Rais: Bersih in a plot to overthrow govt

Information, Communications as well as Culture Minister Rais Yatim is assured which Bersih 2.0 is the precursor to governmental chaos.KUALA LUMPUR: The Coalition for Free as well as Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) is out to overpower the government as well as cause social chaos, the apportion pronounced today.Minister of Information, Communications as well as Culture Rais Yatim pronounced which Bersih 2.0s programmed Jul 9 Walk for Democracy rally was nothing some-more than the plot to force energy from the Barisan Nasionals hands.It looks similar to these partie ... Read More

Utusan says foreign Christian funds behind Bersih

KUALA LUMPUR, June twenty-seven Utusan Malaysia stepped up a attacks on Bersih currently by claiming which a group is being funded by foreign Christian organisations which have donated millions of ringgit to safeguard a convene planned for Jul 9.After it demonised Bersih chief Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan yesterday as anti-Islam, a Umno-owned newspaper reported currently which a group job for electoral reforms was being funded by groups such as a Konrad Adenauer Foundation from Germany and a Canadian A ... Read More

Why the Bersih march must go on despite the intimidation

Why the Bersih impetus contingency go upon notwithstanding the intimidation

Bersih 2.0 never had the domestic undertone. The first impetus in 2007 was the entertainment of 50,000 like-minded people who were yearning for the change in the way the choosing routine was conducted. They were concerned citizens, voicing their reservations during irregularities obviously authorised for by the Election Commission. This was the mount for satisfactory as well as free elections, to have sure which each opinion was accounted for as well as not merely used to serve the domestic ambitions of the few.

Bersih 1.0 was the success, in which it gave bland Malaysians the platform from which to take partial in nation building.

The second installation of Bersih this July 9 will accumulate even some-more like minded people with various NGOs as well as domestic parties already committing numbers to the march. The antithesis has taken to heart this march, enlivening their members to be partial of history whilst the BN federal supervision has been quick to condemn as well as demonise the march.

It was the BN supervision as well as their supporters generally Perkasa who slapped upon Bersih their domestic undertones even to the border of painting the Bersih's Walk for Democracy the pierce to topple the government. Ibrahim Ali combined the extremist tune to the total have the difference by revelation the Chinese to stay home as well as batch up upon food, or risk the reprisal of the ethnic clarification which took place upon May 13, 1969.

Both Prime Minister Najib Razak as well as his emissary Muhyiddin Yassin have called the Bersih impetus the threat to national security though they remained wordless up! on the a lternative two rallies - Perkasa's as well as UMNO Youth's. Both have been marching upon the same day though not together with Bersih, as well as Perkasa has already finished known the intention t! o stop B ersih.

What the mockery then for the PM as well as DPM to paint the polite movement the security threat whilst they ignore two alternative politically-motivated bodies formulation counter-marches to the Bersih's.

Good thing Big Bird is not in town

Meanwhile, military have been already impediment anyone who happens to be wearing the yellow shirt (good thing Big Bird is not in town or it would have been nabbed too!). Police roadblocks have been already in place to check the movements of Bersih symphatizers upon their way to roadshows across the nation. Yes, the military have been bustling rounding up Bersih marchers whilst thieves, rapists as well as poison throwers have been still during large in the country.

Pro-UMNO NGOs as well as even people affliated with MATTA have come out to issue statements which the Bersih impetus would be bad for commercial operation as well as shock divided tourists from visiting the satisfactory country. A days impetus does some-more repairs than RM1.8 million spent upon environment up 6 Facebook pages by the Tourism Ministry? A days impetus does some-more repairs to commercial operation in Kuala Lumpur than spending billions upon submarines which have trouble diving?

With all which starting opposite it, none of the Bersih detractors have been unequivocally saying anything about the genuine reasons for the march. No-one is commenting upon the 8 points Bersih is marching for. Not the single of the critics, whether it is UMNO, Perkasa, Najib, Muhyiddin, Ibrahim Ali or Khairy Jamaluddin have brought to the table what they dislike about any of these 8 points which Bersih is handing over in the form of the chit to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong come July 9th.

And this is because Bersih is important. It is the impetus! to defe nd polite liberties. A impetus initiated by the people, organised by the people as well as participated by bland Malaysians. It is the impetus by Malaysians to ensure the improved as well as some-more matured choosing process.

It is only judicious which when the complement is broken, the complement needs to be fixed. The people of Malaysia know the total choosing process, the complement is damaged as well as it needs to be fixed.! So what is wrong for like-minded people to impetus as well as benefaction their ideas?

Too most ignored as well as damaged promises

If the Election Commission counters as well as says which it has supposing avenues for Bersih to hold discourse in the closed setting, then the subject to ask is - this has been finished before, the discourse over long ago as well as yet, what changes have we seen?

Case in hand - Point 3 of Bersih's 8 demands: The use of memorable ink. This idea was brought brazen to the EC in March 2007. It is right away 2011, as well as the EC has the gall to contend the use of memorable ink requires the change to the Federal Constitution! Since when did putting ink upon someone's finger require amendments to the Federal Consitution?

And even if there is the pellet of truth to this, then rectify the Constitution - the parliamentarians should discuss this as well as opinion upon it as well as decide once as well as for all the prerequisite for the use of memorable ink. The thing is, will such the suit be authorised to get past the Speaker of the Parliament. Now, you know because citizens contingency come out to the streets as well as accumulate peacefully upon July 9. BN lawmakers do not respect their wishes.

How hard is unequivocally to listen to the people as well as have their wishes the reality? For the duration which the UMNO-BN supervision has held two thirds infancy in Parliament, the Federal Constitution has seen no reduction than 650 amendments. How most mistreat can the single some-more! legisla tive addition have when the current Federal Constitution is the shade of the original, due to the inclination of the UMNO-BN government.

Malaysians contingency retrieve their own rights

The Bersih impetus is not partisan, nor does it have the domestic agenda. No doubt, it is upheld by the Pakatan Rakyat who have most to benefit from the cleanup of the system. But if Pakatan against as well as refused to send their members, Bersih would still go on. Ambiga would still chair the committeee as well as exhort Malaysians to mount for their rights.

Malaysians contingency understand as well as not listen to eit! her BN o r even Pakatan. The quality of their lives is in their own hands. And until they realize this as well as retrieve their rights, no the single can help them - they have been during the forgiveness of the BN. But this nation is their country, they have been the trainer as well as BN, Pakatan as well as all the others have been merely elected flunkeys.

It is the people who get to choose who they wish to represent them as well as not be forced to accept whoever is selected for them. And this is because they contingency turn up upon July 9 as well as once as well as for all, force out which square of dirt suffocating the complete nation as well as their lives.

Bersih is the impetus which lives within the spirit of polite liberties. It allows the usual citizen to come together as well as voice their views. It allows Malaysians to mount as the single for the eminent cause as well as for this Malaysians should not be fearful of their government.

'People should not be fearful of their governments. Governments should be fearful of their people.'

- Malaysia Chronicle

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"Saya yang Pangkah Semua Undi POS

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"I am the one who crossed all postal votes"

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Apa sudah jadi rumah PKNS Serendah

Apa sudah jadi rumah PKNS SerendahRIZAL KURUVIUNTUK pengetahuan PKNS, saya salah seorang daripada pembeli rumah dua tingkat jenis Lily di Mukim Serendah Antara Gapi Selangor.Ketika majlis pelancaran jualan rumah itu pada Julai 2010, saya dimaklumkan bahawa tempoh penyerahan kunci/CF sekitar bulan Disember 2010 atau Januari 2011. Memandangkan tempoh itu tidak terlalu lama saya mengambil keputusan untuk membelinya ditambah pula harga yang ditawarkan cukup menarik dan rumah telah siap sepenuhnya (1 ... Read More

Questionable' Umno must restock' talent pool | Free Malaysia ...

What Umno people have been battling against is not either Anwar did it or did not. ... That is a real question you should be asking, generally if you have been Umno people. ...

UMNO: You Attend Bersih, We ISA You. Perkasa: You Come, We Massacre You !

Father Of Minorities Massacre ?The following have been BERSIHs demands: 1. Clean a electoral roll, which is marred with irregularities such as deceased persons as well as mixed persons registered underneath a single residence or self-existent addresses. In a longer term, BERSIH 2.0 also calls for a EC to exercise an automated voter registration complement upon eligibility to reduce irregularities. 2. Reform postal ballot, to ensure which all adults of Malaysia, residing in or out of a country, have been means ... Read More

Hannahs baby vs. an East Indies Chinese

from CPI Middle East Written by Dr Boo Cheng Hau Contributors My widowed mom was a rubber tapper who took caring of me when you was growing up. My younger sister and you used to nap upon a drift of a rubber camp in a dark since you helped the mom to daub rubber at dawn. After finishing a work, you headed to school. Neither you nor my mom ever groaned about the poverty. All by herself, she managed to put me by medical school. you did disinfectant in Jamaica where a University of a W ... Read More

Hisham says cannot rule out ISA for July 9 rallies

The Malaysian Insider :: Malaysia The Home Minister stressed currently that action would be taken opposite any one who causes massacre upon Jul 9. file pic HULU SELANGOR, June twenty-six Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has not ruled out regulating a Internal Security Act (ISA) opposite a Jul 9 rallies, though said currently a Home Ministry will use other security laws for now. Election watchdog Bersih skeleton to hold a mass convene upon Jul 9, whilst Perkasa and Umno Youth devise to hold counter-rallies upon a same day. ... Read More

Hsker Ds Propulsive Liberation

NYT Sunday Book Review by ROBERT CHRISTGAU

It was early 1983, probably, after a Everything Falls Apart EP presaged Hsker Ds depart from hard-core punk as well as prior to a Metal Circus EP made it official. Just a gig during a crummy club near CBGB, as well as late after 1. There werent a dozen onlookers, yet Hsker Ds dual early annals were knockouts, as well as which Minneapolis trio never came east, so there you were. From a booth in behind a song sounded terrific: headlong as well as enormous, a guitar unfashionably full, expressive as well as unending, with dual raving vocalists swapping leads upon songs whose words were tough to understand as well as whose tunes werent. Another half-dozen extraordinary fans drifted in. And then, median through, a guitarist passed in to a small other dimension. When he stepped yowling off a low stage, most of us gravitated closer, glancing around as well as jolt a heads.

Lisa Haun/Getty Images

A roller coaster screaming off a tracks: from left, Greg Norton, Grant Hart as well as Bob Mould, circa 1987.

The climax was a bands right away mythological cover of Eight Miles High, which transformed a Byrds peaceful paean to a chemical-technological high in to a roller coaster carried screaming off a tracks bruising as well as exhilarating, leaving a supplement both very as well as barely alive. Three decades after we still feel propitious to have experienced which mutation of rage in to flight. Not usually did Hsker D generate an considerable recorded bequest during their eight years upon earth, they were inhuman live as noted onstage as Nirvana or a Rolling Stones. They merit a single good book, not these dual mediocre ones.

The biographer Bob Mould was Hsker Ds guitarist as well as energy source, as well as he has mixed feelings about it. Hes led an eventful life, as well as most of his adulthood postdates his initial bands permanently acrimonious breakup in Jan 1988. It must have harm him to give his disloyal mates a 125 pages he manages in See a Little Light. But even with editorial advice from Michael Azerrad, whose 2001 indie-rock history, Our Band Could Be Your Life, looms admonishingly over both books, a most successive projects he sum dont generate much pull, as well as conjunction does a Memphis-based journalist Andrew Earless story of Hsker D proper. Earles plods usefully by a bands catalog as well as chronicles a trail they blazed upon a nascent indie circuit in shows hes as well immature to have witnessed. But slave he does, as well as without any access to a guitarist with his own book in a works.

This is not to blame Mould, exactly. He did have a story to sell, as well as yet a Hsker D angle couldnt have harm his advance, a core assembly for his book is Bob Mould fans, who do very much exist as such. Unlike a Hsker D bassist, Greg Norton, right away aboundin! g as a restaurateur in Minnesota, or a bands drummer as well as co-leader, Grant Hart, still scuffling in a Twin Cities, however valiantly Earles praises his negligible solo music, Mould, during 50, remains a modestly prominent musician. Starting with a 175 I.Q. he confesses to upon Page 6, he wants to insist how which happened in his own words.

Even some-more in his discourse than in Earless somewhat reduction certain account, Mould comes opposite as an greatly driven man. As Earles insists, Hart is a talent as well as substantially a nice guy, as well as he wasnt usually Moulds creative partner. He was in most respects also Moulds commercial operation partner, as a dual ran Hsker Ds bustling small tag (Reflex Records), constructed Hsker Ds most annals as well as requisitioned Hsker Ds grueling tours. (Norton drove.) But as Mould walks away from drink as well as speed as well as after steroids; negotiates a labyrinthine ups as well as downs of a record business; relocates from Minnesota to New York to Austin to New York to Washington to San Francisco, with real estate deals each step of a way; spends six months scripting veteran wrestling; as well as D.J.s a parties he promotes in a gay bear subculture where he finally finds a fit for his lifelong homosexuality, theres no disbelief whos a achiever of a two, or who deserves a memoir.

The complaint is which Bob Mould couldnt be a usually entirely shaped tellurian being to have entered Bob Moulds life story, yet solely for his bitterly abusive yet heroically supportive father as well as a single departed lover, he seems to be. For financial reasons he lays out as well as personal ones he leaves indistinct, he cares so small for Hart as well as Norton which they appear similar to repositories of minor vices similar to enervation as well as acquiescence deficiencies Mould feels were some-more destructive in a end than Harts dark heroin habit. His stories about a celebrities whose paths he crosses stay upon a terse surface. An! d his pr olonged dealings with a series of fascinating, not-quite-major figures a down-and-dirty SST Records house producer, Spot; a Warner Brothers A&R enchantress Karin Berg; a drum maestro Anton Fier; Moulds larger-than-life wrestling colleagues destroy to result in a impression sketches such characters deserve. For an amateur, Moulds an efficient stylist. But he possibly leaves his gifts as a raconteur during a dinner table or hasnt matured in to consolation quite as ripely as he thinks.

Robert Christgau writes a record blog Expert Witness for msn.com.

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Testing the Conscience of a Village Under the Nazis

NYT Sunday Book Review by LEAH HAGER COHEN

All novelists have been godlike. Sovereign creators of worlds they populate with beings wrought from something reduction than dust as well as rib, they set events in motion as well as establish their consequences. The situation is reduction preferred than it sounds: omnipotence can be a dull limitation. Thats because a best novelists have been additionally childlike. Bent over powdery dollhouses, relocating their lips whilst they file a seat as well as figures, they give themselves over to such deep fool around which their stories review reduction similar to a intentional deception than obedience to a whispered suggestions of a universe.

Ursula Hegi belongs to this second category, as well as she attends not to a singular dollhouse though to an complete illusory village. Again as well as again, she has returned to this setting, investing it with renewed curiosity as well as a enterprise to feel her approach down brand new paths, entrance during most of a same rooms as well as characters, even a same story lines, from opposite angles. One senses in Hegi a willingness to lose herself in play, in a service of play. So its fitting which her ultimate work is concerned in part with a awful, awe-full seriousness of childrens play.

Children as well as Fire, is a fourth novel Hegi has set in Burgdorf, a German encampment hundreds of kilometers from Berlin where everybody seems to know everybody else as well as where which knowing entails a multigenerational grasp of a history, secrets as well as misconceptions which have up any persons lineage. This is a encampment with a chorus of aged women who say things similar to During those times! when th ere was an contentment of dying, there was additionally an contentment of poetry. Its a encampment in which a taxidermist gave glass eyes to a young kids . . . upon St. Martins Day, not candy or apples similar to other merchants. Its a encampment with a chess club as well as a pigeon club, a midwife to a failing who reads verses during a bedsides of those drawing their final breaths, a encampment with an unknown benefactor who slips inside peoples houses to deposit, uncannily, a really equipment theyve been pining for: drum skates, a phonograph, a block of cheese. But lest Burgdorf sound a little as well lifelike as well as gemtlich, a encampment is additionally similar to any place, similar to every place home to cruelty as well as cowardice as well as harm, qualities Hegi makes all a some-more disturbing by locating them in both large-scale events as well as in a vicissitudes of every day life, in a personages of a well-meaning, a hard-working, a innocent.

Much of a account unfolds over a singular day: Feb. 27, 1934, a initial anniversary of a burning of a Reichstag. This fire, which destroyed a Parliament building in Berlin as well as for which a Communist was indicted of arson, has allowed a Nazis to connect their power. By a time a novel begins, most Burgdorf boys have assimilated a Hitler-Jugend. Books have been burned in a town square. Jewish families have been leaving. The superfluous Jewish young kids contingency now attend a segregated propagandize in a synagogue, as well as a dear Jewish teacher has mislaid her job. This firing proves pivotal, environment a story in motion nonetheless you will have to wait for roughly until a novels end to learn just what happened, to see how deeply it continues to affect a protagonist, Thekla Jansen.

A former student of a discharged teacher, Thekla has concluded to take over her mentors category of fourth-grade boys, knowing she was you do something wrong though rationalizing a decision as a approach to save! a posi tion until a older teacher can come back. Theklas contrition as well as subsequent efforts to have amends for her profanation (while simultaneously denying it to herself) shape all which ensues, from how she relates to a days events to her pressing need to assimilate her own past. Alternating sections of a book shovel which past, tracing a story of her bieing born as well as parentage, her parents beginnings as well as those of a townspeople whose lives intersect with hers in true Burgdorfian fashion.

Hegi follows Thekla as she struggles to obstruct her thoughts from acknowledging a good distortion appearing over Germany, regularly redirecting her courtesy to some-more immediate exigencies: her category of 9- as well as 10-year-olds. She loves them all: a boys with crossed eyes as well as a boys with curved teeth; a brainy boys as well as a pleasing boys; a boys from good families as well as a boys with Rotznasen runny noses, as well as even a bullies, in whom she seeks out what there is to praise, to nurture. She recites poems to them as well as takes them upon walks. She wants to learn them courage, tries to stir upon them her former teachers doctrine which you can change fate, which for us, as humans, there is choice. Yet Hegi reveals, with fine, ban precision, which choosing a right course is anything though easy. Writ vast or small, a same difficult tellurian impulses distort a picture. On a stadium as in Parliament, fright thrives alongside love, a giddy disturb of energy alongside a burn of shame.

In this novel as in others (particularly Stones From a River, most of whose characters show up here; also, notably, in Tearing a Silence, her nonfiction scrutiny of German identity after a Holocaust), Hegi makes a substantial effort to rivet a moral imagination. Her target is signaled in a opening lines: A winter sunrise in 1934. Imagine ice upon a windowpanes of a schoolhouse in this encampment by a Rhein, divert blossoms of frost.

By addressing ! a reader directly, Hegi implicitly conveys an goal to strech beyond a end of fiction. At best, this is similar to inviting us to kneel next to a toy encampment along with her, involving us some-more deeply in a liquid flow of her story. At other times, though, a urge leads us astray. Occasionally, Hegi cant conflict indicating out a parallels in between events in little Burgdorf as well as those upon a grand scale. When a young kids squad up upon a weaker classmate, Thekla intervenes, only to realize which any impulse now, they may spin upon her, no longer individual boys she can guide though a pack. . . . It comes to her how, with a government, too, she believed she could conduct it, yet once unleashed, it was overtaking her, all of them. The novel falters under a pedantry of such moments, though thankfully they have been rare.

And what is it Hegi equates to us to apprehend? Not simply which any of us harbors a genius for indiscretion or which insisting upon a divide in between good as well as bad people is itself harmful. We are, she shows us sadly, tenderly unqualified of not you do wrong. Yet she additionally hints during a most forms a emancipation can take: imagining, doubting, revelation a truths, entertainment together to attend to a single anothers tales around a flames.

Leah Hager Cohens ultimate novel, The Grief of Others, will be published in September.

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Aku cukup suka dengan apa yang dirungkaikan oleh Kickdefella dalam artikel terbarunya bertajuk "Naib Presiden PAS, Tolong Elak Joke Babi dan Fahami Teknik Pengecaman Yang DiBuat."

Dalam artikel ini Kickdefella menerangkan bagaimana Hollywood yang mengeluarkan bajet berjutaan ringgit masih belum boleh menukar wajah aktor yang berlakon kepada karekter asal!

Bacalah waha pemimpin PAS dan

Umno youth chief receives death threat over July 9 gathering - Malay Mail

SEPANG: Umno Youth arch Khairy Jamaluddin perceived a death threat through a short messaging service (sms) early currently which was directed to Umno Youth members intending to participate in a entertainment planned on Jul 9. The message was perceived at 12.18am ...

Commnunist subversive elements inflitrated Bersih 2.0

KEPALA BATAS twenty-five June: The organisation of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) activists detained during Sungai Dua fee plaza here yesterday have been using a July 9 illegal rally to rekindle a communist ideology.Penang deputy police arch Abdul Rahim Jaafar said a 30 activists led by Sungai Siput Member of Parliament Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj (pix) had distributed flyers deemed a threat to national security.

Walk with the rakyat, not against us, Bersih tells Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 26 Bersih 2.0 told Datuk Seri Najib Razak currently a next dual weeks leading to its Jul 9 convene will define his leadership, saying any serve crackdown is a tragic thoughtfulness of a disaster of his supervision in doing a issue.

The organisation additionally pronounced it was unhappy in a budding ministers declaration which Bersih 2.0 supporters have been to be held obliged should disharmony occur during a Jul 9 rally, observant which it was opposite any form of violence.

We once again have an open, sincere as well as heartfelt call to a budding apportion to travel with a rakyat, not opposite us, Bersih 2.0 pronounced in a statement issued tonight.

The Bersih convene has come underneath conflict from Umno as well as its allies, notably Malay rights organisation Perkasa which has additionally pronounced it will impetus if Bersih doesnt call off its protest. Umno Youth will additionally impetus though to urge a Election Commission which Bersih is lobbying to remodel a electoral process.

Police have warned opposite any rallies as well as promised hold action opposite a organisers, all of whom have been called in for doubt tomorrow.

They arrested thirty Bersih activists from a Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) in Penang yesterday, as well as have remanded them for a week while questioning charges which they were waging fight opposite a monarch. The Home Ministry has additionally not ruled out regulating confidence laws which allow apprehension but trial.

We have been blissful which a budding apportion has finally damaged his silence regarding a Jul 9 rally, though have been unhappy which instead of fulfilling his governments role as a protector of a constitutional rights as well as safety of brotherly Malaysians, he has selected instead to falsify a intentions as well as wield a dim sovereignty of uncalled-for repressive conseq! uences, combined a organisation headed by former Malaysian Bar boss Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan.

They pronounced they were unhappy at a accusation which a purpose of Bersih 2.0 was to wrest behind domestic momentum from a BN.

The budding apportion contingency have either unsuccessful to read as well as assimilate a stated goals, or is upon purpose putting Bersih 2.0 in a dubious light.

As a movement, you have no seductiveness whatsoever in a domestic momentum of any domestic celebration - a idea is to have a electoral complement truly giveaway as well as satisfactory so which all domestic parties in Malaysia, bar none, can competition upon a level playing field, where a rakyat can openly choose whoever they consider is best to lead them, they said, adding they have invited Najibs Barisan Nasional (BN) to take partial in a rally.

They forked out which a convene was a perfect opportunity for Najib to uncover a on-going views he has espoused.

He can conclusively do so simply by allowing a Jul 9 convene to proceed without encumbrance as well as by directing all supervision agencies to cooperate entirely with all concerned to ensure which which each as well as each Malaysian wishing to practice their constitutional right might do so but any fright of clashes or chaos.

We feel which this would be a best make use of of a energies as well as resources of a police, who have one after another to entirely bewilder observers both locally as well as abroad by impediment patriotic, brotherly Bersih 2.0 supporters for waging fight opposite a monarch.

Surely this stark as well as shocking miss of proof as well as usual sense will serve taint a nations image as well as protest a values championed by a budding apportion as well as his government, a organisation said.

While similar with Najib which domestic power is in a hands of a people, Bersih 2.0 pronounced until extensive reforms have been introduced in to a electoral complement to have it giveaway as well as fair, domestic power w! ill rema in in a hands of a select few, as well as not Malaysians at large.

Bersih 2.0 is of a perspective which these dual weeks will be a defining impulse for a budding apportion as well as his government.

As a final management in a government, any crackdown upon polite society, refusal to guarantee a safety of Malaysians upon Jul 9, or rhetoric which unfairly demonises patriotic, peace loving adults will be a tragic thoughtfulness of a disaster of a budding apportion to live up to their promises as well as a responsibilities entrusted to them by a Malaysian people, a organisation added.

Dato T Conviction, Anti-BERSIH 2.0 and Datuk Seri Judin: The Hoaxes

June 26, 2011

Dato T Conviction, Anti-BERSIH 2.0 as well as Datuk Seri Judin: The Hoaxes

by Din Merican

On Friday 24th June, a mainstream media played to a knob a actuality which a Datuk T Trio- Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, Datuk Shuib Lazim as well as Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chikwere charged in a magistrates justice over a open lunch time screening of a sex video during a Seri Makmur Room of Carcosa Seri Negara Hotel upon March 21. The purpose of a video was to discharge a opposition leader, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The media slant was orchestrated to uncover which a Police as well as A-G Gani Patail had acted without fear or favour. The mainstream media screamed which this proves which there is Rule of Law in Malaysia. Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin, went upon air which this absolved Barisan Nasional (BN) as well as UMNO from any impasse in a sex video scandal.

Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah as well as Datuk Shuib Lazim pleaded guilty to open screening of publishing underneath Section 292 (A) review with Section 34 of a Penal Code which carried a 3 years prison term. However, they were fined usually RM3,500 as well as RM1,500 respectively. Whereas, former Melaka Chief Minister Rahim pleaded guilty to aiding them as well as was fined RM1,000.

It was surprising which during reading a matter of contribution for a indicted who have already pleaded guilty, Senior DPP Dato Kamaludin Said, who is a Head of Special Projects in a AGs Chambers, sought to perform a open to publishing in justice when a sex video was again screened, though this time underneath a disguise of insurance of a law. The Bar Council as well as authorised companionship frowned during this strange occurrence. But Deputy PM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, instead slamme! d a Bar Council. It is shameful which a Deputy PM, who takes pr! ide in h is ulama family background, should await open publishing to desecrate a honour of a courts. But afterwards these have been confusing times.

The charge even agreed with a defence led by Dato Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah which a video was genuine as well as which a male was Anwar. As a fait accompli as well as in his mitigating submissions, Datuk Seri Shafee pronounced which a video forensic inform conducted by Professors Hany Farid as well as Lorenzo Torresani of Dartmouth College in a United States where a facial approval analysis concluded which About 99.99% of a similarities showed which Mr X (man in a video) is Anwar Ibrahim.

Now, it becomes transparent why Dato Kamaludin Said, Head of Special Projects in a A-Gs Chambers led this charge as well as not Dato Tun Majid who is a Head of a Prosecution Division. This was indeed a special project! The design was none alternative than to ensure which a A-G Chambers could introduce not pertinent as well as unjust justification to be admitted as well as turn partial of a justice records. The design was transparent when Rahim Thamby Chik told reporters- It is a mission achieved today as well as you have been very happy which you have proven this to a people through a legal complement of a country.

What will happen next is which Anwar Ibrahim, who lodged a military inform which he was not a male in a sex video, will now be charged for lodging a fake inform underneath s. 182 of a Penal Code:

s182. Whoever gives to any open menial any report orally or in essay which he knows or believes to be false, intending thereby to cause, or knowing it to be expected which he will thereby cause, such open menial to make use of a lawful energy of such open menial to a damage or distrurbance of any person, or to do or replace anything which such open menial ought not to do or replace if! a true state of contribution respecting which such report is given were known by him, shall be punished with impri! sonment for a tenure which might magnify to 6 months or with fine which might magnify to dual thousand ringgit or with both.

A great anything forged has usually been pulled opposite a Malaysian open in this all out fight opposite the opposition indicating how tighten GE 13. Any dissenting views will be regarded as anti-government as well as a hazard to inhabitant security.

The same modus operandi opposite Anwar Ibrahim is now being used to malign Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan over a BERSIH Rally scheduled upon 9th July.

Dato Ambiga maligned

In todays Utusan Malaysia, a Malay Muslim view is being fanned to portray Dato Ambiga as being anti-Malay as well as anti-Islam. As much secular as well as religious hatred have been being generated, which it is being finished by a mainstream media is shameful. Such smutty attacks opposite polite multitude as well as polite liberties movements can usually uncover a governments fear which travel rallies in a Middle-East which had defeated several oppressive Arab governments will be replicated in Malaysia.

It is shocking which BERSIHs elementary final for a clean as well as fair elections can be viewed as rebellious as well as anti-national. The following have been BERSIHs demands:

  • 1. Clean a electoral roll, which is marred with irregularities such as defunct persons as well as multiple persons purebred underneath a single address or self-existent addresses. In a longer term, BERSIH 2.0 additionally calls for a EC to implement an programmed voter registration complement upon eligibility to revoke irregularities.
  • 2. R eform postal ballot, to ensure which all adults of Malaysia, residing in or out of a country, have been able to exercise their right to vote.
  • 3. Use of indelible ink to revoke voter fraud.
  • 4. Minimum 21 days debate period to concede electorate some-more time to accumulate report as well as deliberate upon their choices. The initial inhabitant elections in 1955 underneath a British Colonial Government had a debate period of 42 days though a debate period for 12th GE in 2008 was a small 8 days.
  • 5. Free as well as fair access to media, where all media agencies, generally state-funded media agencies such as Radio as well as Television Malaysia (RTM) as well as Bernama allot proportional as well as design coverage for all potlical parties.
  • 6. Strengthen open institutions to movement exclusively as well as equally in support a rule of law as well as democracy. Public institutions such as a Judiciary, Attorney-General, Malaysian Anti- Corruption Agency (MACC), Police as well as a EC contingency be reformed to defend laws as well as strengthen tellurian rights.
  • 7. Stop corruption, as well as take critical movement opposite ALL allegations of corruption, together with vote buying.
  • 8. Stop dirty politics, as adults as well as electorate have been not interested in gutter politics; you have been interested in policies which start a nation.

Instead of considering BERSIHs 8 final as obligatory inhabitant issues which have been partial as well as parcel of a rakyats movement to move about a better! reforme d electoral processes, laws as well as policies to advance a democratic routine in Malaysia for all, a authorities consider these final as a inhabitant threat. UMNO as well as BN have demonized BERSIH as well as courtesy it as partial of a opposition movement.

I have perceived so many sms as well as messages to say which there will be a nationwide arrests opposite le! aders of MCLM, BERSIH as well as alternative NGOs, all upon a pretext of maintaining open assent as well as security. That is why you see PERKASA as well as UMNO Youth openly declaring which they will additionally move their supporters to a streets to worsen a clarity of warning as well as emergency. I am additionally warned which bloggers too will be picked up as they have been deemed to be sincerely critical of a abuses in a open institutions. It is deplorable which a Police have been being used to achieve this domestic objective.

Something astray in JKR

While all these have been happening, a confusion is enough to mask alternative problems function in a government institutions. The Public Works Department (PWD) is facing an executive predicament as it appears to have dual director generals since early May.

Datuk Mohd Noor Yaacob was appointed to be D-G upon May 1 though a male he is ostensible to have replaced, Datuk Seri Judin Abdul Karim(right), has refused to be removed from his office. Judin had been assigned as Chief Executive of a Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) a some-more junior post. This amounts to a demotion without before disciplinary movement as well as thus contravenes a Public Officers (Conduct as well as Discipline) Regulations 1993.

A bona fide PWD director-general (DG) is crucial since all open works contracts have to be signed by him. The picture becomes transparent when you note which in a Economic Transformation Plan (ETP), a ! amount o f supervision spending upon infrastructure is huge.

Word has it which Judin was not supportive of some of these projects, a parties awarded a projects as well as a pricing of these construction contracts. There is disquiet over a real costs of a brand new Istana Negara where a open is not told a law about a actual costs.

These insanities contingency stop! PM Najib contingency realize which a open as well as a worlds attention is already focused upon him. He contingency not conflict to internal celebration pressures by singing to a tunes of parochialism as well as secular sentiments while leaving open administration to tumble in to further disarray.

Otherwise, a open will courtesy all his aspirations as well as slogans for 1Malaysia as well as a 1MDB Projects as nothing some-more than open relations hoaxes!

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Kayveas: PPP Willing to Give Up Seats to Ensure BN Victories

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 JUNE, 2011: The People's Progressive Party (PPP) is peaceful to give a dual seats it contested in a 2008 general election (GE) to alternative Barisan Nasional (BN) member parties if they can pledge victory for a coalition in a next GE, said its president Datuk Seri M. Kayveas. ... Read More

How far is BN willing to go?

By Othman Wahab | TMIThe strong-arm tactics have proposed as well as a trumped-up charges have proposed to flow.I can suppose a headlines in tomorrows papers: thirty detained for waging war opposite King as well as Group trying to revitalise communism.And of course, a name of Chin Peng will be all over. we contingency contend a Najib administration department as well as a military are utterly imaginative. They have left one step further than a dictators as well as autocrats in Algeria or Syria, reviving a bogey of communism.This gambit is aimed d ... Read More

60 detained ahead of Bersih

Advertisementclick here to go on to articlecliquez ici flow lire l'articleweiter zum Artikelclicca qui per visualizzare l'articolo weiter zum Artikelir the la noticiaklik hier om door te gaan naar het artikelYazya devam etmek iin tklayn More BN Buzz & Bull At Bonology.com ... Read More

Malaysia negara aman ... Kekalkan!

PETALING JAYA 19 Jun Sikap kesederhanaan majoriti rakyat telah membawa Malaysia menduduki tempat ke-19 negara paling aman dalam Indeks Keamanan Global (GPI) 2011, daripada 150 negara yang dibuat kaji selidik, naik tiga anak tangga berbanding kedudukan pada tahun lepas.Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon berkata, keputusan itu diumumkan pada penghujung Mei lepas

Yelling, shouting, jumping and so violent, what for?

Today it has been reported as good as shown in a TV3's 1.30 pm news that members of a Ampang Umno division had staged a demonstration in Selangor in protest opposite a arriving Bersih 2.0 convene that is scheduled to be hold upon 9 Jul 2011 in Kuala Lumpur.

From a stage shown in a news, these Umno members were seen demonstrating in a very uncivilised manner, yelling, shouting, jumping as good as display their uncontrolled as good as aroused behaviours in a public.

Yelling, shouting, jumping as good as display off their uncontrolled as good as aroused characteristics, what for? You all do not behave similar to tellurian beings at all. From a regard upon a way your actions in public, it seems similar to we all have been some-more similar to indignant monkeys or chimpanzees than tellurian beings.

And nonetheless a odd sense military gave them a assent to do so, whereas a Bersih 2.0 convene that is starting to be a peaceful impetus in a name of justice, giveaway as good as satisfactory choosing was not given a permit. Is this fair?

We titillate a Bersih 2.0 organizers to ignore all sorts of terrorist threats as good as go ahead with their convene upon 9 Jul 2011 without any fear or be concerned of any probable aroused retaliation from a uncivilized, aroused as good as nonconformist Perkasa nor a Umno youth.

And for those who have been still in rejection mode doing things similar to indignant monkeys or chimpanzees, we titillate them to stop this non-human behaviours as good as lapse to their humanize form. There is no point for we all to keep upon yelling, shouting, jumping or behaving so arous! ed as ou r people would not support or vote for any"wild animals" anyway.

So, let us all mount up, voice out firmly as good as stay al! l a wa y with Bersih 2.0 wherever we are, in a name of giveaway as good as satisfactory elections, justice, equality, democracy as good as humanity as well.
By Viktor Wong

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Commander (Rtd) S. Thayaparan, Royal Malaysian Navy, is the unchanging kopi-tiam kaki of mine. He graduated from the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in 1965. His debate of duty saw him as Commanding Officer of KD Tombak, KD Gempita, KD Ganyang as good as Executive Officer upon Training Frigate KD Hang Tuah.

Through self-study he qualified to read law at Lincolns Inn as good as was the initial Malaysian Naval Officer to be called to the Malaysian Bar in 1985.

Commander Thaya was the prosecutor for the Navy in the box of the collision in between K.D. RAJA JARUM as good as M.V. SHOUMARU, as good as acted as Defense Counsel in the box of the falling off the petrol vessel K.D. SRI PERAK in the South China Sea, both making front-page news.

Since retiring from the Navy, his expertise were sought in Timor Leste supervising both Parliament as good as Presidential elections as good as as the UN Volunteer Sri Lanka. He is currently with Yayasan Salam, an NGO.

His articles mostly crop up in the Mainstream Media. He sent me this article as the blog-post. It is the come-back to ANAS ZUBIDY:

1. Openly admit which we were sired from the Malay polity

Without an iota of doubt, have it transparent which we utterly accept story which this republic is sired from the Malay polity; with the history, sacrament as good as approach of hold up which have been from the Malay-Islamic tradition. Only when we have it unequivocally transparent which we admit this history, communication lines will proceed to open.

< p>

1. Firstly, who do we meant by we? We as the nation? We as the cultu! re? Who comprises this we? We have been the diverse group of people seeking preserve in the republic not the own. The only people who can legitatemely contend they have been locals have been the Orang Asli as good as the inland people of Sabah as good as Sarawak. Perhaps it is we who should admit which prior to the arrival of Islam, we were Hindus. Perhaps it is we who should admit which your enlightenment contains aspects from both Chinese as good as Indian Culture.

Perhaps this should be concurred in the story books as good as taught to the young. Perhaps when we admit this identical to most pick Malays, we would be means to empathise with the rest of us who admit the polyglot nature of the culture. Just ask the Baba Chinese or the Chittys of Malacca. we assure we when we admit this; we will find communication most easier.

2. Appreciate which the Malays common the land

Generally, the Malays have been the gracious people. They have been some-more inclined towards giving than taking. They showed this when they concluded to share Tanah Melayu. They see it as the sacrifice. You contingency sense to assimilate since they feel which way.

2. we conclude which the inland people common their land.Not which they had most choice in the matter.

I consider grace is common by most people in this country. we indicate we review up upon how the Malay rulers negotiated this giving of Malay land. we indicate we educate yourself upon who helped build the infrastructure of this Malay land. we goal the little day we assimilate the victim of the Non-Malays who contributed in the unequivocally significant approach during as good as prior to the coming of the British to this land we appear to consider the Malays common with ! us.

They concluded which from 1957 onwards the communities who came here initially

to consequence the critical were automatically promoted from "immigrants" to co-owne! rs

of the land. They welcomed millions as fellow citizens. By we do so, the

Malays concluded to turn the village between communities. All they asked was to

be assured of dual things - which their Malay Rulers as good as which their religion

Islam have been respected.

Who has disrespected Malay rulers as good as denigrated Islam. Who has curtailed the powers of the Sultans? Who has made the mockery of the great sacrament which is Islam? Yes we have been opposite communities critical underneath the powerful of sure beliefs , the most critical of which we mentioned nonetheless the fact is, it is UMNO as good as UMNO alone who is responsible for the alleviation of energy of the Sultans as good as the impolitic approach Islam is applied. Anyone who becomes the citizen is approaching to follow the laws of the land. The non Malays have respected this. we indicate we demeanour to UMNO who explain they paint the Malays who have usurped the powers of the Sultan as good as denigrated Islam.

A show of tall regard for this action of pity will have the large disproportion to

the Malay community. If we as good as the DAP set the e.g. to conclude that

the Malays common the land, the hearts of the Malay village will open to

you. Just the elementary acknowledgement, the elementary appreciate you, would have warmed

their hearts.

Why should the DAP appreciate the Malays? And by Malays we meant people identical to you. Perhaps it is people identical to we who should appreciate the non-Malays. Who pays some-more taxes? Money which goes in to prep! aration institutions which good the infancy of Malays. Money which goes in to eremite organizations which morally police the Malays. Money which goes in to institutions which darken pick races BTN for instance. Perhaps it is people identical to we who should be thanking the Non Malays. We have been the elementary people as good as we am sure we would receive your appreciat! ion with open arms.

3. Get to know the Malays

You (Guan Eng) as good as the DAP need to get to know the Malays as good as get to know Islam. Embrace both the great as good as bad inside of the Malay community. Learn to accept

their idiosyncrasies, just identical to there have been idiosyncrasies in any pick culture.

3. we consider Mr. Guan Eng knows the Malays flattering well. After all he was incarcerated underneath the ISA for fortifying the Malay girl whilst the Malay Menteri Besar who assaulted her got divided scott free. So, unequivocally it is we who need to know Mr. Guan as good as the rest of the DAPbetter.

It is we who need to assimilate which Mr. Guan Eng as good as the DAP already know the Malays. Mr. Guan Eng for instance substantially got to know some-more about Malay enlightenment when he was incarcerated underneath the ISA with Mat Sabu his PAS comrade. we have no thought what we meant by getting to know the Malay community. As the people we assimilate each others community. The DAP is merely the domestic celebration as good as not the little arrange of mount in for the Chinese community.

If the DAP unequivocally wants to paint all Malaysians, in any case of competition as good as religion, we need to assimilate all Malaysians. And the Malays need to know which we assimilate them. Fifty-four years after identical to turn the village between communities, they have been of course concerned which those in! managem ent have been people who will not assimilate their needs.

Of course the DAP wants to paint all Malaysian. This is since their domestic beliefs have been formed upon sure basic commonalities which all communities can subscribe to. Of course the Malays assimilate the DAPespecially now which the DAP is forging closer ties withPAS. They assimilate better now since the blindfold is slowly nonetheless certainly being lifted of their eyes.

They see which both DAP as good as PAS have been working togeth! er for t he good of all people as good as which all people of this republic have been next to as good as should be treated as such. The Malays comprehend which people in management have used competition for years to order this republic whilst enriching themselves as good as exploiting their gracious nature.

As the basic start, it would be great to sense as good as rehearse Malay peribahasa. Peribahasa has been the partial of Malay enlightenment for most generations as good as it reveals most insights in to the values of the Malays. If we use it in your every day conversation, it will give we the middle to kindly communicate with the

hearts of the Malays. Another elementary thing to favour is the robe of wearing normal Malay wear, especially during official functions. Perhaps we can additionally organise programmes for your leaders to stay in the Malay kamping. It will be the great eye-opener for them to assimilate how to relateto the Malays.

I have no thought what we meant by Malay adat as good as peribahasa. Exactly what has this got do to with bargain Malay culture? Does Mr. Guan Eng verbalise Malay? Yes he does. Is the demeanour in which he speaks it rude? No it isnt. Does Mr. Guan apply oneself the Malay community? Has he allocated funds as good as resources to help the community? Yes he has. In short, has he run th! e state he leads competently?

What is wearing Malay normal skirt unequivocally mean? What is staying in the Malay kampong achieve? If people have been in need in any case of race, an effective personality carries out programmes which good them. Your mundane suggestions have it appear as nonetheless Mr. Guan Eng is an alien, who has no clue of Malay enlightenment when he has lived here all his life. Perhaps it is people identical to we who should wear the normal skirt of Non-Malays afterwards might be we would not feel as nonetheless non Malays dont assimilate you.

If the DAP practises elementary gestures identical to this, it is an opportunity to show

which we apply oneself as good as worth Malay culture. It will demonstrate the DAP's inclusiveness. A great e.g. of thorough enlightenment is shown in the Peranakan village who pull from both Malay as good as Chinese traditions. By being inclusive, they do not remove out anything nonetheless turn the richer people for it.

Practicing elementary gestures identical to we describe is zero nonetheless symbolic gestures meant to distract from the genuine complaint of the community. we would rsther than Mr. Guan Eng combine upon the countless social complaint which affects the Malay village as good as by helping remedy such problems, Malays (like you) will comprehend which substance is distant some-more productive than form.

4. Say sorry

Some of the DAP's actions in the past, rightly or wrongly, might have harm the Malay community. For the Malays to stop observant the DAP as an antagonist, theDAP has to admit the harm they have caused the Malays as good as contend sorry. If we demeanour at the use of asking for redemption every Aidilfitri, we will realise how critical this action is to the culture. The Malays will contend contemptible even if they did not do wrong. Th! ey will ask for redemption simply as the great gesticulate out of respect. They contend contemptible all the time. That is embedded

in the Malay culture. The Chinese might see observant contemptible as "losing face" nonetheless for the Malays, observant contemptible it is to give the pick celebration "face" - an action of tall culture.

4. What does the DAP need to apologize for?

Please list out the wrongdoings which the DAP has perpetuated opposite the Malay community. Why is the Malay village feelings hurt? What just has the DAP done? Please be specific, since simply asking for an unwarranted reparation is the tallness of hubris as good as just the sense of desert which the policies of UMNO have created.

But observant how Malays lik! e you, l ike to contend sorry, perhaps we could apologize for Ibrahim Ali, for waving the Keris around, for the systemic taste which the Non Malays have to put up with, the constant reminders which we have been foreigners even nonetheless as we have stated above it is the taxes which have been being used for the majority.

Sometimes, to grasp bigger purposes we know which we have to common ourselves as good as take the wiser path. In this spirit, we indicate which we apologize for the chauvinistic actions the DAP has taken in the past. For

example, the DAP's try to forge the "Malaysian Malaysia" in the approach of making the Malay enlightenment as good as all cultures of Malaysia equal. That is wrong to the history. They have been inconsistent with the DAP's objectives as an thorough Malaysian party.

Right, now we get to the crux of the matter. You do not consider which non Malay enlightenment is next to to Malay culture. Behind your soft rhetoric is unequivocally the supremacist, wanting his due. Yes, we have been all equal. In pick! words, we substantially have been the organisation believer in Ketuanan Melayu. we trust we comprehend which PAS has abandoned which perspective. Thankfully most Malays have been not identical to you. When we finally ever review Malaysian story we will be unhappy to discover which what we consider of as Malay has got the lot to with non Malay cultures. we goal the DAP never bows down to the leverage we subscibe. we goal no celebration ever bows down to your extremist as good as hypocritical views.

Once we contend sorry, it will not be difficult for the Malays to forgive as good as to forget. It is partial of the Islamic beliefs which have been inbred in the Malay worldview. Prophet Muhammad additionally showed the e.g. of the forgiving spirit. The Quran in 8:61 commands: "But if they slip to peace, we additionally slip to it, as good as (put your) trust in God."

It amazes me which we disciple Malay leverage as good as nonetheless quote the Quran, which is the single of the some-more egalita! rian rel igious books around. we suppose we have been Malay initial afterwards the Muslim, which is funny since most of the Muslim we know would contend which all group have been next to prior to God in any case of competition or culture. we repeat unless we have the little specific list of wrongs doings finished by the DAP; there is zero unequivocally to talk about.

5. Lim Kit Siang contingency retire

If the DAP is serious about being the multiracial party, it needs to re-brand public perception towards it. There contingency be fresh leadership so which the DAP is no longer judged formed upon past actions. The aged contingency have approach for the young.

5. Lim Kit Siang contingency not retire. Again, we have been the couple of who instruct to perpetuate this aged canard which the DAPis the chauvinistic party. It is not. What the! DAP is has the lot to with Mr. Kit Siang. His beliefs as good as integrity have been critical if the DAP is to navigate this brand new terrain we find ourselves in.

As prolonged as Lim Kit Siang stays in energy directly or indirectly, we feel which the DAP will continue to be viewed as the Chinese-exclusive party. Detractors will use his past actions as the victim to interrupt theDAP's multiracial aims. This is since we believe which it is great time for Lim Kit Siang to pass the rod to brand new leaders.

What has Mr. Kit Siangs withdrawal got to do with rebranding? The celebration is rebranding itself with the commitment to PAS as good as the Pakatan Rakyat. They need experienced leaders to offer superintendence in these troubled times. we have no thought since we would signal out Mr. Kit Siang as good as offer no reason for since he should leave solely for deceptive accusations of chauvinism.

You do not have to worry. The only reason since theDAP is viewed to be the Chinese formed celebration is since Utusan Meklayu continues in the scurrilous campaign to convince the disappearing readership which theDAP is to be feared, most identical to how the BN propagan! da organ s attempted to do so with PAS. Mr. Kit Siang has got zero to do with it.

6. Be willing to remove out the considerable apportionment of the Chinese voter base

I am glad which in conditions of theory as good as constitution, theDAP welcomes all as next to members in any case of competition as good as religion. But to unequivocally have this in practice, theDAP has to be rebuilt to remove out the apportionment of the Chinese voter bottom who wishes to remain exclusive.

The DAP can be the certain pick to race-based domestic parties. To do this we need to let it be good known which the DAP is serious about being thoroug! h to all . Make it transparent to the rakyat which we have been willing to give up ties with the chauvinistic Chinese, as good as all Malaysians will feel assured which we will sincerely paint all.

6. Again, with the null as good as void reasoning. The fortunes of the DAP have risen as good as fallen since of their organisation with PAS. One of the reasons they didnt do good prior to 2008 was since of their organisation with PAS. It was PAS who motionless to be some-more thorough in conditions of the beliefs which is since both the DAPand PAS have benefited.

Exactly who have been these chauvinistic Chinese we keep referring to? And what ties have the DAP, got to cut? It is we who have been starting upon about the superiorty of the Malay competition as good as although we do not verbalise for the DAP; they have no need for your vote. What they do need is the Malay voter who understands which we have been all next to as good as which shift is indispensable for the stewardship of this country. And thanks to the efforts of PAS most some-more Malays have been beginning to comprehend which the DAP is not the chauvinistic party.

7. Merge the DAP as good as PKR

The fastest approach for the DAP to be the formidable pick to race-based politics is to combine with PKR. Once we do that, automati! cally yo u turn the multiracial physique - the truly Malaysian party.

Let us be honest with ourselves. The loose coalition of the DAP, PKR as good as PAS seems identical to the BN formula of Umno, the MCA as good as MIC. Before long, the rakyat will proceed to see we as the copy of BN.

The genuine emanate which needs to be solved here is trust between leaders. When it comes to the membership, the infancy will follow the leaders. If we as good as the DAPleadership have the transparent! mount t o combine with PKR, the infancy will follow suit.

7. Why should the DAP combine with PKR. What dont they combine with Pas? The BN is the coalition of singular competition formed parties. The Pakatan is the coalition of dual multiracial parties as good as the single eremite one, who have shown which they can capture votes from opposite the board. The only the single who seems to consider otherwise is people identical to you.

I consider your thought of merging the parties is pure nonsense. What Pakatan has got starting for it is the diversity of views. You can keep screaming about how we consider which DAP is not multiracial when what we patently meant by multiracial is which it needs to be dominated by Malays. Thats not multiracial thats your supremacist attitude peeking out. As it is, there have been Malays who would opinion for DAP as good as their series is growing bland as they have been Chinese who would opinion for Pas.

Your thought of the merger whilst it seems identical to the curtsy to multiculturalism is rsther than about your competition insecurities.

Lastly, we felt compelled to respond to your Open letter since it caused great concern amongst the late Malay Armed Forces personnel we mix with. Has it come to this? They wondered.

Posted by zorro

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Najib tells Bersih: Only those with no 'guts' will hold demonstartions

Najib tells Bersih: Only those with no 'guts' will reason demonstartions

The July 9 convene organisers will be held responsible if a convene causes disharmony in a country, warned Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak upon Sunday.

Najib pronounced a convene was not about wanting to send a chit to a King or about flaws in choosing manners as well as regulations though was antithesis wanting to wrest behind a domestic movement that Barisan Nasional had managed to regain.

"Do not emanate disharmony only since we wish power. If there is disharmony (because of a rally) afterwards we (organisers) will be held responsible," he pronounced at a opening of People's Progressive Party's 58th Annnual General Assembly.

On a same day, two alternative groups are also planning to reason rallies though these are against a position taken by a Bersih organisers.

Umno Youth plans to impetus to hand over a chit to a Yang di-Pertuan Agong calling for a approved complement in a nation to be preserved, while Perkasa is heading multiform alternative non-governmental organisations in a impetus under a Gerak Aman banner.

At Barisan, we do not manipulate

The Prime Minister pronounced it was insane of certain quarters to emanate disharmony only to benefit power, adding that claims of irregularities in a choosing manners as well as electoral roll did not have clarity when a antithesis was currently ruling Kelantan, Penang, Kedah as well as Selangor.

Barisan does not manipulate a election. If we do, why should we wish to lose 4 states to a opposition.

We do not wish to win elections formed upon manipulation. We wish to win since a rakyat supports as well as t! rusts us , he said.

Najib challenged a antithesis to ! quarrel Ba risan in a ubiquitous choosing instead of land street demonstrations that would only cause problems.

If we have guts, afterwards quarrel us during a choosing as well as not this way (by land demonstrations). Only those with no guts will reason demonstrations,' he said.

Speaking upon a same issue in his speech, PPP boss Datuk Seri M. Kayveas criticised a Bersih 2.0 organisers, observant that street demonstrations were not partial of Malaysian enlightenment as well as would only cause instability.

Why must a convene organisers drag a trusting public into their cause. Do they unequivocally consider a people's reserve as well as peace when they plan a demonstration?

I titillate a people not to take partial in a demonstration. Your right to have a choice is already in place, that is during a ubiquitous election, he said.

- Star

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"Is 0.01 percent the source of your doubts?"

99.99 percent him.At a GLC Open Day's forum yesterday, everybody was talking about this. Amazingly, some people still have reservations. Luckily, a "experts" are leading American authorities. Malaysians customarily take unfamiliar experts, even a likes of Pornthip, some-more seriously.
Quotes for a pretension of this blogpost is taken from SatD's 80:20 Vs 99.99% Certainty: A Look at Malaysians'

Kenapa UMNO Takut Kepada Pilihanraya yang BERSIH?

Setiap hari, media2 milik UMNO menyerang BERSIH, memaki BERSIH, membuat ugutan, menyebar ancaman, memperbudak-budakan rakyat Malaysia. Semua kerana sebahagian besar rakyat Malaysia mahukan sistem pilihanraya yang telus dan BERSIH.Soalnya sekarang: Mengapa UMNO takut dengan pilihanraya yang BERSIH? Mengapa UMNO takut dengan dakwat kekal bila negara Jiran Indonesia melakukannya untuk lebih 240 juta rakyat Indonesia?Mengapa UMNO takut membersihkan Daftar Pemilih walaupun jelas terdapat pemobohongan ... Read More

Keningau Umno Supports Government's Positive Response On Land Issues - Bernama

KENINGAU, Jun twenty-six (Bernama) -- Keningau Umno today welcomed a state government's certain respond to Native Customary Rights (NCR) land issues, especially a introduction of communal titles. "The State government's eagerness to attend to feedback ...

Cynical Displays of Police Power ahead of BERSIH2.0

by Terence Netto@www.malaysiakini.com

COMMENT: The Police have right away overtaken Ibrahim Ali in turning support for a BERSIH 2.0 impetus in to a going concern between citizens.

Repressive measures they have taken in a past few days have been set to have a programmed impetus a intent of national attention. That dovetails easily with what a marchs organisers had in thoughts when they set out to proclaim it weeks ago.

At which point, a organisers had doubts as to either a second book of this event, initial staged in November 2007, would be a success a inaugural a single resoundingly was.

Thanks to a incendiary fulminations of PERKASAs Ibrahim Ali as well as a myopia of a Police, a upcoming impetus has had all a revving-up a organisers could have wished for to have it substitute a predecessor in distance as well as importance.

BERSIHs organisers contingency be beating their chops during how their programmed eventuality has obtained a assists which a fiery opponent as well as a maladroit force contrived to describe them.

A Re-Enactment of 1987?

Earlier this year, you had a spirit which Malaysia may well be a military state, during certain times during least. This was when former budding minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad disclosed which he was opposite to a ISA detentions of Oct 1987 when more than a hundred antithesis politicians as well as anti-government amicable activists were held underneath a draconian law.

The former Inspector-General of Police, Hanif Omar, chimed in to endorse which indeed Mahathir had expressed his misgivings about a military movement but a Police had left ahead nevertheless.

This was a extreme transgression of a ISA Act which specifically vests a ener! gy to ca tch a person in a Home Minister as well as not a Police. The H! ome Mini ster in Oct 1987 was Mahathir. If he had indeed opposite a make use of of a Act in dealing with a tense incident which prevailed during which time as well as if detentions had taken place, which was what happened, afterwards Police energy had overridden polite authority.

Likewise these days, you have been declare to re-enactments of what transpired in 1987. Even before BERSIH has applied for a military permit for their march, a IGP as well as his deputy have released open warnings opposite a legality of a impetus despite inherent guarantees of adults right to peaceful assembly.

Worse, a Police, as of yesterday, have started to detain domestic activists in an try to preempt a impetus programmed for July 9. Members of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), in Johor Baru upon Friday as well as in Penang yesterday, have borne a initial brunt of this abuse of military power.

Reports contend which a Police incarcerated a PSM activists, who were intent in legitimate domestic activity, upon grounds which they were canvassing for support for a BERSIH march.

Cynical Display of Police Power

Selective as well as politically motivated detentions by a force have been an old story. In this instance, however, it is done in a teeth of a authorities lethargy in dealing with a purveyors of a widely disseminated video allegedly showing antithesis leader Anwar Ibrahim in a contract with a sex worker. Lassitude upon a part of a law enforcers is cynical as well as staggering.

It additionally reflects amnesia about a context in which morally awakened adults have been stirred to act in concert in a face of cynical displays of military authority.

It is definite which a single of a reasons UMNO-BN romped to a landslide victory in a Mar 2004 general choosing was which underneath a newly commissioned budding minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, a supervision had upon a previous December moved to place military energy underneath inspection by a origination of a royal elect upon a supervision of a force.

That preference by Abdullah was widely popular as well as was instrumental in securing his supervision a landslide endorsement by a electorate 3 months later.

Fifteen months after a royal elect was instituted, it made open a recommendations in Mar 2005. What happened was which PM Abdullah wavered in a face of pressure from vested interests in a force opposite a key letter of reference a origination of an eccentric row to look in to open complaints of military misconduct.

In retrospect, it can be said which a administration of Abdullah Badawi entered a begin of a steep decrease in a recognition from a heady heights in Mar 2004 to a loss of BNs two-thirds parliamentary majority 4 years after because of a PMs waffling upon military reform.

Now things have left over a question of budding ministerial vacillation in a face of military power. It is more a box of polite as well as military supervision colluding to shore up any other.

It is in this sense which a BERSIH impetus is fast becoming a sign of a border to which Malaysia has turn a quasi-police state in which increasingly illegitimate polite supervision as well as arbitrary military energy conspire to repress adults intent in a exercise of constitutionally protected rights. - Din M! erican

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Khairy: I, too, received SMS threat

Umno Youth arch Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar currently claimed he, too, perceived a hazard opposite his reserve in a mobile phone content message.

NONEAccording to a twitter message, a Rembau member of Parliament pronounced he, Umno Youth cabinet member Megat Firdouz as good as a series of Umno Youth leaders were sent texts notice them of a risk of a Jul 9 rallies planned by multiform parties over a matter of giveaway as good as satisfactory elections.

SMS kpd saya, Megat SU Pemuda UMNO & pimpinan lain mengenai himpunan 9 Julai merupakan ugutan terhadap keselamatan. Akan inform polis. #fb

'An SMS to me, Megat cabinet member of Umno Youth & other leaders over a Jul 9 gathering (which) looks similar to a hazard to security. Will board a inform with a police,' pronounced a tweet.

Khairy's twitter comes a tiny days after a chairperson of a Bersih 2.0 bloc lobbying for giveaway as good as satisfactory elections Ambiga Sreenevasan perceived upon Wednesday night an SMS notice her opposite stability with a rally next Sunday.

PAS' Selangor as good as Federal Territory Youth groups alone have affianced some-more than 100,000 of their members to join a demonstration, slated to embark in 3 opposite locations as good as culminate in a submission of a memorandum for giveaway as good as satisfactory elections to a National Palace.

NONENone of a groups involved in either a Bersih 2.0 bloc - which is made up of romantic as good as political groups - or a pro-BN groups such as Umno Youth as good as Perkasa which have promised to reason counter-r! allies a t a same time as Bersih have been issued permits for their assemblies.

S! enior po lice officers have pronounced they were fully prepared to understanding with anyone who insisted upon proceeding with a bootleg travel demonstrations.

In Ipoh, emissary inspector-general of military Khalid Abu Bakar (above) pronounced which as of yesterday, 1,248 military reports had been lodged by various bureaucratic as good as non-governmental organisations, politicians as good as people opposing a bootleg travel demonstrations.

bersih council military besiege memo 111207 spiny wiresContinuing this today, nonetheless an additional organisation currently voiced a conflict to a Jul 9 rallies upon a drift of a inauspicious 'image' a eventuality would execute of a country as good as a nuisance it would pose to a public.

We have never agreed with travel demonstrations by anybody, whether by Perkasa or anybody else, what some-more if it's by a mischievous organisation such as this (Bersih), preparation organisation Syed Anuar Syed Mohamed told Bernama today.

Is there a need to demonstrate? We know which when a lot of people demonstrate, a incident will not be peaceful, generally when two groups clash. The people will be a victims, he added.

'Use a ISA'

azlanSyed Anuar additionally urged a authorities to take action rather than merely emanate hard-hitting statements opposite those who threaten national security.

The authorities should take whatever stairs have been necessary. If you need to make make use of of a (Internal Security Act) ISA, afterwards make make use of of it.

It's better to forestall prior to (! untoward ) things happen. We have been fearful which if action is taken usually after an incident, a peope would already have been victimised, such as taxi drivers, traders, those upon holiday, as good as so on, he said.
Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia romantic Nadzim Johan pronounced a rallies have been a waste of resources.

They have been a work of people with their own bulletin who find to plea a nation's laws.

This is not a way... As civilised people, you do not need to cause people hardship. Even if you wish to protest, do it in a track or in your own homes. Don't nuisance other people.

If they wish to express themselves, you wish them to b fully responsible for anything unfavourable which happens, pronounced Nadzim.

bersih council military besiege memo 111207 overtMalaysian Association of Youth Councils boss Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi, meanwhile, described those intending upon participating as bengong fools as good as with bad intentions opposite a country.

"MAYC does not agree with this bootleg public since it is not constructive as good as will not solve a people's problems.

We do not wish to give a false sense to a youth which usually by demonstrating will you be able to solve problems, he said.

Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee, meanwhile, pronounced a Jul 9 bootleg public could jeopardize a assent of a people.

"The assent of a people should be confirmed as good as strengthened since it is an critical element for a development of a country.

"We should not let anybody to cause chaos as good as affect a prolonged enjoyed assent as good as security," Bernama reported him as saying final night.

Kiandee, who is additionally Beluran Member of Parliament, pronounced a bootleg assembly's target to voice out their call for a satisfactory as good as just election, should be f! inished in a proper manner.

He pronounced it was a tiny emanate but was exaggerated by a little people with a sold motive.

The emissary speaker pronounced Malaysians should learn from a demonstrations carried out in multiform countries which influenced their safety, assent a! nd busin ess. - Malaysiakini

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