Electoral Fraud

Certain people have been questioning how PKR could have won five states if there was Electoral Fraud to proceed with. And a bashing of Bersih determination of having purify as well as satisfactory election.

Well let me discuss it you a little story. Every due choosing Mahathir would call a handful of "Pakatan Rakyat" Veteran, a single of them is Mohd Khalil Yaakob a benefaction Governor of Malacca to plead a changes in electoral file..Khalil imagination is locating areas which need adding some-more electorate as well as postal electorate or send electorate to an additional area identical to what happened to MB Khalid. Khalil was operative closely with Indonesian as well as Filipino leaders to bring in workers as well as gave them IC, identical to what just happened with a 6P Program. So this is how Mahathir cheated as well as won for every choosing held during his era. Certain areas similar to Cheras was given to MCA as well as DAP to fight it out fairly. Mahathir was smart in a clarity he did not make it viewable he was eating a total pie.

Then when Pak Lah became PM, a electoral list of 1999 was used in 2004 election. When Pak Lah was a Deputy Prime Minister, Endon got a media to execute him as Mr Clean. Then when Endon got cancer some-more as well as some-more people sympathize with Pak Lah as well as which was how he won BIG in 2004.

Then during a 2008 election, feeling over certainty Pak Lah again used a 1999 list forgetting which there were some-more electorate right away as well as also Mahathir bashing did in outcome helped PKR to win a five states.

Electoral Fraud started in 1986 as well as a income (million) used was from Bank Bumiputra, EPF as well as UDA. It was after winning larg! e in 198 6 which Mahathir went for Petronas wholeheartedly. Even right away he cannot let go of income bank.

So currently Najib is using a same process used by Mahathir to ensure "Pakatan Rakyat" win big. That is because 6P was required to counter balance a brand new Y voters.

I believe which we can stop Electoral Fraud if two years prior to choosing is due, any adult who wishes to opinion contingency re-register during a area of their pr! esent re sidence. This will put a stop to a dead as well as over 100 years aged electorate from re-appearing in a same electoral list again as well as again for century. This will also wipe off fraud upon how 40 people can be listed in a same address or have been residing in space. Added to this people from Sarawak for example, who have been operative in KL need not go back to opinion instead they can opinion during their benefaction residence area. Then a electorate name have been put up for display as well as all correction contingency be finished 6 months prior to polling date is due.

Najib did discuss it a Americans he did not wish to win by intrigue so because not do a right thing right away as well as have a choosing in 2013?
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