Isu Nurul: Ulamak PAS jadi ular dalam semak

"Ulamak-ulamak" PAS lari dari pemberita kerana takut nak kasi kenyataan dalma hal Nurul

Tak payahlah nak hantar Pemuda PAS buat bantahan di pejabat PKR lepas sebahyang Jumaat. Ini semua berlakun saja.

Mana dia kenyataan "ulamak-ulamak" PAS?

MIM menulis:

Setelah pelbagai pihak tampil memberikan pandangan dan ulasan mereka, dikira agak janggal dan pelik bilamana mereka yang digelar ulama

Selangor assembly now red light district

Okay, okay, that's meant to be a joke. Flashing red lights during the Selangor state public chamber will go off when public members run out of "talk time", says Selangor Times. The speaker, Teng Chang Khim, expects the brand new process to concede more questions to be dealt with during the subsequent two-week sitting from November [...] Read More @ Source

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What the reporters petition said

Seventy-six members of a parliaentary press armed forces signed a apply to on Wednesday about "outsiders" regulating facilities at Parliament House for press conferences. They comprised reporters from online media, broadcasting stations as well as a press, as well as TV crews. Malaysiakini reporters did not pointer a petition. A covering letter to a petition, addressed to a Speaker [...] Read More @ Source

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INSPECTING ....Datuk Masidi Manjun inspecting the pastry showpiece with Datuk Wong Khen Thau.


"CELEBRATING the Hospitality Workforce in Sabah" is the thesis of this year's 15th Sabah Hospitality Fiesta (SHF) hold during Karamunsing Complex upon the 3rd as well as 4th November recently. This annual gastronomy eventuality was organized by the Asian Tourism International College (ATIC) upon the own this year.

Datuk Seri Panglima Wong Khen Thau, CEO of ATIC, pronounced which the turn up in terms of participation this year is the highest as well as largest ever. Replacing the hotel difficulty with the veteran difficulty has authorised budget hotels, boutique hotels, bakeries as well as stand-alone restaurants to participate. Bunga Raya island Resort as well as Spa, The Sutera Harbour Resorts as well as Spa, Sabah's Shangri-La hotels, Party Play Lifestyle Caf as well as The English Tea House & Restaurant have up the little of the 17 organizations participating in the Professional Category for 2012.
The overall Challenge prize for the hotel difficulty as well as college difficulty has been private this year. Cosmopoint College Kota Kinabalu, ATIC as well as Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn Bhd are only the little of the sum of 8 organizations participating in the College Category this time around.

ATIC has prolonged been raising awareness upon the significance of the hospitality attention in relatives as well as immature ad! ults. Wo ng holds the perspective which this attention along with the tourism attention has great potential to develop, though most attention players have overlooked the significance of developing the essential group of dedicated professionals as well as personnel who broach theservice.

Echoing Wong's sentiments, guest of honor Datuk Masidi Manjun, Ministry of Tourism, Culture as well as Environment pronounced improving the benchmark in all these services is important as Sabah is apropos the popular end for general travellers.

Masidi said, "All hotels as well as private colleges which yield courses in hospitality attention will contest to have the most appropriate presentation." He added, "This to the little extent has helped increase the peculiarity of food during the restaurants, especially in Sabah."The eventuality aims to pull out the most appropriate internal talents in the attention as well as yield the platform for them to showcase their talent.

The fiesta is additionally an avenue for immature determined talents to gain knowledge as well as massage shoulders with the some-more seasoned veterans. The Minister advised, "Getting the diploma or grade is the single thing though which does not pledge which you will be the great cook. It's up to you to supplement worth to your academic qualification."Acknowledging which there is room for improvement in this industry, he urged the destiny candidates to have full use of what has been learnt by doing unsentimental duplicate of the believe which has been gained.

Jason Justin, 19 year aged Sabah Skills & Technology Centre (SSTC) culinary arts student, certainly values the event to be the single of the 8 to paint his institution.

As the eventuality additionally provides the platform for professionals as well as students to meet in the single location, he savors the singular knowledge of examination the! profess ionals in movement live. The first time member said, "You get to comply how they organize themselves for their culinary presentation. "If given the opportunity, we will really knowledge again subsequent year," Jason said.

Jason has developed the ambience for cooking given he was the immature boy. His mom was his first teacher. The Penampang boy skeleton to pursue the culinary arts grade as well as hopefully hoard enough knowledge to open his really own grill in the future. He aspires to invent brand new tasty dishes formed upon Sabah's diverse internal cuisine as well as skeleton to offer this in his destiny restaurants. (Insight Sabah)
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Bozos in blue: One jackass, 15 cops, one letter

Bully boys of Umno-BN continue harrassment of Malaysiakini "Extracts from a minute The Malay mind thus becomes like a licensed mind since a supervision as well as its eremite authorities confirm what they can as well as cannot believe as well as do. The politicians have been not concerned about a gratification of a Malays or Islam but their political control over [...] Read More @ Source

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Peguam sundal kekasih lesbian Nurul?

Habis tu kenapa dia kata dia kecewa dengan Nurul???

Wanita ini ke yang tanya soalan maut pasal kebebasan beragama di kalangan orang Melayu kat Nurul Izzah dalam forum tu....? - Sumber chatter @sitikasim

Namanya Siti Kasim atau Siti Z Kasim atau Siti Zubedah Kasim iaitu seorang peguam dan AJK Human Right Committee, Bar Council.

Khabarnya dia seorang peguam keturunan Orang Asli, betul ke?

UMNO Cuba Dapatkan Publisiti Murahan Dlm Isu Nurul Izzah

... Read More

MALAYS must wake up like the Chinese: Don't allow Umno to PLAY HAVOC with your brain!

MALAYS contingency wake up similar to a Chinese: Don't allow Umno to PLAY HAVOC with your brain!
Dear Najib, a Malays have been not fed up with DAP. They have been fed up with MCA as well as UMNO. Likewise, a Chinese have been fed up with MCA.
It is crystal clear which non-Muslims in this nation cannot be tangible as "kafir harbi" (those belonging to a fight or a corrupt) or "kafir zimmi" (those with subordinate authorised status). Muslims as well as non-Muslims have been all central adults of this nation as they reside by a country's laws as well as Constitution.
This has been concurred by PAS when UMNO is still meandering with a actuality to fit their party-political ends.
In fact, a tenure "kafir" in a present context is seen as derogatory, which is because most Muslim scholars daunt a use as well as suggest a tenure "non-Muslim" instead. Moreover, after a Prophet as well as his companions, there is no judgment in Islam good Muslims to salary fight for propagation or doing of Islam.
The non-Muslims in a nation have been not during fight with Islam. Neither have been Muslims all out to cackle up a non-Muslims. It's usually which UMNO as well as MCA which have been overly suspicious as well as have been playing governing body with Islam. But they cannot go upon doing a deceit upon Islam to upset a rakyat regulating their media.
In any case, MCA's position of late upon Islam is clear of an undiscerning fear or prejudice towards a sacrament as well as Muslims.
MCA as well as UMNO will be destined to lose
To infancy Malays as well as Chinese they clar! ity whic h UMNO as well as MCA have been exploiting upon sacrament for celebration as well as ethnocentric ends by regulating a couple of half-baked Islamic "scholars".
Non-Muslims as well as DAP accept Islam as a central sacrament of a nation as well as a Constitution additionally provides which they have a leisure to rehearse their respective religion. DAP is a multi-racial celebration distinct MCA which is Chinese-centric.
And if desperate MCA which is perplexing to deliver itself from a domestic swamp feels which there is such thing called "hudud PAS", it's wise which they be salvaged by UMNO with "hudud UMNO" as well as see if MCA can accept a prescription.
The rakyat have been eagerly watchful for this to happen, unwell which MCA as well as UMNO will be destined to lose in a subsequent ubiquitous election.
By a way, is a MCA personality kosher sufficient to speak about Islam or any sacrament for which matter? Is he implicitly upright to speak about a sanctity of low mark when he is privately as well as evidently sinister with moral faithlessness?
Escalating crime as well as crime rates
"To infancy Chinese hudud is not an emanate here. We have come to assimilate which hudud similar to any form of low mark is tempered with mercy. Mercifulness is an important charge of God," pronounced a former MCA partial of in Pahang.
"We see nothing 'ruthless' starting upon in Kelantan which is underneath PAS. But we see sharpening crime as well as crime rates in a nation underneath Barisan rule. This is some-more serious," she added.
The rakyat have been already immune to this unwashed as well as cheap tactic by MCA, tolerated by a soulmate UMNO in Barisan.
More Chinese have been becoming extra manageable to what Islam is, thanks to MCA as well as a Islamaphobic approach to politics.
"Islam is not which fiery a sacrament as wished-for by MCA. It's simply a! hudud, hadd or extent which can be supposed by any society. This simply equates to which as tellurian beings there has to be 'some limits' in our activities to preserve law as well as order in society," snapped a Chinese voter in Kuantan, Pahang.
"That's about it. we strongly believe common clarity prevails in Islam," he added.
DAP has never deserted Islam as a central sacrament of a country. In actuality DAP lawmakers have even come up to urge Islam, distinct a MCA. MCA is solely regulating Islam to shock a Chinese as well as UMNO is regulating Islam to label DAP as anti-Islam.
It's all domestic exploitation of sacrament to encounter their selfish ends. But this modus operandi has backfired.
Integrity of UMNO as well as Barisan leaders
"Sorry, a rakyat don't buy this mode anymore," pronounced a former UMNO lawmaker. "The strategy by MCA as well as UMNO here is all wrong. The rakyat have been today talking about a lax firmness of UMNO as well as Barisan leaders. It matters most in a subsequent ubiquitous election," he added.
"In actuality MCA has been really outspoken when it involves Islam as well as hudud as well as this has come from non- other than a personality himself. Why hasn't UMNO reproached MCA for this violent tactic to damn Islam?" asked a former UMNO partial of in Pahang.
UMNO's silence upon this supportive emanate has done Muslims crossed with MCA as well as they have been fed up with UMNO for not chiding her soulmate in Barisan. They feel nettled to listen to both UMNO as well as MCA soulmates in governing body regulating Islam to upset a rakyat.
It's clever which UMNO seems to ignore MCA's stand upon a emanate of Islam as well as hudud for domestic reasons. MCA's deportment upon this emanate has destroyed a chances of winning Malay votes in a subsequent ubiquitous choosing as well as this is worrying UMNO.
But UMNO as well is facing a same! fate. F or unwell to reprove MCA, UMNO as well will be losing Malay votes.
Will reject MCA
The Malays as well as Malaysians in ubiquitous will reject MCA for during slightest dual viewable reasons: Muslims as well as for which have a difference rakyat of any faith cannot accept a personality which condemns their religion. Muslims as well as Malaysians in ubiquitous cannot accept a personality who is implicitly soiled.
Barisan is losing in this game of devout exploitation for domestic ends. Even when Islam is exploited by MCA as well as UMNO for domestic expedience non-Muslim support for PAS as well as Pakatan has been found to increase.
The strategy of Islam by MCA as well as UMNO in a name of governing body has not scratched rakyat's certain perception of PAS, DAP as well as PKR. Pakatan has in actuality turn a domestic force to be reckoned with in a nation as well as this is worrying UMNO.
"Just similar to in Selangor, it's so careless of Barisan to use 'water' as weapon to conflict a clever Pakatan government. The voters in Selangor will certainly not foster Barisan upon this issue," jibed an additional UMNO member.
"And now, during a inhabitant turn they have been brash to have use of Islam to conflict a volatile Pakatan coalition. This as well has backfired," he added.
"No. The rakyat, even those in a farming areas, assimilate what MCA as well as UMNO have been perplexing to do. They have been regulating Islam to shock a Chinese when a latter have been not a slightest bothered about this. They have been not which raw to chew this domestic garbage," pronounced a former MCA partial of in Kuantan who is right away with PKR.
"Rakyat have been some-more meddlesome in meaningful some-more about all a wrongdoings such as crime involving Barisan leaders. Unbridled crime in a nation, high costs of vital as well as crime rates have been bothering them most today, not Islam," he! added.< /div>
The male in a video
Seemingly, MCA as well as UMNO have been left with no domestic ammunition other than regulating Islam for domestic convenience. This has incurred a wrath of a rakyat. UMNO is so desperate which it is willing to work with MCA which has a personality who is implicitly debatable.
UMNO leaders contingency have lost a important statement, "I'm a male in a video," done by a implicitly marred personality in MCA.
Muslims as well as non-Muslims have been wakeful of a sex video involving an MCA personality which can be found in a YouTube. In fact, before each by-election in a past after a 2008 ubiquitous elections a video fasten had been distributed to a rakyat to tarnish a leader's image, MCA, UMNO as well as Barisan.
This is bound to occur again usually before a subsequent ubiquitous election.
This partial in MCA has done a celebration drop in popularity. And a personality of this moral standard is definitely not kosher sufficient to speak about Islam, hudud or for which have a difference upon morality or religion. Perhaps usually UMNO is left as a celebration which can accept such a outrageous leader. The rakyat in ubiquitous has deserted MCA.
Angered a Muslims
UMNO has unsuccessful to reprove MCA for spreading Islamaphobic ideologies. This has infuriated a Muslims in a country.
It could either be which UMNO religionists have not briefed him sufficient or a MCA personality is not kosher sufficient to speak about Islam.
The dye is right away expel as a repairs is done. The rakyat have deserted MCA as well as UMNO will face a same fate in a subsequent ubiquitous election.
And see a hypocrisy. After being bashed by a rakyat MCA chief is right away observant which MCA is not spreading Islamaphobic ideologies. The MCA personality should appreciate his stars which he is vital in a nation! where a Malay-Muslims have been so accommodating which even when he flustered Islam they have not pronounced any harsh diktat upon him.
This usually shows which Muslims in a nation still adhere to reasons as well as rationality. It's noteworthy which sacrament has regularly turn a supportive emanate in most other countries Muslim as well as non-Muslim.
Just suppose if such Islamaphobic rhetoric is spewed out in some other countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iran where a people's toleration threshold is comparatively low. The person concerned perhaps would have been slapped with a serious decree similar to what happened to Salman Rushdie after he wrote a book "The Satanic Verses".
UMNO being silent
Nonetheless, Muslims in this nation have been not during all happy with MCA's new Islamaphobic rhetoric, as well as UMNO being wordless upon this. Yet they have not resorted to any undiscerning reaction towards MCA leaders. The Muslims have been mindful which those MCA leaders have been not kosher sufficient to speak about Islam. And they will show their criticism through a list box.
To Najib, let this be partial of his aide-mmoire upon politics. "The Malays have been not fed up with DAP but with MCA as well as UMNO".
Malaysia Chronicle
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Syed Mokhtar, an Umno cash register?

YOURSAY'The debility with Malay businessmen who made it large is which their commercial operation exchange have been constantly as well as intricately related with politicians.'

The media is after me, says Syed Mokhtar
your sayUnspin:Tycoon Syed Mokhtar Albukhary's list of companies have been all based in Malaysia such as MMC, DRB-Hicom, Bernas, Tradewinds, Malakoff, Aliran Ihsan Resources, Bank Muamalat, Senai International Airport, Tanjung Pelepas Port, Gas Malaysia, Proton as well as Pos Malaysia.

None of his resources is generated outside of Malaysia. Let me ask the integrate of suppositious questions:

1. If Syed Mokhtar is forced to variegate his commercial operation outside of Malaysia similar to Robert Kuok, Ananda Krishnan or Quek Leng Chan, would he have made it?

2. If Syed Mokhta! r is not the single of the categorical beneficiaries of the New Economic Policy (NEP) which was bastardised by Mahathir to assistance his cronies, would he have come this far?

The simple answers to both questions have been 'no'.

Anonymous #63753867:"I consternation why you get bad press when others have evenly abused the complement for personal gain, though they have been not subject to many media scrutiny. Perhaps it is time to come out as well as urge myself," says Syed Mokhtar.

He has said many about Umno thieves.

FellowMalaysian: The debility with Malay businessmen who made it large is which their commercial operation exchange have been constantly as well as intricately related with politicians.

Their fortunes have been closely tied to the winds of the political arena. Syed Mokhtar do come across as the comfortable as well as friendly chairman as well as he does gift with an open heart.

Unlike tycoons Daim Zainuddin or Tajudin Ramli, Syed Mokhtar straightforwardly reveals his flocks of fortune as well as does not feel worried about his wealth.

Rahman:I consternation the peculiarity of hold up which this male seeks. He has so many under his stable, so how does he spend time in between his family as well as his business?

Many of his lieutenants in Yayasan Al-Bukhary have been ex-government servants who probably helped him to secure supervision approvals as well as projects.

It is engaging which notwithstanding his affinity with PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he additionally nurtures friendship with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. Until recently, Syed Mokhtar will yield the limousine as well as the chauffeur during your convenience Anwar visits Dubai.

Indeed, he is charitable as well as builds friendly network. As to his commercial operation empire, it looks to me being unreasonably huge.

I do not bonus he is the devoted Umno nominee. After failing with Fleet Group as well as the sect of nominees from Daim's Peremba stable, Syed Mokhtar stays Umno's cash register.

But the explanation of his biography upon the night before of GE13 as well as his media appearance sparks speculation upon the brand new captains during Putrajaya.

Anonymous #40538199:Whenever the chairman wants to do charity, the chairman should not have use of the income belongs to the public-listed companies controlled by him.

While he can encour! age his shareholders to join him in his gift works, he should only have use of the division these companies declared as well as he perceived to do charity, especially if he wants his name to be compared with the charity.

Otherwise, which is not gift though vanity. Let alternative shareholders to decide what they wish to do with their dividend. Maybe they additionally wish to do gift in their own name.

Pemerhati:Mahathir as well as the alternative Umno leaders, such as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as well as Najib Razak, have been using devoted cronies similar to Syed Mokhtar, Vincent Tan as well as Patrick Lim to siphon off the people's money.

They do this often by giving outrageous contracts to cronies but job for open tenders. The price is negotiated with the cronies so which they can have outrageous profits.

The cronies then give the stipulated proportion of the increase to the tip politicians who awarded them the contracts.

Anonymous_5fb:Put it this way, Syed Mokhtar has zero to lose. He is only an additional example of what Mahathir claimed, the success story of NEP.

Just see if he would be similar to Tajudin Ramli, Halim Saad, etc, which Mahathir additionally once claimed as success stories of NEP.

Time will tell, though you hope not, as if this happens, the ones who suffer have been the rakyat.

Akutuan:I met Syed Mokhtar the couple of years behind as well as you can contend he is down to earth. From what you can remember, many of the companies he took over have been already in bad shape as well as he turn those companies into profitability (not all).

As long as he does his partial for the country, you can live with it, compare to Halim Saad, Tajudin Ramli as well as the Shahrizat Abdul Jalil family, etc.

Who do not have use of their contact to enhance their business? Who do not ! wish to have some-more profit? Ask yourself, if you have been in his position, will you do the same?

I am 100 percent sure, all office worker will not let go an opportunity to reach the top. Talk is easy, doing it is an additional story.
iKn.t:Who do not know sugar prices went up the couple of times after Syed Mokhtar bought over Perlis Plantation?

He did not save the association from failure or mismanagement though the supervision helps him with price increases so which he can get improved profits.

Ferdtan:Many said Syed Mokhtar is the really nice male - who wouldn't be, with the type of contracts which he keeps upon removing from Umno?

Have you listened of Syed Mokhtar doing commercial operation overseas? Oh yes, you listened the single - the tiny Malaysian restaurant in London, officiated by Mahathir himself.

Result - believed it was close down. Guess there was no special bumiputera privileges in England.

Save Our Currency:Why the price over-run of RM3.6 billion for the electrified stand in track plan (EDTP)?

If it is unfamiliar company, they will be abashed to ask even the cent as well as would complete the job either gains or waste were made. That is called reputation.

The plan caused floods in many areas. The supervision had to pay remuneration to those affected. So many for success.

Odin:I would read the book had it been written by the likes of Barry Wain, as well as am rebuilt to get the copy even if it price RM199. This one? you wouldn't bother to take it even if you were since it free.

Ex-wfw:When you made billions but the sweat, you can afford to be generous. you can too. - Malaysiakini
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FGVH shares drifting near record lows

KUALA LUMPUR, November 9 Shares of Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH), the second largest primary open offering (IPO) in the world this year, have slumped in the last the single week due to concerns over diseased earnings from camp companies. The shares of the camp giant, which were supposed to be the monetary asset for Felda settlers, traded ... Read More

Sambil Melayu dimurtad, sikit sikit ditanamkan ide Negara Kristian

Semalam Sungai Rapat Online berjayamenemubual mufti negeri Perakuntuk mendapat komen berhubung lagu Harapan Bangsa yang dinyanyikan oleh Jaclyn Victor dalam versi bahasa Melayu.

Menurut Mufti Perak YB SS Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr. Hj. Harussani Zakaria mengatakan haram jika umat Islam mempercayai lagu tersebut dan dikhuatiri jatuh murtad.

Terdapat komen diruang komen yang mengutuk Tan Sri

No compulsion in religion, it is facts!

In a recent headlines inform it was referred to which PKR clamp boss as well as member of parliament for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar had pronounced which there should be no constraint in sacrament even for a Malays.

Then, a very subsequent day, an Umno-owned newspaper, Utusan Melayu fast twisted her matter by observant which Nurul has called upon a Malays to leave their religion. Did Nurul unequivocally pronounced that? Has she ever discuss in public job upon a Malays to leave their religion? What basement does Utusan has to allege or assume which her statements represents what has been claimed "Malays should leave their religion"?

So, who essentially terrorised a entire incident here? Yes, it was a Umno leaders, their own newspapers as well as their heavily saved NGOs who have been you do all those nasty work around in sequence to incite loathing as well as violence.

Actually, what has Nurul referred to was based upon a fact which she had indeed referred to theAl-Quran's Surah Al-Baqarah verse 2:56which obviously states,"Let there be no constraint in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects Evil as well as believes in God has grasped a most infallible handhold, which never breaks. And God heareth as well as knoweth all things".

In this case, what she had pronounced was based upon theQuranitself as well as not of her own. Then, what is a large fuss? Why is Umno as well as Utusan so disturbed which with her words or matter would in a future affect a conviction of a Malays in Islam? Umno as well as Utusan have been both observant which Malays would soon be carried divided from Islam. In such terms, which means both Umno as well as Utusan have been seeking down ! during a Malay community which they explain to represent. The Malays have been being insulted by Umno as well as Utusan who both view this community as weak in their faith.

Even an prepared ruler had in a future mistook a entire incident only since of Utusan as well as Umno leaders' provocation. What next? The military have been right away going after all those who had commented Nurul's matter in await for ! a later's innocence. The authorities had targeted Nurul, afterwards they have been going afterMalaysiakiniand right away they have been seeking for a headlines portal's writer who wrote an article in await of Nurul.

Why didn't a authorities go after a actual culprits, Umno as well as Utusan Melayu for provoking as well as terrorising a entire incident into a hatred as well as revengeful event? Has a authorities or even a military open up theQuranand inspect a essence to endorse a effect of what Nurul had referred to earlier? Or have been they only going after someone for a sake of Umno as well as Utusan?

To a police, you urge them to stop personification governing body as well as wasting a taxpayers' income as well as concentration upon fighting crimes which is now upon a rise. And for Umno as well as Utusan,, if you have been rambling a facts, is which Islamic? Do you all courtesy yourselves as Islamic while you have been cordoning into carrying out bad deeds?

Think about it!
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Lawak pagi: Omega, pro murtad ... kasi Nurul marah

Nurul's watershed idea for the nation


bySteve Oh

TheMalaysiakinireport upon Nurul Izzah Anwar'sstatementthat there should be no constraint in sacrament even for Malays is a watershed thought for a nation.

This touching law surpasses even a remarkable observation made by former Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi upon a country's "first rate infrastructure as well as third universe mentality."

It shows which Malaysian leaders know what's wrong with their nation nonetheless do they have a moral bravery as well as domestic capability to right a wrongs?

I am certain Nurul Izzah as well as her domestic bloc will win most votes if she creates her suggestion a key process in their domestic manifesto.

It will move Malaysia in line with ? la mode values of tellurian rights since a Malays have been still a bonded people, tranquil by all sorts of manners as well as regulations which giveaway alternative Malaysians.

This one-nation two-system method of governance is opposing as well as reason since notwithstanding all a high-sounding domestic slogans about 1Malaysia, genuine togetherness stays elusive.

Control is a double-edged prolonged knife as well as a supervision has finished harm to a picture of Islam since to non-Muslims a double-standards it practises in propagating Islam whilst restricting alternative religions, shows Muslims as diseased in their ideology as well as need cocooning from a world.

The Malay thoughts thus becomes similar to a protected thoughts since a supervision as well as a eremite authorities confirm what they can as well as cannot believe as well as do.

For example they cannot wed a! non-Mus lim nonetheless having their commanded associate modify to Islam. Such a use is not seen in Indonesia, a largest Muslim country.

We have additionally seen Lina Joy, a Malay who had converted to Christianity, incompetent to have her conversion recognised. we know of others in similar resources who have faced harm as well as Operation Lalang in 1987 saw multiform Malays foul jailed as well as beaten whilst in custody.

The politicians have been not endangered about a welfare of a Malays or Islam nonetheless their domestic carry out over a Malays so which they can keep them as a fixed deposit.

With domestic carry out a hurtful politicians have been then means to plunder a nation as well as prove they have been a genuine enemies of Islam, as well as fortunately some-more Malays have been saying a truth.

You usually need to encounter a Singaporean Malay to observe how myopic Malaysian Malays appear in comparison.

It seems purposeless to send Malays upon supervision scholarships to obtain PHd's in assorted fields when a Malay thoughts is still similar to a self-evident frog's underneath atempurung (coconut shell).

Thus such a Malay thoughts is a closeted thoughts as well as this is mostly reflected in a sorts of stupid ideas we mostly listen to or review about in a media when those sorts of leaders open their mouths as well as give us a peek in to their minds.

Did not a single even ludicrously indicate to opinion for a DAP is a sin?

Sometime in a early 80's we wrote a letter with a similar perspective as Izzah's which was published in a New Straits Times.

I opined which a Malays have a right to be unprotected to assorted ideas together with opposite religions as well as we still believe which when a Malay thoughts is released from supervision control, then a nation might soon see a enlightenment which Anwar Ibrahim wrote about in his book 'The Asian Renaissance'.

Malays have been not defective to a Chinese or any a single nonetheless ! after 55 years of feudalistic carry out by their domestic overlords, a complement of domestic philanthropy has resulted in a government-sanctioned process of treating Malays as defective as well as wanting special diagnosis as well as a supervision continues to labour this perception.

States which practise eremite or ideological carry out over adults have been similar to a communists which commanded what a people should believe.

They unsuccessful miserably as well as their capitalism currently can usually attain when a tellurian suggestion is giveaway to soar.

We have been told Malay graduates transport feeble in a reserve for jobs in a in isolation zone as well as a finger can be pointed during a government's unsuccessful process of secular segregation as well as producing what a employers cruise an defective product.

Until meritocracy is practised a Malays will continue to suffer a bad image.

When we were in propagandize a Malays in a category were always between a tip stude! nts as well as o! urs was a tip propagandize in a country. But since of a government's subsequent process of secular discrimination, sadly a alma female parent has lost a former glory.

Today sacrament as well as ideology-repressed states have been unsuccessful states as well as even China, a superfluous vital bastion of communism, no longer practises thought carry out as well as freedom of faith is upheld notwithstanding eremite harm still happens within certain places.

Malaysians have seen which rapid Islamisation as well as eremite zeal by a authorities have not constructed a multitude which reflects a tall moral values which Islam as well as all religions advocate.

Instead in Malaysia we see Muslims action opposite a teachings of their sacrament as well as even so called eremite leaders have allowed themselves to be used as domestic collection in a domestic bulletin during a expense of Islam.

Is which not since corruption is rife as well as most Muslims have been culpab! le of al l sorts of crimes even a attempted murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu, linked to a incumbent domestic leadership?

The sacrament of force has not constructed loyal believers as well as no have a difference what a religion, it becomes diluted as well as delusional when a adherents become favoured as well as have to fool around deceiver to equivocate persecution.

Even a enigmatic Dr Mahathir Mohammed had to concede which his Muslim brothers as well as sisters heed some-more to form than piece nonetheless his half-truths disremember which it was due to his Islamisation as well as failure to right a wrongs after twenty dual prolonged years in a driver's seat, which is mostly to blame.

If anything is deficient in a Malay thoughts censure it upon a g! overnment! which has fed a disease, not heal it.

Not prolonged ago a Malay crony of cave died as well as was buried a Muslim nonetheless we know he had since stopped being a Muslim as well as was a clever follower of a bizarre unfamiliar cult as well as he had not been taciturn about his genuine ideology as well as even tried to modify me.

Is it so formidable for those who explain they believe in a loyal sacrament to accept a tough truth? Is form some-more critical than piece as well as face-saving some-more critical than honouring a truth?

Pseudo-believers can be found in any sacrament as well as which is since no sacrament which takes a own teachings severely advocates duress nonetheless all religions have spread by proselytisation.

When religionists confuse acquiescence with subscription they lose a plot. Forcing someone to contention to something is opposite from saying someone subscribe to something out of eagerness as well as conviction.
It formula in a sort of stupid actions by teachers who whip students for not obeying their enforced Islamic zeal in schools.

The forcing of non- Muslims to modify to Islam when they wed Muslims usually creates a category of favoured Muslims.

The same can be sa! id of fo rcing those who have been innate in to Muslim family groups to be Muslims. Malays therefore have been similar to 'religious slaves' if we might have use of a analogy.

They have been innate in to eremite as well as ideological bondage. They have been mostly fed lies about alternative religions. Reading what a little of their books inform of subjects which we know intimately is similar to celebration of a mass abhorrence fiction.

So when we listen to cordial Muslims similar to Nurul Izzah talk sense, we feel there is goal for a law to be vindicated.

Anyone who is not giveaway to consider for himself or herself as well as has a freedom to adopt a sacrament of personal demur as well as self-assurance is still a slave in reality. For this reason sacrament becomes a farce.

Can any a single afford to entrust his or her eternal future to any domestic party?

It is reason since those Muslims who go to mosque every Friday as well as pray five times a day as well as fast during Ramadan still consider it is fine to accept bribes in their jobs since it has been a use for so long.

They have been no opposite from a prostitute who has a tabernacle of Kuan Yin in her room whilst engaged in a sinful business.

The same pomposity can additionally be found between a practitioners of alternative religions since nominalism as well as pomposity go hand in hand as well as produce spiritual blindness as well as intellectual darkness.

Is which not since we find so most Muslims in tall office guilty of corruption as well as passionate misconduct, not distinct those who do not believe in God or cruise themselves religious?

At slightest a latter distinct a former have been acting out their ideology as well as can't be called hypocrites. Sometimes we apply oneself a atheist some-more than a eremite hypocrite. Nevertheless God tells us a fool believes there is no God.

The ransom of a Malay thoughts will not usually enhance a peculiarity of Muslim faith nonetheless add! itionall y heighten a Malay race as a people as well as community.

The supervision has been false in priesthood about farrago nonetheless practising a complement of secular as well as eremite discrimination.

Add to it a process of gripping a Malays in eremite subjugation as well as we have a ingredients for an agitator multitude which can be ignited by a domestic conspirators as we saw in May 13, 1969.

Only this time we have bright as well as cordial Malays who forestall history repeating itself.

I don't see a Chinese hung up about their eremite as well as domestic diversity. The actuality a Malay is defined as a follower of Islam defies logic, natural justice, as well as a actuality race is not synonymous with religion.

So were a pre-Muslim Hindu Malays not genuine Malays?

The doctrine of Ketuanan Melayu is unequivocally a misled thought of nationalism, a overthrow opposite nationhood, a domestic ploy as well as an thought bound to destroy since it has no moral management in ? la mode society.

You cannot believe which European colonialism is implicitly unfriendly when we replace it with your own local variety.

Fifty five years of domestic feudalism as we have seen in Malaysia is enough for Malaysians to realise until they drop a status quo, they will never see radical shift as well as remarkable swell as we see in Singapore, South Korea, as well as Taiwan.

Even Indonesia is outpacing Malaysia in a democratisation as well as mercantile progress.

The sooner a domestic co! coon is d! iscarded a quicker we will see a Malay arise as a beautiful butterfly instead of superfluous in a suspended stranglehold of domestic ugliness.

There have been most emancipated Malay minds as well as a goal of a Malays lies in their intellectual leadership, not those who exploit race as well as sacrament to allege their own perverted, miserly as well as miserly interests as well as still verbalise a language of deceit.

It is time Malaysians reject a ! thought which a supervision is a chartering house for intellectual freedom.

The Malays have to save themselves as well as it is young leaders similar to Nurul Izzah who suggest goal for them.

The primitive ideas as well as ways of a aged domestic ensure which has tranquil a nation for so long, is out of sync with a times as well as aspirations of ? la mode Malaysians.

It is a corrupting ways of a aged ensure which is since Malaysia is incompetent to have genuine swell as well as descending further behind Singapore, since whilst Malaysia protects a hurtful military as well as politicians, Singapore prosecutes them, as well as they don't even have to factor in sacrament to action righteously.

We usually need to demeanour opposite a causeway to realise which an honest as well as sincere apply oneself for others is a approach to set up a successful nation.

It gave me good happiness to listen to a public proclamation in Tamil as we alighted from a train in Singapore's MRT station.

Singapore has no hang-ups about a colonial past or which compelling Malay, Tamil, English as well as even Japanese is reduction patriotic between a majorit! y Chinese! leaders..

What is wrong with Malaysia starts in a Malay mindset since they carry out a supervision as well as a machinery.

It has influenced even non-Malay minds of certain MCA as well as MIC leaders who have sole out their own people for a same reasons a Malay leaders have sole out theirs.

Watching them shade box with their Umno comrades whilst their constituencies continue to suffer critical injustices gives faith to a notion of a Ugly Chinaman as well as a Ugly Indiaman.

They need to prove to a majority race which they can be relied upon to put their own people in their place as prolonged as they have been recipients of domestic largesse.

Nurul Izzah offers goal for a nation since she thinks similar to a Malaysian as well as a Muslim entrance to conditions with a being which God is not usuall! y a God of a Malays nonetheless everyone as well as which faith is not about clobbering others as well as cocooning oneself in ignorance as well as prejudice nonetheless engaging those who differ from us.

I have usually spent some-more than dual weeks in Taiwan as well as nonetheless this nation has been colonised by assorted nations, it has no chip upon a shoulder as well as is not zenophobic.

Its tourism aphorism is 'Taiwan a Heart of Asia' as well as we soon found out why, since a people have been generous.

Malaysia claims it is Truly Middle East nonetheless is it really?

How is it indeed Asia? Or is it usually an additional slick slogan? How Asian have been we when we compel others to verbalise similar to you, skirt similar to we as well as believe lik! e you?

Fortunately it is a people themselves, a ordinary Malaysians who reflect a virtues of a nation as well as a interest to foreigners as a friendly as well as hospitable place.

The victims of this ugly domestic prejudice have been a Malays themselves who in my purview have been between a nicest people anywhere.

The same can't be said of a little of their lying as well as conniving domestic leaders as well as which is since Nurul Izzah is a personality of a times as well as a future notwithstanding her youth.

Pak Lah hit a nail upon a conduct with his 'first universe infrastructure, third universe mentality' comment as well as it is my goal which younger politicians similar to Nurul Izzah will be means to liberate a Malay mindset from a subjugation to a domestic as well as eremite status quo.

What Pak Lah could usually diagnose, maybe Nurul Izzah, her mom as well as dad in politics, as well as others who adore their nation will be means to cure.

The goal of Malaysians is in a goal which a brand brand new supervision will heal a sickness which sees a nation bedevilled by a devils they know as well as wish no some-more of.

There is a brave brand brand new universe waiting for Mala! ysians n onetheless it is not in unresolved upon to a past as well as a benefaction domestic leaders whose performance notwithstanding a fresh slogans, have been banal during best, as well as who have nonetheless to sense which slogans, turn as well as lies do not have a nation, slightest of all a good one.

If Malaysians wish shift they have to work tough for shift as well as if a inform which some-more than twenty percent of Malaysians have been still not registered to vote, it is nonetheless an additional challe! nge a O! pposition face to animate them to action since every opinion counts when a complement is opposite you.
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Whoevers in charge of Hindraf now, tell Najib to go screw himself

When a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), established post a BERSIH 2.0 convene last year to lend an impression which efforts were being made to look into a need for reforms to a electoral process sat to listen to testimonies of those who stepped brazen to assist a Committee, a PSC took a in front of which they could not listen to a BERSIH 2.0 steering cabinet member since which a Home Minister had issued an sequence outlawing a steering committee.
Strange, then, which Najib, according to his errand boy Nazri, is right away willing to speak to outlawed Hindraf to discuss solutions to a Indian community's long-standing problems. Malaysiakini has a storyHERE.
The usually viable solution, not just of a woes of a Indian village but of every a single of a 40% marginalised in a country, which I can consider of, is to see a end of a UMNO / BN power post a 13th GE.
And I would titillate a leadership of Hindraf to see over just a plight of a marginalised Indians as they contemplate this pierce by Najib.
Two alternative Malaysiakini reports,HEREandHERE, have Waythamoorthy as great as Uthayakumar respectively setting conditions prior to Hindraf will meet with Najib.
Uthayakumar wants 5 of 18 demands submitted to a Pak Lah administrati! on depar tment in 2007 implemented by 1st January, next year, prior to Hindraf will accede to a assembly with Najib.
Wayhta wants a anathema upon Hindraf lifted.
"We are not as great eager with a PM's call in as we fright it will be used by BN to gain mileage as a election is near. "However, if Najib is frank in assembly Hindraf, he should initial lift a anathema upon a transformation as great as afterwards we will talk", Waytha is reported to have said.
As far as I know, Waytha is a authority of Hindraf as great as thus this appeal goes out to him.
Hindraf's relevance as great as physical nature in a national politics today does not spin upon Najib according we legitimacy.
Hindraf has a a respect as great as indebtedness of so most because it rose to challenge, but compromise, a corrupt as great as authoritarian regime.
Do not be seen to be, or perceived, as compromising now, by negotiating with a very robbers as great as thieves who are a reason because so most Malaysians live in misery as great as a state of deprivation.
You have read Najib great in articulating your fears which he usually intends to make use of Hindraf to serve his own ends in a imminent general election.
Victory is with a rakyat if we can stay united as great as resist a most efforts, such as this latest, by Najib, UMNO as great as BN to order us.
If Najib is frank in assembly Hindraf, we ask?
This male is unqualified of any sincerity.
He loudly announced he would annul a ISA, as great as gave us a Security Offences Act in a place.
Section twenty-seven of a Police Act, 1967 repealed as great as a Peaceful Assembly Act bearing in a faces.
Have we forgotten Altantuya, bro?
Waytha, if, for as great as upon behalf of Hindraf, we feel thankful to respond to a PM's eleventh hour courtship of a transformation which we right away lead,! because not borrow a following words of Oliver Cromwell as great as say small else?
"You have sat as great long for any great we might have done. Depart, we say, as great as let us be finished with you. In a name of God, go!"
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Mahathir Mohamad and Marshitah Ibrahim

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Man who attacked politician with parang jailed - New Straits Times

Man who attacked statesman with parang jailed
New Straits Times
AMPANG: A car-repossessor was condemned to six years' jail by a Sessions Court here currently for a attempted murder of Kepong Umno Youth Chief Datuk Norizan Ali. Judge Manira Mohd Nor condemned Mohd Azril Ab Shukur, 28, after he pleaded guilty to ...
Car Repossessor Sentenced To Six Years Jail For Attempted Murder Bernama

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How to Get Back Your Genneva Gold and Money 10 Things To Do

Finance TwitterAs many as 35,000 investors and up to a whopping RM10 billion of investment were sucked in to Genneva Malaysia Gold Scheme. The problem Genneva Malaysias liabilities exceeded a assets. That was what Awang Adek Hussin, Malaysia Deputy Finance Minister, claimed integrate of days ago. Considering PM Najib Razak is a Finance Minister himself, this statement from his deputy was perhaps a closest a single can get from Bank Negaras (Central Bank) investigation after their raid. H ... Read More

Dominant Party de-alignment in Malaysia and Singapore

November 8, 2012

East Asia Forum orgBridget Welsh

Dominant Party de-alignment in Malaysia as well as Singapore

by Dr. Bridget Welsh, Sinagpore Management University

Singapore as well as Malaysia have long been touted as success stories. There is most to admit taking flight incomes, solid economic growth, improvements in infrastructure, stability as well as considerate racial family rught away come to mind.

These changes have been accompanied by a prevalence of a single celebration politically: a People's Action Party (PAP) in Singapore as well as United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) in Malaysia. Since 2008, however, these regimes have faced increasing pressures.

In 2008 a UMNO-dominated National Front mislaid a two-thirds infancy in council as well as in three of a many developed state governments.Similarly, final year in Singapore, whilst holding 93 per cent of a elected seats in a legislature, a PAP gifted a pointy decrease in a popular vote, losing 39.9 per cent.

Are there usual factors which can help insist this widespread celebration de-alignment as well as a erosion of domestic support? Will these parties which now have been between a longest lasting one-party widespread parties in energy globally be means to stave off their falling domestic support?

Part of bargain a changes in Malaysia as well as Singapore requires examining a widespread parties themselves. While not a complete story as transformations in society, routine debates, taking flight inequality, use access as well as stronger antithesis parties have been additionally at fool around seeking! inside a parties is an important place to start.

First is a pierce of these parties away from party-based clientele for domestic await toward a use of supervision funds as well as routine to seaside up support. This transition is usual with taking flight populations as well as urbanisation, as a pierce is usually toward broader routine platforms. Yet, in dominant-party systems a limited discuss as well as open tenure of policies constrains this domestic transformation. As such, a PAP as well as UMNO have developed into providing selective await for those they deem as necessary for a state or for a party. In Singapore, this involves close alliances with business, together with multinationals which receive favourable conditions for investment as well as labour.

In Malaysia, whilst a similar pro-market sourroundings is fostered, UMNO is seen to allot many of a privileges to itself or those constant to them. On a ground, a impact has been a disjunction of a personal ties of typical adults with a party, as well as a party's position as a direct vehicle to assist a open has waned.

The parties' detachment from multitude has contributed to a weakening of a parties' brands. Neither a PAP nor UMNO have a same pull cause as they once did. This varies by generation, though perceiving a parties as a weaker brand is some-more usual between immature people. Expanding internet use is a contributing factor, as alternative sources of report have replaced a prevalence of a state-linked media. In brand new polls for example, UMNO only received a 42 per cent popularity rating. Surveys in Singapore additionally show a decrease between younger voters, nonetheless a PAP's favourability is upon top of 50 per cent.

This weakening brand is creation it formidable for a parties to renovate as well as reconnect with their changing societies. Family connections as well as a use of personal networks in candidate selections contribute to a prevalence of choosing members formed upon loyalty as well as familiarity! as agai nst to calibre as well as diversity.

The stipulations of attracting dynamic, immature leaders have been enhanced by a rigid celebration hierarchy, as well as bottlenecks which exist for immature leaders to climb inside of a system. In Malaysia, for example, talented Malays have been put off by a actuality which racial provocation is a mode for advancement, coupled with a widespread use of money politics. While there have been a little exceptions, these parties have been no longer attracting a 'best as well as a brightest' in large numbers.

The limited injection of brand new ideas serve insulates these widespread parties from a societies they govern. Malaysia as well as Singapore have been experiencing widening inequality both countries have between a highest inequality rates after Thailand in Southeast Asia with a infancy earning incomes well below a national average.

In both countries celebration leaders increasingly come from a economic elite, most some-more so than in a past. This has reinforced a enmity of celebration elites from a reality of typical adults as well as a weakening in a representativeness of these parties.

Insulation additionally coexists with infighting. PAP has kept a differences out of a open eye, nonetheless in 2011 there were some-more open acknowledgement of dissent inside of a party. The PAP's differences have been unlikely to arise until there is a some-more fundamental shift in a landscape, as Lee Kuan Yew continues to shape metal solidarity inside of his party. In Malaysia, post Dr Mahathir, a infighting in UMNO has turn prevalent with a ongoing struggle for power. This factionalism as well as internal contestation makes a celebration formidable for any personality to manage as well as has contributed to a electoral losses.

Given a on! going de -alignment, it is not a surprise which both a PAP as well as UMNO use nostalgia to win votes, focusing upon earlier successes. Reminiscing about 'old Singapore' or about UMNO statesmen have turn usual narratives to strengthen celebration support. These parties have been seeking to their past, though a leaders have nonetheless to clearly articulate brand new visions for their parties' future.

Both national leaders, Lee Hsien Loong as well as Najib Tun Razak, have started to look to a future, though a place for their parties in Singapore as well as Malaysia's future is not clear. There is substantial belligerent to recover, as well as partial of a recovery routine involves a look inside to consider how a parties themselves have been contributing to their own fortunes.

Bridget Welsh is Associate Professor in Political Science at Singapore Management University. Professor Welsh presented her research at this Year'sMalaysia as well as Singapore Updateat a Australian National University.

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Nurul Izzah, Don't Do The Crime If You Can't Do The Time

Sinar Harian front page today showed a design of a biggest female actress, Datin Seri Wan Azizah who began her career in 1998, since his husband was sacked from a government for a sodomy charge. This time, Wan Azizah is playing a part of a mom who pities her daughter, Nurul Izzah who is now facing various attacks from rakyat due to her politically incorrect matter upon interest of her party, per leisure of religion for Muslims. Wan Azizah blamed a media for rambling her daughte ... Read More

Obama's victory of hope over hate

When a presidential choosing was finally called, a results reliable what most people expected - Barack Obama was returned to bureau for an additional 4 years.

It was not utterly a nail-biter a media hyped it up to be, though there positively were moments of uncertainty as well as stress upon both sides.

NONEIn terms of a popular vote, Obama's domain was extremely slim, although a electoral college system gave him a comfortable domain as he picked up a pass swing states, including Florida (where I voted).

The choosing had a jot down audience as Americans took their right to opinion severely (with a little queuing for hours) as well as a routine delicately monitored by observers.

The US 2012 choosing offers a little elementary lessons upon understanding electoral poise as well as what can broach political feat in tighten contests.

Women, minorities as well as a youth

Obama's feat shows which in sequence to win we have to be clever not to divide powerful constituencies. Among a groups which were critical to Obama's victory, women were one of those during a tip of a list.

The gender opening was vast - 55 percent of women upheld Obama with usually 44 percent choosing by casting votes for Romney. The reason was elementary - members of Romney's party repeatedly as well as disgracefully referred to which rape was legitimate as well as went further! to argue for a rejection of a women's right to carry out her own body after she was raped.

NONEAbortion, bieing born carry out as well as equal compensate - issues during a core of women's right in a United States - were prominent in what became a 'gender war' in a campaign. Ultimately, a Republicans alienated a infancy of women.

It did not assistance counts which Republicans additionally went upon a descent opposite women candidates, crossing a line of acceptability. Previous studies uncover which attacks upon women politicians can backfire, generally if they have been seen as astray or unsubstantiated.

The women which were unfairly attacked - such as senators Elizabeth Warren as well as Tammy Baldwin - won in tighten races as well as were done stronger by a attacks.

It is not a fluke which this choosing saw an rare number of women using for Congress, as well as vast numbers were elected, particularly for a Senate. Women additionally make up a infancy of voters in most electorates.

They have been constant as well as they came out to vote. In this US election, they showed they have power!

Racial undertones

It was a historic impulse when an African American was inaugurated US boss in 2008. This choosing might not have been a separator breaker, though it is maybe even some-more meaningful.

To re-elect an African American - a minority candidate who was vilified disgracefully by a birther movement which challenged his citizenship in a meridian where racism was a not-so-subtle undertone in a debate as well as a manage to buy is still recovering - illustrates which Americans have been moving toward larger tolerance.

An critical facet of this debate is larger acceptance of minorities in political care as well as an embrace of racial diversity.

Much has been written about a end of a American mental condition amidst a broader economic decline. This choosing suggests which this perspective is beforehand - which minor! ities ca n rise, as well as be upheld in their advancement. Obama's debate this time might not have had most of a rhetoric of goal as well as change, though a last result illustrates which goal as well as change have been very most alive.

This is not to contend which racial identity was not critical in this campaign. Racial choosing by casting votes played a role. African Americans came out in vast numbers to support Obama, as well as these numbers in partial contain a record-breaking turnout.

Latinos who right away contain 16.7 percent of a race contributed to a incumbent's victory, generally after a Dream Act which gave citizenship to immature kids of immigrants. Whites, upon their part, disproportionately done up a Romney base.

The design of supporters in a halls when a choosing was voiced shows however which there were two Americas - one embracing farrago as well as a other land on! to a pa! st of a white-majority America. Diversity won out.

To think which we can win without minority support in a tighten foe is foolhardy.

Money alone is not enough

The third group which played a critical purpose was immature people. Many girl were undecided. But when it came time to hold a screen, they voted for inclusion as well as Obama.

His debate continued to enthuse immature people to a larger degree than his opponent. Youth disproportionately did a belligerent work in a debate as well as energised a debate by making sure a machinery stayed well-oiled.

Part of a reason which Obama's debate was so successful was which it relied upon this network of immature people, scored equally together by social media as well as intelligent phones.

This was a most expensive debate in history of a US, as well as a Republican debate had millions of dollars in advantage. But in a end, a income was not enough.
NONEWhat Obama did improved was to get his machinery to work effectively, to strech out as well as to bring people out to vote. Make no skeleton about it - a choosing was about hard labour, not spending money.

Obama's feat debate highlighted a executive principle of his debate proceed - a choosing was not about what a supervision could do for citizens, rather it was about what adults could do for others. This belief in a energy of people brought people together as well as assured which debate offices performed. Indeed, empowerment inspires people.

Inspiration was additionally partial of Obama's last debate approach. He finished his debate with certain transparent as well as dichotomous messages: Hope not hate. Unity not division. People not governing body first. Needless to say, he was aided by Hurricane Sandy which allowed these certain messages to strech a wider audience.

Graciousness in defeat
NONEMitt Romney showed graciousness in his benefaction debate as well as highlighted which elections have been a equates to toward governing. Power is not only about acquiring it or land onto it, though suggestive how to make use of it as well as when to let it go.

An choosing is judged by a actions of all sides, as well as a respect f! or a routine as a whole is necessary - generally in defeat.

Obama will face a formidable second term, as well as he is bound to defect most in a contested polarised political being of US governing body as well as upon a increasingly complex general stage.

He does have a mandate, however, to bring people together as well as concentration upon bringing sustainable as well as suggestive benefits to typical citizens.

Y! esterday 's choosing shows which a foe for energy - even a extreme one - does not have to be a zero-sum winner-take-all game. Such a foe can open a approach to concede as well as empowerment, as well as a routine itself holds promise.
DR BRIDGET WELSH is associate professor of political scholarship during Singapore Management University as well as she can be reached voted for Obama by absentee ballot as well as received an email acknowledgment which her opinion was counted.
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High Court lifts suspension on Lynas licence

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 A Kuantan justice lifted currently the cessation upon Lynas Corp Ltd's looseness to work the argumentative singular earth plant there but will still listen to legal reviews to henceforth block production, activists said.
With the hindrance stay lifted, the Australian miner can right away boat in singular earth ore to be processed during the RM2.5 billion plant in Pahang, paving the way for the association to begin operations despite open antithesis to the project.
The High Court deserted currently the duplicate by Kuantan-based grassroots movement Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) for the permanent stay upon the proxy handling looseness (TOL) awarded the miner earlier this year while it decides the legal examination aimed during henceforth blocking prolongation during the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP).
"Lynas can bring in the ore," SMSL president Tan Bun Teet toldThe Malaysian Insiderwhen contacted.
However, he believes which Lynas will wait for for the justice to dispose of SMSL's grave duplicate to be dealt with prior to bringing in the ore.
"I presume Lynas will wait for for our grave duplicate to be disposed of given if the boat is median here, it may be stranded in the tall seas," he said, referring to the probability which the justice could return the stay opposite the miner.
Tan(picture), who attended this morning's hearing, pronounced the justice had motionless opposite extending an hindrance stay order opposite the TOL which expires currently tentative the legal examination as well as asked SMSL to record the grave duplicate if it longed for to do so.
The justice also allowed Lynas to be! done th e celebration in suit by SMSL opposite the government, SMSL's counsel Hon Kai Ping toldThe Malaysian Insider.
SMSL longed for the justice to suspend the looseness for the Australian organisation until two legal examination cases challenging the government's decision to accede to the licence.
Tan pronounced the organisation regretted the High Court's decision currently to lift the cessation upon Lynas, observant the decider should have exercised counsel instead.
He pronounced SMSL will be filing an appeal for the permanent stay tentative the ordering of the legal examination as well as the grave duplicate for an additional hindrance stay order, as the decider had requested.
The justice had incited down SMSL's bid to magnify the hindrance stay given it was done verbally instead of in writing, he said.
Lynas shares were placed upon the trading hindrance earlier currently tentative the decision by the High Court relating to the proxy handling looseness for the plant in Gebeng, international news handle Reuters reported.
Its singular earth plant the greatest outside China has been ready to fire up given early May, but the association has been inextricable in environmental as well as reserve disputes with local residents given building the whole began two years ago.
Plans to start operations in Sep final year were scuppered when Putrajaya bowed to open pressure final April as well as put the devise upon ice tentative the examination by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
In July final year, Malaysia's Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) adopted eleven recommendations set out by the examination of the refinery as well as pronounced it would not concede Lynas to begin operations or import singular earth ore until all conditions, which embody the comprehensive, long-term as well as minute devise for handling hot waste, were met.
Lynas Corp unsuccessful to encounter a! ny of th e conditions in the initial proposals, according to the regulator.
The Sydney-based association is looking to break China's 90 per cent hold upon singular earth metals crucial to the manufacture of tall technology products such as smartphones, energy-efficient light bulbs as well as fuel-saving cars.
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One man, One vote
Why roar Anything though UMNO (ABU)? Weinstead should be screaming Anything though Corruption, Anything though Intolerance, Anything butInefficiency as well as so on. When we roar ABU, we have been basically giving Pakatan Rakyat leaders carteblanche to do as they please for they know that our opinion is secure.
Adam Netto
As a Malaysian tyro investigate in Germany, we would similar to to speak about a Brent Spar controversy. In1995, despite reservations from various parties, Shell planned upon disposing off a Brent Spar, a NorthSea oil storage as well as tanker loading bouy, by falling it in low Atlantic waters. A Greenpeace organizedboycott of Shell led to a 10 percent dump in sales in Germany. Faced with a loss of revenue as well as atarnished brand image, Shell suspended a plans to penetrate a Brent Spar as well as found a more environmentallyfriendly method to decommission a Brent Spar. Basically, a German consumer showed Shell whoreally calls a shots by their cheque books.
we use this box investigate as an result to a strength we, Malaysians, wield as voters in a upcominggeneral election. As taxation profitable citizens, we have been basically consumers selecting a many appropriate product i.ePakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional, that will benefit our nation a many these subsequent 5 years.
Now, we would not travel in to an electronics shop, hand over a lump total of income to a cashierand say, "Anything though an Iphone, please." So, because roar Anything though UMNO (ABU)? Weinstead should be screaming Anything though Corruption, Anything though Intolerance, Anything butInefficiency as well as so on. When we roar ABU, we have been basically giving Pakat! an Rakya t leaders carteblanche to do as they please for they know that our opinion is secure.
Let us take a doctrine from a not long ago concluded American Presidental election. On a road toreelection, President Obama won Massachusetts, a home state of Mitt Romney as well as where hepreviously served as Governor, as well as Michigan, Mitt Romney's birth state. The voters in those states keptsentiment out of a design as well as voted a many appropriate man, in their opinion, in to a White House. With that inmind, when Election Day arrives, we will opinion for a claimant we hold many appropriate serves a interests of mycountry, my family as well as myself in any case of that party he/she represents. we goal we do a same.
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MyCC: Flowers, Chickens, and Eggs??
The MyCC is proof to be usually an additional toothless physique who doesnt brave to examine the "big fishes".
we was dumbfounded to review which MyCC (Malaysian Competition Commission) has motionless to probe the poultry farmers this time, for presumably "posibble uncompetitve practices", due to culling of sterile chickens.
What is the role of the MyCC?
"The Competition Act 2010 prohibits enterprises operating at the same level in the prolongation sequence to collectively agree to extent or control prolongation of products as well as services, because this could significantly distort competition"
MYCC, how upon earth could possibly edition monthly engine sales total "distort competition"?
It actually helps us consumers to make the better sensitive decision, upon which automobile indication or brand to purchase, by checking which indication is prohibited or slow selling.
The big subject is, because is MyCC branch the blind eye to those big monopolies?
Think ASTRO, which ruled the pay-TV market, who keeps augmenting the prices each year, or Proton as well as Perodua, which most twisted foe by dividing the tiny as well as middle liter CC automobile models in between themselves, not to discuss the large excise duties upon foreign automobile brands by the government.
How about the IPP industry, with their exorbitant rates as well as unfair conditions as well as conditions which weight TNB as well as the rakyat?
Or the fee companies with the right to increase the fee charges each couple of years?
And, talking about tolls, it reminds us of the controversial AES.Why was the contract awarded to usually two companies, which controlled two regions in between themselves, North as well as South?
We could go upon as well as on...
The MyCC is proof to be usually an additional toothless physique who doesnt brave to examine the "big fishes".
Instead of notice the engine attention which edition or sharing their monthly sales total could contravene the Act, it should examine because APs are since to usually the couple of players which distort genuine world prices, as well as because Proton as well as Perodua are dividing the engine cc marketplace in between themselves.
Perhaps the task should be since to the new or alternative agenciesto give MyCC "real competition".
What have they done or completed so far?Not much really, alternative than giving the couple of press statements.
According to press reports, the MyCC has investigated the concrete industry, steel industry, the MAS-Airasia share swap, florists in Cameron Highlands, as well as now, the duck industry.
Not to discuss the ridiculous notice to automobile manufacturers which "publishing" their MONTHLY SALES total could contravene the Act!
That's because we don't see ANY monthly engine sales inform in automobile magazines today anymore.
The Act gave MyCC the energy to excellent the parent association of any foreign commercial operation doing commercial operation here in Malaysia, even yet the law-breaker is the subsidiary!
Under the Act, if any association is found to have infringed the law, they might be imposed the chastisement of not some-more than 10% of their worldwide turnover besides being imposed alternative calming orders.
Imagine the multinational par! ent asso ciation with RM8 billion in annual sales, fined 10%, which come up to RM800 million, usually for the action of it's auxiliary here in Malaysia.
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Ahmad Jalil didakwa dibawa Akta Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia dan bukan Akta Hasutan...

Peguam Fadiah Nadwa Fikri berkata Ahmad Abdul Jalil telah didakwa di bawah Akta Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia dan dikehendaki hadir ke mahkamah untuk sebutan pada twenty-eight November."Kami sedang merayu tuduhan terhadapnya, tetapi kami amat bersyukur beliau telah dibebaskan sekarang," kata Fadiah.Fadiah berkata keluarga Ahmad berada bersamanya untuk membawanya pulang ke rumah dan telah membayar ikatjamin tersebut.Mereka telah menyatakan kesyukuran atas keselamatannya.Ahmad, 27, seorang juruuk ... Read More

Is freedom a folly of faith?
The enthusiasm for one's conviction should distortion in the heart of the follower. It shouldnot be demanded on by alternative small mortals. Nor should it transgress on the rights of non-believers.
Shenaaz Khan
In the decadent nation crammed with prejudiced politicians spewing their inherent ignorance, it iswholly lovely to see the immature gifted statesman view sacrament by non-denominational lens. NurulIzzah Anwar's observations on the merits of eremite leisure have been both bold as well as inspiring.
This is after all the nation where the single is branded from birth by competition as well as religion, afterwards coerced andconditioned into being dressed with the fabric of societal acceptance. And should the single deign to treadaway from this muzzling moralistic mould, the single is deemed an unsound, satan-worshipping, bubonic-plague-carrying concubine! It is therefore no explanation which eremite leisure is deliberately viewedas an ambush on Islam, carrying diabolical as well as dignified repercussions. Even the small idea ofexamination of any didactic sermon is swiftly slayed as if it were brought onward by pagan beasts!
But spiritual scholars, eremite rookies as well as domestic pinheads would do well to remember thatthough laws as well as restrictions might be legally exerted on persons, these edicts can never truly hijackhearts or heads. The dignified military cannot control mental vistas or vices. The complex contraptionthat is sacrament requires sermon as well as understanding, not cosmetic rituals, loud pontificating anddoctrinal proclamations. The enthusiasm for one's ! convicti on should distortion in the heart of the follower. It shouldnot be demanded on by alternative small mortals. Nor should it transgress on the rights of non-believers.
Nevertheless, this country's overt obsession with moral eremite paths has all but shoved Godto the profane pavement! While God is pronounced to be the all merciful, merciful creator, theinterpreted beliefs of sacrament instead expose an iron-fisted intolerance of biblical proportions. Thelevel of intolerance permeating by Malaysian multitude as well as the Islamic genius is simply godawful! Though all auspicious preachings bear identical ideologies, to, contend propose, which the principlesof Ahimsa be practiced by the Muslim would be akin to eremite renunciation!
We now live in times where crooning Christian carols in Malay is the malediction on Muslimmankind. Where seeking Muslim women's rights is religiously wrong. Where the unit of denunciation ispermitted to be used only during the insistence of the single faith. And the scriptured strictures go on! Thus,what remains the fundamental disaster of conviction is the divine friendship abandoned of depth. A patronage of aparish which glorifies the genuflecting physique rather than the inexhaustible soul.
It is afterwards hardly surprising which the hudud hobgoblin is repeatedly resurrected to scare the single awayfrom the pantheon of Pakatan or lean the single towards the church of BN. But while Pakatan partieshave purged itself of diehard parasites the likes of Hassan Ali as well as Zulkifli Nordin, it is the governmentthat routinely employs eremite discrimination.
It was after all the harebrained Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein who fervently defended abrutish bunch of protestors who foul the cow head to criticism the building of the hindu temple. Itwas this same malignant apportion who defiled justice by carrying Egyptian student Hamzah Kahgarideported for tweeting the liberalist message. And renowned writer, Irshad Manjis, was labe! lled anL GBT loving Lucifer as well as her bookAllah, Liberty as well as Lovebanned by the Malaysian government. Thisagain, was the handiwork of the hideous home minister. And lest you forget the sins of the past,former Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had in 2008 ludicrously banned the bookMuslim Womenand the Challenges of Extremism, published by Sisters In Islam. It was additionally the ruling governmentthat had left on the guideline galore of intolerance, declaring V-neck t-shirts as the skirt of thedebauched. Alas, while this inequitable supervision exercises good patience in smart pursuits, theydisgorge mindless salivate with good speed.
Hence, opportunistic orthodox ogres have scrambled to roar profanity during Nurul Izzah. But letit be done clear which the heart of her summary was which any affirmation as well as confluence of faithshould be the single of free will as well as not of force. Her matter was not in support of apostasy; it was anendorsement of equality. And in making which overwhelming statement, my dear MP typified her principlesby displaying seemly gumption as well as shrewd knowledge.
The same however cannot be pronounced of the vapid vulgar BN blockheads who have been only capable ofdespicable babble. That which they miss in refinement as well as sophistication, they really well make upfor in irrationality as well as shallowness. The MP of Kota Belud is the single such stellar sap. Ever equipped withwitless quips as well as armed with the integrity of Iago, the sycophant from Sabah was quick to mouth offhis nonsensical tedious insights. Which is no warn since which his complete parliamentary event is piledwith domestic posturing as well as apple-polishing.
As expected, many of his bigoted BN brethren were quick to follow suit. Such is the compact ofthe cult called corruption! A group whose five pillars of conviction include trickery, treachery, tyranny,thuggery as well as thievery. Their trodden path to almighty life has led them to ! the mosq ue of miscreantswhere the sins of spawn as well as associate have been miraculously cleansed by MACC messiahs. Where theirEpiscopal empire endows erstwhile ministers with beefy bankrolls. And their prophets of profaneprofit rally as well as extol good virtues on their really own trinitas; the father, the son as well as theholy hummer.
But while these caliphs of cruelty authority the sacrificial burning of human liberties, Malaysiansmust climb as well as acknowledgement the jihad for justice! We have had it with BN's synthetic hadiths. Along withthe hypocritical holiness of this greedy government, you have been done to endure the disciplesof dumbness such as the neanderthal Nazri Aziz, the frivolous Ibrahim Ali as well as the impatient BungMukhtar. That these unworthy specimens were voted in as parliamentarians is an wickedness initself! Hence, if you wish not to be doomed to almighty damnation, you need to elect legitimate leadersand not lavatory litter. So either you're guided by what thy Lord had decreed, or what humanityhas heralded, please vote with your conscience. I know my vote will be for MP Nurul Izzah!
Shenaaz Khan has been the proprietor of Bangsar Baru for the last 37 years.
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