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DAP says Hisham playing favourites in Bersih crackdown

KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 4 Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein was indicted by a DAP currently of practising stand in standards as well as favouritism in a clampdown upon a Bersih 2.0 convene upon Jul 9.

DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng (picture) questioned if Hishammuddin would dare to anathema Perkasa as he had criminialized Bersih or arrest Senator Ezam Mohamad as well as Khairy Jamaluddin just as a military had arrested Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj underneath a Emergency Ordinance (EO) to infer which a military did not fool around favourites.

DAP supports pacific demonstrations but condemns aroused demonstrations. The disaster by a military to act opposite a aroused explanation by Umno as well as Perkasa usually shows which there is clear stand in standards as well as favouritism, he said.

Hishammuddin yesterday insisted which a authorities would act sincerely in interlude all gatherings from receiving place upon Jul 9 notwithstanding having usually outlawed a electoral reforms group Bersih.

Even nonetheless hundreds of Bersih supporters have been arrested in a past week as well as a secretariat raided upon Wednesday, a home apportion denied a government was victimising a bloc of 62 NGOs calling for electoral reforms.

He pronounced he would take action opposite anyone violation a law, citing as explanation a arrests upon Friday of Perkasa as well as Umno members in Penang, together with Senator Ezam Mohamad Nor, for an anti-Bersih protest.

Lim, a Chief Minister of Penang, pronounced currently a Penang Chinese Journalists as well as Photographers Association (Pewaju) had condemned a unprovoked attacks upon a journalist, a photographer as well as a videographer by protesters from Umno during a convene in George Town last Friday.

Pewaju questioned because a military did not make a law as well as uns! uccessfu l to take surety measures to stop a explanation prior to hand when they already knew about it a day earlier, he said, pointing out which a military had been behaving tough in a crackdown upon a Bersih rally, which had not nonetheless taken place, while unwell to prevent an bootleg convene by Umno as well as Perkasa.

Lim claimed which Jeyakumar was unjustly arrested underneath a EO with 5 alternative PSM members notwithstanding a governments disaster to produce any explanation which he was waging war opposite a King as well as country.

Allegations of spreading communism is silly when Malaysia enjoys tighten family with Communist countries like Cuba, China as well as Vietnam, he said.

Lim additionally forked out which Khairy, a Umno Youth chief, had set up a permanent secretariat upon Oct 12, 2009, to strengthen ties between BN Youth as well as a Communist Youth League of China (CYL).

Should not afterwards Khairy Jamaluddin be additionally arrested as well as charged for trying to revive communism by setting up a permanent secretariat? he asked.

Asked if any alternative organisations such as Umno Youths Patriot who are formulation an anti-Bersih convene upon Jul 9 would additionally be banned, Hishammuddin pronounced which it was up to a Registrar of Societies (RoS) to decide.

However, yesterdays proclamation of a Bersih anathema by a RoS pronounced which a home apportion has declared a Bersih 2.0 organisation as starting opposite a law underneath Section 5 of a Societies Act 1966 in effect Jul 1, 2011.

BERSIH RALLY in America ... circa 1960s.

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Utusan likens Bersih organisers, supporters to mat rempits

KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 4 Utusan Malaysia continued its tirade against Bersih 2.0 today, this time likening its organisers as well as supporters to realistic mat rempits for insisting on marching this Jul 9.A day after a Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, stepped in as well as asked a supervision as well as Bersih to negotiate their difference, a Umno-owned paper pronounced a authorities should not give face to a organisation as well as should instead round up all rabble-rousers under a Internal Security Act (ISA) ... Read More

Nur Alert: Kanak-kanak hilang

Nur Alert melaporkan seorang kanak-kanak, berbadan gempal, berlengan besar dan bermisai bernama Shamsul dipercayai hilang sejak minggu lepas. Kali terakhir Shamsul ini dilihat adalah bersama dengan kawan-kawannya bermain perang-perang ala revolusi di Mesir. Kanak-kanak ini olok-olok berceramah ajak kawan-kawannya bangun memberontak menentang musuh.Video mainan kanak-kanak ini telah dimainkan di You Tube. Menurut rakannya, Jono, Shamsul memberitahu dia rasa begitu malu melihat dirinya keluar di p ... Read More

Bersih: Emergency rule too huge a gamble for the BN

Bersih: Emergency order as good outrageous a gamble for a BN

By now, Malaysians contingency be disgusted to a indicate of queasiness during a antics of Prime Minister Najib Razak as good as his cousin Hishammuddin Hussein for perplexing to beguile them nonetheless again with another out-of-this-world fairy story which includes "major powers" wanting to seize control of Putrajaya. How far-fetched is that?

Actually, when you review a Communist as good as Foreign Agents conspiracy to a Datuk T, who essentially masked his face during a screening of a Sex Video to journalists, it is good within UMNO standards as good as their elite's clarity of drama. Even so, it is time for Malaysians demeanour during a flip side as good as try to have clarity of because a terrible cousins have been you do what they have been you do to us as good as a country.

Firstly, shrinking open as good as voter await for a BN. Now this is what unequivocally gets BN mad. Mad as a raging Bull. Imagine, losing all which power as good as access to a inhabitant coffers. you mean, if they remove Putrajaya, which equates to they might have to write their own cheques, which equates to God forbid! make use of their own money. Will their wives pardon them? Will any self-respecting associate aristocrat ever proffer to pay for shopping as good as luxury trips ever again?

So let's demeanour during Bersih 2.0 from a BN indicate of perspective to try as good as assimilate their undiscerning behavior. After all, even a deluded have a right to live in this world.

Convoluted minds

One important factor is Bersih 2.0 is an bootleg classification which doesnt exist. Say what? Yea, Bersih is an organis! ation wh ich doesn't exist! It is usually a bloc of 62 NGOs perplexing to move a shift to a Electoral system. The supervision has insisted which a Electoral Roll is clea! n, as good as i t doesnt need any reform. There will be no shift in a Electoral Roll, so because do Bersih activists still demand upon marching? Waste of time as good as open effort. Maybe, a King has other plans or an abroad trip, as good as might not be waiting during a gates of a Palace to receive a memorandum? Have you ever suspicion of that?

Then EC deputy chairman Wan Mohammad says which a Election Commission is all independent. Surely, he is not an UMNO part of similar to a Datuk T! Seriously, where Najib does find these guys? Anyway, Wan Mohammad has promised which a Electoral Roll is all clean as good as a EC's regulatory physique is ideally fair. There is positively no hanky-panky as good as echoing a PM as good as DPM, he says a Roll does not need to be reformed either. Moreover, who believes in a existence of haunt voters anymore? Nobody believes in ghosts or phantoms anymore, or which a 180-year old male can lapse to vote.

Indelible ink will additionally have us a shouting batch in a eyes of a world. And you dont think a ink has been tested for a halal-ness prior to marking ourselves with it. Not everyone is starting to opinion twice or thrice, or you will have a surplus up to a total of 56 million votes. What is wrong, if usually a few gets to opinion twice? Some insane people might additionally deliberately try to mark themselves prior to casting their votes as good as disharmony might erupt if they have been disallowed to vote.

Secondly, with so many insane group out there, it will be foolhardy to have involuntary registration, as many of these insane men, might have a mistake as good as opinion for a dreaded opposition. EC contingency not let this happen, as they have been perplexing to strengthen a smart ones residing in a Rural Areas who depend upon a BN for good governance.

Ambiga who?< /span>

Malacca CM Ali Rustam is correct, correct, as good as scold in asking for Ambigas citizenship to be revoked. After all she is unequivocally a nobody. And nonetheless by fluke, she is unexpected more renouned than Najib. And much more trusted. you mean, how can which be? She usually got to! take a design with Hillary Clinton as good as Mrs Obama by accident, it doesnt meant she is anybody.How dare she usurp a PM's glory?

Also, her goal to go upon with a Walk for Democracy has additionally done 3 million UMNO members, 4 million Silat Lincah Exponents, 200,000 Perkasa members, 2 million Police as good as Army members as good as 53 % of a Malaysian Population angry as good as antagonistic for no reason. So really, Ambiga should be gagged prior to anyone gets hurt. No question about that.

Meanwhile, you should rally at a back of a dear Prime Minister Najib, a loyal politician elected by a people. Najib has done so much for this country. He paid for Scorpene submarines used so which he could save a nation money, even though a submarines refused to dive out due to technical fault. The wise Najib even promised Kelantan a football stadium if BN wins Kelantan in a subsequent election.

DPM Muhyiddin, a brainiest personality to date, has warned us which this 2-hour impetus could emanate endless chaos, as good as become a red blood bath. Even Perkasa as good as Silat Lincah Panglima has echoed in unanimity a same notice as they cannot pledge which their trusting members will not retort in a face of war as good as antithesis if Bersih activists tries to conflict them.

Rais Yatims timely warning, as 6 PSM leaders have been charged underneath a Emergency Ordinance usually goes to show how grave a Communist threat is to this country. China, a bona fide Communist country, has gone upon to become a great Economic Power overtaking Japan as good as Germany as good as is additionally right away a superpower with a fleet of Nuclear ICBMs. Malaysia should severely not try to fol! low in C hinas footsteps.

Never forget, you owe BN a living

And right away which Bersih has been termed unclean, it is high time for a authorities to omit a word from a Dictionaries as good as reinstate it with words like kotorless or something similar. Yellow should additionally be replaced by other colors similar to beige or orange. Yellow Lamborghinis, Yellow underwear, Digiman, Yello! w banana s, flowers or mangoes, should be recolored or re-dyed prior to putting it up for sale.

Destroy CDs or cassettes which carry songs similar to Yellow Bird as good as Yellow River. Malaysian scientists should additionally do investigate to see if they can forestall rainbows which occasionally start in a Malaysian skies from display a yellow colour. It is high time to drop all a yellow belongings, color a yellow underwear, or re-spray a yellow cars as good as motorbikes.

And upon Jul 9th, a Chinese should heed a call of Ibrahim Ali to batch up upon food. Indians as good as others need not comply, as a omniscient Ibrahim Ali did not contend so. Remember, a friendly community Police Force is always there to strengthen us from harm. But they cannot guarantee, their own members wont detain us if you go upon to challenge a ban as good as wear yellow.

Lastly, though many importantly, you contingency remember which you owe a supervision a living. To strengthen inhabitant unity, a UMNO elite contingency make use of reverse psychology similar to Divide as good as Rule. We contingency sense to pardon them for all a wrongs they have done in a past as they always had a most appropriate interests in their heart. And after all they have been usually human. Its not similar to a gonna be a end of a universe if you pardon them - only one more time!

Too outrageous a gamble for a BN

So lets acknowledgement Jul 9th a self imposed holiday as good as go fishing, golf or a family day out as good as let which nobody Datuk Ambiga impetus ! all alon e to a Kings palace. But isnt which only what BN wants us to do? you contend to hell with all a promotion crap excuses as good as let's show a supervision which you wont be taken in by their spins.

I can go fishing another day, though upon Jul 9th you shall be wearing a yellow raincoat, tucked underneath my work clothes all staid to jump in as a throng gathers.

Also, you dont think Ambiga will need to impetus alone, as 1 million PAS members have been slated to stick on her. 62 NGOs with thousands of members will be there too. So will Suhakam, Interfaith, DAP as good as PKR members. A ! 1.5 indent ion clever throng wouldnt be a surprise.

Which reminds me, you better call as good as let a IGP know he should book tents, temporary caravans or trailers or somthing similar to that! you mean, if he or rather than his puppetmaster - Najib Razak - were to unequivocally call for Emergency rule, not usually would nobody opinion for them in GE-13. It is as good outrageous a Gamble for a BN to take. Hence, a outlandish stories as good as brain-degrading Commie plots.

But only in case, they do - how will a military house 1.5 million detainees? Is there enough rice to go round? That's another minister, you contingency prompt. Shafie Apdal and, or Ahmad Maslan.

Anyway, upon Jul 9, you know Patriot as good as Billy will be there too. If, in case, you do not recognize me, you am a high large one as good as additionally only to let you know, you shall substantially be wearing yellow too.

- Malaysia Chronicle

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Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #72

Chapter 9: Islam in Malay LifeAuthoritative Versus Authoritarian Ulamas as well as ScholarsThen there have been such not pertinent issues as who can as well as cannot extract in these debates. There have been those ulamas as well as scholars who feel which usually they have been qualified enough to extract in such heavy issues. There rest need merely follow their dictates. They have been not so much authoritative as much as authoritarian, to make use of Khalid El Fadls words.It reminds me of a bad aged days of despotic doctors who behave similar to Gods; a ... Read More

Anwar behind bars will end BN rule

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz If Anwar Ibrahim goes to jail a opposition will have to find a personality sufficiently convincing and respectable to become a rallying point. Who will this be? Anwar Ibrahim at a back of bars is as much a complaint as he is outside. It will still means Barisan Nasional so many seats. So a [...] Read More

Aristotle and the Higher Good

July 3, 2011http://www.nytimes.comThe SUNDAY BOOK ReviewAristotle and a Higher Good: Nicomachean EthicsBy Harry V Jaffa*Published: Jul 1, 2011Some time in a 1920s, a Conservative politician F. E. Smith Lord Birkenhead gave a duplicate of a Nicomachean Ethics to his close friend Winston Churchill. He did so observant there were those who thought this was a biggest book of all time.Churchill returned it some weeks later, observant it was all really interesting, but he had already thought most of it ... Read More

British Banker quits high street job to become witch doctor in Africa

LONDON: A British landowner has suggested which he gave up his contention to turn a witch alloy in Africa after he got a devout calling.Thomas Heathfield's precision involved going 3 days without sleep, dancing himself in to a coma every night, and drinking goats' blood, which he afterwards had to throw up.The consultant, from Maidenhead, Berkshire, additionally endured alternative ordeals to infer which he was estimable to be a sangoma, or healer.Heathfield was since a name Gogo Mndawe after guidance to verbalise S ... Read More

Djokovic The New Wimbledon Champion

Novak Djokovic crowned his rise to a universe series one spot in perfect conform with a dramatic 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3 win over Rafael Nadal in a Wimbledon final. ... Read More

Muzzled in Malaysia - Asian Age

Bersih in Malay equates to clean or to clean. The domestic fallout of a bersih transformation for a United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) and a Barisan National (BN) is critical. The UMNO has been a heading domestic celebration in Malaysia since ...

Aristotle and the Higher Good

July 3, 2011


Aristotle as great as a Higher Good: Nicomachean Ethics

By Harry V Jaffa*
Published: Jul 1, 2011

Some time in a 1920s, a Conservative politician F. E. Smith Lord Birkenhead gave a duplicate of a Nicomachean Ethics to his tighten friend Winston Churchill. He did so observant there were those who suspicion this was a biggest book of all time.

Churchill returned it a little weeks later, observant it was all really interesting, though he had already suspicion most of it out for himself. But it is a really might of Aristotle as it is of any great teacher to have you consider he is uncovering your own suspicion in his. In Churchills case, it is additionally illusive which a exemplary convention sensitive some-more of his upbringing, during home as great as during school, than he realized.

In 1946, in a letter to a reflective thinker Karl Lwith, Leo Strauss referred to how formidable it had been for him to assimilate Aristotles account of magnanimity, greatness of soul, in Book 4 of a Ethics.

The worry was resolved when he came to comprehend which Churchill was a perfect e.g. of that virtue. So Churchill helped Leo Strauss assimilate Aristotle! That is ideally unchanging with Aristotles explanation us it does not matter either a single describes a trait or someone characterized by which virtue.

Where a Ethics stands among a biggest of all great books maybe no a single can say. That Aristotles text, wh! ich expl ores a basement of a most appropriate way of tellurian life, belongs! upon any list of such books is indisputable.

In his great essay On Classical Political Philosophy, Strauss emphasizes a continuity in in in between pre-philosophic domestic debate as great as a excellence by exemplary domestic philosophy. It is part of a order of inlet (and of natures God) which pre-philosophic debate supply a matter, as great as pensive debate a form, of perfected domestic speech, much as a cut of a sculptor uncovers a form of a statue inside of a retard of marble. Before a Ethics group knew which bravery was a virtue, as great as which it meant overcoming fright in a face of danger. Aristotle says zero opposite from this, though he additionally distinguishes true trait from a presumable simulacra.

The fake coming of bravery might result, for instance, from overconfidence in ones ability or strength, or from ones disaster to recognize a ability or strength of his opponents. The accurate assessment of ones own supremacy of strength or skill, which equates to a single really has no reason to fright an coming conflict, is another fake coming of courage. A fake bravery might additionally outcome from a passion which blinds someone to a reality of a danger he faces. In short, a coming of bravery might be mistaken for tangible bravery during your convenience a receptive member of trait is lacking.

The existence of politics prior to domestic law is what creates domestic law possible. Politics is innately argumentative since tellurian beings have been sexually trustworthy to their opinions by interests which have zero to do with a truth. But since philosophers scrupulously so called have no interest other than a truth, they alone can move to bear a criterion of reason which will transform a dispute of perspective which differently dominates a domestic world.

Unfortunately, what has been called law for some-more than a century has virtually broken any belief in a probability of objective truth, as great as with it a probability of philosophy. Our pell-mell politics reflects this disharmony of a mind.

No enterprise to reinstate this disharmony with a creation of reason could be some-more welcome. The volume prior to us is much some-more than a translation. The translators, Robert C. Bartlett, who teaches Hellenic politics during Boston College, as great as Susan D. Collins, a domestic scientist during a University of Houston, have supposing beneficial aids.

Many Greek words cannot be simply translated in to single English equivalents for example, a Greek word techne, which appears in a first judgment of a Ethics. It is here translated as art, as it customarily is. But a Greeks finished no distinction, as you do, in in in between a utilitarian arts as great as a excellent arts. The most accurate digest is probably know-how, though which does not appear tonally right. The most appropriate resolution is to use an estimation like art as great as addition it with notes. This is what a translators have done, in this box as great as others, with substantial thoroughness.

They have additionally granted an informative introduction, as great as A Note upon a Translation, a bibliography as great as an outline of a work. All this precedes a categorical text. Afterward comes a short Overview of a Moral Virtues as great as Vices, a really extensive as great as useful glossary, a list of Key Greek Terms, an index of correct names as great as during final a detailed general index. Together these move a original content inside of a compass of any intelligent reader.

Thomas Aquinas, writing in a 13th century, believed which in a Ethics Aristotle had pronounce! d all ne edful for complacency in this life. Thus Aquinas did not write his own book upon ethics, though instead wrote a commentary upon Aristotle. This convention was lengthened by a biggest domestic reflective thinker of a 20th century, Leo Strauss, who wr! ote which all his work had no other purpose than to residence a predicament of a West.

But what is a West? And what is a crisis? According to Strauss (and most others), a West is a civilized world constituted during a core by a coming together of exemplary law as great as biblical revelation. The vitality of Western civilized world formula from a interplay of these alternative principles, though any contains inside of itself what claims to be exclusive as great as irrefutable authority. Symbolic of this management have been Athens as great as Jerusalem.

In The Second World War, Churchill remarks which all profitable in complicated hold up as great as suspicion is an estate from these really old cities. The debunking both of Socratic disbelief (the unexamined hold up is not worth living) as great as of biblical conviction (Fear of a Lord is a commencement of wisdom) has led to a predicament of a West, a disharmony of dignified relativism as great as pensive anarchy in which any lifestyle, no matter how corrupt or degenerate, can be pronounced to be as great as any other.

In their brilliant as great as highly entertaining Interpretive Essay Bartlett as great as Collins suggest, without positively asserting, which Aristotle offers a resolution to a problem, or crisis, of tellurian well-being. But they appear to disbelief either it can encounter a plea of a God of Abraham. But these two principles have been not adversarial in all respects.

Indeed, much of Strausss work is a radical conflict finished with a biggest egghead cunning opposite a latter-day enemies of both a Bible as great as a Socratic Aristotle. Strauss maintained which Athens as great as Jerusalem, while conflicting upon a idealisation good, disagree really little, if du! ring all , upon what constitutes a probity both great in itself as great as a pathway to a aloft good.

Aristotles greatness of essence (magnanimity) might appear to resemble pride, a biggest of sins described in a biblical canon. But Thomas Aquinass understand of a Ethics offers proof opposite theological negativism. And in a Summa Contra Gentiles,Thomas finished a box for sacr! ed doctr ine upon a basement of Aristotelian premises. It is an arrogance of Aristotles law of inlet which a top great of any class is permitted to all, or nearly all, a members.

For man a top great is wisdom. But since couple of if any tellurian beings attain it, Aristotles inlet requires a abnormal correlate: a afterlife. Whatever a single thinks of this argument, it points to a dialectical loyalty in in in between Athens as great as Jerusalem. All a some-more reason for them to stick upon forces in a desperate struggle, still starting on, in in in between civilized world as great as barbarism.

Harry V. Jaffa is a distinguished fellow of a Claremont Institute. His books includeCrisis of a House Divided: An Interpretation of a Issues in a Lincoln-Douglas Debates as great as Thomism as great as Aristotelianism: A Study of a Commentary by Thomas Aquinas on the Nicomachean Ethics.

A chronicle of this review appeared in print upon Jul 3, 2011, upon page BR16 of a Sunday Book Review with a headline: Faith as great as Reason.

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UMNO Marah pada Ambiga pasal Murtad. UMNO Sendiri Halalkan Murtad????

Antara promotion UMNO untuk sabotaj BERSIH adalah kononnya Ambiga menyokong murtad. Suka saya nyatakan satu fakta. Bahawa Akta Kesalahan Jenayah Syariah (Wilayah-Wilayah Pesekutuan) 1997 (Akta 559) tidak mengharamkan murtad.Dengan kata lain, sesiapa yang didapati murtad di Wilayah Persekutuan tidak boleh didakwa dan dihukum apabila ditsabit kesalahan.Jadi, UMNO juga menghalalkan murtad. Ini kerana Akta ini dirangka, dibentang serta diluluskan oleh UMNO. Tiada parti lain yang terlibat selain UMN ... Read More

Avoid CARMA, Pak Samad urges Intellectuals

July 3, 2011

Pak Samad urges Intellectuals to avoid CARMA

by Kuek Ser Kuang

Preparing to be arrested as a dragnet for BERSIH 2.0 supporters widens, inhabitant laureate A Samad Said urged intellectuals to stop being carma though brave to make a mount opposite cruelty as well as injustice.

He coined a word carma which is a acronym of cari makan (seeking to profit), during domestic satirist as well as cartoonist Zunars book launch final night at Kuala Lumpur.

Writers seldom take a stand. Most of them have been carma as well as have been always rebuilt to not take a stand. This has caused all a evil to grow as well as spread tremendously.

The septuagenarian afterwards destined his criticism opposite editors of mainstream media which has been demonising a Jul 9 convene called by Bersih 2.0 in favour of giveaway as well as fair elections.

For a mainstream media, BERSIH is dirty. Im additionally surprised, since these experienced pressmen who have won awards here as well as there, can allegation BERSIH. we know they have been from a carma group.

Fortunately there is still a tiny number of writers who brave to take a stand, who know which BERSIH is pure, Samad told a 250-strong public who packaged a Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall meeting house underneath a watchful eyes of several plainclothes policemen.

The launch, which had Samad as well as Lembah Pantai MP cum PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar as guests, was hold few hours after military incarcerated 6 Parti Sosialis Malaysia l! eaders w ithout hearing underneath Emergency Ordinance since of their involvement with unfamiliar elements. They were additionally said to have rebellious tendencies.

Yellow Ribbons

Although those who attended a launch, including former PKR emissary boss as well as Senator Syed Husin Ali as well as Selangor exco member Elizabeth Wong, were not ready to go in yellow, many wore yellow armbands to demonstrate their await for BERSIH 2.0.

One Chinese male in a public was spotted wearing a banned BERSIH T-shirt underneath a white cloth. He usually showed a yellow t-shirt when taking a sketch with Samad as well as Zunar.

Unperturbed by a arrests in propinquity to a BERSIH rally, Nurul , but naming it, continued to call a open to attend it upon Jul 9. Lets stick upon a convene which cannot be named, which will be hold a single day after a Prime Minister leaves for Europe, she quipped.

On a crackdown of BERSIH supporters, Samad commented which a spook of a communist bogeyman was intentionally regenerated by a authorities to create a atmosphere of fear in order to pave a approach for some-more arrests.

Now is a era of intimidation, so which a people have been discreet as well as brave not protest. Obviously a archaic laws have been resurrected to oppress (critics). There is an illusion, usually dual persons have it. we dont need to say who they have been since a military is usually taking orders (from them). Sometimes a apparition of a military is additionally extraordinary, he said.

Era of Arrests

Pak Samad, as he is popularly known, warned which a polices preference to stop negotiationswith Bersih2.0 signalled which mass arrests have been imminent.

This equates to you have been entering a era of arrests. Zunar has to be prepared. we additionally have to be prepared. May God magnify me, he said to a round of appla! use as w ell as entertaining from a audience.

Last week a military had called Samad to give a statement over his poem recital during a BERSIH 2.0 event. He is being investigated underneath Section 4(1)(b) of t! he Sedit ion Act 1948 as well as Section 27(5) of a Police Act 1967 which is associated to unlawful assembly.

Samad, a distinguished Malay producer as well as novelist, is no foreigner to criticism rallies, being a single of a big names who assimilated a March 2009 mass entertainment to criticism a governments process upon a teaching of Science as well as Mathematics in English (PPSMI). He was celebrated as a inhabitant laureate, or Sasterawan Negara, in 1985.

The ultimate animation announcement of Zunar patrician Even My Pen Has a Stand is published by Kinibooks, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysiakini. The book features a pick up of his domestic cartoons which have appeared upon a headlines portal from September 2010 to Jun 2011 as well as in, an international animation website.

During a book launch final night, Zunar reiterated he will continue to demonstrate his critical views opposite a powers-that-be by his cartoons.

Im very happy to attend my own book launch since final year we could not attend. This sunrise we told my mother to hope for things similar to a toothbrush for me to enter a apprehension centre, he quipped, sending his public into guffaws.

Zunar, whose real name Zulkiflee SM Anwar Ulhaque, was arrested upon Sept 24 final year as well as was sealed up for dual days only hours prior to a launch of his penultimate animation book.

Prior to that, a supervision had additionally banned 6 of his animation books. However Zunar will miss a Jul 9 convene as he will fly to Florida, US, today to embrace a Award for Courage in! Editori al Cartooning from US-based Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI).

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An Open Letter To SUHAKAM

An Open Letter To SUHAKAM Regarding Threats And Intimidation Against Electoral Reform Mass Rally Supporters Yap Swee Seng FORUM-ASIA Saturday, 02 July 2011 06:22 Tan Sri Hasmy Agam Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) Open Letter to SUHAKAM per a Threats as well as Intimidation by a Malaysian Government opposite a Electoral Reform Mass Rally [...] Read More

Kuat tidak semestinya menang, lemah tidak semestinya tewas

ASPAN ALIASPengharaman Bersih 2.0 yang diumumkan oleh Hishamudin Husein merupakan tindakan yang sangat tercela dari segi moralnya. Ini merupakan satu lagi bukti yang UMNO-led government sudah berada di dalam desperation dan tindakan untuk mengharamkan Bersih itu merupakan tindakan yang boleh dikatakan tindakan yang diambil oleh orang yang sudah kesuntukan fikiran. Pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang ada nampaknya belum lagi pandai untuk menghadapi krisis kerana krisis yang timbul sedang cuba di sel ... Read More

We challenge Mamak to make a better offer, we'd get you an Anwar Ibrahim look-alike

This story has been reported in Rolls Royce suggest for Malaysian statesman "pornstar" Anwar Ibrahim look-alikeBut People Powered Portal is very keen to take a challenge as well as ask Mamak to suggest half of what he has stolen as peril ... We'd get you an Anwar Ibrahim look-alike to be exhibited upon TV3 ... Should 30% or more of a audience consider what you furnish is not Anwar Ibrahim sufficient ... you loose a bet as well as you suggest to let you sodomize for 666 times.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Previo ... Read More

Hisham insists no favouritism despite Bersih ban

Hisammuddin: Things not previously thought of or well known by public is being monitored by a authorities.SHAH ALAM, Jul 3 Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein insisted today that a authorities will act fairly in interlude all gatherings from taking place on Jul 9 notwithstanding usually outlawing electoral reforms group Bersih.Despite hundreds of Bersih supporters arrested in a past week and its secretariat raided on Wednesday, a home minister denied a supervision was victimising a bloc of 62 NGOs ... Read More

Orang Hotel dah ngamuk dengan Bersih 2.0

SAJ dah boleh bajet dah, perhimpunan HARAM BERSIH 2 tu bukan mendatangkan untung kepada negara , malah bertambah gawat jadinya !!!Itulah kebodohan puak melayu islam PR mendengar respons daripada ORANG 'PANDAI' PAS yang terbaru iaitu Mat Babun! Katanya, road house akan bertambah untung sbb ramai akan turun ke kl. Katanya mereka yg datang untuk bersih itu juga pelancong!Ha, sekarang ini, persatuan

Abhisit Joins Millions to Cast Votes

BANGKOK, 3 JULY, 2011: Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva assimilated millions of Thais to expel their votes in a country's 26th ubiquitous election today. He voted at Sawasdee Wittayu School polling hire here about 10am. ... Read More

For Umno leaders, the claws are out - Malaysiakini

'Umno is effectively saying - we are causing us unease, we will conflict violently, and it will be your fault, even if you're peaceful.' Louis: Bersih chief S Ambiga is the hero. She is the patriot. She is the savior of the country. She is indeed the true ...