Gagal Bersih 2.0, Anwar lari atas suaka politik

Dalam kita sibuk-sibuk hal Bersih 2.0, Mahkamah rayuan sudah menolak rayuan Anwar untuk gugurkan hakim. Dia pasti akan cuba rayu ke Mahkamah Persekutuan. Mungkin tarikh bela diri pada Julai 13hb akan tertunda.PUTRAJAYA: Mahkamah Rayuan Rabu menolak rayuan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim terhadap keengganan Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah supaya menarik diri daripada mendengar

Dok sibuk pasal Bersih, disedari rayuan Anwar ditolak

PUTRAJAYA: Mahkamah Rayuan Rabu menolak rayuan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim terhadap keengganan Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah supaya menarik diri daripada mendengar perbicaraan liwatnya.Hakim Mahkamah Rayuan, Datuk Hasan Lah membuat keputusan tersebut setelah menimbangkan hujah-hujah pihak peguam bela dan pendakwa raya.Kami berpendapat tidak ada sebab kami tidak bersetuju dengan

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Settlers sue Felda and managers for neglect, loss of earnings

SEREMBAN 2, July 7 As Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak launched a Settlers Day celebration currently in Pahang, a group of 113 settlers a single state over are crying foul during allegedly carrying been deceived of their legitimate earnings by a Federal Land Development Authority (Felda).

Led by rubber camp owners Jalil Othman, 57, a group from Palong 9 allotment filed a category action suit during a High Court here against Felda as well as its internal managers, observant they have been deceived of RM1.5 million in sum distinction due to slight as well as misrepresentation.

They named 9 defendants in a suit, a land development body, Palong 9 Felda manager Saleh Muhidin, as well as village conduct Osman Parman, who is also a Umno branch chief.

In their statement of claims, a group pronounced they had been misled, intimidated as well as coerced over a past a single year in to usurpation a understanding next market cost for a sale of their rubber wood.


His Majesty and Steel Magnolia - TIME Magazine Persons of the Malaysian Year?

They publicly challenged a very ROYAL establishment they swore they would strengthen from insults by "others" as well as "pendatangs" as well as have been quick upon a pull in alerting a AG's courtesy to countless alleged perceived slights directed during OUR Royalty.By Donplaypuks Yes, I know a year has still a little six months to go as well as there might nonetheless arise a little alternative terrific character who might make it to a series 1 mark in our poke for 'Person of The Year.' But certainly there cannot be dual improved candidat ... Read More


Apa cerita ni Ambabiga? Gua dengar Stadium Merdeka pun sudah tak mahu sama lu orang? Mana lu mau pi lepas ni? Tu Kalid Gagap yang satu group dengan lu poun tak mau offer sangat Stadium Melawati tu? Apasal ni Babiga?

Lagi satu apa kelas lu mau angkat Stadium Merdeka, sana boleh isi 20 ribu saja, kasi angkat la track Shah Alam, baru ramai betui ka? Lagi satu lu cakap ini Bershit punya himpunan

Students allegedly battered for talking in class

Students allegedly smashed for articulate in class

IPOH - Two Form One students sustained injuries after their teacher allegedly kick them with a square of timber for articulate in class.

Vincent Lim Wei Shen as well as Lew Jin Wei, both 13, claimed they were so traumatised by a situation which they refused to attend propagandize after being treated during a Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital.

Lim pronounced a teacher had spotted him as well as Lew articulate to dual alternative classmates during a Local Studies category during about 3.20pm upon Monday.

He came to where we were seated as well as dragged a four of us to a front of a class.

I was slapped as well as kicked prior to he took a square of timber to strike me.

I was also regularly kicked, he said, adding which he had scratches upon his neck, injuries to his behind as well as a bloodied nose.

Lim was vocalization during a press discussion by Perak Barisan Nasional Public Services as well as Complaints Bureau chiefDatuk Lee Kon Yin.

The boys' relatives also attended a discussion yesterday.

Lew claimed a teacher had pinched him in a abdomen, causing a area to be swollen as well as had dragged him by a neck cuff after he had fallen.

Both students lodged a report during a Kampung Simee police station upon Tuesday.

Lim's mother, Ung Li Fong, pronounced she had initially suspicion it was a small matter.

But when we saw my son's injuries, we was enraged.

I went straight to a school's disciplinary teacher to seek an reason but was told which a propagandize authorities would speak to a teacher involved.

I after met a propagandize principal who told us a make a difference w! ould be looked into, pronounced Ung.

Lew's mom Choo Ai Lee pronounced she wanted a teacher to be eliminated given this! was not a first time he had acted in such a manner.

Lee pronounced a principal had told him which a make a difference had been resolved because a teacher had agreed to apologize to a students as well as a relatives had consented to this.

However, he pronounced which when he asked both parents, they claimed to have no believe of this.

State Education Department director Datuk Rauhi Isa pronounced he had sent his officers to a propagandize to investigate.

- The Star

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Good Yin(g)Luck Victory

Luck must be upon the side of the Red shirts, no to be confused by the communists or the statute celebration t shirt compared with the anti-Bersih peoples rally, when the Yin(g) fitness triumphed over the not so y(ou)an(g) Abhisit in the startling landslide feat of the opposition over the Democrats.

Given the turbulent years Thailand faced after the manoeuvre of an inaugurated government, the battle of the red shirts over the yellow shirts have combined doubt in Thailand with any side display their people power.
Public demonstrations, sit-ins were all spoken bootleg which additionally resulted in genocide when the law tried to enforce itself upon the masses, Finally those with the weapons chose not to turn it upon their own people.

Even if the little consider the Thai people as simple minded as good as ignorant of the complexities of politics, they have proven which they have been means to swing good domestic energy as good as change governments but fright or favour. Even with the hazard of troops intervention.

Call it luck, but these days, domestic victories have been no longer dependent purely upon luck. Money, corruption, bribery, impression as good as real gangland slaying have been the little of the age aged methods employed in any choosing process, approved or dictatorial or the single celebration system they all occupy such tactics. Including make make use of of of threats by regulating the state secret equipment or enforcement institutions as good as in Thailand the army!. Firepower as good as the guns have most mostly won victory.

However, story has shown which during the end of the day, the will of the people u! ltimatel y triumph, 'people power' whatever form, legal or bootleg depending upon who the people have been supporting, over guns, wat! er canno ns, truncheons, incarceration even crimes opposite humanity.

Even if politicians make make use of of complicated technology these days social media, politicians no have the difference holy eremite or holy they are, during least the little still consult the dim humanities as opposite to those who adopts the some-more benevolent track by seek boundless favour from the Gods of the mainstream religions or in BolehLand's case, the God which the domestic celebration takes upon as defender of the faith, no?

Perhaps the the mixture of both which Thai politicians make make use of of where the boundless is concerned. But have been the strategy in Thai governing body any different from BolehLand in the ultimate choosing surprise results?

There have been similarities; the corruption, the bribery, the zillion as good as the single promises, honeyed talks as good as honeyed nothings being pronounced to voters, make make use of of of social media together with regulating both God as good as the dim forces no? Each side felt their millions of membership will guarantee their wins in safe seats.

But BolehLand politicians during least the statute celebration will explain there have been vast differences since the make make use of of of force was never bootleg since they have the law to warrant such use. The armed forces has kept out of politics.

The leaders additionally explain the choosing routine is the model for other building nations to emulate. The Election Commission is really confident which the electoral rolls have been BERSIH as good as which the description use is done but competition or diluting 'opposition'! ; streng ht in the particular constituency.

And some-more importantly, which the possibilities have impeccable BERSIH annals as good as which the leaders trust their own instinct as good as attribute improved for those who have been found guilty under the law as good as concede them to stand for choosing as good as reason offices in supervision compared corporations.

And the brand new fiasc! o surrou nding the BERSIH 2.0 walk to guarantee clean, fair choosing among others have seen open admission of the willingness to make make use of of force from silat proponents to the armed forces to intervene opposite mostly imaginary threats.

And when the government's machine goes amok as good as demonise the BERSIH rally as good as those who experience as breaking the law - over an bootleg rally, the approach which the little NGOs have been groups have been working seems they have been happy to see red blood shed, limbs broken with silat kicks, their own kind being whacked with baton, hosted with containing alkali laced H2O cannons, firebombed with Molotov or slashed with knives - following police discovery which such cache of weapons prove as hidden by authorities which those BERSIH fellos have been out to fool around unwashed in their bootleg march. And yes, the willingness to call the armed forces to relieve any threats to traders as good as the aristocrat as good as nation you can supposed.

Though the hazard of violence as good as even the willingness to call in the armed forces have BolehLand's hazard of regulating brutal force pale in comparison to northerly neighbour's case, nonetheless, the leaders appear unapproachable to proclaim they have been peaceful to join the ranks of the ASEAN neighbours to make make use of of guns as good as tanks? to cow the people as good as punish them into submission if they 'break the law'.

To justify the make make use of of of force or even mishandle the order of law, all is needed as BolehLand these days have been guidance fast, is to demonise th! e person , organisation or cause. Then you send in the blue bois to raid, harass, arrest as good as make make use of of anything to couple them to subversion, fraud opposite what is considered insincere to most rural fellos as good as celebration members, insult or overthrow of the king, make make use of of of force, links to unfamiliar elements presumably ideology, funding or dignified await as good as the swindling theory spin!

The make make use of of of the competition card as good as even malingering one's sacrament have been happily being exploited not startling from someone who is ostensible to be the creator as good as forcing everyone to utter the 1Malaysia mantra everytime, anywhere 27/7 or make make use of of which signature tag on! any brand new things, reflecting really the dread of creation among the people generally the polite servants who can't consider of any outlandish names or ideas of their own to implement as good as look similar to mere durian polishers, huh?

And of course you make make use of of the MSMedia to guarantee which you paint as KOTOR the impression of those who cause difficulty so which actions taken have been justified!!!

Then there is the common stand in customary which BolehLand folks have been all as well informed with.

But the most singular demeanour BolehLand outlaws as good as criminalise anything to presumably guarantee the 1Malaysia concept is to wanted person as good as acknowledgement bootleg colour schemes as good as clothing either real or associated! Yes it was black then, now it's yellow as good as then even the little difference cannot be used. Illegitimacy even extends to banning imagery entities or coalitions as good as even efforts to guarantee the choosing routine as good as all which is compared in the choosing routine is BERSIH!

But in what BolehLand considers less worldly Land of Smiles Thailand they have been putting in service the some-more approved democracy as good as the citizens ordinary folks there appear some-mor! e well-b red as good as Truly Asian than BolehLand. Two such comparisons say it all.

The First is the Red shirts rallied behind the lady as personality their goal of change to Thailand, the people's personality as opposite to the supervision which favour elites as good as seen as carrying out the inform campaign opposite the supervision illegally suspended in the troops coup. Even when this lady is the sibling of the suspended Prime Minister indicted of even terrorism, she was not related to such accusations by DNA associations.

In Bolehland similarly the lady additionally called for change in an electoral routine as good as rallied the people to await the call to guarantee which the choosing process, machine as good as people's rights have been 'clean' or 'bersih'.

In Thailand, the lady personality was cheered on, supported as good as even faced with the common ridicule of the person's impression what not of the lady leader, the ferocity as good as energy of impression gangland slaying by N! GOs as good as even supervision officials as good as opposition domestic parties of the Thai lady personality is zero compared to what the lady polite right personality in BolehLand received.

In Bolehland, the lady polite personality was lambasted as good as called by most names, her competition was even maligned by her opponents with even the No 1leader fasten receiving pot shots during her. There was call to frame her of her citizenship as good as as if not sufficient her sacrament was additionally disgustingly humiliated. And attempts to smear or kotorkan her impression was the daily event.

BolehLand leaders as good as folks have been ever ready to peep which impish grin with joviality as good as unapproachable to proclaim which BolehLand is not the land of sex, impiety as good as filth during your convenience the theme of Thailand as good as Bangkok is brought up as sketch some-more tourists but perhaps the need to outlay RM1.8 million than BolehLand does. And Thailand is known f! or melti ng one's heart with some-more than just smiles. It is not the sharp tom yam which hordes of unfamiliar visitors together with from BolehLand as good as Kuala Lumpur group there. It's some-more to put up with in activities synonymous to the name of the Thai capital, some-more you do the 'bang *o*k', no?

Second, even if women in Thailand have been foul as good as done similar to sex objects from unfamiliar visitors together with from BolehLand, the women as theme of scorn did not stop the single from ascending to the highest post in the nation - presumably the Prime Minister. There was no need for the gentle warning of sorts similar to in BolehLand of allocating the certain commission in the halls of energy in corporations to uncover the world how set free BolehLand women folks are. No constipated sloganeering to lift the stature of women since the the 1Malaysia approach in Thailand was needed for the lady to turn the Prime Minister.

And BolehLand braggadocio of the complicated democracy, women carrying the role, the model eremite state does not concede the lady to turn the Prime Minister or rsther than put obstacles to guarantee the single ever will be come No1 in Putrajaya no?

So you BolehLand folks love to live in the 'shiokse! ndiri' w orld braggadocio of the maturity as good as developed standing of the government, the leaders as good as model 1Malaysia this as good as that.

Humble Thailand is years as good as eons forward but wanting to pull the 2020 vision to get pick up another badge in their 'shioksendiri' pursuit. It has zero to do with Thailand carrying some-more yin as good as BolehLand inflicted with yang. Neither is it the little fitness which they appear to use some-more democracy as good as leisure of expression as good as public than BolehLand even with carrying the brutal story of the armed forces armoured column rolling into the collateral as good as sharpened during their own people. It took the lady of courage, the sprinkle of yin as good as the dose of fit! ness as good as the unselfish scapegoat as good as bravery of the common people which have done Yingluck as good as Thailand the indeed nation where opportunities have been authorised to have the citizen, the lady during which as well to turn the Prime Minister.

In Bolehland, last you hear of lady trying to uncover bravery in the face of grief is some-more attempts to incarcerate her as good as intimidate the people who share her ideals. And even if the people have been peaceful to give another lady the opinion to turn the intensity subsequent No1 in BolehLand, the so called progressive, educated as good as complicated men folks in the supervision have already vouched to defend their Putrajaya in the quarrel fight quarrel mood as good as which goes for any man or lady who try to do which in the ostensible purify or bersih lawful way, no?

So much for us BolehLand folks as good as the shioksendiri approach of hold up these days huh?

While other nations have been congratulating Yingluck, the leaders have been extremely quiet.Can't blame them as they have been carrying as well much upon their hands trying to understanding with dual ladies who might move in the winds of change, good ying as good as fitness in BolehLand, no? Now is which the purify or bersih or disobedient thought huh?

Congratulations to Yingluck as good as people's power! You positively move smiles of goal to the ordinary people.

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Najib endorses silat groups despite their threat to Bersih

(This is a idealisation of Najibs dull tongue of 1-Malaysia as well as Days of a Govt knows all, have been over. Dragging Silat Lincahmartial art into political scene as well as repeating his penchant for stoking a flame of loathing as well as aniomosity as seenin a Cow-Head as well as Attacks upon religious premises fiasco, as well as stiflingbona-fide demands of Bersih 2.0,Najib serve entrenches his iconic stature as a many divisive as well as insane PM a nation ever had! Extremely deplorable to have to witness all these, despite Bersihs democratic campaign for a Free as well as Fair Election which has been duly recognized by a Supreme Head of a Federation, a YDP Agung- Dr Dzul).

KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 7 Datuk Seri Najib Razak has described silat as well as other self-defence exponents as a third line of defence in a country, together with a group which has threatened to wage quarrel against electoral reforms movement Bersih 2.0.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak (centre), Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (left) as well as Tan Sri Omardin Mauju at PSSLMs 50th anniversary. Picture by Boo Su-Lyn

The Pertubuhan Seni Silat Lincah Malaysia (PSSLM) had challenged Bersih for a refusal to abandon a planned convene upon Jul 9 to call for free as well as satisfactory elections.

I reason if there have been evil enemies who wish to conflict a nation from without as well as within, anak-anak lincah will rise to quarrel them, pronounced Najib in a fiery debate final night.

But tonight, you do not accumulate to fight, added a budding minister. We do not accumulate to swing a keris (dagger). We accumulate for a loyalty as well as unity of a country.

Najib forked out which there were non-Malays at a eventuality final night, nonetheless silat was a Malay armed forces art.

We do not quarrel a non-Malays. We embrace them as fellow citizens, pronounced Najib.

PSSLM Mahaguru (grandmaster) Tan Sri Omardin Mauju pronounced final month which silat exponents were Malaysias third line of de! fence af ter a military as well as a army.

In his threat to Bersih, Omardin said: We say a mount to go to quarrel if they still wish to ensue with this bootleg rally. If it happens, we cannot guarantee we can control a emotions of my members since they have been taught to action when faced with opposition.

Police have sealed down a capital city as well as asked residents to bear with a inconveniences as they have been looking for weapons which have allegedly been stashed away by unknown people.

Despite a royal assembly as well as Najibs earlier assurance which a Bersih convene could be held in a stadium, a military have told polls watchdog Bersih to request for a assent for a event.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar also warned which military would arrest people wearing Bersih T-shirts or found to have pro-Bersih materials as a organization was still considered illegal.

Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin stepped in upon Sunday to defuse tragedy over a clampdown by advising a Najib administration department as well as Bersih 2.0 to reason consultations over a emanate of free as well as satisfactory elections

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Cakap banyak joke tak guna la, korang tengok sendiri la video ni, korang tengok macamana 8 Tuntutan yang mengantoikan Anwar tidak pernah dijawab oleh Anwar Pandikutty sekeluarga, apatah lagi konco-konconya.

Ini ke jenis pemimpin yang korang pilih wahai penyokong Pakatan Haram? Ce cite, ce cite..

King heads off feared Malaysia violence - ABC Online

Bersih's skeleton to reason anti-government protests upon Saturday had influenced alternative groups, together with a ruling UMNO party, to say which they would reason opposite rallies - raising fears of possible riots. After an audience with a king, Bersih, a Coalition for ...

Non-Malays will back silat exponents to fight traitors, says grandmaster

KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 7 A silat grandmaster expects non-Malays to join ranks with practitioners of a Malay armed forces art to conflict traitors of a country.Pertubuhan Seni Silat Lincah Malaysia (PSSLM) Mahaguru (grandmaster) Tan Sri Omardin Mauju pronounced yesterday that silat exponents would not allow street demonstrations that uneasy public order.We will climb as well as conflict these traitors, Omardin pronounced at PSSLMs 50th anniversary final night. Not only a Malays, though a children of 1 Malaysia as well as other r ... Read More

After Hannahs Sham Comes a Snake Oil Peddler

by shuzhengDoctor Boo as well as His Miracle Race CureThe doctor wants to know: Cant we visualise an alternative scenario where the competition box is discarded?Answer: Of course, demeanour at Jamaica. No competition box, yes, yet many Jamaicans flee the country, as many as there are Malaysian Chinese: in the US 20,000 the year apply for as well as get the PR; in the UK, the diaspora series 800,000 out of the Jamaica population of 2.8 million. All this is from the work of Rastafarianism.Dr Boo thinks he has the brand new spectacle snake ... Read More

GEMPAR!!! Ambiga dipecat Anwar ambilalih!

Keldaian Daily melaporkan berikut mengenai mesyuarat Pakatan Rakyat berhubung Bersih 2.0 dan pilihanraya semalam di G Tower, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Kuala Lumpur:Pakatan Rakyat Kerah 300,000 sertai BersihKetua Umum Keadilan, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata Majlis Mesyuarat Pakatan Rakyat bersetuju untuk mengerahkan 300,000 ahli dan penyokong ke perhimpunan Bersih pada hari Sabtu, 9 Julai ini di


Artikel ini adalah sambungan kepada artikel yang lepas yang mempertikaikan tentang paktua Nik Abdul Aziz yang menyamakan demonstrasi dengan ibadah fardhu yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah Taala kepada hamba-hamba-Nya. Nik Abdul Aziz menyarankan kepada para pengikutnya agar menyertai demonstrasi haram di tengah-tengah Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur kerana menurutnya demonstrasi itu dibenarkan dan

Non-Malays will back silat exponents to fight traitors, says grandmaster

KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 A silat grandmaster expects non-Malays to stick upon ranks with practitioners of a Malay martial art to battle traitors of a country.

Pertubuhan Seni Silat Lincah Malaysia (PSSLM) Mahaguru (grandmaster) Tan Sri Omardin Mauju pronounced yesterday which silat exponents would not concede street demonstrations which disturbed public order.

We will climb as well as oppose these traitors, Omardin pronounced during PSSLMs 50th anniversary last night. Not usually a Malays, though a children of 1 Malaysia as well as other races will additionally be with us.

Were ready to die, he added, seated in a wheelchair as he delivered his speech.

Omardin not long ago threatened to wage war opposite Bersih activists, should their rally calling for electoral reforms proceeded this Saturday.

Bersih 2.0 upon Tuesday decided to gather during a track instead of demonstrating upon a streets of Kuala Lumpur, after its leaders met a Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Omardin pointed out yesterday which there were non-Malays in his association.

A couple of Chinese as well as Indians could be seen during a gathering ready to go in black, instead of a normal Malay costume worn by many of a some-more than 100 PSSLM members present.

This is an extraordinary success which we have never witnessed, in line with a 1 Malaysia concept, pronounced Omardin, referring to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razaks brainchild.

Omardin not long ago referred to silat exponents as a third line of counterclaim of a country. Najib steady this yesterday, stressing which other practitioners of self-defence were additionally partial of a line-up.

Despite Bersihs assembly with a king, as well as Najibs progressing declaration which a Bersih rally could be reason in a stadium, a military have told a polls watchdog to apply for a permit for a event.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar additionally warned which military would detain people wearing Bersih T-shi! rts or f ound to have pro-Bersih materials as a classification was still considered illegal.

Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin stepped in upon Sunday to defuse tragedy over a clampdown by advising a Najib administration department as well as Bersih 2.0 to reason consultations over a emanate of free as well as fair elections.

Bersih Rally: An Imperative Gambit to Capture Seven More States

Tension has been upon a up as well as up in a final week three weeks heading to a Bersih 2.0 rally thats planned for July 9. Police have already embarked upon a nationwide magician track upon a evil Bersih promoters with 6 PSM members (including Sungai Siput MP Dr D Jeyakumar) rearrested under a Emergency Ordinance while 6 DAP members (including Bakri MP Er Teck Hwa) have been arrested under a Societies Act, Printing Presses as well as Publications Act as well as Sedition Act. ... Read More

Tetap haram

(Berita Harian) - Kabinet semalam memutuskan tidak membenarkan perhimpunan haram BERSIH diadakan di Stadium Merdeka atau Stadium Negara, Sabtu ini, atas alasan kumpulan itu masih haram, selain faktor keselamatan. Keputusan itu dibuat selepas Jemaah Menteri mendapat pandangan dan nasihat Jabatan Peguam Negara. Mengulas keputusan itu, Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, berkata syarat ditetapkan ialah pemohon mestilah persatuan yang berdaftar dan BERSIH masih lagi pertubuhan haram yang ti ... Read More

After Hannahs Sham Comes a Snake Oil Peddler

by shuzheng

Doctor Boo as well as His Miracle Race Cure

The alloy wants to know: Cant we visualize an pick unfolding where the competition box is discarded?

Answer: Of course, demeanour during Jamaica. No competition box, yes, nonetheless most Jamaicans rush the country, as most as there have been Malaysian Chinese: in the US 20,000 the year apply for as well as get the PR; in the UK, the diaspora number 800,000 out of the Jamaica population of 2.8 million. All this is from the work of Rastafarianism.

Dr Boo thinks he has the brand new spectacle lizard oil cure.

In his 1,415-word essay Boo Cheng Hau starts with the sob story about his hard-working though impoverished widowed mom who put him by an cheap healing school in Jamaica. It was the clever idea; who would have thought you could become the alloy in Jamaica?

The letter boils down to this: distinct Malaysia, Jamaica, the pinch of an island barely half the size of the peninsular, has no state-sponsored injustice or apartheid nonetheless the additionally the former British colony. Inference: the the lovely place. Midway by the essay, however, Boo sticks in 200 difference for Hannah Yeohs Shay Adora Ram to spell out his essays flip-side premise, Malaysia is the hopelessly racist multitude as well as Hannah, as anti-racial in the bieing born registration of Sh! ay, is n ext to the saint.

Boo would have been in Jamaica roughly 20 years after V S Naipaul, the Trinidad national, had left his nation of bieing born to study in England upon the scholarship. Their backgrounds have been parallel; an secular Indian, Naipaul has poor, immigrants parents. In The Middle Passage (1962) Naipaul concurrently carefully thought about Jamaica as well as Trinidad among 5 West Indies countries. The books at the back of cover offers this summary:

In Trinidad, African racialism found itself during contingency with aged colonial mimicry; forty years on, the secular emanate will not be in in between black as well as white, though in in between black as well as Asian.

Guyana was Marxist, though with the same secular divisions; forty years on, the nation will be so ruined which the journal will be regarded roughly as the oppulance item. In Surinam, the movement was afoot to reinstate the Dutch denunciation with the pidgin English called talkie-talkie; forty years on, which secular view will have led to military dictatorship as well as an exodus of the locals to Holland. Whereas Martinique, defying geography, saw itself as France.

And, in Jamaica, such rejectionism took the form of Rastafarianism which, absurdly, turns out to have been the invention of Italian black propaganda during the Abyssinian War of the 1930s.

Naipaul called these places half-made societies as well as he was roundly condemned during home as the racist, the tenure Boo himself seems to have great affinity as well as likes invoking. For sure, secular tensions lurk underneath the surface, some-more in Trinidad than in Jamaica. But why? Answer: demographics. Jamaica is scarcely 95 pct black so that, if it is not racial, it can means not to. Black numbers permit dominant black domestic power. Compare it however to nearby Trinidad island, population 1.3 million. It is separate roughly 40:40 in percentile in in between blacks as well as Indians, the terrible situation! not dis tinct in Fiji, another secular flashpoint, and, of course, Malaya in 1957 in in between Malays as well as Chinese.

In Jamaica, Boo says, typical people have been less secular (whatever which is). Then he contradicts himself: upon the streets he had been called the Chinaman upon the couple of occasions.

Who in the streets of Skudai ever calls Boo the Chinaman? Or Si Hitam Manis? But which might happen if, however, Boo didnt teach manners to his son. For the boy to ask for toilet directions by addressing an comparison Malay male Hey Melayu instead of Abang, it would be the consequence of bad as well as ill upbringing upon Boos part as father as well as not because of any inherent racism. What does the kid during age 10 know about injustice anyway?

All this go to show which Boos rosy painting of Jamaica was dictated to predicate Malaysia as the cursed, racialised multitude to which Shay Adora Ram enters the picture. Boo:

In Jamaica, Hannah Yeohs predicament would not have arisen. All have been Jamaicans or West Indians in any case of ones parentage, ancestry, skin colour or sacrament . In Malaysia her integrity in selecting for her child to be Anak Malaysia carried the poignant anti-racial connotation. Why should Malaysians be still forcibly personal according to race?

Anak Malaysia connotes anti-racial or hides competition at the back of the domestic slogan? Does competition go divided after that? And, what exactly is Hannahs predicament?

Hannahs problem, if there was one, was not even the matter of preference to fill in the blank in the bieing born registration form for keturunan, which translates as descent. If there was the predicament it was Hannahs own you do by her warding off to simply state the matter of design actuality which Shay is born to the Chinese mom or Indian father, two options for her given the ch! urned co mpetition answer is not permitted.

Another indicate which Boo obfuscates so well in his letter is this: how is secular skirmish forced? Unlike religion, skirmish can be neither adopted nor claimed. It is purely empirical: Chinese if Chinese, Indian if Indian, or both. Any of which couldnt be forced or volunteered. It has to be.

Since Boo is the alloy by training, afterwards he is the male of science. So he should know what is it to be empirical. Why afterwards is he pining after what is obviously Hannahs manipulation of the bieing born registration? Hannah incited her child in to the racial, as well as political, controversy an obvious secular action given it is not possible to be non-racial without, first, meditative race.

On which score alone (without adding DAPs Komtar clarification of racism), Hannah is racist. So, too, Boo. Hannah is for making secular politics out of her baby, as well as Boo is for behaving the party salesman peddling lizard oil disinfectant for the fictitious secular heal Boo brand.

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The plan is working well

Raja Petra Kamarudin Tan Sri:So, Datuk, have been things working according to plan? Datuk: Yes, Tan Sri, everything is perfect. We got a Federal Territory Mufti to emanate hisfatwah. Tan Sri:Good, and how was it? Datuk:He made it very transparent that it is requisite for all Muslims to support a government. If we conflict a supervision [...] Read More

Bersih to rally in Stadium Merdeka despite Cabinet refusal

KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 7 Bersih has vowed to accumulate in Stadium Merdeka for a Jul 9 convene notwithstanding a Cabinets warding off to concede them to have use of any track in a capital city, evidently because a electoral reform coalition has been outlawed.

Bersih pronounced in a matter last night which it will not for one moment be convinced from a decision to accumulate there to call for free as well as satisfactory elections.

Information, Communications as well as Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim earlier pronounced Putrajaya would not accept any duplicate from Bersih to reason rallies in Kuala Lumpur while a military pronounced they were still waiting for a transformation to apply for a permit.

"Bersih 2.0 is disappointed in a demeanour in which a Prime Minister as well as his cupboard has reneged upon their suggest to provide a track for us to reason a pacific gathering," pronounced a organisation in a matter signed by all 14 members of a steering committee.

Bersih representatives led by authority Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan had an assembly with a Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, upon Tuesday where they concluded to a inherent monarch's advice to reason their convene in a track rather than in a streets.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak additionally had an assembly with a King as well as after pronounced he would meet with Bersih upon a track suggest but a prime minister pronounced yesterday his suggest for a track was upon behalf of his government as well as a last decision lay with a police.

But a Cabinet meeting yesterday rejected a movement's bid to reason a convene in a ancestral Stadium Merdeka, where Malaya declared autonomy in 1957.

"If a Prime Minister is a man of his word, he will have a suitable arrangements for a eventuality to ensue peacefully during Stadium Merdeka.

"Whether or not a government abides by ! their pr inciples, you a Malaysian people will always defend ours. Our integrity to exercise a inherent right to accumulate peacefully for a just as well as reasonable means is unwavering," Bersih pronounced in a statement.

The transformation done of 62 registered societies additionally forked out which recent statements by Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar indicated which a military would take action opposite those who "do anything upon Jul 9th over staying during home."

"Whatever happens in between now as well as then, a rakyat will accumulate peacefully in an orderly conform to call for clean as well as satisfactory elections during Stadium Merdeka upon a 9th of Jul during 2pm.

"We have been coming, you will be pacific as well as together, you will build a improved Malaysia," a Bersih matter said.

Rais had pronounced a decision to club Bersih from rallying in a city stadiums was due to a actuality which a transformation was not registered with a Registrar of Societies (RoS) as well as reserve concerns.

He combined which Bersih should find out alternative stadiums or locations such as Kelantan or Selangor to reason a convene this Saturday.

Bersih: We WILL be at Stadium Merdeka on Saturday

Bersih 2.0 has spoken a convene programmed for Jul 9 will happen during a Stadium Merdeka regardless of a pronouncements of a detractors otherwise.

In a matter issued late this evening sealed off by a full membership of a 14-member steering committee, a coalition calling for purify as well as satisfactory elections pronounced they will not for a single impulse be convinced from a preference to accumulate there peacefully.

Setting aside a warnings, threats as well as clampdown seen a past two weeks against public displays of support for a convene programmed for this Saturday, they expressed disappointment with what they pronounced was Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak as well as his cabinet's betrayal of an earlier promise to concede a much anticipated convene to take place within a stadium.

Come what may, they declared, Bersih will practice a constitutional right to accumulate peacefully for a only as well as in accord with cause, as well as that will is unwavering.

Bersih 2.0 is disappointed in a demeanour in that a Prime Minister as well as his cupboard has reneged upon their offer to yield a track for us to reason a peaceful gathering.

As members of civil society that have been committed to beliefs of integrity, we entirely intend to abide by a advice of Tuanku DYMM SPB YDP Agong as well as reason a entertainment in a track to state a direct for purify as well as satisfactory elections.

We have chosen Stadium Merdeka as a most appropriate venue for this event, due to a mystic inlet as well as executive location, as well as we will not for a single impulse be convinced from a preference to accumulate there peacefully.
If a Prime Minister is a male of his word, he will make a appropriate arrangements for a! eventua lity to proceed peacefully during Stadium Merdeka, pronounced a statement.

[More to follow]

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AIDCNews -06/07/11 Ketika Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan berhempas pulas menyelesaikan kemelut NGOnya, BERSIH di Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sudah pun tiba di London pada 2 Julai.

Ketika ditegur oleh @farhan_zali di twitternya, pi tidoq la sembang lebat jaa, Anwar menjawab, Jgn prasangka spt di London 12 mlm ha ha, yang menjelaskan bahawa beliau sudah berada di London pada 2

Dedicated to all Bersih Supporters

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To the Malaysian critics of socialism

Contrary to what the little inside of UMNO say, in particular one Tun Faisal who tweets (repeatedly, similar to the damaged record) which socialism is anti-Islam, socialism is, in fact, utterly Islamic.The real problem is which people similar to Tun Faisal do not assimilate what socialism is, though talks as if he does. Challenge him to yield his definition as well as bargain of socialism (or any other idea he's against), as well as you'll likely get the large runaround the mulberry bush. Like the true-blue politician which he is.Well, ... Read More


Ingatkan dah selesai pasal perarakan haram ni sebab diarahkan buat di track tapi rupa-rupanya tidak. Puak-puak celaka ini rancang benda lain pula supaya perarakan dapat berjalan seperti dirancangkan.Pada pandangan EP, buat di mana pun ianya hanya akan mendatangkan mudarat. Boleh ke Ambiga menjamin keselamatan rakyat yang berada di kawasan sekitar? Atau dia sebenarnya tak peduli.Kenapa puak-puak celaka ni pilih Stadium Merdeka dan bukannya Stadium Shah Alam. Apa lagi niat jahat disebaliknya? Ke ... Read More

A royal call for calm in Malaysia - Asia Times

Since his promotion to budding apportion in 2009, Najib has promoted a ''1Malaysia'' motto in an interest to inhabitant and racial togetherness and to soften his ruling United Malays Nasional Organizations (UMNO) image. The UMNO-dominated government continues to ...

Stadium rally still requires permit, says cops

KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 6 Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar currently reminded Bersih 2.0 to apply for the assent for this Saturdays rally, warning which failure to do so would still have the event an illegal gathering.

Speaking during the press conference during the Bukit Aman military headquarters this evening, he told reporters which to date, Bersih 2.0s organisers had yet to surprise or forewarn the military of their plans for the rally.

No call from them, no information, he said.

When it was forked out which Bersih 2.0 had already been since the green light from the government to hold its convene during the stadium, Khalid shook his head.

Come on, (Bersih 2.0 chairman) Datuk Ambiga is the former Bar Council president. She should know the law, he said.

He, however, gave his assurance which the assent duplicate routine would be expedited in view of the coercion of the situation.

We will prioritise their application. Typically, permits can usually be applied for during slightest the week prior to the event. So because are we giving them priority? Because the government has already allowed them to hold the track convene so we need to concur as well as we will, he said.


Umno Youth rejects Stadium Merdeka for Bersih

Even prior to the dust can solve as well as Prime Minister Najib Razak has yet to complete the word, Umno Youth has undisguised rejected Bersih's ask for Stadium Merdeka for the Jul 9 free-and-fair elections rally.We reject Stadium Merdeka. It is not the place for the domestic gathering. Do in Pakatan Rakyat (administered) state. Furthermore, Stadium Shah Alam was already offered, Reezal Merican Naina Merican, Umno Youth report chief, said.His 'rationale' was which the stadium had chronological stress ... Read More


Pengerusi Bersih S. Ambiga memang penipu kerana melalui SMS yang dihantar kepada semua penyokong pakatan rakyat bahawa perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 tetap akan diadakan seperti yang dirancangkan sebelumnya iaitu di Masjik Jamek, Hadapan DBKL Dataran Merdeka dan dihadapan Komplek Sogo.S. Ambiga juga mengajak penyokongnya beramai-ramai memakai baju kuning seperti yang dirancangnya sebelum iniAmbiga juga

Bersih to Hand Memorandum to Agong During Rally

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 JULY, 2011: Bersih 2.0 boss Datuk S Ambiga who has supposed a governments suggest to hold a programmed rally in a stadium said that 10 member from a NGO will be handing a chit of a 8 demands to a King, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin this Saturday. ... Read More