Uproar over Jalan Tok Guru

For a record, Mamak changed every non-Mamak street and town name to Mamak name. Do you know what was a real name of such thing like Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahaman, Butterworth etc etc etc ?It was also Mamal to Mamak to have sure every residential area be named Mamak-jaya or Taman-Kutty ... in his quest to Mamakized Malaysia. Which he has succeded ... That's why you have UMNO that is not afraid of not cheating, though they never contend they won't cheat !from Welcome to Malaysia-Instinct.com by shanti@em ... Read More

Mukhriz: "My old man's style is primitive, scandalous and downright criminal ?"

F*** Mamakism ?Miti in damage control over Bersih, says MukhrizMukhriz pronounced a Bersih convene has made his ministrys task some-more challenging. file picKUALA LUMPUR, Jul fifteen The government is being forced to counter a disastrous international coverage of a crackdown on Saturdays Bersih convene whilst perplexing to convince investors which a nation still has much to offer, pronounced Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir today. The emissary minister of international traffic and industry additionally pronounced which most of a bid th ... Read More

Ops Scorpene Fundraising Dinner

Date: 21 Jul 2011 (Thursday)Time: 8.00p.m.Venue: Banquet Hall Function Room 2, Level 4, Sunshine Square complex, Penang_______________________Many have been shocked by the potentially bomb liaison in Malaysia over the billion-dollar purchase of French submarines, the understanding engineered by afterwards Defense Minister Najib Tun Razak. The Scorpene submarines are during the very heart of the continuing controversy over the death of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the 28-year aged Mongolian translator who was cruelly as well as ... Read More

Mukhriz: "My old man's style is primitive, scandalous and downright criminal ?"

F*** Mamakism ?

Miti in damage carry out over Bersih, says Mukhriz

Mukhriz pronounced the Bersih convene has made his ministrys task some-more challenging. file picKUALA LUMPUR, Jul fifteen The supervision is being forced to opposite the disastrous general coverage of the crackdown upon Saturdays Bersih convene while perplexing to remonstrate investors which the country still has much to offer, pronounced Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir today.

The emissary minister of general trade as well as attention additionally pronounced which many of the effort the method will put in to overcome any investor doubts will end up mostly benefiting Pakatan Rakyat controlled states. The disastrous coverage will many definitely affect sentiment toward Malaysia, pronounced Mukhriz in the press conference today. The irony of it is which Miti as well as Mida (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority) will have to step up efforts to carry out the damage as well as many of the good will accrue to antithesis states such as Selangor, Penang as well as Kedah.
Putrajaya drew disastrous tellurian press over its handling of Bersih. file picHe added, They (opposition parties) do such the thing as well as damage the repute as well as the supervision has to do fire-fighting to attract investment.

The emissary minister pronounced which one of the categorical features which captivated investors to Malaysia was domestic stability, as well as rued which it was unfortunate his method will right away have to rely upon other features in its bid to promote the cou! ntry. Th e categorical question you embrace is either this (the travel rally) is the common occurrence, he said. Although it was the hiccup last Saturday, you discuss it investors which it happens only really rarely. However, Mukhriz pronounced which no investors have nonetheless pulled out because of the coverage upon the Bersih convene last Saturday. Thousands took to the capitals streets upon Saturday to impetus for free as well as fair elections but chaos broke out tighten to midday when military in full riot gear changed to sunder the throng by banishment rip gas canisters as well as spraying jets of chemical-laced H2O upon protestors. International coverage of the travel convene was mostly negative, with successful media such as Bloomberg as well as the Wall Street Journal writing sardonic editorials upon the governments crackdown of the entertainment which additionally concerned arrests of over 1,000 civilians, formulating the spook of the potential tellurian recoil against the Malaysian government.

The media in the UK, where Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is upon the four-day central visit, has additionally been highly critical of the governments handling of the travel convene for electoral reforms, with the mainstay in the widely read Guardian journal even suggesting which Najib is mouth-watering comparisons to Egypts ashamed as well as not long ago deposed former boss Hosni Mubarak.
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Heavy policing will continue post-Bersih?

A stupid Question That Must Be Asked.

Written by Clive Kessler Friday, 15 July 2011 12:17

Media Monitor


It was utterly a day.

Last Saturday Kuala Lumpur saw dual ridiculous group destroy not only themselves, a supervision which they lead as well as their remaining reputation for domestic maturity as well as moderation. They also ended what was left of a essential myth of a soft Malaysia.

Unhappily for Malaysia, a predestine as well as destiny these final dual weeks have been largely in a hands of dual weak, crisp group who instruct to be seen as strong as well as act tough as well as who were always susceptible to a insinuations, hurdles as well as helpful advice of a genuine hard group around them.

Prime Minister Najib Razak as well as a Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein have been cousins. Their fathers, tied together to dual well-placed sisters, were a nations second as well as third Prime Ministers. Najib is right away a sixth, as well as Hishammuddin, it is assumed, would similar to to follow him a little time.

Both were innate to want, as well as from early in hold up sought, to obey their resolute fathers, as well as were probably destined to fail. Their impulse of law came this week.

From a impulse which Bersih, a Coalition for Free as well as Fair Elections, in a second edition began to campaign, a dual cousins have responded with a losing amalgam of bravado, fear as well as intimidation. As Saturdays day of criticism drew near, they sought by all equates to to frustrate as well as afterwards block which expression of drawn out popular restlessness with a compromised electoral complement which has served as a resource of their climb to energy as well as their partys hold upon inhabitant leadership.

In a conspicuous intervention, a! Malaysi an Yang di-Pertuan Agong as control of state a prior weekend had urged both sides to climb down as well as start talking. Bersih responded with alacrity to this gesticulate of stately recognition, so opposite from a governments branding them as wreckers of a nation. Najib signalled which he too would do as a Agong suggested, yet then, underneath pressure from his some-more austere cabinet colleagues whom he could not control or win over, began to weasel out of his agreement.

As he did, a good shutdown, mainly of Kuala Lumpur as well as a environs yet with it in lesser grade of a total country, began. Roadblocks, military inspections, as well as targeted yet legally indeterminate arrests grew in energy in a days heading up to Saturday. The city was by right away underneath siege by a supervision a single which wants to be seen internationally an exemplar of moderation

Ironically, a supervision whose leaders chose to plea a Agongs scrupulous as well as widely welcomed involvement instead arrested a members of a tiny antithesis celebration upon charges of making fight against a king not by force of arms, yet by wearing as well as distributing yellow Bersih T-shirts! Wearing a colour yellow was taboo nationwide as subversive; anyone wearing yellow could be arrested, by policemen identified by their yellow vests!

On a day, a little 50,000 Malaysian adults done their approach peacefully to a blockaded city centre to join a criticism march. Had a rally been permitted, a attendance would obviously have been multiform hundred thousand. Those who did control to a city were intimidated, tear-gassed, bloody with H2O cannon, as well as subjected to random brutalization. Over 1,400 people were arrested.

The city fell into an nervous still upon Saturday evening, a supervision sulking, a military denying wrongdoing, as well as a Bersih people ! looking relief for their wounded bodies yet rejoicing in a suggestion which so most typical adults had displayed.

But a trouble is not over yet.

No earlier had a protesters diluted than a Islamic celebration PAS expelled an ultimatum: unless a supervision expelled all those arrested inside of 24 hours, they would put a million people onto a streets, to surround a inhabitant military headquarters. The military heard. All those detained, they announced, would be expelled prior to a day was over.

Yet instead of right away tapering off, complicated policing will continue, as well as resentment will grow. The dual cousins face a grim as well as capricious future. The perspective for a supervision they lead is right away bleaker than ever.

There is only a single bright mark for them. They had hoped to go to a polls in a next year, allowing Najib to secure for himself a personal charge by winning behind a little of a domestic belligerent lost during a 2008 elections.

He was never expected to succeed. Now, after a mayhem of final weekend, there is no approach his supervision can face an choosing soon. So they will manage, as well as hope to go upon governing, without having one. Using final weekend as their reason, a little approach will be found, if they remain in energy as well as have their way. The authoritarian, police-based regime will simply be entrenched. Electoral reform? Who needs elections anyway!

Through a ridiculous reply to Bersih by a complete as well as remorseless slaying of ordinary, everyday social life, a attack upon slight civil order Najibs supervision has begun burying itself. Worse, in their deep, astringent insensitivity, a dual pass leaders would not see which this outcome was a inexorable outcome of what they were doing.

Instead, they managed genuinely to remonstrate themselves which they as well as they alone could oversee a country as well as right away might save it from a chaotic mess which they themselves had brought about. So anything as well ! as every thing which arguably might need to be finished to save their own care was in their honest if deluded perspective fit upon a highest moral drift of inhabitant as well as public interest.

It is hard to believe. We need not verbalise of a right away drawn out nostalgia for a Mahathir era. Today people here have been looking behind upon a unused epoch of Najibs predecessor, as well as Dr Mahathir Mohamads successor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a unresolved as well as becalmed, yet hardly calm, pause as a stately age in Malaysian domestic life.

Yet, to understand what happened final weekend as well as a far-reaching implications for Malaysia, it is wrong to concentration upon individuals: upon a dual bungling cousins and, even some-more so, upon a internationally dear antithesis icon, Anwar Ibrahim.

The situation, right away some-more than ever, is distant greater a problem is distant deeper, some-more worrying as well as intractable than a predestine as well as prospects of which a single individual, Anwar Ibrahim (appalling yet his legal diagnosis has been). The play as well as passion of Anwar Ibrahim is during most appropriate a pitch or sign of, yet some-more accurately as well as ever some-more evidently a diversion or daze from, which a nations underlying crisis.

That is why, over recent weeks, a supervision (and a strident Malay-language press) have so assiduously as well as unrelentingly sought to portray as well as stigmatize, as well as in which approach dismiss, Bersih as not genuine or sincere, yet simply a stratagem to rescue Anwar Ibrahims career by distracting attention from his latest (and officially confected) scandals.

Now, some-more than ever, a incident here is what it has been: during least, as well as utterly evidently, given a March 2008 elections whose results bloody away a underlying scaffolding as well as enabling mechanisms of a domestic domination of Najib as well as Hishammuddins party, a Umno as well as a Barisan Nasional coalition which it heads.

Now , as well as given 2008, there has been in Malaysia a simple regime crisis. This predicament is not a multiplication or split inside of a ruling group yet a simple disarticulation (or disconnect as people right away similar to to say) in between state as well as society; a malfunction or commotion of a pass connection which is done in between those dual around a ruling group or celebration by equates to of a proper identification as well as selection, afterwards a duly indirect formation as well as shaping, around a credible electoral system.

This is where a plea of Bersih is done as well as because it has been so effective.

It is powerful because from commencement to end from a description of bounds to a control of elections as well as a counting of votes a existent Malaysian electoral system, as a period of erudite studies have shown, is right away fundamentally, undeniably as well as irreparably broken, discredited. It is distorted, politically suborned, as well as manipulated.

Had final weekends events not occurred, as well as a rally instead been allowed to proceed, Bersihs final would expected have grown a movement which would have done them irresistible.

The result? The supervision might afterwards have been means to go to a polls over a next year, yet underneath new rules of a electoral game which would have precluded Najibs celebration from gaining any kind of convincing win.

So a unfixed deferring of elections, upon drift of Bersihs unacceptable challenge, may be only what a currently beleaguered lords of a land unequivocally want.

I hope what happened today, Najib shortly said, will be a doctrine to a adults of Malaysia. He will pull his preferred lessons. Many Malaysian adults will pull theirs, as well as they will be rsther than different.

Clive Kessler is Emeritus Professor, Sociology & Anthropology, School of Social Sciences & International Studies, a University of New South Wales. The article above first appeared in the ! New Mandala website underneath a headline Malaysia: a Clean sweep? upon July 15.

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PAS asks Kedah to explain Ramadan entertainment ban

KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 16 PAS has asked a party-led Kedah supervision to brief a Islamist partys executive cabinet tomorrow upon a rationale behind a due anathema upon party outlets during Ramadan.

PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub pronounced a special lecture was called as a anathema has become a national issue following persistent media coverage.

Theres a need to know what a argument from a state supervision is, he told The Malaysian Insider.

There is a need for us to listen as well as have a contention about this matter.

PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali pronounced Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak, who was asked to give a briefing, will not be permitted as well as will send a representative instead.

The MCA has been discerning to credit Kedah PAS of trampling upon human rights by banning 13 sorts of party outlets from handling in a state during a Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

PASs Pakatan Rakyat (PR) partner DAP has also urged a state supervision to devaluate a ban, which covers businesses similar to karaoke joints as well as discos as well as live performances in simply permitted locations similar to bars, hotels as well as restaurants.

Only cybercafs, bowling alleys as well as snooker centres have been exempt as they have been released from a regulation.

The majority-Chinese DAP last locked horns with PR partner PAS in January this year over Selangors due anathema upon Muslims from operative in premises which sell alcohol.

The Selangor supervision after claimed a anathema was merely a guideline before withdrawing a ruling pending further study.



I HAD been watchful for a Bar Council Monitoring Report upon Bersih bootleg proof since a young lawyer tweeted about it two days ago. Finally during 5pm yesterday, they eventually installed it up upon their website.

I review a complete inform with feverish enthusiasm. Luck was upon my side. The inform was not thick with legalese; otherwise lay group like me would not understand a exclusive denunciation of a learned lawyers during Bar Council.

As we review it, my anticipation of an unadultered offset inform fast evaporated in to a skinny air. we feel a inform was a singular sided, incomplete, not consummate as well as during times comical. But then again a singular shouldnt design many from a venerable Bar Council to be satisfactory since they were judging a carry out of a former President of their own council. we reckon, no a singular likes to be called a hypocrite to friends.

The initial pointer of beating came pretty early when a inform proposed off by emphasizing a crux of Article 10 of a Federal Constitution, a right to leisure of open as well as countenance as enshrined in Federal Consitution of Malaysia, which a Bar Council said was in line with Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

I creed a inform meant a UDHRs Article 19 as well as twenty which say, respectively, "Everyone has a right to leisure of perspective as well as expression; this right includes leisure to hold opinions though interference as well as to seek, embrace as well as impart inform as well as ideas through any media as well as in any case of frontiers" as ! well as "Everyone has a right to leisure of peaceful open as well as association.

! I regularly feel uncomfortable when legal fellas begin their arguments this way. Why? Because they regularly conveniently skip the second partial of a Article 10 of a Federal Constitution which states, "Parliament competence by law, impose, upon a right conferred by paragraph (b) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or judicious in a seductiveness of a confidence of a Federation or any partial thereof, or open order.

And we know what? That second partial is additionally likewise fashioned after UDHR's Article 29 (2), which states, "In a exercise of his rights as well as freedoms, everybody shall be subject usually to such limitations as have been determined by law solely for a purpose of securing due approval as well as respect for a rights as well as freedoms of others as well as of assembly a only requirements of morality, open order as well as a ubiquitous welfare in a approved society.

Both Federal Constitution as well as UDHR have qualifying clauses to check a rights of discuss as well as assembly. In other words, these rights have been not absolute. Public order as well as probity take dominance over these rights in a seductiveness of a confidence of a federation!

Obviously a question is who has a right to decide what constitutes "in a seductiveness of a confidence of a Federation or open order"? Is it Ambiga? Is it Anwar Ibrahim? or Mat Sabu?

Sorry to detonate your burble though a usually establishment provided with a energy to decide is none other than a group in blue, a Polis DiRaja Malaysia. They have been in a business of progressing open order. The military have, over a 204 years of a existence, gained valuable lessons in traffic as well as containing a comrade insurgency, Indonesia's Ganyang Malaysia campaign, Al Maunah, May 13th secular proof as well as religious fanaticism. In short, they ! know the ir stuffs.

One of a mostly cited observations in a inform is a disaster of a military to negotiate as well as to give plenty notice to a protesters prior to using water! cannons as well as rip gas to disperse a protestors.

What? Failure to traffic as well as no plenty warning?

Everyone knows which for weeks prior to a 9th of July, a military had been advising a open not to attend as well as participated in a bootleg demonstration. It had warned a protestors which a military would take movement opposite them if they did so. It additionally met as well as negotiated with Bersihs leaders. Now, how many more notice as well as traffic do we want?

Surprisingly, a singular of a things which a inform didnt hold was a inaccuracies surrounding Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's injury. On which day, many Bersih's supporters sent text messages claiming Anwar was punched as well as hurt by a police. Finally, which claim was proven wrong when Anwar's own life guard admitted which a damage was caused by a fall he took whilst journey a pell-mell stage during KL Sentral.

Someone told me a life guard claimed which he had to pull Anwar aside after he saw a military were pointing their rip gas guns during him. The question is, was it even probable for a Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) to take target during Anwars physique or conduct when he was closely surrounded, physique to physique contact, by other protestors, three to four layers during a back of a front liners? we dont consider so.

By a way, a customary approach to fire rip gas bin is to hold a gun 45% degrees upward. That's how a military run a rip gas bin in to a crowd. But what goes up contingency come down. The lobbied bin had to land somewhere. If any a singular got strike in a conduct or body, it is not since a military shot during them directly, it was only a law of gravity.

Talk about sobriety of an additional sort. we was disappointed wh! ich a Ba r Council Monitoring Teams did not inform a sobriety of a seditiousness of Bersihs official video. The video obviously instigated a people to rebel ala Egypt as well as Tunisia revolution whose governments were overthrown by travel protests. It even used a name Allah SWT! to legi timize a demonstration. we consider which seditious video was an important justification to be enclosed in a report, do not we think?

I hatred to contend this, though we consider a Bar Council Monitoring Teams contingency had gone home immediately after a demonstration. Otherwise how could they not reported a approach a military treated a incarcerated protestors. There were proofs of nurse statement taking process, provision of praying facility, warm hearty food as well as loving shake up hands in between a incarcerated protestors as well as a policemen upon their release.

On a emanate of a military sharpened rip gas canisters directly during a Tung Shing hospital, a inform seemed to confirm what Minister of Home Affairs as well as Minister of Health had been saying all along - which a military dismissed rip gas canisters VERY CLOSE to a Tung Shing Hospital (Point B.2.1). The inform did not contend a military dismissed in to a sanatorium compounds.

Bar Council Monitoring Teams additionally reported which they saw protesters entertaining military group upon bikes? Cheering? Seriously? Or did we mean taunting? Did we watch a Youtube video where a comparison PKR personality urged protestors to assign brazen to confront still FRU personnel? we positively didnt see entertaining in which video. All we saw was indignant mobs being instigated by a insane personality to attack policemen.

The inform additionally mentioned how amazed a Monitoring Teams were, saying a handful of restaurants as well as travel vendors non-stop for business during a demonstration. To infer this claim, a inform enclosed two photos of ice thickk cream group having a brisk sale. Yes, we! heard m e. Two ice thickk cream group upon motorcycles!

I roughly fell off my chair!

How about a waste incurred by REAL businesses (some contend using in to millions of ringgit), waste due to tourists cancelling their trips final minute, cab driver losing fares as well as a prolonged term damages cheerless to Malaysian conduct to buy which a supervision had been nurturing all ! these ye ars? Certainly those have been improved indicators than a increase done by a two group offered ice thickk cream upon motorcycles!

Througout a report, a Bar Council Monitoring Teams criticised a protestors carry out plan employed by a Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) crew when discharging their duties. Lets look during a little interesting points upon a psychology of protestors as well as how to carry out as well as conduct them (Sorry this partial is a bit lengthy. we sourced a info from various sites upon a internet).

Actually a initial step in protestors carry out is creation sure a proof doesn't happen in a initial place.

But if it happens, a Police Commanders contingency regularly be wakeful of a possibility which a little people or groups inside of an orderly proof competence have a intent to means disruption, incite violence, fall short property, as well as incite a authorities. Normally, tensions can set up really quickly.

Being partial of a throng of people has sure effects upon different people. Each particular in a throng is receptive to working in a approach which is discordant to their normal behavior.

Some reasons for these behaviors have been as follows:

1.0 Crowds yield people with a clarity of anonymity. With so many others, an particular realizes which he is only an additional face in a crowd, giving a clarity of invulnerability.

2.0 Crowd as well as particular behaviors have been unbiased by nature. The them-against-us attitude affords those inside ! of a thr ong a capability to openly (without hesitation or reservation) be verbally abusive, throw objects, or attack any a singular who gets in a way.

3.0 Crowds yield people with a thought which their moral

Responsibilities have shifted from themselves as a person to a throng as a whole. Large numbers of people discourage particular behavior, as well as a titillate to embrace others inside of a throng is strong. Individuals look to others around them for cues o! f what t o do next, except their own credentials as well as training. Often, it is usually a strong, well-disciplined person who can conflict a prevalent function of a crowd.

4.0 Crowd function influences a actions of both a disorderly people of a throng as well as a authorities tasked to carry out them.

5.0 Individuals inside of a throng have been during times driven by deep-felt emotions. Emotional contagion is a many thespian psychological cause of throng dynamics. It provides a throng with a proxy bond of psychological unity. Lasting prolonged enough, this unity can pull a elementary orderly throng in to a mob. Normal law as well as management have been rejected en masse underneath these conditions, augmenting a intensity for assault as well as be scared to erupt.

The military have to be seen as being in assign as well as in carry out during all times.

The initial step is elementary intimidation. Riot officers stand in strict formations as well as action with military precision. Once they form echelons, lines of officers which effectively work as barriers, a officers daub their batons upon their shields or stomp their feet in unison. The result can be quite frightening to with bare hands civilians; it looks as well as sounds as if this group of armed as well as armored officers is getting ready to come crashing down with clubs swinging. In truth, this display is meant to shock off as many of a protestors as probable though a officers ev! er getti ng near them.

Police do not try to detain each protestor. Their initial targets have been those who have been heading a demonstration, since mostly a throng will disperse though their leaders banishment them up as well as enlivening them. All people who have been spotted breaking a law have been additionally targeted for arrest, especially if they injure or kill an additional person.

When it gets to a point where a military have been actually in conflict with a protestors, a idea is still to disperse a crowd. A multiple of advancing lines of officers as well as a use of rip gas as well as water ca! nnon is used to approach a throng in a sure direction or keep them divided from a sure area.

The military will not allow protestors to set up up in numbers in a singular single location where they could fast as well as potentially be big sufficient to overpower a police. This is true even as their leaders have been still negotiating with a military commander. For those protestors who stubbornly refuse to disperse even after given notice as well as rip gassed, a military would move in as well as have arrest, during times by force if necessary.

These were a stairs taken by a FRU upon a 9th of July.

On a strange note, a inform extrinsic The Bar Councils call for a Government to abolish ISA as well as adopt recommendations of IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints as well as Misconducts Commission).

Well, we strongly believe those of us who were more prone towards a abolishment of ISA previously, competence consider otherwise now. Thanks to a circus of a 9th of July by Bersih 2.0.

And as for a call to hospital a IPCMC, a supervision had rejected a offer before. In a place, Parliament passed a Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) in 2009.

Dato Nazri Aziz, Minister in Prime Minister Department, in a reply to a opposition during a discuss to pass a EAIC, had! this to say, "the supervision rejected a offer to set up an IPCMC since a powers were too extended as well as unconstitutional. It would have acted as investigator, prosecutor, judge, as well as executioner concurrently which contravened beliefs found in a Federal Constitution as well as existing laws. The IPCMC's powers to punish as well as indict would go opposite Articles 140 as well as 145 of a Federal Constitution".

For once, we am happy to note which someone eventually quoting a Federal Constitution correctly.

- Sabahkini

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After The Tsunami

A contingency watch documentary for all Malaysians.

Have we registered as a voter?

Even after we register, make sure we check via their website which we are upon a roll, a series of people who have registered found which they were still not upon a roll. To check if we are upon a roll:


with English subtitles

Selepas Tsunami (After a Tsunami) from Pusat KOMAS upon Vimeo.

with Mandarin subtitles

Selepas Tsunami (With Mandarin Subtitles) from Pusat KOMAS upon Vimeo.

Posted by Salvatore_Dali

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Cops shooting justifiably have legal shield, Aminulrasyid trial told

SHAH ALAM, Jul 15 A military officer discharging his firearm since reasonable cause receives legal insurance for doing so, a hearing of a corporal indicted of causing a genocide of schoolboy Aminulrasyid Amzah listened today.SAC Datuk Razali Basri of a federal CIDs prosecution as well as legal multiplication additionally pronounced a Police Standing Orders, under that a insurance is accorded, contained discipline on situations in that a liberate of firearms would be justifiable.He was testifying currently at a hearing ... Read More

Murdoch says sorry in every paper, Rebekah quits

simply apologising is not enough. Our commercial operation was founded upon a idea that a giveaway and open press should be a positive force in society. We need to live up to that.RUPERT MURDOCHproprietorNews of a World (failed)News International (desperate not to fail)First Lady of Fleet Street eventually pays a price of NoTW scandalInternational media aristocrat Rupert Murdoch is saying contemptible to Britain, in advertisements to be placed in every national journal over a weekend, hours after a abdication toda ... Read More

A joke: Stupidity of Najib and Muhyidin

Najib asked a Queen, "Your Majesty, how do we run such an efficient government? Are there any tips we can give to me?" " Well," said a Queen, "the most critical thing is to surround yourself with smart people." Najib frowned, and then asked, " But how do we know a people around me are really intelligent?" The Queen took a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy; we only ask them to answer an smart riddle." The Queen pushed a button on her intercom. "Please send Tony Blair in here, ... Read More

Malaysian Guest an embarrassment for British Prime Minister

July 15, 2011

Malaysian Guest an embarrassment for British Prime Minister David Cameron

By Clare Rewcastle Brown

The British Police refused to put up with a Najib governments direct which they anathema Bersih-linked protests in London during a Malaysian premiers visit.

LONDON: The large Bersih 2.0 convene in Kuala Lumpur has done Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak an embarrassing guest for a British premier as good as a Queen this week.

Their particular lecture teams have done both, PM David Cameron as good as a Queen, good wakeful of a issue which Barisan Nasional has been in energy for over 50 years, achieving their stream status as one of a worlds longest-lasting regimes.

They have also been told which a people who have been criticising a BN regime have finished up being beaten in a streets as good as locked in jail though charge under a so-called Emergency Ordinance as good as have been though entrance to their lawyers.

They were also told which in Malaysia people have been hauled in to detention as good as treated like enemies of a state for wearing a colour yellow as good as for kindly requesting an finish to electoral corruption.

It was bad enough having Rupert Murdoch turn up in a center of a greatest liaison in years over media corruption though entertaining Najib contingency have been even more worried for Cameron as good as a Queen.

Malaysian sympathisers in London have not done it any easier for ! Najib.Th roughout a week Najibs British hosts have been con! stantly reminded of a genuine inlet of their guest. Flash demos by demonstrators have sprung outside his various key engagements.

These hardcore demonstrators werent going to go divided easily as good as infuriatingly for BN, the British military were less pliant as good as refused to do anything to budge a demonstrators.

In fact, a internal Westminster military acknowledged to a demonstrators which they have been constantly pestered by a Malaysian High Commission, who have been asking for report about a locations of a protests as good as details of a organisers.

Najibs administration have also tried to direct which a British Police anathema a protests from receiving place.But a UK is a free nation as good as a military have kindly told Najibs people which they have been not prepared to harrass citizens or mislay their leisure of expression in order to spare a blushes of a visiting dignatory.

Clare Rewcastle Brown is a founder/editor of Sarawak Report

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AT ONE time in Malaysia, especially during a progressing partial of Tun Mahathir premiership, people were aroused of a government. Dark stories of sufferings in detention haunted a people, as well as to us then, being arrested underneath a ISA was a fearful, awful thing.

But now, you young people similar to Atama Katama observant he is prepaid to be arrested underneath a ISA if need be, for a sake of his struggle for giveaway as well as elections in his beloved country.

On being released after her arrest upon July 9, Ambiga Sreenevasan, Bersihs President, settled what was already viewable to everyone: Malaysians have been no longer frightened of supervision intimidation.

This reminds me of what, Thomas Jefferson, a single of a drafters of a US Declaration of Independence, said: When a people fright their government, there is tyranny; when a supervision fears a people, there is liberty.

Gladly, you have been patently heading for which liberty, since it is viewable a supervision is right away upon a defensive, patently intimidated as well as threatened by a force of a peoples desire for purify as well as giveaway elections in a country. This was done abundantly clear during a Bersih convene upon July 9.

Despite weeks of threats as well as intimidation from a government, laced with bold remarks to make Bersih look similar to an immorality organization, presumably having a mortal agenda, a people came in droves. The whole city was locked down, though 50,000 people managed to pass by as well as participate in a convene in tall spirit.

What s hould a supervision do when a people have been no longer aroused to be arrested, even to suf! fer for a good as well as noble cause? Isnt is a sign which a finish is in sight for a BN?

The BN leaders downplayed a stroke of a day by observant a planned convene didnt get a support of a people since only about 10,000 people incited up instead of a planned 100,000. But if a military as well as FRU didnt close down a city, as well as allowed a giveaway rally, there would have been 200,000 or even more. The fact is 50,000 incited up in annoy of a military blockades.

The loud verbal attacks by a Prime Minister against a convene organizers in an organised as well as BN-sponsored entertainment upon 6,000 at a Putra World Trade Centre a following day, sounded hollow as well as futile, a greeting which was too small too late.

The irony of a debate was which it tried to insult a convene participants as well as those who wished they participated, though it only achieved to charge with electricity their support for Bersih instead of demoralizing or humble them into submission.

The PM sounded so illogical in his reasoning, as well as by a sound as well as a ire of his debate it was viewable he was you do it all only to try a mental victory over a prior days rally. It was also viewable he was scared, as well as feeling highly threatened by Bersih. BN had succeeded in creation enemies with a convene participants, as well as created a clever body of anti-BN Malaysians a reversal of a 1Malaysia objectives.

The BN is right away in a very critical quandary. What will it do now? Should it purify up a choosing process? And isnt which what a supervision of a giveaway as well as approved nation supposed to be doing? But afterwards wouldnt which be an exercise in self-destruction? Then again, if it doesnt purify up a patently unwashed choosing process, how will it clear itself to a people?

The BN contingency also b! e strugg ling with a tough subject of what to do with Bersih 3.0 a third convene which Bersih is melancholy to reason if a supervision doesnt do anything to meet its 8-point demand. And you can bet,! this ti me a convene will be at slightest three times bigger than a a single upon July 9, even with a heartless termination of a military as well as FRU. There have been already Bersih rallies all over a world, as well as some-more will come.

The alternative dilemma giving BN a throbbing headache is either to conceal or only allow Bersihs next outrageous rally. If it is allowed, a number of demonstrators will be so outrageous it will emanate story as well as an general embarrassment for a BN regime. If it is suppressed even harder than before, a military brutality, which will be unprotected by general news media as well as a internet, will reduce Malaysia to a barbaric level of the Middle East regimes.

So a BN is right away caught in a middle, between a preference of apropos courteous or uncivilised. It knows which cruel termination will fail, as well as will tarnish a nations image, as well as it will really lead to a quicker rain of a BN. The best preference would be for it to attend to a people, to do a right thing, which is to imitate as well as fulfill Bersih's 8-point demand. This is since a people have been asking because is a BN so reluctant to do a right thing, as well as because is a purify electoral routine so frightening to a BN?

- Sabahkini

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15-minute family reunion for EO 6

The 6 incarcerated PSM members met their family groups for fifteen mins this sunrise as well as told tales of mental torture, unique capture as well as unconstrained inquire by a police

KUALA LUMPUR: Interrogated for hours upon end, lights kept upon all night, unwashed toilets as well as unique capture were a little of a ordeals a 6 arrested underneath a Emergency Ordinance were subjected to.

The Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members have been still being hold in control as well as a authorties, to inhibit more criticism against them, allowed a family groups to revisit a 6 though for only fifteen minutes.

Sungai Siput MP Dr D Michael Jeyakumars son, M Ravin, pronounced his father complained about a comforts when he met him this sunrise in Bukit Aman.

He complained of lights kept upon during night as well as unwashed toilets, pronounced a 18-year-old student during a press conference organised in Bangsar by PSM.

Jeyakumars wife, R Mohana Rani added which her husband scolded a military once.

He got fed up as well as scolded them for asking a same questions over as well as over again, she said.

The EO 6 as they have been right away known additionally includes PSM emissary boss M Saraswathy, executive committee members Choo Chon Kai as well as M Sugumaran, youth chief R Sarathbabu as well as Sungai Siput branch cabinet member A Letchumanan.

The other 5 PSM activists additionally had family visits during different places.

Choo is in Selayang, Saraswathi in Jinjang, Letchumanan in Petaling, Sugumaran in Dang Wangi as well as Sarath Babu in a Jalan Travers military stations .

Five inked affidavits

Saraswathys niece, Sasi Indra Devi, pronounced her aunt complained about chest heedfulness as well as asked why ! they wer e still incarcerated instead of being charged in court.

Choos partner Wong Pei Chin, 23, pronounced a former was generally confident with his condi! tions.

He has everything though freedom, pronounced Pei Chin whose hometown is Simpang Renggam where a EO apprehension centre is located.

Sugumarans brother K Indran said: He was in tears when you met. He complained of unique confinement. The inquire lasted four to 5 hours each time.

PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan who additionally met Sugumaran told FMT which a military had allegedly in jeopardy to woe Sugumarans son.

He additionally added which a lawyers have been making illustration to a Attorney-Generals Chambers for a recover upon a grounds of Sugumarans sick mother.

As for Letchumanan, his son L Devendran 19 pronounced his father was in great condition.

We miss him. He told us to take caring of his business, pronounced Devendran about Letchumanan who is an word agent.

Sarath Babus mother, K Vijayaletchmy, pronounced her son complained of repeated questioning.

He is carrying a headache as he cant assimilate a repeated questioning. He believes which he would be expelled by a end of a month, she said.

Lawyer D Yudistira confirmed which 5 out of a 6 have signed affidavits.

We have been disappointed which you couldnt get Letchumanans signature. But you would make an try to encounter Letchumanans son, pronounced a lawyer.

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The Queen committed a diplomatic blunder!

ARTiculations final the full and unreserved apology. Now! Courtesy of Bonology.com Politically Incorrect Buzz & Buzz ... Read More

Bersih: Wajarkah kekerasan yang diguna polis dan FRU?

Mula-mula sekali, ini komen Najib:Najib: Polis guna tindakan ringan surai perhimpunan BersihKUALA LUMPUR, fourteen Julai Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata pihak polis menggunakan tindakan yang sewajarnya dalam usaha menyuraikan perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 di ibu negara Sabtu lalu.Ia (tahap tindakan polis) agak ringan sebab meskipun ia dikenakan, mereka (yang ditahan) telah dibebaskan