Malaysia, Human Rights, and the Zen of Idiocy

This is a second high form lawyer-non-grata case which Malaysia has gotten herself inextricable in recently, a first being a French tellurian rights lawyer behind in Jul .

It unequivocally boggles a thoughts to consider which this nation has regressed to this extent. Worse than a comrade despotic state, sometimes. And yet, Malaysia binds a chair upon a UN Human Rights Council.

So, is Walski to assimilate which Malaysia promotes tellurian rights outside a borders, though inside of it cares fuck all?

Read a rest of a perspective square below, which is, quite frankly, an eye-opener about a country which bends over retrograde to execute itself as something it's not...

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On being detained during Kuala Lumpur airport

Imran Khan

In a Hollywood movie The Terminal Tom Hanks plays (with obligatory deformed foreign accent) a impression who is trapped in New York's JFK airport. Last week, we had a similar experience during Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia. Whereas Tom Hanks's impression spends years trapped, we was usually there for a couple of hours. The episode was both degrading as well as enlightening. we had been intent by a Malaysian lawyer, Wa ytha Moorthy, to demeanour into taking action against a British government for a role in a exploitation of Indian Hindus during Malaysia's duration as a colony, as well as a disaster to strengthen their rights when autonomy was declared in 1957.


Ethnic Indians make up only over 6% of Malaysia's 28.3 million people, whilst Muslim Malays account for only over 61% as well as racial Chinese a little 25%. A coalition led by a United Malays National Organisation has ruled given independence, which, according to Moorthy, had led to widespread human rights violations as well as discrimination of a Indian Malaysian population. About 70% live in contemptible poverty as well as one in six have been effectively stateless as they have been denied a bieing born certificate. Moorthy originally lodged his action upon a 31 Aug 2007, a 50th anniversary of Malaysia's independence.

However, a explain stalled following a detain of a lawyers concerned underneath a draconian square of legislation called a Internal Security Act! . Mo orthy had demanded remuneration for Indian Malaysians whose ancestors were brought in by a British govern! ment as indentured labour. The explain was that, after granting independence, a British had left a Indians but representation as well as during a mercy of a Malays.

So, a devise was to revisit Malaysia as well as gather evidence as well as claims which would form a substructure of a case. A recent case involving individuals tortured by British soldiers in colonial Kenya gave fresh procedure to a proceedings. My tentative attainment in Malaysia had perceived advance publicity from local police who had sought to dominate organisers of a venue where we was approaching to meet intensity claimants. There was, therefore, a little terror when we presented myself to a immigration table upon attainment during KLIA.

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PRU-13: Hanya doa senjata akhir hadapi BN, kata Nik Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 Ogos PAS Kelantan mengadakan munajat pilihan raya di Kota Baru awal pagi tadi dengan Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata hanya doa merupakan senjata akhir bagi orang Islam berdepan dengan kegentingan menghadapi pilihan raya umum ketika pihak lawan cuba menggunakan pelbagai taktik kotor kekal kuasa. Program itu diadakan ketika ... Read More

Unfair Of Berjaya to Criticize Dr Koh On 1993 Project

KUALA LUMPUR, twenty-six AUGUST, 2011: Berjaya Corporation was rapped for criticizing Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Dr Koh Tsu Koon on a preference to throw the devise to rise Penang Hill in 1993. ... Read More

Putrajaya to name Pudu jail developer soon, says PM

People light candles outside a walls of Pudu Jail ahead of a demolition June 21, 2010. File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, August twenty-seven Putrajaya will shortly make known a preference upon a association which will redevelop a ancestral Pudu Jail land here, Datuk Seri Najib Razak pronounced today.

The land upon which a ancestral Pudu Jail was previously sited has been left idle for a past decade as property owners UDA Holdings Bhds letter of reference awaits supervision approval.

Itu after nanti... nanti (it is) coming (That is later... wait, wait (it is) coming), a budding minister pronounced currently when asked whether his administration department department had motionless upon which association would be selected to lift out a project.

Today we want to concentration upon this plan (the Pudu train station upgrade). If we discuss other things afterwards other things become bigger news. we want this story to be highlighted, Najib told reporters today.

The Urban Development Authoritys efforts to trim a debts as well as raise income for a affirmative action programmes is being hampered by politics, with a Finance Ministry stalling upon a letter of reference by UDA Holdings board for a China-based association to redevelop a Pudu Jail land.

The Malaysian Insider understands which a supervision is confronting pressure as well as lobbying from politically-connected internal companies who have been penetrating upon receiving partial in a deal.

UDA Holdings has recommended China-based Everbright International Construction Ltd as a partner for a redevelopment of a eight-hectare Pudu Jail site. Sources contend which a shortlisting routine has been completed as well as Everbrights bid is in excess of RM2 billion, 3 times a value of a land.

The Najib administration department department had in July rejected UDAs sale of 3.56 acres of budding land in downtown Kuala! Lumpur to 54 per cent Bumiputera-owned Nadayu Properties Bhd, formerly known as Mutiara Goodyear Development Bhd, for not having sufficient Bumiputera holding.

The preference over a Pudu Jail site will be yet another test of Najibs joining to economic liberalisation.

UDA came underneath glow not long ago from Malay hardliners in Umno, Perkasa as well as Utusan Malaysia for allegedly abandoning a Bumiputera agenda by not appointing Bumiputera joint-venture turnkey investors for a proposed Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC) upon a Pudu Jail site located upon budding land in a heart of a capitals Golden Triangle.

Agency chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed has denied these accusations, observant UDA has no preference though to be rival as it no longer perceived any direct assistance from a government.

UDA, whose assets have been estimated to be worth RM2 billion, is over RM900 million in debt. It also holds only RM90 million in money with an superb RM104 million land premium for a Pudu site due in September.

Yinglucks real challenge may be Thaksin

August 27, 2011

Yinglucks real plea might be Thaksin

The Yingluck heat continues unabated. This week, Yingluck Shinawatra, a initial womanlike prime apportion of Thailand, warranted a mark upon Forbes annual list of a Worlds Most Powerful Women.

Voted into bureau following Thailands ubiquitous elections in July, she was ranked 59th upon a list of 100 clout-wielding ladies, only forward of supermodel Gisele Bundchen as great as writer JK Rowling.

At home, she remains hugely popular. On Aug 23, she gave a assured opening when she delivered her governments policies forward of a Parliamentary discuss which might test either she actually owns a sense of leadership as great as either she can shun a long shade of her self-exiled brother, former oremier Thaksin Shinawatra.

In her initial process address to lawmakers, Yingluck affianced which she would prioritise inhabitant conciliation by healing a rift in between different groups in society. Accordingly, she would commission a Truth as great as Reconciliation Commission to produce convincing investigation findings upon final years violent crackdowns upon Red Shirt demonstrators.

She vowed to brace a economy as great as progress incomes, with policies ranging from corporate taxation cuts to debt service for farmers, village growth funds as great as lower fuel prices policies primarily designed to benefit Puea Thais supporters in far-flung regions of Thailand.

But a many renouned as great as argumentative pledge has been to fix a daily minimum salary of 300 baht. Analys! ts advis e which a governments populist programmes could have a ! devastat ing impact upon a overall economy, spinning off inflation, bill deficits as great as open debt.

Immediately after her statement, members of a antithesis questioned a little of a policies. The Democrat Party criticised Yinglucks proceed to solution a dispute in a Thai south as being a reproduction of a Thaksin administrations hard-nosed process towards Thai Muslims, which had generated an outpouring of resentment among southerners opposite a Thai state.

The Democrat Party also cast disbelief upon a Puea Thai-led governments faithfulness to a much worshiped monarchy. It indicted a little Red Shirt members a few are serving in a current supervision of a continued anti-monarchy attitude, an claim flatly denied by Yingluck.

Despite a oppositions provocation, a Yingluck supervision has a solid backing because of her partys overwhelming infancy in Parliament. Former prime apportion Abhisit Vejjajiva might have performed great as an adamant leader of a antithesis but his celebration is suffering from a lack of direction. The Democrat Party is in obligatory need of a revamp; it has never won an election given 1992.

Even so, Yinglucks path might not be as smooth as she wishes. The real challenges for her supervision might come from dual categorical sources.

First, given Yingluck refused to give any ministerial posts to Red Shirt members for fear which this could upset her enemies in high places, her supervision could find itself in a formidable in front of as it deals with issues associated to a Red Shirt movement. These members have already complained which they were used by a Puea Thai in a election debate as great as have claimed which a celebration owed a feat to their unflagging support.

Frustration inside of a Red Shirt movement is apropos increasingly apparent. For example, core leaders are right away urging a Yingluck supervision to find probity for those who lost their lives in final years crackdowns; ! they wis h a confidence forces to be prosecuted for a deaths of their loved ones.

The alternative plea stem! s from w ithin a Shinawatra family. Thaksin has embarked upon his universe tour. As of today, he is in Japan where he has visited provinces in Miyagi prefecture hit by a recent quake as great as tsunami. His globe-trotting has put a Yingluck supervision in jeopardy.

Thaksin, who is keen to act as de facto prime apportion of Thailand, by on vacation Japan has opened a doorway for a antithesis to discredit Yingluck as great as Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul, who happens to be Thaksins cousin. The Democrat Party has attempted to impeach Surapong for helping a criminal in getting a visa to Japan. Yingluck as great as Surapong have denied requesting which Japan grant him an entry permit.

While Thaksin has reiterated which he does not intend to lapse home soon, his activities abroad have shown to what a great grade he remains a absolute player in Thai politics as great as which is not necessarily all great news for Yingluck. Today

* Dr Pavin Chachavalpongpun is a Fellow during a Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

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Who do the police serve rakyat or Najib?

The PM's warding off to acknowledge the purpose of the IPCMC speaks volumes of the government's insusceptibility to the sufferings endured by the rakyat during the hands of the police.


Police officers may expostulate black as good as white cars; however, what goes upon in their jobs is the lot of gray. Arik Matson

The 204-year-old Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has done news for so many wrong reasons: behaving in the trigger-happy manner, forcing the lady to do squats in the nude, raping the teenage lady inside the military station, whacking detainees which have led to their deaths, melancholy as good as intimidating the layman, operative with car-theft syndicates as good as refusing to assistance Sarawaks Penan women as good as girls who for many years have been great for assistance opposite the rapes suffered during the hands of timber loggers.

Now, the ultimate story about the abuse of energy by the military comes from Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) which pronounced the detained activists were asked, between others, to strip in the presence of male military officers.

Thirty-six of the activists were detained final month while carrying out their Udahlah Bersaralah (Enough already, Retire Now) debate in Perak, to remind Malaysians of the pitfalls of returning Barisan Nasional to energy in the 13th general election.

Complaints of sexual misconduct by military were done by detainees in Kepala Batas, Penang as good as Ipoh, respectively, as good as PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan pronounced the military military officer told them they indispensable six months to examine the report.

Not usually does the six-long-month period sounds ridiculous, it is equally befuddling to note which the ! military would be investigating their own officers. What assurance is there which the military would act in the satisfactory as good as only manner?

I! t is pre cisely due to such concerns which the you do of an Independent Police Complaints as good as Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) is no longer an choice for the sovereign supervision headed by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Putting it sarcastically, IPCMC is so desperately indispensable to save the people from being bullied by the police. The PDRM has, by the own doing, warranted the besmirched image, frequency display any interest in mending for the improved as good as vital up to the shortcoming as the veteran as good as law abiding force.

Yet, the Barisan Nasional-led supervision dares say establishing such the elect is not necessary!

Doors sojourn shut

Earlier in the year, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein confirmed which the doorway was still close to IPCMC as good as insisted which the elect would not assistance finalise military abuse cases.

Defending his decision, Hishammuddin pronounced made during home will to renovate the military force was more crucial.

In 2005, the 634-page inform by the Royal Commission of Inquiry in to the Police Force, headed by the former judge, suggested which the military were brutal, inept as good as the many hurtful between the supervision departments.

Between 1999 as good as 2003, there were 5,726 formal crime complaints involving the military force as good as it was endorsed which the military force be monitored by an eccentric watchdog. Yet, the sovereign supervision has no conviction in the purpose of the IPCMC. Why?

Had Najib walked his speak of people first, he would have taken the additional mile to safeguard the military deputy who beat up the 23-year-old suspected automobile thief, A Kugan, while underneath military custody in 2009, be taken to task. Instead, the cop was spoken the giveaway man by the court, withdrawal the decease! ds famil y with excited nights after probity eluded them.

Is which the best the peoples leader can do? Or is which how the leader similar to Najib reflects his concern, ditching the rakyat when they need him most?

According to the non-governmental organisation, Astivaaram Foundati! on, betw een 2003 as good as 2007, there were 85 custodial deaths. This number released those who were shot dead.

The elect is prolonged overdue. Currently, the military themselves examine cases of military abuse as good as you hold they lend towards to cover up such cases, the foundations vice-president R Sanjeevan once told FMT.

Can the rakyat rest upon the police?

On May twenty-six this year, FMT highlighted the box of military brutality suffered by the 20-year-old student, S Ganesan, who claimed which he was knocked about up as good as verbally abused by the military after he knocked in to the policemans motorcycle during the roadblock in Rembau, Negri Sembilan, in the early hours of the morning.

The law enforcemetn officer kept assault me as good as called me keling. They additionally shouted during me, observant you should only die so which they can close the case, pronounced Ganesan.

The youngster was afterwards warned not to inform the matter before he was bundled in to an ambulance as good as despatched to the Tunku Jaafar Hospital.

The military additionally seemed least perturbed when in Feb this year, the made during home assault victim, Pakaim Subramaniam, was found passed after the mere month of married life.

Pakaims father, M Subramaniam, alleged his daughter was the plant of made during home assault due to the serious injuries she had sustained. He pronounced the military unsuccessful to examine the case, which afterwards led him seek assistance from Suhakam, the countrys human rights commission.

And during the July 9, 2011, Walk for Democracy convene organized by choosing watchdog Bersih 2.0, the military unleashed the demon in th! em when they due spraying convene supporters with H2O cannons as good as tear gas as good as even hitting the little of the participants.

With military notoriety having become the normal rather than the exception, the need for the physique to keep an eye upon the cops as good as admonish them when required has to be instituted.

The sovereign governments warding off to acknowledge the purpose of the IPCMC speaks volumes of the insusceptibility towards the sufferings endured by the rakyat during the ha! nds of t he police.

The subject the people keep asking, as good as which Najib has to answer, is, can you rest upon the police?

Najib doesnt relate to rakyat

Veteran DAP arch Lim Kit Siang had earlier in the year pronounced Hishammuddins insistence which the IPCMC is not required was the strongest explanation of the stability miss of made during home will to exterminate military abuses as good as corruption.

It was Hishammuddin who led the opposition to the investiture of the IPCMC when it was due by the Dzaiddin Royal Police Commission 5 years ago.

The IPCMC was the many critical of the 125 recommendations to emanate an efficient, incorruptible, veteran as good as world-class military force, Lim had said.

Lim pointed out which the Dzaiddin Royal Police Commission had even accompanied the letter of reference with an included in the mailing draft legislation which minute the IPCMCs powers of review as good as exploration to assistance fight crime in the force as good as to examine open complaints.

However, Umno Youth in an immediate greeting shot down the letter of reference over concerns which the IPCMC would be incited in to an avenue by certain buliding to expose the weaknesses in the countrys administration.

Two months after the recommendation, the Bar Council, in ancillary the commission, launched the signature debate which was handed over to afterwards Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

In December 2007, Parlia! ment unv eiled the Special Complaints Commission (SCC) in place of the IPCMC, which was directed during addressing misconduct by all enforcement agencies.

However, the SCC was laid open by Amnesty International Malaysia as the poor substitute which lacked independence as good as unsuccessful to address the need for the resource which demanded military accountability for their actions.

Hishammuddin even went opposite Abdullah who had publicly committed himself to accept as good as implement the IPCMC recommendation.

The combined opposition of Umno as good as the military forced Abdullah to backtrack as good as finally! scuttle the IPCMC proposal, Lim had said.

In Jun 2009, the BN supervision additionally deserted the offer upon the basement which the powers were as good extended as good as unconstitutional.

To the DAP chief, the new spate of high-profile military abuse cases as good as custodial deaths had once again highlighted the need for an IPCMC to address these cases with seriousness, authority, independence, forthrightness as good as professionalism.

With Prime Minister Najib Tun Razaks People First, Performance Now slogan, Hishammuddin should table the formal offer to ask the Cabinet to revisit the IPCMC letter of reference instead of stability to spearhead the opposition, he said.

Who does PDRM really serve the rakyat or Najib?

As for Najib, only how prolonged more does he as good as cousin Hishammuddin intend to allow the PDRM to manhandle, abuse as good as dominate the rakyat, in the routine giving the few good cops out there the bad name as well?

Jeswan Kaur is the freelance publisher as good as the FMT columnist.

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Isu Wahabi: Mufti Perlis masih harap Dr Uthman sedia berdialog

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 Ogos Ketia hanya tinggal empat hari menjelang Syawal, Mufti Perlis Dr Juanda Jaya masih berharap pendakwah bebas Dr. Muhammad Uthman El Muhammady akan menerima pelawaan pihaknya untuk berdialog bagi menjernihkan isu kesesatan dan keganasan Arab Saudi yang dikaitkan dengan fahaman Wahabi. Juanda menjemput Muhammad Uthman ... Read More

CJ, perception just as vital as independence - Malaysiakini

Chief justice, you have failed to change the rakyat's perception which the courts have been really accessible to Umno and its fellow BN members.' Cala: Chief Justice Zaki Azmi, you have been the senior lawyer carrying practiced law for the good series of years before usurpation ...

CJ, perception just as vital as independence - Malaysia Kini

CJ, notice only as critical as independence
Malaysia Kini
'Chief justice, we have unsuccessful to change the rakyat's notice which the courts have been very friendly to Umno and the associate BN members.' Cala: Chief Justice Zaki Azmi, we have been the senior counsel having used law for the great series of years prior to ...

Isnt the Transport Minister from MCA?

Kong is gripping silent because his invalid ministerial position is some-more important than a Chinese community. If he objects, he will be removed by Umno, only like what happened to former MCA boss Ong Tee Keat in a multi-billion-ringgit Port Klang Free Zone (PKF) financial scandal.By Lee Kee Who is MCA trying to kid in a controversial merger of Petaling Chinatown Street land for a construction of a Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT)?The sex-scandal-tainted boss Dr ... Read More

The Last 'Raja' of Penang

TMIs Tsu Koon hits out at Utusan over Penang BN row

The upon top of essay by The Malaysian Insider tells us which Koh TK, former CM of Penang as well as stream celebration president of a once-mighty yet now-castrated Gerakan, lambasted Utusan for sneering at Gerakan as well as perfectionist which UMNO takes over a CM seat if BN wins a subsequent State election.

Utusan has not been wrong insofar as a BN side of a story goes. Indeed both Gerakan as well as MCA have turn archaic domestic species in Penang since Mar 2008, yet lately, similar to most chooks about to be once-and-for-all-times decapitated, have been making loud squawks.

Most voters know Penang's stream domestic standing quo wouldnt change most after a subsequent state election. Thus Utusan has been scold in perfectionist a CM in front of for UMNO, should a BN (meaning UMNO as well as a slim likelihood of MIC yet definitely reduction Gerakan as well as MCA) emerges as a celebration with a majority of ADUNs.

Perhaps UMNO has already targeted a little frogs to enhance such an eventuality.

Perhaps UMNO is, as a little say, preparing to get in to bed with a DAP to form a brand new ruling coalition in Penang, by stealing a embarrassing (and jealous) Gerakan as well as DAP.

Perhaps UMNO is fantasizing.

One DAP contingency never trust UMNO. Just look at bad Gerakan.

Once a mighty party, then touted (after a 1969 GE) as a subsequent ruling sovereign party, Gerakan made a mistake of fasten BN (effectively UMNO).

While a business (political, social as well as most critical of all, economic) at which time assure! d Dr Lim Chong Eu to join BN or see Penang swab similar to a dried-up rambutan upon the! limb th at a antagonistic BN supervision would expected have left it ... fair enough, a celebration unfortunately failed to assert a 1969-acquired domestic dominance in Penang, surrendering meekly to UMNO as a latter deviously as well as progressively sliced off a constituencies as allocations for a then-extinct MCA.

Side-note: Yes, MCA became an archaic species in Penang twice, in 1969 as well as 2008, yet was resurrected in Penang, predominantly to break Gerakan.

The result of UMNOs strategy post 1972 was a divided Chinese domestic bottom in Penang, when a Gerakan reduction MCA or even a combined Gerakan-MCA numbers would have overwhelmed UMNO in numbers, yet as particular as well as mutually antagonistic parties (and UMNO ensured which by a British-taught order & rule strategy), Gerakan as well as MCA made UMNO by default a biggest member in a Penang BN.

All we can contend to Koh TK is padan muka though Lim KY as well as even Dr Lim Chong Eu contingency share a blame for Gerakan's castration by UMNO a la a death of a thousand cuts.

Mind, most Penangites (including people similar to my family) should additionally be criticized for ancillary a crook in Gerakan. For years, underneath Koh TK, a UMNO DCM was a de facto CM, so a Utusan comment merely brought matters in to clearer perspective. The only reason UMNO dared not insist upon a CM's in front of outright was a fear of driving Gerakan as well as MCA in to any others' arms, a situation UMNO didn't as well as still doesn't want - remember: 'divide & rule'.

The mitigating factor in a Penangites' favour is which they woke up upon 08 Mar 2008 as they did upon 10 May 1969.

Two having pronounced that, not guileless or getting in to bed with UMNO doesnt meant which DAP cant work with a UMNO upon a practical basis, either at state o! r sovere ign level, yet this cooperation is unlikely with a diseased UMNO President-PM. But whatever, whichever, whenever, however, a DAP contingency never ever concede UMNO to persuade! it to j oin BN.

But, Im not sure what or how we can advise Koh TK to do. And should we, considering he went in to Parliament around a back doorway which he swore he wouldnt do before to a 2008 GE? we used to call him disparagingly as 'Raja B....', yet after he handed over a reins of Penang to Lim GE in a gentlemanly manner, we betrothed not to call him which again.

Last Emperor Puyi (or KTK?)

But as 'Raja', hes similar to a single of those Gothic Chinese emperors at a finish of his dynastic line, as The Last Emperor, not distinct Puyi, a final Chinese Emperor, who was a puppet underneath a Japanese, only as Koh as Penang CM had been a single underneath UMNO.

As a Penangite we strew a tear or two for a once-mighty Gerakan which somewhere between 1969 as well as 2008 lost a soul, forgetting a 'satu hati' promise to a rakyat.


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Gag Order: When in Selangor, STFU!

"No other states have dared to exercise a Freedom of Information Enactment. This is a product of a people's power." - YB Elizabeth Wong, tabling a FOI upon final Apr Fool's DayFreedom Gag upon Information. Read a essay in a Star published upon 1 Apr 2011, Selangor public passes Freedom of Information Act.It wasn't an Apr Fool's joke though MB Khalid Ibrahim's gag order since a JAIS

The Najib-Mahathir Conundrum and Malotts Bombshell

August 27, 2011

The Najib-Mahathir Conundrum as well as Malotts Bombshell

Written by Maclean Patrick, Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle
Friday, 26 Aug 2011 11:00

Anwar Ibrahims new matter in invulnerability of himself is indeed a damning complaint to his foes. It suggested a apparent flaws inside of a prosecutions box against him as well as additionally a inequitable inlet of a courts themselves in a handling of a high-profile Sodomy II case.

Above all, it puts upon record a long-held suspicion of how dirty governing body is in Malaysias ruling UMNO party, to a border which white can be incited to black as well as vice-versa but conscience or apply oneself for a truth, probity as well as a adults wishes.

The Malaysian Opposition Leaders matter from a wharf mirrors a a single Nelson Mandela made in a famous Rivonia uncover hearing of 1963 under a afterwards South African apartheid regime. The position taken by Anwar as well as Mandela prior to him in creation an matter from a wharf is a direct criticism against a disaster of a probity of law in ensuring a suspect would be given a fair trial. It affords insurance to a accused especially those concerned in a politically encouraged hearing such as Sodomy II.

Anwar knew full well which a matter from a wharf would lift less weight as distant as a judge is concerned, compared! to a si ngle made under oath in a acknowledgement s! tand. Th e charge cannot subject his words as it is not a sworn statement, which it would be if it came from a acknowledgement box. It authorised Anwar Ibrahim to definitely state a events which led to him being arrested as well as charged for Sodomy II, but a inserted questioning by a charge team.

The shutting matter by Anwar Ibrahim is telling, This complete process is zero but a swindling by Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak to send me in to domestic oblivion by attempting once again to put me during a back of bars. I, therefore, acknowledgement which we have no self-assurance whatsoever which probity will prevail in these proceedings in spite of a valiant efforts made by my defence team. As we have pronounced during a outset, this is not a rapist trial. It is a sham staged by a powers which be to put me out of action in order which they sojourn in power.

The Najib-Mahathir Conundrum as well as Malotts Bombshell

The upon top of end by Anwar Ibrahim foreshadows a matter by former American ambassador to Malaysia John Malott, who upon celebration of a mass Anwars comments decided to speak up. In his article to Malaysia Chronicle, he decided to dump a bombshell:

In 1998 Rohana joined me for a in isolation one-on-one luncheon during a Ambassadors residence. It was during a time when Anwar was starting to plea Mahathir, subtly but still obviously. Rohana told me which Najib as well as Anwar had reached a tip agreement. When Mahathir was gone, Anwar would be PM as well as Najib would be Deputy PM. That was a deal. That never happened, of course. When a going got tough, Najib stood by, as well a! s let An war go to jail. Rohana Mahmood was as well as still is a single Najibs most trusted advise! rs.

< p>So, was there a tip agreement in between Anwar Ibrahim as well as Najib Razak in 1998? That Najib would be Deputy Prime Minister in a event Anwar was Prime Minister after their Wawasan 2020 group successfully challenged afterwards prime minister Mahathir Mohamad for a UMNO presidency? And afterwards what happened later? Did Najib form a new agreement with Mahathir, to Anwar as well as a nations great cost?

This nugget of information from Malott may prove to be a smoking gun which points to a motives during a back of Sodomy II a sum obliteration of Anwar Ibrahim from a Malaysian domestic landscape, in sold from UMNO politics, by Najib. It is a clear bid to remove a domestic rival, in order to safeguard his own survival.

It would additionally explain Najibs passion in saying a end of Anwar Ibrahim when a pressure was seemingly loose during a tenure of Abdullah Badawi when Anwars self-assurance for sodomy was topsy-turvy in 2004. Yet only 3 months after a Oppositions thumping success in 2008, Anwar was arrested again for sodomy by a Najib administration.

Two questions as well as why not an RCI

Najib cannot excuse away his direct involvement in a case, given a complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan paid a revisit to him as well as wife Rosmah Mansor just dual days prior to lodging a police report. This brings in to context a personal inlet of a box brought against Anwar.

Saiful had no motive whatsoever to encounter Najib prior to creation a decision to lodge a police report. Yet, Najib as well as Rosmah agreed to enco! unter hi m as well as this brings in to question, what is a border of Najibs change upon Saiful as well as who else did Najib bring in as advisors to a case? Were former Inspector General of ! Police M usa Hassan as well as ex-Malacca CPO Rodhwan Ismail involved?

Obviously, a stream incident harks back to what Malott suggested in his article to Malaysia Chronicle. Immediately, dual questions spring out. Firstly, will a discuss of a tip agreement be put to Najib Razak when he takes to a acknowledgement box in Sodomy II? Secondly, will Anwars lawyers pull for a fresh Royal Commission of Inquiry in to a Mahathir-Najib conundrum in both sodomy cases or during a really slightest determine if there was indeed high-level government swindling against Anwar Ibrahim, which price him as well as his family 6 years jail-time as well as a nation implausible damage to a image.

Along with a obvious, which Sodomy II is a uncover hearing involving Saiful, Najib, Rosmah as well as most others in a stream establishment, Malaysians would want to know distant gone is a BN government in fixing-up situations as well as domestic rivals so as to achieve a result they instruct rather than what the Rakyat (populace) wants.

Indeed, Najib has a lot to answer for upon a day he takes a mount in a sodomy trial. But then, if guilty, he would have brought it onto himself.

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You've gag enough, Khalid!

It is time to state your mount

Being a Government is about prioritising, balancing a various interests as well as receiving a stand. Unfortunately, that is not happening in Selangor.

Is an inconclusive Government as well as Menteri Besar a picture Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim would like a Hari Raya review upon a review upon Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DMUC) issue by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (

London riots #2

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STOP-PRESS..controversial Sipitang Sport Complex.


IM CURIOUS with the matter made by the Minister of Youth as well as Sport, Datuk Pan (Daily Express 23/08/2011), where he was urging the Sipitang District Council to speed up the processing of commendatory Occupational Certificate (OC), the newly finished RM15million untendered Sport Complex in Sipitang.

The pronounced competition formidable scheduled for execution last Apr this year though delayed, even though the office office building the whole work began given 2008.

Last July the office office building was handed to the Ministry of Youth as well as Sport. However its football field indispensable correct as well as this is not until Sep this year. My query is how could it be handed to the Ministry when there was still work indispensable to be finished as well as ensue with approval?

On tip of that, I'm skeptical as to the bearing of the competition complex.

Situated about 5km from Sipitang town, not so most about the stretch though the location, that is usually behind the SFI factory.

Ppeople here have been usually as well aware of the pungent smell of containing alkali that comes from the SFI factory, whilst usually the few yards away is Sipitang balderdash transfer ground, an eye bruise as well as equally as repulsive as if not worse than that smell of poisonous chemical.

DIRTY. Sipitang Rubbish Dumpi! ng groun d usually next door.

Why did the District Council select this place to bail out balderdash during the first place?

This transfer site is additionally spoiling the strand open space of Sipitang.

I cruise this is bad planning.

As for the utility of the office office building during the impulse it is roughly nil.

The office office building has been lying ideal as well as hunted for sometime. we was sensitive that this in an expectation of 20 years that we wouldn't see most proof in the argument. Im consider most things would shift in 20 years time generally with regards to lack of simplicity on technology. In reduced its uncanny methodology of planning.

As of now there have been no open transports flitting this area -a kind of deserted area.

The usually reason we could consider of why the Sport Complex was built today was for the sake of easy internal politicians who have been in apocalyptic need of plan this is the waste as well as bad management.

- Sabahkini

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DATUK Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, a head of a United Borneo Front (UBF) called on a State Government to strengthen lands in Sabah as well as Native Customary Rights (NCR) as well as to not usually stop further disunion of lands to non-Sabahan locals though additionally to stop taking over local lands for whatever excuses.

Dr. Jeffrey had supported a reasons put forward by a Sedomon family through Nilakrisna James, UBF co-founder as well as granddaughter of OKK Sedomon Bin OKK Gunsanad, who had uttered a Sedomon familys objection to a due takeover of a Sedomon genealogical home in Bingkor to be converted in to a Warisan Budaya by a Jabatan Muzium Sabah.

The claim by her uncle that a house turn a Malaysia Independence House. He pronounced this during a UBF Borneo Tea Party function hosted by Alex Amik held on 19 August 2011 during Kg. Sungoi, Apin-Apin, Bingkor.

Sedomon is a icon of local rights as well as for a Sabah locals he will always, for all time, represent a struggle of a interior locals during a time of a formation of Malaysia where he advocated for local rights as well as liberty so that Sabahs position in this nation will keep locals forward of national development as well as not be wiped out in to reservations if we ever joined Malaya.

To dispossess a Sedomon descendants of their estate as well as omit a provisions in place in their land pretension so as to describe their in isolation skill in to a open skill is an abuse of a law as well as an aspersion to local land rights.

Their views have been paramount as well as a Rumah Besar Sedomon shall keep ! a statel y pretension as well as be allowed to age gracef! ully as a family home so that it will regularly offer as a reminder to this nation of what Sedomon stood for.

If we have been even unable to strengthen an icons domain as well as apply oneself a estate of natives, then it goes without observant that we have been unable to strengthen any local domain in Sabah, Dr. Jeffrey pronounced in his statement.

He additionally settled that while there have been merits to acquiring in isolation properties for open seductiveness a Government contingency additionally apply oneself a inalienable rights of a Natives to in isolation properties as well as a conditions as well as conditions of titles contingency be respected. Such enterprise to turn in isolation domain to open domain contingency not be forced on a owners.

Native land rights as well as NCR remain a cornerstone of what is in a Article 8 of a Malaysia Agreement 1963 as well as a Inter-Governmental Committee Report 1962. The State Government should hold up local rights enshrined in Sedomons Batu Sumpah as well as a law as well as they should not make use of a law to usurp, revoke or change a nature of those rights or ownership.

Private local land owners have a right to secure their tenure as well as in this apply oneself a Land Ordinance should simulate that right. In a benefaction form, even a Land Ordinance Sabah Chap.68 has provisions in Section seventeen to concede local lands to go in to unfamiliar or non-native hands.

Native land tenure should not have these loopholes. If local owners were to benefit from such transactions it would be opposite though in many cases locals have been being taken for a ride as well as they benefit small by relinquishing their local lands in to unfamiliar hands, Dr. Jeffrey stated.

Two alternative locals during a tea celebration complained that their duplicate done multiform years ago for local lands were never ap! proved a s well as that their small lots would be marked down further when sub-divided between many descendants digest destiny local generations potentially landless as well as apropos squatters in their own land.

The St ate Government seems to prioritise tourism developments as well as alternative infrastructure developments when companies as well as non-natives have been alienated lands that should be indifferent for local uses. Instead of local lands benefitting locals in these developments, a companies have been benefiting, that will lead to a eventual erosion of all local lands from local inheritance.

If a State Government as well as State leaders have been unqualified of addressing this problem, we have no preference though to lodge an official complaint to a King who stays a overall guardian of locals in this nation when Malaysia was formed in 1963, Dr. Jeffrey said.

To an additional locals question about opening some of a adjoining timberland pot next to existent local lands, Dr. Jeffrey opined that a State Government should be means to examination a standing of a timberland reserve as well as weigh a needs of a local locals as well as confirm on a land function together with de-gazetting part of a timberland pot for local uses usually instead of a sinful make use of of non-natives or companies for far-reaching scale developments as well as plantations.

He said, Land matters have nothing to do with a Federal Government as well as State leaders contingency think as Sabahans as well as not a stooges of their Federal political parties when making these decisions. The State Government should not simply de-gazette timberland pot for far-reaching scale developments as a protection of a lands as well as environment stays paramount. In this respect, State leaders who simply do this should be questioned by a open as well as be under obligation for their decisions.

These have been a scenarios that Sedomon was fearf! ul of as well as fearing that laws would be abused as well as altered he consecrated that a Batu Sumpah be sworn on using traditional animal sacrifices as well as spiritual ceremonies so that a conditions enshrined in a stone would be sacred as well as protected spiritually. For a natives, a Batu Sumpah is a very significant as well as mystic monument that deserv! es a h ighest apply oneself by leaders in this country, Dr. Jeffrey added.

UBF additionally calls on a State Government to examination all alienated lands especially to companies that have been being doubtful by locals as well as to revoke such alienations as well as to re-alienate such lands to a rightful locals that have been recognized given a British colonial times.

We have already proposed a CINTA SABAH campaign to move Sabahans towards a usual mindset of safeguarding their interests in this State. If we love Sabah, we would quarrel to a end of a earth to strengthen your rights, Dr. Jeffrey concluded.

- Sabahkini

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PM Announces Establishment of RM2bil Fund for Teraju Screened Bumi Companies

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 AUGUST, 2011: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today voiced a establishment of a RM2 billion Facilitation Fund for a use of Bumiputera companies that qualify through Teraju or a Bumiputera Agenda Coordinating Unit. ... Read More


But still Najib might not get to stay upon when a UMNO party elections are hold next year. Some even think he might be pressured to announce a period plan in December, when a party's ubiquitous public is held. ...


Biar betul Azeez ni, dia nak ke Somalia? Tau tak negara tu adalah merupakan negara yang pale bahay dalam dunia selepas Baghdad tau? Isyyy, risau pulak aku, aku dengar ramai jugak yang join. Moh kite baca apa yang ditulis oleh Perak Today:

Misi Bantuan Kemanusiaan Ke Somalia anjuran Kelab Putera 1Malaysia, iaitu misi negara ke-15 yang bakal dijayakan oleh kelab itu disifatkan sebagai paling


Rentetan pendedahan yang dibuat oleh dua orang ahli saintis mengenai isu Lynas baru - baru ni dah membuatkan Si Fuziah 'Reaktor' tu terasa panas punggung dan tak senang duduk.
Bahangnya turut dapat dirasai di laman chatter dimana Si Fuziah dihujani dengan pelbagai soalan dari rakyat mengenai pendedahan yang dibuat oleh dua orang saintis tu.
Dengan 'hashtag' #fuziahtipu, dia mula

Lynas, road accidents and ogres

You have been a encampment leader. If we were truly concerned about a reserve /well-being of your people, what should we do ? There have been actually lot of things which we could do bearing in mind, of course, which your time as well as resources have been likely to be limited. How do we prioritize ?

One great approach to prioritize your efforts is to examine what have been a biggest threats to your people. Determine what causes a biggest threats or risks to your people as well as concentration your courtesy upon it. It is similar to this. Lets say 3 ogres have been approaching your village. The ugly but small Ogre A is able of murdering 1000 people per hour. Ogre B is able of murdering 100 people per hour. The enormous but cute Ogre C is able of murdering usually 10 people per hour. Given which all of us have singular resources, it is flattering viewable which we should concentration upon bringing down Ogre A since which approach we could save a most series of people.

Unfortunately, this is where most leaders mostly fail. Why ? Because most of us have a bent to concentration upon appearing to protect their people from voluptuous threats (i.e. threats which attract media attention, threats which sound scary) even though these threats have been mostly really minor compared to alternative paltry causes which kill most some-more people.

What do we meant by paltry threats ? Road trade accidents. Road accidents kill a lot of people in Malaysia. Lots. But because dont we find politicians or NGOs with placards standing by a roadside demanding improvements in highway safety. Why have been there no facebook campaigns to reduce highway accidents ? Why dont a MCA, PAS, PKR, etc put significant vigour upon a supervision to urge highway reserve ? Why dont these people crash upon a door of a JPJ or Road Safety Department ? Very easy answer! . It is not sexy.

Now, let's look at Kuantan. It is loyal which a Lynas plant po! ses a ce rtain amount of risk to a surrounding population. However if we live in Gebeng, Kuantan, a chances of we failing due to a highway accident is many, many, many, many, many, most times aloft than we failing of cancer due to a Lynas plant. The chances of we failing of food poisoning or mildew due to poor sanitation, choking upon food, have been approach aloft than removing any form of cancer from Lynas or alternative industrial comforts in Gebeng.

Folks, we need to protect a peoples health as well as urge their well-being. The most appropriate approach to do it is to concentration a efforts upon a ugly Ogre A, not a voluptuous Ogre C. Even a simple paltry thing similar to campaigning to urge highway reserve will produce a thousand times some-more benefits than campaigning to stop Lynas. If all a people who have been campainging opposite Lynas have put in a same bid into urge a reserve of a roads, we could have saved a thousand times some-more lives. But then, highway reserve is not really sexy. sigh.

Monyet King says

1. we think most people have been going to hate me for posting this article.

2. Let me also validate by observant thatI have no interest whatsoever in Lynas. we have not worked for them neither do we intend to work for them.

3. Before we go rambling about voluntary as well as contingent risks, a lot of a risks upon a highway have been also involuntary. When we have been walking, when we have been strike by someone else, etc.

< /div>

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Majlis Syura ke Jawatankausa Putarbelit dan Tutup Salah Geraja

Dulu masa kes pemeriksaan Gereja DUMC, Khalid Ibrahim cepat-cepat minta maaf pada Pastor. Dalam isu menggunakan nama Sultan untuk penubuhan Majlis Syura, Khalid juga cepat, bukan cepat minta maaf, tapi cepat turn cerita:

"Dalam satu kenyataan dikeluarkan lewat malam tadi, Sekretariat Akhbar Pejabat Menteri Besar Selangor berkata, kerajaan negeri kesal dengan kekeliruan berhubung penggunaan nama

Selangor Times 26-28 August

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Selangor Times 26-31 August

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Cut the politics, help the people

MTUC calls upon both Pakatan as well as BN to concentration upon creation hold up improved for citizens.

GEORGE TOWN: The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has asked both Barisan Nasional as well as Pakatan Rakyat to revoke their politicking so which they can outlay some-more time trying to make hold up improved for citizens.

Penang MTUC Secretary K Veriah pronounced workers, generally those in a blue-collar category, were struggling against rising costs of vital as well as he feared which things were getting worse right away which there were clearer signs of an imminent global recession.

Veeriah pronounced both BN as well as Pakatan should concentration upon improved delivery systems as well as find ways to revoke wastage.

He praised a Pakatan-led Penang supervision for a welfare programmes as well as welcomed a sovereign governments 1Malaysia Welfare Fund but pronounced these were, at most, stop-gap measures.

He called for a holistic proceed which would take into consideration input from various stakeholders, including MTUC.

Instead of only focusing upon only trying to plug a brain drain, a state as well as sovereign governments should also consider re-employing workers forced to retire since they were past 55 years old, he said.

He also called for a revamp of economic policies to ensure which a nation is not contingent upon imports for such elementary commodities as rice, sugarine as well as wheat.

For decades now, Malaysia has had to import most raw food equipment since a stagnant agriculture zone is incompetent to encounter a demands of a growing population.

The aloft import costs have been upheld upon to consumers.

Furthermore, Veeriah said, those with children were dealing with aloft costs of education, transport as well as h! ealthcar e.

In Penang, a number a single issue is a inability of both a supervision as well as private zone to erect affordable housing, he ! said.

Workers earning reduction than RM1,000 cannot means to buy a home. It is as elementary as that. There must be a mechanism in place, with support from both a sovereign as well as state governments, to yield affordable housing in both urban as well as rural areas.

To compound a misery, Veeriah added, a rise of medical-tourism in Penang had had a effect of raising prices of drug as well as a rates for consultancy as well as treatment.

Veeriah also called upon a state as well as sovereign governments to muster a domestic will to revoke dependence upon foreign workers by reducing reliance upon labour-intensive operations in a services, construction, tillage as well as manufacturing sectors.

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Straight Talk

Chairman Social Care Foundation


1. AG Gani Patail is again courting controversy by the explanation in Malaysia Today, which appeared upon the 24th Aug 2011. If the claim is not entirely investigated, it will be perceived badly by the Rakyat. Malaysia Today constructed documentary justification of what appears to be AG Gani Patail receiving benefit to take sides in the corporate boardroom scuffle in Ho Hup Construction Berhad. Previously, photographs had already flush in various blogs of AG Gani Patail with which companys previous Managing Director, Dato Vincent Lye.

2. This explanation would positively destroy any residual credit left about the AG Chambers. It appears which rapist charge is instituted at the whims as well as fancies of AG Gani Patail not upon the basis of right or wrong though upon competence is right.

3. we have previously criticized AG Gani Patail over his Haj Trip with Tajudin Ramlis proxy, one Shahidan Shafies. Instead of receiving movement opposite AG Gani Patail, alarmingly we was subjected to an evident review by the MACC based upon just the false claim in an anonymous blog. we was afterwards publicly flustered when the MACC Operations Evaluation Panel (OEP) Chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Hadenan Abdul Jalil usually conditionally cleared me. My final for an unconditional as well as unequivocal clearway have yet to embrace any response from the MACC.

4. The invoices, profits as well as coupon shown in Malaysia Today do not require complex forensic accounting. These papers paint the thousand difference of the purported renovation works don! e for AG Tan Sri Ghani Patails b! ungalow at Seremban 2 - Sri Carcosa.

5. These papers consecrate transparent justification of corrupt gratification. The MACC contingency show autonomy as well as bravery by behaving quickly to investigate this matter. To facilitate such an investigation, AG Gani Patail MUST rught away step down. These are transparent stairs which contingency be taken to preserve the firmness of the AG Chamber as well as the Government. Otherwise, the MACC will be regarded as impotent as well as brave not take movement opposite those in the corridors of power.

6. The BN Government of the day, now under the Premiership YAB Dato Sri Najib has to address as well as compromise many issues. This explanation upon AG Gani Patail will positively further disprove YAB Dato Sri Najibs Government. This is really critical more so which this is the month of Ramadan. The Rakyat needs to know as well as positively AG Gani Patail, please kindly illuminate the Rakyat upon the law or differently of this ultimate claim opposite him.

7. Over to MACC. You need to do this review independently, but fear or preference as well as to not be impotent.

8. Lastly, we wish all my Muslim friends the really SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI. Please drive home safely as well as enjoy with your loved ones.


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Fuziah Salleh KANTOI! Ahli PAS dedah isu Lynas satu penipuan

PKR stands by Fuziah in Lynas-TV3 flap

Nurul Izzah pronounced PKRs conflict to a LAMP was not formed solely upon radiation fears. File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug twenty-six PKR stood during a back of Fuziah Salleh currently after a PAS lawmaker attacked a partys Kuantan MP for protesting opposite a building a total of a controversial singular earth plant near a Pahang capital.

Last Wednesday night upon TV3, PASs Hulu Langat MP as good as chief scientist Che Rosli Che Mat accused PKR of spinning a issue for a own benefit, observant he was ashamed that they would resort to arguments with no scientific or educational basis.

BN (Barisan Nasional)s ploy of regulating a Umno-owned TV3 to discredit YB Fuziah Salleh, KeAdilan clamp boss as good as Kuantan MPs relentless debate together with a Anti-Lynas transformation opposite a Lynas Advanced Material Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng, Kuantan, is utterly unfortunate as good as despicable, pronounced PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar in a matter today.

BN resorted to [hiding] during a back of dual chief experts that misrepresented a aims as good as objectives of a Anti-Lynas transformation in order to serve BNs slight as good as divisive political objectives, added a Lembah Pantai MP.

TV3 ran a headlines square by environmental journalist Karam Singh Walia, quoting radiology reserve as good as illness expert Dr Ahmad Termizi Ramlis as good as Che Roslis claims that Fuziah had been dubious a open by comparing a RM700 million refinery being built by Australian miner Lynas Corp to chief facilities.

Nurul Izzah forked out, however, that a Anti-Lynas transformation that is backed by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) did not merely object to a dangers of radioactivity.

On a contrary, a transformation opposed LAMP upon a basement that handling a singular earth refinery in Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Najib Razaks home state brings with it other hazards such as illness as good as envir! onmental repairs that would have dire consequences for a tourism as good as fishing industry, to illustrate a internal manage to buy as a whole. LAMP will be a worlds largest singular earth plant outside China once it operates, she said.

The PKR lawmaker additionally stressed that Zulkefly Mohd Omar, a PAS executive committee part of as good as a Environment Bureau chairman, has released a matter supporting a Anti-Lynas movement.

Fuziah has demanded a retraction as good as an apology from TV3 as good as additionally internal rival Datuk Ti Lian Ker, who is Kuantan MCA chief, for alleged insulting remarks done opposite her.

Pahang PAS has additionally called for a federal care to transport up Che Rosli to explain his sudden coming out upon a Umno-owned broadcaster.

Fuziah pronounced in a matter earlier currently that Che Rosli was only vocalization in conditions of radiological hazards, since she as good as a residents living around a plant in a Gebeng industrial zone have consulted during least 6 experts in fields such as open health, chemical engineering, chief production as good as environmental law.

The examination led by a International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) put brazen 11 recommendations for Lynas to encounter prior to beginning operations that have been adopted by Putrajaya.

But Lynas has denied reports that a brand new conditions set by a government will delay a plant by up to dual years, insisting that it remains upon track to proceed operations as good as complete phase one of a plant by a end of 2011.

The Australian mining hulk has pronounced that a plant that would extract singular earth metals consequential for high-technology products similar to smartphones, hybrid cars as good as wind turbines would create a RM4 billion multiplier effect annually as good as 350 jobs for learned workers.

Although reports contend a plant may consequence RM8 billion for Lynas, critics subject a genuine mercantile good of a project, indicating to a 12-year taxation! mangle a Australian miner will suffer due to a pioneer status.


Aku sebenarnya malas nak campur hal urusan UMNO Kedah ni. Bukannya pasal apa, nanti ada pulak orang marah. Tapi aku dah berbulu telinga bila dihadap dengan cerita-cerita UMNO Kedah. Jadi, kalau ada mana-mana orang UMNO Kedah yang sakit hati dengan posting aku ni, korang tak payahlah baca. Tutup mata dan hiduplah dengan alam fantasi macam yang duk buat sekarang ini.

Ketua UMNO Bahagian Padang

Malaysian Insiders pula kena saman

Samada secara terancang atau kebetulan, satu demi satu fitnah dan putarbelit pembangkang membawa mereka ke muka pengadilan. Ini agak ketara selepas kejayaan Dato Seri Rais Yatim memenangi saman terhadap seorang blogger.

Baru-baru ini UMNO Selangor telah menyaman Setiausaha Agung PAS, Mustafa Ali kerana menuduh UMNO terlibat dalam siasatan JAIS terhadap GMDU.

Ekoran itu, dipercayai Kementeriaan