When pseudo-Malays seek control

By Mariam Mokhtar | 4:49PM May 21, 2012 Malaysiakini Umno believes that it represents all a Malays. It doesnt. Millions of Malays have rejected Umno as well as but Malay support, Umno will become extinct. Bersih has awoken a Malays as well as therefore Bersih is Umnos greatest threat. The Bersih 3.0 convene forced a misfortune out of a [...] ... Read More

Battle for the Malay vote: Weapons Umno will use - CHINESE & COMMUNISM

Battle for the Malay vote: Weapons Umno will have use of - CHINESE & COMMUNISM
Communism is the social, domestic as well as mercantile beliefs which creates the classless amicable sequence in the state. This movement, in the Marxist-Leninist extended interpretations, ominously influenced the story of the 20th century where there were comrade states ruled by Communist parties versus Socialist states underneath revolutionary parties as well as the Free universe countries with marketplace economies.
The tenure "communist" or "communism" is mostly used in the internal domestic context as the bte noire to tremble the internal Malays in to not accommodating those people whose roots have been found in Communist countries. For instance, using terms such as "communist-influenced" to describe events or rallies which do not foster the obligatory supervision is seen by domestic observers as the plan to stir up Malay feelings.
An romantic aversion to many rural Malays
The word "communist" is quite an romantic aversion to the little rural Malays in the country. But the infancy Malays have been right away so immune to this tenure when it is used as the domestic pun or propaganda.
As Malayans as well as Malaysians you could as well as cannot deny the fact which almost 90 000 people were killed soldiers as well as civilians during the Japanese advance as well as occupation of Malaya (1941 or 45). The battle against the Japanese force was initially fought by the ground forces of the British Indian Army (British India) as well as Australians.
The long skirmishes with the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) (1930-! 1989) du ring the pre- as well as post-war eras killed about 3,000 civilians as well as non-civilians in Malaya (later Malaysia) as well as Singapore which enclosed foreigners, Chinese, Malays as well as Indians. The CPM recruits also concerned the Chinese, Malays as well as Indians.
Though it was the Dutch radicals who initial introduced Communism South-East Asia, this beliefs was since procedure by the climb of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It was the domestic situation in China where the CCP heading China's two great revolutions, the approved as well as the revolutionary revolutions, during the Chinese Revolution which had the major change upon the internal scenes.
The change of these events started to penetrate in to South-East Middle East with the inspiration as well as undisguised await from China.
The epoch of pains as well as agony
The epoch of pains as well as agony the people of Malaya as well as Malaysia went by from 1930 to 1989 have been etched in our history. Those belonging to the aged domains (especially the armed forces as well as police officers of all races who took charge) could never forget the ordeals they went through.
Nor could the peace-loving, helpless civilians between all races omit the plights faced by the trusting victims of atrocities by those who wedged management over them all in the name of seizing energy from the single another.
No Malaysians would wish this story to repeat. Malaysians of all races in the brand brand brand new domains have been progressively beginning to see the future from the different perspective.
Reduced their fear
Japan has evolved in to the nation of mercantile prosperity unlike the days before World War II as well as Malaysians have been looking east to Japan to obey their work ethics. Japanese products as well as investments in Malaysia have been usually phenomenal.
! Today C hina has become the single of the many favourite traveller destinations for Malaysians, generally the Malays. They dine in halal Chinese restaurants as well as visit many chronological places together with the important mosques in the country. There is the outrageous Muslim population in China, generally in the horse opera segment of this vast land.
These tourists return home happy with the improved viewpoint of the country. And this has marked down their fright of the word "communism" even when they do not subscribe to the ideology.
Thousands of Malaysians have been investigate in universities in China which have been offering world-class education. They pick up Mandarin during their march of investigate as well as return home happy about their studies in which country. China is currently the comparatively pacific nation underneath the own complement of governance as well as is developing rapidly.
Trying tough to cause anxiety
This beliefs of communism has worked well in China the nation which has the population of 1.4billion people.
Today China does not export the domestic beliefs to Malaysia. This is replaced with assorted mercantile commodities which have been pouring in to the Malaysian market.
Unfortunately, there have been still the little domestic zealots in the nation who go to the aged domains trying tough to cause anxiety between the locals generally the Malays of the possible "resurgence" of communism in the country.
Research has shown which the many successful leader who managed to circle clamp communism was Lee Kuan Yew during his tenure as chief minister of Singapore Island. He did it with the slightest bloodshed, though with intelligence.
And he did it with his great commercial operation acumen, which is by turning Singapore in to the success story. No Singaporean currently would wish communism to have the comeback. Neither do any Malaysian of th! e brand brand brand new domains require communism to be adopted as the way of life.
The brand brand brand new propagandize of thoughts
When there is great commercial operation as well as mercantile strategies abandoned of feudal mercantile exploitation, no tyranny as well as domestic oppressions, the supervision which is not corrupt, as well as there is amicable probity for all the adults there is no reason why the people contingency review to comrade beliefs as the way forward.
Politics in the nation represents the aged as well as young. When the aged domains, belonging to the aged propagandize of thoughts, talk upon race politics as well as stories of comrade days to shock the people it does not simulate well upon the nation.
The brand brand brand new domains would omit this crap as they go to the brand brand brand new propagandize of thoughts as well as their wishes have been to build the improved Malaysia by office building bridges between all the races in the country.
It's unwise for the little leaders as well as supporters of race-based domestic parties to bring in the bloody stories of the comrade or the Japanese days to the people who right away go to the brand brand brand new domains. New Germany does not wish to listen to about Hitler as well as the atrocities he committed during his days!
Let story be kept during the legitimate abode as well as review to remind us of the significance of pacific living. It can be used as the measure for success or failure of the complement though not as the domestic spook to warning the people.
Successful rallies
Bersih had three successful rallies in the past as well as this saw people of all races joining hands seeking satisfactory as well as free elections in the country. The government-backed media with all the propaganda to obstruct the rallies from function unsuccessful in their mission.
Politicians who lived by the 13th May situation have been currently repelled to see the people so united. Despite the presence of outrageous crowds during all these rallies involving people of all races no "race clash" occurred. This is Malaysia of the brand brand brand new domains.
Evidently there cannot be comrade supporters of the 70s as claimed by the distinguished Malay personality in use by the giant Chinese-owned company concerned in the Apr twenty-eight Bersih rally.
Even if there is any truth in his gesture, "one or two swallows will not have the summer." The brand brand brand new domains of Malaysians have left the comrade beliefs at the behind of them usually like the people of many other nations have done. Some may have the socialistic tendencies to politics though this cannot be alike with communism. Socialism exists even in the little theocratic as well as European countries.
To obstruct the Malays
If the goal is to obstruct the Malay concentration from the presentation of brand brand brand new direction of politics the two-party complement in the nation this will usually explode drastically. The brand brand brand new Malays do not see rallies as well as demonstrations as acts instigated by subversive or comrade elements. Nor do they see internal rallies being incited by unfamiliar elements. They do it peacefully out of their own conscience.
Today after almost 70 years of Japanese atrocities in Malaysia Malaysia's relationship with Japan has been cordial. Malaysia's good dialog with China is equally affable. China is right away not seen as an "exporter" of comrade beliefs to Malaysia.
China is currently Malaysia's largest trade partner bringing shared prosperity to all Malaysians.
Malaysia will to illustrate not stoop to comrade threats as long as there is no feudal mercantile exploitation, no tyranny as well as domestic oppressions, the supervision which is ! not corr upt, as well as there is amicable probity for all the citizens. There is no reason why Malaysians contingency review to comrade beliefs as the way brazen underneath the satisfactory as well as efficient government.
A hazard to "Pakatan Rakyat" as well as Barisan Nasional
There were Chinese, Malays as well as Indians who subscribed to comrade beliefs in those days due to poverty as well as their hate for the British colonialists as well as the Japanese conquest of Malaya. Many were also forced to await the communist's agenda for fright of retributions.
But the presentation of the two-party complement in the nation is not going to bring behind communism in to our society.
"The presentation of the two-party in the nation is of march the hazard to "Pakatan Rakyat" as well as Barisan Nasional. Obviously it is not the pointer to the presentation of communism or the rebirth of comrade beliefs in the country," commented the domestic observer from the internal university.
Malaysia Chronicle
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Anwar in the Dock So Divine, Says Father Paul Tan

HowAnwar Ibrahim was ambushed- in a dock.

Bishop Paul Tannext.


(Below) Front or left side character is Anwar;behind him on a right is S Ambiga. Bersih = weapons,made in as well as granted by USA, starting witha purloin afterwards graduating to bazookas in Bersih 3. And a single out of 50,000 pieces or is it 300,000? -blows up in his face. He never saw it coming

Poor Anwar. This is so divine, so Mat Salleh, so Christian, like it is a Bishop, in a thinking which a bigger a number, a bigger a impact, a louder a hallelujahs as well as a shouts. Then when a arms a single will do; no need300,000 blows up inAnwar's face, nobody listened anything, a explosion drown in a cacophony of Praise a Lord.

Father Paul: divine did we say? Jesus magnify you. Holy FMT editors too.

Their 'divine' attackswere orchestrated against anun-divine fortress named Najib Razak.

Yes, Najib: Never fightstones with stones. Water beats stone any time, all a time. For proof, visit a Pahang stream bank. Literally, we can feast on Bersih 3.

Are we now assured which a Bersih 3 strategy as well as methods -forget Ambiga is radically as well as essentially a Christian, Anglophile-inspired event?Being Anglophile is additionally predictable. So, don't throw a Christians to a lions. That's being predictable.

At a subsequent Barisan central legi! slature meeting, demeanour around a table afterwards ask yourself a question: who are a Anglophiles around you, whether Malay, Indian or Chinese? What do we do with them, in Penang Gerakan for example?

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Yusof defends decision to join Anwar's defence team

Despite reception brickbats for his decision to stick upon Anwar Ibrahim's counterclaim team, former solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden defended his pierce as well as pronounced he had approaching criticism.

Saying many times which "I am a professional", Yusof pronounced it would be genuine to say which he did not design a backlash.
NONEYusof (left) had served in a Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC), where he was long-time head of prosecution, timid as a third many senior military officer earlier this year.
During this time, he had led a charge group in a Sodomy II trial against Anwar, who was eventuallyacquitted.
This was additionally Yusof's last box for a AGC, although he had been discerning torecommend an appealagainst a sodomy verdict.
"Yes, my family as well as we had approaching this coming (for my decision to urge Anwar upon theBersih 3.0 charge). It would be wrong or genuine of me not to design it.

"However, we am a veteran (whether) working in a AGC or as a lawyer. we received a call from a chairman asking me either we would similar to to stick upon Anwar's counterclaim team. we pronounced 'why not?', as this (the Peaceful Assembly Act) is a brand new law. And afterwards Anwar called me at 10pm upon Monday.

NONE"So which was which as well as as a veteran we attended a justice event (yesterday) as well as did what was re! quired w ith Karpal Singh as well as a rest of a co-counsel," he toldMalaysiakini.

His pierce has received slam upon some pro-Umno blogs.
Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan had tweeted: 'mpkotabelud @movebabymove: SODOMY II PROSECUTOR NOW IN ANWAR'S LEGAL TEAM. GOD IS GREAT! Yup, my next door neighbour pronounced right away he knew because Anwar was acquitted.'

Yusof pronounced he had approaching a inauspicious comments but "would do a articulate in court".

Asked either he had felt ungainly about being upon a counterclaim team, since his impasse in a Sodomy II trial since 2008, Yusof pronounced there was zero different,
He noted which he had been upon a bench, serving as a justice as well as sessions justice judge for nine years, as well as which he loves being upon a belligerent with prosecutors as well as lawyers.

"It is not ungainly at all for me as we similar to to be upon a building (whether as) a prosecutor or a lawyer," he said.

'No intention to stick upon PAS'

As to speculation which he is scheduled to stick upon PAS next month, Yusof confirmed what he pronounced yesterday - which he does not have any domestic affiliation.

NONE"There is no truth (in talk that) we will stick upon a domestic celebration or PAS next month, as we am apolitical as well as we do not have any domestic affiliation.

"As we said, we am a veteran as well as will do a articulate in court."

Although talk persists about his acrimonous relationship with Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail (right), Yusof insists which he as well as Gani have been "good friends".

While there may be times when they have a disproportion in opinion, he said, they have been friends.
He added which he additionally has great good dialog with those still in a AGC as well as with lawyers in p! rivate p ractice.
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Ingat lagi bekas polis yang kecewa sebab tak dapat projek Malakoff dan masuk sertai PARTI AJARAN SYAITAN beberapa hari yang lalu? Aku cerita pasal Fauzi Shaari, bekas polis yang sertai PAS di Bahagian Larut. KLIK SINI

Korang nak tau tak kenapa PAS nak bawak Fauzi ke Larut? Mereka nak sediakan si Fauzi ni sebagai bakal MB Perak beb, kalau la Pakatan berjaya menawan Perak semula (nau'zubillah) -Eh, Macamana dengan si Lilin bernama Nizar tu? Nak letak Nizar lahanat tu kat mana? Kan ke dia masih gunakan nama @MBNizar dalam twitternya?

Macam ni cerita dia, PAS Perak dah memang bengang gila dengan si Nizar ni sebab sebagaimana yang kita semua tahu, Nizar lebih setia kepada DAP dari PAS sendiri. Perkara ini semua orang PAS tahu, sebab tu masa brader lembut gila projek nak keluar UMNO Nizar cadangkan dia masuk DAP!

Cinta dan mahabbah Nizar Laknatullah ni pada DAP memang dah tak boleh nak pertikai lagi, PAS nampak dan secara senyap mereka memujuk si Fauzi ni balik ke Larut, dalam Larut ada 3 kerusi DUN, maka PAS boleh meletakkan dia kat mana mana saja untuk Fauzi bertanding.

Kalau menang PAS dah tahu dengan reputasi buruk Nizar di mata rakyat negeri Perak, maka mereka dengan mudah akan meletakkan si fauzi di kerusi MB. Percayalah, DAP joke tak nak Nizar jadi MB lagi, sebab mereka joke tahu dia ni sudah rosak namanya di Perak.

Berbalik pada Fauzi tadi, PAS memang dah study, kalau nak seseorang jadi MB di Perak ni mereka kena cari seseorang yang veteran dan mempunyai pengalaman meluas seperti Fauzi ni, almaklumla dia kan bekas pegawai tinggi polis, maka dia mesti dah masak dengan sepak terajang politik ni.

Yang penting sekali, Fauzi bukanlah barua DAP semacam Niza! r. Fauzi akan setia dengan PAS la, itu fikir merka. Tapi mereka sudah lupa Nizar joke dulu setia dan kuat dengan PAS, tapi bila duduk kerusi empuk MB dia terus lupa siapa dia sebenarnya.

Aku pasti Nizar bila tahu pasal perkara ini, maka dia akan meroyan dan melambai dengan lebih kuat lagi. Sekarang Nizar kena harapkan sokongan DAP, PAS dah tak percaya dia lagi, kemana hala tuju Nizar selepas ini?

Wahai Nizar! Kau lupakan jela untuk hasrat kau nak jadi MB! Kalau menang joke Pakatan, PAS dah sediakan calon bekas POLIS (yang sangat mereka benci tu) untuk gantikan kau. Hebat kan permainan politik Pakatan kat Perak ni?

Sekarang kita tunggu dan lihat apa reaksi Nizar bila benda ni dah terbocor?

Kalau korang sudi debarkanlah cerita ini ke merata tempat ok! Terima kasih

Only 6% PTPTN Loan Defaulters Blacklisted, 94% Paying Up - Khairy

Only six per cent Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) loan defaulters have been blacklisted while 94 per cent have been profitable up said Umno Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin.Khairy said since 94 per cent were profitable back their loans, the opposition's proposal to abolish the loans was based on the very tiny percentage."The procession to black list the defaulters is not easy but rsther than the vapid process, together with sending reminders and notice of direct and takes about twenty-two months," he said during the d ... Read More

Pas, Umno Muzakarah Necessary For Malay, Muslim Unity - Bernama

New Straits Times

Pas, Umno Muzakarah Necessary For Malay, Muslim Unity
By Mohd Hisham Abdul Rafar KUALA LUMPUR, May twenty-three (Bernama) -- The 'muzakarah' or discussion, concluded upon by Pas personality Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat with Muslim and Malay-based non-governmental organisations (NGO), together with Umno, for Malay togetherness and a ...
Pas volte-face on talks, Umno open New Straits Times
What's there not to like about PAS? Free Malaysia Today

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National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp), syarikat-syarikat berkaitan dengannya serta pengurusinya hari ini memfailkan saman terhadap Public Bank Berhad di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur, bagi menuntut kerosakan yang dialami yang tidak dapat dipampas dan kehancuran terhadap reputasi serta kredibiliti mereka dalam perniagaan akibat daripada tindakan bank tersebut yang telah melanggar Akta Perbankan dan Institusi Kewangan 1989 (BAFIA).

Peguamcara yang mewakilli NFCorp menegaskan, perlanggaran keselamatan oleh Public Bank Berhad telah membolehkan Pengarah Strategik PKR Rafizi Ramli untuk mendramatikkan serta menanam rasa benci dan gambaran yang salah demi memburukkan reputasi, kredibiliti dan keupayaan NFCorp, syarikat-syarikat berkaitan dengannya serta pengerusinya dengan pihak kerajaan, orang awam dan komuniti perniagaan.

Dalam saman mereka, peguamcara yang mewakili NFCorp menyatakan maklumat sulit dan rahsia perbankan NFCorp, syarikat-syarikat yang berkaitan dengannya, serta pengerusinya (pihak Plantif) telah disebarkan untuk tatapan umum; dan akibat daripadanya, kehidupan pengarah-pengarah dan ahli keluarga Plantif kini terdedah kepada ancaman bahaya.

Selanjutnya, peguamcara NFCorp menyatakan Public Bank Berhad adalah bertanggungjawab melindungi maklumat atas dasar undang-undang, secara kontrak dan tanggungjawab yang telah diamanahkan daripada dicetak semula, diedarkan, dihebahkan, didedahkan, disiarkan dan sebagainya, kepada mana-mana pihak, atau merekodkan bagi pihak, apa-apa maklumat atau dokumen membabitkan akaun pihak Plantif untuk disiarkan oleh mana-mana pihak ketiga.

Peguamcara NFCorp berkata, tindakan anak guamnya memulakan tindakan undang-undang adalah dengan harapan ia akan dijadikan sebagai satu peringatan kepa! da bank- bank dan juga institusi-institusi kewangan terhadap tanggungjawab mereka untuk melindungi maklumat rahsia pelanggan-pelanggan mereka dalam sebarang keadaan termasuklah memastikan pelanggan-pelanggan mereka tidak terdedah kepada ancaman bahaya.

Seksyen 97 BAFIA menyatakan, Tiada seorang joke yang mempunyai apa-apa maklumat atau dokumen yang pada pengetahuannya telah didedahkan dengan melanggar subseksyen (1) boleh dengan apa jua cara sekalipun mendedahkan kepada mana-mana orang lain.

HOUSE PK: So, apa kes pasal BAFIA ni? Public Bank joke senyap je? KLIK SINI

willing to discuss with other NGO if PAS is not willing Muhyiddin

is willing to have discussions or muzakarah with alternative Muslim and Malay-based non-governmental organisations (NGOs) if PAS is not ready to do so, pronounced party deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. So, if PAS now says that it ...

From Prosecuter to Defender: Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden

May 22, 2012

BERSIH3.0: Former S0licitor-General is Legal Council to Anwar Ibrahim

Former solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden has lifted eyebrows by representing Anwar Ibrahim on a Bersih 3.0-related charge, after having led a prosecution group opposite him in a Sodomy II trial.

NONEYusof (right), met after a court proceedings today, was asked if this would be seen as a personal battle in between attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail as well as himself.

He responded which he has nothing personal opposite either Gani or a supervision in taking up a case.

"I am a professional. They called me final night as well as we am accessible as well as we have no hesitation. we do not have any domestic affiliation," he said.

Asked if representing Anwar right away would be seen as violating a oath of secrecy which he had signed whilst in public service he pronounced he was still bound by a oath.

Yusof ranked third in seniority in a A-G's Chambers where he was a long-time conduct of prosecution when he opted for early early retirement from Feb 1.

NONESenior counterclaim counsel Karpal Singh likened Yusof's entrance in to Anwar's counterclaim group as "certainly a blow to a government".

"We got to know late which he was peaceful to experience in a group as well as we welcome him. It could be a sign," Karpal said.

Sankara Nair, who is additionally in a counterclaim team, forked out which whatever Yusof was concerned in previously, is in a past.

During a brief conference in court progressing today, Yusof got things going with! Karpal when he objected to a bail application. DPP Abdul Wahab Mohamad had sought RM10,000 for a purported corruption under a Peaceful Assembly Act.

However, Yusof told a court that, given 1998, Anwar has never longed for attending a hearing. "He might be late sometimes, but he never misses a trial," pronounced Yusof.

'Clear perception'

Anwar welcomed Yusof's appearance in a counterclaim team, disclosing which he had checked whether he was accessible as well as afterwards contacted him.

NONE"As we can see, (Yusof played) a purpose in a preliminary stage with Karpal, as well as is not here to make up a numbers.

"Yusof's appearance shows which he does not condone this politically-motivated charge.

"There have been most who have been in a AG's Chambers who reason a same perspective as well as have been watchful for a right time to be with me."

His eagerness to stick on a counterclaim group "is a clear notice which not all in a supervision condone" such action.

Anwar added which some have been of a perspective which Yusof should have been allocated a AG.

Optional retirement

Yusof, a former court as well as Sessions Court decider was a lead prosecutor in Anwar's sodomy II trial. He took discretionary early early retirement in Feb after dual progressing requests were rejected.

It was reported which in recent years, he as well as his charges were sidelined as well as this prompted most to leave a Attorney General Chambers.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi meets a aristocrat to renounce as PMYusof himself had requested for discretionary early! early r etirement twice in 2007 as well as in 2009 but but success.

On both occasions his duplicate was rejected, a final believed to be after an involvement from then-Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (left), who longed for Yusof to lead a prosecution group in a sodomy trial.

When Premier Najib Abdul Razak assumed energy he asked Yusof to continue to lead a prosecution group in a trial.

Yusof inherited a Solicitor-general II post after his prototype Zaleha Mohd Yusof was towering to a Judiciary.

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DAKWAAN Kelab Tolak Individu Bernama Anwar Ibrahim (TIBAI) yang mendedahkan tentang seorang bekas pelajar institusi pengajian tinggi yang diminta Anwar menghantar sekeping gambar luar biasa tidak berpakaian kepadanya agak mencetus kejutan kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Meskipun begitu, bagi mereka-mereka yang mengenali dan mengikuti perkembangan luar dan dalam Ketua Pembangkang itu, pendedahan tersebut bukanlah sesuatu yang mengejutkan bagi mereka.

Semalam, Ahli Majlis Syura TIBAI, Abdul Ghani Haron mendedahkan rahsia Anwar itu kepada akhbar Mingguan Malaysia dan berani bersumpah bahawa Anwar sudah lama cuba memikat anak muda itu sejak tahun lalu sehingga kini.

Menurut Abdul Ghani, dia tahu siapa anak muda itu, pelajar jurusan apa, belajar di universiti yang mana, dan anak siapakah gerangannya.

Justeru itu, TIBAI menggesa agar Anwar menjawab dakwaan mereka itu atau segala rahsia tersebut akan dibongkarkan ke pengetahuan umum.

Sebenarnya, kisah Anwar yang tertarik dengan tabiat seksual di luar tabii ini sememangnya bukan lagi menjadi rahsia.

Cuma, hanya para mereka yang taksub dan mudah tertipu dengan cakap-cakap Anwar saja yang tidak percaya.

Menurut sumber yang diyakini, Anwar sebenarnya sudah mula terjebak dengan aktiviti seks sama jenis sejak dia di Maktab Melayu Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) lagi.


Headman wants former village chief to apologise

. "Abdullah had also secretly pronounced that my post as ...

Janji ditabur kerana tidak mampu jana ekonomi - KJ

... Read More

Shoppers cheer protest against police violence

Shoppers in Penang clapped and cheered during a protest opposite military violence upon journalists in Kuala Lumpur final month, as some 60 Citizen Journalists put upon a discerning "flash mob" during a oppulance Gurney Plaza shopping centre upon Sunday. The group, in red T-shirts, held up placards which said "Let a Press Do Their Job" [...] Read More @ Source

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RSF mocks govts claim of better media freedom

Reporters Sans Frontires has mocked a budding minister for making farfetched claims for his personal role in supposedly relaxation a chains around Malaysia's media. The RSF questioned his explain in an open minute to a PM final Tuesday. (Also that day a journalistic community submitted their apply to Don't Beat Up Journalists to a PM's Office [...] Read More @ Source

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If you can only read one article, read this

If we could usually review one article this week, we ought to review this: loyarburok.com/2012/05/22/fal Republished by a Star: thestar.com.my/news/story.asp Jun Rubis (@j_rubis) May 22, 2012 Yes Ma'am. Members of a Bar have responded to criticism of a Bar's defamation of police savagery during a new Bersih convene The full response has been republished during [...] Read More @ Source

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RSFs five steps to better media in Malaysia

Recommendations by Reporters Sans Frontires in an open minute to the budding apportion last week: Give Malaysiakini, as well as others who wish it, a licence to tell a newspaper Withdraw the home minister's power to accede to as well as replenish newspaper licences; renovate the Printing Presses as well as Publications Act Stop badgering Zunar Respect media independence as well as stop censorship [...] Read More @ Source

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City Hall rejects permits but traders to go ahead

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has denied permits to 60 petty traders to set up stalls upon a highway in front of a residence of Coalition for Clean as well as Fair Elections (Bersih) co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan upon Thursday as well as Friday.

NONEHowever, Kuala Lumpur Petty Traders Action Council chairperson Jamal Md Yunus (centre in photo) will go ahead with a protest.

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail has urged a traders to use a "appropriate channel" to have their claims.

"If this goes on, you will never listen to a end of it. To accumulate in a pacific public in front of her (Ambiga's) house, it's all right...," he pronounced currently after assembly Jamal, who was seeking DBKL's approval.

"But to have stalls, DBKL will not allow it in accordance with a Streets, Drainage as well as Buildings Act 1974.

"This is since Ambiga's residence is not a only residence there. So my recommendation is which if they wish to continue, (they) should demeanour for a some-more suitable spot, a single which is approved."
Ahmad Fuad combined which a criticism would simulate badly upon a nation internationally as well as set a precedents for a destiny generation.

He suggested a traders to opt for authorised chance to have up for their waste as well as to stop boring upon a matter.

He combined which a trade zones which were painted in yellow will be lonesome using black paint by a city gymnasium officials.

NONE"Painting a lots is not allowed. Since they have done it you will re-paint it in black. And if they go upon to do commercial operation (on Thursday as well ! as Frida y), you will send enforcement there. The law contingency be respected. We will also ask for police cooperation," pronounced Ahmad Fuad.

Jamal, however, insisted which they will go upon trade there since they have been behaving their duties to earn a living.

"We respect DBKL's decision. We will do a work as well as DBKL will do theirs," he said.

"We will go upon (with a market) until someone takes upon a shortcoming for a losses," pronounced Jamal.

Prime lot bid went for RM5,000

Meanwhile, Jamal pronounced a prime trade zones opposite Ambiga's residence went to top bidder Ahmad Diah Ali, who bought it for RM5,000 for both a days.

NONEThe lot was put up for behest by a council in front of a city gymnasium building today, after a assembly with city's mayor.

Ahmad, who plans to sell drinks as well as food during a stall, pronounced he does not thoughts profitable RM5,000 for a lot since he is very unhappy with Ambiga.

"I'm willing to compensate RM5,000 since I'm not confident with (what) Ambiga (has done). Because of her, a commercial operation of traders has been disrupted," he told reporters.

"I wish to express my restlessness by trade right opposite Ambiga's house," pronounced a 51-year-old, who had paid for a lot in cash. The other lots were sold during RM100 each.

Jamal had pronounced which they have been expecting during least 10,000 people to revisit a their 60 stalls from 3.30pm to 8pm, nonetheless they had progressing been denied trade permits by city hall.

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Selepas kejayaan Regimn Khalid dalam menjadikan Selangor negeri paling kaya dengan sampah sarap, kini Khalid sekali lagi tampil untuk menerima anugerah terkini.

Jika Kelantan mendapat "Anugerah Cemerlang" dalam rekod HIV dan AIDS, lain pula bagi Khalid di Selangor.

Selepas "Anugerah Cemerlang" dalam mensampah sarapkan Selangor, rekod cemerlang buat pertama kalinya di Selangor, kini Selangor mendapat satu lagi "Anugerah Cemerlang" melalui industri pembiakan nyamuk aedes.

Walaupun sebelum ini juga dalam satu lagi industri; iaitu Industri Persundalan, Khalid masih mendahului dengan pencapaian terbaik !

Rakyat Selangor perlu banyak bersabar dengan bau aroma dari timbunan sampah sarap hadiah dari Kerajaan Negeri kepada penduduk, kini rakyat Selangor juga perlu tabah dalam hadapi wabak denggi.

Pengurusan jadual kutipan sampah yang tidak sempurna antara faktor menyebabkan Selangor menjadi negeri penyumbang tertinggi dalam kes demam denggi.

Menteri Kesihatan Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai berkata sehingga Mei lalu sebanyak 9,500 kes dicatatkan dengan twenty kematian berbanding tempoh sama tahun lepas iaitu sebanyak 7,850 dengan 12 kematian.

"Lima puluh peratus daripada kes demam denggi yang dilaporkan tahun ini ialah di Selangor dan salah satu faktornya kerana sampah tidak dikutip dalam masa yang ditetapkan atau dijadualkan.

"Kalau dikutip dalam tempoh dua atau tiga hari tidak mengapa tetapi jika sampah sarap dibiarkan seminggu, aedes akan membiak dengan cepat kerana sesudu air joke sudah cukup untuk menjadi tempat pembiakan aedes," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan karnival 'Sihat Cergas Ceria' di sini Sabtu.

Liow berkata adalah menjadi tanggungjawab pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) untuk memastikan jadual kutipan ! sampah y ang berkala kerana PBT juga perlu memainkan peranan penting menjaga kebersihan persekitaran.

Apatah lagi memandangkan negeri itu mempunyai kawasan perumahan luas terutamanya di kawasan bandar dan mempunyai kepadatan penduduk yang tinggi, katanya.

Sementara itu, Liow berkata kajian mengenai vaksin denggi sudah berada di peringkat akhir iaitu pada tahap ketiga dan dijangka boleh mula digunakan menjelang tahun 2014.

Dalam perkembangan lain beliau berkata Kementerian Kesihatan akan memperbanyakkan lagi kempen saringan kesihatan untuk mengalakkan serta meningkatkan kesedaran orang ramai bagi pencegahan awal penyakit tidak berjangkit (NCD).

Liow berkata hasil tinjauan Kesihatan dan Morbiditi Kebangsaan (NHMS) tahun lepas kira-kira 1.4 juta rakyat dewasa tidak mengetahui mereka mempunyai tahap gula tinggi.

Sementara 3.5 juta lagi tidak tahu mereka mempunyai tekanan darah tinggi manakala 4.7 juta tidak mengetahui mereka mempunyai kolestrol tinggi.

NCD seperti obesiti, darah tinggi dan diabetes kini merupakan ancaman kesihatan baru di negara ini dengan jumlah pesakitnya meningkat setiap tahun. - BERNAMA

HOUSE PK: Tahniah le Khalid Gagap kerana berjaya menternak nyamuk Aedes dan bagi rakyat Selangor demam denggi free. kalau dulu air free, sekarang penyakit joke free. Benda kecik macam sampah joke kroang takleh handle apa bring ni beb?

The Petty Trader Millionaire and the Bersih 4.0 Group

May 22, 2012

The Petty Trader Millionaire and a Bersih 4.0 Group

The Man at a back of a BERSIH4.0 group that tormented Dato Ambiga at her home is a Petty Trader millionaire. He does not even have a SPM, but has become abounding through his entrepreneurship, as well as positive support by UMNO. There is no need to get a good education, just have a right connections.

He is a purpose model for immature Malays, as well as those of you who wish to get upon in life but slogging. Only in Malaysia you can exaggerate of such a person.

Bill Gates, George Soros, as well as Warren Buffet can learn a thing or dual from this guy. Let us recognise him (picture below), a Anak Melayu Berjaya, when you encounter him upon a street.Din Merican

Anak Melayu Berjaya: Dato' Jamal Md Yunos Photograph: Utusan Malaysia

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Nazri: Internet users must be more responsible for own actions

(The Star) - Minister in the Prime Minister's DepartmentDatuk Seri Nazri Azizhas dismissed claims which the newly-amended Evidence Act was unfair to Internet users.
"Freedom of debate comes with greater responsibility, so all it equates to is which we have to be careful.
"When we use online media Facebook or Twitter it comes out as well as everyone gets to know about it. Users contingency be some-more obliged as your actions might start others," Nazri said.
The Padang Rengas MP pronounced which leisure of debate did not mean which slander was acceptable.
"Sometimes with slanderous or libellous statements online, it is difficult to make the law opposite them since it isn't easy to find the chairman who initial put the report upon the Internet, which results in no action being taken but the chairman has been aggrieved.
"Under the amended Act, we shift the weight to the owner of the laptop or comment so which we can get to the source," he said.
The Malaysian Bar, however, pronounced they were concerned with the presumption of guilt in the Act.
Bar Councilchairman Lim Chee Weesaid they intend to engageAttorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patailabout it.
"When the Bar deliberate during initial glance the various amendments to rapist law, many of which dealt with confidence laws, we were concentrating upon which aspect of it.
"The A-G has indicated which he is open to further discussion, as well as this engagement policy is positive. We are preparing our comments for the A-G," he pronounced in an e-mail.
Internet users have criticised the amendment, observant it was unfair as websites as well as social networking accounts could be easily hacked to post defamatory statements.
Recruitment ex! ecutive Geraldine David, 27, pronounced it was "very dangerous" to penalize people for posts upon personal networking accounts, such asFacebook, as it was easy to penetrate into such accounts.
"It is so easy to penetrate into e-mail or Facebook accounts these days. Some people might forget to record off their accounts after using open computers, creation them easy targets," she said.
However, the little users agreed with the amendment, observant it was judicious which the chairman whose name was compared with the comment be held obliged for statements made upon the account.
"Your comment is linked to you. Do not share passwords with your friends. If it was not you, then we need to infer it," pronounced the user.
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Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Datuk Seri Noh Omar Isnin mempertikai corak pentadbiran kerajaan negeri Selangor di bawah pakatan pembangkang yang menjadikan negeri ini bagaikan sebuah syarikat korporat yang mementingkan keuntungan semata-mata tanpa memikirkan nasib rakyat.

Beliau berkata sebagai contoh kerajaan Selangor lebih berminat terhadap penstrukturan semula industri perkhidmatan air, sungguhpun Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim tahu bekalan air untuk rakyat kini berada pada tahap kritikal.

Mereka sibuk dengan penstrukturan semula tetapi rizab air pada 2.4 peratus sahaja, bila penstrukturan semula siap bekalan air untuk rakyat habis, jadi buat apa buat penstrukturan semula?.

Kerajaan pusat sedia hendak bina loji air Hulu Langat 2 berharga RM3.6 bilion untuk selesaikan isu air ini tetapi kerajaan Selangor tidak mahu mungkin kerana projek itu tidak beri keuntungan wang ringgit, katanya kepada pemberita di Batang Kali di sini, Isnin.

Terdahulu, beliau menyampaikan bantuan daripada Kelab Putera 1Malaysia berbentuk tilam dan dapur gas kepada 870 keluarga di kawasan Batang Kali dan Serendah yang terlibat dalam banjir kilat pada 7 Mei lepas.


MIC leader: Leave race out of Bersih fight

Party secretary-general S Murugesan says there is no need to drag S Ambiga's competition as well as sacrament in to a dispute.
PETALING JAYA: There is no need to drag competition or sacrament in to a debate over a Bersih 3.0 rally, pronounced MIC secretary-general S Murugesan.
Expressing his personal view upon a matter, he criticised those who resorted to such demeaning actions opposite Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga to put their points across.
"We do not have to agree with Ambiga or her process of you do things. However, there is no need to drag her competition or sacrament in to a disagreement.
"There is also no need for name job or to resort to methods which intrude in to her personal space," he told FMT.
Murugesan pronounced it also did not have clarity to reason a demonstration to reject demonstrations as dual wrongs do not have a right.
"As Malaysians, you should contingency aspire for a nobler aspects of politics," he added.
On a same note, Murugesan pronounced he accepted a feelings of a aggrieved stall owners who suffered waste as a outcome of a April twenty-eight rally.
"But there have been improved ways of you do things," he added.
Furthermore, a MIC personality pronounced their actions were being attributed to Barisan Nasional, thus tainting a picture of a ruling coalition.
"This is obviously not a case as well as is you do some-more mistreat to BN then good," he added.
A organisation of traders have programmed to set up a night market outward S Ambiga's chateau in Bukit Damansara upon Thursday as well as Friday to criticism a waste incurred! during a rally.
Previously, vexed traders staged a burger criticism whilst a organisation of ex-servicemen held a coarse aerobic practice outward her residence, which drew most flak from various quarters.
However, when an Indian-based NGO proposed to set up a thosai stall outward Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar's house, Ambiga had asked them to reconsider, observant which in isolation spaces contingency be respected.
The NGO concluded as well as called off a plan.
All eyes upon a mayor
Meanwhile, Malaysian Indian Business Association (Miba) president P Sivakumar pronounced all eyes were right away upon Kuala Lumpur Mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail.
He pronounced Ambiga's right to a peaceful living as well as her inherent right to equal insurance under a law were during threat.
Sivakumar pronounced if a night market took place, then another organisation might set up a similar thing outward Fuad's residence.
"I am sure a mayor will not similar to it," he told FMT.
Sivakumar also could not assimilate because a issue had taken a secular twist, just because a civic- disposed particular with legal background aspired to do something great for a nation.
He warned BN which such actions would lead to an electoral backlash.
"Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has been perplexing to strech out to Indian voters, though this type of attacks as well as danger opposite Ambiga will price a coalition," he added.
Sivakumar also pronounced Miba failed to assimilate how these traders could explain to have mislaid millions due to a rally, especially upon a Saturday.
"These have been usually petty traders. So this lent faith to a suspicion which there is some-more to this than meets a eye," he said.
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Unwise to charge PKR leaders, says Zaid

KUALA LUMPUR: Kita boss Zaid Ibrahim pronounced that it was not a good idea to assign antithesis leaders with a ubiquitous choosing around a corner.Speaking after a launch of his third book, Ampun Tuanku: A Brief Guide to Constitutional Government at a Royal Lake Club here today, he additionally pronounced a pierce could backfire on Barisan Nasional.Besides, I think its just a teenager offence, pronounced a former law minister.This morning, PKR leaders Anwar ibrahim, Azmin Ali as well as Badrul Hisham Shaharin ... Read More

Hillary Clintons Asian Adventure

May 22, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Asian Adventure

by Jeswant Singh@Project Syndicate

Jaswant Singh is the usually chairman to have served as India's financial apportion (1996, 2002-2004), foreign apportion (1998-2004), as well as invulnerability apportion (2000-2001). While in office, he launched the initial free-trade agreement (with Sri Lanka) in South Asia's history, initiated India's many daring tactful opening to Pakistan, revitalized family with the US, as well as reoriented the Indian military, abandoning its Soviet-inspired doctrines as well as weaponry for close ties with the West. His many new book is Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence.


New Delhi (05-16-12) -On her new outing to China, Bangladesh, as well as India, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was fervent to wail America's "New Silk Road" strategy, that she denounced last September. But the Silk Road was the trade route, whereas knife-edge tact dominated Clinton's Asian tour.

Nothing about Clinton's outing was as path-breaking as her revisit earlier this spring to Myanmar, where she met with antithesis leader Aung San Suu Kyi as well as President Thein Sein to lend her await to their ethereal domestic dance, that may yet move the country into the global democratic fold.

Her outing opened with the always-tense annual US-China Strategic as well as Economic Dialogue, that was in jeopardy during th! e start by the predicament of the blind human-rights romantic Chen Guangcheng, who had taken retreat in the United States' embassy in Beijing. [Read On]

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'Eggs and stones thrown to sabotage Perkasa, Umno'

The throwing of eggs as well as stones during an eventuality for Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan in Merlimau, Malacca, final Saturday was an attempt by sure buliding to harm Perkasa as well as Umno, Perkasa arch Ibrahim Ali has claimed.

perkasa tibai umno red shirt in merlimau malacca ambiga eventuality automobile pelted with eggs"It could be sabotage... there have been attempts to taint a reputation of Perkasa," Ibrahim toldMalaysiakiniafter a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

While not encountering which Perkasa members were benefaction during a protest, Ibrahim pronounced a Malay rights pressure organisation would never condone such acts of violence.

"Sometimes, there have been people who buy our Perkasa t-shirts or uniforms as well as wear them upon a streets. Then, when anything happens, people will censure us," he said.

Asked who he suspicion had perpetrated these "acts of sabotage", Ibrahim replied: "I do not know, though it could be for political purposes."
UmnoandPerkasahave admitted which their members were benefaction during a protest, though both denied any responsibility for a subsequent acts of charge by a protesters.

NONESome 200 protesters hadgatheredoutside a hi-tea eventuality organized by PAS in Malacca final Saturday, which was to underline Ambiga, to criticism against a Bersih co-chairperson.

In a incident, eggs as! well as stones were thrown during DAP state assemblypersons Khoo Poay Tiong as well as Tey Kok Kiew, whilst multiform vehicles suffered damaged together with a cracked window.'

Ambiga had progressing been advised by a organisers not to attend a eventuality in Merlimau as they were endangered about her security after protests as well as police reports made by a series of local groups.

Jasin Umno Youth arch Jeezle Tit claimed which a chaos began after a automobile knocked in to one of a protesters though Khoo as well as Tey havedeniedthis.

'Muzakarah in your backyard first'

On a separate matter, Ibrahim Ali who is also a Independent MP for Pasir Mas in Kelantan, pronounced PAS should stop worrying about carrying a muzakarah (dialogue) with Umno during a sovereign level as well as should instead concentration upon a own ba! se of Ke lantan.

"If they wish a muzakarah, then it should be between Kelantan Umno as well as Kelantan PAS, with 'Should PAS hand over a Kelantan government to Umno?' as a topic.

NONE"I'm advising Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat not to have a headache about counts outside Kelantan, to concentration upon Kelantan as well as settle a problems here first," he said.

Among a issues which should be discussed, he said, have been a one after another water problems in Kelantan despite PAS' 23-year rule, a leasing of Malay reserve lands as well as a exodus of immature Kelantanese to work elsewhere.

PAS spiritual personality Nik Aziz had final Saturdayproposeda muzakarah with Umno, though set multiform conditions, together with for Umno to "change a ways" as well as to accept PAS' political partners PKR as well as DAP.

However,! PAS bos s Abdul Hadi Awang yesterday pronounced this was an aged emanate as well as which there would beno muzakarahwith Umno.
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Walaupun aku kecewa Dao Yusof pertahan Anwar, kali ini aku nak puji pihak berkuasa kerana setelah didedahkan video sebagai bukti bahwa Anwar, Azmin, Bard dan beberapa orang lain lagi yang mencetuskan rusuhan twenty-eight April yang lalu.

Selama ini berbuih mulut dan ada yang muntah darah mintak mereka dihukum, tapi apa joke tak jalan. Sekarang sudah nampak akan keberkesannya mungkin kerana sudah ada akta perhimpunan aman gamaknya. Elok la tu.

Anwar dan anjing-anjing dia dah mula meyalak sambil berkata bahawa dia dah suci la kononnya sebab tukang dakwa sekarang ni dok bela dia, tapi jauh di sudut hati Anwar takut jugak dengan Dato Yusof ni sebenarnya sebab dia tau Dato Yusof cuma bela dia untuk kes Bershit je bukan kes liwat.

Aku nak tunggu dan lihat apa lepas ni, adakah mereka akan turunkan Dato Yusof ke pentas ceramah? Adakah Dato Yusof akan await Anwar? Makin menarik sebenarnya kisah Anwar ni...he he he

Hand over profits to ex-Maika holders, DAP tells Gnanalingam

KUALA LUMPUR, May twenty-two The DAP wants port aristocrat Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam to hand over increase made from a RM153 million sale of his controlling stake in Oriental Capital Assurance (OCA) which he bought from a 66,000 former shareholders of Maika Holdings.
Maika was set up in 1981 by a MIC underneath a leadership of Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu who promised mixed earnings for Indians, most of whom went in to debt to pour in a sum of RM108 million in to a investment vehicle.
But it was in a future bailed out by Gnanalingam, who set up a special purpose car called G Team Resources in 2010 to buy out a 66,000 shareholders for a sum of RM106 million, or 80 sen per share, with OCA being a resplendent light in a troubled investment company.
DAP vice-chief M. Kulasegaran(picture)said in a matter currently which Gnanalingam had promised which a insurance firm, "the crown jewel" of Maika, "would usually be sold to an Indian concern" as well as deduction reduction a price of a Maika takeover "would be distributed to Indian-based charities."
"We want Tan Sri Ganalingam to rught away exhibit in detail all a large increase which will be obtained with a sale of OCA. It would be great if a former shareholders who had suffered detriment by investing in to Maika be compensated with a distribution of a large profits," pronounced a Ipoh Barat MP.
Tune Ins Holdings Sdn Bhd, tranquil by aviation lord Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, had last month entered an umbrella share sale to take 78 per cent of OCA from Maika as well as G Team for RM153.13 million cash, or RM1.965 per share.
OCA's net discernible resources per share was during RM1.22 as of Dec 2009. Principally concerned in a underwriting of all classes of ubiquitous insurance business, it ended a 2009 financial year with a net distinction o! f RM12 m illion before being taken over by G Team.
"In reduction than two years of a takeover by G Team Resources of Maika, a large volume may have been realised by G Team from sale of OCA," Kulasegaran said.
He pronounced which before to a 2008 ubiquitous election, Samy Vellu, who was in a future degraded during a polls, had promised to lapse RM1.30 for each Maika share of RM1 though "his guarantee never materialised."
"Will a monies be ploughed behind to a shareholders as a infancy of a 66,000 have mislaid thousands of ringgit due to a earlier mismanagement of Maika?" he asked.
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Allow me to gloat today

To force Nurul Izzah to desert Lembah Pantai as great as go competition an additional seat, Raja Nong Chik is blackmailing her. He is threatening to display photographs as great as videos of Nurul Izzah's 'sexual misconduct'. And Nurul Izzah's 'sex partner' is ostensible to be Tian Chua. Sheesh! Tian Chua? What an nauseous bugger. If you wish to repair up Nurul Izzah during slightest choose a better-looking male lah! What, you cruise Nurul Izzah got such bad ambience or what?
Raja Petra Kamarudin
you am not sure if you am a usually Malaysian Blogger who gets whacked by both sides of a political divide. This morning you beheld a single Blog, which is neither pro-government nor pro-opposition, which whacked me per a Bursa Malaysia explanation you ran a integrate of weeks ago.
So right away it appears even a center ground,atas pagaror fence sitters have been whacking me as well. That is an combined honour. Now even a 'third force' is whacking me, for sure something no alternative Malaysian Blogger has ever been celebrated with in a complete history of Blogging.
But have you beheld a single thing? The supposed whacking they give me is merely to call me a lair. They do not plead my story. They usually whack ME, a personal attack. you routinely write three to five pages, infrequently even seven pages, using into thousands of words. If you accumulate all a articles you have written over a final four years alone given 2008, it can fill a book of 600-700 pages easily.
And what do they do with a tons of report which you generate? They all omit what you have written as great as usually scream, "Liar! Liar! Liar!"
you remember behind in a early days ofMalaysia Todaywhen you wrote which you would cruise myself as hav! ing 'arr ived' when everybody in Malaysia hates me. To get a single side to hatred you as great as a alternative side to love you is easy. To get both sides to hatred you is not which easy. And right away you have a center belligerent hating me as well.
Man! Have you some-more than arrived! So concede me to swank today. Finally, you have arrived, even over what you thought was possible.
Hey, you have been articulate about Malaysia. In Malaysia, you have something calledMalaysia Boleh. The judgment ofMalaysia Bolehis which 'anything can' in Malaysia mah! What others can't do, Malaysia can do one. That isMalaysia Boleh.
Under a judgment ofMalaysia Boleh, when a single is indicted of something, a indicted is deliberate guilty as great as hence which person contingency infer his or her innocence. That is how things have been finished inMalaysia Boleh.
Let me repeat which for a birdbrains reading this. Under a judgment ofMalaysia Boleh, you have been deliberate guilty as great as you contingency infer you have been trusting if you have been indicted of something.
Now, you did not have these rules. His Majesty's Government of Malaysia has laid down these rules. And these have been a rules which have been being practical given a final couple of decades.
Do you remember Anwar Ibrahim's hearing 14 years ago in 1998? Anwar was found guilty as great as condemned to a sum of fifteen years prison (and served 6 years prior to he was released) since he unsuccessful to infer his innocence.
Yes, that's right. The decider pronounced which given Anwar unsuccessful to infer his ignorance he thus finds Anwar guilty as great as condemned him to jail.
you too was detained but hearing upon two occasions. And because did they catch me but hearing instead of charging me in court? Because, according to a government, they do no have sufficient evidence to charge me so they need! to catc h me but trial.
Okay, what happens when you have been sent to a Kamunting Detention Centre?Well, afterwards you have been brought prior to theLembaga, which acts as a sort of tribunal, as great as afterwards you need to infer to theLembagathat you should not have been detained as great as should instead be set free.
The Ministry of Home Affairs, which will additionally crop up in theLembagahearing as a sort of 'Prosecution', will disagree which you cannot be set giveaway since "the supervision believes you have been a hazard to inhabitant security".
The supervision merely believes you have been a hazard to inhabitant security. Yes, BELIEVES, which is all.
Some people hold which God exists. Some people hold which Satan exists. Some people hold which praying to trees as great as rocks will guarantee you heaven. Some people hold if you blow yourself up with dynamite as great as roar 'Allah Akbar' as you die you will be rewarded with 72 virgins. Some people hold if you put your tooth underneath your sham you will embrace money. Some people hold if you eat a sure Arabian desert lizard you will turn sexually very strong as great as can go three rounds a night, seven nights a week.
Just since you hold this does not have it true. Most times none of these ideology can be proven. But which is all a supervision needs to do to catch you but trial, a small belief. And afterwards you need to infer which you have been NOT a hazard to inhabitant security. You need to infer your innocence.
That isMalaysia Boleh. That is a way a game is played in Malaysia.
So you too have an allegation, in fact, most allegations. And how do they respond? They don't plead what you say. They do not residence a allegation. They do not discuss it their side of a story to counter what you say. They usually scream, "Liar! Liar! Liar!"
Come on! Counter what you say. If what you pronounce! d is wro ng afterwards discuss it us what a law is. Don't usually scream, "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Which partial of which essay is a lie? Point it out. A blanket "Liar! Liar! Liar!" is not great enough. Which partial is a lie? Tell us.
Hey, Anwar Ibrahim was condemned to prison terms of fifteen years since he unsuccessful to infer his innocence. So infer your innocence. Don't usually scream, "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Where is which distortion in my article? Show us!
When you revealed which a Honorary Mongolian Consul to Malaysia, Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi, personally told me which he has evidence very damaging to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Syed Rahman screamed "Liar! Liar! Liar!"
Which partial is a distortion -- a partial about which he had met me, or a partial about what he had personally told me? Which partial is a lie? Tell us! He did not encounter me alone. When he met me there were most alternative people around. And all these people additionally listened what he told me.
Syed Rahman never denied meeting me. He never denied what he told me. He never denied which there were most alternative people there which day. He usually screamed, "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Which partial is a lie?
you wrote a story about a problems in a Attorney-General's Chambers. you associated a story per a conflict between Solicitor-General II Datuk Yusof Zainal Abiden as great as Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail. The AG wanted to repair me up upon built charges whilst his boys did not agree.
And a response? Again, "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Then what happens? Today, Yusof Zainal Abiden is representing Anwar Ibrahim as a single of his lawyers. So, am you still lying? Or has my 'lie' right away been proven true?
A couple of years back, you wrote about a links between IGP Musa Hassan as great as a Chinese black market as great as crime syndicate. Again, "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Then what happens? A couple of comparison police officers have right away co! me out i nto a open to confirm a claim as great as a little have even joined a Opposition.
So, is it still a lie?
you wrote about a RM8 billion MAS liaison as great as how Tajuddin Ramli was educated to do a deal to cover a RM30-billion foreign exchange failure of a mid-1990s.
And a response? Again, "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Then what happens? Today, Affidavits have been being filed in justice which confirms what you had written. So which partial is a distortion then? Thus far it appears similar to what you pronounced is being reliable in court. So which partial is a lie? Tell us!
Man, you can go upon as great as on. you can give you tons of examples where my supposed 'lies' in a future get reliable as a truth. Do you really need me to go upon or can you stop here as great as take a little time to gloat?
you do not caring how history remembers me as long as you am remembered as a person whose 'lies' all get proven as a law in a end. you usually wish to be remembered for which as great as for zero else. Put this upon my inscription when you die:'The liar who told a truth'.
The Opposition is no reduction guilty of this crime. It is not usually those in a supervision who roar "Liar! Liar! Liar!" when an claim is made against them. Don't lah usually roar "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Point out which partial of a claim is a lie. Even a Opposition likes to usually deny, deny, repudiate but telling us where a supposed distortion is. Both sides have been a same.
Never mind. Today they deny. Today they roar "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Tomorrow, a supposed distortion is proven true. It happens each time but fail. you can means to wait for since you know which in a finish what you contend gets proven as fact. They can't run away from that. The law regularly prevails in a end. And afterwards you can swank as great as say, "I told you so!"
As you said, concede me to gloat. you have warranted a right to gloat. What you cont! end is r egularly proven loyal in a end. So roar "Liar! Liar! Liar!" all you want. Today's 'lies' have been starting to be tomorrow's fact. Trust me upon this.
Okay, today let me have an additional allegation. Yes, today you have been again starting to roar "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Tomorrow, this 'lie' is starting to be proven. Trust me. you will eat my beret if you am wrong.
Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin wants to competition a Parliament chair of Lembah Pantai. However, he is worried which a incumbent, Nurul Izzah Anwar, is starting to beat him flat. So he does not wish to face Nurul Izzah. He wants Nurul Izzah to behind off as great as competition an additional seat.
To force Nurul Izzah to desert Lembah Pantai as great as go competition an additional seat, Raja Nong Chik is blackmailing her. He is threatening to display photographs as great as videos of Nurul Izzah's 'sexual misconduct'. And Nurul Izzah's 'sex partner' is ostensible to be Tian Chua.
Sheesh! Tian Chua? What an nauseous bugger. If you wish to repair up Nurul Izzah during slightest choose a better-looking male lah! What, you cruise Nurul Izzah got such bad ambience or what?
you was with Nurul Izzah in Canberra, Australia, to encounter a Australian Members of Parliament. Her husband as great as my mother were in an additional city during which time. At slightest if you lay which Raja Petra Kamarudin is Nurul Izzah's sex partner it is some-more believable. you am improved seeking than Tian Chua by far, even if you do contend so myself.
Then you can turn a story which this is because RPK as great as Anwar Ibrahim have had a falling out -- it is associated to a Nurul Izzah as great as Raja Petra sex scandal.
Aiyoh! These Umno buggers! Want to turn but don't know how to spin. And when you display them they usually know how to roar "Liar! Liar! Liar!" They have been not able to plead what you say.
Okay, let's see those photos as great as videos whi! ch Raja Nong Chik has in jeopardy to display if Nurul Izzah does not desert Lembah Pantai. you can assure you of a single thing. If they come out with Nurul Izzah's 'sex' photos as great as videos, Raja Nong Chik is not usually starting to lose a choosing but he is starting to lose his deposition as well. Try as great as see what will happen.
Kalau kata 'Melayu bodoh' marah. If not Melayu bodoh afterwards Melayu what? Melayu pandai? Hah, Melayu bodoh macam lembu! Just know how to roar "Liar! Liar! Liar!" Lain tak tahu. Pergi mampus lah. Semua bodoh macam lembu. Buat malu Raja je. Raja apa macam ni?
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Dont mess with me, Mike warns BN

The Kapar MP threatens to exhibit details, together with names, of monetary offers he has allegedly received from BN.
PETALING JAYA: Kapar MP S Manikavasagam currently threatened to exhibit names as well as other sum of all a monetary offers he has received from Barisan Nasional leaders over a final four years.
Manikavasagam, popularly known as Mike, pronounced he was notice all Barisan Nasional leaders not to force his hand, not to "challenge" him.
He pronounced he was deliberation suing former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Khir Toyo over allegations which he had sought RM10 million from a latter as inducement to leave PKR.
He additionally pronounced which he would file a police inform tomorrow against blogger M Zakrul Adam for posting a "false article" on a claim on a blog www.sel13.com final Wednesday.
In a article, entitled "MP Kapar minta RM10 juta dari Dr Khir Toyo untuk keluar PKR" (Kapar MP asks for RM10 million from Dr Khir Toyo to leave PKR), Zakrul claimed which Manikavasagam had finished this direct of Khir during a assembly in a Grand Blue Wave road chateau in Shah Alam.
Manikavasagam released a rejection soon after a essay was posted. He pronounced it was Khir who had "jokingly" finished a offer. Khir responded by notice Manikavasagam not to "twist a facts", saying it was a PKR man who finished a approach.
At a press discussion this morning, Manikavasagam concurred which a assembly did take place, though he pronounced it was a chance assembly as well as not an arranged a single as Khir had claimed.
"I had sent my customer to a Umno bureau building next to a road chateau as well as ! had gone to a hotel's coffee chateau to wait for when Khir walked in," he explained.
"He came to my list as well as joked which there was RM5 to 10 million watchful for me if we left PKR for BN. The review lasted reduction than 5 minutes."
Manikavasagam pronounced he did not take Khir's remarks seriously, having been inundated with similar offers before. He pronounced a offers had a single after another coming, even as late as 24 hours ago.
According to him, a offers came from BN's tip leadership, who sent their "runners as well as brokers" to wait for outward his private chateau as well as bureau for hours. He additionally claimed which there was a unsuccessful kidnap try on his family in a pierce to force him to leave PKR.
"Even Malaysia's series a single group have attempted though failed," he said. "I have justification of this, which we will exhibit in time if any one of them hurdles me further. But we won't discuss any names for now.
"I am very transparent which we am with Pakatan. So don't rubbish your time trying to buy me. The people have voted for me as well as we will not misuse them."
The real version
Manikavasagam questioned because Khir had waited four years to move up this issue when he could have finished so earlier, even a day after a assembly during a hotel.
He ventured which it contingency be because Khir "couldn't handle" a "real version" of a story. Manickavasagam has been giving his chronicle during PKR ceramahs.
Manikavasagam additionally provided an answer to Khir's spiteful query as to what a former's "speciality" was which he would suggest him RM10 million.
"It is to get behind a Indian votes for BN," he said. "The tip BN group have pronounced they don't want (former MIC president) Samy Vellu though me in order to save a Indians."
Manikavasagam's chronicle of a road chateau assembly with Khir was backed by! his PKR colleague as well as Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne, who pronounced which they had had a "good laugh" over Khir's offer.
"Manikavasagam told me about it right after a assembly took place as well as we thought it was funny," Loh said. "He tells it during all his ceramahs; so it isn't even a secret."
Loh added which he, as well as many other Pakatan Rakyat MPs, were used to being approached by their BN as well as independent counterparts encouraging them to jump ship.
Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, who was during today's press conference, urged Khir to board a police inform against Manikavasagam instead of going to a media if he had proof which a Kapar MP offering to switch sides for money.
"Umno as well as BN's income governing body is common knowledge," he said. "You never have to ask them for money. They will suggest it to you on their own."
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If you can only read one article this week, read this

https://twitter.com/j_rubis/status/204818986360246272 Yes Ma'am. Members of the Bar have responded to criticism of the Bar's defamation of military brutality at the new Bersih convene The full reply has been republished at improved headlines sites, from the posting at Loyar Buruk Fallacies Spun by Critics of the Bar It is summarised below. The reply is in [...] Read More @ Source

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Failure to provide housing for the poor shows Penang DAP unfair - Muhyiddin - The Sun Daily

The Malaysian Insider

Failure to provide housing for a poor shows Penang DAP astray - Muhyiddin
The Sun Daily
JOHOR BAHARU (22 Mei, 2012): The disaster of a DAP-led Penang government in on condition that housing for a poor and contemptible poor shows that a celebration is not fair, said Umno deputy boss Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. "It (the DAP) says that it is a ...
Penang insists Malay voters increased since 2008 The Malaysian Insider

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Anwar charged: Najib is afraid to face me in elections!

Anwar charged: Najib is afraid to face me in elections!
KUALA LUMPUR- Malaysian antithesis leader Anwar Ibrahim was charged upon Tuesday for his part in a convene for satisfactory elections final month, in a box he laid open as an additional supervision try to mislay him from politics.
Anwar as well as dual alternative defendants from his antithesis party were charged with violating a argumentative brand new law governing public gatherings as well as a justice order which criminialized a April 28 convene from a centre of a collateral Kuala Lumpur.
The assign comes just four months after Anwar was clear of sodomy in a long-running hearing which a charismatic leader has pronounced was engineered by a supervision of Prime Minister Najib Razak to mislay him as a domestic threat.
"We will fight. This is domestic intimidation," a 64-year-old Anwar told reporters as he left a justice in a capital.
"Najib is afraid to face me in elections. we want to discuss it Najib not to use a courts as well as a injured (assembly) law upheld in parliament to intimidate domestic opponents."
Anwar's lawyers as well as a tip Election Commission central have confirmed which a conviction upon a brand new assign would frame Anwar of his eligibility to stand for election.
Najib contingency call national elections by early next year as well as many observers expect a tight contest after a Anwar-led antithesis handed a statute coalition a misfortune check showing in a story in 2008 polls.
Tens of thousands of Malaysians marched in final month's convene organised by electoral-reform organisation Bersih 2.0, perfectionist changes! to an c hoosing complement they contend is fraudulent in a statute coalition's favour.
Since his stunning 1998 ouster as deputy budding minister in a power struggle with his trainer Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar has outlayed much of his time possibly detained upon or fighting charges he views as politically motivated.
The brand new charges, which came to light Wednesday in a summons released to Anwar, have triggered fresh critique of a brand new law upon public assemblies upheld late final year amid strong critique from a antithesis as well as human rights groups.
Anwar, who was charged along with dual alternative figures in his antithesis People's Justice Party, pronounced they were a initial people charged underneath a Peaceful Assembly Act.
Najib, who has sought to execute himself as a reformer, has pronounced a action guarantees a right of adults to arrange publicly, but it bans travel protests, as well as critics contend it places a range of crippling curbs upon alternative gatherings.
Najib is upon an abroad trip, as well as a spokesman could not rught away be reached for comment.
Human Rights Watch called upon a supervision to repel Wednesday's charges as well as amend a public act.
"The best way to reform a Peaceful Assembly Act is to dissolution it as well as breeze a brand new law," Phil Robertson, deputy Asia executive for a rights group, pronounced in a statement.
"The supervision needs to go back to a drawing board."
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Umno sedia muzakarah dengan NGO lain jika PAS tidak bersedia, kata Muhyiddin

JOHOR BAHARU, twenty-two Mei Umno bersedia untuk bermuzakarah dengan badan-badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang berasaskan Islam dan Melayu sekiranya PAS tidak bersedia buat demikian, kata Timbalan Presidennya Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Jadi kalau sekiranya sekarang ini Pas menyatakan mereka tidak bersedia mengadakan muzakarah tak apa lah. Mungkin kita ...