10 sebab Anwar tidak layak jadi PM

1. Sokong Israel2. Bantuan asing (kini terbukti SUARAM)3. Anwar pluralisme Islam4. Buku Jingga manifesto akan rosakkan ekonomi negara5. Tiada kabinet bayangan. Siapa Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Kewangan?6. Sokong LGBT yang hukum haram7. Pembohongan 916 satu politik yang amat besar8. Mahu jatuhkan kerajaan guna demonstrasi jalanan ... Tahril Square9. Video China doll tulin dan Anwar tak

PM says BN has brought good changes for Malaysia

SIBU, Sept 16 Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pronounced currently Malaysia certainly welcomed change, but shift which was well-structured, organised as well as one after another as well as not disorganized as well as chaotic.

We wish shift which can move a genuine shift as well as genuine progress, not one which is disorganized as well as chaotic, he pronounced during a ground-breaking for Sarawaks latest university, a Sarawak University College of Technology, during Old Airport Road, here.

Najib (picture) pronounced there were people who preached about bringing shift to a nation with a next general election.

Solely for a consequence of winning votes, they will guarantee a people a sun, a moon as well as even a entire universe system.

But, it is a Barisan Nasional supervision which has finished so most in bringing about change, as well as even folks in our farming areas are enjoying a great change.

We will do some-more for a future since it is a long-term process as well as cannot be finished in a jiffy. We will deliver what we have promised, he said.

Najib pronounced a supervision did not need any newcomer or any Johnny-come-lately to move about shift in a country.

He pronounced which in Sarawak, for instance, a BN supervision had finished really well since it had a genuine partnership in between a sovereign as well as state levels.

Our partnership functions since we come from a same family as well as this will ensure our success.

We wish some-more growth as well as penglikun (security, in Iban) for a some-more comfortable as well as improved life for a people, he said. Bernama


A search for the truth: Sabahans not cheated by the federal govt - MP Kota Belud

A search for a truth: Sabahans not deceived by a federal govt - MP Kota Belud
OF all a paintings on a walls of my house, there is a single that always steals my attention. It is a historic image of Sept 16, 1963 captured in a old-fashioned black-and-white style. It is a a single where a nation's fathers of autonomy -- Tun Fuad Stephens, Tun Datu Mustapha Harun as well as Tun Abdul Razak Hussein -- stood together on a lectern in downtown Kota Kinabalu to chaperon in a birth of a brand new republic called Malaysia.
History was done that day when thousands of joyous Sabahans listened attentively as Tun Fuad Stephens (then well well known as Donald Stephens) held up a corkscrew as well as recited a Proclamation of Malaysia.
However, to infuse a dash of surrealism to a image, there is a phony superimposed image of a child in hip-hop clothing, pulling a breakdance pierce subsequent to where a first fathers stood.
If we look closely, we can see a weary eyes of a 3 Tuns bound on a boy. Their facial expressions locked in dishonesty as well as trepidation that a single day, a destiny generation of Malaysians -- as represented by a boy's image -- will not understand a significance of a independence.
That hypothetical child in a portrayal could really well be any a single of us today. Take for e.g. a explain by sure people that Sabah is supposed to be a single of 4 (not just a single of a fourteen states) in a association of Malaysia.
They explain Sabah had been deceived out of this in front of for a final 49 years. It is a really critical allegation, a single that questions a really need of a nation's existence.
Let's find! a law b y examining historical papers relevant to a arrangement of Malaysia. These include, between others, a 20-Points Document, a Malaysian Solidarity as well as Consultative Committee Report, a Cobbold Commission Report, a Inter-Governmental Committee Report, Hansard reports (on a Malaysia debate both in a Malayan as well as British Parliaments), a Malaysia Agreement 1963 as well as a Proclamation of Malaysia document.
Together with Tunku Abdul Rahman's as well as Lee Kuan Yew's autobiographies, these papers give us a better perspective of a resources that led to a arrangement of Malaysia in 1963. They recount a state of affairs in Southeast Middle East in a 50s as well as 60s, generally in terms of security as well as a uncertain destiny that a leaders had to understanding with.
we yield some excerpts of a papers as well as agreements below. Judge for yourself if a evidence that Sabah was meant to be a single of 4 part of states of a newly formed Malaysia Federation holds any water.
Malaysia Agreement
Article we of a agreement crystallised Sabah's standing within Malaysia. It reads: "The Colonies of North Borneo as well as Sarawak as well as a State of Singapore shall be federated with a existent States of a Federation of Malaya as a States of Sabah, Sarawak as well as Singapore in suitability with a inherent instruments annexed to this Agreement as well as a Federation shall afterward be called "Malaysia".
Proclamation of Malaysia
The final paragraph reads: "... that Malaysia comprising a States of Pahang, Trengganu, Kedah, Johore, Negri Sembilan, Kelantan, Selangor, Perak, Perlis, Penang, Malacca, Singapore, Sabah as well as Sarawak shall by a Grace of God, a Lord of a Universe, forever be an independent as well as emperor approved State founded on autocracy as well as justice".
The Inter-Governmental Committee Report
Partly set up to work out a inherent arrangements of Malaysia, a cabinet remained steadfast on Sabah being a single of a fourteen states of a Federation around point 10 of Chapter II (Establishment of The Federation of Malaysia).
"The Federation will consist of a States of a existent Federation of Malaya, Sabah (at benefaction well well known as North Borneo), Sarawak as well as Singapore... The name of a Federation shall be Malaysia."
Malaysia Act 1963
Section 4, Part II (The States of a Federation) states: "...that a Federation shall be known, in Malay as well as English, by a name Malaysia. The States of a Federation shall be -- (a) a states of Malaya, namely, Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Selangor as well as Trengganu; as well as (b) a Borneo States, namely, Sabah as well as Sarawak; as well as (c) a State of Singapore".
As an MP from Sabah, we would gladly as well as readily determine if Sabah was to be a single out of 4 tools of Malaysia. Unfortunately, a papers above obviously settled otherwise.
They have been part of story that were extensively argued as well as subsequently agreed upon, drafted as well as jointly signed by Sabah leaders of a time.
- New Straits Times
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For young Malay couples, an increasingly high price to getting wed

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept sixteen At first glance, Amran (not his genuine name), 26, is only an ordinary immature male vital with his mother of a year during a Vista Angkasa apartments in suburban Kuala Lumpur.
But Amran lives under a shadow of an RM25,000 debt as well as is all a time hounded by Ah Longs a name given to bootleg moneylenders in Malaysia who offer present loans during cutthroat seductiveness rates.
"I don't have most options," pronounced Amran who earns a small RM1,500 as a bureau supervisor in Petaling Jaya.
"Each month more than half of my compensate goes to servicing debts. It's because my wife's family set her bridal gift during RM12,000 as she is a internal university diploma hilt as well as along with a matrimony as well as kenduri costs, it all came up to RM25,000.
"With my income of RM1,500 after deducting lease as well as car instalments, you can't afford to be in which most debt," Amran said.
Malay-Muslim convention in Malaysia dictates dual kinds of matrimony dowries a "mas kahwin" as well as "hantaran perkahwinan".
Mas kahwin prices in Malaysia have been bound by internal state religious departments. It is compulsory in Islam for a male to compensate bridal gift to a woman upon entering marriage.
Hantaran, upon a alternative hand, is a convention as well as technically optional.
These bride prices have been increasingly saying immature Malay couples streamer to a matrimony dais shackled by debt as they struggle to understanding with a rising vital costs.
While a economy grew during a surprising gait of 5.4 per cent in a second quarter, floating away economists' expectations as well as potentially giving rise to a feel-good factor forward of a general election, most immature Malaysians especially those vital ! in a Kla ng Valley have been finding it increasingly tough to save income or have any kind of domicile disposable income.
Malaysia's surprisingly clever second-quarter economic expansion notwithstanding weakening exports was mostly due to a aegis of ongoing building a whole projects as well as increased spending attributed to polite menial income hikes as well as government money handouts, say economists, which could indicate to uneven expansion in a months ahead.
"Hantaran is what is most fatiguing about marriage," pronounced another immature Malay, Azri Mukhris, 27, shortly to wed this year-end.
Like Amran, Azri feels caught in a identical trap. He pronounced which he as well as his fiance have had to tighten their belts since last year only to have sure they could afford to get tied together prior to a year is out.
This is due to societal vigour which leads to family groups environment tall bridal gift prices, he said.
"During a merisik ceremony, you talked about a amount of hantaran; as my partner has a science degree, a bridal gift is higher.
"That was why, similar to it or not, you had to scrimp as well as save only so a matrimony could occur by year-end," he said.
When asked how most he paid as hantaran, Azri was demure to exhibit a sum matrimony costs.
"Getting tied together requires all sorts of committments together with mortgages, car payments, personal loans for a matrimony as well as after preparing for a bieing born of children.
"That's not even counting a price of bringing them up as well as their schooling" pronounced Azri.
Financial problems as well as tall costs of vital have been identified as a categorical means of early divorces in a inhabitant capital.
Federal Territories Islamic Affairs executive Datuk Che Mat Che Ali pronounced a reason immature couples next a age of 30 divorce early is because they were ill-prepared to shoulder a weight! of envi ronment up a household, especially when it came to finances.
In most cases, they were immature couples who had newly moved to Kuala Lumpur.
These couples, a husbands in particular, Che Mat opined, were not yet financially secure as well as shortly found tall vital costs in a city to have exceeded their earnings.
However, a Islamic affairs executive told Malay dailyBerita Harianin an talk progressing this month which divorces available in a sovereign territory have gone down significantly with only 64 cases this year up to July as compared to 1,828 cases during a same period last year.
Che Mat pronounced which an estimated 20,000 couples got tied together each year as well as about half of which figure being immature couples.
The first seven years have been a most critical, with nearly twenty-eight per cent of divorces function in which period, he said, with most of those divorces involving couples elderly 30 as well as below.
Statistics from a National Population as well as Family Development Institute uncover a dump in divorce numbers in 2011 with 27,355 cases compared to 28,035 box in 2010.
But according to Deputy Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim, a rate is still worrying notwithstanding a 2.5 per cent drop.
She pronounced which Selangor available a top numbers of divorces with 4,409 cases followed by Johor (3,021) as well as Kelantan (2,429).
When asked byThe Malaysian Insider, Dr Mashitah pronounced there were most factors at a back of because immature adults face difficulties when getting married, finale up divorcing, with one reason being a pricey hantaran.
"In Islam, mahar (hantaran) is not a must, though because there have been those looking status, by marrying a rich, a fam! ous, thu s hantaran prices soar.
"I don't determine with environment tall mahar as in Islam, a critical thing is easing a process.
"This is because matrimony is to sanctify relations in between partners, as well as if you have it hard, ills similar to premarital sex will run rampant," Dr Mashitah told The Malaysian Insider.
She pronounced which a bridal gift prices set by state religious departments have been already really low so as to be accommodating.
"But a woman's family set tall prices, which become a interruption to marriage," she said.
"Family members should assimilate a couples have been only starting their lives, though some of them not only expect tall dowries though which a couple support their siblings as well.
"Parents shouldn't dump their responsibilites onto their newly tied together young kids as they have been only starting out as well as have little saved up.
Hadzrien (not his genuine name) 26, divorced his wife, who is three years his junior, due to monetary problems.
"My ex-wife as well as you got tied together only a year ago though tall matrimony costs as well as monetary problems as well as an costly loan forced me to divorce her.
"I have attempted to be frugal, though a tall costs of city vital made it impossible to support her financially so you decided to divorce.
The RM20,000 loan he took to finance a matrimony was too difficult to compensate off, he said, to a indicate he had to sell his Proton Satria.
"Despite a divorce, you still have to compensate off a loan for a hantaran.
"Getting tied together is supposed to be a beautiful thing, though because of a loan as well as a tall seductiveness incurred only to compensate hantaran, it is now a scandal of my life."
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BN has shown it cares, Najib tells Sarawak voters

Najib (centre) pronounced he has authorized RM2.3 billion worth of projects for Sarawak in his time as PM. File pic
SIBU, Sept 15 Datuk Seri Najib Razak pronounced tonight a sovereign supervision understands a need to appreciate Sarawak's aspiration, interests as well as sensitivities by working together as "one Malaysia as well as a single family".
The prime apportion pronounced he was pleased with a await received from Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud as well as a state supervision inside of a framework of a constitution.
"We assimilate each other as well as you assimilate which you need to appreciate Sarawak's aspiration, interests as well as sensitivities, as well as at [the] same time, a Sarawak people assimilate which by being part of a bigger family as well as by being part of Malaysia, you stand to benefit most some-more than ever before," he pronounced when in attendance a dinner with leaders of a Barisan Nasional (BN) member parties, tuai rumah as well as Sibu, Lanang as well as Sarikei community leaders here.
"This is what you want as a nation. Let us work together as a single Malaysia as well as a single family," he said, adding which a Barisan Nasional supervision had proven to a people of Sarawak which it cared for them.
He pronounced a 342 one more sovereign projects worth RM2.32 billion which had been authorized for Sarawak given he took over a premiership was indicative of a sincerity which it had, which was also really critical in judging a politicians, such as by their deeds as well as action. Bernama
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For the wingman of No 12 Sqn

Tally Ho! Thank you. Read More @ Source

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DANCING.....Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman dancing a Sumazau. His deputy, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, is during a back of him.

SABAH Chief Minister Musa Aman dancing a Sumazau. His deputy, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, is during a back of him.

"Sabah is a colourful melting pot of cultures"

Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman has taken offence during an essay in an antithesis blog which insults a Sumazau, a bird-like dance of a state's inland Kadazandusuns as well as Muruts to applaud a rice harvest.
"The Sabah state government will not endure insults to informative heritage," he pronounced in a matter by his press office today.

He was responding to an conflict over a Monday essay written in Malay patrician "Sumazau dance for people with low morals" published on Suara Pakatan Rakyat, a pro-opposition party blog. The post has given been removed as well as a Parti Keadilan Rakyat has denied any couple to it.

"I stick on a snub voiced by a people of Sabah against any slurs to our enlightenment by irresponsible parties with greedy or antagonistic agendas," he said. "We will not endure such disrespect for our informative values. Those who have no respect for our informative values have been not acquire here."

Musa pronounced Sabahans have been unapproachable of their informative diversity. There have been 32 racial groups, together with Bajaus, Suluks, Chinese as well a! s Indian s, in a state which he pronounced is "a colourful melting pot of cultures."

"Many families, together with mine, have members which have been of a opposite competition as well as religion," he said. "We have been one large family in Sabah." (Insight Sabah)

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Hari Malaysia 916: Hari peringati Anwar pembohong

Oh Malaysia

On this arise of Malaysia Day today, here is Anneke Gronloh performing Oh Malaysia.
Thanks to blog readerSukuwho sent in the shave with this message:
I am attaching the pleasing strain which is most good in conjunction with Malaysia Day. The paradox as well as irony about this strain is which it was sung by the non-Malaysian, Aneke Gronloh, in 1963 the year Malaysia was formed ensuing in the Confrontation period. Aneke is Indonesian by bieing born but migrated to Holland.
From Youtube
ANNEKE GRONLOH had the large Dutch hit jot down in "Brandend Zand" in 1962. To build on the recognition of her "Asmara" as well as "Bengawan Solo" in South East Middle East in the early 60s, Anneke took the same low-pitched arrangement as well as recorded "Oh Malaya." 1963 saw the origination of the new country called Malaysia, made up of formerly British-governed Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak as well as Sabah. "Oh Malaya" was fast changed to "Oh Malaysia," as well as this strain helped to foster the new as well as flourishing national pride of the new Malaysians. (This video was taken in 2000.)
On the seaside over the tropical sea
You will mount to acquire me
On the seaside underneath the sky so blue
All my dreams at final will come true
Oh Malaysia, land of glory
Where we found my heart's loyal love
In the night so comfortable as well as tender
With the moon as well as stars above
- anilnetto
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Sumber : .

The Sultan of Johor's future son-in-law tweets which a Palace will not give a blessing if a Pakatan Rakyat manage to regain a Johor State administration. The on top of twitter claims so.


If it is PAKATAN RAKYAT, then no one will be able to STOP them. The Federal Constitution is very transparent on this matter - "the party which gains a majority, rules".

source : manjongmari.blog
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GE13 determines survival of Malays, says Najib - Malaysia Kini

Malaysia Kini

GE13 determines survival of Malays, says Najib
Malaysia Kini
The Umno boss pronounced a Malays should realise that as a backbone of a BN, Umno would be means to continue a struggle of a Malays as well as Islam. "The antithesis is fragile, they do not have a same ideology. In Barisan Nasional, Umno is a ...

Facing bird's nest protest, Noh Omar offers lunch

Breaking divided from his normal of snubbing dissent, Agriculture as well as Agro-based Industry Minister Noh Omar today invited to lunch protesters dissapoint with a government's doing of a bird's nest industry.

lunch noh omar as well as ng suee lim bird's nest protestHowever, with his call in as well as in front of his supporters, he launched a tirade opposite Sekinchan state assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim, a personality of a criticism group.

Some 500 protesters had incited up in front of Noh's service centre in Tanjung Karang during around 11am today, to find which a minister was hosting a Hari Raya open house for local contractors.
When contacted, Ng of a DAP, pronounced he was astounded to find Noh Omar already waiting for them.

ng suee lim in bird's nest protest"We had unfurled banners to criticism as well as afterwards Umno representatives came up to us from opposite a travel as well as asked us to send representatives to stick upon a lunch," he said.

Once their safety was guaranteed during their request, Ng accompanied by four others went to Noh's open house tents where they handed over a chit to him.

A bird's nest rancher deputy was handed a microphone to read out their point-by-point demand.
Loudspeaker comes in handy
"But after that, Noh took back a microphone as well as spoken which because of us, h! e was fo rced to surprise Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin which he had to be absent from a Selayang Umno deputy assembly this morning.

"He afterwards made a point-by-point rebuttal of a chit as well as accused me of politicising a matter," he said.

NONENg, (left) who was after authorised to verbalise denied playing politics, observant which a corner for exporting bird's nest to China had persisted for over a year as well as he had only recently taken up a make a difference when it remained unresolved.

"And afterwards Noh became angry as well as took a microphone back, observant which we did not assimilate a complaint as well as attacked me for exposing theprawn farmcontroversy opposite him," he said.

This led to a moving incident with minor pushing between criticism representatives as well as Noh's supporters though a little 50 military officers present there fast stepped in.

"The military pronounced since we have handed over a memorandum, we should leave.
"We have been thankful which Noh was peaceful to wait for us as well as meet us though we have been dissapoint during a way he treated with colour us as well as lifted his voice during us," he said.
When diplomacy, politics do not mix
The bird's nest attention was strike tough when China halted imports of Malaysian bird's nest last year upon finding which a level of nitrite in a products was over its authorised limit.

NONEChina also has impos! ed a rul e upon a bird's nest, requiring a little form of marker complement verifying which they were genuinely from Malaysia as well as not transited from other countries.

Following this, a supervision introduced air wave magnitude marker (RFID) tags, sparking fierce opposition from birds' nest farmers.

The farmers explain which a RFID complement was too dear as well as engaged to associate companies for implementation.

Some 800 bird's nest farmers had upon Jul 22protestedover a make a difference as well as have been expected to hold another in Penang tomorrow.
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Add one more crime to disturbing statistics: Aliran office broken into

P Ramakrishnan Immediate past boss Aliran fifteen September 2012 At around 9.00am upon Tuesday, eleven September 2012, we detected which a Aliran bureau had been broken into. The perpetrators had gained entry from a behind apportionment of a office building by a window by stealing a grille. They unbarred a wooden door from within a belligerent [...] ... Read More

Arrests made over defiled pics of Pakatan leaders, says minister

KUALA LIPIS, Sept 15 Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein today voiced the arrests of several people who allegedly stomped as well as urinated upon photographs of PAS Spiritual Leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat as well as Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.
"Let the military conduct the investigation. No one will escape the law, whoever which might be," he told reporters after opening the Lipis Umno Division representatives meeting, here.
After the military investigation, it would be left to the Attorney-General's Chambers either to take to court them or not, Hishammuddin (picture) said.
He additionally said which several people incarcerated underneath the Internal Security Act (ISA) had been expelled before Aidilfitri final month.
"The recover of the superfluous detainees is underneath consideration, after it has been dynamic which they are no longer the hazard to the confidence of the country," he said.
The recover of the detainees follows the due key of the new law to reinstate the repealed ISA. Bernama
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Your survival at risk in GE, Najib warns Malays

Malays would find themselves in a parsimonious mark but Umno in power, Najib said. File pic
PEKAN, Sept 15 The 13th ubiquitous choosing is not an ordinary election. Instead, it will establish a presence of a Malays, pronounced Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
The Umno boss pronounced Malays should realize that as a fortitude of a Barisan Nasional (BN), Umno would be means to continue a onslaught of a Malays as well as Islam.
"The antithesis is fragile, they do not have a same ideology. In Barisan Nasional, Umno is a backbone. In a opposition, who is a backbone? Is it PAS, DAP or PKR?
"PKR is weak, if they come together, DAP boasts some-more seats. Can a Malays rest upon DAP?
"DAP has never been happy with a in front of of a Malays as well as Muslims. Look at Perak's experience," he added.
"Their (DAP's) sentiments have been not similar to ours. This is not about winning or losing, this is a question of a presence of a Malays.
"If you want to maintain a fortitude of a government, have sure Umno wins," he pronounced when shutting a Pekan Umno multiplication delegates' meeting here today.
Najib, who is additionally Pekan Umno multiplication chief, pronounced Malays as well as Umno members should combine in confronting hurdles in a ubiquitous election.
If a current supervision were replaced, Malays would find themselves in a formidable position, he added.
Najib pronounced hence, Umno members contingency make firm unity as well as avoid violation up, let alone after possibilities for a ubiquitous choosing were announced.
Umno members contingency not concede themselves to be separate into factions, what some-more after a possibilities have been announced, he said, adding that a party's onslaught was some-more critical tha! n indivi dual pursuit. Bernama
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A Strange World Of Skewed Perspectives And Ethnocentrism

When the organisation of armed forces veterans conducted boundary exercises outward Ambiga's house, citing it as the approved right, it hurt most of the same people. On the alternative hand, most pro-government supporters shielded the armed forces veterans' actions though were hurt by the girl who "defiled" cinema of Najib as well as his wife. What is the difference? Skewed perspective?

Mohd Ikhram Merican
you was delighted to review RPK's recent blog post entitled "It's Only Symbolic." Underlying his sarcasm is the complaint which Malaysia, no, most of the total universe is succumbing to. It is the complaint of lopsided perspectives, ethnocentrism, as well as the lack of empathy.

In part, the tellurian media, only like the Malaysian mainstream media has turn the big promotion apparatus which shapes how you think as well as how you conflict to the environment. On the alternative hand, you have turn babies:
  • functioning by pure emotion, and
  • accepting indiscriminate anything as well as all manufactured by the powers which be; governments, politicians (opposition as well as otherwise), religious bigots as well as "experts" included.
The outcome is the really widely separated world, as well as upon the micro level, the widely separated Malaysia.

Is mooning as well as stepping upon images of the Prime Minister as well as his mother publicly the approved right? Certainly there have been more cool ways to express one's approved right. Granted, rapist action opposite the perpetrators is oppressive though it surprises me which the! signifi cant number of people acquit this behavior as the approved right. Is this how you want the girl to express themselves?

When the organisation of armed forces veterans conducted boundary exercises outward Ambiga's house, citing it as the approved right, it hurt most of the same people. On the alternative hand, most pro-government supporters shielded the armed forces veterans' actions though were hurt by the girl who "defiled" cinema of Najib as well as his wife. What is the difference? Skewed perspective?

Our horse opera preparation teaches us which you should request oneself the rights of every individual. A great apportionment of us will defend LGBT rights citing approved beliefs as well as ideas such as "consenting adults" as well as "individual freedom". Yet, the same beliefs do not request to people who practice polygamy with consensus in between the wives. In this case, with regard to individual freedoms do not apply. Skewed perspective?

In Malaysia, the domestic tsunami of 2008 has lopsided perspectives to the extent which you have been incompetent to look during issues with clarity. These days all is widely separated along domestic lines. It is alright for Anwar Ibrahim to inspire party hopping though outrageous for Najib to do it. It is okay for hooligans to set-up stalls outward Ambiga's residence though it is sickening for Malaysians to direct giveaway as well as satisfactory elections.

If you lack the majority to be perceptive as well as to stand joined upon issues affecting equity for all Malaysians regardless of domestic affiliation, afterwards maybe you have been not ready for democracy.

Globally, the unfortunate events of 911 has also lopsided perspectives. The fear of militant attacks have justified undemocratic laws as well as practices. America's war upon apprehension has most the times openly disregarded all the ideals which! it was founded on. However, in the interest of open safety, the evidence goes, it is sometimes required to disregard human rights as well as justice. If you applied reasoning, as well as empathy, you would see this for what it is hogwash.

Thanks to technology, the universe is now metaphorically smaller. We have been the big tellurian village. Yet, you have turn really ethnocentric. Groups like Perkasa flourish in this side of the tellurian village. And thoughts you, only since there have been no central Chinese as well as Indian equivalents do not meant which extreme ethnocentrism is absent from the non-Malay population. you have American as well as European acquaintances who have been no opposite either.

Ethnocentrism is the action of "judging an additional culture only by the values as well as standards of one's own culture" (Source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnocentrism).The ethnocentric highway does not lead to toleration as well as understanding. It breeds contempt, feelings of superiority, as well as animosity.

The fact of the matter is which you have been done up of opposite cultures, religions, as well as classes. In the not as big world, you have been starting to come into hit with the incomparable variety of people. If you have been incompetent to shed the ethnocentric prejudices, it will be formidable to live peaceably wherever you might be.

It is unhappy which most of the mainstream religionists of my faith, Islam, offer no constructive resolution to living in the plural society. It is equally unhappy which most non-Muslims choose to classify Muslims in general. But do you need "experts" to discuss it us how to live harmoniously? Is the amicable contract starting to be the basis of how you "tolerate" the single another? After 55 years of autonomy in Malaysia, is which the best you (from all races! ) can do tolerate any other?

you would like to think which living harmoniously comes naturally to all of us. Look during little children. They could not caring less about the religion, culture, or background of their friends. No the single has to "teach" them how to co-exist. Perhaps you can unpack all the amicable baggage you have accumulated by observing little children. Perhaps you should not have to wait for supervision as well as politicians to repair things. Perhaps the Malaysia as well as universe you crave for is the preference you have to make, not by the list box alone, though by unwavering bid upon the part.

Most religions as well as cultures offer the usual solution, the single which the "experts" do not take heedfulness to disseminate. It is referred to as the Golden Rule. You can find it in the Quran, the Bible, the Mahabharata, as well as Buddhism to name the few. It states, "One should provide others as the single would like others to provide oneself."

If you can take heedfulness to live by this code, you would not need to wait for the Malaysia which respects all religions as well as races. If you could particularly adhere to this, the universe would not be such the bizarre as well as widely separated place. Until you have been peaceful to levy this rule upon ourselves really strictly, you might not be which serious about the better Malaysia or the better world.
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Muhyiddin hints at problems in regaining Selangor

The Umno No 2 says infighting could harm BN's bid to recapture a Pakatan Rakyat-controlled state
SELAYANG: Umno emissary boss Muhyiddin Yassin currently hinted which drawn out infighting in Selangor could harm a party's aim to recapture a Pakatan Rakyat-controlled state in a arriving polls.
The emissary budding apportion claimed scandals in a country's most industrialised state meant it is developed for a taking, though a statute bloc appears to be slow to feat as factionalism continues to disease a Selangor chapter.
"I hold a incident is in our favour which you can convince voters which a Pakatan care is not serving a people well," he pronounced prior to some 800 Umno members here, indicating to some of a state's problems similar to a water fiasco as well as sand mining scandals
"But are you ready (to recapture Selangor)?" he asked in an strong anxiety to a a single after another split within a Selangor ranks.
Umno as well as a allies in Barisan Nasional will shortly face a single of a toughest elections nonetheless though as polls near, both Muhyiddin as well as his boss Najib Tun Razak have repeatedly hinted during drawn out internal divisions.
It is often mentioned in speeches job for members not to harm candidates as well as reminded them which a 13th ubiquitous election will be Umno's survival conflict as antithesis influence continues to rise.
Cracks in a statute party was pronounced to be a single of a pass reasons at the back of a jot down losses in a 2008 elections where BN mislaid a parliamentary supermajority as well as 5 states.
! Muhyidd in pronounced currently a same complaint may harm Umno's chances in a polls as well as notwithstanding pledges to stop as well as unite as polls near, signs of groups remain a problem.
"When I encounter multiplication chiefs as well as deputies, they contend all is well as well as even shook hands with any other during Hari Raya. But I give them only a single hour, as well as after 5 minutes they explode," he said.
The Umno No2 afterwards cited a mislaid of a Selayang chair as an example. BN won two out of three state seats here though mislaid a federal seat. The party's Selayang section after admitted which this was caused by sabotage.
Muhyiddin, however, pronounced he as well as Najib have worked tough to encounter as well as rectify problematic groups as well as urged members to certitude their care upon a candidacy.
Umno has nonetheless to finalise a candidates list for a polls which could be linked to factionalism. Party sources told FMT which this was a only reason at the back of Najib's move to delay polls. He was rumoured to have eyed for an progressing date.
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Aliran office broken into: Laptops of key writers taken

Aliran bureau damaged into: Laptops of key writers taken
At around 9.00am upon Tuesday, eleven Sep 2012, you discovered which a Aliran bureau had been damaged into. The perpetrators had gained entry from a back portion of a building by a window by removing a grille.
They unlocked a wooden doorway from within a belligerent building as well as proceeded to a initial floor. They prised open a secured wooden doorway a upper story as well as entered a initial floor.
The building wasn't ransacked; nothing was strewn upon a floor. They did a very neat job. According to a carpenter who came after to repair as well as repair a damage, these culprits had to be professionals because they did not means severe repairs to gain entry. He also revealed which his boss' house was damaged in to dual months ago. He mislaid 3 laptops as well as cash.
Coincidence or not, a struggle will go on
The detriment which you discovered was extraordinary as well as rather startling. The notebook belonging to a current boss of Aliran (Francis Loh) was stolen. The mechanism set as well as a printer belonging to a evident past boss (P Ramakrishnan) were stolen. The mechanism set used by a treasurer (Anil Netto) was also stolen. All these have been old computers. But not often dual alternative computers used by a clerk were left behind! There was also RM26.90 in a single of a drawers but this was not touched.
We finished a military inform as well as were told to go back as well as wait for a single Sergeant Karim who would investigate as well as take a matter from us. Sergeant Karim came sometime after informing us which he was dur! ing a Je lutong Secondary School rught divided at a back of a Aliran bureau investigating another break-in there. We were informed which burglars had carted divided mechanism equipment (laptop, projector) as well as money from a school.
The military dusted a Aliran bureau for finger prints without success, took pictures of a mangle in as well as took a statement. They were of a opinion which a burglars could have left to a propagandize after a Aliran break-in.
Cash-strapped as you are, you feel a monetary aria outset from a detriment of a computers. But you have been no foreigner to this situation. We have regularly been struggling upon a shoe-string budget. The struggle will continue.
Crime incidence disturbing, military used as political tools
Much has been said about a rebate in crime rates to assure a populace which a security incident in a nation is improving. Statistics have been trotted out to convince Malaysians which a mending crime incident is no resting talk.
But Malaysians sojourn cynical as well as unconvinced. They listen to of so most crimes receiving place in their community which go unreported. There have been Malaysians who have been demure to make military reports upon a viewed premise which nothing is finished or can be finished to move a culprits to book. They rationalise which it is a rubbish of time reporting.
But it is a fact, it seems, crimes take place upon a every day basis across a country. People no longer feel safe. The fright is regularly present which they might be robbed or accosted or assaulted. They feel intimidated.
This is a reality.
Malaysians argue which a military go after a antithesis with a dynamic purpose for any transgression of a law, however remote or mild, but this vigorous pursuit is not in when ordinary Malaysians have been victims of crimes.
They contend which instead of deploying thousands of military crew as ! was fini shed during a Bersih 3.0 convene or any antithesis centred activities, these crew should be out in a streets ensuring a reserve as well as security.
P Ramakrishnan, a evident past president, serves upon a Aliran senior manager committee
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I said 'POSITION' of Opposition, not 'safety' of Opposition - Hisham claims misreporting

I pronounced 'POSITION' of Opposition, not 'safety' of Opposition - Hisham claims misreporting
Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein today cited ill will in a news portal's inform that he pronounced had quoted him as observant a reserve of a antithesis in Johor could not be guaranteed.
"I pronounced a in front of of a antithesis in Johor cannot be guaranteed, a people of Johor will have to determine that, referring to a actuality that support for a antithesis complacent with a people of Johor.
"However, regrettably a portal spun a story to say that a reserve of a antithesis conducting a highway debate in Johor could not be guaranteed. That smacks of malice," he told reporters after opening a Hulu Terengganu Umno Division representatives assembly here.
Hishammuddin pronounced a reserve of a people was since top priority but any favouritism. Asked whether he would take movement opposite a portal, he pronounced he would plead a matter with a Attorney-General.
He pronounced a antithesis had been practising a politics of hatred for a long time, as was evident in a recent spinning of his statement.
The antithesis made make use of of a pick media to influence a people, he said.
"The people should exercise majority in considering any issue. They should study an emanate in depth before creation up their mind," he said. Bernama
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Sabah Umno bigwig Ibrahim Menudin JOINS PKR: May contest Labuan seat in GE13

Sabah Umno bigwig Ibrahim Menudin JOINS PKR: May contest Labuan seat in GE13
Former Sabah Umno treasurer Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin assimilated PKR today, imprinting nonetheless another desertion from a statute Barisan Nasional (BN) bloc in new months as well as boosting a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) opposition pact's bid for power in a run-up to a 13th ubiquitous election.
PKR emissary president Azmin Ali reliable Ibrahim's crossover.
"Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has done an official proclamation about his joining [sic] currently during Kampung Batu Arang, Labuan," Azmi told a Malaysian Insider, referring to Ibrahim's approach desertion into PKR.
The Gombak MP said a proclamation was done in a participation of over 2,000 voters in Labuan.
Ibrahim's post in Umno had been taken over by a current Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.
Ibrahim is a non-executive executive of state-owned Suria Capital Holdings Bhd.
PKR claimant for Labuan
Azmin said Ibrahim's strong change done him a potential PKR claimant in Labuan in a entrance elections.
"(The PKR) care does not have a last decision upon candidates... though he is a very expected claimant to paint PKR," he said.
Azmin had hinted during a crossover progressing currently upon Twitter, observant a party would make a vital proclamation during 3pm.
"Baru sampai Labuan. Dalam perjalanan ke Bilik Gerakan KEADILAN Parlimen Labuan. Jam 3 petang ada pengumuman penting (Just reached Labuan! . On a a pproach to Labuan Parliament Keadilan centre. Important proclamation during 3pm)," a lawmaker posted upon his Twitter account this morning.
PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang additionally said upon Twitter which Ibrahim was present during Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's attainment in Sabah today.
He additionally wrote which Anwar as well as Ibrahim were carrying lunch together during The Waterfront Labuan.
In July, Beaufort MP Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin as well as Tuaran MP Datuk Seri Wilfred Bumburing give up BN, as well as respectively shaped a PR-aligned movements Pakatan Perubahan Sabah (PPS) as well as Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS).
Last month, a duo were assimilated by Umno's Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap.
Federal seats in easterly Malaysia's Sabah as well as Sarawak are expected to be BN's focal indicate come a ubiquitous choosing as both states, including a federal domain of Labuan, contribute a poignant 57 seats, or twenty-five per cent of a 222 parliamentary seats available.
In Election 2008, BN lost a customary two-thirds parliamentary majority largely due to poignant waste in a peninsula. The opposition won 82 seats to BN's 140.
BN's saving beauty was in Sabah, Sarawak as well as Labuan where a bloc trounced a opposition as well as done a near-clean sweep, winning 55 parliamentary seats to a opposition's two.
However with a new defections, BN right away binds 53 parliamentary seats in easterly Malaysia, while a opposition's score is right away four.
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LATEST Ceramah!!! Haji Mat Sabu (video)

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Selamat Hari Malaysia


Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stop-over during Labuan this afternoon witnessed military road blocks and military checks by the residents of Labuan.

It was reported which by carrying these inconveniences, the "Pakatan Rakyat"/BN government hopes to show the Labuan people which they should continue to opinion for BN, if they do not want to be faced by these sort of hardship.

source : KedahLaine
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It is reported that some-more than 10,000 people are during a Malaysia Day jubilee during Tuaran in Sabah that is been organised by a Opposition.

More to follow.......
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After taking over a administration department from Pah Lah, Najib introduced his 1MALAYSIA idealogy.

BUT to a beating of a Malays, who form a majority, they are NOW TREATED AS SECOND CLASS in their own country.

To make matters worst, Malays appear to be disgracing themselves by attack their own kind by throwing stones, striking paint as well as a WORST being a throwing of a shoe in to a request room of a mosque.

It must not be forgotten which sure groups of Malays have even ashamed a total Malay village by display their butts during a Indian woman whilst made a mockery of themselves by selling bugger in front of this lady's house, without a permit to do so.

NO ACTION has been taken against these people who have ashamed as well as criticise a religion of Islam as well as a Malay community.

source :shalehudin.blog
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From car APs, greedy BN moves to PALM OIL APs: Malaysia losing RM4bil to enrich CPO cronies

From automobile APs, greedy BN moves to PALM OIL APs: M'sia losing RM4bil to heighten CPO cronies
Due to new Indonesian taxation incentives, a Indonesian palm oil refineries have taken over a sizeable marketplace share of processed palm oil from Malaysian refineries. Malaysian refineries have been right away under-utilized during 60% capacity, as well as risks closure in a longer term. Thousands of downstream jobs have been during risk.
At RM80 billion a year, a palm oil attention is a second most important trade income earner after oil as well as gas. It is a zone which is consequential to a mercantile illness of a republic as well as as such contingency be supported as well as protected.
In this current crisis, a BN supervision has completely failed to yield a necessary care as well as await to a industry.
BN chose to await abroad refineries
The BN supervision reply to this predicament was to enlarge a avocation giveaway CPO trade quota by an additional 2 million MT to 5.6 million MT. 5.6 million MT represents a whopping 30% of total national output.
I shall refer to these avocation giveaway CPO (Crude Palm Oil) trade quota as "palm oil APs". By increasing a palm oil APs, BN has effectively chosen to await abroad refineries by permitting more Malaysian CPO to exit a country, thus denying a mercantile multiplier of downstream activities within Malaysia.
The alternative shameful aspect of this so called "solution" is which it will costs Malaysia RM4 billion in loss of avocation income for 2012. This movement to enlarge palm oil APs even went opposite a recommendations of a attention! associa tions as well as a government's own ETP proposals.
Why? Was it to heighten cronies?
So because did a BN supervision select this course of action?
Two days ago, during an international palm oil open forum hold in KL, Keadilan has learnt which a central in front of is not to disclose a names of a AP recipients, as this is deliberate an central secret.
This strange open revelation helps to insist because a BN supervision chose such a costly as well as unpropitious resolution to a crisis. It supports a widely hold attention belief which a sizeable series of a AP holders have been not palm oil producers, but associate traders whose sole commercial operation is to profit, avocation giveaway from these APs.
In alternative words, there is right away a clever case, to infer which a BN supervision not only failed to tackle a crisis, but used a predicament as an opportunity to heighten a little cronies with more APs.
Name a oil palm AP Kings
There have been 3 points which you want to stress:
> First, Keadilan hurdles a Plantation Industries as well as Commodities Ministry to publish a list of beneficiaries of a avocation giveaway CPO exports quota. If a automobile AP Kings names can be made public, because should a names of a oil palm AP holders be treated as central secrets?
> The second indicate you want to have is which this part illustrates how fiscally irresponsible a supervision is. By maintaining an ambiguous oil palm AP system, a supervision has radically flushed away RM4 billion in income for 2012. Whilst a little of a oil palm APs may be justified upon a grounds of supporting Malaysian owned refineries overseas; APs for traders have been obviously unjustifiable. With correct governance, clarity as well as by purging cronies, Keadilan estimates which during least RM2 billion of avocation income can be realized annuall! y. The R M2 billion realized would be sufficient to fund half of Pakatan Rakyat's giveaway higher education policy to reinstate PTPTN.
> The third indicate you wish to highlight is which Keadilan is together with a oil palm attention as well as values a attention as a major mercantile contributor. We have been here to attend as well as to learn. If you should come to power, you intend to commission a attention as well as quell unjustified domestic division in a commercial operation affairs of a industry.
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Home Minister outdoes even himself

September 15, 2012

Home Minister outdoes even himself

by Terence Netto@www.malaysiakini.com

COMMENT: More urgent to Prime Najib Abdul Razak than picking the suitable date for the country's ubiquitous choosing would be deciding either his cousin, Hishammuddin Hussein, deserves to be in his cabinet of ministers the single versed to carry out his so-called remodel agenda.

The Home Minister, already notorious over the final 6 years for foot-in-the-mouth statements as well as open exhibitions of ethnic chauvinism like the fluttering of the 'keris', has now topped his jot down in weird control as well as statement.

This grandson of UMNO's renowned as well as redoubtable owner (Onn Jaafar), as well as son of Tun Hussein Onn who is regarded as an exemplar of care as the form of honest stewardship, was quoted yesterday as saying something which is the extreme abdication of the Home Minister's fiduciary duty.

As the single of the more consequential exponents of the rule of law, as well as during the time when the dysfunctional wing of his Ministry the Police Force is besieged by the notice which it is palpably lingering in the law coercion as well as crime impediment functions, the Home Minister delivered himself of an additional outlandish statement.

Hishammuddin said there was no need to guarantee the safety of the debate train used by the antithesis leader upon an electioneering debate of the country, already stoned once as well as daubed with red paint twice.

Menaced 3 times already in the past dual weeks of the debate of the peninsula, leaders of Pakatan Rakyat appealed to the police to ensure the safety of the t! rain as well as the personnel in the run-up to the 13th ubiquitous election.

"No need for guarantees," the Home Minister was quoted yesterday as saying in response. "It is motionless by the people of Johor themselves," the country's supervisor of his Ministry's law coercion purpose unhelpfully added, as the train debate began the Johor run yesterday in the state regarded as an inaccessible UMNO bastion.

Barely had the Minister finished vocalization then the train was splashed with red paint in Tangkak in the afternoon, upon the first stop of the debate in the southern state.

Mammoth cooking crowd

Sundry other incidents of the threatening effort also occurred upon the bus's Johor tarry yesterday, but PKR as well as the supremo remained unfazed by the threat nonetheless Hishamuddin's desertion came in for caustic criticism by the slew of speakers during the sold-out cooking organized by the celebration in Skudai final night.

Attended by 8,000 people the largest subscription-paying throng to turn up for an antithesis party-organised duty in the state ever the speakers told the throng which their size was an augury of the changed change of domestic energy to come during the ubiquitous election.

"I have listened it upon great authority," hollered Chua Jui Meng, the PKR state chief, "that UMNO expects the antithesis to win nine to 10 parliamentary seats here."

"This is an UMNO citadel but it will soon be the funeral ground," asserted the former MCA-appointed minister with what, from the size as well as enthusiasm of the crowd, was distinct hyperbole.

Johor has 26 parliamentary as well as 56 state seats. The antithesis bagged the single federal seat (DAP took Bakri) as well as five state seats (DAP, four as well as PAS, one).

Th! ose figu res have been set for acceleration during the polls in which Hishammuddin is approaching to pierce from his Sembrong bailiwick to Kota Tinggi, the pierce which of itself is the pointer of his as well as his party's vulnerability.

In mortal hazard of electoral rejection

But UMNO's precariousness is increasingly clad by jingoism, as in Hishammuddin's keris-waving, as well as compounded by fiduciary dereliction, as in his misconstruing of the duties of the Home Minister.

The forfeiture of the moral as well as domestic legitimacy of the governance is mirrored in the career of this scion of the party's founding bluebloods, so observably illegitimate nonetheless remorselessly ascendant inside of celebration as well as cabinet.

If you have been wondering because UMNO, notwithstanding being in mortal hazard of electoral rejection, cannot remodel take the demeanour during Hishammuddin's career: he's from the top drawer by lineage, from the opposite by performance.

Expect no chastisement from superiors over his latest mistake pas or the diminution of his prospects for upward mobility plutocrats have been famously free from the downward pulls of failure. This is not just farce; it is mime parading upon all fours.

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Bila Masanya Melayu Durhaka?

Kesetiaan kepada golongan feudal ini kadang2 dilebih lebihkan sangat. Kesetiaan, kalau budak2 "Anwar Ibrahim" nak tahu adalahkesetiaan bersyarat. Atau qualified loyalty. Sememang nya begitu dalam budaya Melayu. Kita tidak setia membabi buta hanya kerana namu kamu wan, tengku, nik, atau ada gelaran2 didepan nama kamu. Kita meluat dengar kita mesti sokong "Anwar Ibrahim" sebab ini kehendak raja2 Melayu atau rasmi orang Melayu tidak akan durhaka.

Siapa kata Melayu tidak pernah durhaka? Melayu durhaka apabila dizalimi, dibuli dan ditindas atau maruah mereka dimusnahkan. Melayu akan durhaka bila adik kena bunuh, anak kena rogol atau dizinai. Raja yang membelah perut isteri rakyat hanya kerana memakan sebiji nangka menerima balasan nya apabila ditombak.

Demang Lebar Daun beritau Seri Teri Buana- " Buana bro, kalau awak nak kahwin dengan anak kawan, maka kawan hendak awak berwa`ad dengan kawan. Kita kena berbai`ah macam orang2 "Anwar Ibrahim" buat dengan Dr Mahathir sekarang atau buat hari tu masa perhimpunan agung. Kita kena buat gitu sebab entah apa awak makainya, awak categorical dengan budak perempuan habis kedal semua. Tak pasal2 anak kawan jadi gitu sama. aok stuju? "

Maka ST Buana joke kata- apa agreement tu Daun? Begini Buana- keturunan kawan semua setia dan jadi hamba kepada awak. Tapi awak mesti adil pada dia orang. Kalau buat salah jangan maki hamun, jangan nista dan jangan jatuhkan maruah. Ini, tegur pasal plet kereta aok nak maki hamun dan beri malu. Jangan sebab terkena bola sepak raga kat tanjak awak, awak bunuh budak tu. Kalau bunuh joke mesti ikut hukum syarak, bukan ikut hukum bapak awak.

Ok setuju , beres Daun. Tapi partia! l kawan begini. Anak buah awak Daun, mesti setia dengan anak cucu kawan sampai akhir zaman walaupun zalim macam mana.

DL Daun joke kata- beres Buana. Tapi kalau anak buah awak Buana yang pecah janji, maka anak cucu kawan akan buat serupa.

Maka tersebut lah dalam sejarah Melayu demikian bunyi nya: maka kedua dua nya bersumpah sumpahlah, barang siapa mengubah perjanjian itu dibalik Allah Subhanahu wa Ta`ala bumbungan rumah nya kebawah, tuangnya keatas.

Maka suka lah saya ingatkan budak2 di Jerantut itu- tersebut dalam Sejarah Melayu-jikalau ada seorang raja memberi aib, itu alamat negeri akan dibinasakan Allah Subhanahu wa Ta`ala( bukan Allah SAW seperti disebut oleh pemimpin "Anwar Ibrahim" sedikit masa dahulu).

Apabila dah berjanji tidak mungkir, barulah semua selamat. Setelah anak DL Daun ditiduri oleh ST Buana, esok hari tak kedal maka suka sangatlah ST Buana sebab lepas ini boleh categorical hari2 tak takut kesan buruk. Suka categorical rupa nya Raja Melayu ni.

Jadi saya hendak ingatkan budak2 "Anwar Ibrahim" terutama yang membangga banggakan sangat keturunan, jangan taksub. Kesetiaan bangsa Melayu sejaka zaman dahulu lagi adalah kesetiaan bersyarat.

Ingatlah pesan dalam Sejarah Melayu bahawa jikalau ada seorang raja memberi aib, maka alamat negeri akan dibinasakan oleh Allah. Sekarang kita dapat lihat ramai anak2 raja Melayu kita yang beri aib- mabuk tonggeng terbalik, balun anak dara dan isteri orang pun- maka itu lah alamat dan petanda, negeri yang dipimpin mereka akan musnah. Tapi musnah bukanlah dalam bentuk terbalik bumbung atau apa- musnah apabila kerajaan yang zalim akan diganti dengan kerajaan baru.

Jadi saya harap seruan Melayu mesti bersetia sebab Dato Najib ini bangsawan yang ada gelar Orang Kaya Shahbandar dan sebab gelaran itu anugerah Raja Melayu dan orang Melayu tidak durhaka- jadi2lah buat pedaah nya. Orang Melayu khususnya orang Pahang bukan duduk atas pokok lagi yang boleh diperbodoh bodohkan . Maka saya ingatkan sekali lagi, bukan kerana nak bangga bangga- semasa tok nenek saya bertombak , berlembing, berparang, tok nenek awak duduk berpesta dalam istana dan bergundek gundek.
Budak2 "Anwar Ibrahim" bercerita sesama mereka. Kenapa masuk DAP? Kenapa tak masuk PKR atau PAS? Ini minda orang "Anwar Ibrahim". Orang hendak berlawan dengan nya, "Anwar Ibrahim" hendak tentukan mana parti yang lawan nya jadi anggota? Parti apa joke kami wakili, apa orang "Anwar Ibrahim" peduli? Orang "Anwar Ibrahim" mengajak kita bertarung dalam gelanggang tapi mereka yang mahu menentukan senjata kita. Mereka bertarung dengan senapang, kita hanya mahu diberi parang. Orang "Anwar Ibrahim" ajak kita bertarung, tapi dia hendak tentukan parti apa kita anggotai?

Ada juga yang mengatakan apapasal saya dengki kalau orang Felda dapat duit. Jawapan nya ialah- tidak ada siapa joke yang dengki kalau orang Felda dapat duit. Lagi lah tidak dengki jika orang kampong joke sama2 dapat durian runtuh RM15 ribu. Apa kata jika orang kampong biasa joke di berikan durian runtuh tersebut? Bukankah lebih baik? Selama ini apa yang orang lain dapat, maka orang Felda sebagai rakyat joke dapat. Mereka joke sama seperti peneroka felda- berdepan dengan kos kehidupan yang makin meningkat dan berdepan dengan kesusahan hidup yang serupa. Tapi kali ini, apa orang Felda dapat, orang kampong biasa tak dapat?Kenapa layanan yang berbeza.

terima lah dan ambillah - takpa duit tersebut. Tapi fikirkan kenapa Najib manjakan orang Felda? Kalau orang felda tidak tinggal sebagai kelompok yang homo! genous, adakah kita ingat Najib mahu layan mereka? Sebagai bandingan- lihat layanan keatas orang kampong tradisional yang bertebaran. Tambahan pula ada 54 kerusi parlimen dalam kawasan Felda!Itu sebab utama mengapa Najib menggula gulakan peneroka.

Orang Felda jangan taksub sangat. Tanyalah anak2 tuan yang pergi kolej dan university. Pengapungan FGV ini sebetulnya mahu kayakan segelintir orang. Nama Felda digunakan tapi yang kaya ialah pihak bank pelaburan dan orang lain. Siapa yang membolot hasil dari pengapungan ini? 94.5% bukan dari peneroka atau perkerja Felda. Harta yang Felda senaraikan ini adalah hak rakyat Malaysia. Sekarang hak ini dan kuasa keatas 360 ribu khektar tanah dan 100 ribu lebih hektar tanah Felda diluar negara dikuasai oleh pemegang saham. Antara pemegang saham yang terbesar ialah Chua Mah Yu. Dia seorang stok attorney yang sangat pandai dalam ilmu pasaran saham. Kepentingan nya akan di jual kepada golongan peniaga dari Singapura dan Hong Kong. Sebagai pemain pasaran saham, dia tidak akan ambil posisi jangka panjang. Apabila dia rasa dapat untung dia akan unload share dia kepada pembeli lain. Apa yang felda terlepas, tidak akan kembali dalam tangan nya.

Bayangkan ini, pemimpin dahulu seperti Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah bersusah payah membawa balik harta benda rakyat Malaysia, pemimpinMelayu hari ini, melepaskan harta benda rakyat ke tangan orang asing. Tidak syak lagi ini adalah pembelotan dan khianat kepada rakyat.

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Pantang Melayu Durhaka tidak bersebab

Sedikit pengkisahan keturunan.

Ada seorang insan di Jerantut yang selalu membangga banggakan keturunan. Aspan alias diibaratkan sebagai keturunan pencari kayu api. Ariff Sabri keturunan pengangkat atau penimba air. Perumpamaan seperti ini tidak menjadi hal kecuali kepada mereka yang taksub dan bangga kepada darah keturunan.

Saya amat tidak suka mengungkit mengenai asal keturunan. Tapi elok saya nyatakan disini asal usul keluarga saya sendiri yang berkait dengan Jerantut. Kita kena jaga supaya mulut jangan celupar.

Tok Sharom ayah kepada Tok Gajah, Hajjah Maimunah, Ranting Emas, Khatib Rasu, Khatib Amin dan Khatib Arif, datang ke Tanah Melayu, turun di negeri Perak asalnya. Tok Shahrom berasal dari Sumatera adalah keluarga bangsawan dan pahlawan. Untuk mengelak dari berperang sesama sendiri masuk ke Tanah Melayu, turun pertama nya di Bidor Perak. Keturunan Tok Shahrom masih lagi ada di Bidor. Tok Shahrom datang dengan para pengikut nya termasuklah panglima2 dan orang alim ugama. Kemudian masuk ke negeri Pahang akhirnya bermastautin di PUlau Tawar. Tok Shahrom berkahwin dengn seorang wanita bernama Siti Hajar dan mendapat 5 orang anak yang saya sebut tadi. Ranting Emas, Hajjah Maimunah, Khatib Rasu, Khatib Amin dan Khatib Arif. Semua mereka ini terkenal kerana ilmu kepahlawanan dan kebatinan istimewa Khatib Rasu( Tok Gajah). Khatib Amin berkahwin dengan seorang wanita yang saya lupa nama nya dan mendapat seorang anak perempuan yang bernama Hajjah Aminah. Hajjah Aminah berkahwin dengan Hj Abdullah Serban Hijau seorang paglima dan alim dari Negeri Kelantan. Mereka mendapat seorang anak lelaki Hj Mohamad garbage bin Haji Abdullah dan seorang anak perempuan bernama Jamilah. Haji MOhamad ini adalah tok saya sebelah emak. Jamilah adalah ibu kepada arwah Dato Shamsiah Hj Hamid, bekas wakil rakyat Pekan yang berkahwin dengan Tengku Husin adinda kepada Sultan Abu Bakar. Arwah Dato Shamsiah adalah ibu kepada Tengku Asmawi Tengku Paduka ! Pahang.< /span>

Saya ariff sabri anak kepada Hajjah fauziah anak kepada hj mohamad anak kepada hajjah aminah anak kepada khatib amin anak kepada Tok Shahrum. Ini susur galur keluarga saya sebelah emak. Khatib Amin adik beradik dengan khatib Rasu( Imam Perang Tok Gajah), khatib Arif, Hajjah Maimunah dan Ranting Emas.

Jadi nak beritau Wan yang asal nya boleh jadi Awang sahaja yang dikorapsi kan jadi wang, akhirnya Wan, bila disebut dengan lidah orang Pahang, saya ini bukanlah keturunan pengangkat air. Janganlah kita taksubkan sangat asal usul kita. Zaman ini, nilai seseorang bukan bergantung kepada kesemulajadian dan asal usul tapi bergantung kepada apa yang kita boleh buat. Dan apa yang kita boleh buat bergantung kepada keberanian, kemahiran dan minda cerdik. Dan kalau tidak silap saya, keturunan sesetangah Awang yang menjadi Wan ialah tukang angkat najis lembu di istana dan pencuci kandang lembu, kambing dan kerbau.

Jadi sekarang saya keturunan Tok Shahrom hendak bercakap.

Apabila saya mula2 menulis mengenai FGV, penyokong UMNO banyak yang membantai saya. Masaalah nya ialah: serangan yang puak UMNO lakukan seperti biasa, bersifat peribadi. Sementara saya tidak ada masaalah dengan pendekatan mereka , kerana semua orang ada tengkorak dalam almari masing2( hanya besar atau kecil), cuba kita tanya bagaimana cara demikian mengangkat kesedaran rakyat?

Saya mengemukakan soalan yang mudah:

1. Jika benar peneroka dimuliakan, mengapa setiap peneroka hanya mendapat 810 unit saham? Mengapa mereka di peruntukkan hanya 2.5% dari jumlah saham. Kaki tangan felda pula mendapat 3.0% daripada saham yang dijual. Jadi semua 5.5%.

2. Apa jadi kepada 51% ekwiti peneroka melalui KPF dalam Felda Holdings?

3. Setelah 51% ekwiti tersebut diserapkan kedalam FGV, berapa KPF dapat?


4. Apapasal hasil jualan 51% tersebut tidak dinyatakan?

Saya sebutkan tidak kira apa premium akhirnya diperolehi oleh FGV, peneroka hanya dapat sebahagian yang tersangat kecil. Tapi nama yang dipakai ialah Felda. Felda lah barisan hadapan transformasi ekonomi kita, kata PM kita.

Jadi kalau demikian nilai nya peneroka, dimana letaknya kemuliaan peneroka?

Secara peribadi saya mengira bahawa harga unique saham FGV RM3 lebih sahaja. Bagaimana ia dijual pada harga RM4.55 sen hanya bank dan Ethos Consulting yang tahu. Najib idak mungkin lebih besar dan dapat mengalahkan pasaran. Nilai sebenar harga saham FGV akan ditentukan oleh pasaran.

Adakah kita ingat orang Felda faham pasaran saham? Ini sebuah kasino judi dimana harga saham sebetulnya dipermainkan oleh sindiket pemain pasaran saham. Matilah orang Felda yang lulus entah apa jadi mangsa pasaran saham. Siapa sebenarnya yang untung? Yang untung ialah perunding cara- Ethos Consulting yang diketuai oleh Omar Ong. Si Omar Ong dikatakan medapat fee RM20 juta untuk mencadangkan penyenaraian FGV ini. yang untung ialah pihak bank CIMB Investment Bank yang jadi penyelaras global. Yang untung ialah pemain2 pasaran yang boleh berpakat untuk jatuhkan atau naikkan harga saham. Mat Felda di kudakan sahaja. Yang untung ialah Mukhriz anak Mahathir. dia menteri tapi tidak faham mekaniks jual beli AP.

Ini sebab saya nyatakan dari mula secara konsisten, bahawa cara peneroka diperlakukan adalah unconscionable- tak berhati perut.

Tujuan kita berhujjah untuk apa? Bukankah kita mahu meyakinkan rakyat? Saya menulis dan berhujjah bukan untuk memenangi pertandingan debat. Tujuan saya ialah mempengaruhi pengundi. Oleh yang demikian, membantai saya dengan nama itu dan ini, tidak menjadi hal asalkan rakyat dapat faham mesej yang hendak sampaikan. Kepada orang Melayu, tujuan saya ialah menyedarkan mereka bahawa UMNO bukan lagi jurubicar! a mereka yang mutlak.

Jawapan apa yang mampu diberikan kepada penghujjahan saya? Jawapan yang appeal kepada emosi. Seperti begini: Orang Melayu setia dan tidak menderhaka. Orang Pahang mesti sokong 100% Dato Najib kerana dia anak Pahang. Apalah yang hendak kita taksub sangat kepada kebangsawanan dan fiudalisme?

Saya suka sebut disini, ketika nenek moyang saya bertombak dan berlembing dan melawan penjajah, nenek moyang Dato Najib duduk berseloka dan bergundek. Sumbangan pejuang bangsa Melayu seperti Khatib Rasu(aka Tok Gajah) tidak pernah diperakui secara formal. Malah saudara mara Tok Gajah dianggap sebagai penderhaka.

Kita bukan lagi hidup dalam zaman feudal dimana kita jadi hamba sahaya. Yang berdaulat hari ini ialah rakyat. Rakyat bangkit mahu membebaskan diri dari belengu penjara minda. Pilihlah pimimpin Melayu yang terbaik dari mana pun, UMNO, PAS, PKR dan DAP. Pilih parti mana yang mendepankan kepentingan negara yang terbaik. Yang melindungi kita bukan UMNO tapi undang undang yang mendaulatkan rakyat.

Orang Melayu mesti sedar, jalan selamat mereka ialah memilih wadah yang stratejik dan yang menguntungkan mereka. Mereka telah melihat bahawa UMNO sudah banyak merugikan orang Melayu. Sebelum tahun 1990 mislanya, ada kita dengar pemaju hartanah bukan bumi yang besar? Tidak ada. Yang besar ketika itu ialah UDA, Sime Property, syarikat milik kerajaan peringkat negeri. Mereka di kuasai oleh orang Melayu dan memajukan hartanah. Semenjak 1990, dasar kerajaan berubah. GLC dan pemaju hartanah bumi berJV denan usahawan Cina dan lama kelamaan apa yang terjadi, syarikat2 ini tidak mampu membayar kontraktor Cina dan membayar mereka dengan tanah. Inilah rahsia, macam mana tanah orang Melayu yang dipegang oleh kerajaan yang berjuang untuk bangsa Melayu melelong tanah2 milkik kerajaan. Dasar UMNO yang menyebabkan tergadainya bumi ini. hari ini orang Melayu tidak lagi mampu tinggal dalam bandar besar kerana harga rumah terlalu ti! nggi.

Pemimpin mereka banyak yang rasuah dan tidak mahir mengendalikan negeri dan negara. Dasar2 mereka menyebelahi orang kaya. Para penyokong mereka pula sudah banyak yang tidak berkualiti. Hanya orang yang tidak mampu berlawan dengan hujjah akan hilang pertimbangan dan menyerang pihak lawan. Marilah kita bertarung dengan memikirkan soal maruah, seruan atau avocation dan negara. Semua kita mahukan yang terbaik untuk negara bukan parti kita.

Saya mengajak mereka- marilah kita mempersembahkan kepada rakyat dan pengundi hujjah2 kita dan apa yang kita boleh berikan kepada mereka. Janganlah kita lupa bahawa kita memasarkan kepada rakyat, produk dan perkhidmatan politik. Apa dia? Produk dan barangan politik termasuklah, pemimpin, pimpinan, dasar2 dan wawasan dan jenis penyokong apa yang kita tawarkan.

Dari segi pemimpin siapa yang UMNO dapat tawarkan? Kalau Dr Mahathir sendiri yang kata pemimpin UMNO semua nya haprak, mengapa orang Melayu mahu menyokong mereka? Punah negara kalau kita memilih pemimpin yang bermutu rendah.

Tidak perlulah menghurai mengapa kita berada dalam pihak yang kita pilih. Tentulah kita mempunyai keyakinan dan alasan tersendiri. Bagi pihak saya, saya percaya tentang sebab2 dibelakang pilihan saya. Apa joke orang hendak kata, walaupun saya ahli DAP, saya tetap Melayu dan beragama Islam. Saya tidak fikir darah Tok Shahrom yang mengalir dalam tubuh saya boleh dianggap sebagai pengkhianat bangsa Melayu.

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Menyambung kisah Pemuda PAS Sabah Piss Puss yang memperjuangkan RCI mengenai tuduhan bahawa ada komplot memberi warganegara asing kepada mereka yang 'stateless' di Sabah untuk jatuhkan PBS tapi bapanya Indon, Pak!

Kini blog Tambuakar membuat pendedahan terbaru sini bahawa Lahirul sendiri adalah PATI atau Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin.

Buktinya joke ada bung ...

"Tambuakarsaba di kasi tau yg keluarga si Lahirul Latigu ni dapat kelulusan Surat Beranak secara Daftar Lewat pada pertengahan tahun 1980-an. Selepas dapat kelulusan pada pertengahan tahun 1980-an, keluarga mereka berurusan di Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara untuk keluarkan Surat Beranak masing-masing. Cuba kunuk ba kamu Tinguk dua surat beranak ni. Tahun berapa lahir tapi tahun berapa dikeluarkan oleh JPN?

Ertinya, sebelum dapat kelulusan Surat Beranak secara Daftar Lewat pada pertengahan tahun 1980-an, keluarga ini tiada Surat Beranak atau IC! Ertinya dorang satu keluarga ni berstatus keluarga PATI.

Jadi, macam mana si Lahirul Latigu ni mengaku dapat kerakyatan Malaysia secara automatik waktu dia lahir pada nineteen Julai 1976? Waktu itu ibunya belum dapat Surat Beranak lagi jadi macam mana mau bilang ibunya warganegara Malaysia waktu itu?

Kah kah kah! ....bet ul tak tahu malu PAS ni. Mainkan isu yang mana tukang ungkitnya joke sama tersungkit.

Baca seterusnya untuk tahu bagaimana kuat penipu orang PAS ini pusing untuk bohongkan orang ramai bahawa dia adalah seorang warganegara Malaysia.

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