BERSIH Anti Melayu. Gadai Tanah Melayu Takpa....

Tak sabar nak tunggu jawapan dari geng-geng UMNO dan Barisan Nasional serta Pemuda Patriot.Patutnya, yang ini lah kena demo. Bukannya lawan BERSIH. ... Read More

PKR Selangor Expects 70,000 of Its Members to Join Bersih 2.0 Rally

PETALING JAYA, twenty-nine JUNE, 2011: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Selangor expects 70,000 of the members to join Bersih 2.0 this coming July, according to the Information Chief, Shuhaimi Shafie. ... Read More

Polis serbu pejabat Bersih

KUALA LUMPUR, twenty-nine June - Polis hari ini menyerbu pejabat Bersih 2.0 di Petaling Jaya, kata salah seorang anggota jawatankuasa pemandunya Maria Chin Abdullah. Ketika ditemui di bangunan Parlimen pagi ini, beliau berkata, kira-kira 20 anggota polis sedang mengadakan serbuan ke atas pejabat mereka yang terletak di Lorong 4/48E, Petaling Jaya dan tiada ... Read More

Fairus quits PKR to join Umno

He done a proclamation in front of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is also Umno president, during a function with a Silat Seni Gayung Association in Ampang. ...

Public Notice: Peugeot (Malaysia) After Sales Service is Very Bad

Read More

I received this from a friend via email. You may have it in

I received this from a crony via email. You might have it in your mail too, though i consider it is worth to review it again as well as get a crux of a meaning.

It is written by a professor in US (David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, University of Georgia) though is germane to many tax complement in a world.

In a Malaysian context, it is especially applicable not usually in a tax complement though a mercantile policies as well.

This is it:

Bar Stool Economics

Suppose which any day, 10 group go out for beer as well as a check for all 10 comes to $100. If they paid their check a way you compensate a taxes, it would go something similar to this:

The initial 4 group (the poorest) would compensate nothing.

The fifth would compensate $1.

The sixth would compensate $3.

The seventh would compensate $7.

The eighth would compensate $12.

The ninth would compensate $18.

The tenth male (the richest) would compensate $59.

So, thats what they decided to do. The 10 group drank in a bar any day as well as seemed quite happy with a arrangement, until a single day, a owners threw them a curve. Since you are all such good customers, he said, Im starting to revoke a cost of your every day beer by $20. Drinks for a 10 right away cost only $80.

The group still longed for to compensate their check a way you compensate a taxes so a initial 4 group were unaffected. They would still splash for free. But what about a other 6 group a profitable customers? How could they divide a $20 windfall so which everybody would get his satisfactory share? They satisfied which $20 divided by 6 is $3.33. But if they subtracted which from everybodys share, afterwards a fifth male as well as a sixth male would any finish up being paid to splash his beer. So, a bar owners ! suggeste d which it would be satisfactory to revoke any mans check by rounded off a same amount, as well as he proceeded to work out a amounts any should pay.! < /p>

And so:

The fifth man, similar to a initial four, right away paid nothing (100% savings).

The sixth right away paid $2 instead of $3 (33%savings).

The seventh right away compensate $5 instead of $7 (28%savings).

The eighth right away paid $9 instead of $12 (25%savings).

The ninth right away paid $14 instead of $18 (22% savings).

The tenth right away paid $49 instead of $59 (16% savings).

Each of a 6 was better off than before. And a initial 4 one after another to splash for free. But once outward a restaurant, a group began to compare their savings.

I usually got a dollar out of a $20, declared a sixth man. He forked to a tenth man, though he got $10!

Yeah, thats right, exclaimed a fifth man. we usually saved a dollar, too. Its unfair which he got 10 times more than we did!

Thats true!! shouted a seventh man. Why should he get $10 behind when we got usually two? The wealthy get all a breaks!

Wait a minute, yelled a initial 4 group in unison. We didnt get anything during all. The complement exploits a poor!

The 9 group surrounded a tenth as well as beat him up.

The next night a tenth male didnt uncover up for drinks, so a 9 sat down as well as had beers but him. But when it came time to compensate a bill, they discovered something important. They didnt have enough income in between all of them for even half of a bill!

And that, boys as well as girls, journalists as well as college professors, is how a tax complement works. The people who compensate a top taxes get a many good from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, conflict them for being! wealthy , as well as they only might not uncover up anymore. In fact, they might start drinking overseas where a ambience is rather friendlier.

Courtesy of Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz

Global demonstration proves Bersih 2.0's sinister intention

KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 23 Election watchdog Bersih currently reliable that abroad rallies will be hold simultaneously with its upcoming Jul 9 event, as well as that these will be spearheaded by Malaysian citizens vital abroad.Rallies will be hold in Seoul (South Korea); Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (Australia); Osaka (Japan); Los Angeles, San Francisco as well as New York (US).All the abroad solidarity

NGO: Arrested Korean student an intern

An choosing reforms advocacy organization has denied claims by a military as well as Utusan Malaysia which its South Korean novice Song Min Young is a hazard to national security.

In a matter today, a National Institute for Democracy as well as Electoral Integrity (NIEI) said which Song was arrested while doing field work as partial of her attachment programme with a organisation.

NONENIEI described Song (right) as an partner researcher for a group's paper titled "Election in Malaysia: Comparison studies between Malaysia as well as South Korea".

Song, 24, is a student during a Chonnam National University, Gwangju as well as is an active member of May 18 Memorial Foundation which is a distinguished pro-democracy advocacy group.

She was arrested upon Saturday while roving with Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) during Ledang, Johor as partial of her observation work.

She was expelled a same day though arrested near her home in Kuala Lumpur yesterday evening, allegedly for violating immigration rules. She is now hold during a Bukit Jalil military apprehension centre.

Security hazard explain baseless

NIEI said allegations which she acted a confidence threat, as claimed in a front page Utusan Malaysia inform today, were "baseless".

"She is now assisting NIEI (in) a investigate work upon electoral systems as well as is not in any approach a foreign spy. Observing a (PSM)roadshow is partial of NIEI's work.

"We weep a transformation taken opposite her by a Royal Malaysian Police as well as direct for her immediate release," read a statement.

NIEI described itself as a non-partisan organization which is in constant contact with supervision agencies as well as is in no approach continuous with a Bersih 2.0 movement, which is now a aim of a supervision crackdown.

NIEI arch Amin Iskandar (left) as well as South Korean embassy officials have visted Song during a apprehension centre today.

Since Sunday, Utusan Malaysia has been claiming which Bersih 2.0 is being infiltrated by comrade elements as well as is melancholy to disintegrate a federal supervision by violent means.

But Bersih 2.0 is progressing their position which they have been a non-partisan civil multitude driven movement, out to create recognition as well as campaign for electoral reforms. - Malaysiakini

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PAS sekongkol dengan CIA untuk rampas kuasa

Rangkaian operasi Anwar Ibrahim bersama CIA dengan Bersih adalah berikut:Ambiga dan Maria Chin sudah ngaku menerima wang dari CIA dan George Soros. Dengan ini terbukti, hubungkait Anwar dengan George Soros untuk menjahanamkan negara pada tahun 1998/99.Hishamuddin akui berita The Unspinners mengenai seorang warga Korea Selatan, wakil NDI (CIA) ditangkap di JOhor bersama dengan ahli-ahli PSM

PAS sekongkol dengan CIA kuasai negara

Rangkaian operasi Anwar Ibrahim bersama CIA dengan Bersih adalah berikut:Ambiga dan Maria Chin sudah ngaku menerima wang dari CIA dan George Soros. Dengan ini terbukti, hubungkait Anwar dengan George Soros untuk menjahanamkan negara pada tahun 1998/99.Hishamuddin akui berita The Unspinners mengenai seorang warga Korea Selatan, wakil NDI (CIA) ditangkap di JOhor bersama dengan ahli-ahli PSM

Perkasa tells supporters not to bring weapons

Perkasa as well as its NGO allies will come to their July 9 convene to counter Bersih empty-handed to prove which they are there merely to defend assent in Malaysia.

However, Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali pronounced which he cannot guarantee which nothing of his members will rivet in assault upon which day.

NONEI cannot guarantee, it can be anybody (engaging in violence). If (Perkasa members do), it's their own fault.

With so many people how will we know who proposed it? It competence even be Bersih infiltrating into our group, he said.

Nevertheless, Ibrahim pronounced which Perkasa has hold briefings during 10 districts as well as 22 parliamentary divisions where members were told to not provoke, come empty-handed as well as do not bring weapons.

Repeating his earlier recommendation to a Chinese to stay home as well as stock up upon food, Ibrahim pronounced he was usually anticipating a worst.

When a nation is in chaos, with roads congested, how will we go to a market? he asked, explaining additionally which his goal was to keep people off a streets.

He combined which this is a initial time Perkasa is to hit a streets though a police permit, though it is justified as it is usually reacting to Bersih, which does not have a assent in a initial place.

Ibrahim gets prohibited underneath a collar

Meanwhile, a Pasir Mas MP got prohibited underneath a neck cuff when asked about a Bar Council's matter defending a right to assemble, saying which it is part of Malaysian first story as Umno, too, hold a demonstration against a Malayan Union.

Bar Council is a bastard council since they are hypocrites as well as (practice) double-standard, suppo! rting us ually anti-government elements, he said.

Calling a council anti-Islam, Ibrahi! m combined which a lawyers' organization is regularly silent if Malays are being victimised.

NONEHe additionally had preference words for National Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) arch Hasmy Agam (left), who defended Bersih's right to assemble according to a federal constitution as well as Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This freedoms is formed upon a law, it is not a blank cheque. The law contingency be review together, similar to a constitution with a Police Act, he said.

He combined which Hasmy should have responsibly advised Bersih 2.0 to take their convene indoors to avoid havoc, as views can still be voiced during stadiums, through big screen projections, videos as well as memorandums.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not meant (sic) we can demonstrate upon a roadside, he said.

He combined which Hasmy was being uncomplicated in saying which a police need to only keep a assent as even large numbers of army crew could not carry out sequence during Tahrir Square.

Organisers additionally can do little to carry out a mob, he said, giving an e.g. of a convene he organised.

In a 1970s we was speaking during a masjid as well as someone threw stones as well as we was arrested underneath a Internal Security Act, as well as Hishammuddin Rais who was a Socialist Club (of Universiti Malaya) member skipped a country, he said.

Besides Perkasa, Umno Youth is additionally rallying upon July 9, job their impetus a Patriot rally.

Bersih 2.0 will impetus to a palace to palm over an eight-point chit to a King seeking, between others, a make use of of indelible ink as well as a 21-day campaign period. - Malaysiakini

Courtesy of Bo! nology.c om Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz


Chairman Social Care Foundation

The total country has been debating a Bersih 2.0 convene programmed for July 9. Perkasa says it is starting to theatre a opposite rally. Umno Youth is formulation a convene of their own. The military contend which Communist elements have been involved as well as have proposed arresting people. The Home Minster has in jeopardy to use a ISA opposite a organisers as well as others. The budding minister has pronounced which a convene is a distributed pierce to replace a supervision by force. Business people have come out in criticism which a convene will disrupt their businesses as well as make life hard. All over a unsuccessful discourse in between Bersih 2.0 as well as EC pertaining to a Rakyat to direct a free, purify as well as fair elections.

I need to prominence a actuality which a convene by Bersih 2.0 might be staged by assent loving Malaysians but with a actuality which Perkasa has decided to theatre a opposite convene which means anything can happen from which theatre as well as if there is a organisation of shit-stirring, instigating as well as inspiring each other. The incident can turn out to be catastrophic as well as beyond control. Business will be interrupted, innocent lives might be lost. A incident where you should avoid.The EC have pronounced which they have been prepared to meet with Bersih 2.0 to sort things out. Bersih 2.0 has pronounced which it is fatuous to speak to a EC since they have tried to do so in a past without any results. Since a EC has offering which a Door is open for discussion, you interest to Bersih 2.0 as well as a organisation to severely indulge as well as rivet with a EC.

< span>To try better ways to settle their disproportion as well as to find meaningful results, since all of us do not want to see a Rakyat heading for a s! howdown. Under all circumstances,COUNTRY MUST COME FIRST. It is a common feeling of a Rakyat, which since EC has open a door for discussion, Bersih 2.0 should take it up as well as empty all a efforts, otherwise a Rakyat will contemplate a reasons for a refusal of Bersih 2.0 to discuss with EC.Why don't you try this instead? Bersih 2.0 accepts a EC's invitation to speak at a date, time as well as place set by Bersih 2.0, with a bargain which should nothing brand new come out of a talks a convene will go on. And a supervision as well as military will afterwards allow a peaceful convene to proceed. Bersih 2.0 will need to prove once as well as for all which it is NOT politically-motivated. The supervision is given a possibility to prove which it is.

It is in everybodys interest which Bersih 2.0 as well as a organisation should rivet with EC as to try each possibility to equivocate this dangerous confrontation. Bersih 2.0 as well as a Group, greatfully thus dump a call for a convene as well as ensue to discuss with EC.

We all love assent as well as await it in a many orderly manner.

We pray.

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NIEI DEMANDS THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF MS. SONG MIN-YOUNGby National Institute for Democracy as well as Electoral Integrity (NIEI) on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 2:01am. National Institute for Democracy & Electoral Integrity (NIEI) would like to counter the allegations made by main tide media, Utusan Malaysia about NIEI as well as the on vacation novice Ms. Song Min-Young. NIEI is a non-profit, impartial, independent as well as neutral non-government organization (NGO) where we work closely with government agencies, ... Read More

Apabila Pemuda Patriot Berdemo Depan Pak Guard

Arakian, malam tadi, datanglah gerombolan manusia yang memanggil diri mereka PATRIOT. Datanglah mereka ke sebuah tempat bernama Tropicana, khabarnya mahu memprotes di hadapan Ibu Pejabat Parti Keadilan Rakyat.Namun, datangnya gerombolan Patriot ini adalah selepas orang pulang dari solat Isyak. Suasana malam yang aman damai di persekitaran Ibu Pejabat PKR itu telah diganggu dengan hiruk pikuk gerombolan PATRIOT itu.Khabarnya, gerombolan itu dipimpin seorang manusia berperangai katak bernama Lokma ... Read More

Hamas Says Gaza Ready to Receive Flotilla

GAZA: Hamas authorities on Tuesday announced which a Gaza Strip is ready to receive an international flotilla, which will set cruise soon to plea a Israeli naval besiege here. ... Read More

A campaign of courage

By Stanley Koh | FMT

Why is a convene for electoral reforms such a domestic prohibited potato? Why this gush of threats as good as calls for a punishment of a Bersih convene organisers? Why is a Barisan Nasionl omnipotence so fearful of electoral reforms? Why shouldnt it await free, satisfactory as good as clean elections?

Bertrand Russell once propounded a theory which bad care in a democracy is a judicious impossibility. The adults always get a leaders they deserve. No make a difference how amateurish or dishonest a leaders are, a adults contingency have been even worse to have inaugurated them.

But this cynical view cannot request to Malaysia. The Malaysian experience has shown which it is probable for good adults to get bad leaders.

Malaysians merit a able government. Not only contingency a most appropriate group! as good as women between a possibilities across a pol! itical d ivide win elections; they contingency additionally be inaugurated under approved principles supervised by a indeed independent body.

Ministers as good as Members of Parliament should not be selected since they have been somebodys cronies or through domestic horse trading or by back-door means, as in a appointment of senators between choosing losers.

The adults contingency have all satisfactory as good as only opportunities to elect a most appropriate governing group for a country.

That is because Malaysians contingency essay for changes in a electoral landscape.

In 2005, a Institute of Malaysian as good as International Studies (IKMAS), with await from a Friedrich Naumann Foundation, published a investigate of a existing electoral complement in Malaysia. With contributions from some-more than a dozen renowned academicians, it gives us a single of a most appropriate analyses of Malaysias electoral history.

The ubiquitous conclusion reached in this comment of a current state of Malaysias electoral complement is which Malaysian elections cannot be considered pretty giveaway as good as satisfactory since they do not fulfil a functions compulsory of them in grave approved theory, a authors wrote.

The rather stupid official come-back opposite claims of disposition as good as unjust elections is which a vast voter audience is a transparent indication of open certainty in a electoral process.

And then there is a even some-more perverted evidence which a oppositions gains in a last ubiquitous choosing valid which Malaysian elections have been giveaway as good as satisfactory as good as a Election Commission is indeed independent.

That Malaysian elections have been not conducted fairly is not only an claim from antithesis parties; it is additionally a observation of non-partisan citizens. No intelligent Malaysian can deny which a Barisan Nasional (BN) uses open institutions as good as open agencies to ! assistan ce it win elections as good as no meditative spectator can destroy to notice which it mostly resorts to threats, danger as good as bribery.

MCA hypocrisy

Those who know something of a story of Malaysi! an elect ions cannot destroy to note which a complement is diseased. Except for a 1969 as good as 2008 elections, BN has consistently been re-positioned with dual thirds of a infancy in Parliament nonetheless this is not reflected in a share of a renouned vote.

Since a advent of a Internet, there has been an increase in documented evidence of BNs poor politicking as good as assorted forms of obvious reprobate debate practices.

What is implicitly wrong cannot be politically correct, despite a perverted meditative between a care of a BN component parties, generally a MCA.

Indeed, a pomposity of a current MCA care is in stark contrariety to a meditative of a partys first fathers. Hence, it should warn no a single to hear MCA not long ago threatening action opposite members planning to participate in a Jul 9 Bersih rally.

MCAs current leaders, if they were true to a partys first ideals, should instead revisit a efforts of their predecessors to ensure a only domestic system.

In 1986, a MCA care uttered out, despite discreetly, a disquiet over a range of astray practices it attributed to a Umno leadership. Some of these had to do with a Chinese being under-represented in a BN government. MCA leaders had a pessimistic view of a future. They felt which a Umno omnipotence would go on to cause an wearing away of Chinese domestic power.

The care frankly certified in a report: The BN complement in itself poses an fundamental waste for a Chinese community.

This complement gives a ruling elite in Umno a built-in opportunity to feat intra-party groups inside of Barisan to their advantage.

The report additionally criticised a domestic disposition in a delineation of electoral constituencies, citing a steady legislative addition of a Federal Cons! titution to give heavier weight to farming constituencies, which it said went opposite a one-man-one-vote principle.

Past MCA leaders through a years have additionally lamented Umnos domination of a both the! executi ve as good as judicial arms of supervision as good as questioned a independence of a Election Commission (EC).

In great contrariety to their predecessors, a current MCA leaders lend towards to behave like wimps. Their raging rhetoric opposite a Bersih convene is obviously symptomatic of domestic impotence, withdrawal us with a impression which MCA is a failed celebration devoid of ethical leadership.

Party president Dr Chua Soi Leks evidence which Bersih has authorised itself to be used by a antithesis in organising a convene has been reinforced by his deputy Liow Tiong Lais intimidating remark which a celebration will plead either to sack members who participate in a rally.

This posturing is expected to expostulate an additional spike in to MCAs coffin. In recent years, a celebration has regularly reliable a irrelevance. Its raving as good as repetition over a Bersih convene could good be a tipping point of a domestic demise.

While you write off MCA, a impending question to ask is: Should responsible Malaysians combine as good as convene to Bersihs await opposite a sleazy electoral landscape?

Constitutional experts, domestic scientists as good as responsible academicians appear to think so.

Electoral systems figure a inlet as good as structure of domestic parties as good as of a wider celebration complement in a countries in which they operate. The independence of a EC would promote larger burden of MPs to their constituents.

Experts as good as perspective makers additionally contend which electoral reforms would minister to larger domestic stability for all players in power.

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Politically-connected wanted Bangladeshi likely in Malaysia

Ambiga ngaku terima duit CIA!!!

AIDCNews 28/06/11 Pengerusi Bersih 2.0, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan akhirnya mengakui BERSIH 2.0 pimpinannya menerima sejumlah kecil sumbangan daripada dua organisasi Amerika Syarikat iaitu National Democratic Institute (NDI) dan Open Society Institute (OSI) tetapi bagi projek-projek lain, dan bukannya untuk perhimpunan bulan depan.NDI adalah salah satu cabang NED (National Endowment For


Najib Abdul Razak ketika merasmikan mesyuarat Bahagian Selayang menekankan tentang kemenangan UMNO-BN pada PRU13 nanti. Kata Najib, tidak guna jadi Naib Juara kerana tempat kedua bukanlah pemenang. Kemenangan UMNO-BN dalam PRU13 nanti adalah sesuatu yang bermakna, bukan sekadar untuk berpuas hati.

Salah satu daripada kaedah untuk menang adalah dengan memahami denyut nadi rakyat dan para pengundi

The Ulterior Motives behind July 9, according to Chandra Muzaffar

Once Malaysians assimilate a context--- generally a distant motives--- they will be heedful about Jul 9. They will be able to distinguish a self-indulgent bulletin of a deeply flawed politician from a genuine query for electoral reform as good as political transformation. They should not allow such a politician to undermine their future. - Chandra Muzaffar.

If you really must walk, you might as good be an enlightened walker. Read this enlightening piece by a former Parti Keadilan Nasional deputy president H E R E.

- Rocky's bru

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Rahim Thamby Chik Masuk Perangkap Johari Abdul

Puak2 UMNO cuba menyerang Johari Abdul dengan menunjukkan video dibawah yang dirakam tanpa kebenaran Johari Abdul.Kononnya, beliau gelak ketawa sewaktu menonton video tersebut adalah bukti beliau bersetuju bahawa Anwar adalah pelakon dalam video tersebut.Apa yang juak2 UMNO tidak sedar adalah malam hari yang sama, beliau telah bertemu dengan salah seorang kepimpinan tertinggi PKR dan menceritakan segala yang beliau telah saksikan di bilik road house tersebut.Ertinya, pada keesokan harinya, boleh dika ... Read More

Spectacle of Police invading Parliamentary precincts to take police statements from MPs a most deplorable precedent of violation of parliamentary privileges and must be condemned in strongest terms

I am shocked as well as angry that a police have shown up in Parliament currently to jot down statements from Pakatan Rakyat parliamentarians Azmin Ali (PKR Gombak) as well as Mohd Firdaus Jaafar (PAS Jerai). This is a initial time inside of my mental recall as an MP given 1969 of any law enforcemetn officer invading a parliamentary precincts to [...] ... Read More

The Ulterior Motives behind July 9, according to Chandra Muzaffar

Once Malaysians understand the context--- generally the distant motives--- they will be wary about July 9. They will be able to heed the self-indulgent bulletin of the deeply injured statesman from the genuine query for electoral reform and domestic transformation. They should not concede such the statesman to undermine their future. - Chandra Muzaffar.
If we really must walk, we may as well

Takbir! SUARAM, burung belaan CIA tidak bertweet lagi

Begitulah rupanya laman web Suaram yang sudah digodam bagi membalas serangan yang dilakukan terhadap lebih 190 laman web oleh penggodam Anonymnus yang sebenarnya Anwarnymous.Link itu diperolehi dari Tweeter Suaram berikut:Tahniah hackers! Takbir!

Leaking Radioactive Water at Tepco Plant

TOKYO: Tons of radioactive H2O was discovered to have leaked in to a belligerent from a Fukushima chief plant, Japan's chief watchdog pronounced on Tuesday. ... Read More

'Gov't misled public over RM74bil subsidy burden'...

The federal government had "misled" a open when a Performance, Management as well as Delivery Unit (Pemandu) stated it had footed a subsidy check of RM74 billion in 2010, an economist said today.Speaking at a Selangor 2012 budget talks in Subang Jaya today, Nottingham University visiting join forces with professor Subramaniam Pillay said 54 percent of which check was for preparation as well as healthcare, which is in fact government responsibility."All governments in a universe finance different equipment for differ ... Read More


Kat bawah ini ada satu pesanan yang pada pandangan aku wajib dibaca oleh semua orang islam yang sokong BerShit ni. Aku petik pesanan ini dari MyKMU.

Wahai orang yang beriman! Janganlah kamu mengambil orang yang bukan daripada kalangan kamu (seperti Yahudi, Nasrani, dan Munafiq) menjadi teman karib (yang dipercayai). Mereka tidak akan berhenti berusaha mendatangkan kesusahan kepada kamu. Mereka

Penggodam Anonymous adalah Anwarnymous

Menurut blog Utopia Baru [sila ke sini untuk baca sepenuhnya], serangan menggodam komputer kerajaan oleh kumpulan Anonymous menyerupai kisah Guy Fawkes yang merancang untuk meletupkan House of Lords, di Parlimen Britain dalam kurun ke-16. Alasan beliau adalah berikut:1. Malaysia baru saja dikejutkan dengan berita laman web Kerajaan diserang oleh penggodam-penggodam yang dikatakan memprotes akan

Umno and Utusan waged war against the Agong, not PSM

There appear to be a feud in a UMNO-BN camp as to what Bersih really should be. On a single hand, they have been really wakeful of a 8 demands which Bersih is marching for as well as a Election Commission has also admitted it is wakeful of these grouses. We all know which a initial Bersih march in 2007 took them by surprise when 50,000 people marched slowly to a Palace. We all agree which water-cannons as well as ...