Nafi kering macam tu je dah cukup ke Suhaimi? We wish more..PEMBUNUHAN ataupun kematian bekas Presiden Persatuan Pemborong Binaan Malaysia (MBAM) Datuk Patrick Wong Kie Yik yang dikatakan orang yang banyak mengetahui dan mengenali dalang-dalang di sebalik aktiviti perlombongan pasir di Negeri Selangor serta penyelewengannya mula membuka banyak lagi rahsia-rahsia di sebalik kegiatan tersebut dan pale pasti orang yang terlibat sepenuhnya mula panas punggung bila polis pula menjelaskan kes pembunuhan itu belum lagi ditutup.

Dalang yang `mengorek kembali pasir-pasir yang tertimbus sebelum ini adalah Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) bila beliau mendakwa mempunyai bukti penglibatan ADUN-ADUN dari Selangor hingga mengheret dua wakil rakyat tampil untuk memperjelaskan mereka tidak terlibat walaupun mereka adalah Lembaga Pengarah syarikat yang disebut dan kegiatan syarikat-syarikat ini sudah mula bertebaran di internet secara lengkap serta tersusun.

Raja Petra membangkitkan persoalan berhubung kematian Wong, dan mendakwa ahli pernigaaan tersebut mengumpulkan maklumat mengenai skandal perlombongan pasir di Selangor sejak beberapa tahun sebelum kematiannya.Tuduhan RPK ini serius dan polis juga harus menyiasatnya bagi mendapatkan petunjuk walaupun polis kata siasatan kematian Patrick itu tidak menjurus kepada isu pasir.

Suhaimi ADUN Seri Muda dan Amiruddin ADUN Batu Caves diserang oleh RPK dan RPK mendakwa beliau mempunyai bukti lengkap termasuklah rakaman perbualan telefon antara mereka namun semua ini disanggah oleh dua ADUN PKR ini dan menuduh RPK memfitnah serta berniat jahat walaupun RPK adalah sebahagian daripada mereka yang diperalatkan untuk menyerang kerajaan,UMNO serta pemimpin Barisan Nasional.

Isu Pasir dikaitkan dengan pembunuhan Patrick ! dan kala u benar,siapa pula yang merancang?Adakah Suhaimi,Amiruddin ataupun Azmin Ali,nama Azmin juga disebut kerana RPK dedahkan perbualan Suhaimi itu mengaitkan dengan nama Azmin Ali yang dikatakan sedang mengumpul wang untuk PRU dan perlu duit termasuklah upah melobi bagi mendapatkan kontrak pasir di Selangor.


Overseas voters: Details still murky

PETALING JAYA: Details are still ghastly per a voting rights for all Malaysians living abroad as a Election Commission (EC) has yet to have any concrete decision upon a matter.On Thursday, after a three-hour prolonged meeting with a EC, Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) upon electoral reforms chairman Maximus Ongkili voiced a slew of reforms to be implemented by a EC as early as midle of this month.However, he pronounced which a emanate of expanding voting rights to all Malaysians abroad h ... Read More

Indians get fake US, Canadian visas from Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb eleven Malaysias messy controls upon Indian tourists crop up to be helping them come in a US as well as Canada illegally whilst successful a unfamiliar associate charity feign visas.

The Times of India reported currently that Delhi military have zeroed in upon a the Pakistani as well as Punjabi associate handling out of Malaysia that has been making as well as offered feign visas to Indian nations for hundreds of thousands of ringgit to a US as well as Canada.

RA Sanjeev, DCP (IGI Airport) said this was discovered after eleven people, 10 from Punjab as well as a single from Haryana, were deported to India from assorted countries over a past two years, a Indian every day reported, referring to a countrys emissary commissioner of military during a Indira Gandhi International Airport in a Indian capital.

The military central was reported observant that a visa scam had emerged in 2010, with three reported cases as well as rose to eight cases final year.

When cases were filed against these people, they confessed that a organisation was handling out of Malaysia as well as their agents in India had contacted them. We are working during getting more details about a operation, Sanjeev was quoted as observant in by a English-language daily.

The journal additionally cited sources that said a passengers were first taken to Malaysia where they would get a visas upon arrival.

It combined that whilst watchful for their visas, a customers would afterwards bound over to countries like New Zealand, Italy as well as Turkey prior to leaving for a US or Canada.

An Indian military central told a paper that it was simpler receiving them by Malaysia given it has a visa-on-arrival policy.

In India, you are both better equipped as well as more stringent in our checking for feign visas. Secondly, a agents have been regulating a hit-and-t! rial met hod for obtaining visas.

They placed orders for visas in assorted countries as well as as before long as a single lot was ready, passengers would be taken to that country as well as flown to a US, a Times of India quoted an unknown Indian military military officer as saying.

Citing sources, a paper reported that multiform people had gained entrance in to a US by this method.

It combined that eleven Indian nationals, mostly youths from a Punjab state had been caught prior to they reached a US as well as were deported.

This revelation has come before long after Delhi Police busted a large human trafficking pole that concerned passengers gaining illegal entrance in to a US around Guatemala in South America.

This came to light after 105 passports were found by etiquette officials in a bag during a IGI Airport. In this case, passengers would be taken to Guatemala, that additionally has a visa-on-arrival policy, as well as afterwards made to travel by jungles in to North America, a journal reported today.

's corruption

and the injustice eating up the celebration like cancer.

Youth wants probe into sand-mining deal

Youth has lodged a inform over a purported impasse of dual Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen in a silt mining liaison in a state. The wing's chief Khairy Jamaluddin pronounced a brand new expose was critical and a Selangor government contingency not ...

Melayu DAP tengok saja Melayu dituduh rasis dalam peristiwa KFC I-City?

Apakah pendirian Aspan dan Dato arif Sakmongkol serta Zairil yang ngaku Melayu dalam hal DAP menimbulkan isu perkauman dari pertelingkahan antara pelanggan dan pekerja KFC di I City?Isu ini adalah isu antara dua individu. Kononnya pelanggan menunggu lama dan apabila sampai ke kaunter ayam sudah habis.Ini perkara biasa. Tetapi apa berlaku, pelanggan CIna ini mendesak-desak dan mungkin kata-kata

Association wants schools to play a role

SCHOOLS play an critical purpose in ensuring which Chinese culture is passed upon to a younger generation.If a roots are not strong, afterwards a younger era will start to lose touch with their own culture. We need to pass it upon to our children and it can be finished through schools, pronounced Puchong Jaya Yee Lan Festival Association conduct Billy Koh Beng Teck during a recent Puchong Chinese Association Alliance Chinese New Year gathering.About 500 people attended a event at a SJKC Yak Chee mu ... Read More

Zairil cari pasal ... macam perangai anak haram?

Isu anak Lim Guan Eng sudah lama berakhir. Sebaik saja siasatan Kementerian Pendidikan menafikan kejadian, kebanyakkan blogger henti serta merta memainkan isu.Dalam Zairil cuba nak ampu bossnya dengan menggambarkan anak Guan ENg sebagai kanak-kanak, blogger Helen Ang bertanya:Menuduh blogger-blogger angkuh sebagai masih lagi berterusan memfitnah, Zairil menggambarkan golongan pro-Umno ini

Daim: BN Needs to Engage the Younger Generation

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 FEBRUARY, 2012: Former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin pronounced a Barisan Nasional (BN) indispensable to take a beginning to rivet a younger era by attracting them to have an interest in a party. ... Read More

Malaysiakini putarbelit Pengerusi SPR

Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR), Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd. Yusof hanya menerangkan cara-cara negara lain mensyaratkan warga mereka untuk membolehkan mengundi secara pos tetapi Malaysiakini sudah menuduh SPR nak tetapkan pembayaran cukai sebagai syarat untuk warga Malaysia di seberang laut mengundi cara pos.Tan sri Aziz ada menjelas dan menerangkan dalam laporan Utusan Malaysia sini."Ada

The Ethics of Internet Piracy

February 11, 2012

The Ethics of Internet Piracy

"Nobody ever created anything great by stealing it; as good as it is time for a strong general community 'push'to bring order to a Internet transaction space by clamping down upon copyright rascal as good as dns trade scams. Let us supplement a much indispensable squares to finish a board as good as designate referees to manage a game, so which amiability can actually develop a potential of a Internet to a fullest".

Copyrights theirEarth 2007

by Peter Singer (01-02-12)

Last year, you told a co-worker which you would include Internet ethics in a march which you was teaching. She referred to which you review a not prolonged ago published collection of works upon computer ethics as good as attached a complete volume to a email.

Should you have refused to review a pirated book? Was you reception stolen goods, as advocates of stricter laws opposite Internet piracy claim?

If you take someone's book a old-fashioned way, you have a book, as good as a original owner no longer does. you am improved off, though she is worse off. When people make use of pirated books, a publisher as good as a author mostly have been worse off they remove gain from offered a book.

But, if my co-worker had not sent me a book, you would have borrowed a duplicate in my university's library. you saved myself a time indispensable to do that, as good as it seems which no a single was worse off. (Curiously, since a book's subject matter, it is not for sale in digital form). In fact, others benefited from my choice as well: a book remained upon a library shelf, available to alternative users.

On a alternative hand, if a book had not ! been upo n a shelf as good as those alternative users had asked library staff to stop or reserve it, a library competence have remarkable a demand for a book as good as ordered a second copy. But there is usually a small luck which my make use of of a book would have persuaded a library to buy an additional copy. And, in any case, you have been now a prolonged approach from a standard cases of stealing.

I asked a 300 students in my ethics class which of them had not downloaded something from a Internet, meaningful or suspecting which they were violating copyright. Only five or 6 hands went up. Many of a rest suspicion which what they had finished was wrong, though pronounced which "everyone does it." Others pronounced which they would not have bought a song or book anyway, so they were not harming anyone. It did not appear which any of them were rebuilt to stop.

The box for enforcing copyright laws was strengthened by a sum which emerged following a detain in New Zealand final month of Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz), owner of a Web site Megaupload (now closed down by a FBI). Megaupload allowed a 180 million registered users to upload as good as download movies, television shows, as good as music, as good as a little of a income earned by Dotcom (from promotion as good as subscriptions) was upon arrangement during his mansion nearby Auckland, where he kept his Rolls-Royce as good as alternative outlandish cars.

Dotcom's lawyer claims which Megaupload was merely on condition which storage for a subscribers' files, as good as had no carry out over what they were storing. But Megaupload offered money rewards to users who uploaded files which proved renouned with alternative users.

Last month, a United States considered legislation which directed! during interlude Internet piracy. The bills had been written during a urging of Hollywood studios as good as a edition as good as recording industries, which explain which violations of copyright upon a Internet cost a US 100,000 jobs. Opponents pronounced a proposed law would reach distant over sites identical to Megaupload, creation Google as good as YouTube probable for copyright transgression as good as permitting a supervision to block (without justice authorization) access to Web sites which it deemed to be facilitating copyright infringement.

For a moment, Internet activists, together with Google, Facebook, as good as alternative vital online players, have carried a day, persuading a US Congress to shelve a anti-piracy legislation. But a fight will continue: final month, a European Union as good as 22 part of states sealed a Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which establishes general standards as good as a new organization to make intellectual-property rights. The agreement has already been sealed by Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, as good as a US. Now it contingency be ratified by, between others, a European Parliament.

I am an author, as good as a reader. One wonder during of a Internet is which a little of my comparison works, prolonged out of print, have been now distant some-more during large available than they ever were before in pirated versions. Of course, you am some-more advantageous than most authors or beautiful artists, since my academic income equates to which you am not forced to rest upon royalties to feed my family. Nevertheless, it isn't tough to find improved purposes for my kingship gain than Kim Dotcom's environmentally damaging lifestyle. We need to find a approach to show off a truly extraordinary potential of a Int! ernet, w hile scrupulously rewarding creators.

Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, as good as most European countries now have a open lending right, written to compensate authors as good as publishers for a detriment of sales caused by a participation of their books in open libraries. We need something identical for a Internet. A user fee could compensate for it, and, if a fee were low enough, a inducement to make use of pirated copies would diminish. Couple which with law coercion opposite a mega-abusing Web sites, as good as a complaint competence be soluble. Otherwise, most beautiful people will need to earn a living you do something else, as good as you will all be a losers.

Peter Singer is Professor of Bioethics during Princeton University as good as Laureate Professor during a University of Melbourne. His books include Practical Ethics, One World, and most recently, The Life You Can Save.

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012.

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Man kills self over political differences with dad

KENDRAPADA: A day forward of the initial proviso of panchayat polls, the girl ended his hold up allegedly due to domestic differences with his father in the village of Odisha's Kendrapara district.

Police conspicuous the incident happened during Kora village nearby here yesterday bringing under sharp focus the unfortunate trend in this politically-sensitive coastal district.

Sarat Sahu (25), the daily wageearner, was not pulling on good with his father Surendra Sahu on poll-related issues.

He had asked his father to support as well as opinion in favour of his prime claimant but Surendra did not relent. Dejected over it, Sarat used up pesticide, military said.

The panchayat polls has paid for the sharp order in the number of well-knit family groups with possibilities sealed in the battle opposite their own blood.

"It is unfortunate to note which family ties have got severed following contests in between own red blood relatives. Besides, members of family groups hold anomalous views as distant as casting their franchise is concerned," conspicuous Nabaghana Nayak, the former Panchayat samity authority of Garadapur block.

There were wandering cases of similar nature in the past polls also. But this time, it has turn more pronounced.

While the mother is fighting it out opposite her daughter, siblings as well as close kin have been sealed in approach check battle in the little of the gram panchayat as well as panchayat samity zones.

"A mother is pitted opposite her daughter for Sarpanch chair in Purussottampur gram panchayat. In Ayeba, the lady claimant is battling opposite her daughter-in-law. Many of the gram panchayats going to the polls account for such instances," conspicuous Ambika Prasad Parida, the former Zilla Parishad member.

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Woman burnt alive for allegedly practising witchcraft

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Probe on PKR duo over but no action taken

The MACC says the A-G's Chambers has returned the examination writings as well as no charges were brought opposite the dual assemblymen.
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) pronounced currently which it had finished investigations upon the purported sand burglary syndicate in Selangor.
However, the Attorney-General's (A-G) Chambers had returned the examination writings as well as had recommended which no further movement be taken upon the case.
It is not clear since no charges were brought opposite any individuals, but it is understood which the meeting upon February twenty-three with the Operations Review Panel (PPO) might divulge some-more inform upon the
investigations into the case.
The PPO is an eccentric group formed by multiform people appointed by the supervision to re-study as well as examination the preference of the A-G.
"The MACC would similar to to announce which investigations upon Sri Muda state representative Mat Suhaimi Shafiei as well as Batu Caves state representative Amirudin Shaari have been finished as well as (the examination papers) handed over to the A-G's Chambers," the MACC pronounced in the statement.
It added which the A-G's Chambers has studied the box as well as has returned it to the commission," it added.
Despite the A-G's preference not to ensue with the case, the MACC currently indicated which it might not be the finish of the story.
It pronounced which examination files will be handed over to the PPO.
Different march of action
Besides the sand burglary case, other writings which would be submitted to the PPO embody! the Nat ional Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) liaison as well as the box involving Abdul Arifffahmi Abdul Rahman, the
son-in-law of Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who was implicated in alleged
improper dealings of state subsidiaries.
The PPO members have been specialists as well as professionals appointed by the supervision as well as the row is chaired by Hadenan Abdul Jalil (a former auditor-general).
The seven-panel members have been Cecil Abraham (solicitor as well as past emissary boss of the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators), Hamzah Kassim (IA Group CEO), Zamani Abdul Ghani (former special confidant as well as emissary Bank Negara governor, as well as stream boss of Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd), Aminah Pit Abdul Rahman (Amanah Raya Bhd eccentric non-executive director), Profesor Syed Noh Syed Ahmad (UiTM highbrow as well as expert in account forensics), Nik Mohd Hasyudeen Yusoff (Institut Akauntan Malaysia president), as well as Walter Sandosam (Audit as well as Assurance Standards Board member).
"MACC will contention these 3 cases NFCorp, sand theft, as well as Abdul Arifffahmi to the PPO in line with the set of conditions of references, in between them, to 'receive as well as study the inform from the commission in propinquity to the examination writings (on the 3 cases) returned by the A-G's Chambers'."
The PPO is empowered to recommend to the A-G the different march of movement related to these cases.
The MACC reiterated which all inform or complaints it received have been investigated but fear or favour, as well as regardless of political leanings, position or power of those involved.
Terms of reference
The conditions of anxiety for the PPO include:
  • Receiving as well as looking construction upon the status of the examination writings (IPs) opened by the MACC;
  • Receiving as well as reviewing reports from the MACC upon IPs of ! which th e examination period has exceeded twelve months;
  • Receiving reports from the MACC upon all cases where the arrested persons have been released upon bail by the MACC for some-more than 6 months;
  • Receiving as well as reviewing reports from the MACC regarding decisions upon the IPs by the public prosecutor;
  • Receiving as well as reviewing reports from the MACC upon IPs submitted to the public
    prosecutor but removing any results after the period exceeding 6 months;
  • Providing opinions upon cases where no charges were made;
  • Advising as well as assisting MACC upon the efficacy of the operational aspects of its investigations;
  • Examining, reviewing as well as recommending to the MACC advisory row upon proposals to enlarge the efficacy of the operational aspects of investigations; and
  • Submiting an annual inform to the budding minister.
Yesterday, controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin implicated the dual Pakatan Rakyat state assemblymen in the sand-mining liaison in Selangor.
In an essay published upon his Malaysia Today headlines portal, Mat Suhaimi as well as Amirudin were named as the twin who allegedly colluded with the well-heeled executive with regard to sand-mining operations in the state.
The executive was pronounced to have split out cash benefit to Mat Suhaimi for his programmes whilst Amirudin had supposing the supporting minute to Double Dignity Sdn Bhd, the sand-mining company belonging to the contractor.
Raja Petra additionally published the transcripts of purported taped write conversations in between Mat Suhaimi as well as the contractor.
He additionally forked out which when the sand-mining liaison erupted, the MACC appeared unable to ensue with its probe.
"Why is this? Is this since they h! ave made the 'deal' with Mat Suhaimi as well as Amirudin, similar to they did with those dual PKR state assemblymen from Perak who were additionally held with their pants down as well as afterwards jumped boat to shun starting to jail?" he asked.
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Zaid: PAS deputy chief offered me seat to contest

Kita boss Zaid Ibrahim pronounced today which PAS emissary boss Mohamad Sabu had offering him the chair to competition in the subsequent ubiquitous election, though the suggest was done in his personal capacity.

"It's all speculation people write in the blog, though the closest they got was Mat Sabu. He is the crony of cave as good as we consider he was being very good to me, though we do not consider it's the celebration decision.

NONE"He said, we'll let Zaid contest, we'll give him the seat, something similar to that, though we consider he was giving his personal view," Zaid (right) pronounced toldMalaysiakiniin an talk during his residence in Petaling Jaya this morning.

However, he shot down talk which he was asked to disintegrate Kita in sell for the PKR chair as good as which he would stick upon DAP to competition in the ubiquitous election.
On Wednesday, sacked Penang Kita chief Tan Tee Bengclaimedthat Mat Sabu had offering Zaid the Kota Bharu chair to competition in the ubiquitous election.

This, Tan claimed, had led Zaid to try as good as disintegrate Kita in order to competition upon the PAS ticket, as Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali had done in 2008.

However Mat Sabu in the telephone review with news portal AntaraPos uploaded upon Youtube yesterday denied such an suggest as good as declined to comment further.
Zaid, the former minister as good as PKR member, added which he has no skeleton to stand in the arriving polls.

This decision, he said, was arrived during after careful research upon the possibility of his candidacy.

"I will not contest, it's simple, it's not which we done the preference without chec! king," h e added.
Difficult to win upon his own ticket
Zaid pronounced he had, late final year, outlayed dual months in the parliamentary constituencies of Kota Bharu as good as Petaling Jaya Selatan to sign if he could win upon his own ticket.

NONE"I longed for to test either Zaid Ibrahim could win upon his own. we found it difficult, since everybody pronounced we have to be in this (party) or that, though I'm not about to stick upon any alternative party," he said.

He added which contesting underneath Kita's ensign was additionally not viable, as his research showed the win would be difficult underneath the sheet of the tiny party.

"But in the unlikelihood which sure domestic parties suggest me (to contest), then we will evaluate, where, because as good as if there are any conditions attached," he said.

NONEHowever, he stressed which if the suggest requires him to stick upon the particular party, he would reject it.

"Election is not paramount to me during the moment, I'm not meditative about it, we only hope the opposition will do well," he said.
Asked if his insistence not to react Pakatan Rakyat as good as carrying to rest upon his tiny celebration meant which his domestic future was bleak, Zaid replied: "Maybe."

"My (political) future might not be bright, though I'm utterly happy with it. There are sure things we believe in, we will always have the platform of some kind. I'm not going to stick upon any alternative party... though we will support opposition politics."
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PRU 13 permulaan BN hilang kuasa...

Pilihan raya umum akan datang tidak akan menyaksikan tsunami seperti yang diharapkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat bagi membawa mereka ke Putrajaya, demikian ramalan ahli sains politik, Ong Kian Ming.Bagaimanapun, katanya, keputusan berkenaan akan menyediakan pentas bagi Pakatan mengambil alih kerajaan pada pilihan raya umum ke-14."BN tidak akan mendapat majoriti dua pertiga (pada PRU13), mereka juga akan kehilangan kerusi di Johor, Sabah dan Sarawak, akan menang 55 hingga 63 peratus kerusi."Saya jangka ... Read More

Rosmah to receive doctorate from Aussie varsity

Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, is scheduled to embrace an titular doctorate from the Curtin University in Australia this weekend, pronounced Negeri Sembilan menteri besar today.

"There have been people here who have been observant bad things about her, but usually demeanour during how people of alternative countries (Australia) appreciate her by consultation the doctorate upon her," Mohamad Hassan told the throng of about 2,000 in Rahang, Seremban.

NONENajib as well as Rosmah have been scheduled to fly to Australia after today, but it's not confirmed where Rosmah will embrace her doctorate as Curtin University has dual campuses - in Perth as well as Sydney.

Mohamad told the throng which Najib has to terminate one of his scheduled events in Taman Desa Rhu this afternoon as well as return to Kuala Lumpur.
Rosmah has received consistent critique for her allegedly expensive lifestyle. Recently she was indicted of ashopping spreeon an disdainful engineer tag clothing in Sydney, Australia.

She was last year indicted of attempting to sequence the diamond ring worth RM24.45 million, but has vehemently denied it.

NONEShe has additionally been indicted of spending thousands of ringgit upon Hermes handbags, with the collage of press photographs of her carrying the bags starting viral upon the Internet.

Her calumny has sparked an online game 'Aku Jimat' (I do save money) which was soon pulled off the internet.
Najib in his debate after told the throng which Malaysians were glad as well as welcomed his Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) RM500 income aid.
"If the antithesis pronounced which we borrowed the income from World Bank to handover this cash, then it's acerita dongeng(myth) by the opposition.

"We have been not like Greece," Najib said, referring to the European Union part of whose debt woes have unsettled tellurian economies.

Najib was in Negeri Sembilan to palm over house ownership certificates as well as the one-off income assistance to residents in Rahang.

Meanwhile Curi-curi Wang Malaysia reports:

"Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, is scheduled to embrace an titular doctorate from the Curtin University in Australia this weekend" - Malaysiakini

Booo ... what creates this foolish large mom validate to embrace an titular doctorate from Curtin University? She usually deserves for PhD in Curi Curi Wang Malaysia.

Other than sleeping, eating, shitting, curi wang, selling as well as enjoying oppulance life, what else she knows? What grant she has made?

Other people need to do really tough to get the doctorate, but this mom gonna embrace it after the oppulance selling in Australia. OMG, what the ruin happened to Curtin University? [curi]
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Youth lodges report against PKR reps over sand mining

Youth has lodged a military inform over a purported impasse of dual Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen over silt mining in a state. Its chief Ungku Mat Salleh Ungku Jamal lodged a military inform at Section 9, Shah Alam military station.

Is this Amanahs stand, Kadir? We need to know

MalaysiakinireportsAmanah's Kadir Sheikh Fadzir as propelling banks to have special units to cater to bumiputera entrepreneurs.
Damn, he even suggests that each minstry create a special unit to cater to bumi entrepreneurs!
Now, this bumi/ non-bumi crap is nowhere to be found in a constitution, as well as Kadir must know this.
He acknowledges that this 30% quota unsteadiness for bumis came about during a time a NEP was constructed in a 70s.
What he overlooks to confess is that this bumi / non-bumi cleave was as divisive of a republic as a really notion of BN being created, with each member party seeking after a interests of their particular ethnic communities.
Does a politics of Amanah visualize a continuance of this divide?
For that matter, what of a alternative domestic parties?
I need to know who supports a end of a republic of a singular people, all equal.
One Response "Is this Amanah's stand, Kadir? We need toknow"
  • Not only is a word 'Bumiputra' not in a Constitution, it is a mockery of citizenship when descendants of a invading/colonial Portuguese were postulated Bumiputra standing by Maha Firaun, while ignoring those of a Babas, Chinese as well as Hindus a little of whom arrived in Malayan shores as early as 1 CE!!
    Besides, we already have a Ministry that handles $ Billion (fraud)entrepreneurial fund, 99% indifferent for W.Malaysian Malays.
    So, 2 bites during a cherry as well as possibly, 3, given $ 40 billion of PTPN loans have remained unserviced as well as uncollected? And you know who 90% of those loans went to, don't you?
    How stupid can this has-been Mamak ex-Minister get?
    we are all of 1 Race, a hUman race
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    Scratching the Wrong Back

    The legacies which 1Malaysia is leaving behind after his power is 1TooMany to count, talk about recalling a most 1Projects initiated presumably by this 1Person. And if it's loyal these 1Many Projects have been in truth a origination of 1Brain, it does speak volumes of a comprehension of a alternative leaders of a coalition, huh?

    Besides a 1Malaysia Policy of People First Performance now, a similarly distinct evil of a power of this 1Supreme personality (apology to a Fatwa fellows for glorifying a homo sopien being some-more autarchic than a Supreme Himself), right away aka ah jib gor, is a enchanting or ajaib regulation of gaining electorate 'to certitude me' is a tagline People Your Perform First is You Help Me, I Help You or I Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours afterwards you will get what I confirm you can have, no?

    This YHMIHU or vice versa (see story here) or ISYBYSMB, is treating electorate similar to a little kind of prostitutes or monkeys who have been in such dire incident prickly for income which they will do a gorilla see, gorilla do act to get a peanuts, no?

    This YHMIHU as well as its ISYBYSMB vice versa scratching has spawned similar variations of YTM or You Trust Me as well as ITU which is not any mischievous sounding Chinese chapter expletives though rsther than I Trust You pasar malam kind of barter selling character a single encounters in a chee cheong kai of Petaling Street.

    For a politician as well as some-more so a FMOM, First Man of Malaysia which is, to indulge in this type of horse trade sends a signal of not guileless a voters, desperation, miss of certainty in one's self value or a electorate do not certitude your sincerity? Worse still, asking for favours finished shows a hypocrisy of a personality in all which he or she has finished or skeleton to do is genuine in a first place. Everything finished has a ground as well as not finished out of! genuine ness, altruistic or which which elected politicians have been supposed to do right?

    What do you think o! f someon e who expects a in spin grade of gratitude for what he does for you? Asking for such gratitude is not win-win strategy though denote a 'fake-ness' of one's action!

    By negotiate with a voters, it is not surprising leaders from this celebration are
    perpetually chiding their own people for not showing gratitude for all they have done. Does such an attitude simulate a status of an ah jib gor as a Chinese give bend to such titling. Not so ah gor trying to gorge gratitude out from electorate huh?

    So how sincere or current is a suggest said in a venue which a leader's holy men in robes have plainly spoken sacrificing his conviction in being among infidels as well as pagans which his God or is a eremite head forbids? See a context here.

    If you believe a personality swear upon a Holy Book as proof of his holiness as well as a some-more noble as well as model Muslim over those of a same conviction as well as even aloft than pagans as well as infidels, afterwards his presence in a non-believer venue so spoken his holy men in robes, a YSMBISY or ITU UTM guarantee has no value during all even if it was spoken in front of Lord Murugan huh?

    God is Great or is it Fate has its own way of branch out surprises. Has this abduction kind of 'ransom order' of getting behind your life if you blemish my back, has kind of backfired?

    This negotiate seems to have been invalidated since a leader's holy legislature of holy men's decree has deemed a presence as an 'idolatrous act! So it doesn't count whatever you plea or guarantee since those most thousands have been pagans (at least according to a leader's eremite leader) either legal, illegal, migrants or unfamiliar tourists, right? And pagans gift to you should ! be treat ed as 'haram' too which equates to better for pagans to cast their votes to alternative pagans who would appreciate them some-more eh?

    So a single can cry a whine of ! service t hat a sea of pagan's as well as infidels (according to a leader's holy legislature of holy men's decree) will not buy a suggest to service each other's eagerness simply since you can't have such promises or ask for favours from infidels as well as pagans, can you?

    If you have been to allow to a law of a holy legislature of holy clerics, they have been probably revelation a 1Leader which he's scratching a wrong behind with his 'I blemish your back, you blemish mine or vice versa suggest too! The usually current as well as God authorized scratching is probably to blemish a behind of your own kind or a eremite fellows perhaps?

    Is a Pakatan fellows jumping up for joy as well as whine a outrageous service a little one's fingers got whacked before even reaching out to blemish an infidel's behind huh? So if a infidels as well as pagans (according to a holy legislature of holy clerics) feel left out simply since they choose to worship Lord Murugan, will they afterwards spin their back, not to be scratched though away from a holy fingers as well as instead prefer to rub shoulders with a alternative presumably Jew sympathizer personality eh??

    God, Lord Murugan enclosed have been really absolute in truth do not you all agree, pagans or however holy or selected by God you have yourself to be?
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    Woman burnt alive for allegedly practising witchcraft

    Find this comment offensive?

    Choose your reason below and click on the Submit button. This will rapt the moderators to take action


    Reason for reporting:

    Foul language


    Inciting hatred opposite the sure community

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    Najib dinasihat henti cakap soal Negara Berkebajikan

    KUALA LUMPUR, 9 Feb:Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak dinasihatkan supaya berhenti dari bercakap soal bulletin Negara Berkebajikan PAS kerana beliau jelas tidak faham apa yang dimaksudkan PAS.

    AJK PAS Pusat, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad berkata, nampak jelas sangat Najib tidak faham "samada tak membaca atau tidak diberikan maklumat yang betul tentang hal tersebut."

    Bagi beliau, tindakan Najib yang mengulangi lagi bahawa negara berkebajikan PAS itu sama dengan Welfare State di negara Barat atau Scandinavian kerana beliau mengulangi lagi bahawa negara akan mengalami masalah kewangan dan kegawatan ekonomi kalau dilaksanakan bahkan boleh bankrap.

    "Najib wajar diperingatkan bahawa Negara Berkebajikan PAS mempunyai falsafah, prinsip, program dan cara perlaksanaan yang jauh berbeza dengan Welfare State di Barat yang seluruhnya berteraskan sistem pencukaian pendapatan yang tinggi.

    "Meskipun di sudut-sudut kebajikannya ada persamaan namun ia tidak serupa sama tapi tak serupa!" tegas Dr Dzulkefly yang juga Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Pusat Penyelidikan PAS (PPP).

    Bagi beliau, Najib sewajar memberi perhatian terhadap laporan terkini ekonomi dan kewangan negara seperti yang disiarkan dalam The Edge Financial Daily semalam. Najib lebih wajar menumpu kepada bagaimana mengurangkan kos saraan hidup yang terus meningkat dan menghempit rakyat.

    (Dr Dzulkefly nasihatkan Najib agar jangan komen kalau tidak faham)

    "Para penganalisa cemas ! dengan p ersoalan hutang awam dan juga hutang swasta di negara kita. Ya , kita mungkin sahaja boleh bankrap dengan beban hutang ini, dan bukan kerana perlaksanaan Negara Berkebajikan PAS atau Pakatan Rakyat!" tegas beliau yang juga Anggota Parlimen Kuala Selangor.

    Bagi beliau, kemungkinan bankrap itu ditambah dengan urus-tadbir yang tempang, tiris dan bocor sarat dengan rasuah dan amalan kronisme, monopoli yang kesemuanya menjadikan pasaran tidak efisien atau atau 'market distortion".

    Ia ditambah lagi dengan campurtangan atau intervensi kerajaan dalam bentuk penglibatan kepentingan kerajaan melalui GLCs yang mengherotkan lagi pasaran dan persaingan (overcrowding-effect) katanya.

    "Najib wajar diperingatkan bahawa setelah banyak yang dislogankan dengan GTP, ETP dan MEB sebagainya, ekonommi negara masih di ambang ancaman besar kerana urus-tadbir tempang kelembapan ekonomi global khasnya dan krisis kewangan Amerika dan zon Euro," katanya berhujjah dengan tuduhan Najib kepada dasar PAS itu.

    Fakta Hutang Negara

    Mengikut Laporan IMF (International Monetary Fund "conomic Outlook) bulan September 2011, kedudukan hutang negara sangat membimbangkan.

    1. Hutang awam kerajaan Malaysia (gross) adalah 56 % dari KNDK adalah tertinggi berbanding dengan negara ASEAN-5 iaitu Singapura, Thailand, Indonesia, Filipina dan Malaysia, purata ASEAN adalah 30 % dari KDNK.

    2. Hutang isi-rumah Malaysia telah melonjak dari 69 % KDNK dalam tahun 2006 ke paras 76 % dalam tahun 2010 dan kini melonjak terus keparas 78 % KDNK.

    Dalam jumlah absolutenya, hutang isi-rumah adalah 47 % atau RM583.3 bilion dalam tahun 2010 berbanding RM395.5 bilion pada 2006.

    Namun yang melegakan sedikit adalah kerana hutang tak berbayar (NPL) masih pada paras rendah iaitu 2.3 % dalam tahun 2010 berbanding 7.1 % pada tahun 2006.

    3. Pinjaman Kerajaan Pusat dalam tahun 2010 adalah 53.2 % KDNK dan terus ! meningka t ke paras 55 % dengan defisit fiskal dalam lingkungan 4-5 % setiap tahun.

    Dalam laporan yang sama Defisit Fiskal Asean-5 adalah pada paras 2.4 % KDNK.

    Sekali lagi Malaysia adalah tertinggi dari segi Fiskal Defisitnya berbanding ASEAN-5! Sementara negara Asean yang membangun yang lain juga adalah pada paras 2 % KDNK!

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    PKR demands Putrajaya reveal full details of NFCorp loan

    KUALA LUMPUR, February 10 PKR today demanded a supervision exhibit a full sum of a RM250 million loan to a National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp), observant it would assistance shed light upon a government's pre-conditions in similar to a pronounced sovereign loan.

    "I recommend which Datuk Seri Najib Razak as well as Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin approach a Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, as well as NFCorp to exhibit a full sum of a RM250 million loan to a public so which people may comprehend a government's decision in approving a loan with such lax conditions," PKR strategic senior manager Rafizi Ramli pronounced in a statement.

    His remarks come in reply to a matter done by Wan Shahinur Izmir, NFCorp's arch executive, who pronounced yesterday which a association had a right to have make use of of a RM250 million soothing loan from a supervision as it saw fit, even to deposit in property as long as it repaid a interest.

    Rafizi pronounced today Wan Shahinur's matter lifted "one thousand" new questions per a conditions set by a supervision in approving a loan to NFCorp.

    The PKR leader demanded to know either there were instances of alternative sovereign loans which were "freely" given out to companies as well as individuals with approach ties to Cabinet ministers, as well as how did these conditions bring about any pledge of success in any inhabitant project.

    "Did a owner as well as supervision of NFCorp, done up of Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's family, give their personal pledge to mortgage their own effects as partial of a loan agreement?" Rafizi asked.

    He pronounced NFCorp's ultimate acknowledgment only validated a need for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to examine allegations of monetary misappropriation inside of NFCorp, as well as which inhabitant leaders have been implicated in a scandal.

    In reply to claims by PKR which NFCorp had purchased dual oppulance condominiums value RM34 million in Singapore's posh Marina Bay Suites! , Wan Sh ahinur Izmir pronounced a association had motionless which it would have improved have make use of of of a income by investing in property during a mangle in commercial operation operations.

    The break, pronounced Wan Shahinur Izmir, was caused by a government's decision to postpone a construction of an abattoir which would have been rented to NFCorp.

    But according to DAP's Tony Pua, a Finance Ministry had told a parliamentary committee final Nov which there is no provision which permits a NFCorp to have make use of of a sovereign loan to squeeze property.

    A ministry central had disclosed this to a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) during a assembly convened to discuss a NFCorp issue as well as was "very specific" which such loans could not be used for purposes alternative than what had been specified, pronounced a Petaling Jaya Utara MP.

    Pua, who sits upon a PAC, pronounced a senior central had explained during a assembly upon Nov 23, 2011 which a role of each drawdown must be obviously stated, as well as which a ministry had never received an duplicate from NFCorp to squeeze property.NFCorp hit a headlines following final year's Auditor-General's Report, as well as has continued to sow a limelight after it was linked to sovereign apportion Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil's family.

    The publicly-funded association is headed by her husband, Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail. Their three children, together with Wan Shahinur Izmir, additionally hold senior manager posts in a company.

    PKR has given done multiform revelations relating to a scandal, together with NFCorp's squeeze of dual oppulance common ownership units in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, as well as a purported have make use of of of plan supports to compensate for Shahrizat's as well as her family's personal expenses.

    The opposition celebration has additionally purported which Shahrizat's family used nearly RM600,000 from NFCorp's supports to solve their credit label bills in 2009.

    But a supervision of NFC! orp has confirmed which a credit label expenses were solely for commercial operation purposes.

    It has additionally denied allegations which supports from a RM250-million supervision loan were channelled in to a accounts before a loan agreement was signed.

    Shahrizat practical for three weeks' leave from her duties final month after new allegations of temptation surfaced. She has given resumed her duties.

    On Wednesday, she was called in for questioning by a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

    Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin voiced final month Putrajaya would designate an auditor to scrutinise NFCorp's books in light of accusations done against a company.

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    Baja (Kelabu) vs tester (hitam merah)

    ayam baja pola main kontrol nekuk kanan kiri ngalung, nyayap, bongkar, pukulan bersih jalu banget. ukuran 7, tinggi 6.5, warna bulu kelabu, kaki kuning.

    Video Rating: 0 / 5

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    Ongkili disagrees with Sabah AG's interpretation of NCR land

    KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) deputypresident Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkilidisagrees with StateAttorney-General Datuk Roderic Fernandez's understand of a Native Customer Rights (NCR) sustenance in a Sabah Land Ordinance (SLO) which there is "no NCR land after 1930".
    Describing it as a wrong interpretation, he said which unlike in Sarawak, there is no cut-off point with courtesy to NCR land in a context of Sabah.
    "If you demeanour during a State Land Ordinance really clearly, it does not say that. I'm not a lawyer by training though we have some basic law training as well as we consider it is a wrong understand since a judgements of a High Court of Borneo over a years have recognized a basis of NCR land established in Sabah.
    "I consider it is sad. That is a dangerous statement. Of course it is for a courts to confirm when a matter comes up to a justice though before decisions which we have got from a Court of Borneo have been consistent which a customary rights can be established inside of a land bidding ... differently all decisions of a justice would have been wrong," he told reporters after in attendance a lecture upon a progress of a Sabah Development Corridor during a Sabah Economic Development as well as Investment Authority (SEDIA).
    Fernandez had reportedly said which no uninformed NCR land could be created as usually land "still" occupied by locals before to a date w! hen a SL O came in to force are recognized with a status.
    Fernandez was additionally quoted as saying which there was no sustenance in a SLO for locals to go in to function after 1930 as well as explain NCR upon it, as well as "a claimant for NCR currently must uncover function of a land before to 1931".
    "I don't know how he came up with it though all we can say upon interest of PBS, as well as I'm sure a Barisan Nasional will additionally do so, if he is right as proven in a justice of law, afterwards we consider Sabah BN will make sure which we rectify a bidding to strengthen NCR land in Sabah.
    "If he is correct, PBS will immediately pierce which a BN supervision rectify a Sabah Land Ordinance to strengthen a rights of a locals of Sabah," he said. BERNAMA
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    Oh, Sani, shut the @#$% up!

    Never suspicion I'd ever mount up in counterclaim of Jibby, but we only cannot keep wordless as this moron Harussani spews complete rubbish in a name of Islam.
    According to theMalaysianinsider, this man who has once as well often set off false alarms of incidences of apostasy, slams Najib's presence during Batu Caves during a recently resolved Thaipusam festivities as a 'sacrifice of his faith'.
    Najib's visit to Batu Caves, he asserts, is an 'idolatrous act'.
    we do not know what Najib did during Batu Caves, but if, as we suspect, he did no some-more than a 'you assistance me, we assistance you' slight to fish for Indian votes, he should sue a pants off this slanderous fella.
    - The People's Parliament
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    Thinking the Twentieth Century by Tony Judt Review

    February 10, 2012

    Tony Judt- Thinking 20th Century- Review

    Thinking a Twentieth Century by Tony Judt Review

    by Neal Asherson (

    Tony Judt's final book is an admirable comment of intellectuals as well as governing body in a final century.

    In this noble book, dual explorers set out upon a tour from which usually a single of them will return. Their different land is which mostly fearsome continent we call a 20th century. Their route is through their own minds as well as memories. Both travellers have been professional historians still worried by their own unanswered questions. They needed to talk to a single another, as well as a time was short.

    Tony Judt, writer of Postwar, found which he was pang from ALS (amyotrophic parallel sclerosis), an incurable degenerative disease. His crony Timothy Snyder, a younger American historian, offered to help Judt emanate his final work. It takes a form of a series of conversations, recorded as well as afterwards transcribed for Judt's approval over a many appropriate part of dual years. Judt died in August 2010, a couple of weeks after dictating a prolonged "afterword", which is as lucid as anything he had written. He was 62 years old.

    The dual have been tal! king wit hout notes, references or inhibitions. As they grow excited, a single thing leads off in to another, as well as Snyder as editor hasn't done a mistake of commanding too many thematic order. He did, however, convince Judt which he ought to talk about himself as well as his personal hold up as well as his opinions. As Judt himself says during a single point: "You cannot fully conclude a shape of a 20th century if we did not once share a illusions."

    Born in London in 1948, in to a Jewish newcomer family, Judt acquired commitments though surprisingly couple of illusions. He was a "Marxisant" historian, though not a communist. He gave many of his early career to a history of a French left, though could not buy a arrogant arrogance which a Russian series was merely a continuation of 1789. He was briefly "swept away" by a vnements of 1968, though "my residual socialist-Marxist arrangement done me instinctively questionable of a renouned idea which students might right away be a a revolutionary class."

    Only Zionism seized as well as afterwards deluded him, during a age of 15. He worked loyally upon leftwing kibbutzim as well as served in a Israel Defense Forces until it dawned upon him which he had never met an Arab as well as which many Israelis "out there" were anything though revolutionary as well as ethnically tolerant. Since then, his critique of a state of Israel has been biting; his New York Review of Books essay in 1993 job for a "single-state" solution, aroused what he calls "a firestorm of rancour as well as misunderstanding". In these dialogues, he returns mostly as well as irritably to American Jews "who have expel their lot with Likud". To him, "the fright which Israel could be "wiped off a face of a earth" is not a genuine fear. It is a politically calculated rhetori! cal stra tegy."

    Though they determine which intellectuals done fearful mistakes between a climb of Stalinism as well as a Iraq war, conjunction Judt nor Snyder utterly conclude what an egghead is. At a single point, Judt says which an egghead needs to show which "the way in which he or she contributes to local review is in element of interest to people beyond which conversation. Otherwise, any policy wonk as well as journal columnist could credibly claim egghead status". This rather contrasts with his view which American intellectuals unsuccessful over a Iraq fight as well as which usually sure reporters displayed integrity as well as consistency. But elsewhere he declares which "The purpose of a egghead is to get a law out as well as afterwards insist because it usually is a truth." What he doesn't want is intellectuals offering grand narratives or "large moral truisms".

    The egghead sin of a century, for him, was "passing visualisation upon a predestine of others in a name of their future as we see it " For Judt, "the biggest story of a 20th century" was "how so many smart people could have told themselves such stories with all a terrible consequences which ensued". Here Snyder intervenes.

    Eric Hobsbawm is cited regularly as well as with great apply oneself in these conversations, though Snyder asks: "How can it be which someone who done which kind of mistake" staying in a Communist party "has turn in a generosity of time a single of a many critical interpreters of a century?" Judt answers with his acknowledgement about a need to have shared a illusions of which period, "especially a comrade illusion"; Snyder concedes which such experience grants a historian "sympathetic understanding".

    Snyder is by no means a small prompter, although a main voice here is Judt's. Twenty-one years younger, he pokes kindly in to gaps in Judt's account of himself. Why did he hedge for so prolonged "the manifest centrality of a Holocaust" to his subjects, similar to alternative Jewish scholars of his generation? Or how, as a brand new American citizen, can he contend which "I profoundly do not identify with America, a United States" as well as nonetheless a couple of mins after talk about "our American mess to residence this subject" of Israel? And he seems undetermined by Judt's punctilious robe of referring to "England" rather than "Britain" in counts of enlightenment andidentity.

    On a alternative hand, Snyder knows things about easterly European cultural story which Judt doesn't. And it's Snyder, by asking either intellectuals can really work with vague tellurian categories, who provokes Judt in to proclaiming which "there is no such thing as a 'global audience' labels to a contrary notwithstanding, there is no such thing as a 'global intellectual': Slavoj iek does not radically exist." Judt insists which it's a "middle ground", still radically a individual nation, which matters: "Anyone seriously concerned with changing a universe is likely, paradoxically, to be handling above all in this center register."

    Brilliantly eloquent, as well as apparently recalling any book they have ever read, a dual historians find something striking as well as strange to contend about almost everything. Judt takes a harmful condense during English extensive preparation ("Britain proceeded backwards, from a recently established amicable as well as egghead meritocracy to a backward as well as socially selective complement of delegate preparation whereby a rich could once again buy an preparation all though taken to a poor"). He is irritable about postmodern "cultural studies" ("a arrange of half-conscious academic charivari") as well as pseudo-Marxist amicable story which "merely tran! sposed ' workers' with 'women' or students, or peasants, or eventually gays".

    They plead how a initial universe fight led intellectuals not usually to pacifism though also especially in Italy as well as Germany to a celebration of assault as well as bloodshed, in which fascist writerscould admire Lenin for his perfect ruthlessness. They review French egghead reactions to a Dreyfus box with American mess to speak out against a 2003 Iraq war, ask because Marxism caught upon so strongly in Catholic countries, as well as recall which "socialist" Britain after 1945, supposedly so regimented, radically had no inhabitant devise during all in contrariety to continental nations.

    But a dialogues converge, solemnly though surely, upon Judt's passionate warning about a universe we right away inhabit. In Postwar as well as in a blazing, urgent polemic of his final book, Ill Fares a Land, Judt defended a European "social democratic" consensus of a postwar years as well as demolished a egghead foundations of a Reagan-Thatcher date which followed. Today, he says here, all a postwar certainties about employment, health, enlightenment or gentle early retirement have been transposed by a brand new condition of fear. "It seems to me which a resurgence of fear, as well as a political consequences it evokes, offer a strongest evidence for amicable democracy which a single could presumably make."

    Judt suggests which a main dispute of a 20th century was not simply about freedom versus totalitarianism, though about a purpose of a state. After 1945, magnanimous reformers "forged strong, high-taxing as well as actively interventionist states which could ring formidable mass societies without resorting to assault or repression". They transposed "the erosion of multitude by a politics of fear" with "the gove! rning bo dy of amicable cohesion formed around collective purposes".

    He's right, surely, which we should remember which century not usually for fight as well as Holocaust, though for a many pretentious humane feat in history. Judt as well as Snyder ask any alternative if it would take disaster, even wars, to collect which spirit. No, it's for intellectuals "to remake a evidence about a inlet of a open good". Tony Judt's final words have been prohibited with his typical courage: "This is going to be a prolonged road. But it would be irresponsibleto fake which there is any seriousalternative."

    Neal Ascherson's Black Sea is published by Vintage.

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    Malaysias Prime Minister loses most from Anwar Trial

    February 10, 2012

    East Asian ForumBarry Wain upon Malaysian Politics (02-10-12)

    Malaysia's Prime Minister loses many from Anwar Trial

    by Barry Wain, ISEAS, Singapore

    Malaysians voiced the common whine of relief when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was clear of sodomy charges in early January. Their groan of fear over the prosecution's successive preference to interest was equally palpable.

    For many Malaysians, notwithstanding being divided in their opinions of Anwar, the exculpation noted the chance to move away from the cheap governing body that has long dominated every day life. Now, they design some-more of the same.

    Aware of open exasperation, Prime Minister Najib Razak was quick to seize upon the not guilty outcome as explanation of his 'reformist' agenda as well as Malaysia's presumably eccentric judiciary.

    But the interest leaves him stranded, prone to check calling the ubiquitous election, as well as acutely wakeful that he is under threat as many from within his own ranks as from the opposition.

    It seems expected that Najib will win the subsequent election, though unless he scores big that seems doubtful his care could be during risk.

    The aged safeguard in Najib's United Malays National! Organis ation (UMNO), the core of the Barisan Nasional bloc government, has been perplexing to have Anwar convicted of sexual misconduct for some-more than thirteen years. His initial sodomy hearing in the late 1990s was regarded as the premature birth of justice, as well as the recently finished second hearing was just as dubious, according to international legal as well as tellurian rights organisations.

    Kuala Lumpur has the abounding happy club stage as well as nightlife, as well as the Police to their credit do not chase homosexuals. But Anwar was hauled in to court twice upon the charge of 'carnal retort opposite the sequence of nature', that carries the limit judgment of twenty years imprisonment.

    The government's counsel targeting of Anwar is obvious. His arrest in 2008 came soon after he led the revitalised opposition to unprecedented gains in the ubiquitous election, depriving the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional of the usual two-thirds infancy in parliament. Subsequently, Anwar has outlayed many of the past three years hold up fortifying himself in the sodomy trial, when he might have otherwise intent in consolidating the opposition coalition.

    Despite, or maybe since of, these efforts, the hearing has turn the liability for Najib. The value in distracting Anwar as well as perplexing to hit him out politically has been equivalent by the damage to Najib's reputation as the putative reformer.

    Conscious that the long-term electoral trend is using opposite the ruling coalition, that has hold power since independence in 1957, Najib has positioned himself as an representative of change, who is in touch with Malaysia's younger generation.

    He has attempted to hurl back unpopular elements of an certain movement module designed to benefit the country's infancy ethnic Mal! ay commu nity, liberalise press restrictions as well as replace controversial security laws, including detention but trial. Still, Najib is yet to modify the rhetoric of remodel in to reality, that he contingency do to win back the alienated centre of Malaysian politics, where cynicism as well as annoy run deep.

    Najib is encountering entrenched opposition within UMNO, quite from conservatives who favour continued Malay privileges as well as the flow of patronage to the celebration faithful. These comparison UMNO Malays as well as their supporters in the business world as well as bureaucracy generally the military as well as prosecutors strongly objected to Anwar being freed as well as lobbied hard as well as successfully for the appeal. In the end, Najib will lose the most. It seems he unsuccessful to mount up to these factions again as well as lost the open relations gains from Anwar's acquittal.

    The loss of the momentum that Anwar's freedom initially gave Najib may persuade him to wait for until later this year to call an election, that contingency be hold by March 2013. Najib contingency gamble that the electoral meridian will improve by this time. But the economy could slow as well as some-more political scandals could arise rampant corruption involving UMNO politicians has already hurt his government.

    Free to campaign, Anwar will lift the intoxicating beverage of the three-party opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition. But he is looking as well as sounding tired, as well as his own People's Justice Party (PKR) is abundant with factionalism as well as squabbling. Although Anwar pronounced recently: 'My gut tells me you will win [the election]', many analysts believe he will tumble short, even if not by much.

    While the opposition will surely live to fight an additional day, Najib may not have it so easy, even if he wins. Only the recovery of the two-thirds parliamentary infancy will safeguard his continued care of UMNO as well as Malaysia! . Failin g this, Najib could face vigour to step in reserve if he loses some-more seats, the fate that befell Abdullah Badawi, his predecessor.

    Barry Wain is Writer-in-Residence during the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.

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    Man held 19 years after stealing one million pound

    LONDON: A security guard in Britain has been nabbed 19 years after starting upon a run following a million bruise (over $ 1.5 million) raid upon a income van.

    Eddie Maher, now 56, was upon a police wanted-list since disintegrating along with a income whilst making a smoothness to a bank in Felixstowe locale of Suffolk county, in 1993, a Daily Express reported.

    He was arrested this week in a Ozarks, a towering area of a US.

    It is believed Maher worked in a US for a wire association using a false first name Mike. He had dead after a alleged crime, which occurred outward a branch of Lloyds Bank.

    It is believed a situation occurred when a co-worker done a smoothness to a bank whilst Maher waited outward in a vehicle. The outpost dead as well as was after found empty upon a seafront.

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    Seks seks seks ... PAS tak ada salahlaku lain ke?

    Akhir-akhir ini, pihak pembangkang cuba menutup salahlaku moral pemimpin tertinggi mereka dengan menuduh blogger pro UMNO suka sangat bermain isu seks.Cara mereka timbulkan itu ada kesan kerana di bawah tu ramai orang awam fed-up dari mendengar isu seks. Memang patut kalau hanya isu seks dimainkan hingga isu lebih penting diketepikan.Masaalahnya dalam kita meluat dengar isu seks ini, jangan lupa

    Part VIII: A matter of priority

    Part 1: 1-CARE: Scouting in a darkPart 2: 1-CARE: Who pays for it?Part 3: 1-CARE: Is it satisfactory for a people to pay?Part 4: 1-CARE: The way I would do it?Part 5: 1-CARE: The interviewPart 6: 1-CARE: Understand a peoples worry and manage itPart 7: 1-CARE: Giving a poor a entrance to in isolation practiceRR is creation a career over a NFC issue. He usually paused while SJ was behaving her Umrah recently. Clearly which a target was not NFC but it was SJ. They continue to attack SJ yet ... Read More

    RPK Naikkan Isu Lama Untuk Menangkan Najib

    ULASAN: Hairan seratus kali hairan. Semenjak 2009 lagi, pengurusan KSSB dipantau oleh kedua-dua Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) serta Transparency International (TI).MAlahan, dua orang ahli lembaga pengarah KSSB dilantik oleh SPRM sendiri.Dengan tuduhan rasuah ini, maka sekaligus Raja Petra menuduh SPRM dan TI terlibat di dalam meelindungi rasuah.Sahlah, Raja Petra dah sewel dan kewarasannya sudah hilang. Nasihat saya kepada Raja Petra, kalau dah gian sangat untuk membodek Najib Tu ... Read More

    The true meaning of a civil society

    Luckily Perak is a Barisan Nasional run state as well as Najib is a head of Barisan Nasional. If a Selangor Mufti had finished this as well as if he had whacked a Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, a Pakatan Rakyat people would have screamed which he had been bought off, he is operative for Umno, he is upon Najibs payroll, as well as so on. NO HOLDS BARRED Raja Petra Kamarudin (Mail Online, 10 February 2012) - A Christian travel preacher told ... Read More

    PM Najib: Record trade proves BN govt managing economy well

    Opposition claims which a supervision has to steal from a World Bank to discharge monetary aid is false, says a prime minister.
    SEREMBAN: The positive mercantile development, which resulted in a country's total traffic touching a jot down RM1.3 trillion final year, is explanation which a Barisan Nasional (BN) supervision is managing a economy well.
    Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak pronounced Malaysia's sum domestic product (GDP) was RM560 billion as well as total traffic was double a value of GDP.
    "Malaysia's GDP-total traffic ratio is between a top in a world.
    "When a economy grows, a income will also increase as well as because of this, when we denounced a 2012 budget, we will be able to palliate a weight of a rakyat," he pronounced at a rite to palm over affordable houses to a family groups in Kampung Abok as well as a display of a Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) vouchers for Rahang state constituency here today.
    Also present were Najib's wife, Rosmah Mansor, Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan as well as wife Raja Salbiah Tunku Nujumudin, Works Minister Shaziman Abu Mansor as well as authority of Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB), Idris Haron.
    Najib arrived here this morning for a day-long outing to Negri Sembilan.
    Yesterday, International Trade as well as Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed pronounced Malaysia available its top total traffic of RM1.3 trillion final year, up 8.7% from 2010.
    He pronounced a World Competitiveness annual 2011 Report by a Institute for Management Development ranked Malaysia between a top five countries in conditions of general traffic after Singapore as well as! Hong Ko ng, surpassing a US, Switzerland, Australia, Canada as well as UK.
    Mustapa also projected a expansion of between 5% as well as 6% for Malaysia's total traffic this year.
    Najib reiterated which a supervision did not have to steal from a World Bank or International Monetary Fund to discharge monetary aid as purported by a opposition.
    "Thus a claims by a antithesis is false, slander as well as a parable which should be deserted by Malaysians," he said.
    SPNB is responsible for office building 150 units to resettle a residents affected by a office building of a Seremban Middle Ring Road.
    The RM19 million plan to build a townhouses is approaching to be finished in June.
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    1Malaysia spirit lives on in translation errors

    Comical mistakes have been appearing with alarming rule when it comes to translation.
    Despite the "1Malaysia" catch-phrase, the Umno-BN Cabinet is not unchanging in the racial policies, though when it comes to translations, the supervision has been consistently sloppy as good as incompetent. That most Malaysians can depend on
    Malay, Chinese, Tamil, English. These have been languages Malaysians have been supposed to be informed with as good as nonetheless comical errors crop up with alarming regularity, when translating in to the single of these languages, from Malay.
    If Malaysian civil servants cannot even familiarize themselves with these core languages, the single dreads to consider what gobbledygook the supervision will produce when languages similar to Russian, or Greek need translating.
    Is this why the Mongolian model-cum-translator Altantuya Shaaribu's services were so invaluable? She had to make sense of non-English papers in the squeeze of the Scorpene submarines.
    We had the embarrassing faux pas when Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao as good as his entourage had to punch their lips to stifle their delight when they review the ensign during the welcoming rite in Putrajaya. The Chinese interpretation contained critical syntax as good as grammatical errors.
    We were stunned when justice interpreter, Ting Chin Kin, certified to regulating the giveaway online service of "Google Translate" to interpret Teoh Beng Hock's alleged suicide note. Was she unknowingly of the sobriety of her work in the justice proceedings? Or was she just mentally challenged, bone-idle, amateurish or all three? Perhaps, she is not during error since her department ! had no b ill for the services of the competent translator?
    Then, the few weeks ago, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) unmasked the ultimate arms to urge the country. For the first time in Malaysian history, this arms did not cost the rakyat millions of ringgits in commission, or regulating correct central terminology, "co-ordination as good as support services". The military's brand new strategic arms is "laughter".
    Freudian slip
    Anyone reading the English translations from the central English website of Mindef would have been crippled with laughter. "Clothes that poke eye", the literal interpretation from the Malay ".pakaian yang menjolok mata" to the ministry's summarised history that read: "After the withdrawal of British army, the Malaysian Government take drastic measures to enlarge the level of any national confidence threat." Maybe this was the Freudian slip.
    And in true "1Malaysia" spirit, Tamil interpretation errors were subsequent in line. Last Monday, Putrajaya member of parliament Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who is additionally the BN secretary-general, issued an apology for the Tamil interpretation as good as spelling errors upon Thaipusam banners placed around the constituency.
    He said, "My intention was genuine, in wanting to embody Tamil in the banners as well. We did it in the pour out as good as you was divided during the time. So you asked BN as good as MIC members to assistance interpret as good as write the Tamil part."
    Just in case, he has forgotten, the Indian community represents about 7 percent of the population. Perhaps, it is formidable to find Indians in an enclave similar to Putrajaya, that is almost similar to living in! the gen etically mutated locale of mostly Malays. Non-Malays have been rarely seen there.
    Adnan's forgive for saying that the interpretation as good as banners were the pour out pursuit shows that Thaipusam was an afterthought. Is this holy Indian legal holiday not recorded in any of the supervision calenders? It does crop up that Indians' interests have been mostly overlooked.
    And as for him being away, does the whole BN machinery mangle down when he is upon leave? Does Adnan not know how to delegate?

    Subtle plot
    These interpretation errors have shown us that the BN leaders miss integrity. None of them wish to accept shortcoming for the mistakes of their departments. Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi in the centre found error with "Google Translate" as good as in this Tamil interpretation hilarity, Adnan heaps censure upon "the BN as good as MIC members who helped interpret as good as write the Tamil part".
    Adnan said, "It looks similar to they're not good versed in the language. you apologise for the mistake. Next time we'll ask those who have been experts."
    Adnan afterwards reassured the public that such mistakes would not be repeated.
    Haven't you listened all these before?
    Adnan certified that these errors were firm to dissapoint people. But, these errors occur so frequently that the single wonders if lessons have been learnt from previous mistakes. Are they deliberately done, to drive home the message that Umno-BN considers non-Malays second-class citizens?
    We have been the nation that prides itself upon the first-class infrastructure though when it comes to mentality, perspective to work as good as education, you have been simply third rate.
    When it comes to mistakes, these Umno-BN leaders pass the buck as good as censure their juniors.
    We have sent the single man in to space though when it comes to information exchnage as good as translation, you might as! good ha ve sent those obliged to the moon, or better still, to Coventry. Either way, they cannot do any harm.
    However, there is the single last probability that these interpretation errors have been the subtle tract by sure Umno factions to confuse as good as harm Prime minister Najib Tun Razak's "1Malaysia". Especially after he was feted as good as lorded during Batu Caves for Thaipusam.

    Mariam Mokhtar is the FMT columnist.
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    Tok Ampu's

    What is common in the following 3 kaytee posts?

    (1) Next MB of Kedah wakakaka,

    (2) Rakyat as the 3rd Force?

    (3) MGR-ism during its worst!

    In the initial we wrote: He will also, similar to Dad when he was PM, embrace garlands as large as the Garden of Eden wakakaka.

    In the second we wrote: A simple e.g. of this feudalistic attribute shows in the approach supporters benefaction our political leaders on visits with hulk leis as well as corsages, apparently the bigger the more respectful, the little so monstrously humongous which all the creatures of the Garden of Eden could simply exist within.

    In the third we wrote: The garlands as well as corsages have been removing bigger as well as bigger in approach suit to the social-political status of the idol, until with the person like, say, Dr Mahathir during the height of his powers, it's the consternation the garland bestowed on him by the little supporters didn't require the hoisting resource of the crane to place same around the former PM's neck, as well as with the safety group of orthopaedist, chiropractor, osteopath, nurses station by just in case.

    And if we had been mindful we competence have seen Adam as well as Eve as well as dozens of animals erratic around in which Garden of Eden pinned on the front of his jacket pocket.

    I listened grateful florists in Malaysia additionally worshipped him as their patron saint ;-)

    Garden of Eden unresolved a la the Garden of Babylon around the Deva pollies' necks wakaka! ka.
    < br>
    No worries ... but ... contemptible which was the lie. we essentially have lots of worries during the flattering fawning flattering mentality of Malaysian raja bodeks as well as tok ampus.

    Now, why would we have lots of worries over garlands for the political Tai Koe's?

    Precisely because many of our electorate (especially those who voted BN wakakaka) consider they're the subjects of these pseudo-maharajas, they thus show themselves to the 'maharajas' as peaceful captives, if not in fact, during least in the latters' delusions.

    And can we censure the inaugurated 'maharajas' who, once elected, forget them, those who inaugurated them. Why, wouldn't it be beneath the dignity of their 'birth rights' as 'maharajas' to serve the rakyat, who have been no more than serfs in their fiefdom!

    This grandeur misinterpretation is not exclusively those of UMNO or BN politicians. Try as well as consider who would not travel with the hoi polloi, but would (in the strange plan any way wakakaka) 'arrive majestically' in the limousine only after his 'subjects' have been easily positioned to await his magnificent entrance? Wakakaka [hint: Bersih I, wakakaka again]

    So it is ordained, so it happened again, this time during Batu Caves wakakaka.

    Hey, may be it was the Hindraf tract to mangle Najib's neck? Wakakaka.
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