Inilah gambar yang sangat renouned di blog-blog serta wall Facebook puak-puak Pakatan Rakyat. Kata puak-puak Pakatan, ini adalah bukti yang kekecohan serta kekacauan di Kuala Lumpur dalam acara BERSIH 3.0 telah dimulakan oleh pihak polis.

Konon-kononnya anggota polis dan HARAMJADAH yang menendang belakang anggota polis trafik yang motosikalnya telah dibakar sebagai ORANG YANG SAMA.

Tengok gambar-gambar di atas dan anda sendiri boleh membuat keputusan, sama ada individu berkenaan adalah orang yang sama, atau sebenarnya hanya mempunyai persamaan pada bibir yang diketap!

Bagaimanapun, di wall Pakatan Rakyat yang bersungguh-sungguh nak bagitahu kononnya ini adalah orang yang sama, lebih ramai yang tidak percaya berbanding percaya memandangkan wajah yang terdapat dalam gambar di atas adalah dua orang individu yang berbeza sama sekali.

Anda boleh baca sendiri di SINI bagaimana puak-puak Pakatan tidak dapat menjelaskan tentang perbezaan wajah kedua-dua individu walaupun mereka juga yang mengatakan kedua-duanya adalah individu yang sama.


HOUSE PK: Ini aku petik dari blog Injap a Kickers. Terbaik la pendedahan Kickers ni, so Pakatan anak haram, korang nak spin apa lagi lepas ni? Kalau tak cukup tengok video kat bawah ni, apa dosa polis tu hingga dicederakan dia sebegini teruk?

Yes, Prime Minister, we need answers!

APRIL 30 Two days after Bersih 3.0, as well as after observation many videos as well as photos on a Internet, I would like to poise a few questions to a authorities, specifically a prime minister, who longed for a golden chance to walk his speak (and explain to be a reformist). 1. When was a preference to fire rip gas made? Was it a spur-of-the-moment preference or ... Read More

Ambiga dan penganjur Bersih patut ditahan, Langgat court order

Polis perolehi perintah mahkamah tutup Dataran Merdeka 4 hariKetua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi telah memperolehi perintah mahkamah dari Majistret semalam, untuk menghalang sebarang perhimpunan di Dataran Merdeka dari 28 April hingga 1 Mei 2012.Perintah mahkamah ini dikeluarkan majistret bernama Zaki Asyraf bin Zubir, diserahkan kepada Pengerusi BERSIH, Ambiga Sreenevasan pada hari ini. Ambiga dan

Two training centres for Navy personnel

ROYAL Malaysian Navy crew will have better access to knowledge upon a nautical attention with dual of a precision centres being recognised as Maritime Training Institutes (MTI).Navy arch Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar pronounced a KD Pelandok as well as KD Sultan Idris we had both obtained a status of MTI from a Marine Department as well as would conduct nautical precision courses besides naval training, after this.For a start, a dual MTIs would train Navy crew in Basic Safety as well as Training, as well as ... Read More

Suara perempuan bangsat mana ini?

Ground Zero of the Bersih 3 Riots and an Obituary

This letter came with most other mails as well as text messages from Malaysians who have seenthe Schelling Incidentunfolding in front of their eyes upon YouTube as well as blogs, not only upon a mainstream media, as well as who right away direct a stop to this nonsense. Like Mr Lim Chee Wei, most Malaysians believe in democratic swell though not by burning down a city. My crony Big Cat puts it simply inPunish them during a ballot box (and in court) : "The so-called Bersih riots opened a eyes of many, especially those in a center ground, of a dangers faced by this pleasing Malaysia."

But all happens for a good reason, she says ...
Chaos as well as a Beginning of a END
Lim Chee Wei
29 Apr 2012
An necrology is something which is not easy to right. One never knows what to contend as consoling those which have mislaid a desired a single is scarcely regularly an practice in futility. The assault as well as disharmony rained down by thousands of bused in Opposition members led by Keadilans Deputy President Azmin Ali yesterday was a last nail in a coffin of a domestic life his mentor, Anwar Ibrahim.
I am not a fortuneteller though a essay is obviously upon a wall. This is a commencement of a finish of a domestic career of Anwar Ibrahim which has spanned some-more than 40 years. What should have been a healthy support bottom of Pakatan Rakyat marching in KL upon Saturday now, some-more than ever, has started to count a fee of repairs Anwar has done to a evidence whi! ch all r allies are peaceful.
The advent of a full democracy in Malaysia is not contingent upon Ambigas irrational demands for a abdication of a entire Election Commission or a implementation of all reforms demanded prior to a next GE. Full democracy in Malaysia is contingent upon a setting up of a tolerable as well as viable two-party system. People saying Anwar lose carry out as well as sending his storm troopers in to destroy all in their approach has led most peacefully marching to believe which for democracy to face a BN, Anwar has got to go.
The perfect recklessness as well as eagerness to cause a BN domestic repairs during any costs, even causing repairs as well as injury, shows which Anwar knows this GE is his LAST chance. It is a last salvo of a single of a most divisive figures in Malaysias domestic history. Anwar will be 65 this year as well as watchful for a 14thelection will see him only a shade under 70. This is his time, after GE13, it will be a time of a loyal leaders of Pakatan. Younger leaders who dont wish their families to browbeat their parties, who are not singularly driven by a enterprise for power to take revenge upon Tun Mahathir etc. as well as leaders who dont have a baggage which a former Deputy President of UMNO will regularly surely have.
It is sad to see an otherwise intelligent male blind to a actuality which he will never be Prime Minister. The destructiveness he unleashed upon Kuala Lumpur this week finish is a last action of recklessness of a male anticipating in vain which he has still got a single last action to play. What he does not comprehend is which his assembly has left as well as moved upon to something, or ! someone, which distant some-more closely resembles an preferred of care with which they wish to spend time as well as watch.
Datuk Ambiga herself conceded which a Police acted after a domestic segments of a convene intimidated as well as attacked a Police. In her own attempt to salvage what has become an lost incident of disharmony as well as violence, she naively asks a Government to think about since a little people would action so extremely.The motives of group smashing cars lies not in a enterprise for electoral reform. Rather, they were you do so since Anwar told them to do so.He told them to do so since he knew which if they rained disharmony upon a streets, a Police would be forced to act. Only afterwards would his friends in a foreign media be means to dedicate most mins of coverage to disharmony in yet another Muslim majority country.
Datuk Ambiga has to take a little of a responsibility notwithstanding her attempts to ask a throng to sunder prior to a trouble started. She herself repeatedly requested PAS as well as Keadilan to bulk up her numbers in a event which ordinary non-partisan Malaysians did not uncover up. It is as transparent as day which Bersih has been entirely taken over by a Opposition. This could have been avoided if Datuk Ambiga never started upon which slippery slope of sharing a Bersih stage with Anwar in particular.

I am Chinese as well as a initial trait of my people is pragmatism which is since you felt which there indispensable to be a much stronger Opposition in 2008 since a wanton corruption as well as abuses of a BN then. Pakatan would do well not to take my pragmatism for postulated for this approach! of medi tative does not know domestic loyalties. Chaos as well as recklessness are not pragmatic. For a initial time since 2008, Anwar does not seem like a useful choice for Prime Minister.
Democratic swell is NOT upturned cars upon a streets as well as vigilante rowdies using riot in a cities. Democratic swell is a setting up of a loyal two party system. Pakatan needs a real leader who believes in a ideals of democracy as well as has NEVER used otherwise. With this, you hereby write a commencement of a finish of Anwar Ibrahims domestic career upon 28 Apr 2012.

p.s. The foreign media were between a most undone by a result of Bersih 3, you think. They longed for to see assault opposite a people. They longed for Tahrih Square as well as Tianeman. They were anticipating forpolice brutality (read here, Aljazeera's contributor reading from a rebuilt script) They did not design images as well as footages like these:

And if Aljazeera was as good as it claimed to be, it would have gotten this as well as proof of who started it all. The "why" you all know, unless a Aljazeera's contributor is so dumb you have to spell it out to him:

Bersih front pages Malay papers

Not surprisingly, Mingguan Malaysia could find zero purify about Bersih. Berita Minggu as well as Kosmo took the same approach. Sinar Harian additionally saw the disastrous points. More startling was Metro Ahad who didn't think Bersih was exciting enough. Filed under: Issues, Media Read More @ Source

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Sorry to tell you this - but your coffin is ready, BN

Sorry to tell you this - yet your coffin is ready, BN
Whether one can can stomach this law or not, the Bersih 3.0 has permanently etched the start of BN's demise. This is clear from dual counts.
First, the way the Ministers who have been additionally UMNO members reacted as well as done split statements during the eleventh hour of Bersih 3.0 showdown is, upon hindsight, very telling. The unfolding of the events which solemnly crept silently to culminate in the military crackdown upon the adults as well as the members of the press obviously establishes which BN is crumbling.
BN was upon the defencive as well as when cornered by the huge showdown by adults it went ballistic out of desperation. It was, to put it bluntly, an stupid strartegy by the leaders who go upon to broadcast as well as make-believe which they have half the nation's rakyat with them.
And lest you forget, usually the bankrupting supervision - rsther than the domestic investiture which is crumbling, will ensure which phone lines go dead as well as internet media gets hacked during the heights of the showdown by its citizens.
Second is the actuality which hundreds of thousands (250,000 to 300,000) descended upon the roads in the uncover of solidarity. Not 10,000; not 25,000; yet hundreds of thousands. Why repudiate still?
Bottom line is, the people only don't like YOU, BN
While the BN buliding go upon to repudiate themselves the oppressive truths, the evidence is there painting the tarred roads in superfluous rivers of not only yellow as well as green - fighting for electoral remodel as well as opposing the government! 's adama nt Lynas project, yet being there opposite the supervision of the day.
The vivid actuality stays - unpleasant yet it might be for the affected, there were many instances as well as locations where manila-sized portraits of the few BN leaders together with the PM's which became the a one preferred aim to stomp upon to howling claps from the protesters. That act yet many shocking, says it all.
And the conflict upon the press boys as well as girls seals the final chapter upon BN. No regime, no tyrant, no leader, no domestic party anywhere in the world has survived after mauling the media. Even the PM's whispering reparation cannot save BN any more as well as Najib personally knows which too.
On second thoughts, it cannot be as well distant wrong to even hold which the military action upon the media was to essentially register the rage of the group as well as women in blue not opposite the adults as well as the media yet an act committed to speed up BN's demise.
People have been ready to fight for their democracy now
Bersih 3.0 has obviously etched which BN is no more qualified nor unfailing to remain in government. The hundreds of thousands who gathered filling complete stretches of roads from Chow Kit to Dataran; from Pudu to Dataran; from Brickfields to Dataran - from all roads as well as alleys heading to Dataran - all of them were angry. They were frustrated. They were tired. They were fed up.
That is the law which BN continues to deny. And which very rejection set of symptoms is additionally the pointer of the domestic system of administration which has entered the final phase of failure.
It would not be as well distant fetched to even hold in what th! e rakyat have been sensitively saying. And BN greatfully listen to this early to make your exit reduction painful. The rakyat - of all ages have been saying:
Soon the military will stick upon us as well as spin the cannons upon you. And it might only be since you had sufficient of the corruption, the cheating, the threats, the intimidation, as well as the thieving.
Just in box BN still did not hear, the protesters were saying that: let us do this not for ourselves yet for our young kids as well as the children's children.
In other words, BN, the people have been relocating to the next phase of life which is people have been fast migrating to the mindset which they rebuilt to go for pennyless to revive democracy as well as polite liberties.
No longer only about clean elections
Because the underlying law is Bersih 3.0 was not antithesis party supporters. Bersih 3.0 was not even only about clean, fair as well as free electoral reforms.
Anyone who walked kilo-meters in which shoulder to shoulder throng of aged as well as young, man as well as woman, able as well as disabled, people of all races as well as religions underneath the sweltering heat would have simply picked up which signal - which the people were there since they have been fed up with BN.
If Bersih 1.0 was the trial, as well as Bersih 2.0 was the test, then Bersih 3.0 is which defining reality.
Malaysia Chronicle
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Najib administration slammed for excessive use of police force, impartial inquiry needed

Najib administration slammed for extreme make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of of military force, just inquiry needed
Bangkok The Malaysian supervision should equally examine alleged extreme make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of of force by military to sunder tens of thousands of peaceful protesters in Kuala Lumpur job for choosing reform, Human Rights Watch pronounced today.
Human Rights Watch observed military regulating teargas as well as H2O cannons opposite peaceful participants upon Apr 28, 2012, during a mass convene held by Bersih ("clean"), a Coalition for Clean as well as Fair Elections, after a tiny group attempted to breach a military barricade.
Police subsequently arrested during least 471 people, as well as dozens were harmed by beatings or in confrontations with a police. The military upon Apr 29 voiced which all arrested have been released, though warned which some demonstrators could be charged in a near future.
"The make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of of H2O cannons as well as teargas opposite peaceful protesters shows a Malaysian military were out of control, not a demonstrators," pronounced Phil Robertson, deputy Middle East executive during Human Rights Watch. "The supervision should stop patting itself upon a behind as well as promptly examine why nonessential force was used as well as punish those responsible."
'I was very happy today'
In a early afternoon of Apr 28, tens of thousands of Bersih supporters, most ready to go in canary yellow T-shirts, marched towards Kuala Lumpur's inhabitant landmark Datara! n Merdek a (Independence Square). Because a authorities had obtained a court sequence exclusive Bersih from entertainment during Dataran Merdeka, convene participants marched to a edges of a barricaded block for a planned sit-in during 2 p.m.
Around 2:30 p.m., Bersih personality Ambiga Sreenevasan as well as parliamentary antithesis personality Anwar Ibrahim voiced a convene had succeeded in its goals as well as called upon a throng to disperse. Some participants solemnly began to depart, though most did not. Around 3 p.m., a tiny group breached a block to Dataran Merdeka.
Police responded by firing dozens of teargas rounds not usually during those who crossed a military line, though additionally during a peaceful crowds who were nowhere near a barricaded square. Human Rights Watch observed a military regulating teargas as well as H2O cannons opposite demonstrators who were running divided as well as groups of people distant from a square; this continued until about 7 p.m. The military set up roadblocks as well as shut down train services in a vicinity, making it formidable for people to leave expeditiously.
A Bersih participant, Lau Ming, 25, told Human Rights Watch in Kuala Lumpur that: "I was very happy today. We were marching peacefully together as well as afterwards a military used rip gas to intimidate us. We had not finished anything wrong."
Who's unequivocally responsible?
The Malaysian supervision quickly released a statement which a military had acted scrupulously as well as which a criticism was without vital incident. Minister of Home Affairs Hishamuddin Hussain "commend[ed] a military for their professionalism as well as a patience they have shown underneath formidable circumstances" as well as pronounced a "group of protesters attempted to incite a violent confrontation with a police."
"Instead of trying to close a book upon a protest, a supervision should launch an just as well as pure ! inquiry in to a actions of a police," Robertson said. "Whether a supervision likes it or not, there will be destiny demonstrations as well as a military will need to do a improved job to ensure confidence as well as apply oneself people's rights."
Some people engaged in violence opposite a military after in a afternoon as well as they should be appropriately fined or prosecuted, Human Rights Watch said. These included protesters who overturned a military car after it allegedly hit dual demonstrators as well as others who threw H2O bottles or alternative objects during a police.
On Apr 23, 5 days prior to a Bersih rally, a Peaceful Assembly Act of 2012 went in to effect, permitting a military far-reaching discretion to set a terms underneath which groups of people can arrange in public. City officials deserted Bersih's request to make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of Dataran Merdeka for their rally, citing safety concerns as well as stating a block could usually be used for what authorities cruise inhabitant events.
The city referred to alternatives, though Bersih maintained Dataran Merdeka is a open block for a make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of of a people. Bersih additionally deserted alternatives because they stated it was too late to change preparations for a vast throng approaching as well as because a Dataran Merdeka site was some-more accessible.
On Apr 27 a military obtained a magistrate's sequence exclusive Bersih from a block as well as a adjoining streets. The open was warned "not to turn up, attend or take partial in any entertainment from Apr 28, 2012 to May 1, 2012." Prior to Apr 28, a military additionally refused Bersih's request for assistance in throng supervision during a rally.
Using brand new 'reform' laws to curb rather than promote freedom of assembly
The United Nations Basic Principles upon a Use of Force as well as Firearms by La! w Enforc ement Officials provides which law coercion officials shall, as distant as possible, apply pacifist equates to before resorting to a make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of of force. Force might be used "only if alternative equates to remain ineffectual or without any promise of achieving a dictated result."
When a official make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of of force is unavoidable, "law coercion officials shall practice patience in such make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of as well as act in suit to a seriousness of a offence as well as a legitimate design to be completed as well as minimize repairs as well as injury." In a dispersal of unlawful though pacifist assemblies, "law coercion officials shall avoid a make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of of force or, where which is not practicable, shall restrict such force to a minimum extent necessary."
In July 2011, military used teargas as well as H2O cannons to break up a Bersih mass convene as well as arrested some-more than 1,600 people. Following inhabitant as well as general condemnation of a crackdown, Prime Minister Najib Razak set up a bipartisan parliamentary panel, which referred to multiform changes to a choosing system.
Bersih leaders criticized those changes as inadequate to ensure which a next inhabitant elections, approaching within a couple of months, have been fair. Bersih has called for a current membership of a Election Commission to resign, for choosing by casting votes rolls to be purged of fake names, as well as a choosing to be monitored by general observers.
"The authorities' make make make make make make make use of of of of of of of of a brand new Peaceful Assembly Law to try to prevent, rather than facilitate, a Bersih convene raises serious concerns about a government's remodel efforts some-more generally," Robertson said. "The supervision needs to uncover which it's serious about polit! ical ref orm."
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Polis jalankan tugas... apa rasanya jika ini keluarga mu?

Bersih rally front pages English papers

Shame on the NST Shame on the Star Filed under: Issues, Journalism, Media Read More @ Source

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Bersih front pages Malay papers

Not surprisingly, Mingguan Malaysia could find nothing clean about Bersih. Berita Minggu and Kosmo took a same approach. Sinar Harian additionally saw a disastrous points. More surprising was Metro Ahad who didn't consider Bersih was exciting enough. Filed under: Issues, Media Read More @ Source

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Bersih front pages Chinese papers

Filed under: Issues, Media Read More @ Source

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Police turn on press reporters beaten up, cameras smashed

Malaysian media groups reject arrest, harassment, assault towards reporters during Bersih convene 29 Apr 2012 We from Malaysian media civil multitude organisations reject a detain of dual reporters and police assault towards others who were covering a sit-down protest for free and fair elections in Kuala Lumpur upon 28 Apr 2012. Media reports, video feeds, [...] Read More @ Source

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Malaysian Election Commission is backward, opines fact-finding group

April 29, 2012

Malaysian Election Commission is backward, opines fact-finding group

by Leven

A Pakistani part of of a fact-finding goal organisation upon Malaysia choosing opined which a internal Election Commission (EC) is backward, which is a cause of a country's diseased democracy.

At a press discussion to recover a group's halt inform today, Pakistan senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo pronounced which he is surprised to find which Malaysia, as a complicated country, still has an underdeveloped electoral system.

"A republic similar to Pakistan has introduced electronic voting prolonged ago," he said.He pronounced EC Deputy Chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar (left), when met by a organisation members, gave neutral answer about several reforms lifted by a members.

"The EC needs to be improved. Only if a establishment improves can a democracy of a republic improve," he said.

The seven-member general group, many of whom have been politicians in their own countries, was invited by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to conduct a goal from April 25 to 29.

They have interviewed UMNO secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, Bersih steering committee part of Maria Chin Abdullah, Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, Anwar as well as Wan Ahmad upon a choosing complement for a Dewan Rakyat.

Wan Ahmad had told a organisation which "no current part of of a EC group belongs to any domestic party", when a organisation questioned a neutrality of a EC.

"(Wan Ahmad) voiced his personal views which no part of of a commission ought to go to a domestic party," read a report.

T! his is, however, in pointy contrariety to his reply to Sinar Harian a few days ago in which he admitted which he is an dead UMNO member.

'Ku Nan asked either Malaysians mature for freedom'

Meanwhile, Australian academician Clinton Fernandez noted which Tengku Adnan had asked in a meeting with a group: "Are our people (Malaysians) mature for freedom?"

Commenting upon domestic growth in Indonesia, Fernandez claimed which Tengku Adnan (right) had said: "One of a problems with Indonesia is which there is too much freedom."

"I find these comments disturbing, it reflects a authoritarian attitudes during a top level of power," he said. India Today Editorial Director Mobashar Jawed Akbar additionally pronounced he listened a matter with "deepest pain".

"It is hapless which a little voice in management essentially believes this great nation, as a template of post-colonial nations, does not deserve democracy.This is a matter which cannot be accepted," he said.

In a report, a organisation has concurred with BERSIH's demands which a campaigning period should be lengthened to during least twenty-one days as well as overseas voters should be allowed to vote; while it recommends which a EC consecrate a own earthy corroboration group for voters' standing as well as make a 240,000 choosing workers as early voters.

They additionally mooted, between others, for a establishment of a Caretaker Convention as practised in a United Kingdom. They have been slated to tell a full inform in twenty-one days.

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71-year-old woman claims she was punched by police

A 71-year-old womanlike protester has purported currently which she was punched as well as H2O was splashed upon her face by military personnel.

The woman, who hails from Kuantan as well as who wished to be well known only as Tow, was between a 512 people who were arrested during a Bersih 3.0 rally yesterday. She was later released during we estimate noon earlier today.

tah ah mei attack 290412Tow (right in photo) pronounced a womanlike military officer punched her as she was being pushed rounded off in to a military van.

"She punched my face, we kicked her back, as well as she was thrown backwards," she pronounced during a press discussion organised by DAP, during Masjid Jamek LRT station, Jalan Tun Perak in Kuala Lumpur today.

Tow even demonstrated how she was knocked about as well as lifted her leg to uncover how she kicked back.

She additionally claimed a officer wanted to flog her again, but was stopped by a comparison officer.
The fiery aged lady pronounced she regretted she only counter-attacked once.

"I should have knocked about her more," she claimed.

Tow pronounced whilst she was being escorted by dual officers, a male officer came to her as well as splashed H2O during her face, as well as she was undetermined during such a move.

She additionally claimed she witnessed military savagery during Jalan Raja Laut as well as Jalan Tun Perak.

"I saw three gentle-looking young group being knocked about near Dataran Merdeka," she said, adding which over 10 officers took turns to flog as well as flog them.

Tow additionally remarkable which a couple of people were lying prosaic upon a ground, not moving.

When asked what was her response to these incidents, she in jeopardy to brand a officers if complaints were lodged by a purported victims.

She clai! med to r emember a faces of these officers as well as which of a womanlike officer who had punched her.

Tow claimed she was saddened by a meaningless violence scene, saying, "It pennyless my heart, as if my own children been beaten."

'I saw about 50 injured protesters'

Another watcher as well as protester, Liu Yang, who was arrested yesterday, claimed he saw we estimate 50 protesters who were injured, as well as which might be a sign of military brutality.

"Among them, we additionally remarkable 10 to 20 detainees covered with a lot of blood," he said, adding which many of a d! etainees suffered injuries during a conduct area.

Liu pronounced a wounded people were left untreated for as long as dual hours, prior to they were sent to hospital.

"I noticed a man who had nearly fainted with an damage to his head. He had to make use of his shirt as a bandage."
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Hisham: Photo equipment seized as part of SOP

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein pronounced a lien of memory cards as well as cameras belonging to reporters during a Bersih 3.0 convene were partial of a police's customary handling procession (SOP).

Speaking during a Kuala Lumpur general hospital, Hishammuddin pronounced this when asked because a items were seized given he claimed that a military had zero to hide.

"I don't know. This is a customary handling procession of police...," he said.

On military clumsy strategy upon journalists, Hishammuddin pronounced such queries should be destined to a inspector-general of police, who will usually be addressing a press tomorrow.

Stressing that military had finished a worthy job in controlling a situation, he pronounced that he hopes that allegations that reporters being roughed up are not true.

"We will not strengthen any one as well as will treat everybody justly. Don't speculate. There were all sorts of rumours yesterday that were not true. you ask a open to be fair," he said.

He combined that a items seized from reporters would be returned to them "as per usual".

'Some say you not tough enough'

Hishammuddin additionally discharged claims that military had provoked a chaos by banishment teargas.

"I indicate to a IGP that you make a timeline (of military video recordings). Police have finished their best. In fact most asked because you have not been some-more tough," he said.

He additionally urg! ed a B ar Council as well as a National Human Rights Council (Suhakam) to come brazen with justification too, if they explain there have been abuse of energy by a police.

"Let's get down to a truth. We wish justice," he said.

Asked if there will be any movement taken opposite PKR emissary boss Azmin Ali who is indicted of instigating protestors to break in to Dataran Merdeka, he ! said: "A nybody who broke a law will have movement taken opposite them, if there is enough justification recorded as well as witnesses."
Visits victims
He pronounced a same goes for parents who brought young kids under fifteen to a protest, that contravenes with a Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.

However, he pronounced a question of either to assign or not will be during a discretion of a attorney-general.

Earlier, Hishammuddin visited military physical Mohamad Kamil Paimin who was driving a military car that crashed in to two protesters during Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman yesterday.

He additionally visited Al Hijrah videographer Mohd Azri Mohd Salleh who was allegedly assaulted by protesters when he attempted to strengthen Mohamad Kamil andThe Sunreporter Radzi Razak who claimed to be beaten up by military personnel.

In a same sentinel as Mohamad Kamil was trade military lance physical Mohd Nasir Mansor who was additionally harmed during yesterday's rally.
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Turkmenistan president holds horse beauty contest


ASHGABAT: The horse-mad leader of Turkmenistan upon Sunday hosted his second presidential beauty contest for horses in a private Central Asian state.

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov awarded "the most pleasing equine of a year" esteem to a racer stallion called Khan of a Eagles, which kick a nine alternative finalists embellished in traditional bridles.

The celebrity then pulled off his jacket as well as leapt onto a equine to float a victory circuit of a racecourse outward Ashgabat to cheers from a crowd.

The horse beauty contest falls upon a inhabitant holiday, a Day of a Turkmen Race Horse in a ex-Soviet state, which is home to an ancient multiply of horses called Akhal-Teke.

In a run-up to a holiday, state newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan published every day poems for a week upon its front page singing a praises of a president's favourite horses, illustrated with colour photographs.

Berdymukhamedov, 54, has created a book about horses which was published in a print-run of most thousands as well as once posed upon his favourite steeds for a calendar.

The former dentist took over a leadership of a ener! gy-rich state in 2007 after a genocide of a individualist dictator Saparmurat Niyazov, who renamed months as well as days of a week in honour of himself as well as his family.

The new boss private a little of a trappings of which system of administration though has launched his own cult of celebrity as well as is known by a unaccepted title of a Protector.

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Wah angkuhnya betina sundal ni kan? Inilah rupa sebenar mereka! Korang nak orang macam ni tadbir negara ke?

Bersih3 : A monyet's observations and intepretations

Those of you who have been following my blog would probably know which you am an zealous reader. Everyday you review all a main English newspapers as well as portals (The Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, Nutgraph, The Star, NST, The Sun, MalayMail). you additionally review BBC as well as CNN. you review Utusan Malaysia but not regularly, maybe once a week. Everyday, you additionally review about 20 opposite so-po blogs rounded off half of which have been pro-BN, a other half pro-Pakatan. Plus miscellaneous websites, blogs, etc time permitting. you additionally follow a series of pro-Pakatan as well as pro-BN folks upon twitter. [These are, of course, upon tip of a technical things which you have to review for my office work].

Reading a farrago of element as well as vocalization to a variety of people is actually utterly interesting. Most importantly, it gives you mixed takes upon a single subject. Different people say opposite things about a subject. Take a Bersih3 convene yesterday. Depending who you verbalise to or what you read, you will get really opposite stories. If you verbalise to a hardcore BN supporter, he/she will censure Pakatan censure for all which went wrong. If you spoke to a hardcore Pakatan supporter, a BN supervision is to censure for all which went wrong.

2.There was fair atmosphere during most places, Malaysians land hands, singing as well as mingling. Some brought their individual banners, some had their drums, some came in whim costumes as well as most had smiles upon their faces. Most participants came to have their indicate as well as they did just that. [I like. ! This is how rallies should be. you might even stick upon a next convene if.].

3.There were dickheads who brought young kids to a rally.

8. Anwar as well as Azmin should shut a f*&k up. They have caused too much problems already.

10. Malaysians have been extremely guillible as well as take all during face value if a messenger is someone upon their side. There were most doctored photos present as well as people, who differently have been utterly intelligent, were bustling present photos online but checking their authenticity. This relates to both pro-Bersih as well as anti-Bersih online crowd.

11.Most of a blogs have selected to prominence photos, videos as well as stories from their side only. All a pro-BN folks upon blogs, FB as well as twitter show usually a videos as well as pictures of a rampaging thugs attacking a military cars. All a pro-Pakatan folks upon blogs, FB as well as twitter show usually videos, photos as well as stories of a innocent faces of a protestors as well as a military whacking them.

12. Bersih3.0 succeeded in rallying together a converted (i.e. Pakatan supporters or rsther than anti-BN folks). It additionally maybe helped Pakatan's target to confuse a BN government. Whether it is starting to dive or assistance electoral reform remains to be seen. The assault which ensued after partial of a dusk is not starting to assistance Bersih's cause.

13.If Pakatan was anticipating to win votes by their rhetoric yesterday, they have been starting to be disappointed. Most people who marched yesterday have been already pro-Pakatan folks so ! no new v otes there. The pro-BN folks would have tougher or stronger their stand in response. And as for a center ground, especially in a farming areas, a images of protestors attacking a military have been starting to severely harm Pakatan's prospects.

15. Bersih3.0 had given an event as well as bravery for most Malaysians to march, rally, protest as well as verbalise up. Many of a marches were genuinely passionate about a cause. Many of them were additionally my friends. If a supervision can overcome their fear of rallies as well as a organizers can fortify their participants better, there is no reasons because you can't have a lot more pacific rallies.

Monyet King additionally says
Malaysians have been removing more grown politically. Those in a urban areas understand their rights better as well as have been not afraid of vocalization up or fasten protests. Rallies will turn increasingly usual in a years to come. you goal all parties will learn from yesterday's events as well as plan as well as hope for accordingly. DBKL, in particular, should severely begin planning, how to hoop future rallies. you have already created about this earlier (read here) you should facilitate rallies.

NGOs similar to Bersih as well as others should additionally severely cruise building their skills upon how to handle, promulgate with as well as carry out vast crowds. It would be insane if you can usually capture vast crowds but being able to carry out them. So begin formulation as well as learning. Most importantly, polite multitude should not allow politicians to steal their events.

Most of you folks who follow my blog in all review a English denunciation media. you indicate which you, from time to time, additionally revie! w what o ther denunciation media have been saying. Several million Malaysians follow a Bahasa Malaysia newpapers as well as newsportals. Their views could be really opposite from yours. Similarly for a Chinese media. you confess which what you review is not really deputy of newspapers in a country. Bahasa Malaysia as well as Chinese denunciation have vast circulations. In fact, Metro Ahad has a largest paid dissemination (over 400,000 copies).

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BERSIH 3.0: Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih & Adil

Bersih 3.0: A Day to Tell a World about a Coalition for Electoral Reform for Clean & Fair General Elections. Apr twenty-eight 2012 is a Day to show Ignominy of a Electoral System. Watch a Police on fire with chemical-laced water directed during a people entertainment in downtown Kuala Lumpur in a afternoon of Saturday Apr twenty-eight 2012.

Video Rating: 0 / 5

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Walau kita tak sehaluan, namun aku ucapkan terima kasih kepada blogger pro pembangkang si Ameno World kerana membongkar Anwar la orangnya yang menyuruh para malcontent rempuh POLIS!

Astagfirullah, sampai bila kamu mahu diperbodohkan oleh si PELIWAT DAN PENZINA ni?

Bersih front pages Malay papers

Not surprisingly, Mingguan Malaysia could find zero purify about Bersih. Berita Minggu and Kosmo took the same approach. Sinar Harian additionally saw the disastrous points. More surprising was Metro Ahad who didn't consider Bersih was sparkling enough. Read More @ Source

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Bersih front pages Chinese papers

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Can you believe this? Hishamuddin said seizure of journalists cameras standard operating procedure?

we had regularly thought which Home Minister Kerismuddin is not smart, generally when he was caught upon camera in a press conference with a cow head protesters saying stupid things perplexing to clear a joke as well as a stepping upon a cow head by those protesters.

However, this take a prize. This stupid Kerismuddin certified a seizure of journalists (and manhandling) is military standard operating procedure? How can a lawyer as well as Home Minister admit which as well as put a military in scorn?
- Blog For Change
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BERSIH dari SELURUH DUNIA (saksikanlah)

Ketahuilah. Perhimpunan BERSIH semalam telah berlaku SELURUH DUNIA. Di bawah adalah video untuk tontonan anda. Sampai bawah laut pun ada BERSIH. ... Read More

Bersih ngaku kalah, Penyokong 'damage control'

Walaupun ada ushaa untuk salahkan polis, dan spin berlaku keganasan, mereka dah kalah dan mengaku mereka dah luar kawapan. Baca Malaysian Insider sini ngaku dan cuba nak spin.

Bawah ini pun dari Malaysian Insder yang ngaku mereka dah terperangkap dengan kebodohan sendiri.

Imaj mereka tercemar dengan gambaran dari imej ini selama-lamanya.

Keluarlah macam-macam cerita pasal polis

Who provoked the violence?
The troops explain which a few demonstrators who pennyless by a blockade to get onto Dataran Merdeka annoyed a troops to retaliate? Is which so? Is which violence? Violence upon whom, a police, a fence?
Jackson Ng, Retired Journalist
In a mass convene or gathering, everyone knows which it takes usually a tiny spark to means mayhem. And tellurian nature, as good as animals, is such which defence is a usually reply to attack.
So, let us break down in to parts what happened during Bersih 3.0 prior to we fall in to a promotion trap of a immorality Barisan Nasional (BN) government.
Bersih was meant to be a sit-in (repeat SIT-IN) upon Dataran Merdeka. For a troops as well as BN morons, do we know what is sit-in? It is peaceful.
But a Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) as well as a mayor motionless which a venue cannot be used by demonstrators, usually for national events.
In a first place, Dataran Merdeka does not go to them. Secondly, Dataran Merdeka has, in past, been used for non-national events by BN as well as a in isolation sector.
Isn't a rakyat's democratic right to demand for satisfactory as well as purify elections not of national interest? Why is a Umno-led BN supervision so fearful to implement electoral reforms which facilitate satisfactory elections to be conducted? The actuality which BN rejects Bersih's due list of electoral reforms is admission of a unwashed ways to hold upon to power with a use of brute force.
The Bersih supporters incited up in a tens of thousands but not a singular a single of them carried weapons. They only marched towards Dataran Square.
So, how did it spin violent? Again, a BN-controlled troops did not learn from their past mistak! es in Be rsih 1.0 as well as Bersih 2.0.
The firing of chemical-laced H2O as well as tear-gas upon a rakyat is a troops arms of attack to provoke a masses.
The troops explain which a few demonstrators who pennyless by a blockade to get onto Dataran Merdeka annoyed a troops to retaliate? Is which so? Is which violence? Violence upon whom, a police, a fence?
The troops contend a demonstrators had damaged a law by violation by a security block which prevented a demonstrators to get in to a open as well as empty field. Is which justification for a troops to go for a kill?
we am sure if a troops had only let them in, as well as afterwards arrested them a single by a single as well as take them divided in black maria, no attack would have occurred. It is a shooting of containing alkali laced H2O as well as rip gas which annoyed a strife as well as mayhem.
There is another credible declare to a attack propagated by a BN police. The press photographers as well as reporters. The attack upon journalists, drop as well as seizure of cameras have been testimony of a BN police's attempt to censor their immorality ways of regulating attack upon a rakyat to serve their political masters.
Yes! Congratulations to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for another glorious universe display of Malaysia's policing ways to uphold democracy.
We have been again a concentration of attention in a universe as well as also a laughing stock. We have been now no better off than Burma's troops junta.
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'Police motorbike knocked into m-biker near Sogo'

Another collision allegedly involving traffic military took place near Sogo, where a motorcyclist was strike by a law enforcemetn military officer upon a motorcycle, pronounced a Bersih believer as well as eyewitness.

The situation happened during 4.22pm, just a few minutes after a allegedincidentwhere a military automobile allegedly strike a person as well as caused an indignant throng to overturn a vehicle.

A military four-wheel-drive automobile as well as motorbike suddenly came out from a highway between Sogo Complex as well as Pertama Complex as well as turned in to Jalan Raja, where a protesters were on foot in a group, pronounced a first-time protester, who wished to be well known only as Chee.

bersih 3.0 convene military motorbike speeding in a throng 2Chee pronounced he saw both automobile speeding up, striving to leave a scene.

"I understood a officers' fright, given some people had turn indignant as well as began to chuck H2O bottles during a initial military car, causing a front mirror to be broken," he said.

But he still disapproved of such act of disregard for a public's safety.

He beheld which a person in a front passenger chair of a 4WD had grabbed a motorist with both hands as well as kept his conduct down, which to him was a sign of fear.

The 38-year-old office worker toldMalaysiakinithat whilst a four-wheel-drive automobile managed to flee, a motorbike trailed during a back of as well as wasn't so lucky, as it knocked in to an additional motorcycle.!

Both motorcycles fell to a road, as well as a law enforcemetn military officer appeared to be unhurt, remarkable Chee.

'Crowd prevented law enforcemetn military officer from being beaten'

Chee said, "The situation hurt a people in a area as well as they charged during him, wanting to beat him.

"However, an additional organisation of protesters came to his rescue, as well as stopped a indignant crowd.

bersih 3.0 convene military motorbike speeding in a throng 1"They even escorted him to a Mara Building, which is circuitously a site where a situation took place," he said.

Chee claimed which a protesters were indignant as they had been pounded by 3 or 4 rounds of teargas as well as w! ater can non before to a incident.

"The initial attack proposed during 3pm, as well as no warning had been issued before to it, as well as a participants also included aged people as well as children," he said.

Chee took part in a convene with 4 alternative friends, dual of whom were between a 400 people arrested yesterday.

He also provided dual videoclips of a purported collision as well as a initial attack by FRU toward them during Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

The initial videoclip showed both motorcycles fallen upon a road, as well as a organisation of protesters charging during a military military officer whilst an additional organisation tried to protect him.

The alternative video shows how a military pounded a massed throng in sequence to disperse them.

Chee pronounced a throng was forced to conduct towards back lanes as well as small road! s, not m eaningful where they were heading, as well as some were even forced to jump down from a 2m-high wall.
VIDEO: 1:20

VIDEO: 1:19
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How the Dataran cordon was breached

Before 3pm yesterday, Bersih 3.0 was a triumph. After 3pm, it was a tragedy. By most accounts, a branch indicate was when a northern Dataran Merdeka block was breached.

dataran crack block thong 290412Minutes before, a lorry ferrying Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan as well as multiform Pakatan Rakyat leaders had parked during a northernmost indicate of a Sultan Abdul Samad office office building less than 10 metres divided from a barricade.

In her debate Ambiga had urged a throng to disperse since a design of a rally had been achieved, as Bersih supporters had gathered as tighten as they could to a historic square.

After her speech, PKR de facto personality Anwar Ibrahim took over as well as reiterated calls for a dispersal.

"We go to a right (! in to Jal an Tuanku Abdul Rahman). Do not go left (into Dataran Merdeka). Can we do that?" cried Anwar, which was met with a resounding "Yes".

But this affirmation was fast lost by a crowd, according to eyewitnesses. Some among a throng began chanting "masuk(enter)" as well as movement began to build.

The initial breach

In avideopublished byFree Malaysia Today, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was obviously seen motioning to NGO as well as Pakatan leaders upon tip of a lorry in a "come over" gesture whilst station right subsequent to a barricade.

Some of people upon tip of a lorry appeared to disagree as well as an unclear person upon tip of a lorry waved his palm in a "no" motion.

dataran crack block thong 290412 azmin aliAfter this exchange, Azmin was seen perplexing to step down from an elevated platform as well as people surrounding him conducted a initial breach.

A wall of journalists behind a thong took multiform steps behind as a few people pennyless by a block as well as euphoria took over as some-more charged in.

Some of PAS' maroon-uniformed Unit Amal personnel were helpless in their attempts to stop a more advanced crowd.

Following this, two H2O cannons were deployed, firing chemical-laced water, but this appeared ineffective, call a military to glow numerous rounds of teargas to finish a job.

According to a little eyewitnesses, prior to to Ambiga's as well as Anwar's attainment subsequent to a barricade, multiform Pakatan leaders had tried to infer to a throng which a ultimate design was to "masuk(enter)! " as well as which a military should "buka(open)" a path.

Why did cops retreat?

This was met with chants of "Buka! Buka! Buka!(Open! Open! Open!)" along a entire widen of a barricade.

One thing which remains a poser was how there appeared to be no spiny handle during this portion of a barricade.

dataran crack block thong 290412 military pixPolice photographs posted upon theirFacebookpageclearly show which breaches further up north along a corner of Dataran Merdeka concerned protesters fixation a water-filled plastic barricades upon tip of a spiny handle ! in seque nce to gain entry.

This was not a case during a segment nearest to a Sultan Abdul Samad building.

Another poser was how a military allowed a initial crack to happen, since they had shaped a human wall behind a thong since a night before.

According to eyewitnesses, a military had suddenly ran divided from their positions only prior to to a H2O cannons were deployed.

A series of photographs from a single Malaysiakini reader depicted how there was no crack during a middle of a thong until a military ran as well as abandoned a line.

"It was strange. They were literally running from a line. This emboldened a protesters to have a break for Dataran Merdeka," pronounced a single protester, 31, from Taiping.

Another protester pronounced which he had learned from a newspapers which a agreement was not to crack a thong as well as he did not do so.

"But those who did were unequivocally emotional after a speeches. Even we roughly motionless to stand over a spiny wire, but was hold behind by my partner," he said.
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Nick Xenophon : News Coverage of BERSIH3.0 grossly distorted

April 29, 2012

Senator Nick Xenophon (left) from Australia stressed that a proof itself was peaceful, as well as a "unnecessary violence" that occurred was "planned provocation" to yield images for a "officially sanctioned media".

He slammed mainstream media for a "completely biased as well as unfair" coverage of a rally. "The rally, that is a single of a biggest events in Malaysian history, perceived usually thirty seconds of airtime.I spent more time watching a Prime Minister carrying tea as well as eating banana fritters in Sabah," he said.The Malaysian Insider.

Nick Xenophon : Malaysian News Coverage of BERSIH3.0 grossly distorted

by Leven Woon

An Australian Senator monitoring a BERSIH 3.0 convene yesterday was stunned when he tuned in to radio reports during night to find that headlines coverage of a event was grossly distorted.

"I watch radio headlines as well as usually saw thirty seconds of a coverage to a demonstration, with no word about it being a single of a largest demonstrations in Malaysian's history. Instead they spend more time observant (Premier) Najib Abdul Razak carrying a tea as well as eating banana fritters in Sabah," Nicholas Xenophon told a press conference today.

Xenophon is partial of a seven-member general organ! isation upon an fact-finding mission upon Malaysia's electoral system. They were invited by PKR de facto Anwar Ibrahim, in his capacity as Parliamentary Opposition Leader.

The press conference was called today because a organisation was releasing a halt inform of their study. The organisation had additionally celebrated a convene yesterday, that was largely pacific until a Dataran Merdeka thong was breached, sparking drawn out arrest, use of heavy-handed tactics, tear gas as well as water cannons.

Protestors could have been provoked

Prominent Indian publisher Mobashar Jawad Akhbar, who is a member of a group, opined that a Police competence have annoyed a protestors, with a intention of branch things violent.

"The crowd has been building overnight, they have plenty time to be aroused if they longed for to. It was really pacific until a really end. I do hold that a irritation was maybe finished in sequence to create images that will play well in a central media," pronounced Mobashar, who celebrated a convene for five hours.

He pronounced that this inspiring a victims in sequence to censure them later, was "one of a oldest tricks" in use by assorted authorities. Malaysian authorities, generally a Special Branch, are no exception.

Mobashar, a Editorial Director of India Today, noted that the consequential essence of democracy is a leisure from fear, that he pronounced is "non-negotiable". "Democracy does not duty when people do not have right to assembly," he said, praising a protestors for rising above fear.

Xenophon pronounced that their observation of how a media reported a convene would be enclosed in a team's full rep! ort, tha t is scheduled for release in 3 weeks.

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Was it worth cordoning off Dataran Merdeka?

Bersih 3.0!

300,000 participants.

Really, with such the turnout, was Dataran Merdeka even necessary, alternative than portion as the convening indicate for participants (rather than rubbing off upon the judgment of 'freedom' it is supposed to symbolize)?

The indicate has again been done in no capricious conditions that Malaysians want, nay, direct 'clean as well as satisfactory elections'.

That we even have to have use of quotation marks to emphasize 'clean as well as satisfactory elections' indicates how alien such the process, namely 'clean as well as satisfactory elections', has become in Malaysia, especially in the last thirty years or so. It could have been something we should during slightest expect, if not take for postulated in the approach voters in alternative countries with genuine democracies do.

It's an complaint upon the deficiency of the supposed impartiality, autonomy as well as firmness in the Election Commission (EC) that we have to have use of those quotation marks to prominence Bersih's raison d'tre for the mammoth sit-in.The EC Chairperson as well as his emissary areUMNO members eh, ptui!

Our approved impost have to become instead the quest by such Bersih campaigns. The dual Dirty Rotten Scoundrels heading the EC contingency resign or be removed.

But alas, Bersih has had the pacific sit-in gnarled by the incident of military tear-gassing the section of the crowd. The men in blue claimed they had to when someone broke by the fenced up Square as well as was afterwards joined by many.

Now, that the tiny group violation by the military barrier has not been disputed. But what Bersih (in the chairman of Ambiga Sreenevasan) hasn't been able to confirm nonetheless has been the identity of that uncontrolled mob, who in ignoring Ambiga's instruction to end the sit-in as well as disperse, has brought about (or set up the excuse for) the violence.

Naturally Ambiga wants to lay her hands fast upon the little facts. She's unquestionably upset that the violence had taken place as well as spoilt the differently perfect form of the pacific sit-in. Ambiga final that the full extent of the law request to those responsible, in any case of who they are.

Who were they?

Inevitably the authority as well as PKR have been indicating fingers during each other.

PKR, as well as we suppose Pakatan, claim that they were UMNO agents provoc! ateur se nt to incite violence to cast aspersions upon the participants, in sold Anwar Ibrahim. we read of this in Bernama that asserted that Anwar gave the sequence for his people to break by as well as take up Dataran Merdeka. But given the headlines outlet's domestic devotion as well as my miss of confidence in the forthrightness we demur to accept the representation indiscriminate yet.

I pronounced we 'hesitated' because, whilst we am not confident of Bernama, it is not all improbable for the unfolding that sees the prohibited head, fired up ! by the u seful arise as well as with adrenalin upon speed, motionless to burst by the military thong in the piece for the single chairman bid for glory. And he could have supporters who as well might have longed for to share that impulse of exuberant glory. When there were 300,000 participants who could unquestionably claim all were in pacific control of themselves?

Muhyiddin naturally put the blame upon Bersih though afterwards he's so low brow we can only ignore that domestic Neanderthal's common mumbling.

Now, we did warn in my progressing postBersih - "Uncle okay?", Auntie is okay!that:

Pakatan leaders, Anwar Ibrahim, Hadi Awang & Lim Kit Siang as well as their comparison lieutenants, must allow Bersih to be seen clearly by the Malaysian public as the non-Pakatan dependent movement for purify as well as satisfactory elections, as well as honourable of support by ALL endangered citizens, thus these Pakat! an leade rs, whilst supporting Bersih, contingency sojourn in the broadside credentials as well as not selfishly hijack the convene for their own domestic interests.

But Anwar only had to have the speech, didn't he? Couldn't he sojourn quietly in the credentials as well as let Ambiga be the main chairman for the day? Why contingency he have to have the speech that constantly would overlay the polite movement with the glaze of domestic parties? Knowing manmanlai's craze for broadside as well as the spotlight, we had not been wrong to predict his incapacity to stay in the background.

And we read that there! were cr ies of 'Hancur Rosmah'. Typical! WTF has that got to do with Bersih?

As we had written:

In the synthesized declarations of Ambiga Sreenevasan as well as Maria Chin Abdullah: "Bersih is the coalition of 84 NGOs as well as not the domestic organization. Civil multitude will lead the convene as well as assembly."The message to Malaysians contingency be unquestionably as well as unambiguously clear that Bersih 3.0 in perfectionist purify as well as satisfactory elections is the debate by unquestionably endangered as well as politically-neutral adults who have been neither pro Pakatan nor anti BN, or clamp versa. Far some-more importantly, Bersih's efforts have been pro public interests as well as anti-corrupt elections. Bersih seeks to prevent nefarious forces from cheating the ! voters o f their choice of representatives.

Alas, that was not to be.

The regrettable observations were the following:

(1) Marina Mahathir done the many striking regard that sent her ballistic she was wont to write in her blog Rantings by MM:

I saw the photos of the military rolling out the spiny handle as well as we saw red. Since when did the police, or whoever is their boss, roll out spiny handle - barbed wire!! - opposite their own people?? Are we thugs? Terrorists? Thieves?

Marina Mahathir during the military razor wired barrier
photo from her blog
(2) Violence opposite the military that compulsory the little cooler hea! ds in th e convene to yield protection for the military driver who had strike multiform participants, as well as where even hispolice automobile was overturned. He subsequently informed Malaysiakini that he had upheld out fromlosing the lot of blood after the "hard object strike his conduct upon the left side"- see MKINI'sDriver: we upheld out prior to crash.

As much as we weep military brutality, as well as indeed the military have the notorious repute for such, we have to worry when members of the public pounded the military as well as military property. This smacked of disturbance or worse, armed revolt.

The last time we heard of military being pounded was from my uncle who revealed that the little thirty years ago, a(Indian)police examiner in Alor Setar, well known for his savagery as well as bullying ways, bashed up the Royal Malay Regiment soldier upon the single of his arrogant kick-a! ss incursion s. Wrong chairman to bash!

The victimmarshalledhis mates from the barracks as well as armed to the teeth surrounded the ! military station where the brute was. Several shots were fired in the air with the soldiers perfectionist the examiner step out to face the music (rat-tat-tat music?). My Uncle heard that the IGP as well as Army Chief had to quickly intervene prior to Fort Apache with the MGR in it were blasted up to shreds.

In the much progressing incident (in the 70's?) the IGP was assassinated in the heart of KL by the CT. And even progressing than that, my granduncle who served in the SB was assassinated, also by the CT.

But such violence opposite the military meant violation the law, as well as this was precisely what DAP's VP, Tunku Abdul Aziz, had been worried about when he refused to behind Bersih. Should the authority's (and Bernama's) allegations opposite Anwar Ibrahim for egging his people to break the military thong of Dataran Merdeka infer to be correct, there's going to be the lot of "I told we so" during DAP HQs.

But in the same token, reports (with photos) of the military bashing the little protestors out of anger since they (the police) heard the law enforcemetn officer was killed (which incited out to be untrue), was sheer sum miss of professionalism as well as discipline. Such the lamentable state of affairs is even worse than anarchy or violent revolt, since we design professionals to behave professionally. But then, the PDRM haven't been exactly remarkable for professionalism as well as discipline! .

Now, in any case of either UMNO had sent the agents provocateur or that the PKR believer motionless to do the expect opposite of what Steve McQueen did in The Great Escape, violation in instead of out, Bersih has been the success, though injured by the incident that saw Malaysians bei! ng pitte d violently opposite Malaysians Malaysian civilians opposite Malaysian military as well as clamp versa.

So, was it value cordoning off Dataran Merdeka? Can we thong off the cry for 'clean as well as satisfactory elections' by the tsunami of 300,000 strength?
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