Adab Muslimah PAS menjijikkan

Ketua Muslimah PAS dalam bulatanSuatu masa dulu Pas mengharamkan wanita menyertai tilawah Al Quran kerana kata mereka suara wanita adalah aurat.Di Kelantan sehingga ke hari ini jika ada artis wanita hendak mengadakan konsert, ianya perlu diadakan secara tertutup dan penontonnya hanya wanita sahaja.Jika dulu Pas sering mengutuk Wanita serta Puteri Umno kerana tidak berakhlak dan bebas bersalam

Nobody is beyond Umnos reach

Umno practises passageway for liquid politics in a try to strengthen a reason upon power.
By any measure, Umno stands conduct as well as shoulders above any other domestic parties in Malaysia as well as yet, during a same time, it is knee-deep in filth.
How is this possible?
How is it which a celebration which can lay claim to being a largest domestic celebration in Malaysia is additionally a most corrupt?
How is it which a celebration which has ruled with a two-thirds infancy in Parliament for over 50 years is additionally a celebration which needed to use a most repressive as well as sly of laws to ensure which a business of supervision is nobody's business though a own?
How has Umno authorised a presentation of a credible antithesis which competence in a future cause a own demise? How is this possible?
Where did Umno go wrong?
Maybe a 1985 situation in Memali (a remote encampment in Baling, Kedah) would be a good place as any to start.
We all know how 200 armed policemen went opposite Malay villagers armed with parangs, catapults as well as Molotov cocktails.
Fouteen villagers were killed in a incident. Four policemen died.
Islam was a base cause of this incident.
Might is right
When all is pronounced as well as done, you know this for a fact: Umno will send in Malays to kill Malays to prove a point.
Umno believes which competence is right.
Another situation is Ops Lalang upon October 27, 1987.
It's a date which Lim Kit Siang as well as Karpal Singh, in between others, would recollect well.
Some 106 people were ar! rested u nderneath a Internal Security Act (ISA) as well as a edition licences of a inhabitant English as well as Chinese dailies, The Star as well as Sin Chew Jit Poh, were revoked.
According to a government, assorted groups had exploited a government's "liberal" as well as "tolerant" attitude, thus stoking secular tension which was a threat to inhabitant security.
Ops Lalang demonstrated what Umno is prepared to do to antithesis leaders as well as amicable activists.
Umno showed a competence when it arrested a 106 people upon a flimsiest of excuses since Umno can.

Umno's will
Anwar Ibrahim is nonetheless an additional testimony of competence over right.
If someone who was emissary prime apportion can be whacked by a Inspector-General of Police (IGP) as well as dragged through a courts for sodomy as well as corruption as well as detained (1998), what goal do others have to not humour a same predestine if Umno seeks to levy a will upon them?
If one recalls Salleh Abbas, he was a Lord President of a Federal Court. He was dismissed by (then prime minister) Dr Mahathir Mohamad during a 1998 constitutional crisis since Mahathir insisted which he, not a judiciary, had judicial energy over all things Malaysian.
And right away Umno has issues with zakat money.
(Last week, former CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim called for Umno apportion Jamil Khir Baharom as well as two others to be investigated for allegedly abusing zakat funds.)
"Kuala Lumpur military should take movement in a misappropriation of RM32,150 in zakat income by Jamil, Che Mat Che Ali as well as Shamsuddin Hussain," Mat Zain said.
Jamil is a Minister in a Prime Minister's Department, Che Mat is a Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council executive as well as Shamsuddin is a chief prosecutor.
Mat Zain had pronounced a 3 suspects should face authorised movement for using zakat supports to solve p! ersonal authorised fees final year as available in a Auditor-General's Report for 2010.
According to a review report, Jamil, Che Mat as well as Shamsuddin had cold RM63,650 from a council's zakat fund to solve their authorised costs.
The authorised costs were incurred when Anwar named a contingent as respondents in his qazaf application.
The report, however, additionally suggested which a sum was repaid to a fund after a council viewed a RM700,000 grant from a supervision in Jun 2010 as part of a ubiquitous resources allocation.
But, citing authorised provisions, Mat Zain insisted which a contingent had committed misappropriation of supports underneath Section 403 of a Penal Code as well as should be punished accordingly.
There have been other issues which can be brought up here though this is what Umno is Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya!

Religion, competition used as well as abused
Umno cares not who it has caused to be shot, murdered or put to death. If it advances a interest, it will do it. It does not take in to consideration competition as well as religion.
If need be, Umno will order a wholesale arrest of any series of persons it feels is a threat to inhabitant confidence with or though a ISA as well as afterwards it will order to justify a action.
There is nobody in Malaysia which is over a reach. Nobody, not even a former emissary prime minister, can cranky Umno as well as goal to get away with it.
Umno has even dismissed a Lord President. If you cannot rely upon an independent judiciary, where else do you go for probity right away which you know which a military as well as a armed forces have been already underneath a purview of Umno?
Religion as well as competition have been used as well as abused by Umno to serve a own purpose.
Observe a unfortunate and, during times, hysterical efforts of Umno to paint a Christians as a transparent as wel! l as ben efaction risk to Islam.
And nonetheless this same Umno allows a abuse of zakat supports by a own members.
Race to Umno is a ever-trusty long knife it wields threateningly over all of us every time it viewed which you do not behave.

Gutter politics

To what extent is Umno prepared to go?
It appointed a Muslim to conduct a Catholic school though consulting a mission school authority. (The principal has since resigned.)
Now Umno is again relaxation a control over one of a dogs of war Perkasa to once again roam in between us.
The Malay worried organisation issues dire threats of imminent doom as well as a promises which a leader "Jeneral Berahim Beruk", who is though an army, will set upon down with great reprisal those who try to poison as well as fall short his race. Huh!
Umno uses passageway for liquid politics to neutralise a leader of a opposition, whilst a boss is indicted of complicity in a murder of Altantuya Sharriibuu indicted though not attempted by a law which it controls. But a boss is still fearful of allowing himself to be attempted by a same judiciary.
All which has been sacred to a welfare as well as contentment of a farming Malays has right away been disregarded none some-more so than by Umno appointing a convicted, hurtful former apportion to conduct Felda as well as a paedophile during Risda.
And right away it uses during will whatever wealth is still left in a nation's coffers to buy votes from a rakyat for a entrance 13th ubiquitous election.
What madness is this to give out money to taxi drivers, students in fact, any one who will vote for Umno-Barisan Nasional!
Royal support
What else will Umno do?
The celebration is right away "chummy" with a Sultans. The same Sultans which it humiliated most years ago since it served a purpose to do so.
Today it serves a p! urpose t o have a Sultans beholden to Umno, whilst it waves a large hang over their heads.
The Sultan of Perak must not forget which Umno needs to tighten one eye if his son is to be a next ruler.
The Sultan of Selangor has so most skeletons in his cupboard which he is relieved which Umno has asked him to come over to a side as well as assistance a celebration get Selangor behind from Pakatan Rakyat.
The Sultan of Pahang is always beholden for a couple of million ringgit here as well as there! And so a disgusting charade continues in between a forgetful Sultans as well as their "sugar daddy" Umno.
We can no longer certitude a law nor can you certitude a electoral process.
We must decide
The final time I checked, a military force is riddled with cops upon a take. Who or where is a dignified as well as ethical fortitude of a nation?
There is a dignified as well as ethical opening in a country as well as who will fill it?
The answer lies with us all. It's a votes which will confirm who will fill a vacuum.
There is a probability which Umno will do a May 13, an additional Memali, an Ops Lalang or declare "that assorted groups had exploited a government's 'liberal' as well as 'tolerant' perspective causing secular tension which threatens inhabitant security" as well as simply order by direct as well as damn Parliament!
Just recollect this: Umno as well has exploited a passive as well as magnanimous perspective in a way it has governed us.
There have been 3 million Umno members as well as maybe a couple of some-more million with Barisan Nasional.
The rest have been us!
We will have to confirm what you will do should a time come for a fight upon a electoral battlefield.
Until afterwards you wait!
CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat's ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.
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Pumped-up DAP ready for combat

After 46 years of struggle, member as good as leaders during DAP's inhabitant conference last Sunday were all pumped up during the renewed awaiting of ridding the BN system of administration from Putrajaya.
There is zero better than starting the week, as good as 2012, with the massive surge of positive energy. The DAP inhabitant convention last Sunday in Shah Alam was positively the focal point, as good as member as good as leaders comparison approached the entertainment with hope, fad as good as good expectation. Those who came in with open hearts as good as ears did not leave disappointed.
The convention kicked off with maestro DAP authority Karpal Singh prophetically dogmatic which he had no doubt in his thoughts which Anwar Ibrahim would be clear of the sodomy charge. Many of us idea the second partial of his prophecy would come to pass as well, which is which Anwar would spin the subsequent prime minister.
With some-more than 1,000 bend member as good as observers in attendance, the entire hall exuded the outrageous amount of optimism. The VIP list enclosed the likes of Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, PAS vice-president Mat Sabu, PKR vice-president Azmin Ali as good as PSM president Dr Nasir Hashim.
What was some-more conspicuous was the participation of the French ambassador as good as New Zealand high commissioner as good as those from the Singapore, Australian as good as Japanese embassies. Clearly, this was an eventuality to watch!
The wheelchair-bound as good as battle-scarred Karpal was not not in in glow or zeal in his message. The DAP is right away in the position, in partnership with Pakatan Rakyat, to sweep nine s! tates as good as Putrajaya during the subsequent ubiquitous election. He spoke of shutting ranks, effectively burying the "warlord-godfather" hatchet.
He went to good lengths to remonstrate the DAP members which Anwar is indeed the male of substance. Although the applause was less than enthusiastic, the single could feel which attitudes towards the embattled antithesis leader have been indeed improving.
DAP members have been beginning to accept the thought of Anwar apropos the subsequent prime minister as they have been now, some-more than ever, determined to mislay the Barisan Nasional system of administration from Putrajaya.

A veteran's dream

Former celebration authority as good as stream DAP adviser Dr Chen Man Hin took to the microphone ! as good as emph atically reminded the audience which he was still around as good as not dead! Indeed, this is the legend of the male who was the single of the pioneers of the celebration along with Karpal as good as Lim Kit Siang. Another war-torn warrior, he echoed the summary of idea to all present.
His dream, along with the alternative leaders, is for Malaysia to be the democratic, satisfactory as good as next to society. Today, he believes which this mental condition is entrance closer to being realised. Indeed, it is these belief, idea as good as mental condition which the celebration is clinging tightly to.
The member were reminded which the DAP was the celebration which had the heart for the people as good as wanted to serve. "If you wish to spin the minister, don't join the DAP. If you wish to offer the people, then you call you the single of us!" It is the fervent idea which the DAP would say the party's firmness as! good as commitment to the service of the people.
With an inspiring flourish, Chen called upon members not to fear anything in office of the last goal. "Do not be concerned anti-DAP elements. Stick to the principles as good as you shall win!"
The epic keynote
Perhaps the highlight of the eventuality was the debate delivered by secretary-general Lim Guan Eng. In the many pumped-up debate we have seen him give to illustrate far, he summarized the celebration process as good as the goals come the ubiquitous election.
After acknowledging the member from each dilemma of Malaysia, he proceeded to tackle issues the single during the time. Never not in in appetite or zeal, Guan Eng preached which the success of the DAP supervision in Penang was due to the uncompromising commitment to moderation as good as peace. As the result, Penang is cleaner, greener as good as safer than any alternative states in Malaysia. With this achieved, it is right away the mission of the celebration to have all alternative states cleaner, greener as good as safer.
The DAP, along with PKR as good as PAS, is resolutely committed to the prophesy of the country in which the supervision is on-going as good as free of corruption. Guan Eng reiterated which to achieve this, Pakatan Rakyat cannot means to repeat the mistakes of the Barisan Nasional. The values of firmness as good as incorruptibility contingency be exemplified by the leaders.
Guan Eng additionally declared which the celebration would concentrate upon the issues of inflation, taking flight costs as good as misappropriation of open funds during the run-up to the ubiquitous election. This is all partial of the party's idea to realize the Ma! laysian mental condition in which you cannot be "a police state but the process state".
The DAP is committed to the smallest wage which would be adjusted according to the rate of inflation, as good as it promises to abolish the toll upon the North-South Expressway.
The battle lines have been drawn in Sabah as good as Sarawak where Pakatan contingency benefit 19 seats to constraint Putrajaya. With celebration unity, this idea is positively attainable, according to Guan Eng. He concluded by saying, "Let us brave to mental condition the Malaysian Dream". Each delegate was filled with renewed idea which after 46 years of struggle, the unfit would spin the reality.
Despite the clear references to the BN government, the secretary-general was tactful as good as gracious, avoiding any direct attacks or slander of any BN component party. This is in sheer contrariety to the Umno ubiquitous open which had effectively turned in to an anti-DAP mud-slinging rally. It is conspicuous which by concentrating upon rebellious core issues as good as avoiding negativity, the leaders of the celebration had maintained their integrity.

Bersihkan Malaysia
With the exculpation of Anwar, the celebration would go on. There is renewed idea as good as renewed optimism. Although it is clear which many, together with Anwar himself, was expecting him to be streamer behind to Kamunting, the jubilation of the supporters would emanate waves of positive momentum for the antithesis parties right away which this farce of the trial is done as good as over with. The show of oneness was indeed there, with PAS as good as DAP leaders standing to one side the antithesis leader.
However, the genuine work right away starts for Pakatan. Indeed, putting Anwar in jail would have been political self-murder for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as good as his government. If they had made him the martyr, it would have polarised await for the antithesis by arousing open sen! timent. At least by acquitting him, the supervision can right away explain which the law is independent as good as which the reforms put in place by Najib have been actually bearing fruit.
Now the playing field has again been levelled. However, Pakatan has to hang to the guns, get the nose to the grindstone as good as work tough to sway the variable population. Issues such as massive corruption, incompetence, media termination as good as racially divisive policies have to be the fodder for Pakatan.
A warning to BN would be in the words of Shakespeare: "A swallow does not the summer make." Just because Anwar was clear does not mean which all is good in the nation. Pakatan contingency remonstrate the open which the betrothed change is what the republic needs.
As Pakatan no longer has the sufferer to glorify, this would right away spin in to the sword-to-sword combat. As for the DAP, "we have been ready".

Douglas Tan is the FMT columnist
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The day Najib lost his nerve: Why was Anwar acquitted?

The day Najib lost his nerve: Why was Anwar acquitted?
When a late emissary prime apportion Ghafar Baba announced which a Kuala Lumpur International Airport was to be assembled in Sepang, most developers who had gamble upon a airfield being sited somewhere in Bukit Beruntung were forced to run for cover, salvaging whatever they could from their investments in which area.
The subsequent step taken by a UMNO-led government was to solidify any transaction involving land as well as property in a whole Sepang district including any development. So apart from a little in isolation activities as well as a harvesting of a palm oil in a estates, 'everything' to do with land was put upon hold. Even when people longed for to make enquiries upon a standing of land there, they faced a lot of restrictions as well as most gave up perplexing to find opportunities associated to a KLIA project.
But unknown to a public, all deals linked to UMNO were carried out personally during this unaccepted moratorium or black-out period. Eventually, after four years, building a whole upon a KLIA started. Many of a lands in Sepang changed hands during this duration as well as when a auctions began, it was a UMNO cronies who got a tip prices for a lands they had acquired secretly.
Huge implications for UMNO
Now a same sinister thing is function in a UMNO. Doors have been being closed so which inner maeuvering can take plave. Yes, UMNO is a celebration where infighting has been distracted unabated under a cover of a fake patience which it tries hard to portray. In a past weeks, most people have been rapt with a Sodomy II case - initially disturbed as ! well as then euphoric when a "not guilty" outcome was delivered.
Little did they comprehend which such a useful result carried huge implications for a tip UMNO leadership or which a party's president, Prime Minister Najib Razak, had been pushed in to a corner.
Najib is right divided not usually desperate though he is additionally in low trouble. As it is UMNO can still win a subsequent general elections, though usually with a razor thin majority. That's a usually consolation for a UMNO-led BN bloc which has ruled Malaysia given 1957, not which Najib gives dual hoots about it.
What's topmost upon a 58-year-old PM's thoughts right right divided is which former premier as well as celebration strongman Mahathir Mohamad is starting to pull him out of a UMNO president's chair, as well as hence a premiership of a country. In perplexing to be his own male in a Anwar case, Najib has annoyed approach as well most people as well as all of them have motionless not to support him.
Alone during a top
Najib is right divided alone during a top. He is substantially regretting his decision to 'spare' Anwar as well as not have forced a courts to convict him as well as chuck divided a prison key!
When he made which useful decision to let a courts have an independent contend in Anwar's verdict, Najib reckoned he had nothing to be concerned about. In his short-sighted as well as pretentious way, he suspicion he could ask a Attorney General to seductiveness opposite a decision anytime, get a "guilty" outcome as well as send Anwar off to jail.
Najib or his army of sub-standard advisers figured which even if they motionless opposite appealing, they could prerogative a complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan handsomely to keep him still as well as charge Anwar with other crimes, such as a Datuk T sex fasten where a male allegedly seeking like Anwar was filmed carrying sex with a prostitute. So to Najib - implausible as it might appe! ar - Anw ar is not a worry. He can send out a cavalry anytime to bring his physical condition rival to heel.
With a acquittal, what Najib as well as his advisers longed for to do was to issue a hazard to those in UMNO who were piling vigour upon him for positions as well as seats to contest in GE-13 by letting Anwar loose. He knows full well such a move would damage a UMNO-BN's chances of winning GE-13 as well as if Anwar became a subsequent PM, Mahathir's crow would be cooked, so to speak.
So Najib is revelation everyone - generally in UMNO -if I don't make it, then no one in UMNO should make it. Najib is right divided watchful for a little transparent signs from Mahathir though as of right divided Mahathir has been unequivocally unhappy with a 901 outcome as well as has not responded. Is Mahathir is feeling a feverishness now?
Step 2 - Cabinet reshuffle
The subsequent thing Najib would do if there is no positive reply for his enemies with UMNO is to reshuffle a Cabinet. This time he will drop those who have been plaguing him - yes, a ministers as well as emissary ministers from UMNO who have been opposite him, maybe even including Mahathir's son Mukhiz, a emissary International Trade minister.
Najib's greatest as well as deadliest enemies have been right divided from his own UMNO celebration as well as not a opposition.
Now which is a story which is being widespread by a cyber-troopers hired by Najib's advisers. How distant is Najib unequivocally peaceful to go as well as is this merely a concoction to save face for carrying embellished himself in to a corner?
It is actually intensely simple to find out a truth. For a same reasons which Mahathir fears Anwar's return to power, Najib as well as wife Rosmah Mansor face a same predicament - probity for all a crime allegations opposite them. Najib's check upon this account is not small during all. Although it might not be as huge Mahathir's or c! ontend D aim Zainuddin's, it should arrange among a tip 5 largest 'UMNO-made' fortunes. For Najib as well as Rosmah, there is a additional awkward attempted murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu to be concerned about!
More trustworthy Najib as well as Rosmah motionless to cut their losses
So doubtful to be true. What substantially happened was which Najib lost his haughtiness during a 11th hour to pull through a violent course of action to dominate his countrymen in to usurpation a domestic standing quo. This devise would have included travel riots as well as a jailing of antithesis leaders under a ISA for perplexing to stir up a revolt. He as well as Rosmah substantially realized which while a Mahathir as well as a hardliners in UMNO might toast him for jailing Anwar upon such manifestly trumped-up charges, they would become a villains in Malaysian history as well as in a eyes of a world. So, why be left holding a baby!
Najib right divided has a brand new complaint - how to appease Mahathir? This is his main concern. As for Anwar, he substantially reckons, he can make use of Saiful to seductiveness a outcome as well as maintain a vigour upon a antithesis leader. This again reflects his lack of intellect, hypocrisy as well as incapacity to put a nation's seductiveness first, on top of all else.
After such a thespian reply around a globe, with Anwar's exculpation distinguished in all a major countries of a world, for Najib to again U-turn would not usually earn him a greatest enmity though would permanently mislay Malaysia from a radar of fund managers as well as investors of any size as well as repute throughout a globe
But this is a impression kink, a flaw in Najib Razak, a eldest son of second prime apportion Razak Hussein, who was hated by a non-Malays generally a Chinese as well as blamed for a May 13, 1969, travel riots as well as deaths.
Najib as well as Mahthir wi! ll go ab out with their charade of power low-pitched chairs in UMNO, lost in their in isolation universe though realizing a rest of humanity can smell their shaping as well as filth.
How distant would Najib go? How distant would he sacrifice Malaysia's future? Going by past record, Najib won't even think twice about his countrymen. He is additionally wakeful which his term as UMNO boss is up. Even Mahathir had to go in 2003 - forced out by a separate in a party. Can Najib, who is 100 times less capable, reason onto a bandit boat which UMNO has remade in to during his watch?
No, chances have been Najib will reason onto his list of 'winnable candidates' as well as try to come to terms as much as he can. There is substantially a deal in a creation with Mahathir. This way, Najib will safeguard a minimum retard of supporters subsidy him, even if he loses a preference of all other UMNO factions.
The Anwar exculpation will additionally meant a larger flight of UMNO members in to a Pakatan Rakyat parties of PKR, PAS as well as DAP. According to a UMNO grapevine, Najib is even peaceful to bar a BN from Sarawak if they go opposite him. So, a hung Parliament as well as a togetherness government is not unequivocally which impossible after all.
As Anwar as well as Pakatan, they must not lose another moment in celebration. Victory is during hand though they must work doubly hard to safeguard they do not fail a people as well as a 'gift verdict' they were sanctified with by a Almighty upon Monday, a ancestral 901.
Malaysia Chronicle
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Hasan Ali: Good riddance to bad rubbish for Pakatan but a political gem to Umno

Hasan Ali: Good elimination to bad balderdash for Pakatan yet a domestic gem to Umno
PAS sacked Hassan Ali, a former Selangor Chief, upon Jan 8 for his actions opposite a interests of a party. This pierce was lauded by PAS members as well as a people in general. It is indisputably not a drastic action opposite Hassan. He has to reap what he had sowed. He was never remorseful over his sardonic tongue which spoiled a celebration even after he had apologised to a top PAS leaders. He went about mocking a celebration declaration meditative which he was incomparable than a party. Being a celebration renegade he deserved a sacking.
Hassan had a illusion of apropos a arch of Selangor. But today, Hassan is a loner living in his world of hallucination. This is symptomatic of deep basin as well as despondency in life. He has turn so pathetic as well as is apparently pang from inferior complex. He wanted to turn a kingmaker in Selangor with a assistance of pro-UMNO JAIS yet this did not appear to work.
Not a group player
As a statesman he has not been a group player. He might be rarely prepared yet his domestic acumen is distant as well superficial. He has been purported to have been subtly as well as circuitously priesthood loathing towards a Christians. He is making stupid claims of apostasy in between Muslims for broadside hoping which a little trusting Malays will bow to him. Unfortunately, his electioneer opposite a Christians to surprise a Muslims is not removing await of a people in a country. They have been as well intelligent to be connived by Hassan's inane animosity opposite a minority Christians.
Hassan has right away! depress ed in to UMNO's trap. The plan employed by a current crop of selfish UMNO leaders have been which they exploit a Malay sentiments by falsely highlighting which a Malays have been diseased in everything. They have been law as vulnerable as well as can simply be led erroneous by people of alternative religions. They have a Malays hold which Christianity is a threat to Islam. Hassan is right away together with UMNO in this array of vicious stingers.
The gossip which he would be dropped by PAS as claimant in a entrance ubiquitous choosing had rattled him psychologically. This has right away driven him nearby bonkers. He seems to have a lack of strength to carry out his frustrations as well as emotion. He was in BTN, a motivator as well as solicitor of arrange to students as well as supervision servants during one time giving burning speeches upon romantic intelligence.
A good reverend indeed yet he has right away incited in to a soothsayer who does not practice his ideals. When confronted with a incident which will have his domestic career come to an finish he fumbles as well as succumbs to his romantic instinct.
Not a 'sex messenger'
Failing to convince his former group mates to follow his code of governing body he is right away been ostracised by them. Joining UMNO will not pledge his domestic career nor would UMNO have him achieve his aspiration to turn a state chief. He will be done have use of of by UMNO usually similar to what has happened to those who jumped celebration or became UMNO-friendly independents. If he plays his label well he might be allocated a senator underneath UMNO as what has been rewarded to Ezam Mohd Nor as well as S. Nallakaruppan.
But UMNO is wary of Hassan's character. Being a eremite male as well as distinct those who have turn UMNO friendly, Hassan cannot be transformed in to a 'sex messenger' similar to a couple of alternative turncoats. How about as UMNO's claimant in a entrance ubiquito! us elect ion? But afterwards not even a rabble-rouser Ibrahim Ali a former UMNO partial of could greatfully UMNO sufficient to be done an UMNO candidate. Be it as it may, Hassan will finish up you do a little squalid chores for UMNO if he tries to associate himself with a party.
Hassan did not come out of his antiquated cocoon even after he had been reported to have apologised to senior PAS leaders for his critique opposite PAS' 'welfare state chorus'. He could not conceal his emotions as well as trotted around bleating as well as drumming a many alternative amicable as well as celebration issues with a goal to further mistreat a celebration as well as a Pakatan Pact. His comments upon Anwar Ibrahim as well as PKR was rather premature.
"He guess which he could benefit a little brownie points by hitting upon Anwar Ibrahim. He again failed. He miscalculated when he commented upon a 'Free Anwar 901 Rally' to uncover await for Anwar. He wants to be seen a sole ranger fighting for his own survival. It backfired upon him," pronounced a PAS lawmaker.
Hassan has been as well juvenile as well as stupid when he commented which a little Muslims have been celebration ethanol openly in Selangor. He fails to understand which by seeing a handful of Muslims celebration ethanol is not starting to affect a morality of a ummah in general. This is seen as a problem of a couple of delinquents in any Muslim society. Less than1 percent of Malay Muslims in a nation consume ethanol as compared with an normal of some-more than 32 percent of Muslims in alternative vital Muslim countries who indulge in this activity.
Alcohol was used up by a little Muslims even during a time of a Prophet (May Peace Be Upon Him). There were also alternative sins committed by Muslims during a time such as apostasy as well as prostitution yet it was not a norm. Hassan cannot be as well maudlin as well as design soundness in between Muslims. "Being a motivator as well as with eremite credentials, he should inste! ad strec h as well as warn a delinquents in between a Muslims," pronounced an Islamic academician attached to a internal university.
To modify a Malays
Perfection in between Muslims was not even completed during a time of a Prophet. Hassan, for this reason, has unsuccessful to turn a essential as well as picturesque Muslim. His goal to prominence a issues of ethanol drinking, apostasy as well as alternative dignified issues inspiring a couple of Muslims in Selangor was only for his own domestic gain. Being a former motivational orator he has unsuccessful to strech a Muslims with his motivational skills as well as eremite repertoire to have these people improved Muslims. Instead he has selected to shame these people in public. His fervent aspiration in governing body has shrouded his judgement as well as actual role as a Muslim to strech a people to appease them.
Is he afterwards upon a jihad mode? His mention of solar-powered Bible used by Christians to modify a Malays is a as well fantastic research of a total situation. The Christians do not have to have use of this modus operandi to convince a Muslims if their goal is to modify others. The Internet is illimitable with report upon Christianity as well as alternative religions as well as currently some-more than sixteen million Malaysians have access to a Internet. With all a report as well as eremite promises displayed upon a Internet it is some-more than indispensable to start converting a masses. Despite all this, a multitude has not listened of Malays rushing to turn Christians in droves. "Drumming anti-Christian tongue is not making Hassan renouned in between Muslims, either," pronounced a Muslim tyro in a internal university.
Hassan was purported to have accused a Christians sheltered as imam priesthood to a true in a mosques. This contingency be a many absurd statement done by a eremite male who is ostensible to be rarely educated. Thus distant no Christian has been caught for d! isguisin g as imam rambling in mosques to woo a Muslims. No Muslim has to illustrate distant mentioned anything upon this accept for Hassan.
Hassan warned, as reported, which an selected rarely covert charge force which might be operating in as well as around Petaling Jaya as well as Kelana Jaya, has been set up by Christians with a aim of proselytising Selangor Malays. It seems a Christians found which Buddhists, Taoists as well as Confucians have been easy to convert, But they found Muslims, privately Malays, difficult to convert. So they formed a special section to modify a Selangor Malays to Christianity. This is another stupid explain by Hasan though presenting any experimental evidence.
JAIS is UMNO's stooge
Why usually Selangor? Why not in Pahang, Johor or Melaka? Is it because Selangor is underneath Pakatan government? If he has a justification to all his untamed accusations because not have a military report? This ploy by Hassan smacks of sleazy governing body with a little dark hands pulling a string from behind. JAIS is known to be UMNO's stooge.
Hassan who is caprice goes upon a magician hunt for a minority Christians. Hassan contingency afterwards be some-more efficient than a Malaysian Police Special Branch Unit to explain which there is a Christian 'covert' charge force international in combination targeting a Muslims in a country. Or, could it be a little aliens from outer space who have reached a earth all out to change a conviction of Muslims? Perhaps Hassan can shortly be allocated by UMNO as special advisor to a Special Branch Unit to hollow out out some-more report upon this load of crap.
Hassan's vituperation as well as repetition during a Christians as well as his former celebration leaders smacks of self-centredness. His motive is to have use of shock plan to galvanise a Muslims to await him. But a Muslims have been not falling in to this sick domestic array of his.
"Hassan being a forme! r motiva tor as well as solicitor should lead by good e.g. as well as this will attract people to his thoughts. Being politically miserly as well as conceited will usually divide a people from him," pronounced a PAS lawmaker from Selangor.
Fictitious story
In a recent anti-apostasy forum held by JAIS, Hassan was purported to have reasoned which a Special Christian Unit out to modify a Muslims was a result of a animosity as well as feud in between Muslims as well as a Christian crusaders during a Holy Crusades of a Middle Ages. The dispute has not healed a wounds of a Christians. They feel they need to replenish their loss, as well as have been you do so by proselytising Muslims, who have been mostly Malays in Malaysia. This is another bunch of crap from Hassan to create secular as well as eremite acrimony in this country.
Unfortunately, for UMNO's domestic expedient a oppressed as well as a marginalised have been generally a non-Muslims. They turn a scapegoats when UMNO is rattled or loosing popularity. Hasan right away seems to dance to this tune as he was during one time as well desirous to lead Selangor when a idea of forming a togetherness supervision with UMNO was mooted by a few number of PAS aspirants.
"No rational-minded Malaysian is convinced by Hassan's shallow rhetoric. His fictitious story about a plan by Christians to proselytise a Muslims is only to improve his flagging credibility. Hassan is perplexing to dominate a minority Christians by upon purpose stirring village enmity. This is not how a Prophet treated a minority Christians as well as Jews during his time," quipped an Islamic academician from a internal university.
It is evident which a have use of of village services by a Christians have been to assistance a bad in between Malaysians Muslims as well as non-Muslims. No bad person would reject what is good as well as profitable to them. But observant which to modify a Muslims by Christians sheltered as ! imams pr iesthood to a true in a mosques is another preposterous idea from Hassan.
Hassan seems to go turn priesthood which everyone is during error a Christians as well as a government. He seems to explain which usually he is right as well as know all about a amicable as well as eremite fabric of a society. This reflects his arrogance as well as extraneous believe of Islam. He is a despondent favourite as well as his romantic instinct is right away guiding his trail of thinking.
He has not stopped provoking a Muslims as well as a non-Muslims with his proceed to politics. "Hassan is personification a dangerous diversion of provoking secular as well as eremite sentiments. Six decades of independence has not seen any dispute or war in this nation in between a Muslims as well as a Christians. He is personification with glow by poking during a hives meditative which a Muslims will await him," pronounced a internal university lecturer.
Good elimination to bad rubbish
Hassan is a ravenous statesman masquerading as a eremite man. He has been formulating contrariety as well as guess by in a centre bashing a minority group in a country. The Christians for this cause have been done his scapegoat. Islam does not preach racism. There is no duress in faith. Neither can a Muslim denounce (fitnah) others. Hassan has awfully broke a Muslims. Hassan's idiotic claims as well as written onslaught opposite a minority as well as his former celebration members have price him dearly politically. He has been wrong all this whilst to pretence which a Malay competition is diseased as well as vulnerable which they can simply be swayed in to conversion. The Malays in ubiquitous have been right away as well intelligent to be connived by stupid tongue done by stupid politicians.
Islam does not go to Hassan yet to all Muslims. Empirical amicable meditative is partial of Islam. Evidence as well as rationality is stressed in Islam. Islam advocates open-mi! ndedness as well as all this done a Arab Muslims lead a world in science as well as amicable meditative for almost six centuries in a past. Hassan, regrettably, is left out of this Islamic amicable paradigm.
Hassan is right away reaping what he had sowed. Ironically, he seldom talks about corruption, injustice, a misappropriation of zakat money, tall divorce rates, misery as well as bad preparation in between Muslims when these have been vital issues inspiring a image of a Muslims in a country. He has in a centre selected to talk upon pardonable issues though any experimental justification to incite a Christians.
Within his former domestic celebration as well as a bloc Hassan had shown his immaturity by personification a diversion singly. His willingness to go all alone is to convince a people which he could turn a improved saviour of a Malays, Islam, a state of Selangor as well as a country. His aspiration to turn a arch of Selangor is right away tattered in pieces. To PAS, Pakatan as well as a people in ubiquitous it is good elimination to bad rubbish.
Malaysia Chronicle
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Perlembagaan jamin hak sama rata LGBT?

Mahkamah Tinggi menetapkan 21 Februari ini untuk mendengar permohonan kebenaran bagi semakan kehakiman yang difailkan oleh penganjur Seksualiti Merdeka untuk mencabar keputusan polis mengharamkan penganjuran module itu pada Nov tahun lepas.Hakim Datuk Rohana Yusuf menetapkan tarikh itu di dalam kamar selepas berjumpa Peguam Kanan Persekutuan Noor Hisham Ismail yang mewakili responden dan


The genuine !MALAYSIA song, unseen upon TV Malaysia:

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Testing Malaysias Promises

January 12, 2012

Testing Malaysia's Promises

by Ambassador John.R. Malott*

If electoral reforms do not occur soon, a post-acquittal joy might quickly sour

The not guilty outcome handed down last Monday (January 9) in a sodomy hearing of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim made both sides, Prime Minister Najib Razak as well as a opposition, happy. Mr. Najib gets an immediate domestic boost by claiming a feat for a rule of law as well as an independent judiciary, while Mr. Anwar can focus upon a choosing ahead. This good feeling, however, is expected to be short-lived. Serious hurdles distortion ahead.

The initial exam of a post-verdict era will be either a supervision chooses to interest a acquittal. Defense experts successfully demolished a government's DNA evidence, but a judge said during a hearing which Mr. Anwar's prosecution was convincing as well as reliable. With parliamentary elections looming, a supervision might conclude which forcing Mr. Anwar back into a courtroom will confuse as well as lift him away from a campaign trail. On a alternative hand, an interest would be polarizing as well as price a supervision a await of centrists as well as independents.

The second exam will be either a supervision implements pass electoral reforms before elections have been held. Mr. Najib's supervision burst down in July upon Bersih 2.0, a ! bloc of organizations calling for free as well as satisfactory elections. This demonstrated a statute party's fright which genuinely satisfactory elections could means them to lose energy for a initial time since 1957. However, after clever domestic as well as international critique of a heavy-handed treatment of a marchers, a supervision backtracked as well as created a name parliamentary committee to introduce choosing reforms. Among a proposals have been using memorable ink to forestall voter fraud as well as allowing a antithesis to have entrance to government-owned radio as well as radio, which right away act as promotion outlets for a statute United Malays National Organization (UMNO).

The difficulty is which so far, none of a proposals have been carried out. The usually thing estimable of note is a justice decision progressing this month statute which a a single million Malaysians who reside overseas have no right to vote. Expatriate Malaysians, it should be noted, have been in all believed to lean toward a opposition.

If UMNO fumbles electoral remodel as well as squanders a newly earned goodwill, a antithesis will get stronger. The growing heedfulness as well as ideological differences which tormented a antithesis bloc in years past have mostly been overcome, as well as Mr. Anwar as well as his domestic associates express confidence which they could take energy in a satisfactory contest.

In contrast, Mr. Najib faces a constant ascending battle. Many of a mercantile and domestic reforms which he due were not implemented since of worried antithesis from inside his party. He is regularly undercut in open by critique from Malaysia's really vocal former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, as well as in in isolation by a little of his many senior cabinet officers.

The open sees cr! ime upon a climb as well as feels which UMNO supporters increasingly believe creation income from supervision contracts is commercial operation as usual. Many Malaysians right away use a word "kleptocracy" to describe their statute class. This notice serve undermines Mr. Najib's calls for reform, creation it seem as if no UMNO leader wants to crack down upon this abuse, given a importance to maintaining a await of their domestic base. This notice is compounded by a actuality which Mr. Najib has remained mostly silent upon a ultimate scandal, in which a single cabinet minister's family allegedly used open funds, targeted to increase cattle production, to buy oppulance condominiums in Kuala Lumpur as well as Singapore.

These weaknesses compound UMNO's fright of losing energy as well as increase a risk of over-reaction. The celebration will not go down without a fight, as well as neither will a supporters in a bureaucracy, media, as well as commercial operation worlds, who fright losing entrance to a financial gravy train. Because of a tall stakes, those who good from crime will have an all-out effort to keep a antithesis from entrance to power. A lapse to Mahathir-style strong-arm strategy should not be ruled out.

All this will have a entrance choosing a many important in Malaysia's historyand additionally a dirtiest. The international village needs to compensate courtesy as well as reason Mr. Najib to his guarantee of domestic as well as electoral reform. Mr. Anwar's exculpation is usually a commencement of a country's fight opposite domestic abuse as well as corruption.

Ambassador Malott was a U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia from 1995-1998.

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Hot News! Houses Celebrities Jelta, Wardina Safiyyah Robbed by three robbers, husband beaten ... Many items stolen this morning

Was astounded tosee Twitter's account of Wardina Saffiyah in a pell-mell situation.Wardina's house had been attacked by three men believed to Indonesian workers as well as all five of their laptop was taken in a early hours around 5 am this morning.
According to Wardina o! n her Tw itter page, as three of a bandits have been in, they can customarily hide during a back of a blanket.While her father was knocked about by indignant robbers when they could not find any jewelry to take away.It was misleading what is a condition of Wardina's father is in now.
By now, a military have already been to Wardina home, whilst Wardina as well as her children have a mild traumatic shock as a result of events which occurred.The robbers have been believed to still around a Ampang or Bukit Antarabangsa areas.
To all of you, greatfully be clever because of a Chinese New Year frolic is nearby as well as customarily robberies occur during this season, as well as ho! pe no si milar incident will ! occur to we or your family.So, be clever as well as be upon guard.
Read actual Malay text : - errors as well as mistakes expected)
- sedaka sejahtera
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Keputusan Kes Liwat Anwar Bukti Kebebasan Badan Kehakiman Di Malaysia

Pembebasan dan pelepasan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim daripada tuduhan meliwat bekas pembantunya membuktikan bahawa badan kehakiman Malaysia adalah sebuah badan bebas, kata penganalisis politik Ong Kian Ming yang dipetik oleh Asia News Network.Ong, yang juga pakar analisis pilihan raya, berkata keputusan itu membuktikan kerajaan tidak campur tangan dalam urusan badan kehakiman.Katanya keputusan itu juga akan membantu memulihkan kewibawaan Barisan Nasional (BN) dan menaikkan lagi imej Perdana Menteri ... Read More

Hot News! Houses Celebrities Jelta, Wardina Safiyyah Robbed by three robbers, husband beaten ... Many items stolen this morning

Was astounded tosee Twitter's comment of Wardina Saffiyah in a pell-mell siyuation.Wardina's residence had been attacked by 3 men believed to Indonesian workers as well as all five of their laptop was taken in a early hours around 5 am this morning.
According Wardina upon her Twitter page, as 3 of a bandits have been in, they can only censor during a back of a blanket.While her husband was beaten by angry robbers when they could not find any jewelry to take away.It was unclear what is a condition Wardina's husband is now.
By now, a police have already been to Wardina home, whilst Wardina as well as her children have a mild dire startle as a outcome of events that occurred.The robbers have been believed to still around a Ampang or Bukit Antarabangsa areas.
To all of you, greatfully be clever because of a Chinese New Year frolic is nearby as well as customarily robberies start during this season, as well as goal no identical incident will start to you or your family.So, be clever as well as be upon guard.
Read actual Malay content : - errors as well as mistakes expected)
- sedaka sejahtera
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BN atau masih Anwar yang tertekan?

"Tak ada tekanan, siapa yang kata kita tertekan...?" itu komen Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin ketika ditanya seorang wartawan apakah BN tertekan dengan keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur membebaskan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim pada Isnin.Sejak keputusan semalam, pemimpin dan penyokong Anwar 'pukul kompang' macam segala-galanya kini memihak kepada mereka. Sudah tidak ada

veterans see the writing on the wall

veterans see the writing on the wall 1326323176 YOURSAY If there is indeed the change of guard, there will be the lot of rats jumping off the falling ship perplexing to save themselves ...

Saiful wont go away just yet, says WSJ

By Debra Chong
January 11, 2012
Saiful (centre) maintains he was sodomised by Anwar. File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan eleven Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been clear of sodomising Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan but is doubtful to rest easy while his charge is pulling a open prosecutor to appeal, a Wall Street Journal reported today.
The opposition leader's bid to move brazen as well as win voter support for his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) fondness in a quarrel opposite Datuk Seri Najib Razak's Barisan Nasional (BN) upon economic reforms is expected to be crimped by lingering allegations over his sexuality brought upon by a sodomy case.
The successful US every day pronounced a two-year courtroom drama was distant from over for Anwar as well as for Malaysia's twenty-eight million people, suggesting which Saiful may still fool around a key purpose in a subsequent few months.
In an article titled, "What's subsequent for Anwar's accuser?" a newspaper reported which Saiful had worked briefly to assistance Anwar's opposition debate in a landmark Election 2008 which saw a PKR-DAP-PAS parties win a third of a 222-seat Parliament, denying a BN a normal supermajority.
"Volunteers such as Mr Saiful helped have a consequential difference," a WSJ said.
Following Anwar's acquittal, domestic as well as economic observers contend PM Najib may call for elections as early as Mar to gain upon his feel-good Budget 2012 as well as push brazen domestic as well as economic reforms to make firm Malaysia's competitiveness amid a rootless universe economy.
The BN's mandate usually expires in mid 2013.
Saiful, underneath complicated glow from Anwar's supporters, has taken to amicable media channels Twitter as well as Facebook to voice his thoughts.
The 26-year-old former Anwar he! lp as we ll as his family demand a sodomy happened as well as has publicly pushed for continued authorised action, "My family as well as I goal a charge will bring this case to a Appeals Court."
The Attorney-General has about dual weeks to confirm if they devise to interest a High Court's acquittal of Anwar. They have not pronounced anything upon which score.
The PKR confidant as well as de facto conduct of a PR pact was charged with sodomising former help Saiful at a posh condominium in upscale Damansara Heights in June 2008, months prior to winning his old Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in a by-election.
Anwar maintains a sodomy charge was politically encouraged to stop his impetus towards Putrajaya. Najib's supervision had denied a allegation.
The WSJ additionally reported which there is sufficient doubt around a sodomy case to suggest which Malaysian electorate have made up their minds about Anwar's sexuality as well as are doubtful to budge.
It highlighted last year's sex video liaison expelled by 3 of Anwar's former friends-turned-foes, which they claim shows a 64-year-old having a sex with an alleged prostitute.
"Mr Anwar as well as his family deny he is a man in a tape, but a lingering debate suggests which Malaysia's domestic dramas might go on for months yet," a newspaper said.
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Time to take 'CSI: Malaysia' off the air, 'Bolehland director' Najib advised

Time to take 'CSI: Malaysia' off the air, 'Bolehland director' Najib advised
If there's any manage to buy in Middle East which needs the change in narrative, it's Malaysia.
When the resource-rich republic of twenty-eight million people has made headlines globally in recent years, they have been about sodomy charges opposite antithesis personality Anwar Ibrahim, tension between Muslims as well as Christians, Beyonce's bellybutton offending local sensibilities or attempted murder investigations involving high-ranking officials. Malaysia unequivocally could have the own CSI crime drama.
Disbelief in Bolehland as well as the brand brand new director, Najib Razak
Far from finding all this entertaining, many unfamiliar investors eye Malaysia with skepticism. That's the contrition given the outrageous intensity of an manage to buy growing 5.8 percent. When we consider Asian economies which deserved distant some-more courtesy in 2011 than they received, Malaysia is Exhibit A.
It's high time for Prime Minister Najib Razak to change the story, to shift the focus toward reforms, not tabloid scandals. Announcing the end of affirmative-action policies which harm Malaysia's competitiveness might be only the thing.
Malaysia's four-decade-old "New Economic Policy" favoring the accepted Malay community has prolonged since outlived the usefulness. It boundary investment, stifles competition as well as keeps the manage to buy from apropos the meritocracy. It's the third-rail emanate as well as can hardly be discussed seriously.
Najib has broached the issue, yet no timetable exists for Malaysia to join the ranks o! f some-m ore competitive Asian economies. The world won't wait for for for Malaysia. China, India, Indonesia, Thailand as well as Vietnam have been elaborating in ways which enable them to leapfrog over peers in the few years. Developing economies need to watch their backs. Acting resolutely now, as 2012 begins, to acknowledgement an end to policies which hold Malaysia back would hearten investors.
Real issue: What is Najib we do with Malaysia's economy?
At the moment, any tellurian courtesy Malaysia gets is focused upon sodomy trials of Anwar, the former emissary prime minister (he was acquitted Monday). Just identical to the other suacy stories -- identical to those of cocktail stars including Beyonce, whose sexy outfits harry religious leaders -- it's the distraction.
The real emanate is what Malaysia is we do to raise the mercantile game among fast-increasing competition.
It's time to take "CSI: Malaysia" off the air. An unscripted bout of mercantile change could be only the thing.
William Pesek is the Bloomberg News columnist as well as the essay above was posted upon Jan 10, 2012. Below is is prior essay upon the identical emanate written in 2008 after Anwar was slapped with the sodomy charges.
Sodomy, Murder, DNA Tests Make `CSI Malaysia': William Pesek (July 2008)
It's apropos the highest-rating module in Asia: Malaysia's crime stage investigations.
Just identical to the wildly renouned American counterparts, this crime play call it "CSI Malaysia" features sex, murder, DNA samples, cover-ups as well as the colorful cast of characters wondering who's guilty of this or that.
At the core of Malaysia's CSI franchise is Anwar Ibrahim, the former emissary prime minister who did time upon crime as well as sodomy charges. Recently, Anwar was arrested upon brand brand new sodomy claims. He accuses Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak who denies ! sexual-m isconduct allegations associated to the 28-year-old Mongolian lady killed two years ago of manufacturing the charges to disprove him.
The story line is enthralling this republic of 26 million people, many of whom have been Muslim. It's sparking erotic as well as decidedly ungainly debates about how the single defines sodomy as well as whether it should be the crime. (It is underneath Malaysian law.)
Surreal subplots abound. Mahathir Mohamad, the male in energy when Anwar was jailed the decade ago, has been fighting the really public fight of difference opposite his successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, over crime allegations.
Events in Kuala Lumpur would be distant some-more interesting if they were cramped to the television shade as well as not denting the image of the single of Asia's many promising economies.
Shifting in their seats
Many Malaysians aren't utterly certain what to think. Are the charges opposite Anwar trumped up to keep him from toppling the government? Is the male help who claims to have had sex with Anwar revelation the truth? If Anwar is trusting he claims he has never engaged in sodomy why not contention the DNA sample as well as transparent himself? If we were Anwar, would we trust authorities not to contaminate the DNA test?
It was impossible to avoid this emanate during the Bloomberg row contention upon Jul 17, the day after Anwar was arrested (and the day upon which he was released). On the row were bigwigs from the likes of Malaysia Airline System Bhd., Maxis Communications Bhd. as well as CIMB Investment Bank. You could see them shifting nervously in their seats as the emanate of sodomy came up.
If Malaysians don't know what to have of Anwar's plight, we can imagine what unfamiliar investors think. "Summer of Discontent," is how Deutsche Bank AG researcher Teoh Su-Yin patrician the recent inform upon Malaysian stocks.
It is hard to find a! n resear cher who predicts the quick fortitude to Malaysia's frail domestic backdrop. Nor could I find any one in Kuala Lumpur who felt markets had entirely labelled in the disastrous stroke of aloft acceleration upon the manage to buy as well as corporate earnings.
The world won't wait
What's so frustrating about Malaysia is the viewable potential. Its natural-resource-rich manage to buy has completed great things in the 50 years since autonomy from Britain. Twenty-five years ago, this was the pleasant backwater. Today, Malaysia's modern, skyscraper-filled capital is home to the world's tallest twin buildings: the Petronas Towers.
Yet the world is relocating forward during the rapid pace, hastened by the climb of China as well as India. It won't wait for for for Malaysia, as well as the stream scandals preoccupying the supervision have been coming during the worst probable time. Malaysia should be behaving resolutely to enlarge the tellurian competitiveness.
Nations as diverse as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand as well as Vietnam have been working to raise their tellurian influence. Five years from now, any of these economies might strap specific advantages, from low costs to tellurian capital to technology, to plea Malaysia's growth prospects.
Leadership vacuum
Malaysia should begin by fixing the pass weakness: the four-decade-old affirmative-action module favoring the accepted Malay community. It boundary investment, stifles competition as well as keeps the manage to buy from apropos the meritocracy. It's the third-rail emanate as well as isn't discussed seriously.
The leadership opening in Kuala Lumpur means Malaysia is spendthrift time the manage to buy doesn't have. Its $ 151 billion manage to buy is apropos the not as big blip upon investors' radar screens, as well as governing body merit most of the blame.
Abdullah is underneath vigour to quit after! his coa lition's worst-ever election outcome in March. Earlier this month, he announced skeleton to stay in energy for two some-more years as his selected successor, Najib, faces sexual-misconduct allegations. What has the makings of the trashy novel has turn reality, as well as it's not transparent Malaysia's leaders see that.
Unstable situation
Malaysia, it seems, is being run for the solitary good of those in charge. The republic has turn some-more about Abdullah's party, the United Malays National Organization, than the gratification of the people. That's not being mislaid upon overseas observers.
"Investors have been already deliberation the incident as unstable," says Tricia Yeoh, executive of the Centre for Public Policy Studies in Kuala Lumpur. "They have been already reconsidering their options in the country. The brand brand new investors have been possibly not looking during Malaysia as the viable option, as well as prior investors would be thinking of extracting their funds to be put in some-more fast as well as viable locations."
Financiers might be perfectly happy to watch "CSI" during home. They have been distant reduction keen upon exposing their money to the whodunit personification out upon Malaysia's inhabitant stage.
William Pesek is the Bloomberg News columnist
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MAS: Fools and Bloody fools

The barbarous former Federal Territory "Pakatan Rakyat" kingpin, a late Datuk Azman Attar make use of to say, "If you have energy make sure you have been powerful, otherwise you have been full of blood fool."

Looking during a incident in MAS post MAS-Air Middle East corroboration, which allude to is great to described a Khazanah controlled as well as effectively Danny Yusof-led supervision as well as Alias Aziz-led MAS Employees' Union (Maseu) president.

The supervision have a energy as well as is requesting energy though not to revitalise a already supposed as well as reknown use credibility code of MAS.

But instead, a shareholder as well as supervision have been blindly requesting energy usually to force a wrongful measures which is at large concluded as cannibalisation of MAS in foster for Air Middle East as well as to destroy MAS in a shortest of time.

Subsequently, they will foolishly be saddled with a bigger problem of Air Middle East which can pierce down a informal markets in a magnitude a Pan El predicament did in a mid-80s to a batch markets of Malaysia as well as Singapore.

Aren't they reallybodohor fools?

While a staff union, MASEU have a energy to stop this, though they have been possibly pussycat scared to request a energy inside of their disposal or perhap! s tobodohto request it.

In a difference of Azman Attar, they fit a description full of blood fools!

At a primary theatre of a corroboration discussion in November, MAS Employees' Union (MASEU) had threatened to set upon if a corroboration were to proceed. If they had finished so, it would have taken a supervision a back.

As a kinship representing a lower-end employee, MASEU is affiiated with ITF as well as it ! has a en ergy to disciplined a supervision which has been resorting to lies as well as conflict of interest.

Read this news below:

Malaysian airline deal could see workers' rights eroded warns ITF

International Transport Wokers Unionwebsite
Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011

The ITF has urged a Malaysian supervision to safeguard which workers' rights have been recorded in any destiny partnership in in in in in between Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) as well as low cost conduit Air Asia. It has been reported which an agreement in in in in in between a dual airlines was reached but kinship consultation.

In a letter, antiquated nineteen October, to Malaysian budding minister Yab Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, ITF ubiquitous secretary David Cockroft outlined concerns which a share swap as well as partnership in in in in in between MAS as well as Air Middle East could lead to a wearing away of workers' rights. This could embody a right of ITF associate Malaysia Airlines System Employees' Union (MASEU) to paint as well as collectively discount upon behalf of MAS workers. The MASEU, he said, was willing to work with supervision to assistance a inhabitant conduit maintain a general reputation, increase a profitability as well as build up a marketplace share. However, a miss of consultation with a union, a obvious anti-union reputation of Air Middle East as well as a planned deployment of thousands of staff to brand brand new entities as partial of a restructuring exercise had combined grave regard in in in in between a workforce.

Cockroft said: "The ITF as well as a affiliates have been calling upon a supervision of Malaysia as well as a supervision of MAS to work with MASEU as well as other independent unions, as well as to act transparently as well as in great faith in implementing any changes inside of a airline. MASEU is open to! shift t hough insists upon a need to protect workers' terms as well as conditions, as well as maintains a union's right to go upon to paint as well as discount for all MAS workers, however a supervision decides to reconfigure operations ! inside of t he airline. MASEU has a full await of a ITF as well as a affiliates, who have been transparent which authorised inclination should not be used to remove or dilute a union's illustration rights in a course of this process. Without these safeguards, a kinship would be strongly opposite to any serve partnership with Air Asia."

The impact of a MAS workman set upon would be a tellurian protest imposed upon MAS during each airport as well as stops by affiliates of ITF.

In a early stage, MASEU President, Alias Aziz was creation press matter expressing regard with a viability of a plan. In a initial townhall meeting, Alias rose to lift points upon a failure of Binafikir's WAU plan.

Suddenly Alias incited quiet. Word circulating amongst MAS staff as well as former MAS officials is which Alias is upon a take. He can be simply quitened. It seems he has a cabin cleaning contrat.

But because did a members of a kinship kept still when he is posted to Kota Baru, thus using a kinship from Kota Baru.

This blog had mentioned before of a unions unsuccessful attempt to encounter Prime Minister, Dato Najib Tun Abdul Razak. Apart from a luck of Air Asia-X Director, Omar Ong Rasputin restraint from inside, a kinship have been not a united voice to capacitate Najib to attorney an agreement.

One problem with a kinship was which they have been not united. It is believed which one of a kinship representing a Managers have been saving their own jerk bybodekingthe brand brand new supervision to lend them await notwithstanding meaningful their commercial operation skeleton fall reduced of being bungled as we! ll as is cursed to fail again.

Every tellurian corporate player knows Airlines have been lousy buy. Too most unions, too most regulations. But a MAS unions have been not creation their presence to frustrate skeleton by a corporate ! sharks b rought in by shareholder Khazanah.

How full of blood fools which it usually took them right away when things have been worsening which they right away have been creation noises?

MASEU done a press matter upon December nineteen as well as it was reported by Utusan Malaysia. These days issues opposite Air Middle East will face problems getting press coverage from a vital a English as well as Business newspapers for fright of being denied MAS as well as Air Middle East advertisements.

The Utusan inform below:


Masue minta campur tangan kerajaan

Utusan Malaysia
Disember 19, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR eighteen Dis. - Kesatuan Pekerja-pekerja Sistem Penerbangan MAS (Maseu) mahu kerajaan campur tangan dalam pelan pemulihan syarikat penerbangan itu, sekiranya pelan tersebut membabitkan pembuangan pekerja.

Pengerusinya, Alias Aziz berkata, berdasarkan taklimat mengenai pelan itu, nasib kakitangan Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS) terutama anak-anak kapal masih samar.

Melalui taklimat yang diberikan oleh Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif (CEO) MAS itu membayangkan kemungkinan berlaku pembuangan kakitangan syarikat penerbangan itu, katanya.

''Jelas apa yang sedang dilakukan oleh barisan pengurusan MAS ini bertentangan dengan jaminan yang telah diberikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini.

Alias mendakwa dalam pertemuan singkat dengan Najib pada jamuan buka puasa lalu, Perdana Menteri telah memberi jaminan tiada pembuangan kerja di kalangan kakitangan MAS dalam usaha memulihkan syarikat penerbangan kebangsaan itu.
Beli au berkata, Pelan Pemulihan MAS yang baharu itu tidak mendapat reaksi positif di kalangan kakitangan kerana ia mengelirukan kakitangan.

''Ahmad Jauhari memberitahu mana-mana kakitangan akan dipindahkan ke syarikat-syarikat MAS yang akan dijadikan anak syarikatnya seperti MAS Kargo, penyenggaraan, pembaikan dan baik pulih (MRO).

''Kalau macam itu adakah kakitangan sedia ada perlu berhenti kerja terlebih dahulu, sebelum diagih-agihkan kepada anak-anak syarikat tersebut?," ujar beliau.

Tambahnya, tindakan MAS menjadikan MAS Kargo dan MRO sebagai anak syarikat juga menimbulkan banyak persoalan.

Alias mempersoalkan mengapa setiap kali berlaku perubahan pengurusan, aset-aset MAS dipertaruhkan.

''Dulu Akademi MAS dan bangunan MAS di Jalan S! ultan Is mail.

''Sekarang, MRO dan MAS Kargo pula. Tidakkah ada jalan terbaik yang boleh mereka lakukan selain menjual aset-aset yang ada?," tegas beliau.

Dalam pada itu, Alias berkata, Maseu juga kurang senang dengan pembabitan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif AirAsia Bhd., Tan Sri Tony Fernandes dalam operasi MAS secara tidak langsung.

''Kenapa pengurusan MAS membawa Fernandes berjumpa dengan kakitangan MAS. Bukankah beliau berperanan dalam Lembaga Pengarah sahaja?

''Kami tidak suka dan kami akan terus membantah urus niaga pertukaran saham antara MAS-AirAsia," tegasnya.

Malah, Alias mahu MAS menjawab mengapa syarikat penerbangan itu memasukkan penerbangan AirAsia dalam sistem tiketnya.

''Kami mahu MAS menjelaskan perkara-perkara yang Maseu menyifatkannya ia begitu mengejutkan," ujar beliau.

Recently, they have been some-more forceful, or perhaps, some-more desperatein lieuof a heightened implementation of butchering program by management, in their press matter as in this The Sun inform upon December 28th, 2011.


No to MAS downsizing
T he Sun
29 December 2011

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines' (MAS) unionised staff have been unhappy over a intensity devise by a supervision to downsize a workforce as partial of a struggling inhabitant carrier's turnaround plans.

MAS Employees' Union (Maseu) president Alias Aziz told SunBiz which MAS supervision had indicated a goal to revoke a workforce during a December 16 assembly chaired by MAS group CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya as well as his deputy Mohammed Rashdan Mohd Yusof, which was attended by member of Maseu, Malaysia Airlines Pilots' Association, Airline Workers Union of Sarawak, Air Transport Workers Union of Sabah as well as MAS Executive Staff Association.

"However, a supervision did not contend how most employees will be affected, nonetheless it was told which usually 3,000 staff were needed for a airline's reduced transport operations which embody Firefly as well as a brand brand new yet-to-be-named informal reward conduit (that will be launched by mid-2012)," pronounced Alias upon Wednesday.

MAS additionally wants a employees to initial resign from a airline if they opt to join a brand brand new informal airline.

Right now, MAS has about 20,000 workers.

theSun had reported upon December 16, quoting sources, which about half of MAS's total workforce will be affected by a airline's commercial operation plan, which involves slicing money-losing routes, deploying brand brand new aircraft, handling costs as well as spinning off subordinate businesses.

"We (union members) have been not happy with a ultimate commercial operation devise for MAS. We have been regard about a impact of cuts upon MAS's unprofitable routes, shutting of some stations abroad as well as spinning off a subsidiaries which might fundamentally lead to staff cuts.

"This is not a way to turnaround MAS," pronounced Alias.

"This (possible pursuit cuts) additionally goes opposite Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who had in a assembly with me (as Maseu president)! in Sept ember gave an as! surance which there would be no pursuit cuts nor voluntary separation schemes (VSS) to follow a ultimate reshuffle during a airline," he added.

Alias pronounced a kinship members additionally remonstrate with a MAS-AirAsia share swap as they see AirAsia benefiting some-more from a deal, not MAS.

When contacted upon Wednesday, a MAS orator pronounced any pierce to redeploy or cut a workforce is "still a work in swell as well as you will make announcements when sum have been finalised".

"These have been still in formulation stages. We have been right away enchanting staff by a array of meetings for them to assimilate our skeleton as well as listen to their feedback as well as questions.

"We will engage all stakeholders together with a media during a right time when you have a detailed information," he said.


After Alias cancelled skeleton for a strike, his open statements incited meek as well as issues lifted were watered down issue. Below is an example:

'MAS-AirAsia deal not opposite anti-trust laws'

Business Times

AirAsia X Bhd chairman, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, pronounced a tie-up in in in in in between MAS as well as AirAsia Bhd will not outcome in monopolistic practices in in in in in between a dual carriers following their share-swap

She additionally pronounced a share-swap would not outcome in any behaviour which would violate anti-trust laws.

"We (AirAsia as well as MAS) have been guided by strict anti-trust laws abroad as well as in Malaysia when a foe laws come in to force next year.

"We'll never be able to do anything which violates any anti-trust laws," she told a media briefing upon a Malaysia-Europe Forum's Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur today.

The Malaysian Competition Commission is now reviewing a possible impact of a MAS-AirAsia partnership upo! n a inte rnal market, as well as would suggest both airlines upon all possible areas.

She pronounced a partnership might outcome in cost-cutting for both airlines as well as it would be profitable for passengers as well as customers as they could give better services.

Rafidah pronounced a MAS supervision must invariably hold dialogues with all levels of a workforce by a unions.

"This is to explain in item what's function as well as what's going to happen, quite to a employees, as well as a areas of cost-saving which will translate in to benefits," she said.

The Malaysian Airlines System Employees Union (MASEU) has expressed dissatisfaction over a reason since by a supervision upon a collaboration.

MASEU had motionless to write to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak as well as wanted to encounter him to communicate their views as well as opposition to a collaboration.

It was additionally reported not long ago which a International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) has urged a Malaysian supervision to safeguard which workers' rights were recorded in any destiny partnership in in in in in between a dual air! lines.
The inform pronounced an agreement in in in in in between a dual airlines was reached but kinship consultation.

In a minute antiquated Oct nineteen to Najib, ITF general-secretary, David Cockroft, outlined concerns which a share-swap as well as partnership in in in in in between MAS as well as Air Middle East could lead to a wearing away of workers' rights.

This could embody a right of ITF associate MASEU to paint as well as collectively discount upon behalf of MAS workers. -- Bernama

Who cares about anti-trust laws?

MASEU knew which a corroboration will not work as well as it will not foster MAS as well as employees. They additionally knew which a supervision has no thought of how to turnarund MAS as well as is merely out to clout clout a company.
WTF have been they not asserting themselves? Why should they be dabbling over issues similar to anti-trust laws? Who gives a Mother's damn?

Let's deal with a lost list of foolish work by a supervision fools later. But because have been a unions not being forceful to protect a association as well as employees from a corporate sharp devouring a company?

Bloody fools!

- Another Brick in a Wall
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Appeal sodomy case, Saiful's father pleads to AG

The father of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan today pleaded with a attorney-general to interest a acquittal ofAnwar Ibrahim upon a sodomy charge.

NONEAt a press discussion during his residence in Bandar Utama, Azlan Mohd Lazim pronounced a attorney-general should record a interest as good as "ignore a Bar Council", which has advised otherwise.

"Is (the Bar Council's) mount common by all lawyers in Malaysia or only by people who hold positions in a council, who have domestic interests?" Azlan asked.

"I am pleading with a attorney-general to do so for a sake of my son's as good as family's dignity," he told reporters.

Expressing disappointment with a Bar Council, Azlan, 58, pronounced as a citizen, his son deserved to have his case he! ard up t o a highest level.

Dad vows to quarrel on

He added which this was a first time a complainant in a make a difference was seeking an appeal, as compared with Anwar side, which filed 36 appeals in a course of a two-year trial, but a single word of opposition from a Bar Council.

"Why a stand in standard? Is it given you have been nobodies, not VIPs or politicians, which a rights can be denied just like that?" Azlan asked.

He pronounced his "vow as a father is to find justice" for his son as good as he intended to keep which promise.

Anwar was clear of sodomising Saiful, his former aide, upon Jan 9, as good as a charge has 14 days to appeal.

According to Azlan, a attorney-general has not contacted th! e family .

Saiful working in KL

NONEAsked if a polite fit would be filed if a charge does not appeal, a pensioner said: "We will have to decide which later.

"We take it step by step, there is no rush. We have waited for years."

Refusing to comment upon a judge's findings, Azlan pronounced Saiful as good as a family perceived a outcome "with calm".

"The people, as good as my friends, have been very sympathetic (but) which is a court's decision," he said.

The family has perceived no threats or abuse given a outcome as good as which Saiful is well.

"He is working somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. Life has to go on," Azlan added.
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Acquittal explosions point to a violent Najib Plan A if not for 11th hour pullback

Acquittal explosions point to a aroused Najib Plan A if not for 11th hour pullback
As triumphant Malaysians solve down after celebrating a acquittal of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from clearly trumped-up sodomy charges, dim shadows have been starting to uncover up - portrayal a very sinister design of a current Malaysian government led by Prime Minister Najib Razak as well as his Umno party.
PKR leaders point to 3 explosions, that a military were discerning to describe as "home-made" bombs, that rocked a devalue of a justice complex soon after a "not guilty" verdict was announced.
"The explosions were serious. They could have killed as well as in fact, they did censor multiform of our supporters. We see this as part of Najib's Plan A that was to create a demonstration as well as have have use of of it to dominate a people in to usurpation a self-assurance for Anwar. For sure, you would not be here articulate to you right away if a justice had found Anwar guilty. you would be in prison underneath a ISA," PKR clamp boss Tian Chua toldMalaysia Chronicle.
Pre-empting an incident
It is no secret that a military as well as Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who is additionally Najib's cousin, had regularly warned a open that should any unfavourable situation occur, it would be a opposition's error for insisting upon staging a uncover of await Anwar. The demeanour in that they went about repeating their dim warnings had stirred up national fear of difficulty erupting upon 901 or January 9, a day a verdict was to be announced. No one had approaching Anwar, widely viewed to be a victim of domestic persecution, to! be tran sparent despite a manifestly fabricated charges of sodomizing an help in 2008.
Whether a military as well as Hisham were perplexing to pre-empt a demonstration or violence, speculation had been abundant that Najib would have have make use of of of a Pakatan-led 901 Free Anwar Rally to disprove a antithesis as well as afterwards claim a righteous ground for perplexing to stop 'street culture'.
It is believed that a 901 convene was to be a begin of a Najib riots - a series that his Umno celebration would have have use of of to cow Malaysians in to usurpation a domestic standing quo as well as in to choosing by casting votes a BN during a 13th ubiquitous election, where Anwar's Pakatan is approaching to put up a unbending challenge to Umno's 54-year domestic hegemony.
Unprecedented national as well as tellurian await for Anwar
The 64-year-old Anwar has always denied a sodomy charges, indicating to justification together with statements from a military that a help had met Najib as well as wife Rosmah Mansor days prior to lodging a complaint that led to a Sodomy II trial. Sodomy is a crime punishable by up to twenty years in prison as well as not usually Malaysia, though universe leaders, from US to Europe to Australia, had approaching a misfortune outcome for Anwar.
Despite a raft of national as well as ubiquitous criticism, Najib had stuck to his guns. Those in a know in Umno circles contend that primarily he as well as Rosmah usually wanted to conceal Anwar as well as revoke his recognition so that Najib - who was afterwards a deputy budding apportion - could have a chance to grab a main spotlight.
But somehow, distrust as well as indecisiveness got a improved of them plus pressure from Umno hardliners together with former premier Mahathir Mohamad, who instruct Anwar during a back of bars so that they can stay in power. Whichever it was, Najib authorised a box to pierce to hearing theatre - possibly hoping! for a m ost appropriate as well as that Malaysians would have given up as well as lost about Anwar by a time a box reached a end.
However, it was not to be. In a weeks heading to a January 9 verdict, as well as upon that day itself, a reply from bland Malaysians as well as foreign governments around a universe was transparent to see. Anwar cannot be thrown in to prison this approach as well as a pass left to rot as well as rust. This was proven by a celebrations that rang loud as well as transparent throughout Malaysia as well as a universe upon a shock headlines of his acquittal. All major newspapers in a initial universe as well as grown nations front-paged Anwar's acquittal.
"It is transparent Najib as well as Rosmah motionless to cut their rubbish then. The feverishness was apropos unbearable as well as you consider they were disturbed what sort of legacy as well as story they would leave during a back of if they had left along with a Mahathir as well as his throng of hardliners. It is no fun to prison Anwar as well as trigger a riot. That's tantamount to turning Malaysia in to a North Korea or Zimbabwe. For Mahathir as well as gang, it is easy given a man in assign is Najib, so they can push all a evil bulletin they instruct though a ones removing a censure will be Najib as well as Rosmah," Nik Nazmi, a PKR executive for communications, toldMalaysia Chronicle.
Mishaps as well as bad strategy
Although Najib as well as his BN colleagues attempted to save a situation by claiming it valid a Malaysian law was independent as well as could be trusted, their claims did not carry a ring of truth or gain traction.
"If that is a case, have been Najib as well as Co revelation to conspiring to frame Anwar for sodomy though were stopped by a country's supposed independent judiciary?" asked Tian.
"I find it so dumb of Umno to fool around this card. It really is identical to revelation t! hey were guilt of perplexing to fix Anwar as well as afterwards insisting a complement is receptive to advice given there was a check as well as change of a courts to sop them. To cut it short, a initial chairman to renounce should be a Attorney General, Gani Patail. How can he aspire to a box as flimsy as this as well as rubbish a resources of a nation all for a sake of helping Najib as well as Umno further their careers.?"
In 1998, Mahathir had pulled identical sodomy charges, as well as it resulted in him being forced to renounce as Umno lost 60 per cent of a Malay votes - a core constituency - in a 1999 ubiquitous elections. It was a Chinese votes that saved Umno as well as a BN bloc then. These Chinese votes have been right away with a Pakatan, with most of a alternative non-Malay votes due to disenchantment with a Umno's extremist divide-and-rule policies.
Why would you explosve ourselves to celebrate Anwar's acquittal?
Meanwhile, PKR leaders have slammed a military for sloppy work over a explosions that took place shortly after a Kuala Lumpur High Court transparent Anwar. They have been demanding a full explanation, indicating out that a military claim that a trade cones underneath that a bombs were hidden could usually have belonged to a military or their agents.
The military have been discerning to retaliate, indicating a finger during PKR, accusing a party's supporters as well as demonstrators who alive a Jalan Duta justice complex, of being a culprits.
"This is positively ridiculous. First, you don't celebrate by bombing ourselves. Second, that sold area was underneath despotic military control. The whole areas was underneath despotic military watch for a days prior to a verdict was voiced upon Monday. If anyone, a military should question themselves. Did they tighten one eye. Finally, a explosives were reported to be inside a police's cosmetic cones. If these have been not their cones, afterwards wh! ose? Who could have smuggled such large equipment in to a secured area?" PKR legal affairs executive Latheefa Koya toldMalaysia Chronicle.
The government press have additionally reported that a military have been scrutinising a video recording to identify a mastermind during a back of a explosions. There is a transparent as well as concerted effort to tie a explosions to PKR despite such a pierce being illogical.
Already, a Umno-woned Utusan journal has carried a inform quoting a source that preliminary investigations uncover that a bombs were brought in by those who took part in a rally. "In further to being entirely inspected, a area had been rhythmical by military personnel given a day prior to a rally. A final investigation was carried out prior to convene participants were authorised to accumulate as well as no dangerous object was found," a source told a daily.
The source is actually echoing what Latheefa as well as a alternative Pakatan leaders have been saying. The area had already been cordoned off for days as well as underneath a tightest security. It would additionally have been unfit for demonstrators to projection in or smuggle such bulky equipment as a trade cones. It is additionally questionable that a Utusan source was discerning to 'lament' a deficiency of CCTV when a military had warned they would video every situation during a 901 convene to prevent 'false' claims of brutality.
3 ambulances from Liow Tiong Lai
Meanwhile, pundits point to a Jul 9, 2011 Bersih rally, where military were held upon movie firing rip gas canisters directly during Pakatan leaders, seriously injuring Anwar's physique guard.
The rip gas conflict that took place during a slight underpass could have killed as well as Pakatan parties have lodged military reports over what they perceive to be 'attempted murder', though to no relief so far. Apart from Anwar, PAS boss Hadi Awang as well as DAP confidant Lim Kit! Siang w ere additionally during a underpass, sustaining sustained light injuries.
Meanwhile, City military chief Mohmad Salleh pronounced a military would additionally accumulate information to determine either a organisers of a assembly had committed any offence. He pronounced investigators would demeanour during a altogether situation as well as wizz in upon a chairman who placed a handcrafted explosives, that he additionally pronounced were detonated by timers.
"The military have collected justification from a stage as well as will send them for analysis," he said. The military had found blast waste identical to cosmetic cones, ball bearings, clocks as well as batteries during a stage of a blasts, he added.
Tian additionally pointed out that Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai's suggest to hire 3 ambulances during a justice complex was "highly suspicious".
"In a past 13 years, throughout all a protests as well as rallies - large as well as small - a BN government together with a Health Ministry has never been so kind as to suggest medical diagnosis or even be upon standby for emergencies. Why did Tiong Lai suddenly have such an offer? Did he already know what sort of scenario to expect if Najib's hand had not wavered as well as he had left through with his Plan A"" asked Tian.
Malaysia Chronicle
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