Anwar welcomes high-powered delegation, vows "more solid and clear" support for Palestine

Anwar welcomes high-powered delegation, vows "more plain as well as clear" await for Palestine
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim welcomed a high-powered commission from a Palestine led by Walid al-Moudi, a senior part of of Hamas' political bureau, as well as Ahmad Al-Kurd, a former Palestine apportion for social affairs to his PKR party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.
The 64-year-old Anwar, approaching to wring a sovereign supervision from embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak's Umno-BN coalition, vowed to await a Palestine's onslaught for a only existence, slamming a United States as well as Israel for stability to salary their governing body of divisiveness in a region.
"When I was still a student personality in 1973, I led a student a demonstration against a US embassy as well as Israel for their sum bias in their Middle East policy. It was then a greatest demonstration in a city of Kuala Lumpur," Anwar told a joint press conference with a Palestinian commission upon Friday.
"I can promise a brand new PR supervision will be some-more plain as well as transparent in its await for a Palestinians, in their only means as well as struggle."
Malaysia Chronicle
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AGU? Artis Ganti Ulamak? Inilah jadinya pada parti yang megimarahkan artis dan memecat ulamak! PAS oh PAS! Korang pasti akan ranap!

Brunei has freest Press in Asean?

Reporters Without Bothers.Some journalist friends who have worked in Brunei as well as who have been still there were floored when we told them that, according to a Reporters Without Borders or Reporters Sans Frontiers' (RSF), Brunei had a most giveaway press in Southeast Middle East today.

It is a "fact" which contingency be generally hard to accept for a reporters from Indonesia, a little of whom hold they have been God's present to press leisure in this segment as well as a Muslim world at large, as well as also those from a Philippines, who have been reporting without fright or foster for as long as any one has cared to remember!

And we all suspicion which for Asia, India had determined herself as equal if not improved than a West when it comes to press leisure as well as other liberties! Well, according to a RSF, we aren't which far off from India, actually!

I told Malaysiakini (the BM section: Senarai Kebebasan Akhbar dibuat tanpa "kerja rumah" teliti) when they called me for my comments yesterday which we suspicion a Reporters Without Borders did not worry at all to do proper homework. Those dudes should come here to KL as well as share with us whatever it is they're smoking ... [click here if we can't access a article above].

Here's a Press Freedom ranking for Asean, based on a RSF's press leisure index for 2013:

History of Brunei Newspapers

NRD: We Cancelled Problematic ICs

For illustration purposes onlyFor illustration purposes onlyKOTA KINABALU:The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) questioning the illegal immigrants' emanate in Sabah was told yesterday which the National Registration Department (NRD) cancelled cryptic Identity Cards (IC) as well as deleted the applicants' names from the records.
Putrajaya NRD Identity Card Division director Md Solehan Omar pronounced the problems included report upon name, address, date, place of birth, fingerprint as well as cinema of field which did not match the NRD records.
Responding to conducting officer Manoj Kurup upon the distribution of cryptic ICs, Md Solehan pronounced the Sabah as well as Sarawak Special Committee upon Identity Cards
was shaped in 2006 to resolve the emanate of unsystematic distribution of ICs in the dual states.
"This cabinet conducts checks as well as investigations upon IC complaints perceived by the Sabah NRD prior to determining if they are to be approved," he pronounced during the
eighth day of the proceedings, here, today.
Md Solehan, 58, explained which the cabinet would cancel the cryptic IC as well as undo the applicant's name from the records.
However, Md Solehan, who is the part of of the special committee, could not reveal the expect series of such cryptic ICs which have been resolved, as the routine had yet to be completed.
Questioned as to either the single IC series could be used by dual or some-more persons in Sabah, the 51st witness pronounced there should only be the single IC series for the single individual.
However, formed upon NRD records, an estimated 600 IC numbers belonged to dual individuals or more, he ad! ded.
He pronounced the JPN1/9 receipt, which was the identification request released to an person submitting application pending their proper IC, as well as JPN1/11 lost IC receipt could be used
to vote as they were official NRD documents.
When Manoj asked about the duty of the Agency Linked Up System (ALIS), Md Solehan it was the complement which enabled departments such as the Election Commission(EC), Health Ministry, Public Services Commission, police as well as others to check the name, IC number, residence as well as place of bieing born of individuals.
He additionally explained which the special cabinet could additionally entrance such report via ALIS.
Sabah as well as Sarawak NRD additionally went in to the interior areas of the dual states to lift out bieing born certificate registrations, accompanied by the magistrate to certify them, he said.
The RCI afterwards listened from the Malaysian Immigration Department partner superintendent as well as special section head, Abdul Khalid Abdul Karim, who pronounced which up to December 2012, the little 98,427 IMM-13 cards had been released to Filipino refugees in Sabah as well as which the annals were only from 2005.
He pronounced 60,248 of those card holders were still active formed upon prolongation applications, while the rest might have not done so, had upheld divided or returned
to their country.
The IMM-13 cards were current for the year as well as would be cancelled by the immigration director if the holder was convicted in the justice of law.
However, he pronounced he did not know the series of IMM-13 cards which had been cancelled upon such convictions.
He pronounced the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for arising the IMM-13 cards by the Sabah Immigration Dep! artment was still formed upon the Office Directive 2/2012 dated December 31, 2012, which was very extensive compared to the procedures between 2005 as well as 2011.
To the subject by lawyer Ansari Abdullah, who was observing the inquiry upon interest of writer Dr Chong Eng Leong, per the SOP in the 1970s up to 1984, the witness pronounced he had no knowledge of the matter.
But he agreed with Ansari which the latest SOP was implemented after the government had announced the setting up of the RCI in June final year.
The witness additionally agreed with Ansari which under Section sixteen as well as 17 of the Immigration Act, it was an corruption to enter the non-gazetted area in Sabah.
Questioned as to either anyone had been charged in justice for infringing this act throughout his time in the Immigration Department given 1983, Abdul Khalid said, "No."

- Bernama
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Ugly ferocious beast in Malaysia

Foo Voon Kong holding print of his mother Pua Bee Chun shot passed by military
The Malaysian Insider -Man says cops shot his mother after automobile chase, demands explanation

Pua Bee Chun, the 22-year-old housewife, was killed by military in the similar scenario assufferedby Aminulrasyid Amzah. Her genocide by trigger happy military has beenthelatest in the string of unexplained or trusting deaths caused by police.

14-year aged Aminulrasyid Amzah
Just recently you read ofthehorrifyingdeathof C Sumugaran who was reported knocked about by multiform group allegedly together with military members. His corpse was found handcuffed as well as with turmericpowdersmearedon his face, the description consistent with thealleged brutalities before to his demise.

These have not been rare occurrences though rather the rule to the exception, with Indians bearing the brunt of purported military brutalities or military crimes. reported which C Sugumaran's is though the ultimate in the long line of deaths in control highlighted in the media. In the created answer in parliament, the Home Ministry s! tated wh ich there have been the sum of 156 deaths in military control from 2000 to Feb 2011.

C Sugumaran
More than half or the whopping 85 cases have been personal underneath 'No Further Action'. Twenty-nine cases have been still underneath investigation.

In 2007 you posted:Tan Sri Siti Norma Yaakob, the Chief Judge of Malaya, has expressed her low concerns which 80 deaths in military control occurred between Jan 2000 as well as Dec 2004 that's an normal of twenty people failing per annum whilst in military custody, or almost the frightening 2 per month for 4 successive years - though usually 6 inquests, less than 10% of the deaths, were even held.

The Chief Judge has been uneasy which in the little instances, deaths occurred hours after detention. As an example, mechanic Alias Othman was incarcerated during 10 pm upon Mar 22 allegedly for causing the reeling during the mosque in Bachok, Kelantan, though just the small 5 hours later, he was really really dead. Siti Norma wants answers because so many people had died underneath such circumstances.

She demanded to know because military had seen it fit to confirm which inquests were nonessential in 22 cases of such deaths. ... In fact, the Criminal Procedure Code privately creates it imperative to have inquests in to deaths underneath military custody.

Yet the IGP has not addressed this unacceptable omission, the defilement of the Criminal Procedure Code. The IGP contingency be hold responsible as well as accountable for his failure.

And that's how you came to know of ! names si milar to A Kugan, F Udayappan, etc. Their troubledsoulsstill cry out for justice. But how to achieve justicewhen you have blokes similar to the former Home Minister Syed Hamid who didn't understand the elemental principle of cri! minal laws which the chairman is trusting until proven guilty. Themafulatmoronic apportion alluded to A Kugan, the military detainee, as the rapist - seeSyed Hamid: Don't see criminals as heroes, cops as demons.

(Then) Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang was unsurprisingly incensed by the shameless foolish insensible military minister's foolish try to diminish the distressing circumstances leading to Kugan's genocide in military custody, which the routinely rival AG had even been moved to officially systematise as the murder.

In MalaysiakiniSomething wrong about Syed HamidLim bloody the Minister:"Malaysians, similar to people all over the world, do not courtesy criminals as heroes as well as the military as demons."

"But when the apportion responsible for the military creates the shocking statement of this nature, it reflects which something has gone really wrong both with the military force as well as the home apportion with courtesy to the many simple of supervision duties to keep the people protected as well as to uphold law as well as order."

Then Lim roared:"Even if Kugan was guilty of the crimes alleged, the military cannot take the law in to the own hands as well as go upon to pile ! up the s hocking census data of deaths in military custody."

The stream Home Minister is not any better.

Each time adeathoccurred(other than which for Aminulrasyid Amzah) the review would sealed with NFA (no further action).And even in Aminulrasyid's case, the law enforcemetn officer found guilty of his genocide was subsequently expelled upon appeal.

Using the e.g. of Teoh Beng Hock's bullshit box (MACC is the same as PDRM as it recruits the officers fromthepolice),that the immature father-to-be upon the eve of his wedding, as well as who rang his many appropriate man to remind the latter of the marriage the following day, was found to have "committed suicide", you might be excused for predicting the similarly ludicrous, which the review in to the shooting of Pua Bee Chun will find her"rushing forward to deliberately intercept military bullets which were fired in the protected direction"and which C Sugumaran"went in to an epileptic fitleadingto his genocide whilst helpful policemen were attempting to save him by requesting turmeric powder which has anti-epileptic properties".

And each time the open frustration grows during the sum non burden of the police, there would be another call for the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints as well as Misconduct Commission) tobeestablished, though as common nothing would be forthcoming.

The above leitmotiv is as equallyfrustratingas which opposite the really viewable as well as sum non burden of deaths in military custody.

Of the final 3 former IGPs, you have the single who punched Anwar Ibrahim in ! an eye. Regardless of his claims which Anwar was verbally as well as insultingly provocative,theNo 1 law enforcemetn officer should not have behaved similar to the thug, as well as indeed he went to jail for his crime.
Then you had the single who was allegedly endangered with Triad members. The No 1 law enforcemetn officer allegedly in cahoots with gangsters? Mind you, newly you listened he was cleansed, rinsed as well as canonized to become oneofthe 3 G-D's of Truth, one-third of the brand new Timurthi.

But you opine the many distressing former IGP was the one, the polite servant, who in 2006 mutinied opposite the inaugurated PM of Malaysia.

AAB was the PM who promised to settle an IPCMC, though his efforts were threatened as well as undermined by former IGP Mohd Bakri Omar. Bakri Omaropenly defiedthe PM.

Bakri's arrogance as well as rebuttal knew no bounds when he insubordinately sabotaged the PM's IPCMC, by appealing directly to multiform "Barisan Nasional" backbenchers as well as the little PAS MPs, of march after he had demonstrated his Islamic credentials with his policewomentudung fait accompli., the predecessor of new PAS' intrusion in to the lives of non-Muslims.

I am not certain what was it which those "Barisan Nasional" MPs saw or listened which convinced them to back the IGP opposite the PM in rejecting the IPCMC.

On 30 Mar 2006, thenOppositionLeader Lim Kit Siang made the press statement:As the Prime Minister had publicly made the commitment to accept t! he Royal Police Commission as well as settle the IPCMC, Bakri has committed the graveoffenceof insubordination as well as rebuttal of management of the Prime Minister in publicly dogmatic which the military had deserted the IPCMC offer as well as twenty-four alternative proposals.

The acceptance or otherwise of the IPCMC as well as the alternative twenty-four alternative proposals of the Royal Police Commission is the routine emanate to be motionless by the Prime Minister, Cabinet as well as Parliament as well as not by the military or any supervision dialect or service, unless Malaysia has become the military state.

If Bakri is not rebuilt to accept the management of the Prime Minister, Cabinet as well as Parliament to confirm upon the routine emanate upon the IPCMC as well as the alternative Royal Police Commission recommendations, afterwards the usually fair approach out for him is to renounce as IGP to express his antithesis as well as not to be guilty of insubordination by wearing the uniform of the IGP to plainly go opposite the management of the Prime Minister as well as Cabinet setting the dangerous fashion undermining the critical principle in the parliamentary democracy which the open service, together with the police, contingency be theme to municipal oversight, burden as well as authority.

WTF, zero happened. Additionally when Bakri Omar left, he left with FULL HONOURS andtheblessings as well as grateful thanks of PM AAB. And you wonder because the military know they have been teflonised.

AABpraisedBakri Omar, during an event to honour Bakri, as the single of the many fit leaders who brought the military force to larger heights.

When you read which you puked.

Wasn'tthis the IGP u! nderneat h whose reign saw the little of the misfortune military excesses, together with abuses, crime as well as countless deaths in custody.

See my before postings of military abuses:
(1)Malaysia's own Abu Ghraib
(2)Police Inquiry to follow trees & not see woods
(3)Shoot the Messenger!
(4)Bald & Naked Truth of Malaysian Police
(5)Most Dangerous Place in Malaysia!

Then see my analyses of the distressing RMP as well as the destroyed head, the IGP:
(6)Problem of the Royal Malaysian Police
(7)Police leopard in 'appropriate attire'!
(8)KTemoc's recommendation to Police
(9)Axe the clueless IGP!
(10)IGP versus PM
(11)Lim KS to PM:"Gotta Guts to Gut IGP?"

Wasn'tthis also the IGP who proselytised his non-Muslim womanlike military officers by forcing them to wear thetudungon parade, really much opposite their constitutional rights, upon the groundless evidence which it's merely for uniformity, when turbaned Sikhs in the RMP have for decades not appeared out of place with their non-Sikh colleagues nor were non-Sikh military crew required to wear turbans for 'uniformity.

See:(12)Policewomen forced to wear tudungs upon parade!

That's the peculiarity of the former IGP hecouldn'teven bullsh*t convincingly. But this was the IGP who exploited an Islamic attire quite for domestic reasons, to curry foster with the "Barisan Nasional" as well as PAS MPs so as to 'soften' them up to take his (IGP) side opposite the IPCMC.

This was the IGP who breached each polite use procedures by plainly as well as unashamedly turning the military force in to the politically oriented use in telling "Barisan Nasional" MPs which if the IPCMC was established, the policecouldn'tensure the BN's position in power.

But the many unsatisfactory factor which has emerged from the PM's totally undue praise of this pure bad performing seditious supposed polite servant, the man who had upon the series of occasions actually as well as publicly defied as well as gone opposite the PM/Internal Security Minister, the man who had led the RMP in to the deepest reaches of dim dungeons, had been the denote which AAB had no real seductiveness or lacked the will or fortitude to shift the ugly inhuman savage which was as well as still is the Royal Malaysian Police.

Bakri Omar hadtheadditional notoriety ofarrogantlyrefusingto reply to the censure by as well as the request for the assembly with the Bar Council over the box of military abuse of lawyers, despite the Council carrying created to him 3 times.

Then Bar Council VP Ambiga Sreenevasan highlighted thecaseof counsel S Bala, who was incarcerated by military whilst attempting to attend to his customer during the Petaling Jaya military district headquarters.She reminded military which their division in to authorised representation of the incarcerated chairman is the critical matter.

Which military force of the western democracy dares to detainoreven be rude to the lawyerattendingto his customer in military custody, an corruption which would have seenthepolice officer endangered sacked.

Ambiga had afterwards warned:"The open can say which if even the counsel is subjected to this (abuse of power), what more the ordinary citizen?"

"As far as the Bar Council as well as members of the Malaysian Bar have been concerned, the IPCMC is the answer to this problem as investigations will be carried out quickly as well as they will be done in the transparent manner."

But the IGP didn't give two hoots to the requests by the Bar Council for the assembly upon this emanate of military abuse as well as division in due routine of the law. It was precisely this sort of conceited non-accountability by the open menial which showed the military hold they could get divided with anything, as well as they have!

AAB was of march the coward as well as spineless PM, allowing which seditious IGP to defy his prime ministerial authority.

Now more than ever before, you need not just an IPCMC though the truly in effect one, definition not the single manned by "Barisan Nasional" ministers or apparatchiks, cronies or tame retired judges or senior servants.

Najibcouldwell wintheday i! f he immediately establishesthe IPCMC.

But it's also true which the military have been terrified of the IPCMC to an border which the before IGP, Mohd Bakri Omar, had the pure nerve to exceed open use reliable bounds i! n the in isolation briefing for "Barisan Nasional" (and the little PAS) members of council to 'persuade' those 'Yang Berhormats' in to rebelling opposite the PM upon the IPCMC bill.

I hold there might be usually the single approach to cut through the military manipulative barricades opposite the investiture of the much-needed IPCMC, upsetting as well as unpalatable to many of us as this would be.

It's the sortoftrade off where you have to concede divided from the ideal, as well as inform the military which the brand new IPCMC bill will not usually contain the due routine for military appeals though also the proviso where the IPCMC will not examine any purported military control before to the gazetting of the bill.

In alternative words, there will be the ubiquitous amnesty for all military misconduct before to the investiture of the IPCMCa lathe South African 'Truth' Commission.

That might assure the military which the IPCMC will not be an equipment to find reprisal for past misdeeds, as well as might assistance convince them to come to the celebration for the modern military system.

Unless you traffic which off, the IPCMC will never see the light of day, no, not with the PM who similar to AAB lacks the fortitude to bring it about. Yes, the little damn rats will trip through as well as the aggrieved families of victims similar to Kugan, Udayappan, etc won't be happy or even agree, though you will during slightest have the IPCMC for the future, as well as many importantly, for the young kids of Malaysia.

It is not the perfect world, though half the loaf would be improved than none.
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EC erred on Singapore voting rules, says high commission

The Election Commission's claim which Singaporeans residing abroad contingency stay in a country for 3 months inside of a specific duration to validate to opinion was inaccurate, according to a Singaporean High Commission in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

In a press release, a tall commission's press military officer Filbert Tay pronounced underneath Singapore's choosing rules, a single contingency stay during least thirty days in Singapore for 3 years in sequence to validate as an "overseas elector".

NONETay was responding to anews reportpublished byMalaysiakini, quotingBernamain its interview with EC emissary arch Wan Ahmad Wan Omar (left).

According to Singapore's Election Department, to validate as an "overseas elector", he or she contingency have resided in Singapore for a "total of no! t less than thirty days during a 3 years immediately before Jan 1, 2011".

Registration open

Wan Ahmad had toldBernamathat a stipulation for Malaysians residing abroad to validate as "absentee voters" if they stayed in Malaysia for during least thirty days inside of a duration of 5 years.

He pronounced which this stipulation was reasonable as well as which it was practiced in Commonwealth countries such as Canada, Australia as well as Singapore, claiming which a latter had a "three month" requirement to validate to opinion while abr! oad.

NONECurrently, a EC has opened up registration for Malaysians residing abroad to sign up as "absentee voters", following demands by a Bersih bloc for it to do so.

To validate to expel their ballots, an "absentee voter" contingency have stayed in Malaysia for during least thirty days in a 5 years prior to a retraction of ! Parliamen! t or state legislative assembly.

Previously, only full-time students as well as polite servants as well as their spouses based abroad were authorised to opinion as "absentee voters". Read More @ Source

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Muhyiddin tells Kelantan folk to reject PAS

PASIR PUTEH, February 1 The Barisan Nasional (BN) supervision wants a benefits of development completed by a nation to be enjoyed by all states together with Kelantan, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin pronounced final night.
He pronounced it was a BN's enterprise for a people to suffer fair as well as equal diagnosis but this was not so in Kelantan due to a failure of a PAS supervision which had administered a state for 22 years.
"In a 22 years which PAS has administered Kelantan, a state should have become a grown one," he pronounced at a 1 Malaysia people's entertainment at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Petai here.
Muhyiddin(picture), who was upon a day-long revisit to Kelantan, pronounced he had seen from his frequent visits to a state which a rural areas lagged at a back of as well as a people were poor.
"I am saddened which a bad make up a aloft commission of a population in Kelantan compared to a alternative states. I find which no infrastructure is provided, village roads have been not built as well as a water granted is dirty," he said.
Muhyiddin, who is Umno deputy boss as well as additionally preparation minister, pronounced a incident was most hapless for a people who were known for their knowledge as well as suggestion of entrepreneurship.
As such, he called upon a people of Kelantan to reject PAS as well as a leadership of Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, observant they did not have a capability as well as skills to make their state a on-going one.
He pronounced which besides a seven vital projects voiced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak recently, most some-more large projects would be implemented if a BN was given a mandate to administer Kelantan in a 13th general election.
Muhyiddin addition! ally cri ticised Nik Aziz for carrying come up with an "edict" which if leaders failed to deliver upon their promises, they would not go to heaven.
He pronounced a BN supervision had a capability to do its promises. Bernama
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Anwar-Led Pakatan Rakyat now a serious contender for Power

January 31, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat right away the critical contender for Power in Putrajaya

by Dan Martin (01-30-12), AFP

Anwar @KL112After bloodying the government's nose in 2008 elections, the some-more experienced as well as organized Opposition is eyeing the once-unthinkable: toppling one of the world's longest-serving governments.

Malaysians opinion soon with the before untimely opposition buoyed by the brand new lane record of state-level government, signs of flourishing voter support, as well as what the personality Anwar Ibrahim calls the sense of story in the making.

"I am convinced, insya Allah (God willing), which you will win government," Anwar told AFP, evoking the winds of change which powered the "Arab Spring" elsewhere in the Muslim world.Of march you call it the 'Malaysian Spring', though the method is elections (not uprisings)."

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is approaching to call the uninformed opinion in weeks,Najib3 pitting his Malay-dominated Barisan Nasional (National Front) bloc against Anwar's multi-ethnic Opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat (People's Pact).

The 57-year-old statute bloc enjoys deep pockets, mainstream media control, an electoral complement the opposition says is rigged, as well as the record of decades of mercantile growth underneath the peremptory template.

Few design the Opposition to win the 112 parliamentary seats indispensable to take power. The three-party alliance won 82 seats in the 2008 polls, up from 21, overwhelming the BN with the biggest-ever setback.

But speculation is rife which Pakatan could win sufficient in the polls ! which mu st be hold by late June to lure statute bloc defectors as well as form the government.
Wan-Saiful"Before this year, many were in denial about Pakatan's potential. Today, you see society beginning to accept which the possibility (of the BN defeat) is real," pronounced Wan Saiful Wan January (left), who runs the eccentric Malaysian consider tank Ideas.

The country's stock marketplace has trembled not long ago over the uncertainty as opinion polls indicate the opinion will be tight. One recent consult put Najib as well as Anwar neck-and-neck as budding ministerial candidates.

In the January twelve show of force, the Opposition hold the convene which drew close to 100,000 people, paralysing most of the collateral Kuala Lumpur in one of Malaysia's biggest-ever political gatherings.

This is IT-KL112"I consider it's very close, as well as the celebration which makes the least mistakes will be the celebration which wins," pronounced Ambiga Sreenavasan, head of BERSIH, an NGO bloc which has organized large open rallies for electoral reform.

Pakatan attacks the statute coalition, as well as quite the dominant partner the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), as corrupt, odious as well as not in the long-term vision for Malaysia. Anwar says Pakatan would end authoritarianism as well as giveaway the media.

BN could lose 20 some-more seats

It would lure unfamiliar investment by aggressive rampant graft as well as reforming the complement of preferences for Malays which is blamed for harming national mercantile competitiveness as well as stoking rancour among minority Chinese as well as Indi! ans.

"The people have been committed to reform. There is the bona fide expectancy among the open for them to see which reforms do take place," Anwar said.

Anwar, who was clear the year ago upon sodomy charges he called the fraudulent UMNO attempt to ruin him politically, has been constituent to the Opposition's revival.

The former BN heir-apparent's spectacular 1998 ouster in the energy struggle with then-premier Mahathir Mohamad means the Opposition the charismatic personality with tip supervision knowledge to convene around.

The lax alliance of 2008 is stronger today, having given agreed upon the usual manifesto, as well as has shown it can oversee in 4 states won five years ago, the most ever in opposition hands. Malaysia has thirteen states.

"Cooperation between the parties is most stronger than 2008. They have finished some-more to prepare the ground for brand new voters," pronounced leading political pollster Ibrahim Suffian.

Concerns linger over Pakatan's capability to oversee nationally.

Besides Anwar's multi-racial PKR (Parti KeADILan Rakyat), it includes PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) representing Muslim racial Malays, as well as the secular DAP (Democratic Action Party) dominated by racial Chinese.

PAS's calls for an Islamic state have been the source of alliance squabbling, though We the RakyatAnwar dismisses any concern, observant PAS realises the goal is the non-starter in the different nation.

Economists, meanwhile, warn which populist Pakatan promises such as giveaway primary-to-university preparation could penetrate Malaysia into debt, whilst noting ever-larger open handouts by Najib's supervision also posed the risk.

Najib took bureau in 2009 as well as has portrayed himself as the reformer though surveys indicate BN i! s still noticed as the corruption-plagued, status-quo force.

Eroding minority support, quite Chinese, which harm the bloc in 2008 appears to be accelerating, eccentric polls show, whilst first-time electorate estimated to series up to three million have been the question mark.

One tip UMNO central told AFP which celebration officials fear the bloc could lose 20 some-more seats it right away has 140 raising the spectre of the Pakatan energy play.

"All said, Najib still has the advantage, though an Opposition victory is obviously possible," pronounced Bridget Welsh, the Southeast Asian politics consultant at Singapore Management University.


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Everyday money fall from the sky

Khairy during Kampung Pandan
Giving out income underneath BL1M
Malay as well as Indians Only. Not a single Chinese.

ALOR SETAR:Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today launched a 1Malaysia Licence Aid (BL1M) programme to have it simpler for youths to acquire a motorcycle looseness during RM199 instead of RM350 or more.
"Many youngsters have motorcycles, paid for for them by their parents, though they do not have a licence," he pronounced during a launch during a gathering of Kedah youths during a Sultan Abdul Halim Stadium in Suka Menanti, here.

The BL1M programme comes underneath a purview of a Urban Affairs Secretariat (SHEB) of a Barisan Nasional Youth as well as targets to assistance 500,000 field from between youngsters to acquire a licence.

Besides a cheaper rate, a programme also offers several other benefits, such as giveaway computerised test if a applic! ant fail s as well as has to re-sit a test.

Umno Youth arch Khairy Jamaluddin had pronounced which a BL1M was open to citizens between a ages of 17 as well as 40 as well as a fees charged covered a application for a licence, photograph, unsentimental training lessons, as well as computerised theory as well as unsentimental tests during a driving institute.

Those interested can register for a inducement programme through a website,
- Bernama
Living in a city, a single would consider a people would know some-more about a happenings in Malaysia than those in a kampungs.
Well life is full of surprises.
Recently we spoke to a little students from Primary as well as Secondary Schools.
I accidentally discuss a name Najib as well as got these replies from them.
Everyone shouted happily 'Najib give money.' 'Najib got copiousness of money.' 'Najib must be really rich, he likes to give people money.' 'My teachers say we want income only follow Najib as well as sure we get RM500.' 'My father says Najib is similar to Santa Claus, his pocket full of money.' 'That Najib, his father very, really rich, die cannot take with him, so now Najib wants to give divided since he as well starting to die.' 'That Najib-ah, his mom a bomoh-lah, she keep those small devil who really good during hidden money.' 'Aiyah, my clergyman discuss it us can get RM100, giveaway food as well as ride to Bukit Jalil for don't know what as well as afterwards someone took a money, never give us-lah.'
So we afterwards ask them 'who is Najib?' And these were a answers.
1. The male with hair branch white upon TV everyday.
! < em>2. Rich man.
3. Don't know.
4. His father really abounding similar to Lim Goh Tong.
5. His mom really reduced as well as fat.
6. He likes to give money.
7. Minister for money.
8. My mom says he is a liar.
9. A murderer.
10. Prime Minister.
11. Somebody really important.
12. A malay man.
Would similar to to discuss when someone pronounced Prime Minister, there were a little 'No-lah, Mahathir is a Prime Minister, Najib is a son-lah.' we roughly fainted.
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Tommy Thomas: If Malaysia oppress, why leave Canada to return to Malaysia?

Why would Tommy Thomas come behind to Malaysia in a first place if he really felt he was a plant of hardship here? And if that hardship were real, how did he turn so successful? (Photo by Minaq-Jinggo)

KUALA LUMPUR: It has been two weeks since anarticleby Malaysian lawyer Tommy Thomas pulling for a Pakatan Rakyat victory in a 13thGeneral Election was published

WOW! Selangor MCA confident of winning at least 7 seats

WOW! S'gor MCA assured of winning during slightest 7 seats
SHAH ALAM-Selangor MCA is assured of winning during slightest 7 out of fourteen seats allocated for a celebration in a entrance ubiquitous election.
Barisan Nasional report chief Datuk Yap Pian Hon pronounced MCA's concentration is to say as well as as well as increase a number of seats after usually winning dual in a 2008 ubiquitous election.
"We hope a people do not misunderstand as well as consider which MCA usually wants to win 7 seats. It is only which this time you do not want to be over assured as well as take things lightly.
"We have learned from our mistakes as well as over a past couple of years, you have worked hard to win over a Chinese electorate in a state.
"We will leverage on BN's growing strength in Selangor with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak as our chair man," he pronounced when met during a Umno building," here, today.
He pronounced between a party's strategy was to combine on areas where its possibilities mislaid by a slim majority.
At a same time, he pronounced MCA had been sensitive by a rakyat in several constituencies which their Pakatan assembly frequency visited their areas to meet them as well as there were those whose faces were never seen by a people after winning a 2008 ubiquitous election.
"Take for example a Balakong assemblyman who has left missing for a past dual years, you am certain you now have a possibility to retrieve which seat.
"We are additionally using a new media similar to Facebook, Twitter as well as blogs to pass out report more effectively to gain a await of a Chinese ! communit y especially a youths," he pronounced adding which a social media was additionally used to fast counter slanders as well as accusations by Pakatan opposite a celebration prior to they were supposed as a truth by a people.
- New Straits Times
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Dr M: Ibrahim Ali not Umno spokesman

KUALA LUMPUR, February 1 Datuk Ibrahim Ali might await Umno but does verbalise for the party, Perkasa patron Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has said in the bid to defuse religious tension forward of Election 2013 sparked by the right-wing Malay lawmakers Bible-burning threat, the latest sprung over the Allah controversy.

Umno Never Advocated Burning Malay-Language Bibles Using Allah - Mahathir - Bernama

Malaysia Chronicle

Umno Never Advocated Burning Malay-Language Bibles Using Allah - Mahathir
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 (Bernama) -- Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said currently Umno had never advocated burning a Malay-language bibles that use a word "Allah". He said what Datuk Ibrahim Ali, president of a Malay worried ...
HINT TO NAJIB TO CHEAT MORE? PM's fate up to Umno - Dr M Malaysia Chronicle
Mahathir blames Anwar for Project IC Free Malaysia Today
Past fraud, new risks in Malaysia Asia Times Online
Malay Mail
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Tsu Koon to represent Malaysia at Norodom Sihanouks royal cremation

KUALA LUMPUR, January 31 Minister in Prime Ministers Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon will represent a Government of Malaysia during a stately cremation rite for a late King Norodom Sihanouk during a Veal Preah Meru Square, Cambodia upon February 4. The late king, who is Cambodian King Norodom Sihamonis father passed away of a heart attack upon Oct 15, ... Read More

Where Are You Nazmi Faiz? Have You Left Portugal To Play In M-League?

KUALA LUMPUR: Where is Malaysia's highly-talented midfielder Nazmi Faiz Mansor? What he is up to?Read more... ... Read More


Sekali dengar macam tilawah Quran cuma ayat-ayat itu bukannya dari Quran.Siap dengan sadaqallahu azimBegitulah yang berlaku dalam satu majlis konvokesyen di Institut Teologi Kalimatullah di Jakarta di bawah Yayasan Misi Global Kalimatullah twenty-nine Mac 2003.Apa yang kita tahu, di Malaysia selama ini kita hidup harmoni dengan penganut Kristian.Rasanya sebahagian besar masyarakat Kristian sendiri joke tidak pernah terfikir bahawa wujud keperluan untuk mereka menggunakan kalimah Allah itu.Di Sabah ... Read More

Fact File: The Selangor water crisis

Tarani Palani as well as Stephanie Sta Maria,

There seems to be no end to a H2O complaint in Selangor.

THE ultimate H2O intrusion due to breakdown of a Wangsa Maju H2O siphon in late December has sparked a fresh turn of finger indicating in in between Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) as well as a Selangor state supervision over a state's long-standing H2O issue.
The Selangor supervision once again questioned Syabas' capability to cater to a needs of over 7 million people in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur as well as Putrajaya. Syabas upon a alternative palm argued which a state has shut off necessary appropriation to urge a piping as well as alternative important upkeep work, as a result crippling a efforts to yield peculiarity service. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has affianced to solve a H2O complaint if BN wins behind a state in a coming general election.
Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim voiced upon January twenty-nine which a state supervision will take over all 4 H2O concessionaires Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd (PNSB), Syarikat Pengeluaran Air Sungai Selangor Holdings (Splash), Konsortium ABASS as well as Syabas in 14 days. This will no doubt bring about another turn of arguments upon a matter. gives a low-down upon a emanate by retracing a stalemate as well as sum of a applicable parties in a infrastrctural complaint which has no resolve in steer yet. In a meantime, a people humour whilst a bickering continues.

Year /DateEvent
January 15
MTUC as well as alternative field record for legal review after Energy, Water as well as Communications Ministry denies a request to release Syabas review report as well as H2O benefaction agreement in in between Syabas as well as Selangor.
January 19
Selangor writes to sovereign supervision to devaluate H2O benefaction though receives no response. MaySelangor supervision freezes Syabas capital output (capex).
January 24
Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim announces plans to finish takeover of resources as well as operations of H2O companies. February 13Selangor offers RM5.7 billion to Syabas, Puncak Niaga, Splash as well as Abass, to acquire H2O resources as well as concessions. February 18Federal supervision - by SPAN - says it will without check come to terms with H2O concessionaires. February 20All 4 H2O concessionaires reject Selangor's offer. February 23Selangor Water Review Panel urges sovereign supervision to respect state government's right as well as concede it to come to terms with H2O concessionaires. Apr 17Coalition for Sustainable Water Management says projected H2O direct inflated to clear RM9 billion Pahang-Selangor tender H2O send project. June
Selangor offers RM9.3 billion to Syabas to take over a operations. Splash as well as Abass accept offer, though Syabas as well as Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd reject it.
Selangor prevents Syabas from raising tariffs by 37% as per benefaction agreement observant which Syabas had not fulfilled conditions for increase.
OctoberKonsortium Abass serves Syabas originating summons for RM63 million for payment of physical phenomenon costs as well as purchase of H2O invoices. November 19Splash sues Syabas for RM196 million in relation of supply of treated with colour water.
! February 24
Syabas sends Selangor a minute of direct for RM339 million for refusing to concede a travel in H2O tariffs final year. Apr 6Construction upon Pahang-Selangor tender H2O send plan begins as well as is scheduled for execution in May 2014. Jul 12Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin says Selangor struggling to catch price of upon condition which giveaway water. Predicts H2O predicament in two years. Jul 15Water as well as Energy Consumers Association of Malaysia says risk of H2O rationing in Selangor possible if corner in in between sovereign as well as state governments unresolved. Jul 20MB Khalid says there is sufficient H2O for KL as well as Selangor consumers until 2019. Says Pahang-Selangor tender H2O send plan could have been pushed to 2016. Jul 23Syabas denies Khalid's statement, says current H2O supply can usually final until 2014. Says cannot reduce non-revenue H2O further since of freeze upon capex.
January 7
Selangor creates third bid for state H2O concessionaires at RM9 billion. January 21Selangor writes to sovereign supervision to devaluate H2O benefaction though receives no response. Mar 23Syabas asks Selangor to lift freeze upon capex. Jun 22Selangor govt blames Syabas for 48-hour H2O intrusion in Klang Valley inspiring 1 million people.
Jul 15
Syabas asks SPAN to concede water-rationing programme. Claims pot of treated with colour H2O at 2%. The 'safe' turn of treated with colour H2O is 20%. Jul 16
Selangor denies H2O shortage. Blames Syabas for incompetency as well as invokes Clause 32 of benefaction agreement to take over Syabas operations.
Jul 17Selangor exco part of Ronnie Liu visits Selangor dams. Says all dams have been at rise capacity as well as accuses Syabas of production H2O crisis.
Syabas says there is shortfall in treated with colour water, not tender water, since Selangor has prevented construction of Langat 2.
Jul! 18Selan gor announces H2O row as well as reshuffle of Syabas tip management. Syabas says it has invariably alerted Selangor to possible H2O crisis. Jul 19A Special Cabinet Committee upon Selangor Water Issue, chaired by Muhyiddin, is set up to plead a H2O crisis. Jul 23Committee rejects Selangor's due takeover of Syabas. Also says which tender routine for a RM3.8b Langat 2 will proceed. Jul 25Water Monitoring Committee finds which Syabas handling next tangible capacity in upon condition which sufficient treated with colour water. Sept 4Pengurusan Aset Air Bhd (PAAB) opens tenders for Langat 2 despite not reception Selangor's approval. October 26Muhyiddin says Pahang-Selangor tender H2O send scheme may not fulfil objective since of check in construction of Langat 2. December 27Tenders for Langat 2 close.
January 3
Syabas says Selangor's check in building one some-more pumping complement in Wangsa Maju obliged for H2O supply disruption. January 15Syabas says H2O intrusion 95% restored after bypass works. January 15-22Water intrusion hits Petaling, Sepang, Klang, Kuala Langat as well as Hulu Langat due to stream wickedness inspiring Sungai Semenyih Water Treatment Plant. January 19Syabas says ready to be audited by Selangor government. January 29MB Khalid says state supervision will take over all 4 H2O concessionaires - Puncak Niaga Sdn Bhd (PNSB), Syarikat Pengeluaran Air Sungai Selangor Holdings (Splash), Konsortium ABASS as well as Syabas in 14 days. January 30Federal Court grants leave to Coalition Against Water Privatisation (CAWP) to disagree for access to Syabas' H2O benefaction agreement dated December 15, 2004 when BN ruled Selangor.

Key issuesState govt saysSyabas says Syabas' distribution capacity
The 34 diagnosis plants in a state have been able of treating 4,807 million litres of H2O per day (MLD). The ongoing mitigation plan will repo! rtedly b oost a plants' capacity to 5,139 MLD though Syabas is usually able of distributing 4,411 MLD.
Syabas is amateurish as well as often wastes much of a funds allocated to enlarge a capacity by a capex. The capex is allocated to Syabas when there is scheduled works.
Its hands have been scored equally as a state refuses to nudge from a freeze upon a capex. The capex is necessary to urge a capacity such as replacing old pumps in order to yield some-more H2O to cater for a flourishing direct of water.
Reserve turn of treated with colour water
State govt officials posts photos of dams which have been full to rebut necessity of H2O claimed by Syabas. But nothing has a figure for a haven turn of treated with colour water.
Klang MP Charles Santiago, co-ordinator for Coalition Against Water Privatisation, says which it was not possible for a representatives to know a tangible turn as usually Syabas can yield those numbers as well as there is no eccentric review to verify those numbers.
The haven turn of treated with colour H2O was 2% in Jul 2012 as well as 1% in January 2013, way next a 'safe level' of 20%.
To address a acute shortage, Syabas proposes water-rationing in Jul 2012 though after cancelled a exercise, observant a some-more 'long-term' plan is better following takeover bids from a state government.
More to come Is there a genuine need for RM3.9b Langat 2?
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Video MP Loh promises another expos

Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne who shot to celebrity with a VK Lingam video says he has an additional one upon law fixing.
PETALING JAYA: Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne, who became an overnight sensation with a VK Lingam tapes, says he has an additional video exposing box regulating within a judiciary.
Loh will be revealing to a media subsequent week a video recording showing an purported ongoing box regulating within a judiciary, though declined to divulge any sum as yet.
"It is regretted which we cannot exhibit anything due to authorised reasons, though when releasing a video, we instruct to inform a open of this likely defilement of justice," Loh told FMT.
He added which he has given met with representatives from a Bar Council, who have advised him upon a authorised counts regarding a video.
"When we do something like this [release a argumentative video], there tends to be some people who will plea we in court," Loh said.
Asked if he was fearful of repercussions, Loh bravely replied: "There is zero we am fearful of in a world."
"They can plea and bluster me, though zero will hold me back," he said.
"I am operative for a better Malaysian multitude and environment," he added.
Asked if he was obliged for recording a brand new video, Loh laughed: "I don't regularly take videos-lah!"
"Otherwise other people will look during me as someone who regularly takes videos and avoid being around me."
The 38-year-old Loh shot to celebrity in 2007 when a video which he shot led to a Royal Commission of Inquiry in to a manipulation of judicial appoin! tments.< /div>
The video warranted him a parliamentary seat when he contested in a 2008 general election, defeating Barisan Nasional claimant Lee Hwa Beng and eccentric Billi Lim.
Loh's low quality video was done open in September 2007 by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and showed lawyer VK Lingam allegedly articulate to former Chief Judge of Malaya Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim about a appointment of a latter in to a office of Chief Justice of a Federal Court.
Ahmad Fairuz retired as a Chief Justice of a Federal Court in late 2007 after his reign was not renewed due to objection from a Conference of Rulers.
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