MCA now a political dead duck

Malaysians, including MCA chief Chua Soi Lek, have each right to intent to the doing of the hudud though not insult Islam, says ex-MCA male Chua Jui Meng.
By Chua Jui Meng
No Malaysian has the right to insult any religion. And MCA, in the amok frenzy to garner Chinese support for the next general election, is doing usually which against Islam, the national religion.
Using the hukum hudud (Islamic criminal law) bogey, as has been used for umpteen years after Merdeka, what the MCA as well as even the dominant Umno in Barisan Nasional do not realize is which the hudud is the double corner sword.
It harms as well as indemnification the firmness of both MCA as well as Umno.
Malaysians have each right to intent to the doing of the hudud though not insult Islam.
When MCA boss Dr Chua Soi Lek says eight of the 11 countries which implemented hudud were backward as well as corrupt, which is usually the solid scornful unconditional statement.
When Chua says hudud is the cruel law, which is oppressive to the Muslims as well as Islam. Can't he clear some-more diplomatically? Like saying the hudud is not suitable for this epoch since
There have been many alternative insults hurled by MCA against Islam which we do not wish to repeat.
The Islam-bashing led by Chua exposes Umno as the hypocrite, incompetent to urge the national sacrament against the insults.
With Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the male who ruled Malaysia for 22 years, saying MCA did not intent to 'Islamic country' declaration, MCA is now the domestic passed steep to! the Chi nese as well as Muslims.
It is additionally apropos increasingly clear to all which Mahathir is still running the country.
As usual, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak can't have the stand. He had no response when asked about Soi Lek's scornful statements. Najib could not urge his own religion.
In exasperation, Mahathir had to take the issue in to his own hands.
To maintain domestic power
After the fire bombings of churches over the make make make use of of of of the word "Allah", it was Pakatan Rakyat de facto personality Anwar Ibrahim as well as PAS boss Abdul Hadi Awang who emerged to urge the constitutional rights of the Christians.
The Christian weekly, The Herald, afterwards took the Umno-led sovereign supervision to justice over the make make make use of of of of the word "Allah" to describe God.
On Dec 31, 209, the High Court ruled which the Christians had the right to make make make use of of of the word "Allah" since the word was not exclusive to Muslims only.
we say there is no some-more room for competition as well as eremite governing body in Malaysia. We have been Malaysians constant to the country.
All the zombie-like eremite as well as secular slurs put up by MCA as well as Umno for the past 55 years have been directed during usually maintaining their domestic energy to enrich their associate businesses as well as the elite.
That is the usually trustworthy reason why, the natural resource-rich country, including oil as well as gas, like Malaysia has accumulated some-more than RM500 billion in sovereign debts, usually 1.3% short of the 55% legislated debt ceiling.
If this is not sum mismanagement of the country's wealth, what is it?
Chua Jui Meng is the PKR vice-president as well as Johor PKR chief. He is additionally the former MCA vice-president a! s well a s an ex-Cabinet member.
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Janda Dakwa Diramas Doktor

JOHOR BAHRU: Disebabkan mempercayainya, saya hanya mengikut arahan apabila diminta membuka baju dan coli, namun dia meramas buah dada saya hingga saya berasa sakit.Read more... ... Read More

Mindef - Incorrigible Culprit in Auditor General's Report

The Minister of Defence contingency be responsible for a incorrigible as well as steady breaches detected by a Auditor-General upon an annual basis

It no longer comes as a surprise which a Ministry of Defence is a single of a greatest culprits found by a annual Auditor General Report for bad governance in its buying as well as projects resulting in billions, if not billions of ringgit of losses to a Malaysian Government.

For uninterrupted years, a Auditor-General has detected inexcusable practices of incompetency, mismanagement as well as possibly collusion or corruption with unscrupulous suppliers as well as contractors. They have included maggots as well as lapsed food served to a army,

In a inform for 2010 for example, a Auditor-General found which a maintenance cont! racts for a elderly AGSVs did not have a necessary expertise to correct a vehicles as well as late penalties were not meted out to these contractors when they unsuccessful to correct a vehicles within a necessary time frame.

The Auditor-General had additionally criticised a "improper payments" of allowance to a Territorial Reserve Army crew who according to a records, did not attend a applicable training. He had even endorsed which a applicable officers be punished around "surcharge" as permitted underneath Section 18(b) of a Akta Tatacara Kewangan 1957.

Similarly in 2009, a single of a greatest scandal unprotected was a building a whole of a new RM256 million Skudai 7th Brigade Army Camp which was awarded in 1997 though has usually completed 18.3% completion. This was notwithstanding a actuality which a contractor, Kausar Corporation has picked up their building a whole fees in full around a land barter understanding where a company was already given a tenure of a 153 hectares square of land.

Kausar was able to oath this squar! e of lan d to a bank for a volume of RM465 million display which a land which could be value as most as RM800 million, which is well upon top of a cost of building a whole of a camp. Despite a above, to date no movement to date has been taken opposite a developer, together with terminating a contract, charging late penalties or reclaiming a land which has been awarded to them.

In a latest Auditor-General Report, a Ministry of Defence has between a transgressions cited, awarded 12 contracts to build living buliding for married military crew has not usually incurred a cost overrun of 84%. Instead of costing RM1.74 billion, a Ministry paid RM3.21 billion, notwithstanding a delivery of shoddy units. The most glaring aspect of a upon top of lapse, is a actuality which usually 1 of a 12 contracts was awarded around open tender.

All these offenses have been upon top of a multi-billion ringgit scandals which have been unprotected to date, together with a "commissions" paid for a merger of Scorpene ! submarine! s amounting to some-more than RM600 million, a increase in a cost of appropriation 6 naval patrol vessels from RM6 billion to RM9 billion or a purchase of 257 armoured crew vehicles for RM7.55 billion from DRB-Hicom when a latter procured these units, reduction certain accessories as well as system software from a Turkish counterclaim company for usually RM1.7 billion.

The was additionally a controversial understanding involving a merger of 12 "customised" Eurocopters for RM2.3 billion or RM192 million each, when Brazil was able to procure a same helicopter, as if "uncustomised", for usually RM82 million each. Even a Johor Sultan has chipped in with a critique which a Ministry of Defence has acquired four Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV) for RM2.76mil or RM690,000 any by a Ministry of Defence notwithstanding a actuality which a Sultan was able to procure a better vehicle for usually RM150,000.
Despite a above, a Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was usually concerned which! "the op position's movement aimed during gaining open await for their own domestic seductiveness could criticise a picture of Malaysia's counterclaim between a international community," as reported in a media upon fourteen October.

The Minister has voiced regret over a antithesis regulating a emanate for "political profitableness as a general election is approaching, but considering a implications."

The Minister of Defence contingency not attempt to sweep all a multi-billion ringgit scandals underneath his watch underneath a carpet by citing a fright which it will "undermine a picture of Malaysia's defence" or question "the capability of a armed forces".

In fact, what you have harped upon continuously over these scandals have been specifically to raise a capability of a armed forces to safeguard which they have been better lerned as well as versed to secure a borders. Had a upon top of procurements be conducted with billions of ringgit of assets around open as well as pure processes, but wastages, mismanagement as well as astronomical ! increase f! or a suppliers, a same billions of ringgit could have been utilised to take even some-more counterclaim equipment for a army, army as well as air force.

Given a flagrant breaches in a Ministry of Defence, you repeat a call to a Ministry of Defence to set up a Parliamentary Oversight Committee into Defence Procurement to safeguard which a counterclaim crew will not be shortchanged as well as to safeguard which each sen of a tax-payers' monies have been scrupulously spent. We call upon a Minister to keep his guarantee to "consider" a upon top of proposal during a assembly held in Jan this year. - tonypuablog
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Govt copies anti-Jewish blog article full details

Blogger's anti-Jewish essay gets sovereign govt publicity in Information Ministry booklet you will clarify it objectively, obviously as well as factuallythe focus should be on a content that allows readers to assimilate a facts behind most issues. Rais Yatim, apportion of report THE FACTS: Compare a articles corresponding next The sovereign government's make use of of [...] Read More @ Source

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Altantuya murder appeal put off again - at last minute

The Court of Appeal has again put off discussion the interest brought by dual military crew condemned to genocide for the October 2006 attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

The discussion slated to be listened in August had been put off as well in July, with the brand new discussion dates bound for October 31 as well as November 1.

Hazman Ahmad, counsel for Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, when contacted yesterday pronounced the delay is indefinite, meaning which no fresh dates were fixed.

Hazman did not reply toMalaysiakini's content message looking the reason for the postponement.

When the progressing interest discussion scheduled for August 27 waspostponedin July, the counterclaim lawyers speculated which this was done since of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

altantuya razak baginda attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder 110707 sirul escortedAzilah as well as Lance Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar have been grieving in jail given late October 2006.
They were in April 2009 condemned to genocide for the attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder of Altantuya after the 159-day trial.

Thewritten judgmentwas usually expelled in March this year.

Yesterday's remarkable delay of the interest is seen as strange since usually last week Sirul's lawyers, Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin as well as Hasnal Rezua Merican, confirmed which the discussion would go upon as scheduled.

Hasnal additionally toldMalaysiakinithat the justice had warned counsel then which no further delay would be allow! ed.
< br>At which time,Malaysiakinialso sought the acknowledgment from the senior deputy open prosecutor concerned in the box as well as he replied in the affirmative, observant which the Attorney-General's Chambers was bustling preparing for it.

The tell-all session which wasn't

The delay has combined further amour in to the attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder case, which was recently compounded with an invitation posted upon the website of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT), announcing the press discussion in Bangkok upon October 22.

The mysterious invitation, patrician 'New revelations in the Altantuya murder', pronounced former inspector-general of military Musa Hassan would give the press conference.

NONEContacted last Saturday, Musa pronounced he wasnot awareof the event. On Monday, the morning of the supposed press conference, the FCCT released the notice informing reporters which the eventuality was cancelled. No reason was given.

The timing of the FCCT entice might have been purposely designed tighten to the October 31 interest discussion date, for the Altantuya attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder is the politically bomb as well as increasingly murky case.

At the time of her death, Azilah as well as Sirul alternated as bodyguards to then-prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as well as to Najib Abdul Razak, then-deputy budding minister as well as counterclaim minister, whose confidante Abdul Razak Baginda was charged with abetting in the murder.

Eventually, Abdul Razak was acquitted without his counterclaim being called. However, to many observers, the bigger poser of the High Court discussion was how the presiding judge, Justice Mohd Zaki Md Yasin, had excluded the motiv! e for th e attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder from his judgment.

The issue of tellurian rights

Politics aside, the delays in the authorised processes have been additionally seen as depriving Azilah as well as Sirul of their tellurian rights, given prolonged incarceration of genocide quarrel prisoners is vicious as well as degrading, pronounced the commissioner with the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam), Khaw Lake Tee.
NONE"It is the defilement of Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," pronounced Khaw (right), who teaches law at Universiti Malaya.

Article 5 of the UDHR states: "No the single shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or spiritless diagnosis or punishment."

However, counsel Andrew Khoo, who is known for his work in tellurian rights, pronounced Malaysian law does not provide the bound time duration to listen to appeals in cases where the genocide visualisation has been passed.

He pronounced which in the little instances, the interest routine might take many years, causing genocide quarrel inmates to languish in jail.

"Even after the Federal Court rejects the appeal, the accused have the final possibility for indulgence prior to the appeals boards of the assorted states," pronounced Khoo.

Court can fast-track, if it wants to

Nevertheless, the courtcan expeditea discussion if it wants to, as seen in the recent box of the Selangor supervision contra Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Bhd prior to the Federal Court upon Wednesday, in the brawl involving H2O tariff calculation.

The Court of Appeal upon October 8 ruled in foster of the Selangor supervision in the dispute, prompting Syabas to record the notice for leave to interest the preference in the Federal C! ourt upo n October 15.

Syabas was postulated the h! earing date for the leave application within the day as well as the justice writings were served upon the Selangor supervision upon October 17, even prior to the Court of Appeal handed out the created judgment.

Senior lawyers consulted byMalaysiakinisaid they have never seen such quick movement from the justice to decide upon discussion dates since such processes will normally take weeks, if not months, as well as never in the day.

khalid ibrahim pc 171111Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim in his confirmation dated October twenty-two complained over this fact, as well as additionally forked out which the created visualisation of the Court of Appeal had yet to come out.

Further, Khalid argued, his lawyers had just twenty-four hours to prepare their submissions.
Despite these arguments, the Federal Court upon Wednesday went ahead as well as postulated Syabas the leave it sought.

Like the Altantuya attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder trial, the Selangor Pakatan government's authorised battles against Syabas have domestic considerations, albeit to the obtuse degree.

However, the question stays as to whether the interest against self-assurance by Azilah as well as Sirul will be listened prior to the next ubiquitous election.
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Govt copies anti-Jewish blog article full details

Blogger's anti-Jewish essay gets sovereign govt endorsement in Information Ministry pamphlet we will explain it objectively, obviously as well as factuallythe focus should be on the content which allows readers to assimilate the facts behind many issues. Rais Yatim, apportion of information THE FACTS: Compare the articles side-by-side next The sovereign government's use of [...] Read More @ Source

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Do not sacrifice the mind and soul of our youth for SUARAM the liar?

We were alerted by an SMS yesterday of all genocide sentences upon drug traffickers is to be put off tentative a examination of imperative genocide sentences in Malaysia. Death sentences upon drug trafficking fall underneath Section 39B of a Dangerous Drug Act.

The headlines below:

UNDER STUDY: Proposal to hold off imperative genocide sentence

A PROPOSAL to hold off a imperative genocide judgment upon 75 Indonesian drug

Lawak pagi: "Ular-lemak" Abby kata korban lembu bunuh binatang

'Name candidates early to prevent sabotage' - The Borneo Post

'Name candidates early to prevent sabotage'
The Borneo Post
KUALA LUMPUR: The Umno care needs to name their candidates for a 13th ubiquitous choosing early to prevent harm within a party. Umno Veterans Club cabinet member Datuk Mustapha Yaakub said this way, celebration members involved in harm could ...


Mak aii...ganasnye kereta Lamborghini Ankonian ni..Dah macam kereta Batman EP tengok...Jangan kata awek..EP joke dah jatuh cinta pandang pertama bila tengok gambar kereta ni...itu belum tengok secara genuine lagi...Untuk pengetahuan pembaca, Lamborghini Ankonian ni merupakan sebuah kereta konsep yang direka oleh seorang pelajar di Munich University, Slavche Tanevsky pada tahun 2009..Lamborghini Ankonian ini diambil dari model Reventon dan dibuat menjadi lebih agresif dan lebih bergaya...**Betul tak ... Read More

The deed no self respecting FPI preman would do

Isn't it so comforting to see probity being administered so quickly as well as decisively in Indonesia. Justice, which moves so slowly as well as timidly when FPI guys have been upon a giving end, assumingly speeds up when a violence goes another way.

Unspun is not so most perplexed by a clearly uneven-handedness of a law in Indonesia, which is not an surprising thing, though a reputation of a bad FPI victims. Those of you who know anything about a FPI guys will know which they have been genuine difficult guys who would want to make Al Capone demeanour similar to a sissy.

Tough guys, as you know from large gangster movies, always settle their scores their way. A moth knife, a pistol shot, a golok, a large stick have been a common method of removing back during anyone who offends them or attacks them. So what arrange of a difficult guy is this who runs to a military as well as a courts for insurance as well as restitution?

Will alternative gangsters respect him from right away on? Or will they laugh during him, similar to a boy who wets his pants during a steer of his own shadow. Will alternative FPI members, if they essentially have a brain, be means to demeanour during him true in a eyes as well as forestall themselves from giggling?

These have been a questions which matter where gangsters have been concerned, not how probity is or is not dispensed by a military as well as courts. So get with a program.

Two Men Convicted For Attacking FPI Member

The Semarang district justice upon Tuesday declared dual group guilty for abusing a part of of a hard-line Islamic group.

Koes Setiawan Danang Marwardi, locally known as Iwan Walet, was condemned to 15 months in jail, whilst his cohort, Mardi Sugeng, additionally known as Gembor, perceived a single ! year in prison.

Presiding Judge Boedi Soseanto pronounced which both group were proven convincingly guilty for attacking Dwi Pamuji, a part of of a nonconformist organisation a Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), this past May.

"Both defendants disregarded Article 170 of a Criminal Code upon abuse according to a indictment," Boedi review during a statute upon Tuesday, as quoted by Antara headlines agency.

Iwan Walet, a recidivist, apologized progressing to a plant as well as betrothed a decider which he would not repeat his mistake.

Though a judgment was three months shorter than what Bima Suprayoga, a prosecutor, demanded, both he as well as a convicts supposed a ruling.

During a previous event of court, Iwan admitted to beating a plant with a 100-cm metal pole, whilst Gembor confessed which he kicked as well as beat Dwi with a brick.

After a statute was read, a little FPI members shouted during a decider as well as asked him to release a convicts so which they could take revenge. Iwan afterwards stared during a FPI supporters as well as challenged them he shouted "One guts!" as well as his supporters answered him with "Ora Wedi," Javanese for "Not Afraid."

After a case, FPI members tried to attack Iwan's supporters, though military officers prevented them doing so as well as escorted them out of a court.

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Gangnam Style Sifu "Barisan Nasional"

Perubahan di tangan anda demi Selamatkan Malaysia Daftar Sekarang!!! Tolak kerajaan yang Rasuah dan Kejam, kembalikan demokrasi untuk semua Jangan tunggu l! agi, Sia pa yang menakut!!! Daftarlah hari ini, harapan negara ditangan mu Jangan lagi disesak oleh hantu-hantu Rasuah. Ah hahahahahaha~~~~ In sequence to save Malaysia, The preference is yours! Register as well as Vote! Vote out Corruption as well as Authoritarian Government, We needs Democracy Don't wait!!! Don't be afraid!!!! Register to Vote, The Future is in your hand or woe by Hungry Ghost. Ah hahahahahaha

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Speaker suspends Sabah rep for insinuations

BN assemblymen demanded which Sri Tanjung rep Jimmy Wong be dangling from a current Sabah Legislative Assembly sitting.
KOTA KINABALU: Lone antithesis assemblyman Jimmy Wong (Sri Tanjung) was dangling from a current Sabah Legislative Assembly sitting for refusing to repel a matter suggestive of cronyism as well as corruption in a placement of a state budget.
Wong in debating a state Budget 2013 had claimed which "certain ministries" headed by non-Umno accessible crew were given minimal funding as well as which "certain ministers" had embezzled supports meant for open projects.
He cited as e.g. a new highway joining a State Legislative Assembly office building as well as Wisma Innoprise.
"Usually it costs about RM2 million for each kilometer of road, though this a single cost some-more than RM14 million," he pronounced most to a discomfit of other Barisan Nasional representatives who demanded which he apologise as well as redress his insinuations.
Sukau deputy Saadi Abdul Rahman jumped upon Wong, perfectionist which he take back his statements alleging which they were intentional as well as made with malicious vigilant towards BN.
Saadi demanded which Speaker Salleh Said Keruak take suitable action as Wong had regularly abandoned complaints from other BN assemblymen to repel his statements.
Salleh had in a interim released several warnings to Wong to repel all a accusations though he refused.
It was during a indirect written convene which Deputy Chief Minister Yahya Hussin due a suit to suspend Wong from a entire sitting as against to a single day sit-out.
In announcing Wong's cessati! on Salle h said: "Sri Tanjung member (Wong) has regularly challenged my management as Speaker as well as has shown no apply oneself to a House.
"A minister has due a suit as well as we hereby benefaction to a House to have Jimmy (Wong) dangling for a rest of a sitting."
In reply Wong, who didn't think he fitting an ejection order said: "If everyone is in agreement, afterwards we can only contend appreciate you"
Earlier Wong mocked a House when he said: "You have been asking me to get out of a sitting for saying a fact. This is not right. Apa guna mau keluar? Sikit-sikit mau keluar.
"Is this not a democratic assembly? we am only a single person, how can we quarrel all of you?
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Sabah IC figure: Home Ministry unsure

The Home Ministry says which most applications for ICs from 1990 to 2005 were finished manually, as well as as such it did not have a exact numbers on hand.
KUALA LUMPUR: The supervision does not nonetheless know how most first-identity cards (IC) have been released in Sabah over a past twenty years.
In a parliamentary written response, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein pronounced a method had a tough time in getting report in this area.
He was referring to Independent-Tuaran MP Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing, who asked how most ICs had been postulated from 1990 until now.
"The method wishes to state which prior to 2006, state Registration Departments (NRD) had their application processes finished manually," Hishammuddin said.
He pronounced which data from a Sabah NRD had to be collected manually, as well as as such, his method indispensable more time prior to they could come up with a minute answer.
He was, however, able to exhibit which 43,617 first-ICs or MyKads (for those aged twelve as well as above), MyPR (permanent resident) as well as MkKAS (temporary resident) cards had been released after 2006 until Sep this year.
Hishammuddin additionally combined which given 1990, those born in Malaysia were required to have as well as produce their bieing born certificates when applying for their ICs.
Letters of declarations, he said, were invalid forms of proof.
Allegations have arisen over a years over a issuance of temperament cards to illegal immigrants in Malaysia's easternmost state given a 1990s.
Critics claimed which those who received these ca! rds did so on a condition which they would opinion for a Barisan Nasional sovereign supervision during after general elections.
Termed as "Project IC", a move has been a sore point for most internal Sabahans, together with former BN MPs.
In 1970, Sabah had a race of 651,304. This increasing to 1.5 million in 1980 prior to sharpened up to 2.4 million in 2000. By 2010, a state was pronounced to have 3.1 million people.
These details have led Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into a matter.
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Koleksi Kenyataan Menghina Islam dari UMNO

NOTA EDITOR: Kalau orang yang mengaku Islam tak mulakan maki Islam, takkan MCA kafir tu berani1. "Hukum rejam kepada penzina adalah primitif." - Tun Dr. Mahathir, 3 Mac 1994, dalam kenyatannya kepada wartawan di Nilam Puri, Kelantan Darul Naim.2. "Negara akan huru-hara sekiranya undang-undang Islam dilaksanakan." - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, twenty April 1983, dalam temubualnya dengan para wartawan.3. "Saya nak tahu siapakah di antara ahli-ahli Pas yang sanggup memotong tangan orang jika ... Read More

Malaysia opens schools for migrant workers kids
But Tamil schools ignored
(The Jakarta Post) -Malaysia has concluded to open twenty-two schools for a children of Indonesian migrant workers in Sabah, according to a comparison Indonesian official.
Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa pronounced upon Tuesday which a agreement was voiced by his Malaysian counterpart, Anifah Aman, during a 12th assembly of a joint elect for bilateral team-work in between Indonesia as well as Malaysia in Yogyakarta.
"This is a agenda we have been pushing to get approved. It has just right away been voiced which [Malaysia] has approved a establishment of twenty-two schools," Marty told reporters after a meeting.
Although a Foreign Ministry had no information upon a number of children of Indonesian migrant workers in Sabah, many have been pronounced to lack access to school for a variety of reasons.

Marty pronounced which a schools, which would be set up as village guidance centers, would allow a children to get an education. "Some of a schools have been even already operating," a unfamiliar apportion said.

Separately, Foreign Ministry orator Michael Tene pronounced which a brand new guidance centers would be operated as an extension of a Indonesian schools now run by Indonesian officials in Malaysia.

"They [the schools] will be dependent with Indonesian schools in Malaysia as well as a teachers will additionally be from Indonesian schools," Michael said.

Also discussed during a assembly were efforts to address a South China Sea brawl in between China as wel! l as ASE AN part of nations Brunei, Malaysia, a Philippines as well as Vietnam, according to Marty.

Beijing claims roughly a entire sea, which is pronounced to reason abounding pot of oil as well as gas.

Indonesia has rebuilt as well as circulated a breeze of formula of control (CoC) for a South China Sea to ASEAN unfamiliar ministers as well as to China which includes prerequisites for conflict impediment as well as government in a area.

Marty pronounced which a ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, discussed a primary breeze of a formula of conduct.

"Hopefully, ASEAN nations as well as China will finish a brawl through diplomatic settlements," a unfamiliar apportion said.

Marty pronounced which he hoped a ASEAN Summit to be held next month in Cambodia would yield solutions to a dispute, to illustrate avoiding a failure which occurred during a association's last summit in July.

Delegates at a assembly upon Tuesday ratified opportunities for possible team-work in assorted fields as well as discussed holding a head-of-government assembly in between President Susilo Bambang Yudho-yono as well as Malaysian Prime Minister Abdul Razak in Kuala Lumpur in December, according to M! arty.

The unfamiliar apportion pronounced which Indonesia as well as Malaysia had additionally concluded to use a authorised process to resolve incidents involving their citizens who run tainted of a law in a adjacent country, such as in drug trafficking or fishing disputes.

"Hopefully all will be managed improved in a future," Marty said.
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Object hudud, not insult Islam
Datuk Chua Jui Meng, PKR vice-president
NO MALAYSIAN has a right to insult any religion. And MCA, in its amok frenzy to garner Chinese support for a subsequent ubiquitous election, is you do only which opposite Islam, a inhabitant religion.
Using a hukum hudud (Islamic criminal law) bogey, as has been used for umpteen years after Merdeka (Independence), what a MCA as well as even a widespread Umno in Barisan Nasional (BN) do not realize is which a hudud is a stand in edged sword.
It harms as well as indemnification a firmness of both MCA as well as Umno. Malaysians have each right to intent to a doing of a hudud though not insult Islam.
When MCA boss Chua Soi Lek says 8 of a 11 countries which implemented hudud were backward as well as corrupt, which is only a plain scornful sweeping statement.
When Chua says hudud is a cruel law, which is oppressive to a Muslims as well as Islam. Can't he articulate some-more diplomatically? Like observant a hudud is not befitting for this epoch since There have been most alternative insults hurled by MCA opposite Islam which you do not wish to repeat.
The Islam-bashing led by Chua exposes Umno as a hypocrite, unable to urge a inhabitant sacrament opposite a insults. With Mahathir Mohamad, a man who ruled Malaysia for twenty-two years, observant MCA did not intent to 'Islamic country' declaration, MCA is now a domestic passed duck to a Chinese as well as Muslims. It is also becoming increasingly transparent to all which Mahathir is still running a country.
As us ual, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak can't have a stand. He had no reply when asked about Soi Lek's scornful statements. Najib could not urge his own religion. In exasperation, Mahathir had to take a emanate in to his own hands.
After a glow bombings of churches over a make use of of a word "Allah", it was Pakatan Rakyat de facto personality Anwar Ibrahim as well as PAS boss Abdul Hadi Awang who emerged to urge a constitutional rights of a Christians.
The Christian weekly,The Herald, then took a Umno-led sovereign government to justice over a make use of of a word "Allah" to describe God.
On Dec 31, 2009, a High Court ruled which a Christians had a right to make use of a word "Allah" since a word was not disdainful to Muslims only.
you say there is no some-more room for race as well as eremite politics in Malaysia. We have been Malaysians loyal to a country.
And this is an extract of a Jun 20, 2002, AP report:
Ling Liong Sik, personality of a Malaysian Chinese Association, a party in a ruling coalition, pronounced which Malaysia was already famous as an Islamic nation by international organizations. "We will never amend a constitution," Ling said. "We have been what you have been a liberal, approved Islamic state permitting everybody to flourish. We never felt unassured.
All these zombie-like eremite as well as secular slurs put up by MCA as well as Umno for a past 55 years have been aimed during usually progressing their domestic energy to heighten their associate businesses as well as a elite.
That is a usually plausible explanation why, a healthy resource-rich country, including oil as well as gas, like Malaysia has amassed some-more than RM500 billion in sovereign debts, only 1.3% reduced of a 55% legislated debt ceiling.
If this is not sum mismanagement of a country's wealth, what is it?
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Rafizis attacks on NFC has set Malaysia back by 10 years
Industry players in the cultivation zone contend the relentless tongue by Rafizi has set Malaysia behind by 10 years from assembly the government's objectives in the National Meat Policy (Ruminant Sector) 2006.
Fabiani Azmi
A New Straits Times inform has quoted the Attorney General as saying, "The review did not exhibit rapist breaches as far as the Agriculture as well as Agro-based Industry Ministry is concerned." Will the supervision afterwards immediately revitalize the NFC project? Will it assist the building the total of the critical Export Quality Abattoir to meet the massacre numbers? Will Malaysians afterwards stop consuming difficult bovine animal beef imports (Malaysia is the largest importer of Indian bovine animal beef termed misleadingly as Cara beef). Fabiani Azmi talks to those which matter as well as is told ..
It would crop up which Malaysians have not been since the right sense upon the issues confronting the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) as well as National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) which otherwise would have been the rarely viable as well as profitable venture for entrepreneurs especially stipulate farmers who were targeted to lift beef sufficiency levels to 40% by 2015, the single big step towards Malaysia's food security.
The cessation as well as silence adopted by the supervision had authorised the antithesis led by Anwar Ibrahim as well as his damning plan honcho Rafizi Ramli to fuel lies, distortions as well as misrepresentations upon the NFC beef plan as well as NFCorp.
Industry players in the cultivation zone contend the relentless tongue by Rafizi has set Malays! ia behin d by 10 years from assembly the government's objectives in the National Meat Policy (Ruminant Sector) 2006.
It has never been the intention of Anwar Ibrahim as well as the antithesis to see Malaysians good from supervision initiatives. The Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGVH) IPO re lighted by the prime minister to lift the welfare of farmers is the undiluted example. By inventory Felda, Najib had upgraded the position of Felda from the group of internal farmers into the mega general conglomerate, the inventory of which is the second largest in the universe this year. But the opposition's incessant vile attacks upon FGVH to mutilate supervision initiatives were clear in the lead up to the listing.
In NFCorp's case, the opposition's first aim was to derail the Wanita "Pakatan Rakyat" Chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil who commands the membership portfolio of over 1.3 million women voters. Shahrizat is married to NFCorp chairman Datuk Seri Dr Salleh. The antithesis was never unequivocally endangered which the beef plan was critical to Malaysia's food security. Their enthusiasm as well as enthusiasm was to hit Shahrizat off from the supervision machine by using down the NFC plan as well as NFCorp the company to explode the government.
So for months, Malaysians were fed with lies, distortions as well as misrepresentations. Among others, the antithesis had harped upon the commentary of the Auditor General's 2010 Report.
For the NFC beef plan to have been successful, an Export Quality Abattoir (EQA) designed to massacre 350 heads of cattle the day was vital. Without the EQA in place, the stipulate farmers underneath the Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP) would not be means to massacre 186,000 heads of cattle in 2014. Neither could NFCorp for their 60,000 heads of cattle.
This inaugural point was never obviously brought to the public's attention by the Auditor General in his previous 2010 report. Nor did the antithes! is in th eir politically motivated attacks.
The EQA moratorium meant which the EDP programme could not be rolled out. Nor could the feed mills as well as the bio gas plant (which relies upon volume abattoir waste) to beget electricity, be feasible. Nor could some-more cattle be imported as there would be the surplus with most left to resting as well as languish in the farms.
And now there is no other such EQA of this genius in Malaysia. The EQA meets world-class standards as well as is an needed requirement by general hypermarkets as well as supermarkets in Malaysia before the slaughtered beef can be sold to consumers during their outlets.
The AG's miss in co-relating this crucial missing link of the EQA in the NFC equation had contributed to misperceptions. Instead, concerns were upon beef prolongation shortfall, delays in the building the total of ancillary comforts such as the feed mills as well as the bio gas plant, the moratorium of the EDP as well as satellite farms, supervision infrastructure as well as other weaknesses.
As the result, the antithesis used these points to their advantage as well as created the political stir against the government, NFCorp, as well as robbed 310 intensity stipulate farmers of the remunerative event for the better livelihood.
The latest 2011 AG Report released not long ago reported the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) as well as the Attorney General's Chambers mulling polite action.
NFCorp pronounced in the statement which it was the MOA's before movement of default upon the Implementation Agreement which had caused all the nonessential shortcomings as well as set backs in the NFC project. The statement sought the Attorney General's lenience to be satisfactory in assessing the law of the incident in all integrity to the parties before plunging into any polite action.
It is accepted which as early as 2007, NFCorp had been reassured in meetings ! with the MOA which the EQA would be finished by 2008. However, the MOA had usually tendered the EQA building the total in 2009. In May 2009, the ministry called off the EQA as well as dangling the NFC project.
The reason since was which the Viability as well as Business Model Study had to be undertaken. Despite dual years with NFCorp upon lane with the NFC project, the single wonders should not this investigate have been done first before tendering the project?
It was additionally unequivocally nonessential to hindrance the NFC project. NFCorp had already succeeded in importing 8,897 heads of cattle, 11 per cent some-more than the planned aim for 2010.
The government-commissioned independent investigate by UPM Holdings had pointed,"On the whole, the NFC Project represents the viable plan both from an implementation as well as profitability standpoint, as well as is in line with the end to rise entrepreneurs in the feedlot zone provided the plan is carried out as summarized in the Implementation Agreement."
Today the EQA as well as NFC plan remains deferred. The MOA defaulted upon the obligations in the Implementation Agreement. There is unequivocally no basement for the supervision to take polite action, lawyers tell.
The AG had additionally come out to contend in an NST inform which "The review did not exhibit rapist breaches as far as the Agriculture as well as Agro-based Industry Ministry is concerned."
If which is the case, what is next for Malaysian Halal beef consumers in this predicament?
The NFC beef plan has been suspended. The EQA has yet to be built. The Government's National Meat Policy (Ruminant Sector) 2006 to safeguard Malaysia's food confidence has been jeopardized as well as set behind by the antithesis by 10 years. Will you continue to be eating Buffalo beef imports?
"All this is so fallacious but any sense as well as sensibility," pronounced housewife Noorja! nah Abdu l Samad upon the trip to the marketplace to procure beef for her rendang which she intends to prepare to applaud Hari Raya Haji. She finds it hard to heed in between Indian beef as well as the genuine beef. She asked why was Indian bovine animal beef referred as Indian beef?
Will she as well as most other unsuspecting housewives end up with the periuk of difficult Indian bovine animal rendang?
In this quagmire, Fabiani believes this is tantamount to labeling kangaroo beef as Australian beef.
About the Writer
Fabiani Azmi is an avid reader of Malaysia Today, smart mainstream newspapers as well as Internet headlines portals. When not reading, he additionally enjoys the company of sapiosexuals. It's the stimulating find for him.
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The Firefighter's Plight
Nicole Tan Lee Koon, Secretary of Seremban branch, DAP Negeri Sembilan.
you wish to share a firefighter's plight with you. Let's contend an arsonist proposed a fire. The firefighter afterwards comes as well as tries to do away with a fire. The arsonist afterwards tries to harm a firefighter's effort.
In a late 80s, Chan Ah Chye, a former engineer as well as project physical education instructor in Selangor state subsidiary PKNS shaped Talam Corporation. He was a crony of BN Menteri Besar, Muhammad Muhammad Taib as well as became a major player in a Selangor development scene. An intensely vast volume of state land was alienated to Talam for a song. Talam's modus operandi was to make use of a land for outrageous loans to finance their projects. Talam's loan kept growing. Talam additionally due MBI (Menteri Besar Incorporated) a outrageous sum of income i.e RM392 million.
In 2008, Pakatan took over Selangor as well as Khalid Ibrahim became a MB. Khalid inherited a situation in which Talam owes MBI a pronounced RM392 million. Khalid, an consultant in corporate finance afterwards programmed to redeem a RM392 million from Talam, which was due to Selangorians. Khalid as well as his team succeeded. For a more information, please review Nathaniel Tan's essay :
The story does not end here. Chua Tee Yong afterwards comes along as well as cries wolf. He claimed which MBI's restructuring was tainted with scandal. However, Chua did not do his homework properly. He marked down a volume of income claimed to be 'misused' by Selangor - from RM1 billion, to RM260 million, to RM42 milli! on. Usin g "The Star" as his mouthpiece, Chua one after another attacking Pakatan with his antagonistic lies.
Summary : There you have it. A glow (Talamgate) proposed by an arsonist (BN). A firefighter (Pakatan) managed to do away with a fire. Instead of thanking a firefighter for saving a fire, a arsonist (BN) tried to harm a firefighter's (Pakatan) effort, by claiming which it was done wrongly!
What shall you do with an arsonist such as BN? Kick a arsonist out in GE13!!!
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BN- Dari Tanah Kamu Datang, Kepada Tanah Kamu Kembali

Sebelum kita jawab Dato Najib- kita komen sedikit mengenai kenyataan Dr Mahathir. a man who can travel upon water. setelah 55 tahun, dibawah pemerintahan "Barisan Nasional", Dr Mahathir kata orang Melayu mengemis ditanah air mereka sendiri. Adakah keadaan demikian disebabkan oleh PAS, PKR dan DAP? Atau adakah keadaan orang Melayu itu disebabkan kesemulajadian mereka iu berbangsanya Melayu?

Mahathir akan mengatakan all of a above. Its in a genes. Melayu bodoh kata Dr Mahathir.

Keadaan orang Melayu jadi begini adalah disebabkan kepimpinan mereka. Dan hampir seluruh tempoh hidup orang Melayu dizaman moden ini, mereka diperintah oleh "Barisan Nasional".Inginlah saya mengulangi apa yang pernah dinyatakan oleh Pendita Zaaba puluhan tahun yang lampau- seolah olah penulisan Zaaba menggambarkan apa yang akan dilakukan oleh "Barisan Nasional"

Maka keadaan kehidupan anak2 Melayu sekarangmereka telah kena perabdikan dan kena picit dan perah dan ramas ditangan pemerintah2 nya iaitu pemerintah2 daripada bangsa mereka sendiri.

Tidak syak lagi yang dimaksudkan oleh Pendita Zaaba ialah "Barisan Nasional"!.

Dr Mahathir tidak berhenti daripada membodohkan orang Melayu. Yang pegang kuasa ialah "Barisan Nasional" dan twenty-two tahun darinya di pegang oleh Dr Maha! thir sen diri. Masa nya sudah tiba kita buangkan rasa sentimentalism terhadap "Barisan Nasional" yang telah merompak kekayaan negara dan melanun kekayaan negara. Yang kaya ialah Melayu terpilih.

Yang memegang kuasa ialah "Barisan Nasional" dan gerombolan penyamun BN. suatu hari dirumah Dato Najib , dia memberitahu saya Dr Mahathir menyamun kekayaan negara melalui projek lebuhraya, projek pelabuhan, projek IPP.Tun Musa Hitam berpendapat Dr Mahathir tidak ada perasaan malu bila menyatakan bahawa pemimpin negara ini korap dari yang paling atas sampai kebawah. Sedangkan yang memulakan budaya merasuah ialah Dr Mahathir sendiri. Tun Daim beritahu saya- sejarah akan menghukum Mahathir dari satu sudut sahaja, iaitu rasuah yang berluasa. History will judge Mahathir in a end upon his jot down of incubating and nurturing rampant corruption. testimony Mahathir bahawa Ling Liong Sik tidak berupaya menipu negara adalah bahan ketawa. Tun Daim juga beritahu saya, macam mana kita mahu benteras rasuah, jika sogokan wang sudah menyampai kepada pemimpin yang tertinggi.

Segala masaalah dan malapetaka, rasuah, kegawatan ekonomi disebabkan oleh "Barisan Nasional". Apa yang akan buat kita percaya yang gagal dibetulkan oleh "Barisan Nasional" selama 55 tahun, boleh ia lakukan dalam masa 5 tahun? "Barisan Nasional" tidak ada rekod untuk menyokong janji2 mereka. Yang mungkir janji ialah "Barisan Nasional". Yang membuktikan mereka boleh memenuhi janji ialah semua negeri yang dipimpin oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Maka sayugialah rakyat menyokong Pakatan Rakyat dan membenamkan "Barisan Nasional".

Rakyat Selangor umpamanya tidak pernah diberitahu bahawa kajian yang dijalankan oleh UM menunjukkan hanya 29% sahaja responden percaya BN boleh merampas balik Selangor. kenapa rakyat Selangor mahu mengembalikan negeri ini dalam tangan lanun dan perompak?
bukan kah "Barisan Nasional" yang menjalankan dasar ekonomi yang menyebabkan 40% dari penduduk negara ini mempunyai pendapatan kurang dari RM1500 sebulan? Dan 75% dari kumpulan tersebut ialah orang Melayu?8 juta lebih Melayu mempunyai pendapatan kurang dari RM1500 dan itu adalah hasil dasar dan kepimpinan "Barisan Nasional". Marilah kita sama sama menghantar semua lanun dan perompak ini ke Sungai Buloh dan jadikan mereka B1M!- Banduan 1 Malaysia.

Bukankah dasar ekonomi Najib yang disebutkan sebagai Model Ekonomi Baru itu sebenarnya adalah lanjutan dari dasar ekonomi penindasan Dr Mahathir? menindas infancy orang Melayu dan mengayakan segelintir Melayu terpilih? Antara yang terpilih ialah anak Dr Mahathir sendiri yang kaya raya bahkan seorang dari nya boleh membina ruang pameran kereta Ferari bernilai RM20 juta. Orang yang buang tebiat akan meyebut seperti yang dinyatakan oleh Mahathir. dan Mahathir disertai oleh geng2 lama perompak negara seperti Sanusi Junid dan lain lain.

Nanti lah kita akan mengupas apa Dr Mahathir kata dalam artikel yang lain.Let us understanding with a political vertebrate Najib Razak for now.

Dato Sri Najib kata orang Melayu benci dengan DAP. Kita boleh jawab awal dan tidak perlu tanya Tunku Aziz. Yang benci adalah mereka yang termakan dakyah "Barisan Nasional". Yang benci ialah mereka yang berfikiran sempit. Pemimpin "Barisan Nasional" takkanlah menyukai parti yang akan membenamkan geng perompak nya. Yang membenci ialah mereka yang tidak faham politik dan lupa bahawa daripada 29 juta rakyat Malaysia, hampir nineteen juta orang Melayu. "Barisan Nasional" ingat 16 juta orang Melayu yang lain itu, penakut dan bacul macam mereka.

Yang benci ialah mereka yang lupa, kalau 1 orang "Barisan Nasional" kecundang, ada 6 orang lagi Melayu yang terus hidup. Melayu tidak memerlu! kan "Bar isan Nasional".

Kenyataan Najib tidak mengherankan dan bukan nya sesuatu yang baru. Mustahil kita akan dengar Najib menyatakan perkara yang baik mengenai DAP. Pada pandangan Najib, DAP itu parti cauvinis cina. DAP mahukan negara repablik. DAP akan menguasai politik Malaysia. DAP mengkuda semua parti politik yang lain. Pendek kata, Najib mengulangi penceritaan lapuk dan basi terhadap DAP. Inilah customary pemikiran dari seorang pemimpin yang penakut dan kurang cerdik.

Apa yang tidak dikemukakan kepada rakyat Malaysia, ialah alasan2 rasional kenapa orang Melayu mesti membenci DAP. Najib tidak mampu berbuat demikian selain dari mengkakaktuakan apa yang dinyatakan oleh pecacai "Barisan Nasional" yang lain.

Bolehkah kita harapkan apa2 yang besar dan menakjubkan dari pemimpin yang penakut dan kurang cerdik?

Apabila saya ceramah, takkanlah saya hendak ceritakan kebaikan "Barisan Nasional". Tentulah saya mengambil kesempatan mendedahkan keburukan pemimpin "Barisan Nasional" yang merugikan orang Melayu. Menyokong "Barisan Nasional" akan membawa bangsa Melayu rebah dan negara kita musnah. Menyokong "Barisan Nasional" bererti menyokong gerombalan pencuri dan perompak.

Maka, bila Najib bercakap, sudah barang tentu tidak ada apa2 baik untuk diberitahu mengenai DAP, PKR dan Anwar Ibrahim, serta PAS. Tapi, marilah kita dedahkan sebab2 sebenar Najib berkata demikian. Kita tidak perlu tanya apa2 dariTunku Aziz. Biarkan Tunku Aziz dengan leteran kebangsawanan nya.Itu joke sebab utama Tunku Aziz keluar DAP- dia ada sense of over inflated importance. Bila perasaan demikian tidak dipedulikan atau tidak dilihat begitu penting, tergurislah hati aristokrat itu. yang lain dalam DAP tidak ada perasaan demikian. Kita tak kira itu semua.

< span>Ketakutan. Ketakutan yang amat sangat menyebabkan Najib melatah seperti orang tidak siuman. Saban hari Najib melihat "Barisan Nasional" kian keseorangan. Gerakan berada diambang maut dengan 2 kerusi parlimen nya. MCA dengan fifteen kerusi akan kecundang teruk. MIC dengan 3 kerusi nya hanya kerana ehsan "Barisan Nasional". PPP ialah Parti Peminta Sedekah. "Barisan Nasional" dengan 79 kerusi nya joke dalam keadaan cemas. Kerana apa? Kerana undi dan sokongan cina berpindah kepada DAP. Undi orang Melayu berpindah kepada PAS. Undi golongan menengah pergi ke PKR.

Dimana datang sokongan untuk "Barisan Nasional" dan BN? ia datang dari warga negara segera- rakyat Bangla, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia. Inilah dia parti yang berjuang Hidup Melayu dan Agama, Bangsa dan Tanah Air. Akhirnya "Barisan Nasional" melacur maruah dan mengkhianati negara dengan menjual kerakyatan kerana mahu mengekalkan kuasa.

Najib melihat sokongan masyarakat Cina kepada nya merosot dengan teruk. Dan penyebab utama kemerosotan sokongan tersebut ialah DAP. Hari ini DAP telah menguasai 80-90% sokongan masyarakat Cina. Ini akan menyebabkan BN akan hilang lebih banyak kerusi dimana dalam kawasan parlimen itu ada sekurang kurangnya 40% orang Cina.

Najib juga tahu bahawa MCA sduah tidak terdaya menahan penghijrahan sokongan orang Cina.

Kedua, Najibtidak faham. Masakan orang kurang cerdik faham bahawa sokongan orang Cina bukan disebabkan chauvinism dan ekstremism.Orang Cina memperakui bahawa ini negara infancy nya Melayu dan orang Melayu akan terus menguasai politik. Orang Cina bukan beroperasi atas chauvinism tapi menginginkan kerajaan yang telus, demokratik, menjalankan dasar2 ekonomi yang adil,mahukan sebuah negara yang menghormati undang2. "Barisan Nasional" dan BN mempunyai rekod buruk dalam kesemua perkara ini dan sebab2 ini! yang me nyebabkan orang Cina tidak mahu lagi menyokong "Barisan Nasional", MCA atau parti2 BN yang lain.

Najib ingat orang cina beroperasi atas perasaan ekstrim dan bersangkaan bahawa orang menyokong DAP dan membenci dan berniat jahat keatas bangsa lain terutama bangsa Melayu.Sebab itu DAP dituduh mahu menubuhkan repablik dimana institusi Raja Melayu dihapuskan, apa2 kepentingan bangsa Melayu dihapuskan dan seumpamanya.

Sebab sebenarnya orang Cina menyokong DAP ialah kerana parti tersebut tidak bacul dan tidak perlu menggunakan isiu emosional seperti MCA. DAP is fearless. Sebagai sebuah parti yang fearless, DAP boleh memahami atas prinsip apa orang PAS beroperasi. Kerana itu PAS dan DAP saling menghormati. Demikian juga DAP memahami PKR. DAP boleh memahami parti2 dimana pemimpin nya berani masuk jel, di ISAkan, ada yang dibunuh, serta dipenjarai. DAP boleh faham ketokohan parti2 yang berani berjuang dan berkorban.

Berani berjuang dan berkorbanlan yang menyebabkan orang Cina menyokong DAP. Orang Cina yang menikmati lebih demokrasi dan oleh itu memiliki lebih pilihan melihat MCA parti yang penakut dan lembik memperjuangkan isiu2 yang melibatkan kepentingan orang Cina. Dan cubaan MCA menjuarai isiu kepentingan cina disaat akhir sudah tidak berguna lagi. Orang Cina tidak ada isiu dengan hudud. Orang Cina sedar itu isiu orang Melayu yang beragma Islam. Orang Cina tahu, walaupun mereka bukan Islam, tapi hak dan kepentingan mereka akan dihirmati dan dilindungi.

Posted by sakmongkol AK47
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Video : Anti-Chua Soi Lek Rally in Front of Wisma MCA

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Nak tengok gambar penuh! KLIK SINI - Kena tengok wei, banyak gambar-gambar touching. Aku saja letak muka Azeez ni sebab dia ni memang apa orang kata kat dia pun, tang bantuan kemanusiaan dia memang A!

Niat murni Kelab Putra 1 Malaysia (KP1M) dalam membantu mangsa perang Syria yang melarikan diri ke Jordan rupa-rupanya telah disalahertikan oleh sesetengah pihak.

Persoalan mengenai siapakah sebenarnya pelarian Syria itu tidak penting kerana misi itu dibuat atas dasar keprihatinan kerajaan dalam membantu sesama umat Islam yang mengalami kesusahan.

Konflik yang berlaku di Syria tidak kiralah siapa yang mencetuskannya iaitu sama ada golongan pemberontak mahupun kerajaan negara itu, ternyata telah mengakibatkan rakyatnya menanggung derita hari demi hari.

Justeru, kehadiran KP1M di bumi Jordan adalah untuk mengurangkan keseng! saraan h ampir 37, 000 rakyat Syria yang kebanyakannya adalah di kalangan umat Islam.

Ketika mengulas mengenai kutukan demi kutukan ke atas Misi Bantuan Kemanusiaan Pelarian Syria, Duta Malaysia ke Jordan, Datuk Abdul Malek Abdul Aziz, berkata pihak-pihak tersebut perlu faham niat sebenar kedatangan KP1M ke negara itu.


2012 UN Day Opening Address by UN Resident Coordinator, Malaysia

October 24, 2012

2012 UN Day Celebration to mark a 67th Anniversary of a United Nations

Opening Address by Mr. Kamal Malhotra
United Nations Resident Coordinator, Malaysia


On behalf of a United Nations Country Team in Malaysia, it is my great pleasure as good as privilege to acquire all of we to this year's commemoration of United Nations Day. we would generally identical to to appreciate Yg Berhormat Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, a Honourable Senator Mr. A. Kohilan Pillay, for taking a time from his bustling report to beauty this event with his presence.

Today, in Kuala Lumpur, we join Malaysia as good as alternative UN part of states in commemorating as good as celebrating a 67th anniversary of a initial of a United Nations. On twenty-four October 1945, a tellurian village pledged, by a United Nations Charter, to work together to encourage unity as good as maintain assent as good as confidence between all nations.

Security, development, as good as tellurian rights have been a 3 main pillars of a work of a United Nations. Because a universe is obviously most some-more formidable as good as interdependent currently than in 1945, a values of a United Nations Charter as good as a Organization itself have been even some-more applicable currently than they were 67 years ago.

The tellurian hurdles of currently respect no borders, as good as no country, abounding or poor, weak or powerful, can resolve these hurdles in isolation. If a UN did not exist, it would have to be invented, as good as it is distant from clear which a UN combined in a geo- domestic being of 2012 would be some-more undiluted than a vital though imperfect establishment! combine d in 1945 which my colleagues as good as we represent.

As we know, a United Nations Conference upon Sustainable Development (UNCSD) good known as Rio+20, was held in Brazil in June 2012. It was attended by some-more than 40,000 people together with Heads of State as good as Government, parliamentarians, mayors, UN officials, private zone as good as civil multitude leaders to secure renewed joining during a top domestic turn for tolerable expansion as good as to residence brand brand new as good as rising hurdles in this area.

UN Secretary General BAN Ki-Moon has settled which the Rio+20 result document, entitled 'The Future We Want,' is "an critical victory for multilateralism after months of formidable negotiations." Through this document, countries renewed their domestic joining to tolerable development, agreed to settle a set of tolerable expansion goals (SDGs), as good as determined a high-level UN domestic forum upon tolerable development. More than 700 commitments were registered during a Conference, a conspicuous testament to bottom-up, grassroots commitment.

Mr. BAN additionally said. "The universe is watching as good as will reason us all under obligation to a commitments done in Rio. Implementation is imperative if we have been to grasp a destiny we want."

Looking over 2015 as good as Rio+20, a UN is in a routine of crafting "sustainable expansion goals" which should set up upon a significant success of a MDGs in focusing expansion efforts as good as mobilizing diverse actors around a usual cause. These will fully simulate all 3 strands of tolerable development, i.e. economic, amicable as good as environmental; as good as serve to lift a turn of tellurian end to exterminate extreme poverty in a long- tenure tolerable manner.

The post-2015 Development Agenda discussion is already underway globally as good as a UN in Malaysia has motionless to assemble inhabitant turn consultations early in 2013 to brainstorm! as good as come up with proposals which will serve as inputs in to a ongoing informal as good as tellurian discussions to safeguard which Malaysian ideas as good as voices can influence a tellurian process. The National Consultation will include part of from all stakeholder groups in a country.

The universe is still grappling with both a short-term goods as good as a long-term implications of a monetary as good as mercantile crises namely, a Eurozone crisis, a sluggish US economy as good as China as good as India's slowing growth.

The economic, monetary as good as amicable implications for a Asia-Pacific region, as good as generally for traffic as good as investment dependent economies such as Malaysia, have been profound. Both a universe village as good as Malaysia mount currently during multiple, coexisting crossroads.

The extent to which leaders will provide courageous, bold, positive, as good as reform-oriented domestic care to navigate a economic, domestic as good as socio-cultural crossroads which we collectively face, will determine a peculiarity of a future.

Here we would identical to to say a couple of words upon a implications for Malaysia, generally in light of Budget 2013. While a combination of a abounding full of illness resource endowments of oil as good as palm oil as good as a supervision or supervision related association (GLC) stimulus for a Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), will safeguard respectable GDP expansion for Malaysia in 2012, this is doubtful to be postulated in a medium-term or even in 2013, when GDP expansion is expected to be distant some-more somber than what a supervision has projected in a Budget 2013, unless there have been early as good as significant reforms.

Given a downgraded mercantile expansion forecasts during a IMF-World Bank Annual meetings in Tokyo progressing this mon! th, Budget 2013 needs larger as good as renewed critical scrutiny. Sadly, most Malaysian economists as good as commentators have so distant failed to provide this. When we was asked to comment upon Budget 2013 by Bernama final week, we started by observant which this year's bill cannot be noticed upon a stand- alone basis.

It contingency be placed in a cumulative context of a final 3 budgets as good as their probable middle to long-term impact upon a destiny competitiveness of a Malaysian economy. The inhabitant domestic context over this duration has, unfortunately, significantly constrained what has been voiced in any bill in a final 3 years, as good as serious constructional remodel initiatives which a UN in Malaysia feels have been required have depressed casualty to this.

While acknowledging a formidable domestic context for such constructional reforms, quite in a duration with elections around a corner, 3 unbroken budgets of a identical inlet in an increasingly rival informal as good as tellurian sourroundings have meant 3 mislaid opportunities for Malaysia to make serious mercantile as good as funding reforms to enable a widening of a income bottom as good as a reduction of an scarcely tall coherence of a inhabitant bill upon oil revenue.

This puts Malaysia during an augmenting waste with her neighbours in an rising informal context of larger mercantile space as good as flourishing competitiveness of most alternative ASEAN part of states.

Budget 2013 has additionally been a smallest budget, as a percentage of GDP, since a tellurian mercantile predicament in 2009 it has reduced to 24.9% of GDP from 27% of GDP for 2012. Development output has further reduced to reduction than 20% while operating output is right away almost 81% to maintain civil service emoluments as good as supervision operations. A smaller expansion bill means a reduced abi! lity for Malaysia to rise brand brand new capacities, brand brand new initiatives as good as brand brand new potential.

Moreover, a projected revoke mercantile necessity is not due to augmenting income or brand brand new mercantile strategies together with funding reforms, though partly because a size of a overall bill is smaller while GDP expansion projections have been some-more optimistic than stream tellurian as good as informal mercantile expansion forecasts suggest.

Equally important, a bill necessity projections for 2013 have been revoke because amicable services, which include education, training, illness as good as housing, had really vast cuts an 18.5% diminution from a previous budget, with socially vulnerable groups expected to be a most negatively impacted.

To sustainably revoke as good as indeed eliminate 15 consecutive years of mercantile deficits since 1998, a supervision will need to urgently demeanour in to relating a cyclical as good as constructional components of a income with a expenditures by office building a some-more extensive as good as awake counter-cyclical mercantile strategy, going forward.

The coercion of this cannot be overstated. As a Institute of Strategic as good as International Studies (ISIS) as good as others have not long ago noted, Malaysia's open sector-wide bill necessity stands during a most larger 10.5% of GDP for 2011. This includes a sovereign government's bill necessity of 4.5% though additionally a debts accumulated by non-financial open enterprises (NFPEs).

The money handouts in a final 3 budgets have been not tolerable in this context, nor do they set up prolific capacity. Their profitable goods have been additionally not a surrogate for a broader, some-more extensive as good as awake amicable insurance plan which a UN, by a ILO as good as UNDP would be really willing to assistance a supervision rise as good as design, generally in! a conte xt of larger mercantile decentralization which will require significantly larger grants to state governments than a minimal 3% in Budget 2013.

Another plea for destiny mercantile routine as good as inhabitant budgets in Malaysia lies in a efficacy of a origination incentives which a supervision provides for aloft worth added production in wiring as good as alternative products. Such incentives have been largely absent in Budget 2013.

Malaysia will not be able to grasp a 2020 developed republic end without a colourful as good as energetic tall worth added production sector. UNDP Malaysia has regularly advocated for mercantile incentives for knowledge creation, innovation, technological upgrading, as good as R&D in a production sector.

In partnership with a government, UNDP has started preparing Malaysia's initial ever National Human Development Report (NHDR) which will concentration upon Inclusive Growth in which all these as good as alternative pass issues will be explored as good as elaborated with routine recommendations in 2013 when it is published.

Despite a expected grave tellurian as good as informal mercantile opinion for 2013, a UN will continue to advocate measures which will assistance Malaysia accelerate a feat of a UN's Millennium Development Goals, generally those it is not expected to grasp by 2015, such as MDG5 upon motherly mankind as good as passionate as good as reproductive health, as good as presumably MDG 6 upon HIV as good as AIDS.

Moving upon to Malaysia's democratization process, we contingency begin by applauding a Government as good as Election Commission for their brand new decision to implement 26 out of a 32 recommendations done by a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) upon Electoral Reform prior to a subsequent General Election. The UN Secretary General, in his open lecture during IDFR in Mar this year when he visited Malaysia, indicated which a UN is rebuilt to share a vast experience! as good as technical expertise in this area.

I have additionally indicated this to a Government, a Opposition as good as a Election Commission. The UN has long determined a repute for being globally a most experienced neutral as good as credible classification upon such issues worldwide. Indeed, since 1991, we have provided electoral assistance to some-more than 100 UN Member States as good as 4 territories, together with Indonesia, a Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iraq, as good as most not long ago Tunisia, Egypt as good as Libya, in further to a longer-term ongoing await for electoral establishment genius office building as good as a revision of electoral laws.

The need for integrity as good as clarity in a electoral routine has been not long ago emphasized by former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, as Chair of a Global Commission upon Elections, Democracy as good as Security.

In a foreword to a Commission's belligerent violation report, released final month, he says, "The report presents a plan to enlarge a likelihood which obligatory politicians as good as governments will lower democracy as good as urge a integrity of inhabitant elections.

In doing so, we goal which a Report will assistance to dilate bargain of a requirements for strong, approved as good as cohesive societies. From my experience, we have schooled which full of illness societies have been built upon 3 pillars: assent as good as security; mercantile development; as good as a order of law as good as respect for tellurian rights. For too long, we have since priority to a initial two pillars as good as not asked a third. In looking ahead to a hurdles facing a general community, we believe a time is ripe to underscore a order of law, approved governance as good as adult empowerment as integral elements to achieving tolerable development, confidence as good as a permanent peace."


The UN in Malaysia urges a Government as good as a Election Commission to use a recommendations of this recent, state- of-the- art, belligerent violation report to enhance Malaysia's electoral remodel efforts prior to a 13th General Election.

We additionally acquire a Prime Minister's proclamation repealing a Internal Security Act (1960) in Apr 2012 in further to a repeal of alternative outdated laws which include a Restricted Residence Act (1933) as good as a Banishment Act (1959) in line with a recommendations of a 2010 report of a UN Working Group upon Arbitrary Detention.

Nevertheless, a Security Offences (Special Measures) Bill, 2012 which transposed a ISA in Apr this year continues to have undesirable surety detention elements in further to another pass surety detention legislation which needs legislative addition so as to absolved Malaysia's statute books of all arbitrary detention laws. we speak of a Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985. In this context, we was heartened by journal reports final weekend which a Attorney General's Chambers was deliberation amendments to this Act, most notably stealing a mandatory genocide chastisement proviso for drug related offenses, following brand new moves in Singapore.

We would additionally urge which a recently-introduced territory 114A of a Evidence Act of 1950 which came in to force upon 31 Jul 2012 be amended or scrapped together with a Printing Presses as good as Publications Act. Section 114A creates a presumption which any registered user of network services is a publisher of a announcement sent from a mechanism which is related to which network service, unless a discordant is proved.

Overall, however, a UN commends as good as supports a Prime Minister in continuing upon a trail of law remodel by a Political Transformation Programme which is compatible with general tellurian rights norms as good as standards. We know which a supervision as good as people of Malaysia have been committed to republic office ! building as good as approved consolidation.

As a result, a UN in Malaysia would identical to to benefaction this year's UN award to an classification which by a cumulative work over 3 as good as a half decades most appropriate exemplifies a longstanding as good as consistent joining to democracy in a country. We would additionally identical to to benefaction a posthumous award to an exceptional Malaysian adult in appreciation of his lifetime of outstanding achievement. We will formally recognize a awardees after in a programme.

Before we conclude today, concede me to prominence a couple of of a most applicable responses of a UN in Malaysia to a hurdles we have just outlined.

UNDP's brand brand new republic programme (2013-2015) approved by a Executive Board final month will prioritize await for Malaysia's efforts to shun a "middle income trap", as good as await inhabitant efforts to eliminate a superfluous deep rooted pockets of poverty as good as residence inequalities as good as a pass meridian change, appetite confidence as good as governance hurdles facing a country. A prominence will be a ancestral initial National Human Development Report upon Inclusive Growth to be launched in 2013.

Together with a Government of Sabah, UNICEF not long ago embarked upon a extensive Situation Analysis of Children in a State which has a little of a most deprived children in a country. In a quintessentially in effect way of ensuring their right to authentic participation, UNICEF is ancillary a preparation of an alternative report by children to a Convention upon a Rights of a Child (CRC) this year.

The UN Populaton Fund's brand brand new Country Programme Action Plan (2013-2017) will prioritize a formidable as good as supportive issues surrounding a interface between religion, culture as good as passionate as good as reproductive health. The ILO determined a earthy presence in Malaysia in 2012 to protect migrants from labour exploitation.

It is additionally working with conceptu! alizing a possible stagnation insurance scheme for amicable insurance as good as office building policies for a transition to immature jobs. UNHCR will continue to pretence first responsibility for compelling solutions for a situation of some-more than 100,000 refugees in Malaysia; additionally upon condition which await as good as protection, together with from arrest, as good as engaging in advocacy with a Government for their entrance to education as good as a right to work as good as for a inhabitant authorised as good as administrative horizon for interloper management.

In conclusion,I would identical to to say which UN Day is an arise for us to simulate upon how distant we, as an general community, have succeeded in a efforts to grasp durability assent as good as confidence as good as in upon condition which a poor as good as vulnerable with a some-more secure substructure for a improved future. It is additionally an arise to concentration attention upon a crucial relationship between democracy, tellurian rights as good as development, which have been inexorably linked.

I would identical to to emphasize which ratification of as good as adherence to all of a UN's core tellurian rights covenants as good as conventions, as good as good governance which leads to assent as good as confidence have been critical pre- requisites both for tolerable expansion as good as for achieving developed republic status.

In this context we would identical to to assure we which a United Nations Country Team as good as approximately 700 UN staff in Malaysia sojourn committed to further strengthening a long-standing partnership with a Government of Malaysia as good as additionally with civil multitude as good as a alternative partners for a feat of a expansion aspirations of Malaysia as good as a people.

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DAP Sabah disputed a Barisan Nasional supervision suppressed a democracy in Sabah for suspending DAP Sabah's Seri Tanjung representative Jimmy Wong for a rest of a current State Assembly Sitting unreasonably.

DAP Sabah Deputy Chief, Fred Fung (red neck-tie) commented which a public shouldn't postpone Jimmy Wong from a public sitting since everyone is entitled a freedom of discuss in a assembly, generally a state representative should since a right to speak for a rakyat.
Furthermore, he should entitled to his perspective as well as assembly's movement is opposite a parliamentary democracy practise. "How can each evidence as well as perspective lifted have been considered as 'sangkaan Jahat'?" He said, ministers have been to respond all DUN's discuss as well as not forcing out by standing order.

He said, Wong is speaking upon interest of a people to question a allegation upon Chief Minister per corruption. The supervision should answer to question or allegation directly, but not to postpone anyone who has different domestic situation.

Fred had, in a perspective of democracy, dismissed a preference by a state public which is underneath majority tranquil by Barisan Nasional. "If no freedom of discuss as well as practice of democracy in a State Assembly, afterwards it would be no democracy practiced in Sabah."

" The democracy is passed in a state assembly." Fred concluded.
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Aidiladha: 2m vehicles expected on PLUS highways tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR, October twenty-four About dual million vehicles have been expected to flood PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) highways tomorrow in conjunction with the Aidiladha celebration this Friday. PLUS Corporate Communications conduct Mohd Nizam Ismail said this would be an enlarge of 23 per cent compared to 1.6 million vehicles upon a normal day. "We have been raised dual ... Read More

Umno - New Straits Times

Umno activates disciplinary row prior to polls. KUALA LUMPUR: Umno is activating the disciplinary committee to monitor a activities of the members from right away onwards ...

Congratulations: Malaysian Bar Council wins United Nations Malaysian Award 2012

October 24, 2012

Congratulations: Malaysian Bar Council wins United Nations Malaysian Award 2012

Note: Neither Foreign Minister Anifah Aman (who is Jakarta for an ASEAN), Deputy Foreign Minister Kohilan Pillay nor Wisma Putra Secretary Tan Sri Radzi Abdul Rahman were benefaction during this function. I have been reliably informed which Wisma Putra was not gratified with UN Resident Coordinator Kamal Malhotra's speech. Mr Malhotra was critical of a Malaysian Budget 2013. Let us goal which there will be a little reaction to my comments from Wisma PutraDin Merican

KUALA LUMPUR, October 24, 2012 The Malaysian Bar Council was currently conferred with a United Nations (UN) Malaysia Award, during ceremonies marking a UN's 67th anniversary.

The UN Malaysia Award was presented in approval of a Malaysian Bar Council's most years of invaluable, courageous as well as beautiful work in more advanced a means of democracy as well as tellurian rights in Malaysia.

(Read a UN Malaysia Award 2012 Citation for Bar Council)

"This tribute is fitting, given a significant as well as long-standing grant by a Bar Council in Malaysia to an sourroundings which promotes a insurance as well a! s effect ive fulfillment of democracy as well as tellurian rights, pass values embodied in a Universal Declaration of Human Rights," pronounced Kamal Malhotra, UN Resident Coordinator.

(Read a full UN Day 2012 debate by Mr. Kamal Malhotra).

The UN Malaysia Award has been accorded upon a anniversary of a United Nations, (UN Day as it has come to be known) since 1998, in approval of a outstanding contributions of people or organisations toward a graduation of tellurian rights, amicable probity as well as equivalence in a country. The concentration of this year's UN Malaysia Award is upon democracy as well as development.

"The UN Malaysia Award this year recognises which an sourroundings with genuine as well as independent approved institutions as well as practices is necessary for fostering long-term security as well as stability," pronounced Malhotra. "Such institutions as well as practices foster as well as concede for peaceful political dialogue; they create a gainful as well as bona fide sourroundings for good governance, development, as well as for assembly simple tellurian needs; as well as for a graduation as well as insurance of tellurian rights."

"Democracy has emerged as a cross-cutting emanate in a result of a vital UN conferences as well as summits since a 1990s, as well as in internationally-agreed development goals constructed by a part of States, including a Millennium Development Goals. As UN Secretary General BAN Ki-moon indicated in his open harangue in Kuala Lumpur when he visited Malaysia in March this year, it is also one of a tip five priorities for his second term, which began! in Janu ary 2012," pronounced Malhotra.

(Read UN Secretary-General's summary for UN Day 2012)

Malhotra added which in Nov 2007, a UN Secretary-General initiated a development of a strategy for ancillary democracy, emphasizing which democracy is inextricably linked to a three pillars of a work of a United Nations assent as well as security, development, as well as tellurian rights.

In presenting a UN Malaysia Award to a Malaysian Bar Council, a UN in Malaysia acknowledges a grant of a Council in more advanced democracy in Malaysia, particularly by a 66-year joining to guarding a order of law, fortifying tellurian rights as well as open interest, as well as vocalization out opposite abuse of energy by those in authority.

Past recipients of a UN Malaysia Award include individuals, such as Tan Sri Razali Ismail, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, as well as Datuk Dr. Raj Abdul Karim, as well as organisations, such as Ward 54 of Hospital Sungai Buloh, a Malaysian Armed Forces as well as a Royal Malaysian Police, as well as a Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC).

The 67th Anniversary of a United Nations was launched by a Deputy Minister of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senator A. Kohilan Pillay.

At a same event, a late Professor Khoo Kay Jin, eminent Malaysian egghead as well as amicable scientist, was posthumously recognised for his years of outstanding use as well as untiring contributions in a areas of poverty eradication, democratisation as well as development in Malaysia.

Among his most distinguished roles, Professor Khoo was also a lead writer of a UN-Government of Ma! laysia r eport upon a Millennium Development Goals during 2010, as well as had worked upon a joint UNDP as well as Economic Planning Unit initiative to brand strategies to exterminate poverty as well as urge employment as well as equity restructuring in Sabah as well as Sarawak.

(Read a UN Malaysia Tribute for a late Professor Khoo Kay Jin).

UN day is celebrated in 189 countries around a universe to symbol a founding of a organization upon a beliefs of justice, peace, equivalence as well as tellurian rights as validated in a Charter upon twenty-four October 1945.

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