The Long Absence

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Joy Division, picture taken from Yes, it's been an additional unequivocally long absence from blogging for Walski. There have been many reasons for this, as well as he figured which it was high time something got posted to partially explain why.
If for no other reason, to let we folks know which Walski is still unequivocally much alive.
Not similar to any a single would unequivocally care if he disappeared from a face of a Earth. Probably many would feel which it's a single reduction irritating person on a Internet.
In fact, hold up has been quite interesting in a past few months. Occasionally traumatic, too. But we'll get to which in due time.
As has been a box in a past, work has dominated many of Walski's time awake. Some of we might know which he is no longer full time in a process automation & controls world, though instead co-runs an art gallery in a KL area. He still does a bit of freelance work from time to time, though that's an additional story we won't get into.
And if we consider using an art gallery (or any business) is easy-peasy, you're quite wrong. It is as challenging, if not more, only in different ways.
(with interesting comes trauma, as well as more, in a full post)
So for a many part, hold up has been hectic, getting a gallery up as well as using from scratch, we do a online promotional work, a website operational, etc. So yes! , Walski 's been online a lot, only not blogging here (although myAsylum's Facebook page has been rather active).
Oh, as well as a tragedy part? Walski's PC, tough disks, iPad, as well as camera got stolen from his car a integrate of weeks back. Yup - approximately 20 years worth of interpretation gone. Some motherfucker pennyless into Walski's car as well as stole a lot.
He won't excavate into some-more details than this - as well much suffering - though sufficient it to say which stairs have been being taken to try redeem during slightest a PC, if not a whole lot of electronics.
In a meantime, this is being posted via a MacBook Pro, a appurtenance on which he tries to rebuild all a interpretation as well as images (particularly a gallery related ones) which have been STOLEN from him. To a thief: you've not only stolen earthy hardware, though stolen someone's hold up as well as memories.
While Walski, on principle, doesn't similar to to instruct bad on anyone, he does hope in this box a perpetrator's demur gnaws during its host earthy enclosure as well as causes it to humour a agonise as well as mishap which Walski has for a past integrate of weeks...
And there we have it - a short post to let we all know Walski is still alive. Maybe a single day this blog might be as active as it once was, maybe it won't. It all depends on what happens a next few months.
In a meantime, the Facebook page is fairly active, so revisit us there if we can...

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Gangnam Sifu UMNO Style - 902 Himpunan Hijau Raub

Gangnam Sifu UMNO Style - 902 Himpunan Hijau Raub 902 ( )

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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DAP against Islamic state, but want Christian state ... How PAS?

The Red Rock situation of May 6th 2011here refers

The total indicate of changing a central sacrament is to allow a Christian to turn Prime Minister of this country

In sequence to change a status of Islam as a central sacrament of Malaysia, they would not usually have to change a constitution with a two-third infancy though would additionally have to get a agree of a Agong, as conduct of Islam in

Return to an empty shell at the silenced Star

Tales of a Dark Days XII Recollections by some Star journalists of Shutdown days By Matthew George Having left The Star almost exactly a year before a guillotine fell, we motionless to visit a bureau in Section thirteen on my initial lapse home, in early January 1988. There are couple of experiences as eerie as [...] Read More @ Source

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Yufof Rawa resah dalam kubur bila Mujahid berdoa di gereja sama paderi

Isu ini pernah dimainkan blog-blog dan kini dimainkan sekali lagi. DI bawah ini tulisan terkini Cucu Tok Selampit:

CTS pernah menyiarkan gambar di atas di dalam posting tidak berapa lama dahulu. Gambar di mana beberapa orang Ustaz sedang berdoa bersama-sama dengan Paderi Kristian. Cumanya CTS tidak mendedahkan siapakah pemimpin PAS berkenaan.

Ramai yang tidak perasan bahawa salah seorang

Ang Lee, the man I missed

In many ways, Indian motion picture is insular, as well as a millions of those who patronise it have been even more so.It is only a miniscule number of Indians who look over Bollywood, Kollywood as well as a countless alternative Woods of a country. So I was more than mildly surprised to see a outrageous fortuitous of photographers as well as reporters gathered at Chennais Satyam Cinemas upon Wednesday morning.The occasion was a media discussion by a Oscar winning Taiwanese director, Ang Lee, as well as a expel of his newest film, L ... Read More

Lawak pagi: Ventriloquist yahudi


Korang tengok cina cibai ni, dia hentam Syed Mokhtar ikut suka kepala mak bapak dia je, pukimak punya cibai ni cakap macam la Syed Mokhtar saja memonopoli perniagaan, kenapa csi cibai ni tak sebut pasal tycoon Cina yang 10 10 kaya tu? Sebab sebangsa dia...

Babi macam Tony Pua ni memang wajib diludah muka dia. Memang sah DAP memang nak membunuh Syed Mokhtar during all cost. Satu-satu dia sebut hanya Syed Mokhtar sahaja. Kenapa dia tak sebut pasal tepung? Siapa knock out tepung? Si pemakan babi ni dok kata dia makan nasi lemak?

Kaki makan Bak Kut Teh makan nasi lemak katanya dan hina peniaga Melayu yang banyak membantu umat Islam! Agen Singapore ni mesti dinyahkan dari bumi Malaysia, ada seorang rakan dia yang ada dalam UMNO, tak lama lagi akan aku dedahkan!

Elok la tu kalau ada melayu bebal yang meraikan si pemakan babi ni dan suka tengok orang sebangsa dan seagama jatuh tersungkur! Kebelakangan ini aku tengok mereka secara konsisten menghentam Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar! Wahai umat melayu Islam, korang nak duduk dan tengok saja ke?

In the shadow of strongmen Bridget Welsh

NOV 2 In a last few years, both Malaysia and Singapore have been undergoing domestic liberalisation, clear from a increasing parliamentary representation of a antithesis and some-more open domestic discussion. Yet, with this opening, a challenges a two neighbours face in liberalising have been apropos clearer. One of a categorical obstacles ... Read More

Top UMNO Spinner Nazri speaks to the Press

November 2, 2012

Transcript: Top UMNO Spinner Nazri speaks to a Press

by The Malaysian Insider

De facto Law Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz pronounced which he sees no complaint with his son driving bureau workman Michael Chia's Hummer SUV.

He pronounced which if a certain Opposition figure (name withheld due to authorised reasons) is not disturbed about a leaked video purportedly depicting himself having a tryst with a unfamiliar sex worker, afterwards there is no reason given he should be.

Reporters had questioned Mohd Nazri during his bureau after a claim upon a Hummer was unprotected by PKR leaders during a Parliament run today (November 1).

The full twin follows:

Nazri:He (Rafizi Ramli) got no area standi.

Reporters:(Batu MP) Tian Chua as well as (Ampang MP) Zuraida (Kamaruddin) were there also.Then bring him to Parliamentlah.

We can uncover a stuff which they (PKR) have done.

I saw. If it is an corruption Ask Tian Chua to ask me If it is an office, inform to a Police If we have done any offence, inform me to a MACC.

Basically they usually pronounced it is a dispute of interest.

Who asked a questions?

All 3 of them (Zuraida, Tian Chua as well as Rafizi).

No, no, in Parliament, who asked a question?

First time was Tian Chua (who raised a issue) in question-and-answer session.

Then who is a Minister in-Charge of so, who give me a question?

They have been observant if your son has links with Michael Chia, afterwards we should not hav! e stood up as well as urge them

No, no, no. I'm a Minister. I've got no personal interest. When he asked which question, we didn't even know what subject was coming. It was (the) committee-level debate.

There was additionally (a) created answer if I'm not mistaken.

That (question was answered) underneath my name, of course, as well as what dispute of seductiveness do we have? we do not have any dispute of interest.

And we have no carry out over a MACC. we can't tell a MACC to dump cases. They have been independent. So given we have no energy to do that, how can we be bribed? we cannot do something which they wish me to do.

And in Parliament, we contingency understand, answers come from a MACC, not from me. we do not even know which when they asked about Michael Chia, a answer came from a MACC, we do not even know which Michael Chia was not arrested, though a answer came from a MACC. we do not know anything.

What about a claim which we were articulate upon behalf of (Hong Kong's) Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), observant which a ICAC has privileged them of a charges?

That's a answer from a MACC. You see, a system, we know what, initial of all, we do not even know a questions which were starting to be asked given it was not planned, it was committee-level debate.

When we was answering, they stood up as well as asked me. So I'm a Minister, we have to answer. The answer all came from a MACC.

Okay, all things aside, whether or not a automobile is registered underneath Michael Chia's name

we do not know. It is in in in between my son as well as Michael Chia Anyway, if my son drives a automobile of Michael Chia, what has which got to do with me? What has which got to do with me? He is not a child next twenty-one years old, he is an adult.

They have been observant which Dato Seri Shahrizat has claimed a same thing as well as right away it has ! caused h er

Yeah, that's what they have been trying to do though what have we done? we do not know.

But a thing is, we see, even yet we can contend which it is not your fault, zero to do with we as well as all that, though when it comes out in media, we know how a public would perspective this kind of it doesn't receptive to advice nice

It doesn't be concerned me a bit. (laughs)

Like Shahrizat's case, she said: "I do not know anything about my father "

That's father as well as wife. we do not nap with my son. I'm not happy (reporters laugh). My son is not my wife, my son is not my lover, we do not nap with him.

What he does, he doesn't tell me. It is different from father as well as wife, okay? Why have been we so worried?

Not to contend worried; I'm usually observant which it does not receptive to advice nice in public, afterwards a public as well as people will begin talking.

Let it be, let it be. You pressWikipedia, 'Nazri Aziz', what come out? All sorts of things. I'm still a Minister, my friend, okay? It is not starting to hurt me a single bit. I'm not affected by gutter politics.

Do we know Michael Chia?

I know him also. You see, there contingency be this difference, okay. If I'm a High Court judge, as well as Michael Chia appears prior to me as well as my son drives his car, afterwards I'm in trouble.

I'm not a decider in Michael Chia's case. I'm not even a investigator. The MACC is (the investigator) in Michael Chia's case. I'm a Minister replying in Parliament.

They claimed which a ICAC has not privileged (Michael Chia), as well as a ICAC sealed a box given they didn't get any team-! work fro m Malaysia, from a MACC.

No, no, it was a donation This one, we do not ask me. You contingency ask a Attorney-General's Chambers, we contingency ask a MACC.

You know I'm not their spokesperson. we usually replied what they gave me. They have been eccentric body, we got no carry out over a MACC, we got no carry out over a AG. So how can we be conversion them.

I can't as well as all those replies in Parliament, we know, have been answers given by a MACC, not my personal answers.

You contingency understand a system. The A-G as well as a chief government official of a MACC, they cannot crop up in Parliament, they have got no area standi.

You have been a spokesperson?

With their consent. All my answers, anything about a MACC as well as AG's Chambers, all from them like people who get angry with me (when) we pronounced secular state. That's AG.

People get angry with me given we contend Pati (illegal migrants) in Sabah is not a threat. That is confidence councilpunya jawab(answer).Kalau PM jawab,PM kena marah. I'm okay, we have no problem. It's part as well as parcel of my job.

Asde facto Law Minister, nonetheless usually celebration of a mass out answer from different agencies, do we see yourself influential given your reply carries weight ?

I'm a unequivocally influential person. I'm a unequivocally influential man. There's no doubt about it, unequivocally critical too.I'm not scared during all, we did zero wrong. Those replies came from Parliament. we was merely doing my job, discharging my duties as well as responsibility.

So we won't consider suing Rafizi then?

What for? Let him be a wail blower. Anyway, we do not unequivocally wish to answer him given he's not an MP.

I think if Tian Chua was there usually to let him (Rafizi) have a matter during (the) Parliament (lobby), given he's not a part of of Parliament, he can! not have a matter here, he's usually a wannabe. Make sure you're an MP first, afterwards come to speak to me.

Anyway, even in a Parliament, (during) debates Ketua Pembangkang (Opposition Leader), that's my level. But of course, MPs ask me, they ask. But this guy, no way.

If a single day, he enters Parliament as an MP, he'll bash you.

Suruh dia masuk parliament dulu la. (Tell me him to come in Parliament first). we do not wish to bob low as well as understanding with him, okay. But given we all come as well as ask, we usually saylah. It's not even a mosquito bite. I'm sorry. If we all come here meditative I'll be upset, far from it.

But do we know about a Hummer?

That's in in in between my son as well as Michael Chia. we know Michael Chia.

So we endorse Hummer unequivocally exists

Kalau dia nak bagiHummerke, Ferrarike,itu Michael Chia punya pasal lah, bukan bagi dekat I(If he wants to give a Hummer, or a Ferrari, that's Michael Chia's business. He's not giving it to me). I'm a Minister, not my son, okay?

So we endorse which a Hummer unequivocally exists.

Buat apa nak confirm. Gambar dah ada. You pergi tanya anak I.(Why should we endorse it? The cinema have been there. You go ask my son. As I've said, we do not nap with my son, okay? I'm not happy as well as I'm not incestuous.

Do we see a complaint (with a fact) which your son (drives) Michael Chia's car?

Why is it a problem? It's in in in between him as well as Michael. Go as well as find Michaellah. Go as well as find Michael.

As I've said, we do not nap with my son, okay? I'm not happy as well as I'm not incestuous.

Do we see a complaint (with a fact) which your son (drives) Michael Chia's car?

Why is it a problem? It's in in in between him as well as Michael. Go as well as find ! Michael< em>lah. Go as well as find Michael.

Is there a problem?

You can ask himlahif there's a problem. we do not drive a car. Mine is WVJ 6. Everyday we come here, WVJ 6. Wealth, feat as well as justice. Some people contend 'wisdom', we do not wish (wisdom).

***You cite resources to wisdom?

I cite wealth. That's given I'm rich. we can means a lot of things though certainly it's not NFC's (National Feedlot Corporation's) money.

I know we do not care about gutter governing physique as well as which this is not even a mosquito punch to you. But do we think this emanate would mistreat BN in a election?

Why mistreat BN? Why BN? What about (an antithesis figure's) design screwing (a) Chinese prostitute oneself oneself as well as all that? That a single do not mistreat is what is happening to me worse than that? Huh? Is it worseah? Is it worse?

If (the Opposition figure) is not worried, given should we be disturbed about this? Your design all over town, in a cyber world, f***ing this prostitute oneself oneself from China. He's not worried, given should we be concerned about this. You can allude to me upon this.

You ask me if I'm worried, upon whether it will mistreat BN. What I'm observant is which this design of (the Opposition figure) screwing this Chinese prostitute oneself oneself starting all over a cyberworld, he's not worried. My subject is: should we be worried?

(Question inaudible, muffled by other reporters' chatter)The approach we answer

I do not care. Why have been we so worried?

I need to endorse again, we know (of) a Hummer?

No need, a cinema have been there. You go ask my son. we cannot be obliged for my son. we do not screw him, we do not nap with him. He sleeps with his wife, he's got a kid. So whatever he does, we do not know. we know Michael Chia, I'm not worried.

If a a! llegatio ns unequivocally exist?

Go inform to Policelah. Why do we (hold) a Personal Computer (press conference)? Right or not? You know anything about me, given we have PC? Publicity seekerlah, poor publicity. Go inform Policelah, MACC.

If your son is unequivocally guilty

Guilty of what?

If he unequivocally committed

Committed what? Do we know what we have been articulate about? Committed what? Kiss a girl?

Conflict of interest?

Conflict of interest? But he is not a Minister.

But he is associated to you.

He's my son. we have no energy over MACC. we have no energy upon A-G's Chambers. How can I? And all those questions, answers, came from MACC. How can we be compromised? we cannot be compromised.

It's not my answer, it's a answer of SPRM. You contingency understand that. It's not my answer, all these answers have been from MACC. If we pronounced Michael Chia was not arrested, which was a answer from MACC, not me. I'm not a investigator, we didn't investigate. If A-G said, if we answer in Parliament which ICAC has already sealed a case, which is a answer from A-G's Chambers. Not my answer.

I see your point.

So do not worry, I'll still be around.

But you're not starting to mount in elections, right?

What has this got to do with aiyo It's not connected, a question. That's given when we see me, when someone asks (me a subject in Parliament), we mount up as well as a we demeanour around, given I'm watchful for a answer from a officers. It's not my answer.

Are we concerned which your son as well as his family have been being followed?

I'm a abounding man, I'm powerful, good looking. (reporters giggle) Wealthy. So what can we do? My son ask, 'Pa, is it' we say, 'Look, we have been my son.'

Will we lodge a Police inform upon your son being followed?

Why should I? It doesn't be concerned me. I'm popular, we have a movie starpunyastatus here we know? Celebrity.Bukanfilm star local, Hollywoodpunya(laughs). No, though there is zero we can do, (if) they wish to follow.

And if Rafizi lodges a inform with MACC?

What kind of subject it that? He wants to report, he reportlah. You know, he's a clarinet player, he told me in his tweet. In Malay College (Kuala Kangsar), when he (enrolled), we was not around, though those who fool around a clarinet arejambu,you know.Ni jambu punya character la.

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UMNO Sabah's RM40 million and Sale of Secret Navy Document: A ...

November 2, 2012 UMNO Sabah's RM40 million as well as Sale of Secret Navy Document: A Possible Link by Leven Woon (11-01-12) There is a expected tie in between a RM40 million ...

UMNO Sabahs RM40 million and Sale of Secret Navy Document: A Possible Link

November 2, 2012

UMNO Sabah's RM40 million as well as Sale of Secret Navy Document: A Possible Link

by Leven Woon (11-01-12)

There is the likely tie between the RM40 million grant to Sabah UMNO (so it is claimed) as well as the sale of the tip Navy request to the French counterclaim company, according to former Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department Chief Mat Zain Ibrahim.

In an open minute expelled today, Mat Zain pronounced the exchange for the domestic concession as well as the request sale were done around the same time in Hong Kong. He purported which Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as well as Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail had had full believe of both incidents since 2008 or earlier.

In Aug 2008, timber aristocrat Michael Chia, purported to be the substitute of Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman, was incarcerated during Hong Kong with S$ 16 million (RM40 million) in the suitcase. He had booked the moody to Sabah.

Last May, headlines reports purported which the subsidiary of the French company DCNS had paid 36 million euros (RM146 million) to the Hong Kong-based Malaysia-owned Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd for the request which contained the Malaysian Navy's evaluation of the Scorpene-class submarines which the government was planning to buy.

Najib trusted intimate Abdul Razak Baginda was one of the owners of Terasasi."As long as Najib refuses to reveal the source of the RM40 million domestic grant to Sabah UMNO as well as does not initiate any investigation in to the comment of Terasasi Hong Kong, it stays probable which the dual incidents are related," Mat Zain said.

He noted! which t he Scorpene submarines were now docked during Sepanggar, Sabah, saying this might insist the impasse of Musa, who leads Sabah UMNO.

Last month, among accusations of corruption destined during Musa, Minister in the Prime Minister Department, Dato Seri Nazri Aziz told Parliament which the money Chia was carrying was not meant for Musa privately though was the concession to Sabah UMNO. Nazri additionally pronounced which Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail had cleared Musa of any wrongdoing.

In the recent minute addressed to the Police as well as Najib's Administration, Mat Zain indicted Gani of dispute of interest in his investigation of Musa. The dual are associated through marriage. He claimed which Najib was aware of the dispute though had selected to concede with Gani under former's "you assistance me, I assistance you" principle.

Mat Zain additionally noted the government's lukewarm response to the allegation about the sale of the tip counterclaim document, resisting this with its reaction to the recent arrest in Lebanon of dual Malaysians suspected of carrying militant links.

"I think Lebanon's arrest of dual Malaysians was identical to arrests done by alternative countries of Malaysians who filch drugs, kill or dedicate alternative serious crimes," he pronounced in today's letter.

"But the sale of inhabitant confidential report is an act of treason as well as the hazard to inhabitant security."

He urged Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar to rught away set up the special group to examine his allegations.

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Jikalau anda bersiar-siar di Jepun pada musim sejuk, jangan sesekali terpedaya dengan oven kuih pau yang terdapat di kedai-kedai.Sekali pandang, mungkin terliur juga tengok kuih pau berwarna-warni di dalam oven tersebut.Tetapi bila dihampiri, ia bukan kuih atau makanan, tetapi ia dipenuhi denganSELUAR DALAMwanita.Ketika musim sejuk, terdapat peniaga pakaian dalaman wanita di Tokyo yang memanaskan seluar-seluar dalam yang hendak dijual di dalam oven tersebut!Harganya adalah sekitar RM thirty ... Read More

Hummer shows Nazri-Chia links, say PKR sleuths

De factoLaw Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz has been indicted of acting with conflicting interests when he told Parliament which businessman Michael Chia had been privileged of crime charges, since they crop up to be friends.

The couple in between a duo is in a form of a black Hummer SUV, which retails during over RM459,000, which is owned by Chia as well as might have been used by Nazri's eldest son Nedim.

NONEThis explain was done by PKR director of plan Rafizi Ramli today, who furnished a copy of a traffic sheet which stated a owners as Chia Tien Woh as well as covertly performed photographs to uncover which a vehicle was frequently spotted during a condo whereNONENedim lives (photo right).

"Here we have a really high form crime as well as money-laundering box previously involving one arch apportion as well as several jurisdictions, as well as a really person who privileged a Sabah arch minister's as well as Chia's name is a apportion on whom we have found evidence which his family had received ... benefits from Chia.

"If this is not (graft), we do not know what it is. At a really least, there is a question of dispute of seductiveness where he should take political as well as moral responsibility," he pronounced during a press conference during a Parli! ament lobby.
Nazri laughs it off

Following this, reporters immediately rus! hed to N azri's office for comments, where he jovially laughed off any allegations of dispute of interest.
NONENazri explained which his created reply to Parliament on a matter came from a Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) as well as a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), as well as conjunction answer to him.
"If we am a high court judge, Chia appears prior to me as well as my son drives his car. (Then) we am in trouble.
"I am not a decider in Chia's case. we am not even a investigator. MACC is Chia's investigator. we am a apportion replying in Parliament," he said.
In addition, he pronounced what happens in between Chia as well as his son is none of his commercial operation since a latter is already an adult.

However, he did admit which he does know Chia personally as well as had once trafficked to Dubai together, though during his own expense.
"I know Chia as well as we am not worried about it," he said.
[More to follow]
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Sumber: KL POSIni aku betul-betul tak faham ni, apa motif Rafizi mendedahkan bahawasanya Nazri Aziz rapat dengan ahli Michael Chia? Kata Rafizi dia ada bukti mereka memang baik? So? Apa masalahnya? Kalau dah bapak baik apa salahnya anak mereka berkawan?

Wei, korang ni dah memang bebal dan takde isu nak dimainkan ke? Bend amacam ni joke nak jadi isu ke? Alih2 Nazri jawab steady je, kan dah malu? Sian kan pakatan ni? Makin lama makin kering idea dan nak serang joke tah apa-apa la..

Kenapa Rafizi tak pertikai hubungan baik Anwar dengan Yahudi dan Zionis? Hinggakan dia nak mendokong negara Israel? Kenapa tak pertikai pasal duit yang dapat dari Soros? Errrr...aku konpius la, lepas ni apa pulak Rafizi? Kau jumpa seluar dalam emas milik UMNO ke?

Kah kah kah

Bangsamoro Ancestral Homeland is far-fetched and uncertain

November 1, 2012

Bangsamoro Ancestral Homeland is fantastic as well as uncertain

by BA Hamzah[1]

Despite a recent, most publicised Preliminary Framework Agreement in in in between a Government of a Philippines (Manila) as well as a Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), inked during Manila upon October 15, 2012, questions sojourn over a destiny of a Bangsamoro ancestral Homeland.

The Moro people have been fighting for full autonomy from Manila given a Spaniards colonised a Philippines in 1521.

Incidentally, this is a fourth vital agreement in in in between Manila as well as a emissary of a Bangsamoro for an unconstrained region. Malaysia has been concerned in all 4 agreements. The initial traffic took place underneath a auspices of a Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) in 1971 soon after Tunku AbdulRahman Putra became a initial Secretary- General.

The KL Accord of 1974 paved a approach for a Tripoli Agreement (September 1976) by a OIC. In Apr 1987, a Jeddah Accord reignited a routine serve with support from Saudi Arabia. In 1987 President Corazon determined a Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) which became partial of a 1987 Philippine Constitution (vide Republic Act no.6734, amended in 2001 as RA 9054 ARMM Organic Act-2001).

In 1994, Manila as well as Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) signed a Joint Guidelines as well as Ground Rules for a implementation of a 1993 Ceasefire agreement.

In Sep 1996, a 3 parties-the Government of a Philippines, MNLF as well as a OIC concluded serve to pointer a Final Peace Agreement during Malacanang Palace to flesh out details. The late Ali Alatas (right), Foreign Minister of Indonesia as well as OIC Chairman witnessed a ceremony which President Fidel Ramos officiated.

To a credit in 1977, a MILF cumulative a ceasefire agreement with Manila. In 2000 after a little bombing incidents, President Estrada spoken an open war upon a MILF. The Moros will never forget a situation in June 2000 when President Estrada systematic a military to bomb a MILF Camp Abubakar in Maguindanoa.

Once in power, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo resumed assent talks with a MILF following a Estrada's debacle.Apart from Malaysia, many alternative Islamic countries helped to facilitate a assent routine for a Moros. Libya, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, in in between others, possibly alone or underneath a OIC, have put vigour upon a ready to quarrel parties to seek assent by negotiations.

According to Nur Misuari, Manila has "illegitimately annexed" a Moroland. Many blame Nur Misuari for a disaster to end a Moro militancy. Few recognise, however, his personal sacrifices as well as a problems of a duplicity of a Government during Manila were outward his control. To a obtuse extent, a inner bickering inside of a MNLF denotes how energy has been slowly slipping from a aging leader.

Manila has never concluded to accede to full autonomy to a Moros. On a contrary, unbroken Philippine regimes usually concluded to negotiate for an unconstrained region-mainly in southern partial of a Philippines- for Bangsamoro people.

Islam came to a Philippines in a 13th century, two centuries prior to a Spaniards arrived. Contrary to popular belief, a Islamic change was not cramped to southern Philippines; Islam had a significant presence in a Luzon, especially in today's Manila.

The Moros have been fighting for autonomy as well as a freedom to rehearse Islam given 1521. History is full with st! ories of how a dauntless Moros used kris, swords as well as sharpened bamboos opposite a Spaniards (from 1521), Dutch (1774), British (1775), French (1884 blockade of Basilan) as well as a Americans (1898-1946) who invaded their homeland, suppressed Islam as well as tried to wipe out their identity.

The story of suicide bombers in Afghanistan as well as Iraq, for example, pales in more aged with a Moro juramentados. These fighters would undergo eremite rites which rebuilt them for death, in a presence of their families, prior to they went out to face a colonisers of their homeland. For these juramentado warriors, murdering a colonisers was a eremite duty as well as partial of jihad.

Many Moro warriors were desirous by a Mactan situation in 1521 when Sultan Lapu-Lapu, a devout Tausug Muslim personality speared Ferdinand Magellan to death. The Sultan indicted Magellan of converting Muslims to Christianity, hidden their ancestral land as well as for interfering with a internal customs similar to slave trading.

In a Sulu Sea region, a Moros go upon to quarrel for their autonomy as well as grace until today. The Abu Sayyaf as well as a Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) have been members of a "Lost Commands" who have been not party to a new assent process.

Since 1512, a Moros have violently deserted acclimatization with a mainstream Christian multitude in a Philippines whom they indicted of selling their homeland to a colonisers. Until today, a Moros exclude to recognize a treaties of cession of 1898, 1900 as well as 1930, which assigned a Moroland underneath Philippines rule. The Moros go upon to hold this sell-out, as an action of betrayal, a original sin, in their struggle for a query of Bangsamoro Homeland.

Since 1972, a little Moro leaders similar to Nur Misuari (left), have! staid f or an autonomy as a approach forward to bring assent to a Moros. Because of poverty, tribal infighting, warlordism as well as lack of military strength, many have unwillingly concluded to be partial of a Philippines. However, except for a leaders who have benefited from a assent deals well known as "war vultures", many exclude to compromise their autonomy for an unconstrained region.

While a MNLF as well as MILF have alone concluded to settle an unconstrained segment for Bangsamoro; their leaders sojourn during odds with any other. There have been reports which Nur Misuari, personality of MNLF, is unhappy with a stream horizon agreement. Wielding substantial status as well as change in a IOC, he has in jeopardy to raise his grievances during a stirring OIC Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting during Djibouti in Nov 2012.

The OIC as well as alternative countries have recognised a MNLF as a bona fide organisation, with whom they have freely negotiated with over a years. The MILF, underneath a late Hashim Selamat, one-time Misuari's deputy, flush usually after a 1976 Tripoli Agreement as well as it went underground.

The stream horizon (2012) agreement has a subsidy of President Benigno Aquino III, Prime Minister Najib Razak as well as members of a International Contact Group (ICG), which included a UK, Japan, Turkey as well as Saudi Arabia.

The International Monitoring team comprising Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, Libya, Norway as well as a European Union additionally played a role.

The most preferred assent for Bangsamoro homeland will be during risk, if by 2016, Manila were to cave in to bureaucratic as well as domestic pressures as in 1997 as well as before, as well as rescind a agreement.Another mouth service. Another rebellion.

There is a additionally a probability of sabotage from inside of a Moro organisations as well as Moro chieftains. Bridging their differences has regularly proved fatuous in a past as well as a destiny does not look bright.

The OIC Secretary General (left) was in Manila in October 2012 to reassure President Aquino which he would make use of his good offices to unify a interests of a MNLF with a MILF.

Minimising a fallouts from a war- from- inside of those championing a Bangsamoro homeland could pose a challenge. The tiff in in in between maritime-based MNLF as well as mainland-based MILF, for example, is legendary. It has been irreconcilable in a past.

Getting a buy-in from a dissident groups is key to implementing a conditions of a Framework Agreement.

The Government must demonstrate genuine commitment to a Bangsamoro homeland. It must overcome pressures from a civil societies as well as domestic parties with own agendas, who instruct to criticise a process. Many times in new history, a domestic oligarchs failed a test; they all succumbed to a pressures.

The Supreme Court can be a tornado of peace. In 2008, it struck down a Memorandum of Agreement upon Ancestral Domain since it lacked transparency. It can happen again in a light of accusations which a new (2012) Framework Agreement lacks transparency.

The former Solicitor General Mendoza (right) has questioned a constitutionality of the Framework Agreement. Some claimed a Agreement has violated a 1987 Philippine Constitution. The former Dean of a Law School has created upon a supernatural attribute in in in between a Framework Agreement as well as a Constitutional Bodies.

With all a problems, no one can expect Manila to broach upon a promises to a MILF. At a heart of a Moros' query for autonomy is a difficul! ty of re conciling self-determination inside of a state which is determined to keep a territorial integrity as well as sovereignty.

No Filipino personality will go down in history as one who gives divided a Moroland as well as be indicted of a treasonable offence for renouncing a Philippines's emperor right to territorial integrity.

Amidst charges of betrayal, deceit, conspiracy, treachery, mouth use as well as unfulfilled promises, upon both sides of a divide, a query for an eccentric Bangsamoro ancestral homeland with a authorised personality of a own remains, in my view, fantastic as well as uncertain.

[1] The writer is a tyro of politics, maritime confidence as well as general law.

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Kong: Umno Youth didn't object to AES outright

Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha pronounced a opposition should not put people's lives during risk for their own political seductiveness over a coercion of a Automatic Enforcement System (AES).

lim kit siang parliament pc 201008 kong cho haHe discharged a opposition's conflict as just their political ploy.

"Pakatan should not fool around governing body with highway safety. When accidents happen, they question why you do not do enough.

"But when you do something, which is proven, they also wish to fool around politics. I consider it's very unfair to responsible highway users," he told reporters after heading a welcome reception for Ethiopian Airlines' lass alighting during KL International Airport yesterday.

Recently, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng pronounced a opposition-ruled states of Penang, Kedah, Kelantan as well as Selangor had concluded to postpone a designation of AES cameras to nab motorists who speed as well as breach a red light.

Lim pronounced prior capitulation of a autho! rities in a state governments was necessary for a designation of a AES cameras.

On Umno Youth wanting a government to defer implementation of a AES, Kong said: "I don't consider they (Umno Youth) have been objecting. They asked us to clarify a little things.

"I do not consider any one intent outright, as even a Pakatan (leaders) wish us to short them upon a system."

The many recent Umno Youth exco meeting had resolved to seek a moratorium of a AES' implementation.
- Bernama
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Hidup Ini Bernafaskan Cinta Kasih

HIDUP INI BERNAFASKAN CINTA KASIHProf Madya Dato Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin(sertai facebook dan twitter realDrMAZA)Perkataan rahmat yang digunakan dalam bahasa kita berasal dari bahasa Arab. Rahmah dari kata rahima yang bermaksud kasih atau kasihan belas. Dari perkataan ini lahirnya perkataan rahim (womb), perkataan ar-Rahman dan ar-Rahim dari akar rahima ataupun rahmat dalam bahasa kita dan lain-lain lagi.Hidup ini dibina atas cinta dan rahmat. Tanpa cinta dan kasih hancurlah ke ... Read More

Oil trading - the dark side of Petronas

Last week, a general financial media carried a story which Canada dictated to block a planned US$ 5.3 million merger of Calgary-based Progress Energy Resources by Petronas. According to these reports, a country's industry minister, Christian Paradishad, released a statement observant he had created to Petronas observant he was "not satisfied which a proposed investment is expected to be of net great to Canada".

Much of a subsequent analysis has focused upon questions associated to Canada's policy upon foreign takeovers as great as a investment policy generally with courtesy to foreign state-owned entities. This should be of small seductiveness to us.

Of greater seductiveness to Malaysians should be how a Petronas takeover of Progress will great a country. Is it in a many appropriate interests? What have been a pros as great as cons of this really expensive takeover? Let us regularly recollect which a association belongs to all Malaysians, as great as not simply to a supervision of a day or a organisation of association directors.

Petronas has done well. Since a incorporation, Petronas has grown to be an integrated general oil as great as gas association with commercial operation interests in many countries. The organisation is engaged in a wide spectrum of inorganic substance activities, together with upstream exploration as great as production of oil as great as gas to downstream oil refining. Oil trade is a single of a pass activities of a group.

As everyone knows, Petronas provides a estimable source of income, with 45 percent of a government's bill contingent upon P! etronas' dividend. Is this focus upon a single single indicator of success - providing funds to run a supervision - perhaps a reason why you have been but eyes to probable darker aspects of a company's altogether lane record?

Facts as great as figures upon oil trade needed

Any trade commercial operation - which Petronas to some extent is - has to observe some pass principles to be successful. These include:
  • Don't try to envision a future.
  • Flexibility in brazen contracts as no a single knows when a marketplace will move.
  • Having trade relations which maximise your options.
  • In new years, questions have been lifted as to whether a state-owned oil commercial operation executes these or some alternative principles when it engages in trading. In addition, allegations have been done with courtesy to probable cronyism in some of a deals.

    NONEPerhaps a many serious claim was a disclosure done by Jeffrey Kitingan(right)in Jun 2008 which 80 percent of Petronas oil is not sole but delay to a world marketplace though is funneled by six choice holders. Apparently these choice holders or selling agents have obtained their supply from Petronas at great below marketplace cost for a subsequent twenty to thirty years.

    If this claim proves to be scold afterwards these profits would be much less than what could have been realised had a sales been conducted by open as great as some-more pure brazen sales.

    When he initially done these allegations some-more than 4 years ago, Jeffrey asked for a white paper or royal commission of inquiry to examine this scandal. He additionally asked for a examination of a Petronas agreements as great as to have Petronas open as great as transparent.

    As distant as we am aware, there has b! een no r esponse from Petronas or a supervision upon these concerns. If what amounts to a steam from giving contracts but open tenders is taking place, afterwards it is required which a issue be taken up during this entrance election.

    What creates a trade strategy of Petronas irregular is which oil is a vital as great as abating resource. Su! rest any oil trader is aware which a cost trend in view of nonesuch as great as miss of substitution can usually be upwards, with a grade of cost enlarge a usually major risk. Also, it does not have commercial operation clarity to tie up so much of brazen sales with prolonged tenure contracts since a mix of short, center as great as prolonged tenure contracts is clearly a higher strategy.

    Malaysia's Transparency Record in 2010 scored below normal in a examine upon clarity of income management of extractive industries which covered 41 countries. The nation obtained 48.4 points compared with a examine normal of 51.8 out of a limit of 100 points in a joint examine by Revenue Watch Institute as great as Transparency International.

    azlanMalaysia sits in a organisation of countries with "partial income transparency", which is countries which provide citizens with information about extractive sectors, nonetheless uncover important clarity gaps in a single or some-more specific categories of (the Revenue Watch Index).

    Malaysia in fact falls below a normal 50.1 points obtained by alternative Asia Pacific countries.

    Malaysia is at a back of Indonesia, which scored an normal 50 points, as great as additionally is at a back of Papua New Guinea, Trinidad as great as Tobago, Kazakhstan as great as even Timor Leste.

    According to a examine which rates countries upon accessibility of information upon contracts, chartering as great as supervis! ion paym ents, as great as institutional structure constrained transparency, Malaysia drew a poor mark for entrance to informatio! n upon cont! racts as great as chartering procedures.

    Petronas needs to be accountable to a country

    According to a Petroleum Development Act 1974, Petronas is usually accountable to a budding apportion of a day, not even to Parliament. This is wrong.

    In a new speech, Woo Wing Thye, a distinguished Professor of Economics who presently heads a Penang think-tank, Penang Institute, forked out a hazard which exists in a pass role which Petronas plays in a country's finances.

    According to Prof Woo, a world's knowledge with state oil companies is which they would destroy in a center of a boom. Indonesia's Pertamina failed in 1974 in a center of a Opec boom as great as PetroMexico collapsed in a surrounded by of a second Opec shock.

    "These state oil companies were overextended as great as not really transparent," Woo said. "They were basically a cash registers of their governments. It is a great thing to have some-more clarity since a change sheet of Petronas links but delay to a supervision budget. If Petronas is in trouble, a supervision bill is in trouble."

    We need to take these cautionary words seriously. The initial step to remodel is to open up a account books of a association generally associated to oil trade as great as to examine a allegations of Jeffrey Kitingan.

    Petronas belongs to all Malaysians as great as a infancy of them have been bumiputeras who have been better educated than before. They can see all these misuse of power, crime as great as mismanagement as great as we believe they will know how to opinion in a entrance general election.
    KOON YEW YIN, a retired chartered engineer, is a philanthropist.
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    Najib calls for boosting food output in face of shortage threat

    KUALA LUMPUR, November 1 Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak currently called for a boosting of food prolongation through innovation, better record as good as softened irrigation as good as peculiarity of manpower in a face of a threat of food necessity due to various factors.
    The threat of food necessity arising from full of health disasters, soil peculiarity deterioration as good as other factors was apropos "all too real", he said.
    Najib(picture)also said which global warming as good as climate change had done agriculture as good as food confidence a vicious issue for Malaysia as good as for a region.
    "For Middle East as good as Asean, as a single of a world's rural basins, food confidence in a universe with an ever-increasing race as good as a finite volume of arable land is fast approaching a vicious stage," he said during a 2nd inter-sessional assembly of a Global Science as good as Innovation Advisory Council (GSIAC) here.
    The boss as good as chief executive military officer of a New York Academy of Sciences
    (NYAS), Ellis Rubinstein, also attended a meeting, a first event organised in Malaysia by a Malaysian Industry Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) in collaboration with a NYAS.
    Najib said a pass to food confidence must be through boosting prolongation by approach of innovation, better technology, as good as softened irrigation as good as peculiarity of manpower.
    "I believe you will have a presentation by a National Science Research Council (NSRC) which will look in to enhancing tolerable rice prolongation as good as a poultry attention through innovative investigate as good as competitiveness and, maybe from there, you can sell ideas on a broader aspects of food security," he said.
    Najib also said which a government was "ver! y concer ned" about a increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases (NCD) in Malaysia.
    "We caring for a contentment of our people, as good as illness as good as healthcare are a tip priority.
    "A full of health race is a productive population, as good as you need a full of health race to grasp a targets you have set for Malaysia by a year 2020," he said.
    Najib said which as countries strived for mercantile development, sustainability as good as a contentment of a race must be of paramount importance.
    "Malaysia is very keenly wakeful of this as good as you have done sustainability a bulwark of all our future planning.
    "Even our recent (2013) budget was prepared along these lines, temperament a theme 'Prospering a Nation, Enhancing a Well-Being of a People: A Promise Fulfilled'." Bernama
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    Terdesak sangat gamaknya para blogger Pakatan Rakyat sehingga terpaksa mencipta isu paling dangkal semata-mata untuk memastikan parti itu terus hidup. Setelah terkantoi mencipta isu besar seperti scorpene, PR beralih mencipta isu bodoh dengan memutarbelit rakaman video ucapan PM di hadapan perwakilan MCA.

    Blogger Milosuam yang nampaknya mengambil kredit dari video ini telah mengedit bagi menunjukkan seolah-olah Dato Seri Najib berkata Hudud Lancau. Bahagian ini telah diulang-ulang dengan sengaja dengan niat konon untuk memperdengarkan ungkapan tersebut dengan lebih jelas. Bangsatnya blogger GAY ni.

    Namun, terlalu amat ketara yang Dato Seri Najib menyebut sebuah nama kampung di Sarawak iaitu Hulu Lacau. Sesiapa saja boleh mendapatkan video penuh untuk mengesahkan apa yang diucapkan oleh Dato Seri Najib. Inilah masalahnya bile yang takde jantina pun nak jadi blogger.

    Lagipun, Dato Seri Najib bukannya sebodoh Nik Aziz untuk mengucapkan sesuatu yang akan memakan diri. Lebih dari itu, Dato Seri Najib juga orang Islam yang beriman, apa ke jadahnya beliau menghina hukum hudud sebegitu. Lainlah kalau Karpal Singh yang berkata demikian kerana DAP memang konsisten dan tegas menolak hudud dan Negara Islam.

    Justeru, siapakah yang melancaukan hudud sebenarnya? Siapakah yang sanggup dan tergamak melancaukan hukum Islam dalam usaha untuk memanipulasi sebuah ucapan yang jujur?

    Puak-puak PAS pantas mengutuk Dato Seri Najib apabila video ini disebar tetapi setelah kebenaran berada di depan mata, apa pula komen PAS? Yang pasti, yang melancaukan hudud bukan Dato Seri Najib, tetapi blogger Pakatan Rakyat sendiri iaitu Milosuam.

    Apakah PAS hanya akan membutakan mata dan memekakkan telinga apabila Milosuam mela! ncaukan hudud? Atau hanya akan buat tak tahu seolah-olah melancaukan hudud adalah tidak salah kerana ia dilakukan oleh puak mereka?

    Jelas, bagi PAS mengkritik atau menghina hudud hanyalah salah jika dilakukan oleh orang-orang UMNO dan BN tetapi tidak apa jika dilakukan oleh DAP atau blogger Pakatan Rakyat. Kenapa PAS ni bodoh nak mampos ya?

    Oh aku terlupa disebabkan banyak sangat menyokong si pemakan BABI DAP maka otak penyokong dan pemimpin PAS menajdi semakin bebal! Khaiikk Ptuihh!

    AG receives CCM probe report, awaiting ROS's

    The Attorney-General's Chambers has received Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) second review writings against Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd as well as is available a Registrar of Societies' (ROS) report to beginner legal record against human right group ,Suaram.
    Domestic Trade, Cooperative as well as Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob pronounced a AG did not reject CCM's review writings in early October, during a press discussion after witnessing a handing over rite of vans to mosques, eremite schools as well as orphanages during Bank Rakyat, in Kuala Lumpur today.

    However, he was sensitive that a AG's Chambers is still watchful for ROS, which is underneath Home Ministry's jurisdiction, to complete a review of Suaram.

    He pronounced a AG's Chambers is perplexing to uncover a couple between Suara Inisiatif as well as Suaram.

    ismail sabri universiti malaya 161111So, Ismail (right) urged a ROS to speed up a probe.

    " I've urged ROS speed up investigation, it doesn't need long time to verify Suaram's registration status."

    In early September, Ismail pronounced there was a'high turn ofsuspicion'over Suara Inisiatif, claiming that a company is related to Suaram.

    On Sept 18, he hadannouncedthat a Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) hoped to assign Suara Inisiatif inside of two days.

    However, a AG's chambers! returnedthe review writings a next day to CCM for being incomplete.

    [More to follow]
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    Vernacular schools cannot just rely on the government, Najib says

    AMPANG, November 1 Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today pronounced vernacular schools cannot depend too much upon allocations from the government, saying that the time has come for Putrajaya to proceed the in isolation sector to minister to the development of these schools. Although the government has allocated the lot of money for vernacular schools, ... Read More


    Aku suka dengan apa yang ditulis oleh RBF Online pasal AES! Suka atau tidak kami adalah dari kalangan bloggers yang menentang cara pelaksanaan AES! Kena faham ya menentang cara pelaksanaan bukan AES sepenuhnya. KLIK SINI

    Aku percaya AES ni akan ditangguhkan. Aku yakin sebab kami bukan menentang kosong, kami telah memberikan segala butiran dimana perlu diperbaiki. Apabila aku cakap kami bermaksud, aku RBF Online, MyKmu dan blog MIK serta ada beberapa blog pro kerajaan yang tidak mempersetujui akan AES ni.

    Terbaru Pemuda UMNO juga telah sebulat suata menentang benda ni, so kalau Mahfuz atau Pakatan nak explain credit, maaf le, kita dari awal lagi dah menentang. Sampai kita kena label dengan gelaran TROJAN HORSE la. Ish, ish, ish dasyat gile le.

    Apa pun, aku harap kerajaan akan hnetikan kegilaan AES ni, dan kerajaan tak perlu malu sebab kita mahukan kerajaan yang mendengar keluh kesah rakyat marhaen macam kami ni. Macam selalu aku cakap kalau nak buat sangat pun, kajian yang lebih mendalam diperlukan dan perlu diberi pada pihak berkuasa untuk menjalankannya bukan swasta.

    Maaf le kerana kami hanya menyampaikan apa yang kami dengar di bawah ni.....

    Monster Gift! Michael Chia Handed Huge Hummer To Son Of Friend Nazri Abdul Aziz EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE!

    Member of Mohammed Nedim's insurance group as well as a half million ringgit status symbol, Hummer H2, which has ended up in a hands of a Nazri family, though which is still purebred underneath a name of a purchaser, Michael Chia!
    This large black savage of a automobile is an American Hummer 2 SUV, a single of a most costly vehicles in a world, costing around half a million ringgit upon a Malaysian market.
    For good over a year a single of these models, licence plate WNX9776, has been driven around KL byMohamad Nedim Nazri, a son of a keyMinister in a Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.
    It is especially used by Mohamed Nedim's group of body-guards, who follow a childish seducer around in a assorted sports cars which he additionally likes to drive.
    Yet a automobile is purebred not underneath a name of Nedim nor his father Nazri Abdul Aziz, though rather of a original client Michael Chia, a Sabah-based money-runner, whom a top politician has usually spoken 'cleared' of all charges relating to his detain for transporting RM40million from Hong Kong to Sabah in 2008!
    Number WNX9776 plate is obviously seen in this brand new sketch of a automobile parked outward Mohammed Nedim's chateau in a prestigious Damansara Heights district of Kuala Lumpur
    Proof who's owner
    Sarawak Report has numerous cinema of a Hummer 2 WNX9776 parked outward Mohammed Nedim's oppulance chateau during a Clearwater office building in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur. The youth, ! who has been in a number of violent scrapes in brand new months as well as keeps a permanent bodyguard, occupies a Penthouse Suite in a office building where he has additionally kept a automobile for months.
    Yet this traffic offence (below), identified by Sarawak Report, is reason of a Hummer's tangible purebred owner. Not usually has Chia been so kind as to offer Nazri's son a pretentious car, though he has been receiving his speeding tickets as well!
    'Thanks buddy you'll collect up a fine won't you? I get as well many of them'. The Hummer WNX9776 is purebred in a name of Chia Tien Foh (Michael Chia) nonetheless it was in a receive of Mohammed Nedim by March 2011
    The Hummer is a single of a many cars identified among Michael Chia's resources by a MACC review in to a Sabah money-laundering case. And nonetheless right away you see it prominently in a receive of Nazri's own son, notwithstanding Nazri's in front of as a Minister obliged for a MACC.
    Since Nazri Aziz is a Minister who is in conclusion obliged for a supposedly 'independent' MACC, it is easy to interpretation because a male like Michael Chia might have been concerned to curry foster with such a Minister as well as his family after a review in to his money-laundering began in 2008.
    Parked outward Clearwater Chia's Hummer is in full time receive of Nazri's KL formed son
    However, you ask, what acceptable reason can there be as to because a Minister (or his son) should accept such a present from a marked man, who was being investigated by his own government dialect or inspire any form of loy! alty wit h someone underneath such a critical as well as tall profile corruption investigation?
    Penthouse oppulance during Clearwater This is Mohd Nedim's pleasing accommodation, though a question is where does all this income come from for a family of a male in domestic charge of a MACC?
    Failure to declare a personal interest
    Trouble Mohammed Nedim has been held up in brutal fights, together with a single death.
    Our unusual explanation follows an admission two days ago by Nazri which he was in truth a 'friend' of Chia, afterrumours initial surfacedthat his son had been since cars by a money-laundering suspect.
    The development is likely to have an bomb impact upon an already charged domestic situation, following Nazri's own announcements upon a remarkable preference to drop a prolonged using review in to Michael Chia's impasse in laundering timber kickbacks, which have beenclearly linked to Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman.
    Observers have been surely starting to ask because Nazri did not declare his interest during a time he made his initial argumentative proclamation upon October 10th dogmatic after 4 years of seeking in to a box which Chia was after all trusting of any wrong-doing, because a RM40million he was smuggling was dictated for UMNO as well as not Musa Aman personally!
    The Minister has attempted to brush off a make a difference by admitting which Chia i! s a frie nd, though not which he knew a male was giving his son cars. So how DOES Nazri comment for his feeble son's multi-million dollar automobile collection? By what equates to did he suppose rowdy Mohd Nedim, best well known forbeating people up who provoke him, had acquired these cars?
    Ever becoming different stories as well as ever weakening answers
    Nazri has been Chia's Chief guardian with a array of announcements over a past month dogmatic him to be trusting as well as which a MACC review is 'closed'. His idealisation chronicle of a story is which Chia was never arrested in a initial place.
    This is an event which has left BN/UMNO politicians exposed to a accusation which they cannot keep to a same story for some-more than a couple of days during a time.
    The public has been treated with colour to a array of unconvincing as well as inconsistent responses each time brand new justification presents itself in a Sabah box as well as presumably stories will shift again right away Nazri's own tighten loyalty as well as impasse with a main player, Michael Chia, has been exposed.
    Originally, after Chia's detain as well as an review by Hong Kong's ICAC as well as a MACC in 2008, BN attempted outright denial.
    Attorney General Ghani Patail (a relative of Musa) refused inter-country team-work to a ICAC, thereby causing a Hong Kong review to relapse when a 3 year time limit ran out in 2011. And he additionally refused to take to justice a MACC's 40 recommended charges.
    At a same time Chia denied he had been arrested, or which there had been RM40million involved or which he had any com! mercial operation or domestic dealings with Musa. Musa further denied any association with Chia.
    Mohd Nedim's group of motorist as well as bodyguards around a Hummer as they arrive behind during a Clearwater apartment
    However, this year our array of exposes formed upon a large physique of justification available to a MACC, have showed which an international web of Chia-controlled accounts were channelling tens of millions of ringgit in to Musa Aman's own personal Zurich bank account, run by a Swiss bank UBS.
    We additionally demonstrated which a same Chia-controlled accounts were being used to provide regular payments to Musa Aman's sons whilst they were studying in Australia. This was advanced by a Swiss bank UBS in a apart justice box currently in a High Court of Singapore.
    These revelations were followed by an proclamation by a Swiss Federal Attorney General which it has launched a criminal money-laundering review in to UBS over a part in a affair.
    It appears these developments put so most vigour upon BN which stories proposed to change. InJune, a Prime Minister Najib Razak acknowledged which a MACC had in truth handed a report upon a make a difference to a Attorney General as well as which Musa was implicated. For weeks Musa was stranded.
    However, unexpected in a center of final month Nazri Aziz led a fight behind with a fibre of unusual announcements. On a a single hand BN certified which Chia had been held transferring RM40million to Musa, though upon a other they spoken which Chia as well as his accomplices had but been 'cleared'.
    Macho appurtenance a idealisation child fondle which won Nazri's valuable support for Michael Chia?
    In a parliamentary answer upon 10th October Nazri acknowledged which Chia had been held perplexing to filch RM40million to a Sabah Chief Minister, though pronounced which both parties had been vindicated upon a basis which a income was not for 'personal use', though for UMNO use instead!
    Onlookers were left amazed which a domestic donation formed upon timber kickbacks should be deliberate any less hurtful than a personal one. They were additionally left wondering where this left all a 4 years of denials by Musa as well as Chia. If there was zero wrong with a 'political donation', because had it been denied for so long?
    Chia celebration child incited multi-millionaire. How did this illiterate immature male do it?
    But Nazri as well as his colleagues did not stop here. Soon they grown a story further claiming which a ICAC review had additionally 'cleared Musa as well as Chia', when in fact a Hong Kong review usually over overdue to non-cooperation from a Malaysian Attorney General.
    Since a ICAC has refused to comment, Nazri as well as his colleagues have not been able to get any justification to confirm their explain which Chia was found unassailable in Hong Kong.
    Finally, having certified a RM40million was being secreted to Sabah, which Chia was 'detained' as well as which a income was solidified as well as investigated, Nazri's idealisation twist has been to explain which Chia was never arrested after all!
    So because a 4 years of investigations?
    Yet some-more explanations have been right away needed
    It would crop up which a half million ringgit Hummer 2 can buy an horrible l! ot of su pport in tall places. The roadster has been deliberate a idealisation 'macho machine' ever since Hollywood idols like Arnold Schwarzeneggar proposed driving a former troops vehicles behind in a 1900s.
    Clearly, immature Mohd Nedim was desperately tempted as well as additionally aware of a worth of this status symbol.
    However, accepting such a present opens his father to unstoppable further questions about what other incentives might have been employed to inspire so many enterprising public defences of Chia by Nazri over a past couple of days? After all there have additionally been reports ofmillions of ringgit becoming different handsand Nazri has certainly been working awfully tough upon Chia's behalf!
    Mr Nazri certainly has a little explaining to do as well as you should prepare ourselves for many some-more stories as well as denials.
    Mohammed Nedim's personnel leave a Hummer as well as conduct for a Clearwater building. Chia's automobile is right away during their disposal.

    - Sarawak Report

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    Khalid mesti teruk sangat sebagai wakil rakyat hingga dimaki hamun

    Berita ini keluar di SInar Harian semalam.

    Menteri besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim balik kawasan dan membuat kunjungan luar dari jadual di kawasannya sendiri, Ijok ke Masjid Kampung Sungai Darah, Rantau Panjang Bestari Jaya.

    Khalid nak buat 'surprise' kepada orang kampung bagi tujuan ramah mesra tapi rupanya kena maki hamun. Maklumlah orang tengah lapah daging lepas buat korban lembu,


    AES Malaysia was introduced to educate motorist BUT it has spin out to ROB a motorist, not taking into account either its day or night.

    twenty-four hours ROBBING a Malaysians for a gratification of their "Anwar Ibrahim"/BN cronies. "Anwar Ibrahim" leaders and their cronies prosper....while a people (poor Malaysians) humour in their own BolehLand...

    Malaysians can only sleep soundly and happily ONCE THE "Anwar Ibrahim"/BN IS COMPLETELY TOPPLED.

    - source : Addin
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    30 Oktober 2012, treler dan kontena Jelajah Rakyat yang merupakan salah satu daripada instrumen Anwar Ibrahim untuk berkempen berada di Banting. Treler dan kontena yang terlakar muka si peliwat tua sedang tersenyum itu, konon-kononnya menjadi ikon yang PKR sedang menguasai Malaysia.

    Banting yang berada di Daerah Kuala Langat sedang menyaksikan transformasi yang agak ketara. Sokongan kepada PKR menurun secara drastik dan rata-rata penduduk serta pengundi di sekitar Banting sehinggalah ke Jugra menyatakan kebosanan mereka terhadap para pemimpin PKR yang bukan sahaja kuat berlakon, bahkan merekalah yang pale menyonglap duit rakyat berbanding para pemimpin UMNO yang mereka fitnah dan tohmahkan.

    Lori berkenaan telah diparkir di Padang Awam Taman Banting Baru sempena Program Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat. Yang turut hadir untuk memberikan ceramah menggunakan treler dan kontena berkenaan adalah si peliwat tua sendiri, Anwar Ibrahim, Tony Pua, Abdullah Sani dan Hatta Ramli.

    Dan seperti biasalah, apabila membabitkan ceramah Anwar Ibrahim dan para pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat, maka sudah tentulah yang kedengaran adalah fitnah, caci nista dan pembohongan yang amat ketara. Asbab kepada pembohongan tersebut akhirnya telah menenggelamkan lori dengan muka Anwar Ibrahim tersenyum pada dinding treler kontenanya yang dijadikan sebagai pentas ceramah.

    Padang Awam yang sepatutnya menjadi kemudahan kepada penduduk Banting Baru, dirosakkan.... SAMBUNG BACAAN DI SEL13.COM

    Bar Council Should Shut Down Zain & Co.

    Papers currently reported how the legal firm, Zain & Co had worked to one side SUARAM to move down the supervision which was chosen through the democratic process. Partner of the firm, Amir Hamzah was claimed to have signed the minute confirming which SUARAM is the legitimate classification to remonstrate those French lawyers so which they would paint the classification in the Scorpene issue. The intolerable thing about this organisation is which it has been reception the lot of legal contracts with Malaysian government. Th ... Read More

    Rafizi eyes Pandan, will Tee Keat defend it?

    Pandan is largely operative category as well as a people want an MP who can solve their problems.
    The subsequent ubiquitous choosing is approaching to be a closest quarrel to form a brand new government. And multiform seats across a republic have been expected to see exhilarated battles with a hero winning by a slimmest of majorities. The Malaysian Insider takes a look at some of these hot seats in what will be an intense choosing for carry out of Malaysia.
    KUALA LUMPUR, November 1 Mention Pandan to any domestic pundit as well as a review will inevitably meander to a RM64 million question: will Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat be contesting?
    It is no secret which a Pandan MP is not exactly a favourite of MCA boss Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek as well as most domestic observers consider it is not expected which Chua will willingly margin Ong in Pandan or any chair for which make a difference in a subsequent ubiquitous election.
    In a past dual years, a 56-year-old Ong has additionally been outspoken about most issues linked to Barisan Nasional (BN) including a Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ). All this has not endeared him to most people in a statute coalition. In fact, there has been most conjecture which he will leave a MCA as well as join a antithesis though nothing of a arrange has come to pass.
    Still, there is no denying a most appropriate possibility for BN to retain a chair is to margin Ong generally right divided which PKR's strategy executive Rafizi Ramli is slated to contest in Pandan.
    Rafizi, 35, who in a last year has made a name for himself with a series of exposes like a National Feedlot scandal, is already a domicile name with his most appear! ances in a media as well as assorted antithesis ceramahs around a country.
    Ong is renouned with his constituents.
    But Ong a former MCA arch is immensely renouned in a subdivision where he has been MP since 2004. When his electorate 49.34 per cent Malays as well as 45.04 per cent Chinese need help, he is THE male they turn to. Even during a domestic tsunami which was GE12, he defended his chair with an increase in number of votes whilst a dual state assembly seats fell to a opposition.
    MCA leaders have remained silent upon whether Ong will run in Pandan though it is well well known which Umno insiders feel it is critical to margin Ong as he has a most appropriate possibility of denying Rafizi a chair in Parliament.
    They feel which Rafizi should he turn an MP will stir things up too most in a august House as he seems to be a "go to" guy for whistleblowers. If Ong is a male a village in Pandan turn to when they need help, Rafizi is a male whistleblowers contact when it comes time to display irregularities in government.
    So right divided we have a situation where a Malay party, Umno, is subsidy a Chinese claimant who does not have a await of his own Chinese party, a MCA.
    But what will a people who live in Pandan think? Pandan, of course, is upon a "wrong" side of Ampang; instead of a upper-class neighbourhood of Ukay Heights as well as Bukit Antarabangsa or a most embassies as well as residences of diplomats in a Jalan U Thant area, Pandan is operative class.
    For them, bread-and-butter issues have been tip of mind. They want an MP who is not fearful to get his hands dirty, who listens to them as well as who helps them arrange out problems which have been both personal as well as general.
    Rafizi seems to be a 'go to' guy for whistleblowers.
    Ong is no absentee MP as well as has proven himself time as well as again with a constituents. Still, Rafizi has mislaid no time in creation his participation felt in Pandan. His "boys" have gone to a ground as well as Rafizi himself has made a rounds of a area.
    PKR insiders admit which this chair will not be easy to wrest divided from Ong should he run again. "There is a tiny splinter in a subdivision nearby Cheras which is a newer area... a people there have been not from a Pandan area... this is our most appropriate possibility to swing a electorate here to Rafizi," said someone close to Rafizi's camp.
    A comparison MCA part of disclosed which a prime apportion himself has since instructions which Ong be fielded in GE13.
    Is Pandan a done understanding if Ong stands for election? Not indispensably so. "It depends upon how a people feel upon a day," says an additional maestro MCA man.
    Wise difference indeed. After all, a MCA's Datuk Lee Hwa Beng a renouned state assemblyman in Subang was one of a casualties of GE12. He mislaid to PKR's untested as well as unknown Loh Gwo Burne.
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