Tung Shin doctors, live not in fear

Willing Shaking-SpearShall you fright when Truth becomes inconvenient?Or shall you fright to speak when untruth surrounds us?Shall you fright the law which is to protect all?Or shall you fright to action and let lawlessness rule?Shall you fright to change for it is uncomfortable?Or shall you not join the forces that make change possible?Today, fright bridles your adore for peace.Your yearning for freedom is but the dream.You fright to walk, less your hold up be snatched.The travel you once desired is now your fear.You fright to ... Read More

The Economist Report on BERSIH2.0 defaced

Los Angeles, California

July 18, 2011 (10.20pm)

The Economist Report upon BERSIH2.O defaced

by Hazlan Zakaria & Wong Teck Chi@www.malaysiakini.com

Opposition parliamentarians have claimed which a July sixteen book of The Economist has been defaced by a Home Ministry in an apparent try to censor a report upon a Bersih 2.0 convene for electoral reform.

NONEThe Economist July16 issue has been censored or black inked upon Bersih story by Home Ministry, reads a twitter by Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran.

In photos distributed via micro-blog site Twitter, a report headlines Political Affray in Malaysia: Taken to a Cleaners shows lines blacked out by what seems to be a permanent marker pen.

Malaysiakini could not rught away determine a claim, but a more aged with a online version reveals which a lines struck out impute to allegations of military and supervision misconduct:

- and a single male died of a heart attack, in a first paragraph.

- The impetus itself was afterwards banned, nonetheless a authorities offering Bersih a stadium to encounter in and afterwards withdrew a offer, in a second paragraph

- The heavy-handed Police strategy have annoyed a lot of anger; a supervision has conceded an central review in to claims of military brutality. In a single example (caught upon film), military seemed to fire tear gas and H2O cannon in to a hospital where protesters were sheltering from a rod charge, in a fourth paragraph.

When contacted, Kulasegaran criticised a action as uncalled for. In this day and age only a military run state would do this. They have been perplexing to hide essay which could be true, since (they have been afraid) it will be review by a public and they will believe it. The supervision is still (suffe! ring fro m) rejection syndrome.

The DAP leader however, dismissed a try as null and void as a full essay is accessible online anyway.

PKRs Tian Chua also tweeted upon a matter and posted photos of a censored pages: Im certain @TheEconomist readers have been smart enough to know how to get a full article, but a censorship reflects a stupidity & insecurity of an strict regime. He observed which a portrayal of a Jews as bogeyman (by UMNO owned-daily) Utusan (Malaysia) & @TheEconomist censorship weigh an insecure regime.

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Apa sebab Tun Faisal ini perlu memberi kenyataan di atas di portal berita pro-pembangkang, Malaysian Insiders amat menghairankan?

Sudahlah tu Komandan UMB berkata dia sudah bersedia dan hanya meminta bahan dari Putrajaya. Terus digunakan Malaysian Insiders sebagai tajuk. Alamak ai ... sungguh memalukan.

Ini yang menjadi bahan bantai Dinturtle, HHalem, dan Flying Kick.

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No more street rallies, warns Muhyiddin

July 18, 2011

Muhyiddin pronounced Malaysias election system was time tested as well as ought to be excusable to all. record pic
DENPASAR, Jul eighteen With Putrajaya still reeling from a Jul 9 Bersih rally, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin currently warned Pakatan Rakyat (PR) which a supervision will creek no serve travel demonstrations.

Do not take any melancholy movement (towards a administration). We will not bow to threats though given they (PR) have a political motive, they are perplexing to have it demeanour as though a supervision is insensitive, a electoral system is old-fashioned as well as which a ubiquitous elections had been conducted improperly, Bernama Online quoted a emissary budding minister as observant today.

Muhyiddin currently maintained a establishment line upon a list of electoral reforms demanded by Bersih, though added which Barisan Nasional was also interested in mending a present system.

Our electoral system has been tested for more than five decades as well as this system should be accepted by all, he said.

Bersih is sustaining with a eight remodel final for giveaway as well as fair elections, though chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan has pronounced which no serve rallies are being planned.

The Jul 9 Bersih rally has sent a Najib administration upon a back foot, as well as criticism of a approach it suppressed a mass entertainment has taken upon a global nature.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak arrived in a UK for a four-day revisit last week as well as was greeted by a scathing editorial in The Guardian which compared his administration to suspended Egyptian leader Hosni Mubaraks regime.

On Tuesday, US inhabitant daily The Wall Street Journal pronounced a governments response to a Bersih 2.0 rally has combined an environment of fright as well as hang-up in Malaysia.

Desp! ite a ef forts to prevent a rally from receiving place, tens of thousands converged upon a capital city! in a ma rch for giveaway as well as fair elections.

The protest, which a supervision progressing declared illegal, incited pell-mell close to midday when a police dismissed rip gas as well as water cannons to sunder protestors.

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Let RTM show Bersih crowd violence, Rais tells cops

Police use H2O cannons on Bersih supporters during a convene in Kuala Lumpur Jul 9, 2011. Reuters pic

BANTING, Jul 18 Datuk Seri Rais Yatim today offering for Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) to broadcast military recordings of unruly crowd behaviour prisoner during a Jul 9 Bersih rally.

The information apportion urged a military to hasten a display of any such material to fight allegations of military brutality during their attempts to disperse a crowds attending a convene for electoral reforms.

Earlier today, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar pronounced six teams will be set up to examine purported incidents of brutality as well as assault by a authorities during a Bersih rally.

He also appealed to a open to submit video footage prisoner during a march as justification that military used extreme force in dispersing protesters.

Police formerly another shaped 3 teams to examine a death of protester Baharuddin Ahmad, whom authorities pronounced died of a heart attack, as well as claims that military dismissed rip gas as well as H2O cannon in to Tung Shin Hospital that day.

Today, Rais also pronounced a open should not criticise a military for not being warm in a execution of their duties

If theyre similar to that, a open will not be fearful of them... We dont want a military to be regularly smiling or being too respectful until a people subject their capability to protect a country, a apportion was quoted in a Bernama Online inform today.

Authorities arrested scarcely 200 people ahead of a convene for electoral reforms, as well as combined almost 1,700 more to a total on Jul 9 when Kuala Lumpur was put in to virtual lockdown.

Despite a efforts to prevent a Jul 9 Bersih convene from receiving place, tens of thousands converged on a collateral city in a march for free as well as fair elections.

The protest, that a govern! ment had progressing declared illegal, incited chaotic tighten to midday when a military dismissed rip gas as well as H2O cannons to disperse protestors.

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Pak Samad: Umno playing race card on Bersih 2.0

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Cops to probe alleged brutality in Bersih rally

A military officer prepares to detain a lady incapacitated progressing by rip gas, in Kuala Lumpur, July 9, 2011. Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, July eighteen Six teams will be set up to examine alleged incidents of brutality as well as assault by a authorities during a Bersih 2.0 convene upon July 9, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar has said.

He additionally appealed to a open to submit video footage prisoner during a impetus as justification that military used extreme force in dispersing protesters.

We will investigate transparently, in detail, as well as a military will not censor any facts, Khalid pronounced after opening an anti-car theft seminar in Genting Highlands.

Police have already formed 3 teams to investigate a genocide of protester Baharuddin Ahmad, whom authorities pronounced died of a heart attack, as well as claims that military fired rip gas as well as H2O cannon in to Tung Shin Hospital that day.

One group will investigate Baharuddins death, an additional will look in to Tung Shin doctors claims that military fired in to a hospital devalue whilst a third will examine a situation itself, that has been denied by a military as well as a hospitals management.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) bloc has been put upon a defensive over a Bersih convene for a past week as a general media from Singapore to a UK criticised a governments doing of open dissent.

Bersih estimates that 50,000 people showed up for its convene for giveaway as well as satisfactory elections despite efforts to prevent a entertainment from receiving place, whilst military pronounced there were usually 6,000.

The protest turned chaotic when military fired rip gas as well as H2O cannons during thousands of demonstrators, resulting in nearly 1,700 arrests, scores harmed as well as a genocide of ex-military male Baharuddin, 59.

The government has promise! d to inv estigate allegations of military brutality whilst a Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) will hold a separate open inquiry in to military control during a Bersih rally.

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