Malaysia's brand new Women Affairs Minister !

"I would like to feel how to conduct a ministry..."

Wow i never know Najib can be so soft and caring, or is he trying to do something to brush a NFC liaison underneath a carpet? I'm not sure... Say something about this please guys, i'm speechless.... LOL [Curi]

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Cops super efficient when clearing Umnoputras

YOURSAY'For a box identical to Nedim's, a military would routinely ask for a seven-day remand which can simply be lengthened by a magistrate.'

Cops get CCTV clip of Nazri's son's battle incident

Gobsmacked: First a deputy inspector general of military (IGP) pronounced there had been no rapist breach of trust (CBT) by a directors of a National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), though a few weeks later, a chairman of NFC was charged with CBT.

And right away a officer in charge (OCPD) of Brickfields pronounced Mohamad Nedim Nazri was not concerned in a 'affray', as good as which a review had been finished as good as a record sent to a attorney-general (AG), as good as right away we have been told a review is still ongoing.

What is function with a PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police)? Luckily, if not for a fact which we have a former rapist review arch entrance forwar! d to com plain about a former IGP as good as a stream AG, we would think which a complete PDRM is hurtful as good as has no credibility.

Isn't it high time which PDRM rises up opposite their leaders who have been so fearful of a Umnoputras who abuse their power?

Zar:For a box identical to this, a military would routinely ask for a seven-day remand for a suspects which can simply be lengthened by a magistrate. But for a Umno goons as good as ministers' families, it is different.

Dr Mamakthiew Mamad:Brickfields OCPD Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid should be asked to resign for creation false statements to a press. He brings contrition to a complete military force in covering up this episode.

Lin Wenquan: Whither we go? The whole nation has gone adrif! t with f lip-flop pronouncements right opposite a system. One notation it is black as good as an additional it is white.

When it comes to allegations opposite a Umnoputras as good as their kin, a PDRM will be a fastest in a pull in questioning as good as predictably nearing during a 'no case' verdict.

The rebranding practice of invoking a new image of a 'blue tigers' for a military force is both incomprehensible as good as laughable.

Its selective charge attests to PDRM's unfitness as good as phobia of in contact with even a hair of those advantageous derelict untouchables, as good as serve illuminates a being which a tiger is both blind as good as toothless.

Let us wait for as good as see whether they will make serve U-turns over this case.

ABU member:The military had wrapped up a box without even saying a CCTV? What kind of review is this? They have been so discerning in dogmatic which a minister's son was not concerned in a supposed "affray".

We feel sad which a military force is producing such low quality work as good as displaying low integrity. Everybody knows which this is a product of a BN government.

Mr KJ John:The idiocratic supposed law apportion who is not even one, should not speak anymore for this can actually be construed as obstructing or conversion a investigators in this case.

Anonymous #07443216:This is standard of a little arch military officers in charge of military stations. They never stop to boggle a rakyat's minds with their super efficiency in summing up any box when it involves a Umno chosen as good as their family members, as good as they never destroy to pour out out in dogmatic their verdicts of innocence.

These military chiefs have been not shy to apple polish those Umno chosen no make a difference what; they have been usually capitalisin! g upon i t to score spirit points with a hope of being promoted for their unsolicited help.

With such military chiefs in service it is no wonder ! a mora le of a military force is during an all-time low as good as a force is so disorganised.

These military chiefs contingency be spotless out from a force prior to a whole country goes to a gutters.

But then, a budding apportion himself is also tainted, as good as so is a AG, so how do we design a military force not going down a same track?

Wira:I consequence some-more than a income of a apportion though we could never afford a Porsche after profitable my income tax.

How a son of an Umno apportion as good as his bodyguards can afford to be in a Porsche as good as a luxury MPV is beyond a understanding of many folks earning an honest living. This is usually a tip of an additional 'Cowgate'.

Sadirah:A check in to a lifestyles of ministers Zahid Hamidi or Nazri Aziz as good as we may good come up with shameful report usually similar to m! inister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, as good as which is because she had a courage to challenge all of them as to whose hands have been clean.

Nazri was public enterprises apportion when a scandals of cab permits erupted. Like all things in Malaysia, a commercial operation was swept underneath a carpet.

Perhaps he is vital off a sweat of over 500 cab drivers which his son can own a Porshe. A check upon his income tax as good as which of his son would give us some-more information.

With such a unilateral Parliament where we need usually 45 percent of a renouned opinion to rule, what can be pronounced of BN which has manipulated energy for a final several decades?

I hope Nedim is prosecuted as good as a justification is not tampered with by a police. Already we have conflicting reports from a military over thi! s matter .

Fairnessforall:Not usually is Nedim alleged of assaulting a confidence supervisor, though also of impersonating a ! tengku ( part of of a royalty). Isn't it an offence to explain to be a tengku if we have been not? There should be two charges here.

DePenguinHater:This is not startling - it all starts from home, similar to father similar to son. A young punk driving a luxury automobile is also not surprising. There have been so many such cases with a ex-PM, benefaction PM as good as ministers also splurging millions regulating taxpayers' income plundered over a years.

The MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) or a Income Tax Department contingency be sleeping; they should go as good as check how these people had accumulated their wealth during a responsibility of a rakyat.

The government keeps melancholy to reduce/withdraw subsidies, introduce a Goods as good as Services Tax (GST), as good as refuse to revoke automobile taxes, as good as keep borrowing, etc, though all this can be avoided if all a leakages as good as rapine have been plugged.

Fair&Just:Now we know because stipulation of resources for all BN ministers is dangerous as good as a no-no - a wealth thick with competence startle a little of their ha! rdcore s upporters to death. - Malaysiakini
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PM: Give us another five years to implement our policies

The Government Transformation Programme (GTP) launched 3 years ago has exceeded the target, pronounced Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.He pronounced a GTP, which was supervised by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, was formulated formed upon a needs as well as aspirations of a people.During a 3 years since a rising of a Government Transformation Programme, the achievement has exceeded a aim stipulated.Imagine that it was usually 3 years ago (since the launch), ... Read More

'Dubious' voters may determine GE13 outcome

In thefirst partof this article, we highlighted 5 problems with the electoral hurl which were not addressed in the report by the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on Electoral Reform.
In this second part, we will prominence 5 additional problems with the electoral roll, all of which regard the highly cryptic area of postal choosing by casting votes between armed forces as good as military personnel.

5. Postal citizens who have been purebred regulating their unchanging ICs

Army personnel, who have been postal voters, have IC addresses commencement with T. Police personnel, who have been postal voters, have IC addressing commencement with R, G as good as I.

If any of these armed forces or military citizens were previously purebred as citizens regulating their municipal IC numbers, their municipal registration entries should be deleted from the electoral roll.

NONEWhile this process may have taken place for many of these postal voters, the possibility which these citizens crop up twice on the electoral hurl cannot be discounted. This possibility was not investigated by the PSC on Electoral Reform.

The research conducted by Mimos (Malaysian Institute Of Microelectronic Systems) on behalf of the PSC was usually limited to looking for citizens who were purebred underneath the same IC number.

Conducting this research requires vast amounts of computing energy given the name as good as date of bieing innate of any armed forces as good as military postal voter has to be matched with the name as good as date of bieing innate of every singular entrance in the electo! ral hurl (currently numbering some-more than twelve million).

Even researchers, domestic parties as good as politicians who have been meddlesome in investigating the participation of this specific complaint in the electoral hurl would not have the genius as good as know-how to control this analysis.

Table 3 below shows dual examples of armed forces citizens who were additionally purebred as citizens regulating their municipal ICs. The municipal entries were deleted after their inclusion was referred to the Election Commission (EC).

This complaint is not limited to the participation of the single chairman registering underneath his or her own municipal IC as good as his or her army/police IC.

It is additionally probable for the IC of armed forces or military voter to be used by his or her spouse. If this occurs, it would be much harder to acknowledge given it would not be the same name as good as date of bieing innate purebred underneath dual ICs - the single army/police as good as the alternative civilian.

If the associate is purebred twice, the single regulating his or her own IC, as good as once regulating the municipal IC of his or her army/policy spouse, afterwards the same name would crop up twice but carrying to opposite dates of birth.

Of course, the single way to acknowledge this is to check for the mistake in the gender indicated by the IC as good as the gender of the voter as indicated by the EC records.

The screenshot below shows the single such e.g. of the mother who have been purebred as the voter regulating the IC series of the husband. The name of the voter is female as is their gender temperament in the EC records but her IC series ends with an odd series which indicates which the holder of the IC is male.

When! the IC series was inputted in to the MyEG (Malaysian E-Government)website, the name of the masculine postal citizens appeared.

After the sum of 42 cases were rescued opposite 5 parliament seats in Negeri Sembilan (Seremban, Rasah, Telok Kemang, Rembau as good as Tampin) in Q2 (Quarter 2) of 2011, the EC was obliged to undo these names.

This was the very time-consuming task given the municipal IC addresses of the postal citizens in subject had to be 'tracked down' regulating alternative databases (since they have been not given in theEC website). In this particular instance, the MyEG database was used given NRD (National Registration Department) no longer allows open access to their website to check for the effect of ICs.

If one's mother could be authorised to register regulating the husband's IC which has the opposite name, the single wonders if an additional chairman could register regulating any police/army postal voter's municipal IC address?

Again, this possibility was not addressed in the PSC report. There have been right away some-more than 200,000 armed forces as good as military postal voters. To safeguard which their municipal ICs have been not being used by alternative people, the consummate review needs to be conducted regulating the municipal IC numbers of these army/police postal voters.

6. Spouses of military who have been purebred as postal voters

According to section 2 of Elections! (Regist allotment of Electors) Regulations 2002, spouses who qualifies to be purebred as postal citizens have been as follows:
  • Spouse of the portion member of unchanging naval, military or air force of Malaysia, the Commonwealth or alternative country;
  • Spouse of the chairman in the open use of ! the Mala ysian supervision or any state/local management or statutory body who is living with the portion associate outward the boundaries of Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah or Sarawak;
  • Spouse of the chairman engaging in full-time studies during any university, precision college or any aloft tutorial establishment outward the boundaries of Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah or Sarawak as good as who is living with the tyro during the time for duplicate for registration as the parliamentary or state elector.
The associate of the member of the military force is not eligible to be purebred as postal voters.

But in the research of the postal citizens in the June 2011, we found there were over 4,000 spouses of military citizens who were purebred as postal voters. Table 4 below shows the representation of spouses of military citizens who have been additionally purebred as postal voters.

7. Spouses of army/police citizens who have been of the same gender

In this category, spouses of army/police who have been of the same gender - i.e. same sex marriages - were identified.

For example, in the Setiawangsa June 2011 electoral roll, Harisah binti Ab Ghani (IC: 770130035668) was listed being tied together to Zaini binti Hamzah (IC: T1110543).

When Zaini binti Hamzah's IC was searched in the EC website, it was found which she had right away become Zain garbage bin Hamzah/Lelaki as good as had been shifted to the Ketereh parliamentary subdivision in Kelantan.

In the many recent check, Zain was switched behind to Zaini binti Hamzah. Both Zaini as good as Harisah's stream choosing by casting votes subdivision is different as both have been listed as being 'processed' in the EC website.


8. Army as good as military citizens who have been on top of the retirement age
According to the army's website, the retirement age for armed forces crew is 55 (maximum). For certain grades, it is lower than 55. For alternative civil servants, the mandatory retirement age is 58.

A limited poke of the June 2011 electoral hurl revealed over 44 names of military postal citizens who were on top of the age of 58.

For example, Wan Rasidy garbage bin Roni (IC: RF151304), innate on November 19, 1900, which creates him 112 this year, is purebred in Balai Polis Lumut in the Lumut parliamentary constituency.

9. New armed forces as good as military postal citizens who have been on top of the recruitment age

The limit entrance age for armed forces recruits is not some-more than thirty years of age.

However, an review in to the citizens who were cut from the electoral hurl in Q3 2011 given they had assimilated the armed forces showed some-more than 200 recruits who were some-more the limit age of 30.

Of equal or perhaps larger regard is which these over-aged recruits,! who alt ered their place of choosing by casting votes in the 3Q of 2011, were afterwards changed to an additional subdivision in 4Q 2011.

For example, Abu Talib garbage bin Ahmad (IC: 690625086571), aged 42, was taken out of the 3Q 2011 electoral hurl given he had assimilated the army. He was creatively purebred in the parliamentary district of Kuala Kangsar in Perak as the unchanging voter with the municipal IC address.

According to the 4Q 2011 supplementary electoral roll, this voter, who was afterwards purebred in the parliamentary subdivision of Jeli in Kelantan, was afterwards eliminated to the parliamentary subdivision of Ketereh as the postal vote! r.

In alternative words, in the space of 6 months, this voter, who was not usually over thirty years of age, had additionally gifted dual changes in his choosing by casting votes subdivision from Kuala Kangsar to Jeli as good as from Jeli to Ketereh.

Abu Talib garbage bin Ahamd, aged 42, was purebred as the new armed forces postal voter in 3Q 2011.

Examples such as these raise the possibility which over-aged citizens have been illegally 'recruited' as armed forces postal citizens as good as afterwards fast eliminated from the single electoral subdivision to an additional in unbroken buliding in order to 'mask' the origin of these suspicious armed forces recruits.

In the Q4 2011 data, the EC no longer gave sum of why citizens were deleted from the electoral roll, which meant which citizens who assimilated the armed forces as good as military could no longer be detected. One wonders why EC altered the make up of the interpretation released by quarter from 3Q 2011 to 4Q 2011.

How much difference will these 'problematic' citizens make?

At the end of the day, the single should ask the subject of how many 'problematic' citizens have been in the electoral roll. ! The simp le answer is which we unequivocally do not know.

The cases highlighted underneath these 10 categories series we estimate 100,000. But even inside of these categories, an downright research has not been conducted given of time as good as manpower limitations.

NONEThese problems could potentially be the tip of the iceberg. They do not embody addresses with the vast series of purebred voters. They do not embody the 42,000 citizens whose IC numbers could not be found in the NRD database.

They do not embody alternative categories such as the insertion as good as removal of purebred citizens who do not crop up in any of the quarterly electoral hurl updates. They do not embody alternative categories of probable electoral strategy which have not nonetheless been analysed or investigated such as the registration of citizens in self-existent addresses.

The inclusion of these categories could simply enlarge the series of cryptic citizens to 400,000 names or we estimate 1,800 votes widely separated over 222 parliamentary constituencies.

Considering which 35 seats out of 222 were won or lost by less than 2,000 votes, these cryptic citizens can potentially affect the balance of energy in the subsequent ubiquitous election.

History repeats itself?

If the single does not consider which the participation of these cryptic citizens is not sufficient to pitch the overall choosing results, we indicate to dual past precedents where sudden increases in the series of! citizens in the electoral hurl in states which were lost by BN which probably helped win the BN win behind these states.

The dual states have been Sabah after the 1990 elections as good as Terengganu after the 1999 elections. We see the same pattern being repeated in the state of Selangor heading up to the 13th ubiquitous election.
The series of citizens in Sabah increasing by 17.6% from 1990 to 1995 compared to the inhabitant normal of 13.0%. This was just after PBS left the BN coalition prior to the 1990 Sabah state elections. PBS controlled the Sabah state supervision from 1990 to 1994.

In the state of Terengganu, the series of citizens increasing by the whopping 17.7% from 1999 to 2004 compared to the inhabitant normal of 7.3%. Again, it is noteworthy which the state of Terengganu had depressed to the antithesis during the 1999 ubiquitous elections.

In 1999, the antithesis won twenty-eight out of 32 state seats as good as all eight parliamentary seats. In 2004, after this vast enlarge in the series of voters, the antithesis won usually the single parliamentary as good as 4 state seats, an roughly sum reverse of the 1999 ubiquitous choosing results.

In Selangor, according to the Q4 2011 electoral roll, the series of citizens has increasing by over 340,000 to some-more than 1.9 million citizens given the 2008 ubiquitous election. This represents an enlarge of 21.8% compared to the inhabitant normal of 16.3%.

Some of these increases have occurred in areas which limited increases in the series of new housing estates as good as race inflows.
NONEFor example, the seat of Hulu Selangor, the marginal parliamentary seat, saw an enlarge of some-more than 17,000 voters, or 27.1%, from the 2008 ubiquitous choosing to the Q4 2011 electoral roll.

Finally, for those who use the actuality which the antithesis managed to win the historic series of parliamentary seats as good as control of 5 state governments in the 2008 ubiquitous choosing to say which the electoral hurl is relatively purify as good as accurate, the single could simply respond by saying which the antithesis could have won even some-more seats if the electoral hurl did not embody these cryptic voters.
The upcoming 13th ubiquitous choosing is approaching to be the single of the many closely contested electoral battles in the nation's history. This increases the importance of carrying the relatively purify as good as pure electoral hurl to safeguard which the formula have been the satisfactory representation of the will of the electorate.

Without the strong joining by the authorities, together with the PSC on electoral reform, EC, NRD as good as the supervision of the day to firstly identify as good as afterwards residence these problems, the correctness of the electoral hurl cannot be ascertained with any grade of confidence.

Part 1:10 problems in EC's electoral roll

ONG KIAN MING holds the PhD in domestic science from Duke University. He is right away the techer during UCSI University. He can be reached during im.ok.man@gmail.com.
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PAS moves to soothe Malays over Chinese ties

By Lee Wei Lian
April 08, 2012
Mat Sabu highlighted a expansion in Penang's Islamic Affairs allocations since a state came underneath PR rule. Pictures by Jack Ooi
SHAH ALAM, April 8 PAS leaders beefed up efforts final night to woo a Malay village in a heartland of frontline state Selangor by attempting to remonstrate a electorate here which they have not betrayed them for a Chinese.
The leaders churned out anecdotes, accusations as good as scores of examples to prove their Islamist celebration was not debasing to a Chinese-dominated DAP, which it partners in a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition along with PKR.
Umno leaders as good as a party's newspaper, Utusan Malaysia, have often attempted to clap PAS's cage, accusing it of being debasing to secular DAP.
PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu, additionally known as Mat Sabu, pronounced during a convene final night which Umno was merely trying to frighten a Malays in to submission nonetheless a "propaganda" was no longer effective.
He additionally indicted Umno critics of being hypocritical, pointing out which they additionally work with a Chinese.
"Yes, (Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr) Koh Tsu Koon is a Javanese," he remarked sarcastically to drive home his indicate to a virtually 100 per cent Malay crowd.
"And Lim Chong Eu was a Bugis," he added.
Rani asserted which a PR victory would see some-more Malay MPs in Parliament.
The rally, held during Stadium Melawati here, was organised as a platform for key antithesis leaders to urge a Pakatan Rakyat-administered Selangor from Barisan Nasional (BN) in a upcoming ubiquitous election, as good as to celebrate a PAS's 25th year in a state.
Both Koh as good as a late Lim were a former arch ministers of Penang as good as leaders of Gerakan, a long-time partner with Umno in BN.
Mat Sabu noted which DAP has often been criticised as chauvinistic as good as anti-Islam by Umno, though pronounced which Penang's Islamic affairs dialect had perceived some-more money underneath a DAP-led state administration department than underneath Gerakan.
"The initial year this 'anti-Islamic' Lim Guan Eng gave RM20 million; a second year, it went up to RM24 million as good as a third year it was up to RM33 million," a PAS VP quipped.
"By a fourth year, his loathing of Islam was so strong as good as he was so anti-Malay he allocated RM64 million to Islamic Affairs."
Selangor PAS arch Dr Abdul Rani Osman earlier pronounced which a maximum which a Islamic Affairs dialect perceived underneath a BN administration department was RM12.5 million.
Mat Sabu pronounced which "politics was perception" as good as Umno was trying to paint a design which nobody would take caring of Malays if they mislaid power.
"But with PAS as good as PKR, you will have some-more Malays in Parliament if PR wins a next ubiquitous election," he asserted.
Abdul Rani purported which Umno knew which 98 per cent of a hardcore poor, those in households earning underneath RM400, in Penang underneath Gerakan have been Malays as good as which a series had been marked down to zero underneath DAP.
PKR de facto personality Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim additionally helped urge his PAS colleagues final night, telling convene participants which whilst it was important to urge Islam, PR would not resort to "cheap political tactics".
He pronounced this whilst referring to a officially-sanctioned convention in Johor final month which focussed upon a "threat of Christianisation", which sparked outrage among Christians.
"There must be elemental understanding of religion," he said. "Umno is un! develope d about religion."
DAP lawmaker Tony Pua concurred which he had been embellished as racist by a little pro-Umno critics for doubt a recent understanding which saw a Malay businessman travel away with an estimated hundreds of millions in profit after he sold a Maju Expressway fee concessionaire which had been built largely with public funds.
"When you pounded Tan Sri Abu (Sahid Mohamed, a owners of Maju Expressway), Umno pronounced 'Tony is racist'," pronounced Pua. "But you don't demeanour during race. As prolonged as it is cheating you don't caring if it's Indian, Malay, Chinese or Japanese."
The Petaling Jaya Utara MP pointed out which he additionally pounded a recently awarded West Coast Highway (WCE) over a questionable terms as good as conditions such as a doubling of a benefaction duration to 60 years.
"It (the WCE) was since to Kumpulan Europlus a taukay is Chan Ah Chye is he a Malay?" pronounced Pua.
At a ubiquitous public in December final year, Umno identified DAP as a "real threat" to a Malay agenda, claiming a latter was responsible for a erosion of Malay special rights.
Attacks opposite a antithesis celebration were a focal indicate of a Umno meet as delegates indicted DAP leaders of marginalising Malays in PR-held states as good as challenging a sanctification of Islam as a country's state religion.
While others have dismissed renewed attacks opposite DAP as mere "Pakatan bashing", a little Umno leaders have insisted which a celebration poses a danger to Malays as good as which a future with a DAP in energy would spell mess for a community.
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Bohong dan Menipu adalah keperangaian kedua( second nature) UMNO

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Set for a mighty battle

Youth years ago. Yet everyone thinks he is much comparison although, at 60, he is usually dual years senior to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. But Ishak still packs a punch when he speaks.

Penipuan PAS 1: Pembongkaran Kamal Saidin

Ustaz Kamal Saidin membongkar penipuan PAS. Ikuti video 4 siri berikut:Badut Rakyat

Najis finally found his niche in life

Najis has finally found his niche in life as Minister of Women, Family as well as Community.
I indeed believe that this portfolio suits him the best as all this whilst his bent has been hidden away from public eyes. Trust Rosie to confirm that Najis is very much during home you do all the womanlike duty during home.
For the past 3 years Najis had unsuccessful as Prime Minister as well as Finance Minister. So hopefully he can right away safely relinquish those dual posts as well as only be during the place he is most gentle with.
Posted by
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Your Weekend Entertainment

April 7, 2012

Let Us have some song as well as forget Politics this Weekend

Yes, that's right. Forget governing body for it is time which we sit back as well as relax. After all as well much governing body , generally Malaysian politics, can be hazardous to the mental wellness.There is the Masters during Augusta National, the initial of the Majors. Then tomorrow, we can see Arsenal take upon Manchester City during the Emirates, London as well as after which watch the last round of the Masters. Others might want to be upon the Facebook. Whatever we could be doing, might the songs Dr Kamsiah as well as we have selected for your listening pleasure offer as background music.

We have asked Barry Manilow to start as well as for which we have selected his chronicle of Where does the Time go for Mongkut Bean as well as the Kerbau Riders in the Sky (men as well as women of Din's Geezer Generation). May this song move back memories, only wonderful memories, of what used to be. Dean Martin as well as Frank Sinatra, the two great entertainers of the last century, take over with their very popular numbers.

We will end the session with Din's the one preferred songbird Joni James. She sings Why do not You Believe Me as well as two other favorites of the 50s as well as '60s.Dr. Kamsiah as well as Din Merican

Barry ManilowDedicated to Mongkut Bean as well as The Ker! bau Ride rs in the Sky

I can't get started

Even Now


Dean Martin-Everybody Loves Somebody

C'est Magnifique


Frank SinatraLet Me Try Again

You make me feel so Young

Young At Heart

It Happened in Monterrey

Joni JamesWhy Don't You Believe Me

Little Things Mean the Lot


There Goes My Heart

A Bonus -2 Songs by Jack Jones

Dear Hearts

Love Boat

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Najib tells workers group to relax over contract labour issue

By Lee Wei Lian
Apr 07, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 7 Datuk Seri Najib Razak has told a Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) to be more stretchable over a emanate of stipulate labour, which a organisation insists would be "a lapse to slavery",Sinar Harianreported today.
This comes after a powerful body for a country's work unions protested against due amendments to a Employment Act observant a changes would give a green light investors to sinecure Malaysians as stipulate workers instead of permanent staff.
The Malay daily quoted MTUC vice-president Mohd Roszeli Majid as observant which Najib had met with MTUC leaders in Parliament upon Thursday as well as told a workers organisation not to be too "rigid" upon a emanate as well as to assimilate a work needs of a country.
The paper combined which Najib(picture)had agreed in element which stipulate work should be hired directly as well as not by middlemen.
Mohd Roszeli was additionally reported to have pronounced which MTUC lodged a grave request with a prime apportion to abandon a due amendments to a Employment Act.
Labour unions have accused a supervision of bringing behind "slave-like" conditions with a amendments which allegedly eat away insurance for workers.
They pronounced which a amendments would allow employers to sinecure stipulate work by third celebration agencies as well as claimed it would be no different from "bonded labour".
Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam pronounced however which a amendments were due to capacitate a ministry to protect local plantation workers as well as not to endorse stipulate work during a expense of permanent jobs.
The apportion pronounced which a amendments were crafted after years of lobbying by a National Union of Planta! tion Wor kers, following a cases where plantation workers were abused by employers.
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Bersih rally: Anti-Lynas group to walk from KLCC

Two groups - Himpunan Hijau as well as Bersih 3.0 - with the usual 'goal' though opposite 'critical' issues will come together upon Apr twenty-eight "to leave the improved legacy" for destiny Malaysians.
KUALA LUMPUR: The anti-Lynas organisation Himpuan Hijau will accumulate in Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre (KLCC) park upon Apr twenty-eight prior to converging with Bersih 3.0s entertainment during Dataran Merdeka.
They will accumulate in the park during 12pm dual hours prior to the scheduled Bersih convene is to take place as well as walk to Dataran Merdeka.
"The immature tsunami will intersect in the sea of yellow. Let the total universe see what happens upon Apr 28. On which day there will be dual separate events Himpunan 3.0 as well as Bersih 3.0,
"Both transformation hold up dual opposite vicious issues in this republic though with the single usual goal, which is to leave the improved bequest as well as destiny for out subsequent generation," pronounced the group's chairperson Wong Tack.
Wong added which the anti-Lynas transformation was done articulate as well as pronounced which "enough is enough".
"We have been not entertainment to roar or to yell. We have oral enough, we have yelled enough. Enough is enough.
"The responses from the authority as well as supervision over Lynas in unsuitable as well as our preference is final, Lynas must get out of Malaysia," he said.
When asked how most people were they expecting during the convene today, Himpunan organisers pronounced which they approaching "tens of thousands" to accumulate to uncover their support.
Wong! added w hich even when people could not have it to the convene in Kuala Lumpur (KL), they should stick upon the internal entertainment to uncover their protest.
Asked if the authorities will concede for the criticism to take place, Wong said: "It is not the question to concede or not to allow, it is the duty of the police to protect the crowd".
Bersih has already estimated which the crowd of half the million will intersect during the protest.

'Critical moment now'
On Wednesday during Bersih's official proclamation of their third rally, Himpunan Hijau representatives benefaction additionally announced their await for the effort as well as pronounced which they will stick upon the rally.
This will additionally be Himpunan's third rally. The first was hold upon Oct 9 2011 in Kuantan.
The second was hold Feb 26 this year in Kuantan as well as in KL where 15, 000 as well as 500 people incited up in the respective locations to criticism the Lynas project. The crux issue was fear over the potential radioactive residue.
Stanley Yong, cabinet member ubiquitous of the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Asssembly Hall which upheld the beginning pronounced which the supervision was merely "kicking the round aimlessly around the field" but solving the issue during hand.
"In the supervision we have so most Ministries, we have the Health Ministry, the ministry to manage village needs, though yet they have shaped endless committees to manage this Lynas issue.
"They have been kicking the round left as well as right, easterly as well as west though no where nearby the goal. On tip of which they have been treacherous the people," he said.
The supervision announced in March which the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) will be shaped to manage the reserve of the project.
This committee however was boycotted by the Pakatan leaders who claim which the supervision has already done up ! the thou ghts to continue with the project.
Wong pronounced today which it was timely to stop the stick upon Bersih to direct for the cleaner sourroundings as well as cleaner government.
"It is timely to be in solidarityIt is the matter of life as well as death. It is the vicious moment now," he said.
Alos benefaction today were representatives from other environmental groups such as Pahang Raub Anti- Cynanide Gold Mining Commitee, Safe Rawang, Realign High Tension Cable as well as Jaringan Activist Alam Sekitar Perak who have been currently protesting the building a whole of iron ore mining plant in Teluk Rubiah, Perak.
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Anifah named in MACC probe into Sabah timber graft

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman (below) has been the tip beneficiary of remunerative joist licences in Sabah interjection to his elder brother, Chief Minister Musa Aman, saidSarawak Report.

NONEThe whistleblower website pronounced it has in the receive leaked Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) documents display the investigators had concluded which the Sabah arch apportion had corruptly issued joist licences to his hermit value tens of millions of ringgit.

According toSarawak Report, the documents form partial of the major review by the MACC in to joist crime after an agent as well as nominee for Musa Aman, Michael Chia,was caughtattempting to smuggle RM16 million out of Hong Kong in 2008.

"However, the review has been shut off during the tip levels as well as the findings kept secret, until now.

"Our informants say which the brothers' relative as well as fellow Sabahan, attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail, has refused to concede charges to be brought as well as PM Najib Razak has scandalously incited the blind eye to the affair."

NONESarawak Reportclaimed which Abdul Gani (right), who is closely continuous to the Aman family, has refused to pursue the case.

"Indeed the attorney-general has forced the MACC to shelve the entire review in Sabah, which was one of the largest as well as many endless ever undertaken by which body, as well as concerned sums amounting to billions of ringgit siphoned out of the state by crime during the tip level."

Last week, MACC deputy commi! ssioner (operations) Mohd Shukri Abdull lamented which Attorney-General's Chambershad refusedto bring many "valid cases" the commission had investigated to justice due to "insufficient evidence".
Major conflict of interest

The website pronounced with Abdul Gani's close ties with the Musa family, the AG should have opted out of creation the decision on the investigations.

"In such cases where there is the plain conflict of interest, the government's tip law military officer has to be seen to be acting from the position of impartiality."
The website detailed documents in their receive which declared Anifah as well as the nephew, Hairul Aman as beneficiaries of dual major joist concessions by dual companies allegedly related to them.

One, Aktif Syabas Sdn Bhd, had licence to harvest 4,336 hectares of joist in land belonging state-owned group Yayasan Sabah, as well as purchase residual joist from an additional 3,000 hectares.

NONE"The other deal, done with the association Para Era Sdn Bhd, is even more shocking. It allows the concessionaire to extract joist from 2,000 hectares of virgin timberland during the Pinagah Forest Reserve (right)," it said.

Sarawak Reportlamented which the timberland reserve was "totally razed by 2007".

Recalling the "headline-grabbing case" in 2007 where MACC had detained 20 lorries as well as 5,000 logs value millions allegedly harvested from virgin forests, the website noted which not the single detain had precipitated.

NONE"Tragically, our report is which the timberland reserve was totally razed by 2007, despite the stri! ctures a bout only felling trees over 60cm.

"This MACC report substantiates complaints from within the industry which Musa Aman has incited existing crime in Sabah's joist commercial operation in to the full-scale rape of the remaining forests in the state."

The Anifah connection

Sarawak Reportadded which it was noteworthy which both deals were awarded before long after Musa became arch apportion as well as chairperson of the house of curators of Yayasan Sabah in 2003.

It pronounced while Musa was not declared without delay in any of the companies' public documents, the practice of employing nominees was the "standard" practice in Sabah.

"...insiders explain which the make use of of nominees is standard in the Sabah joist commercial operation as well as obviously the review by MACC officials led them to conclude, after months of investigation, which the unfamiliar apportion was the true concessionaire," it said.
It added which the leaked writings in their receive uncover which the MACC investigators "did hold there was such the hurtful link as well as which Aman was the beneficiary".
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PM Najib is acting women's minister

Prime Minister Najib Razak currently announced which he would assume a purpose of women, family as well as community development minister.

This follows Wanita Umno arch Shahrizat Abdul Jalil proclamation upon March 11 to step down as apportion when her tenure as Dewan Negara part of ends upon Apr 8 in a wake of a National Feedlot Corporation scandal.

Najib, who is additionally finance minister, done a proclamation at an event in Temerloh, Pahang today.

Najib's proclamation currently quashes speculation which Selangor Umno Wanita arch Raja Ropiaah was earmarked to stand in as Shahrizat's replacement.

Talk of her probable ministership flush when Ropiaah's name cropped up among a five leaders to be sworn in as senators tomorrow.
Shahrizat's pass supporter

Ropiaah has progressing dismissed a speculations as "tall tales".

"I have not been informed of any appointment to be a minister," she toldMalaysiakiniwhen contacted upon Friday.

"When we turn a senator upon Monday, we will lift out my purpose to my most appropriate effort. we do not want to say anything further than that," she said.

Ropiaah, who is a Wanita exco member, is one of several outspoken supporters of Shahrizat.
Embattled Wanita arch Shahrizat hadreceived callsfrom within a wing - in sold emissary Wanita arch Kamilia Ibrahim - to step down over a NFC failure involving a alleged abuse of a RM250 million government loan by her family.
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Najib: Abolishing PTPTN will cost taxpayers RM43b

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
April 07, 2012
The PM now pronounced a supervision would have to impose aloft taxes upon Malaysians should it move to annul a PTPTN. file pic
KUALA LUMPUR, April 7 Abolishing a National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) tyro loan intrigue would price taxpayers an one more RM43 billion, a budding minister pronounced today.
Datuk Seri Najib Razak pronounced a move, as due by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is not feasible, as it would impose an one more weight upon Malaysians.
"There are usually three countries in a universe which entirely bear a price of aloft preparation for a people such as Norway. But Norway imposes a tall taxation rate upon a people," he was quoted by Bernama as observant when launching a programme 'JelajahJanji Ditepati' in Batu Pahat, Johor progressing today.
The PM pronounced which a supervision did not wish to weight Malaysians by imposing tall taxes in order to annul a PTPTN.
Najib forked out which his administration department now bore 90 per cent of a country's aloft preparation costs, and stressed which a PTPTN was usually being utilised to compensate tuition fees for students.
Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has confirmed which scrapping a PTPTN is probable by expelling a country's greedy expenditure.
Anwar had cited a country's RM150 billion revenue, observant which much income was squandered upon construction which had ballooned in price as good as leakages and bribes as reported by a Auditor-General.
PR had previously promised to annul PTPTN loans and provide Malaysians with giveaway aloft preparation should it come to power.
Students, led by Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM), are planning to hold a rally next month calling for a extermination of a PTPTN.
But ! Higher E ducation Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin pronounced recently which students who wish a PTPTN to be scrapped should vote for a opposition rather than take to a streets as a 13th general choosing would be called soon.
Khaled had progressing voiced during a shutting ceremony of a 2012 National Higher Education Carnival here which a Cabinet had authorized an one more RM6 billion in funding for PTPTN loans for 2012/13.
His method had asked for an one more RM16.5 billion to fund aloft preparation loans for a 2012-2015 period.
Khaled additionally pronounced which a PTPTN was necessary notwithstanding a low tuition fees during open universities as students still indispensable to compensate for food and accommodation.
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