Big crowds not a judge of BN support

STAR Sabah chief Jeffrey Kitingan has discharged a state turn Kaamatan celebrations yesterday as yet another 'BN domestic gimmick'.
KENINGAU: Flooding Keningau with busloads of Sabahans to celebrate a state turn Kaamatan legal holiday with Prime Ministe Najib Tun Razak is not a yardstick to measure await for Barisan Nasional in a state.
Alluding to a reported 20,000 clever crowd in a Interior multiplication of Keningau yesterday, State Reform Party (STAR) Sabah authority Dr Jeffrey Kitingan pronounced it was 'obviously a BN domestic gimmick as well as a rubbish of taxpayers money.'
"It is laughable which a national-level jubilee is being hold in a Interior when it should rightly be hold in a inhabitant collateral where it would attract inhabitant as well as tellurian attention, as well as get appearance from all states.
"The National Pesta Kaamatan is a clever instrument of inhabitant togetherness though what inhabitant togetherness have been they starting to grasp in a remote Keningau?
"It should be a grand inhabitant jubilee based upon a suggestion of Sabah's enlightenment as well as not a domestic gathering.
"Obviously this is all only an costly gimmick for a BN's domestic bulletin as well as a rubbish of taxpayers' money," he added.
He pronounced it was an obvious attempt to retreat a clever anti-BN view in a Interior in which a shouts of "Ini kalilah!" is being heard in every indentation as well as corner, even from tiny children.
"This is obviously more of a domestic campaign rsther than than a inhabitant legal holiday to good all Malaysians!" he pronounced alluding to a increas! ingly cl ever anti-Umno view in Keningau where his brother emissary chief minister Joseph Pairin is MP.

Nothing brand new with KDM College
Kitingan also took a dig during a launch of a KDM College in Keningau, observant it was prolonged overdue as well as which a BN was blowing a total publicity out of proportion.
He pronounced which a devise for one village college for every parliamentary area was decided a prolonged time ago though had never materialised until now.
"The KDM College is actually a village college, not one with a special purpose for a KDMs."
"And it is really not due to a special efforts of a (Pairin's) PBS which a college is starting to be built, " he added.
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Pendidikan percuma hanya tebu di bibir

Menteri Besar Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim mahu menunjukkan favourite dengan berkata sebahagian aset Unisel akan dijual untuk menampung keperluan pendidikan pelajar universiti tersebut.Dengan sendirinya Khalid telah membuka pekungnya kepada rakyat bahawa kerajaan negeri sebenarnya tidak mempunyai dana yang mencukupi untuk membiayai pendidikan pelajar universiit miliknya sendiri.Apa perlu Selangor menjual

DPM's motto: Do as I say, not as I do

YOURSAY'If we have been not prepared to uncover your bank account, greatfully do not ask others to do so as good as in a process have a dope of yourself.'

Muhyiddin: I won't uncover Anwar my accounts

your sayDemocrat 53:DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, we were often talked about as a richest MB from a single of a richest states in Malaysia. You most sold Johor as good as Johor Bahru. The final straw for former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad was probably a construction on a Johor Straits which became an eyesore.

Remember your crony from Singapore who headed a project? I know memories have been reduced as good as resourceful only similar to your stream godfather, a male who once did not certitude we during all.

We Johorians know really good all your ties with a various powers-that-be in a business circles. The past couple of years during a Education Ministry has been good too after your reduced yet remunerative spell during Miti (Ministry of International Trade as good as Industry).

So if your have been value your salt, be male enough to uncover your bank accounts as good as those hold by your cronies.

Anonymous_3ff5:The DPM started it all by telling DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) to insist a purported twenty accounts to which ACA/MACC review already privileged as good as a box closed.

Muhyiddin should accept DSAI's plea if he has nothing to hide. But instead he blamed a contributor for asking him to comment on a issue.

It irresponsible of him as DPM to censure a contributor when he can respond with a "no comment" - only as what he did when asked a! boutthe Scorpene case.

Multi Racial:I cruise it is a fair plea from Anwar. Since we open your mouth to comment on him as good as he has a right to plea we to publicly acknowledgement all your bank accounts.

Personally, I do not cruise Anwar would want to uncover his bank accounts to everyone. In spite of that, he brave plea we since he knew we would not brave ! to take up his challenge. Maybe he thinks we have some-more to hide.

Mushiro:At least for a consequence of getting Anwar to uncover all his accounts, Muhyiddin should have shown his accounts.

And if Muhyiddin really did not have this kind of money, afterwards it is all a some-more reason Muhyiddin should have proven this.

Many Malaysians believe which Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor, Muhyiddin as good as many ministers as good as Umno leaders have big fat accounts. Leaders should acknowledgement as good as uncover their accounts to infer they have been clean.

Headhunter:Not only his bank accounts, yet we additionally want to see Muhyiddin's resources here in Malaysia as good as abroad as well.

Anwar already said he's diversion to open his accounts which to us is which he has nothing to hide. Come on DPM, we're all waiting.

Anonymous #59599842:"Which ministers doesn't have problems?" asked Umno Wanita arch Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

No wonder, she was indignant when we asked her to step down from her minister's post.

Disbeliever:Ministers who live in potion houses should not throw stones. Muhyiddin, as DPM, we should not be using down a antithesis as good as acting similar to a small child deprived of his lollipop.

Instead we should lay out what you, a PM as good as! Umno-BN have been going to do to revive a economy, to revoke national debts as good as to understanding with other relevant issues which start Malaysians from all walks of life.

So Mr DPM, stop all this nonsense as good as let us know what is in store for us. Stop intimidating us, stop sowing seeds of fear as good as hatred, stop observant which if we don't opinion Umno-BN, afterwards we have been not patriotic as good as which we have been "destroying" this country.

We have given we 55 years to uncover us something tangible. Yes, Umno-BN has brought us swell yet during a expense of prevalent crime as good as cronyism.

If we have been reluctant to take up Anwar's challenge, afterwards we a rakyat plea we to acknowledgement which we do not have millions, or perhaps billions, stack up somewhere.

Tp n:If we have been not prepared to uncover your bank account, greatfully do not ask others to do so as good as in a process have a dope of yourself.

ABBN:Dear DPM, even yet Anwar did not opposite plea you, don't we cruise which it is a golden event for we to willingly step forward to lead by e.g. by display us your accounts which we have been purify as good as which we have been not corrupted as good as unwashed similar to everybody observant so?

This will definitely clear your tarnished image as good as give we a really convincing reason which a people should retain we as good as to cruise we as a next PM should Najib brave not follow suit.

Unless we have been dishonest as good as not what we claimed to be corrupt free, afterwards greatfully close up as good as stop indicating fingers as good as prepare to run or migrate after a next general election.

Lim Ah Kow:Don't uncover it to Anwar, uncover it to us! - Malaysiakini
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Haze, Lynas and Anwar to the rescue?

The mist is back. Yesterday a API (Air Pollution Index) in a Klang Valley was high. The incident is not any better today. The API in Shah Alam as well as Kelang currently have been 130 as well as 144 respectively UNHEALTHY. But afterwards again it is a time of a year when all of we have a payoff of breathing in millions of particles, pleasantness of a cultivation sector. Before we indicate fingers during Indonesia, we need to assimilate which during this time of a year, hotspots (fires) can be found in most countries in a region. Indonesia is no disbelief a greatest culprit (by trait of its land mass) though timberland fires can additionally be speckled in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah as well as Sarawak, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam as well as Myanmar.
Haze causes a lot of problems. The mercantile consequences, despite not realised by most people, have been huge. Haze leads to drop in cultivation yield (haze blocks a sunlight) a goods which have been mostly felt much later. Airports mostly cancel flights. Many businesses cannot work or work during a lower turn of productivity. The bad visibility mostly leads to accidents.
In conditions of total stroke to a illness of Malaysia (and others in Southeast Asia), a mist is without disbelief a major episode. Hundreds of millions people humour a consequences. The suffering is REAL. The total stroke from a potential bearing to low turn deviation from Lynas is tiiiiiiiiny little little (that to only to a small series of people in Gebeng) compared to a stroke from a haze. we am utterly confident of putting a comparative measure of 1000 (impact of a mist versus a stroke of Lynas). It is like chasing an termite when a tiger is sneaking in your house.
Here is my question. To Br! ader Anw ar, Lim Guan Eng, Fuziah Salleh as well as a boisterous gang from Pakatan who marched in Kuantan dual months protesting opposite Lynas since have been we quiet about a mist (not forgetting some nincompoops from MCA who additionally joined a protests). The mist is an part which causes REAL illness problems to millions of people, in Malaysia as well as in a region. You who marched as well as spoke supposedly for a "rakyat's health" have chosen to be silent now. Why? Can't find an point of view to lay a censure on a Federal Government? Can't find a good reason to tie a mist to UMNO? Brader Anwar, we said, we screamed which we have been endangered about a rakyat health. Why have been we not we do anything about a haze? Why have been we not marching in a street protesting a haze?
And do not f*#king discuss it me there is nothing we can do. There is plenty we can do. You can impetus as well as criticism in front of a Indonesian embassy. You can send a delegation to encounter a farmers in Cambodia as well as Myanmar as well as discuss it them to stop burning a forests. You can impetus to Putrajaya as well as ask Wisma Putra to discuss it a Indonesians off. Brader Anwar, we have most high turn contacts in Indonesia, certainly we can use your influence to do something after all it is for a rakyat's well-being. You can demand which a ASEAN Secretariat facilitates a doing of a ASEAN Haze Action Plan effectively. There is more we can do. During a mist episode, we can ask a factories in Selangor as well as Penang (these have been where a most factories are) to cut down their prolongation as well as revoke air emission. You can speak to a cultivation zone in Selangor not to bake in a peat areas. It might not stop a mist completely though most of these actions can certainly help.
Brader Anwar, a reason we am directing this post to we is since we cla! imed to be immature dual months in Kuantan during a criticism opposite Lynas. You claimed which we were endangered about a rakyat's health. You pronounced a sourroundings is important. That's since we write to we lah. we am baffled which we as well as your merrymen have been so gungho about impacts from Lynas. Yet when a mist which poses a 1000 times more illness risks to a rakyat happens, we do not do anything. And do not discuss it me it is as well late to do anything. We all know mist occurs in Jun July each year. In fact, we have already asked we to do something dual months ago (read here).

Brader, forgive me if we do not trust we as well as your merrymen when we criticism about Lynas observant we have been endangered about a rakyat. Forgive me if we think we have been just a hypocrite out to win spirit points using Lynas emanate as your vehicle. And a rest of a greenies who were with we in Kuantan, where have been they know? Hiding in their houses, breathing by an oxygen mask? That's of course possible since which most of your associate protestors have been comparatively well-off they live as well as work in air-conditioned sourroundings as well as have been less expected to humour a full impacts of a haze. But how about a farmers, hawkers, trade policemen, tukang sapu jalan, DBKL workers, etc who have to work in a open? You have been not endangered about them?. They humour a lot from a haze, we know. And a bad asthmatic kids, aren't we gonna help them?
Monyet King additionally says
Folks, a mist is a complex complaint involving cultivation economics, rural lifestyles, ASEAN politics, informal breeze patterns, etc h! ence a p rolonged time it is receiving for a complaint to be resolved. But there have been things which a people as well as government can do. Many things have been being finished during a informal turn to minimize a mist complaint though these things will take time. Rest assured which this is NOT a final time we have been starting to knowledge a haze. Unless of course, Brader Anwar can come to a rescue.

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Lynas, roadaccidents as well as ogres

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Trailer Gladi "Malaysia Corruption" Apkres SILN 2012

Gladi "Malaysia Corruption" Lomba Apkres SILN 2012 sixteen Mei 2012 di A Yani KBRI Bangkok

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Pendidikan percuma hanya tebu di bibir

Menteri Besar Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim mahu menunjukkan hero dengan berkata sebahagian aset Unisel akan dijual untuk menampung keperluan pendidikan pelajar universiti tersebut.Dengan sendirinya Khalid telah membuka pekungnya kepada rakyat bahawa kerajaan negeri sebenarnya tidak mempunyai dana yang mencukupi untuk membiayai pendidikan pelajar universiit miliknya sendiri.Apa perlu Selangor menjual

Malaysia's PAS changing policies to win women's votes

chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed says, unlike PAS, a Barisan Government has been consistent with a policies upon women's development as well as their rights. For instance, he said PAS had unexpected carried a ban upon women ...

Anwar was ready to give up our sovereignty to IMF, says Najib

Warm welcome: Najib nearing at the Sabah Handicraft Centre in Keningau. Behind him is MusaDatuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pronounced which Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister was ready to give up Malaysias sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund during the 1997 financial crisis.The republic was fortunate which our Prime Minister then, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was means to qualification our own formulas to lift the country out of the crisis.I know this because we was additionally the part of of the Cabinet t ... Read More


Not once did we ever feel which we do not need we in my life. No difference have been sufficient to describe how most we mean to me, Daddy. Just want to say, we love you. Happy Father's day.

And just for you:

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Pro-Pakatan urban folk preaching to empty audience, says Kayveas

Datuk M. Kayveas claims which city folks have been mostly pro-opposition. - Picture by Choo Choy May
KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 17 Malaysia's wealthy urbanites have been mostly pro-opposition since they can afford to spend their days trolling upon a Internet as well as defame others, People's Progressive Party (PPP) president Datuk M. Kayveas has said.
But a former emissary apportion claimed these city folk were a usually ones enjoying their own "Internet games", predicting which during least 80 per cent of a race would not be convinced by their views.
"Overall, if we demeanour during these urbanites... giving a impression which they have been rolling over to await a opposition... it's a really thin infancy as well as it is not starting to furnish any effect," Kayveas toldThe Malaysian Insiderduring a new talk during his bureau here.
"The mentality of these urbanites is usually to criticise as well as to have comments which, if we ask me, 80 or 90 per cent of a race does not bother."
"Those who bother have been usually these couple of who have been personification their Internet games. The masses essentially do not bother," he insisted.
The former Senator as well as Taiping MP was vocalization in anxiety to a participants of Bersih 3.0, which had drawn a poignant segment of a country's civic center class to a streets to convene for giveaway as well as fair elections.
The Apr twenty-eight event, which was organised by election watchdog Bersih 2.0, was also corroborated by a federal antithesis agreement Pakatan Rakyat (PR) which is pronounced to draw most of a await from a civic electorate.
Kayveas did not dispute PR's civic support, though pronounced it was no big surprise.
He pronounced urbanites have been some-more often than not anti-establishment! in natu re as well as have been regularly looking "change", even if this shift is diseased for a country.
"The civic mindset is regularly 'nevermind, we am tired of Umno so let's shift it.' It does not matter, we could put anyone (as candidate), a person who does not know about politics, who does not serve a people, who has not lifted a finger to help any bad person in their lives," he said.
"This civic organisation of people, they have been not a type who go to a ground, go to rural areas as well as work, support a bad as well as do charity, work with a bad as well as a 'have-nots'."
Kayveas singled out Bersih 2.0 co-chair Datuk Ambiga Sreenavasan as an e.g. of such an urbanite, observant he was puzzled which a former Bar Council president had ever helped a bad in her life.
"No. They have been a type who already 'have'. They have education, they have enough. They can spend income in Starbucks as well as Coffee Bean.
"While a bad fellows compensate RM1 for their coffee, they can compensate RM13 or RM14 as well as take out their laptops as well as use a giveaway Internet as well as WIFI to whack a government," he sniped.
Kayveas added which a antithesis have been regulating their supporters to widespread a teachings regulating amicable media tools, 90 per cent of which he says have been fake or "half-truths".
Describing this as "politics but merit", he warned which a "changes" which civic Malaysians have been clamouring for might be damaging to a country.
"So most countries which unexpected longed for shift have fallen since a shift is so drastic, or it is not pertinent or a people have been not ready yet," he said.
Malaysia is streamer into a 13th general election soon, a competition which is expected to be a stiffest in a nation's history.
In Election 2008, a ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) agreement mislaid a prevalent two-thirds infancy as well as ceded four states as well ! as Kelan tan to a opposition.
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MCA talks cock about PG1 number plate

Dear stupid MCA and other stupid politicians The automobile in this photo on top of belongs to a people of Penang. We a people of Penang provide a automobile for a Chief Minister of a state. The automobile for a Chief Minister regularly carries a series plate PG1. It means "Penang 1. It represents a people of [...] Read More @ Source

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Mustapa: PAS changing policies to win womens votes

chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed says, unlike PAS, a Barisan Government has been consistent with a policies upon womens growth and their rights. For instance, he pronounced PAS had unexpected lifted a ban upon women taking partial ...


Demi mendapatkan impak maksimum untuk menghentam BERSIH 3.0, UMNO telah mempergunakan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan. Maka bergendanglah majlis ini tentang haramnya perhimpunan itu. Gendang joke disambut oleh media cetak seperti Utusan Malaysia dan Berita Harian, termasuk juga BERNAMA dan RTM. Parahlah BERSIH 3.0 dinjak-injak oleh NGO yang menyokong UMNO. Namun, dalam keparahan itu BERSIH 3.0 mempertahankan diri dengan fatwa dari Dr. Yusof Qardawi. Ulama PAS turut mempertahankan perhimpunan itu. ... Read More

Pro-Pakatan urban folk preaching to empty audience, says Kayveas

KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 17 Malaysias moneyed urbanites are largely pro-opposition since they can afford to spend their days trolling upon the Internet as well as defame others, Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) boss Datuk M. Kayveas has said. But the former deputy minister claimed these city folk were the only ones enjoying their own Internet games, ... Read More

PAS Utamakan Politik Berbanding Islam

... Read More

Jail Rather Than Fine

Catholic clergyman prefers jail than pay fine if guilty of illegal assembly By Debra Chong, Assistant News Editor Jun 16, 2012 KUALA LUMPUR, Jun sixteen Rev Father Paulino Miranda could be sealed up a year and fined up to RM10,000 for taking part in a candlelight burial four years ago in Petaling Jaya nearby here despite a new law permitting public assemblies in Malaysia. But a Malaysian Catholic clergyman has said he would rsther than be sealed up than outlay a singular sen on a fine. "I would rsther than go ... Read More


Fuyoo..Awi Rafael mempunyai tatoo di badan...betul ke?? Cuba lihat gambar yang didedahkan oleh media malaya ini...macam betul je...patut le Awi sentiasa memakai baju lengan panjang untuk menutup tatoo di badannya.Apabila kecoh berita ini Awi Rafael menafikan gosip tersebut dan mencabar mereka yang menyebar gosip untuk menunjukkan gambarnye bertatoo. Nah..ambik kau...bukan ke Awi Rafael mempunyai tatoo di lengan dan bahu...yang dalam cawan tu air apa pula?? Zapple ke.??EP tidak berani mengesahkan ... Read More




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Don't miss wave of change, Hadi tells Johoreans

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today urged voters in Umno's southern building Johor not to be left during the back of as the call of shift sweeps across the Malaysian peninsula.

"We goal the people of Johor will join us in this shift as well as have been not left behind," he told some-more than 500 people during the luncheon in Tokang Pechah, Batu Pahat this afternoon.

Urging the locals to back the Pakatan Rakyat, Hadi drew the result of the lizard's tail, telling the locals to assistance constraint Nusajaya, the chair of power in Johor in tandem with the antithesis coalition's impetus towards the federal capital Putrajaya.

"Don't be similar to the lizard's tail which becomes severed from the body, it wiggles away as well as falters," he said, referring to the state executive centre Nusajaya.
Drawing parallels to the not long ago concluded presidential choosing in France which saw Nicholas Sarkozy defeated, between others, for allegedly reception supports from deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Abdul Hadi urged the locals to similarly eject the incumbent.

"In Malaysia, the some-more something good to eat they give, the some-more await they get. But for these westerners who have been seen to be some-more materialistic, they would still select good governance," he said.
Winning Johor 'not impossible'
Speaking during the press discussion later, Abdul Hadi insisted which it is possible for Pakatan to constraint the bieing born state of Umno.

"We see this as not impossible, nonetheless it is not going to be easy... But even Suharto as well as Marcos can fall," he said.

He combined which the celebration has finished 95 percent of the chair negotiations with its Pakatan partners as well as was confident their joint effort will give Umno the run for its income in Johor.

Speaking upon the sidelines later, Johor PAS deputy government o! fficial III Mazlan Aliman pronounced PAS expects to competition 28 to 31 of 56 state seats as well as 8 parliamentary seats in Johor.

"We devise to maintain the standing quo in 2008 though you have been seeking in to requests for chair swaps or changes from our partners," he said.

Mazlan combined which the final pattern will be voiced during the PAS convene in Johor Bharu upon Jun twenty-nine where the celebration worshiped devout personality Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat will have an appearance.

"The convene will also make known the entrance of multiform respected leaders who were before from the public service, the military as well as even celebrities," he said.

Two-week shell in Johor

The luncheon today was the first eventuality of the PAS immature call in northern Johor which will interpretation with the convene in Ledang tonight.

The all-day blitz, Mazlan said, will go upon across the state for the next dual weeks - heading to the Jun twenty-nine convene in Johor Baru - as part of an try to disencumber the stranglehold of Umno upon Johor.

Taking the theatre earlier, antithesis personality Anwar Ibrahim joked which he may need to come in an armoured vehicle, in anxiety to the series of aroused acts which pennyless out during his progressing visits to the southern state.

"But I feel there is right away something brand new in Johor - it's noon, as well as nonetheless there have been so many people here, face to face with the prohibited sun. We wouldn't even get such the throng in Terengganu," he quipped.

While PAS leaders criss-cross the northern half of Johor today, Anwar is expected to lead PKR's assign in the southern part of the state after tonight, including creation the return to Sembrong where hisvehicle was attackedby the pro-Umno host in February.
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Isas membership in Felda illegal: Why then is he Felda chairman?

s presence in a subsequent general election, observes P Ramakrishnan. They have to take control of KPF by whatever equates to it takes to exert their management over a Felda settlers. The Malaysian Cooperative Societies ...

Parliament reporters hit out at working conditions

It has been 8 months given a proxy Parliament office office office office building was opened for us, as well as media crew covering parliamentary record have had utterly enough.

Daily during a proceedings, over 40 reporters, photographers as well as video crew have been crammed into a portion of a proxy run not as big than a badminton court.

Reporters lay cross-legged upon a office office office office building with their laptops between tangles of wires whilst early birds get to fist onto a few couches as they follow members of parliament debate in a Dewan Rakyat through a live telecast.

parliament reporters press room 2Some have been even forced to lay upon tables, whilst others had taken upon themselves to set up fold-able beach chairs in front of a singular television screening a live telecast.

However, if a press conference is called a volume of a television has to be turned down, forcing those following debates to crowd around a TV set.

"It's really aging, you meant you feel that my body is aging (in this condition). We always have to travel carefully or we'll trip (on wires or equipment). It's not a befitting sourroundings for reporters to furnish great work.

"Parliament is where checks as well as balances of supervision process (happen) as well as we'll be means to furnish improved peculiarity work in a some-more comfortable environment," saidMerdeka Reviewjournalist Chen Shaua Fui.

Malaysiakinireporter Lee Way Loon, who was sitting o! n a fl oor, found himself falling straight into an additional reporter's laptop when he tried to get up to verbalise to an MP recently.

"I saw other reporters coming (the MP) so you got up, though my leg was numb as well as you fell.
"! ;Thankfu lly a laptop was not broken or else you would have to give compensation," he said, laughing over a incident.

dap dompok as well as sexist remarks pc 170507 fong poh kuanOn a some-more critical note, however, Lee said that reporters had last year complained to both opposition as well as BN MPs over a have a difference as well as found sympathy from DAP's Batu Gajah MP Fong Poh Kuan (left).

"She sensitive (minister in charge of parliamentary affairs) Nazri Abdul Aziz about it as well as he asked us to write a letter, though you consider no one did.

"Fong additionally suggested that you pierce to a top floors that has some-more space though this was not taken up," he said.

The stream position, whilst crammed, provides improved access to a MPs walking in as well as out of a Dewan Rakyat.

A lesson in patience

TV Selangorreporter Muhammad Syafiq Redzuan concurred, adding that he hopes that media crew will not have to work "in this mess area" for most longer.

"I'd similar to to appreciate a supervision for teaching us patience," he quipped.

The proxy building, that is just during a back of a categorical Parliament office office office office building in Kuala Lumpur was built as an alternative, whilst renovation as well as upkeep work commences in a categorical building.

The proxy buildin! g was pr eviously a multipurpose gymnasium upgraded for its transitory purpose for a total of RM28 million.

parliament reporters press room 3The categorical building,which additionally includes a media room as well as a sprawling lobby, is some-more than 50 years old as well as suffers from bad leaks.

Works Minister Shaziman Mansor ha! d visite d a media area during a proxy office office office office building last Oct as well as took note of a complaints, as well as given afterwards six three-seater sofas have been palced there instead of two.

"If it's worried for press conferences to be hold here, maybe they can be hold outward or you can ask ministers to give them during a old lobby," he had suggested then.

Malaysiakinireporter Hazlan Zakaria notes that reporters covering a parliamentary record have been essentially trying to "make what politicians say distinct to a public".

"It is a hope that a powers that be would listen as well as have sure you can go on to look great for a open or else humour a consequences of being unable to be accepted by a people they have been supposed to serve."

VIDEO | 2.35 min
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Born a bigot

The preference of words which Malaysians make use of reveals what runs by their head. And most Malaysians exhibit which they have been bigots who demeanour down upon those not of their same competition or religion. Whether they have been supporters of Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat does not matter. They have been all a same, bigots of a highest degree. And a comments inMalaysia Todayonly serves to infer this.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
I might be a muslim though i positively apply oneself you. if they do put we in jail, modify as most as we can. be liek a shoe throwing imam. these umno bastrads shud be a ones in jail. any way if we have been still in prison as well as PR takes over as well as we prison people like pairin, his hermit jeffrey, joe kurup, joseph balang, joseph gamdum, idris jala, peter chin fcuk kui, ling leong sik- we can give them confession. as well as if we find murphy pakiam guilty of selling out assunta - afterwards i will insist he be jailed as well as well as only suppose - an archbishop starting to clergyman for confession...(A criticism by 'Mohd Ali' in a news item 'Catholic clergyman prefers prison than pay excellent if guilty of illegal assembly').
That was a criticism by someone posting as 'Mohd Ali' in a news item'Catholic clergyman prefers prison than pay excellent if guilty of illegal assembly'. we have not finished any editing to a criticism as well as as we can see it is a really bad criticism with so most typos as well as errors. Either 'Mohd Ali' is someone of really low education/intelligence or he is a single really qu! iescent bugger (or might be both). And what's wrong with regulating capital letters for proper nouns? Is it which much trouble to do this?
This criticism by 'Mohd Ali' additionally reveals something really critical about a Malaysian mentality. Malaysians, by as well as large, have been bigots. Then they try to impress us which they have been not bigots by creation a criticism which is even some-more revealing. Hence a some-more they speak a some-more they infer which they have been bigots.
'Mohd Ali' said, "I might be a Muslim though we positively apply oneself you." What does this mean? Well, it can additionally mean, "You might not be a Muslim though we positively apply oneself you." Or we can additionally say, "You might be a Christian though we positively apply oneself you."Plus we can say, "You might be an heathen though we positively apply oneself you." All statements meant a same thing.
Why do we need to even mention a word 'Muslim'? Why can't we only contend 'I positively apply oneself we for a stand we have been taking'? Why contingency we include 'I might be a Muslim" or 'you might be a Christian' or whatever? By crafting a matter in this demeanour we have been observant which Christians do not deserve apply oneself or Muslims should not apply oneself Christians. Hence, "I might be a Muslim though we positively apply oneself you", definition we might be a Christian though we positively apply oneself we because routinely we would never apply oneself Christians.
In a recent debate about whether a Prime Minister contingency be a Malay-Muslim, we have seen comments such as 'I have no problems with a Malay Prime Minister as prolonged as he is satisfactory to a non-Malays'. Does this meant only Malay Prime Ministers contingency be satisfactory to a non-Malays? What if we have a Chinese Prime Minister? Is it okay if he is not satisfactory to a non-Malays? Must only Malay Prime Ministers be satisfactory to a non-Malays? Furthermore, do we mea! nt to co ntend which Malay Prime Ministers have been regarded as a curse though we do not thoughts this as prolonged as he is satisfactory to a non-Malays?
This is additionally like observant which routinely Malays have been not satisfactory to a non-Malays. Hence. "I don't thoughts a Malay Prime Minister as prolonged as he is satisfactory to a non-Malays." You might as well contend it is really rare to find Malays who have been satisfactory to a non-Malays. This additionally means non-Malays have been not like this. Non-Malays have been always satisfactory to a Malays. It is only Malays who have been not satisfactory to a non-Malays.
"You might be Chinese though we contingency contend we consider we have been a great person." What if we were to contend that? Would we courtesy this as a compliment or an insult? Do we meant to contend which underneath normal circumstances Chinese have been not great people? Is it rare to find a Chinese who is good? Is it normal which most Chinese have been bad people?
You might be black though we have been utterly a great person. So, routinely 'non-whites' have been bad people?
You might be Malay though we have been utterly a great person. So, routinely Malays have been bad people?
You might be Chinese though we have been utterly a great person. So, routinely Chinese have been bad people?
Islam contingency be reputable because Islam is a sacrament of a Federation. This is an additional usual statement. Does this meant a alternative religions need not be reputable given they have been not a sacrament of a federation?
Muslims endure a sacrament of others. That is an additional thing which Malays like to say. Why contingency Muslims endure a sacrament of others? Normally, things which we endure have been regarded as a nuisance.
You endure a dog shit of your neighbour's dog upon your grass because we wish to be a great neighbour. You endure a shrill music from your neighbour! 's apart ment because we do not wish to protest about a noise as well as as a result trigger dispute with your neighbour. So we endure all these nuisances for a sake of being a great neighbour. Does this meant we additionally endure Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc., upon a basement which these religions have been a bloody nuisance? Other religions, dog shit as well as noise have been nuisances though have been tolerated.
The preference of words which Malaysians make use of reveals what runs by their head. And most Malaysians exhibit which they have been bigots who demeanour down upon those not of their same competition or religion. Whether they have been supporters of Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat does not matter. They have been all a same, bigots of a highest degree. And a comments inMalaysia Todayonly serves to infer this.
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Dont forget what BNs done for you

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin believes which Penang Malays as well as Indians have been right away realising which they have been being sidelined as well as have been returning to BN.
BAYAN LEPAS: Barisan Nasional is right away enjoying augmenting people's await in Penang as most right away understand a coalition's contributions to a republic as well as state.
Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin pronounced due to augmenting public hardships, such as in securing affordable houses, jobs as well as sharpening cost of living, they have been right away returning to BN fold.
"Their await is augmenting by a day," Muhyiddin told newsmen after addressing a entertainment of industrial workers organized by a Human Resources Ministry in Western Digital here today.
However, he did not exhibit BN confidence level in recapturing Penang or series of seats in a next general election.
Earlier in his speech, he pronounced a sovereign supervision would not sideline Penang from mainstream growth merely since it was ruled by Pakatan Rakyat, as continually claimed by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng government.
He pronounced a sovereign supervision knew which a whole nation would good from a full of health socio-economic growth in Penang.
Thus, he pronounced a sovereign supervision continued to deposit heavily in Penang for example to set up Penang Bridge 2, ascent a airport, port as well as to develop large pool of learned manpower.
He pronounced a sovereign supervision additionally continued to suggest incentives as well as give favoured treatments to lure unfamiliar investments to Penang.
"All these were finished by BN supervision over a years to prosper a people of Penang.
"Don't forget," he reminded a workers.
'More' to come
Muhyiddin additionally pronounced a new RM500 money gift by Putrajaya was a BN initiative to help palliate a people's weight to negotiate a taking flight cost of living.
He pronounced a sovereign government's pro-active stairs to subsidise as well as control prices of essential items, such as chicken, sugar as well as in progress oil, have been partial of efforts to reduce cost of living.
"There will be some-more to come. We will continue to carry out policies to good a people.
"We have been committed to aiding a people to reap benefits from a stream sovereign transformation programmes," he said.
The Western Digital programme was partial of Muhyiddin's one day operative visit to Penang which included a morning dialogue event with member from some 60 Malay non-government organisations in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).
He additionally visited a RM4.2 billion Penang Bridge 2 plan site as well as later addressed a entertainment in Butterworth prior to returning to Kuala Lumpur.
He had told a Malay NGOs in USM which a sovereign supervision was looking into reviving a right away probably 'dead as well as buried' Penang Bumiputra Foundation (Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang).
He pronounced BN longed for to reactivate a substructure to resolve a people woes in housing, employment as well as sharpening cost of living.
He additionally called upon a NGOs to work together to connect Penang Mala! ys as an united village to essay forward.
"United you stand, divided you fall," he told them, prior to giving out RM10,000 any to all NGOs present.

Malays, Indians have been victims
Muhyiddin admitted miss of affordable homes for a reduce income organisation has become a vital social issue in Penang today.
He pronounced a sovereign supervision would workout a formula soon to overcome a problem for a people.
The reduce income people in Penag, who have been strenuous Malays as well as Indians, have been increasingly confronting difficulties to own a home in Penang, especially upon a island, due to unreasonable skill cost boom in past four years underneath Pakatan rule.
Although they have been not expressing their sentiments plainly yet, most Malays as well as Indians have been already murmur around which this could be a taciturn state process to flush them out from a island in long run.
Some have already termed a skill cost boom as "bombing with ringgit" by a abounding upon a poor.
Muhyiddin voiced which a sovereign supervision would set up 250 units of medium cost houses in Kampung Permatang Tok Subuh, Bukit Minyak to palliate a ordinary Malays' dilemma of not being able to own a house in Penang due to sky-rocketing housing prices.
The plan site was earmarked by Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) underneath a Prime Minister's Department.
He pronounced ICU would continue to brand some-more sites in Penang to set up affordable homes for a reduce income group.
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Najibs Election Waiting Game

June 16, 2012

Asia SentinelElection Waiting Game in Malaysia

Najib's Election Waiting Game

by Our Correspondent (06-15-12)Asia Sentinel

Polls keep decrease in to a future, with analysts articulate about hung parliament

There is flourishing speculation in Kuala Lumpur which a nation competence have to understanding with a so-called hung parliament, in which no major celebration has an comprehensive infancy of seats, following national elections approaching to be called prior to a finish of a year.

That would be a extreme come down from a decades prior to 2008, when a Opposition Pakatan Rakyat bloc broke a Barisan Nasional's two-thirds infancy in Parliament for a initial time given a country's independence in 1963, as good as it would open a Parliament to chaos.

Intensive horse-trading would take place, in which both sides would resort to pouring income to secure a loyalty of a minority parties as good as captivate members divided from a alternative party, suggestive of what followed a 2008 Opposition feat in Perak state, after which Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak prompted three Opposition lawmakers to change sides as good as took a state divided from a opposition.

Currently a Barisan controls 137 seats, a Pakatan Rakyat 75, as good as two teenager parties, Parti Sosialis Malaysia as good as a Sabah Progressive Party holding two. There have been 7 eccentric members.

When a choosing will be r! eason st ays open to question, with a date stability to recede given speculation started last year. The polls had been rumored for June, afterwards July. That seems unlikely as Parliament stays in session until a finish of this month, nonetheless it could be shelved if a Prime Minister decides to do so.

But Puasa, a Malaysian version of Ramadan, begins Jul twenty as good as runs by Aug 19 as good as is followed by a Hajj, when devout Muslims visit Mecca, as good as alternative religious events. Some analysts reason a polls could be in September, nonetheless a bill is to be presented to a parliament on Sep twenty-eight as good as it is during large believed Najib will reason up a dissolution of Parliament until after he announces a bill which would deliver benefits to a electorate.

In a 2012 budget, Najib poured out a cornucopia of goodies, including salary increases for a country's 1.3 million civil servants often racial Malays, UMNO"s core constituency as good as a RM500 (US$ 162) one-off income benefit for households earning reduction than RM3000 (US$ 974) per month also aimed during poor, rural Malays as good as Indians, totalling RM1.8 billion (US$ 583 million).

Nonetheless, "The feedback they get is bad," pronounced a source with ties to a supervision in Kuala Lumpur. "Special Branch, UMNO, a Information Ministry, troops intelligence all show slim majorities. So they have been worried."

In a May report written in as well as with a Centre for Strategic Engagement JP Morgan Chase called a choosing a country's pass marketplace risk, with a marketplace rally if a Barisan retains or improves on a current 137 parliamentary seats. If a Barisan were to win fewer than 122 seats or if Pakatan Rakyat were to pull off a victory, a outcome would be negative.

The implications have been worr! isome to a business community as good as investment. One of a casualties, during least in a short term, appears to be a long-stalled Lynas Advanced Materials Plant rare earth estimate trickery in Gebeng, near Kuantan in Pahang, which is increasingly frustrating a Australia-based primogenitor association Lynas Corp Ltd. However, a plant has turn an emotive issue, with a little voters saying they have been disturbed which hot rubbish from a plant could contaminate a environment.

The Opposition, particularly a Democratic Action Party, has had a margin day with a issue, holding rallies all across a nation to publicize it. Lynas is suing a Save Malaysia Stop Lynas organization as good as several media organizations for defamation over what a association terms false as good as dubious statements.

Lynas is right away available capitulation of a estimate plant by a Parliamentary Select Committee to be headed by a Higher Education Minister which is due to meet subsequent week. The decision is almost certainly out of a hands of anybody though a prime minister, however.

On Friday, a Science, Technology as good as Innovation Minister, Maximus Ongkili, rejected an interest by a a local group against a plant's proxy operating license, though imposed dual new restrictions on a company, ordering it to formulate devise to paralyze hot elements in a plant's rubbish as good as to come up with a reply devise on dust control.

The association pronounced it expects to process up to 22,000 metric tons of rare earths annually, roughly twenty percent of a world market. Its greatest patron is approaching to Japan.

So far, according to a Sydney-based orator for Lynas, a association has sunk between A$ 600 million as good as A$ 800 million in to a Lynas Advance Materials Plant as good as employs 400 Malaysians with zero to do though wait for a conveyance of ore to be processed from a company's mine operations in Mount Weld in horse opera Australia. An UMNO source pronounced a association is draining! vast am ounts of income in to a operation, which has been underway for years. Malaysia was so fervent for a investment which it postulated a 12-year tax holiday.

"If you think about it in a context of a initial capitulation in 2008, given afterwards it has been by a series of checks, eccentric comment by a International Atomic Energy Agency, a proxy operating license was awarded during a beginning of this year. Lynas has upheld every test. It has been a single forgive after another. It is justifiable which you have been removing a little impatient," a orator said. "Lynas has spent a significant volume of money, you have been really committed to Malaysia though you can't do anything without a license. It is ready to go, Lynas's indicate of view is which you have invested in invested in good faith, you have been by everything which needs to be done."

"There is excitability on all sides," pronounced a conduct of a think tank in Kuala Lumpur. "What's interesting is which lots of alternative parties have been starting to come out, clans, associations, trying to hasten since they see a miss of Chinese care in a (ruling coalition) Malaysian Chinese Association. There has been talk of a hung parliament."

A win by a Pakatan Rakyat, led by Anwar Ibrahim's Parti Keadilan Rakyat, would during many appropriate lead to process changes as good as multiply uncertainty for during least nine to twelve months, JP Morgan believes, advising investors to sell as good as saying a process stroke would be felt across industries such as utilities, construction, gaming as good as transportation.

However, sources say in Kuala Lumpur, Parti Keadilan is riven with factions as good as disorganized, with Anwar all a time harried by lawsuits as good as various attacks on a part of UMNO figures. He has many recently been indicted by a f! ormer Ba nk Negara central who charged Anwar had confirmed twenty master accounts totaling RM3 billion in 1999. Anwar has denied a allegations.

One of a many worrisome concerns is a augmenting polarization of a races. The ultimate Merdeka check showed a slight decrease in capitulation for Najib, down from 69 percent to 65 percent. The check was taken after a ultimate BERSIH electoral remodel rally. But whilst his personal recognition stays comparatively high, there have been a little really worrisome facilities to a poll.

Some 74 percent of Malays authorize of Najib's performance, though only 35 percent of Chinese as good as fourteen percent of Indians. Only 48 percent have been happy with a government, with 42 percent possibly discontented or outright angry. Only seventeen percent of Chinese have been positive towards a government, whilst a percentage of racial Malays approving has risen from 64 percent to 67 percent.

The Opposition's jot down in running a four states it prisoner in a 2008 choosing has been described as spotty, with Lim Guan Eng, a Chief apportion in Penang, given tall marks. The jot down of a administration in Selangor, a greatest prize for a Pakatan Rakyat, is uneven during best. The dual states controlled by PAS have benefited from a actuality which PAS has had experience governing after previous elections.

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Nizar too had 'golden' number

Nizar as well had 'golden' number
SPECIAL NUMBER PLATE- Critic of sultan had performed AGS 10 for free
PUTRAJAYA: OFFICIAL annals uncover which a strongest critics of a sultan of Johor as well as health apportion in a WWW car registration issue, had themselves used their positions to acquire "golden" numbers for their cars.
Former Perak menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, whose image series AGS 10, once ornate his Toyota Camry, had used a series until a automobile was sold.
The Camry was procured by a bureau of a state cabinet member in Jan 2009 as well as was a same a single which incited turtle in front of a Perak Umno building in Jan 2010. Nizar, who suffered teenager injuries in a accident, extricated himself out of a car as well as waved to a crowd.
Nizar after certified hat he had exceeded a speed limit.
Records performed by a New Straits Times showed which a proposal for a number, categorised as "golden" (meaning it contingency fetch no less than RM10,000 in a tender), was done underneath a name "YAB menteri besar Perak".
While AGS 10 was sole which year for RM60,000, annals uncover which a "offer price", "total" as well as "deposit" from Nizar were RM0.00.
Under Nizar's administration, during slightest 8 other special numbers were performed by a state secretary's bureau for a make use of of a "financial officers".
The numbers AFD 33 as well as AFF 88 were bought for between RM200 as well as RM9,500.
Nizar had incurred a wrath of a people of Johor as well as Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar when he tweeted which a RM520,000 paid by a Johor woman mona! rch for a much-coveted WWW 1 series image could have been put to better use.
Sultans have been allocated seven giveaway numbers each.
It is understood which a Proton Perdana Executive V6, temperament a image series BKC 1818, is also being used by Nizar.
Perak Barisan Nasional Youth arch Khairul Azwan Harun pronounced Nizar should not have done those statements, saying his own gusto for unique numbers.
"When he, too, was entitled to a special number, Nizar should have followed his own advice to a sultan of Johor as well as sole off a number, so which a state government could make use of which income to assistance a rakyat."
Records also showed which a single Abdul Hadi Awang was a initial as well as stream owners of PAS 12, whilst a single Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz is a owners of PAS 17.
The licence image PG 1, currently takes pride of place upon Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's Mercedes-Benz.
The series was inherited from a prior state administration.
Penang Wanita MCA arch Tan Cheng Liang called upon Lim to auction off a series as well as put a income into a state's coffers.
Tan pronounced she could not assimilate why Pakatan leaders done an emanate over a WWW 1 as well as WWW fifteen numbers, unless it was to assistance their campaign to take over Putrajaya.
She pronounced this was part of a opposition's smear campaign as well as it had incited anger among a Chinese village towards MCA emissary boss Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai as well as MCA.
"If Lim thinks it's implicitly wrong for Liow to make use of his allocation for a giveaway series as a minister, afterwards Guan Eng has no business regulating PG 1. At slightest Liow returned a series as well as deduction from it would go to a government's coffers."
The NST was unable to acquire a response from Lim as it had been a policy of a state government not to engage with this newspaper. Lim had pronounced which it was an abuse of energy if a Road Transport Department had given a MCA emissary boss a WWW fifteen series plate.
The RTD pronounced it had offering a series to Liow as he was eligible as a apportion to embrace it for free. Liow afterwards rejected a offer.
- New Straits Times
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A SITE investigation was carried out by Andrew Lee of Sabah DAP Kapayan Barat Branch as well as Rafael Ang during Kg Babah/ Bunduon, Penampang. To their surprise, they found that the area where the Tabika Kemas is located, it's the danger zone.

They were told that there have been twenty 6 pre-school students. Parents as well as guardians who sends their young kids off to school normally stops during the opposite side of the road as well as had to cross over to get to the Tabika Kemas. They observe that the vehicles from both directions appear to be during the high speed.
Andrew is wondering how that the reserve measures for the young kids as well as others reserve is not looked into. The Tabika Kemas had been built for a little time now as well as it is about time for a little reserve measures to be taken in to consideration.

Sabah DAP urges the Penampang District Council as well as JKR to cruise fixation speed reducers as well as the Zebra channel during this particular area. - Sabahkini
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Kayveas says not contesting Taiping seat

SHAH ALAM, June sixteen PPP boss Datuk Seri M. Kayveas has brushed aside speak that he will competition the Taiping parliamentary chair in the coming ubiquitous choosing as the celebration has surrendered back the chair to Gerakan. He pronounced the PPP had not regarded the Taiping chair as the great chair as it was not given upon great terms by Gerakan. I am not aiming for ... Read More

Disangkakan pistol mainan, kanak-kanak tujuh tahun maut tertembak

KOTA BAHARU, sixteen June Kerana menyangkakan ia pistol mainan, seorang kanak-kanak tujuh tahun mati akibat tertembak di dahinya, manakala datuk saudaranya cedera parah dalam kejadian di rumah neneknya, di pekan Ketereh, di sini, malam tadi. Ketua Polis Kelantan, Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman berkata dalam kejadian kira-kira pukul 9 malam itu, mangsa, ... Read More


KOTA KINABALU: The organising cabinet of Sabah PKR's Duduk dan Tuntut - Tubuhkan RCI Sabah (Sit as well as Demand to Form Sabah RCI) on June 2 has finalised a Terms of Reference (ToR) for a above-mentioned Royal Commission for Inquiry (RCI) for acquiescence to a King.

Dr Chong Eng Leong of Sabah PKR, said, a Commission should be determined in suitability with a Commission of Inquiry Act 1950 as well as should have all powers as well as duties as provided in a Act.
The constitution of a proposed Commission, he said, should be as follows:

- The Commission shall include of 3 commissioners all of whom must be Sabahans of high firmness as well as have usually resided in Sabah for a past 10 years.

- The Commission shall be chaired by a Tan Sri Richard Malanjum, a Chief Judge of Sabah as well as Sarawak.

- Representations shall be granted to a State Government of Sabah, a Federal Government, all political parties, Suhakam, NGOs with a track record in a margin of law, citizenship, government as well as human rights as well as Sabah Law Association (SLA). - Sabahkini
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Time To Abolish Kursus Kahwin

Someone asked me to criticism about this issue. Sorry a little late. This is from The Starhere
  • Over 33,000 couples separate up in 2010
  • ..steady enlarge in a series of divorces over a 10-year period
  • report showed that 0.22% of marriages between Malaysians elderly from 18-50 finished in divorce in 2010
  • double a 0.13% available in 2000.
  • 80% of a divorces concerned Muslim couples.
  • based upon figures from (Jakim) as good as (NRD).
  • 33,788 divorces as against to 207,553 marriages registered in 2010.
  • notable enlarge from 26,432 divorces as good as 194,240 marriages available in 2008.

I think there is a little Gomen bullshit here.

First of all a mathematics is tak betul. The inform says 0.22% of marriages (ages 18-50) finished in divorce in 2010. OK. That is less than half a percent. Very good.

Tapi, if we check a calculation : 33,788 divorces / 207,553 marriages x 100% = 16.2% divorce rate in 2010.

In 2008 it was 26,432 divorces / 194,240 marriages x 100% = 13.6% divorce rate.

Isnt this very high? 16.2 out of each 100 marriages will end up in divorce. Membazir betul lah all that khenduri kahwin.

For more aged a Top 10 divorce rates in a world belong to these countries :

RankCountriesAmount # 1 United States:4.95 per 1,000 people
# 2 Puerto Rico:4.47 per 1,000 people
# 3 Russia:3.36 per 1,000 people
# 4 United Kingdom:3.08 per 1,000 people
# 5 Denmark:2.81 per 1,000 people
# 6 New Zealand:2.63 per 1,000 people
# 7 Australia:2.52 per 1,000 people
# 8 Canada:2.46 per 1,000 people
# 9 Finland:1.85 per 1,000 people
# 10 Barbados:1.21 per 1,000 people

I got this chart fromthis site. Do check it out.

Well a figures above have been 'per 1000 people. It is not apples as good as apples. The US has a race of over 250 million people.

Coming back to Malaysia, it is obvious that we have been carrying a critical divorce rate problem, generally between a Muslims (read as Malays - dont dont think about everything is secular ok).

The Gomen inform says 80% of divorces have been between Malays. Even if Malays / Muslims have up 65% of a population, it would appear that a Muslims have been punching above their weight in a divorce courts. (65% of race but 80% of divorces).

At a same time, a non Muslims who have up 35% of a race furnish usually 20% of divorces. The non Muslims have been punching below their weight category. (35% of race but 20% of divorces).

But a non Muslims dont attend 'kursus kahwin'. The Muslims contingency attend 'kursus kahwin'. Obvious! lythe kursus kahwin is NOT working.

Why do I contend this? Because a Gomen inform says "steady enlarge in a series of divorces over a 10-year period".

I told we folks - a kursus kahwin is only a time wasting, money creation scam. No money no religion.

Maybe a little of we will not agree. Maybe a little of we will have a suggestion. Maybe we will indicate that to revoke a divorce rate between Muslims, why not magnify a kursus kahwin to contend 4 years? Make it similar to a grade course. Maybe if a kursus kahwin is extended to grade level, then we can revoke a Muslim divorce rate to match a non Muslims.

Some of we competence contend that 4 years is too long. Ok how about a 3 year kursus kahwin? Diploma turn only. Some of we competence contend that itshould not be marked down any further - no dual years or a single year "Certificate Level". A a single year or dual year Certificate Level "kursus kahwin" is not starting to help revoke a Muslim divorce rate during all.

And for those of we who think that adua hari atau tiga harikursus kahwin (where we can compensate RM80/= to lulus) is starting to decrease a divorce rate between Muslims, good we better go as good as take a cold shower. The "kursus kahwin tiga hari"is not working.

Why? Because 80% of divorces in Malaysia have been Muslim divorces. And a Gomen says there is a"steady enlarge in a series of divorces over a 10-year period".

Here have been a little suggestions that might help reduce a Muslim divorce rate :! < /div>

i. postpone seeking for a second mother indefinitely
ii. if we demand upon a second wife, wait a couple of years AFTER a first mother has died (preferably of healthy causes).
iii. if we have been seeking for a third wife, greatfully have certain we have permanent membership in Al Arqam.
iv. get a real pursuit to await a mother as good as a family - a single mother as good as a single family during a time
v. spend time with a mother as good as family - it is called marriage
vi. if we have been married, avoid ibu tunggal as good as dara tua - no make a difference how ugly a situation

Try to validate for Father's Day (which is tomorrow). This equates to we contingency have children who feel encouraged to sayang you. They will buy we presents, filch durians for you, buy cigars for we as good as other stuff similar to that.

These have been only a little suggestions.
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EC 'reforms' boost polls expenses, claims Tindak

While a Election Offences Act (Amendment) 2012 was abruptlywithdrawnforcedby a uproar opposite a changes seen as hamstringing choosing observers' functions, multiform others appeared to have transient a radar screen.

This, choosing preparation organisation Tindak Malaysia chief Wong Piang Yow said, is seen in 5 amendments to a Election Regulations instituted given June final year whilst others include procedural changes that might not need authorised adjustments.

indelible ink psc 291211Some changes were positive, such as a implementation of memorable ink, a abolition of three-day duration for possibilities to dump out to forestall bribes prompted final minute withdrawals as well as minor improvements to choosing forms.

However, a single serious concern, pronounced Wong, is a procedural shift introducing a fourth clerk during polling stations, tasked to ensure that list writings have been properly placed in a list boxes.

This, he said, will push up in a choosing price by during least RM7 million, indicating out that a country's choosing expenses have been already a single of a top in a world.

"We spent RM172 million in a final general election, that translates close to RM15 (US$ 5) per eligible voter.

"If you review with a US, it's in between US$ 1 to US$ 3, Australia is US$ 3 plus, India as well as Pakistan around US$ 1," he said.

The nation that sup! ersedes Malaysia in price is Afghanistan, he said, "but that's a fight torn country".

He combined that formed upon a NGO's voter preparation training, two office would some-more than suffice.

'More postal electorate notwithstanding criticism'

! This, Wo ng said, would mean an extra 25,000 polls workers who would validate to request to be postal voters.

"While we're perplexing to revoke postal votes because people don't trust it, right away they (Election Commission) have been going to boost a numbers," he said.

While allege choosing by casting votes has been introduced, he combined a expansion to cover spouses of police in a General Operation Force additionally raises concerns as they can still request to be postal voters.

bersih 3.0 convene during germany berlin 2These changes were instituted formed upon a report of a parliamentary select cabinet upon electoral reform that was determined after a Bersih 2.0 criticism in Jul final year.

However, Wong charged that whilst a row was deliberating a due reforms, a EC had gone ahead with a own amendments to a Election Offenses Act that backward to electoral transparency.

"Such amendments take months to draft, that equates to they were formulation to undercut a PSC from day one, they've made a farce out of a PSC," he said.
EC snubs electoral reform group
Following a third Bersih convene upon April twenty-eight this year to criticism what they contend as insufficient reforms to a electoral system, a EC has right away utterly left out a electoral reform group, going to a extent of wanting to dump a yellow field colour todissociateitself from a movement.

bersih 3 convene 160512 02Despite a snub, Wong insisted that a show of force in a form of a little 250,000 people turning up for a ultimate Bersih criticism has exerted extra pressure upon a EC but NGOs still have work awaiting.

"Bersih is a mass ! restless ness transformation as well as they've been very successful in evoking consciousness, a next step is to interpret a demands into amendments to electoral laws as well as regulations, this is where you come in," he said.

Wong's Tindak Malaysia that has assisted Bersih in drafting a electoral law amendments during a PSC conference pronounced it is right away operative upon drafting a some-more extensive authorised horizon connected with elections.
Flag up for future
"We additionally sight polling agents to be inside polling centres as well as additionally choosing observers for theJom Pantauprogramme," he said.

This, he said, enclosed digest service to any domestic party that might proceed a organisation for precision as polling agents as well as for private individuals.

"Our proceed is you sight people with a objective of promoting free as well as satisfactory elections, it is up to them to decide that domestic party they want to serve.

"Alternatively you can assign them depending upon their welfare as well as if they have been fine with it, you assign them to domestic parties during random," he said.
These measures, he said, would hopefully be means to mitigate any electoral rascal as a EC has refused to take electoral reform seriously.
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HIMPUNAN Fiqh Mentaati Pemimpin yang sedang berlangsung di PWTC sekarang sebenarnya bukan setakat himpunan biasa, ia adalah satu perhimpunan yang mengumpulkajn tokoh-tokoh ilmuwan dan cendekiawan Islam dari serata dunia membincangkan tentang ketaatan kepada pemimpin.

Taat kepada yang makruf tapi menentang kepada yang mungkar, itulah isinya yang boleh disesuaikan dengan senario politik sematas.

Penulis tidak rasa orang PAS tahan walau 5 minit duduk mendengar pembentang kertas kerja. Dalam pembentangan yang pertama, ada pulak soalan tentang kekecohan baru-baru ini yang ditimbulkan PAS dengan mengarahkan ahli partinya menangguhkan ibadah haji tahun ini demi untuk mengundi dalam pilihanraya dan bagi jentera parti, persiapan parti itu menghadapi pilihanraya.

Menurut Mantan Timbalan Syeikhul Azhar Mesir, Sheikh Mahmoud Abdel Ghany Mahmoud Ashour, setakat seratus ribu orang joke masih lagi tidak menjejaskan proses pengundian di negara ini (itu kalau betulah 100 ribu orang yang ! pergi ke Mekah).

Kuota haji negara kita ditetapkan pada 1% rakyat atay 28,000 orang, lebih kurang. Kalau pandangan Sheikh Mahmoud diambil kira, pandangan PAS itu memang berlawanan dengan Islam.

Sudah tentu ada balaci PAS yang sudah teruk dirosakkan otaknya akan menyanggah pendapat itu dengan memetik kitab dan rujukan dari ulama yang entah siapa-siapa. Tambahan pulak bila dewa hidup mereka Nik Aziz sudah validate cadangan Ketua Penerangan PAS itu.

Sengaja disebutkan cadangan sebab walaupun berjawatan Ketua Penerangan, apa yang keluar dari mulut Tuan Ibrahim masih lagi dipandang sebagai mewakili pandangan peribadinya sahaja, bukan pandangan parti, walaupun hal itu hal berkenaan parti.

Pelik tapi itulah satu dari berpuluh jenis gila dalam PAS.

Pembentang yang kedua, Mantan Dekan Fakulti Syariah Universiti Al-Azhar, Dr. Hamed Mohamed Abdel Rahman lagi hebat. Beliau yang kagum dengan negara ini turut memberikan pandangan positif mengenai Islam di negara ini.

Mau cair telinga balaci PAS mendengar pendapat beliau yang mengulas pelbagai aspek agama dan pentadbiran, termasuk hukum hudud. Maklum di mata mereka tidak ada apa mengenai Islam di negara ini yang betul, semuanya salah belaka.

Penulis juga tertarik dengan pandangannya bahawa pihak yang menggunakan hudud untuk mendapatkan undi adalah mencari keredhaan manusia, bukan keredhaan Allah swt, sedangkan itulah (keredhaan Allah swt) itulah yang pale penting pun.

Penulis suka nak ingatkan, ini pandangan yang mewakili Universiti Al-Azhar, universiti yang menjadi kebanggaan majoriti penyokong dan pemimpin PAS, walaupun Nik Aziz dapat degree dari sebuah Universiti di India.

Malah sekarang pun, PAS masih galak merekrut lepasan Universiti Al-Azhar sebagai lapisan entah nombor berapa dalam saf kepimpinan mereka. Maklum, dalam PAS, jawatan bermula dari Presiden sampai ke Mursyidul Am, relatifnya adalah jawatan seumur hidu. Kena menunggu sehingga pemegang jawatan mati dulu baru boleh ada pegganti.

Maka it! u pentin g direkrut dari muda dan lulusan Al-Azhar adalah salah satu kriteria utama.

Tapi sekarang Ulamak dari Universiti tersebut joke galak menyokong Malaysia dan pandangan kenapa hudud bukan satu keutamaan dalam masyarakat Islam. Having pronounced that, kita bukan menolak hudud cuma hukum ini belum sesuai untuk dilaksanakan di Malaysia kerana komposisi masyarakat yang berbeza.

Alah, Haji yang rukun fardhu itu joke boleh tangguh kerana undi, apatah lagi hudud yang bukan fardhu itu.

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