Usah spin FMT ... Tak mudah untuk RPK pulang

Free Malaysia Today sini melaporkan Raja Petra akan pulang untuk membantu kempen Nurul Izzah.Mungkin sekali Raja Petra sedia membantu Nurul tetapi bukan ayah Nurul yang tdak bermoral. Sebabnya RPK pernah menyokong Zaid Ibrahim ketika menentang Azmin Ali. Zaid disokong oleh Wan Azizah dan Nurul.Itu beberapa tahun dahulu, adakah dia boleh terima Nurul dan pertahankan parti dan politik anak beranak

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Alleged To Be A Imam At Surau An-Nur, Seremban Selatan (Video)

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'Defeat Umno once and it'll die a natural death'

But recollect that after witnessing as well as suffering the bad aspects of Umno Baru, Malaysians will not allow Pakatan or any other celebration to continue if things have been not finished properly, transparently with decorum as well as social justice ...

'Defeat Umno once and it'll die a natural death' | Free MalaysiaKini

'Defeat Umno once as well as it'll die the natural death'. Mushiro: Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad is wakeful that Umno Baru is such the destroyed party that it cannot survive upon the level-playing field. Umno depends upon the gravy ...


Ini The Unspinners kasi dedah, la ni aku nak tanya, Jeff Ooi keluar DAP ka atau Gerakan dok tolong DAP kempen? Almaklum la 2008 dulu kan Koh Tsu Koon yang bagi Penang kat DAP?

Langat 2 tender opens despite standoff

The sovereign supervision has pushed forward with a proposal process for Langat 2 H2O diagnosis plant notwithstanding unwell to acquire a Selangor government's green light to proceed with a multi-billion ringgit project.

According to a notice upon a Water Asset Management Company (PAAB) website, bids are to be submitted by November 20.

NONEThe proposal advertisement, posted upon a PAAB website, pronounced which a proposal lecture will take place tomorrow during Menara Multi-Purpose in Kuala Lumpur. Tender documents, which price RM10,000, will be expelled upon a same day.

"Details of a site revisit will be disclosed during a briefing," pronounced PAAB.

The Selangor supervision has refused to give a curtsy for a Langat 2 plan upon grounds which it contingency be negotiated together with a state's H2O restructuring exercise.

However, a sovereign supervision is adamant which a dual issues should be discussed separately.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who chairs a cabinet-level cabinet upon a emanate in July, had instructed a attorney-general to look in to waysto go aheadwith a plan but Selangor's approval.

AG okays proposal exercise

China Presson Monday quoted supervision sources as observant which attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail had told a cabinet to go forward with a proposal notwithstanding Selangor's resistance.

Selangor is opposed to a project, which includes piping H2O from neighbouring Pahang, as it argues which a state has some-m! ore than enough water.

azlanThe Langat 2 plan is estimated to price RM8.7 billion as well as will be used to provide H2O channeled from Pahang through a 45km tunnel.

Selangor is trying to wring control of Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) in sequence to restructure a association prior to handing it over to a sovereign government.

It pronounced which this was necessary in sequence to keep a price of treated H2O during affordable levels for Selangor residents.

Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has pronounced which a state waswilling to incorporatethe Langat 2 plant if a H2O attention restructuring can go ahead.

In response, a sovereign supervision pronounced a practice it contingency be upon a"willing buyer-willing seller basis", with concessionaire Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) similar to Selangor's buy-out offer.

However, both Syabas as well as a parent association Puncak Niaga have rejected Selangor's RM9.2 mi! llion off! er, claiming which it was as well low.

Tainted Japanese company

Meanwhile, tunneling works for a 45-km tube has already started as well as it is being undertaken by a Japanese-led consortium involving four companies, one of which has atainted reputationabroad.

pahang selangor tender H2O transfer plan 180209
The association - Nishimatsu Construction C! o - has faced investigations in Japan over an allegedslush fundwhich led to a detain of multiform executives, together with a former boss Mikio Kunisawa.

In 2005, a association again hogged headlines after a association was accused of flouting safety standards during a open exploration in to a Nicoll Highway collapse in Singapore.

The three alternative companies in a consortium are Shimizu Corp (project leader) as well as local office building giants UEM Builder as well as IJM Corp.

Inked in May 2009, a deal with a consortium was value RM1.3 billion as well as is financed by a Japan International Cooperation Agency as well as Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
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Ambiga: Growth of civil society not to blame for teen pranks

Bersih co-chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenavasan. File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 The expansion of polite multitude activism following Bersih 2.0's annual rallies might have desirous copycat gatherings inhabitant though its co-chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenavasan has disagreed which this could have spurred polite disobedience between the country's youths.
The distinguished former Bar Council president as good as polite multitude activist toldThe Malaysian Insiderthat gatherings similar to the Merdeka night before "Janji Demokrasi" should not be blamed for the controversial picture-stomping incident involving the organisation of teenagers.
"We have been carrying some-more such gatherings around... not usually Bersih... similar to the green movement, as good as so on. It is common as good as there is no wrong in it.
"And for me, it is unequivocally how these things have been rubbed by the authorities upon the ground, as good as of course, the organisers," she said.
Ambiga, who is the co-chairman of the 82-member Bersih 2.0 election watchdog, remarkable which combined frequency of some-more such open gatherings should be expected as the natural precursor to any entirely functioning democracy in the world.
They should not be tampered with as the deliberate plan to create the "mob culture" in multitude , she said.
"To be honest, the military have been removing better as good as better as good as things have been apropos pleasant.
"If things have been rubbed well, there will be no problem. A lot of these (problems) movement from the behaviour of the military as good as the organisers of such events," she added.
But nonetheless "Janji Demokrasi" had been organised by the series of Bersih 2.0's member groups, Ambiga insisted which the eventu! ality it self had not condoned the teenagers' offensive behaviours.
During the gathering, the organisation of youths believed to be participants, were seen stomping upon as good as mooning over the photographs of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, his wife as good as Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.
Ambiga pronounced the youths' actions was never encouraged, indicating out which the alternative "Janji Demokrasi" participants had behaved in "exemplary" fashion, setting an "excellent e.g. for these children".
"I do not see any attribute between the dual incidents. The Janji Demokrasi gathering... they were so well-behaved," she said.
According toBernama Onlineyesterday, the total of 427 military reports have given been lodged upon the incident, which had immediately kicked off the firestorm of protests from supervision leaders.
The military have additionally shaped 3 special teams to investigate the make the difference underneath the Sedition Act, the Peaceful Assembly Act as good as the Penal Code, detached from detaining several teenagers who had come forward to admit which they were part of the organisation destroying the photographs.
One 19-year-old tyro who certified to mooning over the pictures have additionally been diminished from college for showing disregard to the inhabitant leader.
Joining most alternative polite multitude activists as good as antithesis leaders, Ambiga spoke out in defence of the youths, as good as slammed the authorities for meting such harsh punishment upon those who have been detained.
She pronounced photographs in the media showing how during slightest dual youths, together with the 19-year-old boy as good as the womanlike teenager, were handcuffed for such minor acts of disregard had "shocked as good as disgusted her".
"When I read how they were handcuffed, pictures in the press as good as their poor parents put ! in the i n front of to apologise... my own perspective is which this is pristine intimidation opposite these dual youths, who during best, we can say they were usually concerned in the prank.
"I do not condone it though they have been young... it is shocking, really, as good as really frankly, I was disgusted with how they were treated," she said.
The distinguished counsel combined which the actions of the youths were in no approach seditious in inlet as during such the immature age, they were merely following in the footsteps of the adult politicians who have oftentimes been seen behaving the same offensive acts though were authorised to go unpunished.
"So my perspective here is which the government, the authorities have been using the nuclear weapon to kill the fly.
"You do not understanding with youths in this demeanour - they have their total lives ahead of them though in usually the single event, we have severely traumatised them as good as stolen divided their futures," she said.
Ambiga suggested which the mere written rebuke should have been sufficient to set the teenagers back upon the right path, if during all the supervision longed for to punish them for their actions.
Otherwise, she pronounced the incident should have merely been abandoned as the open uproar over the youths' actions over the Internet should have helped teach them the lesson.
Many antithesis politicians have railed opposite the authorities for behaving so speedily to rebuke the youths for the incident when they had unsuccessful to do the same opposite pro-Umno, pro-BN as good as Perkasa activists who had in the past committed the same offences.
The Malay right wing organisation Perkasa had in May this year organised the ridicule wake for Penang Chief Minister as good as DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.
The group's leaders, as good as alternative pro-Umno activists have additionally hold countless protests wher! e the ph otographs of distinguished Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders as good as Ambiga herself.
The Bersih 2.0 leader had additionally found herself the target of such attacks following the group's last convene in the city earlier this year.
Shortly after the event, the organisation of traders erected the burger stall outside her home, deliberately handing out beef burgers in the direct insult to Ambiga, who is not usually vegetarian though additionally the Hindu.
Apart from that, the organisation of army veterans had additionally achieved butt exercises outside her home.
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Bravo for new born-in-Malaysia airlines

This brand brand brand new airline is indeed Malaysia's brand brand brand new budget airline which would suggest FULL SERVICE, meaning passengers or rather business would be enjoying a normal services similar to food, chair assignment as well as oooh ya..that would most positively include a aerobridge.

Basically a brand brand brand new Hybrid Airline would suggest business a normal expected use but any HIDDEN CHARGES as well as theFULL SERVICEcomes most cheaper than conventional airlines similar to SIA or MAS.

BRAVO! With this ultimate reward budget airlines, some-more Malaysian could right away fly, as well as fly they could but being dictated by any form of arm-twisting.

Hopefully a most appreciated 'interlining' is additionally thrown in for a passengers of this brand brand brand new airlines spearheaded by two good reputable conglomerates from Malaysia as well as Indonesia.

The 'nusantara'will be witnessing a birth of a brand brand brand new airline association in reduction than 24hours -

EARLIER POSTING: Our home grownNational Aerospace & Defence Industries Sdn.Bhd (NADI)&Indonesian conglomeratePT Lion Grup(which ownsLion Air) wi! ll ink a deal to mutually work a brand brand brand new airlines which will belaunched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razakon Tuesday (tomorrow).

I'm positively elated with this ultimate headlines as well as I do hope which a brand brand brand new airline would give a customers/passengers a fair deal, reduction a hoodwinking as well as a too-good-to-be-true ad campaigns.

Also, greatfully DO NOT emulate a sure poor airline people who throw tantrums at airfield operators as well as regulatory authorities.

Be nice lah! Congratulations to NADI as well as Lion Air... additionally to both Malaysia as well as Indonesia... Kita Boleh!

FlightGlobal's Greg Waldron has a small bit some-more about a timing of a launchHERE.

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Rahsia UMNO dalam tangan Dr Mahathir

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Zahrain mulut masin percaya Mansor akan diganti

Sebaik terdedah minit di mana Dr Mansor memanggil LGE cocky dan arrogant, ini mengingatkan bahawa Dato Zahrain Hashim pada Februari 12hb 2010 pernah panggil DAP dan Lim Guan Eng sebagai angkuh, salahguna kuasa, jaga kepentingan politik sempit chauvinism semata mata dan tidak langsung menimbang pendapat orang lain.Dia turut memberitahu bahawa semua pihak di Pulau Pinang terutama orang Melayu


Video showing Jim, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's life guard pointing a gun at a public/Kampong folks.

UMNO contingency be extremely HAPPY....

"CAUGHT YOU NOW" - feeling!!!!

BUT what is obscure is how a POLICE had privileged and claimed that there was NO SUCH INCIDENT earlier prior to this revelation!!!

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Too many perpetrators going unpunished

The AG knows only as good well which a aberration of justice has been alive as well as kicking since 1994 when a tip politician escaped punishment for orthodox rape as well as again in 2008 when another former apportion as well as currently an envoy dodged punishment for carrying molested a bar workman of a five-star road house in Kuala Lumpur after a victim withdrew her orthodox declaration over a incident.Jeswan Kaur (Free Malaysia Today) There have been far as good many cases of 'aberration' of justice f ... Read More

Lawak pagi: Berani Ammar ye

Sarah Thornhill, by Kate Grenville

Photo by Images of Empire/Universal Images Group around Getty Images

Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, Australia, circa 1885.

Kate Grenville's latest novel, "Sarah Thornhill," provides the wrenching end to the tough-hearted trilogy about the colonizing of Australia. In her previous excursions into this rough, revengeful land, shiploads of transported convicts, indentured servants as well as down-on-their-luck high multitude were seen carving out English-style estates as well as tangling with aboriginals who someway to the newcomers' astonishment couldn't accept the actuality which they'd been conquered. By the time the brave woman of this new book is born, in 1816, the country's destiny is almost settled.

At first, the novel appears to be the classical romance, vivaciously narrated in Sarah Thornhill's locally inflected voice. Growing up ignoramus in an isolated community, she falls in love with her comparison brother's friend, handsome Jack Langland. He's the soldier who visits her family when he's not during sea as well as brings her presents from the time she's small sufficient to squeal over the pretty pebble until she's aged (and daring) sufficient to press her youth hip against his on the sitting room sofa. She dares even some-more when she visits his bedroom, delightedly finding which sex is "the many healthy as well as poetic thing," creation her feel as if "I'd been usually half awake all my life, usually half alive." Visiting the cavern where she once played house, she as well as Jack make skeleton for the home of their own.

But there's an obstacle: Jack Langland is usually half white. He looks sufficiently respectable, could even pass for Portuguese, though that's not good sufficient for Sarah's family even yet her father was th! e single of the original convicts transported from London, now known delicately as "an aged colonist." And nonetheless Jack has been accepted as an overnight visitor to the Thornhills' residence for years as well as has been cherished as the good teller of tales during the cooking table, when Sarah announces her goal to marry him the family's reaction will astonish her as will Jack's.

Concluding the hardscrabble series with the story which primarily appears so regretful is the adventurous move. Readers who pick up "Sarah Thornhill" competence during initial be tempted to lump it with obvious Australian melodramas like "The Thorn Birds"; those who've read the other volumes ("The Secret River" as well as "The Lieutenant") competence poke in vain for the dramatic events with which those books begin. But in this new the single Grenville (who has collected an armful of awards, together with the Orange as well as Commonwealth Prizes) constructs the tract with as many twists as the river which runs by the Thornhills' property. She punctuates the early narrative with ominous hints about what Sarah's father has finished to secure his resources as well as social position as well as suggests which Sarah's curiosity about this will eventually lead her astray.

Although usually the few decades apart the series' initial volume from this one, "Sarah Thornhill" portrays the white multitude which has already become stratified according to class, reason for emigration and, of course, money. The other competition is truly Other. Grenville shies away from nothing when she presents the Aborigines' plight. These have been people who competence uncover up during the kitchen door, very hungry as well as begging for food, though have been just as likely to refuse anything given to them which smacks of the shame offering or pity for some act which has left the physique scarred as well as misshapen.

And then there have been the wilds upriver, which reason mysterious dangers as well as possibly the vanished Thornhil! l son. N ot least between its dangers is the menace of revelation, as if the river represents the metaphoric upsurge of time as well as its top regions the origins of the colonists' dominance. Further hints indicate which atrocities have been committed there, almost as accidentally as Jack as well as the younger Thornhill have slaughtered seals for pelts. Some competence bewail the detriment of the seal's "pretty face," though if slaughter of animals or humans means wealth, many have been peaceful to put those regrets aside.

Susann Cokal's third novel, "The Kingdom of Little Wounds," will be published next year. She is the frequent writer to the Book Review.

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They are messing with our minds

Committing self-murder was a final thing upon a minds behind then. Our minds were not messed up similar to a minds of today's kids. Okay, may be you were a bit messed up given you could not decide in what sequence of priority it was ostensible to be -- bikes, drink as well as broads or bikes, broads as well as booze. But you did not concede sum to stand in a approach of fun.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
One million people dedicate self-murder any year: WHO
(AFP) - One million people die by their own palm any year, accounting for some-more deaths than wars as well as murders put together, a World Health Organisation pronounced yesterday, calling for obligatory movement to address a problem.
"Data from a WHO indicate which approximately a single million people worldwide die by self-murder any year. This corresponds to a single genocide by self-murder any 40 seconds," a organization pronounced in a inform launched forward of a World Suicide Prevention Day upon Monday.
And while a number of deaths by self-murder is staggering, a number of attempts any year is twenty times higher, a WHO said, pointing out which 5 percent of people in a universe try to kill themselves at slightest once during their lifetime.
And a problem is removing worse, a organization said, insisting which "given a magnitude of a open illness problem of suicidal behaviours", obligatory movement was needed.
"As self-murder is mostly preventable, it is needed which governments, by their health, amicable as well as other applicable sectors, deposit tellurian as well as monetary resources in self-murder prevention," a inform said.
According to Dr. Shekhar Saxena, who headed a group at a behind of a report, ! self-mur der rates have risen neatly in a little parts of a universe in recent years, with a little countries saying their rates burst by as much as 60 percent.
"Although self-murder continues to sojourn a critical problem in high-income countries, it is a low- as well as middle-income countries which bear a incomparable partial of a tellurian self-murder burden," a inform said, adding: "It is additionally these countries which have been comparatively less versed to forestall suicide".
The top documented self-murder rates can be found in Eastern European countries similar to Lithuania as well as Russia, while they have been lowest in Latin America, WHO said.
The United States, Western European countries as well as Middle East fell in a center of a range, a inform showed, though stressed which statistics have been not available for most countries in Africa as well as South-East Asia.
Globally, self-murder is duration a second equates to of genocide worldwide between 15-19 year-olds, with at slightest 100,000 teenagers murdering themselves any year, according to a study.
Among adults, a self-murder rate is top between those aged 75 as well as older, a WHO said, pointing out which "elderly people have been expected to have aloft self-murder vigilant as well as have make use of of some-more lethal methods than younger people, as well as they have been less expected to survive a earthy consequences of an attempt".
The inform additionally showed which group were 3 times some-more expected to dedicate suicide, though which 3 times as most women as group attempted to kill themselves.
"The disparity in self-murder rates has been partly explained by a have make use of of of some-more lethal equates to as well as a experience of some-more charge as well as aloft vigilant to die, when suicidal, in group than women," it explained.
Latin America has a lowest self-murder rate in a world, may be given they similar to to party
One million people a year or a single chairman any 40 seconds commits self-murder all over a world. "Although self-murder continues to sojourn a critical problem in high-income countries, it is a low- as well as middle-income countries which bear a incomparable partial of a tellurian self-murder burden," pronounced a report.
"Globally, self-murder is duration a second equates to of genocide worldwide between 15-19 year-olds, with at slightest 100,000 teenagers murdering themselves any year, according to a study," pronounced a news inform above, which represents 10% of those who dedicate suicide
So there you have it. These people have been as well young to have sex (they have been not matured enough to have a decision whether to have sex of not) though they have been not as well young to dedicate suicide.
But because do people dedicate suicide, generally teenagers who have not even started their life yet? you suspect it is given they have been not happy. And given they have been not happy they no longer want to live.
Isn't 15 or 16 a bit as well young to not be happy? When you was which age you was happy similar to hell. Every day was party day, as far as you was concerned. And you lived for today. We did not caring a damn about tomorrow. Why have been a kids of currently not similar to how you were when you were their age?
you suppose, in a days, you did not have any pressure. Everyone was a friend, not similar to currently where you have Malay friends, Chinese friends, Indian friends, etc. You were usually a friend, period, so there was not much pressure placed upon us to compartmentalise ourselves in to racial, religious or amicable blocks.
Then you never disturbed about a fu! ture. Ev ery day is today. Tomorrow additionally becomes currently when a sun rises a following morning. Hence who cares about tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes. Nowadays, there is no today. Everything is about tomorrow. We do not live for today. We devise as well as hope for for tomorrow.
you suspect weed helped a lot as well. In a days, weed was not considered a drug as well as as a result was not illegal. Even law enforcemetn officer would stick upon us for a smoke. And infrequently a policemen would drop in to their own pocket as well as lift out a little weed for us to 'roll'.
Man, in those days you kids did not have any problems with a policemen similar to a kids of nowadays. The policemen were a friends as well as a smoking 'kakis'. Some of them even came around with their patrol cars to stick upon us in Benteng forTeh Tarikand a smoke.
Committing self-murder was a final thing upon a minds behind then. Our minds were not messed up similar to a minds of today's kids. Okay, may be you were a bit messed up given you could not decide in what sequence of priority it was ostensible to be -- bikes, drink as well as broads or bikes, broads as well as booze. But you did not concede sum to stand in a approach of fun.
So what happened? What altered in those 45 years given you were kids who lived for currently as well as did not caring a damn about tomorrow? Why do kids currently dedicate self-murder when in a days a great 'watermelon' was to die for though usually in a figure of debate sort of way?
(By a way, for those of you who do not know what 'watermelon' means, as well bad. For those who do, may be you can take a trip down mental recall line with a video below).
Anyway, infrequently you consternation whether a fault could be given you replaced weed with religion as well as which is because so most people have been unhappy as well as finish up committing suicide. Well, as Bob Marley said, "Don't worry, be happy." But you wil! l have t o start by removing absolved of those people who keep telling us which you have been going to go to ruin if you do not listen to them.
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Man arrested after meth offer texted to officer


LEWISTON (Idaho): An Idaho male apparently perplexing to get the most bang for his drug-purchasing buck accidentally texted the narcotics investigator whilst he searched for people to join him in the methamphetamine buy.

Police in Lewiston arrested 37-year-old Aaron D Templeton Wednesday upon suspicion of conspiracy to broach methamphetamine.

Court annals contend one of the police detectives perceived the content Wednesday sunrise asking if he knew anyone looking for drugs. After determining it wasn't his co-workers personification the joke, the investigator organised to meet the male to broach $ 150 that would be pooled with income from other buyers to enable the bulk squeeze of meth.

Templeton was arrested when he arrived at the designated assembly place. Police contend it all proposed with the wrong number.

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Man arrested after meth offer text to officer


LEWISTON (Idaho): An Idaho male apparently perplexing to get the most crash for his drug-purchasing sire incidentally texted the narcotics detective whilst he searched for people to stick upon him in the methamphetamine buy.

Police in Lewiston arrested 37-year-old Aaron D Templeton Wednesday upon guess of conspiracy to broach methamphetamine.

Court records contend one of the police detectives received the text Wednesday sunrise asking if he knew anyone seeking for drugs. After determining it wasn't his co-workers playing the joke, the detective arranged to meet the male to broach $ 150 that would be pooled with income from alternative buyers to enable the bulk squeeze of meth.

Templeton was arrested when he arrived during the directed towards assembly place. Police contend it all proposed with the wrong number.

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No funny business in Johor

The Utusan Malaysia inform headlined as a Sultan of Johor had cancelled a RM22 billion Mersing Laguna project, in which his highness had launched in April this year.The announcement itself created courtesy in many ways. Other than a fact which cancellation of a plan of such bulk would capture attention, such headline involving a Sultan is uncommon.It could be deemed which his highness involvement in a event of government is over a common purpose stipulated in a constitution of ... Read More

Move aside, Air Asia ...

New bill airline. Tony Fernandez/Air Asia's honeymoon ends today with the launch of the brand brand brand new bill conduit by no less than the Malaysian PM himself. According to blogger Apanama in his latest posting Bravo to brand brand brand new born-in-Malaysia airlines, the partnership between Lion Air as well as Nadi will give birth to an airline which offers low fares (like Air Asia) though with full service (like MAS as well as Garuda)!

Ironically, after the MAS-Air Middle East share swap failure early this year, Tony F announced his move to Air Asia's "regional office" in Jakarta, the move seen as the slap in Najib Razak's face.

Immediately, the brand brand brand new airline is good on two counts:
1. Promote full of health foe as well as ends the corner by Air Middle East right away which it is large as well as strong
2. Strengthen Indonesia-Malaysian ties

False Neutrality

September 10, 2012

False Neutrality

by Josh Hong(09-07-12)

I am flourishing sleepy of the supposed Malaysian elites who see themselves as rising above politics. They demeanour askance during the Opposition parties for the variety of reasons, being doubtful of PAS' theocratic agenda or Anwar Ibrahim's chameleon character. I know many have been additionally proud of the approach Lim Guan Eng conducts himself.

It is fine as good as in actuality healthy when members of the multitude have opposite opinions as good as have been allowed to demonstrate them peacefully. This is called democracy.

However, what I cannot endure is the holier-than-thou attitude of this sold organisation of elites who claim to be neutral, as good as it is this disguise which has driven the little of them to feel so asocial about the ordinary group as good as women already hard pressed in hold up thanks to the 55 years of mismanagement as good as hurtful rule of the Barisan Nasional who right away put their conviction in the alternative front.

I earnestly wish there is such the thing as neutrality in politics. But some Malaysians have been so gullible which they, after most propagation by BN mouthpieces, as good begin to think social activism such as BERSIH as good as alternative environment-related movements should sojourn 'neutral' as good as 'non-political'.

But how can BERSIH, Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA, the Anti-Lynas Campaign, Bukit Koman as good as the reduction publicised Pengerang residents sojourn apolitical when there have been issues of justice, fairness, firmness as good as hold up as good as genocide during stake? To me, anyone who follows the BN's book as good as calls for these movements to be de-politicised is nave, solid stupid, or shrouded in his or her own snob bigotry.

Granted, the country is becoming narrow-minded as good as domestic by the day as good as I am certainly not losing sight of this fact. But the single must be discreet sufficient to not reject blind loyalty to the Opposition to the border which existent abuses, transgressions as good as excesses by the powers-that-be have been ignored or finished to seem as secondary or unimportant.

One good e.g. of this false neutrality was the flimsy evidence put brazen by the little which they refused to join the array of BERSIH rallies since 'the transformation has been politicised as good as is linked to the Opposition'. What these people have failed to assimilate is which it was the BN parties which had turned down the call in to join in the effort for purify as good as fair elections in the initial place!

Ideally, the single would be happy to not meddle in Malaysian governing body though live the serene life. Unfortunately, one's personal circumstances cannot be improved by seeing one's hold up being all the time disrupted as good as worsened by unattractive politicians as good as the best approach to fight them is to spin politically involved.

Divisively partisan

And it is rather abounding of the little to ridicule during the mass following enjoyed by the antithesis parties, for I know utterly the number of them have worked closely with BN-associated bodies before, together with the Perdana Global Peace Foundation with Mahathir Mohamad as the patron. Obviously people like these have in the centre lost which Mahathir has never ceased to be domestic as good as divisively partisan.

This trait is usual to the little Chinese Malaysian dailies, too. While Utusan Malaysia, The Star and News Straits Times have no qualms admitting which they have been serving the agenda of the ruling parties, the Chinese press in ubiquitous is inauspicious to being viewed as partisan. So what they habitually do is to inform stories from both sides of the domestic divide as good as fake the job is done. Or is it?

When the college student was expelled from school as good as the 19-year-old lady handcuffed by the Police, both for 'showing disregard to the Prime Minister', the mainstream media covered the news though did not worry to explain because controversial characters such as (Tun) Ling Liong Sik as good as (Tan Sri) Chan Kong Choy escaped the same predestine even though they have been charged with most some-more critical offences.

In attempting to be seen as 'fair' as good as 'impartial' by giving both parties both the Police as good as the 'offenders' the chance to speak, the news only ends up getting distorted. Meanwhile, the genuine cause of these incidents an expanding Malaysian population discontented with the failure of the government to restore open firmness remains obscured.

As Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, has said, 'one of the misfortune things the old media d! o is pre sent two sides of the story as if the two sides had next to value, creating the false neutrality which often does not exist', as good as which they tumble behind upon 'the apparition of neutrality instead of ferreting out the truth'.

It would, hence, be improved for these self-righteous critics to get down from the wall of false neutrality as good as see for themselves what have been the genuine issues which have been plaguing the country, before they spin devoured by the perfect force of the hurtful regime which they have been happy to spin the blind eye to for now.

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Beranikah kerajaan Selangor tolak janji manifesto mereka?

Khalid sendiri ada mengaku bahawa janji declaration tidak perlu ditunaikan. Sebelum itu, mereka mendabik dada seolah-olah kerajaan Selangor hebat berikan air percuma pada rakyat tapi sebenarnya rakyat "miskin" tidak pun menikmati air percuma itu. saReaksi dari kenyataan itu, sekumpulan 683 rakyat Selangor mahu menuntut janji yang dihebahkan dan diedarkan ketika pilihanraya lepas dengan menyaman

Yang menyelweng tu BN yang dituduh atau Tamrin yang menuduh?

Tamrin anak lelaki Tun Ghafar Baba telah joke menyertai PAS Ogos kata dia masuk PAS kerana tak mahu disoal diakhirat kelak.Tambahnya lagi, BN adalah parti yang menyeleweng. Ya ke ...BN yang menyelweng atau Tamrin yang menyeleweng?Baca berikut dari blog Akar Umbi:Di atas adalah petikan dari hansard parlimen. DAP melalui wakilnya Ahmad Nor pernah menyoal tentang penyelewengan Tamrin ketika menjadi

Foreign Funding is not a Problem, says Transparency InternationalMalaysian Chapter

September 10, 2012

Foreign Funding is not a Problem, says Transparency InternationalMalaysian Chapter

by Clara Chooi

Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M), a global anti-corruption watchdog, came out currently in defence of tellurian rights organisation Suaram which has come underneath attack for reception unfamiliar funds, indicating out which even a Malaysian supervision receives appropriation from institutions outside a country.

In a matter here, TI-M boss Datuk Paul Low pronounced which much similar to Suaram, TI-M has also perceived supports from assorted unfamiliar sources over a years.

"As a purebred Malaysian non-governmental organisation, TI-M is wakeful of a worry as well as hurdles faced by polite multitude in raising supports for a assorted projects as well as activities.In actuality many of a associate polite multitude partners receive unfamiliar appropriation in some form or other," Low said.

He noted, however, which TI-M's element has regularly been to ensure which a supports perceived come from bona fide sources as well as would not influence a objectiveness, create any form of dispute of interest or risk a group's independence in a doing of any project.

Low combined which unfamiliar appropriation has regularly been a cornerstone of any polite multitude movement, quite in developing countries when issues similar to crime as well as tellurian rights tend to cut across all jurisdictions.

"In actuality universities, consider armoured column as well as even a Malaysian supervision continue to receive appropriation from assorted unfamiliar institutions," he forked out.

"So prolonged as a beliefs of accountability as well as clarity have been followed, NGOs should not be victimised upon a sources of their funding! ," prono unced Low.

The Malaysian supervision had last week expressed a concern to German envoy Dr Guenther Georg Gruber over a latter's acknowledgment of a embassy's appropriation of Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd (SISB), a association related to internal tellurian rights organisation Suaram.

According to Bernama Online, a ambassador was told during a assembly with a Foreign Ministry last Friday which Malaysia was deeply unhappy with a embassy's appropriation of Suaram.

"It was forked out which Malaysia takes exception to such an action by a German Embassy because it can be misconstrued as well as be seen as division in a made at home affairs of Malaysia.

"It pronounced unfamiliar missions should be aware of a sensitivities of a host country, as well as how great relations were conducted as well as maintained, adding which they should not get concerned in activities which had implications upon Malaysia's made at home situation," a inhabitant news group reported from a Wisma Putra statement.

In a apart matter here, Suaram railed against a Barisan Nasional (BN) supervision for allegedly attempting to disprove a work by regulating a Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) to kickstart a examine upon SISB.

Earlier this month, CCM officers went to SISB's association cabinet member as well as auditor's bureau as well as conducted a poke as well as seized documents related to a company.

The notices to poke as well as seize were issued underneath Section 7C as well as 7D(1) of a Companies Act 1965.

In early July this year, Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) President Azwanddin Hamzah had claimed which Suaram was not purebred as a non-governmental organization with a Registrar of Societies but as a company, Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd.

Azwanddin, who had also checked with a CCM, claimed which a company's income stood at RM497,137 in 2009 as well as RM411,226 in 2010.

"The BN supervision has embarked upon this shameful frame-up to a extent by perverting a supervision agencies as well as polite servants for this purpose.It is clear which these unfortunate actions by a supervision have been attempts to disprove Suaram as well as a unselfish service to a Rakyat as well as to stop Suaram from revealing further damning justification relating to a Scorpene scandal," a rights organisation pronounced in a statement.

Suaram has been heading a exposes upon alleged wrongdoings in a controversial multi-billion Scorpene submarine deal allegedly related to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. A examine upon a liaison is also currently pending in a French courts.

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I was blindfolded, handcuffed, beaten

KUALA LUMPUR: When Tesco confidence manager S Selvaraja lodged a military inform last week over a spoliation at a stores Taman Wahyu Selayang branch, little did he know which a act would leave him maimed at a hands of a police.According to Selvaraja, after he made a inform as well as supposing a military with CCTV footage of a robbery, a military soon remanded him as well as multiform others to aid in their investigations as well as which was when a nightmare began.The military took me to their Kepong stat ... Read More

What makes a Journalist of the Year?

Event: National Press Club Awards Nite 2012Date: twelve September 12Venue: Mariott, KL
To view ultimate news updates and last year's photographs, and to find if we could get a last-minute invite (which is utterly unlikely), go H E R E.

Followers of a annual NPC awards, right away usually in its third year, know which we're rsther than unconventional. Candidates for a various awards are nominated by their peers rsther than than by submitting their own articles. There have been cases, therefore, when winners incited down a awards since it was politically incorrect for them! Not our loss. And which is because our previous Journalist of a Year winners were rsther than radical - infrequently controversial - journos.

This year is no different ... (to be cont'd).

GPMS Kepada PM: Jangan Layan Pelajar Tunjuk Punggung

KUALA LUMPUR: Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) hari ini memberi kata dua kepada Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak agar tidak terlalu lembut hati melayan mahasiswa yang mencetuskan kontroversi ekoran insiden tunjuk punggung thirty Ogos lalu.Read more... ... Read More

PM waiting for someone to get really hurt

YOURSAY'These Umno fellows have been the bizarre organisation of people. When we step upon their foot, we have been wrong. But when they step upon your foot, we have been additionally wrong.'

Gun-flashing incident: Anwar leaves it to police

your sayWhere Do We Go From Here?:"Two military crew in plainclothes had grabbed the life guard prior to pushing the handgun back in to the hip holster."

Somehow the Special Branch crew could jumped in to movement when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's life guard drew his pistol, though they were no where to be seen during your convenience Pakatan Rakyat people were pounded with stones, red paint as well as were corporeal assaulted.
Bender:So the military crew were actually there watching the total thing unfolded as well as they didn't do anything to stop the troublemakers? And they usually reacted during the initial steer of counterclaim by Anwar's bodyguard?

It goes to show that they were there during your convenience these kind of thing happened though they remained wordless or more accurately, as protectors, not for the public, though for the hecklers as well as troublemakers.

It's true afterwards that in this country, it's the criminals who got the insurance from the military while the rakyat have been expendable. That's the price we have to pay for carrying supercrooks for leaders.

Bob Teoh:In the democracy, the antithesis leader is head of the antithesis dais while the PM i! s the he ad of the executive. The antithesis leader is additionally accorded certain rights as well as privileges, for example, confidence as well as equal access to media.

Umno hoodlums have turn increasingly the confidence concern as well as the boss contingency movement to hold back his boys. The military contingency additionally safeguard open sequence as well as reserve of the antithesis leader especially in the run-up to GE13.

The PM is to be personally hold responsible for any harm to all antithesis leaders, not usually Anwar. This is the slightest we can design from the PM who has yet to go to the people for the mandate.

Progressive:Even in the bad nation though adequate resources similar to India, the head of the antithesis - even during the state turn - is since insurance during all times, not to mention grown countries similar to UK as well as US.

On this aspect of safety, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein as well as PM Najib Razak should ! put in reserve their slight domestic considerations as well as follow general custom in providing for the reserve as well as confidence of the leader of the opposition.

The military should have diluted the violent troublemakers initial rather than carrying to later disarm Anwar's bodyguard. The military should movement professionally as well as movement equally as this concerns reserve of the elected leaders.

Ferdtan:Wow, the military have been so efficient to get Anwar's life guard detained immediately. It seems that he even had no time to take the gun completely out from the hip holster prior to he was grabbed by plainclothes police.

This shows that there have been most Secret Branch officers milling around in plainclothes during every antithesis ceramahs. The subject is: When the thugs were making difficulty in most of the antithesis ceramahs, where were the police?

It seems that they have been during the 'right' place during the 'right' time - sadly though, getting t! he wrong people.

Indeed, instead of stopping the consistent harassments from the hooligans opposite the antithesis leaders, they incited opposite the victims perplexing to strengthen themselves.
If the military were to take actions opposite these heckers in the initial place, the Pakatan leaders do not have to occupy bodyguards during all.

Imagine in Malaysia today, to go around the nation to campaign, we have to move the total contingent of bodyguards. We have been right away similar to the Philippines during choosing times, whereby gunfights in between domestic rivals have been not uncommon.

Fz2379:Anwar, nobody pounded you. They only stopped your train as well as your entourage from relocating any further. That was all.

Anwar wasn't underneath such the threat that would need his life guard to have use of the gun. Unless there was the bunch of armed people, usually afterwards his movement is justifiable.

Fairnessforall:Fz2379, who have been we perplexing to fool? Who have been these gangsters to stop the PKR bus? Obviously they were send by BN. What gives them the right to stop the train from relocating further?

The actuality that they came in the big organisation is enough to warrant fright that they would attack. We have additionally seen from past actions of these gangsters that they will, as well as have, attacked.

This is the free nation as well as Anwar as well as Pakatan have every right to go upon this debate to reveal the law about BN. When BN goes around telling lies about Pakatan, Pakatan does not send their gangsters. Everyone can see that is indeed the gangster party.

ACR:There was the single criticism here observant DSAI was not pounded nor was he underneath threat. How laughable.

In contrast, the nation's entire confidence apparatus is sent to go after the teen for stepping upon the PM's picture. It was as if ! someone had held hold of the PM's balls as well as refuse! d to let go.

My criticism currently has descended to the turn of the vermins in Umno-Perkasa as there is nothing righteous in what they have been we do as well as there is no indication their uncouth actions would stop anytime soon.

Perkasa members have been right-wing thugs. The organisation would be criminialized in any right-thinking society, though alas not here so prolonged as Umno is during the helm.

Umno leaders would speak big about this as well as that not being the culture though those comments have been selectively made. They condon the worst form of poise so prolonged as it benefits them.

Artchan:I think Najib as well as company is waiting for somebody to be killed, as well as afterwards usually will he act. I'm disgusted to review this news. When troublemakers were around, the military did nothing.

AnakPuyu:The life guard was only we do the job he is paid to do. If the chairman he is ostensible to strengthen is in danger, he will take all necessary movement to have certain his client is safe.

He is the professional, not similar to the PRDM (Royal Malaysian Police), who will mount as well as watch, as well as afterwards run away when threatened.

Why penalise the bodyguard? Instead, the Umno gangsters as well as Perkasa should be arrested for formulating trouble, as well as the military officers who were there as well as let the incident happened.

Anonymous_3e21:I sincerely goal the IGP (inspector-general of police) is reading all the comments posted inMalaysiakiniand realize that the rakyat have been quick losing confidence in the once respectable ! force.
The actuality that nothing of these Umno or Perkasa people were arrested via these incidents in the final few months is shocking, as well as right away with SB taking movement - that should have been done anyway to both sides - the rakyat can clearly see '1 Malaysia, 2 laws' in action.

With all the new happenings, I am! really certain Malaysia will have the new government soon, come what may.

Fatmah:Yes,political roadblocksare right away in operations to frustrate Anwar's as well as PKR's efforts to reach to the Malay heartland to prevent these bad as well as uninformed folks from meaningful the law about Umno.

Samsengs have been engaged to means as much difficulty as well as nuisance as possible. Once these farming folks have been well-informed, the Umno citadel will fall similar to the set of dominoes.

Jaguh:Yes, DSAI (Anwar) as well as his train should continously go to the farming areas, as well as never mind, have Perkasa as well as Umno goons conflict them. Then the farming people will be assured who have been the provocatuers. The city folks already know.

Black Mamba:Anwar is the marked man. Plainclothes military have been everywhere ready to neutralize his bodyguards fortifying him. Any of his foes can take the shot during him if he is defenceless or defenseless.

This reminds me of the gangland slaying of unarmed as well as defenceless Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr when Ferdinand Marcos was the hurtful Philippines president.

Doc:Anwar contingency ask why the military did not identify themselves when the heckl! ers start! ed the commotion as well as who systematic them to be there. Make the inform with video evidence as well as let's see how quick the military will act.

Geronimo:In 1986, when the battle royale was upon for the Umno presidency post in between Dr Mahathir Mohamad as well as Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the correspondent from theFar Eastern Economic Reviewwrote:

"These Umno fellows have been the bizarre organisation of people. When we step upon their foot, we have been wrong. But when they step upon your foot, we have been additionally wrong."

When such remarks came from the credi! table ma gazine such as theFEER, we will know that Umno have incited us in to an general shouting stock. - Malaysiakini
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Indian gangsters and Polis Raja Di 1 Malay-sia axis and UMNO ...

An unknown minute purportedly written by a concerned Umno member as well as sent to Najib upon April 20, urged a Umno boss to provide a make a difference seriously or risk another political tsunami akin to 2008, that a Hindraf ...

PAS keeps Nasharuddin in syura council

PAS boss Abdul Hadi Awang yesterday voiced which a celebration has decided to keep a former deputy boss Nasharuddin Mat Isa in a syura legislature notwithstanding a latter's critique opposite a party's stance on a hudud controversy.

NONEHadi pronounced a council's two-hour meeting, which started around 9pm last night, did not plead Nasharuddin's status.

Instead a party's top management focused a discussion on PAS candidates who will be fielded in a nextgeneralelection, he told reporters after in attendance a meeting.

"It was not in a assembly agenda. No. He was present during a meeting. He is still a part of of a syura council.

Hadi's matter has finished thespeculationthat Nasharuddin, who is additionally Bachok MP, would face a music after openly doubt PAS' stance on a hudud issue andurgingthe celebration to give up Pakatan Rakyat.

Asked whether Nasharuddin will be nominated as PAS claimant in a coming ubiquitous election, Hadi pronounced which will be voiced later.

"Wait for a ubiquitous election. we do not even know whether we will turn claimant or not," he replied.

Nasharuddin had additionally attended a press discussion together with Hadi as well as vice-president Salahuddin Ayub but declined to comment.

The party's spiritual leader as well as Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul ! Aziz Nik Mat, who leads a syura council, was seen withdrawal a celebration domicile during around 9.20pm but giving any matter to a media.
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Tsunami over FELDA

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AELB - winner of 'most stupid statement ever'

Are politicians as well as regulatory bodies in Malaysia fighting to win of 'The most foolish matter ever' contest? If so, then first esteem mustgoto a Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).
NONEIn arising a temporary operating licence (TOL), a director-general Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan(right)said a group had relied on Australian singular earths miner Lynas' uneven commitment to boat out hot rubbish from a Gebeng operations without putting this in "black as well as white".
So it's not mandatory for Lynas to boat out a rubbish element because, according to Raja Abdul Aziz, "it was never a condition of a licence". But he is sure a rubbish will be dumped elsewhere as well as if Lynas fails to do so, "there have been various stairs as well as considerations that a (AELB) can take".
Is this man kidding? Or worse, does he consider a rakyat can be easily fooled?
What is a basis of legal action when a black as well as white agreement does not exist? How will AELB penalise Lynas when it has since a company a blank coupon to action as it pleases?
Why doesn't a AELB trainer spell out a actions that can be taken? And how contracting have been these actions, if during all they have been taken?
And now, after much uproar, AELB pronounced it will enforce a removal of hot rubbish from Malaysia. Again we have been unsure if this is merely a reaction to a open outcry or if a board is unequivocally serious.
NONEBut a sneaky deals with Lynas, a eagerness to see a operations begin as well as miss of a proper contract in terms of rubbish management, as well as seemingly pandering to Lynas' whims as well as fancies do not teach any confidence.
We have seen tens of thousands of people protesting against Lynas, fearing for a safety of their children as well as future generations. And nonetheless a AELB has madee a groundless understanding with Lynas, weakly dismissing a lives of Malaysians.
Australia has obviously pronounced it will not accept any rubbish element from Lynas. So Raja Abdul Aziz, that nation do we consider would happily accept millions of tonnes of hot rubbish from a Gebeng plant?

Don't discount with lives
The Malaysian supervision as well as AELB do not seem to have learnt from tragedies. Severe birth defects as well as eight leukemia cases in five years in a village of 11,000 people have been a consequences of allowing a operations of a Asian Rare Earth bureau in Bukit Merah, Perak.
azlanAnd a clean-up costs of a bureau as well as dump site is US$ 100 million, estimated to be a largest in a singular earths industry.
But thirty years on, a supervision is once again game to play with a lives of people.
Even as Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak repeats his 'People First' rhetoric, tens of thousands of Malaysians have been holding protests in opposite parts of a nation only to stay full of health as well as alive.
This was evident in a convene held last week in Bukit Koman, Raub, to oppose a make use of of cyanide in a gold mine. While residents who live tighten to a cave ha! ve regul arly pronounced their health has been badly influenced since of a make use of of cyanide, a supervision as well as Raub Australia Gold Mining have discharged these claims.
In Johor, residents have been fighting against a US$ 19.2 billion Refinery as well as Petrochemical Integrated Development project, fearing a loss of livelihood as well as effects on a environment. They have been also hostile a state's move to immigrate nineteen cemeteries to make approach for a development.
It is elementary proof - a supervision that is committed to a rights as well as gratification of a people would not action in this manner. They would not discount with a lives of a people.
we leave it to a rakyat to decider for themselves.
CHARLES SANTIAGO is a DAP's member of parliament for Klang.
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'Felda settlers losing money on FGV shares'

Felda settlers, who were made to take loans to buy Felda Global Venture (FGV) shares, are right away suffering a loss, according to PAS-led pressure group Anak.

"According to bankers you have consulted, RM4.70 is a starting point where settlers will begin to (lose)," Anak chairperson Mazlan Aliman claimed during a press conference during a PAS domicile this morning.

NONEElaborating, Anak economic advisor Rosli Yaakob(left)said this is given a division during this cost would be deficient to cover a seductiveness on a loan.

"The seductiveness rate for a loan obtained to purchase a shares during RM4.45 is right away more 'expensive' than a dividend," he said.

At a time of writing, FGV's share cost was RM4.70. The company's primary open offering institutional cost was RM4.55, while a sell cost was RM4.45.

Rosli explained which any benefit would be deficient to cover diverse processing fees for a buying as well as selling of a shares, generally given a settlers only reason 800 units each.

He pronounced Felda had rushed a open inventory in a unhealthy market, observant which marketplace analysts have noted which 52 percent of Felda's oil palm plantations contain aged trees.

"During a inventory Felda had betrothed which FGV would have strategic partners, though you have not heard anything about them since. Most of a shareholders are! governm ent institutions or unfamiliar account management bodies," he said.

Police serve Mazlan

Mazlan also pronounced he has been summoned to a Sentul district police domicile this afternoo! n.
He is required to give a matter on aprotesthe had led to a national house on July 14, opposite a FGV inventory exercise.

NONEMazlan(centre in photo)said he had been reception calls from a police given final week, though had refused to comply with a request.

"I pronounced which a rally was pacific as well as which nothing illegal had happened. So because do they want to call me up?

"But yesterday we perceived a notice which was sent to a PAS headquarters. (It stated) that, if we do not present myself during a police headquarters, they will issue an detain warrant opposite me. (So we will go.)"
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Jakarta second from last in location branding survey of Asian cities

How well does Jakarta do when it comes to place branding (a fancy modern word to surrogate for repute of a place)?

According to a study by Public Affairs Asia as well as Ogilvy PR called Location Branding 2012, not which well during all. Out of sixteen cities Jakarta came 14, only above Manila.

Another indeterminate eminence for this city. perhaps it is time for its residents to competition some-more checked shirts to get the city going.


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2nd day of lemon law - 02Sep2012

POWERMAP GPS YouTube: CougaBoy60 Malaysia: YouTube Facebook: twitter:

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RPK applies for passport to return home

He wants to lapse so that he can assistance Nurul Izzah in her choosing campaign.
(FMT) - Raja Petra Kamarudin, a editor ofMalaysia Today,is in contact with a Malaysian High Commission in London to scrutinise in to a possibility of getting his Malaysian pass renewed.
Raja Petra, who left Malaysia in February 2009 just 6 months prior to his pass expired, has been living in Manchester ever since.
Raja Petra, popularly well known as RPK, had been banned from leaving a country as well as to avoid getting incarcerated during a immigration exit he left a country illegally without going by a proper channel. He afterwards entered Thailand as well as from there went over to a UK.
Raja Petra intends to lapse to Malaysia to stick on PKR vice-president as well as Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar's debate team.
Nurul Izzah is expected to face a difficult fight against Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, a Federal Territories as well as Urban Well-being Minister.
Recently,Malaysia Todaylaunched a fund-raising drive for Nurul with more than RM35,365.00 picked up so far
Since early 2011, Raja Petra has been really vicious of Pakatan Rakyat, in particular PKR as well as Anwar Ibrahim.
His pierce to stick on Nurul's debate group is thus noticed as quite a surprise although Raja Petra has always expressed support for Nurul even when he was vicious of her father, Anwar.
In an immediate response, Immigration Department Director-General Alias Ahmad pronounced there were no problems with Raja Petra's return, as prolonged as ! a latter had a necessary transport documents.
"As prolonged as he has Malaysian transport documents, there are no problems for him to come back," he told FMT.
He combined that a blogger's pass could be renewed by a Malaysian High Commission in London.
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China Output Growth Slows as Leadership Handover Looms

By Bloomberg News September 10, 2012 10:35 AM GMT+0800

China's industrial outlay grew during a slowest gait in 3 years as well as President Hu Jintao pronounced a manage to buy faces "notable downward pressure," signaling some-more impulse might follow approvals for transport as well as road projects.

Production increasing 8.9 percent in Aug from a year progressing as well as fixed-asset investment expansion in a initial 8 months eased to 20.2 percent, a National Bureau of Statistics pronounced yesterday in Beijing. Inflation took off for a initial time in 5 months.

Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming

(Chen Deming, China's minister of commerce, pronounced measures to await as well as stabilise traffic will be voiced soon, according to an talk promote yesterday by China Central Television. Photographer: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg

China's industrial outlay grew during a slowest gait in 3 years as well as President Hu Jintao pronounced mercantile expansion faces "notable downward pressure," signaling which officials might need to add serve to impulse after commendatory transport as well as road projects.

The interpretation underscore risks which full-year expansion in a world's second-biggest manage to buy will slide to a lowest in some-more than dual decades, undermining await for a ruling Communist Party before a once-in-a-decade leadership transition due later this year. The rebound in inflation, excess genius in a little industries as well as banks' bad debt risks from past financial easing highlight a intensity cost of ramping up impulse efforts.

"Politicians want a soft backdrop for their celebration congress entertainment as well as slumping batch prices as well as a worsening expansion slowdown could spoil a party," pronounced Lu Ting, arc! h China economist during Bank of America Corp. in Hong Kong. "Putting together a mercantile fundamentals as well as a timing of vital political events, there will be a second turn of process easing together with cuts to banks' haven mandate as well as a little mercantile stimulus."

The MSCI Middle East Pacific Index (MXAP) rose 0.2 percent as of 11:07 a.m. in Tokyo after plans for European Central Bank bond shopping as well as Chinese investment triggered a tellurian rally final week.

Japanese Weakness
Japan's manage to buy stretched in a second entertain during half a gait a supervision primarily estimated, underscoring a risk of a contraction as Europe's debt crisis caps exports, a supervision inform showed today.
Gross made during home product grew an annualized 0.7 percent in a 3 months by June, reduction than a rough calculation of 1.4 percent. The nation's current-account over-abundance fell to 625.4 billion yen ($ 8 billion) in July, a lowest for which month given 1996, according to a financial method inform as well as Bloomberg chronological data.

In Europe today, final second-quarter numbers will give a ultimate celebration of a mass upon a shrinking Italian economy, whilst France might inform which industrial prolongation declined in July.

In China, etiquette business interpretation currently might uncover exports rose 2.9 percent from a year earlier, according to a median guess in a Bloomberg News survey, down from a 24.5 percent gain in a same month final year. Overseas shipments in Jul rose 1 percent as sales to European Union countries fell as well as expansion in U.S. exports stalled.

Trade Outlook
China's Commerce Minister Chen Deming pronounced measures to await as well as stabilise traffic will be voiced soon, according to an talk promote yesterday by China Central Television. He also pronounced traffic in a fourth entertain will be improved than in a third.
UBS AG as well as ING Groep NV upon Sept. 7 cut the! ir forec asts for mercantile expansion this year to 7.5 percent among a weakening tellurian outlook as well as reduction forceful process await than they formerly expected. That would be a slowest gait given 1990.

ING lowered a guess for China's third-quarter expansion to 7.1 percent whilst UBS projects a 7.3 percent pace. The manage to buy stretched 7.6 percent in a 3 months by Jun from a year earlier, a least in 3 years as well as a sixth straight slowdown in growth.

'Arduous Task'
Speaking to business executives during an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Vladivostok upon Sept. 8, President Hu pronounced China's small as well as medium-sized enterprises are having a "hard time" as well as exporters are facing some-more difficulties. The supervision has an "arduous charge of creating jobs for brand brand new entrants to a labor force."

Hu also urged governments in a Asia-Pacific segment to speed up infrastructure development, describing it as key to compelling recovery as well as achieving sustained as well as fast expansion among increasing downward risks to a tellurian economy.
His comments followed a slew of announcements by a Chinese supervision commendatory brand brand new roads, railways as well as civic infrastructure which Nomura Holdings Inc. estimates have a total value of about 1 trillion yuan.

The headlines drove a Shanghai Composite Index (SHCOMP), China's benchmark batch gauge, 3.7 percent higher upon Sept. 7, a greatest gain in 8 months. The index had formerly dropped 17 percent from this year's Mar 2 tall as cooling mercantile expansion hurt earnings.

Inflation Accelerates
Sany Heavy Industry Co. (600031) a nation's greatest machinery maker, jumped a most given Feb 2009 as well as Anhui Conch Cement Co., China's largest concrete maker, had a greatest gain given Jul 2010, upon confidence demand for their products will rise.

Inflation final month took off to 2 percent from a year earlier, a census d! ata busi ness pronounced yesterday. The decrease in writer prices extended in to a sixth month, with a dump of 3.5 percent.

"A renewed inflationary direction could prove to be a serve complication to process makers' growth-inflation trade-off," pronounced Glenn Maguire, arch economist during consultant Middle East Sentry Advisory in Sydney. "China will have enormous difficulties in crafting a process response to these anomalous cost as well as wake up trends."
The increase in Aug industrial prolongation was a weakest given May 2009. Power outlay rose 2.7 percent from a year earlier, a census data business said, compared with 2.1 percent in July. Growth in prolongation of rolled steel slumped to 1.4 percent.

'Weak Data'
Growth in fixed-asset investment excluding farming households in a initial 8 months was reduce than a median guess of 20.4 percent. Retail sales rose 13.2 percent from a year progressing in August, in line with a median economist estimate.
"Such a weak series of mercantile wake up interpretation should now severely alert process makers," pronounced Liu Li-Gang, arch China economist during Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. in Hong Kong. "The financial process stance will have to turn some-more aggressive in sequence to arrest a fast deteriorating economy."

Liu pronounced a executive bank will need to cut banks' haven requirement ratio by another 150 basis points this year.
The executive bank has held off from financial process relaxation given Jul 5 when it cut benchmark seductiveness rates for a second time in reduction than a month.

Zhang Zhiwei, Hong Kong-based arch China economist during Nomura, pronounced a little leading indicators improved "very significantly" final month, indicating to improved skill as well as infrastructure investment in coming months.

The value of land purchased by developers rose 66 percent in Aug from a year progressing after falling 39 percent in July, he ! said. In vestment in brand brand new projects gained 33 percent after a 25 percent increase a previous month, he said.

"These suggest mercantile movement will collect up soon," pronounced Zhang, who estimates expansion will rebound to on top of 8 percent in a fourth quarter.

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Its the End of Life as only parasitic UMNO knows it as

It's a finish of story for UMNO. It's a finish of bourgeois living. It's a finish of hold up as tangible by UMNO- a finish of mindless plundering as well as ravaging of a resources of this country.

Our opponents accuse us of regulating all a accessible equates to to counter BN. a cattle burglar blames his victim for reporting a burglary to a police. Not to make use of any equates to accessible is not an option. BN controls all suspicion forming equates to as well as apparatuses. It controls a odious forces of a state. UMNO/BN owns a media- visual, audio as well as print

So what else can you do? We bring a message approach to a people so which they can listen but delay to a version of all things in Malaysia. People have been not stupid. They review in in between a lines as well as have been able of entrance to their own conclusions. So because should you not make use of whatever equates to during a ordering in countering a propaganda machinery of a BN?

Our opponents have been mistaken. We do not fright UMNO/BN because you have all tasted better as well as losses. Loss as well as better have been known variables to us. UMNO is a a single which fears a most because it will face a unknown. When UMNO loses, it will usually recover after a very prolonged time if it does during all. That is because Mahathir is observant a change in supervision will meant hold up as a UMNO princelings know it as, will be different. It will be- because there will no longer be a ravaging as well as pillage as well as a acclimatisation of public resources in to in isolation wealth. It will be a universe but a lopsided agreements which impoverish state coffers.

That is because Najib is observant it will be a finish of civilization. Of course it will be a finish of civilized universe as tangible by UMNO where a people have been digits waiting to be manipulated as well as exploited.

As to Mahathir, he fears which ! if UMNO loses, afterwards his legacy is finished. The businesses of his immediately family will be in danger. All a businesses gotten through astray as well as ill-gotten equates to will be untangled. The commercial operation he does through proxies will during final be exposed. We will do as what Daim tells us- do not go after a politicians, go after their commercial operation cronies. And there have been a 1000 ways to skin a cat.

We will be a Freddy Kruger to UMNO as well as a heavenly body domestic partners.

All a lies as well as deceptions which were perpetrated during 22 years as well as a years during Abdullah Badawi as well as now a loath Najib will be exposed. Support for UMNO as well as BN equates to prolonging a lives under deception, intimidation, mercantile damage as well as worse of all, unmitigated crime carried out but fright of retribution. The citizens of Malaysia must all climb up as well as say enough to all these nonsense.

When UMNO leaders say this republic will go to a dogs if PR takes over, which is a tallness of hypocrisy. That is a obvious lie. Why should this republic be thrown in to pandemonium as well as chaos? It's not which with a exit of UMNO, a machineries of supervision will be broken up. The polite use will remain. The institutions guarding a reserve from inside of as well as but will still be preserved. The mercantile institutions will still be there. Our legal system will still be intact safeguarding a citizens from a pernicious acts of a abounding as well as powerful. Every singular component supporting a operation of a supervision is still there. Only UMNO isn't. And it's not which with UMNO being out of a picture, no a single else can govern. After all, UMNO is full of half past as well as mediocre customary leaders who have been easily replaced.

No, you do not fright UMNO. It's UMNO who fears. People will see there have been better people than UMNO people. People will see, you can oversee ! better. We have already proven which inside of just 4 years of determining a state governments. UMNO has usually upheld a ravaging as well as pillage of this nation. It worked palm in palm with a thieves of this country.

That is a reason people have been troubled with UMNO. Japan's UMNO- a LDP has governed Japan for a prolonged time given 1955. It was obliged for a mercantile transformation of Japan. It's behind a trade driven economy, supports privatization of GLCs, as well as transforming a bureaucracy. Essentially it's similar to UMNO. And a achievements have been even bigger than UMNO because Japan has developed in to a single of a absolute economies of a world.

Yet, a LDP is defeated. Does which mean, a Japanese have been ingrates not aware of a vast contributions as well as purpose of LDP? They have been but their offend over crime as well as inept governance overrides a sentimental attachment to a purpose as well as contribution of LDP. Beginning with a Lockheed Scandal, a LDP has given been associated with crime as well as cronyism.

Similarly, most Malays have been aware of a purpose as well as contributions of previous UMNO leaders in moulding Malaysia in to what it is today. But similar to a Japanese, their offend over corruption, a bullying as well as a indiscriminate acclimatisation of resources belonging to a people, overrides a sentimentalism over a purpose of UMNO. And Malaysia has so most Lockheeds in a cupboard.

It's UMNO who should stop going around wearing a unworthy sense of over importance. After 55 years of determining a government, as regards a Malays, they have been still behind in a economy. Malays earned RM100 to a Chinese earning RM150 as well as a Indians earning RM120. How do you account for which despite determining a government?

The top 20% of Malays consequence as well as control 70% of Malay income withdrawal a 80% of us to fight for a superfluous 30% of Malay income. It's a P! utera in a bumiPUTERA who gets richer as well as richer. The princelings from a leading luminaries of UMNO as well as a government. And a genuine princes as well as princesses.

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