AT THE STATE Cabinet meeting upon October 10, Chief Minister Musa Aman requested DBKK to revisethe parking rates around a city. A identical call was made by his Deputy, Minister of Resource Development as well as Information Technology, Dr. Yee Moh Chai recently.

Mayor Abidin Madingkir responded by shortening a parking rates for all sorts of automobile parks in as well as outward a Central Business District (CBD) areas underneath City Hall management by thirty - 34 percent effective 1st November.
This rebate will affect 10, 719 parking bays underneath a City Hall's jurisdiction.

At a press discussion at a City Hall yesterday, Mayor Datuk Abidin Madingkir disclosed which a brand brand brand new rates have been among a lowest in a country.

According to Madingkir, a brand brand brand new rates have been divided into four areas underneath a jurisdiction of a City Hall -Type A, B, C, as well as C1. Types A, B as well as C involves parking lots in a central commercial operation district (CBD) as well as B as well as C1 involves bays outward a Central Business District (OCBD).

Type A automobile parks have been those located along a front of emporium lot buildings in a CBD area. They have been deliberate as short-term parking spaces. Under a revised rate, a assign for sort A parking will be marked down from twenty-five cents to 20 cents for a first as well as second thirty mins for a car parked from 9am to 10am.

Parking from 10 to eleven am at sort A lots! will pr ice 35 cents instead of 50 cents. The successive rates from eleven am to 5 pm will be marked down to RM1.40 from RM2. Whole day parking (9 am to 5 pm) will right away price RM20.70, from a previous rate at RM 29.50

Type B lots have been categorised as middle term parking spaces. They have been written for motorists who do not need to park for a long period of time in a CBD or outward CBD (OCBD) areas. The benefaction rate trimming from twenty-five - 50 cents will be marked down to 20 cents per thirty mins for a period in between 9 am as well as twelve pm. From twelve pm to 5 pm, parking will price 50 cents instead of 70 cents per thirty minutes. Whole day parking will right away price RM7.20 instead of RM10.90.

Type C parking spaces have been categorised as long-term parking. These spaces have been usually located divided from buildings. They have been written for those operative in a CBD area. For sort C parking lots, a revised rates would see parking price marked down to 35 cents from 50 cents per thirty mins from 9 am to 5 pm. Whole day parking will price RM3.85 instead of RM5.50.

C1 parking lots have been deliberate long-term parking spaces around a OCBD areas. Theseare lots routinely located in areas at a back of buildings or open spaces. Type C1 lots have been written for those operative in a OCBD areas. Parking in these lots will right away price 35 cents instead of 50 cents per thirty mins from 9 am to 5 pm. Whole day parking will be marked down to RM3.15 from RM 4.50.

"I hope which a rebate in parking rates would ease a weight of car owners," Madingkir said.

Also benefaction at a press discussion was Deputy Chief Minister as well as Minister of Resource Development as well as Information Technology, Dr. Yee Moh Chai. Dr. Yee who is additionally Api-Api Assemblyman, thanked a Mayor for operative out a report of brand brand brand new r! ates so comprehensively as well as soon following a Chief Minister's request.

"I understand a area endangered is really large as well as we must admit a efficiency of City Hall in entrance up with a brand brand brand new scheme in a reduced period." he said.

Dr. Yee additionally took a opportunity to titillate in isolation parking operators to emulate a preference as well as movement of City Hall following a Stategovernment's directive to reduce their parking rates.

"This is in line with a government's effort to servethe people on top of all other interests. Let's hope a in isolation sector operators will do likewise," he said. (Insight Sabah)
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We need a better system

One of the reasons why we proposed blogging is because of the deterioration of sure social behaviour between Malaysians.

I remember that the magazine, we think it was Reader's Digest though correct me if we am wrong, categorised Malaysians as the third rudest country in Asia the little years back.

This is especially viewable upon the road. Many Malaysians expostulate as if they own the roads, not usually ignoring trade manners though additionally usual courtesy as well.

Dashing across red lights, double or triple parking, starting into the a single approach street against highway direction, 'stealing' parking spaces from motorists who have patiently waited for the spaces to be vacated. there have been usually as well many instances of bold behaviour upon the road. Some time back, someone bumped into my stationary automobile watchful at the trade light junction, because the driver was as well engrossed looking down at his palm phone. Luckily there were usually the little scratches that can be polished off with the great polish.

I have right away made it the robe that whenever we see (via my rear-view mirror) the little drivers at the back of my automobile speaking upon their phones or looking down upon as well as off to do messaging, we will try to shift to an additional lane to avoid the real possibility of being banged from behind.

All these have been of course multi-factorial upbringing, miss of dignified education, peer pressure, parental behaviour etc. But as shown in the little countries, stricter coercion does uncover great result. And with strict enforcement, behaviour solemnly changes as well as the correct driving enlightenment can solemnly evolve.

But while we am all for the stricter coercion for highway offences, as well as we think the supervision might have great goal at the back of the new doing of the AES, we have grave reservation upon how things have been being finished under the new system.

For the single , we do not determine ! with the outsourcing of coercion to in isolation companies. While the reason for the stricter coercion is to tackle the multifactorial start of bad driving attitude , as referred to above, as well as to encourage the elaborating of the great driving culture, it should never be outsourced to outward companies. This is because companies have been blurb entities the solitary target of that is profit, as well as distinction only.

While the goal of the supervision is not to retaliate though to educate through stricter enforcement, the distinction oriented goal of the in isolation companies would be to try to 'trap' some-more unknowingly drivers so that some-more profits can be generated through fines.

This formula in all the anomalies as reported so far: disaster to place eye-catching notice notices of monitoring devices, location of AES in ridiculous locations, drivers removing court order for offences they have not committed, ridiculous snail-paced speed limit for sure stretches as well as so on.

So while we should have stricter enforcement, it should be finished by our police as well as maybe JPJ officers. What is indispensable is to lift the productivity as well as professionalism of such coercion units.

If coercion can be outsourced, we dread to think of what would happen next? Would confidence be outsourced as well to niggardly units, who have been loyal to usually the highest bidders for their services? Just the thought.

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Do you think I care a shit?

You Pakatan Rakyat supporters have been still as well immature. And which is because Pakatan Rakyat is not ready to run the country. Pakatan Rakyat supporters initial need to benefit some infancy prior to Pakatan Rakyat can be authorised to form the sovereign government. You need to suffer an additional tenure underneath Barisan Nasional. This pang might afterwards arise we up as well as only when we arise up can we speak about the shift of government.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
"More we read your articles, some-more we have an inclination which we unequivocally have been upon the BN payroll." --bengali kunday.
That was what the reader starting by the nickname of 'bengali kunday' said. Well, concede me to reply to that.
First of all, even if we am upon the payroll of Barisan Nasional, so what? There have been people similar to those inMalaysiakini,Malaysia Chronicle, as well as so on, who have been upon Pakatan Rakyat's payroll. In fact, sites likeHarakahand many others actually go to as well as have been financed by Pakatan Rakyat or parties inside of Pakatan Rakyat. And they do not censor which actuality or have been apologetic or abashed about serving the seductiveness of the domestic party, notwithstanding the actuality which it is an antithesis party.
Are we implying which it is fine to be upon Pakatan Rakyat's payroll though not fine to be upon Barisan Nasional's payroll? Are we additionally implying which democracy as well as freedom of preference as well as freedom of organisation means we must be upon Pakatan Rakyat's payroll though not upon Ba! risan Na sional's payroll?
What sort of democracy is this when we have been restricted to serving the single party's seductiveness though not the other? What sort of democracy is this when we have no freedom of preference or freedom of organisation as well as have been thankful to offer the single party's seductiveness though not the other?
You take the dignified high belligerent whenever we feel which someone is serving Barisan Nasional's seductiveness though we do not demonstrate which same dignified snub if someone is upon Pakatan Rakyat's payroll. So-called 'independent' human rights organisations such asSuaramopenly work for Pakatan Rakyat though which is not nauseating to you. Only if they offer Barisan Nasional's seductiveness is it repulsive.
Secondly, when we write articles really deleterious to Barisan Nasional as well as Umno -- such as my dual recent articles this week inThe Corridors of Powerregarding Umno Sabah -- we do not cruise which as being upon Pakatan Rakyat's payroll. However, if we write only the single article which is somewhat uncomplimentary to Pakatan Rakyat (in fact, the article which we wrote in which we posted which criticism is not even about Pakatan Rakyat or uncomplimentary to Pakatan Rakyat) we cruise which as being upon Barisan Nasional's payroll.
To we Pakatan Rakyat supporters, the decent thing to do is to offer Pakatan Rakyat's interest. Serving any alternative seductiveness is an faulty thing to do. You confirm the dignified bounds as well as boundary of goodness as well as any one who does not pass your understand as well as thirty-six-inch ruler of probity as well as goodness is vilified. Who appointed we the defender as well as trustee of probity as well as decency?
How different have been we from the religionists who confirm what is dignified as well as what is decent as well as levy their standards of p! robity a s well as goodness upon others? Since Muslims paint the infancy race in Malaysia can Muslims then, starting by the didactic discourse of democracy where infancy rules, levy their Islamic understand of probity as well as goodness upon the minority?
Since the infancy dictates the belligerent rules afterwards certainly what is compatible to Islam should prevail as well as anything nauseating to Islam should be barred. In which case the Islamic Sharia law, Hudud included, should be the law of the land. Muslims who have been the infancy in Malaysia should confirm what is dignified as well as what is decent as well as Islam must be the formula of conduct which all Malaysians should live by.
Religionists such as Muslims, even if they have been the infancy in Malaysia, should not levy their will upon Malaysians, even upon associate Muslims, let alone upon the non-Muslims. So because should we levy your will upon others? The believers of Islam should not vilify those who have been not of the Muslim faith. Why should the believers of Pakatan Rakyat vilify those who have been not of the antithesis faith?
When misled Muslims adopt the 'either we have been with us or we have been opposite us' religious doctrine, we find which revolting, faulty as well as immoral. But we can adopt the 'either we have been with us or we have been opposite us' domestic didactic discourse as well as it is not revolting, faulty as well as immoral.
What kind of hypocritical stand in customary is this? You resent it when others levy their will upon we as well as when they confirm what is tolerable, dignified as well as decent. But we can levy your will upon others as well as confirm what is tolerable, dignified as well as decent. Can we see the hypocrisy which is so thick we can cut it with the knife?
Do we consider we caring the shit about Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat? Do we consider we caring the shi! t either Barisan Nasional retains energy or Pakatan Rakyat gains power? Do we consider my hold up is only about the general elections as well as about who gets to impetus in to Putrajaya? That is the really slight way to demeanour during life.
Do we overtly consider which my goal in hold up is to have certain which Barisan Nasional does not get kicked out? Do we overtly consider which my goal in hold up is to ensure which Pakatan Rakyat gets to form the next sovereign government? You have the really slight goal in life. Do not imagine which my goal in hold up is as slight as yours.
Politicians have been politicians, never mind from which side of the domestic divide. And the slight objective of all politicians is merely to get in to power. What makes we consider which which is additionally my really slight objective? If we consider which afterwards we have not been reading scrupulously what we have been writing over these final 35 years.
You Pakatan Rakyat supporters have been still as well immature. And which is because Pakatan Rakyat is not ready to run the country. Pakatan Rakyat supporters initial need to benefit some infancy prior to Pakatan Rakyat can be authorised to form the sovereign government. You need to suffer an additional tenure underneath Barisan Nasional. This pang might afterwards arise we up as well as only when we arise up can we speak about the shift of government.
Yes, do keep whacking me. Continue to vilify me. And when we do we will do all inside of my energy to have certain which the entrance general election is starting to result in the huge startle as well as beating for you.
Never give the flower to the monkey, the Malays would say. That is similar to throwing pearls to swine, the English say. And which is how we demeanour during some of we Pakatan Rakyat supporters, monkeys as well as hog which have been not ready to be entrusted with power.
So we wish to fight. So let's fight. we have zero to remove because we don't caring the shit which side is starting to win the entrance general election. That is what we want. That is not what we want. Just because which is what we wish we have this mistaken notion which which is what we additionally want.
What stupid people we are. If we support Pakatan Rakyat afterwards we am God. If we do not support Pakatan Rakyat afterwards we am the Barisan Nasional stooge. Well, let me break it to we gently. we am neither God not the Barisan Nasional stooge. we am an independent-spirited particular who does not caring the shit about losers similar to you.
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The Choice: Obama For President,says The New Yorker

November 1, 2012

The New Yorker-October 29, 2012

The NEW YORKER endorsement of Barack Obama

The Choice: Barack Obama

by October 29, 2012

The morning was cold as good as a sky was bright. Aretha Franklin wore a large as good as interesting hat. Yo-Yo Ma urged his solidified fingers to fool around a cello, as good as a Reverend Joseph E. Lowery, a civil-rights comrade of Martin Luther King, Jr.,'s, review a sanctification which began with "Lift Every Voice as good as Sing," a segregation-era lamentation of American realities as good as jubilee of American ideals.

On which day in WashingtonInauguration Day, January 20, 2009the stormy chill penetrated each coat, nonetheless a discomfort was no impediment to joy. The police estimated which some-more than a million as good as a half people had swarming onto a Mall, making this a largest open entertainment in a story of a capital. Very couple of could see a speakers. It didn't matter. People had come to be with alternative people, to mark an surprising thing: a chronological eventuality which was elective, not befallen.

Just after noon, Barack Hussein Obama, a forty-seven-year-old son of a white Kansan as good as a black Kenyan, an uncommonly gifted if modestly credentialled authority from Illinois, took a promise of bureau as a forty-fourth President of a United States. That night, after a initial balls, President Obama as good as his wife as good as their daughters sle! pt durin g 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a white residence built by black men, slaves of West African heritage.

Obama succeeded George W. Bush, a two-term President whose base-born legacy, measured in a money it squandered as good as a wretchedness it inflicted, has become usually some-more clear with time. Bush left during a behind of an America in dire condition as good as with a degraded reputation. On Inauguration Day, a United States was in a downward financial spiral brought upon by predatory lending, legally authorised greed as good as pyramid schemes, an mercantile policy geared to a priorities as good as a amenities of what shortly came to be called "the a singular per cent," as good as deregulation which began before a Bush Presidency.

In 2008 alone, some-more than dual as good as a half million jobs were lostup to three-quarters of a million jobs a month. The sum domestic product was timorous during a rate of nine per cent. Housing prices collapsed. Credit markets collapsed. The stock marketplace collapsedand, with it, a retirement prospects of millions. Foreclosures as good as evictions were ubiquitous; total neighborhoods as good as towns emptied. The vehicle attention appeared to be headed for bankruptcy. Banks as large as Lehman Brothers were dead, as good as alternative banks were foundering. It was a predicament of historic dimensions as good as global ramifications. However skillful a management in Washington, a unemployment was bound to last longer than any since a Great Depression.

At a same time, a United States was in a surrounded by of a grinding as good as nonessential fight in Iraq, which killed a hundred thousand Iraqis as good as four thousand Americans, as good as burned out a sovereign coffers. The domestic as good as dignified damage of Bush's duplicitous pour out to fight rivalled a conflict's price in red blood as good as treasure.

America's station in a world was further compromised by a woe of prisoners as good as by bootleg surveillance during home. A! l Qaeda, which, upon September 11, 2001, killed 3 thousand people upon American soil, was still strong. Its leader, Osama garbage bin Laden, was, despite a global manhunt, vital firmly in Abbottabad, a sprouting retreat near Islamabad.

As if to feature a clarity of crisis, upon Inauguration Day a national-security apparatus sensitive a President-elect which Al Shabaab, a Somali affiliate of a Al Qaeda network, had sent terrorists across a Canadian limit as good as was planning an dispute upon a Mall, possibly upon Obama himself. That risk valid illusory; a others valid to be some-more onerous than any a singular had imagined. The humorous paper The Onion came up with a painfully good initial headline: "BLACK MAN GIVEN NATION'S WORST JOB."

Barack Obama began his Presidency clinging to a suspicion of post-partisanship. His rhetoric, starting with his "Red State, Blue State" Convention speech, in 2004, as good as his 2006 book, "The Audacity of Hope," was flushed with which idea. Just as in his memoir, "Dreams from My Father," he had attempted to reconcile a disparate pasts of his parents, Obama was dynamic to bring together ready to fight tribes in Washington as good as beyond. He extended his palm to everybody from a increasingly in advance caring of a congressional Republicans to a statute mullahs of a Iranian theocracy.

The Republicans, however, showed no greater seductiveness in operative with Obama than did a ayatollahs. The Iranian regime went upon enriching uranium as good as abrasive a opposition, as good as a Republicans, led by Dickensian scolds, together with a Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, committed themselves to a singular goal: to engineer a President's domestic drop by defeating his vital initiatives. Obama, for his part, did not regularly prove particularly adept at, or intent by, a arts of sell persuasion, as good as his dream of bipartisanship collided with a being of obstructionism.

Perhaps inevitably, a President has unhappy some of his many ferven! t suppor ters. Part of their beating is a reflection of a fantastical expectations which attached to him. Some, quite reasonably, have been unhappy in his policy failures (on Guantnamo, meridian change, as good as gun control); others subject a probity of a persistent have use of of predator drones.

And, of course, 2012 offers zero similar to a enjoyment of taking partial in a chronological advance: a relection of a initial African-American President does not enthuse a same turn of communal pride. But a relection of a President who has been progressive, competent, rational, decent, and, during times, idealist is a critical matter. The President has completed a run of desirous legislative, social, as good as foreign-policy successes which relieved a large measure of a tellurian suffering as good as inhabitant shame inflicted by a Bush Administration. Obama has renewed a honor of a bureau he holds.

The American Recovery as good as Reinvestment Act of 2009the $ 787-billion impulse packagewas good short of what some economists, together with Joseph Stiglitz as good as Paul Krugman, suspicion a predicament demanded. But it was incomparable in genuine dollars than any a singular of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal measures. It topsy-turvy a job-loss trendaccording to a Bureau of Labor Statistics, as many as 3.6 million private-sector jobs have been created since June, 2009and helped reset a march of a economy. It additionally represented a largest open investment in infrastructure since President Eisenhower's interstate-highway program.

From a start, though, Obama famous which it would reap usually modest domestic gain. "It's very tough to prove a counterfactual," he told a journalist Jonathan Alter, "where you say, 'You know, things unequivocally could have been a lot worse.' " He was vocalization of a bank as good as auto-industry bailouts, though a problem applies some-more broadly to a stimulus: harm averted is good unseen.

As for systemic reform, a Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform as ! good as Consumer Protection Act, which Obama signed in to law in July, 2010, tightened capital mandate upon banks, restricted predatory lending, and, in general, sought to prevent abuses of a sort which led to a pile-up of 2008.

Against a warn of some Republicans, together with Mitt Romney, a Obama Administration led a takeover, rescue, as good as revival of a vehicle industry. The Administration transformed a country's student-aid program, making it cheaper for students as good as saving a sovereign supervision sixty-two billion dollarsmore than a third of which was put behind in to Pell grants. AmeriCorps, a country's largest public-service program, has been tripled in size.

Obama's many poignant legislative feat was a vast remodel of a inhabitant health-care system. Five Presidents since a end of a Second World War have attempted to pass legislation which would insure concept access to medical care, though all were degraded by deeply confirmed opposition. Obamabolstered by a domestic cunning of a House Speaker, Nancy Pelosisucceeded.

Some critics urged a President to press for a single-payer systemMedicare for all. Despite a plenty merits, such a complement had no chance of winning congressional backing. Obama completed a achievable. The Patient Protection as good as Affordable Care Act is a singular biggest enlargement of a amicable safety net since a appearance of Medicaid as good as Medicare, in 1965. Not a singular Republican voted in preference of it.

Obama has passed no truly desirous legislation associated to meridian change, shying from dispute in a face of relentless antithesis from congressional Republicans. Yet his environmental jot down is not as barren as it competence seem. The impulse check supposing for extensive investment in immature energy, biofuels, as good as electric cars. In August, a Administration instituted brand new fuel-efficiency standards which should scarcely double gas mileage; by 2025, brand new cars will need to average 54.5 miles per gallon.

P resident Obama's commitment to polite rights has left over rhetoric. During his initial week in office, he signed a Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which protects women, minorities, as good as a disabled opposite astray salary discrimination. By finale a military's ban upon a use of those who have been openly gay, as good as by endorsing matrimony equality, Obama, some-more than any previous President, has been a strong advocate of a polite rights of happy men as good as lesbians.

Finally, Obama appointed to a Supreme Court dual highly efficient women, Elena Kagan as good as Sonia Sotomayor, a Court's initial Hispanic. Kagan as good as Sotomayor have been skilled as good as liberal-minded Justices who, abjuring dogmatism, paint a sober as good as sensible set of jurisprudential values.

In a realm of unfamiliar policy, Obama came in to bureau vocalization a denunciation of multilateralism as good as reconciliationso many so which a Nobel Peace Prize committee, in an action as condescending as it was premature, awarded him a laurels, in 2009. Obama was broke by a endowment as good as famous it for what it was: a reprove to a Bush Administration.

Still, a Norwegians were additionally getting during something some-more affirmative. Obama's Cairo speech, which same year, attempted to help heal some of a wounds not usually of a Iraq War but, some-more generally, of Western colonialism in a Middle East. Speaking during Cairo University,* Obama expressed bewail which a West had used Muslim countries as pawns in a Cold War diversion of Risk. He spoke for a rights of women as good as opposite torture; he shielded a legitimacy of a State of Israel whilst offering a candid comment of a consequential issue of a Palestinians as good as their need for statehood, citing a "humiliationslarge as good as smallthat come with occupation."

It was an edifying speech, though Obama was shortly instruct! ed in a limits of unilateral good will. Vladimir Putin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bashar al-Assad, Hu Jintao, as good as alternative autocrats tougher or stronger his spirit. Still, he valid a sophisticated as good as arguable diplomat as good as an effective Commander-in-Chief. He kept his promise to repel American troops from Iraq. He forbade torture. And he waged a far some-more forceful debate opposite Al Qaeda than Bush hada debate which enclosed a killing of Osama garbage bin Laden. He negotiatedand won Senate capitulation ofa consequential strategic-arms understanding with a Russians, slashing warheads as good as launchers upon both sides as good as augmenting a clarity of mutual inspections. In Afghanistan, he has set a in accord with march in an unfit situation.

The unsettled situations in Egypt as good as Libya, following a Arab Spring of 2010, have solid which which region's domestic trajectory is anything though fixed. Syria shames a world's inaction as good as confounds a hopes of wilful intervention. This is where Obama's respect for complexity is not an indulgence of egghead vanity though a sequence for effective action. In a box of garbage bin Laden, it was required to action alone as good as during once; in Libya, in concert with a Europeans; in Iran, carefully though with wilful measures.

One peculiarity which so many electorate admired in Obama in 2008 was his surprising temperament: inspirational, nonetheless formal, cool, hyper-rational. He betrothed to be a slightest funny of Presidents, a slightest erratic as good as unpredictable. The delight of which spirit was in evidence upon a spring night in 2011, as he completed his duties, with a standup's precision as good as metaphysical lan, during a White House Correspondents' Dinner, all a whilst knowing which he had, with no pledge of success, dispatched Navy SEAL Team Six to kill garbage bin Laden. In a modern era, you have had Presidents who were known to seduce interns (Kennedy as good as Clinton), speak to paintings (Nixon), as! good as upset cinema with being (Reagan). Obama's patience has mostly served him, as good as a country, well.

But Obama is additionally a tellurian being, a injured as good as difficult one, as good as as a world has come to know him better you have sometimes seen a downside of his temperament: a certain insularity as good as self-satisfaction; a tendency during timesas in a initial discuss with Mitt Romneyto misuse disdain for a unpleasant tasks of politics. As a domestic warrior, Obama can be withdrawn, even not often passive. He has sometimes struggled to communicate a tellurian stakes of a policies he has initiated. In a superfluous days of a campaign, Obama contingency be entirely, as good as vividly, present, as he was in a second discuss with Romney. He contingency clarify not usually what he has completed though additionally what he intends to achieve, how he intends to accelerate a recovery, spur employment, as good as reduce a debt crisis; how he intends to understanding with an increasingly hazardous incident in Pakistan; what he will do if Iran fails to bring a nuclear module in to line with international strictures. Most important, he needs to communicate a incomparable prophesy which matches his outsized jot down of achievement.

There is another, incomparable "counterfactual" to considerthe a singular represented by Obama's Republican challenger, Willard Mitt Romney. The Republican Party's hopeful is handsome, confident, as good as articulate. He done a fortune in business, initial as a consultant, afterwards in in isolation equity. After using for a Senate in Massachusetts, in 1994, as good as unwell to reinstate Edward Kennedy, Romney relaunched his open career by presiding successfully over a 2002 Winter Olympics, in Salt Lake City. (A four-hundred-million-dollar sovereign bailout helped.) From 2003 to 2007, he was a administrator of Massachusetts and, operative with a Democratic legislature, succeeded in flitting an considerable health-care bill. He has been using for President! full ti me ever since.

In a use of which ambition, Romney has embraced a values as good as a priorities of a Republican Party which has grown increasingly regressive as good as firm in a amicable vision. It is a party dominated by those who depreciate supervision as good as see no value in open efforts directed during ameliorating a measureless as good as fast augmenting inequalities in American society. A caller to a F.D.R. Memorial, in Washington, is confronted by these difference from Roosevelt's second Inaugural Address, etched in stone: "The exam of our progress is not either you add some-more to a abundance of those who have much; it is either you yield for those who have too little." Romney as good as a leaders of a contemporary G.O.P. would consider this a call to category warfare. Their bid to disenfranchise poor, black, Hispanic, as good as tyro electorate in many states deepens a clarity which Romney's remarks about a "forty-seven per cent" were a have a difference not of "inelegant" expression, as he after protested, though of genuine conviction.

Romney's conviction is which a extended swath of adults who do not compensate sovereign income taxa category which includes pensioners, soldiers, low-income workers, as good as those who have mislaid their jobsare parasites, too far left in sloth as good as dependency to be value a exhale a singular competence spend asking for their votes. His skirmish to this cynical viewfurther evidenced by his selection of a using mate, Paul Ryan, who is a epitome of a contemporary in advance Republicanhas been dishearteningly smooth. He in hint renounced his biggest feat in open lifethe Massachusetts health-care lawbecause a inhabitant manifestation, Obamacare, is anathema to a Tea Party as good as to a G.O.P. in general. He has tacked to a tough right upon abortion, immigration, gun laws, meridian change, stem-cell research, happy rights, a Bush taxation cuts, as good as a host of foreign-policy issues. He has signed a Grover Norquist no-tax-hike pledge ! as good as permitted Ryan's winner-take-all economics.

But what is many disquieting is Romney's incomparable domestic vision. When he conspicuous which Obama "takes his domestic inspiration from Europe, as good as from a socialist democrats in Europe," he was not usually signalling Obama's "otherness" to a singular kind of regressive voter; he was suggesting which Obama's liberalism is in dispute with a uniquely American aria of individualism.

The thesis recurred when Romney as good as his allies jumped upon Obama's regard which no entrepreneur creates a commercial operation wholly alone ("You didn't build that"). The Republicans go upon to demand upon a "Atlas Shrugged" fantasy of a solitary entrepreneurial genius who creates jobs as good as resources with no assistance during all from supervision or society.

If a keynote of Obama's Administration has been open investmentwhether in infrastructure, education, or healththe keynote of Romney's candidacy has been in isolation equity, a realm in which efficiency as good as profitability have been a autarchic values. As a commercial operation model, in isolation equity has had a churned record. As a domestic template, it is stunted in a extreme. Private equity is concerned with rewarding winners as good as punishing losers. But a democracy cannot lay off a unwell citizens. It cannot be calm to leave any of a adults behindand positively not a forty-seven per cent whom Romney wishes to fire from a polity.

Private equity has served Romney wellhe is conspicuous to be value a entertain of a billion dollars. Wealth is frequency unique in a inhabitant candidate or in a President, but, distinct Franklin Rooseveltor Teddy Roosevelt or John KennedyRomney seems to be keenly constant to a perquisites as good as a reckless of his class, a privileged cadre of Americans who, similar to him, compensate unusually low taxation rates, with deductions for corporate jets. They seem calm with a complement in which a entertain of all gain as good as forty pe! r cent o f all resources go to a singular per cent of a population. Romney is between those who see commercial operation success as a certain pointer of dignified virtue.

The rest of us will have to take his word for it. Romney, violation with custom, has declined to release some-more than dual years of income-tax returnsa warding off of clarity which he has not afforded his own Vice-Presidential nominee. Even but those returns, you know which he has taken advantage of a taxation code's gray areas, together with a have use of of offshore accounts in a Cayman Islands. For all his undoubted patriotism, he apparently believes which money belongs to an empyrean far over such territorial attachments.

But holding unfamiliar bank accounts is not a substitute for knowledge in unfamiliar policy. In which area, he has outsourced his views to mediocre, ideologically driven advisers similar to Dan Senor as good as John Bolton. He speaks in Cold War jingoism. On a short foray abroad this summer, he managed, in fast order, to insult a British, to pander crudely to Benjamin Netanyahu in sequence to win a votes as good as contributions of his regressive Jewish as good as Evangelical supporters, as good as to dodge ordinary questions from a press in Poland. On a thorniest of foreign-policy problemsfrom Pakistan to Syriahis debate has offering no alternatives solely a set of tough-guy slogans as good as an oft-repeated faith in "American exceptionalism."

In office of swing voters, Romney as good as Ryan have sought to tamp down, as good as keep vague, a extremism of their mercantile as good as amicable commitments. But their signals to a Republican base as good as to a Tea Party have been simply read: whatever was accomplished underneath Obama will be topsy-turvy or stifled. Bill Clinton has rightly pointed out which many Presidents set about fulfilling their debate promises.

Romney, despite his pose of chiselled equanimity, has pledged to ravage a safety net, conflict progress upon matrimony equali! ty, omit all warnings of ecological disaster, idle health-care reform, as good as designate right-wing judges to a courts. Four of a nine Supreme Court Justices have been in their seventies; a Romney Administration competence good have a chance to reinstate dual of a some-more magnanimous incumbents, as good as Romney's confidant in authorised affairs is a embittered far-right judge as good as authorised academician Robert Bork. The rightward drift of a justice led by Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, as good as Alitoa drift noted by abominable decisions similar to Citizens Unitedwould usually feature during a Romney Presidency.

The converging of a hard-right infancy would be a mortal hazard to a capability of women to have their own decisions about contraception as good as pregnancy, a capability of institutions to assuage a unfavourable legacies of past hardship as good as benefaction prejudice, as good as a capability of American democracy to insulate itself from a corrupt mastery of unlimited, unknown money. Romney has conspicuous himself "severely conservative." There is each reason to believe him.

The choice is clear. The Romney-Ryan ticket represents a constricted as good as backward-looking prophesy of America: a privatization of a open good. In contrast, a sort of open investment championed by Obamaand exemplified by both a American Recovery as good as Reinvestment Act as good as a Affordable Care Acttakes to heart a aged civil-rights sign "Lifting as you climb." That bid cannot, by itself, reverse a rise of lack of harmony which has been underneath approach for during slightest 3 decades. But we've already seen a destiny which Romney represents, as good as it doesn't work.

The relection of Barack Obama is a have a difference of good urgency. Not usually have been you in extended agreement with his policy directions; you additionally see in him what is absent in Mitt Romneya best domestic spirit as good as a deep clarity of fairness as ! good as integrity. A two-term Obama Administration will leave an enduringly positive imprint upon domestic life. It will bolster a ideal of good governance as good as a amicable prophesy which tempers individualism with a concern for community. Every Presidential choosing involves a contest over a suspicion of America. Obama's Americaone which progresses, however falteringly, toward amicable justice, tolerance, as good as equalityrepresents a destiny which this country deserves.

* Obama's speech was since during Cairo University, not during Al Azhar University.

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Nurturing Mukhriz Mahathir

The amour in Umno currently is larger than a amour in a banned city during a last days of Chinese Emperors. It is a certain sign of a disappearing Umno in a dog eat dog situation.The opening in Umno as well as a dread amongst a care is getting wider.Umno emissary boss Muhyiddin Yassin has asked his camp to fool around low key. If anything has to be unleashed opposite Najib as well as his mentor, it has to be sudden as well as during a crucial time, so as not to concede for an event for a Mahathiria ... Read More


Ini kamera AES yang sedang mengkap kelajuan Kapal Terbang dari KL ke Ipoh! Ok sekarang ni aku nak cerita pasal AES! Yalah sekarang ni dah semakin panas pulak nampaknya setelah banyak kali kita siarkan pasal isu ni. Aku malas nak cerita banyak la, macam ni je la cadangan aku.

Apa kata AES ni dilakukan kajian terlebih dahulu, pasang kat traffic light, takde siapa joke marah. Orang marah bila ianya dipasang di lebuhraya yang jalannya lurus dan kita tak tau apa statistik kemalangan disana. Lakukan kajian dulu, betul ke kerana memandu laju di lebuhraya punca kemalangan?

Kalau nak letak sangat kat main road joke especially main road PLUS, naikkanlah speed extent ke 130-140 ke. bila hujan kena memandu 110-120. Kalau dah nak sangat letak AES, letak kat kawasan yang memang kadar kemalangannya sangat tinggi, letak la papan tanda berapa kematian dan kemalangan yang beralku kat situ. Jadi takde siapa joke boleh pertikai.

Lagi bagus kalau pihak berkuasa yang menjaga AES ni tanpa melibatkan pihak peniaga. Takut-takut nanti disalahguna pulak kan, yalah nak buat duit. Bukan nak menuduh cuma risau. Benda macm ni elok pihak berkuasa je yang menjaganya.

Lagi stau kat Highway ni, LORI-LORI dan BAS-BAS yang memandu dengan laju dan suka memasuki lorong laju itulah yang menjadi punca kemalangan sebenarnya. Ini kena ambil tindakan, terutama sekali BAS yang membawa penumpang, merek main masuk je hingga menbahayakan kenderaan yang berada si lorong laju.

Kalau nak letak AES dan rakam cara pemanduan lori dan bas yang amat berbahaya tu, aku setuju. Tapi takleh pakai kamera still la, kenapa pakai video cam beb. Aku gerenti syarikat yang jaga AES akan gembira sebab terlampau banyak Lori dan Bas yang memandu secara bahaya terutama sekal! i lepas 10 malam.

Korang ada cadangan lain ke? Sila bagi cadangan korang.

Tanda Putera part of BN's fear mongering - Malaysia Kini

Malaysia Kini

Tanda Putera part of BN's fright mongering
Malaysia Kini
Abasir: The film's financiers are Umno-controlled entities (Finas as well as Multimedia Development Corporation, MDeC) They call a shots when it comes to a film's message, the aim assembly as well as a timing of the release. Shuhaimi Baba is usually a ...

SUARAM questionable plaintiff status and a lying legal firm

Plaintiff standing rejected

On October 11, The Malaysian Insiders reported a President of a Young Journalists Club,Dzulkarnain Taib claimingSUARAM misrepresented itself as a plaintiff to a French inquiry of a multi-billion Scorpene submarine deal.

He purported SUARAM lied to a public in Malaysia when they claimed to have beenaccepted or recognized as civil party (plaintiff).



Ini aku nak sambung dari apa yang aku tulis beberapa hari lepas, KLIK SINI

Aku sebenarnya malas betul nak tulis pasal sekor mamat senduk yang dikenali sebagai sakmongkol aka SUCKMYCOCK atau nama sebenarnya Arif Sabri bekas adun BN di Pulau Manis ni. Banyak kali aku dah dedahkan pasal manusia tak bertanggungjawab terhadap keluarga sendiri ni.

Kini setelah stick on DAP, si melayu tak sedar diri ni sudah semakin gila nampaknya, ada saja tulisan baru dia tulis untuk hentam PM dan Isteri, tak lepas juga dendam kesumat dia terhadap Tun Mahathir dan terbaru dia juga menyerang Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar.

Yang paling aku tak tahan bilamana si pencerai bini melalui blog ni kata Tun Mahathir mengata pasal Datin Seri Rosmah, itulah yang ditulis si bahalol yang tak memberi nafkah pada anak bini dia, mengikut kata si senduk ni semua pemimpin UMNO tahu kununnya Rosmah la punca UMNO rosak sekarang!

Wahai SUCKMYCOCK! Satu Malaya dan satu donia dah tahu siapa punca orang meluat dan benci kat UMNO! Jangan la pasal kau nak seronokkan bekas bos kau tu maka kau mereka-reka cerita bodoh tak masuk akal! Nak tulis joke logik la sikit. Aku tengok dah serupa remodel je dia ni tulis!

Aku tau kau masih lagi baik dengan bos lama kau yang kau puji dan puja dulu. Sebab itu kau conflict Tun M, aku tak perlu sebut siapa bos kau tu. Aku percaya ramai yang tahu.

Dah la masuk DAP jadi anjing si Guan Eng pastu ada hati nak tulis apa yang berlaku dalam UMNO. Kah kah kah, aku nak tergelak joke ada, paling malang sekali bilamana portal bebal macam Free Malaysiakini ambil cerita ini dan paparkan di portal mereka. Takde kualiti langsung.

Lain kali kalau na! k buat c erita biarlah logik sikit, jangan pakai categorical hantam kromo saja, Tun M tak pernah kacau Najib dari apa segi pun. Ini semua tahu, tapi biasa la anjing-anjing kurap yang tak reti nak jaga keluarga sendiri sengaja mereka-reka cerita tahap hanjeng ni.

Eeeuuwww geli la aku nak tulis pasal dia ni...


Seramai 56 sukarelawan Misi Bantuan Kemanusiaan Pelarian Syria di Jordan anjuran Kelab Putera 1Malaysia (KP1M) selamat tiba di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) kira-kira jam 6.30 petang tadi.

Ketibaan mereka disambut dengan linangan air mata kegembiraan selepas misi yang berlangsung selama eleven hari itu berjaya mencapai objektifnya membantu mangsa konflik yang kini mendiami beberapa kem pelarian.

Selain membantu pelarian Syria, KP1M turut mengembangkan sayapnya membantu pelarian Palestin selain memberi peluang kepada mereka semua menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha dalam suasana yang lebih ceria.

Disifatkan sebagai misi terbaik setakat ini, Presiden KP1M, Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, berkata penglibatan pelajar-pelajar Malaysia di Jordan merupakan antara faktor yang menyebabkan misi tersebut berjalan lancar selain sokongan dan dokongan yang diberikan oleh Duta Besar Malaysia di Jordan, Datuk Abdul Malek Abdul Aziz.

Misi KP1M kita telah berakhir dengan jayanya di mana kesemua barangan bantuan telah kita agihkan, sekaligus mencapai objektif yang ditetapkan bagi membantu pelarian Syria dan tidak ketinggalan juga pelarian Palestin.

Sokongan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan mantan Perdana Menteri, Tun Mahathir Mohamad dalam menjayakan misi ini amat dihargai oleh KP1M.


House PK: Alhamdulillah , dikala kita bersama-sama keluarga kita menyambut Aidil Adha, mereka ni semua korbakan masa dan sanggup beraya diperantauan untuk misi bantuan kemanusiaan. Tolong la jangan politikkan misi bantuan ini.

Tahniah aku ucapkan pada mereka semua.

KP1M Sedia Bantu Pelaria! n Syria Hadapi Musim Sejuk Hujung Nov Ini

Ipoh hospital dermatology clinic ceiling collapses

Part of the front apportionment ceiling of the dermatology clinic during the Specialist Clinic Complex, Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital here came crashing down during about 6am today.
However, no casualties were reported in the situation that discovered by the confidence guard. Twenty ceiling boards fell to the floor.
According to state Health, Local Government, Consumer Affairs, Environment, Public Transport as well as Non-Islamic Affairs Committee authority Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon, the ceiling could not await the weight of the PVC siren containing write as well as ICT cables.
"The sanatorium had requested for the ceiling to be restored as well as correct works are expected to be finished this evening. The costs would be borne by the hospital, that will additionally check other parts to avoid the identical incident," he told reporters while visiting the sanatorium today.
The formidable was finished in 1994 as well as has been providing dilettante medical services for eighteen years.
"Even yet the formidable is already eighteen years old, the situation should not have happened," Mah said.
Meanwhile, the upkeep staff during the sanatorium who elite to sojourn anonymous, said the PVC siren should have been commissioned using the trunking system.
"This is since the complement can accommodate more cables upon large scale installation, or the executive should have used the bracket to ensure that the ceiling does not have to fully await the siren load," he told Bernama. Bernama
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Satu calon satu kerusi bukan dasar bersama Pakatan, kata naib presiden PAS

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 Okt Naib Presiden PAS Salahuddin Ayub menegaskan bahawa dasar 'satu calon satu kerusi' yang dicadangkan Pengerusi Kebangsaan DAP Karpal Singh bukanlah dasar bersama pakatan pembangkang. Sebaliknya, kata Salahuddin, ia hanya terpakai kepada DAP. "Tidak timbul masalah. Lagi joke kita telah lama mengamalkan satu calon satu kerusi ... Read More

Sex blogger says sorry to university for victimless crime

KUALA LUMPUR, October 31 Alvin Tan, the Malaysian during the centre of the debate after he as well as his partner posted in the corner blog photographs as well as videos of themselves carrying sex, apologised today to the National University of Singapore (NUS) for bringing shame to the school.
But Tan additionally forked out which he was the perpetrator of the victimless crime.
Speaking to reporters after the NUS disciplinary exploration in Singapore today, law undergraduate Alvin Tan said: "I apologised for bringing shame to the school".
But the twenty-four year-old pronounced he had reiterated during the exploration which what he did was finished in his "own personal time as the private particular as well as not an NUS student", Singapore'sStraits Timesnewspaper reported in its online edition today.
"What we did was the victimless crime," the journal quoted him as saying.
"Nobody was really spoiled or harm in the process."
Today's exploration started during 2.30pm as well as finished during 4pm.
He toldThe Straits Timesyesterday dusk which his girlfriend, 23-year-old Malaysian Vivian Lee, had wanted to attend with him to Singapore, though was stopped by her family.
NUS had pronounced progressing which the board will review the box prior to determining upon the suitable disciplinary movement to be taken opposite Tan.
Tan pronounced the school would inform him of the board's decision in 7 days, the journal reported.
Tan is the NUS law scholarship holder. After headlines pennyless of his corner blog with Lee, the university pronounced it would examine him formed upon shame charges.
He had publicised upon the Singapore forum the link to his blog progressing this month.
The NUS tyro had ! pronounc ed explicit photos as well as videos of himself as well as his partner starting viral was "exciting", according to Yahoo! Singapore.
On the site "Sumptuous Erotica", Tan as well as Lee pronounced they loved posting details of their sex hold up upon the web "for everybody to enjoy" as well as which they uploaded usually self-made content.
The blog has since been taken down.
Tan went to Singapore underneath the Asean scholarship in 2004 as well as attended Xinmin Secondary School as well as Raffles Junior College prior to he went to NUS.
He is formed in Kuala Lumpur, where he has an online business. His mom helps to run the family business, while his father works in sales.
The integrate additionally faces the probability of criminal charge as well as jail time if convicted for exhibiting pornographic material after they posted photographs as well as videos of themselves carrying sex upon their blog.
Malaysian Police Commercial Crimes arch Datuk Syed Ismail Syed Azizan pronounced not long ago which the authorities were deliberation taking movement opposite the duo for violation of obscenity laws.
Under territory 292 of the Penal Code, the integrate could be prosecuted for exhibiting pornographic material.
The low mark underneath the law is seizure for the term of up to 3 years or the fine.
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Selangor to revive Bukit Jelutong water plant for membrane technology

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 The Selangor supervision currently voiced skeleton to revive a now-defunct 1963-built Bukit Jelutong H2O diagnosis plant as a pioneer plan for a proposed "membrane technology" which a sovereign supervision has snubbed, estimating to progress a state's treated with colour H2O prolongation by an one more 100 million litres daily.
In a matter here, state senior manager councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar pronounced a price of rehabilitating as well as repair a plant is estimated during in in between RM50 million as well as RM80 million as well as reparatory works should be finished inside of six months.
The state government, he added, will bear a full price of construction.
"The state supervision has directed a expert firm to complete a investigate of a plant inside of dual months, as well as to include an evaluation by a Macro as well as Privatisation section of a Selangor Economic Planning Unit (EPU)," he pronounced in a matter here after visiting a plant in Section 13, Shah Alam, today.
Jayakumar pronounced which once completed, a plant should produce in in between 50 million as well as 100 million litres of treated with colour H2O daily, which he pronounced should be sufficiently make up for half a H2O needs of Shah Alam folk.
"This is between a Selangor government's efforts to seek alternative H2O sources, as well as implement new technology in sequence to provide sufficient treated with colour H2O to a adults of Selangor," he said.
The Bukit Jelutong H2O diagnosis plant was built in 1963 as well as was sealed in early 1995 due to a soiled segment in a H2O sourced from a Damansara river.
The Pakatan Rakyat-led (PR) Selangor supervision has been sealed in a protracted dispute over destiny skeleton for H2O management in a state, expected a vital campaign is! sue when polls have been hold soon.
The Barisan Nasional (BN) sovereign supervision has been notice of an imminent H2O shortage, which it progressing claimed could arrive as shortly as 2014 though later revised to 2017.
It has also pulpy on with skeleton to construct a RM3 billion Langat 2 plant, which will provide H2O from Pahang, though BN's political foes in PR have insisted which this is not a many appropriate or many economically viable alternative.
Instead, PR has referred to to make make make use of of of a "membrane technology" to progress H2O prolongation during existent plants during a fragment of a price during usually RM800 million, saying this would be a cheapest choice to reduce stream fears of an imminent H2O crisis.
But in Parliament yesterday, Putrajaya again refused to back down from a Langat 2 skeleton dogmatic which it was a many appropriate choice to prevent what it says will be an imminent H2O necessity in a country's richest state.
Deputy Energy, Green Technology as well as Water Minister Datuk Noriah Kasnon told a Dewan Rakyat which a Selangor government's proposed alternative to make make make use of of of a "membrane technology" during existent H2O plants might usually progress prolongation in a reduced tenure though might not encounter a state's long-term projection.
"Additionally, if there is need to upgrade a existent plant in sequence to make make make use of of of this surface technology, we think a price would be high," she pronounced when replying to Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau) during Question Time.
"We proposed our investigate given a late 1990s as well as we have distributed all possibilities.
"The sovereign supervision has already done a preference which a many economic as well as viable choice is by transferring H2O from Pahang to Selangor," she said.
The argumentative Langat 2 plant, which a Selangor Pakatan Rakyat (PR) have been dynamic to reject, ! will pro vide H2O brought in from Pahang as well as is expected to produce some 1.3 million litres of H2O daily.
But when rebutting Noriah, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim pointed out to a Dewan Rakyat which there was no need for a Langat 2 plant as a state's stream prolongation of treated with colour H2O is already during five million litres a day.
He explained which a state also records non-revenue H2O (NRW) wastage of 1.5 million daily, which distant surpasses a 1.3 million litres to be produced by Langat 2.
"In my research, a price of upgrading our 10 of twenty-seven diagnosis plants usually comes up to RM800 million... compared to a RM3 billion for Langat 2," he said.
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KKIA fiasco raises more questions

The shameful incident during Kuala Lumpur International Airport warrants an eccentric exploration as conspiracy theories of 'sabotage' have been rife.
TAWAU: While night flights in as well as out of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) may have resumed after an annoying foul-up last week, suspicions remain over the fiasco.
A Sabah MP has called for an eccentric exploration in to the runway lights disaster which disrupted some-more than 50 domestic as well as general flights as well as influenced around 6,000 passengers.
Chua Soon Bui, the Tawau MP, pronounced the supervision should set-up an eccentric exploration to allay flourishing fears of the cover-up being set in motion to prevent annoying those in high positions.
She pronounced the shameful incident during the country's second busiest airfield after the Kuala Lumpur International Airport warrants an eccentric exploration as conspiracy theories of 'sabotage' have been being put forward by Minister of Transport Kong Cho Ha as the possible cause.
"The sabotage speculation could be only the convenient ploy to cover up something which is distant some-more critical as well as deleterious to the reputation of the ministry concerned, as well as the complete Barisan Nasional supervision as the whole," Chua said.
She pronounced questions had been lifted over the possibility of inattentive workmanship as well as inferior materials being used in the persisting work being undertaken to expand the airport.
"This can only be suggested through an eccentric inquiry," she said, adding which cr! ime or a t the back of of payments by the supervision or non-payments to sub-contractors were among complaints she had heard about the lengthy check in completing the upgrading of the airport.
Last week's KKIA night moody shutdown caught most off guard notwithstanding airfield authorities being wakeful which the runway lighting complement was unstable.
Chua pronounced which as similar incidents had happened before, there should have been the fail-safe back-up complement in place as well as if there was such the system, questions should be asked why it had failed.
She combined which as it took some-more than 48 hours for the Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) to get the runway lights back in operation as well as it showed which something was amiss in the management of the KKIA.
Clueless airfield officials
The airports runway lights flickered out during 6.20pm upon Thursday, the eve of Hari Raya Haji, withdrawal thousands of passengers stuck after scores of evening as well as night flights were either cancelled or diverted.
MAHB has been in the banishment line since the fiasco. The supervision has reportedly spent RM1 billion for the ongoing KKIA runway extension project which is roughly two years at the back of schedule.
Chua who is also the vice president of the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) further questioned the crisis management abilities of the Malaysia Airport Bhd whose officials were pronounced to be clueless upon how to handle the incident as the outcome of diversion or termination of flights.
"I was made to understand which the stuck passengers who enclosed most foreign tourists were not soon sensitive of the tangible problem causing their moody check as well as there was not even an apology from the relevant authorities during which material time," she said.
Passengers who had arrived for their flights hours prior to their flights were scheduled t! o depart complained which they were only sensitive which their flights were cancelled much later.
Among the stuck passengers were the vast number of Universiti Malaysia Sabah students who were heading home as well as most were forced to outlay the night sleeping upon the building of the airport.
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Jangan bayar saman AES...

Naib Presiden PAS Datuk Mahfuz Omar hari ini menyeru orang ramai tidak membayar saman Sistem Penguatkuasaan Automatik (AES), sebaliknya hadir mempertahankan diri di mahkamah.Pengerusi Kempen Anti Saman Ekor (KASE) itu berkata, pihaknya sudah menyediakan lebih 100 peguam untuk membantu orang ramai yang menjadi mangsa sistem pemantauan trafik itu, lapor Harakahdaily."Kerajaan perlu tarik balik saman yang telah dikeluarkan sejak 13 Oktober 2012."Jika kerajaan enggan berbuat demikian saya ser ... Read More

What a mess BN has created in Selangor!

What a mess! What a god dam disaster BN has combined in Selangor! First, a most absolute warlord in Port Klang during which time; then, they had a super trillionaire former menteri besar (certainly you have been articulate about which Umno dentist), after which BN took a water supply divided from a people of Selangor, billions in Ringgit of a state bin went missing, as good as now, a common ownership plan to be commenced aside a chronological Batu Caves Hindu temple.

These have been a real disaster which BN has combined for Selangor as good as now a PKR-led Pakatan Rakyat state supervision would have to collect up a pieces as good as face with assorted open anger, whilst those who have been ignorant would afterwards simply blame a benefaction state supervision for all these hassles.

Well, it has been clearly proven which it was a afterwards Selangor BN state supervision who had since a capitulation to a developer in 2007 to build a twenty-over storey common ownership subsequent to a Batu Caves Hindu temple.

The two BN Indian sitting municipal councillors during which time, A.Kohilan Pilay (currently Selangor Gerakan chairman, senator as good as deputy minister) as good as P.Kamalanathan (currently an MIC MP, who accidently won a by-election) claimed which they were unknowingly of a plan being authorized by a Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS). In this case, they washed their hands clean, or maybe, they fell defunct during a council sittings. That is because they have been unknowingly of a plan being authorized during their tenure.

The afterwards MIC president Datuk S.Samy Vellu was additionally dammed good wakeful which a plan has been tabled as good as autho! rized by MPS in 2007. What? He doesn't know about this? Some of those building a whole activities would need a capitulation of a Works Ministry of which Datuk Samy is a apportion during which time. Is he additionally revelation us which he sign off a plan but realizing it or did he too, fell defunct during work?

What can a benefaction Selangor state supervision do now? Well, it is a most difficult part from here. If they were to halt a plan or cancel i! t off, a developer, armed with all its necessary documentations as good as evidence would definitely sue a state supervision for compensation. Yes, if a plan is cancelled, a developer being a business entity would surely suffer a massive loss.

But if a plan were to proceed, a Batu Cave church would be gravely affected by a low pier as good as a heavy building a whole works. What would have it worst is a cave church may additionally be shop-worn as a result of a construction.

Then, what can a state supervision do? First, declassify all a state documentations pertaining to a plan as good as have it open for scrutiny by a people as good as a press. Second, call upon a developer endangered as good as suggest them a viable resolution onto this.

Perhaps upon cancelling this project, suggest them an additional option, may be a befitting empty land worth identical or a bit higher/lower than a current projection costs, yield a little discounts or special exemptions to an pick project. There is certain a win, win incident to be found in due process, supposing which BN governing body do not interfere in a center of such problem-solving process.

To a developer, if you want a fair as good as winnable solution, just close your doors upon those BN governing body as good as not vouchsafing them conversion you upon your talks with a state government. During a process, these BN politicians, particularly Umno, MIC as good as Gerakan would certainly try to stir up a little racial tensions in between. So, have certain you close them out completely! . Use yo ur knowledge as good as professionalism to resolve this matter.

So, what else for Umno, MIC as good as Gerakan in this issue? We all knew a facts. God knows it too. Then, you should again vote them out, far divided from a corridors of energy come subsequent general elections.
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When the Sunday Star almost defied KDN

Tales of the Dark Days IX Recollections by a little Star reporters of Shutdown days By Cheryl Dorall See also The day of the tyrant Those black days when the Star was shutdown The game of Risk in broadcasting Tunku's lament, afterwards off in search ofjobs A personal china backing [...] Read More @ Source

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Koon Swan honored

October 31, 2012

Koon Swan honored for Contributions to Politics as well as Business

by Teoh El

Former MCA Chief Tan Koon Swan will be awarded a "Lifetime Achievement Award" for his contributions to governing body as well as business during a 4th World Chinese Economic Forum (WCEF) subsequent month, voiced MCA President Dr Chua Soi Lek today.

Tan will be among seven others to be conferred a endowment during WCEF which will be hold in Melbourne, Australia starting Nov 12.

Congratulating Tan, Chua said:"It is time for what we call redemption. He has left by a really difficult time as well as he deserves a award. The prosecutor in his case has certified to being wrong as well as has exonerated him time has proven which he (Tan) is innocent."

Chua combined which it was high time which Tan, who he described as a "well-known corporate figure", have his hard work as well as contributions recognised.

The Singapore Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) in 1985 slapped Tan with fifteen charges, together with rapist breach of trust (CBT) as well as share manipulation following a collapse of Pan-Electric

Industries, which temporarily halted a Malaysia as well as Singapore batch exchanges. Tan, who had a stake in Pan-Electric, was found guilty as well as locked up dual years. He was MCA President between Nov 1985 as well as September 1986, prior to quitting after a scandal.

Glenn Knight, then Director of CAD, in his recently-launched book, "Glenn Knight: The Prosecutor", apologised to Tan for a "wrongful prosecution". In his words, Tan was "technically an innocent man".

Knight's book was doubtful by Singapore's Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC), which pronounced which Tan's! convict ion stood as well as he stays guilty of a crime which he had certified to.

Others receiving a lifetime awards are Dr Jonathan Choi Chairman of a Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (for Community Leadership); Jannie Chan Vice Chairman of The Hour Glass Ltd & President, ASEAN Business Forum(for Women Leadership);Councillor Ken Ong Melbourne City Council (for Community Leadership); Jenny McGregor Founding Chief

Executive Officer, Asialink Centre, Australia (for Leadership in Asian Studies in Australia); Vincent Lee Fook Long Executive Deputy Chairman, The Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad(for Media as well as Communications); Vincent Lo Chairman, Shui On Group (for Leadership in Property Sector); Liew Kee Sin President/Chief Executive Officer, SP Setia Berhad Group (for Property Development Leadership).

Meanwhile, Chua pronounced a WCEF, being a initial time hold outside of Malaysia, was a really poignant event for both Asians as well as Western countries.

"The approach to go, as Australia has identified, is to maximize as well as tap in to a flourishing manage to buy of Asia, China, India, Japan, as well as South Korea. It is often pronounced which a centre of sobriety of a manage to buy has shifted from a West to a East.

"The economic expansion in a subsequent couple of years is really certain about this part of a world, rsther than than America as well as European Union, who have not put their house in order. Whereas in Asia, expansion has remained uninterrupted," he said.

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Barisan Nasional (BN) has LOST an additional personality from Sabah.Balanting Erom,brother-in-lawtoSalleh Tun Said, Sabah State Assembly Speaker has just handed his Application Form to join KEADILAN during Kampung Raganan, Tuaran.

It looks like PM Najib will once again have to have a 'sudden' trip to Sabah, to convince a Sabahans which all is excellent as well as his UMNO/BN has a confidence of a Sabahans.

What 'special goodies' is PM Najib going to offer a Sabahans this time?

source: Tun_Telanai
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Sorry, the Vacancy has been filled

October 31, 2012

Sorry, a Vacancy has been filled

by R. Nadeswaran (10-28-12)@

Last Monday, a columnist applied for a "dream job" with a Customs Department after finding there have been fool-proof measures to lift income for free causes.

A week later, since he did not get nor expected a reply, he decided to pen a reply (purportedly) from a department.

Dear R. Nadeswaran

I have been destined to reply to your application. First, we would like to thank we for showing interest in a dialect as well as a happenings within. However, we bewail to inform we which a cavity had been filled long prior to we received your application.

To be honest, it is a process of this dialect to fill such "exciting" vacancies which involve shopping as well as income with internal promotions as well as as a make a difference of fact, such positions have been indifferent for officers from a middle sanctum. Perhaps, we will read about a heroics of such officers in destiny editions of a Auditor-General's Report, probably in 2017, as we had indicated in your letter.

Having pronounced that, we need to explain a little points in your duplicate which seem to indicate which there's a lot of indiscretion in a department. This is distant from a truth. On a contrary, we attest which whatever claims we made in your duplicate have been true as well as can endorse which they have been part of a work culture as well as etiquette (pun intended) which we have been sportive for decades. We may have a work-to-rule or other forms of industrial action if such systems which bring a single more revenue have been changed.

Ordering in excess of a requireme! nts is a single method we make make use of of to spend a bill allocated by a Treasury. Why should we save income which has been budgeted for a expenditure, even if we do not need a equipment?

We will look silly if we save supports for a supervision as well as we can justify which by putting upon record which we collect billions for a supervision as well as which output upon apparatus can be deliberate tiny shift or "weekend rojak money" as a single former minister called it.

Because we have not worked in a dialect or any supervision agency, we would not know a mechanics when it comes to spending. Let me give we an example. If we need 1,000 torchlights, we routinely put up a bill for 2,000 or in a little cases, 3,000. Our finance territory approves it as well as income has been budgeted.

If we make make use of of a income to buy usually 1,000 torchlights, subsequent year, income will usually be allocated for a reduce figure. So, going by a customary operating procedures (SOP), we buy 3,000 torchlights, irrespective of whether there is make make use of of for them. What is wrong in keeping them in a store? That's how a supervision system works. And of course, shopping such a quantity means there have been large discounts as well as a invoice is adjusted accordingly.

We applaud your goal to lift income for free purposes. Let us state which such spirit as well as vigour have been additionally with a officers, who additionally do their bit for a needy. Occasionally, they drop loose shift in a enclosure in a office. However, such efforts cannot be carried out in a same demeanour as we suggested. They cannot as well as never can obey Robin Hood as they have their commitments.

Some of a officers have more than a single mother as well as extended families to support, they have young kids study abroad as well as a little own two or more cars.

Some have been members of multiform golf clubs though avoid a bar meant for polite servants. This is since they do not want to show of! f their RM40,000 golf sets which will cause enviousness among fellow polite servants. That's why their oppulance cars can usually be seen being vacuumed as well as discriminating in a proportions of a little of a best clubs in a country.

But they do a little for multitude as well as their contributions have been minimal since a officers have been lerned to plan for a future. Hence upon retirement, with their pensions, a little of them live in bungalows in posh neighbourhoods as well as upon a fringes of golf courses.

While a little get used to vital in close buliding supposing by a government, there have been a little who live in bungalows or renting their properties to await their lifestyles. Thriftiness has enabled this latter group. Some of them begin saving from a day they begin their service as well as inside of 10 years, have been means to own bungalows costing a million each. Others just have to make a single swoop as well as have been made for life.

In perspective of a above as well as a "family concept" which is in practice, we cannot accept we into a fold.

Saya Yang Menurut Perintah.

Bagi Pihak Ketua Pengarah
Jabatan Eksais dan Kastam diRaja

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SHOCK!! AES Concessionaires Allowed to use JPJ logo on their private Company Vehicles!!!!

KASE is seeking a reason from a Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha dan Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Director with regards to a AES Concessionaires being allowed to make use of a JPJ symbol or logo in their Company in isolation vehicles, such as shown above..

Legal Advisor for KASE, Zulhazmi Shariff claim, from a report accumulate from a source, , Syarikat Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd as well as ATES Sdn Bhd have been "granted" to make use of a JPJ logo on their 4-wheel drive Toyota Fortuner nonetheless they are not supervision or JPJ owned vehicles.

"What is function is that, from report received by us, ATES as well as Beta Tegap have used a same colour as a JPJ vehicle, are using JPJ logo as well as next with a word "Automated Enforcement System' when these vehicles are not supervision properties.

Will a Transport Minister or JPJ Director care to explain?

source : Addin
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Soi Lek dismisses losing support report

The MCA boss responds to a inform upon how a substantial number of people had left a celebration cooking early.
KUALA LUMPUR: MCA boss Dr Chua Soi Lek has discharged speculations of dwindling await from a Chinese village following a news inform of an "exodus" during a recent MCA dinner.
He pointed out which there were thousands who willingly attended a Saturday eventuality notwithstanding bad continue as well as most had stayed on.
"Certain media was just personification it up. The eventuality proposed late as well as a actuality which so most came as well as paid for tickets means they have been ancillary us.
"How do you explain a rest of a throng which stayed upon notwithstanding a rain?" he pronounced during a press discussion here.
"The chairs, tables, as well as even plates were wet because of a rain," he added.
China Press yesterday reported which some 20 percent of a 15,000 people during a MCA cooking called "Stability Above Chaos" in Johor left earlier.
Organisers had reportedly reasoned which a early depart of a attendees upon which day was to beat traffic jams.
Halloween celebrations
Meanwhile, Chua also responded to assorted issues connected with Pakatan Rakyat trimming from DAP authority Karpal Singh's "one man, one seat" remark to PAS's apparent disapproval of a Halloween celebrations.
He pronounced which a rakyat should judge DAP leaders who have been right away being indicted of wanting most seats, as well as pronounced which such problems do not arise in MCA.
"I leave DAP to solve th! eir own problems. But a rakyat should judge some of them can pull up to as much as a minister's compensate especially if they have been in Selangor as well as have been an MP, exco, as well as sit upon a government-linked company simply about RM40,000 to RM50,000 a month," he said.
He pronounced a rakyat should also subject if these 'multi-seat' leaders could serve. "If you have been in state assembly in Selangor as well as MP in Penang how have been you going to work in both?"
On PAS's objection to Halloween, Chua pronounced which a Islamic celebration was lustful of giving out "Do's as well as Don'ts" though warned which it should not infringe upon non-Muslims rights.
"They wish to have no concerts, no Valentine's Day, as well as right away no Halloween, which is (to them) similar to worshiping Satan. If Muslims can't enjoy it. Don't impose your views upon others."
On a Batu Caves apartment house project, Chua pronounced which a Pakatan Rakyat supervision should stop personification a usual blame game.
"Stop blaming a previous government. The state supervision of a day can terminate a plan or impose additional conditions, what you call mitigating measures. It is not all impotent to deal with this," he said, adding which MCA has regularly rejected a place being developed.
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Kajang prison passes the buck to cops

Kajang jail authorities contend which given a family have lodged a military inform upon a death of an inmate, they will leave it to a police.
PETALING JAYA: The Kajang jail authorities have upheld a buck to a military upon a death of an invalid during its facility.
Yesterday, a family of R Kumar Rajah, 27, purported which he died in his dungeon upon Oct 29, after a jail authorities failed to yield medical benefit for his go through ache.
A jail spokesman pronounced they have left it to a military to examine as a military inform has been lodged by a family.
"Comments upon this case will be by a Prisons Department. We will leave it to them to comment as well as clarify a matter," he pronounced when contacted by FMT today.
The family with a benefit of Lawyers for Liberty want a post-mortem conducted upon a inmate's body, which is kept during a Kajang Hospital.
They have purported which a jail authorities, police, a sanatorium as well as a magistrate, in assign of issuing a post-mortem order, were operative to cover a cause of death.
Kajang district military domicile meanwhile confirmed which a military inform upon a make a difference had been lodged by a family's lawyers yesterday.
A military mouthpiece pronounced a inform contained their dissatisfaction against a hospital, military as well as a jail authorities.
"The inform states which Kumar Rajah's family as well as counsel have been unhappy with a sanatorium for refusing to do a post-mortem as well as a jail for purported loosening as well as delay in informing a death of Kumar Rajah," she pronounced declining to comment further.
It is learnt which Kumar Rajah's remains was still during a mortuary as well as up to 3.30 pm currently no post mortem had been conducted.
Meanwhile, PKR's S Jayathas notified FMT which a military have claimed which it has energy to override a magistrate's sequence not to lift out a post-morterm.
He pronounced which a military would forward their review papers to a Attorney-General's Chambers for serve instructions.
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PAS terpesona Omar Abd Aziz, Tapi tertipu Father Joseph Lim

Suatu ketika dulu, ramai kalangan pemimpin dan penyokong PAS yang begitu teruja dan terpesona dengan kepimpinan Lim Guan Eng selaku Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, pernah menyamakan Setiausaha Agung DAP itu sebagai setaraf dengan Khalifah Omar Abdul Aziz.

Sehinggakan ada segelintir pemimpin PAS yang secara sedar mendoakan kesejahteraan kepimpinan Guan Eng di Pulau Pinang semasa Khutbah Jumaat

I Just Met A Very Racist Chinese!

Hantu Laut

Interesting! you have regularly joked with my tighten Chinese friends that you consider Chinese have been one of a most racist people around. Some agree with me, though than they have been my tighten friends, where jokes have been taken light-heartedly.

Yesterday, you arrived KLIA from KK as good as my mother from Phnom Penh, after on vacation a daughter as good as grandchildren there.My wife's craft arrived twenty mins earlier though she pronounced she would wait for for me so you can take a same taxi to a hotel.

I bought a ticket for a limousine at a airport. More mostly than not, most limousines that you can recollect receiving prior to have had Malay drivers, though for today, you have a Chinese driver.

On a approach to a city you beheld a motorist all a time articulate in Chinese to his friend over a VHF radio. Half approach to a city it proposed to sleet heavily as good as my mother proposed articulate to a taxi motorist in Cantonese. There was a impulse of silence as good as a delayed reply from a motorist as good as you can't assistance noticing that red blood have rust to his head, he was red-faced as good as shocked.

I asked my mother what she pronounced that have done him blushed so badly, not that his colour is most brighter than pale. She pronounced she asked him either it is regularly raining in KL as good as told him to drive carefully as a road competence be slippery. you asked why he looked repelled as good as almost speechless?

My mother pronounced "I will tell you when you get to a hotel."

Here go a story.

While this guy ! was arti culate to his friend on a VHF air wave his friend asked him either he is receiving passengers to Genting as good as he pronounced no, that he is starting to a city as good as that his fare have been dual lalat (flies), father as good as mother starting to a five-star hotel. He didn't realize my mother fully understands theexchanges in Cantonese all this while.

My mother is half Malay as good as half Chinese as good as speaks smooth Cantonese, Hakka as good as Mandarin. you scowled her for not revelation me whilst you were still in a automobile as good as she told me what she did was some-more suitable than me picking a quarrel with a low-life taxi driver.

She told me she intentionally spoke to him in Cantonese to embarrasse him, that she did good to incarcerate hisrudenesswithout being rude herself as good as probably taught this low-life a good lesson that there have been non-Chinese seeking people who understand as good as speak Chinese.

This brings us behind to a theme of stereotyping all Chinese as being racist, that you believe is some-more informative than actual racism.

To a Chinese, anything they findrepulsivewill constitute name-calling, that bring us to Chinese opposite Chinese.

Insults swirl as Hong Kong Chinese calledmainland Chineselocustsand complained that mainland tourists bring their less-than-refined social day to day as good as women on a verge of birth into a territory.

The Hong Kongers only want their prominent wallets though not their fetishistic bad manners.

The usual Chinese te! rm for a ny one not Chinese iskui, a obtuse beings to a Chinese eyes. No alternative races have been spared from thekui, together with thekwailosthat once ruled Hong Kong from 1841 to 1997 as good as one that have taught social refinement to a Hong Kong Chinese, who right away feel, theirs, have been of higher enlightenment than thenouveau richemainland Chinese.

Kuiis reduction repulsive than flies or locusts, one that carry diseases as good as a other! one eati! ng all in its way.
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