Witness says cop told him PKFZ land valuation was wrong

KUALA LUMPUR, August twelve A comparison Transport Ministry central told a High Court here today which he usually realised final year he misunderstood a supervision gratefulness for Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) land after a military officer forked out his mistake.

P. Chandrasekaran, who was then principal partner secretary in a nautical division in assign of sea ports, told a swindle hearing of former Transport Minister Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, which a military officer pronounced during investigations which a RM25 psf gratefulness for Pulau Indah land enclosed interest.

So, ASP Mohd Rosni (Mohd Lazim) explained to we (that) your bargain was wrong. Anything else (that done we change your understanding)? asked Dr Lings counsel Wong Kian Kheong during his cross-examination.

The papers... newspapers, answered Chandrasekaran (picture), who has served a Transport Ministry given 2000.

The comparison civil menial admitted yesterday which he incorrectly told Dr Ling which a RM25 psf gratefulness for a 830-acre plot excluded interest.

In a memo to his trainer antiquated Oct 14, 2000, Chandrasekaran pronounced a Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH) had valued a land formed upon a special value of RM25 psf for a 10-year amends period, totalling RM903.87 million, incompatible an seductiveness rate of 6 per cent per annum.

Dr Ling is charged with mean action a supervision by concealing a actuality which a seductiveness rate of 7.5 per cent per annum was over-abundance to a purchase of Lot 67894 during RM25 psf amounting to a total of RM1,088,456,000 notwithstanding knowing which a JPPH had already taken seductiveness into comment when it valued a land during RM25 psf.


The hike mentality

According to a Star, another supervision related association is raising its tariff. Airport taxation is expected to be lifted from RM 51 to RM65. an enlarge in 27%.

Those during a behind of a transport might be meditative which for general travellers who have been able to fork out thousands to travel, an enlarge of RM 14 is negligible.

BUt coming during a time when price of livings as well as acceleration rate have been starting up, this transport contingency be scrutinised carefully.

Many top leaders have asked a retailers to try to catch price as well as not to lift prices when they enlarge a petrol as well as physical phenomenon tariff. BUt apparently a same sequence does not apply to a supervision related companies.

Since a past year, you have an enlarge of postage from 30 cents to 60 cents per letter, an 100% increase. We have seen an enlarge in petrol as well as a 7% enlarge in physical phenomenon charges. We have seen an enlarge in Astro charges. Medicine costs have left up most times, partly thanks to supervision efforts in tying import of certain tender materials , to illustrate creating an synthetic necessity of colds as well as cough disinfectant (which enclose an part called pseudoephedrine).

Those who have been during a behind of a transport might contend which it is only an enlarge of cents as well as dollars. But a cumulative products is which a price of all alternative products have left up.

Besides, all these increases from supervision related agencies, or as a result of some-more red tapes as well as bureaucratic hurdles, have resulted in a transport mentality.

What is simpler to only to transport a price of products as well as services to improve a bottom line? No need to speak about being some-more efficient. No need to speak about enlarge in productivity. For a supervision of supervision related companies, what is simpler than only a pr! ice tag as well as rake in some-more profits.. After all, most of them have been monopolies, similar to TNB as well as MAHB.

It is a easiet approach to increasing increase as well as as a formula of a increase, there woul! d be jus tifications to have higher executive as well as supervision fees. But this transport genius would have hampered innovation as well as better productivity. Little consternation why you have been still in a middle income trap, since you regularly review to a easiest approach out.

Coming behind to a proposed airfield taxation hike, let us demeanour during MAHBs monetary highlights.

The following is a 2nd entertain 2011 result:

It is acknowledged which while revenue grew 8.4%, PBT(pre taxation profit) grew 65.9%. There is a net earning of 81.8million in 2nd entertain alone.

Look during a initial half result of 2011 below:

In a initial 6 months of this year, PBT was 267.1 million while a net earning is 170.1 million. So MAHB is not you do which badly, as a monopoly.

While it is true which most of a travellers have been dirty abounding people, there have been most who have been not so rich. This latter group has to transport either because of commercial operation reasons or sometimes family or personal matters. There have been additionally who have been retirees who have slogged for their sum lives as well as during a finish of their twilight, th! ey wante d to see a world. To lift airfield taxation when MAHB is earning good increase is not in accord with during this time when acceleration rate is already high, even yet a enlarge maybe small.

For businessmen who transport a lot, a cumulative enlarge upon their companies would add costs to you do business, as well as to illustrate they would have to transport a price of their produ! cts.

Small enlarge cumulatively turn big, as well as cumulatively, people would feel a pinch.

I consider supervision agencies contingency do away with this transport mentality, especially during this impulse . It would be correct for them to review alternative ways to trim operation cost. Some of a directors have been earning approach as well high, a little of a managers have been earning approach as well tall too. Some of a products as well as services contracted out have been approach as well high. If all these can be embellished first, as well as capability be increased, then there should be an alleviation in a bottom line.

CEOs of these supervision related companies contingency realize they have amicable reponsibilities as well towards a rakyat, not only to their shareholders.

I met a tall central from a small red dot down south a little time ago. He told me which in their country, if there have been 10 vacancies in a department, be assured which a head of dialect would only fill up 7 to 8 of these vacancies, as well as let these 7-8 persons work a effort of 10 people. That is how their capability remain high. That is how their nation is now initial world as well as you have been still in a middle income trap.

I goal a energy which be will seriously give a directives to all these companies not to have this transport mentality. At least any increases should be postponed for a few years, unless a association is losing lots of money, in which case a sum revamp of a supervision is in order.

Do not only tell a tiny retailers not to lift a prices of their goods. We contingency not have s! imilar t o what a Chinese motto says: allowing top supervision officials to light large fires, though restrain a ordinary people from even lighting their candles. That is a sure approach of losing support!

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Isi ini tidak akan senyap, takyah nak cover-up wahai Lembu-Lembu


GAPS telah membuat kunjungan hormat ke JAIS untuk menyerahkan memo sokongan (serah memo) pada lebih kurang 10:30 pagi.

Turut diumumkan adalah pelancaran Gerakan Cegah Murtad


Demo aman - Jumaat, thirteen Ogos, lepas jumaat, masjid negeri Shah Alam

Bertempat di ruang legar Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam, akan diadakan DEMO AMAN

Government announces new airlines amidst MAS-Air Asia monopoly concerns

Governmentannounces brand new airlines amidst MAS-Air Middle East corner concerns
Lathtalilat Thamplom, Monyet News Network, twelve August 2011

Putrajaya, twelve Aug. Amidst public regard which a MAS AirAsia share swap could lead to monopolistic incident in a local aviation industry, a Government voiced currently a issuance of a brand new really low-cost airline licence. The looseness for a strictly really low price conduit (VLCC) has been awarded to previously unheard company, Simian Aviation Sdn Bhd.

According to Datuk Seri Samsuddin Salihin, a Director-General of a Department of Aeronautics, Licencing as well as Civil Aviation (DALCA), a Government is keen to belong to a spirit of a due Competition Act which is due to be tabled in a Parliament in November. We have been aware of a sentiments upon a ground. We cannot let dual large players merge as well as become a corner because afterwards a airfares will go up as well as a rakyat will suffer. So, being a really pro-rakyat government, you have decided to concede a brand new airline association to work to yield alternatives for a rakyat, Datuk Samsuddin told journalists during his office this afternoon.

Earlier this morning, Simian Aviation Sdn Bhd hold a press discussion during Hotel Fasicularis in a Federal capital. The companys founders as well as senior manager directors, General (Rtd) Datuk Hashim Embun as well as Dr John Koranggu briefed a media about a association plans.

The airline will work based upon a very-low-cost-carrier model. Our costs will be even lower than which of AirAsia. The price per passenger-km is only 1.3 sen compared to 4.5 sen for AirAsia. Our Boeing 737 planes have been mutated to lift 380 passengers compared AirAsias 18! 0. Our a ircraft turn-around time will be super discerning - twelve mins com! pared to AirAsias twenty-five minutes. Each aircraft will only be manned by a pilot, there will be no co-pilots or stewardess. And a planes will run upon a really own minyak kelapa sawit. This way, you can save money as well as can keep a fares really low, Dr Koranggu explained to journalists in a standing-room only discussion hall.

Monyet Airlines' mutated Boeing 737s can lift 380 passengers, in both Economy Class as well as Monyet Class

Datuk Hashim combined to keep a costs really low, you have been bringing brand new talents from Africa. Because you intend to keep a aircraft turn-around time really short, a pilots as well as belligerent organisation have to be nimble as well as fast. The recruitment has started as well as a first collection of pilots as well as belligerent organisation has already started working.

Monyet Airlines' pioneer commander - test flying an aircraft around KLIA

Monyet Airlines will make use of reall! y really low price pilots to keep a costs down

Monyet News Network has learnt which a airlines will be declared Monyet Airlines in recognitio! n of a contribution of Malaysian politicians to a aviation industry. For a start, Monyet Airlines will fly a Kuala Lumpur Sepilok as well as a Kuala Lumpur Taman Negara sector. Fares have been approaching to begin from as low as twenty-five sen.

Now even monkeys can fly

Readers of a Planet of a Monyets will be entitled to a 50% discount.

Monyet News Network
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Education and Discipline

August 12, 2011


Education And Discipline

by Bertrand Russell

Any critical tutorial speculation contingency include of dual parts: a source of a ends of life, as well as a scholarship of mental dynamics, i.e. of a laws of mental change. Two men who talk about as to a ends of reason up cannot hope to determine about education.

The tutorial machine, via Western civilization, is dominated by dual ethical theories: which of Christianity, as well as which of nationalism. These two, when taken seriously, have been incompatible, as is apropos evident in Germany. For my part, you reason that, where they differ, Christianity is preferable, nonetheless where they agree, both have been mistaken.

The source which you should surrogate as a role of preparation is civilization, a tenure which, as you meant it, has a definition which is partly individual, partly social. It consists, in a individual, of both intellectual as well as dignified qualities: intellectually, a sure smallest of ubiquitous knowledge, technical skill in ones own profession, as well as a robe of mixing opinions upon evidence; morally, of impartiality, kindliness, as well as a jot of self-control. you should supplement a peculiarity which is conjunction dignified nor intellectual, nonetheless maybe physiological: zest as well as joy of life.

In communities, civilized world demands respect for law, justice as in between male as well as man, purposes not involving permanent repairs to any section of a tellurian race, as well as intelligent adaptation of means to ends. If these have been to be a role of education, it is a question for a scholarship of psychology to cruise what can be finished towards r! ealizing them, and, in particular, what grade of leisure is expected to prove many effective.

On a question of freed! om in ed ucation there have been during present 3 categorical schools of thought, deriving partly from differences as to ends as well as partly from differences in mental theory. There have been those who contend which immature kids should be utterly free, however bad they might be; there have been those who contend they should be utterly theme to authority, however good they might be; as well as there have been those who contend they should be free, nonetheless in spite of leisure they should be regularly good. This final celebration is incomparable than it has any judicious right to be; children, similar to adults, will not all be only if they have been all free.

The idea which autocracy will safeguard dignified soundness is a relic of Rousseauism, as well as would not survive a study of animals as well as babies. Those who reason this idea consider which preparation should have no sure purpose, nonetheless should merely suggest an sourroundings suitable for extemporaneous development. you cannot determine with this school, which seems to me as well individualistic, as well as unduly unexcited to a significance of knowledge.

We live in communities which require co-operation, as well as it would be utopian to design all a required co-operation to result from extemporaneous impulse. The existence of a large population upon a limited area is usually probable overdue to scholarship as well as technique; preparation must, therefore, palm upon a required smallest of these.

The educators who concede many leisure have been men whose success depends upon a grade of benevolence, self-control, as well as lerned intelligence which can frequency be generated where each incentive is left unchecked; their merits, therefore, have been not expected to be perpetuated if their methods have been undiluted.

Education, viewed from a amicable standpoint, contingency be something some-mo! re sure than a tiny opportunity for growth. It must, of course, yield this, nonetheless it contingency also yield a mental as well as dignified equipment which immature kids cannot take entirely for themselves.

The arguments in favour of a good grade of leisure in preparation have been derived not from mans healthy goodness, nonetheless from a goods of author! ity, bot h upon those who humour it as well as upon those who practice it. Those who have been theme to management turn either cooperative or rebellious, as well as each attitude has a drawbacks.

The cooperative remove initiative, both in suspicion as well as action; moreover, a anger generated by a feeling of being thwarted tends to find an opening in bullying those who have been weaker. That is why tyrannical institutions have been self-perpetuating: what a male has suffered from his father he inflicts upon his son, as well as a humiliations which he remembers having endured during his public propagandize he passes upon to natives when he becomes an empire-builder. Thus an unduly lawful preparation turns a pupils in to shy tyrants, incapable of either claiming or granting originality in word or deed.

The effect upon a educators is even worse: they tend to turn sadistic disciplinarians, blissful to enthuse terror, as well as content to enthuse zero else. As these men represent knowledge, a pupils take a abhorrence of knowledge, which, between a English upper-class, is supposed to be partial of tellurian nature, nonetheless is really partial of a well-grounded loathing of a authoritarian pedagogue.

Rebels, upon a alternative hand,, nonetheless they might be necessary, can frequency be only to what exists. Moreover, there have been many ways of rebelling, as well as usually a tiny minority of these have been wise. Galileo was a insurgent as well as was wise; believers in a flat-earth speculation have been equally rebels, nonetheless have been foolish.

There is a good danger in a tendency to suspect which antithesis to manageme! nt is ra dically commendable as well as which unconventional opinions have been bound to be correct: no useful role is served by outstanding lamp-posts or maintaining Shakespeare to be no poet. Yet this excessive rebelliousness is mostly a effect which as well many management has upon spirited pupils. And when rebels turn educators, they infrequently encourage defiance in their pupils, for whom during a same time they have been trying to produce a perfect environment, nonetheless these dual aims have been scarcely compatible.

What is wa! nted is conjunction submissiveness nor rebellion, nonetheless good nature, as well as ubiquitous friendship both to people as well as to brand new ideas. These qualities have been due in partial to earthy causes, to which out-of-date educators paid as well tiny attention; nonetheless they have been due still some-more to leisure from a feeling of confused impotence which arises when critical impulses have been thwarted. If a immature have been to grow in to accessible adults, it is necessary, in many cases, which they should feel their sourroundings friendly. This requires which there should be a sure sympathy with a childs critical desires, as well as not merely an try to have make use of of him for a small abstract finish such as a glory of God or a mass of ones country.

And, in teaching, each try should be done to cause a student to feel which it is worth his while to know what is being taught-at slightest when this is true. When a student co-operates willingly, he learns twice as fast as well as with half a fatigue. All these have been current reasons for a very good grade of freedom.

It is easy, however, to carry a evidence as well far. It is not fascinating which children, in avoiding a vices of a slave, should take those of a aristocrat. Consideration for others, not usually in good matters, nonetheless also in tiny everyday things, is an required element in civilization, though which amicable reason up would be intolerable. you am not meditative of tin! y forms of politeness, such as observant please as well as appreciate you: grave manners have been many fully developed between barbarians, as well as lessen with each advance in culture.

I am meditative rather of willingness to take a fair share of required work, to be obliging in tiny ways which save difficulty upon a balance. Sanity itself is a form of consideration as well as it is not fascinating to give a kid a clarity of omnipotence, or a idea which adults exist usually to minister to a pleasures of a young. And those who debate of a existence of a resting rich have been frequency consistent if they move up their immature kids though any clarity which work is necessary, as well as though a day to day t! shawl have successive duplicate possible.

There is another consideration to which a small advocates of leisure insert as well tiny importance. In a village of immature kids which is left though adult division there is a restraint of a stronger, which is expected to be distant some-more brutal than many adult tyranny. If dual immature kids of dual or 3 years aged have been left to play together, they will, after a couple of fights, find which is bound to be a victor, as well as a alternative will afterwards turn a slave.

Where a number of immature kids is larger, one or dual take finish mastery, as well as a others have distant less autocracy than they would have if a adults interfered to protect a weaker as well as less pugnacious. Consideration for others does not, with many children, movement spontaneously, nonetheless has to be taught, as well as can frequency be taught solely by a practice of authority. This is maybe a many critical evidence against a abdication of a adults.

I do not consider which educators have nonetheless solved a complaint of mixing a fascinating forms of leisure with a required smallest of dignified training. The right solution, it contingency be admitted, is mostly done unfit by relatives prior to a kid is brought to an cordial school. only as psychoanal! ysts, fr om their clinical experience, interpretation which you have been all mad, so a authorities in complicated schools, from their contact with pupils whose relatives have done them unmanageable, have been expected to interpretation which all immature kids have been formidable as well as all relatives utterly foolish.

Children who have been driven wild by parental restraint (which mostly takes a form of solicitous affection) might require a longer or shorter duration of finish autocracy prior to they can perspective any adult though suspicion. But immature kids who have been realistically handled during home can bear to be checked in teenager ways, so long as they feel which they have been being helped in a ways which they themselves regard as important. Adults who similar to children, as well as have been not reduced to a condition of nervous exhaustion by their company, can achieve a ! good de al in a approach of fortify though ceasing to be regarded with accessible feelings by their pupils.

I consider complicated tutorial theorists have been prone to insert as well many significance to a negative virtue of not interfering with children, as well as as well tiny to a sure consequence of enjoying their company. If you have a arrange of fondness for immature kids which many people have for horses or dogs, they will be apt to reply to your suggestions, as well as to accept prohibitions, maybe with a small jovial grumbling, nonetheless though resentment.

It is no have make use of of to have a arrange of fondness which consists in per them as a margin for valuable amicable endeavour, or what amounts to a same thingas an opening for power-impulses. No kid will be grateful for an seductiveness in him which springs from a suspicion which he will have a opinion to be secured for your celebration or a body to be sacrificed to aristocrat as well as country. The fascinating arrange of seductiveness is which which consists in extemporaneous wish in a participation of children, though any ulterior purpo! se. Teac hers who have this peculiarity will seldom need to interfere with childrens freedom, nonetheless will be means to do so, when necessary, though causing mental damage.

Unfortunately, it is utterly unfit for over-worked teachers to safety an instinctive fondness for children; they have been bound to come to feel towards them as a proverbial confectioners neophyte does towards macaroons.

I do not consider which preparation ought to be anyones whole profession: it should be undertaken for during many dual hours a day by people whose remaining hours have been outlayed away from children. The multitude of a immature is fatiguing, especially when despotic fortify is avoided. Fatigue, in a end, produces irritation, which is expected to express itself somehow, whatever theories a harassed clergyman might have taught himself or herself to believe.

The required friendship cannot be preserved by self-control alone. But where it exists, it should be nonessential to have manners in advance as to how na! ughty ch ildren have been to be treated, given incentive is expected to lead to a right decision, as well as roughly any preference will be right if a kid feels which you similar to him. No rules, however wise, have been a surrogate for love as well as tact.

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MAS, AirAsia and the Dealmaker

The issue is this. MAS is a nationally owned asset. Any changes as to a inlet of it tenure contingency be finished with all a indicators which a changes were finished in a really pure manner. Otherwise, it shows a government doesnt know how to manage as well as hoop resources belonging to a country. Otherwise it additionally goes to show, those people you certitude to hoop public item can do whatever they wish yet giving correct as well as due consideration to non-commercial objectives. Its a public item not a in isolation one.

So, you wish AA to transfer his managing talent to MAS. You wish to subject MAS to a TF touch, cadence or fondling or whatever. Or you actually wish to put MAS underneath a blade of Surgeon General, TF. We have had SG in a persons of Tajudin Ramli, MOhd Noor YUsof a man credited with implementing a slash as well as bake pursuit during MAS a initial time around as well as right divided behind with MAS a second time around( apa, initial time wasnt good sufficient eh?, beforehand ejaculation ka? ), Jala, T Azmil. All didnt do justice with their appointments.

Yes, yet nothing have a savvy as well as skills similar to dear TF. We wish those special skills as well as because you wish that, no, you contingency have them, you have to pay. So, because do it by share barter NOW? Ask him to do a pursuit initial as well as reward him later. Otherwise people will ask how come you give Jala as well as Tengku Azmil MAS shares AFTER they do a little pursuit not BEFORE. Why with TF, you have been giving him BEFORE? Where have been a formula of his government upon MAS? He hasnt finished anything yet.

So, it raises a suspicions which you people in Khazanah, TF as well as people from CIMB behaving as a common confidant (which is dubious in itself), crowd up together in a li! ttle wat ering hole somewhere, as well as pakat pakat lets do a sting.
But afterwards you remember, this has always been a modus operandi of a go! vernment . Perimekar for example, a notorious use provider, was paid over RM 500 million for await services. They were paid BEFORE completing their await services.

Another thing; Now, you never said, a sole role of Khazanah is to oversee a doing of policies bearing ONLY bumi interests. you did say however, chief among a amicable as well as political adjustment policies have been those connected with wealth adjustments for Bumiputeras. Meaning a income KHazanah has, can be put to several uses as well as not ONLY one. If a single reader right divided wishes to brawl which observation, by patronizingly insisting which Khazanah carries out race blind policies, insisting which a application of Khazanah income is for ALL, indignant during me for pointing out a little tie with pro bumi policies, which is his liberty. It goes to uncover which reader is willing to dismiss a amicable as well as political realities as well as caring usually about winning upon paper arguments. But dont be concerned man- yours is a standard response from a repelled officious person, discovering people underneath your care, can actually speak as well as write back! Me forgive you, master!

So that, being a collectively owned asset, placed underneath certitude during Khazanah, all a correct caring contingency be taken to avoid a doing as being giveaway from manipulations or even impropriety. In this case, a remarkable proclamation with a usual cloak as well as cutting edge prior teasers, does lift so many concerns; usually weeks ago TF was announcing to a universe hes moving AA bureau to Jakarta, afterwards a few days later, came a proclamation of a share swap. What is a purpose?

The purpose, a genuine a single you have been told is to speak up a little entrepreneurialism in to a government of MAS. Rig! ht now, a advisers as well as a largest shareholder see no a single other than TF of Air Asia. MAS contingency be saved even if it will eventually lead to a execution of which rising aspirant to AA- firefly.
Where is a sense of pride of a government people to uncover it can contest on! commerc ial conditions with AA such as empowering as well as supporting as well as allowing Firefly for e.g. to operate underneath a same as well as identical system of administration by which AA was since or demanded for? Find a estimable competition of TF as well as let him build up Firefly as well as have AA run for a money.

The understanding offers (at a moment), no value to minority shareholders. Khazanah being largest shareholders of both MAS as well as Tune Air is flexing a muscle disregarding a smaller holders. In sure countries this is deemed illegal due to anti-trust laws; yet a all abandoned here in a name of creation tolerable profits for Khazanah.
What does a understanding look like? It looks similar to a understanding for Khazanah to fund TF to buy MASs interest with his 26.5% interest in TA, with which he is right divided leveraging to buy up to 20% interest in MAS. So shares in a sendirian berhad can right divided be accepted as a leveraging tool. Only Khazanah can have which happen. If a collateral injection which MAS wants, where is a money?

Remember Tajudin Ramli? Having TF to run MAS is similar to Tajudin Ramli Part 2. The categorical character has altered though. Tajudin Ramli, single handedly broken MAS. So what declaration which such story will not repeat by itself.
Now, a single wonders, because would a single barter share of a essential company with a detriment creation entity? So TF contingency be meditative which he has a sorcery wand which can transform MAS overnight. AA is operating with huge debt, with 210.6 times over a equity. Its liabilities stood 71 times opposite a assets, interjection to all a deferr! ed payme nts it accrued such as overdue to MAB. Would TF be leveraging AAs huge debt of RM6.6 bil in to MAS later? If which happen, afterwards it is magic!

Further AA has committed itself to about RM55 bil from all a aircraft ordered. Such a huge monetary weight over a subsequent 10 to 15 years would place extreme vigour to achieve larger number to a bottom line. So this share barter afterwards could be usually a intrigue to lessen a situation, i.e! . sharin g of weight with MAS. After all a Government would not let MAS die during whatever costs. TF is hedging AAs destiny already with our property.
This total thought to streamline a commercial operation stinks; MAS upon reward marketplace as well as AA upon low price flight. But a understanding is usually great for AA it is a raw understanding for MAS.
Should MAS from right divided upon focus upon a reward segment, it would be doing so in a, timorous pie. The low price conduit marketplace is a a single where a expansion is significant as well as any restrictions or disbanding of Firefly could meant a detriment of current as well as destiny income to MAS. Further MAS would no longer able to offer Everyday low price" campaign as this would directly contest with AA. TF done a large bitch about this make a difference when it was launched a little time ago.

Further this plan would be opposite a universe trend. Most vital airlines own a low price operation simply because it is a expansion segment. Here, a Khazanah Mafia as well as a common adviser have been advocating MAS chuck divided a probable crow which lays golden eggs. Chilaka!
Where have been a categorical problems with MAS? Looking as a data, MAS problem lies in a COGS. With over RM12.0 bil in revenue, COGS stood during RM13.2 bil, this is not a brand new problem nor unique in a airline industry, certainly not to MAS. With alleviation in ASK, improving fuel price as well as brand new fleets (less dependent upon aircraft leasing) MA! S is poi sed to a greener pasture. MAS has gifted this before.
Further in this regard, TF would substantially not be a best guy. MAS should sense from other large conduit such as Singapore Airline, KLM, as well as Emirates

Are you incapacitating MAS? Perhaps, MAS being competitive as well as behind upon recovery lane would post a deleterious threat to AA especially in a made at home marketplace where Fire Fly operates from both Skypark (Subang) as well as KLIA. This could be a motivation for TF to be in MAS so as to carry out a growth. We all know over a year how TF has played MAS, initial with a Sabah & Sarawak routes! , afterwards t he Singapore routes. This could be an additional game which could eventually check partner MAS
Of march during a impulse MAS change piece is shitty. Beside price alleviation which is clearly a effort by a accountant led MAS boss, there have been impending resources in MAS which have been experiencing enlivening expansion such as MAS engineering which is amongst a best as well as competitive aircraft upkeep outfit. And it IS creation money. Firefly as well is inside of this bracket. With all a monetary wizards as well as brilliant accountants in MAS, surely they can come out with a leveraging blueprint. Of march Khazanah as well as CIMB have to be in it. Count me in, count me in!

Now, you have a last misgiving. With due respects to CIMB, how come CIMB is a adviser for both? Its unethical? Bank of America owns Merril Lynch. Yet it does a ethical as well as correct thing not to designate Merril Lynch as a advisors.
CIMB has a blotted lane jot down as advisor. Remember Synergy Drive? No more drive? (Now behind to Sime Darby) = detriment creation never prior to gifted by Malaysian corporate. What was a recommendation since to Telekom Malaysia by CIMB? The recommendation was opposite a universe direction (most telcos merge/take over cellular entities). But a recommendation was to have TM par! t compan y of a income creation machine in a form of a mobile businesses to Axiata. What happened to TM? It has never recovered financially. Indeed a right divided saddled with RM700 money division yearly.

MAS? Throw out which Firefly pest. Its bothering a ears.

Posted by sakmongkol AK47

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All govt offices to keep air-cond temperature at 24C from now

All govt offices to keep air-cond heat at 24C from now

PUTRAJAYA - All government offices have been systematic to set their air-conditioner heat no revoke than 24 degrees Celsius to give inlet a helping hand as well as to cut physical phenomenon bills.

The brand new law is expected to be implemented immediately although a circular upon a make a difference will only be issued by a bureau of a Chief Secretary to a Government later this month.

Energy, Green Technology as well as Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chinsaid a order would be lengthened to a in isolation zone by 2013.

He pronounced a brand new Bill upon appetite conservation was being drafted to compel a in isolation zone to follow suit.

It will be tabled in Parliament soon as well as you have been seeking at 2013 as a doing date for a in isolation sector.

For now, a secretaries-general of all a ministries who have been also a officers-in-charge of a buildings underneath their ministries contingency ensure which a air-conditioner heat is set at 24 degrees Celsius as well as above unless underneath special circumstances, he told a press discussion after attending a Green Technology as well as Climate Change Council assembly chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

It was also attended by Natural Resources as well as Environment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas.

Chin pronounced certain places similar to a ICUs as well as operation theatres in hospitals were, however, exempted from a ruling.

He pronounced a assembly concluded which 24 degrees Celsius was a gentle heat for Malaysian climate.

It is neither as well cold nor as well hot. In a little co! untries, similar to China, they have been required to set their (air-conditioner) temperatures at twenty-six d! egrees C elsius which is as well prohibited (for Malaysia).

So gone have been a days when a ladies have to bring their shawls to a office, he said, referring to a usual stage in most government offices where women staff covered their top bodies with shawls due to a cold temperature.

Chin explained which for every degree forsaken in air-conditioning temperature, a power usage would enlarge by in between 4% as well as 7%.

He was unable to yield exact estimates upon how much a Government could save with a move.

However, he pronounced a ministry's Malaysia Green Technology Corporation office building in Bangi which had already imposed a condition saved an estimated RM600,000 to RM700,000 annually upon a appetite bills.

Offices in Putrajaya outlay in between RM30,000 as well as RM80,000 a month upon physical phenomenon as well as about 40% of it is for air-conditioning, he said.

He combined which a assembly also concluded which all bulbs in government buildings which need to be altered contingency be transposed with energy-efficient CFL bulbs or LEDs.

On Malaysia's joining to revoke CO emission power by 40% in 2020, Chin pronounced a country has upheld a median mark.

To date, you have reduced power by 29.7 million metric tonnes as well as to meet a 40% target, you need to revoke it by 40 million metric tonnes, he said.

- The Star

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Guan Eng risau krisis dalam DAP kepada PRU13

Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng menyuarakan beberapa keresahan dalam berhadapan dengan pilihanraya umum ketika merasmilam Program Melatih Para Pelatih anjuran Jabatan Pendidikan Politik DAP pada Ogos 7hb, 2011 baru-baru ini.

Dalam ucapannya, Guan Eng merasakan krisis dalaman DAP yang melibatkan isu rasuah seperti yang terdedah dari kes Teoh Beng Hock dan perseteruan puak-puak dalam DAP

Unhappy about customer service? Heres a site for you

The missus, after authoring the book upon her father, the late as well as great Sukyatno Nugroho, has moved upon as well as the single of the things shes got up to which Unspun thinks is the great thought is the blog upon patron service.

Customer use is the single of the few things in hold up which combine us all. Often it is bad patron use which we have been exposed to. Especially in Indonesia where owners of restaurants can happily dash ostentatiously upon decor, even the chef but spoil it all with waiters as well as waitresses which have we tear your hair out as well as spoil the total experience. Or have your shopping knowledge ruined by the shop partner which cant seem to care the drifting duck either we buy the shops stuff or not.

Well, theres right away somewhere we can review of such experiences as well as find the lighting rod for your frustrations. Its during Felicia Nugroho: Decoding Customer Service.

Now theres the channel to get back during those who inflict bad use upon us as well as prerogative the few who do it well as well as give us extreme pleasure, all the more because of the scarcity o great patron service.

Heres the ultimate posting:

Cheerfulness the criteria to recruit, promote andsurvive

The greatest issue confronting the patron use industry is tall employees turnover. Lack of motivation, low level of job commitment as well as attitude towards the job itself, have been the means of tall staff turnover. Very mostly staff perspective their job as its usually the job or the stepping mill until they find the improved the single or unglamorous or even hopeless.

However, they have been not wholly obliged for carrying such low expectancy of the job. Businesses play the major role in creating the operative environment which ! is gainf ul to happy as well as highly motivated staff, instead of usually focusing upon reaching sales aim as well as bottomline. After all, carrying happy as well as motivated ! staff wo rking in your commercial operation interpret to more happy customers, hence higher sales. Its the win-win.

So how do we create the operative environment where staff have been happy to work in?

Lets take the demeanour how Pret the Manger does it.

Read more

Heres the single upon the grill in jakarta:



So, what constitutes the great patron service, really?

In the context of the restaurant, which would be:

  • good food tastes usually right upon your tastebuds
  • nice ambiance comfortable as well as clean with pleasing dcor, with great music personification in the background
  • pleasant as well as beneficial staff accessible as well as welcoming, regularly there ready to assist when we need them but standing over your shoulder, knowledgable about the products, can answer your questions as well as even more, can give we recommendations
  • good cost this what determines either or not the product or the use is of the great value

When we live in the locale where each corner is packaged with eating places; large or small, to fit the wide operation of budget, to fit opposite tastes . But nonetheless it is regularly the hit-and-miss knowledge when it comes to finding the great place to eat ie. the grill which constitutes all of the on top of elements.

So when my husband as well as we wen! t toBlue Elephantfor the initial time the week ago, we were agreeably surprised.

Read more

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MAS, AirAsia and the Dealmaker

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London riots: Parents of injured M'sian student to fly to UK - star.com.my

Umno report chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan pronounced a party was sponsoring a trip for Mohd Asyraf Raziq Rosli's relatives as well as his younger brother. "The London Umno Club will encounter them during a airfield as well as take care of them during their stay there," he pronounced ...


Aku diberitahu, ini gambar penganjur majlis memurtadkan umat Islam di Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama 3 Ramadhan lalu ketika pemeriksaan dilakukan oleh JAIS dengan bantuan anggota polis. Perempuan ini memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai NADEANE kepada penguatkuasa JAIS dan polis tetapi kad pengenalannya pula tertera nama SOPHIA BTE MOHD SALLEH dengan nombor kad pengenalannya adalah 790317-01-6XX4.

Alternative to the US Dollar?

August 12, 2011

Alternative to a US Dollar?

There was no picturesque alternative, we concluded, to a destiny in which a heading inhabitant currencies, a dollar as well as a euro, still dominated general transactionsBut if governments as well as executive banks have been critical about identifying alternatives to a dollar as well as a euro, right away is a time to begin as well as GDP-linked holds have been a place to look.Eichengreen

by Barry Eichengreen

BERKELEY For some-more than a half-century, a US dollar has been not usually Americas currency, yet a worlds as well. It has been a widespread territory used in cross-border sell as well as a principal item hold as pot by executive banks as well as governments.

But, already prior to a new debt-ceiling imbroglio, a dollar had begun to lose a luster. Its share in a identified foreign-exchange pot of executive banks, for example, had fallen to only over 60%, from 70% a decade ago.

The explanation is simple: a United States no longer dominates a universe manage to buy to a border which it did in a past. It makes sense which a general monetary complement should follow a tellurian manage to buy in becoming some-more multipolar. Just as a US right away has to share a universe stage with alternative economies, a dollar will have to make room for alternative general currencies.

In my new book Exorbitant Privilege: The Rise as well as Fall of a Dollar, we described a destiny in which a dollar as well as a euro would be a widespread tellurian currencies. And, peering 10 as well as some-more years down a road, we anticipated a potential general purpose for a Chinese renminbi.

I ruled out a purpose fo! r Specia l Drawing Rights (SDRs), a accounting territory released by a Int! ernation al Monetary Fund. One might consider which a SDR, as a basket of 4 currencies, might be tasteful to executive banks as well as governments looking to hedge their bets. But a routine for arising SDRs is cumbersome, as well as there have been no private markets in which they can be traded.

There was no picturesque alternative, we concluded, to a destiny in which a heading inhabitant currencies, a dollar as well as a euro, still dominated general transactions.

Whats opposite right away is which a pox has been cast upon both houses. The US debt-ceiling fiasco has lifted doubts in a minds of executive bankers about a advisability of land dollars, whilst Europes failure to resolve a sovereign-debt predicament continues to fuel doubt which a euro can survive. Once upon a time (less than a year ago), it was probable to imagine international-reserve portfolios dominated by a dollar as well as euro; today, concerned executive bankers have been desperate for alternatives to both ill currencies.

The complaint is which they have nowhere to turn. The bullion marketplace is small as well as volatile. Chinese holds remain unavailable. Second-tier currencies, similar to a Swiss franc, a Canadian dollar, as well as a Australian dollar, have been usually a somewhat larger midget when combined.

With executive banks looking an pick to dollars as well as euros, isnt right away a undiluted time to enhance a purpose of SDRs? Why not emanate more? Why not develop markets in which they can be traded? Isnt this a once-in-a-lifetime event to move away from a universe where a US Federal Reserve as well as a European Central Bank hold a supply of general liquidity in thrall?

The answer, unfortunately, is no. This most has not changed in a final year: the SDR still is not an tasteful choice for executive banks disenchanted w! ith a do llar as well as a euro. The reason is viewable upon a moments reflection: a total share of a dollar as well as euro approaches 80% of a basket of curren! cies tha t contain a SDR.

Expanding a basket to embody emerging-market currencies would help, yet usually a little, because a US as well as Europe still account for half of a universe manage to buy as well as some-more than half of a liquid monetary markets. The SDR would suggest small insurance if a dollar as well as euro lost worth over time.

A improved idea is to begin work right away upon formulating a some-more tasteful tellurian reserve asset. The preferred instrument would be a global-GDP-linked bond, a earnings upon which would change with tellurian expansion rates, only as earnings upon a GDP warrants released by a governments of Costa Rica as well as Argentina, for example, change with their inhabitant expansion rates.

This would enable executive banks to hold instruments which behave similar to a widely diversified tellurian equity portfolio. They would be compensated for acceleration as well as currency debasement in a US as well as Europe, since a payout would rely upon these economies nominal, not real, GDP. The IMF could use a bond-issuing power to purchase GDP-indexed holds from inhabitant governments, thereby on condition which a new tellurian reserve assets with subsidy as well as interest-generating capacity, whilst formulating an incentive for governments to emanate them.

The Yale University economist Robert Shiller has long argued which inhabitant governments should emanate GDP-linked holds as a safer approach to borrow, yet credible them has been difficult. Persuading them to support issuance by a IMF of a global-GDP-indexed down payment would be even harder. But if governments as well as executive banks have been critical about identifying alternatives to a dollar as well as a euro, right away is a ! time to begin as well as GDP-linked holds have been a place to look.

Barry Eichengreen is Professor of Economics as well as Political Science during a University of California, Berkeley.

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2011.
www.project-syndicate.org (2011-08-11)

Book Review: Exorbitant Privilege


by Dirk Ehnts (March 29, 2011)

The latest book by Barry Eichengreen, Exorbitant Privilege, deals with a climb as well as tumble of a dollar, as a subtitle helpfully adds. we must confess which we am not most bothered by a status of a currency as a worlds reserve currency.

Yes, if alternative nations keep part of their resources in U.S.-dollars (cash, not alternative assets) this amounts to an interest-free loan, as well as yes, we can import roughly as most as we like. However, whilst a value of a initial fun actuality is small economically, a second fun actuality can lead to huge problems, as a U.S. monetary predicament 2007-09 has shown. Its not so most a total volume of debt which matters as a quality of which debt.

Barry Eichengreen does an glorious job by starting by story territory by territory from a beginnings of a dollar to a time of dominance (post-WWII), as well as a subsequent climb of a euro (and prior to that, a ECU) as well as a Chinese yuan.

In a final chapter, he spells out scenarios for a probable crash of a dollar. Among them have been a use of monetary weapons by China, out-of-control bill deficits, as well as animal intoxicating beverage formulating a panic. A really engaging story about a monetary side of a Suez crisis is told under a title East of Eden (p. 154), about a US bullying a UK to repel a infantry from a Suez canal.

In a final section, Eichengreen argues which a decline in a dollar will lead to some-more exports, which is a customary evidence from economics about general adjustment. However, which idea is from an preferred giveaway trade universe in which there! is neit her currency manipulation (China) nor suppressed salary expansion with a goal of maximizing exports (Germany). It remains to be seen either we stay in a mercantilist universe of reserve accumulation as well as salary suppression, where this proof does not automatically apply. If so, adjustment may come from a domestic side, as Argentina as well as alternative countries with tall income lack of harmony have shown in a past. After all, Barry Eichengreen diagnoses a complaint of income lack of harmony in a credentials of a crisis.

It would positively have enriched a book to demeanour during a climb in U.S. inequality, a drivers as well as a consequences. Countries infrequently cannot compromise their distributional problems since a little set of institutions, as well as a routine of redistribution then takes a form of macroeconomic troubles, similar to tall inflation, tall interest rates as well as credit rationing, a tumble in a sell rate as well as capital flight. Some of these issues have been referred to by Eichengreen, who points during rising bill deficits as well as a inability of part of a U.S. domestic investiture to commend a reality.

After all, mercantile expansion is what Eichengreen recommends for a U.S. to keep a in front of as a tellurian superpower. If which can be achieved, monetary problems will begin to tumble away. However, it is not so transparent how mercantile expansion can be brought about. A relations debasement of a dollar is, once again, really expected to be a main ingredient, though.

Like this:

Be a initial to similar to this post.

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Bersih 2.0 impian Pakatan Rakyat

Kalau tidak dihalang polis, perarakan atau perhimpunan mudah boleh membakar hingga jadi berikut:

Gambar-gambar dari Pisau.net

Beginilah rupa Bersih 2.0 yang diimpikan Pakatan Rakyat, khususnya DAP yang mahu kehancuran sedemikian dalam usaha mereka dan kini masih berusaha cuba membakar sentimen perkauman dikalngan kaum Cina di atas kematian Teoh Beng Hock.

Nasib baik ia tidak

Now you see it, now you don't

Just after several NGOs unprotected some irregularities in a electoral list, a Election Commission (EC) was so quick as well as fit in having all those records erased from a electoral list as well as on a next day, a EC officials came out to a press denying which such irregularities never even exist as well as which of those NGOs' claims were baseless.

Well, we unequivocally hope which those NGOs who unprotected these electoral irregularities did imitation out all those wonders as well as keep them in their record as a record.

We wish to remind a EC as well as a officials, there's no indicate for we to repudiate whatever irregularities which had existed in a electoral list which we are ostensible to be responsible of maintaining as well as housekeeping it.

Are we telling us which we are so purify as well as efficient? If yes, because all these exist in a initial place? Why did Bersih 2.0 exist then? Why did a people rallied to await Bersih 2.0 then? We had nothing to do? We all have an important objective, which is to ensure which EC comes out purify as well as transparent.

In order to regain a trust from a people, EC contingency initial annul postal voting system, concede a abroad Malaysians to opinion via a embassies worldwide, exercise a use of indelible ink, concede a total of twenty-one days campaigning in general elections, free as well as fair access to medias, stop corruptions as well as opinion shopping as well as eliminate dirty politics which are undermining antithesis leaders.

The complaint is, will EC means to give a people all these? Certainly not. Unless a brand new government take a bureau as well as have a complete structu! re of a EC revamped as well as put it under a approach jurisdiction of a council instead of a budding minister's dep! artment.

Only afterwards will a people lapse their trusts to a EC. It's okay, we are very patient but do not think which we will forever. We have a limits too!
By Viktor Wong

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Is Malaysia Airports for sale?

Now which Fernandes got 20.5% of Malaysia Airlines for roughly a song as well as shortly to call a shots, one wonders what his subsequent prey would be?

Would he wish to control Malaysia Airports?

That tender would not be too distant fetched. In a make a difference of fact, it would be really most up his avenue. After having a really successful low price carrier as well as two days ago inked a share barter understanding which got him a controls of a most indispensable Tier-5 airline, controlling airports would synergise a total Tune Group business-turned-empire. Especially he already tried to use Sime Darby as well as set up a dedicated low price carrier airfield somewhere near Labu.

That failed.

And he did not stop there. He was pronounced to try his fitness using Perak Menteri Besar Dato Seri Dr Zambry A Kadir. Parit Buntar is a most commercially viable mark for a dedicated LCCT airfield for a North.

Malaysia Airports is a really great house to go after. They manage 39 airports in a country as well as 4 others abroad. The annual turnover is RM 1.1 billion where increase have been available at RM 266 million. The most prized ite! m of Mal aysia Airports is a new KLIA II LCCT, which would be completed! end of subsequent year. Currently, KLIA (with present LCCT) is handling 34 million passengers with 244,000 aircraft movements annually. In five years time, it would be raised to 50% more, where KLIA II would be awaiting thirty million travelers by a dedicated LCCT depot complex. Thus, it would be best to go for a kill in a soonest opportunity arises.

For a record, AirAsia have been overdue Malaysia Airports a lot of dues. In 2008, afterwards Minister of Transport reported to ParliamentAirAsia owed RM 110 million. As of earlier this year, AirAsia is still overdue RM 103 million. That is roughly 10% of Malaysia Airports annual turnover.

Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid

Of course, Managing Director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid would be indispensable to be absolved off first. Just similar to Tengku Azmil. He was shown a doorway a hour they inked a share barter deal. Bashir would be in a approach of Fernandes, who would wish to call a shots.

Now, wouldnt all these be realistic? Probably. Lets see what will transpire soon. Or may be earlier than some would never imagine. We have been willing to bet which your theory is as great as ours; CIMB would probably be a deal-maker again for this.

*Updated Friday 12 August 2011 0030hrs


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Beginning Sep 22, Opposition personality Anwar Ibrahim's stay circulated dual streams of rumor in what - in a deficiency of some-more report - appears to be a continuation of mental crusade opposite UMNO as well as a National Front (BN) government. On Sep 22, Anwar confidant Khalid Jaafar whispered to us during a reception during a Ambassador's Residence which Anwar would encounter a King upon Sep twenty-three to discuss a parliamentary infancy which Anwar alleges he right away has as well as a arrangement of a brand brand new government.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

C O N F you D E N T you A L SECTION 01 OF 02 KUALA LUMPUR 000847



E.O. 12958: DECL: 09/19/2028







Classified By: Political Section Chief Mark D. Clark, reason 1.4 (b as well as d).

Summary as well as Comment

1. (C) Embattled Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi claimed await from state-level officials of his statute United Malays National Organization (UMNO) for his re-nomination as celebration president, in an bid to bounce back after a little inhabitant UMNO leaders upon Sep eighteen urged a PM not to competition in a Dec celebration poll. Subsequently, Abdullah again affirmed his joining to seek reelection! togethe r with Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, whilst other sen! ior UMNO leaders reiterated calls for Abdullah to step down.

On Sep 22, Anwar's stay widespread headlines which a Opposition personality would encounter a King a following day; you have no report to suggest such a assembly took place. PM Abdullah pronounced reports which he was in indirect talks with Opposition personality Anwar Ibrahim over a send of energy were "rubbish;" Anwar also issued a public rejection as well as advocated caution.

2. (C) Comment: Rapidly coming a Muslim holiday duration beginning Oct 1-2, as well as a Oct 9 begin of a party's divisional meetings, a UMNO care predicament remains critical as well as unresolved. Reports of Anwar Ibrahim assembly a King or opening up a third-party channel to come to terms with PM Abdullah do not crop up credible.

Anwar's many recent pronouncements receptive to advice a cautious tone as well as equivocate environment deadlines for bringing down Abdullah's government, as well as it is misleading how far Anwar Ibrahim can push his agenda before a finish of September. End Summary as well as Comment.

Abdullah Claims State-Level Backing

3. (SBU) PM Abdullah trafficked to Perak as well as Kelantan states as well as hold meetings with a little UMNO state-level leaders over a Sep 20-21 weekend in an try to regroup await for his re-nomination as UMNO boss following his setback in a exhilarated UMNO Supreme Council assembly upon Sep 18.

(Note: Some prominent UMNO inhabitant leaders during a Sep eighteen assembly reportedly warned Abdullah he would not get enough nominations from a UMNO celebration groups as well as urged him not to seek reelection in a Dec celebration polls, ref A. End Note.)

On Sep 23, Abdullah hold a late night assembly with a UMNO relationship chiefs from 9 states, with Johor, Sabah as well as Teraengganu not represented (! along wi th Sarawak, which does not have an UMNO branch).

Following a meeting, a senior aide to Abdullah told reporters which a Prime Minister! had rec eived a clever endorsement of a party's state chiefs for his passing from one to another plan, which involves PM Abdullah as well as DPM Najib's reelection in December, as well as send of energy from Abdullah to Najib by June 2010. Other UMNO participants in a assembly remarkable a "unanimous" preference in favor of a 2010 passing from one to another plan.

4. (C) Comment: By going to a state level, as well as reporting clever endorsement from state leaders, Abdullah sought to counter criticism from inhabitant leaders which he would not receive enough backing for his reelection. State relationship chiefs have been allocated by a celebration boss -- Abdullah -- as well as to illustrate largely beholden to him, but they also practice important political energy between their particular state's celebration divisions. End Comment.

5. (SBU) After superfluous awkwardly quiet upon Sep 19, a Prime Minister's spin machine handling through a mainstream media as well as a little on-line headlines portals, like The Malaysian Insider, started up again upon Sep 20.

Reporting from supervision sources as well as associated commentary validated which Abdullah was relocating ahead with a joint sheet with Najib, as well as which a passing from one to another devise remained upon lane as well as was not likely to be derailed.

Open UMNO Split Continues

6. (SBU) As Abdullah validated his passing from one to another devise as well as goal to seek reelection, senior UMNO leaders Muhyiddin Yassin as well as Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah adamantly stuck to their positions which Abdullah should step down by December. On Sep 23, Razaleigh issued a extensive defamation of UMNO's undemocratic energy governing body as well as a party's disaster to reform: "We cannot afford to concede these unfort! unate tr ends to play out their mortal march whilst you suffer a de facto care vacuum..." (full content forwarded to EAP/MTS).

DPM Najib, who departs a dusk of Sep twenty-four for a UN General Assembly, largely avoided comment, stuff oneself local perceptions which he is attempting to keep a little room op! en to re ceive celebration nominations for president, possibly with Muhyiddin as his number two.

Former Prime Minister Mahathir continued his attacks opposite Abdullah, as well as heaped censure upon Najib for facilitating Abdullah's continuation in office.

Opposition Rumors; Anwar's Caution

7. (C) Beginning Sep 22, Opposition personality Anwar Ibrahim's stay circulated dual streams of rumor in what - in a deficiency of some-more report - appears to be a continuation of mental crusade opposite UMNO as well as a National Front (BN) government. On Sep 22, Anwar confidant Khalid Jaafar whispered to us during a reception during a Ambassador's Residence which Anwar would encounter a King upon Sep twenty-three to discuss a parliamentary infancy which Anwar alleges he right away has as well as a arrangement of a brand brand new government.

Other rumors of Anwar assembly with a King as well as other Royals persist in Kuala Lumpur.

8. (C) On Sep 23, Tian Chua, Anwar's report chief, publicly voiced which a Opposition had opened negotiations with Prime Minister Abdullah through a third-party channel. PM Abdullah rught away dismissed this claim, calling it "rubbish."

Anwar later issued a statement referring to Tian Chua's remarks as "misinformed." Avoiding environment any brand brand new deadlines for toppling a government, Anwar in his statement said, "We will proceed cautiously towards our goals as well as you agree conjunction to be annoyed in to reckless action nor to take an irresponsible approach which would lead to instability as well as larger uncertainty in a country."

(Comment: Earlier upon Sep 23, a GOM confirmed! dual ye ars detention but hearing underneath a Internal Security Act for controversial blogger Raja Petra, septel. Opposition leaders go on to discuss it us which they seek to equivocate creating a pretext for a supervision to detain them underneath a ISA. End Comment.)


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Mufti S'ngor pernah tegur Khalid sebagai "bukan faham ugama"

Mufti Besar Selangor, Dato Mohamad Tamyes bin Abdul Wahid pula memberikan tamparan hebat kepada MB dan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor.

Beliau mengulas tentang soal perlaksanaan undang-undang Seksyen 18(2) yang melarang umat Islam bekerja di premis-premis arak dan dikuatkuasakan oleh Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya.

Dengan terus terang, Mufti Selangor bersuara meskipun terpaksa berhadapan

Malaysia: Disputing Elections

August 11, 2011


Malaysia: Disputing Elections

Author: John Funston, ANU

On 9 Jul around 50,000 Malaysians marched peacefully in await of giveaway elections, defying the supervision breach as well as large military effort.

Police in the future diluted demonstrators with H2O cannons as well as tear gas as well as arrested nearly 1,700. Several were harmed (including the antithesis leader, Anwar Ibrahim) as well as the single died from injury. Harrowing scenes were shown upon headlines broadcasts around the world, as well as uploaded to numerous local websites.

Why did this fight come about? After all, in new months Prime Minister Najib Razak has crossed the globe offered Malaysias credentials as the approved as well as assuage state. Central to his message has been the avowal which elections in Malaysia have been giveaway as well as satisfactory proven, he says, by the oppositions large gains in the last national elections.

It is true which in 2008 the antithesis won energy in five states as well as cut the governments national infancy to reduction than the customary dual thirds, preventing it from becoming different the constitution during will. The so-called electoral tsunami forced Prime Minister Abdullah to relinquish energy the single year later.

But this eventuality is frequency explanation which elections have been giveaway as well as fair. The antithesis countered which if they had been satisfactory the supervision would have lost their infancy altogether. Analy! sts have prolonged concluded which with supervision carry out of the three Ms money, media as well as machinery (meaning the bureaucracy) the odds will always ! be smoke-stack ed opposite the opposition.

The arrangement of The Coalition for Clean as well as Fair Elections, or Bersih (clean) in 2006 was an attempt by antithesis parties as well as polite rights NGOs to vigour the supervision in to electoral reform. On 10 November 2007 Bersih hold pacific demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur in await of this cause. Around 50,000 took partial the large audience considering which military had spoken the demonstration bootleg as well as made each effort to prevent it. This success has been widely credited with contributing to antithesis gains in the 2008 elections.

After retreating in to the credentials Bersih was re-launched in Sep 2010 as an entirely non-governmental organisation. Bersih 2.0 is chaired by the respected former President of the Malaysian Bar Council as well as comparison putting in service lawyer, Ambiga Sreenavasan. Its multi-racial twelve-member steering cabinet includes the far-reaching cranky territory of leaders from the legal fraternity, human rights groups as well as Islamic organisations.

When Bersih 2.0 voiced plans for the second vital demonstration upon 9 Jul it listed 8 specific objectives: Clean the electoral roll, remodel the postal vote, make use of indelible ink, rise giveaway as well as satisfactory entrance to media, institute the smallest twenty-one days debate period, make firm open institutions, finish corruption as well as finish unwashed politics.

The objectives focus upon evident electoral reform, as well as the role played by the Elections Commission (EC). Although in theory the EC is an eccentric estab! lishment with far-reaching powers, it has in practice acted in await of the supervision by, for instance, unwell to maintain credible electoral rolls, permitting postal votes, which do not assent open inspection of voting by military as well as military personnel, permitting the supervision solitary entrance to! the mai nstream media, as well as setting really short debate times of around 10 days. After the new meeting, European Union diplomats spoken the EC not credible as they kept referring to themselves as you in the government.

Government greeting to these objectives as well as the proposed criticism could frequency have been some-more hostile. They claimed which Bersih was manipulated by the antithesis as well as dictated to means amicable chaos as well as overthrow the supervision by force. The organization was spoken bootleg as well as the demonstration banned. In the large debate regulating the mainstream media, supervision institutions (including the military as well as EC), as well as Friday sermons in mosques, Bersih was linked to anti-Muslim Christian, Jewish as well as communist conspiracies, as well as Islamic extremists. The official headlines group as well as Prime Minister Najib alleged which Ambiga was anti-Muslim. And some dual hundred Bersih supporters were arrested prior to 9 Jul six, together with the parliamentarian, underneath Emergency Orders permitting indefinite detention but trial.

In the really rare intervention the King called for Bersih as well as the supervision to compromise, as well as suggested the entertainment be hold in the stadium rsther than than upon the streets. Both sides accepted this, but the supervision fast reneged, saying which it could not be during the stadium in Kuala Lumpur. Police then sought to shutdown Kuala Lumpur, as well as voiced the list of 91 individuals (including many Bersih as well as antithesis leaders) who were not available to be in the city upon 9 July.

That tens of thousands walked in the face of these obstacles was remark! able. Th is has emboldened the opposition, who have also been speedy by the effectiveness of amicable media like Facebook as well as Twitter for mobilising protest, as well as rendezvous by thousands of Malaysians overseas.

Government feeling has been confirmed given the event, with claims defying overwhelming justification to the contrary which protesters had been aggressive, as well as threats of serve punitive action. Public criticism stays the no-go area. Beyond teenager tinkering! no elec toral reforms would be entertained. Also transparent is the actuality which unlike in beside Thailand no unfamiliar observers will be accredited in future elections none have been available given 1990.

In the longer term the supervision might check the return to the polls. A general choosing is not due until 2013 but had been widely expected later this year or in the initial half of 2012. Despite antithesis gains from 9 Jul the supervision stays well-placed to win. But but the U-turn towards implementing long-promised approved remodel it might not have the open await to achieve the much-desired two-thirds majority.

John Funston is the Visiting Fellow during the School of Culture, History as well as Language, The Australian National University.

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London riots: Parents of injured M'sian student to fly to UK - star.com.my

Umno report chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan pronounced a celebration was sponsoring a outing for Mohd Asyraf Raziq Rosli's parents as well as his younger brother. "The London Umno Club will encounter them at a airfield as well as take care of them during their stay there," he pronounced ...

Khalid, Theresa dan Ronnie tahan MBPJ sita gereta tak berpermit

Awal pagi, beberapa buah blog menyiarkan posting yang memperkatakan tentang usaha MBPJ menyita Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama (GMDU) kerana gereja tersebut berstatus haram serta beberapa perkara yang lain. (BACA DI SINI)
Dan proses tersebut hampir berjalan dengan lancar KECUALI....
Maklumat yang baru diterima menyatakan, penyitaan tidak dapat dilakukan oleh pihak MBPJ walaupun gereja

Amid chaos, Londoners show goodwill towards Malaysian student

By Lisa J. Ariffin

A still picture taken from video of a host stripping Ashraf of his belongings. news.com.au pic

KUALA LUMPUR, August 11 Amid reports of widespread rioting, looting as well as assault across London, a organisation of British well-wishers have come together to set up a website Something good for Ashraf pledging financial support for Malaysian tyro Mohammed Ashraf Haziq, who was beaten up as well as mugged during a London riots.

Former aid workman Jamie Cowen who set up a internet interest insisted a income lifted would go to Haziq as well as any surplus would be since to alternative London riot-related causes.

I as well as thousands of alternative British people have been troubled which this happened in a country as well as wish to do something good for Ashraf to show to him as well as his country which only a tiny minority of us have been scumbags, Cowen said.

The website with a tagline Lets do something good for Ashraf Haziq, was set up in a hopes of entertainment donations for Ashraf with a polling area for visitors to select a most appropriate approach to assistance a Malaysian.

Among a suggestions have been to pay his tyro fees, pay for his family to visit him in hospital as well as to buy a equipment which were stolen from him.

Also shown upon a website is a footage of Ashrafs distress when he was mugged by looters who were as young as 11.

The well-wishers have been organisingan interest for a student, yet as of final night it was misleading if it would be led by those who set up a account website or by a Malaysian High Commission.

In Malaysia, Umno pronounced currently they will account a cost of flying Ashrafs relatives as well as brother to London tomorrow.

Pontian MP Datuk Ahmad Maslan pronounced Umno was called to assist a worried family whose travelling costs a! mounted to RM20,000.

Ashrafs father Rossli Harun is a retired infantryman while his mother Maznah is a kindergarten teacher.

So a sponsorship to London is to palliate their travelling cost, as well as their allowance there will be sponsored entirely by a Umno bend in London, he told reporters currently during Putra World Trade Center (PWTC).

Maznah pronounced a family is grateful to Umno as they did not design a celebration to entirely sponsor a travelling costs of a complete family.

Ahmad, who is also deputy apportion in a Prime Ministers office pronounced he was sensitive which Ashrafs operation for a damaged jaw line had been successful as well as a girl is right away in fast condition.

Ashraf had arrived in East London final month to study during Kaplan College. He was cycling from his tyro accommodation with a crony when they saw a host coming towards them.

His crony managed to escape but pronounced a 20-strong squad blocked Ashrafs trail as well as knocked him to a ground before taking his bicycle.

The hooded youths appeared to assistance him to his feet but afterwards fast rifled through his rucksack, stealing his mobile phone, wallet as well as PSP games console.

The offensive video footage of a host surrounding Ashraf has been shown around a universe after it was posted upon YouTube.

MoCS not cowering to police threats

Nervous Sarawak police, fearful of the Bersih 2.0 style gathering, have allegedly in jeopardy to detain participants of the Aug thirteen 'Walk for Democracy as well as Reform' in Kuching.

KUCHING: The Sarawak military have denied Movement of Change, Sarawak the assent for their Aug thirteen Walk For Democracy as well as Reform programme as well as in jeopardy to detain any one seen in the vicinity.

But the deeply unhappy though strong MoCS arch Francis Siah has pronounced that the eventuality will ensue despite the threats.

The eventuality will ensue as programmed during the Museum grassed area during 2 pm this Saturday upon the scale that will not break the law.

Today you have contacted the friends as well as supporters from outward Kuching to cancel their trip to the state collateral for the event.

But some have been insisting upon coming. So distant 180 people from Sri Aman, 60 from Miri, twelve from Sibu, six from Kota Kinabalu as well as two member of Bersih 2.0 in Kuala Lumpur have confirmed their appearance upon the Aug thirteen red rally.

We have been uncertain how most will attend from Kuching though most people have contacted us to say they instruct to participate, he said, adding that if the military had agreed to issue them the assent afterwards the convene would simply see some 7,000 to 10,000 people participating.

The Walk for Democracy as well as Reforms was inspired by the await for Bersih 2.0s call for electoral reforms.

Some 100 Sarawakians had flown into Kuala Lumpur upon Jul 9 to take partial in the convene that saw thousands spin up in await of calls for fair as well as free elections as well as experience for themselves military brutality.

The escape of await for Bersih 2.0 has sent shive! rs by BN domestic circles here who secretly censure Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for the what they described as apolitical mess.

S ecurity issue

The MoCS convene upon Aug thirteen has additionally been closely related to calls for Chief Minister Taib Mahmud to step down over allegations of corruption as well as abuse.

MoCS has been urging Taib to step down for someday right away though post the Apr sixteen state elections Siah had issued Taib with an ultimate renounce by Aug thirteen or face consequences.

The call, that until Jul 9, was seen as only another deceptive attempt, has however right away turn the security issue.

Addressing MoCSs call for Taib to step down, Siah said: Even though MoCS fails to replace him as Chief Minister upon Aug 13, you have been however grateful that you have succeeded to emanate an impact of the mission over the past twelve months.

The message to the associate Sarawakians is transparent they must no longer live in the climate of fright of powerful politicians.

They must be rebuilt as well as be ready to stand up as well as be counted. We must be ready to shift as well as remodel as well as that starts with getting absolved of the fright of domestic tyrants as well as despots in the midst.

He additionally serve condemned the military for intimidating as well as melancholy supporters of the rally.

I was tipped off by someone who has connection with the military that there would be trouble.

As such you have advised the people not to come.

I have additionally advised Salleh Jafaruddin, the adviser, not to return to Kuching currently because you anticipate grave consequences will occur to him during the Kuching airport.

10-point declaration

According to Siah, Salleh was disgusted during the way domestic masters in Sarawak made make use of of state equipment to cow polite societies that were fighting against the current hurtful regime.

Siah pronounced that M! oCS has declared most times that it was the responsbilbe organisation as well as that it would control its activities within the confines of the law, adding that it would travel the talk.

There is no need to frighten the people with arrest, after all you promise them the convene will be peaceful.

I told ! the poli ce not to exhaust open money by regulating water cannons, tear gas as well as demonstration military personnel to suppress the convene participants.

We will travel to as well as lay the wreath during the Cenotaph to honour the fallen heroes who fought for Sarawaks liberty as well as freedom, control prayers as well as unveil the 10-point stipulation of MoCS for domestic reforms in the state.

The 10 indicate stipulation is the very important document as it is additionally the blue print for MoCS agenda for shift in the state, he said.

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MAS-AirAsia Deal: Reprieve for Tajuddin Ramli?

August 11, 2011


MAS-AirAsia Deal: Reprieve for Tajuddin Ramli?

Written by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Amid flourishing regard which Malaysian taxpayers have again been taken for the float by the UMNO elite, Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim ticked off Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Nazri Aziz for allegedly instructing Government-Linked-Companies or GLCs to withdraw lawsuits filed opposite for MAS authority Tajuddin Ramli.

Among the affected GLCs have been Telekom Malaysia Bhd, Naluri Corporation, Celcom (M) Bhd, Atlan Holdings Bhd, Pengurusan Danaharta Bhd, Malaysia Airlines as well as Duta Skyline Bhd. These firms had sued Tajuddin for waste suffered by MAS amounting to billions of ringgit, as well as there is regard which with the cadence of pen, Prime Minister Najib Razaks administration department was bailing out depressed aristocrat Tajuddin.

Such orders should have come from the Minister of Finance as well as not Nazri as this concerns GLCs. The supervision pronounced it had the clever case opposite Tajudin involving billions of ringgit in filing the suit. It is the disturbing, Anwar, the former Finance minister, told reporters upon Thursday.

The UMNO elite

UMNO is the widespread celebration in the BN coalition, upon condition which all 6 of the countrys prime ministers since 1957. A celebration of over 3 million members, it operates upon the largely feudalistic style with energy tightly hold in the hands of the couple of chosen families, together with Najibs as well as former premier Mahathir Mohamads.

!On the back of this ultimate shun route for Tajuddin is the secrecy-shrouded MAS-AirAsia deal, wherein inhabitant investment organisation Khazanah substituted its 20.5 per cent interest in MAS for 10 per cent in AirAsia.

Analysts have been churned in their responses, with the little insisting it benefited AriAsia as well as the little who say it was the bailout for MAS. Whichever it is, the understanding lacked clarity as well as shares in AirAsia plummeted, while MAS batch shot up more than eighteen per cent.

Given the outrageous complexity of the swap, it is not clear yet who unequivocally benefited but already many say they smell crime as well as crude benefits in the understanding praised as the really great thought by Mahathir, former Trade apportion Rafidah Aziz, as well as Najib himself. There is conjecture which the booty have already been carved out as well as agreed upon by these UMNO bigwigs.

It is additionally revelation which Munir Majid, the former MAS authority who instituted the fit opposite Tajudin, had resigned effective Jul 31, 2011. He was MAS chief since 2004. Meanwhile, Anwar has appealed to the authorities, together with the Securities Commission, to sieve through the transaction to ensure utmost transparency.

More importantly, the understanding raises the question as to what is the fate of the GLC Transformation Programmes which had been launched by the Prime Minister Najib Razak with most fanfare as well as wastage of millions of the rakyats money. And is the supervision specifically admitting which the supposed successful turnaround of MAS was the small charade? The Prime Minister contin! gency be hold under obligation for misleading the rakyat upon this, pronounced Anwar in the reply to the swap.

This understanding additionally raises fundamental issues of clarity since of the privacy in which it was shrouded. In this regard, the Securities Commission contingency investigate the pos! sibility of irregularities together with insider trade of the shares of both entities.

Peremba Boys

A news portal had reported progressing upon Thursday which Nazri had issued letters to the GLCs, informing them which the Finance Ministry had agreed to solve out-of-court all outstanding polite suits opposite Tajuddin.

This is to surprise we which the supervision of Malaysia as well as the Finance Ministry has agreed to solve all polite claims opposite Tajuddin Ramli (left) as well as others to be withdrawn immediately in view of the fact which the supervision as well as the Finance Ministry have agreed which the pronounced cases will be staid out of court. For your information the supervision has since me the charge to action for the supervision in this matter, Malaysian Insider had quoted Nazri as saying.

It is believed which both the BN supervision as well as the GLCs will negotiate for the tellurian settlement with all the parties involved in the Tajudin lawsuits. Some of the counts which had come up before Federal Court judge Md Raus Shariff upon Thursday have been paid in instalments to September 29 for case government tentative settlement.

Tajudin is one of the coterie of Malay tycoons since special privileges by Mahathir who pronounced he longed for to emanate the special speed of Malay entreprenuers to tighten the Chinese prevalence in corporate Malaysia. But shortly after it was implemented, the devise succumbed to massiv! e corrup tion, with many indicating the fingers at Mahathir as well as his finance apportion of which time Daim Zainuddin as benefiting the most from the program.

When asked about the MAS-AirAsia deal, Mahathir not only insisted it was the really great idea, but which AirAsia can sense about the experience of MAS as well as MAS can sense how to revoke costs as done by AirAsia.

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