NGOs Protest At PKR Headquarters

This is becoming a unchanging feature. They booed Anwar in Alor Setar recently. Someone threw a shoe at him. In May this year a same thing happened in Pantai Dalam in KL. People threw stones at Anwar Ibrahim. Yesterday a group of NGOs protested in front of a PKR Headquarters. They hold banners accusing Anwar Ibrahim of lying. They pronounced which he lied about being infected with a HIV Virus as well as such.

The await for Anwar is dwindling fast, generally among a Malays. Otherwise no a single will even dare throw a shoe at him in PAS tranquil Kedah of all places. Just dual years ago such an event would be an impossibility.

Telling lies has caused Anwar to loose a await of his own people. His closest crony as well as long tenure believer Zulkifli Noordin cut ranks with Anwar after a Saiful Bukhari sodomy case. Zul pronounced there were most questions about a box which Anwar could not answer.

One ex-Mufti of a certain State up North told me privately upon a phone which he had once met Anwar over a little matter. Anwar had asked him to liase with his 'pembantu' which incited out to be none alternative than Saiful. So when Anwar later denied meaningful Saiful, it struck a ex-Mufti as being really odd.

Anwar claimed which he was pang from a life threatening behind pain. Do we recollect that? He pronounced which if he did not go for surgey overseas he would die. But he did not die. When he was expelled from prison he made a big uncover of upon vacation his doctor, a single Dr Van Helsing in Transylvania. After upon vacation with Dr Van Helsing he made a miraculous recovery - which has lasted until today. Well not everyone has misla! id a fac t which Dr Van Helsing did not even cut Anwar's finger nails to heal him. Forget about any 'life saving' behind surgery. No such thing ever happened. Anwar mislaid a couple of some-more supporters over this 'I am starting to die unless we see Dr Van Helsing' drama.

Before which there was a 'arsenic poisoning' claim. Do we all recollect that? They got a urine sample of a single MG Ramachandran or something as well as sent it off to Australia where they pronounced they found arsenic. It later transpired which a brader substantially ate too most udang or alternative seafodd, which can at a moment escalate arsenic levels (but not enough to kill or harm anyone). There was no such thing. It was all only drama.Again he mislaid utterly a couple of supporters after which fiasco.

Then came a greatest play of all. Running out of 'I am starting to die' options a brader promised 9-16. He pronounced he had 31 BN MPs ready to hop over, burst ship, turn katak frogs as well as he would form a Gomen upon 16th September 2008. It only did not happen. What a load of cock as well as bull.

I privately know a single crony who became all unhappy with Anwar for this 9-16 bull. It was an additional lie. He mislaid copiousness of supporters when a 9-16 crap did not happen.

Now a NGOs have been upset which it was Anwar's supporters who wish to change a Malaysian flag. Since Anwar is a personality of a Opposition as well as since he did not contend anything against a 'change a Malaysian flag' hooligans, a NGOs who protested outside a PKR HQ yesterday have been land him responsible. Well he is a personality of a Opposition. You have been obliged for a behaviour of your supporters.

And Anwar is los! ing even some-more supporters over this 'change a Malaysian flag' issue. Bodoh ke? Why pick upon a inhabitant flag? What is wrong with these childish morons.

Folks here is a prediction - a time will come when people, generally a Malays will follow this guy down a street. They may even follow him out of a country.
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A "sloppy police work" and a suspicious DNA sample saved Anwar from incarceration...

Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah was described as primarily open when conducting a Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II trial, but as soon as his statute upon ordering a charge to yield a declare list as well as alternative pass papers was overturned by a top courts, he appeared to have altered his stand.

Queen's Counsel Mark Trowell, a writer of 'The Trial of Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II', pronounced he found Zabidin to be fair after giving a statute in foster of a defence, distinct (former Federal Court judge) Augustine Paul, who presided upon Anwar's abuse of energy trial.

NONETrowell, who observed both trials upon behalf of a Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) as well as LawAsia, has worked extensively both as counterclaim counsel as well as prosecutor in Australia.

Zabidin done a statute in foster of Opposition Leader Anwar during thepre-trial stage, ensuing in a charge appealing a decision. The Court of Appeal subsequently overturned a preference as well as this was inspected by a Federal Court.

Following Zabidin's ruling, Anwar's lawyers were authorised to inspect a CCTV recordings done during a Desa Damansara condominium, a declare statements of complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, Hospital Pusrawi's Dr Osman Abdul Hamid as well as alternative witnesses, along with a declare list as well as healing reports.

However, a Federal Court overruled a High Court's understand of territory 51 as well as territory 51A of a Criminal Procedure Code, saying it was flawed. Federal Court judgeAbdu! ll Hamid Embongsaid a territory did not yield a wide-ranging application for a counterclaim to obtain papers during a pre-trial stage.

"Its scope is limited in law. In a view, a High Court decider went overboard in deciding to expand territory 51 as well as had effectively altered a law by ordering a charge to yield a documents.

NONE"Changes in a law is for Parliament to decide, not a judiciary. Judges interpret a law, as well as judges underneath a guise of understand should not yield their own elite amendments to a statutes," Abdull Hamid had ruled.

The ruling, pronounced Trowell, had resulted in Zabidin going "into a shell". According to a Australian lawyer, a preference of a top courts was usually contracting during a pre-trial stage.

"When a hearing starts as well as witnesses have been called, a counterclaim has a right to get a documents. It is since when a hearing starts, it is he (Zabidin) who runs a show as well as no a single else."

However, he pronounced a Federal Court statute had an adverse impact upon a hearing judge, ensuing in rulings opposite a defence, time as well as again, forcing Anwar's counsel Karpal Singh to try to remove a decider upon three occasions over allegations of bias.

Right preference to acquit

Trowell pronounced despite this, Zabidin done a contingent preference to justify Anwar.

"To tell you a truth, we was awaiting which Anwar would be convicted upon January 9 following a most rulings done by a decider opposite a defence. Anwar additionally told me which he had approaching a worst as well as ready to be incarcerated for! an additional six years".

"How! ever, pr obity Zabidin, distinct his preference to order Anwar to come in his defence, announced his outcome inside of five minutes. we don't consider people in a open gallery quite understood - or which it had sunk in - as after delivering it, a decider left (the courtroom) immediately."

NONEZabidin (left) had said: "After going by a evidence, a justice could not with 100 percent certainty bar which a DNA representation is not compromised. As such, a justice is left with Saiful's testimony.

"As this is a passionate crime, a justice is regularly demure to convict based entirely upon Saiful's testimony, which is uncorroborated. The indicted is thus acquitted as well as discharged."

Trowell pronounced Anwar's acquittal was due to "sloppy military work" by a investigating military officer Supt Jude Pereira, who had certified in justice which after obtaining a DNA samples from a Hospital Kuala Lumpur doctors, he reopened as well as repackaged them.

"This does not usually occur in Malaysia as such things (sloppy military work) do occur in Australia. In a end, with a uncertainty or reasonable doubt, it was a right preference done by a decider to justify Anwar," he said.

"Ultimately, he (the judge) found he could not bar a possibility which a integrity of a representation had been compromised prior to it reached a laboratory for DNA analysis.

"As such, he was not satisfied this justification was capable of corroborating a actuality of penetration," Trowell wrote in his book.

He added which a samples were retrieved dual days after a purported sodomy situation as well as was not kept in a fridge as destined by a doctors. It was kept in a steel drawer in Jude's bureau as well as usually s! ince t! o a ch emist dual days later.

Poser upon prosecution's appeal

Trowell pronounced as an ubiquitous spectator he neither support Anwar nor did he want to tell Malaysia or a law how things should be run.

"As my father had worked as an engineer in Ipoh, we know Malaysian sentiments which they have been supportive upon how foreigners perspective their country as well as being told what to do.

"But we poise some questions upon what could occur with a charge regarding its appeal in a case during a end of a book," he said.

NONETrowell wondered aloud whether a justice would overturn a outcome should Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat win a subsequent ubiquitous election.

"I have told Anwar, 'It seems your life circles around a justice rsther than than fully in politics.'"

The 306-page book finished with multiform posers as to what fate holds with courtesy to an additional Anwar's justice case - a Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 charge.

Trowell additionally asked whether it was right for former solicitor-general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, who had led a charge in a Sodomy II trial, to now defend a antithesis leader.

As during press time, Yusof is representing former PKR supreme legislature part of Badrul Hisham Shahrin, additionally known as Chegubard, who along with Anwar as well as PKR deputy boss Azmin Ali, face charges related to a Bersih 3.0 rally.

Trowell additionally revealed which primarily retailers in Malaysia were hesitant to put his book upon a shelves, following actions by a authorities opposite Border's bookstore, which was raided in relation to an additional controversial book.

How! ever, hi s book is now availa! ble in a ll major bookstores as well as can additionally be purchased online

Hakim Mohamad Zabidin bukan macam hakim 'tak relevan' dulu...

Hakim Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah digambarkan sebagai terbuka apabila mengendalikan perbicaraan pertuduhan kes liwat kedua terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tetapi kemudian didakwa berubah apabila pendakwaan diarahkan menyediakan senarai saksi dan dokumen utama.

NONEPeguam berpengalaman Australia Mark Trowell berkata, beliau mendapati Zabidin berlaku adil selepas membuat keputusan memihak kepada pembelaan, tidak seperti bekas hakim persekutuan Augustine Paul yang mengendalikan perbicaraan kes dakwaan salah guna Anwar.

PengarangThe Trial of Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II(Perbicaraan Anwar Ibrahim, Liwat II) yang mengikuti kedua-dua perbicaraan itu bagi pihak Kesatuan Antara Parlimen (IPU) dan LawAsia.

Pada peringkat praperbicaraan, Zabidin membuat keputusan memihak kepada ketua pembangkang, menyebabkan pendakwaan merayu terhadap keputusan itu.

Mahkamah Rayuan kemudian mengubah keputusan itu, yang kemudian dikekalkan oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan.

Ekoran keputusan Zabidin itu juga, peguam Anwar dibenarkan memeriksa rakaman kamera litar tertutup (CCTV) yang dibuat di kondominium Desa Damansara, kenyataan saksi berhubung p! engadu M ohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, doktor Hospital Pusrawi Dr Osman Abdul Hamid dan saksi lain, termasuk senarai saksi dan laporan perubatan.-malaysiakini

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UMNO Federal Court dismiss Uthaya's stay of proceedings in ...

The President of a UMNO Federal Court Tan Sri Raus Sharif, Tan Sri Ahmad Maarop, Tan Sri Hassan Lah and dual other Federal Judges currently discharged P.Uthayakumar's application for stay of proceedings of a Sessions ...

SUARAM admit agent to CIA and foreign subversion

It's no tip NGOs receive unfamiliar grants, says SuaramWEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 05, 2012 - 13:24by Meena LakshanaKUALA LUMPUR: SUARA RAKYAT MALAYSIA (Suaram) has defended itself against attacks by Malay rights groups as well as investigations from government agencies, observant it was not a "big secret" which NGOs perceived unfamiliar grants as well as donations.Suaram confidant Dr Kua Kia Soong said Malaysian tellurian rights

Smashing time for media

MCA emerged as a Division One champions in a Datuk Theng Book Cup Malaysia Media Badminton Tournament during a Sport Challenger Badminton Hall in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, recently.In a final, MCA defeated 1Titan 3-1 to slot RM2,888, a challenge trophy, badminton racquets, prizes and medals while 1Titan perceived RM1,888, badminton racquets, medals and prizes.The Star finished third after edging out Sin Chew 3-2 in a keenly contested battle. They perceived RM1,288.The champs: The MCA team cel ... Read More

Poor configuration of A380 & the cost that MAS could have saved

The sick suspicion out A380 pattern The blueprint plan
The airbus A380 is a pleasing aircraft but a pattern for a MAS A380 was many inapt if compared to a A380 of alternative airline. The tip rug of a A380 of Emirates, SIA as well as alternative airline is to a single side for First Class as well as Business Class.
The tip rug has two outrageous toilets which could simply accommodate ten passengers in any of them. Airbus contingency have constructed these outrageous toilets upon a tip rug of a A380 to a single side for First Class passengers as they have been profitable a outrageous premium to travel.
Under strange circumstances, a small Napoleon in MAS was authorised to reconfigure tip rug of a A380 in to Business Class as well as Economy Class but most thought. The First Class cabin is upon a reduce rug right next a staircase. The toilets for a First Class passengers have been of a same size as a toilets in a Economy Class. The First Class Cabin has no exclusivity since a crews as well as passengers in a tip rug had to walk through a First Class cabin if they want to a Economy Class during a reduce deck.
So most for a re-configuration of a MAS A380. It is hoped which a tip government of MAS should consider to reconfigure a remaining four of a A380 differently MAS will no disbelief lose out upon a share for a First Class passengers as they would really feel which they have been short changed.
Yours indeed was upon MAS MH002 t! o London upon 24-8-2012. The customary of food was horrible if compared to alternative premier airline similar to Emirate, SIA, American Airlines as well as others. Perhaps this sorry state of affair contingency be due to a trip sided25 yearsexclusive catering stipulate which MAS had to pointer withLSG Sky Chef Brahim's Sdn Bhd, which is closely connected to a brother of a former PM,YAB Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawiwho is right away a Advisor of MAS.
Under a pronounced trip sided catering contract, MAS had to pay aboutRM280 millionyearly until 2026. If this trip sided catering stipulate is not re-negotiated or terminated, it will not be easy for MAS to recover.
The enclosure with twenty pairs of slippers when there were 55 Business Class passengers upon board.
In alternative airlines, slippers have been since to a First as well as Business Class passengers once a aircraft is airborne. But not for MAS. The Passengers had to request for it since MAS moody does not carry sufficient numbers of slippers for a passengers. On MH002 upon 24-8-2012, it carried only20 pairs of slipperand there were55 Business Class passengers.
Was this partial of price saving? No a single would censure MAS for price saving but it contingency not be finished during a responsibility of a passengers.
Cost saving could be finished through alternative ways similar to plugging a leakages. For example, allege notice could have been since to a passengers of moody check due to a well well known causes a few days before. Yours indeed was upon M! H003 upo n 3-9-2012 as well as a moody was ostensible to take off from Heathrow during twelve noon as well as it was behind until3:55 pm.
The check was due to a problems of hydraulic leaked as well as faulty auxiliary power section which is provision physical phenomenon to A380 upon a ground. These faults had already been rescued in KLIA. There was already of about twelve hours upon 2-9-2012 which was a day earlier. Yet, MAS belligerent operation did not see it fit to give allege notice to a passengers upon 3-9-2012 which has resulted good nuisance to a passengers as well as upon tip of which MAS had to give out a15voucher to any of a Economy Class passengers.
Yours indeed had been reliably informed which there was a full bucket economy class upon a pronounced MH003. Assuming which full bucket was 500 passengers, it would have caused MAS a total mislaid of7,500(500 X 15) which is equivalent toRM35,000! This was a type of price which MAS should be meditative of saving as well as not upon counts which engage convenience to passengers similar to slippers as well as alternative customer services.
MAS could have simply avoided incurring RM35,000 as well as gained tremendous goodwill with a passengers by promulgation out e-mail and/or sms as MAS already knew of a unavoidable delay.
It is hoped which a tip government of MAS would look in to a above counts as well as take a appropriate actions if liberation is a categorical objective. Disciplinary actions should be taken against a head of belligerent operation for sleeping upon a job by not giving allege notice to passengers of well well known unavoidable check !
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Anwar Ibrahim: Ceramah Perdana Alor Setar on 02/09/2012

siri 1

siri 2
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Kalau korang perasan dan tengok motif si Rafizi Jambu Gay Anwar ni, dia ni memang pembunuh PENIAGA MELAYU/ISLAM. Kenapa aku cakap macam tu, mudah je. Setakat ni apa yang dia buat semuanya ialah untuk membunuh peniaga atau usahawan Melayu saja, dia tak pernah sentuh business aristocrat Cina.

Kelmarin, Rafizi telah menuduh peniaga Melayu Islam, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar melalui syarikat yang dimiliki beliau iaitu MMC Corporation akan mengambil alih KTMB dan akan sapu tanah KTMB bernilai 50 Billion! Terkejut beb aku bila dengar statement budak yang dah kena BAFIA ni. Dia cakap ikut suka dia je.

Apa yang sebenarnya ialah, pengambilalihan ini hanyalah cadangan sahaja dari MMC Corporations, benda ni terserah pada kerajaan untuk meluluskan atau tidak. Lagipun, Rafizi nak melalak sangat kenapa? Kalau ya pun tanah KTMB diambil oleh Syed Mokhtar apa salahnya? Masa YTL ambik tanah at Sentul tu dari KTM, tak pulak dia bising? Kenapa? Sebab dia aristocrat Cina ke Rafizi?

Aku nak tanya Rafizi si jambu GAY Anwar ni, setakat ni la kan, ada ke pernah sayrikat milik Syed Mokhtar, baik DRB-Hicom mahupun MMC ni pernah merugikan orang Melayu? Cuba kau cakap sikit Rafizi? Cuba kau tunjukkan bukti kalau-kalau ada pernah berlaku sedemikian?

Yang sebenarnya Rafizi ni nak tutp salah bos dia si juburi tu, kerana bos dia sudah buat salah besar bilamana dia mengarahakan anjing-anjing PKR pijak dan tunjuk BONTOT kat gambar PM! Rafizi juga mahu tutup cerita Anwar nak cuba jadi Sultan baru di Selangor pada malam Merdeka yang lalu.Disebabkan itulah dia menggelupor semacam ni.

Sudahlah Rafizi, asyik nak serang perniagaan orang melayu je. Kenapa business aristocrat Cina kau tak nak usik Rafizi bebal oi? Kau memang melayu bangsat yang suka nak bunu! h melayu sendiri kan Rafizi? Aku percaya kau akan hantar anjing kau kat sini dan hina serta kutuk Syed Mokhtar punya, Aku dah boleh baca la taktik kau. Takpe aku tunggu beb.


Tak usahlah percaya si Rafizi pembohong ni

Tak cukup-cukup dia disaman Dato Shahrizat dan bakal kalah. NFCorp joke bakal banyak lagi isu-isu yang boleh disaman budak ini sampai akhir hayatnya joke tak akan settle.Kerajaan punya kes ke atasnya berkenaan BAFIA joke dah hampir pasti Rafizi tak ada invulnerability terhadap pertuduhan yang jelas dan terbukti.George Kent joke bakal saman Rafizi kerana fakta dan tuduhan yang dibuat terhadap syarikat itu

Is it necessary to handcuff the teen girl? - Malaysia Kini

Malaysia Kini

Is it necessary to fetter the teen girl?
Malaysia Kini
I think this is going to price Umno-BN some precious votes, generally between the youths and first-time voters. Artong Penang: It's the black day for our country. Shame on those who gave the order to make the arrest. Why do you need to fetter and ...
What about snub opposite LGE and Ambiga? Free Malaysia Today

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SELAMA menggunakan lebuhraya PLUS laluan Kajang-UPM (Serdang), tidak pernah sama sekali penulis melihat jalan tersebut di tutup keseluruhannya kerana banjir kilat. Paling tidak joke sebelah laluan UPM-Sg Besi dimana 2 lorong ditutup kerana dinaiki air (lorong tengah dan kiri), lorong kanan masih boleh digunakan.

Keadaan ini disebabkan keadaan muka bumi disitu yang landai, memudahkan air bertakung, tambahan pulak ada limpahan dari kolam air UPM yang terletak bersebelahan. Bagaimanapun ia jarang-jarang berlaku, hanya bila hujan terlalu lebat.

Tapi petang semalam, sesuatu yang tidak dijangka berlaku bila kawasan tersebut digenangi air dikedua-dua arah. Penulis tidak pernah ingat bila kali terakhir nampak laluan menghala ke selatan ditutup kerana banjir kilat disitu, rasanya tidak pernah, semalam adalah kali pertama!!

Untuk makluman, penulis dah guna laluan tersebut sejak 1994, zaman-zaman polis masih boleh buat road retard atas highway lagi tau, nak tahu lama tak lama.

Jadi apa punca sehingga menyebabkan keadaan yang begitu teruk seperti semalam, khabarnya kenderaan yang sudah masuk ke atas lebuhraya terpaksa pusing semula ke Kuala Lumpur (yang menghala ke Selatan) dan clamp versa.

Begitu juga dengan beberapa kawasan lain sekitar Serdang yang turut ditenggelami air melebihi 1 meter!!

Penulis dapat banyak maklumat bahawa kejadian itu ada kaitan dengan kegagalan sistem pengurusan sampah di negeri Selangor yang diambil alih Pakatan haram dari Alam Flora awal tahun dulu. Kajang, Serdang ini bukan kawasan dalam negeri Selangor ke?

Bagi penduduk Selangor yang perasan, lori-lori sampah baru yang dibeli Ronnie Liu dengan harga berjuta-juta ringgit dulu sudah jarang kelihatan di banyak kawasan yang ! diperunt ukkan lori tersebut seperti di Ampang dan Subang Jaya.

Kebanyakkan lori mengangkut sampah yang sedang beroperasi sekarang ialah lori 1 tan yang biasa, bukan compactor yang memang direka bentuk untuk tugas-tugas sempama ini. Lori ini hanya kutip sampah yang dalam plastik sampah sahaja, yang berterabur tu, nasiblah.

Persolannya sekarang, dah kemana lori-lori tu semua? Banyak dulu tu, 50 buah kesemuanya dengan harga berpuluh juta ringgit. Bukan sikit duit rakyat yang keluar tu?

Belum lagi penulis sebut sampah yang dikutip itu joke dicampak masuk sungai - punca utama kebanyakkan banjir kilat bila sistem perparitan tersumbat.

HOUSE PK: Aku dah selalu cakap, kalau sampah joke takleh nak urus, macamana nak urus negeri pakatan Harami ni, sekarang korang tengok la sendiri. Oh ya ini aku petik dari MyKMU.

Malaysia slides from 21st to 25th Slot in Global Competitiveness Ranking

September 6, 2012

Global Competitiveness Ranking: Malaysia slides faom 21st to 25th Slot

by Koh June Lin (09-05-12)

Malaysia has dropped from 21st to 25th slot out of 144 countries in tellurian competitiveness, according to a Global Competitiveness Report 2012 2013.

The annual report, released by a World Economic Forum (WEF) today, additionally shows which Malaysia's 'technological readiness' is ranked 51st, maintaining a five-year downtrend.

This was notwithstanding a altogether score remaining relatively steady during 5.06 points out of a limit of seven points, compared to 5.08 previously.

"Malaysia as well as alternative countries have been putting in a lot of initiatives. There have been four countries which have been faster growing in conditions of their competitiveness here, as well as they have been South Korea (ranked 19th), Luxemburg (22nd), New Zealand (23rd) as well as a United Arab Emirates (24th)," pronounced Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) Senior Director Lee Saw Hoon in explaining a dump in ranking.

Lee was vocalization during a press discussion during MPC's domicile in Petaling Jaya currently in conjunction with a release of a report.She additionally pronounced which a inform additionally "upgrades" Malaysia's standing from an efficiency-driven economy to a nation which is "in transition" to an innovation-driven economy.

In a report, a criteria for a latter sequence is to have a sum made at home product (GDP) per capita in between USD9,000 to USD17,000 as well as a change entails a shift in a weightage of various ! opening indicators towards those which promote innovation.

The inform additionally places Malaysia's competitiveness second to Singapore in a Asean region, as well as eighth in a Asia-Pacific region.

Low turn of technological readiness

With courtesy to Malaysia's technological readiness, a inform notes three areas which require improvement, namely: general internet bandwidth in kilobits per second per user (ranked 83rd), broadband internet subscriptions per 100 population (68th) as well as mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 population (64th).

"Its (Malaysia's) low turn of technological readiness (51st) is surprising, generally given its achievements in alternative areas of creation as well as commercial operation miss of simplicity as well as a country's focus upon compelling a make use of of ICT.

"Lack of progress in this area will significantly criticise Malaysia's efforts to turn a knowledge-based economy by a finish of a decade," a inform wrote.

In a press statement today, International Trade as well as Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed pronounced there is a discrepancy in between notice as well as what a interpretation shows, as well as does not simulate Malaysia's actual condition.

"Towards this end, a supervision will safeguard which consolidated as well as extensive interpretation as well as information is supposing to general interpretation sources such as a International Communications Union as well as a World Intellectual Property Organisation," he said.

NONEMustapa (right) added which a upcoming launch of a! 1Malaysia Affordable Broadband Package could be approaching to improve a situation.

Meanwhile a inform additionally praised Malaysia's markets for being "efficient as well as competitive" as well as supported by both a precocious financial zone (ranked 6th) as well as business-friendly institutional frameworks (28th).

The inform further praised a government's efforts to fight excessive bureaucracy as well as miss of transparency, saying, "in a segment where many economies humour from miss of clarity as well as a participation of red tape, Malaysia stands out as particularly successful during rebellious those tow issues."

Regardless, in an perspective check of 79 commercial operation executives in Malaysia conducted as part of a report, respondents still reported inefficient supervision bureaucracy as a biggest problem for doing commercial operation in Malaysia, followed by crime as well as an insufficiently prepared workforce.

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Mahathir's perverted logic: good material in, garbage out

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Al-Fatihah for Our Friend,Dr. Mahadzir Khir

September 6, 2012

Al-Fatihah for Our Friend, Dr. Mahadzir Khir

Former Deputy Education Minister Dato' Dr Mahadzir Mohd Khir upheld away at 5pm currently (September 5) from a heart attack. He was 67.

Former Deputy Education Minister Dato' Dr Mahadzir Mohd Khir upheld away upon Sept 5 2011 from a heart attack. According to UMNO Online, his body will be taken to his home in Section 14, Petaling Jaya as well as is expected to be buried tomorrow sunrise (September 6).

The portal pronounced Party President Datuk Seri Najib Razak, his emissary Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, as well as UMNO Supreme Council members offering their condolences to his family.

Mahadzir was innate in Kedah upon May 16 1945, as well as was Member of Parliament for Sungai Petani after winning a chair in a 1999 ubiquitous elections.

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Janji Demokrasi: Cops to quiz Pak Samad

National laureate A Samad Said has been summoned by a military for doubt over a Janji Demokrasi entertainment upon a night before of Merdeka Day.

Samad toldMalaysiakinithat he had received a notice today which instructed him to be present during a Dang Wangi district military domicile during 6pm to have his statements recorded.

He pronounced which a notice pronounced which he would be investigated under a Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.

"The notice came during 4pm as well as they longed for me to uncover up during 6pm. To me, there is no need to abuse me. You shouldn't give me a notice today as well as design me to uncover up immediately.

NONE"Show some apply oneself for a elderly," pronounced Samad, adding which he had negotiated to be present a following day.

He pronounced he was unable to uncover up as requested because he had to attend a Bersih 2.0 assembly this evening.
Asked to assume upon why he was longed for by a police, Samad pronounced it was expected due to his poetry recital during a Merdeka Day night before event.

Last Thursday night, Samad led some10,000 peoplein a entertainment next to Dataran Merdeka, where a a couple of thousand were in attendance a sovereign supervision Merdeka Day countdown event.

Samad was between a leaders of an ad hoc bloc well known as Gabungan Janji, who hold a Janji Demokrasi entertainment as a fool around upon a sovereign govern! ment's J anji Demokrasi slogan.

The group pronounced a theme of their entertainment was privately chosen to remind a sovereign supervision which the promises to institute correct electoral remodel were not kept.
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CCM raids office of Suaram's auditor, company secretary

Officers from a Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) had left to Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd's association secretary as good as auditor's office as good as conducted a poke as good as seized papers associated to a company.

The notices to poke as good as seize were released underneath Section 7C as good as 7D(1) of a Companies Act 1965.

"We hold which a supervision as good as a agencies are upon high gear in a debate to intimidate as good as harass Suaram in retaliation to a whistle-blowing upon a submarine scandal.

"We are being targeted solely as a outcome of a legitimate as good as pacific work in a defence of tellurian rights in Malaysia," Suaram pronounced in a matter condemning a CCM action.

NONE"This on-going domestic danger as good as nuisance of Suaram is explanation which a supervision is determined to silence critical voices.

"The world must view these worrying trends as a vigilance of a potentially broader crackdown opposite critical activists as good as tellurian rights defend! ers in a country."

Suaram executive executive E Nalini (right) reliable withMalaysiakinithat CCM officers raided a office of a auditor as good as association secretary in a morning, but she declined to elaborate, saying some-more would be suggested tomorrow, upon a notice released to Suaram as well.

CCM pressured by Malay groups

CCM has in a past few days been pressured by Malay groups such as Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) as good as Per! kasa, wh ich have called upon a arch executive military officer Mohd Naim Daruwish to renounce for not investigating Suaram.

Mohd Naimhit back, asking why he should renounce when he was doing his pursuit as good as which CCM could usually examine a monetary incident of Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd, a association pronounced to be "linked" to Suaram.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives as good as Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob pronounced Suara Inisiatif's accounts weresuspicious,as it was found which usually 0.06 percent of a company's activities were deliberate to be "trading", while a rest was "money collecting".

Ismail additionally pronounced a sources of a donations enclosed NGOs from Washington as good as New York, as good as a German Embassy in Malaysia.

Suaram has filed authorised action in a Paris justice over a Scorpene submarine purchase scandal.

The Suaram matter released this afternoon additionally urged a supervision as good as a agencies to stop accusing tellurian rights defenders of being extremists or agents of unfamiliar powers.

"Malaysia, as a part of of a United Nations Human Rights Commission, should instead embrace as good as uphold concept UN standards, such as a Declaration upon Human Rights Defenders," it said.

It was reported in July which CCMhad issueda notice of investigation to a tellurian rights group.
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Himpunan Hijau to blockade Kuantan Port

Environmental movement organisation Himpunan Hijau has vowed to besiege Kuantan Port if Australian singular earths miner Lynas starts to ship ores into a nation for processing during a argumentative Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (Lamp).

"I will guarantee which their ore shipments will not slip past a blockade. We will mount a greatest civil insubordination eventuality ever seen in a nation as well as get all a groups together.

NONE"The port of Kuantan will not be operational as prolonged as a ore is there," vowed Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack (left).

His statement came in response to a preference of a Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) to emanate Lynas with atemporary handling licence(TOL) to operate a Lamp trickery in Gebeng, Kuantan.
Wong pronounced which they have eyes as well as ears in a port as well as would continue to monitor a situation as well as act decisively if as well as when a ores arrived.

"We have been prepared, as well as it is up to Lynas to set a subsequent stage."

He declined to criticism upon a government's preference to emanate a TOL, solely to say it clearly showed which a supervision had "sold out a people".

SMSL to seek injunction

Meanwhile, in an related development, a Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) organisation is to record an injunction in justice to stop a newly-issued TOL from coming into force tentative a end of two authorised actions it is now pursuing.

NONE"We have educated a lawyers to record an injunction for a stay of a TOL (from coming into force)," SMSL orator Tan Bun Teet (right) toldMalaysiakini, until a two ongoing legal examination applications SMSL filed in a High Court in Kuantan have been disposed of.

The first is a legal examination of a endowment of a TOL to Lamp by a Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), as well as a second is for Science, Technology as well as Innovation Minister Maximus Ongkili's preference to reject their appeal against a same.

However, a TOL was released by a AELB today directly to a Australian singular earth miner.

"Our lawyers have created to AELB to ask for a stay of a TOL until a authorised actions have concluded. We have been ostensible to listen to from AELB upon Sept 10, But it jumped a gun as well as released a looseness today," Tan lamented.

NONEHe pronounced it appeared as if a regulator was working "hand in glove with an interested party" to foil their bid to stay a TOL.

Asked about Himpunan Hijau's pledge to retard singular earth shipments arriving through Kuantan Port, Tan pronounced a organisation had SMSL's await in this.

"We will mount during a back of them (in such an action)," vowed a SMSL leader.

Inside report from sources, he added, was which Lynas "is far from ready" to begin operations during a Lamp.

"Even if a ores arrive, you have been told which a plant is not nonetheless ready to begin a enlightening process." Tan said.

AELB disrespecting a courts

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh additionally criticised AELB's extenuation of a TOL to Lynas as disrespect! ful to a Malaysian law as a cases filed by SMSL were still tentative in a courts.

"This preference by AELB shows a finish disrespect of a preference of a justice as well as by issuing a TOL to Lynas, AELB behaves as! if it is! upon top of a law.

NONE"Knowing very well which there is a loophole in a duration in between a preference for leave as well as preference upon a legal examination itself, AELB took advantage of a situation to emanate a TOL," Fuziah (right) said.

Despite a conference date set by a justice for a legal examination upon a preference by Ongkili to accede to a licence, she pointed out, AELB still jumped a gun as well as released a TOL.

Fuziah argued which Ongkili, whose preference was being challenged as well as was a basis for a legal review, should know better than to agree with a distribution of a TOL to Lynas.

"Malaysia is going down a wrong way if ministers behave in this manner."

Malaysia would surely be doomed, Fuziah lamented, when institutions such as a courts were utterly overlooked by a apportion as well as a administration, as well as profit as well as alternative interests were put upon top of a lives as well as interests of a rakyat.
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Hamzah laid to rest at National Mosque

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 The late Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah, a former Cabinet apportion who died yesterday, was laid to rest inside of a drift of a National Mosque, here, during 3.30pm today.
Earlier, Hamzah's stays were placed in a main request gymnasium of a mosque from 1pm for members of a public to compensate their last respects.
Minister in a Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom led a funeral request after Zohor prayer, as well as Hamzah's stays were afterwards taken to a tomb site subsequent to a Heroes Mausoleum for burial.
Present during a funeral were Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, his emissary Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, former prime apportion Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as well as Jamil Khir.
Also in assemblage was a arch imam of a National Mosque, Tan Sri Sheikh Ismail Muhammad.
The prime apportion said after a funeral which a late Hamzah had contributed a lot to a republic by a assorted posts he held, whether in government, politics or sports.
"Perhaps, a country's success in football as well as sports during his tenure as president of a Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) as well as Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) will always be remembered as well as appreciated by sports fans as well as Malaysians in general," he said.
Najib said as a domestic figure, Hamzah additionally contributed most to a domestic onslaught together with Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (the country's second prime minister) from a time a country achieved independence.
He additionally described Hamzah as among a domestic figures who helped in laying a foundation for a new republic after independence as well as he continued to offer a people, religion as well as country.
Hamzah, 88, died of old age during about 3.30pm yesterday during his residence ! in Staff ield Country Resort, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.
Hamzah leaves behind mother Toh Puan Zainon Hussein, who is a sister of Tun Abdul Razak, five sons, Mohd Azlan, Zulkifly, Mohd Azman, Mohd Izaham as well as Shahril, as well as dual daughters, Salina as well as Suria.
Hamzah was a Cabinet apportion from a 1960's until he stepped down in 1980 after undergoing a coronary bypass operation.
He was culture, girl as well as sports apportion (1971-1973), counterclaim apportion (from August 1973) as well as trade as well as attention apportion (from Sep 1974), as well as his last post was law apportion as well as attorney-general.
The Pekan-born Hamzah was MP for Raub (1967-1978) as well as Temerloh (1978-1980).
He studied during a famed Malay College Kuala Kangsar in Perak prior to taking up law during Gray's Inn, England in 1953.
He took over a post of OCM president from Tun Abdul Razak in 1976 as well as served until 1998, prior to losing a post to current president Tan Sri Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja'afar in a election in 1998. He was afterwards appointed as titular life president of OCM. Bernama
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2013 Budget will benefit Malaysians, says Dr M

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 The 2013 Budget is approaching to be a very good as well as prolific monetary devise for a good of Malaysians, given that it is a last Budget before a nation faces a 13th ubiquitous elections, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.
The former budding apportion pronounced a Budget should not only be packaged with exciting something good to eat for a rakyat though contingency additionally lift a worth of a own.
"I do not caring much about goodies. The critical thing is a sum worth of a budgetary allocations," he told reporters during a DRB-HICOM Bhd's Hari Raya Open House here today.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is scheduled to list a 2013 Budget in a Parlimeant on Sep 28, 2012.
On an additional note, DRB-HICOM group managing director, Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil, pronounced a supervision should deliver a structured resource to control tender element prices for a internal automobile industry in a 2013 Budget.
He pronounced a Minimum Wage Bill has done a earning margins of internal carmakers, that were currently small, even more uncertain.
"Only by a reasonable prolongation as well as element costs, a internal automobile zone can experience better margins," he said. Bernama
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Broken lift causing misery to disabled man

K Selvarajoo has rest on neigbours to lift him down five flights of stairs any time he has to go for his healing appointments.
PUCHONG: Wheelchair firm K Selvarajoo, 45, is a miserable male given a usually lift during Block A of a Pangsapuri Aman low price flats in Puchong pennyless down 6 months ago.
Selvarajoo, 45, has longed for three of his healing appointments as well as his wife K Panchali has to rest on her neighbours to assistance lift him down five flights of stairs to go for his check ups.
The flats, built seven years ago to resettle a Indian squatters around Puchong, is right away in a deplorable state after a new government oufit took over maintanence operations.
"I have to beg my neighbours to assistance lift him down to a belligerent floor," pronounced Panchali, adding her father longed for three check-ups since her neighbours were during work.
M Thangaveloo, 52, another proprietor claimed a Subang Jaya Town Council (MPSJ) appointed Cantuman Usaha (M) Sdn Bhd in Jan to control a flats.
"There have been dual blocks in Pangsapuri Aman, Block A has nine floors as well as as well as Block B five floors," he said.
Thangaveloo pointed which there have been usually dual lifts for more than 250 residents of Block A as well as visit usage had caused a lift to break down often.
He pronounced a new government has refused to control monthly inspections notwithstanding a residents carrying to cough up RM55 in monthly upkeep fees.
"Beside a visit lift breakdowns, there have been additionally no proper lighting, a suroun! dings ha ve been unkempt as well as there's no fencing around a flats to prevent robberies," pronounced Thangaveloo.

'Pakatan Rakyat a disappointment'
Thangaveloo additionally pronounced which a government seems to put money ahead of proprietor benefits.
"For a example, notwithstanding particular meters for any unit for H2O supply, a government thatch a categorical siren if there have been errors in alternative residents bills.
"We hoped Pakatan Rakyat would sort out a matters, but they too unhappy us," pronounced another proprietor declared Suresh.
Suresh purported which a PKR male known as PKR Ravi from Puchong Intan betrothed a residents to assistance get a lift fixed.
"He wanted RM40 from any family as well as pronounced a balance compulsory to compromise a complaint would be topped up by Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo.
"Many of a residents paid up a RM40 as well as were issued receipts. That was dual months ago as well as a PKR male has not come back to us."
"We additionally sent a memorandum to Gobind Singh. But there has been no reply. Our local councillor Norhesni Ismail has never visit a flats in a last four years," pronounced Suresh.

State should take over
Meanwhile, MIC Youth arch T Mohan expressed shocked after on vacation a low price prosaic today.
"It is unbelievable a government as well as MPSJ has not looked in to a lift complaint for a past 6 months," he told reporters.
"What is a indicate of a Pakatan state government gripping RM2 billion! in have n when people have been pang without simple amenities?" he asked.
He additionally referred to which MPSJ take over a government operations of a flats immediately.
"We will give a state government dual weeks to finalise a problems faced a residents, otherwise would move up a make a difference during highest level.
"In my opinion, all a apartments as well as low price flats should be handled by locale as well as district councils," pronounced Mohan.
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KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) pronounced it is up to a Barisan Nasional (BN) tip care to confirm whether a celebration should be authorised to defend a Pensiangan parliamentary chair by him in a coming polls.

Its President, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, pronounced this when commenting upon a sell of words by Umno as good as PBRS during division level by a media newly regarding a parliamentary chair hold by him, despite due to a justice verdict.
Kurup, when contacted, pronounced both parties have made their points.

"So, it should be left as it is as good as let a tip care decide," he said.

The issue propped up when Pensiangan Umno girl partner secretary, Khairil Abdullah demanded which a parliamentary chair be since to Umno to competition in a 13th General Election.

He claimed which Umno had a incomparable round of support in a interior.

This did not go down good with PBRS generally a Sook girl chief, Kahirin Bador, who pronounced which it is not right for Umno to "grab" possibly a single of PBRS seats - a Pensiangan parliamentary chair as good as Sook State seat.

In a 2008 election, a justice ruled in favour of Kurup, who is right away a Deputy Natural Resources as good as Environment Minister, when his rival claimed which he was prevented from filing his assignment papers upon time.

Kurup additionally faced an indignant host during a assignment centre which day in 2008.

Kahirin pronounced PBRS has 26,630 members in Pensiangan with 13,850 in Sook as good as 9,780 in Nabawan.

Pensiangan Umno emissary chief, Ahuar Rasam, combined fuel to fire with his matter which any a single had a right to apply to competition in Pensiangan, including Umno, but which it is up to a BN leadership.

Kahirin, upon a alternative hand, pronounced BN would remove thousand of members if PBRS loses even a single a dual seats to Umno.

He additionally pronounced Umno would surely remove in perspective of a superb issues like bootleg immigrants becoming citizens, among others.

Opposition, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), chipped in, saying it is about time PBRS reconsidered a in front of in BN.

Its Nabawan girl chief, Kerry Raphael, pronounced it seemed droll which out of a 60 State seats as good as twenty-five parliamentary seats in Sabah, PBRS was only allocated a single state chair as good as a single parliamentary seat.

Umno, upon a alternative hand, he said, grabbed most of a seats with 32 State seats as good as eleven parliamentary seats.

He pronounced Umno made a incident worse with a Pensiangan girl attempting to wrest a Pensiangan parliamentary chair hold by Kurup.

He additionally took a appropriate during Kahiril for disrespecting Kurup.

"Honestly, a tiny celebration like PBRS is no longer respected by a component friends when a girl division dares to have an open proposal to direct for a chair allocated to PBRS," he said.

Nevertheless, Tony Talasoi, committee part of of Pensiangan Umno youth, pronounced Kahiril never used a word "merampas" (seize) when proposing Umno competition a Pensiangan chair in a next election.

H! e explai ned which Kahiril merely used a word "ask". (DE)
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KOTA KINABALU: A Sabahan lady from Kg Tamalang Silou, in Inanam, can right away proudly called herself the Malaysian - during age 51. And the largely due to the mobile court.

Morrin Joseph Loson, innate in Brunei was still land the red Malaysian Identity Card (Permanent Resident or right away MyPR) nonetheless she was brought behind to the State with her dual brothers by their Sabahan parents in 1961.
She took her oath during the State National Registration Department here upon Aug. 15. She was originally asked to fly to the domicile in Putrajaya just for this, after her citizenship duplicate was authorized upon Oct. 6, 2010.

However, with benefit from the mobile court, the routine was eliminated to dialect here to make it easier, the Kadazandusun silent said.

Her long wait for to be the full-fledged Malaysian came about when she approached the mobile justice during the single of the sessions early final month.

She had wanted really bad correct papers to assist in her credentials for the event to Rome.

At which time she was additionally bustling fulfilling the office work requirement as asked by the dialect domicile in Putrajaya to enable her get her minute of approval for her citizenship duplicate be sent to the office in Sabah as well as have the whole routine be hold here, instead of there since she cannot means to fly to Putrajaya for the purpose.

Following the oath-taking, she right away has to w! ait for for her Certificate of Citizenship to be issued inside of the next 3 to six months, as well as afterwards have her temperament label altered to blue MyKad.

Nevertheless, nonetheless there is light during the finish of the hovel for her predicament, her it is not so for her dual brothers who have been still land red MyPR.

Elbert as well as Jimmy both have additionally applied for Malaysian citizenship thrice though were rejected. Another sad thing for her was which since of this, she was incompetent to stick upon the recent event visit to Rome with her daughter.

Morrin hoped which after she gets her Malaysian citizenship she would be able to benefit from the assorted benefit provided by the Government, especially those meant for single mothers with children.

She additionally hoped she would get her citizenship obligation as well as blue MyKad in time to register as the voter as well as expel the opinion during the 13th General Election, as she has always wished which the single day she can expel the opinion similar to the loyal Malaysian.

"It has been formidable living during your own homeland regulating the red temperament card. People would demeanour during you, as if we have finished something wrong, since we have been the Kadazan though we have been land the red temperament card," she said, whilst anticipating which her dual brothers would additionally get their Malaysian citizenship as well as no longer remained stateless similar to now.

It was her second time requesting for the citizenship upon her own, as well as the third the single if together with the the single their father did for them.

Her final duplicate was done in 2008.

Morrin was accompanied by Elbert, their father Joseph as well as her dual young kids during the meet during Dail! y Expres s office in Tanjung Aru here recently.

Joseph, who is right away 81, pronounced he was happy for Morrin as well as wished which her brothers would additionally get theirs soon.

Together with his wife, father as well as alternative relatives, they went to Brunei in 1953 to demeanour for the job, adding there were most people similar to him from Sabah who went to the sultanate country for the same purpose.

He worked there as the storekeeper for the sure period of time until he quiescent as well as came behind to Sabah in 1961. Morrin as well as her dual brothers were innate during the couple's stay in Brunei.

According to Joseph, he had tried to apply for the Malaysian citizenship for their 3 young kids in 1973 after they arrived in Sabah, though was not successful.

"But I was told by the supervision official which my young kids can still apply for the Malaysian citizenship by their own later on," he said.

His young kids continued making the same duplicate upon their own, to begin with Morrin's eldest brother Elbert who was even called for the organisation talk with 50 alternative hopefuls during Wisma Dang Bandang in 1985 though was not successful.

When asked they found out usually the single out of the 50 in his batch, the Javanese who was intending to begin the business, done it to next routine of becoming the citizen, pronounced Elbert who is still feeling frustrated by the result of the talk session.

Elbert pronounced the excuse since by the supervision official endangered afterwards was which since the particulars of the 3 of them were printed upon their late mother's Malaysian pass by the Bruneian authority, as well as which when she upheld away, during the burial process, they mislaid her passport.

Operatin! g the co mmercial operation during Star City here, Elbert who is tied together with another Sabahan with the MyKad pronounced it is the bit weird for him as the Sabahan father land the red temperament label whilst all his young kids have been having MyKad. (DE)
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WHEN Najib pronounced "he would unequivocally similar to to see more Sabahans apropos heads of Government departments in Putrajaya as well as during a same time more Malaysians from Semenanjung portion in Sabah" he is usually reiterating Kuala Lumpur's fundamental disaster to honour a conditions of a Malaysian Agreement legally entered by 5 entities namely Great Britain, Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, as well as Sabah in 1963.

One of a conditions of a Agreement appended underneath a IGC Report is what is right away known as 'Borneanisation of a Federal Service'. Under a Borneanisation programmes all sovereign posts must be filled up by Sabahans as well as not West Malaysians.
But after 49 years of Sabah combining a Federation of Malaysia together with a other already eccentric countries (Malaya, Singapore as well as Sarawak), Sabahans can usually lamentation in astonishment as many sovereign top posts in Sabah are monopolised by West Malaysians with a unsuitable perennial excuse that Sabahans are not qualified.

And here a Prime Minister of Malaysia pronounced 'he would unequivocally similar to to see more Sabahans apropos heads of Departments' after 49 prolonged years. What a shame! If Najib is frank he, being a head of a statute party, would just simply carry out a Borneanisation programmes right away as well as during once without all a rhetoric to do! pe a Sab ahans.

This usually goes to uncover that right from a beginning a Malayan leaders' motive, that right away includes that of Najib's, was to "colonise" Sabah as well as Sarawak as well as deprive her people of their accorded rights underneath a conditions of a Agreement as well as as citizens of this nation living as free people.

Malaysians of all creeds will have a sense of belonging to this nation usually when justice is accorded to them equally together with those in Sabah as well as Sarawak. The Prime Minister MUST give behind to a Sabahans as well as Sarawakians what a KL leaders had taken as well as are receiving away from them as well as that are righteously theirs underneath a Malaysian Agreement as well as not to provide a East Malaysians as colonial servants of a KL Masters.

With next to rights to employments, socio-economics as well as domestic developments then, as well as usually then, a Sabahans will truly be unapproachable to be called Malaysians.

Peter Marajin is a practising counsel as well as outspoken upon NCR as well as land rights as well as Borneanisation cases, he is additionally Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Supreme Councillor. (WIKISABAH)
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RON 97 motor fuel will cost twenty sen some-more from midnight. The cost will be RM2.90 per litre.

However, RON 95 will sojourn unchanged at RM1.90 per litre.
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KOTA KINABALU: When Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak annoucedthe Terms of Reference (TOR) for the much awaited Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) upon bootleg immigrants, he pronounced the panel will ensue the examine after the Agong's revelation upon the appointment of commissioners.

But it's been three weeks given with no further updates, pronounced Sabah PKR.
Urging Najib to insist the delay, PKR's Sabah Security, Immigration as well as Electoral Reform Bureau Chief, Dr Chong Eng Leong pronounced the stream incident gives the impressions that the RCI is the 'political gimmick'.

"Prime Minister Najib contingency insist the delay. Why is there still no Agong's revelation upon the appointment of the commissioners right away that TOR has been announced. It's been three weeks," he said.

Last month, Najib voiced that the RCI would be given 6 months to examine the Sabah bootleg newcomer issue.

The 6 months, he said, would begin from when the RCI's instrument of appointments were issued to the commission's chairman, former Sabah as well as Sarawak arch judge Steve Shim Lip Kiong.

But that apparently has not happened yet.

The others upon the elect have been Domestic Trade, Cooperatives as well as Consumerism Ministry secretary-general Saripuddin Kasim who is the RCI! 's secre tary, while the remaining commissioners are:

-Former Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Kamaruzaman Ampon.
-Former Sabah Attorney-General Herman Luping.
-Former Sabah State Secretary KY Mustafa.
-Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation Deputy Chairman, Henry Chin Poy Wu.

Not sufficient time

Whilst the RCI has received churned reviews, Chong yesterday pronounced that the 6 months time support voiced by Najib for the RCI to conclude their investigations was insufficient.

"There have been tonnes of files from the National Registration Department alone that needs to be studied. Six months is not sufficient for RCI to do (a thorough) job.

"(Also) we have studied in item the TOR as well as find it too restrictive. It is usually investigative as well as has no office to even make recommendations except upon one item.

"(In that case) if they have been starting to examine who were the people involved, who was the designer in this treacherous as well as perfidious act, do they (RCI) have the power to recommend legal actions?

"(Also) have been they starting to examine into the purpose of giving ICs as well as citizenship to unfamiliar migrants (as detected from the KL High Court records as stated above)?" he asked.

Chong pronounced the immediate concern arising from the TOR would be when it is proven that electoral rolls have been sinister with non-qualified voters.

"Then there is the serious effect of declaring the entrance choosing formula null as well as void.

"This could be the ultimate reason for BN not to ensue with this RCI before the 13th General Election, that is why we say that it is the ! politica l gimmick," he said, adding that Sabah's electoral rolls have been estimated to have around 200,000 non-qualified electorate among the stream 950,000 registered voters. - Sabahkini
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Dah habis isu, kuota haji pun nak diputarbelit

Terbaca kami di Harakahdaily sini.Ya Allah, sejak bila ada kuota untuk negeri-negeri ini? Mana pulak anugerah haji kepada 400 imam dan pengerusi JKKK menyebabkan kuota haji Srawak diturunkan dari 800 ke 633.Ini tidak lain dan tidak bukan hanya PAS mencari ruang untuk mereka-reka isu dari pemberiaan hadiah haji kepada imam-imam dan pengerusi JKKK. Sebenarnya tiada langsung amalan yang dinamakan

15 ribu dijangka hadir majlis bersama TPM di Kluang 16 September ini

JOHOR BAHRU, 5 Sept Kira-kira 15,000 orang dijangka hadir pada majlis sambutan Aidilfitri dan Hari Malaysia bersama Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin di Kluang pada sixteen Sept ini, kata Wanita Umno Johor. Ketuanya Datuk Sharifah Azizah Syed Zain berkata, majlis itu yang dianjurkan oleh Wanita Umno Johor bersama pertubuhan bukan ... Read More

Pijak Gambar PM, Tunjuk Punggung.. Pembangkang Usah Berlakon, Cuci Tangan

... Read More

JAWI admits raiding Borders before fatwa was issued, says counsel

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 The Federal Territories Religious Department (JAWI) admitted which it had raided a Borders bookstore branch but a fatwa, a lead warn for a bookstores owners Berjaya Books Sdn Bhd said today. The Kuala Lumpur High Court had in Jun granted Berjaya leave for legal examination of JAWIs actions of seizing a books by ... Read More

Let there be no selective prosecution

The Bar Council wants a military to examine all cases of desecrating cinema of open figures, together with a blazing of cinema of Lim Guan Eng as well as S Ambiga.
PETALING JAYA: Probe all cases involving desecrating cinema of open figures, together with a action of blazing cinema of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as well as Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga, pronounced Bar Council today.
"There should not be resourceful prosecution," pronounced a president Lim Chee Wee.
He pronounced this following a arrest of a 19-year-old girl yesterday, who was alleged to have flashed his bum during a cinema of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as well as his wife, Rosmah Mansor, during final Thursday's Merdeka jubilee during Dataran Merdeka.
The girl was expelled final night upon bail after a military recorded his statement.
During a event, several youths were seen stomping upon cinema of Najib as well as Rosmah. Some were seen carrying a Sang Saka Malaya dwindle instead of a Malaysian flag.
Two other youngsters a 19-year-old freelance womanlike indication from Johor as well as 19-year-old masculine for Kuala Lumpur surrendered to a military currently for allegedly stepping upon a pronounced photographs during a gathering.
The indication is expected to be brought to a Dang Wangi military headquarters in Kuala Lumpur for questioning while a masculine turned himself in during a Dang Wangi hire this afternoon.
Bukit Aman CID arch Mohd Bakri Zinin pronounced that a military were questioning a mooning situation underneath a Penal Code, as well as a dwindle situation underneath a Sedition Act.
Lim admitted! that a mooning situation could be investigated underneath Penal Code for open indecency, but uttered reservation upon a use of Sedition Act for a dwindle incident.
He pronounced that it was unfortunate that a military had motionless to use a Sedition Act despite a government's decision to dissolution it come a next parliamentary session.
The dwindle incident, Lim added, would not even consecrate as an corruption underneath a law.
"Could changing a lyrics of a national anthem consecrate an corruption ? What about changing a tune, dash or kick of a anthem? Where is a line to be drawn?" he asked.
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Cayalah Barisan Bersatu Nambikei! Aku tabik la sama Kalai dan Ramesh Rao ni, mereka ni memang hati kering dan berani. Yang paling aku bangga dan respek mereka melaungkan Daulat Tuanku. Ini baru betul anak Malaysia beb! Tabik spriingggg la!

Mereka ni bersungguh mempertahankan kedaulatan negara. Nampak sangat konco-konco Anwar joke dah goyang, berani menyalak dari dalam je. Errr, mana perginya PEMUDA UMNO? Bukankah Pemuda UMNO kena pertahankan Raja dan kedaulatan negara atau Pemuda UMNO joke nak negara kita jadi republik ni?

Jangan la marah, aku tanya je. Apa pun. Aku respek la sama Barisan Bersatu Nambikei ni! Anwar heed kecut beb. Mereka dah kata selagi Anwar tak mintak maaf selagi itu mereka akan desak dia. Wahai Pemuda UMNo belajar la untuk cintakan negara dari mereka ni.

'Ammar tak rasa salah kerana Sex Pistol biasa tunjuk punggung di Eropah

Dari apa yang dicorkan kepada kami dari sumber maklumat kami yang mungkin ada maklumat dengan Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, Ammar si jubur yang identitinya kami dedahkan pagi tadi sini tidak rasa bersalah joke atas perbuatannya itu.Ingatkan dia tutup muka ketika ibu bapanya serahkan dia ke polis ada rasa bersalah atau takut tetapi tidak pula, kerana dia tidak rasa salah dengan tindakan yang dilakukan

The Age of Desire, by Jennie Fields

It is impossible to libel the dead; legal insurance of reputation stops during the grave. But is it probable to confuse the dead?

Stern Collection/Bettmann-Corbis

Edith Wharton, circa 1877.


By Jennie Fields

352 pp. Pamela Dorman Books/Viking. $ 27.95.

Modern writers keep trying. If any the single would have been flustered by having his sexuality, or lack of it, explored in critical literature, it would have been Henry James. Fears of post-mortem invasions of his remoteness led him to the frenzy of letter burning, though the reams which he longed for were sufficient to inspire such conjecture by the censor Leon Edel as well as the novelist Colm Toibin, in between many others.

There is no need to assume about the personal life of Henry James's friend Edith Wharton, the subject of Jennie Fields's novel "The Age of Desire." Wharton's furious affair, in middle age, with the American sermonise publisher Morton Fullerton furious on her part, which is, though routine on his is well documented in the ardent as well as pitiable letters she wrote to him. Despite her pleas to lapse them, as the lady was obliged to do when the adore event ended, Fullerton, well well known as the serial cad to various besotted ladies as well as gentlemen, kept as well as eventually sole letters from both Edith Wharton as well as Henry James.

There could frequency be the some-more apt theme for the novel of manners than the struggle of the prominent as well as important lady to disguise her delirious feelings in order to meet the conventions of society. It is not usually her frantic yearning for her lover which is portrayed here, though the fallout voiced in her exasperation with her hu! sband as well as her paper partner for unknowingly getting in the way.

A secondary novel-of-manners theme, developed from the author's research, concerns the relationship in between Wharton as well as Anna Bahlmann, her childhood governess, who became her paper assistant. With no transparent amicable clarification covering such the development, the women vacillate in between working as friends as well as colleagues or as chick on the side as well as servant.

Authentic letters are quoted to accelerate the pitiful approach in which Wharton was reduced to essay like the lovesick teenager, snapping "Don't write me again!" in her annoy which Fullerton had, in fact, not written, as well as the week later pleading which he should have well known she didn't mean it. Bahlmann's letters pointedly omit the slights she suffered, as if acknowledging she was in no in front of to complain. There are credible scenes dramatizing the ensuing flighty behavior.

The smirch in this otherwise engaging novel is which its title, mimicking Edith Wharton's own title, "The Age of Innocence," presupposes an understanding not just of these personal lives though of the times in which they were lived. Wharton's novels, together with those set in later durations like "The Children" as well as "The Mother's Recompense," are rich with examples of conventions in flux as they designate elaborating amicable attitudes. Fields's novel is rife with examples which are anachronistic as well as therefore misleading. By the time Edith Wharton's post-mortem adore letters were published in the 1980s, it would not be terminally embarrassing for the lady in the dissolving matrimony to have the lover. But it's safe to contend which this particular lady would have been broke to see herself as well as the Parisian multitude she enjoyed inadvertently portrayed as undeveloped as well as provincial.

The novel's opening stage takes place in 1907 during an intellectual French salon where, in what passes for arch conversation, the poet A! nna de N oailles demands, "Why do they never give the Nobel Prize to the woman?" Someone counters which the single had been awarded the assent esteem (that would be Bertha von Suttner in 1905). It's left to the frustrated reader to shout "Marie Curie!" during this supposed hotbed of Parisian sophistication, where no the single seems to know which the womanlike 1903 production winner is toiling in the nearby suburb, on her approach to winning her second Nobel Prize, this time for chemistry.

Judith Martin writes the Miss Manners books as well as newspaper as well as Internet columns. She is the writer of two novels.

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Crusoe, by Katherine Frank

Illustration by R. Kikuo Johnson

"Each historical epoch as well as every enlightenment has appropriated 'Crusoe' for a own purposes," Katherine Frank announces at a start of her desirous new book about "Robinson Crusoe," Daniel Defoe as well as a obscure Englishman who competence have been a poignant inspiration for one of literature's most important characters. Before setting out her case for an astonishing strange behind a original, Frank catalogs Crusoe's latter-day incarnations, which have enclosed "a favourite of Romantic individualism, of Victorian Empire or 20th-century capitalism, an explorer, an inventor, a embodiment of radical or conservative ideologies, an evangelist, a soothsayer of positive psychology as well as a gospel of prosperity, even an antihero." Surveying this prolonged as well as varied afterlife, she declares, "You name it as well as someone has probably suspicion as well as said Crusoe has been it. That's his secret: Crusoe is Anyone as well as Everyone. He is you as well as he is me."

Before he was you or me or Anyone as well as Everyone you may know, Frank argues, Crusoe competence have been Robert Knox, an English seafarer who spent 20 years in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, after he as well as his father as well as other crew members from their storm-wrecked boat were taken captive in 1660 by a ruler of Ceylon's mountainous country dominion of Kandy. But according to a military historian Geoffrey Powell, Knox assimilated a "thousand-man-strong menagerie of Europeans which a King whimsically picked up around himself" whilst traffic with a European traders as well as colonizers upon a island's shores.

A thousand white men surrounded by tens of thousands of brownish-red people surrounded by majestic forces: this crowded, conflicted island i! n a Indi an Ocean seems distant private from a singular incident of a male who, as a 1719 underline of "Robinson Crusoe" introduces him, "Lived Eight as well as Twenty Years, All Alone in an Uninhabited Island upon a Coast of America, Near a Mouth of a Great River of Oroonoque; Having Been Cast upon Shore by Shipwreck, Wherein All a Men Perished though Himself." Knox's "Historical Relation of a Island Ceylon" upon a 1681 publication a best seller which enabled a writer to begin re-establishing himself in London has been previously cited as one of most possible sources for Defoe's novel. The grounds as well as weight of Frank's book is to settle a sold significance.

To this end, Frank reports which Defoe owned a copy. And if he review no other books in a 40-odd years in between a coming of Knox's work as well as his own (especially not a accounts of Alexander Selkirk's castaway practice off a coast of Chile, published shortly prior to "Crusoe") as well as if one can deduce since Defoe would go to such lengths to divest his imagined island from any obvious associations with Knox's Ceylon, afterwards fasten your footnotes, English professors, since Katherine Frank has detected a extraordinary law about a origins of a first English novel: "The Crusoe myth began scarcely 300 years ago with dual men separated by a couple of miles in London writing alone at their desks. Robert Knox as well as Daniel Defoe: a male who was Crusoe as well as a male who wrote Crusoe."

She is absolutely half right. And most of a element this book offers a various other functions which shabby "Crusoe"; a justification of Defoe's most pursuits, connectors as well as creativity; a admissions of a most dissimilarities in between Knox's practice as well as Crusoe's argues against her. She wants Knox to be some-more than a mere inspiration for "Crusoe." Musing about a condition of being a castaway, about self-sufficiency as well as essential element as well as hopefulness, she also wants to reveal Knox's hold up back in London ! (where h e attempted in vain to rewrite his book, until his genocide in obscurity in 1720) as a meaningful together for both Defoe's as well as Crusoe's. Frank tries to give Knox existential heft, watching which despite his shun he was still a captive "in a clarity which you have been all captives" to "the storms as well as wreckages which threaten, obstruct as well as ultimately defeat or drown us all."

Randy Boyagoda's latest novel, "Beggar's Feast," set mainly in Sri Lanka, will be published this month.

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