Bersih supporters take aim at police weaponry

Riot military fire rip gas in to crowds of Bersih supporters in Kuala Lumpur, Jul 9, 2011. File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 Bersih 2.0 supporters have indicted the military of transparent intent to means damage or even genocide during its Jul 9 convene given the lethal levels of rip gas as well as chemicals in the water cannons used to sunder tens of thousands who poured in to the capital final month.

They told the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) currently which the exploration in to claims of military brutality contingency examine because the military is regulating such dangerous products which have the track record of causing death.

These canisters state clearly which they can means serious damage as well as death. The US-based Federal Laboratories reserve the rip gas to the Israeli army as well as have been sued by Palestinians who mislaid family members, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri from Lawyers for Liberty pronounced today.

She additionally told The Malaysian Insider which rip gas constructed by Federal Laboratories has been banned in several countries as well as this raised questions over because the military are regulating such weaponry.

Tenaganita chief Irene Fernandez additionally told the elect which military knew just what they were you do as they already had the rip gas as well as chemicals ready. There was transparent intent to means harm; which is what is worrying.

Opposition leaders as well as human rights activists have repeatedly claimed which military used excessive as well as heartless force in traffic with the Jul 9 convene for free as well as fair elections, arresting scarcely 1,700 upon the day, withdrawal scores injured as well as one ex-soldier dead.

PKR additionally previously claimed which military had dismissed rip gas canisters without delay during Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, an action they wish personal as attemp! ted murd er.

But military have formed 6 committees of their own to examine whether the force had acted improperly after locking down the capital from the night before the rally.

The military not long ago released videos which appeared to pardon the force of censure as well as uncover which riot military were annoyed by the demonstrators.

Suhakam was reception testimonies currently from the bloc of 62 non-governmental organisations ahead of the public exploration which commissioner James Nayagam pronounced would expected be hold after Ramadan.

Malaysia is under 4 states of emergency, mind you!

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Najib's replacement will be no better - Malaysiakini

The kingmaker is Mahathir, the new Umno boss would be Muhyiddin with Hishammuddin as his deputy, and waiting in line as new PM would be Mukhriz after Muhyiddin has warmed the PM seat for him for the few years. Hishammuddin would have his ambition ...


Teman senyum ajerlah biler dengor ceghita nih... dan teman sebenor-benornyer dah boleh mengangak, memang ini ler masanya Omar Osman akan buat tuntutan atau lebih tepat lagi ugutan kepada kerajaan. Sebabnya teman rasa-rasa, pilihanraya umum akan diadakan dalam tempoh kurang setahun dari sekarang.

1.3 juta kakitangan awam di Malaysia berbanding jumlah penduduk seramai 28 juta.... ramainyaaa...

Kenapa JAIS Tak Tangkap Najib?

BAru-baru ini, JAIS telah menyerbu sebuah dewan yang di dalam kawasan gereja. Katanya, ada majlis yang diadakan yang didalamnya dihadiri oleh orang-orang Islam juga.Soalan saya, mengapa JAIS tak tangkap Najib Tun Razak. Najib telah menziarahi Pope di Gereja Utama Katolik di Vatican City. Malahan, di Vatican City itu, kuasa mutlak pemerintahn terletak di tangan Pope.Maka, saya pun hairan juga mengapa JAIS tiba-tiba bersikap begini?Adakah kerana JAIS masih dikawal oleh UMNO melalui juak2 mereka yaBAru-baru ini, JAIS telah menyerbu sebuah dewan yang di dalam kawasan gereja. Katanya, ada majlis yang diadakan yang didalamnya dihadiri oleh orang-orang Islam juga.Soalan saya, mengapa JAIS tak tangkap Najib Tun Razak. Najib telah menziarahi Pope di Gereja Utama Katolik di Vatican City. Malahan, di Vatican City itu, kuasa mutlak pemerintahn terletak di tangan Pope.Maka, saya pun hairan juga mengapa JAIS tiba-tiba bersikap begini?Adakah kerana JAIS masih dikawal oleh UMNO melalui juak2 mereka ya ... Read More

Faktor Baru dalam Politik Malaysia

5hb.Ogos, 2011

Faktor Baru dalam Politik Malaysia (New Factor in Malaysian Politics)

oleh Muda Mohd. Noor ( Aug 4, 2011)

Di Malaysia, orang belum boleh menerima isteri seorang PM sebagaimana yang dibuat oleh Rosmah, kata Prof. Datuk Dr Zainal Kling.

Seorang penganalisis politik tempatan berpendapat Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak kini berdepan dengan masalah yang ditimbulkan oleh isterinya, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, di samping timbunan masalah lain.

Prof Datuk Dr Zainal Kling berkata, orang melihat Rosmah sebagai lebih menonjol dari Najib sendiri. Di Malaysia, orang belum boleh menerima isteri seorang Perdana Menteri sebagaimana yang dibuat oleh Rosmah.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditanya mengenai kepimpinan Najib yang menjadi perbualan banyak pihak termasuk di kalangan orang UMNO sendiri.

Persatuan Bekas Ahli Parlimen UMNO (Penawar) mahu Najib meletakkan jawatan kerana mendakwa tidak berjuang untuk orang Melayu dan negara Malaysia.

Setiausaha Agung PAS, Mustaffa Ali pula mendakwa ada kumpulan pimpinan UMNO yang mahu Perdana Menteri meletakkan jawatan sebelum pilihan raya umum.

Mengulas lanjut, Dr Zainal (kanan) berkata, rakyat curiga dengan Najib yang cuba membentuk keseimbangan untuk semua orang. Orang Melayu anggap UMNO tidak membela mereka, orang Cina dan India pula dakwa kerajaan UMNO tidak membela mereka.

Orang Sabah dan Sarawak menuntut hak m! ! asing-ma sing, jadi Najib masih berdepan dengan masalah dalaman, tambahnya.

Para pemimpin UMNO, kata Dr Zainal, pula masih menganggap diri mereka raja dan tidak turun padang menemui rakyat sebagaimana diarahkan Najib.

Beliau berkata, Najib terpaksa bekerja kuat dan cepat untuk membaiki kelemahan yang berlaku sebelum ini. Malangnya, orang UMNO masih lemah semangat walau joke ada tanda-tanda rakyat kembali menyokong kerajaan.

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Mid-Year Corruption Perception Index at 45pc

August 5, 2011

Mid-Year Corruption Perception Index at 45pc

By Lee Wei Lian(August 04, 2011)

About 45 per cent of Malaysians feel which a governments quarrel opposite crime has been effective, below a central mid-year aim of 50 per cent pronounced Pemandu today.

It additionally pronounced which a publics perspective of regulatory as well as coercion agencies however hit a measure of 2.99, surpassing a mid-year aim of 3.5 (1 being a best as well as 5 a worst).

The surveys were conducted by eccentric third party research organisation TNS as well as is used by Pemandu as a proxy to lane swell opposite a targets for Transparency Internationals (TI) annual Global Corruption Barometer Score which will be released later this year.

Malaysia scored 48 per cent in last years TI Global Corruption Barometer Score, surpassing Pemandus 2010 aim of 37 per cent as well as 2009s measure of twenty-eight per cent.

Pemandu has set a aim of 50 per cent for this years Global Corruption Barometer Score. Pemandu director for a crime National Key Result Area (NKRA), D. Ravindran pronounced in a briefing here which a anti-corruption efforts were to reinspire certainty as well as get Malaysians to hold again which Malaysia is a great place to do business.

Other total supposing by Pemandu upon a quarrel opposite crime were 237 people in a database of convicted offenders versus a mid-year aim of 100 as well as 68 per cent of EPP (Economic Partnership Programme) stakeholders signed upon to a Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) as against to a mid-year aim of 70 per cent.

Ravi additionally pronounced which fourteen special crime courts have been operational since February as well as have processed 379 cases to date.He combined which rough data indicates which coercion agencies have perceived more than 6,000 reports of crude control from whistleblowers during a first 6 months of a year.

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Ramadhan blooper II: Indonesian TVs turn

In Unspuns final posting we featured a stupidity of TV8 in Malaysia as well as its Ramadhan message. While a flak is still flying in Malaysia, Indonesias TVOne (what is it with TV stations as well as numerals?) seems to have come up with stupidity of their own.

TV stations traditionally air a videoclip to accompany a adz an prayers. Typical messages are, of course, exhorting people to be religious, to be tolerant, to have compassion. This year, however, TVOne has a different message:

It starts with a tailor being treated with colour badly. This inspires him to get even by we do good for himself. So he goes to a bank to get a loan, start a business. As he prospers he buys a car.

Heres where product chain gets ridiculous. The camera has a requisite handshake-to-denote-closed-deal shot as well as as it pans out, really prominently we see a Daihatsu marqe as well as a have of a model of a automobile Sirjohn (what arrange of an simpleton will name a automobile Sirjohn anyway?)

As a automobile leaves a showroom, violation all a rules of a Highway Code since it does not have a legit series image but a ridiculous SIRJOHN, a camera delicately pans across a we guessed it DAIHATSU salon as well as a actuality which it is partial of ASTRA International.

What were a marketing people during Astra Daihatsu as well as their advertising association thinking? Unspun supposes a subject is moot since if they were meditative during all they would have realized which something like which smacks of a brand exploiting religion to sell its products, would backfire.

Already, Twitter is all abuzz with this insensitivity on a partial of Astra as well as Daihatsu. Lets see how they will expostulate their approach out of all this. - Unspun

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Chegu PAS batal puasa semalam atau ramai yag khayal

Pas hari ini terus diberi lesen oleh 'seseorang' yang berada dalam UMNO bagi membuat serangan yang cukup hebat kepada Dato' Seri Najib. Bagaikan pucuk dicita ulam mendatang Pas melalui Setiausaha Agungnya Mustaffa Ali tidak menunggu lama terus membidik peluru yang diberi kepadanya terus ke arah DS najibApakah benar ada gerakan untuk menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri, Najib Tun Razak?Yang pastinya

Church proselytizing Muslims: Hasan Ali acted on his own, say PAS leaders

Church proselytizing Muslims: Hasan Ali acted upon his own, say PAS leaders

UPDATED PAS nonconformist Hasan Ali is during it again. Long-accused of being some-more gentle with his UMNO friends, the former Selangor PAS arch acted upon his own, though the believe of his party, the Mentri Besar or the Selangor state government, over the Damansara Utama church raid.

"This is why you have asked for the full explanation from him given what has happened is very serious. We goal he assimilate this. He should have consulted the party, the other Muslim leaders in Selangor Pakatan though it looks similar to for some reason or other, he took it upon himself to hoop the matter," Khalid Samad, the Shah Alam MP, told Malaysia Chronicle.

Khalid Samad is due to hold the press conference during 11am in his bureau upon Friday, where he may betray some-more information.

The truth according to Hasan as well as JAIS

Hasan, who holds the post of executive councilor in charge of eremite affairs, had defended the JAIS move. He denied which the 'raid' had been carried out, alleging which it was an hearing which was formed upon the report which Muslims had attended the church's break quick event.

However, his matter was inconsistent, generally when he additionally purported which several Muslims had attempted to flee the premises by the churchs behind doorway though were successfully stopped by Jais.

He insisted the function was not the free eventuality as painted by DU priest Danial Ho, though the counsel attempt to ! proselyt ize Muslims.

"Towards the end of the event,! the enf orcement group as well as the military had made checks as well as found attempts to prevent their hearing as well as to get absolved of the justification material, pronounced Hasan, who benefit calumny for his beer raids during 24-hour sell outlets in Selangor in 2009.

Based upon the preliminary investigations, you find which those concerned in the eventuality can be charged underneath Section 10 of the Syariah Criminal Offences Enactment 1995. We additionally found justification of proselytisation towards Muslims, he pronounced in the statement.

Angry Christians

But Christians were not carrying any of it. Many did not mince words as well as some even slammed him for being the deception as well as creation accusations though proof.

"These have been very critical allegations. You cannot simply say such things though carrying proof. We challenge him right away to show his evidence," Ramon Navaratnam, past trainer of Transparency International, told Malaysia Chronicle.

On Wednesday night, some 20 to 30 officers from the military as well as Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor, some in unvaried as well as most in plainclothes, entered the Dream Centre building, where the Damansara Utama Church is housed though the warrant.

The enforcement officers interrupted the cooking hold by an NGO, Harapan Kommuniti, receiving photos as well as video. They took down the details of the Muslim guests, as well as when asked by the organiser, pronounced they were behaving formed upon the complaint. However they could not furnish the duplicate of the complaint.

Senior priest of DU church Daniel Ho has expressed beating with the JAIS as well as military "trespass", job upon Malaysians not to "condone this breach of Freedom of Assembly as well as Association as supposing by Article 10 of Federal Consti! tution".

Did UMNO's Khusrin "activate" himself

It looks similar to there is some-more than meets the eye in this episode! . BN lea ders, together with UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin, Wee Ka Sidong, Gan Ping Sieu as well as even MCA trainer Chua Soi Lek have rushed out to reject the raid. The speed as well as co-ordination with which they turned the blame onto MB Khalid as well as DAP assemblywoman for Kinrara Teresa Kok took pundits by surprise.

While Pakatan leaders agreed which an apology to Christians was due, they pronounced it should additionally come from the federal supervision as well as MCA's boss, UMNO in particular. MB Khalid, who has already has expressed his regrets during the incident, has demanded an explanation from JAIS. In most states, the eremite authorities do not fall without delay underneath state government's purview though answer without delay to the Sultan. Most of the authority's nominee have been UMNO stalwarts.

In Selangor's case, it is the same. While Hasan works with JAIS due to his portfolio, JAIS reports to the Sultan as well as most of its appointees have been still UMNO stawarts, the most famous of whom is Khusrin Munawi. Khusrin, the former director ubiquitous of JAIS, was during the centre of the outrageous storm progressing this year when he was recommended by the JPA, which is controlled by the federal government, to be the State Secretary. Despite strong objections from MB Khalid's administration, the Sultan approved Khusrin's appointment.

It is not transparent if Khusrin has the palm in the final scam though even during the start of the year, most had approaching him to "activate" as well as help UMNO to clout down the Selangor Pakatan admiinistration from within.

More than meets the eye - BN conspiracy

When Hasan Ali released his matter this evening, it was transpar! ent he m ay be fanning the glow for his friends during UMNO again. He was previously warned for this as well as has confirmed the low form given then. However, his recent disaster to retain the Selangor Commissioner's post was shocker to him as PAS representatives strenuous voted for assuage leaders as well as sealed the doorway upon UMNO's proposal for the merger.

Yet only days, Ahmad Maslan, the UMNO info! rmation chief, began his taunts again. "Although the offer was turned down before, UMNO has not sealed the doorway to talks with PAS, some-more so right away with the appearance of Ramadan," Bernama reported Ahmad as saying final week.

It is hard to say what will happen to Hasan Ali, generally if he cannot offer explanation to behind his allegations. Prior to this incident, PAS leaders had brushed aside rumblings from the grassroots for him to quit the state executive council given he was no longer the Selangor PAS chief. However, the top celebration care longed for stability in the state administration department as well as hence, there was no pierce to remove him during all.

Now which he has stirred up such the storm among growing suspicion which he was assisting UMNO again, chances have been tall he will be punished in one approach or another. Hasan had in the aftermath of the 2008 ubiquitous choosing promoted the partnership in between PAS as well as UMNO in Selangor. The 64-year aged Gombak Setia assemblyman was accused of being ambitious as well as wanting to be the Selangor Mentri Besar.

- Malaysia Chronicle

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Pertama sekali, aku nak ucapkan jutaan tahniah kepada Lim Guan Eng, Khalifah Al-PASPISPUS Al-Majnun. Pencapaiannya sepanjang menjadi Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang sangat mengkagumkan. Belum pernah lagi berlaku dalam sejarah seperti pencapaian Lim Guan Eng.

Laporan statistik menunjukkan berlakunya penurunan jumlah penduduk Melayu di Pulau Pinang. (SINI).

Cina kembali menjadi masyarakat majoriti

Book Review Podcast

This Week: "My Year in Iraq," "Impostor" and an letter on Betty Friedan.
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Anonymous to attack 1Malaysia computers Oct 24

Warning of Red October attacks

The hacker common Anonymous has issued a video notice that they will mount an conflict on October 24 to move down a Internet computer servers of Malaysian law enforcement agencies as well as others who await a 1Malaysia campaign of a Malaysian government.

Anonymous pinpointed a prime minister, Najib Tun Razak, as a prime aim of a attack. Action against Malaysia would be conducted as long as a Murderer remains Prime Minister said a hacking group. This video is your usually warning.

The video shows scenes of police in action at a Bersih convene final month, as well as makes anxiety to a deaths in control of A Kugan as well as Teoh Beng Hock, as well as a murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

In June several Malaysia supervision web servers were hacked, for that Anonymous was blamed. The attacks caused little damage.

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Big Brother muzzles South-East Asian media

How Courts in Southeast Asia Are Muzzling Free Expression

Amy Sim | Jul 19, 2011
The Jakarta Post

The United Nations special rapporteur for leisure of expression, Frank La Rue, ended his nine-day visit to Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia as good as Thailand this past weekend. In those nine days, the series of events highlighted the dire state of leisure of countenance in Southeast Asia as good as forked toward the series of pass trends as good as new forms of censorship.

The initial instance was upon Jul 9 when Indonesias Supreme Court found Prita Mulyasari, the mom of three, guilty of criminal insult as good as gave her the six-month suspended judgment for sending e-mails to friends complaining about the healing make use of she had perceived during the hospital. This judgment contradicted the previous ruling by the Supreme Court in the polite insult fit in preference of Prita.

Her box obviously exposes the problems with the 2008 Electronic Transactions as good as Information Law, demonstrating how legitimate debate or complaints of make use of can simply be criminalized. Under this law, alleged insult by an individual communicated over the Internet can be punished by up to 6 years in prison as good as the excellent of up to Rp 1 billion ($117,000), some-more than the maximum chastisement for criminal insult underneath the Criminal Code.

Then in Thailand the Royal Thai Air Force commander became the initial troops officer to face trial underneath the lese-majeste law, which protects the sovereign from offensive remarks, as good as the Computer Crime Act for posting messages upon his Facebook page referring to the compulsory father in the TV soap opera as good as song. Following the political disturbance in Thailand, the Internet has turn the battleground for different parties. The supervision has aggressively used the 2007 Computer Crime Act to limit online speech, in all debate by the supporters of the opposition.

The CCA severel! y underm ines the right to openly provide as good as receive report over the Internet by using vague as good as broad! provisi ons subject to interpretation, commanding liability upon Internet make use of providers, carrying out surveillance of users not suspected of the crime as good as restraint Web sites.

In addition, the CCA is mostly used together with lese-majeste charges underneath the Penal Code by the supervision to overpower the critics. Tens of thousands of Web sites have been being blocked, many but any judicial authority. The series of CCA legal cases rose from 28 in 2008 to 76 in 2010.


Although public access to the Internet is in all promoted in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia as good as Thailand, governments have been receiving movement as good as putting in place measures to unduly shorten leisure of countenance upon the Internet. Rules upon leisure of countenance have been good established in general human rights law through Article nineteen of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as good as the International Covenant upon Civil as good as Political Rights. Governments must commend which these rules upon leisure of countenance request to Internet communications as well.


Recent events additionally embody the dramatic crackdown upon the Bersih 2.0 campaign in Malaysia. Some 50,000 citizens peacefully took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur upon Jul 9 to call for satisfactory elections, only to face tear gas as good as police beatings. Police arrested as good as then released but charges 1,667 protesters.

Before the rally, the supervision additionally arrested around 40 people underneath the Societies Act for possessing Bersih T-shirts as good as other bootleg materials. They have been faced with the hazard of five years in prison for sportive their right to leisure of expression, assembly as good as association. Furthermore, 6 activists remain detained indefinitely but charge, arrested while traveling to the Bersih 2.0 event upon the guess ! of wagin g war against the king.


In Cambodia upon Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld the two- to three-year prison sentences of 4 men convicted of distributing leaflets allegedly criticizing the governments relationship with Vietnam.! They we re found guilty of incitement underneath the Penal Code.

The courts

A common thread runs through these cases: the frequent make use of of laws to suppress debate as good as opinions. While the region has been undergoing the routine of democratization with the waning of peremptory governments in the final two decades, state actors have found in the justice system an effective apparatus to overpower gainsay as good as to demonize the opposition. By flitting vague as good as overbroad laws, they have been now able to legalize the termination of expression.

With the censors apropos some-more sophisticated in their attempts to shorten leisure of expression, free debate advocates must additionally step up their game to guard both obvious as good as pointed forms of censorship in Southeast Asia as good as reverse the chilling outcome these actions have upon leisure of expression.

Amy Sim is senior module officer during Article 19, the London-based NGO which functions globally to foster as good as protect the right to leisure of expression.

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Lawyers for Liberty: Police Questioning Over Suara Keadilan Article Baseless, Harassment

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 AUGUST, 2011: Lawyers for Libertys Fadiah Nadwa Fikri said a questioning of three individuals by a police regarding an article in Suara Keadilan was baseless as well as a form of harassment. ... Read More

CIJ condemns seizure of reporters notebook

Media Statement
Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Malaysia
4 Aug 2011

Police receiving reporters cover a serious breach of media freedom

Centre for Independent Journalism views a military sequence to Malaysiakini journalist Joseph Sipalan to surrender his cover to them upon 3 Aug 2011 as a serious breach of media freedom.

While Section 51(1) of a Criminal Procedure Code allows for any justice or military military officer to acquire documents which are deliberate necessary for a purpose of its investigation, you destroy to see how a notepad itself is applicable to military investigation over a politicians alleged fake claims when a journalist himself has already been questioned upon 2 Aug as a witness for having attended a press discussion by a politician.

Notepads or any alternative recording inclination used by reporters in a march of their work not usually enclose information about a story in question, though additionally alternative stories they have published or are working on. These recording inclination might additionally enclose details of sources, some of whom might have oral in confidence.

Protection of sources is sacrosanct to reporters as it has a direct temperament upon their capability to work. As such, reporters recording inclination should never be arcane to any one else though for a many compelling of reasons related to an evident as well as demonstrable direct hazard to public safety.

This latest military action might lead to a chilling outcome upon a capability of reporters to do their work. If a military do not refrain from such actions in future, reporters might consider twice about covering sure sources or issues which they consider might lead to them being called in as potential military witnesses as well as have their tools of a traffic surrendered to a police.

Journalists should be means to report according to their professional dictates but having to be concerned about a possibility of their lap! tops, ca meras, notepads as well as such recording inclination being theme to military sei! zure.

In addition, this investigation shows continued nuisance by a authorities of all those concerned in a Bersih 2.0 rally upon 9 Jul 2011 which called for clean as well as satisfactory elections. This is yet an additional act which infringes upon adults leisure of countenance as well as even goes serve by threatening a leisure of a press.

We therefore call upon a authorities to rught away cease all prosecutions of those concerned with a Bersih 2.0 rally which was a bona fide countenance by a people of their views as well as an exercise of their constitutional right to peaceful assembly.

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Bila Guan Eng kena serang dengan MCA, aku sedikit joke tak heran. Walaupun dari satu segi atau zahirnya kelihatan seperti MCA menyerang kontraktor Melayu, tetapi pemimpin-pemimpin MCA sudah tentu tahu bahawa Kontraktor Kelas F adalah 100% Melayu Bumiputera.

Aku tak bertujuan nak bela MCA, jauh sekali Chua Soi Lek. Aku cakap terus-terang, sudah banyak kali aku menyampah sangat dengan apek porno

Leaders say freedom in Umno 'alive and thriving' - Malaysiakini

Freedom of speech and expression is alive and thriving in Umno, celebration leaders during various levels said today. They were refuting a statement by former minister and a celebration autarchic council member Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir which Umno no longer authorised for ...

Anwar arah semua blogger Pakatan tuntut sapina 5 saksi

Anwar telah keluarkan arahan kepada semua bloger pro pakatan supaya beri tumpuan untuk memainkan isu permohonannya kepada mahkamah untuk sapina 5 saksi ke mahkamah.Dia mahu semua portal pro pembangkang, blog-blog dan sosial media semua hanya mainkan isu ini selama tiga hari hingga hari Isnin August 8hb dimana hakim akan memberi keputussan.Saksi yang dikehendakinya adalah Perdana Menteri Dato Seri

Business loans for poor from 1Azam, RM21m already approved

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 Loans totalling RM21 were released to 3,484 bad domicile heads under a 1Azam Programme in a initial half of 2011 to assistance them beget one more income.

The volume is part of a RM236 million allocated for Azam Niaga as well as Azam Khidmat initiatives targeting low income households pronounced Performance Management as well as Delivery Unit's (Pemandu) Raising Living Standards of Low-Income Households National Key Result Area (NKRA) director, Dr Chua Hong Teck.

He pronounced a loans were for business ventures, Bernama Online reported.

Participants can get loans in between RM3,000 as well as RM75,000 after a month of duplicate processing.

1Azam has attracted 20,650 households in a initial half of a year, pronounced Dr Chua

Dr Chua pronounced a 1Azam intrigue drew a appearance of 20,650 bad domicile heads in a initial half of a year.

The initiative is targeting 1,000 women entrepreneurs, with 430 already recruited.

Malaysia on an express route to populate its land

By J. D. Lovrenciear
It appears which the powers which be have been in an demonstrate rush to quick track the race boom in the country. The subject is have been you unequivocally under populated which thousands have to be given citizenship, PR standing as well as work permits to stay in the country for extended periods?
Even the adjacent nations opposite the borders as well as seas have been extremely clever in needing unfamiliar workers to hole up in their countries.
They have been extremely spare though prudent when it comes to awarding PR status. And their stringent standards to awarding citizenship have been even tighter.
But which does not appear to be the box in Malaysia these days. We have been entrance up with all kinds of schemes which continue to see an advance of unfamiliar nationals in to the country. So much so even the economic activities mushrooming in the country have been obviously combined to offer these communities solely.
Just take the look at grocery stores, restaurants as well as entertainment outlets as well as offered centers. What do these discuss it you? What about the kind of foodstuff which is augmenting even stuffing the wet markets as well as pasar malams?
It is very demonstrative which currently Malaysia has such the sizeable unfamiliar village which it creates good business sense to even set up shop in the own Tamans only to support for their every day needs.
And with the growing made-to-believe dependency on unfamiliar labor, most of the youths have been increasingly finding it hard to be economically intent though to look for left-over jobs. But the leaders keep dishing out justifications which the girl have been not interested in these jobs as well as thus you need u! nfamilia r work to expostulate the economy.
Now given when did you transform in to the developed universe with the complete working population! being h ighly competent to take on primer as well as paltry jobs?
The adults know. The complete work-in-progress is to spruce distinction taking. Let us stop teasing any other. Period.
We need courage to confess where you have been starting wrong. We need the nationalistic heart to see the truth in the eye. We need faithfulness to King as well as country to stop this offered out of the land.
Many Malaysian professionals who returned with unfamiliar spouses have been still struggling with the renewable PR procedures. But bootleg immigrants as well as renegades have been simply getting citizenships as well as PR standing virtually ladle fed to them. Why?
Our neighbors have been all using their own race in so most beautiful ways to ensure which their nations sojourn all self-reliant. From the building industry to the tillage communities, from the corporate corridors to the sewage services, they have their adults proudly as well as viably engaged. Thailand is the good example.
It is about time which the Rulers stepped forward as well as made the point to keep Malaysia for Malaysians their loyal subjects. If you do not action fast, someday, Malaysians will arise up to find themselves being lorded over by foreigners who have claimed citizenship.
This worrying state of affairs final honest, responsible, accountable as well as nationalistic redress. And it needs to be finished similar to yesterday, starting by the sudden naturalization exercises quick tracking lately.

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'Guilty Immigration officers must be punished'

Gerakan is miffed which a eight Immigration officers arrested underneath a Internal Security Act (ISA) have been let off without any punishment nonetheless they had confessed to impasse in tellurian bootlegging activities.

NONEThe party's legal as well as tellurian rights business chief Baljit Singh (right)could hardly hold it as he felt tellurian smuggling, bad in itself, was additionally continuous to alternative distressing crimes such as kidnapping as well as harlotry of children as well as adults.

He was referring to a Home Ministry's decision to recover a eight who were incarcerated in Oct final year for guess of being concerned in a tellurian bootlegging associate in this country.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein pronounced in a recent statement, which they were released after a method found which a eight had shown recognition as well as distress as well as had promised never to repeat it.

"They have admitted their guilt. They should be charged," pronounced Baljit, a lawyer by profession.

Baljit challenged Hishamuddin to take movement upon a eight to uncover which Malaysia was serious in fighting cranky limit criminal activities.

He additionally urged de facto Law Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz to demeanour in to a matter as well as suggest a government upon a appropriate movement to take upon a eight.

He combined which a "deafening silence" upon a partial of a method as well as a military towards a culprits was shocking as well as done worse by their recover without punishment.

Baljit additionally referred to a police's swift movement to arrest Parti Sosialis Malaysia activists und! erneath a Emergency Ordinance, usually to recover them 28 days later, as well as re-charge them for receive of"subversive documents".

He pronounced a crime of a immigration officers was more serious than which of a EO6 who were purported to have in their receive leaflets as well as yellow T-shirts associated to a Jul 9 Bersih rally. - malaysiakini

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The TV8 ad, did you get it?

Ah, eventually someone has written some sense about a "sensitive" ad that TV8 aired in and with a fasting month. Thanks, Ham.

ClickI don't get it! Is it since we am Malaysian?for a link to a strange article in Adoimagazine, a leading informal ad magazine.

Mid-year corruption perception index at 45pc

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 About 45 per cent of Malaysians feel which a governments quarrel opposite crime has been effective, next a official mid-year aim of 50 per cent pronounced Pemandu today.

It also pronounced which a publics opinion of regulatory as well as enforcement agencies however strike a measure of 2.99, surpassing a mid-year aim of 3.5 (1 being a best as well as 5 a worst).

The surveys were conducted by independent third party research firm TNS as well as is used by Pemandu as a substitute to track swell opposite a targets for Transparency Internationals (TI) annual Global Corruption Barometer Score which will be expelled after this year.

Malaysia scored 48 per cent in last years TI Global Corruption Barometer Score, surpassing Pemandus 2010 aim of 37 per cent as well as 2009s measure of 28 per cent.

Pemandu has set a aim of 50 per cent for this years Global Corruption Barometer Score.

Pemandu executive for a crime National Key Result Area (NKRA), D. Ravindran pronounced in a briefing here which a anti-corruption efforts were to reinspire certainty as well as get Malaysians to believe again which Malaysia is a good place to do business.

Other figures provided by Pemandu upon a quarrel opposite crime were 237 people in a database of convicted offenders versus a mid-year aim of 100 as well as 68 per cent of EPP (Economic Partnership Programme) stakeholders sealed upon to a Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) as opposed to a mid-year aim of 70 per cent.

Ravi also pronounced which 14 special crime courts have been operational given February as well as have processed 379 cases to date.

He added which preliminary interpretation indicates which enforcement agencies have received more than 6,000 reports of improper conduct from whistleblowers during a first six months of a year.


8TV Ramadhan Racist Ad taken down inside of 48hours with 34,000 Facebook Shares + general Media Coverage from Forbes, Washington Post & BBC

It seems similar to a total play about 8TV Ramadhan PSA Ads combined some-more hum than expected. The YouTube video which was re-uploaded with a pretension 8TV Ramadan PSA TV ads scornful chinese Malaysia 2011 was taken down from YouTube inside of 48 hours after a series of 34,000 Facebook Shares.

The total situation even reached major news sites such as BBC & WashingtonPost. What a approach to promote Malaysia AGAIN. Malaysia has flattering most combined a lot of hum this really year and im certain this wont be a final of 2011. Looking forward for some-more to come from any other parties. Meanwhile, we can head to 8TV Facebook Page to check out all a disastrous remarks left there.

BTW if we haven watch a ad, we can do so below :

This would be a really great case study for lots of companies out there generally in Malaysia where social media is OVER-ACTIVE.

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Khairy: Plot against Najib a PAS ploy

Khairy Jamaluddin dimisses a life of such a plot in Umno and accuses PAS of in progress up a issue to divert attention.

PETALING JAYA: Umno Youth arch Khairy Jamaluddin has discharged speculation of a pierce within a celebration to oust Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak before a next polls.

Instead, he indicted PAS of in progress up this issue to divert courtesy from its inner problems

Its utter rubbish. We entirely support Najib, he told FMT.

This morning, PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali claimed which there was a pierce by certain tip guns in Umno to topple Najib before a general election.

Yesterday, FMT reported which Penawar, an organization comprising former Umno MPs, additionally wanted a prime apportion to give way his post.

According to Khairy, PAS was embroiled in a crisis as a little leaders in a celebration had mislaid conviction in a care of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

That is why a little in PAS have been articulate about carrying Gua Musang MP (Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah) as a new antithesis leader, he said.

Quizzed on Penawars stand, Khairy pronounced he had not listened about a organization wanting Najib to step down.

But as distant as stream Barisan Nasional leaders have been concerned, we have been entirely behind Najib, he added.

Rumours widespread by outsiders

Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo additionally discharged a speculation, stressing which all in Umno supported a celebration president.

He combined which it was normal for certain quarters to widespread such rumours when a general choosing was around a corner.

Its outsiders who have been formulating this. They only wish to create issues as there is a possibility which a general choos! ing may be called soon.

As distant as I know, Najib is you do a good pursuit and everyo! ne suppo rts him, he pronounced when contacted.

When contacted, Higher Education Minister and Pasir Gudang MP Khaled Nordin additionally claimed to be in a dark over a life of such a plot.

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So who is talking nonsense now, Shafee?

It was unfit for Ahmad Sarbaini to mount upon a window itself as claimed by Raja Petra. If Raja Petra can do it, afterwards we wish to see him try. Raja Petra is articulate nonsense. we hold this claim will not start a inquest. He is history. Raja Petra has nothing left to talk about, no credibility as well as not even supposed by a opposition.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

I remember behind in a 1980s when we used to fraternise with a IGP as well as Deputy IGP. The IGP afterwards was Tun Haniff Omar as well as his Deputy was Tan Sri Amin -- who after went upon to become a Acting IGP when Haniff took one-year sabbatical leave to do law in a UK.

What Haniff as well as Amin told me was very interesting indeed. 90% of a success of a military in elucidate cases depends upon information, they said. Without information, a military would not be means to compromise a many cases of crime. And which is because informants have been very consequential as well as a military pay for this report from informants, additionally well known as squealers or sofa pigeons -- as well as what we call Deep Throats.

My friend in a Income Tax Department (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) additionally pronounced a same thing. They as well rely upon informants to locate taxation evaders. Most times, a accountants of a taxation evaders themselves have been these informants. And which is because a prerogative of 50% of a recovered amount is paid to informants to make it intensely profitable for insiders to spin informants.

And a same goes for a Customs Department, pronounced my friend. Without a help of informants, a Customs Department would not be means to control raids to locate smugglers. And, again, a large prerogative is paid to these informants.

So we see, a Malaysian supervision as well as governments ! all over a universe rely upon informants, squealers, sofa pigeons or Deep Throats to compromise crimes as well as locate cri! minals. And which as well is how Malaysia Todayoperates. We as well rely upon Deep Throats for information, only like a Malaysian supervision as well as governments all over a world.

On 20th July, in Part 7 of Ahmad Sarbanis death: The lies as well as deceptions by a MACC, Malaysia Todays Deep Throat suggested which MACC Deputy Director Mohd Fauzi had systematic Ahmad Sarbaini to mount out a window as well as mount upon a ledge.

Malaysia Today additionally pronounced which Ahmad Sarbainis leather leather belt afterwards got stranded upon a outer partial of a window, which caused him to remove his change as well as his hold up when he fell to his genocide onto a badminton justice below.

Malaysia Today did not say which Ahmad Sarbaini was thrown out of a pantry window. Malaysia Today pronounced which he was systematic to mount upon a window ledge as well as which his leather leather belt got stranded -- which explained a scratches upon his leather leather belt buckle.

The quick response from a MACCs lawyer, Datuk Seri Shafee Abdullah, was to gibe what Malaysia Todays Deep Throat had reported. The high-profile lawyer said, It was unfit for Ahmad Sarbaini to mount upon a window itself as claimed by Raja Petra. If Raja Petra can do it, afterwards we wish to see him try.

Shafee added, Raja Petra is articulate nonsense. we hold this claim will not start a inquest. He is history. Raja Petra has nothing left to talk about, no credibility as well as not even supposed by a opposition.

Actually, what Shafee pronounced in Malay was some-more sardonic when he called me bercakap merapu as well as suka merepek.

Now read what a lead debate pathologist who carefully thought about Ahmad Sarbaini, Mohamed Prof Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid, told a Coroners Court yesterday.


He resolved which Ahmad Sarbaini had climbed out of a window, stood upon a ledge as well as mislaid his change as well as fell.

The pathologist additionally told a justice a scratches upon Ahmad Sarbainis leather leather belt bend showed! which he had attempted to mount behind in to a pantry by a window.

This is not a spin by Malaysia Today. This is what The Star published today. And we can read The Star news report below.

Malaysia Today pronounced it initial upon 20th July. Shafee called it unsteadiness upon 21st July. On 3rd August, a debate pathologist Prof Dr Shahrom reliable what Malaysia Today said.

So who is articulate unsteadiness now, Shafee?


Wednesday Aug 3, 2011

An random death, says pathologist

By LISA GOH, The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: The lead debate pathologist who carefully thought about Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed told a Coroners Court here which he died an random death.

Ahmad Sarbaini landed upon his right knee first, followed roughly simultaneously by his left knee, his right forearm, left wrist, a fronto-parietal area (top front area of a head) as well as a facial partial of a head.

The injury to a head was very severe, pronounced Prof Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid, who is from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

He opined which even if Ahmad Sarbaini had survived, he would have been in a vegetative state.

He was testifying in an inquisition in to a genocide of Selangor Customs partner director Ahmad Sarbaini who was found dead upon a initial floor of a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office building upon April 6.

Prof Shahrom conducted a second post mortem upon Ahmad Sarbaini, 56, upon April 7, twenty-four hours after his genocide to concede for a clearer showing of a little wounds.

He! concurr ed with a findings of debate pathologist Assoc Prof Dr Faridah Mohd Noor, who had progressing settled which Ahmad Sarbainis means of genocide was severe head injuries as well as positional asphyxia due to a tumble from height.

The courtroom was transformed in to a scene from a CSI radio array as Dr Shahrom explained his findings with a assist of photos, cinema as well as ! diagrams .

In his testimony yesterday which lasted about 4 hours, Prof Shahrom came out of a declare mount to denote his indicate of how Ahmad Sarbaini landed upon a ground.

The justice was additionally shown still-shots taken from a video of a re-enactment of a tumble done by stuntman Mohd Asri Ramli, as well as Prof Shahrom compared Mohd Asris body in front of whilst descending against a in front of of Ahmad Sarbainis body when he was found upon a badminton court.

He resolved which Ahmad Sarbaini had climbed out of a window, stood upon a ledge as well as mislaid his change as well as fell.

The pathologist additionally told a justice a scratches upon Ahmad Sarbainis leather leather belt bend showed which he had attempted to mount behind in to a pantry by a window.

Based upon a evidence, he additionally dismissed a probability which Ahmad Sarbaini had died of natural causes, carnage or suicide.

Hearing prior to Coroner Aizatul Akmal Maharani continues today.

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Wikileaks: Ku Li berminat dengan 916 jika dijadikan PM

Berikutan pendedahan The Unspinners akan mereka yang terlibat berbincang dengan Ku Li pada hari Ahad lepas, Malaysia Today mendedahkan laporan Wikileaks perbincangan antara Tengku Razaleigh dan Duta Amerika yang Ku Li menunjukkan keinginan untuk jawatan PM.Laporan Wikileaks ini menyatakan bahawa Anwar telah menyedari kesusahan untuk mendapatkan lompat parti bagi 916 dan menukar fokus menguatkan

Karpal not in favour of Raz replacing Anwar - Sabah Daily Express

"Tengku Razaleigh had the event (to serve) in the Opposition around Semangat 46. "But he returned to Umno, as well as after which usually his Umno multiplication nominated him to go for the party presidency's post against (Prime Minister) Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak," he said.

In Malaysia, Church holding unity dinner stormed by Islamic religious cops

Appalling! This raid by Jais on another religion's place of worship is unprecedented, I believe, so congrats to a Pakatan Rakyat supervision lah. But usually Khairy and Wee Ka Siong are angry? Where's everybody else?