MAKING love during 7:30 am is apparently the single of the best ways, which can have one's day healthy, the new investigate has revealed.
At 7:30 am, the physique produces the swell in sex hormones and the pour out of adrenalin to get the chairman going in the morning.
"You'll both be rested, with heightened senses."
"As you're still waking up, we lend towards to be more responsive," The Sun quoted sex therapist Suzie Hayman as saying.
Research in Italy suggested that it is also the time most couples are expected to orgasm and conceive.
Source: ANI
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Time to Free Malaysia

January 15, 2012

Time to Free Malaysia

by Dean Johns (01-11-12)

Failing an interest which might nonetheless be done by a prosecution, Anwar Ibrahim is eventually giveaway of his ultimate spurious sodomy assign as well as a possibility of up to 20 years in jail.

And now, it's time for a Malaysian people to win their freedom from 50-plus years or a homogeneous of some-more than two life sentences of seizure as well as empoisonment by a UMNO-BN regime.

Though it could be argued which a good most Malaysians have nobody though themselves to censure for this punishing experience, carrying effectively hold themselves serf by choosing by casting votes for their oppressors so regularly as well as for so long.

Some, of course, have supported a powers-that-be in lapse for sparse handouts or promises of special privileges for suitably pacifist as well as grateful inmates of a system. But a usually crime or offence which most of a UMNO-BN regime's serf voters have been guilty of, it seems to me, is ignorance.

It is a stupidity which has been combined as well as perpetuated by a system of administration itself by walls of central secrecy as well as barricades of media bias, resourceful overpower as well as lies, all delicately guarded by corrupt as well as politically-partisan Police, hopelessly compromised law officers as well as a notoriously compliant judiciary.

mahathir ebook launching 091211 02Yet a male most obliged for this disgraceful state of affairs, former prime apportion Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has hailed a excul! pation o f Anwar Ibrahim upon a ultimate sodomy assign opposite him as proof which there is "no supervision conspiracy or division in a country's judiciary".

Mahathir, a very male who destroyed a integrity of Malaysia's law by firing a Lord President of a (then) Supreme Court as well as multiform alternative heading jurists back in 1987, afterwards went upon to explain which "the country's law was regularly eccentric as well as was not shabby by any quarters, together with a supervision or opposition, in nearing during any decision".

Same fibbing tone

Current Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak took a same fibbing line, declaring which "the verdict shows once again which notwithstanding what most have claimed, a Malaysian law is an eccentric establishment where conjunction politics nor politicians have any influence over a management of justice."

And a operative now obliged for a political partisanship of Malaysia's ignorance-promoting mainstream media, Information Minister Rais Yatim, similarly claimed which a exculpation of Anwar "proves which Malaysia's courts have been giveaway of manipulation".

In fact, this box appears to me as well as most others to prove utterly a opposite. The sodomy assign itself was obviously manufactured. The two-year hearing was riddled with irregularities unfairly as well as unjustly favoring a prosecution.

And a "not guilty" verdict was so evidently a incorporate to Anwar sympathisers forward of a looming general choosing which it stank to tall heaven of system of administration manipulation.

Manipulation identical to which so glaringly clear in a good most alternative infamous trials, or rather mistrials, from which of a purported murderers of a Mongolian translator concerned in a Sco! rpene su bmarine scandal, Altantuya Shaariibuu, to a conviction as well as ridiculously light sentencing of Khir Toyo for crime as well as a so-called "Datuk T" contingent for publishing a racy DVD portraying an Anwar Ibrahim look-alike carrying sex with a prostitute.

But even some-more of an deception upon a Malaysian people than miscarriages of justice similar to a Anwar, Altantuya, Khir Toyo, Datuk T as well as alternative show-trials have been all a large no-trials.

Routine failure to take to court or even properly examine a hundreds, if not thousands, of killings of 'suspects' in military 'shoot-outs' as well as central custody, for example. As in a box of a late Ananthan Kugan, who was deemed to have succumbed to "fluid in a lungs" notwithstanding Internet images of his corpse obviously showing justification of brutal beatings as well as torture.

Or in a even some-more notorious box of Teoh Beng Hock, a immature witness whose genocide in a control of a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was found by an inquest, as well as afterwards a stately commission, to be due to "neither suicide nor homicide," so which no suspect killers could be identified.

No-trials for killing as well as outright murder, however, have been only a partial of a low mark Malaysians have been forced to possibly similar to or lump during 54 years in UMNO-BN custody.

They've also been robbed of billions upon billions of their hard-earned ringgit as well as their nation's natural resources as well as expected to stand hopelessly, helplessly by as well as watch a culprits live tall upon a hog upon a proceeds.

Hardly any specific member in large regime-sponsored theft, fraud as well as embezzlement can legally be declared by me or anyone else, of course, as a multitude of suspicions as well as allegations have resulted in changed few prosecutions as well as even less convictions.

Suffice to mention, therefore, which large large financial scandals involving commodity, power, H2O as well as alternative monopolies, share issues, swaps as well as trades, 'soft' supervision loans, land-grabs, utility as well as airline privatisation, motor-vehicle import capitulation permits, taxi licences as well as highway fee concessions have come as well as left unpunished before such comparatively recent specific examples as a Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) fiasco as well as a National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scam.

Astonishing business accumen

And a good most distinguished families, particularly those of former prime apportion Mahathir, Sarawak Chief Minister Mahmud "The Termite" Taib as well as stream Prime Minister Najib, have grown so abounding which they must have utterly startling business accumen, or else, as First Lady Rosmah Mansor explained in anxiety to her proposed purchase of a multi-million-ringgit solid ring, been mighty savers since they were young.

Of march any Malaysian is giveaway to join UMNO or a single of a racially-appropriate bloc parties in a BN in a goal of scoring a "get-out-of-jail-free" card as well as a chance to squeeze a share of a loot.

But most people, it seems to me, would most rather simply be free. Free, similar to Anwar Ibrahim is, during least for now, from a hazard of selective, antagonistic assign under UMNO-BN's slew of unconstitutional, odious Acts of hang-up as well as aggression opposite opponents or protesters.

Free from regulations written to keep a trusting undeveloped as well as a ! guilty i n government, similar to UMNO-BN's Official Secrets Act, Printing, Presses as well as Publications Act as well as a Universities as well as University Colleges Act.

Free from domination by those who consider their fibbing word to be law, as well as themselves as well as their friends, families as well as cronies to be defence from assign for their crimes.

Free, in short, from a squad of goons so sum as to go to any length, from fraudulent legislative 'reform' to pulling a strings of a puppet judiciary, to try as well as supply nonetheless an additional general choosing in foster of keeping a future as well as fortunes of Malaysia as well as Malaysians in UMNO-BN's greedy grasp.

DEAN JOHNS, after most years in Asia, now lives with his Malaysian-born mother as well as daughter in Sydney, where he coaches as well as mentors writers as well as authors as well as practises as a essay therapist. Published books of his columns for Malaysiakini include 'Mad about Malaysia', 'Even Madder about Malaysia', 'Missing Malaysia' as well as '1Malaysia.con'.

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Dasyat beb, kalau kita nak cerita pasal keturunan SIAL ni, jijik dan geli serta hina rasanya kalau nak cerita pasal mereka ni. Apa yang aku cakapkan ni ialah pasal Azmin Ali dan Azwan Ali. Baru-baru ini si Azmin telah menghina Tun M dengan mengatakan 'KEPALA OTAK KAU'. Kat bawah ni ada sedikit petikan dari Dr Novandri:

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad ialah contoh seorang pemimpin ulung yang tidak mudah melatah apabila berterima kasih kepada Azmin Ali, meskipun Timbalan Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) itu menghinanya dengan ungkapan biadap.

Namun, dalam nada sinis, bekas Perdana Menteri itu menempelak Azmin kerana mengeluarkan kenyataan tidak berotak apabila memanggil beliau dengan ungkapan 'kepala otak kau' semasa berceramah di Pulau Pinang, Selasa lalu.

"Saya mahu kata terima kasihlah, dalam kepala saya ada otak, kepala dia (Azmin) tak ada," katanya ringkas dan sinis ketika ditemui Utusan Malaysia selepas menyampaikan ucaptama pada majlis dialog bank pelaburan anjuran Maybank, di Hotel Mandarin Oriental, di sini hari ini.

Azmin ketika berceramah pada Himpunan Rakyat Menuntut Keadilan di Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang memanggil Dr. Mahathir dengan ungkapan 'kepala otak kau' sebagai reaksi kepada komen bekas Perdana Menteri itu berhubung keputusan mahkamah membebaskan Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Reaksi biadap tersebut dikeluarkan Azmin kerana berang dengan kenyataan Dr. Mahathir yang menyifatkan pembebasan Anwar daripada tuduhan liwat adalah bukti tiada konspirasi sebagaimana dituduh dan dijaja pembangkang bertujuan untuk menimbulkan kebencian rakyat.

Azmin marah sangat sebab Tun M telah menyatakan yang benar pasal kekasih isteri dia Anwar Ibrahim. AKu tak nak ulas panjang-panjang la ya. Sikit je aku nak cakap pasal Azmin ni.

Sebelum kau nak mnghina Tun M, ambik cermin dan li! hat diri kau, MANUSIA APA YANG SANGGUP BINI DIA DI'TORON' ANWAR sehingga menghasilkan tanda cinta ya Azmin? Mana maruah kau sebagai seorang suami? Dayus? AKu rasa kau lebih dasyat dari tu. Demi duit kau sanggup buat apa saja kan?

Adik kau yang bapok tu pulak, apa nak diheran? Dia kini menjadi satu spesis LGBT yang luarbiasa, sama macam kau demi duit dia sanggup buat apa saja. Setakat komen dia dalam twitter tu apa nak heran? Dah keturunan rosak kan? nak buat macamana?

Korang ni jangan nak hina Tun M, habuk kat kaki dia joke korang tak layak jadi la wahai Azmin dan Azwan. Apa yang k9rang berdua buat pun, adalah sesuatu yang luarbiasa tau! Satujual bini yang lagi satu jual diri. Owhhh


"All talk, no action", Malott slams BN govt for not putting in place electoral reforms

"All talk, no action", Malott slams BN govt for not putting in place electoral reforms
INTERVIEW PART TWOThe exculpation of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from trumped-up sodomy charges has triggered renewed fervor in a guessing game of when a 13th general choosing will be held. But to John Malott, a long-time Malaysia viewer as well as political analyst, "the longer Umno waits a some-more problems will come out."
"I consider that elections have been some-more expected earlier rsther than than later. The longer UMNO waits, a some-more problems will come out, a longer a antithesis will have to organize as well as campaign," Malott toldMalaysia Chronicle.
Indecisive or plotting to complete tenure
Basically, Prime Minister Najib Razak has until April 2013 to call for nationwide polls before Parliament automatically dissolves. So distant a Malaysian leader, known for his flip flops, has responded with characteristic indecisiveness when pressed upon when his countrymen could design to go to a list boxes.
In a little of a foreigh media, Najib pronounced he hoped to reason GE-13 "soon" whilst a inner media reports that he will usually do so after fulfilling a government's promises, as well as reforms begin to uncover a little impact. The Malaysian leader's ambivalence has given rise to speak that he might essentially challenge pundits' advice by land elections usually in 2013.
Firstly, Umno insiders indicate out that Najib knows his time! as cele bration boss is up. They do not put it past him to place self-interest first as well as reason he might opt to finish off as many of a BN's 5-year tenure as possible. Cynics say this would enable him to salt divided some-more 'goodie government deals' for his family.
His celebration is additionally due to reason an inner opinion by Oct as well as if GE-13 is still pending by then, Umno members would have no preference though to re-elect him so as to uncover a united front starting into a bigger fight against a 'real' rivalry a Pakatan Rakyat led by Anwar. So a theories spun by a various factions in Umno go.
Electoral reforms
Certainly, Najib has a slew of reasons to offer that could damp a voting public, even if his own peers in Umno do not reason him. Chief between these is that a BN's promised electoral reforms have been still uncompleted.
In fact, to a little including Malott, zero has been finished so distant despite a arrangement of a Parliamentary Select Committee in a aftermath of a turning indicate Jul 9, 2011 Bersih 2.0 convene for free as well as satisfactory elections.
"I don't consider anything has been finished yet. All talk, no action. The indicate is, these reforms need to be put in place before a general elections have been held, or a results will not be credible," pronounced Malott.
Lip service
Bersih 2.0, a clean polls pressure group, had demanded that 8 measures be implemented ahead of GE-13. These include 1. Clean a electoral hurl 2. Reform postal list 3. Use of indelible ink 4. Minimum 21 days campaign period 5. Free as well as satisfactory entrance to media 6. Strengthen open institutions 7. Stop crime 8. Stop unwashed politics.
Howeve! r, apart from a recently announced preference to adopt indelible ink, couple of concessions have been finished by a BN-controlled PSC whilst many counter-proposals have been floated that a Bersih committee has objected to upon a basis that these finished a situation worse than before.
Most glaringly, a Election Commission has evaded a emanate of cleaning up a electoral roll, whilst a Pakatan Rakyat has been exposing box after box of false names as well as phantom electorate upon a purebred list.
Additionally, zero has been finished to have firm a open institutions, or to stop unwashed politics. As for corruption, behind a lip service deployed by a Najib administration, abuse of energy has essentially worsened with Umno leaders rushing in a riot 'last grab' before GE-13, when it is rarely plausible that they might eventually remove their 5-decade reason upon a country.
RTM as well as Bernama
To Malott, maybe a reform that could many assistance a Pakatan as well as that has been totally ignored by Najib is a free as well as satisfactory entrance to a media.
"I consider a many critical reform of all is to have sure that RTM as well as Bernama, that have been owned by all a people of Malaysia, have been satisfactory as well as offset in their reporting," pronounced Malott, a US envoy to Kuala Lumpur from 1995 to 1998.
"Right right away they act similar to they go to UMNO as well as not a Government. The restrictions upon placement of a opposition's newspapers additionally should be removed. The ruling parties as well as a antithesis should be treated a same. That is a usually satisfactory way." -Malaysia Chronicle
Malaysia Chronicle will tell a full text of a disdainful interview with John Malott together with Part Three of a ! Intervie w.
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Pembohongan di Konvensyen PR: Anwar tak amanah, bersih dan tidak rasuah?

Amboi ramainya!Semasa berucap di Konvensyen PR ke 3, Nik Aziz berkata;Nik Aziz berkata, dalam hadis politik, kena sengat sekali saja, jangan kena sekali lagi.Kali pertama kena sengat perkara biasa, tetapi kalau dua kali itu bodoh, tegas beliau.dtenggara membidas siniDi Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat ke 3, Tok Guru Dato Nik Aziz Nekmat diuumumkan sebagai pemimpin yang bersih dan amanah. Lim Guan Eng

Hasan Ali says will not appeal sacking

(The Malaysian Insider) - Former Selangor PAS commissioner Datuk Dr Hasan Ali has confirmed that he will not interest his sacking by the celebration leadership, observant there was no reason for him to sojourn in the Islamist party. I cannot, my soul will not concede me to. I do not see the need to sojourn in the party, he was quoted as observant by Sinar Harian today. The PAS executive working committee sacked Hasan, the former vice president as well as Selangor relationship chief, as the celebration part of last Sunday for breachi ... Read More

Drought of new ideas threatens Pakatans Putrajaya bid

January 15, 2012

Drought of brand brand brand brand new ideas threatens Pakatan's Putrajaya bid

By Yow Hong Chieh

ANALYSIS More than a year upon after unveiling a Buku Jingga book of reforms, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) appears to have moved small from where it was during a prior gathering in Penang.

Eschewing bold moves for refried ideas laid out in a Buku Jingga, PR looked less a forward-looking pact during a third gathering in Alor Star yesterday than a single calm to offer old booze in brand brand brand brand new bottles.

This was most transparent in PR's decision to repackage four policy thrusts from a 13-month-old master devise as "Tawaran Jingga", accompanied by well-rehearsed speeches touting a past successes of opposition-led states.

While PR might have been buoyed by a surprise acquittal of a leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, small of this renewed effect as well as optimism went in to solution pass issues still plaguing a sometimes querulous alliance.

Elephants in a room

Still hanging over a antithesis similar to a Sword of Damocles is a question of a shadow Cabinet, which Anwar promised to set up in 2009 whilst stumping during a Bukit Gantang by-election.

PR has backpedalled from a oath ever since, citing a lack of resources as a reason why it cannot form a together Cabinet. Also going unanswered was a! hudud q uestion, which has upon many occasions stretched differently considerate ties between Islamist PAS as well as a secular, infancy Chinese DAP.

This despite a very transparent as well as benefaction risk a prickly chestnut still poses to PR, carrying already damaged a back of a prior short-lived antithesis coalition, Barisan Alternatif, in 2001.

The lone voice of reason in this pleasantness was DAP authority Karpal Singh, who pronounced final night: "We contingency finalise a hudud issue as soon as possible. If you don't, you will face problems helming a nation."

The other side

All this as Barisan Nasional (BN) labours hard to chip divided during PR's share of middle Malaysia with a raft of reforms calculated to enamour it to a civic demographic as well as a rapidly flourishing ranks of young, brand brand brand brand new voters.

The Najib administration department has additionally moved fast to shore up a farming as well as civic bad vote base by liberally dishing out millions in money to take a sting out of rapidly rising inflation.

So whilst a antithesis might have done poignant inroads in to Negeri Sembilan and, to a lesser extent, east Malaysia, it will likely lose seats to BN in Kelantan where Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat has been mentri besar for some-more than 20 years or even a state of Kedah where both opposition pacts have been seen as weak.

Perak remains a toss-up, say analysts, as BN has been working hard to consolidate a grip upon a state it took over pleasantness of three defections in 2009, roughly a year after losing it in Election 2008.

Where to from here

PR should treat a achievements as self-evident as they! should be as well as move fast to finalise pass issues rather than waste a second chance during domestic life regurgitating tired tales.

Its manifold member parties contingency lay down together as well as hash out once as well as for all benefaction problems rather than demeanour to a past for succour, so it might step in to a future with transparent vision.

If they cannot do this for their own sakes then during slightest do it for electorate who might be extraordinary about a pact's third act: "But what happens after?"

But with elections looming, only time will tell if this will be too little, too late for PR, which outlayed what might well be a final gathering prior to snap polls have been called gazing in a wrong direction. Drought of brand brand brand brand new ideas threatens Pakatan's Putrajaya bid

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Video Banjir di Kajang Banjir Besar di Kajang - YouTube.flv

more video: http

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Chinese New Year clip draws the hits (with VIDEO)

Chinese New Year shave draws the hits
Barely 48 hours after being uploaded, the video in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year festival - with the Kelantan touch - is creation waves upon the internet.
The heart-warming video constructed by RealArt, tells the story of the nasi lauk (a popular Kelantan dish) seller Kak Ton, whose son, Mat had died of cancer.
Suffice it to say which Mat had left the touching note, lest you spoil it for you.
The video was progressing shared upon the Facebook pages of Harakahdaily as well as PAS Murshidul Am Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Nik Mat, as well as captivated some-more than 3,000 'like' clicks.
"This is positively the best video you have ever seen. Why can't our radio channel furnish something like that?" writes one.
"(This one) beats all Petronas festive advertisements," said another, referring to the company's penchant for long festival TV ads.
"This is the 1Malaysia you have been seeking for," says one.
Despite receiving 99 percent approvals from viewers, there have been also the little who feel it was unrealistic.
One spectator describs the video as the wake-up call.
"I'm starting to learn my friends as well as family which right way, apply oneself each alternative each religion as well as each race. A disastrous suspicion does not bring u anywhere but the certain ones will. If you consider this is an hypothetical video then for you it will always, always be usually an hypothetical video.
"To change the world, in this case Malaysia, you need to consider positively, that's the first hulk step."
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Mydin's boss urged to retract remarks about assets declaration

Mydin's trainer urged to retract remarks about resources declaration
DAP's Bukit Bendera part of of parliament has lashed out at a handling executive of hypermarket user Mydin for his remarks doubt a open stipulation of resources by Penang Exco members.
Ameer Ali Mydin had progressing suggested through his Twitter post which a resources stipulation had come 3 years after Pakatan Rakyat's takeover of a Penang state supervision so which a Exco members had time to send their resources to their family members.
"After 3 years so can trust ke," asked Ameer, who was progressing embroiled in a fight of words with multiform PR parliamentarians over revelations which products under Mydin-run Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia were diseased as well as some-more expensive.
In response, Liew urged Ameer to infer his claim as well as hand evidences to a Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission or a police.
"Otherwise, as a responsible corporate figure, he contingency repel his remarks immediately," he pronounced in a matter to Harakahdaily.
"The asset stipulation practice was conducted as well as verified by a renowned general accounting firm, KPMG," he added.
Yesterday, Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng done domestic history when he joined his Exco members in dogmatic their resources in public, branch its much-publicised beliefs of Competency, Accountability, Transparency, or CAT, into action.
Details of their wealth have been posted on a state government's online portal.
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American Nietzsche By Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen Book Review

In 1889, when Friedrich Nietzsche suffered a mental fall which ended his career, he was probably unknown. Yet by a time of his death in 1900 at a age of 55, he had turn a philosophical celebrity of his age. From Russia to America, admirers echoed his estimation of himself as a huge figure who could alter a march of history: "I am by distant a many distressing human being which has existed so far; this does not obviate a possibility which you shall be a many beneficial." His origins were usual for a role. The son of a small-town Lutheran minister, he steeped himself in exemplary literature whilst flourishing up in eastern Germany. When he was 24, he cumulative a professorship in Basel, Switzerland, as well as a few years after published his initial book, "The Birth of Tragedy." Against a usual view of a really old Greeks as a summary of serene equipoise, Nietzsche emphasized a "Dionysian" excess as well as frenzy which complemented a "Apollonian" virtues of distinctness as well as repose. The book's success was limited, as well as a writer was mocked by a single leading classicist as an atavist run amok who should "gather tigers as well as panthers about his knees, though not a girl of Germany."

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Friedrich Nietzsche


A History of an Icon as well as His Ideas

By Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

Illustrated. 452 pp. The University of Chicago Press. $ 30

Illustration by Joon Mo Kang

In fact, he would accumulate none. Suffering from violent migraines, Nietzsche resigned his academic post when he was 34 as well as began a hold up of a little-heeded nomad-intellectual in European resorts. With escalating intensity, he released innovative functions of truth which challenged each element of European civilization. He celebrated a artistic heroism of Beethoven as well as Goethe; denigrated a "slave morality" of Christianity, which transfigured weakness into trait as well as vital strength into sin; as well as called upon a strong in spirit to move about a "transvaluation of all values." The "higher man" or as Nietzsche infrequently called him, a "overman" or "bermensch" did not stoop to enviousness or prolonged for a afterlife; rsther than he willed which his hold up upon earth repeat itself over as well as over just as it was. In after works, Nietzsche wrote with one after another brilliance as well as flourishing megalomania of his disdain for a usual "herd," a dangers of nihilism as well as a possibility which a will to energy is a "Ur-fact of all history." He outlayed his last stricken decade in a care of his mother as well as then his sister, a romantic anti-Semite who would put him in good standing with a German nationalists he despised.

As Nietzsche faltered, his papers began to spread. Small circles of European radicals, literary aristocrats as well as misfits styled themselves neophyte bermenschen, ready to conform a brand brand new values a age demanded. The German connoisseur Count Harry Kessler plotted to set up a Nietzsche commemorative in Weimar with a stadium, a temple as well as a statue; it would, he hoped, effect "the transposition of a celebrity of Nietzsche into a grand architectural formula" expressing "the togetherness of lightness, of happiness as well as of power." But if Nietzsche desirous blessedness as well as devotion, he also undetermined as well as dism! ayed. A sickly hermit with impeccable manners, he praised cruelty as well as strength. He decried Christianity as "a crime against life" even as he claimed which it done male interesting for a initial time, as well as he proposed which all you know is merely a prejudiced "perspective knowing" even as he composed some of a many sure remarks ever made: "God is dead"; "It is only as an cultured phenomenon which existence as well as a world have been evermore justified"; "There have been no facts, only interpretations."

From a start, Nietzsche's American readers were bewitched as well as bedeviled. His loathing of Christian asceticism, middle-class tenderness as well as approved boost was an assault upon 19th-century America's apparently many salient characteristics. For which really reason, he captivated young Americans who felt estranged from their culture, as well as has one after another to do so. But today's inescapable as well as confusing Nietzsche is not necessarily a same Nietzsche who desirous readers in a past; as well as it's a achievement of Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen's "American Nietzsche" to uncover how which is a case.

Though Nietzsche loathed a left, he was loved by it. As Ratner-Rosenhagen explains, a anarchists as well as "romantic radicals" as well as a "literary cosmopolitans of varying political persuasions" who welcomed him to America believed they had found a perfect manifestation of Emerson's Poet, for whom a thought is "alive, . . . similar to a spirit of a plant or an animal." To read Nietzsche was to strike an complete civilization's stopping divide in between thinking as well as feeling. Isadora Duncan pronounced he "ravished my being," whilst both Jack London as well as Eugene O'Neill saw him as their Christ. Emma Goldman ended her intrigue with a Austrian anarchist Ed Brady since he didn't conclude a good writer who had taken her to "undreamed-of heights." For such readers, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra," with a incantatory calls for a race of overmen to establish a brand brand! new pro bity which would "remain faithful to a earth," was a true Nietzsche. Thrilling to a rhapsodies, they felt confirmed in their judgment which pious, stultifying America was no place for a serious thinker. Ratner-Rosenhagen easily writes, "Many years prior to members of this generation were 'lost' in Europe, they felt at home in Nietzsche, as well as homeless in modern America."

Alexander Star is a senior editor of a Book Review.

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Michel Houellebecqs Version of the American Thriller

Photograph of Michel Houellebecq by Michael Lionstar

Michel Houellebecq's new novel is the weird air plant of the book: it feeds off atmosphere, rsther than than soil. The climate of "The Map as good as the Territory" is really still as good as really strange, as if something bad had only been detonated over it. The same bad thing may additionally have convulsed France, where the story is set, given Houellebecq's Paris exists in the state of flagrant social breakdown as good as the countryside has turn an emptied thesis park of itself. This "was exactly what the universe would look like," the sense thinks upon entering the lifelike French encampment that only second-home-owners can afford to buy into, "after the blast of an intergalactic proton bomb."

In 2010, this novel, Houellebecq's fifth, won the Prix Goncourt, France's highest well read prize, an honor his fans felt was prolonged overdue. You can see why "The Map as good as the Territory" might strike the esteem jury as more, well, honorable than Houellebecq's previous books. It deals with art as good as architecture, rsther than than sex tourism. It is set in galleries as good as villages rsther than than S-M clubs as good as massage parlors. Only the singular paean to Thai prostitutes is offered up, as good as then in the indifferent murmur. The prose, nonetheless often brief as good as crude in the manner that has made Houellebecq notorious, is additionally during times lyrical. (The interpretation is smooth as good as competent, giving the pungent taste of Houellebecq's opposite modes: archly sarcastic, cheerily pedantic, with malice aforethought brutal.) Not the singular soixante-huitard (former French radical student) or ex-hippie makes an idiotic or reprehensible remark. Only the singular unattractive lady has her failings itemized, a! s good a s she's differently likable. Muslim immigrants conjunction conflict nor come under attack.

Instead, the good-looking artist declared Jed Martin achieves uncommon professional success; earns the adore of Olga, the Russian publicist who "corresponded perfectly to the image of Slavic beauty as popularized by displaying agencies given the fall of the U.S.S.R."; as good as joins the global art-world elite. A important author declared Michel Houellebecq writes catalog copy for the singular of Martin's shows. There's the hideous murder, the scold if world-weary inspector, an astonishing solution to the crime. The themes have been the great ones: art, death, informative decline.

If this outline makes "The Map as good as the Territory" receptive to advice arrange of similar to the American-thriller chronicle of the Houellebecq novel, that's given it is. In outline, anyway. You really get the sense that Houellebecq thinks American thrillers have been the representative genre of the age, only as the airports where such novels have been sold have turn its characteristic architectural form. It is no fluke that multiform scenes in the novel take place in, as good as embody meditations on, airports. This is Houellebecq's hommage la globalisation.

It's additionally his entrance of age. A crony of mine calls this novel Houellebecq's "Annie Hall," the outline that strikes me as apt for dual reasons. First, because, similar to Woody Allen in that movie, Houellebecq portrays himself here reduction as the clown than as the established artist he has become, however ambivalently, as good as grapples with his place in the culture. Second, given this novel is extremely funny, in the dark, disconcerting mode of that both Allen as good as Houellebecq have been masters.

Like any product aimed during the universe market, "The Map as good as the Territory" traffics in code names. No automobile is ever only the car; it's an Audi A6 allroad, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, the Lexus. Jed doesn't only shop! for foo d, he goes to his Casino hypermarket, or he studies the operation of Norwegian mineral waters available during the Sushi Warehouse during the 2E wing of the Roissy airport, before opting for Husqvarna.

What distinguishes this from an tangible airfield novel is that Houellebecq subjects these brands to extended semiotic analysis. "Subtle hedonists, these Norwegians," Jed thinks as he pauses over the water, pleased "that so many opposite forms of purity could exist." Houellebecq devotes the page as good as the half to the tighten reading of the direction manual for Jed's Samsung ZRT-AV2 camera. The sense declared "Houellebecq" weeps during the thought that his 3 favorite consumer equipment Paraboot upon foot boots, the Canon Libris laptop-printer combination as good as the Camel Legend parka have been discontinued. "It's brutal," he says, lamenting the irresponsibility of product-line managers who turn customers' lives in to "an unconstrained erratic in between evermore modified product lines." You're probably meditative that such graduate-student-level disquisitions upon consumerism have got to be silly as good as boring. Au contraire! In Houellebecq's hands, they're delightful, as technologically good informed as the review upon CNet as good as as amusing as the riff in the Quentin Tarantino movie.

The characters, too, have the friendly laxity of general brands. Martin, the quintessential lonely artist-hero, has no tighten friends, maintains distant, scold family with his distant, scold father as good as doesn't adore Olga scarcely enough. Being Russian, Olga is warm as good as expressive and, as noted, absurdly gorgeous. "Houellebecq" is the unwashed, depressive bard we've review about in newspapers, nonetheless he drinks the small less. The inspector, Jasselin, is as courteous as good as old-school as the sense from the le Carr novel. He drives the Mercedes Class A, by the way, "the ideal automobile for an old integrate but children, who live in an urban or periurban area, none! theless do not demur to provide themselves from time to time to an escapade."

Being Houellebecquian as good as two-dimensional, any of these total thinks three-dimensional thoughts, or during slightest sincerely engaging ones. Olga, whose pursuit involves retooling the Michelin brand, visits French inns as good as restaurants while upon vacation, as good as muses over the criteria by that they should be judged the more authentically French they are, she decides, the more delectable to Russian as good as Chinese tourists. "Houellebecq" offers shrewd appreciations of forgotten well read total as good as reminds Martin, "We as well have been products . . . informative products. We as well will turn obsolete." Jasselin cogitates suavely upon the psychology of crime as good as the merits of highway rest stops tighten to Paris compared with rest stops over out.

Judith Shulevitz is the author of "The Sabbath World: Glimpses of the Different Order of Time."

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Anwar vows a "no-nonsense" govt: "You perform, you stay. Youre corrupt, out you go!

Anwar vows a "no-nonsense" govt: "You perform, we stay. You're corrupt, out we go!
Pakatan Rakyat must stay a march to topple Barisan Nasional (BN) as well as seize federal power, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today.
"Man can plan. We may face most tests but it should not weaken or erode a conviction that... God decides," a antithesis pact's leader told a PR convention here.
"Neither should we feel threatened, trapped or lose out because of income or threats. So we must be consistent as well as committed to a onslaught to uphold justice for all Malaysians.
Anwar stressed which there was no room in PR for those who have been seduced by a guarantee of energy or money, as well as urged its component parties to "clean" such people from their ranks.
In an oblique anxiety to PAS's sacking of Datuk Hasan Ali, a PKR de facto leader commended a Islamist celebration for acting swiftly opposite errant members who in jeopardy a pact's goals.
"It's improved which we clean Pakatan Rakyat of those who wish to urge energy as well as money, not idealism," he said.
"I wish to honour Hadi Awang as well as a PAS leadership for taking... unrelenting movement to show which PAS will urge principles as well as idealism, as well as is willing to face some internal problems in fortifying Pakatan Rakyat rsther than than sacrifice unity as well as its eminent aspirations."
The PAS central working committee sacked Hasan, a former clamp boss as well as Selangor relationship chief, as a celebration member upon Sunday for breaching celebration discipline.
The Gombak Setia representative was axed for urging antithesis! support ers to equivocate a Jan 9 rally in await of Anwar as his sodomy trial verdict was handed down.
Anwar also stressed currently which PR could focus entirely upon seizing Putrajaya from Umno "an old lion with no teeth" right away which he had been acquitted, as well as urged a antithesis machine to memorise as well as widespread word of a pact's policies proposals.
He further positive which antithesis order would move change for a people, not for "revenge... or personal gain".
"It's starting to be a no-nonsense administration. You perform, we stay. You're corrupt, out we go!" he said.

Malaysian Insider
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punching bags for Opposition

becomes the punching bag. The reason is ...

Kit Siang dares Najib to respect the people's wishes if Pakatan wins GE-13

Kit Siang dares Najib to apply oneself the people's wishes if Pakatan wins GE-13
DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang had the throng starting the the Pakatan Rakyat gathering in Kedah upon Saturday when he challenged Prime Minister Najib Razak to guarantee which the statute BN coalition would apply oneself the result of the 13th ubiquitous elections as well as not stir up touble or declare puncture rule to cling on.
"We want the prime apportion as well as all Umno leaders to declare which they will accept the decision in the 13th ubiquitous election, even if Pakatan Rakyat forms government as well as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim becomes prime minister," Kit Siang told the resounding crowd.
Moderation as well as transformation
The DAP parliamentary personality additionally urged Najib to prove his frankness in wanting to hold up the global movement of moderation. Kit Siang forked to the 2010 Umno assembly, where Najib had vowed to urge the federal government with "with our bodies as well as broken bones".
He additionally took the appropriate at Najib's numerous transformation programs, including Najib's privately voiced wish to be known as Bapa Transformasi or Father of Transformation by becoming different Umno news paper Utusan Malaysia from its current extremist rag character to the "voice of moderation".
"This is not the voice of moderation, this is not the voice of moderation," pronounced Kit Siang.
"The word 'transformation' is one of Datuk Seri Najib's favourite words. Transform Utusan Malaysia in to the voice of moderation. Can he renovate Utusan Malaysia in to the voice of mediation as well as not the ! voice of extremism, slander, lies as well as all which is not true?"
Malaysia Chronicle
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Pro-gay antarabangsa sokong Anwar

Dalam bahasa terbalik untuk menyelamatkan bontot, Anwar seirama dengan puak-puak pro-seks bebas dan luar tabii seperti Seksualiti Merdeka, Pro-gay, Bar-ua Council menuntut dihapuskan undang-undang mencegah perlakuan seks luar tabii. Baca petikan laporan Mingguan Malaysia sini berikut:Pembebasan Anwar disambut baik oleh beberapa pihak yang cenderung menyokong kebebasan hak kumpulan lesbian, gay,


This picture of Anwar Ibrahim's home in Segambut is rumored to cost of RM7 million.That's does not include a prices of condominiums as well as other property(read here).From where did thisgreat personality Anwar get a a income to set up this residence as well as because no PAS official is querying this.Why isn't AMK asking for a source of monies to set up homes as well as condos which have been owned by Anwar?

This claim done by Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Saifullah (Assistant Secretary of AMK) in a Suara Keadilan on December 27, 2011, p. 2. where he alleges which a apportion who binds a portfolio for islamic eremite affairs has abused eremite gift income to set up his home.

It is already been clarified which there was no abuse of gift fund in a previous article (read here).

Is it true which a residence was newly built?This residence was purchased approach behind in 1994.

It is alleged which AMK hired afemale photographer to take a print of this home though left but asking for a tangible cost of a house.

Why didn't a photographer! take pi ctures of two sick people who have been treated at a lower building of a house.
Posted ByBadut Rakyat
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SABAH Progressive Party (SAPP) will be rising its Sabah Economic Plan upon 16th Jan 2012 (Monday) at 2.00 pm at Ming Garden Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. The eventuality will be launched officially by Datuk Seri Panglima Yong Teck Lee, a President of SAPP.
Former Finance Minister, who is also SAPP adviser, Datuk Hj. Mohd Noor Mansoor, will be presenting a Economic Paper. It is expected in between 150-200 people together with invited guest will be in attendance a event.
When asked a chairman of a Organising Committiee, Encik Dullie Marie who is also SAPP Treasurer-General, pronounced which a Economic Paper will consecrate as part of SAPP's Manifesto for a coming Election. The Economic Paper will consist of SAPP's economic strategies should SAPP be a next State Government in Sabah.
Apart from this Economic Plan, as you aware, you have already launched the land Reformation Policy upon 8th Nov 2011. We have done the road shows in a rural areas as well as it has been accepted with great reply by a rakyat.
- Sabahkini
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Tawaran Jingga Pakatan Rakyat Bersihkan Malaysia

14 JAN

Di ambang pilihanraya umum ke-13 (PRU 13), negara kembali berdepan dengan pelbagai kemelut dan suasana krisis hasil langsung dari urus-tadbir dan tata-kelola sebuah pemerintahan yang tempang. Sebuah kerajaan yang tidak benar-benar komited untuk mensejahterakan rakyat seluruhnya bahkan meletakkan keutamaannya untuk membela suku-sakat kroni dan membolot kekayaan negara untuk segelintir kelompok penguasa, lazimnya akan berakhir dengan kehidupan rakyat yang serba terhempit dan ternafi dari mengecapi kekayaan dan kemakmuran negara.

Justeru, jurang antara kaya-miskin tampak semakin melebar, kesenjangan pembangunan antara bandar-desa, antara pantai Barat Semenanjung dan negeri pantai Timur-Utara, serta Sabah-Sarawak semakin ketara. Begitu juga hal hutang negara, khasnya hutang awam (Kerajaan Persekutuan) terus membengkak, daya-saing terus menjunam, 'brain-drain' tidak mampu disekat, ketirisan akibat rasuah dan salahguna kuasa dalam sistem 'delivery' berulang setiap tahun dan ekonomi terdedah kepada ancaman kebankrapan hasil pengurusan dan defisit fiskal yang tidak mematuhi tuntutan amalan terbaik-best practice- dan prinsip tata-kelola kewangan pruden.

Lebih parah lagi kerana krisis ini bukan sahaja menyinggung aspek ekonomi dan kewangan akan tetapi melingkungi seluruh dimensi kehidupan bermasyarakat dan bernegara. Kebrentakan ini terpapar jelas dengan pelbagai pola-pola persengkataan yang semakin tajam dan mendalam, di segi pertentangan ras-perkauman, tuntutan kelompok pendukung agama secara sempit dan kelompangan atau 'lacuna' bidang kuasa legal dan perundangan yang kerap disemarakkan api kefanatikan dan kejumudan politik perkauman.

Sementara itu fungsi institusi-institusi kritikal terus terkorban dari berperanan menjadi penyemak-imbang utama yang berkesan kerana terlalu tunduk dan dibelenggui penguasa Eksekutif yang an! gkuh dan rakus memusatkan dan merampas bidang wewenangan kuasa cabang Judisiari dan Legislatif yang terus dimandulkan.

Tegasnya seteru politik kita, Umno-BN telah merosakkan dan menodai institusi-institusi kritikal negara "An Assault upon the Nation" yang sekaligus telah menatijahkan "Kereputan Sistem " secara menyeluruh atau "Systemic Rot".

Suasana ini cukup ngeri dan amat menakutkan, andainya ia berterusan kerana pastinya bakal menggagalkan usaha gigih pelbagai pihak untuk mendayakan negara supaya mampu bersaing dalam arus persaingan tellurian dan serantau yang semakin sengit sekaligus mengancam kesinambungan negara sebagai yang bermaruah, berdaulat dan punya daya-juang dan daya saing yang tinggi.

Berdepan dengan lingkaran krisis yang tidak berhujung ini dan setelah menekuni serta mengenalpasti punca-sebab gejala kebrentakan ini, maka Pakatan Rakyat tampil dengan satu 'Tawaran Jingga' untuk mengundang seluruh rakyat dan pemilik penting-'critical stakeholders' negara ini, agar turut bersama-sama dalam satu gagasan "Membersihkan Malaysia" dari pelbagai kekotoran pengurusan pemerintahan Umno-BN supaya akhirnya kemakmuran dan sumber kekayaan negara mampu dikecapi, dinikmati dan dikongsi bersama oleh seluruh rakyat di negara bertuah ini.

Inilah ertinya 'Merakyatkan Kemakmuran Untuk Semua" dalam satu permufakatan mulia, perkongsian murni dan persefahaman mendalam tuntutan kepelbagaian agama dan budaya agar mampu menghayati sunggguh-sungguh slogan "Sharing The Nation" "Bersama Mengecapi Kemakmuran Negara" .

Tawaran Jingga Huraian Pendekatan

Sesungguhnya, pembentangan 'Tawaran Jingga' ini hanyalah satu prelude kepada 'Tawaran Manifesto' Pakatan Rakyat. Tawaran Jingga ini sekadar menerangkan perbezaan pendekatan Pakatan Rakyat berbanding Umno-Barisan Nasional.

Pendekatan pihak lawan yang bersifat menampilkan ungkapan pelbagai akronim 'ajaib' yang sebenarnya mengusutkan fikiran bermula! dengan NKRA, NKEA, PTK (GTP), SRI, NEM (MEB), ETP, EPP dan panjang lagi kalau dimasukkan agensi-agensi pelaksananya MAMPU, Pemandu, Pemudah, kini TERAJU yang kesemuanya boleh dibawa kepada satu lagi yakni ICU (Unit Penyelarasan Pelaksanaan) ketika sakit dan nazak.

Saya yakin keseluruhan akronim ini dan tindih-tindannya tidak difahami sendiri oleh ramai menteri termasuk YAB PM, kecuali dua menteri pintu belakang (senator) di Jabatan Perdana Menteri itu..yang sentiasa bersedia memberi kuliah yang panjang ketika ditanya sikit oleh Ahli-Ahli Parlimen Pakatan (dan juga BN) di Dewan Rakyat. Inilah dia Program Transformasi Kerajaan (GTP) yang sangat dihajati oleh PM Najib.

Sesungguhnya tidak akan dapat dilakukan Transformasi kecuali dirancang, dilaksana dan diurus module 'Reformasi Menyeluruh' dalam menangani 'kereputan sistem menyeluruh-systemic rot' yang dirobek dan dinodai regim Umno-Barisan Nasional.

Tawaran Jingga kami pula merumuskan pendekatan "Political Economy"[1] atau pendekatan yang benar-benar mencerakinkan kembali kebijakan disiplin ekonomi ini dalam menggarap tuntutan Politik.

Ia adalah disiplin atau bidang ekonomi yang membicarakan bagaimana "keputusan politik mempengaruhi bidang ekonomi atau mercantile outcomes" atau dengan kata lain mudahnya "Perubahan Ekonomi atau 'Economic Changes' hanya akan dapat dipacu dan direalisasikan dengan bersekali dilakukan oleh sesebuah kerajaan akan 'Reformasi Politik'. Sebaliknya pula perlu disedari bagaimana cita-cita "Transformasi Ekonomi" akan gagal dihambat oleh "Kekangan Realiti Politik" seperti yang jelas berlaku dalam pemerintahan Umno-BN.

Ini jelas apa yang telah berlaku dalam pendekatan BN yang masih terus tercari-cari pendekatan yang konsisten. Sebab itu Najib selalu berbolak-balik atau flip-flopping atau 'zigg-zaging'. Najib hampir dinobatkan sebagai the "Father of Flip-Floppers" oleh golongan justeru kerana sikapnya yang kerap tidak tetap. Terlalu banyak contoh yang boleh dibariskan termasuk hal urusan ekonomi seperti EOC d! alam MEB (NEM) atau menangani BERSIH 2.0, PPSMI, pale mutakhir SBPA dan banyak lagi.

Sebab itu dalam NKRA dan PTK (GTP), Najib tidak langsung memberikan kepentingan kepada asepk reformasi politik. Bilakah Najib celik kepentingan Reformasi Politik dan Perlembagaan? Bila digempur dek BERSIH2.0! Hanya selepas 709 BERSIH2.0, Najib terhegeh-hegeh bercakap tentang menangani tuntutan Politik Baru dan membatalkan 3 Ordinan Dharurat (1966, 1969 & 1977), membatalkan Akta Hukuman Buang Daerah 1959; dan mula bercakap tentang memansuhkan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA).

Akan tetapi tembelang Najib terdedah apabila cakap-cakap menteri JPM mendahului beliau apabila mereka menyebut tentang mengantikan ISA dengan dua (2) Akta yang dua-kali lima bahkan lebih drakornian lagi dari ISA.

Sebab itu kebobrokan rasuah, salahguna kuasa dan segala kebejatan penguasa dan elit bisnes yang rakus mesti ditangani dengan reformasi politik, perundangan serta keinsafan dignified dan agama (2). Umno- BN buat-buat tidak faham atau sememang tak faham. Sebab itu kebejatan rasuah dan salah guna kuasa akan berterusan, dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya. Kalau PRU ke-12 ia dilambangi oleh sebuah mahligai seporang ADUN Umno-BN ditengah-tengah sebuah kampong tradisi Melayu di Kelang, kini lambang kebobrokan dalam PRU ke-13 ialah dengan projek NFC-'Lembu dalam Kondo di Bangsar-Singapura' persis membayangkan kegagalan Transformasi Kerajaan Najib!

Maka sebagai pendekatan Pakatan Rakyat, kami cenderung untuk mengambil pendekatan ini yang mengiktiraf bahawa masalah ekonomi akan hanya dapat digarap bersekali dengan reformasi politik. Seteru politik kita pada asalnya tidak mahu mengiktiraf ini. Hanya mutakhir setelah serik kita berpekik baharulah mereka faham.

Tegasnya 'Tawaran Jingga' adalah penyelesaian krisis negara secara bersepadu dan menyeluruh. Tawaran Jingga adalah perumusan penyelesaian komprehensif bagi menangani segala krisis yang juga sifatnya 'menyeluruh dan sempurna' bukan sahaja dari aspek kebobrokan pengurusa! n fiskal dan ekonomi.

Tawaran Jingga kami akan berkisar di sekitar mencapai Dasar-Dasar Bersama:

  • Demokrasi yang telus dan tulen untuk memperkasakan ketuanan rakyat (Reformasi Politik)
  • Memacu ekonomi berprestasi tinggi yang mampan untuk menjana kemakmuran dan kebajikan kepada semua secara adil (Reformasi Ekonomi)
  • Keadilan sosial bagi menjamin pembangunan insan secara menyeluruh (Reformasi Sosial)
  • Hubungan persekutuan-negeri dan dasar luar negara yang adil-setara (Government-Governance-Federalisme).

Sebagai prelude kepada Manifesto Pakatan Rakyat, Tawaran Jingga telah cuba mengingatkan semua bahawa pendekatan kami bukan sahaja menambahbaik kerosakan dan kepincangan yang telah dilakukan oleh regim yang lalu. Pendepekatan kami adalah untuk membawa reformasi genuine dalam asas-asas kenegaraan yang telah dirosakkan di segi judisiari, legislatif, persefahaman agama, budaya dan kaum bagi membolehkan kita memacu kemampanan pertumbuhan dan kekayaan (wealth creation) serta perkongsian kemakmuran negara.

Tawaran Jingga bakal didedahkan dari masa ke semasa yang akan memuatkan rencana dasar, polisi dan kebijakan untuk membawa keluar bangsa dan negara dari kemelut yang semakin meruncing ini. Dalam Konvensyen ini, beberapa perkongsian awal tentang i. Dasar FELDA Pakatan Rakyat, ii. Dasar Anti-Monopoli Pakatan Rakyat iii. Dasar Pengukuhan Federalism Pakatan Rakyat iv.Dasar Memperkasakan Perkhidmatan Awam Pakatan Rakyat

Oleh kerana tarikh PRU ke-13 masih sukar diramalkan oleh pundit politik, maka Manifesto Pakatan juga perlu dirahsiakan sehingga ke satu tarikh yang ditentukan kemudian.

Kami bersedia mendengar maklum-balas dari semua pihak agar perumusan penyelesaian kami dalam Tawaran Jingga dan Manifesto PR nanti akan menjadi lebih mentap dan padu lagi.

[1] 'Political Economy' bukanlah bidang baru bahkan hampir sama usia dengan bidang ekonomi itu sendiri. Adalah diakui bahawa penulisan 'seminal-agung' Adam Smith Wealth of Nation (1776) itu se! ndiri ad alah bicara "Political Economy" begitu juga penulisan John Stuart Mill Principles of Political Economy (1848). Berkebetulan Ibn Khaldun ((Tunis-13321406),mendahului Adam Smith dalam menghuraikan teori politik dan ekonomi sekaligus dalam penulisan 'seminal-agung'nya Muqaddimah ((Prolegomena). Adam Smith dikatakan mempelajari dari Ibn Khaldun yang hidup 300 tahun sebelumnya.

[2] Tawaran 'Negara Berkebajikan' PAS memulakan paksi penyelesaian dengan premis peranan pemimpin sebagai "Amanah kepada Tuhan sebagai Khalifah Allah di muka bumi dan menganggap segala perbuatan rasuah, salahguna kuasa dan ketirisan adalah perlakuan dosa terhadap Allah dan kerosakan (Al-Khusraan) yang dilakuan oleh Penguasa yang rakus sebagai perbuatan fasiq dan khianat terhadap Amanah Allah dan Mandat Rakyat.

* Penulis adalah pengerusi Jawatankuasa Jingga Pakatan Rakyat.

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Ustaz Suhaimi Hassan - UMNO Diri Bhg 2.


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THE 10th Malaysia Plan (10 MP) has identified 12 pass mercantile areas that will expostulate the inhabitant manage to buy from middle-income to high-income status. Four areas applicable to Sabah's mercantile bulletin have been the tourism, agriculture, oil as good as gas, as good as palm oil industries.
Read the OBG Talks To Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman as settled below.
OBG : What stroke is the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) having upon the state's enonomic growth?
MUSA: The state's manage to buy has proven to be utterly resilient since the launch of the SDC upon january 29, 2008. At the height ofthe recent tellurian mercantile downturn, the expansion of the modernized economies declined to 0.2% as good as -3.2% in 2008 as good as 2009 respectively, while Malaysia available 4.7% as good as -1.7% in the same years.
Sabah, upon the alternative hand, purebred 7.7% in 2008 as good as managed to sojourn positive during 3.3% in 2009. We have been expecting the state's manage to buy to ride by the tellurian mercantile miscarry in 2010 as good as make firm further in 2011, driven by supervision spending, expansive commodity prices as good as brand brand brand brand new investment.
Annual GDP expansion is approaching to normal during some-more than 7%. Looking during the opening of the SDC thus far, ! since th e beginning of the Ninth Malaysia Plan, that was additionally the timeline of the first proviso of SDC, Sabah's meant sum monthly household income increasing to RM3102 ($ 972) in 2009, from RM2395 ($ 751) in 2004.
The normal expansion rate of income was available during 5.3% over the period 2004-09, as good as misery incidence declined from 24.2% in 2004 to 19.7% in 2009. The SDC has had the largely positive stroke upon mercantile growth.
OBG : What areas of the manage to buy have been being targeted to capture an enlarge in in isolation zone investment?
MUSA: The 10th Malaysia Plan (10 MP) has identified 12 pass mercantile areas that will expostulate the inhabitant manage to buy from middle-income to high-income status. Four areas applicable to Sabah's mercantile bulletin have been the tourism, agriculture, oil as good as gas, as good as palm oil industries.
The mercantile contributions of these industries have been approaching to enlarge over the march of the 10 MP? Key industries identified by the state supervision under the SDC programme have been resource-based industries such as palm oil, cocoa as good as rubber; food estimate industries involving fruits as good as vegetables, sea as good as aquaculture products, dairy as good as livestock; petro-chemical as good as gas industries; as good as silica-based industries.
Emphasis will be since to enhancing prolific capacity, including developing modernized industrial infrastructure, the promotion of tellurian collateral expansion as good as investigate as good as expansion (R&D) activities, as good as the promotion of knowledge-based industries.
At the launch upon January 29, 2008, SDC received the vital boost with the s! igning o f 13 agreements as good as memoranda of understanding worth RM16bn ($ 5bn). The proposed investments from the in isolation zone were in biodiesel, agriculture, agro tourism, shopping, illness as good as healing tourism, as good as transportation.
These projects have been now during assorted stages of implementation. For the years 2011-12, coinciding with the First Rolling Plan of the 10 MP you will go upon to exercise these policies in further to alternative initiatives in tourism, agriculture, prolongation as good as infrastructure.
The SDC programmes have been written to grasp the socioeconomic objectives of Sabah by harnessing unity in diversity as good as healthy resources to catalyse investments in to brand brand brand brand new expansion areas. The programmes as good as projects will be saved by the combination of public supports in isolation zone investments as good as in isolation finance initiatives.
To await this objective, the competitive package will be customised to capture in isolation zone investment in the promoted sectors, generally in knowledge-intensive sectors such as the biotech as good as ICT industries, as good as in directed towards vital expansion areas (SDAs).
Anchor companies as good as SME's, as good as start-ups as good as quality brand brand brand brand new investments, wi|l be speedy to try in to the targeted sectors inside of the flagship mercantile clusters as good as projects in the directed towards SDAs.
OBG : The second proviso of SDC aims to further make firm the manage to buy by promotingthe expansion of the SME segment. How can this aim be achieve?
MUSA: lt is important to note that the expansion of SMEs will not only await the incomparabl! e multin ational companies (MNCs) though additionally provide an avenue of destiny expansion for Sabah. We will additionally launch SME Accelerator programmes such as the Manufacturing Leaders
Programme as good as SME Agro-preneur Programme in that companies during opposite stages of expansion (from the early stages by to the expansion stage) will have entrance to customised await services.
An SME accelerator programme will primarily be established during Sabah Agro-Industrial Precinct to primarily maintain as good as await agro-entrepreneurs. Business Link centres will additionally be established to broach commercial operation advisory services to local SME's.
The advisory services would cover areas such as operational improvements, matchmaking with intensity buyers as good as suppliers, as good as selling as good as pattern for exports. Anchor companies will be aided in starting up businesses in each of the mercantile clusters inside of the SDAs. SME's as good as start-ups will be speedy to rivet with applicable anchor companies by the Business Link centres.
In further to the upon top of measures, detailed sub-sectoral studies have been consecrated by the Sabah Economic Development as good as Investment Authority (SEDIA) in industries regarded as having high mercantile stroke such as tourism, oil as good as gas, as good as biomass attention with the perspective to brand opportunities for SME's.
SEDIA shall additionally go upon with existent programmes being implemented to await SME's, generally under the Economic Transformation Programme laid out in the 10 MP?
Sabah has the number of normal sources of wealth. such as plantations, line oil as good as gas. that brand brand brand brand new sectors is the SEC start! ing to p romote?
OBG : Sabah has the number of normal sourceof wealth, such as plantations, commodities, oil gas. Which brand brand brand brand new zone s is the SDC starting to promote?
MUSA: The Malaysian government, by the 10MR has recognised the role of scholarship as good as record in transforming Malaysia in to the knowledge-based manage to buy as good as the grown nation by 2020.
The plan emphasised the adoption as good as freeing of brand brand brand brand new technologies as good as innovations of ICT, biotechnology as good as alternative technologies, generally in the identified pass mercantile areas.
Malaysia, as good as Sabah in particular will benefit from higher investment in niche expansion areas such as biotech, green industry, wellness as good as illness care, quite by the complete make use of of knowledge, creation as good as technology, leveraging upon the unique factor endowments.
SDC endeavours to intensify tellurian collateral expansion as good as precedence the stream imagination inside of the investigate communities to create tolerable government of healthy resources as good as biodiversity, as good as compelling science-industry linkages in tourism, agriculture, prolongation as good as logistics.
An primary step in this direction involves the establishment of the Business couple centres as good as the Sabah Bio-Xchange Network. This will assistance to pool resources as good as imagination as good as assuage the shortage of tellurian collateral expansion in the reduced term. ln the longer term, measures will be taken to capture eminent training as good as investigate institutions to enlarge the pool of local talent, generally in to the Sandakan Education Hub, as g! ood as t he lnterior Education Hub. Rural communities will additionally be empowered to entrance suitable technology.
Additionally, Sabah's rich, multi-ethnic cultural heritage, together with the scenic islands, unpolluted environment as good as the healthy endowments such as singular wildlife, pleasant rainforest as good as diverse sea life, should assistance to inspire the presentation of beautiful industry. In the past Sabah has hosted countless television as good as movie producers from general prolongation houses. Under the SDC initiative, you see the intensity for continuing to rise beautiful attention in Sabah.
There is, however, the dire need to deposit in as good as promote entrance to record as good as systematic knowledge. With scholarship as good as record pushing creation as good as additionally portion as the pass mercantile as good as industrial enabler for brand brand brand brand new sources of expansion in biotech, green industry, wellness as good as illness care, as good as in the beautiful industries, jobs can be combined as good as improved entrance to illness caring as good as education can be provided.
From this development, tiny as good as vast commercial operation owners can be net-worked as good as improved connected to customers as good as newinvestment opportunities can be created, ensuing in tolerable improvement in the customary of living as good as the economy, making Sabah an important end for destiny investment in business, enlightenment as good as nature.
(NOTE : Oxford Business Group is the tellurian edition as good as consultancy company producing annual investment as good as mercantile reports upon some-more than 30 countries. Every commercial operation intelligence report is formed upon in-country investigate conducted over an normal of six months by gifted analyst! s. To br and investment opportunities, you draw upon some-more than 1,000 first-hand sources. You need only one Oxford Business Group.) - Sabahkini
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IT HAS been an eventful year for Sabah, characterised by growing streams of investment flowing in to a state, enhanced mercantile cooperation, softened trade relations as well as several poignant offshore oil discoveries, together with a single voiced in Nov by a national oil corporation, Petronas.
Discovering oil in waters off Sabah's west coast, 100 km from Kota Kinabalu, Petronas voiced that it approaching in-place reserves of more than 227m barrels of oil equivalent (boe). This is noticed as a harbinger for a subsequent expansion courtesy in Sabah, with oil as well as gas taking a place of oil palm as well as timber as a state's vital trade commodities.

One spin-off from offshore discoveries earlier like a a single in Nov has been calls to examination a 5% bound oil royalty a state currently receives from a sovereign government.
Petronas has additionally been move with several upstream as well as downstream oil as well as gas projects, together with a Sabah Oil Gas Terminal (SOGT), a Sabah Ammonia as well as Urea Project (Samur) as well as a Sabah-Sarawak gas tube (SSGP). Together, these have been approaching to ac! celerate value-added capabilities in a sector.
SOGT's significance as a depot for many of Sabah's offshore oil as well as gas was highlighted by an announcement that a new offshore gas field with tube links to SOGT is being developed. The Kebabangan field will be linked around tube to SOGT, underneath construction at Kimanis.
Meanwhile, pipes have been still being laid for a SSGP. When completed, a line will couple Sabah as well as Sarawak's gas sectors, using 500 km to a liquefied healthy gas (LNG) plant run by Petronas at Bintulu, Sarawak.
Elsewhere, an announcement in Jan buoyed investor confidence in a Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) in Lahad Datu. News a cluster had secured a long-term supply of wet empty fruit bunches was seen as an important step towards making Sabah a centre of Malaysia's oil palm biomass industry.
The Lahad Datu area additionally drew public courtesy when, in February, a chief minister voiced skeleton to build a argumentative coal-fired plant there had been scrapped.
Meanwhile, a supervision voiced a Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) had entered its second phase in 2011. The Chief Minister voiced cumulative programmed investment in a SDC had reached RM57bn ($ 17.9bn) roughly 4 times a aim worth set in 2010. During this phase, that will run until 2015, a SDC will be pursuing an desirous list of expansion projects to generate employment as well as income for Sabahans as well as to assistance jump-start sustainable mercantile growth.
Sustainable expansion is additionally at a back of efforts to safety a state's rich biodiversity a categorical asset attracting tourists to Sabah. With this in mind, a state supervision has begun to extent a number of visitors to primitive healthy areas s! uch as S emporna, that was found this year to be biologically a richest sea area in a world.
Sabah's tourism zone is nonetheless approaching to outstrip its stream 10% share of a state's GDP within a subsequent five years. In 2011, a Ministry of Tourism, Culture as well as Environment was targeting traveller arrivals of 2.63m as well as tourism profits of RM4.704bn ($ 1.48bn). This looks to be upon track, with statistics from Sabah's tourism board showing sum arrivals of scarcely 2.1m from Jan by September.
There was some murky headlines in 2011, mainly in a travel sector. The much-anticipated Firefly services to Kuala Lumpur, as well as a MAS approach moody from Sandakan to Kuala Lumpur were both cancelled. This caused worry both for tourism officials as well as those concerned with national integration.
Furthermore, calls for liberalisation of a sovereign cabotage policy underneath that all products alien in to a state have been authorised to be transported usually by internal shipping companies have nonetheless to strech a final conclusion. Many Sabahans feel a policy hits a state's businesses as well as consumers hard, with customers in Sabah mostly paying most aloft prices for alien products than fellow Malaysians upon a peninsula. On a brighter note, programmes intended to spur industrial expansion by leveraging investments in a state's production zone were seen to be temperament fruit.
Meanwhile, Sabah one after another to position itself as a categorical contender in apropos a gateway for informal investments, especially in a Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines-East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA).
Helping in a effort to capture such unfamiliar investment, a Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) one after another to be a valuable negotiate! chip, w ith management team touting a park's connectivity to BIMP-EAGA's 60m people as well as beyond to informal as well as global markets. KKIP is already rising as a informal placement heart for logistics companies, automobile makers, biotech firms as well as halal-oriented outfits.
While a lot of work still remains to be done upon issues such as raising a state's educational standards, bridging urban-rural technological as well as income divides as well as boosting value-added capabilities for a state's healthy resources, Sabah appears to be in fighting form as 2012 arrive.
- Sabahkini
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SABAH Progressive Party (SAPP) will be rising its Sabah Economic Plan upon 16th January 2012 (Monday) during 2.00 pm during Ming Garden Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. The eventuality will be launched officially by Datuk Seri Panglima Yong Teck Lee, a President of SAPP.
Former Finance Minister, who is also SAPP adviser, Datuk Hj. Mohd Noor Mansoor, will be presenting a Economic Paper. It is expected in between 150-200 people including invited guests will be in attendance a event.
When asked a authority of a Organising Committiee, Encik Dullie Marie who is also SAPP Treasurer-General, pronounced which a Economic Paper will constitute as partial of SAPP's Manifesto for a entrance Election. The Economic Paper will include of SAPP's economic strategies should SAPP be a next S! tate Gov ernment in Sabah.
Apart from this Economic Plan, as you aware, we have already launched a land Reformation Policy upon 8th Nov 2011. We have done a highway shows in a farming areas as well as it has been supposed with great response by a rakyat.
- Sabahkini
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Pakatan pledges a gov't free from corruptions...

In a resounding chorus today, Pakatan Rakyats tip leadership affianced to consolidate their middle strength as well as evade all forms of corruption, which would betray a opposition coalitions struggle.DAP, PAS as well as PKR leaders lifted their hands as well as loudly review out a 5 pledges before a 2,000 strong audience, after expressing their regret over a erosion of a country's simple justice as well as democracy.They additionally regretted which Malaysians go on to be denied their rights as well as go on to be mar ... Read More

Idris Jala, Pemandu

I wonder if Malaysians have been facing a dilemma upon who to support politically.

On a single hand, you have theBarisan Nasional, some-more soUmno, who has been in power for some-more than 50 years. By any account, they have delivered some measure of prosperity. Malaysia is a decent place to live as well as work in though when you review Malaysia's opening to South Korea, Taiwan as well as Singapore,Barisan Nasional's jot down is pathetic. We have been abounding in natural resources as well as there is no reason why you should be far during a behind of these countries, work culture aside. Money has been consumed upon wasteful projects, ministers of controversial calibre have been appointed,lackadaisical attitude of polite servants tolerated- demeanour no serve to theAuditor General's report, ugliest debate ads to promote Malaysia, theCattlegate affair, as well as dodgy counterclaim equipment purchases.The preference to return behind to Bahasa Malaysia in teaching Math as well as Science is a straw which breaks a camel's back.For as well long, you have put up with second rate policies by a supervision as well as misplaced priorities. Instead of building a tallest building as well as rising a national car (thus starting against ! a likes of a US as well as Japan), you should be spending money upon a most critical thing - a people. Due to gross mismanagement of our finances, we've had to do things like cut behind upon scholarships.I rather have a greatest university as well as a smartest people in a country than a tallest building.

The alternative isPakatan Rakyatwhom during first seems to be a credible opposition force.DAP'sLim Guan Engseems to have done an considerable job in Penang as well as is said expected to retain control. SomePKRpoliticians have nonetheless to infer which it is not a spin-off ofUmnowhilePASand its Islamic bulletin is scary. Islamic principles might be formed upon a noble approach of life, though it has not been proven to be a governance complement which works - no disregard to a religion.

What you need is a third force which has clever moral leadership.

For now, is a bright spot, Pemandu? It's not a political celebration though a section under a Prime Minister's department tasked with a responsibility of getting some-more investments into Malaysia as well as transforming a polite service. The people who work there appear to meant well though they face an uphill conflict reversing a debase which has set in for a past twenty years. Idris Jala is a male of a hour.

- The Laughing Tigress
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Bringing back the real Malaysia

Stephanie Sta Maria Umno maestro and Amanah deputy president Kadir Sheikh Fadzir isnt bothered about stealing his devotion to polite society even if it equates to being critical of Barisan Nasional. Kadir Sheikh Fadzir may be an Umno maestro and former Cabinet minister, but he has no qualms about on foot the tightrope between domestic devotion [...] Read More