuletide open house, while from time to time accusing Christians of being traitors, conspirators as well as proselytizers of Muslims in Malaysia who appear to be a world's many easily confused, convinced, tranquil as well as converted!
In reality' "Christmas is not a nice story as well as it has zero to do with a nativity scenes you see on a Yuletide cards or in many of a Yuletide paraphernalia" notes Nils von Kalm, an Australian sociologist.
Real World
In sharp contrast to a complicated vehicles of entertainment, a narratives of a initial Yuletide in a Bible have been sheer short as well as simple. They do not concede a imagination to dwell on a item of time or setting. As Charles Anderson of God Web would put it: "The Bible does not offer shining descriptions of scenes or costumes, landscapes or cityscapes
"The biblical writers were struggling to express which which is underneath a aspect as well as to reveal a fire which browns during a unequivocally heart as well as core of lifeOne searches a scriptures in vain for descriptions of a manger, you have been given absolutely no item to satisfy your curiosity about what a baby Jesus looked like(or) a costumes of Mary, Joseph as well as a magi."
Anglican clergyman Joy Carroll Wallis echoes a same when she reminds us which "Jesus didn't come in a universe of sparkly Yuletide cards or a universe of gentle devout sentiment". Sadly, "we have often staid for a honeyed coming of a baby who asked small of us" (Fr Richard Rohr, Catholic clergyman as well as writer).
Relevant compartment today
The dangerous universe in which Jesus was born in to as well as a indirect low onslaught in between light as well as darkness, genocide as well as life, fright as well as self-assurance is similarly genuine compartment this day as well as in a unequivocally own beloved country.
Over a past year Christians have been increasingly discriminated opposite due to a visit transgression (with impunity) of a constitutional guarantees of a eremite freedom. We have been used, refused, abused as well as reused as a bogeyman, a scapegoat as well as a available punching ! bag.
We had to face a constant taunts, threats as well as tirades of groundless accusations by extremist as well as fanatical "Little Mullah Napoleons" in Umno, Perkasa, Pembela, a Home Ministry, as well as various Muslim departments, as well as a tricks of outlayed politicians who act similar to saviours of Islam domestic expediency.
Umno, a widespread domestic celebration of BN, has politicised sacrament for a survival by formulating unfounded insecurities as well as fright amongst Muslims as well as a dread of alternative religions. Its newspapers have been given licence to pour as well as spin unsubstantiated as well as furious allegations opposite Christians as well as to widespread all sorts of calumnies.
The a single after another secular as well as eremite polarisation in a nation by Umno, a celebration low in depravity as well as debauchery, has reached disturbing levels never seen before, have been serve compounded by a enlightenment of corruption, cronyism as well as crippling fear.
As Tengku Razaleigh has! put it with heartless honesty: "Umno has indeed mislaid a soulit is tempted more as well as more to air blower secular feeling as well as abuse public institutions to maintain power. This is a genocide spiral."
Meanwhile communities such as a Orang Asli, Indians as well as a indigenous peoples of East Malaysia have been increasingly marginalised. They have been deceived, discriminated against, displaced, dislodged, dispossessed, deprived as well as disempowered. Many have turn disillusioned, demoralised as well as dysfunctional.
We have prior to us a deeply divided nation, decaying institutions without impartiality, a forbidding manage to buy with deepening debts, a Prime Minister dishing out unconstrained slogans as well as dogged by allegations, a widespread as well as unfortunate domestic celebration which resorts to diabolical means to stay in power, elite politicians abandoned of a clarity of shame or goodness as well as a disturbing diaspora rate!
We have been confronted with a increasingly ban evidence which a nation is going to a dogs as well as which you have been vital in a "sham democracy" (Tengku Razaleigh).
Radical Response
The universe in which Jesus entered was not unequivocally different in more aged to a world. It was "a universe of genuine pain, of serious dysfunction, a universe of brokenness as well as domestic oppression. He was born an outcast, a without a nation person, a refugee, as well as finally he becomes a plant to a powers which be" (Joy Carroll Wallis).
The reply of Christians in Malaysia should be a same as which of Jesus: "Herod recognizes something about Jesus which in a sentiment you destroy to see: which a bieing born of this kid is a hazard to! his kin gdom, a hazard to which kind of domination as well as rule. Jesus challenges a unequivocally energy structures of this immorality age."
This point is highlighted similarly effectively by Fr Richard Rohr: "What you call a Incar! nation, God apropos a tellurian being, apropos a single of us, strikes directly during a heart of immorality as well as crime in a world. God apropos tellurian looks immorality in a eye as well as takes it on without flinching. As Bruce Cockburn sang it so brilliantly, it is God 'kicking a dark compartment it bleeds daylight'."
If Christians have been to be true to their Holy Scriptures afterwards they contingency concede God's Word to confront, plea as well as "convert" them! We contingency refuse to concede ourselves to remain during a level of a sweetening as well as softening of a message of Christmas.
Christians in Malaysia have a preference of gentle Christianity (Christmas pudding, presents as well as a perfect paraphernalia) or a bravery to plea (by God's grace as well as courage) both a dark as well as a unequivocally divisive as well as mortal energy structures in a country.
Surely, a suffering as well as injustice in a nation have been as well great now to solve for any "infantile gospel" or any "infantile Jesus". God invites us to work with him in His Kingdom -- to do justice, adore forgiveness as well as walk humbly with Him (Micah 6:8). Our "yes" would mean you essay to put Christ behind in to Christmas!
A genuine as well as complete bargain of what Yuletide unequivocally means contingency embody a low high regard of a song called a Magnificat by a Blessed Virgin Mary. Renowned Bible academician William Barclay describes it as "revolutionary". The song highlights 4 revolutions which God inaugurated during Christ's bieing born a moral, social, mercantile as well as devout revolution. It links sacrament as well as politics, self-assurance as well as economics.
Mary prayed a indication prayer only similar to Hannah's prayer in 1 Samuel 2 as well as in ! a Psal ms, as well as her son grew up to pray a indication prayer in Luke 11. Her Magnificat is a clever reminder which God is regularly with His peopl! e throug h whom adore as well as probity have been to delight over arrogance, law over evil.
It is a song which encapsulates a great themes of Christianity, a song of "reversals". In place of a proud as well as a powerful, God will lift up a powerless, weak, bad as well as a 'least of these' (Matt.25). God is a single on a pierce to move justice, a annulment of a way things are, even a standing quo!
In her Magnificat, Mary prophesied about Christ's mission. Jesus fulfilled his mother's prophesy in his own Nazareth Manifesto -- his initial words, in Luke 4 -- by saying, "The Spirit of a Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to move great headlines to a poor."
Just similar to Mary, Christians turn partakers as well as partners of Christ's goal when they initial concede God to work a "reversal" in their personal lives -- in conditions of their purpose, priorities, values as well as thinking in sequence to move about real, relevant as well as radical shift in Bolehland.
Celebrating as well as vital out Yuletide calls for a personal transformation (reversal) from a single of concede to courage, convenience as well as joy to a single of self-assurance as well as joining to a avocation as well as shortcoming towards amicable action, probity as well as mission.
May a concerns as well as joining of Christians in Malaysia be not confined to a well-being of Christians alone but might they welcome a struggles encountered by a peoples of all races as well as religions, yes, even a Muslims too.
May Christians in Malaysia hold up "the common good" as well as be a unequivocally embodiment of agape (divine love) as Christ is born again in a hearts this Christmas! A Blessed Christmas!
Martin Jalleh reads Malaysia Chronicle
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yb yaakob sapari jawab fitnah ! video se x

blogger umno membuat fitnah dengan mengatakan satu adegan berahi berlaku di dalam pejabat khidmat masyarakat dun kota anggerik.. sedangkan keadaan dalaman pejabat kota anggerik sangat berlainan dengan yang ada di dalam video tersebut... ingat umno ingat fitnah..

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Equality Act better than Race Relations Act

Kua Kia Soong
What has a abolition of a Internal Security Act to do with competition relations?
One wonders if a BN supervision is able of reform. Soon after a Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's promises of reform recently, we have seen a brand new ISA arrests as well as a brand new Peaceful Assembly Bill.
Now they have voiced a key of a Race Relations Act in a coming parliamentary meeting as a replacement for a Internal Security Act. They have also voiced which there will be an "Anti-Terrorism Act" to replace a ISA.
What just have they got in mind? Who will bear a brunt of this brand new legislation as well as what has a abolition of a Internal Security Act to do with competition relations?
First of all, a scribes in a Attorney General's bureau must be aware which a UK Race Relations Act (RRA) 1976 has right away been superseded by a brand new as well as softened Equality Act 2010.
The target is to bring a RRA legislation in line with European Human Rights legislation as well as to magnify prote! ction to alternative groups not formerly covered, namely, to cover age, disability, gender, religion, idea as well as sexual orientation.
So why does a BN supervision not wish an Equality Act instead since it is an updated legislation of a 1976 RRA?
If a top fits
It is not surprising which Perkasa is objecting to such legislation because "incitement to secular hatred" is a rapist corruption under a Act.
Under a Act, there is direct taste when "someone is treated with colour less agreeably than an additional chairman because of a stable characteristic".
The British Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 made announcement of materials which incited secular loathing an arrestable offence. These include:
  • Deliberately provoking loathing opposite a secular group;
  • Distributing racist element to a public;
  • Making inflammatory public speeches;
  • Creating racist websites upon a internet;
  • Inciting inflammatory rumours about an individual or secular group, in order to widespread secular discontent.
The UK Public Order Act 1986 defines secular loathing as "hatred opposite a organisation of persons defined by reference to colour, race, nationality or secular origins". Section twenty-one of a Act makes "incitement to secular hatred" an corruption to publish or discharge element which is threatening or violent or scornful if intended to stir up secular hatred"
"Hate crimes" have been rapist ! acts com mitted as intimidation, threats, property damage, assault, attempted murder or such alternative rapist offence.
They have been a sort of crime in which a perpetrator is promulgation a message to a victim as well as their right to belong to which society. Hate crimes violate a principle of equivalence in between people as well as deny their right to achieve full tellurian dignity as well as to comprehend their full potential.
The stroke of hate crimes upon a larger community cannot be emphasized enough a amicable acceptance of taste opposite particular groups in multitude is an important cause in causing hate crimes to increase.
The racists who should be dealt with
Clearly, distant right secular supremacists who rail about a dominance of their "race" should be reined in by an Equality & Human Rights Commission as well as dealt with under an Equality Act or a RRA.
Thus, a Umno leaders who were inciting secular loathing as well as job for "Chinese blood" during a Jalan Raja Muda Stadium in 1987 prior to Operation Lalang would have been a budding target for such a law.
So would a mob which orderly a "cow head" criticism over a relocation o! f a Hind u church in 2009.
When secular incidents do happen, such as a May 13, 1969, situation as well as a Kampung Medan incident, a culprits responsible should be quickly apprehended as well as charged for murder.
But what has a Internal Security Act, which allows for detention though trial got to do with competition relations?
Well, a BN supervision has by a years extended a ambit of a ISA to explain which any dissident wake up or view is a "! hazard t o national security". Operation Lalang was a budding manifestation of this BN logic.
Thus, I, like multiform others during Operation Lalang, was arrested as well as detained under a ISA for being a hazard to national security.
Among a "allegations of fact", mine were for "calling upon participants during a forum to await mother tongue education," as well as "writing a book entitled 'Polarisation in Malaysia: The Root causes'".
One can only suppose which a BN supervision right away wants to replace a ISA with a "Race Relations Act" so which they can use it to understanding with people who question these aspects of supervision policy.
As with a recent Peaceful Assembly Bill, Malaysians should be rebuilt for some vast supplies in this due 'Race Relations Act'.
They will contend it is modeled after a UK RRA though it will finish up vouchsafing off a distant right fascists as well as creation dissidents a usual quarry. we hope they infer me wrong!
An Equality & Human Rights Commission
Our Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) should magnify its jurisdiction to soak up an Equality Commission.
Its work would be to encourage larger formation as well as better secular family as well as to use authorised powers to help eradicate secular taste as well as harassment.
Thus, its ambit would cover racist stereotyping in text books as well as a press; secular taste in a public sphere, employment, education, amicable services, advertisements.The independent elect should be empowered to issue codes of practice as well as inv! ested wi th powers to control grave investigations as well as to offer notices to allow information or papers in order to make a law.
It would afterwards be up to a Malaysian courts to decide upon a legality or illegality of such institutions in Malaysian multitude since 1971, for example, a Bumiputera-only process during UiTM as well as alternative public institutions; a quota system as well as its implementation; a discounts for Bumiputeras in assorted economic transactions as well as alternative blatant discriminations.
For sure, if a BN supervision uses a UK RRA as a model, they will finish up in a dock over a most cases of secular taste in a public institutions.
Finally, for an administration to convince Malaysians which it is honestly keen to hospital reforms for better secular family as well as equality, a country should rught away initiate moves to sanction a Convention upon a Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) as well as a International Covenant upon Civil & Political Rights (ICCPR).
Failure to do so will only awaken suspicion which this BN supervision is merely hectically you do window dressing prior to a looming 13th ubiquitous election.
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Latest: 7Malaysia !

Now if we consider this is the series 1 that the budding apportion Najib binds dearly in compelling afterwards we consider something 's left awfully wrong. Maybe the executive was stream-lining the numero uno to damp our FLOM who is so penetrating upon all those aerobic exercises she indulges in or may be that the executive had run reduced of funds to"fatten"the all critical series Malaysians generally in BN have been so fixated with.

But my guess is, 7 is that"back-door"local bred chief minister's Zamri's the one preferred or lucky number. we really suspicion 7 was what we was actually looking at as well as never the series 1.

Well may be Najib has never set feet upon this island cos if he did, he would be so insulted as well as infuriated by this thamby for making such the mockery of Najib's all critical 1this as well as 1that !

You discuss it me.....if we sh! ould be forgiven for observant it's the 7 !

Cheers as well as a"HAPPYNEWYEAR"to all!

**click upon pic for incomparable view.
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Einbaubeispiel fr GROM-BMW-T-Kabel.

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An Eventful 2011 for Prime Minister

December 31, 2011


An Eventful 2011 for Prime Minister

By Ali Imran Mohd Noordin

Though 2011 has been a challenging year for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, both during a made during home as well as a global front, it was still an eventful year.

At a made during home front, Najib one after another with a mutation programmes while addressing a ever-changing aspirations of a people. He one after another with in advance changes together with abolishing a controversial Internal Security Act (ISA).

At a global front, a mercantile spoil of a West in particular has combined new hurdles in compelling a inhabitant economy. The prospect of an impending global recession prompted Najib to thread a discreet path in handling a country's financial resources.

Nonetheless, Najib, known for his tenacity as well as unwavering commitment, took upon a charge of leading a nation formed upon his mantra "People First, Performance Now".

The year witnessed numerous confidant mutation initiatives by a "Father of Transformation" formed upon a 1Malaysia aspiration which has been a hallmark of Najib's initiatives.

It is apparent which many of his efforts have been display results. The people as well in general appreciated his strategies as well as public approval upon Najib's leadership has improved tremendously.

A recognition investigate by Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (IIUM) as well as Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) indicated larger approval for Najib from all races in a countr! y.IIUM's four-year investigate pointed out which Najib's recognition in between a Malays shows a noted alleviation from 35 percent in 2008 to 59 percent in 2011, an enlarge from 33 to 45 percent in between a Chinese as well as from 41 to 62 percent in between a Indians.

A identical investigate conducted by UPM this year upon a minorities Indian Muslims, Portuguese, Baba Nyonya, Orang Asli, Siam as well as Chitty found a sum of 54.2 percent of a minorities giving their thumbs-up for Najib.

1Malaysia brand

Just mention a rhyming acronyms KR1M, PR1MA, MR1M, BR1M as well as a ultimate KIR1M they rught away refer to Najib's bid to touch base with a people, generally a needy.

The KR1M or a Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia have been sell outlets charity daily necessities during affordable prices, up to 60 percent below alternative sell outlets.

The total idea is to revoke a burden of civic poor, with KR1M charity daily necessities like rice, egg, milk, flour as well as chili sauce. Also accessible have been frozen items, diapers as well as detergents.KR1M is serve complemented by Kedai Ikan Rakyat 1Malaysia (KIR1M) launched this month, charity fresh seafood during prices thirty to 40 percent reduce than prevalent marketplace price.

Menu Rakyat 1 Malaysia (MR1M) ensures a male upon a travel enjoys a dish value up to RM2 for breakfast as well as RM4 for lunch.As during Dec 16, a series of vendors who joined a MR1M intrigue had roughly doubled, with 1,155 MR1M outlets opened all over a nation, compared with 611 when launched last July.

In a ultimate move, a MR1M outlets would be accessible during all higher education institutions starting with Universiti Malaya.

The 1Malaysia Public Housing Project (PR1MA) was launched upon Jul 4 as a strategic beginning to fulfil a housing needs of a people, generally a civic middle-class.In Putrajaya, underneath a programme 560 affordable homes priced in between RM120,000 as well as RM150,000 in Precinct 11 ! were all ocated for internal youths with household income below RM6,000. This project is approaching to be lengthened to alternative places like Johor Baru as well as Penang.

The 2012 Budget allocated RM100 to every propagandize tyro as well as book vouchers value RM200 for undergraduates. The government's goodwill was serve lengthened with a RM500 hand-out underneath 1Malaysia Public Assistance (BR1M) for households earning reduction than RM3,000.

Making a mutation a reality

Realising which a people have been yearning for certain changes, a series of mutation programmes has been launched. Among them is a Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) which puts Malaysia upon a path to arise as a high income nation by 2020.

One of a 85 programmes implemented in 2011 is a Small Retail Outlet Transformation Programme (TUKAR) to assistance modernize small-time retailers as well as assistance them to contest with alternative players.

The programme is approaching to minister RM5.56 billion as well as create 51,540 practice opportunities.

On a whole, all a ETP initiatives launched in 2011 have been approaching to minister RM150 billion as well as create some-more than 300,000 practice opportunities by 2020.

The supervision transformation, too, is display results. Malaysia was listed upon a 19th spot in between a safest nation index, a significant alleviation from a 38th spot in 2008.

The same index additionally picked Malaysia as a safest nation in Southeast Asia as well as fourth safest spot in a Asia-Pacific region, at a back of New Zealand, Japan as well as Australia.

One of a seven National Key Result Areas (NKRA) is shortening crime.Najib etched his name in a nation's story when he repealed a controversial Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) as well as Banishment Act 1959.

He additionally pronounced which a Restricted Residence Act 1933, Printing Presses as well as Publications Act 1984 would be reviewed. The move was welcome! d by mos t, inside of as well as outside a country.Also upon examination is Section 27, Police Act 1967 which provides optional powers to a Police to control as well as issue permits for rallies.

The latest, as well as another turning point preference by Najib, is a amendments to Section 15 of a Universities as well as University Colleges Act 1971, allowing undergraduates to stick upon domestic parties upon reaching 21 years of age.

Regaining a dignity of sports

Just a decade ago, it was singular to see Malaysians donning a inhabitant jersey and, what more, to see them upon a store shelves.Today it is a different story altogether. The "Harimau Malaya" as well as "Team Malaysia" jerseys have been prohibited items. People were angry when they found out which a outlets have ran out of stock for a jerseys.

The in isolation sector, too, has shown interest in Malaysian sports. Astro-pay-TV now has a dedicated channel, channel 801, to cover a sports development in a country.

Malaysian telecommunication giant TM additionally got itself involved in sports by "Team Malaysia" as well as gave a helping palm in a inhabitant contingent's credentials for a recent 26th SEA Games, a upcoming Olympics 2012, as well as a Asian Games as well as Commonwealth Games both in 2014.

Nonetheless, a government's commitment is still needed as well as underneath Najib a sporting fraternity is certain to see larger achievements.

People a beneficiaries

Social activist, Khairil Hafidz Khairuddin, 29, noted which while he lauded a government's programmes, there was still room for improvements to ensure a objectives were met.

"A physique to guard any beginning is necessary for all a programmes. The monitoring physique could additionally examination a programmes to check whether they were still applicable or otherwise. It could additionally propose new programmes to be implemented by a supervision for a great of a people," he s! aid.

A in isolation zone employee, Raju Guruvelu, 35, noted which a BR1M monetary programme is a great bid in easing a burden of a low-income earners.

As for Mohd Azrul Kamaruddin, 31, he was impressed by a government's efforts to promote products from rural entrepreneurs by a annual Rural Entrepreneur Carnival (KUD).

"I adore to see a host of products which you frequency see in a open market. All of them have been locally made," he said.

At a 2011 KUD, Najib announced an primary grant of RM50 million underneath a Small Scale Dynamic Entrepreneur (UK Dinamik) programme to assist small-scale entrepreneurs, generally in a rural areas.


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INI kes serius dan sudah melampau ... sebab itu bekas Mufti Perlis Dr Asri Zainul Abidin dalam akaun twitternya guna istilah 'pemujaan' apabila rujuk video ceramah pemimpin PKR Dr Badrul Amin Bahrom yang isytihar Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim 'pemimpin yang ditunggu' untuk membebaskan Masjid Aqsa.Kisahnya bila video bertajuk lebih empat minit bertajuk ANWAR IBRAHIM IALAH IMAM MAHDI? tersebar di laman youtube.Yang tukang sebar blog pro pembangkang juga, mungkin baru sedar karut-marut yang pemimpin PKR ... Read More

Bruno Manser Fonds: Arrest and Criminally Prosecute Sarawaks Taib Mahmud and Family

December 30, 2011


Bruno Manser Fonds to Malaysian Authorities: Arrest as good as Criminally Prosecute Sarawak's Taib Mahmud as good as Family

In a minute to Malaysia's Attorney General (AG), a Chief Commissioner of a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as good as a Inspector General of Police (IGP), an general NGO bloc is requesting which Malaysia's tip prosecutors immediately arrest as good as criminally prosecute long-term Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud ("Taib"), his 4 children, his 8 siblings as good as his first cousin, Abdul Hamed Sepawi ("Sepawi").

According to a NGOs' minute to Malaysia's tip prosecutors, Taib as good as "thirteen of his family members as co-conspirators" have been indicted of "the bootleg allowance of open funds, a abuse of open office, a bootleg allowance of state land, fraud, larceny, corruption, a single after another exploitation of conflicts of interest, suspected money-laundering, as good as conspiracy to form a rapist organization."

The minute is signed by thirteen NGOs from Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland as good as a United Kingdom as good as a series of particular signatories from Malaysia. Greenpeace, FERN as good as a Swiss Bruno Manser Fund have been between its many distinguished general signatories. Three NGOS from Sarawak Borneo Resources Institute Sarawak (BRIMAS), The Network for Native Land Rights (TAHABAS) as good as a Sibu-based Institute for Development of Alternative Living (IDEAL) have additionally endorsed a letter.

Foreign governments, corporations ! as good as media informed on Taib's corruption

Copies of a minute have been sent to all major foreign embassies in Malaysia, heads of government, cupboard ministers as good as prosecutors in seven countries, a tip management team of 10 multinational corporations who conduct commercial operation in or with Sarawak as good as a editors of leading media around a globe. The minute is accompanied by sixteen exhibits which request a accusations opposite a Taib family as good as can be downloaded online during http://www.stop-timber-corruption.org/

Research by a Bruno Manser Fund has shown which Taib as good as his evident family members have a interest in 332 Malaysian as good as 85 foreign companies value several billion US dollars. The known Taib family interest in a net resources of 14 vast Malaysian companies alone is over 1.46 billion US dollars.

Taib family indicted of a single after another breach of a law as good as a make use of of bootleg methods

"We lay which usually a a single after another breach of a law as good as a make use of of bootleg methods has enabled Mr. Taib as good as his family members to take such large corporate assets", a NGO minute states. "Mr. Taib has been a state-paid open menial as good as supervision minister ever since 1963 as good as did not retain any poignant independent resources before to receiving up office."

The minute gives 3 examples of Taib family-controlled Malaysian companies which have been systematically, unduly as good as unlawfully favoured by a Sarawak Chief Minister Cahya Mata Sarawak (KLSE 2582), Achi Jaya Holdings as good as Ta Ann Holdings (KLSE 5012). Cahya Mata Sarawak binds a monopoly on concrete prolongation in Sarawak, Achi Jaya Holdings binds a monopoly on timber trade licences a! s good a s Ta Ann Holdings, which is headed by Taib's cousin Sepawi, has been postulated some-more than 675,000 hectares of timber as good as plantation concessions without open tender.

"Pernicious as good as detrimental" collateral moody should be heavily punished

In addition, a NGOs indicate to a Taib family's transfer of illicit resources value "hundreds of millions, if not billions, of US dollars" out of Malaysia to countries such as Canada, a United Kingdom, a United States, Australia as good as Hong Kong. "This is quite attribution as good as detrimental for a manage to buy of Sarawak as good as Malaysia as a total as good as should to illustrate be heavily punished."

The Taib family has been identified as being behind property companies in Canada (Sakto Corporation, City Gate International Corporation as good as others), in a UK (Ridgeford Properties Ltd.), in a US (Wallysons Inc, Sakti International Corporation as good as others) as good as as being closely related to during least 22 companies in Australia. Some of these companies have, according to a NGOs' letter, been given to a Taibs free of assign by a son of Yaw Teck Seng, a founder as good as majority shareholder of Samling, a single of Malaysia's greatest logging conglomerates. Other Taib companies, such as Regent Star as good as Richfold Investments in Hong Kong, have been found to be related to a multi-million-dollar kickback scheme unclosed by Japanese tax investigators.

Malaysia's general credit is during stake

The NGOs come to a conclusion which "the rapist nature of Mr. Taib as good as his family members' 'private' businesses can no longer be denied by anyone who is intellectually honest, desirous of saying a law as good as interested ! in a goo d of a Malaysian people and, in particular, a people of Sarawak".

"We would like to remind we which Malaysia, as a signatory to a UN Convention opposite crime as good as a UN Convention opposite Transnational Organized Crime, has a strong general obligation to quarrel crime as good as orderly crime in an efficient, timely as good as judicious manner", a minute states.

Malaysia's tip prosecutors have been finally asked to fulfil their avocation as good as take evident police action opposite Abdul Taib Mahmud as good as his thirteen co-conspiring family members: "Malaysia's general credit is during interest over a Taib case."

Read a NGO minute to a Malaysian prosecutors:

letter_ag_macc_igp_signed.pdf (905KB)

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2/4 - Ceramah Perdana - Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

mutarabbi-munawwar.blogspot.com Ceramah Perdana pada eleven bertempat di Kompleks PAS Perlis

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