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National song or song for BN (Bro. Najib) aka Ah Jib Kor?

Janji Ditepati (Kemerdekaan Malaysia Ke-55)

Macam malam ikut siang
Macam bulan ikut matahari
1Malaysia terus berjuang
Janji Kita ditepati

Kata Kita dikota
Janji Kita ditepati
Hidup Rakyat Dibela
Masa Depan Diberkati
Janji sudah ditepati
Kini masa balas budi

Janji siapa? Janji kita
Janji apa? Janji 1Malaysia
Janji siapa? Janji kita
Janji apa? Janji 1Malaysia

Ini janji kita BR1M 1Malaysia
Ini janji 1Malaysia
TR1M 1Malaysia
Kata kita dikota
Kini 1Malaysia
Janji kita ditepati
Kedai 1Malaysia

Read Kee Thuan Chye's critique...


"...Look during some of a lyrics:
Janji sudah ditepati,
Kini masa balas budi.
(Promises have been fulfilled,
Now it's time to return a favor.)
This is crass; it's really asking a people to vote for BN. This is outright "I've helped you, now you help me".
But why should it be for a rakyat to balas budi? BN was voted in to serve a rakyat. Why contingency a rakyat be grateful for that? In fact, if anyone should balas budi, it should be BN.
The song, however, is not about a rakyat. And a carol which follows proves it:
Janji siapa? Janji kita.
Janji apa? Janji Satu Malaysia.
(Whose promises? Our promises.
What promises? The promises of One Malaysia.)
The strain is obviously about BN. The "kita" in it refers! to BN. And a discuss of "Satu Malaysia" obviously connotes a aphorism of a BN Government.
The misfortune is yet to come, in a last verse:
Ini janji kita, BR1M Satu Malaysia.
Ini janji Satu Malaysia, terima Satu Malaysia.
Kata kita dikota, Klinik Satu Malaysia.
Janji kita ditepati, Kedai Satu Malaysia.
(This is a promise, BR1M One Malaysia.
This is a guarantee of One Malaysia, accept One Malaysia.
We have kept a word, Klinik Satu Malaysia.
We have over a promise, Kedai Satu Malaysia.)
The BR1M 500-ringgit handout to households earning reduction than RM3,000 a month is mentioned. The 1Malaysia clinics set up to suggest poor healing services have been mentioned. The Kedai 1Malaysia set up to suggest lower prices for simple necessities is mentioned. What is this if not BN trumpeting its populist attempts to win a electorate's votes?
These have been lyrics for a song? If not for a actuality which they have been so crude as well as cheap, you should be rolling on a building resounding with laughter.
How can such shameless propaganda be a stuff of a National Day thesis song? It is even totally without style as well as subtlety. Not to discuss substance.
Real songwriters would wince during hearing such lyrics. These have been not lyrics, these have been slogans.
The strain is not celebrating National Day. It's celebrating Barisan Nasional Day!..." - KoSong
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'We can't continue living with same devil'

YOURSAY'If you go upon living with a same devil, you might never have a chance to live with a obtuse one, or even an angel for which matter.'

Mahathir: Anwar is as bad as Obama
your sayKeturunan Malaysia:Dear Dr Mahathir Mohamad, don't you know by right away which you already have some-more than sufficient of a demon you know.

Anyone else cannot be any worse, during slightest not some-more than a single tenure prior to we, a voters, practice our right to collect as good as select again.

If you go upon to live with a same devil, you might never have a chance to live with a obtuse one, or even an angel for which matter.

Cascara:Malaysian voters, get a m! essage? You have been urged by Mahathir to certitude a devils as good as not a angels.

Dev Anand Pillai:Tun (Mahathir), you have heard all which from you before.

Had you not tolerated corruption, cronyism as good as abuse of power, afterwards perhaps it might have been different though you only concede them to fester. So right away you have been fed up of conference from you, you wish remodel as good as equality for all.

Swipenter:Mahathir is not so subtly endorsing'Janji Ditetapi' (Promises Kept) propaganda by his rantings against Anwar as good as Pakatan for "promising big changes though unwell to keep them".

We guarantee to confine your legacies of racism, cronyism, corruption, eremite teaching as good as taste to a dustbin of history.

Heller:When you don't give a chance to Pakatan Rakyat, how can they do their promises? So you should all vote Pakatan in to energy during a 13thgeneral choosing (GE13) as good as see if they can keep their p! romises.

And you will also get to see if Umno-BN can keep their promises as opposition when they get no allocations whatsoever.

Mushiro:How can Anwar be accused of not fulfilling his promises when he has not even taken over a rein of a country? How does Mahathir design Anwar to perform his promises when even Umno as good as Najib has failed to broach their promises?

Mahathir should demeanour during how Penang as good as Selangor has achieved in a past four years, especially a over-abundance bill which is unheard off when a states were underneath Umno control.

Absalom:Dr M contingency take a Malaysian people for a bunch of inattentive idiots a way he is articulate down to them. How can Pakatan, or any alternative for which matter, do some-more repairs than has been finished by a BN administration already?

Like all those incredibly lop-sided fee concessions where companies make outrageous profits though still allowed to increase a fee rates each couple of years or be compensated with taxpayers' money?

I consider many Malaysians cannot wait for to see a current administration! voted ou! t, not so most given Anwar as good as a Pakatan have been a improved preference though which a BN is a misfortune of a alternatives as far as a past record goes, as good as confronting a challenges Malaysia has ahead.

I goal Dr M lives to see this change, eat his difference as good as finished to compensate for his deeds.

Hang Babeuf:I! f Opposi tion Leader Anwar Ibrahim is half as good as United States President Barack Obama, afterwards he is 5 times improved than all a Umno "heavies" combined.

Boon Hor Loy:Obama is hapless given of what was left at a back of by former president George W Bush. Same here, our 'Bolehland' is nearby disaster given of you (Mahathir).

EugeneT:Seriously, Mahathir should keep updated with universe affairs. In a documented post about Obama, he has worked upon gripping as many promises as he could, as good as a ones he couldn't have been mainly due to being stonewalled by a Republicans.

At least, it's improved than all a prohibited air about 'Rakyat Didahulukan'(People First).

Be-End:At slightest those you marked down as bad have our respect, unlike what you have for you. You have been a misfortune of all combined.

Telestai!:Judging from a comparisons Mahathir is making, it is viewable he sees himself an international politician in a cover of Henry Kissinger as good as Kofi Annan.

What he doesn't realise is which a improved partial of a universe regards him as a renegade politician with a shrill mouth. A former judge even called him a demon incarnate, though you consider it is flattery.

Tholu:Mahathir, dont think about about all a furious accusations you finished about Anwar, though discuss it me a name of a single US president whom you liked?

For which matter, discuss it me which of your deputies did you like given you became PM - Musa Hitam; Ghafar Baba; Anwar Ibrahim; Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?

You have been commencement to even dislike Najib as good as you wish to discuss it us which Anwar is bad. To you Tun, all have been bad solely you yourself though we, a rakyat know who a demon is.

Malaysian Ber! sih:A b! ad angel is still improved than a demon given it is still an angel. A demon will always be a demon as good as there is no good demon in this universe - which is because nobody worship devils, solely you as good as your cronies.

Yellow KundiChai:Nothing surprises me about Mahathir, he is a bigot as good as a racist. Corruption is written upon his forehead. Since a time when Hussein Onn comparison Mahathir over Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to lead a nation, Malaysia has been upon a downward spiral.

Abdul Rahman saw a danger of this "bad as good as evil man". you consider Hussein contingency be turning in his grave. He finished a disgusting error. Malaysia would have reached good heights with Razaleigh.

Mahathir used crime to stay in power. His own young kids were bailed out regulating open supports with billions of ringgit which were meant for a bad bumiputeras, as good as billions some-more went to support his failed investments.

Wira:By a way, Mahathir, a biggest change Anwar brought to your government which no finance minister had consistently finished prior to him was to give this nation a offset bill as good as a surplus.

Now you have been accusing him of being a ! spendthri! ft with open money. If you have been senile, greatfully google as good as confirm this fact to modernise your memory.

Samuel Low 1f5a:Out of 266 comments, together with number 267, nobody seems to favour what Mahathir said. In fact, whenever he non-stop his mouth, everyone will 'hammer' him. so because does he still wish to talk?

Another thing is everyone knows Anwar is not an angel as good as he is far from perfect. So because Mahathir kept repeating his attack when it backfired time as good as again.

Kinikid:Dr M, a biggest mistake which you have finished is you live as well prolonged to see your disaster! in life . - Malaysiakini
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Leaked minutes: Attempt to unsettle state govt

GEORGE TOWN: The disclosure of what happened during a state PKR choosing vital assembly was an try to expostulate a wedge in between deputy arch minister 1 Mansor Othman and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.The minutes of a assembly quoting Mansor was posted on a blog, Gelagat Anwar.The leaked minutes revealed which Mansor had told a assembly he would not nudge to DAPs request for PKR seats, adding which a partys Chinese candidates were seen as a threat by a DAP.He allegedly remarked which Penangi ... Read More

TBR: Inside the List

THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT JULIA: Aug. fifteen noted the centennial of Julia Child's birth, as well as publishers have been portion up biographies to satisfy every reading level as well as taste. There's Julia Child for ailurophiles "Julia's Cats." Julia Child for young kids the design book "Bon Apptit!" Julia Child for ailurophiles and young kids "Minette's Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child as well as Her Cat." For everybody else, there's "Dearie," the biography by Bob Spitz, brand new upon the hardcover nonfiction list during No. 6.

Spitz has previously created about the Beatles as well as Bob Dylan, as well as he evinces the song fan's wish in arcana as well as branch up picayune personal quirks as well as peccadilloes. In her examination of "Dearie" for The Boston Globe, Devra First, The Globe's restaurant critic, records the book's "enlightening as well as surprising details": "Child, who lobbied for equal treatment of women in the culinary universe as well as was the staunch believer of Planned Parenthood, was homophobic until the crony grown AIDS; she desired Costco hot dogs as many as the fine French meal; she was creatively booked upon the American Airlines flight to Los Angeles upon Sept. 11, 2001." She additionally exercised upon the rowing machine so she could beat egg whites upon television with ease. Her home number was in the phone book, as well as upon Thanksgiving, her phone would ring all day with people with cooking questions.

The book contains the bald disclaimer: "If I have to admit to the single influence confronting this book it is that I had the powerful crush upon her," Spitz writes. "Sorry. Deal with it." (He fell for the then 80-year-old Child in 1992, while upon the magazine assignment in Italy.) He's not alone. "Dearie" describes just how profoundly Child changed the culinary landscape, though her public persona done her beloved. With her peculiar diction, her comforting as well as laughable presence, ! she rese mbled zero so many as the "jolly, highly cultured Muppet," First writes.

WAR AND PEACE: Ishmael Beah is carrying an anniversary of his own. "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of the Boy Soldier" has spent 52 weeks upon the paperback nonfiction list, where it's during No. 18. He will become an American citizen upon Aug. 31 as well as continues to explore his seductiveness in people as well as societies transitioning out of violence. As this column was being written, he was set to go to the Central African Republic to work with other former child soldiers as well as see them expelled in to Unicef's care. And in an talk during Farrar, Straus & Giroux's Work in Progress Web site, he describes his next project, the novel upon postwar Sierra Leone. "It's about what has been function there in the years since the media stopped profitable courtesy to my country," he says. "When the dispute ends, the media tends to feel there's no longer the story to be told. But these times have been unequivocally the many important times, since what happens during this post-conflict period can establish if the nation goes behind in to dispute or not."

THE HAUNTING: After dual weeks upon the hardcover fiction list, "Broken Harbor," Tana French's fourth monthly payment in her Dublin Murder Squad series, drops to No. sixteen upon the extended list. In this installment, the team investigates the murder of the family in an eerie, half-abandoned Irish housing estate. The haunted residence might be the Gothic motif, though it's an all too real phenomenon in Ireland, where deserted houses dot the landscape, corpse of the housing bust. To French, the horrors have been linked; she tells The Guardian: "It's this thought of the home being under attack, which we thought was sacrosanct as well as plain as well as uninvadable. . . . All life feels as if it is done of tissue paper instead of plain brick."

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The hazards of whistleblowing

Not everybody who blows the alarm will be stable underneath the Whistleblowers Act. There have been difficult manners to follow.
What is the whistleblower? It is someone who blows the whistle. In sports, it's the arbitrate who won't demur to blow the alarm when there is tainted play. But in layman's terms, it is someone who reveals the criminal act, be it corruption, graft or money laundering.
In Malaysia, we even have the Whistleblowers Act. It is enacted to protect whistleblowers from incidentally choking upon their whistles. It additionally means which whistleblowers who reveal acts of crime as well as corruption will be given protection. Depending upon the gravity as well as scale of the crime, whistleblowers competence even be granted brand brand new identities, passports, brand brand new careers as well as relocated, infrequently in brand brand new countries.
But not everybody who blows the alarm will be stable underneath this Act. There have been difficult manners to follow. Some of them are:
  • The avowal contingency be reported to an coercion agency;
  • The information contingency not be done open by the whistleblower himself; and
  • His identity contingency be concealed
The whistleblower cannot act alone as well as he cannot divulge any information to the public, as well as conjunction can he reveal his identity. It contingency be left to the coercion agency to decide any actions or non-actions.
If he does not follow such protocols, he is utterly upon his own. Trying to be the hero, as well as starting open will not protect him from absolute ene! mies out to silence him. Neither can he have use of any documentary justification which competence be classified to infer his findings.
Choose targets carefully
Documentary proof similar to leaked patron profiles which breaches the Banking as well as Financial Act or Official Secrets Acts can be used against him. Even his sources can be hauled up as well as prosecuted for aiding him.
The accused, the accursed as well as the criminals additionally have orthodox rights, as well as have been innocent before proven guilty. The law protects them from being blown detached by amateur whistleblowers who do not have rock-solid evidence. Flimsy justification will be ripped apart, as well as documentary justification contingency not break any sly laws drawn to protect the government.
Whistleblowers additionally have to collect as well as select their targets carefully. Reporting to the military if the single has justification which their subsequent door next door neighbour is the drug pusher as well as hoarding drug is utterly all right.
And floating the alarm upon the Makcik hawking nasi lemak with her immature young kids at the roadside, though entrance home to the million-ringgit bungalow, with the spanking brand brand new Mercedes is OK, as she competence not be paying income taxation upon the millions she makes from the every day sales of the nasi lemak.
Even reporting the traffic military or JPJ officers who try to ask for the RM30 cheat is all right. These same officers have been additionally encouraged to blow the alarm upon those who try to cheat them. So it is not startling which there have been cases of arrests from those who attempted to offer the RM10 cheat for the damaged front flare upon their motorbike.
Whistleblowers contingency pull the line when it comes to the supervision or VIPs with absolute supervision connections as it will be the losing battle. This difficulty is even more! absolut e than the Mafia or the Yakuza. They additionally have really absolute enemies, as well as hide behind an armed forces of lawyers who can have your hold up really miserable.
Rafizi as well as the NFC fiasco
One whistleblower extraordinaire is PKR's strategy chief Rafizi Ramli who blew the NFC liaison far-reaching open until the cows started mooing in distress, as well as resulted in the little of their directors being charged, whilst the seemingly innocent wife had to resign her ministerial post in protest. It seems the male has taken over her ministerial post of women's affairs for the time being.
But Rafizi was too confidant as well as too confident. His publicexposhas caused shocked as well as distressing annoyance to the federal government. Where is the supervision starting to hide the face? In short, he has combined most absolute enemies hell-bent to see him choke upon his whistle.
Sad to say, the Whistleblowers Act has washed the hands of his predicament after he was arrested as he unsuccessful to reside by the WhistleBlowers Act's difficult rules.
In fact he, should have reported to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission as well as concede them as well as Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail to handle such sensitive matters. Or at least sent the copy of the avowal to the Agriculture Ministry to take further action.
His other avowal upon the RM1.18 billion LRT Ampang extension project has additionally caused most allegedly guilty parties trying to feign innocence. In this case, he should have referred his commentary to Pemandu or to the Minister of Transport Kong Cho Ha who is in better in front of to handle the matter.
If he should be convicted, MCA's Ong Tee Keat competence get the walkover in his Pandan constituency, as Rafizi is slated to contest there. Other PKR leaders which have been charged include An! war Ibra him, Azmin Ali as well as Badrul Hisham over the Bersih 3.0 incident. we am certain MP wannabes in their respective constituencies contingency be praying hard for the walkover against these 3 giants too!
Don't believe the promises
Another whistleblower is nothing other than in isolation questioner P Balasubramaniam who attempted to blow the cover of the beloved Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak over the offensive Altantuya episode, by creation the orthodox declaration, usually to redress it twenty-four hours later, as well as shipped himself to the far-off land.
The Whistleblowers Act was additionally infirm to give him any insurance as his blow-job did not follow adequate guidelines. He has additionally alleged which he was offered RM5 million for his retraction, though usually perceived the mere RM700,000 to date.
The moral of the story is which any person who aspires to have the blow-job as the alarm ventilator should seriously investigate the WhistleBlowers Act in detail, as well as do not try to blow the alarm but solid proof. Documentary justification which is stable by the Official Secrets Act or Bank Negara enactments should not be tendered as evidence.
Only as the final resort should we have the orthodox declaration, as it has lost much of the power to remonstrate the law of the effectiveness. Saw how they attempted to prison the single distinguished blogger who turned fugitive upon the self-imposed exile?
And finally, if as the final resort we have to have the SD, have certain any one which tries to offer we remuneration to redress your SD have been not shady characters.
Always, demand upon cash upfront or else they will take we for the float as well as short-change we later. Don't believe in their sweet promises of oppulance apartments, millions of ringgit in cash, supervision positions or promises of million-ringgit projects.
A tour guide, lerned pilot! as well as naturalist, Iskandar Dzulkarnain has been writing the couple of years right away as well as with his articles appearing in most of the E-media.
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UMNO's MAJOR THREAT - Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim?

After carrying fast for the month, Muslims are expected to "turn the brand new leaf" as well as scold all immorality as well as applaud Hari Raya Aidilfitri in the sense of happiness which they are somewhat 'reborn' with brand new prophesy as well as thoughts.

But it seems which "Pakatan Rakyat"putras have still not discarded their "bad habits". They go upon to use innocent people to conflict Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The biggest threat for the political presence of "Pakatan Rakyat" now depends upon discrediting Datuk Seri Anwar. BUT do the people BELIEVE them anymore?

UMNO leaders must be really beholden to the Malaysian public for 'forgiving' them for the stream situation of tall cost of vital with the massive crime which had taken as well as go upon to be receiving place.

UMNO had served 55 years - TIME TO PENSION-OFF, as well as its time you make the CHANGE.

Malaysians need the CLEAN. UNCORRUPTED as well as EFFECTIVE sovereign as well as State governments to safeguard the stream as well as destiny era will live in assent as well as harmony.
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PM Hj Najib uses RM2.71 Billion public monies to give to UMNO Selangor..

RM2.7 billion of open supports have been given to Umno Selangor by PM Hj Najib.

RM2.7 billion if used prudently could afford to ascent preparation and medical facilities for the twenty-seven Million population.

In his unfortunate query to control Selangor, PM Hj Najib Abdul Razak has channel open monies to UMNO leaders in Selangor - a abuse of power entrusted to him. Public monies contingency be used to boost each sector of commerce that will ensure open are not weight with taking flight cost.

Giving UMNO Selangor leaders this volume would usually heighten these leaders while Selangorians are already "fed-up" with BN or UMNO in ruling their State.

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Bersih to raise RM250k for victims of police brutality

The Coalition for Clean as well as Fair Elections (Bersih) has released a open appeal for donations to its 'Make a disproportion with RM1' debate to be used for a healing as well as authorised losses of victims of military savagery during a April 28 Bersih 3.0 rally.

TNONEhe comment will be provided to victims of military savagery who took authorised movement against a authorities as well as to pay for their healing expenses, a electoral remodel bloc pronounced in a statement yesterday.

Bersih pronounced its idea was to raise RM250,000, from that RM150,000 would be used to cover bail money, authorised administrative losses as well as healing costs, whereas an additional RM100,000 will be used to comment Bersih's recognition debate as well as communications.

Bersih has a group of lawyers who have been charity free authorised service to fight a battery of cases.

Ten members of a Bersih steering cabinet have been strike for indemnification amounting to RM122,000, that a authorities claim was caused during a rally.

"The supervision also wants ubiquitous damages, interest as well as a declaration that Bersih breached Section 6(2)(g) of a Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) despite a actuality that a supervision has spoken a PAA as a revolutionary law that would facilitate peaceful assemblies," Bersih lamented.

NONE In addition, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has systematic Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan as well as cabinet part of Maria Chin Abdullah to pay RM351,203.45 fordamagescaused during a same event.

The pronounced indemnification embody "landscaping as well as trees, a cost of environment up steel barricades, cost of transport as well as await staff, damage to signboards as well as barriers, as well as overtime allowances, food, splash as well as transport costs for law enforcers".

Bersih to launch an additional round of campaign

According to Bersih, about half of th! e income r! aised will be used for a nationwide recognition debate for electoral remodel forward of a ubiquitous election.

The debate involves printing leaflets, producing animation video clips, a establishment of a 'Bersih TV', conducting workshops as well as forums to prominence Bersih's eight final as well as activities to bring out a girl to vote in a election.

"With your backing, a core message of 'Keluar Mengundi Lawan Penipuan' will reach distant as well as wide, thus putting pressure upon a authorities to exercise a required changes as well as for we as a voter to decide wisely," pronounced a coalition.

Donations for Bersih's RM1 debate can be done through its CIMB account: 'Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor', comment no 12380000661-10-0.

"The funds collected will be regularly updated upon a website with audited accounts done available," pronounced Bersih.

"As a next ubiquitous election looms closer, Bersih 2.0 seeks your support. The work still needs to go on as well as we need to work together for all of us to carry on."
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Mansor tripped up by PKR malcontents

Next time there is a PKR assembly upon strategising for thegeneralelection, attendees will have to be electronically vetted for recording devices.

Otherwise what a little participants competence contend about assorted others from a Pakatan Rakyat fraternity may wend a way in to blogs as good as cause a lot of red faces as a consequence.

Then what a French philosopher Blaise Pascal hold to be a adage about interpersonal family - "I lay it down as a fact which if all men knew what others contend about them, there would not be four friends in a world" - would be confirmed as indisputable truth.

mansor othman 300909Later this morning during a press discussion in Komtar, Deputy Chief Minister Mansor Othman, a PKR state chief, in a presence of DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, would in all luck try to disavow disparaging remarks hereportedly madeabout a Penang arch apportion during a party plan assembly in March.

A recording of a remarks was uploaded in Jun upon an problematic website (there is an anarchic engorgement of them these days even dedicated netizens find it formidable to keep track) where a potentially annoying stuff lay, similar to a predator undetected among a prey, until ! discontented elements in PKR called courtesy to it and, as a result, have right away succeeded in causing a furore which Mansor, with help from Lim, would have to onslaught to tamp down.

How most is this rarely avoidable incident due to politics - which, even during a slightest deplorable, is practice to deceive - as go! od as ho w most due to a cussedness of human nature - opposite which even a precaution of electronic safeguards would not be enough insulation - is a question?

Who did it?

To strip a convoluted story to a unclothed - as good as ground comprehending - essentials, a single has to go behind to a plan assembly between Chinese leaders in Penang PKR as good as Mansor which was hold in March.

One of a attendees was a chairman already nursing a grievance opposite Mansor which led him to surreptitiously jot down what was pronounced during a assembly upon fasten as good as keep it for strategic deployment later.

NONEPart of a reason for holding a assembly was to reduce a fears of a Chinese leaders in PKR which should Sim Tze Tzin (right), PKR state representative from a Chinese-majority chair of Pantai Jerejak, be selected to contest a parliamentary constituency of Bayan Baru, assigned by Zahrain Mohd Hashim who defected to a eccentric benches, Sim's chair would not be given, as bruited about, to a PKR Malay to contest.

Chinese PKR leaders, sensitive to a DAP Chinese ! perceptio! n of them as unduly subservient to Malays, would be apt to perspective a PKR preference to allow a Malay to contest in Pantai Jerejak as provender for a derogative perspective of them hold by their counterparts in a DAP.

At a meeting, Mansor had to wrestle with these perceptions, which perhaps were what led to a desire to overcompensate by taking PKR frustrations out upon Lim in front of a group of people who see a Penang CM as a summary of what they be vexed in a DAP - ethnic chauvinism.

When in Jun a list of PKR candidates for a election was finalised, a single or dual incumbent legislators found which their names were excluded.

It is speculated whic! h a excl uded, apprised of a existence of a tape, sought to liberate their rancour during being dropped by persuading a tape deck to upload a material upon a little good known blog (they did not go to a stridently anti-Lim Guan Eng blogs since they feared exposing their identities) where it lay unheralded until an additional of PKR's malcontents decided to post a fiery red siren upon it.

This led to a tape's entry in to a glisten of media broadside where something which was potentially bothersome but implicit is magnified in to a full-blown controversy.

Mansor may not continue as DCM

The upshot is this morning's press discussion where Mansor would have to go by a motions of disavowal as good as contrition as good as Lim would play a role of magnanimous skipper of a Pakatan ship of state by accepting a proffer as good as hinting which all's good which publicly comports to be well.

The ultimate outcome would be which af! ter a g! eneral elections, Mansor cannot be DCM since which would consecrate an unwarranted aspersion to a DAP.

This would roughly certainly mean which he will be tapped for a parliamentary constituency of Nibong Tebal, assigned by Tan Tee Beng, formerly, similar to Zahrain, of PKR as good as right away of a BN-supporting eccentric group in a Lower House.

mansor othman 300909Come to think of it, this would be a good finish to a total embarrassing mistake since Mansor, nice male though, is not a leader.

He is good engine room man, clever upon investigate as good as subsidy up a front pack, which was what he was when he was an academic in Universiti Sains Malaysia where he did good work for Anwar Ibrahim, which prompted a latter to make him his domestic cabinet member in a final years prior to Dr Mahathir Mohamad! execute d his decapitation in 1998 which was a trigger to all which is happening today.

Talk of unintended consequences, politics is rife with it - not all of which, mercifully, is bad.

TERENCE NETTO has been a publisher for close upon four decades. He likes a occupation since it puts him in contact with a venerable without being underneath a necessity to admire them. It is a ideal occupation for a temperament which finds energy fascinating as good as a exercise abhorrent.
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Cemerlang ! Guan Eng Dah Jadi Doktor.

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PKR ngaku Fauziah Yaacob pembocor?

Kisah Fauziah Yaacob mempunyai angle satu lagi yang ramai tidak sedar. Sidang akhbar Zuraidah sebenarnya memperakui dia adalah pembocor rahsia. Begini pandangan Flying Kick ...Apakah PKR sebenarnya ingin membuktikan kepada kakitangan awam bahawa mereka boleh menghantar sebanyak mana rahsia dan maklumat kerana PKR bersedia membela mereka, tidak sahaja menerusi sokongan yang dibuat menerusi sidang

Youth to abide by party decision on candidates

Youth will apply oneself and reside by a preference of a celebration care upon a preference of candidates to represent a wing in a next ubiquitous election, the vice-chief, Datuk Razali Ibrahim, pronounced today. He pronounced he himself ...

Johor MB expects to lose nine seats

, though one wonders if it unequivocally is so, since a inroads a antithesis made in 2008. In a 2008 ubiquitous election, there was a 14% swing to a opposition. What has happened to which swing?

Mahathir bimbang kerajaan Najib nak tumbang...

Kenyataan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad kononnya negara kucar-kacir jika Pakatan Rakyat diberi peluang memerintah negara membayangkan perubahan besar bakal berlaku pada PRU 13. Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) dalam satu kenyataan berkata, kenyataan Mahathir itu mempamerkan ketakutan dan tekanan yang dihadapi BN pada ketika ini. "Bukan omong kosong, namun dengan pelbagai isu dan skandal rasuah, penyelewengan serta salahguna kuasa, salahguna hari kemerdekaan dan ... Read More

Why Section 114A should be repealed

Continued antithesis to this square of legislation might nonetheless outcome in it being taken off a statute books.
P. Gunasegaram, The Star
THE recent legislative addition to a Evidence Act with a insertion of Section 114(A) fundamentally presumes which a chairman who is decorated in a publication as owner or administrator is reputed to have published a contents.
This effectively equates to which those named in publications have been reputed guilty of any offending calm which might be posted, together with those on a Internet where there is no chartering as well as it is easy to use a little other person's name, photograph as well as details as a originator.
This presumption of guilt, requiring a accused to infer his innocence, instead of a charge having to infer his guilt, is a bizarre reversal of a order of law when a complete probity system is based on a assumption of ignorance unless shame is proven.
It is stranger still entrance in a arise of moves to liberalise draconian laws such as a Internal Security Act which supposing for detention though trial, as well as a Universities as well as University Colleges Act which severely curtailed a rights of students to participate in a domestic process.
When there is such liberalisation receiving place, it is bizarre which a Government should be environment a time back by introducing legislation which goes obviously opposite a grain of justice.
Yes, a Internet space is a raucous a single as well as lots of things have been pasted as well as posted, as well as people, together with many in a Government, a Cabinet as well as a Opposition, have been regularly blasted for things which they might or might not have done.
But there have been laws to deal with them such as a insult laws. And! a littl e of a victims have sought chance to these with manifest success, which includes Information, Communications as well as Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.
Why, therefore, should a sledgehammer be since to prosecutors to bring a tonne of weight down indiscriminately on people who might not have committed a offence, though might have a difficult time proving which they had not as well as might become involved in tangled knots with a law for a prolonged time?
Conspiracy theorists, of whom a lot exist in this nation due to a nature of a approach things are, have rught away seen this as a pierce to extent criticism. That's hardly a PR bid by a Government.
When a Centre for Independent Journalism organised an Internet trance on August 14, it met with a tremendous reply as well as many people just did not post anything on a Net during which sold day.
Such support contingency have had an effect on a preference of a Prime Minister to call on a Cabinet to review a preference to pass a legislative addition to a applicable Act.
"Whatever we do we contingency put a people first," a PM had tweeted, as well as who can disagree with that?
But unfortunately, a Cabinet stranded to a guns as well as corroborated a prior decision.
Dr Rais pronounced a Cabinet discussed it exhaustively as well as motionless not to have any changes because Parliament was represented by a ruling party as well as a Opposition as well as had debated it.
"Once it is strictly passed, to do something right away is an afterthought," he said.
Dr Rais added which a Law Minister would insist further.
Later, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein pronounced a controversial legislative addition would be explained further by a Attorney-General.
"If explained properly, I hold right-thinking people will know because a legislative addition was tabled in Parliament as well as approved. If ther! e still have been fears, laws can also be tweaked, nice as well as abolished, though don't get emotional about it," he said.
Those interested will wait for for a Government explanation, although Dr Rais had already pronounced which presumption of actuality was nothing new in law as well as there was still room for accused persons to urge themselves.
The converse position is which such a law can be abused.
Those who wish to "fix" someone on a Net can post comments as well as explain which it came from which sold person. And which chairman will be scored equally up in knots trying to urge himself.
That is a categorical fright between Internet users as well as other publishers.
Inordinate energy is in a hands of prosecutors who right away don't have to infer who a genuine publishers are.
The theme is because accede to them these one more powers underneath a legislative addition when a complete Internet is theme to a laws of a country?
The only disproportion is which there is no chartering of a Internet compared to required media such as print as well as broadcasting.
Thus, a new laws have been seen as a pierce to bring a Internet underneath carry out more fast than using existent laws, a pierce which a disinterested would oppose.
Policymakers might essentially realize that. As seen by a allude to from a Home Minister above, if there is one after another strong antithesis to a amendment, it could be repealed.
Perhaps it might need another twitter from a Prime Minister to have which happen, as well as this time he will be during which Cabinet meeting.
That should have a disproportion to what a Cabinet might think.
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Amended Evidence Act stays

The Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz says a legislative addition is required for inhabitant security.
KUALA KANGSAR: Section 114A of a Evidence Act, which sparked an online furore, will be defended since it protects a people, Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz pronounced today.
He pronounced a Act can help frustrate any try by certain buliding which longed for to mistreat a country.
"We have been concerned for a people. we did not demur to list a check in Parliament in Apr since we suspicion which a legislative addition was required for a confidence of a country," he told reporters.
The legislative addition to Section 114A was one of two made to a Act which was gazetted in July this year.
Section 114A presumes which a person whose name, photograph or pseudonym appears upon any announcement depicting himself as a owner, host, administrator, editor or sub-editor, or who in any manner facilitates to tell or re-publish a announcement is reputed to have published or re-published a contents of a announcement unless a contrary is proven.
The legislative addition additionally refers to any person who has in his control or control any mechanism upon which any announcement originates from is reputed to have published or re-published a calm unless a contrary is proven.
Nazri pronounced there was no necessity to review a amendment.
He additionally pronounced which a have a difference did not embrace any conflict from antithesis MPs when a check was debated in Parliament.
"The check was tabled in Apr as well as debated for 4 hours, as well as we ! replied to all questions raised by a opposition. They [the opposition] were not all against a legislative addition since they have been additionally intensity victims," he said.
Commenting upon a Facebook page where Umno Youth purportedly posted a provocative religious message which sparked an uproar, Nazri pronounced a calls to take to court Umno Youth did not have clarity since a open prosecutor had not received any report of investigation from a police.
He pronounced those questioning a legislative addition to a Act purposely made a debate of a emanate since Umno Youth was compared with a government.
"It does not have sense. If you do not assimilate a law, it is better to remain wordless as well as not have a fuss as well as upset a people," he said.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, in his portal, had challenged a attorney-general to take to court Umno Youth over a posting.
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Another May 13 only if orchestrated

While decades of socio-economic advances have lessened the odds of an additional secular riot, analysts say the hazard of secular riots, although small, still exists.
PETALING JAYA: The hazard of an additional May thirteen situation is minimal though real, domestic analysts said, indicating fingers at "right-wing groups" they claim would be fervent to instigate such riots.
On May 13, 1969, assault pennyless out in in between the Malays as well as the Chinese, sparked off by an choosing setback for the Malay-dominated statute alliance. The riots lasted several weeks, with the death fee pronounced to be 196.
Politicians often raise the comfortless situation to cow Malaysians into progressing the status quo the single that had seen the statute supervision in energy for 55 years.
But whilst analysts did not rule out the probability of an additional secular riot, they pronounced it would usually occur if manufactured by sure quarters.
"The hazard of May thirteen repeating itself is genuine though usually if there have been people manipulating the incident," Prof James Chin of Monash University told FMT.
"It is not likely to occur spontaneously," he stressed, adding that distinct other countries, assault was not inherent in Malaysia's domestic culture.
"There have been lots of worried groups, for example, sure Malay groups you know what I'm talking about who will be happy to have such riots take place," he said.
Analyst Ong Kian Ming echoed this sentiment, observant that the obligatory supervision might be unfortunate sufficient to orchestrate the demonstration if the formula of the general choosi! ng were not in their favour.
"There have been efforts by some buliding to emanate this fear-mongering in order to achieve domestic ground.
"If this continues, it is probable that if the choosing formula have been close, the obligatory supervision may feel unfortunate sufficient to manufacture assault in order to hold upon to power," he said.
But the USCI techer pronounced that if any group attempted to use assault as an excuse to stay in power, it would most likely backfire.
"The Malaysian citizens is more grown up now. If the obligatory supervision uses these dirty tactics, it will usually hasten their departure. There will positively be the backlash," he said.
Malaysia has changed
Ong cited the most changes in in between Malaysians today as well as those four decades ago as explanation that it was doubtful that an additional secular demonstration would perceptible itself upon the own accord.
"The Malaysian citizens is most more grown up compared to the citizens in 1969. We can see that in the 2008 general election, where there was the pacific send of energy in 5 states.
"I think that is the testament that Malaysians have matured politically as well as will not fall into the secular bait trap," he said.
Ong additionally pronounced the rise of the Malay center category would additionally make Malays reduction likely to rivet in assault with their Chinese counterparts.
"The Malay center category is most incomparable compared to that of 1969 as well as they would have the lot more to remove if the secular riots were to take place.
"That means most will do all they can to forestall something similar to this happening," he said.
He combined that there right away existed the clever center belligerent in civil multitude that would diminution the odds of secular rioting, citing the new Bersih 3.0 convene for giveaway as well! as sati sfactory elections as anexample.
"The Bersih movement, in that Malaysians from all ethnic groups took partial in it, carried upon without any incidence of violence. It was usually until the police dismissed tear gas that assault arose," he forked out.
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Evidence Act: Still room for better definition

The majority of netizens noticed a legislation negatively generally since of a lack of discussion.
KUALA LUMPUR: The recent online outcry by netizens against Section 114A of a Evidence Act has thrust some concerns in to a fore, generally over a presumption which a chairman who is decorated in a announcement as owners or executive is reputed to have published a contents.
The sustenance underneath a Evidence (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2012 has drawn much plead by many, including lawmakers from a supervision as well as opposition.
Section 114A, which was passed in Parliament last Apr as well as gazetted upon July 31, presumes which a chairman whose name, sketch or pseudonym appears upon any announcement depicting himself as a owner, host, administrator, editor or sub-editor, or who in any manner facilitates to tell or re-publish a announcement is reputed to have published or re-published a essence of the
announcement unless a contrary is proven.
The legislative addition additionally refers to any chairman who has in his carry out or carry out any computer upon which any announcement originates from is reputed to have published or re-published a calm unless a contrary is proven.
At a single finish of a spectrum, a negative perspective is such which a supervision is perplexing to curtail Internet freedom to a extent which a key of a law may "regress a nation in to a Middle Ages".
For a proponents of a amendment, they feel which it right away shifts a weight of proof to Internet users as well as this would certainly help law enforcers when tracking a posting of descent material.
According! to Azli Paat, a remarkable practitioner in a ICT industry, a law was fair as a previous situation did not prevent a chairman from impersonating someone else in cyberspace.
The deficiency of such a sustenance additionally done it hard for enforcers to detain as well as prosecute a genuine culprits as it was viewable which most would not own up to their insane acts, he told Bernama.
Viewed negatively
Azli believed which if a nation did not exercise such a law, it would have to do so earlier or after in perspective of a actuality which cyber crime was upon a rise.
But, Azli who is additionally president of a Malaysian Mobile Content Providers Association (MMCP), pronounced there was a need for a authorities to improved conclude a law as it was right away as well unconditional or across-the-board.
"It has been noticed negatively by a majority since it is lumping all Internet users underneath a single legislation.
"In fact, it should be some-more specific since right away Section 114A is seen to be some-more protective of a so-called victims. How about a comment owners who have been essentially a victims? For instance, those who have had their accounts hacked or devices hijacked?" he asked.
Azli referred to which there should be subsections to a categorical section to cover owners of amicable media accounts similar to blogspots, Twitter or Facebook, commentators (individuals who post comments) as well as people who re-post or re-tweet content.
He rationalised which this is to strengthen a rights of a owners of an comment as right away a blog owners did not have carry out over a comments.
Azli pronounced a supervision contingency insist to a open some-more extensively upon a need for such a legislation as a uproar by netizens upon Aug 14 was due to a lack of bargain between Internet users upon Section 114A.
"I consider if which was done so which a op! en under stands it improved as well as which their rights have been additionally protected, they will be able to accept it," he said, adding which a people should not be fearful of as well as refrain from sharing information as well as their thoughts online since of a law.
Valid concerns
Ironically, lawmakers from both sides of a political order were additionally responsible for saying a check through in both a Dewan Rakyat as well as Dewan Negara.
Commenting upon this, Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar pronounced such an situation could have been avoided if a MPs had severely gone through a check when it was tabled for debate.
He reiterated which it was a purpose as well as responsibility of MPs to investigate any check brought to Parliament.
"Rightly, all Members of a Parliament should have it a point to investigate entirely each check which is brought to Parliament, plead it from assorted aspects outward a Dewan before it is debated.
"They should have severely looked in to a socio-political as well as mercantile implications of a check before to which [debate as well as flitting of a bill]," he said.
Wan Junaidi pronounced which for a law to be amended, a supervision or ordinary MPs would need to contention a notice as well as breeze legislative addition to a secretary of a Dewan Rakyat for it to be tabled.
He additionally pronounced which a motion changed by a supervision would customarily have priority over a single brought by MPs.
Meanwhile, Khaw Veon Szu, a former executive executive of a local think-tank, Sedar Institute, pronounced which yet a legislative addition had been passed, he was optimistic which it could be opened for examination as well as a required adjustments done to urge insurance of Internet users' rights.
"I consider a concerns raised upon this emanate have been valid. As a supervision striving for gre! at gover nance, it should unequivocally re-look in to it. There is zero to lose," pronounced Khaw, a lawyer.
He referred to which what a authorities could do right away was to set up a parliamentary name cabinet to re-study a law some-more holistically besides engaging veteran views from a open as well as alternative stakeholders.
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INSINCERE NAJIB: Section 114A of the Evidence Act is here to stay

INSINCERE NAJIB: Section 114A of a Evidence Act is here to stay
Kuala Kangsar: The argumentative Section 114A of a Evidence Act is here to stay.
And judging by Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz's explanation, there is no need for a review of a law.
Speaking at length upon a have a difference here today, Nazri said a law was put in place to protect a people.
"I would have hesitated to table a bill in Parliament in April if for once I thought that a amendment would not serve a security of a country.
"We have a concern of a rakyat ... don't have us look as if we got no concern," he told reporters here.
There have been calls for a action to be reviewed and revoked even by Barisan Nasional lawmakers themselves.
Section 114A is an amendment that enables law coercion officials to reason a single accountable for edition seditious, insulting or derogatory calm online, as long as a allegedly insulting calm is traced back to one's username, electronic device and/or WiFi network.
Section 114A presumes a single is guilty of edition unlawful calm upon a Internet unless a single can prove otherwise.
- New Straits Times
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It's all explained in ONE word...

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In a quiet shadows, Walski has been following what's turn of this nation of once great potential. And sufficient it to say, what he's observed is not pleasing a singular singular bit.

Disquiet in a quiet, so to speak.

On a the singular hand, a ruling BN coalition is pulling out every singular conceivable (and infrequently inconceivably ludicrous) ploy from their right away dog-eared playbook, to a indicate of stating which during slightest what we have now, no have a difference how decrepit, is during slightest familiar.

Never thoughts which we've flattering most turn 1FascistMalaysia. Fascism is great if it's familiar. That's a jive we're being forced-fed. And sufficient it to say, Walski doesn't like it a singular singular bit. Not a fucking proton of it.

And then, upon a alternative hand, only about everyone, as well as their pet amphibian, who has an iota of an inkling of Islamic credentials, is pulling for hudud.

"Oh, my hudud is improved than your hudud. Your hudud is false-hudud, mine is God-ordained. You're starting to Hell if we implement your hudud; my hudud gets us to Heaven!

Okay,! may be in not so most words, though we get a idea.

Well newsflash numbnuts. the usually great hudud is no hudud.

Exactly what shithole, God-forsaken nation do we aspire Malaysia to become, urge tell? Somalia? Afghanistan? Iran? Exactly what indication of a despotic state do we have in thoughts when we dream your soppy dreams during night?

Assuming we pro-hudud types can comprehend English, The Malaysian Insider published a unequivocally intelligent article upon this issue as well as why, in a case of Malaysia, a secular democracy is a ONLY system which ensures justice for ALL Malaysians.

Never thoughts which our Federal Constitution does not concede for it. Too most detail to derail your wet-dream fantasy, is it? Well, go upon to pour your pro-hudud rhetoric, because in a nutshell, that's about all which it will ever volume to a lot of hot air.

Sheesh Seriously, in in between a two, Walski can overtly almost move himself to stick his head in a gas oven, turn a knob to 'Cremate', as well as light a burner

There is a singular word in a English language which flattering most sums up how Walski feels about what's happening to Malaysia. And extrapolating a little from there, flattering most describes how he is starting to perspective hold up in Malaysia generally.

No thanks, of course, to a nimrods upon a the singular hand, as well as a Oxygen-deprived dickheads upon a other.
(and a word is. in a full post)

Well, if you've been observant, as well as bothered to demeanour during a post title, in between alternative things, you'd have already guessed what which word is. But if not, Walski invites these aged rockers of yore to enlighten you...

Walski's never unequivocally! been a big Aerosmith fan. But we have to admit which they've created a little flattering powerful lyrics during their prolonged career.

And in a singular word, they manage to explain how Walski's been feeling for quite a whilst now.

Yes, Walski is JADED.

He's cloyed with how Malaysians have been right away expected to honor as well as revere STUPIDITY as well as IGNORANCE. And how a some-more ridiculous as well as nonsensical a argument, a some-more bend that's demanded of us.

Walski has about had sufficient with a competition as well as sacrament baiting that's being perpetrated by a political grassroots, primarily those of a UMNO persuasion. Do we imbeciles know how unfortunate we look? Malaysia contingency unequivocally be pang from severe brain-drain if we lot have been a cream of a crop future leaders of this country. And incidentally, scum also rises to a top, not only cream.

Yes, Walski is JADED.

Despite what a "statistics" say, crime is upon a increase. No, it's not only a perception, as we've been forced to believe. Walski has a real crony who unequivocally had her car smashed into whilst stopped during a traffic light, as well as had her purse snatched (fortunately she didn't humour anything some-more than a hassle of getting important thing replaced). Walski might be a lot of things, though he certainly isn't delusional, nor does he have hypothetical friends.

And if this letter created to a Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) is accurate, we have been being lied to about a country's crime situation. Walski doesn't know about you, though he doesn't like being lied to. In fact, he fucking! hates it! .

! R emember a word Mark Twain popularized?

"There have been 3 kinds of lies: lies, darned lies, as well as statistics."
(source: Wikipedia)
The demon is in a details, as well as a details, apparently, involve beautiful crime classification. The minute to a CPI is definitely an interesting read, as well as if true, explains why our "perception" paint a totally different design from what's strictly being reported.

Oh, as well as did Walski discuss which he's JADED?

Then, there's religion. More as well as some-more things seem to be halal-ized, either or not it's necessary. Granted, a infancy perspective is which beer is not halal (there is during slightest a singular minority opinion which states it is not wholly forbidden). But does which meant a word 'beer' is haram as well?

That WTF impulse when we comprehend even labels need to be kosher
(click here for source)

Seriously, do we consider we have Islam some-more attractive by creation it some-more limiting as well as prohibitive of this, which as well as a other? Think about it. Oh, Walski forgot a pious aren't authorised to think, usually follow

Yes, boys as well as girls, Walski is JADED.
! The upon top of have been! though a little examples of why Walski says he's JADED. And by a looks of it, things aren't starting to get any better. Not for a miss of trying, upon a partial of concerned citizens, though.

Earlier today, Anas Zubedy voiced a Say Something Nice campaign, targeted to run in in between August 31st as well as Sep 16th.

You can find out exactly what a debate is all about via Anas' blog posting, though in a nutshell it is a singular man's try to have everyone's mood better. By observant something good when we Facebook-post, tweet, blog, etc.

Will it work? Best not ask Walski which question right now. Not when he's feeling JADED. But it's a certain attempt. There Walski pronounced something nice. Happy?

Truth is (and it's an ugly, inconvenient truth), whilst it's good to be certain as well as all, that's not starting to change a underlying debase that's a genuine root cause of our inhabitant woes. Not most anyway. It's a debase that's been slowly festering for a long, prolonged time. So most so which it would take a lot some-more than only smiling, as well as observant good things, to heal which rot.

Perhaps invasive surgery to yank a rotting cancer out of our collective inhabitant soul would be a improved option. Bonus if a surgeon smiles whilst he slices as well as dices. And says something good about a debase in a process.
! An! d we get a possibility to play surgeon GE13 will be coming our approach anytime over a subsequent 6 to 8 months.

In a final line of his posting, Dr. Mahathir wrote, "Better a demon we know than a angel we don't" (which was after picked up by The Malaysian Insider). Yes, change brings uncertainty, as well as (some) change cannot happen overnight unless you're a stupidly confident person, we will comprehend which these have been real-world realities about change.

To Walski, a 25-point posting by our venerable former PM is nothing most some-more than a unfortunate try to sugar-coat a terminally sick as well as dying Barisan Nasional as an entity that's able to take Malaysia to a subsequent level.

Next turn down closer to Hell upon Earth maybe, though certainly not to a subsequent turn of certain development, to be a nation standard excellence.

Is it improved to live out this hold up with a informed mediocrity, rather than take a possibility for possible excellence? With all due respect, Dr. M, Walski has to say, courteously, Fuck No.

Dr. Mahathir is, of course, entitled to state his opinion. That's his right. Doesn't meant we have to swallow it wholesale. Like most Malaysians Walski knows.

And perhaps that's a complaint with this nation a general ineptitude to critically analyze, as well as to accept indiscriminate what a political personality friendly to one's own warning has to say. Compound which by twenty-seven million, as well as we still consternation why Walski's feeling JADED?

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PKR Approved Permit to be revamped for cheaper cars

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Seditious remarks in Umno youth facebook. Why push the blame onto others?

Recently, a factious remark observant which voting for Pakatan Rakyat would result to Christianity becoming an official sacrament of this countrty, has been posted in a Umno girl facebook. When open outrage increased as well as condemnation from a open went out of control, Umno girl leaders were discerning to board military inform to explain which their facebook has been hacked as well as an additional military inform by denying which which facebook page was not theirs.

Immediately, most Umno girl leaders came out to explain either someone has hacked in to their facebook page or which facebook page doesn't go to a movement. So, which is which? And a latest matter came from Umno girl chief Khairy Jamaluddin observant which he is willing to be charged underneath a new Section 114A of a Evidence Act 2012, usually after a military voiced which a factious remarks posted in a Umno girl facebook page would not be investigated underneath Section 114A of a Evidence Act 2012 though instead, it would be investigated underneath a Communications as well as Multimedia Act.

Well, in accordance to a Section 114A of a Evidence Act 2012, it is clear, either you similar to it or not, if those unwelcome remarks or whatever it is seditious, as prolonged as it appears in your website, facebook or whatsoever will be deemed to have been produced or written by you unless you could infer otherwise.

When this Act was amended to add in this section, all BN members of parliament, together with those from Umno had came up in full await for a additional proviso to be added in to a Act citing there have been already as well most online users right away who have been regulating a worldwide w! eb to cr iticise as well as condemn a BN government.

When any facebook page, websites or blogs which have been found to have remarks or statements which have been deemed to be overly vicious towards a BN government, Umno girl leaders as well as members have been discerning to board military reports nationwide by claiming which all those remarks as well as statements have been "seditious" as well as could "harm a nation's inhabitant security" a! t large. And theory what happened? The military acted immediately.

But when Umno girl right away got eaten up by factious remarks of their own making, they blamed others. They blamed hackers had intruded in to their facebook page as well as put up such remarks, then they twisted an additional story again by observant which facebook page doesn't go to them during all. There it goes, when a Section 114A of a Evidence Act 2012 is effectively in force, a military as well as even a Attorney-General has decided not to make use of it on a Umno youth. Guess what again? The authorities have been taking a little longer time to investigate this box (of Umno youth) by logic which it is complicated.

This means, a overlord could get away with a law of their own doing, whilst others contingency face it. Is this fair? No, a law was made to prosecute others though not one of their own even if their guilt has been obviously proven. So, why bother adhering to a law in a first place when those in energy have been except it blatantly?
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Double Standards in Sentencing

August 23, 2012

Double Standards in Sentencing

by Azmi Sharom (08-22-12)@www.thestar.com.my

There have been times you hail justice decisions as well as there have been times you find them bizarre. But if you omit a implausible disparities in a little justice decisions, it is usually during a own peril.

HOSLAN Hussein (left) gets a single year in prison for inaccurately chucking (he missed) his slippers during a judge. Noor Afizal Azizan gets a fine as well as zero prison time for raping a 13-year-old girl.

It boggles a mind. Hoslan's sentence, in my view, was really harsh as well as over a top. But even if a single were to hold which a sanctity of a courts is so frail which a punitively halt low mark is compulsory for a flinging of footwear, it is impossible to omit a inconsistent inconsistency in a punishments meted out to these dual men for crimes of such vastly opposite seriousness.

Much has been said about a judge's unimaginable criticism when sentencing Noor Afizal. Apparently being a inhabitant bowler with a bright destiny is sufficient to let you escape prison time for rape.

Actually, what is this "bright future" a judge is meditative about? The man is a kid rapist; he confessed to it. He should not be allowed to represent a republic in anything during all.

And in box you consider there have been mitigating issues in this case, namely which a passionate action was presumably consensual, concede me to disagree otherwise. In this case, a lady was under a age of consent. This equates to a crime committed is orthodox rape. The emanate of consent does not even arise in such cases.The reason for this is since you as a society have prolonged ago dynamic which a young girls of ! a villag e deserve protection.

It does not matter in a slightest which young kids grown up during opposite rates; what counts is which in general, this society believes which girls under a age of sixteen have been not yet ready to make decisions regarding their own passionate activity.

There have been mental, mental as well as additionally physiological elements to this need for protection. The passionate action by itself could have implications for a child's well-being, though a kid from a society would certainly be traumatised in a event which she got pregnant as well as had to face either birth or abortion. Furthermore in juvenile bodies, a knowledge can additionally be severely damaging physically.

I make use of a term "a kid from a society" since I realise a age of consent will differ from republic to republic as well as enlightenment to culture. But in a box of orthodox rape, there is no room for comparative anthropology. What counts is what you worth for a girls.

I regularly hold which Malaysians caring for a children. We wish them to have a receptive to advice as well as stable childhood so which they can go to school as well as build a strong foundation for their future.

This is why you wish to protect them for as prolonged as possible, for it is this safety which helps to establish an sourroundings where they can grown up as well as develop during a gait which you hold is healthy.

The Judge in creation his decision could not presumably have been meditative about this bigger picture.

For if he had, he would have realised which his visualisation was not usually about Noor Afizan as well as a lady he violated, though additionally about all a girls in this republic as well as a common regard for them.

The Jud! ge has i n effect dealt a blow to a single of a couple of noble values which a people of this republic universally accept which a young kids should be cared for as well as be protected.

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Leaked Penang PKR Meeting Minutes: Guan Eng is Cocky and Arrogant

August 23, 2012

Leaked Penang PKR Meeting Minutes: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is "Cocky as well as Arrogant"

by Susan Loone@www.malaysiakini.com

EXCLUSIVE: State PKR Chief Mansor Othman is dissapoint which mins of a party's Penang vital assembly upon preparations for a 13th ubiquitous election, where he described Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as arrogant, have been leaked.

Mansor, who is Deputy Chief Minister I, pronounced he was wakeful of a trickle as well as voiced his disappointment which it has been published word for word in an cryptic blog.

NONEHowever, Mansor (left), who is Penanti assemblyperson, pronounced a essence detailing questions lifted upon a entrance polls as well as his responses to them were "genuine concerns".

"Give me a couple of days, you am investigating a matter. The essence of a posting upon a blog have been based upon genuine concerns though what you cannot accept is a leakage," he told Malaysiakini during a recent Hari Raya open house in Guar Perahu.

In a blog patrician 'Gelagat Anwar', a June 16, 18 as well as nineteen postings listed a attendees as well as detailed a discussions upon chair allocations as well as problems faced by PKR in Penang.

A check revealed which a single of those in a list of attendees Kebun Bunga assemblyperson Jason Ong Khan Lee was absent from a meeting. Those present, other than Mansor, included state PKR Deputy Chief Law Choo Kiang; Bukit Bendera multiplication Deputy Chief Felix Ooi; Bayan Baru Deputy Chief Tan Seng Keat; 2004 claimant for Bayan Baru Raymond Ong; Tanjung Youth Chief Ng Che! k Siang; Batu Uban Chief Cheah Peng Guan as well as a DCM's Assistant John Ooi, who is additionally a PKR part of in Bayan Baru.

Malaysiakini approached several in a list for comment, usually to embrace a standard reply, "please refer to Mansor".

2008 standing quo to remain

During a assembly which appeared to be really focused upon PKR's Chinese possibilities Mansor pronounced which solely for Machang Bubok assemblyperson Tan Hock Leong, a other incumbents would urge their seats.

PKR Youth Information Chief Lee Khai Loon is pronounced to have been due to reinstate Tan who suffered a cadence not long ago as he is from Bukit Mertajam, though a idea was shot down.

Mansor, who is additionally PKR National Vice-Chief, added which Chinese possibilities would be fielded in five state seats as well as a single parliamentary constituency. This is in keeping with a 2008 formula.

In a ubiquitous choosing of 2008 which brought Pakatan Rakyat into energy in Penang, PKR contested 16 state seats as well as won nine. The party's partners DAP went for nineteen state seats as well as took all, while PAS fought for five seats though took none. UMNO prisoner a superfluous 11 seats. PAS a following year won a Permatang Pasir state chair in a by-election.

On a debate over Pantai Jerejak a Chinese-majority seat, Mansor pronounced it would substantially go to a Chinese, although MPPP councillor Rashid Hasnor's name has been due as a candidate.

"We have to demeanour during a winning factors may be you have to demeanour for a Chinese with some-more chances than a Malay in Pantai Jerejak though a preference is still up to a centre," Mansor is quoted as observant in a assembly mins posted upon a blog.

He has declared Felix Ooi as a potential claimant for Pantai Jerejak. However, this needs publicity from a PKR inhabitant leadership.The state care will await whatever preference which comes from a top, Mansor said.

He has reserved Seng Keat, who is additionally MPPP councillor, to "talk" to Rashid about a probability which he competence not be fielded in Pantai Jerejak, now hold by Bayan Baru PKR Division Chief Sim Tze Tzin (left).

Bayan Baru is a hot chair for PKR as three of a constituencies under it Pantai Jerejak, Batu Uban (S Raveentharan) as well as Batu Maung (Abdul Malik Abul Kassim) have been hold by a party.

Speculation is abundant which Sim, although he is evasive about it, is set to reinstate former PKR State Chief Zahrain Mohd Hashim, stream Bayan Baru MP, who has quit a party.

Chinese possibilities a threat

On whether a DAP has requested any seats from PKR, Mansor is quoted as observant he would not budge upon that. He pronounced PKR's Chinese possibilities have been seen as a "threat" to a DAP.

When it was pointed out which DAP as well as PKR may not be caught in a scuffle for seats this time around, Mansor pronounced which was not sure as counts have nonetheless to be finalised.

He remarked which his trainer in a state administration, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was not usually "arrogant" though which it was definite which Penangites suspicion of him as a "tokong" (a diety).

NONE"He (Guan Eng) is really arrogant, you tell you cocky as well as arrogant. It is not easy. Now some-more arrogant," Mansor says about a DAP Secretary-General.

"They (the DAP) have been sure of winning nineteen (seats) as well as they want more. Because with tw! o some-m ore (seats) they can form their own government as well as they can take from us (PKR reps) to be upon their side as well as (then) abandon us (PKR)," a mins quote him as saying.

On a probability of three-cornered fights if PKR does not permit to DAP's alleged direct for some-more seats, Mansor pronounced "We will fight", adding an additional list of 10 Chinese possibilities would be prepared for constituencies such as Sungai Pinang as well as Jawi.

Several cryptic seats

Meanwhile, Mansor lamented over several seats which appear to be problematic, for example, Tasek Gelugor, hold by UMNO, where a multiplication is "asking for money".

The chair competence be handed over to PAS, Mansor said, as their partner wants to contest an additional seat, or a total of six. He complained about a Sungai Acheh division, too, which reportedly issued letters to a members to "boycott a revisit by a trainer (Opposition Leader as well as PKR de facto personality Anwar Ibrahim)".

"Just because it did not go by a division. Look during a complaint you have been traffic with. What if a minute (about boycott) fell into UMNO's hand? Then you have been dead," he decried.

The assembly eventually toyed with a probability of Pakatan receiving Putrajaya in a 13th ubiquitous election, which contingency be hold by a ultimate in April next year. Mansor pronounced there would be thousands of jobs though he was not which interested, fooling around which he preferred to be posted as a "Chinese Ambassador".

He told his subordinates in a celebration to rally together, which a Chinese members contingency revisit a Malay grassroots, to expostulate home a point of a party's multi-racial status.

"Now, our pursuit is to kick UMNO. We have to swallow everything. We contingency not give an in. to UMNO cannot make mistakes mistakes similar to these".

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